look at his finger so cute that picture *a*

  • Take a moment to imagine Noctis in an oversized sweater and leggings???
    • Bare feet and sleepy eyes and a bedhead, the ultimate lazy day attire
  • Now, imagine, Prompto coming by to hang out, and Noct not bothering to change cause they’re closer than best friends and he’s so comfortable that he doesn’t mind not looking his best
  • Imagine Prom turning beet red as soon as he laid eyes on Noct because ??? Who gave him a right to look that cute???
    • Be still his beating heart, he wasn’t ready
    • So many sneaky pictures will be taken, gotta capture this cute moment forever, it’s not like this happens often
  • Now, imagine Noct stretching when he yawns, sweater pulling up and showing off a sliver of his stomach
  • He looks so warm, and before Prom even realizes what he’s doing, he’s running his hands under that sweater, fingers fanning out over the others ribs, marveling at the warmth radiating from his skin
    • Noct doesn’t pull away, wouldn’t dream of it, he was used to the touches, the skin to skin contact that they both seemed to crave
  • Imagine Prompto realizing what’s happening and jerking his hands back with a blush, only to be pulled back down, hands returning to their rightful place against Noct’s ribs and his head against his chest, listening to his heart beating
  • Finally, imagine them staying like that for the rest of the day, feather light kisses shared between them, and soft words of praise and devotion
    • Only, probably, being interrupted by Iggy coming in to let them know about dinner 
  • Just, imagine them soft and warm, and most of all, happy

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A little daydream I had while listening to Sunday morning by maroon five and i wanted this to be longer and way more cute, but i’m so tired and I can’t write anymore but i miss writing luke and this is cheesy and shitty so feel free to ignore it okay :) I hope you all have a good night or morning where ever you are :) 

Luke’s fingers trailed over the sensitive skin of your back.

“What are you doing?” You grumbled, lifting your head up from his chest, looking up at his disheveled hair and tired face.

“Painting a picture,” He smiled down at you, pressing his lips to your forehead. “Go back to sleep.”

“I’m okay,” You mumbled, dropping you cheek back to his shoulder as you started to trace your fingers over his chest, painting your own picture. “What are you painting?”

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Archie goes all out for valentine's day because his s/o deserves it and in return his s/o got him a new guitar without really thinking he'd get them anything and exchanging gifts is such an emotional thing for them because "oh my god you got this for me?" "Duh but you really did all this for me?" "Obviously why wouldn't i you're perfect" and then the spend all night cuddling and kissing

Archie may look like a tough guy to some, but oooohhh man. his s/o has got him wrapped around their finger. 

and he would probably get his s/o one of those Costco sized bears for when he’s away because “you always say i’m like one of these. so when I’m away, you’ve got this to cuddle now” and his s/o would then proceed to send him pictures of them and the bear when he’s gone. he can’t help but smile and laugh at how cute they are :’)))

sp scenarios and headcanons 2.0
  • short kenny mccormick.
  • clyde donovan is that one fucker who chews on the end of a pen/pencil that someone loans him, and returns it.
  • jimmy is such a band kid and has so many ‘what happens at band camp, stays at band camp’ stories. 
  • people go to bebe when they want a haircut. butters’ undercut? the work of bebe. heidi turner with her cute pixie cut? also bebe. wendy’s bangs looking perfect? thank bebe. 
  • butters coming into school late covered in pastel smudges on his fingers, arms, and face. he didn’t mean to nod off at 4 am because he was drawing beautiful pictures.
  • red tucker is the most powerful lesbian. 
  • ok but now imagine red letting her girlfriend (of your choosing) wear her really expensive leather jacket and being so smitten and wanting nothing more than to spend more days with the person wearing her jacket.
  • craig’s gang and the main four teaming up for pokemon go hunting.
  • jimbo and ned talking to each other at night going “i’m so proud of stan, he sure has grown up to be a fine hunter. just yesterday he told me he caught himself a real beast, something called a blastoise.” and they’re both so proud but they don’t even know what a blastoise is. 
  • karen learning how to sew from her mother and offering to patch up princess kenny’s dress if the dress were to accidentally rip.
  • craig hates long car ride because he gets carsick.
  • ike starting his own gaming channel on youtube. 
  • jimmy and clyde become super close in middle and high school. they text each other memes, cat photos and misc weird shit. clyde’s profile picture on fb is PROBABLY a photo of them. 
  • tweek wearing his hair back in a little ponytail. 
  • tweek not wanting to take over the family business but instead go to school for mechanical engineering.
  • the marsh and broflovskis having summer family bbqs. 
  • ask anyone at school who gives the best hugs and they’ll probably reply with stan marsh.
Can we all take a moment.....

And imagine the gom+Kagami sending their first child off on their first ever day of school!?

Akashi - Would be all proud seeing his son/daughter walking proudly ready to take on the world and show that they are an Akashi.

Aomine - His son/daughter would be ready to leave and make new friends the second they enter the school gates. Aomine said he wasn’t going to cry but here he is watching them hold a worn out basketball asking people if they want to play.

Kise - Is crying and taking pictures because his son/daughter looks so cute in their uniform and he doesn’t want them to leave, but they tell him “Daddy, you’re embarrassing me.” And they’re only like 4 or 5!

Midorima - He gave in and let his son/daughter wear a doctors lab coat because they wanted to be like him. They even have bandages on their fingers just like him and speak the way he does. Random nanodayos are said as they walk into the gates with Takaos son/daughter and they are best friends.

Murasakibara - His son/daughters little backpack is FILLED with snacks because they have his appetite, he brushes their bangs out of their face they’re little eyes excited and ready to learn everything they can.

Kuroko - He doesn’t need to send his son/daughter off because he’s the teacher but that doesn’t stop him from letting a laugh leave his lips as they scare the other children with their low presence. A little ache in his chest because they’re growing up so fast

Kagami - His son/daughter is the spiting image of him. Just without the eyebrows. They’re grumpy because they didn’t sleep well because they were so excited for their first day of school. Its a bittersweet feeling watching them walk away but he knows they’ll be okay. His necklace with the ring on it around their neck because they were scared to be alone so he gave it to them to let them know “Dads always with you.”


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aNDREA HE WORE PERMANENT RED'S JACKET I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE SEPTEMBER also jungkook wants to marry yoongi? and i legit almost teared up looking at a reblog of the lil pup's cute face ;-; any news? - yell @ jeon

ah nothing new, but music show performances start tomorrow!!! (or today??? cause the time zone differences)

you mean from today??? he looked so cute, so many pictures of his cute little face and his cheeks :(((

I KNOW!!!! i’ve been waiting to see him in that jacket ever since i saw a post of it HE LOOKED SO GOOD BLESS

DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THAT, first it was the ‘fourth finger’ tweet on yoongi’s birthday and nOW THIS GOD

jeongguk: im like dropping hints that i want to marry yoongi hyung

jeongguk: i want to marry yoongi hyung

Sasha & Justin

“I think it’s funny how you bring this hoe with you on vacation and post a bunch of pictures of her on social media, bitch, that ain’t cute. YOU DON’T FUCK RESPECT ME JUSTIN. THE FUCK YOU MEAN SHE IS JUST YO MUTHA FUCKING FRIEND” I clap my hands.


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car sick - jikook

request:  hey psst for your oneshot requests? would jiguk fluff be okay? you can do it however you please but first kisses or something silly like that would be cute uvu

Jimin’s fingers danced along the edge of the car window, tracing the designs in the soft fabric that lined the inside of the passenger door. The streetlamps looked like fence posts as they zipped past his window. He knew that beside him, Jungkook was watching him leaned against the window. Jimin could picture him now; his knuckles softened around the steering wheel, his lips parted in a silent sigh, his deep chestnut eyes glancing back and forth in worry. He knew it was stupid, and he shouldn’t make Jungkook worry, so with a heaved sigh, Jimin sat up from the window and looked at him.

“Jimin?” Jungkook breathed. “You feeling any better?” Jimin shook his head. “Do you want me to pull over?” Again, Jimin shook his head. Jungkook felt terrible for planning this trip. He knew Jimin could get carsick from time to time, but driving on these back roads pushed Jimin a bit to far over the edge. The last hour, his boyfriend had been alternating between leaning against the window and vomiting. “We probably should have taken the freeway, shouldn’t we?” Jimin nodded, a pout forming on his lips. 

A small whimper escaped Jimin’s throat as he leaned forward, resting his forehead on the dashboard and letting out a long groan. Jungkook let one hand slip from the steering wheel and rub Jimin’s back, giving him a small pat. “How much longer until we get there?” Jimin whined, sitting up and staring out at the windy road ahead of him. The motion obviously was a bad one, because a second later he threw himself back against the seat and set out an exasperated sigh. “I don’t like being sick!” he exclaimed.

“I know babe,” Jungkook murmured. “We’ve still got about another hour until I can get off of this road. We’re stuck for a little while. Did you bring any benadryl?”

Jimin shook his head sadly. “I meant to, but I forgot.”

“Do you think you’ll feel better if you lay back?” Jungkook suggested. 

“I’ll try,” Jimin mumbled, leaning the chair back all the way and laying on his side to face Jungkook. “How come you don’t ever get sick when we go on trips?”

Jungkook shrugged, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. “Maybe because I’m driving? I heard it’s harder to get carsick when you’re driving, because you’re watching the road.”

Jimin nodded. “Yeah that makes sense.” After a short pause, he took in a quick breath, his eyes lighting up. “Hey Jungkook?”


“Can you teach me how to drive?”

A small smile tugged at Jungkook’s lips. “Do you wanna learn? I don’t know if your feet can reach the pedals,” he teased, receiving an annoyed smack on the arm from the bundled up form beside him.

“My feet can reach okay!” Jimin shouted. “And yes I want to learn. I want you to teach me.”

“Why me? Jin is a lot better at driving than I am?” Jungkook knew the answer. He just wanted to hear Jimin say it - every time Jimin said it, it sounded like music to his ears. 

Jimin rolled his eyes. “Because you’re my boyfriend, dumbass,” Jimin said, not a hint of sarcasm in his voice. “Besides, it’s a good excuse for you to hold my hand when I’m switching gears.”

“Well, right now you don’t need an excuse,” Jungkook said softly, holding out one hand over the arm rest. His smile stretched with the familiar feel of Jimin’s small, calloused hand in his own. Tracing circles on the back of his hand, Jungkook glanced at his boyfriend for a second. “I’m gonna need this back in a few minutes. The gears aren’t gonna change themselves.”

“I’ll change it for you,” Jimin protested, getting a giggle out of Jungkook. “Fine,” Jimin sighed with exaggerated defeat. “I love you,” he whispered after a moment. “Even though you made me sick.”

“I love you too,” Jungkook chimed. “Now go to sleep before you throw up again.”

Thrill – an Everlark Drabble

Written for my incredible friend, Marcella, who always tells me I’m fabulous even when I haven’t earned it, and sends me the most adorable pictures of her dogs. If anyone deserves cute high school/best friends Everlark, it’s you, girl.

Summary: Something about being caught in a tornado warning bring Katniss Everdeen to look at Peeta Mellark, her best friend since diaper-dom, in a different light.

“We should probably go inside,” Peeta said.

Katniss frowned, glaring at him from the other side of the porch swing. His wary eyes were focused out on the western sky, which was spiraling and darkening with storm clouds. His fingers curled around his mug of tea.

She could physically feel the temperature dropping, so she knew the looming storm wasn’t entirely harmless, but she still considered Peeta to be overreacting.

“Nah, I think we’ll be fine,” she replied, leaning back to rock the swing.

“Katniss, we’re in a tornado watch—”

“And I’m an adrenaline junkie. C’mon, let’s stay out a while longer.”

Peeta groaned, but he wasn’t about to argue. As her best friend and resident doormat, he was powerless against her. Usually, blissfully so. His type-beta personality meshed almost too well with her natural governance – it was why they’d been inseparable since diaper-dom, when she stole his pacifier in daycare, and he didn’t even shed a tear.

They were indivisible.

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