look at his feet so cute

open to: f/nb! 
anyone is more than welcome to reply and any ‘romantic bought a house in a small town together’ connection you can think of! bonus points for super domestic cuteness ( even more bonus points if it fills one of these !!! )

“looks like i didn’t get the promotion,” aslan stated a little more peppy than he probably should have been considering the statement. as soon as his shoes were kicked off, he dropped into the old couch with a heavy sigh. the pressure of being on his feet all day had finally lifted and he could already feel the knots in his shoulders detangling slowly. “so i guess karma is working in our favour. making sure i’ve got a lot more free time at home to actually finish this place off, hm?” throwing all of their money into a run down old farm house probably hadn’t been the best idea, but aslan had never been a realist. he had ridiculously grand dreams to turn some of the outbuildings into his own veterinary clinic, to raise their own animals, to grow their own produce, make everything as sustainable and small town friendly as possible. of course, he had flat out refused to hire anyone to do the work he knew he could do - he could do heavy lifting and get his hands dirty no problem. with a small hum, he turned his head to the other sitting on the couch, a warm smile on his face. “good day?”

Day6 As Things My Non-Kpop Friend Has Said About Them
  • Sungjin: "Okay but he totally has that "ruthless businessman who's super cute and devoted around his pretty wife" vibe"
  • Young K: "I would date the shit out of him holy crap he's hot AND he looks like he would treat me right"
  • Wonpil: "He's so hot wtf if he smiled and asked me to sell him my soul I would just give it to him for free"
  • Dowoon: "I feel like he has girls falling at his feet but he doesn't care and just loves his dog."
  • Take a moment to imagine Noctis in an oversized sweater and leggings???
    • Bare feet and sleepy eyes and a bedhead, the ultimate lazy day attire
  • Now, imagine, Prompto coming by to hang out, and Noct not bothering to change cause they’re closer than best friends and he’s so comfortable that he doesn’t mind not looking his best
  • Imagine Prom turning beet red as soon as he laid eyes on Noct because ??? Who gave him a right to look that cute???
    • Be still his beating heart, he wasn’t ready
    • So many sneaky pictures will be taken, gotta capture this cute moment forever, it’s not like this happens often
  • Now, imagine Noct stretching when he yawns, sweater pulling up and showing off a sliver of his stomach
  • He looks so warm, and before Prom even realizes what he’s doing, he’s running his hands under that sweater, fingers fanning out over the others ribs, marveling at the warmth radiating from his skin
    • Noct doesn’t pull away, wouldn’t dream of it, he was used to the touches, the skin to skin contact that they both seemed to crave
  • Imagine Prompto realizing what’s happening and jerking his hands back with a blush, only to be pulled back down, hands returning to their rightful place against Noct’s ribs and his head against his chest, listening to his heart beating
  • Finally, imagine them staying like that for the rest of the day, feather light kisses shared between them, and soft words of praise and devotion
    • Only, probably, being interrupted by Iggy coming in to let them know about dinner 
  • Just, imagine them soft and warm, and most of all, happy

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I just.......... lov e..... seB.......

Oh sweetie, I hear you!! and there is so much of him to love….

his hair

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his smile

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his tongue

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his dorkiness

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his arms

his thighs

his legs

his feet

and that cute little butt

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts: A Summary

Yuuri: i will have my vengeance against viktor nikiforov. until i win, i am worthless. i can see viktor undermining me from the top of the podium, but one day, i will crush his heart when i see him on the podium below me. he has spent years underestimating me, thinking he’s better than me… he is vile and i hATE HIM. #BITTER RIVALS

Viktor: omg omg look how cute that lil japanese boy is. he’s so beautiful when he laughs. i’m gonna give him skating advice. wait. why did he walk away. cum back, pls, i love you. Yuuri Katsuki is my Inspiration.  

I had a late realization about Iwaizumi

OK, I feel like a dummy for noticing this so late, but LOOK AT THIS GIF:



Oh my god this was absolutely adorable ANYWAY but he’s actually lifting Iwa because Iwa is that smol




*runs around tearing out hair*

“So,” Kaylie carefully cuts through the silence. “Your mother’s name was Juniper?”

Scanlan smiles, and it’s something small and genuine. Something Kaylie has seen only enough times to count on her right hand. “Yeah,” he says, “it was.”

“Funny. That’s my middle name.”

The way Scanlan skids to a stop and nearly trips over his own feet is comical, and the look he fixes Kaylie with is even more so. “It is?”

Kaylie barks out a laugh, knocking their shoulders as she walks on. “Of course it’s not! I’m just messin’ with ya.”

As Kaylie walks on, Scanlan stands in place, staring at her blankly.

She halts in her tracks, 20 paces ahead of him. “It’s Waywocket!” Kaylie doesn’t look over her shoulder when she yells towards him, only turning her head slightly. She keeps on walking.

Scanlan blinks, and then his smile returns. Wider this time. He picks up his pace to catch up with Kaylie again, and runs through a mental checklist of all the things h wants to know about her.

This might be an old issue but I don’t really like Jimin’s abs and here’s why
  • He chooses them over food
  • He feels like his self worth is tied to them
  • So many of his other beautiful physical attributes are ignored because of them
  • When he has them, it’s all people talk about
  • People basically ignored the other awesome things about him for like 2 years until he “lost” them
  • Personal preference, I think his tummy looks better without them <3 (but he’s always gorgeous no matter what)

I really hope that this post is redundant and that he’s okay with not having abs.  Because it breaks my heart that he seems to think that having defined abdominal muscles is an integral part of his appeal.  But it’s not.

So here are some great things about Jimin (but not all of them because the full list is endless!):

  • His sunshine eye smile
  • His lips omg
  • Animals always like him
  • His amazing voice
  • The way he always puts others first
  • His crazy awesome dancing abilities
  • The cute way he stands with his feet at a ninety-degree angle
  • His soulful droopy doe eyes
  • His thighs
  • The Holy Jibooty
  • His infectious laughter
  • The way he sits with his knees together and his hands on his knees

Park Jimin is beautiful regardless of how much he weighs and whether or not he has abs and I really hope he knows that, because all of us do!

Seventeen reaction to you curling against their body when it’s cold

Could I get a seventeen reaction about you curling up against their body when it’s freezing cold (you aren’t together but he obviously likes you) 

Because Seventeen is such a big group I’m doing this in their units.

Performance Unit


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“Cuddling against me because I’m so hot, right?”


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“Aw Jagi, you’re so cute!”


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“Oh, look at that, I love you~”


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“Ah, you’re cold!” 

*baby needs warmth too*

Vocal Unit


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“Yes, dear, let me warm you up~”

*not in that way u perverts*


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“Here, baby, take my jacket.”

*always and forever the gentleman*


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“Jagi your feet are cold…”

*isn’t a fan of your cold body against his but will try his best to warm both of you*


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*falls asleep while cuddling with you*


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*has only heart-eyes for you*

Hip-Hop Unit


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*pulls you close to warm you up*


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*smiles cutely at you while he grabs extra blankets*


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“Warm drinks will help you get warmer too!”


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“I know a way we can get warm ;)”

Astro Reactions when you’re embarrassed after saying “I love you” for the first time :)

MJ: “Did you just… Did you just say that? I knew it!” He’d be unable to hold in his laughter, since he knew and had been wanting you to say it. Stopping you from covering your face in embarrassment, he’d flash his usual grin and hug you close. He’d wanted to say it first, but waited anyways so that he could see your cute reaction. Still grinning, he’d look down lovingly at you in his arms and teasingly compare that he’s loved you for longer~

Jinjin: He’d smirk and nod, spending a few seconds to take it in. Then he’d smile and say “I love you too” nonchalantly, acting like he’s cool with it. But unable to keep it in anymore after a few more silent moments, he’d clasp your hand and pull you up on your feet to give you a kiss before saying it again like he wanted to from the beginning– “I love you too,” in that warm, soft voice of his~

Moonbin: Binnie would be embarrassed at first, not used to you being so straightforward. He’d fall back onto the floor covering his face saying “What is this!!”, surprised but feeling ecstatic at hearing your words. He’d sit up quickly once he notices your red face though, leaning forward to give you a cute kiss before telling you how happy he is~  Leaning closer to your ear, he’d whisper, “I love you too~” 

Rocky: “I already know~” He’d say playfully before replying “I love you too” right away, pulling you in for a tight hug afterwards. He’d laugh softly to himself, nuzzling his face into your neck for a moment before giving you a kiss that makes your heart jump out of your chest. He’d look down at you warmly and tell you how beautiful you are, and how hard it was not to say “I love you” first~

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Eunwoo: He’d smile immediately, but then try to put on a straight face to cover up. But then he’d smile brightly again, unable to hide his happiness. Eunwoo would try to remain smooth and charming on the outside like always but he’d be absolutely melting with giddiness on the inside. He’d look straight at you with twinkling eyes and tell you honestly that he loves you more, waiting with arms wide open for a hug~

Sanha: He’d be too taken aback at first to act like his usual beagle self, ears turning red as he looks away. Then he’d surprise you by leaning in and kissing you, making your heart flutter like crazy. “I love you too,” he’d say in a deeper voice than usual, his wide gaze meeting yours~ He’d be unable to keep a straight face after that though, so he’d run around the room exclaiming in both pride and embarrassment at what he’d just done. 


Best Friend Series; Hoshi/Soonyoung

- you’ve been best friends with hoshi since you guys were kids
- you were nine years old and your dad asked you to go buy some yakult (those korean yogurt drinks in tiny little cups) because you ran out
- you go to the nearest convenience store and buy two packs and after that you’re on your way back home
- so like you’re skipping down the sidewalk and while passing by the park you suddenly hear someone yell “KOKO” before something smashes into you and makes you fall to the ground
- you’re like whO THE FR ICK but when you look up you see a cute little boy with chubby cheeks rubbing his red forehead
- you’re like “are you okay??” and the boy just nods before frantically getting up on his feet and shouting “KOKO” over and over and you’re like ??? who is koko
- apparently you said that out loud because the boy answers “KOKO IS MY PET CHICK I LOST HER”
- you’re like “pet chick??? why would you take your pet chick to the park???”
- he’s like “i wanted to show koko around because she never left the chicken pen i wanted her to have a taste of adventure BUT I LOST HER” and you’re like…… who is this kid
- you watch as he looks everywhere for the chick and he’s like tearing up as he shouts for his baby chick so you ask “……do you want me to help you find her?”
- the boy stops and looks at you with sparkling eyes and he screams “REALLY?? YOU’LL HELP ME??” and you nod and he’s super happy and you’re like what a cute smile
- you and the boy spend the rest of the afternoon looking for the baby chick and after what felt like an hour you find the baby chick chilling in a bush and you’re like… how the heck did you end up here…
- you lift up the chick and it chirps and the boy turns his head so fast you’re like how did you not break your neck
- he runs over to you and takes the chick in his hands and spins around with it while screaming and crying “KOKO I THOUGHT I LOST YOU”
- you’re like what a weird kid but you’re happy he found his pet
- the boy stops turning and runs up to you grinning “thank you so much for helping me find her!!” and you’re like “no problem!!”
- you see that the boy is all sweaty and tired and dirty after running around the park all day looking for his little chick so you rip open your pack of yakult and you give him one
- “this is for your hard work” you say and the boy just takes it with the most amazed look on his face you’re like it’s just a yakult you can calm down LOL
- he then asks “what’s your name??”
- you’re like woah this is out of nowhere but it’s (name) what about you??
- and this fricking KID strikes a pose and goes like NAEGA HOSH
- it’s silent
- until you burst out laughing
- he says “actually my name’s soonyoung but everyone calls me hoshi!!” and you’re like what a cute
- he then asks “can you meet me here again tomorrow?? i want to give you something as thanks for helping me find koko” and you’re like “uhhh okay sure”
- you get home and your dad’s like wtf took you so long the convenience store is only like ten mins away but you explain to him what happened and he doesn’t believe you and you’re like BUT IT’S TRUE
- the next day you go back to the park at the same time as the day before to find hoshi there with a bag in his hands
- when you approach him he hands you the bag and it’s filled with FRESH CHICKEN EGGS and you’re like what’s this for??
- he says “it’s for helping me find koko, thank you for your hard work!! these are the best eggs because her mom hatched them”
- and this my friend is a memory that you and hoshi still laugh about to this day
- to keep your childhood memories alive, every time you guys worked hard for a project or studied hard or did anything that required hard work basically, you guys find some cool spot around town and drink yakult while talking isn’t that cute
- hoshi’s the type who’s down for anything (nothing illegal though ofc)
- you could be like hoshi let’s get handcuffed to each other for a week and he’d be like YES and probably make up a speech about how it will strengthen your friendship
- reaaally good at dancing and always tries to teach you the dances he knows
- when he joins dance competitions you’re always there to cheer him on
- loves singing too so he’s always down to go karaoke!!
- he used to be self-conscious about his 10:10 eyes but after you told him you loved them, he grew to love his eyes
- but now he always has to mention when it’s 10:10am or 10:10pm and you’re like okay i know i heard it the past thousands of times hoshi I KNOW
- he lends you his pyjamas when you sleep over at his house
- puns and lame jokes together all the time but when his jokes are really bad you either slap your forehead or cringe
- when your jokes are really bad he laughs really hard and you both just end up rolling on the floor crying for the next ten mins
- always drags you into going into haunted houses with him even though he’s absolutely terrified lmao
- “psh i wasn’t scared it’s called acting
- always gets in trouble because he always accidentally screams excitedly over the smallest things
- sometimes you meet him at his family’s farm and you see him just laughing and playing with koko who’s thankfully still alive
- accidentally calls you koko sometimes and you’re like wtf
- and he’s like well it makes sense because you’re a…… chick FINGERS GUNS and you just slap the back of his head
- it’s too hard to stay mad at him. because of this he gets away with anything and it’s all your fault because you’re WEAK
- ALWAYS taking pictures of you guys
- you found it annoying at first but you get to see how you guys grew up together and you love it!!
- hoshi likes taking pictures with the exact same pose as a picture you guys took from years ago so you two can compare then and now
- but not much has changed because you’re both still as close as EVER
- when he goes to the convenience store or any little shop, he always gets two of everything he needs to buy one for him and one for you
- for your birthday, he always throws this huge birthday party for you but he always effs up like last year he set the tablecloth on fire
- there’s just never a boring day with hoshi
- no matter how bad your day is, no matter how heartbroken or sad or angry you are
- he always finds a way to make you feel better
- “hoshi”
- “hm?”
- “you’re the best”
- “you are too, (name)”

preference: your favorite thing he does

Ponyboy: He would always be playing with the zipper on his favorite purple sweatshirt. It made you laugh because most of the time it would be unconsciously. However, what you didn’t know is that often times you were the reason he was distracted :-)

Johnny: He would pull at his lower lip whenever he got nervous. You’d smile whenever you caught him doing it because it was just so dang cute.

Dally: Dally would always be looking down at his feet whenever he was at a loss for words or if he was slightly embarrassed. It made you smile because he would never admit to being flustered.

Sodapop: He would lift your chin up whenever you broke eye contact with him. If you were sad or angry, it always helped your mood. You just found it so adorable that you couldn’t help but be happy.

Steve: Steve would constantly be challenging the other greasers to fights or arm wrestles (the scene with him & Soda asdfghjkl) and you always thought it was cute when he got mad if he lost.

Two-Bit: No surprise, he would crack jokes non-stop. Sometimes they would be funny, but most of the time they were just outright corny and you couldn’t help but laugh anyways.

Darry: He would always smile when he seemed to be very serious. It always lightened the mood, no matter what the circumstances were.

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Can you do one were the reader tells guzma their pregnant?

This one is kind of a sequel to my “Baby Fever” fic. Click to read if you’d like.

“Whatcha doin’ babe?”

“A friend of mine taught me how to crochet with these cute miniature needles,” you responded, showing him the instruments hanging from a keychain with a Joltik on it. “I’ve been trying to make some things for you in my downtime. But you can’t look at all of them until this is done!”

Guzma chuckled. You looked so picturesque sitting there in his old La-Z-Boy from the Shady House with your little crochet hooks, almost like a little old lady sitting comfortably by the fire. Your Meowth was at your feet, alternating between preening herself and a red Wimpod that chirruped with delight. When she felt her young charge was reasonably clean and let him scurry away, she began rubbing her milky white fur against you. A soft “meooow” came forth when she noticed your yarn.

“You can’t have it Cupcake.” You told her, “This is mommy’s yarn.”


“Nah uh. No yarn for you.”

Guzma went about his business while you alternated between working on your little project and arguing with Meowth. He was intent on getting a few things done around the house before departing for work tonight, but every now and again he devoted some of his time to working on the crib where the little red Wimpod had made a nest. Both of your Golisopod were in their Pokeballs, so Guzma took a bit of time to play and cuddle Wimpod until it snored gently in the crib.

When he looked down at the baby Pokémon a soft sigh escaped from his throat. As much as he loved to raise bug Pokémon they were no substitute for the real baby he so desperately wanted. It seemed as though you two would never conceive. True you’d reluctantly agreed to at least try after getting your insert taken out of your arm, but after you both found out that it still took months for the medicine to wear off he’d almost given up hope.

It wasn’t as though your mind hadn’t changed however. You’d been pretty open to it now that the league had settled down some, and especially now that Professor Kukui had gotten his sorry shit together and began scheduling league challenges on an annual basis rather than spur of the moment as before. You still received a hefty pension for the off time you took, and in the meantime you alternated between helping Guzma raise Wimpod and taking care of more things around the house. It left room for you to accept the idea of a baby, and your love blossomed. But still you hadn’t shown any signs, the medication was still in your bloodstream, and the doctor was convinced it wouldn’t happen anytime in the new future.

“Guzma!” you called from the living room, “You can come see what I made for you now!”

After tucking Wimpod in a nest of blankets he reentered the living room where you remained on the purple La-Z-Boy. You tossed the yarn towards your Meowth, letting her play enthusiastically while you reached to the side for your little crafts bag.

“Ok,” you said, “So the first thing I made you is a hat.”

A miniscule cap made of red yarn with a flower on the crown was placed into his hand. The capitulum of the flower was a small white button, while the petals were made of the same yarn as the hat. Hardly big enough to fit in his large hand, and Guzma couldn’t imagine how in the world such a tiny thing would even begin to fit on his head.

“Ok…” he said cautiously, “Uh… I love it babe?”

“Hold on!” you insisted, “I’m not done!”

Other little trinkets were put in his hand: A sweater that might have fitted a Spinarak, little teal yarn shorts, miniscule mittens, all made of yarn and impossibly small for his large hulking frame. You were about to hand him whatever you had been working on when he stopped you.

“Babe. I gotta say these are pretty good, but ya suck at measuring.” He said gravely, “I get the hat kind of, but how the hell am I gonna get them other things on when ya made ‘em for a damn Joltik!”

“Oh! They’re not for you to wear!” you laughed, “I made them for you to give to someone else!”

“Who babe? A Caterpie?”

You shook your head, still laughing slightly and reaching into your pack where you gave him two extra items. He didn’t get the little red and black booties at first, but looking at the other object made him rethink what you had said.


“Yeah?” you grinned.

He held up a thin bit of white plastic. What’s this? was written on his face.

“It’s positive.” You smiled.

“Huh?” he was confused. Utterly unable to grasp what you were trying to tell him indirectly. You got off the La-Z-Boy and showed it to him a little more closely.

“See how the two lines right here are pink?” you asked.

“Yeah…” Guzma replied cautiously.

“It’s positive.” You replied with a smile. “Took it this morning.”


Sighing, you took the test out of his hand. Taking hold of his hand in yours, fingers caressing the callouses built up from years of fighting and pent up aggression, you placed it under your shirt and onto your stomach where he could feel your warm pudgy flesh. His eyes widened. His throat closed off and he could not find the breath to express what he felt at the moment his skin connected with yours and he understood.

“Get it now?” you asked softly with a gentle smile.

Guzma began to cry.

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Could you do the water jug scene?

Oh but of course… lets keep the positivity going shall we?

Ok so lets start from the beginning of this scene actually. Our lovely duo is out carrying water back to camp and Daryl not only can’t stop looking at Carol but can’t seem to shut his damn mouth either. Mr. Chatterbox it seems.

“I get it.. you don’t want to talk about it.. You ok?”

I mean how cute is he here checking on her, talking to her as if he just can’t stop either. Mans lucky he didn’t trip over his own feet.

Her answer is a throwback to a scene exactly a year before. “Gotta be.” And he gives her a little smirk almost like he remembers having this exact same conversation in reverse. It’s adorable.

He mentions for the first time ‘starting over, with each other’ and then proceeds to remind her that ‘you saved us, all by yourself..”

There is just so much awe and so little ego in this statement. He is in total awe of her, not only that she did what she did but that’s she’s here with him again. He’s still just completely over the moon about it. You can’t just tell by looking at him.

“We got lucky.. we should be dead..”

Not giving herself any credit, and showing some alter in her mood. Daryl knowing her as well as he does is slowly picking up on this as she notices the car and seems pretty interested in it and changing the subject. He can sense it, even if he’s not sure what it is. So he desperately tries to keep talking to her.

“Hey we ain’t dead.. and whatever happened, happened.. lets start over.”

He is telling her that he doesn’t care what she did, or what happened. That it no longer matters. All that matters is here and now. Notice the ‘lets’ in that start over statement. Translate to ‘how you and I start over?’  Talking about doing it together. He may not know for certain what she’s planning to do but his senses are up and after just getting her back he needs her to see that he’s here.

“I want to.” She says quietly, her face saying that she does but doesn’t think she can or deserves to.

“Well you can.”

Carol is considering this, and checking the battery on the car, desperately trying to focus. to not see the look on his face at that moment. And tells him they should keep this car in mind in case things go south.

And now he’s really sensing something so in one last ditch effort he offers to carry one of the jugs for her…

COMPLETELY FORGETTING HE’S CARRYING 2 ALREADY cause he’s so focused on her and doing and saying anything to keep her attention, and he’s all nervous and fidgety as it is, with the back and forth on the foot thing he does and of course SPLASH down goes the water jug in his hand in hilarious fashion.

I mean this a guy can rapid fire kill walkers with great precision but does this when trying to be chivalrous with a woman who obviously didn’t need any help.

Awkward doesn’t even begin to cover it people.

And he is just…

The cutest embarrassment ever and you can almost read his mind ‘wow I really suck at this shit..”

But Carol’s face just says it all. He is so damn precious to her she can’t help but smile. How could she not?

Smooth Dixon. Smooth.

I love this one because it goes from serious conversation, more talking than Daryl has done in like an entire season, to adorably hilarious in the space of minutes.  The fact that tough sure handed Daryl, who tends to use few words turns into clumsy chatty Kathy around her is so very adorable.

And I mean yeah sure guys always act like this around women they are not interested in at all.

Right. Tell me another one.

(these are not my gifs but I’ve had them for so long I forgot who made them so credit to whoever did)

Reinhardt Relationship Preferences

Turn Ons

  • If you’re a good cook
  • Street smarts
  • Your little giggle
  • Lingerie (he’s a visual man)
  • Knowledge of history

Turn Offs

  • Not totally understanding the battle of Eichenwalde
  • Not getting along with most people
  • Disapproval of his past
  • Rudeness to others and taking advantage of people

His Sweet Spots

  • His biceps
  • His neck
  • Whispering in his ear
  • His abs

Sexual Preferences

  • Size kink
  • Lots of kisses
  • Eye contact
  • Body worshipping
  • Loves the feeling and the look of entering you therefore he will completely pull out of you over and over again just so he can enter you
  • Gentle and fluid thrusts

Intimacy Preferences

  • Morning snuggles
  • Morning kisses/makeout session
  • Pillow talk and after sex snuggles
  • Carrying you around even when you protest
  • He loves to kiss your cheek, nose or forehead
  • Massages/ feet rubs
  • Always has cute little nicknames for you
  • Hugs you from behind and nuzzles/kisses your neck
  • When the two of you are snuggled up in bed together and you’re about to fall asleep, he loves to rub your back and whisper stories in your ear
  • Piggy back rides (especially when your feet hurt)

Dates/ Spending time together Preferences 

  • Making gifts for each other, together
  • Telling each other stories
  • Loves to watch you try and lift his hammer
  • Going for long walks and getting to hold your hand (he’s a very affectionate man)
  • Listening to music and playing board/ card games together
  • Tickle fights
Dating Jae Would Include
  • he’d start off as your best friend, until you guys grew feelings for each other. 
  • he’d ask you out on your birthday as a birthday surprise, and of course you said yes.
  • the members helped with your birthday surprise, they treated you like their younger sister always taking care of you. 
  • you’d tell him that he looked like a combination of Kang Minhyuk and Byun Baekhyun.
  • in which he wouldn’t mind because they both are good looking, both of them combined is ultra good looking.
  • you guys were that couple that intertwined instead of the other way.
  • it felt like you guys were more connected if you intertwined, it was like a mold your small hand into his big ones.
  • when you were on a date night, you’d take off your heels and hold them in your hands. 
  • he’d want you to wear his shoes which when you put your feet in were to big for you.
  • he’d chuckle at how cute and small you were, so instead he took off his flannel so you could tie it around your waist.
  • once he gave you a piggy back ride, his flannel would be covering your butt with your dressing riding up.
  • you’d rest your head on the crook of his shoulder as he carried you home.
  • every now and then he’d change the speed, he’d go from fast to slow. 
  • you’d grip on to him tightly afraid that you were going to fall, giggling when he slowed down you placed a kiss on his cheek.
  • at his concerts you’d support him and the boys by cheering them on and talking to the fans before the concert.
  • the fans would love interacting with you and ask you tons of questions about Jae and the boys.
  • they’d say you guys were the cutest couple, and hopes that we stay together for a long time.
  • when you’d tell Jae what the fans told you, he’d smile happily and pull you into a hug.

if you want me to describe what dating (person) is like just ask!