look at his fashion choices

which character should you fight (ft. Gen 1 FE:A dudes)

Winner: You
look at this guy. look at his fashion choices. look at his nerd-ass lying on the ground in the smash trailer. someone needs to set this boy right. you may incur the wrath of everyone you dont want to fight but hey. do it for us. do it for all of humanity. (warning: he may try to marry you after. or before. or during.)

Winner: who do you fuckin think
why would you even think about fighting frederick why would that thought ever cross your mind i mean 1. have you seen him. he has grown ass men and seasoned warriors on their knees praying, tears or sweat - fuck if they know - dripping down their faces just from his workouts. he’s the one who has to carry the bullshit of an entire kingdom, including his lords. 2. it was his ass that carried your slovenly ass through the first four chapters of lunatic/+ so how about you show some fucking respect. get fredereckt

Winner: You
are you kidding me? punch him in the crumpet. take his tea and pour it out in front of him. you get some on your clothes? no problem, rip his godforsaken cravat off and mop it up. if you’re a girl you might get away with it. otherwise he might fuck you up. who cares, it’s worth it.

Winner: Stahl
fighting him will accomplish nothing. you’ll go up to him all ready for a tussle and he’ll glance over at you with a sleepy lopsided grin and a “oh hey, what’s up?” and that’s it. you’re done. you’ll lose all will to fight. his chill is contagious. and if you do somehow retain your fighting spirit? he’ll knock you flat on your ass. probably apologize too. it’ll be embarrassing for both of you. i mean the dude was trained by frederick after all. but i mean he’ll probably help you up and offer you food so idk. if you’re starving go for it.

Winner: 50/50
look, i know what you’re thinking. look at all those muscles. the dude is ripped. fight him anyway. do it. he’ll probably forget his axe somewhere so you probably wont die. fuck him up. someone has to for the abomination that is “teach just got tenure.” Let him atone.

Winner: Depends
If you aren’t a girl, you will be sliced into pieces so thin tharja might mistake you for her mesh body suit. if you are…. i mean you can try, but he’ll run. you can win if your cardio is good enough. go. chase him. Be Free.

Winner: You
okay he’s the nerdiest of nerds but he’s also a fucking child so. idk man you can fight him if you want but what’s the point. if anything getting beat up by you will fuel his teenage rage and he’ll keep it stewing inside himself until he’s big enough to fight back and then you’ll have to deal with years of pent of rage and a napoleon complex but on a full sized being and no one wants to play therapist in a scrap. it just isnt worth it. i mean unless you’re like itachi uchiha then by all means go ahead

Winner: You, but only with careful planning
ok so gaius isnt the toughest cookie, but he doesnt want to fight and he has access to the assassin class and i dont know about you but in my experience fighting assassins is no bueno. you get one punch in maybe if you’re lucky and take them by surprise but then youre dead and you cant fight for shit anymore. BUT if you take all his candy, his blood sugar will get low, making him weak and agitated. this is the optimal time to fight him. make sure he knows you’re the one who stole his candy. make sure he can smell the sugar on your breath. note: he may not spare your life if he gets the upper hand.

Winner: Gregor, but you win friendship
i’ll be frank, gregor will beat the everloving shit out of you and there is nothing you can do about it should you choose to fight him. he’ll do it laughing and smiling, not even realizing he broke three of your frail ribs with one pulled punch. but he will absolutely take you out for a round after and exchange drunken stories with you. so fight him. even if he refuses, pay him to fight you. he cant say no to money and nothing is more valuable than fire-forged friendships.

Winner: Libra
why the fuck do you want to fight the priest. fuck fine, you know what? fight him. see what happens. he’s the only one who will pray for your immortal soul while you bleed out. but guess what, jackass? the gods are gonna see you tried to fight a priest and they’re gonna send your ass to the void anyway

Winner: ???
man fuck i dunno what this guy’s deal is. on one hand he’s a dark mage genius who was raised by wolves and then sent to a horrific boarding school/orphanage making him literally the stuff horror films are made of. on the other he can be a pretty nice guy if you’re his friend and he’s kinda fucked up so he might let you win. his crows will probably peck you to death either way though so its a lose-lose situation.

Winner: Basilio
same deal as gregor, except basilio is hard-mode. he might accidentally kill you while you fight and his friendship is an even rarer flower. you gotta be charming. you gotta be smart. you gotta be somewhat strong. but if you do manage to get your ass beat and stay alive in such a way that he wants to grab a pint with you, take that beautiful budding friendship, hold it close to your breast and never let go

Winner: You
he’s by far the sorriest character you get at recruitment. if it weren’t for that pot on his head, a feather falling too hard could kill him. but he’s a farmer that works day in and day out just so his village can survive. do you really want to fight the paradigm of the wondrous and wholesome rural life we should all aspire to? you capitalist pig.

i hope i didn’t forget anyone

300 Reasons why you should subscribe to AmazingPhil

1.       He’s been on youtube for over 10 years

2.       The Adventures of Lion was better than a soap opera

3.       PINOF

4.       He started making videos because he won a camera in a cereal box

5.       He is a self-confessed cereal thief

6.       People drew him naked; he used it as an opportunity to showcase their art

7.       He is a ball of sunshine that can brighten the bleakest of days

8.       He doesn’t complain about much

9.       His eyes are gorgeous

10.   He likes to put stickers on expensive things

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was a bitch. At least it was for the Lynch Brothers and, by extension, Adam Parrish. Crammed into their usual pew, Declan, Matthew, and Ronan sat with bent heads as the priest delivered the special homily recognizing and honoring all the mothers, and especially the Holy Virgin Mary for bringing our Lord and Savior into the world to save us all. Ronan dug his fingernails into his wrist and focused on that instead of crying. Matthew was sniffling. Declan had a hard, removed look in his eyes. Aurora Lynch had passed less than a month ago.

Adam sat on the steps outside of the St. Agnes apartment, listening to the drone of the pipe organ and waiting for Ronan to emerge. He had not seen or spoken with his mother in months.

Blue Sargent was currently deep into the 300 Fox Way Mother’s Day Madness. It was a day when all the childbearing women of the household were given free reign to order about their offspring. Typically this meant asking for extravagant breakfasts, massages, and calling out a never-ending chorus of “fix me another drink, will you?” Blue and Orla were grimly making mojitos in the kitchen, the fresh mint giving Blue all sorts of flashbacks to time spent with Gansey. Orla was quickly getting frustrated with her lack of attention.

Gansey had declined to visit DC for the usual champagne brunch at his family’s home. His mother was, of course, deep into her political campaign and she had been most disappointed when Gansey couldn’t come, especially because it would mean he that was missing her fundraising gala. Helen had called numerous times to berate him but Gansey had only replied that he could not leave Ronan alone.

Ronan was not alone, even if Gansey had left, he wouldn’t have been alone. He had Adam now, as well as Declan and Matthew. It was shocking and wonderful to spend time with Declan and enjoy it. But the reunion with Declan reminded Ronan of one awful truth: Declan had never been reunited with their mother. All those trips to Cabeswater—bringing Matthew along but excluding Declan—Ronan didn’t think he would ever forgive himself.

Henry Cheng was spending the day with his mother and he rather wished that he was not. His mother was…complicated. What did one do when the person who birthed them and raised them went through a radical transformation and became a Power? Henry spent the morning at his mother’s side, entertaining himself with RoboBee while she did the things that she did. Lots of phone calls were involved and meeting with intense looking men in suits, including former hitman, Mr. Gray.

After the morning service at St. Agnes was over Ronan fetched Adam and the two of them went back to the Barns. Matthew and Declan joined them. Later, Gansey arrived with Blue and Henry. Ronan had stripped out of his Sunday suit and was sprawled on the lawn in his usual attire of shredded jeans and black muscle tee. Adam was lying on the grass next to him and he was helping Opal make crowns out of daisies and clover and Queen Anne’s lace. Chainsaw stalked around the trio, making her usual raven commentary that only Opal and Ronan could decipher. Declan was grilling and Matthew stood at his elbow, chattering away and holding whatever Declan told him to. The scene was remarkably similar to Ronan’s eighteenth birthday party except that they all looked tired and sad.

Blue settled down next to Ronan and showed him how to blow on a blade of grass to make it whistle. Ronan, being the musician of the bunch, mastered the skill and before long he and Blue and Opal were composing grass symphonies. Adam contented himself with chewing on a long stem of grass and applauding. Henry and Gansey gravitated to the grill. Gansey quizzed Declan about his apartment and the dream business. Henry, whose mother was tied to the trade of dream objects, supplied his insights. Matthew got bored and ran over to play with Opal; they had ganged up on Ronan and before long the three of them descended into a loud, tangled mess of limbs.

Adam watched with a fond smile, silently wondering at these strange dream creatures. He wondered most of all about Ronan, who had given life to both Opal and Matthew, becoming, in a sense, mother and father and brother to them. He had also given life to a host of dream animals and the recently departed Cabeswater (Adam felt a pang remembering the spectacular forest). With a deep, heartfelt sigh Adam decided that Ronan was probably one of the few people alive to know, on some level, what it was like to be a god. Gods made something from nothing, populating the world with their creations. With all of his imagination and power and his ability bring forth the perfect partner (rather like Niall had done with Aurora), Adam was again overcome with the knowledge that Ronan had chosen him. He was dating a god…

Declan interrupted the wrestling match to announce that lunch was ready. Everyone gathered around the picnic blankets. There were hotdogs and hamburgers with the fixings, potato salad, chips, slaw, baked beans, deviled eggs, fruit, cupcakes, tea, and a pitcher of mint mojitos that Blue had smuggled out of the house. The food came from the grocery store deli but the cooks there were good, getting the down home food just right. Everyone loaded up their plates and dug in. Opal was soon a mess and Ronan fussed at her and tried to clean her face off but she kept batting his hands away. Ronan gave up with a frustrated huff and Blue laughed, asking if he was finding child rearing to be difficult. Ronan smirked and tousled Opal’s hair, “You have no idea.”

After their bellies were full it was time for remembrances. Declan started. He talked about Aurora, getting choked up as he told about how she always knew when he was having a bad day, how she would find a way to make him smile. Ronan did not talk and Matthew cried. Adam said that Aurora had shown him what a mother should be and that he had loved every moment he had spent with her. Blue and Gansey chimed in with their memories of golden Aurora visiting with them beneath the boughs of Cabeswater.

They did not speak of the mothers who were still living, though they did raise a glass in honor of mothers in general. At some point Henry made the comment about Gansey deserving recognition for mothering them all through their years at Aglionby. Adam asked if Gansey wasn’t more of a father figure and Ronan answered, gruffly, that he was both. “He nags like a mother but then he gets all authoritarian like a father.” Gansey looked affronted but Blue agreed, teasing him for his dad jokes and dad fashion choices. It was decided that Gansey could be an honorary mother and Opal solemnly placed the flower crown she made on his head.

The day drew to a close and they went their separate ways: Blue returned to 300 Fox Way, Adam to St. Agnes, Henry to Aglionby, and Gansey to Monmouth. Declan and Matthew stayed with Ronan at the Barns. The brothers sat on the front porch and watched the sun set behind the trees. Opal raced around the lawn, chasing fireflies and shrieking in the language of the trees. Ronan found it ironic that Opal, originally named Orphan Girl, had since gained an unlikely family while he and his brothers had become the true orphans. They were all the family they had in this world.

Matthew nodded off and Declan woke him and sent him inside to sleep. Before Declan retired for the night he placed his hand on Ronan’s shoulder and squeezed. “Mom would be proud of you,” he murmured. “Dad, too. You’re a hell of a guy, Ronan, and I’m so damn lucky that you’re my brother.”

Ronan sat on the steps until it grew uncomfortably cool. Opal was curled up next to him, her head in his lap. He watched as the lightning bugs settled down and the deer crept out of the woods. It seemed impossible that the world kept going now that Niall and Aurora were gone. He felt a twinge in his heart and recalled the ghost of a boy who had been his friend. Gone but not forgotten. Ronan sighed deeply and picked up Opal, cradling her to his chest as he went into the house. Ronan put Opal to bed, brushing the hair out of her eyes, and watched the dream girl sleep. So many things had changed, were still changing, but Ronan would not forget the loved ones who had passed on. He scratched at the still itchy skin over his hipbone where the tattoo text spelled out remembered. As long as he and his brothers lived Aurora would not be forgotten.

Mother’s Day was a bitch.

anonymous asked:

You're such a great writer! I can't wait to see more things from you in the future. Would the prompt "You look really beau… nice…" for FAHC Jeremy be okay perchance? Thank you! :)

Ah, thank you! So much love for Jeremy I’ve gotten loads of requests for him. I don’t mind it, he is lovely and this request was a lot of fun to write. Hope you enjoy! :)

You checked yourself over once more in the mirror to be sure none of your weapons were visible, something which was quite difficult in a cocktail dress. You were both nervous and excited for your first outside mission. You mostly worked behind the scenes on a computer for the Fake AH Crew, meaning you rarely saw any of the real action. It had come as a surprise when Geoff wanted you on the frontline for this mission but he explained that you were really the only person for the job.

“I need someone who’s face hasn’t been seen before, and at this point you’re really the only one who fits the bill, Y/N,” he had explained.

The mission didn’t involve anything too dangerous, thankfully. You could handle a fight, up to a point, but it wasn’t your speciality. All you really were was bait. The target was the annual Los Santos Charity Gala. The city’s most rich and powerful would be there. You’re job was to seduce and lure anyone you could to a secluded spot, pick-pocket them of their wallet and get it to Jeremy who would be hiding out somewhere. He would then relay any relevant bank information back to the crew who would hack into their accounts and steal a bunch of money. Simple.

Precautions were put in place in case anything went wrong, of course. You had a handgun strapped to your thigh beneath your dress. Jeremy would be armed. Ryan would be sitting in the window of a nearby building with a sniper. Should the police be alerted to your crimes, you were well prepared.

You were still nervous though. 

“Hey, you ready to go, Y/N?” you heard Jeremy ask, knocking on your door. 

“I think so. You can come in,” you answered, still fidgeting with the dress you were wearing and examining yourself in the mirror. The door opened behind you and you turned to Jeremy. His eyes were wide, as he looked you up and down.

“You look really beau…nice…” he stammered, a blush creeping up his neck. You felt your own cheeks heat up. You couldn’t help but admire him too, looking incredibly handsome in a black suit rather than his usual questionable fashion choices. 

“Thank you. You look nice too,” you said, following him out of the room. You headed out of the penthouse where Ryan was just pulling up in his Zentorno.

“I don’t want to see a scratch,” he said to Jeremy, handing him the keys. Geoff had insisted that they took any car except Jeremy’s, for obvious reasons. Jeremy put on his chauffeur hat and grinned at you, holding open the car door for you.

“Your ride, ma’am,” he joked, tipping his hat. You laughed and got into the car. The nerves crept up on you again on the drive to the Gala. Jeremy caught your eye in the rear view mirror. 

“Hey, don’t worry. You’ll be fine. I’ll be right there in your ear if you need me,” he reassured you.

You soon arrived and Jeremy opened the door for you.

“Remember the plan?” he whispered in your ear as he helped you out of the car. His breath tickled your neck causing a shiver. You nodded, swallowing your nerves and forcing yourself to get into character. You heard Jeremy driving away as you made your way into the building. It comforted you knowing he would be back, hiding somewhere but also within reach through the coms.

There were more people there than you had anticipated and you took a deep breath as you scanned the room. A waitress held out a tray with champagne and you gratefully took one. You had dabbled in theatre during college and so you found it easy enough to become someone else. In some ways, it was easier than being yourself. You put a confident smirk on your lips and walked with a sway in hips as you looked for your first target.

“I’m in position. How you doing?” you heard Jeremy’s voice in your ear. You looked around for him, but couldn’t see him, which was a good thing, you guessed. You knew he could see you from wherever he was though.

“Looking for the first victim,” you said quietly, hiding the movement of your mouth behind your glass of champagne. You spotted a man standing alone by the bar. He was young; probably the son of some big CEO trying to look like more than just a spoilt rich kid. An easy target. You stalked over to the bar, avoiding his eyes as you stood beside him, your attention seemingly on the bar tender.

“I’ll have a martini,” you said. You could feel the man’s stare on you, but you ignored him. The bar tender placed the drink in front of you and you reach for your purse.

“I’ll get that for you,” the man cut in, placing a $50 bill on the bar. You finally met his eye and gave him a small smirk as you put your glass against your lips. “I’m Brent. I’ve never seen you at one of these events before. I’d remember a face like yours,” he said.

“God, what a shithead,” Jeremy’s voice said in your ear. You tried to supress your laugh, pretending to giggle at Brent’s comment.

“I’m Y/N,” you said, placing a hand on Brent’s arm. “I’ve just moved to Los Santos.”

“Yeah? You need someone to show you around sometime?” he asked, moving closer to you.

“Does this guy get all his lines from bad rom coms?” Jeremy commented. You smiled.

“How about you show me to somewhere we can talk in private?” you suggested, hooking a finger through one of his belt loops.

“Absolutely,” Brent sputtered. 

You let go and walked away from him towards the door leading to one of the back rooms. You didn’t need to look behind you to know he was following you. You heard him shut the door behind him but you didn’t turn around. You hoped Jeremy couldn’t still see you as you felt Brent’s hands on your hips but you knew he probably could. You reminded yourself that it was just a mission as his lips attacked your neck. You turned around, pressing your mouth against his. You let yourself be pushed against the wall. Your hands went into his jacket, feeling around for a wallet. You found it and rubbed his crotch with your thigh to distract him as you pulled it out of his pocket and quietly dropped it to the floor, kicking it under a cabinet so he wouldn’t see it. You pushed him gently away from you.

“How about you go get your car whilst I quickly go fix my hair?” you said breathing heavily. 

“Yeah, good idea,” he replied in a daze as you steered him towards the door. Once he was gone you went to find his dropped wallet.

“Ugh, I can’t believe you had to let that sleaze ball touch you,” Jeremy said, from inside the room this time. You turned around to see him standing leaning against the door. You laughed as you handed him the wallet. “I hope Geoff gives you the biggest cut for this.”

“Me too. God, that guy just does not know what to do with his tongue,” you said disgusted.

“He better be fucking loaded,” Jeremy said as he searched through the wallet. “Someone thought he was getting lucky tonight.” He waved up a condom from the wallet as you laughed. You froze at the sound of footsteps approaching the door.

“Fuck, I need to not be here,” Jeremy said, but there was no other way out of the room. You had an idea

“We need to pretend that we’re drunk and fooling around,” you said quietly, as the footsteps got nearer.

“What?!” Jeremy exclaimed, his eyes wide.

“For fuck’s sake, kiss me, Jeremy!” you hissed, pulling him against you by his jacket so that he had you pinned against the wall. His lips crashed against yours just as the door opened. Whoever it was simply gasped and hurriedly shut the door again but you didn’t really notice with Jeremy’s hands in your hair and his tongue in your mouth. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Eventually you need air and detached your mouths’ from one another. Jeremy’s forehead rested against yours as his hands moved from your neck to rest on your waist.

“You know, I really hope that was Brant or whatever his name was that came in just then and saw how a tongue should be used,” Jeremy said and you laughed and kissed him again, softly.

“I can think of better uses,” you smirked, your fingers idly playing with his hair. He raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah?” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “How pissed do you think Geoff would be if we blew off this mission and snuck off to a hotel somewhere?”

“What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him,” you said. Jeremy grinned and brought his lips to yours once more, pulling you against him. 

(trespasser spoilers) Dorian and Vivienne made so much fun of Solas for having bad fashion sense, but (true story) one time in the ancient past, Solas thoughtlessly wore a wolf pelt, and that fashion choice was apparently so amazing, so memorable, so incredible, that it still deeply haunts the elven psyche thousands of years later. That single outfit was so on-point, elves have quite literally been worshiping Solas as a god ever since. 

so who really won the wizard fashion game here

becuzgyu  asked:

I am loving all these five favorites. <3 your choices are so good i sit here nodding, yep, yep, got that. So.. can I start another one? 5 favorite airport fashion ? Sunggyu of course, Go!

omg why but also omg yes

1. simple, soft and fluffy haired. the sunglasses make it A+++ and add hotness points. this hair colour was so good on him. praise. ( © turningpoint )

2. okay but i live for bareface and seeing flaws in their skin and kejfnuen sunggyu is so beautiful i can’t breathe. he has small ears. they’re cute. also he just looked hella cute this day and snuggly i wanna cuddle him pls ( © slowmotion )

3. i just really like this outfit it’s my style (hey myungsoo, you look good too bb) ( © turningpoint )

4. even he knows how bad this was lets be real

5. i like him in beanies though and also his eyebrows look nice ( © cherry blossom)

he may make some weird fashion choices but usually he is dressed like my ideal type, which makes sense because he’s my ideal type okay bye now!

pilferingapples  asked:

Flamey Sign about character fashion choices?:D

Jean Prouvaire is very deliberate about his fashion choices but ends up looking a lot more scruffy than a lot of people seem to expect of such a soft spoken guy - it’s part of the whole romantic, dashing medieval aesthetic he’s going for, you see. Whether that works or not is up for interpretation. 

Feuilly tries very hard to not look scruffy, because even though his clothes have been stiched back together more times than he really wants to count and there’s nothing he can really do to hide the dark circle under his eyes, he takes care to look presentable, you know? 

I also think Enjolras would wear a lot more neutral colours than red, but I understand the musical Enjolras aesthetic is very striking.

so i’ve been thinking

the modern equivalent of sasuke’s high collared shirts would be if he popped the collar to polo or button down shirts

also he would leave the first few buttons undone and tie a purple hoodie around his waist because aesthetic; not once has hinata seen him wear the hoodie normally, even when the temperature dipped into the fifties. he just wore a sweater or different hoodie when it was cold.

he thought he looked good but hinata was secretly bothered by his fashion choices - good color schemes but strange execution

frankly she had trouble remembering his name, she just knew he hung around naruto and she fought the impulse to fold down his collars and maybe button up his shirts for the entirety of her high school experience

but then again she wore nothing but extremely baggy hoodies until she graduated so she wasn’t sure if she was in the right place to talk about fashion

anyways they attend the same party when they’re older bc their friend groups overlap and they’re both hanging in a quiet corner, downing their alcohol

hinata might be a talkative drunk, bc she seems like the type to have a strict filter so when she is drunk she expels word vomit. and sasuke is slightly less mean when he’s drunk, his walls come down to an extent.

they’re just sitting in comfortable silence, listening to the music and other sounds of the party when hinata suddenly bursts into a fit of giggles. sasuke looks at her strangely, thinking she must have been smashed af

she keeps trying to say something, but she can’t breathe because she’s cracking up. when she’s able to string together a coherent sentence, in between laughter, she asks, “sasuke… what are you wearing?”

hinata probably (unwittingly) insults the tattered poncho he’s wearing and even offers to get him like a cape or a cloak or something if he likes that style

sasuke is definitely offended because he’s sasuke and they proceed to debate who had the worst fashion sense in high school

five months later, after the birthday party naruto threw for him (and forced him to attend), sasuke opened a neatly wrapped box to find a dark navy cape with a high collar and metal buttons. the material was thick and felt expensive, and the inside was lined with was appeared to be purple silk.

carefully taking off his well-worn poncho, he slipped the cape over his shoulders and fastened the buttons.

sasuke was in love. he mentally bid goodbye to his old poncho and promised to wear the cape religiously.

when he went to put the garment back in its box, he noticed a card. it read “Happy Birthday, Sasuke!” in elegant and flowery script. she signed her name in the corner with “All the best, Hinata” and then, in very small writing at the bottom, there was the sentence “sorry for what I said when I was drunk.”

he let out an incredulous laugh and felt a grin spread across his face. grabbing his phone, he texted naruto.

“hey, what’s hinata’s number?”

One problem I will always have with the original Star Wars trilogy

So, by the time Empire Strikes Back takes place, you have to assume it’s been ~18 years since Revenge Of The Sith, and so in that time, the available technology for prosthetics has been improved to the point that Luke is able to get a prosthetic that looks like a real hand, right? (I’m on mobile so I can’t add any shots from the movie but it’s either in episode 5 or 6 that you get a clear shot of luke opening the little panel on his arm and you see all the mecha inside). So anyways, at the end of episode 3, Vader is all crispy and mostly machine as far as like legs and stuff goes, and he continues as such until his death, which we see clearly at several points that he’s still metal. So like, my problem is, after almost 20 years, why wouldn’t he try to get an upgrade? And yes, I know it’s been established that most of what he does during episodes 4-6 are 100% for the theatrics, but surely when he spends most of his time in that weird wet tank (when he’s not out choking people and making sassy comebacks) he would want to like, at least look like he’s not a cyborg.

Additionally, in episode 7 you see Luke’s fleshy hand is gone, and he’s sporting the metal skeleton hand instead, but that at least makes sense cause if I were him I wouldn’t wanna manually update my hand to fit my age either, but Vader’ looks don’t change much in his last years.

So TL;DR Vader’s fashion choices as far as prosthetics go do and will continue to baffle me.

“Some people watch sports. Some put on makeup”

Camp Days | Pt. 1 | Jeonghan

The camp store was one of the few places in Camp Half-Blood that was barely ever used. No one really ever needed anything, and if they did they usually just got it from the Hermes Cabin.

Jeonghan sat comfortably on the checkout counter, as he sat gossiping with Seungkwan. “It just doesn’t fit his head shape.”

“It doesn’t fit anyone’s head shape.” Seungkwan said, as he stood next to Jeonghan, but behind the cash register, “It’s just a bad fashion choice over all.”

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