look at his face u guise


hi your local hoe who looks like ugly stepsister from shrek here w 3 4 biases (marks eye is in here and we all know im soft for mark) comin at you with a bias selfie tag shit thing idk but i was tagged by like 3 people p sure it was @/jungwoosnatchedmyweave @/secretlymadeoutofcups and @/iloveyu-ta aka the 3 prettiest bitches i know! ! ! 

idk who to tag so im picking random mutuals; have fun guise lol

@freakydeakytaeyonq (ily jes and long 2 see your face once more) @bbhsthighs (hi nicole :^)) @psilovepcy (mom?) @nctreacting (bc im p sure u did one before and like u were really good looking? i need more in my life flo) and bc im tired and dont like a lot of people if you see this and want to do it go ahead and tag me so i can see your gorgeous face and feel horrible about my visuals™