look at his face tho wtf is that

VIXX: dating Leo would include

▪ this boy would feel like his heart is gonna burst every time he looks at you 

 ▪ would be so smitten and everyone would know 

 ▪ even though he has a poker face most of the time, around you he can’t help it 

▪ he’d burst into a smile or small smirk 

 ▪ esp when you say something funny or try to make him laugh

 ▪ which he’ll never admit that you can do 

 ▪ omg whenever he smiles openly to you it feels like the sun shining down on you 

▪ N fawning over you two 

▪ “aww look, Taekwoonie, y/n brought food for everyone" 

▪ Ravi teaching you some ways to make him laugh and you’d always succeed (not bc you made him laugh tho, he just thinks you’re adorable) 

▪ Ken teaching you how to perfect your aygeo 

 ▪ then getting shoved violently by Taekwoon bc back off, she’s mine 

▪ but if you actually do aygeo in front of him, he’ll visibly melt 

 ▪ and then hide his face in his sleeves bc wtf why you gotta embarrass him in front of the guys like that 

▪ but in private it’s a whole different story

 ▪ he’ll practically tackle you and attack your face and neck with kisses 

 ▪ watches you as you put on lip balm or lipstick 

 ▪ and it’d be a waste of product bc it’ll be off your lips in .00003 seconds 

 ▪ you making him catch his breath whenever you dress up in something fancy 

▪ “jagi, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful” “You always say that, taekwoonie" 

 ▪ man, he gets so scary when jealous 

 ▪ even when you’re not doing it intentionally, he’d frown and stare down at whoever awakened his wrath 

 ▪ not bc he’s begging for your attention (he is, but it’s internal ok) but bc he thinks the other guy has bad intentions and his first thought would be to protect you

 ▪ is not afraid to get into fights for you if necessary

 ▪ secretly loves it when you grab his hand when you sense he’s nervous 

 ▪ bites your shoulders and neck a lot, idk I just see him always doing this 

▪ knows how hard it is for you during that time of the month, mostly bc he has 3 older sisters and he’s dealt with it before lmao 

 ▪ aw he’d buy you a bunch of sweets and quietly whispers to you about anything while rubbing your tummy 

 ▪ speaking of his sisters 

 ▪ omg he gets so happy when you get along with all of them, and blushes like crazy when they make jokes about him marrying you

 ▪ which isn’t really a joke but Taekwoon needs to be low key 

 ▪ sometimes having to pull him away from his work bc he gets too into it and forgets about sleep 

▪ he’d quietly thank you and kiss your forehead as you two snuggle

 ▪ singing to you in his angelic voice and you’d melt bc he’s looking right into your soul

 ▪ over time you know when to give him space if he needs it, and he’d appreciate that so much and does the same for you 

 ▪ except when you two fight, but that’s very rare 

 ▪ he’d never leave your side after an argument bc he just can’t sleep knowing you’re angry with him or vice versa

 ▪ he’d always apologize even if he knows he was in the right 

 ▪ buys you the most thoughtful gifts even when he’s away 

 ▪ accompanied by heartfelt letters and sweets from a foreign country, and ugly selfies sent in by all the members 

 ▪ he’d love you with all his heart and will always be there for you 

▪ if you’re lucky enough to catch this shy kitten, pls keep him forever 😻

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boyfriend! park jihoon
  • a tsundere at heart
  • was like super obvious abt his crush on you but denied it anyways
  • jinyoung: you literally ditched lunch with me and daehwi to help them find their keys
  • jihoon: ok but her keys were rly important ok i don’t like them that way i just wanted to help
  • samuel: did it feel nice when your hands touched while reaching for it
  • jihoon: pls stop this mental abuse
  • tries to be the more mature one in the relationship but also fights u for the last cookie
  • also tries to be manly but you keep pinching his cheeks HUFFS
  • his smile is always a bit suppressed around you it’s like GOTTA ACT COOL GOTTA ACT COOL GOTTA ACT COOL pls don’t be cute I gOTTA ACT C O O L 
  • jihoon insists that he doesn’t get as jealous as daehwi makes it seem to be but daehwi and jinyoung and samuel are like LIES and bring up all 42 receeipts they have on this boy
  • jinyoung: he once got salty bc u ignored his aegyo to listen to me sing
  • very observant and always detects the slightest changes
  • “did you buy a different conditioner? the older one smelled heavier” or “I thought you were allergic to dust why are you sweeping over there” 
  • kinda like daehwi but instead of straight up denying it he says it’s bc ur too obvious
  • “jihoon sweetheart i told you I was allergic to dust when you were like half asleep” “u were being too loud then” “I LITERALLY MUMBLED IT TO THE AIR”
  • buys couple/matching sweaters like its something y'all HAVE to wear when cuddling
  • a sucker for Eskimo kisses
  • lots of nose booping
  • when he’s tired he really likes it when you take him into your arms and rub his back gently
  • gets teased because the most he can go w pda is hand holding  and daehwi’s always like IS THAT ALL U GUYS DO WHEN UR ALONE HMMM I THINK N O T
  • ofc when it’s just you two alone he takes advantage of his godly visuals and uses aegyo to make you embarrassed 
  • actually gets 600 times softer when its just you two
  • kind of like watching a piece of mochi soften over time is that a good comparison 
  • this boy kNOWS he’s cute ok and breaks out into giggles whenever you get embarrassed
  • if jinyoung is the aegyo prince then jihoon’s the aegyo KING
  • not the greatest at baking but he likes to do it with you 
  • mostly he just licks the leftover batter and smudge whipped cream on your nose and then boops your nose with his HOW CUTE
  • gets sort of insecure about his fashion at times and even tho you tease him you also give tips and encouragement
  • “even if it does look bad your face makes up for it”
  • he tries to come up with original pet names like “bunny smooch” and “sweet donuts”
  • we all know his facial expressions are holy and sometimes he teases you by making like…..downright illegal expressions
  • like you two would just be chilling on the couch and cuddling and suddenly you face him and he bites his tongue and winks like BOY WTF GET A W A Y
  • he always laughs after your face steams and he’ll even ruffle your hair a bit
  • does this thing where he likes to cup your face and go in for a quick kiss
  • when you get down….even though he might not seem like jihoon is strangely encouraging and really does try his best to cheer you up
  • after a long talk he’ll order pizza and ice cream to soothe your feelings and let you play with his hair and even dress him up like. omg.

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Because why the fuck not??? (Sort of modern don’t judge me)
-alrighty, so mah boy Pony just wanted to have a good time on his own, right?
-w r o n g
- So pony is walking to the bookstore, he’s hunting for like idk The Maze Runner, or maybe a nice copy of The Great Gatsby
-Johnny decided to tag along cuz his parents were being lil shits so pony was like
-“aye John boy. Wanna come to Barnes and Noble with me? DONT U WHISPER ANY OF THIS SENTENCE TO ANYONE OR IMMA STAB YOU.”
-“ok, ok I’ll go. But gosh darn it you have to chill”
-So they’re walking with their hands in their pockets, cigarette in hand, kicking a rock and they come to the beautiful land of books and ponyboy is like in awe
-Johnny is very excited he doesn’t go to places like this much
-Johnny goes over to the comic books cuz those are his shit
-good friend bonding, calm friend time is a grand old time
-T H E N
-the door just BAM
-in this quiet ass book store
-all the adults are like who tf is this disrespectful scum
-Dally’s just like
-He gets shushed so hard
-pulls out a toy gun and slaps a teenage girl with it and she like
-no thanks but ok
-Dally pulls out a cigarette because of course
-cashier is like U cAnT sMoKe In hErE
-Dally just laughs and runs through the aisles
-Two-Bit, Steve, Sodapop, and Darry fly in.
-Dally sneaky as shit he found out about the outing real fast
-pony is like about to cry from this embarrassment he just wanted a book OK
-Soda and Steve run for some action
-Two-Bit is climbing the shelves and laughing his ass off
-The workers are rolling their eyes and trying to get him down and he’s teasing them lmao
-Dallas is on top of a young adult romance shelf and is DISGUSTED
-Johnny is hiding in a shelf he just needed some quiet time but then he sees Dally being cool so he’s like I guess I’ll go n hang ya know
- The employees have given up and are all just in the bathrooms crying the poor people
-Dally starts ripping up a book
- Johnny’s like wtf “you can’t do that you have to pay for it.”
-“I know johnnycake. It’s wrong to destroy literature. It’s such fun to read.”
-he flips it over and reads what he’s destroying
“John Green is toootally tuff as shit… man, who cares?”
-“I love his work”
-Dally doesn’t even look he just chucks the ripped up book at ponys face and pony is like IhbehbihsbbhidybiuvydiyvVUYUYFGUYGUUVG
-Dally takes the book home tho (The Fault In Our Stars) and reads it and shed a tear then burned he book cuz it thought it was the work of Satan
-Soda and Steve are bored as shit they’re napping in the kids section while Two plays with some kids
-he gets these kids in a circle and is telling stories about his shop lifting experience
-Finally the manager comes out and is like GET THE FUCK OUT
-They all leave laughing and Johnny and pony Are so sad
-they’re banned from returning
-but then two bit shows Ponyboy his jacket full of stolen books and
-Pony wants to tear up
-Johnny takes the comics and is like “thank u so much man”
-pony just “eehheyydygdgydgydgydgy thank you…”

Honestly tho, wtf is bellamy doing in that promo??? He looks at clarke for less than a second and i stg his “thrown by the intamcy face” is on and he can’t do anything but take a deep breath just after LOOKING at her. Seriously. She shows one sign of distress and it’s like this boy is ready to punch the death wave itself if it would get her to smile again

The AU that won't get out of my head

- Keith is getting harassed by a bully in a high school setting
- Keith has a reputation from his last school—garrison high—for being a rebellious kid who got into fights all the time
- Nobody bothers to check and see if those are just rumors or fact except Lance
- Lance has got a chip on his shoulder to fight this Keith cause he’s the best fighter(???) at his school—Voltron high—so he doesn’t want this new kid making him look bad
- He stalks Keith for a lil while lol
- And sees that Keith never starts the fights; people always start shit with him
- He continues to follow Keith around for “scientific reasons”
- Just when he’s about to stop following Keith cause he feels like a judgmental dick
- Keith comes across someone being picked on (Lance is watching from afar)
- Keith goes to defend this person and it’s the only time Lance has seen him start a fight
- Lance knows Keith can hold his own in a fight but there’s a guy coming up behind him with a tire iron while he’s preoccupied with the other guy
- So Lance literally comes flying in and jump kicks this asshole
- They fight together
- Keith, not good at talking, just glares at the person who was being picked on
- They flee
- Lance says something dumb to Keith
- Keith asks Lance why he’s been following him
- Lance is like oh shit he knows wtf I thought I was so Stealthy tm
- Somehow they become friends, mostly due to lance’s insistence and refusal to leave Keith alone
- Keith begrudgingly becomes lance’s friend
- Things happen
- They become best friends
- Big brother shiro telling Keith that what he’s feeling for Lance isn’t friendship lol
- Keith being like oh shit I’ve caught feelings
- Cue Keith avoiding Lance subconsciously and consciously cause he’s allergic to feelings
- Keith figures he’s already got the school staff on edge cause of his reputation so he shouldn’t humor this asshole and “fight” him
- This is happening in the school hallways btw
- A small crowd gathers
- Keith decided he’ll let this guy talk and then once he hits Keith he’ll get expelled and Keith will just have a busted lip
- Basically Keith doesn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble
- When this guy goes to punch him Lance jumps in front of Keith
- Now this guy isn’t small so he’s gonna hit fucking hard
- I’ve decided the bully is Sendak
- So sendak hits Lance square in the side of the face and knocks Lance the fuck out
- Hunk and pidge run over to Lance because holy fuck oh my god Lance isn’t moving
- Keith short circuits
- He stares at Lance while he’s unmoving on the ground
- He’s aware that sendak is still talking but it’s fuzzy
- Then Sendak hits Keith and Keith can hear the next thing this guy says in like 1080 hd
- “Not so tough without your boyfriend to protect you, huh?”
- Keith mcfreaking loses it
- First he does the ear clap thing
- Then he uppercuts this guys gut
- Then he grabs his head and shoves it into his knee cap
- Then he fucking “we gotta break down this door” kicks this guy on his ass
- And starts wailing on him
- He uses his elbows to fucking hit him instead of his fists because elbows are the hardest part of your body and he needs to hurt like Keith is hurting because Lance isn’t moving
- Keith only stops because big bro shiro appears through the crowd and pulls him off Sendak
- “Hey, hey, Keith! it’s me, calm down.”
- Keith is breathing heavy af and his eyes are teary
- “I know you’re fucking pissed, okay, and I am too.
- But, think about why you’re upset and tell me what you should really be doing right now.”
- Keith looks at him confused and shaking with adrenaline
- “Shouldn’t you be making sure Lance is okay?”
- Keith immediately turns to search for Lance
- Hunk is helping Lance sit upright while pidge pinches lance’s nose to stop the bleeding
- Keith slides over to them, tripping over his feet
- And instead of saying all the shit he wants to say like
- Are you okay, why would you do that for me, thanks for taking that hit for me, do you need me to get the nurse, why do you act like I’m something important, you’re important to me, I want to protect you, I’m kind of in love with you
- He says
- “What the fuck were you thinking, you dumbass!”
- Lance responds with a weird sounding laugh as pidge is still pinching his nose
- Hunk says “He was helping you!” Defending Lance
- “By getting himself hurt instead?!” Keith retorts angrily
- Pidge ever the peace talker says
- “Could you two shut the fuck up! Lance needs to see a doctor so stop fighting and help me move him dammit.”
- Big bro shiro then walks over and agrees with pidge
- “Pidge, Keith, you two help Lance to the nurses office so they can see if Lance needs to go to the emergency room.
- Hunk, you help me carry Sendak so we can take him to the ambulance.”
- They take Lance to the nurses office
- The nurse is coran
- Coran loved Lance so he’s like who the fuck hurt my son I’ll kill them
- Pidge then states that Keith already sufficiently kicked the other guys ass
- Coran then looks at Keith who stares at him trying to seem confident
- Coran then looks over Lance
- Lance gets those beautiful nose plugs lol
- Lance holds an ice pack on his face for a lil while after Coran cleans all the blood off of him
- Coran then turns to Keith “your turn skipper”
- Keith is like ???? I’m fine??
- pidge is like dude you have blood all over you too duh
- “Oh yeah”
- Coran cleans up Keith’s split lip and his elbows
- Keith also gets an ice pack for his face cause he has a bruise over the split lip side of his mouth
- The principal walks into the nurses office and is like wtf happened guys
- cause even tho Lance and Keith are good fighters they still make good grades and stay out of trouble
- Pidge explains what happens because Lance’s tongue is swollen cause he bit it when he passed out
- Keith only talks when spoken to directly
- The principal is not biased towards any students so they see the situation for what it is
- “Alright, boys.
- You’ve both obviously been through a lot of stress in the past 20 minutes.
- You can both go home early after Coran releases you to leave.
- Pidge you can stay and help Coran with the boys.
- I have some phone calls to make.”
- We like the principal lol
- They do the clean up routine
- Switch ice pack with hot compress
- Put aloe on bruise and put gauze pad on top of that etc
- So the boys are all bandaged up and released to go home while pidge goes back to class
- The boys go to their lockers together and get all their shit and walk out the front of the school
- Nobody has talked yet
- Keith, like the emotionally constipated asshole he is, is mad at Lance for getting himself hurt for Keith’s sake
- So instead of saying why he’s mad
- He walks ahead of Lance without saying anything
- “H-hey Keith! Wait up!”
- Keith continues to walk briskly
- “Okay, look, I know why you’re mad.”
- Keith snorts angrily
- Lance continues “you’re mad cause I got in the middle of a fight you clearly could’ve won yourself. I know you could’ve beat him by yourself Keith, I mean, hell, you did, but–”
- Keith starts laughing sourly
- Lance stops talking cause he’s confused
- “You think I’m mad because you got into “my” fight?“
- Lance says nothing still confused and a little hurt at Keith’s tone
- Keith walks over to Lance
- "I’m mad because you put yourself in danger for me,
- Keith gets all in lance’s space
- "I’m mad because you’re the only person besides my brother who actually cared to get to know me before jumping to conclusions or believing stupid rumors
- I’m mad because you were hurt and unmoving on the ground and it was all for my sake, like I mean something in the world
- I’m mad because you made me care about you! I’m mad because
- Because
- Keith grabs Lance by his shirt collar and snarls this next part
- "I’m mad because I love you
- I love you and I don’t like you being in pain! Especially if it’s my fault!”
- Keith has tears running down his face now because he’s overwhelmed
- Lance is Shocked tm
- Keith realizes what he said and turns into a tomato
- He runs away
- “Wha-wait a minute, Keith!”
- So the chase begins
- Eventually Lance catches up to Keith and grabs his arm to stop him
- Keith doesn’t resist
- “Keith…”
- Keith hangs his head waiting for rejection
- Lance moves his grip on his arm down to hold Keith’s hand
- Keith looks over his shoulder at Lance confused
- “Did you…
- Lance looks at him all vulnerable and shit
- "Did you mean it?”
- Keith, unable to speak, nods his head
- Lance smiles the dopiest smile
- Keith faces all the way towards Lance still confused and extremely embarrassed and very very overwhelmed
- Lance is looking at their hands smiling lightly swinging them back and forth
- “Uh…lance?”
- Lance then looks up sharply
- “Oh shi–I mean, I love you too, obviously, duh.”
- Keith turns red and pink and
- And
- he feels like he’s dying
- He’s so overwhelmed with feelings and he doesn’t know how to handle it
- So he just starts crying more
- Angry crying
- Like dammit tears stop coming out of my eyes you fuckers crying
- And Lance holds him through it cause he knows kissing would be too much right now
- Hugging Keith is good enough in itself
- Cause they love each other
- Rip me

College AU! Doyoung

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Style: Bulletpoint

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Mild swearing, alcohol usage

Words: 4.500 smh

a/n: Some college au Doyoung to get me going!!! I’m sorry this is really long and unorganized but I just love Doyoung so much he’s such a bias wrecker like boiidjfaoedklsa;dkj


what/who do I request?

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Midnight fries - Vernon

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  • okay so just imagine this with me
  • It’s two in the morning and you’re hungry but there’s like zero food in in the fridge??
  • but also just craving fries bc why not 
  • And so you drive to McDonald’s (or whatever fast food place??) and you get yourself some fries
  • The entire drive home you’re hyping yourself up bc damn these fries smell good and they’re gonna be so worth only getting like 4 hours of sleep
  • And so you get home and finally rip open the paper bag 
  • u shove a fry in your mouth
  • And
  • It’s so disappointing
  • Like absolutely bland and tasteless 
  • You’re upset but no way in hell are you gonna let all this go to waste
  • So you get up to go look for some salt in the kitchen
  • There
  • Is 
  • NoNE??
  • It’s past two in the morning and you’re about to start sobbing in the middle of your kitchen over some crappy fries
  • You almost let out a tear until you hear it
  • Your neighbor is up
  • The music not loud enough to bother anyone but 
  • You know it’s another one of those no sleep type of nights for them
  • you know you shouldn’t do this bc guy just moved in like a few weeks ago
  • All you know is his name is Vernon and he goes to your school
  • And you don’t wanna scare him off
  • but times are hard so you do the only thing you can think of
  • You grab your fries and rush out the door not giving a damn what you look like
  • Bc it’s nearly two thirty and who would????
  • And you start knocking on your neighbors door
  • Immediately the music shuts off and everything goes dead silent
  • And you’re like wtf boy??? I know ur up and ISTG I will NOT leave your doorstep until you open this damn door
  • so you do the most reasonable thing
  • And start pounding on the door yelling at him to open the goddamn door bc you’re not going even if it KILLS you
  • He does,,, eventually 
  • Probably out of total embarrassment 
  • And he’s like wtf do you want??? You should be asleep?????
  • He’s dying on the inside tho bc wow this person looks really cute in pajamas and dammit I’m gonna have this image in my head for the rest of the night
  • Anyways you’re not having any of that shit so you shove the bag of fries in his face and just
  • SALT !!!!
  • He’s kinda just?????? We’ve literally spoken 4 times so wth are you saying
  • You just give him a look and he’s like
  • ‘Fine,, whatever alright ,,,,,, but you’re sharing’
  • And you can’t say no bc you know what?? I need the salt and you’re kinda cute so okay
  • you follow him in and he grabs the salt and y'all pig out 
  • But then you remember how he pretended to be dead the minute he heard knocking and you ask him about if bc????
  • And that leads in to an entire conversation 
  • Next thing you know the fries are long gone and it’s almost six in the morning 
  • And you have class at 8 and you’re like ‘o shit I g2g’ 
  • So you find a pen and scribble your number on the paper bag that the fries came in before running out his apartment 
  • Little did you know that would be the start of a new relationship filled with midnight fry dates

All I can say is damn I’m living up to my new URL lmao

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I’m confused, I read some theory about how every song is going to be satirical and like I didn’t see much satire in Gorgeous? But that’s just me?

it isnt satirical at all ???? i feel like the overanalysis here is getting a little too much or something. since when do we start thinking that taylor doesnt write lyrics about things she actually feels?  

i think its clear taylor wrote this song from an authentic place? …. i dont see any satire. anywhere? : she met him… thought joe was gorgeous…she was tongue tied…she can talk to anyone and everyone in the room but him bc she was so attracted to him she couldnt form words….the only way she could talk to him was with a little alcohol in her system…and even then she couldnt ‘talk’ to him….his eyes melted her….she was frustrated she felt so much for him bc she couldnt do anything about it…she hates not being able to have something she wants (dont we all) … if he’s taken then it isnt so bad even tho she’d be jealous of that girl … but if he’s single thats even worse cause then she still can’t have him …. she can even explain how gorgeous he is - she’s like just look at him, look at his face… a chance touch of her hand set her on fire….drove her mad… meanwhile she was pissed her bf was off doing who knows what…and shes acknowledging that rs was not right ….and she ended up home alone with her cats instead of w her bf wtf…and maybe she did wish she could bring joe home..but she didnt…that doesnt mean that thought doesnt cross her mind in a what if scenario…. i see no satire, no throwing people off, no writing this from a ‘im a cheater’ perspective.

 i do not think she is making shit up based on some non existent personality, she is not writing this ‘from the place of a rumor’… she’s not writing this song to ‘throw’ people off on their actual story. she’s actually being brutally honest!

i find that satire takeaway from this song totally off track (no pun intended)

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I WOULD 100000000000000000000% READ A HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE AU PLEASE. like who would everyone be??? How is it set up??? Which other Pens or players feature as characters???????? PLEASE, MA'AM, MAY WE HAVE MORE?

im getting ideas from @bittybaking and @honeycombhenry AND SO FAR:

Geno as Howl, Sid as Sophie (also ‘cause Old Man Crosby will wear crocs. imagine that), Ovi as Calcifer, Nicky as Turnip Head, and Markl is a bunch of rookies described as boys who needed a home and are “dying for a good meal” (@bittybaking y u gotta make me emo like dis), and Jeffrey as the big ol doggo.

Just like imagine the scene where Howl stops the bomb but like it’s Geno and Sidney flying into his arms with no hesitation. Geno melting when his hair turns from blond to his normal brunet (can you imagine blond geno???? probably awful but the dude acts like its High Fashion) and being EMO. The final scene where Sidney and Geno kiss on the balcony of their flying house while their found family hangs out on the lawn. Ovi spitting out fire and saying that he hopes all of Sidney’s bacon burns. It’s great. 

Also bonus from the chat between me and @honeycombhenry:

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So I’m laying in bed giggling about all of my first impressions of the characters of Transformers Prime, I’m going to write some of them down…


His face is perfect

And kinda pale

His optics are beautiful

He’s such a pretty blue

He’s such a pretty everything

His flaws are fucking perfect

If, ya know, I could find those flaws

I’m just blinded about how awesome he is

Nice hips

Pretty wheels

His voice is so calming

He’s beautiful inside and out




Bright sunshine yellow!

His optics are so round


He has no mouth?

Nononono he had to have a mouth at SOME point, right?

Maybe it’s just hidden

He’s pretty too

Like Optimus

He’s also got some wide hips

Man I do NOT see much of a crotch plate??? (This is before i truly understood male anatomy)

(In fact this is all before I even looked at anyone that way)

His doorwings are kinda cute

But kinda curved


Green basketball

How does he bend over?


Big jaw

Odd face shape

He seems okay, not my fave character tho



He’s a cat

The pointy things on the back of his helm look like cat ears

And his optics look catlike

IDK man that’s just what I thought

He’s got claws like a cat too

His paintjob is really pretty and detailed man why are you a medic go be a damn cybertronian tattoo artist jfk

(I always assumed he did those himself, like he doesn’t want anyone else to fuck up his perfection)

Alright, being full of yourself and yo looks ain’t gonna make me like you

(‘specially since my mind had already been blown to bits by Optimus)

I’m not calling the short cherry perfect, that belongs to Optimus (in my opinion)

I am not surprised he flirted with optimus


Why the fuck are your teeth/denta pointy doesn’t that hurt what if your tongue catches

Are your facial scars…symmetrical?



What did you look like before all this?

Your hands are giant claws

I think you’re missing a joint in your fingers

No wait you just have extended talons

How do you grab shit?

And clench your fists in anger and not cut yourself?

Goddamn you are really fucking pointy how the hell do you not have random pieces of shit on you because it got caught?

Holy hell the poor person who gets kicked by you will have to worry more about losing energon than dented armor

Why do you have a total of four toes?

You could make human kabobs with your feet!

I get the feeling you wouldnt like that because then you’d have to pick off the remains

Why is there no paint on you?

No wait your kinda purple

Your eyes are different from everyone else’s

I like your voice. It’s scary, and angry, yet empty/hollow. What happened to you?



Why the long face?

Such a thin red thingy in your face (his crest I’m talking about his crest)

(I didn’t have an inkling of an idea what Cybertronian anatomy was)

You have huge wings is that why your hunched over all the time?

Wannabe Megs

You sound like your trying to imitate Meg’s voice but like???

You sound hollow, but it also sounds fake

You don’t quite have the anger down

You really aren’t all that intimidating Screamer

Now THOSE are some human kabobing fingers

Such long fingers and legs

Dude go eat something


Kinda thin

Kinda not

Dark colors with pretty lights

He seems so chill but in control

He has no face?

I imagine he looks bored all the time

He has tentacles!

So frickin cool!

Wait a minute they come out of his stomach?

Why not his back?


He really blends in with the background 

I admire his chillness





He has pretty colors like Soundwave but he doesn’t blend in/disappear like the way Soundwave does

Pointy, is that safe for lab procedures?

*Ahem* you’re missing a servo

That giant cord that runs from your back to your gun hand, is that an inconvenience?

Like does it knock stuff over?

Man y'all are fucking graceful

Not knocking everything over

Or tearing it up


He has ONE fucking eye that does not appear to move around

Does he have depth perception?

Peripheral vision?

Does he look at everything like like you would a telescope?

He’s chill like Soundwave.


Yay another white bot!

(That sounded mildly racist but like the only others were Ratchet and Wheeljack, They-who-are-rarely-seen in my opinion)

His face is as long as Starscream’s but pretty like optimus

His eye shape is like Optimus’ but the filling is like Starscream’s

His crest looks like Optimus’ but the rest of his helm reminds me of Starscream’s

Is he Optimus and Starscream’s son???

He’s got doorwings like Bumblebee!

He’s so cheerful and in your face

I normally don’t like people like that but I like him

He’s the exception

Omg look at him he’s always trying to prove himself to Optimus

So cute

“Be stealthy Smokescreen”

*Finds and turns into a racecar*

(What was the racecar even doing on the road in Middle-of-nowhere-Jasper-Nevada?)

I like him

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Hey hey hey, you got any Semisuga headcannons that can revitalise my dying soul ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

(◡‿◡✿) *yawn*


(⊙‿⊙✿) you summoned me?

  • semi being Super Duper Salty bc shirabu is so polite towards suga even tho he’d already managed to tease shirabu within the span of 5 minutes and semi is just like ??? how do you do this it took me 2 months before this punk even met looked me in the eye when i was trying so hard to be nice to him wtf i call witchcraft
  • suga is always doing sappy romantic stuff that usually involves semi’s friends being witness to said stuff bc semi always gets flustered, his face lighting up red like a beacon and suga finds this so precious
  • the first time semi visits suga in karasuno, he catches them having practice. when suga notices him and excuses himself from the rest of his team, semi notices how done suga looks and tells him “if it’s any consolation, i deal with the exact same thing and sometimes i just want to punch a wall. but with my head” and suga is just like “YOU UNDERSTAND”
  • ok so semi may be rly, rly embarrassed about pda, but when he and suga are hanging out and it’s just the two of them, semi almost always has to be touching suga in some way as in like they’re watching a movie with semi resting his head on suga’s lap and he’s holding suga’s hand, occasionally pressing a little kiss on it like it’s the most natural thing ever
  • suga randomly wondering aloud one day if his boyfriend could carry him and ofc semi, the freaking show off that he is, proves that ofc he can
  • suga using this to his advantage omg ever since then he’s always asking semi to carry him bc he knows semi can’t refuse
Outlander 3x01

“SING ME A SONG OF A LASS THAT IS GONE” im crying already 😭😭

Sam’s face is a gift and it deserves a god damn Emmy! 

Culloden & Jamie/BJR fight very well executed 👏🏻

Rupert finding Jamie and their talk of drinking 😂😭

Claire sitting down looking at the fireplace and the first thing that pops into my head is the fireplace scene from 1x02 😭😭😭

Frank’s boss can go fuck himself! GO CLAIRE!! 

“I’m not the one who’s been fucking other people” Frank can also go fuck himself! (Great scene by Caitriona and Tobias tho) 

Jamie and Rupert talking about Angus 😭😭😭

Jamie hearing Rupert get shot followed by HIS SHIVERING CHIN 😭😭😭 (AGAIN SAM AND HIS FACE) 

The doctor talking mostly to Frank even though HE’S NOT THE ONE HAVING A FREAKING BABY JHRC WTF

“Where’d she get the red hair?” No matter what, Jamie’s ghost will always be there looming over them…

Outlander 3x01 = 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 

(this has probably been done already)

Imagine small bakery/café owner Eric R. Bittle, working in the kitchen, with flour all over his face and in his hair.

Imagine him coming out of the kitchen to ask his extra (lets call her Tanya) hows it going, when he sees a large, pale Adonis sulking by one of their tables in the back.

(It’s pretty empty in the shop and it’s raining so this Greek God Among Men is soaked cuz I love clichés)

”Has he ordered anything? Have you asked him if he wants anything? Have you given him coffee or anything?”

”No way, he creeps me the fuck out….”

And Bitty is like ???¿¿¿?Service?¿¿??¿? and looks over and like

that large man looks so sad? like he stares at his clenched fists and bitty is like awwww nooo don’t be sad I’ll fix

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@sleepingwithsockson11 @bandtrashandemotrash GUYS GUYS YOUR NEVER GONNA BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED OKAY?!!! So I was at kohl’s you know just walking around and right and right when we were about to check out I turn to look at the people behind us in line and I saw this woman and this MAN THAT LOOKED ALMOST EXACLTY LIKE JOSH DUN!!! I SWEAR I AM NOT LYING YOU HIS EYES WERE SO SIMILAR TO JOSHS AND EVEN HIS MOUTH SHAPE AND HAIR STYLE!! (Of course his hair was brown tho) Although his nose was different and his face was more narrow then Josh’s I SWEAR THO HE LOOKED SO MUCH LIKE HIM HE WAS EVEN MUSCULAR LIKE HIM I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO REACT TO THE SITUATION AND I KEPT STARING AT HIM!!

Some love(and aloe) for this club. Because there’s so much heat in this tag lately I’m getting a tan.

Hahahahahaa I paused this episode right at this moment. Look at his foot! And his derpy hand! This was before Chari could even register what was happening to make his flying wtf face.

Let’s all remember the good times, and just love the things that captured our ovaries. I mean hearts. Like the King of man being flung by a girl half his size. And Az in his spandex, falling over(on his face) multiple times like a boss.

Sonic Boom Episodes 1-39
  • ...as told by someone who is really sleepy at the moment.
  • The Sidekick: Knuckles Jr.!
  • Can An Evil Genius...: Eggman is a horrible roommate and nobody likes him.
  • Translate This: TAKE IT EASY WHACK-JOB
  • Buster: Sticks gets a dog who barfs slime all over creation. Also Knuckles makes the best "WTF" face ever.
  • My Fair Sticksy: Red Crudicio Spread
  • Fortress of Squalitude: Knuckles uses uncooked poultry as puppets (which looks hilariously inappropriate due to where he's sticking his hands xP). Also he eats a napkin
  • Double Doomsday: "Who puts an off-switch on a doomsday device?" Eggman, Tails, meet Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
  • Eggheads: Sonic didn't get invited to MustacheCon. Also I'M AN EVIL MASTERMIND OF AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE!
  • Guilt Tripping: The frick is a Gogoba
  • Dude Where's My Eggman: That subtle Beatles reference tho
  • Cowbot: Sonic and Knuckles beat Sonic & Knuckles
  • Circus of Plunders: Amy is a sad clown
  • Unlucky Knuckles: Knuckles attempts to reset the balance of the universe by killing himself several times. Oh and Tails dies at the end
  • The Meteor: Probably the most well executed body-swap episode in cartoon history (the voice acting alone is fricking amazing)
  • Aim Low: RIP Knuckles' birdhouse ;_;
  • How To Succeed in Evil: Tails destroys everything and gets invited to an evil potluck. Also pizza (and pizzazz)
  • Don't Judge Me: Ace Attorney & Knuckles
  • Dr Eggman's Tomato Sauce: The love story of Tails and his plane
  • Sole Power: I can't do 6 'o clock, I have tickets to the opera! Oh wait no that's someone else
  • Hedgehog Day: Knuckles keeps the world trapped in a time loop so he won't have to go to the dentist
  • Sleeping Giant: Apparently the only way to make a rock giant go to sleep is to sing REALLY BADLY. Also Sonic makes a Princess Bride reference
  • Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple: I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR BOSOM, BUDDY!
  • Let's Play Musical Friends: Rock, Donut, Thursday--the game that will make your head explode. Literally.
  • Late Fees: "Did I ever tell you about the time--" "*internal screaming*"
  • Into the Wilderness: Sonic and Knuckles go into the wilderness and come out of the closet
  • Eggman Unplugged: My delicious whipped cream filling will shoot out like toothpaste ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
  • Chez Amy: I'm just convinced that Dave is stoned for the entirety of this episode
  • Blue With Envy: RADICAL SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE (please)
  • Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose: "I think I'm allergic to fish saliva" "THEN GET OUT OF THE FISH"
  • Chili Dog Day Afternoon: Knuckles gets high on peppers and hallucinates about the rejected VeggieTales villains who make him wear a kilt
  • Closed Door Policy: Don't worry Knuckles, I didn't understand a word of that either
  • Mayor Knuckles: That stamp is like the One Ring
  • Eggman the Auteur: When I said "Sonknux" that wasn't what I meant
  • Just A Guy: Tumblr in a nutshell tbh
  • Beyond the Valley of Cubots: Sonic makes underwear jokes
  • New Years Retribution: Sonic and Eggman have a dance-off, and it's fricking awesome
  • Battle of the Boy Bands: BEST EPISODE EVER!
  • Conclusion: I fricking love this show. <3