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(N.I.N.A.) One day, Toddler Marvin notices Toddler Rob sitting by himself and sniffling. Toddler Marvin goes over to him and asks: "Wha's wrong Wobbie?" Toddler Rob responds: "No one want me. Evewyone hate me cuz I wook scawy." Toddler Marvin turns him around and looks him square in the eye. "Wisten Wobbie. I wuv yoo. Daddy Chase wuv yoo. Evewyone ewse wuv yoo. No cry." Toddler Marvin then hugs Toddler Rob. Toddler Rob returns the hug, tears of happiness streaming down his face.


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would you be willing to write some more tony stark with peter parker and their father-son relationship? because i think it's so precious and i loved your story with peter getting drunk! maybe you could write something with peter being really, really sad and crying and desperately needing a hug and feeling like nobody cares about him and someow he finds his way over to tony. and before tony can even ask what's wrong peter just breaks down crying, so tony comforts him and hugs him maybe?


Everything was blurry. He felt wobbly on his legs; a little bit like he’d been concussed, except he knew there would be pain if he had. Physical pain, anyway. Or blood.

From behind him, people were laughing. It was loud and grated against his ears. He wanted to tell them to shut up; to scream at them, or hit them, but he knew he couldn’t. He was too strong. One punch might kill them, for all he knew.

He couldn’t do a damn thing.


More laughs. Someone shoved him in the shoulder, and he would’ve ducked out of the way, but it would’ve looked too fast to be normal, so he let them. 

“Awwww, guys, look at him, he’s going to cry!” Someone called out, and Peter looked down to the floor immediately, desperately fighting back the hotness behind his eyes. Fuck fuck fuck fuck- he wasn’t supposed to cry, he was bigger than that, he was a superhero for Christ’s sake, he could take a little teasing-

“Oh my God, look at him! He’s actually fucking crying!”

He wanted Ned. Or MJ. Where the hell were they- it was their spot in the school cafeteria, they were supposed to be here, he needed them to be here right now, everyone else was stood around him, crowding him, crushing him, he couldn’t breathe- he wanted at least one person on his side, Jesus-

“Aww, Peter,” came a soft voice to his right, so pretty and nice and exactly what Peter had loved listening to for such a long time now, “you really think I would actually have said yes? For like…serious?”

Someone shoved his shoulder again, harder this time, and Peter gritted his teeth, getting to his feet. He’d had enough of this, he needed to find…something, a toilet maybe, or an empty classroom-

Hands grabbed on to his jacket and shoved him back on to the seat again, and Peter physically fought back the urge to grab their wrist and force them off. He’d hurt them. He’d hurt them he’d hurt them he’d hurt them, he was too strong, he’d hurt them-

“You’re honestly one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen, Jesus, Parker,” someone else, a boy this time, leaned down and ruffled a rough hand through his hair. Everyone laughed again.

He was done.

Getting to his feet, he ignored the people who tried to push him back down again. Strength be fucking damned, he wasn’t going to spend another second in their company. He pushed at the nearest person he could reach, and then watched as they were yanked out of place and sent hurtling across the room, falling on to their back and rolling all the way across the cafeteria.

There was dead, stagnant silence.

Peter stared, horror-stricken. Oh…fucking Christ, what if he’d hurt him-

“What the shit?” The boy called out angrily, getting back to his feet and staring across the room with a look that could’ve curdled milk.

Right. Not that injured, then.

“What the fuck is your problem, Parker?” The boy snarled, beginning to step forward, and there was a crowd gathering now, obviously preparing for some sort of fight, and where the hell were all the teachers, shouldn’t they sort this shit out-

“FIGHT!” Someone called, breaking the silence, and then suddenly they were all yelling; chants and sneers, egging the other boy on as he took another step, vicious grin on his face.

Peter had to stop this. Immediately.

Turning on his heel, he did the only thing he could think of.

He ran. 

He ran and ran until he reached the main entrance, and then he kept running until the school was just a distant building amongst the many in Queens.

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Little Tease

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Pairing: Bruce Wayne (Batman) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^^ (holy fuck I could watch this gif forever)

Warnings: Daddy kink, rough sex, choking, name calling, dirty talking (a.k.a I am in heaven)

Rating: Explicit

A/N: Got this from an anon: “Daddy!Kink for Bruce? He’s trying to work and reader is prancing around in lingerie, teasing him to no end.” I have always found Bruce just daddy af, so this is my jam.

Just because Bruce Wayne, your fiance of two years, was Batman didn’t mean he couldn’t pay attention to you. You were not needy most of the time, but it has almost been two weeks since you and Bruce have had sex and you were going crazy. Yeah, Black Mask was trying to bring in huge shipments of cocaine from Mexico and Bruce was trying to track it, but that didn’t mean he should stop having sex with you.

“Bruce?” You asked, walking down the cold steps to the Batcave, only wearing a baggy sweatshirt and tiny panties. Now these weren’t just regular old panties, these were the ones that, along with the matching red lacy bra, were Bruce’s favorite. There was just a grunt of response. Working, of course. You walked down the steps and up to the computer. Bruce was still in his suit, his black hair messy, he must have just gotten in. He seemed to be reading something but you weren’t interested. “Bruce,” you whined, resting your chin on his shoulder. “You missed dinner.”

“When don’t I miss dinner?” He had a fair point. You started to try and rub his neck but the metal was getting in your way.

“Bruce take off the suit so I can rub your neck.” He didn’t even respond, just narrowed his eyes, focusing on what he was reading. “Babe,” you whined, sitting down in his lap and grabbing his face, trying in vain to get him to look at you. He didn’t. “Bruce I’m pregnant.”

“No you’re not, you haven’t missed a single period since you started your new birth control method.” You sighed, your hands falling.

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I Don’t Want to Be The Reason You Get Hurt (Draco x Reader)

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Request:   Hey, could you maybe do a Draco and Reader during the Half Blood Prince timeline where Draco is given the task to kill Dumbledore and repair the Vanishing Cabinet and Reader finds out and he breaks down? If so I would love you forever!  - @hungergames-mrs-peeta-mellark

I wrote this in school and nEarly cRied

Also this is my second-longest imagine at 1100+ words wow

F/N: Friend name

It was the Golden Trio’s (and yours) sixth year at Hogwarts.

Draco’s father had been released from Azkaban,  Bellatrix Lestrange was loose, And the Dark Lord’s Death Eaters were running amok. your parents were hesitant for you to go back to Hogwarts, but there was no way you’re going to miss a year of your education.

You were also dating Draco Malfoy.  Yes, you were aware his family has a bit of a dark history.  But that didn’t stop you from loving him nonetheless.  Draco had always been a sweet and loving boyfriend (even if he was a jerk to everyone else) and he loved nothing more than to talk and be close to you.

But in sixth year that all changed.

Draco hardly ever spoke to you anymore.  And when he did it was no more than simple mumble of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  He kept distancing himself from you, and every night you lay awake asking yourself… why.

It eventually got to the point where you didn’t see Draco in the Great Hall for meals anymore.  Draco did still love you… right?  You honestly didn’t know anymore.  You had tried approaching him in the halls in an attempt to force him to speak to you, but he shoved past you and continued walking, leaving you behind with tears pricking at your eyes.  

This confused a lot of other people too, even some of the professors.  They all knew you were Y/N L/N, the love of Draco Malfoy’s life.  They knew how protective he was of you and that there was hardly a thing he wouldn’t do for you.  But now people (including you) were beginning to question whether or not you and Draco were still in a relationship.  Merlin, you didn’t know if you could take this anymore.  Draco wouldn’t be avoiding you like this on purpose, would he?  There had to be a reason for this, and one day you got lucky.

As you were leaving the library with a friend after studying for a potions test you had the next day, down the empty hallway you saw Draco turn a corner and begin walking at a fast, brisk pace.  

Your Ravenclaw friend F/N noticed you looking at him questioningly.  “What’s up with him?”

You ignored her/him.  “Sorry, F/N,”  You said and took off after Draco, but quietly enough so he wouldn’t hear the clitter-clatter of your shoes hitting the floor.  You continued to follow Draco, until he entered the prefects bathroom.

What is he doing?  You thought.

You silently opened the door, when you heard sobs coming from the end of the bathroom by the sinks.  This concerned you.  

“Draco…?” you said cautiously as you made your way to the sinks.

No response, just more quiet sobs.  You turned the corner, and there he was.  Hunched over a sink, head in his hands.  He saw your reflection out of the corner of his eye in the mirror in front of him.  He lifted his up facing the mirror.  His face was a blotchy red with dried tear stains evident; and his normally well-kept hair was messy and tangled, like he had been tugging at it.

Draco turned to face you, where you were staring him with a saddened and confused look.  “You… shouldn’t be here…,” he said in a tired and gruff voice.

You slowly approached Draco, him watching your every move.  You carefully lifted a hand and lightly stroked his cheek, causing him to flinch under your touch.  That wasn’t normal.  “Draco… what’s going on?  Why have you been avoiding me?  What’s wrong?”

Draco shook his head.  “Nothing is wrong, I’m f-fine.”

“No, you’re clearly n–” It was then that you saw it.  A bit of black peeking out from

under his left sleeve.  You quickly grabbed his arm firmly and pulled up the sleeve.  You gasped at what you saw.  The Dark Mark.  Draco violently tore his arm out of your grasp and fell to the floor in a ball.

You crouched down and pulled him into your embrace.  Draco immediately latched onto you.

“I-I’m so, so s-sorry…,” he said between sobs and heaving breaths.  

You rubbed his back as a few tears fell down your cheeks.  “Shh it’s okay…”

You didn’t want to bombard Draco with questions too soon, so you sat with him on the floor of the prefect bathroom with him curled up in your arms.  Merlin, did it feel good to have in your arms again.  But not like this.  It hurt you to see Draco in this position.

You continued to whisper soothing words to him as you tightly held him incredibly close to you.  After about ten minutes of this when Draco started to calm down, you gently lifted his head up from your chest to look at him.  Your poor baby.  Red eyes and wet cheeks, messy hair and shaky body.  You grabbed his shoulders and kissed both his cheeks, his nose, his forehead, and finally, planted a sweet yet longing kiss on his lips.

When you pulled away, you took Draco’s face in your hands, making him look at you.  “Draco… why didn’t you tell me sooner?”  you asked him softly.

Draco began to cry again, only this time softer.  “I-It’s too m-much… I can’t h-handle this…”

“Sweetheart, what did they make you do?”

Draco’s body racked with a sob.  “I-I’m supposed to…,” he started crying harder.

You pet his hair.  “Shh, hush, darling.  It’s okay… can you tell me what exactly you’re supposed to do?”

He nodded, and desperately tried to stop crying.  You held his hands reassuringly.  “I’m s-supposed to… k-kill…”

“Kill who, Draco?” you asked worriedly.


You sat there dumbfounded.  Draco.  Kill.  Dumbledore.  He would never.  Draco didn’t have the strength or willpower to, which must be why Voldemort chose him.  Draco didn’t deserve to have this weight on his shoulders.

“Oh God… come here,” you said and pulled Draco into another embrace.  He buried his head in your shoulder.  “Draco, why didn’t you tell me all of this?  You don’t have to go through this alone.”

“I… I don’t want to be the r-reason you get h-hurt…”

So that’s why he had been avoiding you all this time.  To protect you.  To make sure none of the other Death Eaters knew you were Draco’s greatest weakness.  If you were killed, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself knowing he was the reason you’re no longer there to hold him through his darkest times, spend weekends cuddling endlessly on the couch, and be his reason to get up in the morning.  Draco was going to marry you one day, he was sure of that.  Nothing would stop him from being with you.

“We’ll figure this out. We’ll get through this together, I promise.”

He couldn’t decide if that was true or not.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

For @profound-boning because I keep bullying her into writing fics for me. So have some dadstiel + dean in glasses.

Fun fact: babies love glasses.

Dean and Cas weren’t aware of this bit of trivia until Claire came into their lives. Dean picked her up for the first time and nearly combusted with the sweet smile the blue-eyed girl gave him before her fat little fists came up to wrap around his frames and pull them from his face.

And it became their Thing. Any time Dean was holding Claire, he lost his glasses to the little girl. She liked to wave them around or chew on them and occasionally throw them at the cat. 

Cas warned Dean he shouldn’t let her get in that habit. And sure enough Claire was soon ripping glasses off the face of anyone who was in arm’s reach of her. 

The first time Claire breaks Dean’s glasses, Cas gives what Dean assumes is an “I told you so” look. But he’s not sure. He can’t see. 

He goes through a few more pairs in the course of their first year with Claire before it’s decided that it would be easier to switch to contacts. 

Fast forward a few years, Claire is in first grade. She grew out of her glasses-wrangling phase a while back but Dean’s grown so accustomed to contacts he doesn’t switch back. Plus, he no longer looks like a total loser at work wearing goggles over his glasses.

But one day Claire gets sent home with a note from her teacher. She’s having difficulty seeing the board even from the front row.

Dean and Cas make an appointment with the eye doctor for the next week. They reassure a nervous Claire that everything will be fine but their little girl will leave that doctor’s office in tears.

“I don’t wanna wear glasses!” she cries when they get home. “I’ll look ugly!”

“Oh, honey, no,” Cas says and strokes her hair. “You’re beautiful and glasses won’t change that.”

“Garth wears glasses and all the other kids make fun of him! What if they tease me too?” She starts to cry harder.

“Isn’t that the funny kid with the sock puppet?” Dean wonders and promptly shuts up when Cas shoots him a look. “Hey, look, kiddo. No one is gonna make fun of you for just wearing glasses. There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re just a tool to help you see. And if someone does say something, sock ‘em in the-”

“Dean,” Cas warns. 

“Eh, tell the teacher,” Dean amends.

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I’m Here - Justin Foley Imagine

Justin Foley x reader

Request: I was wondering if it’s not to much trouble and you’re not too busy if you could write Justin Foley fluff where he gets into a fight with his mom and comes to you and you guys cuddle? Thanks so so much ily 💖😊


I lay down on my bed watching Family Guy as I stuff my mouth with popcorn. It’s a Saturday night and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend Justin is at a party. I don’t care that he goes to parties cause I trust him with anything and he knows that I’m not the partying type. The last time I heard from him was about an hour ago and he was at Zach’s house. He’s barely at his house and I don’t blame him. His mom and her new boyfriend is an ass-whole and they don’t deserve such an amazing boy like him. It’s almost 2 in the morning and my parents are away on some business trip which means I have the whole house to myself. I told Justin that he can come over if he likes and that if I’m sleep he can just get the key from under the mat. 

I was close to dozing off when I heard a knock at my window. I jumped, almost spilling the popcorn on my as I stare at the shadow behind my window. When the person knocked again, I see a hint of blue and know exactly who it is. Justin. I know that blue varsity jacket from anywhere. I jog to my window, a little cold from only wearing a tank top and shorts. As I open the window I was about to make a joke about using the door when I say tears on his face as climbs in. Worried, I immediately asked questions.

“Baby what is wrong” I ask as I put my hand on his shoulder.

“M-my mom” he choked as he looked down. Anger filled me that she made him cry like this. He looked broken.

“What happened.” He didn’t say anything, he just cried and I let him. I threw my arms over his neck and pulled him into a hug. He gripped my waist and put his face in the crock my neck, wailing. I hate that she made him this way. I hate that she hurt him so much. He didn’t deserve this. He deserved to be loved, not only by me, but by the woman he needs it from the most. His mother. And she is lacking in that. I just let him cry as I rubbed his back telling him it’s okay.

“S-she j-just looked at me babe. I-I c-called out for h-her and she just looked a-at me” He say as his voiced cracked. I shushed him as I kissed his check. 

“She doesn’t deserve you as a son baby” I whispered, “You are the best human being and anyone should be lucky to even know you. I am.”

He sniffled into my neck and I led us to my bed, laying us down. He laid on my stomach, a little more calmed down, but still crying. His arms was wrapped around my torso while I rubbed my hand through his hair.

“W-what’s wrong with me babe” I sat up and grabbed his face, making him look at me. He would not talk about himself in this way. 

“Absolutely nothing Justin. You are the best thing that could happen to anyone. You are the best thing that happened to me. If someone doesn’t realize that, then they need to wake the hell up. You brighten up everyone’s day and without you, I don’t know what the hell I would do. Nothing is wrong with you, something is wrong with everyone else that makes you feel this way. I love you Justin, and please remember that. It might not be the love you want, but it’s all the love I have and then some.”

I was almost out of breath from saying all of that, but I needed to say it. He needed to hear it. He needed to hear that he wasn’t a waste of space in this messed up world. He looked up at me with such admiration in his eyes and came up to kiss me passionately. 

“No your wrong love, your love is all I can ever have and want. And your wrong about one other thing.”

“What” I said smiling.

“I’m not the best thing that happened to you, your the one and only best thing that has ever happened to me.” I smiled and smashed my lips against his again. For the rest of the night, we cuddled watching Family guy and we fell asleep while I thought the whole time that I really love this boy.

With infinity war steadily approaching and so is the end of RDJ’s Marvel contract I just want to make you all cry by giving you my rendition on death in Infinity War: Peter for Tony

Tony was protecting Peter. If there’s one death Tony can’t bear to see, it’s Peter’s.

Tony is glad Peter can’t see the fear behind the mask. Until it’s scattered across the floor because of a hard blow.

Peter watches the whole thing. He knows it’s his fault.

“No. No.” Peter is speechless as he sees Tony, lifeless on the ground.

Running over to him as fast as he can go, he drops to his knees as scars begin to form.

“Tony! Hey, Tony!”

Peter whips off his mask so that Tony can see his face. Tears well in both of their eyes.

Tony is in so much pain. He knows it will be okay. Soon.

There’s blood seeping out from under the suit, leaking out from crevice after crevice. Peter can’t find the source of the bleeding. He’s putting pressure anywhere he can see blood on the suit that he thinks will help Tony but he’s just fifteen he doesn’t know anything about this he’s not supposed to be doing this he’s so young and he can’t have another father figure leave him not again

Peter doesn’t see how the fight stops behind him.

How Steve watches Peter fruitlessly try to help Tony. Steve has been through this many times before. Steve forgets Peter is just a boy.

Rhodey watches his best friend, the man who rehabilitated him, who saved his life more than once, and realizes he can’t do anything to help him this time.

Bucky watches the man who’s parents he killed. The man Steve fought over him. The man he ruined everything for for. He can’t help but feel an ache in his chest to know how Peter feels. How Tony feels. How Steve feels. Hurt.

“Hey, Mr. Stark.” Peter says, painfully smiling, as cheerful as he can manage whilst on the verge of tears.

“Peter,” Tony breathes out. It’s obvious to Peter what’s happening. He’s already gone through this once.

“Mr. Stark, Tony, you’re gonna be okay, okay? You’re- you’re gonna be fine, they’re- The Avengers are gonna fix you right up, okay? You’re gonna be-”

“Peter…” Tony says once again. It’s getting harder to breathe. The pain is gone, and has been replaced by a warm glow. It’s comforting.

“No no no no no no, Tony, you’re gonna be okay, you have to be okay! You can’t leave me, please!”

Peter speaks softly, but aggressively. He tries to convey urgency in his voice. There’s a war going on, and he needs his mentor.

Peter sniffles.

“Peter, it’s going to be okay.” Tony says. He smiles for a brief second, and Peter gets more and more scared.

“Mr. Stark! You- you can’t go yet! Please! I need you! You have so much to teach me! I have so much to learn! Mr. Stark, please!”

Tony looks at Peter. He can barely see him now, but he can picture how he looks. Scared. Hurt. Betrayed. He tries to comfort him.

“You’re a good kid, Peter. Good kids grow up to be good people. You’ll do just fine.”

Peter is reliving everything. He doesn’t know if he can handle this again, on top of everything else.

“No, Mr.- Tony! Tony you can’t do this to me! Tony! Please! Tony! Mr. Stark!”

It just slips out when Peter says it. He means it wholeheartedly, but he didn’t mean to say it out loud.

“Tony! Tony! Dad!”

He cries out. He can’t feel Tony move or breathe or cry or do anything. Tony is gone.

Peter tries to hold him over his bulky armor, but he can’t, so he just settles for lying on the shoulder of his suit and crying into his neck. He reaches into the suit and carefully maneuvers Tony’s neck whilst he cries into it, so that if Tony were alive, Tony would have his head on Peter’s shoulder and would be holding him back. If Tony were alive, he’d be fighting this war with Peter. If Tony were alive, he’d be telling Peter what to do. If Tony were alive, Peter wouldn’t feel the way he’s feeling, like an anchor sunk in his chest. If Tony were alive, Peter would be dead.

Steve is the one who comes over to Peter and Tony. Peter is murmuring into Tony’s armor and shoulder and neck, saying repeatedly, “What do I do? What do I do now?”

Steve drags him away from Tony’s corpse.

Peter whimpers softly. He’s run out of actual tears to cry. His face is tear stained when Cap turns Peter to face him.

“What do I do now? What am I supposed to do?” Peter stresses, his breath shaky and his eyes wet.

Steve looks him in the eye with determination. He knows just what they have to do. Just want to say.

“You fight, Peter. You fight like hell. For Tony.”

Peter repeats it back to himself. He nods his head softly.

“For Tony.”

And fight they do.

this photo gives me difficulty in breathing || © 17_0808s2

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Can u describe the members of got7 MONSTAX exo (ot12) I'm trying to get to know these groups and I'm lost about who to stand HELP

tbh babe do yourself a favor and stan them all ;;;;


Mark:  the oldest. He’s taiwanese but lived in Brazil and Paraguay and California for the most of his life. Was really quiet but now he’s more talkative. Jackson’s bestie.

Jaebum:  leader, full of memes. Legit is like a dad to all the members and they all come to him when they need help.

Jackson:  he’s Chinese but he speaks Korean and English pretty fluenetly. Just…how have you not heard of Jackson yet lmao. Gets along with everyone and is hella talkative, just don’t mention his short legs.

Jinyoung:  tsundere king. Acted in some dramas and he’s actually hella good (my fave is the legend of the blue sea). Acts like he hates the maknae but they’re married dw.

Youngjae:  all you gotta know is that he laughs a lot and likes to think he’s fluent in English. Happy virus. Sunshine. No cucumbers.

Bambam:  he’s Thai but speaks pretty fluent English and ofc Korean. His mom is an actual angel and he loves her so much  (his father passed away when he was young, RIP). Always in trend and is always hip.

Yugyeom:  is hella quiet and only opens his mouth to expose the members, aka Jinyoung. Has the cutest nasal-y voice and sounds like a mouse when he’s mad. The tallest, but let’s just not bring it up tbh.

Monsta X~

Shownu (hyunwoo):  papa bear. Melanin perfection, his skin is literal gold (is2g yall better stop with the whitewashing). Gets picked on a lot but his kids love him and tbh they couldn’t have a better leader.

Wonho (hoseok):  greasy lil pickle who flirts with everything in sight. Just give him some noodles and he’ll shut up. Likes to work out a lot.

Minhyuk:  the happiest virus out of all the happy viruses. President of the Wonho and jooheon’s fanclub. Hella supportive and will cry if you’re crying. Deserves nothing but love and warm cookies.

Kihyun:  the mom. Is always agitated and out to expose some dirt when someone ticks him off. Laughs as he’s probably thinking about murder. The best cook. The shortest, but don’t mention it lmao.

Hyungwon:  I’m sure you’ve seen a meme of him even if you’re not a kpop fan. Legit can’t hide his expressions during any situation. Daddy long legs. Has had enough of the members bs and is ready to move out tbh.

Jooheon:  raps very similarly to zico (imo at least lmao) but he’s got hella bars and could roast your whole family and you’d thank him. Cute dimples but he’s a sinner. Changkyun’s bestest bestie.

I.M (changkyun):  the most awkward and quiet maknae you’ll ever see. Hella smart. Was kinda uncomfortable around the members at first but he’s their baby now.


Xiumin (minseok):  the fake maknae, he’s actually the oldest. Resident mochi. Barely spoke a word at first but now he’s hella sleazy and could get in anyone’s pants. Currently studying for his PhD wow goals ??

Suho (junmyeon):  leader, mom who’s been separated from his hubby. Honestly loves his members so much it hurts. Dad jokes. Gets picked on HELLA but takes it with a smile. Voice of an angel.

Lay (yixing):  the only Chinese member left, our prince. Healing unicorn. Does lots of solo stuff in China so he’s rarely in Korea sometimes. Likes butts. Exo’s actual baby.

Baekhyun:  bacon. Puppy. Vocals will reincarnate you and save you. Ego bigger than xiumin’s cheeks. Farts around the members to keep them from being shy. Currently in a subunit with mochi and dino, EXO-CBX.

Chen (jongdae):  dino. Has the cutest lips ever. Always screeching. “ahhh waaaeehhh.” Just wants to hug everyone. Has the smallest legs ever. Vocals saved me and killed me again.

Chanyeol:  where the nickname happy virus originated from. Elf ears. Hella multi talented, can play like every instrument. A walking hazard. Besties with Sehun.

D.O (kyungsoo):  satansoo. Kaisoo. Talented actor, I cry every time. Just a penguin with short legs. Doesn’t have abs, don’t ask him. Low key loves everyone to death and will do anything to see them smile.

Kai (jongin):  always laughing ??? Is in love with puppies and chicken, doesn’t care about anything else. Hips are out of this world. The best dancer. Smirks for days.

Sehun:  exo’s wannabe baby. Yehet. Ahoorat.  Is only here for vivi, doesn’t care about suho’s jokes. The hardest worker ever. An actual tall sweetheart, don’t let his face fool you.

Ex members~

Luhan:  was the oldest at the time, but he don’t look like it lmao. An actual Bambi. King of China. Soccer life. His personality and face are so different, he’s hella manly but looks like an angel.

Kris (yifan):  was the leader of exo-m. Was the dad, but his kids were too much to handle so he escaped to China. Is now starring in Hollywood movies and makin everyone fall in love, you’ll be next.

Tao:  melodramatic teenage kid, but you have to love him. Had some falling out with father Kris but I hope they made up at this point. Loves Gucci. Is Gucci. Fashionista. Smile can break hearts and make puppies cry.

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can we take a sec to look at gil and harrys reactions when uma asks what her name is. harry takes off his hat, bows??, and breathes it out? boy what is you on. uma literally has to get in gil's face and he says it like a question XD

i’m crying at the fact that harry kneeled down to say it like BO Y all you had to do was say her name, that child is so extra lmaooo he literally sees her as a goddess it’s cute

my poor child gil always seem confused lol


I feel like these are Tony and Quill’s reactions to Parker getting hurt (the whole “I’m sorry” scene). The horror on Quill’s face, the angle he’s looking down, the quiet way he breathes “Oh man”… It’s as if he just watched someone strike a fatal blow on someone he just met, but that someone is a kid who’s apologizing to the father figure holding him as he dies. And Tony looks ready to cry and murder people and I am crying.

Either that, or that’s Tony’s expression cause he knows he’s gonna die sheltering his kid while Quill is watching in helpless horror and I really hope it’s not this option because there’s no guarantee Tony would come back to life and I need all three of these men to live.

Feeling Heartbreak..

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^ tbh this scene had me cryinggggg. His tears looked so genuine. 

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter and Reader are out on a date. Peter’s spidey senses aren’t quick enough in an attack causing the Reader to die… won’t say how so read (,:

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,) Mentions of death. Angst,sadness, all the :( emotions. I cried while writing it. I’m just emotionally unstable but..I still cried like a lil bitchh.

Word Count:1,219 (so short :,( I’m sorry you guys..)

A/N: Writing this while i’m doing leg press and leg workouts. This has no connection to my Deadly Sins post btw :)

[Reader’s POV]

“Peter! Let me go” you laugh trying to get out of his grip.

“You can never escape the clutches of your precious boyfriend” he teases tickling you more. You had no strength compared to his Spidey strength.

  Tonight was your date night and Peter always tried making it fun for the both of you. We graduated High School together six months ago. Peter was going to have to leave Queens and join the Avengers. You knew it was going to be hard without him being around. He distracted you from your awful life at home. Peter made your life seem a lot brighter than the dull one you have. He distracted you from depression and abusive parents.

  Even though Peter’s identity was figured out when a villain attacked him at school our senior year. Mr. Stark had to announce he was joining the Avengers as Spider-Man.  Sure people at school freaked but it wasn’t insane. He didn’t get that much attention besides having to move to a new place with his Aunt May for their safety.

Life was good with Peter, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

“I love you babygirl” Peter grins bringing your hand up and kissing the back of your palm. The gesture immediately bringing a smile to your face. The two of you walked to your favorite spot in the park. Hand in hand,enjoying each others touch. Peter’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink after you place a kiss to his cheek.

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“Oh my God! You’re Harry Styles and Y/N!” You heard one fan gasp as you and Harry walked hand in hand, window shopping in LA.

You turned around, facing the girl and almost crying when you saw the puppy in her arms, “How are you? And how are you?” You said the latter in a baby voice, approaching her to pet the dog, “Harry, baby, look how cute he is!”

Harry chuckled, shaking his head at your love for dogs and approaching you and the fan, putting his hand on your waist as you were letting the dog. “Hello,” He smiled at the fan.

“Do you want me to take a picture?” You asked the fan nicely, your hand not leaving the cute puppy.

“Oh my God! Yes! I’m so sorry I’m freaking out right now,” The fan said as she was tearing up.

You cooed and rubbed her back before taking her phone so you could take a picture of her and Harry. “It’s okay, don’t be nervous. We’re just two dorks window shopping.” You said soothingly, “Oh my God, can I hold him?” You asked, pointing at the dog.

“Yes yes! Of course!” She handed you the dog. You balanced him in your arms and still held the phone, taking a photo of the fan and Harry together.

“Wait,” You said as you approached Harry and put one strand of his hair that was sticking up back down, and took the picture again.

“Always got my back.” Harry chuckled.

“Can you take a picture with him? Please, Haz!” You said as you gave the fan her phone and dog back and took your phone out of your pocket.

“We’ll get one like him, baby, we need to go,” Harry laughed.

“Please, Haz! Just one picture!” You pouted.

Harry groaned, “Not fair. You know that face.” He sighed before standing next to the dog in the girl’s arms and smiled.

You took the picture and smiled, “Perfect. Thank you so much.”

“I swear you’re sometimes like an embarrassing mum rather than my girlfriend.” Harry joked once you two left, putting his arm around her shoulders and pulling you closer to him.

“Hm, are you mad about that?” You asked challengingly.

“Couldn’t have it any other way, angel.” He smiled before kissing your forehead.


161204 // yixing comforting a boy at his fansign, who was crying over seeing his idol for the first time (*´∀`*)

all to myself: vlog 4

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

teaser&info | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | on-going

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five (m) | part ii

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  • Part One | Part Two | Part Three (coming soon)
  • pairing: wonho x reader
  • genre: smut (oral), badboy!wonho [+ a tutoring session]
  • word count: 900+
  • summary:  “Can I eat you out?” You were practically choking on thin air, completely shocked by his words.

a/n: @taenity i hope you like your surprise lmao but holy fuck this gif i’m crying

“Do you get it now?” You asked, point at the maths equation you just explained.

“Fuck no, face it, I’ll fail this test.”

“No,” You sighed. “You can’t just give up okay? You’ll just need a break that’s all.”

“Can I eat you out?” You were practically choking on thin air, completely shocked by his words.


“Can I eat you out?” Wonho asked you again, looking at you innocently.

“No, m-my parents are do-downstairs Wonho,” You stuttered out. The thought was of course turning you on, he was always straightforward with his words but sometimes he’d say something that’d turn you on in the most inconvenient places. Like now for example.

He leaned closer to you, resting his weight on one of his arms, kissing down your jaw and neck softly. “Then you should keep quiet hm? Come on, I know you want me too. You’re probably soaked at the thought.” Wonho smirked.

“W-We shouldn’t…”

“You sure you don’t want me too?” He used his forefinger and thumb to turn your head towards hi; you couldn’t help but stare at his lips, so inviting…You didn’t know when it happened but suddenly you pressed your lips against his with urgency, his hands coming to cup your cheek.

You pulled back for a fraction of a second, muttering something against his lips. “You better do it quickly before I change my mind.”

Wonho only smirked at you, loving the fact you were so weak for him. He pushed you down against the bed, his hands coming to touch your legs that had been left uncovered by your shorts, goosebumps began appearing on your body.

He glanced at the clock on your wall, this was a risk, knowing your parents could come in the door any second and it was almost eight thirty; you’d convinced your parents to let Wonho stay until then.

“There’s seven minutes until I need to leave. I bet I could make you cum in five.” He spoke softly, getting down low and pressing kisses along the inside of your thighs.

“I’d like to see you try.”

“I get to fuck you in the classroom if I make you cum under five minutes.”

“Deal.” The man was confident in his skills, he’d always been able to make you orgasm quickly if he was in a rush, he would be able to now.

Wonho’s hands came to slide off your shorts and tossing them to the side, rubbing a finger up the middle of your folds which had you shivering at the contact.

“You’re not gonna get me to cum if you’re going to tease me Wonho.”

“I think you’re just too embarrassed to admit how needy you really are for my mouth baby girl.” The pet name had you moving your legs together but they were held apart by Wonho’s stong hands.

“P-Please…” You whimpered.

Wonho chucked at your neediness before he hooked a finger into your panties and slid them off your legs too. Not a second went past before his tongue was flicking over your clit, the action already had you moaning out softly.

“Shh baby girl, we don’t want your parents to hear do we?” He chuckled, pressing his thumb against your clit as his lips pressed kisses to your thighs. You only shook your head at him, bucking your hips into his face, wanting to reach your high.

He licked his lips, using his fingers to spread your folds and expose your slick hole to him. His tongue circled around it as your back arched off the bed, pleasure beginning to consume your entire body.

Wonho bought two of his fingers to your puckered hole, wiggling them in slowly. A low whine erupted from your mouth at the sudden stretch.

“It’s okay baby, I know you can take it, relax.” His smooth voice had you calming down a little, hands gripping at your bed sheets Wonho’s fingers inched inside you deeper and deeper.

Wonho began to withdraw his fingers out, then pushing them back in at a steady pace. His mouth wrapped around your clit, taking you by surprise.You covered your mouth with one of your hands, attempting your best to keep the noises wanting to escape down whilst the other was tangled in his soft locks.

His tongue was playing around with your clit, giving it soft flicks with his tongue before sucking on it harshly with his mouth - the contrast driving you closer and closer to the edge. When you began clenching down on his hands, he knew you were close and he pressed his face into your heat even more if possible, giving out small hums to draw your high closer.

“F-Fuck, Wonho p-please oh my god, k-keep going…so close,” You weren’t able to say a clear sentence as your orgasm rushed over you, only a hushed mantra of Wonho’s rolled off your lips. Wonho was in a trance - he loved the way you said his name whenever you came, it sounded so utterly beautiful to him, the fact he was able to make you come undone and make you a mess was amazing to him; he didn’t want to admit how deep he was falling for you, not even to himself.

He helped you ride out your high, grinning up at you after wiping your juices off his face. The both of you looked over at your clock, it had just flicked over to eight twenty eight.

“Looks like I’ll be fucking you in a classroom soon, baby girl.”

who cares | 11 (m) ✓

• pairing: kim seokjin x oc
• genre/warnings: angst, adultery mentions, mature themes, smut && fluff
• words: 8,762
→ summary: what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?
• note. inspired by Dean’s album 130: trbl

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 ::05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11

a/n: the end is finally here! This last chapter is more of a separate entity of who cares as a series, and definitely shows the process of repairing a broken relationship. Thank you for reading! It’s been a whirlwind! Oh, and p.s! I’m really thinking of writing a oneshot where Taehyung finds love~ so look out for that one day!

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