look at his face carefully


Ok but DON’T imagine Jughead looking at you with admiration.

DON’T imagine Jughead being nervous to grab your hand in his.

DON’T imagine his fingers brushing yours before he hesitates and decides to retract his hand from yours.

DON’T imagine yourself noticing that and shyly grabbing his hand in yours, making the first move.

DON’T imagine working on the Blue & Gold together.

DON’T imagine little breaks while writing the articles where all you do is goof off and have tickle fights.

DON’T Jughead pinning you down as he tickles you without mercy.

DON’T imagine looking at each other, breathless.

DON’T imagine his hand carefully grabbing your face.

DON’T imagine him leaning in slowly.

DON’T imagine the moment where you guys share your first kiss: sweet and slow and passionate.

DON’T imagine pulling away and whispering ‘I love you’ to each other.

DON’T imagine Jughead smiling so wide, it hurts his face.

DON’T imagine him bringing you in for another kiss, just as the rest of the Scooby gang walks in on both of you.

DON’T imagine Jughead being at his happiest with you.

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Plot: You and jimin were close friends and one day you went to their concert and in the middle he gives you a shoutout then gets you up on stage and confesses and you agree and he gives you a kiss. 

Pairing: JiminxReader

Words count: 1,6k+

Genre: Fluffy 

For @rajwah12345, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

You were in the front that evening, you wouldn’t have lost his concert for no reason. The screams of the other fans around you continued to make you move even more, the adrenaline rushing through your veins and the wonderful feeling of realizing a dream.

Being friends with Jimin was not easy, but it was worth it. Not for the concerts you were invited or gifts that he made you, but because despite his busy schedule, he was always on time for you.

And it was for that reason that you started to have feelings for him.

Although you continued to scold you, because you had no time for love, you weren’t able to stop your heart from falling completely at the mercy of Park Jimin.

Next to you one of the fans shook your hands, returning you to the reality, and you smiled eagerly, starting to sing “Silver Spoon”. One of your favorite songs and you used always to charge of energies before an exam.

The song shortly fell through and the stage was darkened, making up the crowd a huge “Oh” of pure excitement.

The first few notes of “Lie” took everyone by surprise, while you frantically lightened your lighstick and began to move in time with all the other fans.

See him on stage was always a treat, his solo would be the death of you and you were slowly preparing.

A spotlight came on suddenly, illuminating a total blank Jimin, provoking you chils who traveled with malice your whole body and stood into your core.  

That man was perfect and you kept to keep those thoughts to yourself, too afraid to ruin your friendship.

And your eyes met, his smile wide and gentle for a moment outlined on his blossom lips and you seemed it was only for you.

Then his expression changed completely and became mysterious, sensual and pretty damn exciting.

Park Jimin knew how to turn on thousands of fans, including you.


Speech’s final moment had arrived but all you would have wanted that that concert last forever. Your screams of encouragement, mixed together with those of the other fans, continued to bring a smile to all seven while Jimin’s gaze was on you, since Seokjin had started talking.

He did not let yours a second and you couldn’t help but smile, showing more faces upturned thumbs. You were proud of that man and every way was right to make him understand.

Jimin finally took the mic and began to thank his fans and everyone who had permission to him to be there at that time. It was only when you hear your name echoed thanks to the mic you realize that something wasn’t going the right way.

Namjoon and Yoongi were doing whistles of encouragement, while Taehyung with Jungkook pretended to silence the crowd with movements incredibly stupid that served only to make them laugh even more.

“Y/N, why don’t you answer? Come on up here, I’ve to tell you something! ”

“W-Who? M-Me? ” You murmured totally shocked, watching the girl next to you.

“If your name is like that..Yes, it’s you. ” She pointed out, hiding a pinch of jealousy.

Without realising you were on the stage, while Hoseok and Seokjin raise you from your both hands, giving you a hug that takes your breath away.

“Waaaaah our Y/N is really beautiful tonight, huh, ARMY???” Namjoon shouted, making you blush all over your face. “We’re happy to see you here, especially our Jimin-ah”

“Me too..” You hummed embarrassed, approaching and reaching Jimin, who kept smiling upon you with that killer smile. His eyes completely disappeared and the joy to see you painted on each stroke of that perfect face.

“You look absolutely beautiful tonight, Y/N”

“Only tonight?”

Your joke, echoed into the mic that Taehyung placidly kept near your lips, blowed up the crowd laughing and that sound calmed you.  

You could not understand why Jimin asked you to go on stage, when he was well aware of your innate shyness.

“You’re right, you’re beautiful.” He whispered soothingly, taking both of your hands and making you walk towards him.

Your heart, meanwhile, had begun to beat at a frantic pace so much that seemed to be about to explode.

“What… Why did you made me get on stage? ”

“Because I have to tell you something, Y/N” he began to whisper into the mic, despite the embarrassment he felt and you could see it from his shy smile. “We know each other for nearly four years, right?”

“Yes Jimin. We met when you spilled coffee on my Super Junior’s tshirt. ”

“I still feel guilty. I hope Super Junior sumbeanim don’t hate me for this. ”

A further burst of laughter lit up the crowd and you smiled slightly and began to tremble with excitement that kept increasing.

His hands were strong on your and you noticed that his thumbs had started moving slowly on your skin, provoking you goosebumps of pleasure.

“Yeah.. ” He returned earnest, making another step toward you. “I made the worst impression of my life that day, with you.. Yet you were so nice that I immediately felt the desire to see you again. So we became friends but… ” He continued and you held your breath, while a total silence fell over the arena.

“B-BUT…?” Was your whisper stammered, not noticing of other’s amused expressions around you.

“Well.. Look at yourself, Y/N. You’re beautiful… But you look gorgeous in ways that I can’t describe. Of course you’ve horrible habits like leaving your bras scattered everywhere and come to your house for me is always an achievement. But there’s nobody else who makes me feel like you do. ”

“Constantly angry and frustrated because I’m lower than you just for a centimeter?”

“Even that..”

“Jimin.. I don’t understand … ”

“Maybe if I do this you can understand.” He whispered and cupped your face into his hands, coming closer to you completely. “Also because I want to do this for months.”

You had no time to react, his warm, soft and moist full lips were already on yours, slightly parted in surprise. Your eyes widened when he began to kiss you gently, sliding one hand from your cheek fin on your side, moving you totally against his body.

Your legs started to get weak in the knees while he kept moving his lips on yours and finally you began to reciprocate, letting your tongues, shy and almost embarrassed, slightly touched making that kiss even more intimate.

You seemed almost to be alone with him and not in front of a full crowd, a crowd at that moment began screaming and applauding.

“Guys, I understand that you’re enjoying the moment but maybe… this… later…” Seokjin’s voice, obviously in a joking way, fully back you to reality.

With a shove you moved Jimin away from you, who burst out laughing seeing redness wrap your cheeks violently. Immediately you went to hide behind Namjoon, much higher than you while Taehyung ran to hug you shouting “CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE”.

“What are you doing, I kiss you and you hide behind my Hyung?” Asked an amused Jimin, approaching his Hyung and trying to grab you in any way.


“Because I like you Y/N and was tired of waiting!”

“I don’t want to be the odd man out, guyyyyyys!”  Namjoon yelled, while you kept to remain hidden behind him, Taehyung attacked by your side like a koala.

“Can you come here? I just want to hug you, Y/N. Taehyung let her go or I’ll hurt you! ”



Sighing you left drive from Tae, you walked away from the secure hiding that were Joon’s shoulders, and he released his grip on you. Jimin’s arms wrapped you immediately and you instinctively hid your face against his neck, to avoid the huge embarrassment you felt at that time.

“So Jimin-ah, what did you want to ask her? We’re all curious!” Yoongi Pressed Jimin e you cursed him mentally because you were practicing so much embarrassment to get enough for a lifetime.

“Y/N… I know it will be difficult. But I would very much like you to be my girlfriend. ”

“I.. ”

“All I do is think of you Y/N, please. Give me a chance. ”

“I was going to say that you’re smothering me Jimin, but it’s obvious that I’m going to give you a chance. Even a thousand if you ask. ”

His face turned away from yours and looked to you carefully, completely surprised by your response.

For you, years later, that moment seemed only a dream and the fear of waking up was so much, because you didn’t want to lose what you were feeling.


“To tell you the truth… I’ve a crush on you for a long time, Jimin… ” You whispered in tight lips, awestruck by the crowd that had their eyes on you.



“Sorry Jimin-ah” Yoongi and Hoseok excused themselves in unison, without the slightest trace of remorse onto his face or voice.

“Do you like me?” He asked more upset than you, taking to caress your cheek gently.

“Jimin.. It would be nearly impossible don’t have a crush on you. ”

anonymous asked:

English being his second language also explains why he got confused at 'hypothesis' bc its a Big Word and my auditory processing issues makes it hard for me to figure out words like hypothesis out loud and i've known the word since i was seven in my first science fair. Besides, hypothesis is taken from Latin/Greek so while it has a place in English, its not a native english word so Lance isnt even wrong when he asks Pidge to 'speak english'

Well I mean like, assuming you headcanon Lance as a Spanish speaker, Spanish is derived from Latin, so Lance prooooobably wouldn’t have a hard time understanding that word. Hypothesis and hipótesis are also pronounced pretty similarly. That specific example is more just… bad, lazy writing lmao.

HOWEVER, I do believe Lance would have some audio processing issues, especially if you couple it with the ‘Lance has ADHD’ headcanon (which I obviously consider canon since I never shut up about it lmao). Like. Hoo boy. Lance constantly needs people to repeat something, esp if he’s off his meds, because his brain is having a difficult time today making that jump between ‘listening’ and ‘translating’ and ‘processing.’ 

And he knows, he knows, that people are silently judging him and wondering what’s wrong with this kid, why can’t he just listen right the first time? He knows, alright, and he’s apologizing before he’s even called on. 

“I’m sorry,” he says, shoulders hunched against the looks he knows he’s receiving, against the carefully neutral face of his instructor. “But could you please repeat that? Just one more time, please.”

“Sorry,” he says, miserable, as he apologizes for something he knows he can’t control yet feels like he should.

GOT7 reaction: You flinch in a fight

Request:  Can you do a got7 reaction where you flinch during a fight/argument thinking they were going to hit you?

A/N: @goldenalienn thank you so much for your request and patience my lovely, hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by younqk

It had started out as such a petty, silly argument but seeing as you two rarely argued when you did it was intense for both of you. You had both let your words get ahead of you before and said things you didn’t mean but as Mark got more and more wound up and took an exasperated step towards you, it may have been subtle but he saw it. The way your eyes squeezed shut, body braced. Rather than break down there and then, he’d go off on his own to calm down a bit, think and rethink the moment again so much it almost didn’t feel real. A while later he’d come down, tears streaked over his face and puffy eyes and rather than reach out and touch you, he’d talk it out with you, desperate to know if he ever made you feel threatened and wanting to put it right.


Originally posted by imjaeboms

He’d blame himself. 100% it was all his fault. As soon as it happened he’d take himself out of the situation because he was angry, not at you but at himself. He’d go aimlessly round the streets desperately trying to make sense of what happened. You looked so genuinely frightened, every time he closed his eyes he saw you jerk away from him. And it had all been over something so trivial. You two had argued, but not like this. On his walk around the streets he’d get you flowers, coming home with them, an apology and a sincere look on his face. He’d move towards you carefully and get on his knees, begging for forgiveness.


Originally posted by infinitblaq

I really think this would destroy him inside. He hates arguing as it is and will avoid it wherever he can but hen he saw you flinch his heart slammed into his chest. He would immediately engulf you in his arms, cradling you for a good 5 minutes not saying anything, just hearing your breathing calm and stroking your hair gently. He’d try for the whole day to cheer things up, doing aegyo and trying to joke with you but he just couldn’t shake the sad look in his eyes. The fact you actually thought he’d hurt you tore him apart so he’d do anything and everything to prove to you and himself otherwise.


Originally posted by jypnior

This whole incident would make him rethink the entire relationship. As far as he was concerned, he wasn’t good enough for you, not by a long shot. He thought you now must think he was some kind of monster, it would really take a toll on him. Seeing you flinch as he stepped towards you tears would spring forward there and then, threatening to spill as he saw the flash of fear in your eyes. He would whisper that he would never, ever hurt you before walking away slowly, a mix of hurt, betrayal and disappointment in himself whirring through his head. Of everyone, he’d find this the hardest to get over.


Originally posted by markjin

I’m not sure he’d quite know how to react, being the sunshine he is he had never had someone react like that to him. Even though your argument was kinda heated for you two, he’d stepped forward to hug you and just make everything better, you said his hugs made things better only this time it made them worse. He’d pull his arms back slowly and sit you down on the living room sofa next to him and just sit for a second, letting you collect your thoughts. Eventually, being careful he’d slowly take your hand and tell you he never would hurt you, the thought would never even cross his mind and that he adored you. You had him wrapped around your finger and he loved it.


Originally posted by j-miki

I think he’d be confused for the most part. You’d never seemed intimidated before and you two always joked around playfully and play fighting was a normal occurrence but he would never, ever lay a finger on you in that way. So when you flinched, it would take him a moment to recover and compose himself before throwing his arms around you and repeating over and over that it wasn’t like that and that he’d never and that he loved you . He would also grow from it though, never once making the same mistake twice and always making sure he’s respectful of your space when you argued.


Originally posted by yugyeom

I think he would be so scared when he saw you flinch away from him. He thought he’d ruined everything, that you saw him as the worst person ever but would want to talk it out with you so nothing like this ever happened again. He’d want to understand you more, after all he was still young so wanted learn everything he could. He loved you too much to ruin this for you both so when he found you forgave him, he would almost cry with relief and do his all out best. The next day he’d come home with chocolates, flowers and be the model version of the perfect boyfriend to make it up to you.

For Bunnyribbit Week - First Fight/Comfort

I headcanon that D.Va suffers from PTSD. 

I imagine that D.Va, upon meeting Zenyatta for the first time, is extremely cold towards him. She excuses herself from the room ASAP, not even trying to hide how much she wants to get away from the omnic. Lucio watches this and, after warmly saying goodbye to Zenyatta, runs to catch up with her. Grabbing her shoulder, he confronts her about her behavior towards their newest member of Overwatch. She is surprisingly defensive and even petty about this - much to Lucio’s confusion. He presses on, insisting that she needs to be friendlier to Zenyatta because the world is watching and she’s being selfish not to try to set a better example. D.Va bristles at that, shouting that she isn’t selfish just for not wanting to be buddy-buddy with an omnic. Angry now, Lucio brings up her ruthlessness towards omnics when she fought in the Korean MEKA’s - even livestreaming her kills. 

D.Va freezes at his words - shock and hurt clearly shown in her eyes. Tears welling up, she shoves him hard

“You don’t know anything,” she spits, running away.

Later when he’s cooled off, Lucio rewatches some of her old streams from the Omnic Crisis. Seeing how cheerfully she cut down one omnic after another, at first he thinks he was right about her. But the more he watches, the more he notices the little cracks in her facade - the occasional tremor in her voice as she addresses her audience in the camera, the almost manic way her eyes dart around, the twitch in her smile when an omnic dies a particularly brutal death. And he realizes that at the end of every battle she smiles to the camera, reassuring the audience that everything will be okay because she’s protecting them.

And it hits him: how she had been drafted into the war, how she always thought of giving her audience hope, and how big her burdens truly were. 

He runs.

It takes awhile, but he eventually finds her huddled up in the training room with the lights out. She doesn’t notice him immediately. She seems to be muttering to herself, lost in thought. When their eyes meet, he sees how glassy they are - how she’s staring right through him - with a look on her face that makes his stomach drop. Carefully, he cradles her face in his hands and calls to her. She doesn’t respond. He calls to her, cooing and reassuring her, in a desperate hope to bring her back to the present. 

Time passes - minutes or hours, he’s really not sure. But eventually she comes back to him, burying herself in his arms and sobbing.

“Luci-” she hiccups “I-I can’t… I don’t… with omnics- I don’t deserve..!” She takes a shuddering breath, “I don’t deserve their kindness!” Lucio’s heart twists painfully in his chest.

“Shh, no no. You deserve all the kindness in the world. I’m sorry, Hana, I didn’t know. I didn’t know…!” Gently lifting her face, he places a tender kiss to her brow, “You are not a bad person, Hana.”

Bonus: Headcanon #2 - from this moment on, whenever D.Va has an episode, he wraps her in his arms along with a blanket and gives her his healing music to listen to.

mynameissteverogers  asked:

Hey so I saw you reblogged an Anastasia post and it got me thinking: if you'd like a prompt, maybe a nurseydex Anastasia au? Hope you're having a good day! Thank you for all the work you make for us!

Honestly, Dex can’t believe they made it. Between the train crash, and the terror of Nursey almost throwing himself off the boat on the crossing from Germany, the whole plan had almost seemed cursed to fail from the start. And that was without the constant bickering and pissing matches between himself and Nursey.

Nursey looks a little stunned, too, as they make their way into Lady Caitlyn’s drawing room, his green eyes sweeping the room and taking in the windows and doors with an orphan’s awareness of every exit. It’s the only sign of discomfort he shows, and Dex can’t help but be proud–everything else about him is regal and calm, his shoulders straight and his posture relaxed and poised, a million miles from the rumpled, dirty dreamer they’d picked up in St. Petersburg.

Finally leaving off his affectionate kissing of Caitlyn’s hand, Chowder clears his throat and straightens, making a sweeping gesture and indicating Nursey, who’s the whole reason they’re here at all. “Now,” he says. “May I present the Grand Duke Derek Nurse?”

Dex holds his breath.

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High Tensions - Six

Spencer X Reader

“Who’s Y/N speaking to?” Derek was eyeing her from across the bar. Spencer and Emily followed his gaze to see Y/N speaking animatedly to an attractive blonde girl. 

“That looks like Tash,” Emily was squinting to try to get a better look. Spencer watched as the girl hugged Y/N, giving her a kiss on the cheek before leaving with the rest of her friends. 

“Who’s Tash?” Derek asked Emily as Y/N made her way back across the bar to their table. 

Emily grinned, “I’ll let Y/N tell you that.”

“Tell them what?“ Y/N climbed back on to her bar stool next to Reid, taking a sip of her cocktail. 

Things had seemed weird between the two of them for a few days after the incident on the jet. They’d hardly spoken to each other the following day at work and Spencer had wondered whether he’d gone too far. He’d spotted her in the hallway earlier today and had asked her if everything was okay between them. 

“I’m fine Spencer? Why?” she’d peered curiously at him. 

“It’s just…… You haven’t really spoken to me since we got back from the last case. I wondered if I’d gone to far. I didn’t see anything I swear.” He was suddenly concerned that he’d upset her. 

She laughed, placing her hand on his arm in a comforting gesture. “I wouldn’t care if you had. Surely you’ll be seeing it and doing a lot more to it eventually anyway.”

“So we’re still doing this?”  

“Unless you wanna call the whole thing off. I’m still game if you are. As sexually frustrated as you’re making me, it’s kinda exciting seeing what you’re gonna try next. I’ve never had so much foreplay!” she grinned at him and he relaxed. 

“Okay good. I lied by the way, of course I looked.”

“Hahaha. And what man wouldn’t eh? Did you like what you saw?”

He smirked before replying,“I did indeed. I think that would look extremely good hovering above my mouth.”

“It would looked extremely good clenched around your dick too, but that’s not gonna happen until you ask for it.”

So the status quo of things had been restored and the game was still on. Spencer was enjoying it too, the reactions he was receiving from her was doing wonders for his ego and confidence, although he honestly hoped she’d crack soon. If she didn’t, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. 

They bantered for a bit longer, before making plans to meet up with Derek and Emily who they knew were going out later. 

“Tell you what guys?” Y/N enquired again, as neither Derek or Spencer had answered her. 

“The boys wanted to know who the blonde was. I said it looked like Tash but then remembered that none of them were with us when you introduced her to me and Penelope,” Emily spoke. 

“It was Tash. She’s been out of town for ages in business, only got back last week.”

“You meeting up with her again?”

“Maybe, when this little bet is over.”

“Who the hell is Tash?” Derek asked. 

Y/N turned to him, “Some one that I have a mutually beneficial arrangement with.”

“You and her? Really? So you weren’t joking before about girl on girl action?“ 

"Nope.” Y/N popped the p and Spencer could tell she was enjoying the look on Derek’s face. 

“So you’re……….?” he trailed off and she nodded.

“I like both.”

“I hate to be a typical guy here but that’s so hot.”

Y/N laughed and nudged Emily who was sat the other side of her, leaning over and whispering something into her ear. Emily grinned and nodded at her, whispering something back. 

“What do you think Spencer? Are you a typical guy when it comes to girl on girl?” Emily looked at him directly as she asked, watching his face carefully. 

“You mean do I find it a turn on to see two girls together? I think I’d have to be dead for that not to affect me.”

Y/N chuckled again, reaching out with her hand and stroking the back of his neck gently, causing him to shiver. He was gonna kill JJ for telling her that he had a thing about his neck. 

“If you give in and admit defeat Spencer then I can offer you a two for the price of one deal.”

“W-what?” was she offering what he thought she was? 

“You heard. Isn’t that every guys dream? Two girls in one night?” She continued caressing the base of his neck. 

“You and your friend Tash?” he gulped.

Y/N glanced over to Emily, and he detected a slight nod. 

“Or me and Prentiss.”

What the fuck! Were they being serious? Derek looked between the two girls and then at Spencer. 

“Pretty Boy, give in. Admit defeat now. Think of what they’re offering.”

Spencer watched as Emily leant over, her hand starting to move up Y/N’s thigh. 

“Last chance Spencer?” Y/N turned in her seat, her hand still on Spencer’s neck.

“No!” he managed to choke out.

“You sure about that Spencer?” Y/N asked him. No he wasn’t sure at all. And the feeling in his pants was screaming yes, do it, at him. Think with your head Reid, not your dick. 

He nodded, the feeling of Y/N’s fingers stroking his neck combined with the view of Emily’s hands slowly inching up her thighs was doing ridiculous things to him. Stay strong boy, you can do this…. But. Two girls. Two hot beautiful girls, one of which he’d had a crush on since she’d joined the team. Fuuuck. 

“Final decision? You sure you don’t want to take us home and watch us leaning over your naked body doing this to each other whilst we work your dick?”

Spencer’s eyes widened even more and he nearly fell off his seat as the two girls, his two colleagues leant into each other slowly, both licking their lips. Derek was as entranced as he was, not that Reid was paying any attention. 

You almost felt guilty about using this trick. Not that it was a trick as such. Em was game, you’d checked. And if she changed her mind about going the whole hog, then Tash would definitely be game, you’d been in this situation with her before. 

What guy couldn’t resist two girls offering to spend the night with him. Spencer was putting up a fight, his mouth saying no but his eyes and his breathing saying another thing. 

You leant into Emily, keeping your hand still on Reid’s neck, your fingers moving in slow circles. She bridged the distance between you pressing her soft lips to yours, you hearing both men’s breathing almost stop completely. 

You moved your lips slowly against her’s, enjoying how soft and supple they were. Moving your spare hand to your colleague’s chin, you tilted it up to you, tracing the line of her neck with your finger tip. Gently sucking, you pulled her bottom lip in between yours, biting it gently feeling her moving her head to the side to deepen the kiss. 

Hmmmmm. If Spencer didn’t give in soon maybe you’d just call the whole bet off and take Prentiss home instead. The older women was an amazing kisser. Her lips parted and you felt her tongue flick out, pushing in between your lips and finding your own. You moved against her for a few more moments, enjoying the sweet taste of her mouth and the pressure of her tongue against yours. 

You heard a groan from the man beside you and then the sudden movement of him hopping off his stool. You pulled away from your friend reluctantly to see what he was doing, turning just in time to see him leaving the bar. 

You grinned at her, hearing a slow clap coming from Derek’s direction. 

“Ladies I think you just broke him, in fact I think you broke me. That’s not an image I’m going to forget in a long time. Does your offer extend to me as well? ”

You laughed, “Sorry sweetness, as handsome as you are, you know you’re not my type.”

Derek shrugged back at you, not taking any offence. 

“I’m gonna see if he’s still around, I feel kinda mean.”

You slid off your own stool and grabbed your bag and heading to the exit. 

You found Reid outside the bar, leaning against the wall breathing heavily. 

“You okay?” you asked. 

“No! I hate you right now. Were you two actually being serious?”

“I’m not sure how far Em would have gone to be honest Spencer, but I know Tash would go all the way.”

He closed his eyes for moment, and you reached out pressing your hand to his arm. 

“Do you wanna go back inside?” you asked him quietly. 

He shook his head. 

“Do you wanna go back to my place?” It was worth an ask. 

To your suprise, he nodded. 

“Do you want me to get Emily or Tash?”


He grabbed your hand and started tugging you along the street in the direction of your apartment. 

Yes yes fucking YES! 

Once More With Feeling.

Jason stared at his hand - brownish-red blood congealed on his palm - trying to make it feel real again. Static over the receiver in his helmet, then a familiar (and very tired) voice crackled over the headset.

“Jason, we need to talk.”

The world seemed to snap back into focus then. The brick wall against his back was rough and unforgiving. The bodies next to him stared lifelessly forward, blood pooled beneath them. Out on the street, the sound of sirens, laughter, screams. Just the normal sounds of the Gotham nightlife. Normal. Alive.

Jason pushed himself up, rocking forward on his feet slightly, his side stinging from where a lucky knife had managed to slip past his armor. “Sure thing, B,” he said, rolling his turquoise eyes a bit. No doubt he’d be treated to another self-righteous speech about how killing people was absolutely never the answer.

Honestly, why shouldn’t I tell him? The internal dialogue started up again. Never something that would actually be resolved, Jason knew. Still, it was worth asking from time to time.

He walked to the end of the alley, out into a dimly lit street. Crime Alley was like a second home to him, ever since he could remember. The worst of humanity always seemed to end up here, no matter what. And I’m the worst of all.

Crossing the street, he walked swiftly over to a pile of rubbish, leaning up against a run-down apartment complex. Wrinkling his nose a bit at the smell, he dug down and found the tarp. With a swift yank he tugged the pile down, revealing his sleek, black motorcycle underneath. No way was anybody jacking his wheels.

He hopped on, smoothly switching it to life, and drove out, towards the Batcave. After all, at least Alfred would have some hot food waiting for him. Jason could stomach the lecture as long as Alfred’s cooking was involved too.

The manor was mostly dark when he got to it. Tim was frantically typing on the batcave computer, half a dozen cans of energy drinks lying empty around him. Curious, Jason read over the other boy’s narrow shoulders. Pipeline leaks.

Shrugging, Jason dropped his helmet onto the work table beside the monitor, then pulled off his jacket and haphazardly slapped a bandage onto his knife cut, before going over to the small sink to wash off the blood from his hands. Alfred would kill him for not doing proper first aid, but honestly, after dying what was the point really?

“Yo Tim, where’s B at?” Jason asked, causing the younger Robin to jump a bit in his seat.

“Upstairs. Pro’lly in the kitchen, scowling.”


Jason headed up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Not that he was looking forward to seeing Bruce, but he may as well get it over with.

Alfred was reading a book, the look on his face carefully intent. Bruce was sitting adjacent to him, a soft scowl darkening his features. There was a loaded hamburger on a plate across from him, and two slices of thick, dark, chocolate cake as well. Jason took a couple long strides and plopped down into the chair, grabbing one of the pieces of cake as he landed. Without a word he bit into it, savoring the moist flavors.

Bruce was staring at him.

Jason decided to continue eating.

Finally, with a classic Bruce sigh, the older man opened his mouth. “Jason, I know it’s been hard for you. But killing people is not something I can allow. Ever. We can go and talk with Canary. Get you some therapy. Whatever you need, but it has to stop.”

Jason paused in his chewing, studying the lines in Bruce’s face. Concern. Anger. Confusion. Typical. He resumed chewing, taking a sip of milk as he went.

“Jason, please, listen to reason.”

Jason almost laughed at that. As if Bruce could ever see real reason. But no, he was the messed up one. The prodigal son. Swallowing, Jason finally spoke. “Do you know, I’ve never killed someone who didn’t have it coming to them? It’s not like I went and killed the mayor or anything. Just scumbags. Maybe you should try it.” Getting up, he grabbed the burger and the other slice of cake, and left the kitchen, leaving Bruce - quiet once more - behind him.

His room was exactly the way it always was. Old pictures of his school days, hanging next to track medals and academic awards. Jason munched on his food as he looked at them. How long ago was it? He almost couldn’t remember. That boy in the pictures lived a different life. That boy was Robin, he had magic.

Jason was just himself. Alone.

Closing his eyes he sat down on his bed, letting his mind drift. It always took him back a bit. The warmth of it all. It was how home felt. Not this mansion, or his apartment. Not with Roy and Kori, or anybody else. Those were just pale substitutes.

A wet drop landed on his hand. Crying, again. Dammit. He was better than this. It’s not like he could go back, or change the past. Jason knew he didn’t belong there, anymore than he belonged in his old room.

There was a light tap on the door, before Bruce looked in, seeming a bit unsure of himself. Jason was quick to wipe away the tears, and motioned for the black-haired man to come in.

“Jason,” he started, then stopped, his brow furrowing a bit as he contemplated his son. “Jason, are you okay?”

That’s not what he was expecting.

Another tear escaped his eye, and Jason blinked it away, only for another, and yet another to come. He shook himself, trying to stop them.

Bruce sat down next to him. Gently, carefully, he placed a rough hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Jason, what is it?”

Jason couldn’t say later whether it was a moment of weakness that made him look up and meet those deep blue eyes or not.

“Bruce,” his voice cracked, “there… There was no pain.”

He looked down at his hands, silently cursing as his eyes continued to leak. “There was no fear, no doubt…”

Again, Jason looked into those hard eyes. “Till I was pulled out of…” A sob wracked through his body, and he closed his eyes against it, “Till I was pulled out of Heaven.”

A single moment passed, and Jason didn’t dare to open his eyes. then he felt his father’s arms wrap around him, pulling him close, holding him tight. His head tucked under Bruce’s chin, his weight leaning into Bruce’s solid frame. Then something broke, and he was crying for real, sobbing into his father’s chest, his body shivering with every new wave of tears.

Bruce held him long after Jason fell asleep, worn out from everything, his eyelids puffy, and his cheeks still wet with tears.

Exam Season

Request- Hi! I was hoping I could request something since exams are giving me extreme stress. Could you do a Cas x Reader imagine, (who is also the Winchester’s youngest sis), where the Reader puts makeup on him? And obviously Cas is like, “why are you putting makeup on my vessel?”. Just something funny like that. Thanks❤ 

Word Count- 794

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Tag- @evyiione     @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish   (also tagging @winchesters-favorite-girl as she as her test tomorrow good luck!)

A/n- This is just a quick little story I wrote while revising for my exams. I made the reader and Cas just friends I hope that’s okay anon :)

“I love death. I really do.” You say looking at the piles of books you have to revise from.

“Dean killed Death remember.” Cas says looking through all your books. “Sam and Dean said to inform you that they will be back later on. Also they said not to over do it on the revision.” He says turning to look at you.

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Can i request Reader and 76 cuddling after a tickle fight and reader finally says i love you and hides they face?

Tickle Fights

Originally posted by celestial-mercy

Soldier X Reader

Author’s Note: Rip me i love writing long stories. Hope you enjoy and sorry it look a while!

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Stereotypes (Sherlock x reader)

A/N/Summary: Because stereotypes suck, that’s why. No, really. Every time I see a fanfic about reader on her periods it’s always painful and crying and shouting. Not everyone gets to be victimized (as much at least) by their hormones and act stereotypically influenced by what’s going on in the between of their legs. of course I’m not hating on anyone who experiences those symptoms what so ever! Why would I? I mean, it hurts for me too these days, but about two years ago I never felt anything when I were on my periods. No pain, no mood swings (still no mood swings, no changes in my diet) but I know there are more girls and women who do not ’belong’ to that typical period experiencing category. So this for you girls, for them who experience their periods ’differently’.

You were cooking in the kitchen while Sherlock sat behind you, on the other side of the kitchen table. You and him and been chatting twenty minutes straight about stereotypes. You couldn’t even remember anymore how you two had ended up with this subject, but you felt happy for it. You felt like you were educating your smart ass friend by answering to his questions.

”Pink as a favorite color?” Sherlock had dig into the more ridiculous stereotypes by now as he, for a man who read science and biology hardly believed in stereotypes, had already questioned you of the ’hard ones’.

”That is more of an opinion question.” You taunted with a disappointed smirk. Sherlock hummed signaling you he had heard you, but not giving away how he felt for your statement.

Sherlock had his elbows on the table, his palms pressed together and fingers touching his chin. He was staring at you intently, his eyes blinking rarely, but it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You knew that look. You had seen him making it when he was hearing out his clients. If a case was interesting enough his stare would deepen, eyes wide just slightly and head tilting upwards.

”What about women riding cars?” You asked from Sherlock instead after a minute of silence. He scoffed, rolling his eyes and closing them for a long second, then frustratedly waved his hands and let them rest on the table. ”That is a stereotype that can’t be proven by biology, mostly.” He said the last word after giving it a second thought. ”Comparing women and men on driving and ending up with the solution that favors the stereotype is impossible. There are numerous studies that prove against it. Women have actually been said to be better at driving than men, known to be more considerate and less erratic than men.” He said without skipping a beat.

”I wasn’t doubting it.” You cut in to his rant.

”Good.” He said. You waited a second before coming up with another question, but Sherlock got there first as his gaze on you deepened. You knew from the look that this would be a tricky question for you to answer to. He had drawn his hands together again, giving you the look as if you were his client and he had just heard your story staring to get interesting, his eyes lit up as he went to ask his perfect question.

”Acting differently while menstruation.” He said the words carefully, but held the intimidating look on his face as if this was the question that would beat you. Of course it wasn’t a contest. Or to you it wasn’t. Okay, maybe it was, but only if you would be challenged. Sherlock of course didn’t much base his opinions on stereotypes but to facts and science so you couldn’t feel bad for what ever the real answer to these presumptions would be. You knew Sherlock would only give you answers based on truth.

”A stereotype.” You answered and expected him to go for the next, but the look that spread on his face signaled that this was far from over. His eyes went wide, then a disagreeing scowl took place on his pale face and he questioned: ”A stereotype?” You nodded your head and repeated the words after him.

”No it isn’t. Biologically women are influenced by their hormones while on their periods. It affects on their emotions and acts. I’ve seen you throw a fit repeatedly and as days go by then you becoming your peaceful and carefree self again.” Sherlock had kept an eye on you, trying to track down your behavior in an experiment bases, but your mood swings usually didn’t match with his calculations.

”You have been eating junk food three days or more in a row,-” You cut him off there and said, ”I’m on my periods, Sherlock.” He looked at you in silence a second before smiling doubtingly at you. ”No, you had your menstruation last week.” He was referring to your last weeks bad mood, how you easily got angry and would snap when approached.

”No, I didn’t. I’m on my periods right now.” You stated and put your hands on your waist. ”And like I just said, it’s a stereotype that girls act off while on periods. I may not know how the hormones work on me, but I know I’m quite the same when I’m on them.” You waited for Sherlock to say something but instead he just urged you to continue with your speech by nodding his head. ”I never feel pain or spontaneously change my diet. The only thing that might be different is that I need to use the bathroom more often on bad days.”

Sherlock gave you one last suspicious look and then asked you, ”Are you sure?” You wanted to slap him. Were you sure you were on your periods? Yes. Were you sure you were in control of your moods and acts? Definitely.

”Yes, Sherlock.” You sighed. ”Like I said, I’m not feeling any different and I am hundred precent sure I’m on my periods.”

”Interesting.” Sherlock muttered as his eyes fell on the table. You arched an eyebrow at that. Was it really? You couldn’t help but blurt out, ”Really?” His eyes lift up and he looked at you. ”Really.” He said. ”Tell me more.”

You hesitated, but then opened your mouth to ask him anyway, ”Of what?”

”Of your symptoms while on your periods.” He rushed you to educate him.

”I don’t know…” You awkwardly muttered and scratched the back of your head, leaning against the kitchen counter behind you. Sherlock questioned why not and you could feel yourself blush a bit. ”It’s not something men and women comfortably discuss about. I don’t want to gross you out.”

Sherlock stood up from his chair, the legs of the said furniture making a noise while sweeping over the wooden floor. He walked right in front of you and took a stand before you. He put his hands on each side of your face and made you look at him, his soft eyes reaching for yours and when they met you couldn’t look away.

”You would never.” And he kissed your forehead. You smirked at his statement and had to ask him was that a challenge, to which he only chuckled.

(Okay, now my thumb hurts like hell, guess I’ll need to stop writing for today…. and for some reason I feel like this sucks, ugh…)

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Hey! I was wondering if you could do headcanons for UT/UF/US/SF skelebros for how they approach and act around their crush? (And maybe throw in how they confess if youre feeling up to it? ;) )


He doesn’t really act different around his crush, although he does enjoy teasing them with jokes/puns, but that’s just part of his personality.  They’re a long-time friend that he spends most of his free time with, and they get along really well with Papyrus.  Sans takes them along with him to Grillby’s frequently, as well as invites them over to his house to watch movies/play video games.  If they play a competitive game against Sans, he won’t go easy on them and let them win; he’s a casual show-off.  Sans enjoys their company as much as he enjoys Papyrus’s–and that’s a huge freaking deal for him.  

Confession time!  Usually, Sans isn’t one for long-winded speeches, but he can throw together one when it matters.  And hoo boy, it matters.  Well until the next Reset at least.  

“hey, so we’ve been buddies for a long time now, huh?  i don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but paps really enjoys having you around.“  There’s a pause, and then a short, breathy chuckle.  "i do, too.  it’s really nice.  and.. uh, paps let me borrow an old book of his.. this weird dating manual.  you and i go eat together, we spend a lot of time together, and we hang out all the time, and according to that book.. well, we’re technically dating already.”  He winks.  "so why not throw a label on this and see where it goes?“  

He acts super casual about it because he’s not sure if they return his feelings or just see him as a good pal.  He’ll shrug off any rejection with a joke and continue the friendship as normal if it comes to that.


Papyrus is adamant about showing his crush that he’s called THE GREAT PAPYRUS for a reason.  He wants to make the BEST POSSIBLE IMPRESSION, so he always tries a little too hard, be it with his choice in attire (all of which are homemade customized shirts) or dabbing actual marinara sauce behind the space where his ears would be.  Their opinion matters the most to him (besides Sans’s opinion, of course), and he’s constantly texting and/or calling them.  His crush is someone that complimented him; flattery is the way to his heart.  He also thinks they’re the most amazing person in the world, no matter what.  He cooks for them constantly, and he’s always inviting them over for dinner so he can showcase his culinary masterpieces.

Confession time!  Well, Papyrus doesn’t really confess first.  His crush has to actively flirt with him–or stroke his ego enough for him to conclude it must be flirting.  GASP!  "YOU’RE.. FLIRTING WITH ME?!  ARE YOU COMPLETELY TAKEN IN BY MY GREATNESS?”  With his shining eyesockets, how can they possibly say no?  But let’s be honest, even if they get embarrassed and deny it, Papyrus is still going to roll with it.  "NO NEED TO BE SHY OR INTIMIDATED BY ME!  IT’S COMPLETELY NATURAL TO DEVELOP INTENSE FEELINGS FOR YOUR COOL, GREAT FRIEND!  AFTER ALL..“  His cheeks start to turn pink and he trails off a little.. but then he takes their hands in his and leans down to eye level.  "I MYSELF HAVE THESE FEELINGS FOR MY COOL, GREAT FRIEND!”  

Next thing they know, it’s DATING START!


He’s a bit of a perv around his crush–and by that, I mean he makes dirty jokes, uses every pet name he can think of (though sweetheart, doll, and darlin’ are his favs), and constantly tries to initiate any kind of physical touch.  They’re going to see him without his shirt “accidentally”, and he’s going to nap with his head in their lap at some point or another.  Even if they’re his crush, he doesn’t tolerate them saying anything negative about his brother.  But his crush could either be someone that gets along fine with the boss and makes dirty jokes right back at Sans, or they could be the exact opposite and the picture of innocence.  He spends a lot of the time he should be working slacking off them instead.  He’s prone to pranking and teasing them mercilessly.

Confession time!  Start!  Uh.. I said, start!  
It turns out, when Red’s directly confronted about his feelings, he locks up and starts sweating.  The confession is dragged out of him when he’s not mentally prepared because his crush is tired of trying to figure out if he’s serious or just teasing them for shits ‘n giggles.  He gulps and starts to deflect with another joke, but his crush either shuts him down and insists or starts to walk away.  Sans catches their hand and pulls them to him, where he presses his teeth against their lips for the longest five seconds of both of their lives.  When he pulls back, his face is bright red, and he’s looking away, all of his confidence gone in an instant.  
“there.  ok?  i’m bein’ serious.  it’s not all a joke or whatever.”


He comes across as having sharp edges, but around his crush, he’s.. softer.  He still rants and insists he’s TERRIBLE with pride, but he does little things to get their attention on him.  Any form of recognition or a compliment goes straight to his head, though he says things like “OF COURSE I’M THE BEST AT IT” with his arms crossed and a slight pink tinge to his cheekbones.  He’s protective of his crush; if anyone upsets them, he demands to know who, and they’re going to be in a world of hurt.  He’s not big on initiating physical contact, but if his crush were to lean against him on the couch, he definitely wouldn’t pull away.  He’d start to get flustered and lose all concentration except for where their bodies are touching. When he invites them over for dinner, he expects them to be HONORED that he made lasagna, and “WELL IF YOU INSIST”, they can stay and watch a movie or something afterward.  

Confession start!  No, not happening.  He’s bad at voicing his feelings, so his crush would have to do it first.  He’s prone to misunderstandings, however, so he might take something they say wrong.  If they use love in a sentence, it suddenly becomes “WHAT’S THIS ABOUT LOVE?  SO YOU FINALLY ADMIT YOU’VE FALLEN FOR ME!  I KNEW IT!!  IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE YOU FINALLY REVEALED YOUR TRUE FEELINGS!”  He looks so smug, so happy–but his crush was really about to finish their sentence with ‘I love that little dog that always shows up in your kitchen.’  Papyrus presses on, oblivious. “I SUPPOSE THIS MEANS I SHOULD REWARD THE COURAGE IT TOOK YOU TO REVEAL THOSE FEELINGS TO SOMEONE AS GREAT AND TERRIBLE AS I AM!  FINE THEN, LET’S GO ON A DATE.”

Things either get really awkward, or the crush rolls with it and goes on the date.


Blueberry doesn’t do a good job at keeping the fact that he has a crush on the down-low.  He talks about his crush constantly when they’re not around, and when they are, he does everything to get their attention.  He’s constantly telling them that they’re amazing, he’s interested in anything that they’re passionate about, and he wants to take them EVERYWHERE with him.  Of course, his brother is still included in these adventures because Sans is all about being surrounded by his two favorite people.  He isn’t shy about physical contact and frequently cuddles up to his crush.  They’re also invited over for every taco night, and their tacos get an extra helping of GLITTER.  His crush could either be someone as active as he is, capable of keeping up with him.. or someone that feels entirely overwhelmed by his energy.  Either way, Sans has fallen and fallen hard, and he’s not afraid to let the world know.

Speaking of which, it’s confession time!  Sans is walking with his crush through the park, his arm looped through theirs to escort them like a proper gentleman in companionable silence.  Out of the blue, he turns to them with a wide grin and says, “YOU’RE GREAT, YOU KNOW THAT?  AND YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE EQUALLY AS GREAT?!  IF WE WENT ON A DATE TOGETHER!”    

Don’t hurt that little sweetheart.


Stretch is too lazy to actively chase after his crush.  He’ll send a one-word text every now and then or pop out of nowhere to ask them to go to Muffet’s, but beyond that, he’s not acting different or putting in any special effort.  He affectionately teases his crush, and he’ll fall asleep against them pretty much any time the two of them end up on the couch, but he does all of that stuff with his brother, too.  If they’re shorter than him, he props his arm on their shoulder and leans, and he has a thing for stroking their hair.  His crush is someone that encourages his brother, but.. someone that also might be prone to getting frustrated or angry.  He finds it cute.  

Confession time!  Papy’s crush is fed up with mixed signals.  Sometimes it seems like Papyrus is flirting with them, and other times, he seems completely uninterested.  They just can’t figure him out, and they end up inadvertently picking a fight with him because their irritation over the situation clearly shows.  "Ugh, I hate you!“ they shout, mostly to test the waters and see if that would get a reaction from him, or if he–

It does.  Stretch fills their vision in a moment, planting a palm on either side of their head and trapping them against a wall.  His grin is tight, and he’s looking at them carefully, his gaze searching their now-flushed face.  "you’re lying,” he states oh-so-matter-of-factly.  The flounder, caught off-guard and either insist or wave it off.  "you don’t hate me.“

“You hate me,” they grumble, still irritated over the fight.  Papyrus catches their chin with one hand, forcing them to meet his gaze.  Slowly, his lazy grin becomes a smirk.

“you don’t believe that, either.”  He tilts his head, leaning in close just to watch their cheeks burn brighter.  "in fact, i feel quite the opposite.  so don’t ever say you hate me, hun.“

ORRRR none of that happens and Stretch just casually texts his crush "wanna go on a date this sat?”   Ya'know, whichever floats your ship more.  


He’s quite demanding of his crush’s attention, and by that, I mean that he demands every second of it.  He’s the type that texts them constantly, sending multiple texts whenever they take longer than two minutes to reply.  Sleeping is no excuse!  He expects constant admiration, and if his crush doesn’t give it to him, he’s confused because WHO DOESN’T FIND HIM INCREDIBLE?  AREN’T THEY HONORED THAT HE CHOSE TO SHOW THEM AFFECTION?!  However, this just makes him want to impress them more.  He’ll shower them with gifts, sparing no expense, trying to use money to get their attention if he has to.  His crush is someone that isn’t exactly his friend.. They could be someone in the grocery store that complimented his shoes or someone that passed him on the sidewalk and said hello.  He’s quick to crush on someone, and he doesn’t make his feelings a secret, so he’s no stranger to rejection.  That still doesn’t mean he takes it well.

Confession time!  Blackberry just straight up tells them, “I’M GREAT IN EVERY WAY AND COULD EASILY KILL YOU SIX WAYS FROM SUNDAY, BUT I’M CHOOSING TO SPARE YOU INSTEAD, SO LET’S DATE!”  It usually doesn’t end well, and if they try to spare his feelings, he thinks they’re merely playing hard to get and starts pursuing them with gifts.  This goes on until they either go on a date or Papyrus gets involved.  

And they really don’t want the latter.


He’s a pretty chill guy by nature, always bowing to his brother’s demands without a second thought, so when someone catches his eye, Papyrus is pretty chill about his pursuit.  His crush is an acquaintance, someone who doesn’t automatically hate his brother, and who seems to become easily flustered where Papy’s presence is concerned. He takes a strange delight in this and casually touches his crush whenever they’re around.  A brush of his phalanges against their hand here, a bump of shoulders there.. and he’s not above using magic to create a situation, such as causing them to trip right into his chest so he can steady them, his hands lingering.  They don’t necessarily hang out together much.  It’s probably more like Paps knows where they work and frequents the place to make idle conversation.  But he does manage to ask for their number, and he keeps in touch that way.. though his texts mostly come late at night, when his brother is asleep and Papyrus is wide awake.  

For his confession, Papyrus doesn’t really confess anything out loud.  "when’s your shift end?  wanna grab a coffee or somethin’?“ he’ll ask casually, and when they agree, the two will spend a pleasant night talking (unless Blackberry finds out and calls for his brother.  As much as it sucks, Paps picks his brother over his crush every time).  Papyrus closes the evening by walking them home/to their car, and when he turns to leave, he says, "oh, i forgot somethin’.”  Then, he promptly turns on his heel, pulls his crush against him, and kisses them.  It’s the kind of kiss that leaves the crush breathless, and they get to experience a (literally) magical tongue first-hand.  When Paps pulls away, he winks, tells them he had a good time, and then walks away.    What a surprisingly smooth operator.

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Hi there!! That shinee reaction was sosososocuteeeee 🙈🙈🙈💞💞 Can i request "shinee getting a crush on you on your first meeting and trying to woo you" pretty please??? I fell in love with your onew~

AAAAAAAaAAaaaaAAAAAHHHHH <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH I’M GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT!! And thank you for your request! Still not great at this but I hope this is ok! <3 -admin Mimi

SHINee developing a crush on you when first meeting you trying to woo you


There were only 2 workers on the shop floor, working the evening shift at the supermarket when he came in. Jinki had a face mask on hoping to avoid being recognised; he just wanted to buy some chicken nuggets to put in his freezer back in his apartment. He hadn’t been to this particular market in a while and they’d changed the layout, so he wandered around looking for the signs to point him toward the freezers. You noticed him looking sort of lost, he was the only customer in the shop and you were not on the tills so they approached him.
“Excuse me, sir. Can I help you with anything?” he turned to you, looking slightly startled. You smiled warmly to encourage him to tell you what he was looking for.
“O-oh, uh…” He didn’t quite know what to say. The stunning individual before him snatched any words he might have had to offer as a response.
“Sir?” You asked, tilting your head.
“Ah, sorry, your smile is very disarming.” he said, regaining his composure, pulling down his mask, showing his own charming smile. You giggled,
“And what is it you were looking for, this visit?” you asked again, your smile much more genuine this time.
“Ah, right. Chicken nuggets.”

As you served him at the checkout he shyly avoided eye contact, making you curious.
“I don’t suppose you’d be willing to meet up some time?” He offered, his mask back on his face. You were shocked, but flattered and nodded with a smile. “Maybe meet up for coffee. If someone as lovely as yourself isn’t busy or taken, of course.
“Sure, I’ll write my number down on your receipt.” You chuckled softly, “Flatterer.”

Originally posted by oncw


Jonghyun wanted to unwind and have a cup of coffee at a small cafe that he’d passed a few weeks earlier. It was open late and rarely had many people in it at any time. He walked in and sat himself down at the barstools at the counter. It was a cute layout for a cafe.
“What can I get for you this evening?” You, the barista, asked. Jonghyun looked up and was stunned into momentary silence. The charming barista before him had a sweet smile that had his cheeks heating up.
“Ah-um, a caramel macchiatto please.” he just about managed to stutter out his order, unable to stop staring at the barista’s face.
“Sure thing, are you drinking it here?” You asked before turning to pick up a cup.
“Ah, yes.” You nodded turning to the mugs,
“Large?” you looked back at him and he nodded. He sat attempting to collect his wits, trying to think of an appropriate way to ask this lovely individual on a date. 

When you turned to give him his coffee, he had an adorable frustrated look on his face. you carefully placed the coffee down before him and smiled staring at his beautiful face until he came back to his senses.
“Whoa! Ah!” he jumped and you giggled, moving back.
“You coffee, sir.” he chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck, getting the money from his pocket, 
“Hahaha, thank you, sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it.” you winked turning back to clean up. Jonghyun’s eye flickered up from his coffee to your back as he tried to think of what to say to win you over.
“Would y-”
“How about-” he shut his mouth and motioned for you to continue. “How about a date?” his eyebrows shot up.
“Yes.” he responded instantly.
“Hehe, great!”

Originally posted by mykeem


You were about to close up as it was pretty close to closing time at the gallery, you figured no one else was going to show up and you could leave right on time if you cleaned up during the last few minutes of open hours.
“Ah, just in time.” you turned to the sound of a voice just coming into the gallery. “Oh, you weren’t closing up were you?” Kibum asked as you looked startled that someone had entered. You had  such a soft cute face he just had to strike up a conversation.
“Oh, ah no don’t worry about it. But there’s not much time before closing, are you sure you’ll enjoy the gallery with so little time?” You ask, hoping he’s not one of those people who makes a fuss.
“Don’t worry about it, I’m here to buy a piece.” He smiled. You were slightly surprised, but why else would someone come to a gallery so close to closing? “I don’t suppose you’re the curator?” he asked standing closer to you, as if to lead you to the piece he wanted. “This is one of my favourite galleries, the layout is always stunning.” You blushed, what a sweet talker, he must have known you were the curator.
“I am the curator, but I suspect you already knew that.”
“You caught me, I was hoping I could sweet talk you into seeing me outside of your work hours some time.” His face lit up with a cheeky grin.

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You were one of the groundskeepers of a park that plenty of people enjoyed playing football[soccer] and basketball late at night. And as luck would have it you have the evening shift and one of the ground lights needs fixing. Once you get to the field you noticed a tall man beside the light that needed fixing, his back turned to you. You place your tools and the box containing the replacement bulb down and snatch his attention. Minho was startle by the sound and was shocked to see that the groundskeeper who had come to fix the light, that he had accidentally damaged, was so cute.
“Excuse me please, sir. I don’t want you to be a risk if the bulb is broken.” You chirped, he was very handsome and the air was much more refreshing than you had been expecting and it lifted your spirits.
“Ah, uh, I’m sorry i’m the one who broke it. I didn’t mean to of course, but I figured you’d need to know what happened.” you smiled, how cute! What sweet young man.
“Hehehe, no, there’s no need for that. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to help, though! It very refreshing. Usually it’s some brats who don’t even mention that anything need fixing. So thank you very much.” You beamed at him taking the protective panel away from the light fixture. “You can go back to your game if you want to.” You said looking up at him.
“Oh, but what if the ball comes this way and you have your back turned? The light is replaceable but you aren’t.” he gave a dopey smile at his cheesy excuse for sticking around. You laughed heartily.
“Well thank you then.”

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You were working late at the library hanging around the small manga area, people kept leaving it a mess so you decided you’d stick around to deter anyone from doing it again. Taemin had some free time before they all went out to eat so he decided he’d spend some time catching up on some manga and meet the others at their selected restaurant later. When he got to the manga section he was surprised to see someone fixing the order of the books on the shelves. He often found them in a mess, so this was a pleasant change. He noticed you were in the way of the volume he wanted to read and stood behind them awkwardly, unsure of whether he should ask them to move or to just wait. He didn’t reach a decision as you noticed him behind you.
“Oh! Sorry, I’ll get out of your way.” You squeaked stepping out of his way. He stared wide eyed for a moment, his mouth agape. “You wanted something I was in front of, right?”
“Oh! Yes, sorry. Thank you. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be sorting the books.” he replied looking away bashfully. He hadn’t meant to stare but the glowing person before him was a sight to behold. You laughed,
“Yes, I figured I’d try to deter anyone from leaving it in the mess it usually is in by this time.” he smiled back hoping to keep the conversation.
“Ah, I had noticed that too. I guess you work here then?” before you could answer you were called by your boss.
“Oh, I’ve got to go.”
“W-wait, will you come back over here when you have the chance?” He blurted, cheeks flushing as he realised what he’d said. You giggled, nodding as you wandered over to your boss’s desk.

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Just Say the Word (Young Remus Lupin x reader-- SMUT)

A/N: OKAY so this is one of the first few times that i’ve attempted smut and i’m low key proud of it (??) like the ending got a little muddled but i love this idea sm ahhhhhh

word count: 1357
warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex, swearing

It’s the day after the full moon. Your boyfriend, Remus, hasn’t been to any of his classes today and you can’t say you’re surprised. It kills you, though. You’re always nervous the day after. You can’t pay attention to anything. All you can think of is rushing to the hospital wing after potions to see him.

The bell rings and you’re the first one out the door. You’re running as fast as you can manage in the now crowded corridors. You get to the infirmary and look all around, asking Madam Pomfrey if she’d seen Remus today. She had and she sent him back up to his dorm an hour before. You nod and thank her. Now, all you have to do is get back to the Gryffindor common room.

You climb the stairs to the boys’ dorms. You come to his door and exhale. It creaks as you open it, causing him to look up. “Y/N, hey.” He says sleepily. He sounds awful.

You sit on the edge of his bed and look down at him with a sad smile. “Hi.” You examine his face carefully, tilting it toward you. He has a black eye, and a scratch on his collarbone. You just barely trace your fingers over it, frowning. He lets out a quiet hiss. You retract your hand quickly. “Sorry! I’m sorry.”

He shakes his head slightly. “No, no. It’s okay. Just- hurts.” He huffs, reaching to intwine his fingers with your own.

“What did Pomfrey say?” You ask, softly brushing hair out of his face.

“I’ll be fine.” He assures you. “Gonna take a few days till I’m 100 percent, but I’m fine.” He tries to sit up, but ends up whimpering and grabbing his torso. “Really.”

You sigh. “Okay. Shirt off.” You stand up and help him lift his tee over his head. You gasp. His torso is littered with bruises and scrapes. “Oh my God, Remus!”

He bites his lip, wincing. “It’s not as bad as it looks. I p-promise.”

“Shush.” You press your finger to his lips, pushing him flat on his back, before kneeling up on his bed and straddling him. “This okay?”

“Mm.” He grins down at you, sitting lightly on his pelvis. “What’re you doing down there, sweetheart?” He reaches a hand up to cup your cheek. You place your hand on top of his and lean into it.

“I just..” Your eyes close. “I don’t want you to hurt anymore.” You lean down, placing cautious, barely-there kisses on each and every scratch, scar, and purple mark on his chest. “Close your eyes, now.” You coo, sitting up slightly to look at his face.

“Y/N-” He tries to protest.

“Close them.” You give him a bit of a look and he obeys. You carefully press your lips to his bruised eye and all the space around it, before laying one last peck on his nose. “What are we gonna do with you?” You giggle. He opens his eyes. You can taste his breath. He adjusts himself slightly to close the space between your mouths. The longer it goes on, the more intense it gets. Your tongues sloppily connecting and exploring each other’s mouths. A “mouth battle,” as Sirius and James would call it.

Then, you feel it. He’s gotten a bit too excited. You blush and laugh against his lips. “I’m sorry.” He mutters, chuckling as well.

You shake your head. “No, it’s my fault.” You sit up and are about to move off of him when he pulls you back down. He has that look in his big brown eyes, the one he always has when you two were about to get intimate. “Wha- Remus, no. No, you’re hurt. As much as I’d love to-”

“Please, Y/N. Just to distract me from the pain.” He whines.

“Rem, don’t do this.” You frown. “I don’t wanna risk hurting you more.”

He’s determined, though. “Please.” He grabs your hand. You don’t budge. “Please.” He can tell you’re starting to give in as he kisses your knuckles. “Please.” Goddamn it.

“Okay, okay.” You sigh in defeat. He sits up, beaming, ready to trade positions with you when you gently place a hand to his chest, pushing him back down. “Mm-mm. You aren’t moving. M'gonna take care of you, yeah?” You assure him softly. You’re actually incredibly nervous to do this. Your biggest concern is causing him more pain than he’s already in.

You slip off your shirt and toss it haphazardly on the floor, your pants along with it. You look to him. You can tell he senses your uneasiness. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, I just- I love you and I want you.. And I know that you’d make me feel a lot better. We don’t have to, though.”

“I want to. I’m just afraid that-” You cut yourself off. “Listen, if something goes wrong, hurts you, you have to tell me.”

He nods, his eyes gazing up and down your body as you unclasp your bra. “Stop staring, Moony.” You giggle.

“Sorry.” He smiles. “You’re just- you’re so beautiful.”

You shake your head, trying not to blush. “Okay. Okay.” Your hands are shaking as you slide down his body, removing his sweatpants and boxers in one slow, trembling movement.

“S'alright, love.” Remus watches you and how fidgety you are. “It’s only me.” He reaches for you and you give him your hand.

You take a deep breath. “Yeah. Yeah.” You scoot back up so you’re on his hips. You let him tug at the hem of your panties, before you pull them down completely. You lower yourself onto him, quite slowly. A little more than halfway down, you hear him let out a whimper. “Rem?!” You stop your movements immediately. Your eyes are now fixated on his face, instead of your own thighs. His eyes are closed and his fingers are tangled in his bedsheets.

“No- no. I- it’s fine. You’re just- so- this is good.” He finally manages the words. “Mm.. S'good.” You feel yourself get more excited as you slide down the rest of his length. God, he felt good inside you. You let out a quiet moan. His hands make their way to your hips as you buck them forward gently. “God, Y/N.” His breath hitches as you make your way back up him, your anxieties now having slipped your mind.

After a few go arounds, you feel him thrust into you. You gasp. It felt damn good, but you didn’t want him moving. “Hey, easy.” You lay a hand on his chest, while the other finds his own, still resting on your hip. “Easy.. If you want something, just say the word, babe. Use your words.” You lean down and kiss him roughly.

“Faster.” He murmurs against your lips.

You smirk. “S'all you had to say, love.” And with that, you sit up, quickening your pace.

“Y/N- sweetheart- fuck!” He groans.

The knots in your stomach tighten at his words. “Remus- I-” You grasp for his hands and close your eyes, wanting to let go, so badly. “I can’t.”

“Go on. Go on, I’ve got you. F- fuck.” He spits the words out as quickly as he can. He takes one hand off your waist and brings it to your clit, stroking it vigorously, helping you along. The new sensation sends you over the edge with a shriek of his name. The pure ecstasy has you squeezing his hand and trying to find something else to hold onto. “That’s it, angel- Oh my- Mm- Babe- I-” He’s at a loss for words. You feel him finish. You lean down and bury your face in the crook of his neck. He kisses the top of your head. You’re both panting. “Thank you.” He sighs. You nod in response.

You climb off of him after a minute or two and just lie next to him. You pull a blanket up over the two of you and snuggle into him, careful not to get too clingy. He turns on his side to face you, wincing slightly. “New monthly tradition?” He kisses your nose.

You chuckle, “I’ll think about it.”

Blood and Letting: A Feysand Pregnancy: Part Eight


Mor peered into the room. Her son’s hair was up atop his head, his fingers working a sketch as he sat cross legged in the chair. The cuff in his ear glinted in the darkness. His sleeves rolled up, showing the swirls of stars and paint tattooed on his forearms. He hadn’t moved almost the entire day. Bay had been sleeping for the past eighteen hours and Nate hadn’t left the room.

“Pumpkin, did you get any sleep?”

Nate looked up at her, he had a pencil in his ear, the charcoal on his face darkened his eyes even more than she thought possible, the ring in his lip lighter. His voice was scratchy from misuse.“Yes.”

She frowned. “Don’t you lie to me, Nathaniel. I may be seven months pregnant but I can still ground you.”

He sighed, digging into his chair. “No, Mother. I did not get any sleep. I wanted to be awake when Baylor woke up.” He looked at Bay. “He was tossing all night.”

She glanced at the bed. Bay was curled into onto his side, his wings tucked behind him, his hair in his eyes. He appeared to be sleeping soundly now. She looked back at Nate. Her son’s eyes were still on Bay.

She sat on the edge of the chair, curling a piece of his hair behind his ear. “You think he had nightmares?.”

He looked at her and whispered, “I think I locked him into them.”

His face was so worried and guilty, but was also set with a quiet steel. He would do whatever it took to get Bay to sleep. “Nate-”

A groan came from the bed. Sitting up, Bay palmed his eyes before looking up. Nate’s eyes snapped to Bay. They were wide. Bay slid his glasses on. The sleepiness in his eyes drowned out by anger.  “Where’s Ash?”

“Living room,” Nate said.

“I wasn’t talking you.” He looked at her. “Where is he?”

“Living room,” she said.

He walked around them both, his hands clenched at his sides. She looked at Nate. His face paled, his eyes following Bay out of the room. He looked at her. “Oh no.”

Rhys leaned against the wall, his arms crossed. They had been here for a few hours, Azriel gleaming information from Keir. It was hard to break Keir, but they were getting their information, one cut at a time.

Keir sat in the iron chair, chained to the floor. The mess of golden hair atop his head damp with sweat and blood.

“Do you think this will be the last?” Keir asked. “Those abominations you call children, they will always be hunted. If not by us then by someone else.”

“And each one of you will die by either my or my mate’s hand.” Anyone who went after his children would learn just how much of a monster he was.

He knew Azriel wanted information about his son. What it was that Nathaniel was keeping from him. What Keir did to him. But he was waiting, gathering information about the coup that almost ended with him and Feyre and their children dead.

“Who were you working with?” Truth-teller slid into the male’s skin, Azriel’s voice a deadly quiet that had broken many before Kier.

Keir’s face contorted, “No one.”

“Let me ask, one more time.”


Black rage sat in his chest, his nails cutting into his palms. Nate had looked exhausted, his face bordered between relief and worry. He didn’t give a shit. He would deal with Nate and Cassian after he dealt with Ash.

He surveyed the living room. Ash and Aysel and Cassian were in it. Ash sitting in a chair and Cassian holding Aysel, the Princess in a gray top and black leggings, her wings out behind her; he almost smiled as she squealed at him. Almost. Cassian looked up at him, his face carefully blank. He ignored him and grabbed Ash by his collar, “You’re coming with me.”

Ash’s face paled as Bay dragged him out of the town house by his shirt. He didn’t want Aysel to see him like he as angry as he was. He shoved Ash against the side of the building.


His fist connected with Ash’s stomach. Ash keeled over coughing, his hands on his knees. “If anyone, anyone else had done a violation like that to me they would be dead. Touch me again and you will be too.” He has had enough people touching him.


“I just had to get through yesterday. That was it. I would have been fine. But no. You had to drag me into my subconscious with my dead mother.”

Ash whispered, “You had nightmares?”

He smacked the side of Ash’s head. “It was the anniversary of my mother dying. What the fuck do you think?”

Ash’s face paled. “I can do something about that. I can heal them so you can sleep better.”

“Do you really thing I would let you into my head? After the stunt you pulled?” He didn’t want anyone to know about the nightmares he had. The ones that weren’t about his mother. He kept mental shields every second of every day just incase someone tried to get into his head. “I’m not letting you near me ever again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care if you’re ‘sorry’. I am so pissed at all of you. But you, you promised to not touch me. You were hurt and could have gotten yourself killed.” He crossed his arms. “Tell me, Ash. Did you pass out?”

He winced. “I-”

“Of course you did. What the fuck were you thinking?”

Ash pushed off the side of the building, starting towards him. “I was thinking that my brother was having a meltdown and I could help him.”

He didn’t want his help. “Worry about yourself. I’m fine.”

“You are far from fine. And who will worry about you?”


‘And you are doing such a bang up job with that, you self destructive midget.”

“At least I have a functioning brain you arrogant ginger giant. The next time you lay your hands on me will be the last.” Ash stared at him, his green eyes seeing something that Bay didn’t want seen. “Stop looking at me like that. Get back inside.”


Cassian kept Aysel on his lap, watching Bay storm through the House and back down the hall. Ash trailed in after him, his eyes narrowed in thought.

“I’m assuming that went well,” Cassian said.

Ash slumped into a chair, his chin rested on his fist. “You ever have a problem with Bay not wanting to be touched? I did and he threatened to break my hand. ” Oh he knew about that. When Nate and Dacia locked them in the Court of Nightmares.

Cassian shrugged, “The kid doesn’t like being touched.” He knew Bay had been in fights at the Court of Nightmares and in the camps. He also suspected he had been hurt before coming to live with him and Nesta. He wasn’t stupid enough to ask. Bay would shut him down and stop talking. Rhys got in his head though. He had told him what he found and Cassian was near murderous. “It would appear both Nate and Bay are hiding secrets from their parents.”

“No wonder he reacted so violently towards me touching him.”

Cassian leaned back, his hand still holding Aysel on his lap, his daughter gripping his hair. “You have been friends with Bay for eight years. You are just now realizing this?”


Azriel wiped the blood from his hands. He had gotten what he needed. Names and places. He couldn’t shake the feeling something was off. He told as much to Rhys.

“I tried getting into his head. His mental blocks were still in place. I couldn’t get in.”

Azriel nodded. “We got what we needed. I’ll have my shadows search for the people responisble.” He slid Truth - Teller in its scabbard before looking at Rhys. “I need to check in on Mor and then I’ll be coming back.”

“Do whatever you need.”


Baylor stood in the doorway, his eyes narrowed at him, his face flush with anger. His hair was still a mess, the freckles at his shoulders were stark against red skin. He had been outside. With Ash. Dread sat in Nate’s stomach. “Get the fuck out of my room.”

Excuse me,” his mother said. Her tone bordered on warning and amusement. She still sat on the ledge of her chair, her hand resting on her stomach. She gave Baylor a stern look.

Baylor’s ears reddened. “Not you, Mor.” His eyes slid to him. “I’m talking to Nate.”

Nate shut his sketchbook and sat it on the bed before standing. “Mother, can we have the room please?”

His mother stood, her golden hair falling around her. Her hand on her stomach. She reached up, kissing his cheek. “Don’t kill each other.”

His mother left, leaving just him and Baylor in the room. The silence was deafening but the look on Baylor’s face was so much worse. Hurt and betrayal and anger. It was enough to break him.

You,” Baylor stalked over to him, his finger in Nate’s chest.“Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

“You were suicidal.”

“And now I’m homicidal. Feel better?” At least he wasn’t turning on himself. So he did feel better actually.

Nate grabbed his hand. “Baylor-”

Baylor pulled his hand away from him. He snarled, “I had one day, Nate. Just one. But you and Cassian just had to hold me down so Ash can knock me unconscious with his magic.”

“I know,” he said quietly. “But you scared the fuck out of me.”

Most of the anger drained from his face, leaving mostly betrayal. He sighed forcefully. “I’m sorry.”

“Are we okay?”

“I’m still angry. And I will be for awhile.” Baylor’s brutal honesty was something he loved. Baylor lied to a lot of people, at least about how he was feeling. But not him. Baylor never lied to him. “But..we will be. Eventually.” Relief shot through him. “Can you promise me you will not do it again?” His voice was quiet, almost a whisper. He knew promises from him were binding. Nate didn’t break his word.

“No, I can’t. Your mental health is more important to me than staying in your good graces. If it helps you, I will do it if I need to. So will Ash. Even if you hate us afterwards.”

Baylor studied him. His face carefully blank and closed. He was at war with himself. Like usual. His thoughts going so fast he can’t make sense of them.

Nate’s shadows picked up his father. He was taking a break from Keir. Knowing his routine, he would go back and demand answers for him. He needed to get in there before his father returned. Nate looked at Baylor. “Do you still want to talk to Keir?”

Baylor’s face hardened. “Yes.”

Nate nodded. “We’re getting Cyrian.”


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There Is No Escape - Part 1

Summary: You are rescued from the waters around Neverland by Captain Hook and his crew with no memory has to what happened to you. But when you return to the island you soon find out.

Captain Hook/Peter Pan x Reader

Warning: None

Words: 1345

Your body is cold…..so very cold. You don’t know how you ended up in a vast ocean of water, or how long you had been in it, all you know is that you couldn’t swim any more. There had been no sign of land when you had first found yourself in the water and after swimming for however long you had been there was still nothing around you. Nothing but deep, dark, water. Every muscle in your body is aching beyond belief from the constant shaking as the cold temperature begins to affect you down to your very core.

This is it. This is how you were going to die. It’s a depressing thought but it is the only one that seems to be so very clear in your exhausted mind.

As your eyes begin to lose the fight to stay open and your face sinks beneath the gentle waves of the ocean you feel something wrapping itself around your wet hair, gripping it tight, before pulling you up and out of the water you’d been convinced was going to be your grave.

“Got her Cap’n!”

The deep, harsh, voice that now fills your ears is unrecognisable but you simply don’t care. All that matters now is that you are going to live another day. The hand that had pulled you out of the water now places you onto a hard surface and it is only now, as your eyes slowly fought to open a little, that you can make out several figures standing over you. Your vision isn’t as sharp as it would usually be though so there are no details on them that you can pick out….aside from one.

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Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Part 2

Summary: “I’ve waited a long time for you to hold your head up and look at me straight” - EXO “Falling For You”

Genere: Fluff

Warnings: None

AU: Royals

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

Originally posted by intokai

I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t see a servant, I saw a princess I used to be. A true lady. The mask was covering my face and the dress was flowing around me. I wished I could wear it everyday.

“You look stunning” said Miyoung

She was right. I really did.

“What time is it” I questioned

“It’s quarter past nine. The party had already begun”

The ballroom was just above seamstresses rooms. We quietly went out and headed to the party. My heart was beating so fast. I was so afraid someone will recognize me. If it happens, firing would be the best punishment. King Doyun was amazing ruler, but sometimes he had no mercy.

When I was about to enter the ballroom, Miyoung grabbed me by my shoulders.

“So, here’s the plan” she looked at me with a seriousness in her eyes “You go there, you start dancing with some random guy then, when you will switch partners, you’re going to do everything to dance with the prince. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea? I hesitated

“There’s no going back right now” she opened small door for servants and pushed me through it “Good luck!”

Before I could say anything she closed them. Breath caught in my throat. I was standing by the wall of a huge ballroom. The gowns, the ladies were wearing were so amazing, I felt like mine wasn’t enough. My eyes stopped at the royal family. Prince Jongin was standing next to his mother. The mask was covering his face, but he looked just gorgeous. I could see a small smile on his face.

I took a step and I almost fell down. It’s been awhile since I was wearing heels. People started to gather in the middle off the ballroom. It was time to dance. Taking a deep breath, I stood next to a lady in green dress and turned around. My partner was supposed to be a surprise. I felt the tension around me. The music started to play and I turned around.

What I saw, made my heart beat even faster. Prince Jongin was holding his hand out to me. I almost forgot that I was supposed to dance. I grabbed his palm and he pulled me by my waist. I gasped.

“Did I hurt you, miss?” he asked

I shook my head, too shocked to say anything.

I guess Miyoung’s plan didn’t work out. I didn’t have to dance with some random guy because I had prince Jongin from the beginning.

I tried to relax in his arms, but it was impossible. I was dancing with real prince, the prince I fell for. It was almost like a dream come true.

Silent curse escaped my lips, as I stumbled a little.

“I’m sorry” I murmured

“It’s alright” he smiled “I’m supposed to lead”

I felt the warmth from his body. He was so close to me, I could feel his breath on my neck.

“Can I ask you something, miss?” he questioned

“Of course, your highness” I breathed out

“Have we met before?” he looked at me “Because you seem… Somehow familiar”

And that was it. This play is going to end quickly if I don’t think of something. Think, Y/N! Think! Quickly!

“I don’t think it’s possible” I laughed awkwardly

“But you’re voice… It reminds me of someone” prince furrowed his eyebrows at me “Where are you from?”

“I… Um…” I started to stutter “Well… The kingdom I come from isn’t far away”

“Where is it exactly?”

“North” more lies were slipping through my mouth

“It’s not like I’m not happy to see you here, miss” the prince smiled at me “But who invited you here?”

“It was lady Lee, your highness”

His eyes met mine. They were so deep and gentle. I could see a spark of joy and interest in them.

“You are really interesting…” he said “Wouldn’t you mind telling me your name? Since you already know mine”

“I would like to keep it as a secret… At least for now” smile appeared on my face “Your parents didn’t tell you who’s invited to your own birthday party?”

“Not really” he spinned me around

That was really unexpected. My grip tightened on his shoulder.

I knew we were about to switch our partners. I didn’t want it. I wanted to dance with prince Jongin all night. Again and again, and I still wouldn’t get bored.

“Can I show you something?” I heard his voice

I looked at him with astonishment and blinked a few times. His question really shocked me. I didn’t know what to answer. Taking a deep breath, I whispered:

“Can I say ‘no’ to the heir?”

He smiled to me and grabbed my hand. I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to leave the party, but everyone, including the king and the queen, were focused on dancing. We quickly went out of the ballroom and headed to palace’s gardens. I’ve never been there before, but I’ve heard from the people who were working there that they’re really big and beautiful. We went deeper and deeper and I already could say that the rumors were true. It was late night, but I still could see red roses and colorful tulips. Of course, there were many more plants than that. We finally stopped in a small gazebo. It was white with some golden ornamentations.

“Your highness, why did you bring me here?” I asked with confusion

“As I said before, I want to show you something” he replied and came closer to me

He turned me around, so I was facing the entrance to the gazebo.

“Look carefully” his voice was a whisper

I furrowed my eyebrows and after a few seconds, I saw it. Hundreds of fireflies started to fly around the garden. My eyes went wide. It was really beautiful, almost like magic. I’ve never seen something like this before. I felt summer breeze against my skin.

“Every summer night, they appear here” I heard prince’s voice “I haven’t shown it to anyone before”

I laughed quietly.

“I feel honored, your high-”

“Jongin” he interrupted me “Just, Jongin”

“Jongin…” I repeated his name “So… You come here every night?”

“Almost. Sometimes I have too much chores, as a part of the royal family. However, there’s something in this view that helps me relax”

“Yeah…” I let out a sigh “It’s really beautiful”

I turned around. His nose brushed against mine and it made my heart skip. He was so close. I felt blush creeping on my face. The tension between us was almost palpable. His hot breath against my cheek and his hands on my shoulders. He gently moved them to my waist, making me gasp. Suddenly, Jongin used his opportunity and kissed me softly. For the first few seconds, I was standing still, but then I kissed him back. Feeling his lips against mine was completely new experience. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tangled my hand in his silky hair. We got lost in each other. For a while, I forgot he was a prince and I was a servant. We were just Y/N and Jongin. My lungs started to demand air, but then he pulled away slowly and took a deep breath.

“I-I’m sorry…” he stuttered and stepped away from me “I shouldn’t have done that”

“It’s okay” I looked down with embarrassment

I’ve just kissed prince Jongin. I was wondering if I should run away or not.

“Well…” his voice was really quiet “Since we already kissed… Would you tell me your name?”

With a corner of my eye, I saw him taking off his mask. There was a small blush on his face. I brought my shaky hands to my face. I had to do it. I didn’t want to lie to him anymore.

“I won’t tell you my name, but I can do something else” I whispered before taking off my mask “Please, don’t run away”

I looked up at him. Instead of shock, I saw a smile forming on his lips. My heart was beating even faster than before. He was just standing in front of me, and I could feel his intense stare. I opened my mouth to say something, but he came closer to me.

“I knew it from the beginning” he whispered before kissing me again

Author’s note: The gif above is not mine. English is not my first language! Please respect it!