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Who Lives , Who Dies - A.Ham x Reader

Prompt:  How about A.Ham x Reader where the reader saves Alexander from the bullet that Burr shoots?

Warnings: Death 

Length: 921 words

Requested by: @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit

Note: please please pleaseee send in more requests! I love writing them omg!

“Alexander!” You screamed, clutching his final letter. Half dressed in his clothes, you raced towards the Hudson. Your eyes tore the scene apart, in a crazed fashion… You were too late. He’d already gone. You saw a tall, thin silhouette of a man, about to set sail, and quickly raced towards him, offered him all the money within your possession, and asked to be taken to Weehawken. He complied, and you crouched in his boat, ignoring the disapproving looks you received because of your attire. Whilst he rowed, you couldn’t help but think about Alexander… 

Your Alexander… 

How could he be so stupid? Yes, he had been in duels before, but Burr…he was merciless, and after Alexander had promoted Jefferson, Burr had changed. Now he was volatile, dangerous, he would shoot. You knew it, you knew how Burr had converted into this cold figure. He was no longer your sweet best friend. He was different.  You swayed in time with the boat, as his last letter rang through your head, each syllable pounding harder and faster in unison with your heart. 

This letter, my very dear Y/N, has been left to inform you that I have decided to terminate my earthly career; to begin, as I humbly hope from redeeming grace and divine mercy, a happy immortality. Myself and Aaron Burr shall duel at Weehawken, and by the time you wake, it will all be over, I do not intend to kill today. I need not tell you of the pangs I feel, from the idea of quitting you and exposing you to the anguish which I know you would feel, but i am afraid, it must be done. With my last idea; I shall cherish the sweet hope of meeting you in a better world. I love you, my dear, always remember that.

Ever yours, 


You were pulled from the swirling vortex of your thoughts by the boat slightly bumping into the shores. You thanked the kind man, before sprinting away, towards the towering cliffs of the Palisades that slightly jutted into your view. The popular duelling ground was located directly underneath. You paused as the ground came into view, and you saw them, Alexander, Burr, their seconds and a doctor. You paused slightly, your body freezing and faltering as you hear the seconds shout. 


Everything seemed to move in slow motion, as you urged your legs to carry you forward, towards them.


You watched Alexander, his gun limply hanging by his side. It seemed like he was praying.


Burr stood, uncertain, slightly fiddling with his gun. You could see his hands shaking from a distance away


Neither of them saw you coming.


You stumbled slightly over the rough, uneven terrain, willing your legs to carry you faster towards them.


Burr shifted, as he readied his body, standing up straighter, bringing his eyes up. A new strength had arisen in him. He was no longer shaking.


Your Alexander stayed slightly slumped, you watched as uncertainly raised his gun.


Alexander pointed his gun towards the sky. He still didn’t see you.


You saw them turn. 

You heard a shot.

Burr had shot at Alexander, and it would’ve hit him.

It would’ve…If you hadn’t have pushed him out of the way.

You collapsed in a heap, and the pain hit you immediately. An unbearable burning sensation flooded your body, originating in your right hip, spreading throughout you in a wave of throbbing, unending torture.

“Y/N?!” You heard Alexander exclaim incredulously. “What did you do? Why would you-” His voice broke as tears formed in his eyes, as he desperately clutched at your side. You could barely hear him. It felt as if he were miles away. Everything around you echoed, as you grasped at him, desperate to touch him, to hold him. He was safe, you had saved him. You saw through your blurred vision as Burr tried to approach you, apprehensively and guiltily, but he backed away as Alexander shot him a venomous look and tried to lunge for him

“Alexander..” You muttered weakly. Even the act of speaking hurt, as the pressure of the bullet increased

“Y/N?” He immediately returned to your side, and grabbed you, as if he would never let go.

“Alexander…” You repeated. “ I couldn’t let you die…”

He chuckled softly through his tears. “ My love, don’t you see the irony in this situation?” He paused and panicked as you convulsed slightly in pain.

“Shh, it’s okay, Y/N, you’ll be okay…” He stuttered, desperately trying to convince himself, his optimism was inspiring, it’s what you loved about him, but you knew better. You glanced past him, to the doctor, who gravely shook his head.

You turned away from Alexander for a moment, and instead faced Burr, who was stood, his face filled with regret. He caught your stare, and began to speak.


“I forgive you.” You interrupted him. That’s all you wanted to say. Enough blood had been spilt unnecessarily. You didn’t want either of the to live with a guilty conscience. You wanted them to live. 

Slowly, but with determination, you reached a shaking hand up to rest on his face, ignoring your body desperately screaming for you to stop, to give in. “Alexander… I shall cherish the sweet hope of meeting you in a better world. I love you, my dear, always…remember…th-” You stopped, slightly smiling, before finally closing your eyes, laying to rest within his arms.

In the arms of your Alexander.

“Heartbreak is how many of us first learn self-discipline,” my psychology professor said. “Your heart is screaming at you. It’s aching in your chest. But your mind says, ‘We’re okay. It may not feel like it, but I know it. We’ll be just fine.’ And this is where we learn mind over matter.”

My heart wrenched in my chest, and I looked across the lecture hall. There he sat, staring down at his hands. I knew he could feel my eyes on him, so I looked away. My heart begged me to look over again, but my mind told me I’d be just fine, even if I didn’t ever look again.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #131

umm john would set cute messages as his laptop password for sherlock to guess, and they would range from “get milk” to “love your navy shirt” and then one day sherlock would struggle with guessing the password, and when john comes back from tesco he’d find him on the floor violently smashing the keyboard, and he would scream, “i can’t get it, john, what is it??” but john would just lean on the door frame and look at him with a soft smile and say “take a guess” and sherlock would stop breathing for a second and do a blinky thing and come back to the keyboard, and his shaking fingers would type in the letters and the laptop would ping and he’d gasp and look back at john with tears in his eyes and whisper “i love you too”

watching hamilton with my mom

alexander hamilton

  • “wow”

aaron burr, sir

  • “who is that”
  • “who are they”
  • “What are they doing”

My Shot

  • “he’s not throwing it away so he’s not giving up?”

the story of tonight

  • “so they’re buddies”

the schuyler sisters

  • “hey i know this song”
  • “what are they saying”
  • “wow”

farmer refuted

  • she is very confused

You’ll Be Back:

  • “oh yeah i like him”
  • “look at his face!!!”
  • cackling 
  • “he’s good eh” 

right hand man: 

  • “that’s george washington?" 
  • "so they’re just basically getting organized now?" 


  • "so is this when alexander meets the youngest one?" 
  • at alexander’s happy dance she screamed 
  • laughing bc herc is the flower girl 


  • laughs at anthony’s "alright alright!!!" 
  • looking very confused at choreo 
  • "why? SHE’S in love with him???" 
  • "so they’d be together?? but he’s poor?" 
  • (at least i’ll keep his eyes in my life) "ooh" 
  • "wow" 
  • "that’s pretty cool" 

the story of tonight (reprise) 

  • "are they all drunk?" 
  • (oh shit) she is laughing 

wait for it 

  • "i like this song" 

stay alive 

  • "look at them!" 

ten duel commandments 

  • silence 

meet me inside 

  • "isn’t the bald guy in charge?" 

that would be enough 

  • "is that his wife? she’s pregnant" 
  • "oh that’s good eh?" 

guns and ships 

  • she’s just smiling so much 

history has its eyes on you 

  • "oh he’s giving him a battalion that’s good" 


  • "so they’re getting all pumped to fight?" 
  • me: they’re fighting 
  • "ok" 
  • "that’s awesome, eh?" 

what comes next 

  • laughing as soon as king george starts walking 
  • just 
  • laughing 

dear theodosia 

  • "he had a kid with the british officer’s wife?" 

laurens interlude 

  • "who is that?" 
  • "who’s dead?" 
  • im crying


  • "oh the war’s over right, the world turned upside down" 
  • "what" 
  • "he’s trying to build the constitution?" 
  • "was he a president?" 
  • "he still has that connection with angelica" 
  • me: yep
  • "so…he’s pretty brilliant" 
  • "he keeps leaving" 
  • "wow" 
  • "its really good" 

 what’d i miss 

  • "oh is that devanay or–" 
  • me: daveed 
  • "yeah" 

 cabinet battle #1 

  • *whispers* "slaves" 

 take a break 

  • "he’s writing a letter to angelica? what about his wife?" 
  • my mom really ships alexander and angelica omfg 
  • "so he loves angelica" 

 say no to this 

  • "she’s a hooker?" 
  • she’s mad at hammy

 the room where it happens 

  • "its so good" 

cabinet battle #2 

  • laughs 
  • "who’s daddy? 
  • “oh, washington." 

washington on your side 

  • "so they’re getting together against him" 
  • "oHHH they’re going to find the affair" 

one last time 

  • "wow” (same)

i know him 

  • “oh god" 
  • she loves him 

the adams administration 

  • what just happened 

we know 

  • “wow” 


  • she looked very confused and offended when i explained the reynolds pamphlet 

the reynolds pamphlet 

  • shaking her head in disbelief (same mom) 
  • my mom loVES KING GEORGE 


  • "poor girl" 

blow us all away 

  • "oh" 
  • "ooh" 
  • "shot him at seven that’s not fair" 

stay alive (reprise) 

  • im crying 
  • "wow" 

it’s quiet uptown 

  • me: isn’t that upsetting? 
  • "YES." 

your obedient servant 

  • “passive aggressive” 

best of wives and best of women 

  • "they’re back together?”

the world was wide enough 

  • me: she’s the bullet 
  • “oh" 

who lives, who dies, who tells your story 

  • again im crying 
  • "wow" 
  • "wow" 
  • "i was choked up" 
  • "that’s neat”
  • “yeah i really like the king. he’s funny. what did he say? ‘jesus christ that’ll be fun’?”
BTS reaction to their gf surprising them backstage


He would be so startled. Like his eyes would get super big and he would look and feel like he just saw an actual ghost. Once the suprise factor is gone he would be a overgrown child he is and just give you so much love and affection.

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He would try to remain calm even though his body would scream from the insides because of how happy he is. Only thing that would give away his excitement would be his gummy eye smile and occasional glances towards you just to make sure what’s happening is real.

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Another man child trying to act tough. He would try to look so manly in front of you, acting like it’s no big deal even though shy namjoon would rise and he would be blushing so hard and giggling so wide.

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He would scream and hug you sooo tight your liver might fucking burst. Seriously, he would look like you just saved 7 billion puppies from getting run over. I don’t even have any words to explain it it’s literally just it.

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Okay but Jimin would be so happy. His face woud go from shook as fuck to eye smile in 0.000001 seconds. He would just hug you for straight up a minute and not let you go till you are like “uhh jimin? are you good?”

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He wouldn’t even try to act like he isn’t freaking bursting from happiness like other members. He would be yelling, he would be kissing you all over your face, he would freaking piggyback you to the coach and throw you on it. This sunshine would be so stoked he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.

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I am a firm believer would not even realize its you he would go in his spacey little mind like “Oh that’s obviously not Y/N” and then you would be like “JUNGKOOK” and he would be so shook like who is jungkook how are you here what is happening.

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space-girlfriends  asked:



-Jason having a night terror and Tim being there when he lashes out and brushing his hair down and being like ‘Jay, it’s me. It’s just me.’ And Jason’s hand goes for his throat but his eyes snap open before he can squeeze down and he just looks heartbroken and starts babbling out apologies as he pushes himself away 

-But Tim grabs his hands and pulls him back and just grounds him like “Shhh, I know. That’s not you.” And Jason’s choking back tears because it used to be him, he hurt Tim. But Tim gets it, Tim understands how angry Jason was, how hurt, how fucked up the pit made him. And Jason’s so grateful and he mumbles apologies against Tim’s skin until he falls asleep on him 

-Tim being in the midst of a panic attack while they’re out on patrol because he saw something bad, a kid get shot, a body that looked like how he found his father. And Jason tugs him away from the scene and tells him to just breathe Timmy, breathe for me. Focus on me, remember that time we got chili dogs together and your preppy ass got mustard on your Calvin Klein button up?

-Jason and Tim sleeping together all cuddled up and sometimes Jason likes holding Tim tight and close but other times he loves it when Tim is the one holding him. Even if they look lowkey ridiculous (Jetpacking much?) 

-And don’t even get me started on all the late night conversations they had before even getting together. Jason shaking his head with a ‘You should hate me y’know.’ And Tim smirking and shrugging. ‘Bruce always did say he questioned my decision making skills’  And Jason laughs and flicks him behind the ear and they continue sitting on some abandoned building together until Bruce calls Tim back to the Cave.

I Refuse

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 808

-Bucky’s overprotective. The reader is stubborn. But they’re so in love-

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           You couldn’t do anything except scream as you went flying through the air toward the window. You knew you were going to go through and die. That’s how this worked. You didn’t want to die, but at this point, you couldn’t stop it.

           But then you stopped moving and the glass never came. You opened your eyes and looked up at your boyfriend, “Bucky …” you sighed.

           His face was full of anger and concern, “What are you even doing here?” he practically growled.

           “Wanted to help,” you said.

           “I told you to stay home and away from here. It’s too dangerous,” he said, “You could have died.”

           “I refuse to sit missions out,” you said bitterly.

           “Guys, can you take care of your relationship issues some other time?” Steve called out, “I need a little help here.”

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“I love (Y/N).”

“WHAT!” Both witches screamed in unison.

You stood in the door way shocked at what you had heard. You saw Kyle stand up and walk past the girls not paying any attention to them. Just walking straight to you.

And he placed his hands on the sides of your face and pulled you into a heated kiss.

You stared wide eyed before let yourself melt into his kiss. Completely forgetting the other two witches in the room.

He eventually pulled back and looked deep into your eyes.

“I love (Y/N).”

C’mon, C’mon.

Prompt: You and Sebastian are in a movie together, and you can’t wait for that special scene.

A/N: This is short but I wanted to get something out for y’all!! thank you for reading and much love xx

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“Kiss me,” you murmured softly, looking intensely into Sebastian’s eyes as he gazed back down at you, invitingly. 

He bit his lip, “But, we can’t. What about him?” 

“I don’t care about him anymore! I want you!” You yelled, exasperated and yearning for his lips on yours. 

“You’re so infuriating! Don’t you know he loves you!?” Sebastian screamed, the vein in his neck popping out. Whoa

“I only want you.” 

Sebastian grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him, leaning forward. 

Just as you were about to finally feel his plump lips on yours, it was all ruined. 

“Cut! Alright everybody, that’s a wrap for today. We’ll pick this back up tomorrow.” The director called, causing Sebastian to pull away from you and scratch his neck. 

Sebastian smiled sheepishly at you, “You were great today.” 

You nodded, “Thank you, so were you.” 

It was so frustrating. Filming a new movie was the absolute worst thing when your co-star looked like a sex god and you were supposed to be his love interest. To say you were excited to be in this film would be an understatement, but with every chance you got to kiss him, it was ruined by one thing or another. 

He was so nice, extremely intelligent, and everything that you ever looked for in a man. Unfortunately he just didn’t seem too interested in you. 

You walked away from set, following the familiar path to your trailer, and plopped down onto the chair. 

“You were supposed to film the scene from page 32, how’d it go?” Your assistant asked you, knowing fully well you were extremely interested in Sebastian. You wiped your forehead, sighing at the perky blonde girl in front of you, “The director called cut just before the kiss.” 

“That’s unfortunate. It’ll come tomorrow, everything will be fine.” She reassured you, patting your thigh lightly. 

You couldn’t help but feel desperate. Every time you saw Sebastian, you licked your lips. You had chapstick on you all the time. It seemed sad, and by the look of pity your assistant gave you, you were right about that. 

“Whatever, I’m just gonna go home and sleep. Need my rest for tomorrow.” You winked, changing out of your on-set clothes and changing back into the comfortable leggings and sweater that you came in. 

You wiped off the makeup and sighed at your freshly clean face, pulling your hair back into a bun and walked out of the door. 

As you looked up, you ran directly into the strong chest of someone. Slowly your eyes traveled up the man’s body and you were relaxed to see it was only Sebastian. 

“Oh, h-hey.” You stuttered, hugging your chest. “Hey, (Y/N), I was just going for a bite to eat, you wanna come?” He said, his smile inviting and friendly. 

You grinned, “Sure.” 

He led you to a small cafe that was just outside of the set, the both of you sitting down and telling your beverage choices to the waitress. 

“So, I’ve seen some of your movies,” he started, “and you’re pretty damn good actress. I think the director made a good choice in casting you.” 

Your face grew red, “T- thank you. I’ve hoped to become as good as an actress as, say, Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor.” 

Sebastian smiled, “I think you’re already there. You did a pretty damn good job at looking like you wanted to tear my clothes off on set today.” 

A giggle bubbled from your throat, “Welp, that’s my job.” 

The waitress came by and took your orders, obviously interested in Sebastian. As she walked away you decided to change the subject. 

“I recently watched a few of your movies as well.” You said, not a bit more confident. 

“Really, what one?” He asked inquisitively. 

You bit your lip, “The Bronze. I think you really brought that character, what was his name,” you snapped your fingers, “Lance. You really brought Lance to life.” 

It was his turn to go red, his ears burning as he smiled sheepishly, “Yeah, that uh- that was quite a movie to… film.” 

“Oh it certainly must have been!” You laughed, throwing a peanut into your mouth and smirking at Sebastian who hid his face in his hands. 

The meal went on simply enough, the both of you talking about various roles you had and just getting to know each other in general. He talked fondly of his time on set in The Martian, talking of his love of space and his interest in astronauts. He mentioned it was something that he thought about a lot. 

You talked of your movie roles, laughing about the small role you had when you were just starting out and embarrassed about the sex scene you had to have. 

Sebastian followed you back to your rented apartment near the set, conversation not stopping as he skipped behind you with his hands in his pockets. He was animated and lively, something you had yet to see much of when acting. 

You invited him in, thanking him for paying for the meal and sitting on the couch with beers in your hands. 

“How do you feel about the scene tomorrow?” He asked suddenly, his eyes lit with mischievous thoughts. “Which one?” You asked once your lips popped off of the bottle. 

“You know,” he chuckled, “the one where you can finally plant one on me.” 

“If I’m not mistaken, you’re the one who kisses me.” You defend, shrugging your shoulders. 

“Fine, fine.” He murmured, his eyes brightening with his smile. 

Your hands ran over the condensation on your bottle, the two of you sitting in a comfortable silent. He studied your features while you looked away, his eyes moving to something else once he noticed you staring back. 

“Do you think we should… practice for tomorrow?” Sebastian asked. 

You almost spat out your beer. “Practice kissing?” 

He nodded, “Yeah. I think it would be good, really show our body chemistry on camera.” He explained, now sitting closer and your knees hitting each other. 

Without saying a word, he moved a hair out of your face and tucked it gently behind your ear. His hand rested on your cheek and he leaned forward. 

Every muscle in your body stiffened, the moment you had been waiting for forever finally happening. 

As his lips met yours, you sighed happily and relaxed into his touch. His lips tasted sweet, like cherries with a hint of the apple ale that he had been drinking just moments before. 

His tongue tasted even stronger of the ale, it cold against yours but every move he made only made you want to kiss him longer. 

After a moment he pulled away, his eyes meeting yours. You cleared your throat, “Yeah, that was good. You’re pretty good.” 

Sebastian threw his head back and laughed. A real, belly clenching laugh. He wiped tears away from his face, only to chuckle more once he saw your smile, “I’m sorry, doll. You just-” he laughed some more, “you’re so awkward. It’s lovely.” 

“Hey!” you threw a throwpillow at him, “don’t be a jackass.” 

Sebastian giggled quietly to himself, only to stop and look directly into your eyes. “I’m going to kiss you again, and this time it isn’t for practice.” 

Before you had time to process what he had said, his lips were on yours and your back was on the couch. Not for practice this time, do what you can! you thought to yourself, wrapping your arms around his neck and enjoying the sweet taste of cherries once again. 

His hands stayed on your hips, pushing you down onto the couch and his lips capturing yours once again. 

You pulled away, out of breath and watching Sebastian’s chest heave as he smiled. “Do you think we’re ready for tomorrow?” 

“I don’t know… maybe you should kiss me one more time to find out.” You murmured cheekily, leaning up to kiss him again.

After El

a mike centric mileven fic! set during the year after her ‘death’.
please tell me what you think of it, it’s my first stranger things writing so i would love some feedback :)

Mike is screaming. He can feel his face wet with tears.

“EL! EL!”

“Mike,” it’s Lucas, “Mike, she… she saved us.” He touches Mike’s arm. “She’s gone.”

Mike shakes him off. “No,” he mutters, shaking his head, “she’s not gone. She’s here. We just have to look.”

Lucas and Dustin exchange a look; they both have tears in their eyes too.

Mike glares at them. “You guys don’t even care she’s gone!” He yells.

“That’s not fair, Mike,” Dustin says, his voice breaking, “she was our friend too.”

“If Will is alive, then she can be too,” Mike says with a sob, “she has to be.”

He runs at of the room, because if she’s not in here than she has to be somewhere else. She has to be. And he has to get her before they do.

Lucas attempts run after him, but Dustin grabs his arm. “Let him go.”

Dustin thinks about the last time he said that. It had been to Mike at the scrap yard, Lucas had been the one walking away then, and Eleven had disappeared. He thinks about the last time Mike had left. They’d been at the quarry, Mike had yelled at Eleven, and ridden away. He remembers walking Eleven back to Mike’s with Lucas. She’d cried the whole way.

Adults soon come. Ambulances, police. They remove the bloody bodies of the bed men that Eleven killed. They wrap the three boys up in blankets. They tell them that everything is going to be okay.

They don’t find Eleven.

Mike wants to yell and scream at them. Everything will not be okay. Not until they find Will and Eleven.

Dustin’s parents come, and then Lucas’s, and then finally Mike’s.

His mom hugs him tightly. He knows she’s speaking, but what she is saying he can’t make out. Everything seems so strange and blurry.

But it all comes back into focus when she says one name. Will.

Mike’s head shoots up. “What did you just say?”

“They found Will, Mike! They found him!” She sobs.

And for the first time, Mike forgets about Eleven. He rushes over to Dustin and Lucas. “They found him! They found Will!”

The boys all let out a howl of pleasure, sadness forgotten, as they grab each other and jump up and down.

Then Mike remembers Eleven, and he feels a pain in his gut that will soon become so familiar.

How could he forget?


Karen and Ted take the boys to the hospital, and they’re met there by Jonathan, Nancy, and weirdly enough, Steve.

Nancy hugs Mike. “Where’s Eleven?” She asks him.

Mike grits his teeth and shakes his head. He walks away from Nancy and slumps down in a chair, trying not to cry.

She looks at Dustin and Lucas for explanation. “She killed the monster.” Dustin told her quietly.

“She saved us.” Lucas added.

“What happened to her?” Nancy asked, already dreading the answer.

Lucas can feel a lump rising his throat. “She just disappeared with it. It took her with it.”

He sits down next to Mike, and Dustin next to him.

They all wait for a very long time. Dustin and Lucas fall asleep. But Mike can’t, despite never having been more tired in his life.

All he can think about is Will and El, and if maybe they hadn’t been so obsessed with finding Will, El might still be alive. If they had just kept her safe, if he had. She’d trusted him. He’d promised her.

I promise.


It means something you can’t break.

He feels that pain in his gut again, like he is going to cry and throw up at the same time.

He’d lied. He’d broken the promise.

And he hates himself, because in his mind he finds himself bargaining them. Who would he rather have, Will or El?

Both. He wants both of them. Why does he only get one. Why?

At this point he can feel new tears coming, thick and fast; warm against his clammy cheeks.

Less than two hours later, Jonathan comes out into the waiting room and Mike shakes the boys awake.

In a blur, they rush to Will, hugging him, and telling him everything that has happened.

And for the first Mike doesn’t feel angry or sad when thinking about Eleven since she’s been gone, but a strange mixture of happiness and sadness at the same time, as he, Lucas, and Dustin recount their tales to Will.

But Will coughs, and they all stop and look at him with worry. It hadn’t occurred to any of them about what would actually happen to Will afterwards. They’d just assumed it was going to go back to normal, and they were suddenly realising that it wasn’t.


That first night after everything, everyone hugs him and asks him he’s okay.

“Do you need to talk?” Ted, Nancy, and Karen all ask within five minutes of each other.

He shakes his head. “No, I’m just going to have a shower, and go to bed.”

He cries in the shower, it’s the first time, but not the last. He tries to wash away the anger and sadness and grief for Eleven, as well as the happiness and relief for Will. He hates having these strange conflicting emotions. He hates feeling happy even though El is gone, and he hates feeling sad even though Will is back. He scrubs himself raw before he gets out. But he doesn’t feel any better.

He wanders down to the basement and sees El’s blanket fort half dismantled, he feels the pang in his gut, as he rushes over and quickly fixes it up. He looks at her empty fort, and feels his chest give as he begins to sob.

She can’t be gone.

She can’t.


The next few days pass like a dream, hazy and quick. The boys visit Will in the hospital everyday. Sometimes they bring boardgames, sometimes they talk, and other times they just sit.

The town is all abuzz about Will’s miraculous return, and the boys are requested to do an interview with the local newspaper, and then even for a national one. They turn down both though of course. “My son’s emotional trauma is not for sale,” as Karen puts it.

The hazy days turn into weeks, and soon Will is out of the hospital, and another week later he’s back at school. The kids either treat him like he’s some kind of strange alien (not that they didn’t use to do that), or come rushing up to him and ask what it was like to be dead. Will just shrugs and tells them what he tells everyone. “I don’t remember anything. I just fell asleep and then I woke up.”

Some just look at their friends, amazed; others follow it up with questions like, “Does that mean you’ll never be able to die?”

And Will just laughs and shrugs. “Who knows,”

And together the boys walk away.


He looks for her in everything over those first few months. Eggos, the number ’11’, blonde hair, pink dresses, people with short hair like hers, blood noses, his grey sweat pants and blue jumper, the frozen food aisle at the supermarket with the Eggos, whenever a door shuts suddenly, or when there’s a gust of wind. All of these things are explicitly linked to her, and he can’t think about them without and thinking about her, and he hates that it hurts.

Eggos don’t taste as good anymore, but he eats them anyway. He has too, because she can’t, and that’s not fair. And when he can’t stomach them, he takes them down to the basement on a plate and places them in El’s fort. “For when you come back,” he says to the empty basement.

He sits in it—her fort—sometimes; he pulls his knees up to his chest and shuts his eyes and wills her to return, to walk down the stairs in her pink dress with a bloody nose, for her to sit next to him and rest her head on his shoulder like she did when they were in the gym. But when he opens his eyes, he’s alone, and he let’s out a shuddering breath and leaves the basement.

Just under a month after Will’s return, he is doing this again, and wiping his eyes, he walks up the stairs slowly, like he’s done many times before, but this time he hears his parents hushed voices in the living room.

“I think he needs to talk to someone, Ted,” Karen says, “he’s struggling,”

“He can talk to us,” Ted responds.

“I mean to a professional Ted, like a physiologist or something,”

“I though he was seeing the school guidance counsellor,”

“He stopped going, said he didn’t need it and that the counsellor wouldn’t listen,”

“Well, if he was telling his monster stories again…”

“We need to do something, Ted! He’s always upset, and he keeps hoarding waffles in that fort in the basement!”

Mike stomps up the stairs loudly, and pushes the door open aggressively. He walks dramatically past the living and glares at his parents. “I don’t need to talk!” He yells at them.

He runs up the stairs and slams his door, locking it behind him.


When the Snow Ball is first mentioned at school the girls in the class all start whispering to each other and giggling; Mike sinks in his chair and feels the now familiar pain in his gut. The teacher continues to talk about the Snow Ball, and Mike can feel, to his uttermost embarrassment, tears in his eyes. He tries to hide his face as a tear splashes into his desk. The only thing worse than crying in front of the class is peeing your pants, but that memory just makes him feel even worse.

Lucas, who’s sitting at the desk next to him, leans over and gives him a light whack. “Mike, are you okay?“

Mike sniffs quietly and nods his head, not looking at him.

Mike wipes his eyes, and holds his tears back, as he raises his hand and asks the teacher to go to the bathroom, keeping his head down.

He rushes to the bathroom, thankfully no one is in there, locks himself in a stall and cries. He regains control of his emotions a few minutes later; swallowing down the last of the tears. He washes and dries his face before going back to class.

“Are you okay, Mike?” Lucas asks again, once Mike has sat down.

Mike nods, looking at him this time. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Lucas doesn’t look as if he believes him, but he doesn’t press the issue, instead he shares a not-so subtle glance with the other three.

The night of the Snow Ball comes, and Mike can’t help himself, he puts on the suit he wore to Will’s funeral—it’s his only one—and messily ties the tie himself. He slips into the kitchen and takes an unopened box of Eggos from the freezer without being noticed. He uses some of Holly’s ribbon to tie a bow around the box.

He goes down to the basement and sits in her fort, the cold Eggos in his hand.

If she’s going to come back, she’ll come back today. We promised.

He waits for over an hour, his heart heavy like no twelve year old’s heart should ever be.

A tear falls onto the no-longer-cold box of Eggos, and then another, and another.

She’s gone, she’s gone, each tear says.

She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s gone.

“She’s really gone.” He says to the empty basement, and it’s as if a weight as been lifted off his chest, as if not admitting to her death had been crushing him in a way that accepting it never could.

His tears come faster and faster until he has completely soaked the box of Eggos and the corners are starting to tear, until finally they stop, and he breathes again, and it’s like he’s been holding his breath waiting for her to come home, and now he knows, he knows, that she’s never coming back, he can finally breathe again.

A couple of minutes later there’s a knock at the door. “Mike?” His mom calls.


“The boys are here!”

The door opens and in spill Lucas, Dustin, and Will. Mike’s face splits into a grin, and he hastily takes off his blazer and tie, before he gets up to greet them.

‘We figured you could use the company,” Will says to him, and Lucas and Dustin nod in agreement.

Mike smiles at them. “Thank you,”

They all sit around the table, and continue their game of Dungeons and Dragons, and for the first time since Will disappeared, everything goes back to normal.


It begins to hurt less after that night, the pain of loosing her. Eggos have still lost their flavour, and he still keeps her fort up, but it hurts less, and he thinks about her less too. He still thinks about her everyday, but to gets less and less with each day. At Christmas he replaces the Snow Ball Eggos that he’d left in her fort with a new box, even though he knows she’s not coming back.

The days blend into each other and 1983 changes into 1984, and winter melts into spring, and it almost feels like everything that happened last fall isn’t real, and just reserved for his nightmares. The buzz about Will dies down too, and soon everyone is treating him like they used to, except James and Troy, they have stayed well away from the boys since the quarry incident. The boys begin to worry about normal pre-teen things again, they are finally settled. With the weather finally getting better, they spend even more time outside, biking around, exploring, like they do most springs, though they are careful not to go to far, for obvious reasons.

His birthday comes and goes, and he wonders what it would be like if Eleven was here. Would she get him anything?

Eggos, probably, he thinks, and he laughs quietly, surprising himself. It feels strange to laugh about her.

With the weather finally getting better, they spend even more time outside, biking around, exploring, like they do most springs, though they are careful not to go to far, for obvious reasons.

Spring changes swiftly into summer, and now the boys are always outside, having fun, and Mike finds the pain of Eleven hurting even less. It’s been six months since her death; that feels so long for a thirteen year old.

They stick to their usual summer rituals, water gun fights; biking down to the river just out of town; pulling pranks on the older siblings; eating s’mores around a camp fire at night; taking advantage of the fact that they’re no school nights and playing extensively long games of Dungeons & Dragons on the hotter days.

There’s only one thing different this summer: Girls.

It is almost as if both Lucas and Dustin realised that girls weren’t gross right after they turned thirteen. Mike and Will both remain wary though, Mike for one reason; Will for another. Sure, Mike likes girls, but every time he thinks about one, they just morph into El in his head. Her small smile, her shaved head, her deep brown eyes that held so much pain and kindness at the same time.

He is standing with Will, the two are watching Lucas, from a distance, and his poor attempt to talk to Sally Harding, a very pretty girl from school.

“Do you miss her? Will asks Mike suddenly.

Mike snaps around, taken by surprise. “Wh-what?”


Mike feels that familiar pain his gut, fainter than it was, but still there; he doesn’t think it will ever completely go away. “Yeah,” he murmurs, after a moment, “everyday.”

And it is true, he does miss her everyday, even if he doesn’t feel it till four in the afternoon, he always has a moment where his gut hurst and his heart sinks.

Will smiles sadly, “I wish I could’ve met her.”

“She saw you, in the Upside-Down,”

“I know, but I didn’t know she was there,”

Mike nods thoughtfully, looking away from Will and over at Lucas. “You would’ve liked her. She would’ve liked you too.“

Will watches Mike curiously for a few moments before looking over at Sally and Lucas too. “Oh god,” Will laughs, “What is he doing? Is he- is he shaking her hand?!”

They both burst out laughing, and Lucas glares over in their direction.


Despite the strange timelessness that is summer, it comes to an end and the boys start school again. Summer fades into autumn and before they know it, it’s been a year since Will disappeared, and a year since they met El.

It’s November 7th and he’s looking at her fort, it’s been gathering dust for a while now, he barely sits in it anymore. Mike can hardly comprehend that he set it up a year ago. That they found El a year ago.

What is ‘friend’?

A friend is someone you would do anything for.

He shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath before opening them again, and walking up the stairs and away from the fort.


It is a couple of days later, and they are all in Mike’s basement.

“Something weird is going on guys,” Will tells them.

“What do you mean ‘weird’?” Dustin asks him.

“Like weird weird, like last year weird. I heard Hopper talking to Mom, it sounds really bad.” Will says seriously.

“Oh shit, like Demagorgon?” Dustin asks.

“El killed the Demagorgon!” Lucas points out before Will can reply.

Nobody speaks, but they are all thinking the same thing, just waiting for one of them to voice it. It’s Dustin who finally does, “What if there was more than one?”

Mike gulps, and all four of them exchange worried glances.

Mike turns to Will. “Did you ever see more than one in the Upside-Down?”

Will shakes his head. “I only saw one, but…”

“But what Will?” Dustin asks loudly, sounding scared.

“But I only saw one, but if the Upside-Down is as big as our world then there’s bound to be more. Maybe Hawkins has the only gate and now…”

“Now they’re all coming here to the gate,” Mike finishes for him.

“Oh shit! Oh shit, shit, shit!” Dustin exclaims loudly.

“Calm down, Dustin!” Lucas says, whacking him.

“Calm down?! Do you remember what that thing looked like, what it could do?! We are so screwed without El!”

The truth settles around them, the completely obvious truth. They are so screwed without El.

“Well, we don’t need to get involved,” Mike says to the group, “we have no reason too, no one’s missing. We just need to stay away from anything that could have to do with the Demagorgon.”

Lucas and Will murmur their agreement.

“What about Eleven?” Dustin points out, loudly and insensitively.

“Eleven’s dead!” Mike says forcibly, the words coming out a bit louder and angrier than he had meant.

“We don’t know that, Mike! She just disappeared!” Dustin argues.

“Stop, Dustin! Stop! You guys were the ones who said she was dead!”

“Yeah, well, now I’m not so sure,” Dustin responds, somehow managing to be calm.

Mike glares at him, and can feel a lump rising in his throat and tears sparking in his eyes. It’s been so long since he’s cried about El.

Lucas whacks Dustin. “Dude, stop it,” he mutters.

“What?” Dustin asks, gesturing with his hands.

“Can’t you see it’s making him upset,”

“I’m not upset!” Mike says too loudly as a tear rolls down his cheek.

“Mike, it’s fine if you are, you have every right to be,” Lucas says quietly.

“I’m not!” He stands up and wipes his eyes defiantly.

“Mike,” Will says gently, tugging on his sleeve.

“Mike, I’m sorry,” Dustin says sincerely, “I didn’t mean to make you upset, I’m sorry.”

Mike sits down and takes a deep breath, wiping his eyes once more. “I’m fine,” he tells them.

They don’t look so sure.

“I’m fine.” He repeats, firmer this time, more believable. “Eleven’s dead, Dustin, and I just… don’t think it’s good to try and think otherwise.”

Dustin nods. “Yeah, I get that,”

The boys sit in silence for a while.

“So we just avoid the Demagorgon and the gate?” Lucas asks, breaking the silence. “That’s our plan?”

The boys glance each other and nod. “That’s our plan.”

That night Mike tries to put Dustin’s words out of his mind.

What about Eleven?

She just disappeared.

Now I’m not so sure.

He sits up, his breathing quick and shallow.

What if he’s right?

What if she’s still alive.

He lies back down and tries to calm his breathing.

If she is alive, and I believed she was dead all these months, does that make me a horrible person for not believing?


Stay in the basement and under no circumstances go outside.

Those had been Hopper’s exact words. It is ten minutes later and the boys were huddled in Mike’s basement, where Hopper had dropped them all off.

“I told you something bad was happening,” Will had said when Hopper told them to stay.

“What do you think is going on?” Dustin asks the group.

“Something real bad,” Lucas responds.

“Demagorgon,” Will nods.

“Bad Men,” Mike adds.

“The energy department ones?” Lucas asks.

Mike nods and Dustin says, “It’s gotta be, why else would we be in danger.”

They hear the unmistakable sound of the front door being opened, and all four boys jump, their hearts racing.

“Shit shit shit shitshitshitshit,” Dustin is muttering.

“Shhh!” The other three hiss at him.

They hear the sound of large feet, and their eyes grow wide in fear.

“Maybe it’s Hopper?” Will mouths to the boys hopefully.

Mike points to a window. “If it comes near the basement door, we need to crawl through that,” he breathes.

“But Hopper said not to go outside!” Lucas hisses.

“Well if there is a bloody monster in the house then I am sure we can go outside!” Mike hisses back.

Lucas opens his mouth to retort, but they hear the floor creak loudly above them, and all immediately tense up again.

“Boys!” Comes Hopper’s voice. “It’s me!”

Dustin is about to respond when Lucas whacks him. “How do we know he’s alone?” He whispers. “Why doesn’t he come down?”

The boys stay silent, waiting for some proof that it’s just Hopper.

The basement door is thrown open and they all gasp and rush towards the back wall and window instinctively.

Hopper is standing at the top of the stairs. “Relax boys,” he says, “it really is just me.”

They all breathe a sigh of relief, their shoulders sagging.

“Come on up,” Hopper says, “there’s someone here who wants to see you,” he motions for them to come, and exchanging looks, they charge up the stairs.

“Who is it?” Will asks.

“This way,” Hopper says, and he walks around the corner, and standing there, by the front door is Eleven.

Their faces all break into a smile, none more-so than Mike’s. His heart is racing for a completely different reason than it was down in the basement, and he feels as if he is dreaming. He rushes forward and embraces her; the two clutch each other so tightly.

“I missed you, Mike,” Eleven whispers into his ear, “so much.”

“I missed you too, El! I missed you so much,”

They can feel the other crying softly onto their shoulder, but they don’t care, and they don’t care four other people watching. The keep ahold of each other tightly, their heads on each other shoulders, eyes shut tight, tears just escaping, they can feel each other’s warm breath, and they don’t want to let go because this is the hug both of them have dreamed of for a year.

When they finally let go, Mike clutches her hands, and Eleven squeezes his reassuringly.

She’s here, she’s really here. She’s alive. She’s beautiful.

“Let’s never let that happen again, El,” he whispers to her, looking into her eyes.

She nods and smiles, her eyes sparkling with tears. “Promise?”

“Promise.” He replies softly, his heart bursting with pure happiness


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Christmas Mini-series Part One

Written by Christina

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 1173

A/N: Here’s part one for our Christmas mini-series! Hopefully, you all enjoy it! We will publish a new part every other day, with the final part published on Christmas Day. We will also alternate authors, so since this part was written by me, Danielle will write the next part, then I write again and so on. Thanks for the love and support! We have also received some requests so we will start working on those as soon as we can :) 

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

“What do you mean you don’t like Christmas?!” Peter Parker screamed. You groaned and rolled your eyes, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“It’s just that I don’t get all the fuss about it. Like, it’s not that big of a deal, Parker.” You said, trying not to let your irritation show in your voice, but failing.

Peter looked like a crushed little kid. His brown eyes were big, soft and doe-like. His eyebrows were gently pushed together and upward. His pink lips were parted in shock. You two had been hanging out in his bedroom, doing some last minute homework assignments before your winter break, when Peter brought up the holiday. You let it slip out that you weren’t a big fan of Christmas. Thus, this disagreement. You bit your lip and looked away, gathering your thoughts and emotions.

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The Day is Saved.

Thanks to:

Ladybug and Chat Noir!

I like how we can see Ivan is still having a hard time computing the hug he is getting. And I feel like Chat Noir is getting ideas from it like, “Hugs? Can haz hugs?”

But he sneakily goes in for the shoulder touch instead.

However, Ladybug is quicker than he is.



Look at his eyes.

They are focused on where she is touching his hand.

He might try and have flirty words to say, but the moment Ladybug is actually touching him, his lil’ brain just shuts down. In a way, it’s a hilarious parallel to Ivan. Oh sure, they have words, but the moment physical contact gets brought in, all computing stops.

See? Even though she’d stopped touching him, he still is staring at his hand. Like. “Never. Wash. This. Spot.”

And she goes. And he watches unable to do anything but Appreciate her for who and what she is.

He waves, but he doesn’t speak. In fact, he isn’t able to really say anything until after she’s headed towards home.

And then he pulls this dramatic ridiculousness.

AND I believe, it’s the first time he calls her ‘My Lady’. :D

(I could be wrong but its the first I remember of it. Or it’s One Of The First Times)

Oh Chat Noir. What a merry chase she is about to lead you on.

All of me


When you cried, I’d wipe away all of your tears. When you’d scream, I’d fight away all of your fears.

“Actually, it’s pretty fucking simple,” your words were wrapped with bitterness, “It’s a yes or no.”

Castiel looked at right, almost like he was seeing you for the first time.You were so raw and beautiful, it was hard for him to directly at you. So his blue eyes pulled down to look at the ground, his black dress shoes shined from the ceiling light.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t love you. Nor will I ever,” he firmly responded, regretting every word that fell through his lips. He wanted to love you, needed to. His body ached for you in ways he never experienced. You were the light at the end of the tunnel, the hope he had clung to when Heaven was being torn apart.

“Do you really mean that?” You whispered, using all your self strength to keep from crying.

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Say You Need Me

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Comforting Bucky after another nightmare you both consider what your feelings for each other.

Word Count: 1035 words

Prompt: “You didn’t have to ask” and “One more chapter.”

A/N: This one is for the amazing @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester and a lovely anon who requested this from my 300 celebration ‘100 ways to say I Love You.’  

Originally posted by hoechlins

He sat bolt upright with a scream, a look of wide-eyed terror on his face, his skin glistening with a thin sheen of sweat.  Totally disoriented he heard a door open and close and then felt hands cupping his face and a pair of familiar eyes met his.  “It’s okay Buck.  I’m here, nothing’s gonna harm you.  Just listen to my voice, take a deep breath in and out, in and out.”  He felt himself calming down and he realised he was in his bed, in his room at the tower and the cold clammy grip of fear began to melt in the warmth of your touch and your voice.  It was usually Steve who appeared when he had a nightmare but he had been away on a mission for the past week and so you had taken up the role.  At first Bucky didn’t like you seeing him so weak but his need for you, your soothing voice, your reassuring touch soon outweighed his embarrassment.  He found himself relaxing far quicker with you than with Steve and more often than not managed to get back to sleep.

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Beast (Pt. 2/3)

Request: Hey love! Can i get a Derek Hale smut where the reader and him are married and they have like kitchen smut which leads to table smut and bed smut and shower smut? THANKS

Character: Derek Hale x Reader

Warnings: Very smutty, Language, and SMUT!!!!

Part onehttp://fiftyshadesofrebel.tumblr.com/post/151687174586/beast-pt13

AU Note: I cannot thank all of you for how much support I am receiving on my writings/edits. All of my followers mean the absolute world to me and i would never trade this for anything. I love you all. Thank you for the support!!

His lips ravaged my core as I screamed, panting like a sinner in church. The stubble on his cheeks, scratched my thighs the sensation more than overwhelming. I pulled at his charcoal locks, pushing him further into my heat. His hands slithered up my shaking sides and landed on my sweaty breasts, his palms never letting go. I looked down seeing his eyes closed and mouth working non-stop and I broke, howling.

“Fuck baby get up here.” I smiled, my lips sealing around his in no time. He held my hips, our bodies maneuvering so that I was straddling. I gradually rubbed my clit against his tip, the contact making him bite my lip. I pulled back, watching as he tensed his eyes shimmering blue. Eyes  never leaving mine, I smacked hips with his, mouth hanging open. He sat upright, arms securing my back and lips brushing against my collarbone, his dick moving out slowly.

“You like that baby-girl?” He grunted teeth sinking into my right breast. I almost fainted it was too much. I pressed an answering kiss to his jaw our bodies going faster. He rammed into me, the sitting position making it hit perfectly. I gained enough courage to push him back, hips crushing into his. He arched up, clenching his teeth, veins protruding as he digged into my sides, his wolf nails coming out slightly. I cried out the emotion more than I could take. It only took a few more seconds before i was was busting around him, clenching as hard as I could.

“Cum daddy please, empty yourself into me.” I begged working my hips again, walls so sensitive it hurt. He latched onto my hips, pushing himself to be hovering over me as he pounded into me, the nickname giving him chills. He was ripping me apart with every stroke, my legs around him as he dug deeper, lips kissing my stomach. He was breathless as he spilled into me, fangs sinking into my lower abdomen. I was spinning by this time, body unable to handle so much pressure. He then pulled out, head still resting on my soft skin.

Stroking his hair, I tugged watching as he kissed his way up, eyes silently following mine. They still glowed as he nestled beneath me. No words needed to be exchanged as we watched, our connection speaking for us. His hands played patterns into my back as my lips kissed his pecks.

“You know, I don’t think I am completely done with you yet.” He spoke making the air shift. I peered at him, mouth slack as he laughed head dropping back onto the comforter.

“Jesus Der, do you need more reassurance?” I asked, body twisting. He looked back up, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he processed my words. Derek Hale what are you conjuring up now..?

“The only reassurance I need, is that pretty little mouth shrieking out my name as I show you just how beastly I can be.” He lowly huffed out, eyes growing dark again. I shivered my thighs clamping together, while his cock twitched.

“What did you have in mind…” I trailed, hands already lacing around his neck. He pecked my wrist, licking the saltiness away. I marveled in the feel my lips sucking a bruise into his caramel colored flesh. 

“I mean shower fucking seems like an option.” He shrugged watching as I took my lower lip in-between my teeth. I didn’t say anything as i leaped up off of him sprinting towards the bathroom. Challenge accepted.

working to hard #1

what you do when he works to hard

requested: NO

warning: fluff and cuteness, bit of fighting, smut

sidemen: simon aka miniminter

I was siting on the sofa in the sidemen house just on Twitter while the lads are recording videos for their channels when i could hear simon screaming from his room. I roll my eyes and know exactly what kind of scream that is, he’s frustrated and stressed. I walk up to his room and knocked on his door but quite shocked when he said this “GO AWAY!” He fucking shouted at me, now i know it’s because he’s working to hard.

“I DON’T GIVE A SHIT I’M COMING IN ANYWAY” I hear him sigh then walk in to see exactly where i thought he would be on his gaming chair editing. He looks angry that i walked in, his eyes darker then the normal bright blue ones that i love, “i said go away phoenix (you can change the name to yours if you want it’s just easier doing mine name lol even tho it’s not my name but i wish it was tho lol) why DIDN’T YOU LISTEN TO ME!” I’m getting scared now but i’m not showing him that i am though.

“BECAUSE YOUR WORKING YO HARD DICKHEAD. STOP OVER WORKING AND THEN MAYBE I’LL LISTEN TO YOU, YOU PRICK” by surprise he grabbed my hips and smashed me to his bedroom door his face inches away from mine making me gulp at how close he is. You see me and simon are best friends that’s why i’m surprised he’s this close to me.

He’s breathing quite heavily which is making me heart to speed up “why don’t you listen to me phoenix, you never listen to me at all” his voice is low and husky, god why does he have to do that, you see i have a huge crush on him but only josh knows about it. I tried to get out of his grip but his grip gets tighter and he pushes me further in to the door if that’s even possible.

“Are you even listening to me jay or not” (my nickname) he’s moving closer and closer every time he speaks. I look up to meet his eyes that are already staring at mine, he has no idea what he’s doing to me i’m trying to hide the fact that i’m turned on but failing miserably. He moves closer to me now touching me with his body, my breath stops mid breath and my heart skips a beat.

“Please stop touching me simon” i whisper to him and he just gets closer to me looking dow at me like he’s not doing anything wrong. I tried pushing him away but he just grips me harder probably leaving bruises too. “I told you not to come in but you did anyway, i need to get that video out now because the fans will complain other wise” he’s still angry but hot dayum  his low husky voice is sexy.

“Stop over working yourself take a break simon. I know it’s your job but jobs ain’t 24/7 are they” i’m looking straight in his eyes him still breathing heavily in my face “leave before i hurt you phoenix NOW!” Shouting in my face making me jump by shock. I start to breath more faster then ever while his eyes are getting darker by the second because i haven’t moved.

I nod my head no but boy i chose the wrong answer, he let go of my and smashed both of his hands on the door to close to my head. Which just turned me on more the fact that he’s super hot when angry. I tried to run to the other side of him but got stopped by his leg blocking me “where do you think your going jay”.

He pushes me up the door again with more force this time so i made a little noise that sounded sexual so i slap my hand over my mouth but he took it away and put it at the side of me and then realization hit him and then i could feel him on my stomach, he gets closer to me and i try to not moan by biting my bottom lip which just makes him sigh “don’t do that phoenix” “do what si” he closes his eyes to calm himself down but didn’t work.

I could feel him getting more hard by the second which made me moan lightly which made my eyes widen which is making him even more hard. I looked up to look at him but didn’t have time to do or say anything because simon smashed his lips to mine i kissed back straight away. His hands loosened a bit and slid them down down to my ass and pulling me into him more which coursed me to let out a slightly loader moan in his mouth.

I put my arms around his neck he pushed me to the door again grabbing my thighs and pulling then up so i wrapped my legs around his waist i can feel his anger slipping away from him by the kiss. He thrusted up which made me moan louder and him to moan too. He licked the bottom of my lip asking for entrance which i denied to tease him a bit.

It didn’t last long though he thrusted up again coursing me to let out a breathy moan which gave him an advantage to put his tongue in my mouth, we was in this position for a little while before he stopped kissing me and moved to my neck trying to find my sweet spot which he found quite fast.

I moaned letting him know he found it and started to suck on it, biting it once in a while probably leaving a mark. Then he found the hem of my shirt and took it off while i took his off too, we started moving to his bed with him still kissing my neck. He put me down by throwing me then climbed  on top of me and kissing my collar bones this time so i could hide then when i make videos for my channel.

Before i know it we are fully naked and he’s putting a condom on spreading my legs making me whimper and him to smirk he pinned my arms over my head before going inside me making us both moan in pleasure.  He started at a slow pace but got faster and harder making us both moaning messes i flip us over which got him by surprise and started leaving my mark on him but on his collar bone bones  and shoulders and a sneaky one on his neck.

I love hearing him moan and the reason for that is because of me but i think simon had enough of mr teasing him because he flipped us back so he’s now on top of me. With every thrust he does he get’s harder hitting my g spot every time which is making me moan really load and he’s still smirking at me.

As he started kissing my neck again i can feel his cross necklace on my chest which makes me shiver because it’s cold which he just chuckles but then after saying “i’m close baby girl” this coursed me to cum first and him after. He throws the condom in the bin and cuddles up with me with my head resting on his bare chest while he draws little patterns on my bare back which tickles a bit.

I can hear his slow heart beat but what really surprised me was what he said “be mine phoenix please” i looked up and smiled “i was always yours simon you just never took notice of it” i giggled so did he. After that we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next day we got woken up by a iPhone camera click and guess who it was……… it was jj.

hope you enjoyed reading it :)

Love Bites

“Michael, come on we’re going to be late!” Polly screams. He doesn’t move as you slowly open your eyes to the sight of him laying peacefully next to you.

“Michael.” You whisper sweetly in his ear before nibbling on it.

“Oh.” He says, a smile spreading across his face as you continue. Eventually his eyes slowly flutter open. “What’s a man got to do to wake up like that every day?” He says, looking at you before leaning forward and kissing you.

“I’ll tell you later, but you have to get up or your mom’s going to come up here,” you say.

“What’s she yelling about anyway?” He asks, sitting up and stretching, his body illuminated by the morning sun.

“The wedding.” You say, your head in your hand as you watch him get up.

“Wedding? Shit, Tommy’s wedding.” He says, running a hand over his face. “What…what happened last night?” He asks.

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Ok y’all time to talk about The Ninjago Movie

First, the characters we’ve seen so far


I love him so much he’s my profile picture on discord right now. Although in some other pictures the 4 arms look a little,,, weird,,,, but idk

ok so you can’t tell with the quality of this picture but HE HAS THE SCARS AROUND HIS EYES A+ I LOVE 

the hair seems a little… tall? but it’s chill. His character design is pretty close to the show’s, his hair is just mirrored, so he doesn’t freak me out as much as the others.

Nya is cool, it looks like she’s got some samurai stuff going on which makes me HYPE but she sort of looks like a fusion of wildstyle and Pixal, ya know? We’ll see.

Jay why ya gotta be in the back I can’t tell anything about you.

Anyways he has freckles guys. FRECKLES I REPEAT FRECKLES HE IS CUTE 

at first I thought he had Dareth’s hair and I was like. No. but I looked at it again and it’s just really messy thank goodness. HOWEVER I THINK HIS HAIR IS BROWN NOT RED AND THAT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY 


Interesting that he’s wearing both red and blue 



ok so, why does Lloyd have green eyes when every single other lego minifigure ever has black it’s creeping me out just a bit.

Also he looks like a surfer dude so

put his eyebrows back where they came from or so help me

but it’s ok, he looks old but it’s probably just the expression.

it’s all ok

everything is going to be o-


I’ve been able to calm down and appreciate every character design except for Zane’s 

Part of what’s so beautiful about Zane is he’s a robot but he still acts and looks human but,,, I don’t think this is the case here. 

Is his head skinny or is it just me

why are his eyes glowing not ok scared help me

ok maybe things are going to be ok after all

tbh the worst part is I can’t see his eyebrows does he have The Eyebrows???? I need to know now. Plz.

but he totally looks like a buff weightlifting hot dude who’s secretly a ballerina I’m 



ok but. WHy are the ninja’s designs so radically different when Wu and Garmadon actually look pretty similar it’s so weird 

anyways I love Wu’s design, his beard is dirty and cracked like it’s an actual old lego minifigure piece and he has YE OLDE SHINY HAT I love him so much

Overall, calm down about the character design guys. We’ve known since very early that this has nothing to do with the tv show. With different personalities and voice actors, different designs fit better.

If I compare these characters with the ones from the show I am angry and alarmed and I hate them. But if I remove the show and see it as its own separate entity they are all actually really cute and precious. Except for Zane. 

Also, these are stills. Many stills of characters look weird, unnatural, ugly, or stupid because they’re in the middle of moving and talking. Once we see them in motion, it will appear different. Trust me.

The Power Of Love – Epilogue Part 1

Warnings – none I think

Sorry it took so long guys! I finally got my new laptop!! :D *Insert happy dance here*

So here we go part one of the two-part epilogue :) its only short but I hope you enjoy


A scream torn through the room that could easily have been mistaken for a sound effect on the show as you managed another push.

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I hate that I love you Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 X)

(Fell) Goth belongs to @nekophy

(Fell) Palette belongs to @angexci


Where is this idiot! Fell!Goth thought. His plan would only work with a little help. Special help.

He was running through the streets in the ‘original’ universe, when his eye caught something.


“Hey, you little shit!” Fell!Goth screamed. Palette turned around. He was sitting in a Cafe, waiting for his Goth. He looked at him confused.

“Excuse me, are you talking with me?” he asked. Fell!Goth sat on the chair infront of him, looking into his eyes.

“We have to talk” he said, placing his elbows on the table, interwining his fingers and laying his chin on them.

“Oh, okay, but why do you want to talk with me of all people?” he asked a bit skeptically. His parents told him to stay away from the underfell universe and he knew this guy infront of him was Fell!Goth. Fell!Goth was still looking him in the eyes.

“It’s about your Goth” he said. Palette’s eyes widened and he jumped from his chair up.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?!” he practically screamed in panic. Everyone was looking at them, and Fell!Goth rolled his eyes.

“Calm down” he said “It’s not like that, he…” Palette sat back on his chair, waiting impatiently for an answer.

“I think he…”

“JUST TELL ME!” Palette screamed, and again everyone was looking at them again.

“I think he’s interested in my Palette” he said. Palette looked a little taken back. He didn’t move, like he froze in place. Then he smiled again.

“Well, I’m happy for him. Even though I think he would be a bad infludence” he said while grabbing his chin and looking away, like he was thinking about something.

“Do you think I’m an idiot?” Fell!Goth asked “I know what you feel for him. This whole 'best friend’ mascarade won’t fool me. And don’t you dare to deny it! We both know that you don’t see him as your best friend”

“But he is my bestt friend!” Palette said.

Is this guy being seriouse? Fell!Goth thought to himself.

“What I meant was that you like him as more than a friend. You love him” Fell!Goth smirked.

“And because of that you are going to help me with my plan and after that Goth will practically run into your arms”

“I don’t-”

“Shit he comes! Think about it” Fell!Goth interrupted him. And with a poof he disappeared.

“Hey Palette! Sorry I’m late” Goth said. Palette put on his usual and true smile.

“No problem buddy! But why were you late?” Palette asked him. Goth sat infront of him where a few seconds before Fell!Goth was sitting.

“I met your conterpart from the Underfell universe” he told him.

“Oh! And how was it?” Palette asked, then he noticed that Goth’s cloak was a bit torn. There was a piece of the fabric missig.

“OH MY GOSH! GOTH, DID HE HURT YOU?!” Palette quickly ran over to him and held him by his shoulders.

“Palette calm down, you’re overreacting. His nose was bleeding, so I cut a bit of my cloak off and wiped the blood away”

“Oh! That’s nice from you!” Palette said with his typical energic smile and let go of Goth’s shoulders. Goth was his best friend, he loved him more than anything else in this world. Maybe he loved him too much, but he couldn’t understand why it was feeling bad…what was this feeling?

It couldn’t be love…NO! Fell!Goth was wrong, he didn’t love Goth that way…he couldn’t…

Goth was his best friend after all


“Dumb Palettes. Dumb other Goth. Dumb everything” Fell!Goth murmured angrily as he was walking through his universes snowdin.

“Why do they love to hurt me this much? What did I ever do to them?”

It’s not your fault…Palette wasn’t always like that. He was sweet and kind. Things at that time really changed him a lot” a voice out of nowhere said.

“Wh-WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT!” Fell!Goth yelled into nowhere.

Well…he was never the same after he lost me. You have to know that he loved me a lot, so did I…

“ARE YOU TRYING TO TEASE ME?! ARE YOU BEING HAPPY WITH TELLING ME THINGS LIKE THAT?!” the voice chuckled quietly, but he still heared it.

He didn’t love me like that. It was platonical love” the voice said. There was a loud crash heared.

I’m sorry, but I have to go now” the voice said in a fast pace.

“Wait! Who even are you?” Fell!Goth asked. The voice chuckled again.

It wouldn’t be funny if I already told you about my name… the voice said.

Good bye Goth…” the voice said in a distance “Hopefully I will see you soon…

With that it was quiet again. Fell!Goth was confused.

Who were they?


I think I might have an obsession with adding characters into my stories and not telling the readers who they are…