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Stockholm Syndrome

Inspired by the song Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

Characters: Demon!Dean x Hunter!reader

Warnings:No plot, just SMUT. Swearing.

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A/N: Happy smut appreciation day/ smut apocalypse ! So exciting seeing everybody’s ideas and creativity. I was really inspired to write a demon!dean fic because he’s all I can think about lately. So I hope you all enjoy. Thank you for reading xx

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You weren’t going to lie- you had a thing for gorgeous bad guys and Dean Winchester was looking particularly delicious with his hands tied to the chair, his thighs apart, looking at you a smolder that could singe the clothes off your body.

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Hard on throbbing with need, Baekhyun let out a moan of desperation.

Pleading the best he could with a ball gag in his mouth. You had just denied him of his orgasm for the third time that night.

Taking the vibrator off of the tip his cock you leaned back to take in the sight of him, hair a sweaty mess against his forehead, his heavy breathing and the way his ab muscles tensed with each of your touches.

Caressing his thighs bringing him back to his senses, “you’ve been a bad boy remember? you need to be punished don’t you?” you asked.

Baekhyun nodded weakly, letting out a soft moan at the thought of another punishment. His favorite was your flogger, the stinging sensation it left on his skin was pleasurable in the most delicious way.

Crawling up to meet his face you took the gag out of his mouth, your hips hovered above his abdomen. you pulled off your panties, the pair he thought made your thighs look delicious.

With his cock laying flat against his stomach you grinded hard onto his cock. The tip of his hard on was rubbing against your clit making you moan loudly. The sounds coming from baekhyun tightening to coil in your stomach. He was letting out deep moans and cries of your name, once in awhile he would let out high pitched whines. His melody was absolutely the most amazing sound you had ever heard.

Sorry this was kinda short. (but hey this blog is called shortsmut for a reason) I just really love the idea of Baekhyun having a ball gag in his mouth. Please let me know that you like this by liking and rebloging! -xoxo Q~


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