look at his cutie pie face


So, Day6 as dogs (alternatively, Dog6)
I just felt this needed to be done and here we are now.

Bob the Builder - Bull terrier.
Nose don’t quit, growly, loves to show his teeth, is also a beefy boi.

Dowoonie - Newfoundland.
The fluffiest black hair, a cutie pie, deep voice for DAYS. Looks very soft but is somehow like 85% muscle???

Wonfeel - Doberman
Knows how to rock a choker, looks intimidating but that’s a lie, big shiny eyes, Bone Structure™.

Chicken Nugget- Golden retriever Fabulous hair, People Person™, Western af, willing to make a fool of himself for treats (laughs, recognition, food, money).

Brian - Red fox
Pointy face, that Smile™ tho, loves to yell, is just trying his best, seems silly but is very smart (probably too smart…)

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Top 10 ziam gifs

You guys actually want to kill me, ay?

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This tiny whiny cutie pie Zaynie looking at Liam like he holds his heart in his hand and he has the power to squish it (he has) (but he didn’t).

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hahaha this gif is so funny. Zayn going all instinctive to Liam’s arms. Harry falling… Everything in it is precious. LMAO

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lIKE. I know there’s cushioned seats in this room, Liam (Zayn’s sat on one of them). But no no nononon, Liam want’s to seat in Zayn’s bonny legs, cuz the love makes them soft.

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LOOK I WAS LOOKING FOR AN OPPRTUNITY TO TALK ABOUT HIS GIF. LISTEN. When I touch my husband’s face, he always makes it a bit awkward, because he turns his fave towards my hand to kiss it. I’ll stop at that.

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No caption needed.

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Zayn was like “Let me pretend I’m gonna kiss you” and Liam was “Kiss me I dare you”. LOVE IT

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Thirsty Zayn: always a fave.

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THE Ziam hug. <3

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Zayn’s like “omfg those lips” Liam’s like “gotcha!” :) Kill me please.

Ask me my “TOP 5/TOP 10” anything!

Monsta X snapping at their s/o because of a hard time at work

///thanks anon for requesting!!
I hope you like it!! ////


- I think Shownu would quickly realize what he had done, that he went overboard and quickly apologize to you. He would scratch the back of his neck and awkwardly pull you into a hug, staying like that for a few minutes, after he apologize.
“I’m so sorry y/n, I went to far… I had a tough day today… I’m really sorry.”


- this cutie pie would probably burst into tears just by realizing that he had yell at you. He would immediately hug you and kiss all of your face, asking for forgiveness, with tears in his eyes.
“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to yell, okay? I had a difficult day at work and I know that’s not an excuse, but please forgive me. That will never happen again. I love you, y/n.”


- this sunshine would be as surprised as you, because this would be a rare situation. He would look at you for a few moments and apologize because he knew he wasn’t fair on you. He would hug you and put his hand on your hair, whispering:
“I’m really really sorry, y/n. I don’t know what I’m saying, I just need to rest for a bit and then I’ll be me again. I’m so sorry.”


- kihyun has the aura of someone who would still be pissed, but after a couple of hours of you ignoring him, he would come to you, with puppy eyes, apologize. He would sit on the couch, beside you, and slowly laying his head on your lap. He would kiss your legs, and talk, without looking you at the eyes.
“Please forgive me… Y/n, I’m so stupid, I had a horrible day at work and ended up screaming at you… I’m sorry, babe.”


- this boy would be sad after he yell, because he know that he’s just tired and has screamed at you for no reason. He would approach you and laying his head on your shoulder, closing his eyes.
“I’m sorry. I’m so tired and done with everything at work, that I ended up yelling at the only thing that makes my days a little more brighter.”


- Jooheon would be so sensitive and like Wonho, after he realized he had yell at you, he would be really sad, he would hug you and apologize over and over, kissing you and whispering close to your hear:
“Oh my God y/n, I’m so sorry. I love you please forgive me, I’m not gonna do that again. I love you.”


- this little baby would stay quiet after he yelled at you. He didn’t know how to apologize properly and he know that it wasn’t right for you. He would not approach you until you call him, and tell him that you were hurt. He wouldn’t cry or show many emotions, but he would be really sad inside. It would be hard for this baby to open his feelings but because he trusts and loves you, he would do it.
“I… I’m sorry. It’s just that, I’m having a hard time at work, that’s all…”

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Can I have rfa+Saeran doing the pocky game? Ehehe kisses afterwards maybe? It's inevitable with the boys? XDDD thank you

im a sucker for pocky challenge headcanons PLEASE

Pocky game with RFA+Saeran


  • “Hey Yoosung, you wanna play the pocky game?”
  • “I-I… W-what..?”
  • Poor cutie pie starts blushing like crazy
  • You’ve already got a pocky stick in your mouth when he looks at you
  • It’s just a game, Yoosung, you can do this
  • Finally plops himself on the couch and puts his mouth on the other end
  • Oh god you’re right in front of him and your face is getting closer and-
  • Are you smirking?
  • Before he could do anything else, you take a huge bite and your lips finally meet
  • You pull away quickly though just to see his reaction
  • His face is even redder than before, if that was even possible lol


  • You suggest playing the game and he is ALL FOR IT
  • This man is so excited because yes another excuse to kiss you
  • He sits you down in front of him and places the pocky stick in between the both of you
  • You guys just keep munchin until you kiss
  • But he is not satisfied with one kiss
  • “Come on, MC, let’s do it again!”
  • He convinces you to keep playing a few more rounds
  • With each round, the kisses get longer and deeper until
  • Well…
  • Unleash The Beast


  • She knows what the pocky game is but she’s never played it
  • So when you suggest it, she’s a little nervous
  • And tbh so are you 
  • You both are just two super shy dorks lol
  • She’s blushing SUPER HARD as you two get closer
  • Jaehee chickens out but then decides to try again
  • But this time, you chicken out
  • Third time around you two finally kiss
  • And you two are blushing, giggling messes afterwards awww cute


  • “What is this ‘pocky’ you speak of?
  • Jumin has no idea what this game is when you bring it up so you explain it
  • Immediately agrees to playing the game
  • You get excited bc wow he’s actually open to it and you have an excuse to kiss him it’s a win-win
  • But in your excitement, you fail to notice that he’s got that damn smirk on his face
  • Oh you know he’s got something up his sleeve
  • As soon as you start the game
  • Jumin just bites the entire thing so that he kisses you right away, leaving you super flustered
  • “I won, right? What’s the prize?”
  • Oh man


  • It was his idea in the first place
  • He calls you over from the other room and suggests playing the game
  • Literally whips a box of pocky out of nowhere lol
  • This boy is ready
  • You’re a little concerned at first but you agree to it anyway
  • Except this is Seven we’re talking about, of course he’s not gonna play by the rules
  • You’ve got one end of the stick in your mouth and you’re waiting for him to do the same
  • When he does, though, you’ve barely taken a bite before he rips it out of your mouth and just straight up kisses you
  • Let’s just say you two forget about the pocky


  • You’ve had a crush on the edgelord Saeran for a while now
  • One day, you were munchin on the snack until he walked by and you got the idea
  • “Saeran! Come play this game with me!”
  • “No, fuck off.”
  • Pleeeaaaseee???”
  • He gives in and makes his way over to you
  • You explain the game to him and he just rolls his eyes
  • But like he’s secretly freaking out inside because oh god you two might kiss what
  • When you play, he chickens out right before your lips meet
  • You’ve got this disappointed look on your face and when he notices he feels bad
  • So he kisses you but then pulls away when he realizes what he just did
  • Both of you are just sitting there blushing
GOT7 Reaction To Seeing a Black Girl at Their Fanmeet

jaebum: “hey what’s your name?” grabs her hand and looks into her soul. he’s smiling like really hard the whole time really.

bambam: he’s gonna try to act out lowkey. he might turnip (turn up, get lit) just a little bit. he’ll let her know that he think she’s pretty and basically treat her as a long time friend. touching her if she lets him which she most definitely will.

mark: his deep voice…lord. pray for her cause he’s gonna sound so sweet talking to her. he’s flirting ofc. “i like your hair” “can i..?” he’ll ask before touching it. when he touches her hair, he bites his lip while looking into her eyes. she dead.

youngjae: this sunshine apple face pie heart warmer will make her smile and laugh (because of his randomness) so much. holding onto her hand. doing random shit cause why not?

jackson: “hey girl”. he’s biting his lips at her. being a fucking freaky flirt level up 2.0. that is all.

jinyoung: cutie. that engrish tho. he’s using that..well duh. she’s gonna die making it obvious that she’s…dying. he’ll be a blushing and cheery mess. “you are so pretty!”

yugyeom: shy as fuck. lowkey lost for words. choking. shookt. staring. “you’re so…oaahhh” he’ll accidentally say to her. face palms cause his engrish. cuteness overload.

City Girl

Originally posted by justiintaylor

Summary: Your best friend Veronica invited you to stay the summer in Riverdale, but you didn’t expect to fall in love with her ex.

A/N: I love me some good old Archie, so thank you anon!

Pairing: Archie x reader

Warnings: salt, actual admiration, hinting of smut

The summer Veronica invited you to stay with her was one you’d never forget. When you got off the bus, the sun hit you harder, the breeze was crisper, and the atmosphere was welcoming. It felt more like home than your actual house. You walked down the street of the town, admiring the small shops and the newspaper office. 

You held a paper which read Ronnie’s address and tried following the signs. Your hands were so full as it was, a paper made it worse. You were not only lost in the quaint town, but in your own thoughts. What pulled you out was dog barking and a kid yelling the dog’s name. When you came to, the dog tackled you to the pavement, everything falling from your hands.

Big, wet dog kisses covered your face and you could see a streak of orange in your eyesight. Realizing the dog wasn’t going to tear your face, you began laughing at the kisses. Slowly sitting up, you scratched the dog and it rolled off of you and onto the pavement, exposing its belly.

“I am so sorry, Vegas typically doesn’t act out like that.”

You didn’t look up immediately, too happy with the dog.

“Don’t worry, Vegas was all that I needed in that moment.”

You both let out laughs and you looked up, looking that… handsome, charming, buff man in the eyes. Feeling yourself stare, you shook your head and slowly pushed yourself up, and he helped too by holding your arms in his warm, calloused fingers. You didn’t even know this kid and, hubba hubba he was a hunk.

He was watching you, too. A sight for eyes that needed a masterpiece to admire. A muse, if you may. Then, both being struck from a daydream, also known as Vegas’ bark, you remembered what you came here for. Hurriedly grabbing your items from the sidewalk, you looked for the sheet. After searching the area, you let out a groan.

“Is everything alright?”

You looked over at the cutie pie and stood up, holding your items. He grabbed your suitcase and took Vegas by the leash.

“I lost the sheet to find my friend and I don’t know where I am… Do you know a ‘Veronica Lodge?’“

He nodded his head, the gorgeous locks shaking, a small smile on his face.

“Yeah, I’m her friend. Archie Andrews, a pleasure to meet you.”

He held out the hand with the leash and you laughed, using the only free hand to shake that one firmly.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), and the pleasure is all mine. Can you tell I’m a city girl?”

He laughed, nodding his head.

“Pretty obvious. Let me show you the way to Ronnie’s.”

You let out a little laugh.

“I haven’t called her that in ages.”

Archie was a pleasure, indeed. He gave you inside information about the town. New stuff, gossip among the parents and kids, good restaurants. By the time you got to Veronica’s, you two had just exchanged numbers. He gave you your bag back, and your fingers touched, which gave you a slight shock. Archie felt it too, because he was shocked to say the least. 

You realized how close you two were when he slowly began to lean down. You got on your tiptoes and were centimeters from meeting when the door whipped open.

“Oh, no.”

You turned your head to see Veronica standing, arms crossed, actual smoke pouring from her ears. 

“Listen, Archiekins, I may have gotten over our breakup, but I won’t let you break my best friend.”

Veronica grabbed your arm, pulling you inside, not before you could wave bye to Archie, completely star struck.

After Veronica scolding you for being so careless, she helped you unpack and settled you in. She ended up leaving the house for a few hours, so you could explore and see how much she changed. You saw pictures of her and you as kids on the playground, or of her dad. It made your heart hurt. 

The door shook from knocking and you walked to the peephole.On your tiptoes, you saw Archie, fiddling with his thumbs.

“Hey, Veronica isn’t here, she left to go do something. Do you wanna come in or-”

Archie walked forward, bringing his hands up to cup your face. He kissed you intensely, walking inside and slamming the door shut. His calloused fingers grazed your soft skin and you pulled away from the kiss.

“Archiekins, really?”

He let out a small laugh.

“Oh, give it a break, city girl.”

Archie leaned down to kiss your neck as he took off his shirt.

Got7 appreciation post

Mark Tuan

reasons to stan this cute lil muffin:

  1. He’s pretty fucking insane at acrobats, okay.
  2. He raps out the side of his mouth, and if that’s not the hottest thing eVER, you’re invited to leave. 
  3. He probably gives the warmest and best hugs ever. Mark is so fluffy and sweet and loveable no one touch me 
  4. His laugh is so c u te goodbye
  5. He’s the quiet one, so there’s sure to be a lot of secret observing and I am just so into the concept of quiet wallflower Mark, tbh.  
  6. Also this happened: 

Im Jaebum

reasons to stan my sweet soft baby boy

  1. He’s a softie. Feeds stray cats in his downtime even if they scratch him.
  2. He is a precious little pancake who loves being onstage and being praised. 
  3. He’s an only child but he loves the members like they’re his brothers. 
  4. He’s kinda really fucking hot
  5. Chic and sexy
  6. soundS LIKE AN ANGEL
  7. also he is the mOST boyfriend-looking mf in the world. look at this shit

b y e 

Jackson Wang

reasons to stan the epitome of boyfriend goals

  1. He loves his family so much omfg (posterboy for Momma’s Boys R Us tbh)
  2. He is a literal angel, I’m pretty fucking positive. 
  3. He’s the comic relief for my boys and I will forever be indebted to him for keeping them happy.
  4. His laugh and that smile, someone put me in a cage 
  5. He knows, like, five different languages
  6. He does this adorable thing where he runs away from pretty girls okay do not touch me 
  7. Wang Puppy. 
  8. He’s also hot af goodbye

Park Jinyoung

reasons to stan the bean

  1. He’s an A+ actor
  2. His English has improved so much since their debut and I am so glad to say that I got to hear it in person and I am so goddamn proud
  3. He’s like a real-life sour patch kid– sour on the outside (savage, actually, lol) and secretly a big softie on the inside 
  4. Have you seen his performances lately because hot damn
  5. He literally has the voice of an angel tbh
  6. Park Gae is my life, alright?
  7. He, too, is fine asf.

Choi Youngjae

reasons to stan my lil otter

  1. He is literal sunshine incarnate. It’s impossible to be sad when you look at him. 
  2. Coco’s mom 
  3. 300-time thickest calves award winner
  4. Makes everyone their smiley best <3
  5. He sounds like Fergie and Jesus had a baby, that gorgeous voice ugh
  6. That blonde glow-up though
  7. He’s hot af too don’t touch me

holy shit rip


reasons to stan the love of my life

  1. Do you see that smile on his face omfg what a cutie pie???
  2. Dab boi
  3. Sweeter than frickin’ candy
  4. Designer hoe boyfriend
  5. Yugbam
  6. Chelsbam (ship it)
  7. It is literally impossible to be sad in his presence okay it’s like he’s the sun and I’m the earth
  8. His accent is so cute I fucking die okay
  9. He’s so hot, man.

ultimate bias af

Kim Yugyeom

reasons to stan the evil maknae who ruins my life

  1. He can freestyle the fuck out of some dance moves
  2. Hit the Stage. B y e 
  3. Cutest smile in the entire world oh sweet lord
  4. Sweetest baby in the universe
  5. Got excited over ordering a hotdog in English (thank u based naver app + Hard Carry)
  6. My pure sweet boy
  7. I cried when he came out onstage bc he really is the most pure human being I have ever come into contact with, my little muffin
  8. Silver Yugyeom is my religion
  9. also hot af

stan talent, my friends. 

disclaimer: none of these images are mine. 

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(Ok, cutie pie, calm down. Let’s see what we can do here…)

“Yeah, I’m just about to finish up.” Nate leans his head against the wall of the recording booth. “I’ll meet you then. Yeah. Ok, bye.” Slipping his phone back into his pocket, Nate gets back to the song.

He’s in work mode, concentrated on what he’s doing when something outside the booth catches his eye, a flutter of movement and a flash of blue and red. Nate stops singing, pulling the headphones away from his right ear and looking out at the dark room beyond the booth.

A face appears from the shadows, a glinting white smile that makes Nate’s blood run cold. “M-mark?” Definitely not, he thinks, but everything in him wishes he was wrong.

Dark leans forward and knocks on the glass of the booth with a single knuckle. Tap, tap, tap. Nate doesn’t know what he hates more, being trapped in here or the thought of opening that door. He tries to feel around in his mind for Mare’s presence, but the figment has gone completely silent. Nate pulls the headphones down around his neck and opens the door of the booth, stepping out.

“You’re Darkiplier,” Nate says slowly with a smile and an easy charm, but Dark just smirks. It unnerves him.

“I think we’ve met before,” Dark speaks it like a challenge, a threat. “You, me, and a little friend of yours.”

Nate backs up as Dark walks closer. Mark is bigger than him, just a little, but Nate thinks that maybe he could take Dark, if he needed to. Until the aura closes around him, choking out all chance of escape. “But I don’t need him here now,” Dark whispers, too close. “You see, as long as he’s in here,” Dark puts a finger to Nate’s temple, “he’ll feel what you feel.”

Nate shakes his head. “Don’t.”

Dark tilts his head to the side. “He’s grown fond of you, his little host. Wonder why he won’t come out now and save you. Maybe, just maybe, he’s not as fearless as he pretends to be.” Dark closes his hands around Nate’s throat, tight, digging into the skin, and crushing his windpipe. Nate tries to struggle, pain and fear exploding behind his eyes, but he can’t move against Dark’s aura. Just as he thinks he’s going to pass out from lack of oxygen, Dark lets go.

Nate tries to take a deep breath, but his throat feels all wrong.

“Such a shame, hope that doesn’t hurt your voice,” Dark says in perfect monotone even as the thrill of it floods his chest. “Oh, and tell the little figment I said hi.”

Daddy Duties

Simon Dominic (AOMG) x Y/N (Reader)
Genre: Family / Romance
Count: 2,083
Warning: Fluff
Rating: G
Requested: By @thessamd and also a few other anons who wanted Simon D fluff! Sorry for the long wait! I hope you all enjoy it :)
P.S. I’ve always wanted to call Simon daddy ;) ayeee

Originally posted by yooneroos

“Kisa, come on, baby,” Simon urged as gently as he could in his gravely voice. His one and half year old daughter was currently trying to rip off a leaf on the plant in the lobby of the AOMG building. When she didn’t budge, he took her tiny fingers in his grasp and lead her down the hall, smiling when the front desk girls cooed at her.

His dark eyes trailed after the little tyke when she unlatched herself from his hands to run down the hall and into an open elevator. Her curly hair was tied in two messy pony-tails, obviously done by none other than himself, and bounced just as she did when the door closed behind him. Her Jordans matched his, as well as their coordinated outfits, which was just light denim jeans and black long sleeves since it was nearing fall. She was babbling in her baby language but when the doors slid open, she was sprinting once again.

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Down the Aisle pt.1

Female! reader x Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy

Summary: Star Trek AU where Leonard is a single father.

A/N: I’m so excited about this idea, I’ve been wanting to write a fic about Leonard for so long!!! The interaction between the reader and Leonard’s son is based on a conversation I had with a two year old a while back.    

Originally posted by fuckyeahteamjones


Stumbling into his home after an 18 hour shift at the hospital, Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy hung up his keys and flipped the light switch on, only to be welcomed by a disastrous sight.

Scattered across the living room floor were various toys, and all over the walls were splatters of something wet and sticky. 

And God only knows where that smell was coming from.

Rubbing his head, Leonard sighed. He knew better than to have expected anything other than this. Especially considering that he left a big kid in charge of his own kid. 

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Who is it?

Asked: “Hello, may i get a joshua fluff scenario where you’re trying to be mad at him so you ignore him but hes being extra affectionate, like kissing your face all over and trying to hug you? thank you youre writing is so good”

Members: Joshua x reader

Genre: angst to fluff

Warnings: none

Word count: 1000+

You had just woken up, and instinctively you reach your arm out for him, but he isn’t there. Still groggy, you just decide on waiting before coming to any assumptions, and just accept it as what it is. 

You sit up and rub your eyes, yawning and stretching your back a little. When you finally open your eyes to look around, you see a small piece of colour on the bedside table; a note. Leaning over and reading it, you see it says “Good morning sweetheart, I’ve gone out to get groceries! ~Joshua” with a little smiley face after his name. 

The smile he drew made you smile too, and your mood picks up a little, giving you a boost to get out of bed. You stand up at stretch your arms out as you shuffle over to go freshen up in the washroom.

As soon as you step in and shut the door you splash some water on your face, hoping it wakes you up more, and it does. Then, you hear the front door open, but no other noise afterwards. 

“Joshua?” you call out and pat your face dry with a towel as you wait for a response. Nothing.

“Joshua, is that you?” All you hear in response is a deep voice denying it with a simple word: No.

You wait a second, confused, unsure if it’s actually him or not, and try forming another question as you grow a little scared. “Who- who..?”

With the following sound of hard footsteps coming towards the door, you lock it, and press your body against it, feeling safer in that way. With a loud, deep, demanding voice, you are told to open the door. Without your knowing, he was covering his mouth trying his hardest not to laugh.

This voice sounded nothing like Joshua and by this point it had you shaking. When you said and did nothing, he began to realize his mistake.

“B-Baby, I’m kidding, it’s just me~” he coos in his sweet voice and finally lets out the laugh he was holding. Although he knew he probably scared you a little, he thought it would be no big deal, and headed off towards the kitchen.

Once you calm down again and hear him heading off, you unlock the door and sneak out back to the bedroom. Still a little anxious, and out of habit, you start quickly remaking the bed. “I got you something while I was out~” you hear him call in the process.

With another minute of silence, he really knew he messed up. He takes a break from putting the groceries back and wanders over to the bedroom, forming a pout to go with his big eyes. 

“Are you mad at me, baby? I’m sorry..” he shuffles his way closer to you and reaches out his arms. You fix up the corner of the blanket near you and walk around him and to the other side of the bed, regardless of the fact that you already straightened it up. 

He waits a moment before coming up to you again, this time not hesitating before pulling you into a hug from behind, and pressing his cheek against yours. “I don’t want my cutie pie to be mad at me..”

You let go of the pillow you were propping up and lean your head away from his as you squirm around, trying to get out of his grip. Once you’re facing him more than facing away, he tightens his grip again, pulling your chest against his. You look away again but that only causes him to grip your chin and tilt it towards him, making you look up into his eyes. 

You look up at him with a blank expression. “What?” you ask. A cute smile spreads across his face, making his cheeks puff out a little. His hand is still on your chin, holding you there. After a soft “I love you” from him, he starts pecking your lips playfully.

Holding back a smile it almost caused, you lean back and turn your head away. Again, you try squirming out of his grip and it proves successful this time. You shake your head and walk from the bedroom and out into the living room.

He stays back as the smile fades from his face; you have never resisted his kisses before. He must have scared you a lot more than he had realized. 

You still feel your heart beating a little fast from his prank as you sit down on the couch and grab a pillow to hug on to, half hiding your face in it as well. You don’t notice until he sits down beside you that he followed you there. With your eyes still showing, you looked at him as he started doing small, cute expressions and poses with his face. 

“I’m sorry darling, my love, my sunshine-” he continues calling you a different name between each expression he does. Once the temptation of smiling came up, you shove the pillow from your arms into his chest and stand up.

“You really scared me, Joshua.” You cross your arms and sigh. “And just apologizing won’t work. Just- just..” You groan and lean your head back, not knowing what to say. He puts the pillow down and pouts again as he stands up and comes over to you.

“Just let me kiss those lips?” he asks almost inaudibly. You simply look at him with your frustrated expression as he gently grabs hold of your hips, pulling himself to you. Seeing your expression, he pulls a hand away to squeeze his own cheek, earning a soft chuckle from you. 

He smiles and kisses your cheek, pulling away and watching you intently. When all he sees is your smile widening and you whining, he hops a little and starts covering your face in kisses. Your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, all before kissing your lips lovingly. 

You kissed him back eagerly, and it went on like that for a while, and he smiled into the kiss, purely glad knowing you have forgiven him. 

The Easy Way (Part 5) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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summary: negan gets fiery and loses his mind

a/n: this was so highly requested holy shiiiiit

“Here, let me help you with that,” you said to Carl. You stood up from the place where his bed used to be, but was now just a pile of pillows and blankets on the floor. He was putting a new bandage on over his eye. He dropped his arms from their awkward position over his head and handed you the gauze pad. You placed it gently over his scarred eye socket and wrapped the bandage around his head a few times, untucking his hair from underneath it as you went. 

“Thank you,” he mumbled. You knew he was still somewhat embarrassed to ask you for any form of help, even though you two were as close as two people could be. Since being forced to show is wound, he’d been a lot less self conscious about it, though. He was able to walk around the house without it on, which was extremely abnormal for him. His biggest concern was scaring Judith, but you honestly didn’t even think she noticed a difference. 

“Hey, kids, can you go upstairs?” Rick asked. His voice was shaky and somewhat frantic. “Negan’s here.” You and Carl looked at each other before heading upstairs. Rick knew that Carl had gone to the Sanctuary and that Negan had taken Carl back to Alexandria, but he had no idea that he held Judith and tried to take the three of you back with him. Carl had decided not to tell his dad, for he was worried that Rick would blame him for endangering Judith. You disagreed with Carl, saying that Rick had a right to know, but you didn’t tell him, yourself. It wasn’t your place to intervene. 

“Ugh!” Carl grunted, kicking the door with his foot. “I hate being treated like such a child by him.”

“Carl, you know your dad’s just doing what he thinks is best for you. He worries,” you said softly in attempt to console him. 

“Yeah, well he doesn’t need to worry. I’ve been in more dangerous situations than him that he doesn’t even know about. I can handle anything he can,” he said, beginning to raise his voice. 

“I still think you should tell him,” you replied. You tried your hardest to keep your voice calm, but it was becoming more and more difficult as he got more and more frustrated. 

“No. Not yet, at least.”

You let out a sigh and shook your head. “Well, at least you’re considering it.”

You heard the front door swing open, and you immediately knew who was coming. The door to Carl’s bedroom was swung open quickly, and there stood Negan with that disgusting signature grin on his face. “Long time, no see!” 

Carl stood up and looked him right in the eye, trying to seem just somewhat intimidating. “Why are you up here? Can’t you just get your shit and leave?”

“You know, son, I understand that you’re ballsy. You don’t have to be a dipshit and try to prove it every time I see you,” Negan said. From behind him, you saw Rick’s brow wrinkle, but as Negan continued talking, his facial expression went from confused to natural. As far as Rick was aware, Carl had only seen Negan twice. For each time Rick knew of, Carl and Negan hadn’t spoken much, so you knew it was more than likely that Rick would figure out what happened soon. “Come on. Let’s go on a field trip.”

Negan led you, Carl, and Rick down the stairs and out the door. “So,” Negan began, “where’s my baby girl? I’ve sure missed her.”

Rick’s face was unreal. He looked terrified, sad, angry, and panicked all at once. “What-What do you mean?”

Negan chuckled, looking over at you and Carl. He knew. He knew that Rick was completely unaware of what happened the last time he visited. “The little girl! Cutie pie with the blonde curly hair. She’s an angel. I miss her. Bring her here.” 

“I ca-can…I-I can’t-”

“Quit your blabbering, and look at your son. Do you even know how  much of a badass he is? His girl, too. You’ve got a lot to look after, here. I’m not sure you’re doing too good of a job. Maybe they’d be better off living with me,” Negan teased. “Yeah, I like that idea. How about I take Olivia, too. She’d be able to watch… What’s her name again? It’s… Judith! That’s it! My sweet little angel, Judith.”

“Alright, stop it already,” Carl sighed. He knew his dad, and how he could only handle so much when it came to his kids. 

“Yeah, show your dad how it’s done. That’s what I like to see!” Negan seemed to adore Carl. No matter what he did, he seemed to be praised for it. The amount of shit he got away with was a sign. Negan had plans for him. Maybe he saw him fit to take over the Sanctuary one day. Or maybe he just wanted another kid to torture. 

“Can you just stop it? I know you’re not going to do anything.” That was it. That’s all it took for the light in Negan’s eyes to vanish. Something had sparked in him that scared the living shit out of you. 

“Get on the ground.”

“What? No wa-”

“Now! I want everyone on their knees, or I swear to god, I’ll beat your girl to death.” All playfulness in his voice was long gone, and Carl was on his knees in a split second. “I want everyone to hear me, loud and clear, when I say that I will not take shit off anyone! Honestly, I thought you’d get that through your thick skulls by now. After all, I beat two of your damn men, stole one of them, and damn near left the boy without his arm. You guys, damn, you’re a stubborn bunch! Well, because of his inability to shut the hell up,” he yelled, pointing the end of Lucille at Carl, “Lucille’s thirsty! And you know what happens when my girl gets thirsty.”

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head canons for cutie shy pastel kookie, and protective bad boy jimin, pleaseeee. with like jm protecting him from bullies

how did you know i love stuff like this (thank youu <333)

+ jungkook was reeeally hoping that bullying wouldn’t follow him to college. after all, everyone was an adult now. but he’s really not surprised when it does. 

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