look at his cute little fae

this is for @pretendtobepunkrock ’s singledad/domestic!5sos blurb night! the second michael mentioned his barbecue in that interview i knew i wanted to write something cute and short like this,, so enjoy! xx

“Claire, stop running!” Ashton called out to his giggling daughter, chasing Michael’s little girl around the backyard. He put his drink down, mumbling a quick for fuck’s sake as he stepped down from the deck to catch the short blonde. 

Michael laughed to himself, pulling his attention back to the fish and vegetables grilling on his barbecue. You were sitting on one of the deck chairs, your newborn baby in your arms–Fae. Michael looked over to you, flashing you a quick smile. “How’s our babygirl doing?”

“She’s getting sleepy,” You said, eyes flickering down at her, bundled up in your arms. “I might go put her down, actually.”

“That’s probably a good idea.” Michael agreed. “C’mere”

You stood up, walking over to him and allowing Michael to kiss her forehead. “Love you babygirl.” He cooed to the now-sleeping baby.

“Love you more.” You teased, winking slyly at your husband before disappearing into your house. 

“No, I’m not a monster! Stop hitting me with sticks!” 

Michael looked out into the backyard and saw his older daughter, Maia, teaming up with Claire in repeatedly hitting Ashton’s legs with tree branches. “Maia! Stop hitting Uncle Ash!” 

The girl looked at her dad before dropping the branch, trailing behind Ashton as he carried Claire back up to the deck. “I think that’s enough playtime for tonight.” Ashton sighed, patting his girl’s back. “Your old man is getting too old to be the mean dragon you have to slay.”

“But it’s fun, Daddy!” She exclaimed. He couldn’t argue with that logic; seeing his little girl laugh and show nothing but the biggest smile–that was better than anything else in his life. 

Maia scurried up to Michael, clinging onto his legs. He looked down, chuckling as he rest his hand on her blonde head. “How are you doing, little one?”

“I’m not little, Daddy!” She huffed, looking up at her dad with narrowed eyes, piercing into Michael’s. “I’m almost 4!”

“You’re right, how could I be so silly to forget?” Michael feigned being wrong, making his little girl smile proudly. “You wanna go run inside and get Mommy and tell her dinner’s almost ready?”

“Okay!” She ran off into the house, Claire following right behind to see where her friend was going.

Michael glanced over at Ashton, who stared off in the direction his daughter ran. “How is she holding up after you and Kate…y’know…”

“Oh, she’s fine. She really is.” Ashton said, shrugging off the fact that he and his wife recently split. “She wasn’t much of a mother anyways; to be brutally honest, she never even wanted to be a mom. Claire was confused at first, but she’s too young to get the whole situation, I think. She’ll be fine. I mean, I’m not going anywhere, that’s for sure.”

“That’s great. And if you ever need anything, you can always come over here. Me and Y/N love having you guys over.” Michael said, making sure his friend knew he was there to support him through anything.

“Thanks, man. Maybe I’ll be able to actually use this barbecue next time I’m over.” He said, running his hand along the metal top in admiration.

Michael took the skewers in his hand and smacked Ashton’s hand away. “Paws off my barbecue.”

Let us all pray these do NOT happen in ACOTAR 3:

1. On the top of my fucking list : Feyre getting pregnant with Tamlin’s child. I doubt that she will deny him sex too often because it may raise suspicions. Tamlin is supposed to be her ‘knight in shining armour’ after all. *sharpens a hatchet*

He will want to protect her at all costs by locking her up. *counts number of arrows*

She’ll need to act like she misses being in the Spring Court with her crazy ex and the whore of a ‘priestess’ :)) *hires an army of Feysand shippers*

But on a serious note, if she does get pregnant with Tamlin’s child, I think she and Rhys will raise the child up as their own because, let’s be real, killing a child or even abandoning a child is not what they would do. Moreover, if the child inherits all of Feyre’s powers, not only is the child going to be hunted the rest of his/her life, when the child finds out what his/her mother had done to him/her, he/she will use that anger plus the powers to cause a shit ton of havoc.

2. Nesta or Elaine dying. We know that the Cauldron can do anything but we do not know of it’s side effects, if it has any. Because they were humans made into a Fae by a tub, we don’t know what it will do to them. After all, they were the lab rats.

3. The Court of Dreams getting destroyed, again. *sigh* Do I even have to explain why?

4. Cassian losing flight. Just fuck no. Can’t let this precious little peanut lose his wings. Also, Nessian. I’m damned sure Nesta and Cassian are mates. HE STRETCHED HIS WINGS TO MAKE THEM LOOK LONGER IN FRONT OF HER. SO CUTE. UGH. I CANNOT WITH THIS TWO LITTLE PEANUTS.

5. Azriel dying. Nope. Just no. STILL WAITING FOR MOZRIEL TO HAPPEN, OKAY?! THEY NEED TO HAPPEN. And it can’t happen if our darling little bean dies of the god forsaken poison. FUCK YOU HYBERN.

6. Amren doesn’t get taken by Hybern. Enough havoc has been done by Hybern, of Hybern has a powerful creature from another world in a form of a sexy woman on their side, all hell will break lose. Then again, she’s damn powerful and would probably slaughter an entire army before she gets taken. But, hey, it’s a possibility.

With the Cauldron on Hybern’s side, the King could forge a weapon of some sort to control Amren which is real bad. Pray that shit doesn’t happen. One of Amren is equivalent to at least 100 men. God save everyone of it happens.

7. I hope Mor does not reject Azriel anyMore. Pun intended. Coz c'mon Mozriel/Moriel seriously needs to happen. Oh yeah, I don’t want her to die too. I DON’T WANT ANYONE IN THE INNER CIRCLE TO DIE. I’M TOO ATTACHED TO THEM BABES. OKAY?!

8. Thought I’d forget Rhysand? Nope. Never. To be honest, I’m not prepared for what Rhys is going to feel and go through when Feyre is back in prison — literally the home of the man whose father murdered Rhys’ mum and sister. Like wtf. I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid that would get him caught and tortured by Hybern again. LIKE SERIOUSLY BRUH, DON’T. YOU WANNA HUG? IMMA GIVE YOU A HUG. BUT DON’T, FOR EVERY ACOTAR/SJMAAS FANS SAKE DO NOT DO SOMETHING STOOPID. We don’t want Feyre getting PTSD again.



Happy 1st Gotcha day anniversary Jimmy! You have brought so much joy and fun to this crazy little family of ours! It is hard to believe that a year ago today we signed the papers that made this adorable, handsome, mischievous little bundle of bagelness ours! The top photo is the first photo I got of Jim and Fae together in, on the one night trial we brought him home for on the 26th (yeah he came home that afternoon and never left us) they were slightly unsure, but both rather confident and ready to play right away! Jimmy stole our hearts really quickly, I mean look at that face! The third photo if from the 27th, while the Corgledad went off to sign the papers and make Jimmy ours for good, Fae and Jim had their first (of many) cuddles. Jim showed early on that he was going to fit in just fine with all the crazy beings in this house, and also let me know early on that he loves his sunbeams! We love you so much you cuddly, sweet, dapper little Bagel! :)

Anonymous said:Fae sees Dipper in a dress one day and asks her other daddy or Pacifica or Mabel to go clothes shopping because she wants to get him a dress for his birthday and she will get the best dress for her daddy (bonus points if she gets one that matches).

Images of ruffles and lace danced through little Fae’s head.  She had gone upstairs to get her Daddy to read her a book and saw him twirling in a very pretty dress.  “Daddy?  Why does Daddy wear dresses sometimes?”

Bill paused, paintbrush dripping on the sign he was making.  “Because he likes them, they make him feel pretty.“

“It WAS pretty.”  She hummed.  There was a few moments pause and Bill went back to painting.  “Daddy?”


“I want to get Daddy a dress.”  This time Bill almost dropped his brush, but he gave her a grin.  

“Well then, let me clean up all this and lets go to the mall.  I just happen to know his size.”

When they got back home he called out for her Daddy, holding the gift box to her chest as she ran into the house.  Dipper stepped out from the office with raised brows.  “Whoa whoa i am right here Sunshine.”

“I have a gift for you!”  She held the box out to him.  He crouched down to her level and opened it up.  What was inside made him flush.  A black and white 50s cut dress, patterned with little keyboards, guitars, and microphones.  The poofy underskirt was red, peeking out just a little at the bottom.

“I thought you would like music things because you like to sing and Daddy said the red would look really cute when you dance!”  She chirped happily.

He shot Bill a look- which his husband grinned back at.  “This is very sweet Fae.  May I ask why?”

“Because you’re pretty and you should feel pretty!”


Day 14: Derp

Fae is the queen of derp in our house, she leaned young and has only gotten more ridiculous with age! Jimmy is, well he is a serious little guy. Don’t get me wrong, he is very happy, he just always looks so darn serious! Except every so often in his sleep he makes the most ridiculous faces!!