look at his cute face look at it

#6 He Wakes You Up

It was 7 in the morning. Harry was looking at Y/N, smiling faintly. He was beyond mesmerized just by looking at his beautiful sleeping girlfriend.

Harry slowly kissed Y/N’s forehead and slowly pushed a streak of hair behind her ear. However, Y/N felt nothing, she was sleeping peacefully next to him, face stuffed in the white fluffy pillow, hand wrapped around Harry’s torso, mouth slightly open and deep breathes leaving her mouth. To Harry, Y/N looked perfect.

Y/N had stayed the night before. After having movie marathon, endless talking and make out sessions they finally went to sleep at around 3 in the morning. Harry was sure if he didn’t wake Y/N up, she wouldn’t wake up before noon. Nevertheless, he slowly got out of Y/N’s light grip around him. He freshened up and went downstairs to make both of them some breakfast.

Y/N could of course sleep a bit longer.

After Harry made both of them a breakfast, he slowly took all of the food in a tray before heading up to wake Y/N up. Y/N was sound asleep with her face the other side from before. Harry put the tray on his nightstand and walked round the bed to sit next to Y/N.

“Wakeup sleeping beauty,” Harry chuckled and shook Y/N small frame gently.

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and murmured something that Harry couldn’t make out. She turned her back to Harry.

“Babe, I made you breakfast,” Y/N still then didn’t show any intension to wakeup.

Harry frowned before his travelled to Y/N’s exposed back. His frown turned to a smirk. Harry slowly started to tickle Y/N on her waist and neck. Harry knew how ticklish Y/N was. Y/N groaned and tried to move Harry’s hand away.

“Stop tickling me,” Y/N said opening her eyes shooting Harry an annoyed look..

“Rise and shine, baby girl,” Harry gave a quick peck on Y/N’s lip. Y/N looked around and realized it was already morning. Y/N looked back at Harry’s very familiar green eyes.

“Good Morning boo,” Y/N stretched her hands and legs out and yawned slowly.

“I made us breakfast,” Harry said smiling warmly and walked round the bed again and took the food tray from top of the nightstand. Y/N had already sat straight on the bed. Harry placed the tray on Y/N’s lap and got comfortable next to Y/N on bed.

“Mmmm, it looks tasty,” Y/N mused, looking at the tasty looking bacon and pancakes in front of her.

Y/N took the fork and spoon from the tray before putting it in her mouth, and Harry did the same.

“It’s good!” Y/N said chewing on her food, “I didn’t know you could cook this good.”

Harry chuckled. “You liked it?”

“It’s amazing!” Y/N kissed Harry’s cheek and continued on her food again.

Imagine having a training session with all the Avengers and Loki watching. Only for you to come out on top and beat them all. And while they’re all groaning in pain on the floor you turn and look at Loki as he is in a bit in shock that you single handedly took down the avengers. “Midgard to Loki”, you say as you wave your hand in front of his face. Loki looks at you with a bit of his classic smirk. “Oh I like you.” You smile at him and then look at the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes then back at Loki smiling. “Y/n, would you do me the honor and have dinner with me tonight?” He says. “I would love to.“