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idk if anyone's said anything abt this yet (it's like 3 am and i just saw this au in like one post??) but washington looking at baby alex stony faced until the others look away and then he's making dopey faces, tickling alex's stomach, and blowing raspberries on his stomach. everyone is lowkey horrified to catch washington so affectionate - rucheka

ahhhh FUCK I DIE THAT’S CUTE!?!? the others look away for 2 seconds and then they suddenly hear the purest child laughter/squeal and turn to see George just. being a good dad tm and playing with toddler Alex and Alex is having the time of his life. Pray he doesn’t remember when he changes back

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Monsta X reaction when their crush thinks its weird when someone calls her cute.

Thank you wolffoggirl for requesting! My first request ◎[▪‿▪]◎ I hope you like it~!

Monsta X: Reaction to you being weird about being called cute

●Sohn Hyunwoo:  Walking to dance practice together-as always-you were scrolling through your Instagram. You grumbled softly, causing Hyunwoo to look at you. “Is something wrong?” He asked and gently nudged your arm with his. You sighed and showed him your phone.

“This kid comments on all my photos calling me cute.” You whined softly. He read it then looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Your cheeks were tinted light pink.

“(Y/n)… How can you blame him? He’s only speaking the truth. You’re the cutest girl on this planet.”

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●Shin Hoseok: Hoseok carefully watched you as you talked on the phone with your mother. He paid close attention to your facial expressions, smiling every time you made a funny face. He thought you were so adorable.

“Eomma~” You whined and put a hand on the back of your neck. “Ok ok, I’ll talk to you later, bye bye…” You hung up and laid your phone on the coffee table in front of you. 

“What’s got you so gloomy?” He chuckled, setting his boba down and grabbing your hands. 

“She called me cute again.” You puffed your bottom lip out to pout, and looked down at your hands. He looked away for a moment to think before looking back at you. 

“Is she not allowed to speak the truth? Cutie?”

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●Lee Minhyuk: Minhyuk knew just how much it bothered you when someone called you cute. So every once in a while, when he was feeling bold and cocky, he would get you all flustered.

“Yah, (Y/n)… yah, don’t ignore me.” He grabbed your shoulders from behind and gently shook you. You hummed and looked back at him.

“What?” You blinked innocently at him.

“Has anyone told you today how cute you looked?” He said with a big smile. You cringed and glared at him.

“Stop it.” You pinched his hand.

“No, you look extra cute. Super duper adorable!”

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●Yoo Kihyun: Kihyun was watching you from behind the small stage set up outside, listening to your interview. He was amused the entire time, you were funny. Everyone thought so, but he thought you were the funniest person in the world! Probably because of his major crush on you.

“(Y/n), you’re so cute with bows you should wear them more often!” The interviewer lady touched the pink bow in your hair, and instantly you scrunched your nose.

“Ahh, thank you…” You didn’t want to be rude. But as soon as you left the stage, you were grumbling and cursing at yourself for wearing that damn bow.

“(Y/n),” Kihyun stopped you before he went up on stage. “She wasn’t lying, you look really cute.” He winked and walked off 

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●Chae Hyungwon: You were on a small walk with Hyungwon. You’ve both been trying to find the time to hang out, and finally you both had a break. You were humming softly to one of Monsta X’s songs, licking your ice cream and lightly skipping. 

“Is that Hero?” He asked with a chuckle. “How cute.” He said with a gentle smile. His face changed when you stopped and dropped your ice cream. “Aish-(Y/n). Ahh I’m sorry, let’s go buy you another one…” He realized over time that cutie was a name you weren’t quite fond of. “Ok cute stuff?”

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●Lee Jooheon: Sitting in a circle with the 7 boys, you played truth or dare. Jooheon was a little irritated because of the amount of times someone has called you the prettiest girl on the planet, or the best female singer in Korea. He watched you intensely, listening to what you had to say.

“(Y/n), who do you think is the cutest out of all of us?” Hoseok asked cockily.

“Jooheon.” You said blutly, causing Jooheon to smile big. He cleared his throat and wiggled in his spot out of excitement. 

“Well I think you’re the cutest girl in the world.” Changkyun spoke bluntly, and Jooheon noticed your immediate cringe. 

“She’s very… beautiful.” Jooheon spoke for you, avoiding eye contact with you as he said it.

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●Lim Changkyun:  You were working on a collab together. With his smooth rap and your powerful singing, your industries thought a collab was perfect. And you loved the idea, he was your best friend afterall. 

“(Y/n), for the MV you should wear a dress.” Your manager said while looking up and down your body. “No no… You look really cute with shorts-oh.” SHe knew just how much you hated being called cute. As you pouted, Changkyun started to laugh.

“Yeah she’s right! (Y/n), shorts look super cute on you.”

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Kagami x chubby reader (old girlfriend..new father)

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(You guys get to pick the kid’s name= k/n)••••• You were getting ready to drop off k/n to school since it is his first day. You had an uneasy feeling about today but you pushed that aside to hear small footsteps running to your room and there was a small knock. “Mommy can I come in?” Your son asked with excitement which made you smile. “Yes baby come in” you sat up and swung your legs out, k/n ran inside already in his uniform, you gasped at how cute he looked. “How do I look mommy?” He asked showing his bright teeth. “Oh my k/n you look so handsome!” You said making your son’s face as red as his hair. You smiled and thought about how much he looked like Kagami, your heart clenched at the thought that you made the decision to not tell him about k/n. You held back tears as k/n put his small hand on your face. “Mommy are you alright?” He asked sounded concerned. You nodded and smiled, “I was just thinking about taking you to uncle Kuroko’s today!” K/n gasped, he absolutely loved Kuroko but is scared of #2 something he got from his dad. “Baby let me go get dressed so I can take you to school” he nodded and grabbed the basketball you kept In your room and ran out. You took a quick shower and got dressed in some black jeans and a grey top with some (favorite shoes). You saw k/n already putting his lunch in his bag and you grabbed you keys. “K/n cmon babe I’m ready” he immediately ran out the door. You locked the door and decided to follow him. You always played with your son, no matter the sport or game. You didn’t get to start college cause of having k/n in high school so your job choices were limited but you got a job that payed the bills and was able to provide for you and k/n. You lived in a comfy apartment but it wasn’t the biggest either. You unlocked the door for k/n and helped him in, “mommy I know how to do it on my own” he pouted and you put your hands up “alright big man” you giggled and got into the drivers seat and you pulled off driving to k/n school. As you were driving you started to get that uneasy feeling again but you couldn’t understand why. The school wasn’t that far only about 10 blocks away so as you got there k/n immediately got out the car. “Hey! You behave today alright? Or I’m not gonna take you to Kuroko’s” He nodded and gave you a kiss “I will mommy, see you later! ” he smiled big and ran away. He looks so much as Kagami, you saw him already running with another boy inside. You drove home since you had today off, on your drive back you saw a board with Kagami’s face on it. You gripped the steering wheel tight and got pissed off by the way he smiled while holding the basketball. He went pro and he has been playing, that’s part of why you didn’t tell him about k/n you wanted his dreams to go big so you thought you not being in your life would have been better. You sighed and parked infront of the building. You decided you were gonna sleep till it was time to pick up your son, you went inside and unlocked the door but when you unlocked it your heart dropped to the floor. Kagami was sitting on the couch and looked up at you with a crying face. “Why?” He asked with a tear falling. “Kagami please I can explain” you said about to cry. “We had a son all this time and today was my first time hearing about him!?” He yelled in frustration which made you jump. “I didn’t tell you about him because you were so serious about basketball and I didn’t want your dreams about going pro to sink” you cried out. You really didn’t think today was gonna be the day. “I would have thrown those dreams away if I knew about this” he stood up and your tears fell. “What’s his name?” He took a deep breath and looked, “k/n” you said while wiping your tears. Kagami’s heart dropped even more, he absolutely love that name. “How have you been doing all of this on your own?” He looked around, “I got a job but it was hard to get it because I couldn’t go to college and Kuroko has been taking care of k/n while I work” you looked down. Kagami was in pure shock, he couldn’t believe that he missed 5 years of his own kid’s life, he bursted into tears and hugged you tight. You started to cry silently. For the next couple of hours you guys were talking about each other’s lives and how much you miss each other till it was time to go pick up k/n. “Do you want to come with me to go pick up k/n?” You asked while playing with your fingers. “YES!” He yelled in excitement, you smiled and grabbed the keys and locked the door and got into the car and unlocked it for kagami. “What if he doesn’t like me?! What if he doesn’t want to see me? What if he thinks I abando-” you cut him off by holding his hand. “He asks about you, he knows how you look like. He watches you play everyday, he records the games all the time even the ones he’s already seen.” You smiled and that made Kagami’s heart flutter. His son watches him play all the time, “wow” was all he can say with a smile. You guys drove to the school to see the parents already picking up there kids or them walking home nearby. You took a deep breath and got out the car hearing your son running to you, “Mommy look! We made a thank you card for the special people in our lives and I even included dad!” You smiled big, “baby I have surprise for you” you kissed his cheek and smiled. “What is it mommy?” K/n asked confused with a pout. On que Kagami got out the car and stood there nervous looking at his son. K/n looked at him and he dropped all of his things. They were both staring at each other and you pulled out your phone recording it. K/n started to tear up and run to Kagami and he jumped into his arms. Kagami held onto him like he was the most precious thing ever. “Daddy where were you?!” K/n cried out clutching Kagami’s shirt. You smiled small. “I’ve been pretty busy but now I’m here forever” Kagami said while trying to hold back tears. You smiled and ran to go to hug them. The missing piece of the puzzle was finally found and now you guys are complete family. Kagami still loves you and you still love him and you guys don’t plan to separate. ///// I hope this was good♥️this made me tear up because I was in similar situation-norah 👑
Morning Kisses || Jinhwan

Group: Ikon

Member: Jinhwan

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 400

Requested: Hi. Could you write a fluff story with Jinhwan from IKON. It could contain smut scenes too! thanks <3

A/n:okay sleep Jinhwan is so cute so I had to write about this. We need more ikon fics 2k17!! Jinhwan lowkey reminds me of Jinho from pentagon shorties, cute, vocals I mean who is taller tbh??

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i have some thoughts about this photo that is apparently from josh’s twitter. these are my thoughts: hunk looks terrified, lance looks overjoyed, and keith just looks bored?? what is going ON in that movie

I think Lance’s way of flirting with Keith is by teasing him and I find it so cute

Like here when he was bothering him about trying to beat up Klaizap

Look at his smile, he looks so satisfied LOL

And then here when he challenged him to a spore ball fight

You can’t tell me he doesn’t love getting a reaction out of him

Also when he claimed that he was proud of making fun of Keith for feeling the Blue Lion’s energy in the desert, just look at his face, dude clearly thinks Keith is cute when he’s embarassed

Then there’s those scenes where he teases him about being scared

Seriously every time he eggs him on like this, he has the most playful and amused smile on his face. And I think that’s because he knows Keith is always so serious and straight faced, so he likes trying to get him to let loose and have fun a little.

But sometimes that can also backfire on him LOL

Keith is slowly starting to learn his ways