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Derek Hale ➢ Little Wolf Pt.2

Part 1

He was beautiful. He was the most beautiful little thing you’d ever seen in your entire life. Even when he was nothing more than a little bean in your belly you knew you loved him more than life itself but having him here in your arms was a different feeling altogether. When your son opened his eyes for the first time you were in absolute awe. They were the most beautiful shade of green and it was no mystery from who he had inherited them from.

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What if Simon was kidnapped by numpties instead of Baz?

Shoutout to @flirtybaz​ for the fic idea and a shoutout to @pauladelaula @transremus @fyeahsnowbaz and @indifferenteos for the feedback!

Song: Weave Me (Into Yr Sin) by Citizen (I am coming clean into love / I’ll die if you let me / I am coming clean with myself / My darling, my darling)

- - - - -

Three weeks. Three weeks have passed and Snow’s finally arrived at Watford.

Snow enters the dining hall. He looks skinny. Too skinny. And his skin is kind of… crumbling at the edges. I hate seeing him like this. Everyone in the hall looks at him and starts talking and giggling. The sunlight makes his silhouette glow. Of course he has to cause such a big scene and make sure everyone sees him. Of course he was the subject of everyone’s conversations for all those weeks. It was torture. I turn around and go back to my room. Our room, I should to say.

Snow enters. His mouth is stuffed with cherry scones and he’s holding a few more in his hands. I almost roll my eyes at him. His nails are bitten to bone and stupid, bronze curls are falling over his forehead. He looks awful.

‘Summer holiday was just too good? Wanted to stay a bit longer?’, I say, standing up. Saying things like this make me feel terrible, but… But this is just how it works.

Snow barely looks at me and swallows. ‘Well, not exactly’, he says.

‘What happened then?’, I ask, trying really hard not to sound too desperate.

‘You missed me?’, he says, ignoring my question. He’s teasing me, of course, but when he looks at me, I can practically see hope sparkling in his eyes. I can’t look back at him. That would make things worse. That would ruin everything.

I sneer at him. ‘Why the hell would I have missed you, Snow?’

I think back to those lonely nights when I could feel the hole in my chest growing bigger. Nothing in the room smelled like him anymore. I stayed up all night until I could almost see him sleeping in his bed. Until I could almost touch his hair, but when I did, he always disappeared. Because he was never there. I was reaching out for him. I was desperate. I had terrible nightmares about him lying on the ground, bleeding, and I couldn’t get to him. I couldn’t save him. I sneaked out at night, looking for him. Sitting in the cold pouring rain until it felt like my skin was soaked. And always, always praying he would come back.

Snow is blushing and starts to unpack. ‘Because I missed you’, he whispers. And when he says that, years and years of rain pour back into the sky and my armor starts to crack.

‘Snow’, I whisper.

He doesn’t look up.

‘Simon’, I say, my voice sounding harsh.

Finally, he looks at me. His eyes are so blue, it leaves me breathless for a second.

When he stands up, I step closer to him and finally touch his cheeks, his neck and his stupid, stupid, beautiful hair. He doesn’t pull away. And when we kiss, he tastes like cherry scones.

Gangsta (Joker x reader)

Request;  could you write a storie where you put the scene with the acid bath and some smuth?:3❤

Warning: Smut

I stood at the platform, looking down at the swirling mass of chemicals below. Mister J’s hand caressing the back of my arm interrupted my thoughts, but I didn’t care. ‘’Questioon.’’ I turned around. God those eyes, those mesmerizing dangerous eyes. ‘’Would you die for me?’’ I nodded with certainty. ‘’Yes.’’ Mister J looked up at the ceiling and furrowed his brows. ‘’No, no, no that’s too easy.’’ He murmured.

He took a step closer to me, if that was even possible. I could feel his breath on my lips. ‘’Would you… Would you live for me?’’ I trembled, the power he had over me was overwhelming. ‘’Yes’’ I replied, my voice a little shaky.

 Mister J pointed his finger sternly at me. ‘’Careful’’ he growled. ‘’Do not say this oath, thoughtlesslyyy’. Then he placed his hand over my mouth and gently brushed the sides of my cheeks with his fingers. ‘’Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes, power.’’ I was breathing heavily as I looked up at him with loving eyes. He placed his finger on my lower lip and pulled it down. ‘’You want this?’’ his voice had gotten darker.

My chest was rising and falling as I felt my face flushing. ‘’I do.’’ Mister J leaned his head back. ‘’Say it. Saay it, say iiit’’ his voice was barely audible through his heavy breaths. ‘’Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty,’’-‘’please?’’ I interrupted him. My voice was so feminine and soft that his hands curled up in delight as he looked at me in awe. ‘’Oh, god you’re so… good.’’

He stared at me, studied me. I looked at him with undying love in my eyes. He took a step back, and gestured toward the edge of the platform. Without hesitating, I raised both of my arms. Mister J did the same, mimicking me with his mouth slightly open, and anticipation dripping off his face. I stepped off the platform and fell into the churning chemical bath below.

I need a gangsta

To love me better

Than all the others do


Impressed, he watched me sink into the gooey chemical vat. He started pacing back and forth on the platform before he ripped his jacket off and jumped after me. When the acid hit his skin, he winced in pain but also relished in the pleasure of the burning sensation. When he grabbed a hold of my body, he swam up to the surface with me in his arms.

Both of our clothes were burnt to shreds and we were painted in chemicals. We floated, and he stared at me, attaching his lips to mine, breathing life into my limp body. Finally, my eyes opened and I gasped for air.

I’m fucked up

I’m black and blue

I’m built for it, all the abuse

I got secrets, that nobody knows


I looked at him with adoring eyes as he grinned down at my body. He grabbed the back of my neck and leaned down to devour my lips. I bit his and he groaned. Since our clothes were already in shreds, it didn’t take him long to rip my blouse off. He pinched my nipple with his rough fingers.

I arched my back and sighed at the feeling of his touch. Our heads and shoulders were now the only parts of our bodies that were floating on the surface of the chemical vat. He captured my lips yet again with his. Whilst dragging his tongue in my mouth and biting my lower lip, his hand travelled down my stomach and stopped at the zipper of my pants. The burning pain on my skin and the immense pleasure of his fingers made me roll my eyes back into my head and groan. He snaked his hand under the hem of my pants and into my panties. I gasped as he bit my lip while he started skillfully rubbing my wet center.

I moaned into the kiss, which made him growl and grab my hand. He placed it on his crotch, that now had a growing bulge pressing against the tight material, begging to come out. ‘’You see what you do to me, doll?’’ I giggled and nodded my head as I bit my lower lip. Mister J attacked my neck with his silver grills, biting and sucking as he suddenly plunged two fingers inside me. I moaned at the feeling and he quickly found my g-spot and curled his fingers.

My mouth was open, as if I was gasping, but no sound was coming out of my lips. Mister J nibbled on my earlobe and purred in my ear. ‘’You like it when your daddy touches you?’’ he growled and grabbed my chin. I nodded eagerly. ‘’Yes daddy’’. My voice was soft and smooth like honey.

Mister J used his strong hand to rip my pants and panties down to my ankles, where I kicked them off and let them sink to the bottom of the chemical vat. He did the same with his own. We looked at each other passionately as he put his hands on each side of my shoulders, supporting them on the edge of the vat. He had me trapped. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he thrust himself into me. We both shivered at the sensation.

The burn from the chemicals had now become a part of the pleasuring sensation that was filling my body. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck as I pecked his lips. Mister J’s grip on the vat tightened as he plunged himself harder into me, making us both moan. He kept going faster and faster, harder and harder, until he had me moaning loudly and my thighs shaking around his body.

After a while, his thrusts became sloppier and I felt myself tighten around his aching member. He growled as he released himself into me. That feeling was enough to make me scream out his name in pleasure as I threw my head back. He looked at me, a grin planted on his devious face and then he laughed hysterically while holding my body in his arms. I joined in.

You got me hooked up on that feeling

You got me hanging from the ceiling

So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me go.