look at his cheeks i just want to pinch them

EXO reacts to seeing their girlfriends baby pictures.

Most of them probably wouldn’t care that you were chunky. 


“Aww Jagi you are so cute!”


“I just want to pinch those cheeks!”


“That doesn’t really look like you”

Suspicious Jongin is suspicious.


“Look Jagi you look like this”

*makes the face from the photo*


*can’t handle the cuteness*


“You were soooo chunky”

*laughing his ass off*


“Were you picking your nose in that picture?”


“Aww you were so cute, what happened?”


*baby talks at the picture*

“Such a cute little baby”


“You were almost as cute as me!”


*sticks his face all close to the picture*



*just thinks you were so cute he can’t express his potato*

Here ya go guy’s I hope you enjoy!


Harry smiling at Joe.

I’m just imagining Wally having a conversation with Barry:

“Hey Wally, how did the Formula One go?”

“Yeah, it was okay but then Joe’s boyfriend showed up and it was super awkward.”

“…uh, whuh, his boyfriend?”

“Hey, I don’t judge, but what other guy shows up all friendly in the middle of the night and gets weird when he sees I’m there? Joe didn’t even introduce us, and it’s not like he has friends over a lot… I’m telling you. Dad date night.”

…I have no excuse I just wanted Jonas (Phone Guy) sandwiched between these two, these two being William and Danny by Blasticheart. Doesn’t look grand but after 5 redraws and an entire day of working on it im so done xD so here have it tumblr

to anybody who doesn’t know! the one with the tie in his mouth, Danny the Violet guy, is NOT a rehash or redesign of the Purple guy (there are not 2 versions of Purps here) he is just another employee who is really kind and friendly :3 just wanted to clear that up

Drawing by me

DS: blasticheart

there’s seriously nothing more adorable than chubby justin like imagine dating him, he would be super cuddly and warm and soft like a comfy little pillow you could sleep on and you would like pinch his cute round cheeks because they’re so fluffy and call him a cutie and he would swat you away and be like ‘’i’m not a cutie, i’m a sexy man’’ and you would just smirk like ‘’of course you are’’ and smother kisses all over his adorable chubby cheeks and then you would pinch his sides and he would yelp and scowl at you and his face would just look even chubbier and you would just snuggle him again because you couldn’t deal with how cute he was and he would just give up and let you do whatever you wanted with his cheeks and you could never decide if you wanted to pinch them, kiss them or sit on his face because come on what a comfy place to sit on :))))


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