look at his cheeks i just want to pinch them


A week of Irwin: Day 3 - Fetus pics

These are some of the many fetus pics. They all are so cute, he looks so squishy and happy. My favourite one is the 2nd and last one because his cheeks are so big and I just want to pinch them. I also love his teeth in the 6th pic, it makes him even more adorable.

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how would boyfriend yonggukkie be? 💖

there was a request similar to this but i’ll be doing them separately :3 think of it as part 1 & 2 i guess
*posting this as a tribute for yongguk :c

  • swapping drinks with you without asking being all like “i like this one better”
  • can sometimes look stoic but you know deep down he’s just zoned out or something
  • “yongguk can you open the door? it must be the pizzas!” “…but i just sat down”
  • pinching your cheeks a lot
  • “do you want to come see my family next holiday?” he’d be proud af of you in front of his parents and the rest of his fam
  • likes it when you cook chinese dishes because it reminds him of home
  • “JIN LONGGUO-SHI!” you’d always call him by his ‘real’ name from across the street
  • he’d spot you and walks away quickly 
  • blushING a LOT when you call him ‘Longguo”
  • “you’re so cute sometimes longguo” /cue yongguk blushing.
  • dropping things a lot 
  • you name it: pens, pencils, ties, spoons, sometimes plates, vases, cats, pictures, phones, drinks, shoes, cars, you
  • likes to hover over you a lot when you’re lying down
  • he’d be smiling when doing it too
  • “what are you doing yongguk?” 
  • “admiring you” he would say while leaning down to peck you on the nose
  • back hugs
  • “yongguk i really appreciate the gesture but can you please not do this when i’m trying to vacuum the damn floor it’s getting late now. i’ve been standing here for 14 minutes and 22 seconds”
  • winking at you when he has no answer to your questions or small talks
  • winking at you in general (wink boi jihoot be offended)

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Parental Instinct

Jiyong lifts your daughter, pulling her up to rest on his hip, her eyes scanning the shelf of candy in front of her.

‘Which ones do you want, princess?’ He asks her, swaying her backwards and forwards.  

‘How many can I have?’ She casts her round, almond eyes at him, blinking her butterfly eyelashes.

‘As many as you want.’ He chuckles, his lips dusting her forehead.

‘No, Ji…,’ You warn him sternly, your hand coming to rest gently on his bicep. ‘She will make you buy the whole shelf.’ He shrugs ambivalently at you, a single eyebrow dancing upwards.

‘Yeobo, let me spoil her, huh? I haven’t spent time with her in two weeks…’ You shake your head, knowing that not matter what you said, your daughter would get what she wanted from her father. Her four year old self was the apple of his eye.

‘I want that one.’ Your daughter points to a coffee chocolate bar, and Jiyong reaches for it, slightly taken aback.

‘You picked this one? Do you know what it is, Jaeeun?’ His asks curiously as his hand wraps around it, bringing it closer to her face.

‘Yes. It’s coffee and chocolate together.’ She replies with confidence. Jiyong’s eyes furrow in confusion.

‘But Jaeeun, you don’t eat coffee, huh?’ The bar hovers in front of her.

‘I know. But I thought about Mummy. You didn’t say you would buy her one, and I wanted to get her that one because it is her favourite.’ She blinks at him as if her decision was the most obvious thing in the world. Your husband nods in knowing, a pleased smile spreading on his face, mimicking the pleasant feeling inside your heart.

‘Ahhh, my daughter.’ He sighs contently, pressing his lips against her cheek. ‘You have such a kind heart.’ She squiggles against his kiss.

‘Not you. You forgot Mum.’ If there was one thing your daughter had inherited from your husband, it was his confidence. She was never one to let her voice go unheard.

‘I didn’t forget.,’ Jiyong states calmly. ‘I was helping you pick first.’

‘But Mummy needs help too, and sometimes you don’t help her… like when she asks you to wash the dishes.’

‘Jaeeun, pick some candy, huh? We’re going to be late to see Uncle Youngbae.’ You press her into a decision, and she picks another candy bar, wrapped delicately in a pink wrapper. Jiyong reaches for it, clutching it in his hand.

‘That one is for Uncle Bae. He likes strawberries. And Dad, you can have… the same one as me.’ She pauses, contemplating the choices, before pointing to Jiyong’s favourite - a mint chocolate bar. He adds two of them quickly to his now stretched fist.

‘Good choice, Jaeeun!’ He nods in pleasure, before dropping her slowly down from his hip, handing her two of the candy bars to carry. She toddles straight to the counter, her balance perfect as her hands wave the candy bars excitedly. Jiyong had picked her outfit today - black skinny jeans tucked into her miniature doc marten boots and a blue and white striped t shirt peeking out from under a green army coat. The coat waggled after her, and you noted the content look on your husbands face, satisfied with his wardrobe decision. You both followed her to the counter, Jiyong taking it upon himself to lift her up so she was able to place the chocolate on top of it. He adds his two, smiling at the old woman behind the counter.

‘How many are there?’ He asks her, his English twinged thickly with an accent. Despite his lack of complete fluency, Jiyong made every effort to immerse your daughter in English. It was something you were both trying to do - talk to her in English, so she became bilingual quickly. Her Korean had inexplicably developed far more rapidly than you’d expected, and she was sometimes still mixing her words when she spoke in English. As your parents only spoke English, it was important to you that she became fluent in your native language as well. Her face furrowed in concentration as she counted.

‘One, two, three… sa!’ She giggled in glee, knowing the annoyance the Korean would bring to her father.

‘Yah, Jaeeun… Am I speaking Korean?’ He presses gently, tickling her in a non-aggressive fashion.

‘Dad, I want to give the lady the money…’ She switches back to Korean, holding her hand open, palm flat for Jiyong to place money in. He reached into his back pocket, balancing your daughter carefully on his hip.

‘Okay, Okay. Wait a minute, huh, princess.’

‘Oh, wow. Your Korean is very good!’ The woman behind the counter comments happily as she begins scanning the items, the smile on her face crinkling her eyes. You can see Jiyong’s body tense instinctively, his movement for his wallet pausing in a split second.

‘Of course it is.,’ Your daughter comments confidently. ‘I’m Korean.’ Her statement is one of fact. Jiyong continues to withdraw his wallet, his movement strained slightly.

‘No you aren’t.’ The woman replies, her tone equally as confident. Jiyong’s head, which had been tilted slightly towards your daughter, snaps forward to look at the woman. If there is one thing he was sensitive about, it was the perception other Koreans had about his daughters race.

‘I am… I’m Korean.,’ Your daughters brow furrows slightly, confusion flooding her face. ‘My daddy always says…’

‘Look at your Mum. Look at you… You can’t be Korean.’ Despite her pleasant tone, her voice was becoming more forceful. Your daughters eyes begin to fill with tears, her face turning as they pooled in her wide set eyes.

‘Dad, am I Korean?’ She questions, her voice unsteady.

‘Of course you are, Jaeeun. This woman doesn’t know what she is talking about.’ He cuts in sharply.

‘Ji, let’s just go, huh? Youngbae is going to be waiting for us…’ You knew what was coming. The tension leaching from Jiyong’s body was becoming palpable. Your hands reach for your daughter, and Jiyong passes her to you willingly. Her face burrows into your scarf as you pull her into a hug, her wet tears mixing into the wool.

‘My daughter’s Korean isn’t good - it’s great, because its her first language.,’ His voice has become louder and more blusterous with anger, and your daughter retreats further into you, her tiny arms climbing inside your coat. You cradle her, turning away from Jiyong and the woman. ‘You, though, have an extremely narrow minded view of the world. Of course my daughter is Korean. She has lived here her entire life and has only left the country twice.’

‘But…’ The woman, taken aback by Jiyong’s confrontation, opens her mouth in an attempted rebuttal.

‘No buts. She is Korean. Who the hell are you to say she isn’t and upset her?,’ He opens his wallet, removing a few bills of cash. You catch them out of the corner of your eye, a handful of hundred thousand weon notes. ‘Keep the change. Use it to buy some damn empathy, huh?’ He flicks the notes onto the counter roughly, his fist in an easy swoop, before turning to stalk out of the store. You follow him, your daughter still clinging to you, her face not showing. You coo gently in an attempt to encourage her out.

‘Jaeeun? Are you okay?’ You switch to Korean in an effort to console her, your voice nervously stumbling over the syllables you could usually pronounce without effort. Her head shakes a negative response. Jiyong continues his rapid pace, his long, thin legs carrying him quicker than you could keep step with. He stops abruptly, his body coming to a halt just in front of you. You pause, approaching him. ‘Ji, slow down, huh? I can’t keep up.’ He turns, his head shaking is disbelief, collecting a deep breath.

‘Sorry, I’m just…,’ He huffs, unable to articulate his words correctly. Your head nods down to your daughter, to draw his attention to her distress. His eyes close, his face crinkling to draw inner strength.

‘Jaeeun-ah.,’ He steps forward, his voice low in comfort. ‘Daddy’s not mad at you, huh? You know that right?’ Her small head peaks out from the grooves of your scarf, eyeing Jiyong suspiciously.

‘I don’t know.,’ She replies honestly. ‘I’m confused.’ Jiyong lets out a lengthy sigh, before offering his arms to your daughter. She twists, shifting her weight into him so he was able to swing her onto the ground, allowing her to come to a standing position. She turns to face him, and he bends on his knees to crouch down to her level. His hands clutch her shoulders gently.

‘I’m not angry with you at all. I’m angry at that woman. You did nothing wrong, okay?,’ His hands smooth down her arms, coming to clutch her tiny hands. ‘She was being very rude to you, and when someone is rude to you that makes me angry. No one should be allowed to make you feel bad by being rude to you. Ever. Do you understand that?’ Your daughter blinks her wet lashes at her father, a small nod coming from her head.

‘Why did she say that I’m not Korean? You always told me that I am Korean.’ Her brows furrow, confusion threaded over her face. You can’t bare to look at her, so your eyes flick to Jiyong. To his credit, his face remains staunchly calm.

‘Some people think that if your Mum or Dad is from a different country, you can’t be Korean.,’ He responds. ‘But those people are just stupid. When they say that you aren’t Korean, you have to tell them they’re stupid, okay? In your biggest, loudest voice.’ His fingers reach up to nip her cheek in a pinch, and she giggles excitedly.

‘I can call them stupid?’ Both her eyebrows arch in surprise.

‘You can. I’m going to let you say that to them, but only them okay? I don’t want to hear you calling anyone else stupid.’ She nods her head in understanding, her little secret agreement between her father and her bringing a widening grin to her face.

‘I won’t. I promise. But she was stupid!’ She shakes her hands, unable to calm her physical excitement at saying the world. A deep chuckle rumbles from Jiyong’s throat.

‘Who loves you?’ Jiyong asks, kissing his palm and balling his hand, holding his clenched fist out for Jaeeun. She leans forward, and he opens his palm, pressing it into her exposed, plump cheek. His fingers burst into movement, dancing down her neck to tickle her. It was their secret greeting. You’d had no idea where it had originated from, but they both adored it.

‘You do.’ She giggles happily, her shoulders shrugging up to avoid his fingers.

‘I do.,’ He pauses, looking at her, his hand cradling her face. ‘Come give me a hug, my Korean princess.’ She moves quickly into him, slotting easily between his crouched knees as her hands reached up to wrap around his neck. He pulls her close, lifting her feet slightly off the ground with the power of his hug. He holds her, longer than usual, the emotion he was feeling seeping through him. He settles her down again, his arms still holding her, but loosening slightly to allow her to step back.

‘Are you sad, Daddy?’ She questions as she studies his face.

‘A little bit.,’ He answers truthfully. ‘I don’t like it when people make you upset or when you cry.’ Her hands reach up to his face, squishing his cheeks to purse his lips. She leans forward, mushing her lips into his happily, planting a loving kiss on them.

‘I’m not sad anymore, Dad.,’ She says simply. ‘That lady was just stupid.’ She pushes his cheeks once more, before letting him go.

‘Ahh, my smart Jaeeun.’ He replies with a smile. She wiggles out of his arms, taking his hand.

‘Uncle Bae is waiting for us. Let’s hurry.’ She chugs him into motion, her legs thundering on the path as they break into a run. Jiyong stalls, his eyes flicking back to you to ensure you were following, hand reaching out to clasp yours excitedly, and you take it, running after them both.

A heavy sigh leaves his lips as he removes his t shirt, discarding it neatly into the wicker washing basket at the end of the bed. His head folds down, his hands running through his hair, haphazardly spraying the black strands in multiple directions. Despite his resolve in front of Jaeeun, it was obvious his mind was still lingering on the incident earlier in the day. You place your kindle on the beside table, peeking at him over the rim of your reading glasses. Jiyong had put Jaeeun to sleep hours ago. You’d watched him lay her onto the bed, the new stuffed unicorn from Youngbae taking up most of the space. He’d kissed her goodnight and told her she was beautiful, staying to let her hug his arm until she’d fallen asleep. He’d disappeared into the study shortly after and you hadn’t seen him since.

‘Do you want to talk about it?’ You press lightly, eyes scanning him. His frame sinks lower, head bobbing further still.

‘No.,’ His answer is short and simple. He stands, deep in contemplation, and you throw back the covers, swinging your feed over the edge of the high bed frame. You pad your way to him, your silk sleep dress swishing against you lightly. You approach Jiyong, your arms wrapping warmly around his sunken body, your head coming to lay on his wide shoulder blades across the top of his back. ‘Do you think I scared her? I mean, she has never really seen me angry before.’

‘You didn’t scare her at all, Ji. She was just a bit confused. You didn’t do anything wrong.’ You murmur the words into his back, a kiss pressing against the bare skin of his tattooed neck, your lips tracing the lines of ink. Another sigh leaves him, and he sinks into your embrace. Throughout your relationship, you’d learned very early that Jiyong was much more sensitive than he let on. It was one of the most endearing traits about him. However, you understood how hard it was for him to grapple with the copious amounts of empathy he felt for others. He’d often wear their struggles longer than they would. ‘You saw her with Youngbae… She was over the moon. I doubt she is even going to remember it tomorrow.’

‘I know she seemed okay… I just got so angry about it I couldn’t control myself. I can’t stop thinking about how easily that woman shot her down. I want her to have confidence and we’ve both worked so hard to surround her with positive influences. It’s upsetting that in one second someone can say something so casually and it can have such a big impact on her. How could she say that to our child?’ You cradle him, rocking gently back and forward, your head resting on him.

‘We can’t protect her forever.’ Your response seems simple, and he chuckles slightly at your words.

‘You mean I can’t lock her in a tower away from the rest of the world?,’ He shifts your arms gently, his palms pressing to open your hands. He turns, coming to face you, his arms connecting around your body. He meets your eyes, carefully considering your face. ‘It’s not that I want to do that. It’s just I know people are going to see her as less of a person because she’s only half Korean. I know what the lady meant when she was saying she wasn’t Korean. She was saying she wasn’t good enough to be Korean. It made me upset… It made me really, really angry that someone could say that to my daughter. If people say things like that to her, she is going to start doubting herself.’ Your hand reaches up to cup his face, drawing it close to you for a sweet, lingering kiss. The amount of love Jiyong had for your daughter was boundless, and it was something you found intensely attractive.

‘I know, Ji. I know it’s hard. I didn’t know what to say when it happened because I was angry too. It’s difficult, and her life will be difficult. I can’t deny that. But we’re teaching Jaeeun to be a strong, thoughtful, caring person. That’s all we can do. Maybe she won’t get angry about this kind of stuff, but simply feel sorry for people who were taught such a narrow minded view.,’ You kiss his lips again, the fluffy cushion pressing against you with more vigour. ‘I know she has an amazing father that is going to fight for her whenever she needs it. I know she is going to be just as sympathetic and have the same amount of empathy as he does. I can already see it in her, Ji. We don’t have to worry about her.’

‘You’re right.,’ He nods, his gaze shifting off you. ‘You’re totally right. I just hate seeing her upset.’ He shakes his head to snap out of his daze.

‘You wouldn’t be a good father if you didn’t, and it’s one of the reasons she loves you and trusts you as much as she does.,’ Your hand reaches to his face, cupping his cheek to stroke your thumb across it. ‘And one of the reasons I love you as much as I do, too.’ He leans forward, enveloping you in a long, drawn out kiss. His lips rub softly against yours, his tongue exploring your mouth. His hands slip low over your hips, coming to cradle the rounded cheeks of your bum. His kiss continues, building in passion.

‘Daddy… Mummy…’ Your daughters voice shatters the moment, calling from behind the closed door. Jiyong breaks apart, his shoulders sagging in disappointment.

‘Damn it… that was going somewhere.,’ He let’s out a low sigh, breaking from your hug. ‘Yes, princess?’ He calls.

‘Daddy?’ She calls again. Jiyong walks quickly to the door, peeling it open.

‘What is it, Jaeeun? You’re meant to be sleeping…’ His voice trails off when he sees her, her own face quivering as their eyes meet, her wet cheeks flooding with more tears.

‘I… I had… I had… a dream… and the… unicorn… died.’ Jiyong sweeps her up in his arms, her wet cheeks burying against his skin.

‘It’s alright, Jaeeun. It’s still there in your bed, huh?’ He coos to comfort her.

‘Daddy… I’m scared.’ She manages to splutter out. Jiyong bumps her gently up and down, shifting to the bed as he attempted to ease her worry.

‘That’s okay, princess. You can sleep here with us.’ You couldn’t fault his suggestion. Your daughter was rarely scared, and for the most part slept through the night. For her to be this upset was unusual. With his free hand, he threw back the covers, before gently laying her down between the crisp whiteness of the Egyptian cotton sheets. She let out a groan, holding her arms out to desperately to Jiyong as he let her go.

‘Daddy, no… You have to stay.’

‘I know, Princess. I’m just getting into bed.,’ He climbs next to her, snuggling himself up to her, and she accepts his hug gratefully. ‘Do you want Mummy to join us too?’ He suggested, his fingers sweeping over Jaeeun’s face to wipe the tears off her eyes. Your daughter nods eagerly, sitting up slightly to encourage you into the bed.

‘Come on, Mummy.’ Her voice is still croaky from her tears. You oblige her request, walking to the other side of the bed. You adjust the covers over both your daughter and husband, pulling them up to their necks, before peeling back the corner of your own side of the bed. It was spacious enough, and Jaeeun was small enough, that her presence made no difference to your comfort. However, you found Jiyong shifting closer to you and sandwiching your daughter between you. She rotates slightly, her sleepy head curling into your shoulder while her arm reaches back to touch her father. Her face is full of innocence and you again can’t help but think how a complete stranger could have been so forceful with her today.

‘Good night, Princess.’ You whisper to her. She leans forward, her lips pressing into yours in a goodnight kiss.

‘Goodnight, Mummy. I love you.’ 

Gray Areas

Word Count: 1890

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

↠Notes: angst+fluff, modern au, strong language

You wipe off the last of your lipstick, the side of your hand painted with pale red smears. Your mascara’s already mixed with salty tears, dripped down right above your cheek bones. With both your index fingers, you wipe the trails away in a quick motion. You stare into the bathroom mirror, while your hands scrub away under the running sink.

You wipe off the last of your lipstick, the side of your hand painted with pale red smears. Your mascara’s already mixed with salty tears, dripped down right above your cheek bones. With both your index fingers, you wipe the trails away in a quick motion. You stare into the bathroom mirror, while your hands scrub away under the running sink.

Your phone rings. A loud groan escapes your lips. 

Reaching into your purse, you’re about to hang it up, until you realize that it’s just Kyungsoo. “Great timing. Come pick me up Soo…” you grumble wearily into the receiver.

“Y/N… Chanyeol just called me and said ‘yo get your girl’… What is it this time?”

“The fuck?!” you fume. “Is he implying that I’m the one at fault?” Your voice echoes through the empty restroom. “And why the fuck is he always calling you when shit happens?“

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Jimin is Away; Summer, Chapter One

A/N: So, this is going to be a multi-chaptered, fluff/angst/smut series featuring all the members of BTS with the main characters being O/C, Jimin, and one other member! There will be different chapters, as indicated by the different subtitles after the main title; “Jimin is Away.”. I hope that all you lovelies will support this series, since I can’t stop cranking out chapters for it and I will finish it by the end of summer! Updates will be posted every Friday and I will stick with the schedule this time! I hope you enjoy, my lovelies! -Admin Germane :3

Summary: Jimin, despite everything the two of you have been through, is slowly fading out of your life. But when you find someone to fill the void, Jimin starts to become a bit strange.

Word Count: 1,552

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Jimin, who is Jimin? My mother would say he is everyone. Every girl. Every boy. Every person that anyone has ever loved.

Before senior year of college

It was late at night, but even the moon and stars couldn’t escape the humid and sweltering heat of the summer’s day. Inside a small apartment (with the air conditioning unit running on high) the dim lighting of a small lamp illuminated the frame of a person resting on a living room couch. The small TV across the room was softly emitting the dialogue from the movie, ‘Be Cool’; John Travolta’s voice barely audible over the humming of the icy A/C. Not that it mattered anyways, since the person inside was dozing off to the mafia-esque comedy. The front door then started to shake, and behind the other side, a young man cursed softly to himself.

“Damnit Y/N, why do you always have to lock it during the days of my long shifts?” Jimin sighed and dropped his backpack with a muffled thud. He could practically hear his College Algebra book cursing him out for such the rough treatment as he fished out the spare key from underneath the doormat. He quickly unlocked the door and threw the key back under the “Carpet Diem” mat his roommate had put there when they had decided to move in together, and drug himself and his bag inside the room.

Jimin sighed and slumped against the door. He threw his keys into the stone bowl by the door and kicked his backpack into the entryway corner. He still had two days; the impending headache that would ensue from the study guide he had could wait for another day, Jimin decided. He toed off his shoes and padded into the open living space. He dug his hands into his jean pockets and eyed the person curled up on the couch, the corners of his lips turning up at the sight. He approached it; the illumination from the TV screen making the outline of his body glow with fluorescent light as he gently shook the person.

“Hey Y/N, wake up.” He whispered. Her eyes opened almost instantly, her breath catching in her throat as she stared wide-eyed at the man in front of her.

“Jimin! You gave me a fright.” Jimin chuckled and ruffled her hair, watching a small smile grow on her face.

“What’s up?” he asked softly, plopping himself down next to her on the couch. Jimin noted her worn-out Ramones t-shirt, figuring she was wearing the rest of her favorite pajama set under the blanket that was draped across her lap.

I hope she got enough rest today, Jimin thought. She had been working so hard lately, and she deserved to rest on her first free day in months. From her studies to her jobs, Jimin had it easier and couldn’t complain when he knew that Y/N had it much worse than him.

“Nothing really, I slept most of the day and vegged out. I got some of the movies on my watch list knocked off. How was work?”

“Slow since school’s coming to an end and the weather’s getting warmer. The baristas tried to keep me busy though throughout the shift, but I had to lock up tonight.” Jimin said sheepishly, leaning on his side against the back of the couch.

“Did you do anything else fun today?” Jimin asked, genuinely curious as he watched the girl stretch.

“I played video games when Jungkookie visited today.” She grinned and Jimin couldn’t help but show off his own gummy smile.

“Cool beans, I wish we could have played together. What did you play?” Jimin propped his arm up and rested his head inside the crook of his elbow as he sunk deeper into his couch crease.


“Damn, pretty solid choice. Did Kookie kick your butt?” Jimin giggled as he watched Y/N sulk.

“Terribly, but I’m a sucker for FPS’. I swear that maknae doesn’t do anything but game all day.” Jimin laughed and Y/N eventually joined in.

For a few minutes, the duo sat in a comfortable silence as the movie played in the background. Jimin’s stare turned soft the longer he looked at Y/N’s face, that is, until a beep cut off his wandering train of thought. Jimin pulled out his cellphone and groaned when he saw what was on the screen. He noticed Y/N staring out of the corner of his eyes and saw how her eyebrows creased in confusion and worry.

“Quick, I need your help coming up with a good excuse.” Jimin said, his voice still as soft as ever as he looked up at his friend.

“What for?”

“Wheein wants to hang out with her friends this weekend, but I really don’t want to.” Jimin smiled regrettably. He could see Y/N’s frown deepen at his words and she scooted closer to him.

“Don’t like her friends?” she asked, her hand reaching out to rub Jimin’s shoulder soothingly. Jimin chuckled, although Y/N could tell Jimin meant it half-heartedly.

“No, nothing like that. Hanging out with them just means sitting around and getting drunk. I don’t drink, so I don’t know, it’s just not my idea of “fun”.” Jimin confessed, his big eyes straying from Y/N’s gaze. Jimin shifted in his couch crease and let a small sigh slip past his lips. Y/N could smell peppermint in his breath and it made her heart stop; she smiled softly.

“Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.” Y/N admitted, wrapping her arms around herself. Jimin caught her action and he placed his hand on top of hers.

“Do you drink Y/N?”

“Yeah, I drink sometimes in social situations. And you know I always talk wine when our psych study group gets together.” She said, nudging his shoulder gently.

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I’m just tired. I guess I’m just weird.” Jimin mumbled.

“Oh, come on, you’re definitely not weird.” Y/N reassured Jimin. Jimin was one of the sweetest guys in the world. With his love for learning, coffee, and dance, Park Jimin was the epitome of the pastel best friend everyone needs and Y/N loved the boy to death. Literally and figuratively; she was in love with Park Jimin. And after everything he has done for her throughout their years and years of friendship, she vowed to be there for him like how he was for her; romantic attraction aside.

“I don’t know, it’s just hard not having someone see it from my perspective. Should I just say I already have plans?” Jimin brushed the topic aside, opening his phone and looking at Y/N with his head half buried in his arm.

“The old scheduling conflict? It’s a classic.” She nodded. Jimin smiled slightly and typed out the message, hitting send before dropping his phone into his lap.

“Now I just need plans for tomorrow. It’s my day off.”

“You could hang out with me? Namjoon and I are studying for our Chem final at the library though, so it might not be ideal.”

“Maybe…how about when you come back we could hang out and play some games?” Jimin suggested. His eyes looked hopeful and Y/N could feel her heart melt at the sight.

“That sounds nice, Jimin.”

“Do you want to invite anyone?” Jimin asked. Y/N opened her mouth, about to say that it would be fine with just the two of them, but Wheein popped in her mind and she closed her mouth with a sigh.

“I don’t care.” She said and Jimin pinched her cheek.

“We can have Kookie come over again then. I know he’s been dying to beat my score in Mario Kart 8.” Jimin said happily, not noticing the disappointed aura radiating off her.

“No problem. That sounds good. We can talk about it tomorrow.” Y/N said, standing from her place of the couch. She made a move to walk away and hide herself in her bed in slight embarrassment and disappointment when Jimin caught her wrist. She glanced down at his tiny hand encircled around her wrist and she looked down at him.

“Stay up with me?” Jimin’s soft voice was back and it took all of Y/N’s self determination to push back the desire to stay with him on the squishy couch.

“I can’t last much longer, Jimin. It’s late, and Namjoon and I are meeting up early.” Y/N said, removing her hand from Jimin’s grip. The look of disappointment on Jimin’s face tugged at her heartstrings. She gently ran her hand across his cheek to console him, but Jimin just leaned into her touch like a cat and Y/N had to step away before she’d spend the entire night with her friend.

“Goodnight, Jimin. I’ll text you tomorrow afternoon when I leave the library.” She said, calmly, assuringly, before walking down the hall into her room.

Jimin watched her go from his place on the couch, sighing softly when the door closed behind her. He sprawled out across the couch and ran a hand over his face. His conflicted feelings roamed through his brain as his eyes traced patterns into the ceiling. The movie on the TV still played, and Jimin turned it off as he walked towards his own room with the remote still in his hand as his mind whirled into the summer’s night.

Honeymoon (M)

 I’m really shit at naming things, opps! ^^

Request-Hey sweet pea! I would like to request a namjoon smut about your (wedding?) honeymoon with him! Please and thank you! Love youuuuu! 

Here’s the first of many Namjoon smuts to come hahaha. 


This scenario contains and sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

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When arranging your wedding you were so caught up in organising everything and everyone, that you had completely forgotten about the honeymoon until the after party of your wedding. You had spent months upon months making it yours and Namjoon’s dream wedding and you forgot the honeymoon. You look over at your Husband saying goodbye to guests. He looked so handsome, wearing black slacks, a dress shirt with rolled up selves, his hair parted and a few of the buttons on the dress shirt were undone. He was amazing, and you got to wake up to him every morning. 

“Baby, whats wrong? Your face looks stressed.” Namjoon comments pulling you into a back hug, his chin resting on your shoulder. 

“I forgot to organise a honeymoon, I’m sorry baby. I know you booked the next few weeks off work for it.” You tell him sadly, playing with his fingers. He chuckles into your ear. “What are you laughing about this isn’t funny!” You elbow him in the stomach, pushing him away from you. You glare at his smirking face. 

“I planned the honeymoon, baby. I knew you were stressed with work and planning everything and making sure your parents and mine were comfortable staying in hotels. So i arranged, with the help of Yoongi.” 

“You did that for me?” You can’t help the huge smile on your lips. You jump forward hugging him, tightly. 

“Of course I did it for you. Who else would I do it for? You’re my wife.” You smile against his chest, you loved being called his wife. 

“Where are we going?” You pull away from his enough to look at his dimples. 

“(insert country you would like to go for your honeymoon)” He smiles down at you, making you hug him tighter. 

To your surprise Namjoon had packed your bags, all you had to do was change into something more comfortable for the flight. You slept for most of it, holding Namjoon’s hand. He woke you when the flight was over, there was a car waiting to take you to a villa. Namjoon said he wanted it to be more private for you both, meaning he was going to make you scream a lot this holiday. 

It was a cute wee villa, right beside the sea, it had an gorgeous view of the whole town. Namjoon carried the bags into the bedroom. Which had a huge bed, with big fluffy white sheets. It was surreal. Namjoon set the bags down, he wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you up and throwing you on the bed with him. You both fell deep into the plush sheets, it was blissful. 

“Do you like it, baby?” He asked, running his hand throw your hair. 

“I love it, thank you so much.” 

“You don’t need to thank me for this, it was-” You stop him talking, by pressing your lips to his. 

“I’m not thanking you fro this, well I am, but I’m thanking you for everything, for being with me. And for making me the happiest women on the planet.” You bury your face in his neck to hid your flushed cheeks. Namjoon hugs you tightly chuckling. 

“Baby, you’ve made me the happiest man in the universe.” 

“Always gotta one up me.” You huff. 

“Of course.” Namjoon reconnects his lips with yours, you both start to move your lips against each other. It slow, loving and sensual. You loved how much love you could feel vibrating off him. He rolls so hes hovering over you, he swipes his tongue over your bottom lip, you instantly part your lips allowing him to dominate your mouth. 

You moan, as he starts to roll his hips into yours. You run your hands through his hair, playing his the strands between your fingers, giving it a bit of a tug. His hands travel to the hem of your t-shirt hoisting it up, you lift your back off the bed to help him take your top off, throwing it behind him. He cups your breasts through your bra, leaning down to mark your chest with blue and purple marks. 

“Fuck, you’re so sexy.” He comments, leaning back to take his shirt off, giving you a chance to run your hands up his toned torso. Your hands lead down to his belt buckle, you unbuckle it and open his trousers pushing them down his legs along with his boxers. “Someones eager.” He smirks at you, before he gets off the bed to kick off his trousers, you unclasp your bra, throwing it on the floor. 

“It’s not really my fault though. My husbands just so sexy.” You retort, he climbs back on the bed, pulling your trousers and panties down. The cold air hinting your wetness, you shiver. 

“Fuck, you’re dripping.” Namjoon moves between your legs, leaning down to kiss your thighs. He slowly inches closer and closer. 

“Joonie, please.” You cry, wanting him to relieve your arousal. He does, kissing your mound, he starts to kitten lick your pussy. “That feels so good, please I need more.” You gasp out, he pumps one ginger into your throbbing core, still licking and sucking on your clit, he adds a second finger. Hes pumping you faster and faster, making your a moaning mess calling out his name, as you start to reach your orgasm. Your happy little orgasm is short lived when Namjoon stops. 

“Why you gotta be like this?” You pant out, frustrated with him denying your orgasm, like he has many times before. He smirks at your, pulling your legs wider for him to place his hips against yours, his arms on either side of your head. Hes looking into your eyes, leaning down to kiss your nose. 

“I want us to cum together for the first time as a married couple.” 

“That’s so sweet, Joonie.” You pinch his cheek. He slowly pushes into your dripping core. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight, baby.” Namjoon gives you a moment to adjust, before he starts to slowly pump in and out of your pussy. He grabs your hands, interlocking his fingers with yours, holding them above your head. Namjoon rolls his hips into yours hard and slow. 

“Namjoon, just there. Fuck!” You moan out, as he continues to hint your g-spot again and again. You wrap your legs around his waist, as he continues to roll his hips into yours. 

“God, I love having your wrapped around me, baby.” Namjoon leans down to capture his lips with yours, you can feel your high approaches, you bite down on his lip. 

“I’m g-gonna cum.” 

“Cum for me baby.” Namjoon says picking up his pace to ride out your high. 

“Fuck.” You curse as your orgasm rakes through your body, you clasp onto Namjoon hands tighter, digging your nails into his skin. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight, uh I’m gonna cum.” Namjoon pants into your ear. He rides out both of your highs, before clapsing on top of you. Hes breathing is heavy, your run your hands through his hair to comfort him. 

“I love you.” You whisper against is head, giving him a small kiss. You can feel him smiling against your chest, he holds you closer to him. 

“I love you too, baby.” 

I hope y’all liked it, feed back is really appreciated! 

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(Newt Scamander x Reader) Back Massages [SMUT Alternate Route]

Title : Back Massages

Request : Yes? Maybe?

Smut : Yes

Word count : 3,646 (bear with me lmao)

Warnings : heavy make out sessions, sex, handjob, attempts of strip dancing

A/N : As promised, the alternate route, with smut :)) I hope you enjoy it as much as the first, if there are grammatical, vocab, or other sorts of mistake, please point it out so I can fix. Building critiques and messages are highly appreciated, please tell me what you think and what should I write next? Anyways, enjoy!

The original story : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/154037441604/newt-scamander-x-reader-back-massages ———————————-

“Newt, get off, this is important!” I said, pushing him off my laptop.

“But this is fascinating! This device doesn’t have any magic on it but it can project images of the beasts! What are they called?”

“Well.. this is Geographic Information System. It can project images from far away from the satellite so you can study thr object without being close to them”

“Is it because muggles can’t use magic?”

“Yes Newt, we can’t use magic to teleport ourselves,” you said as you watch him amused, as his eyes fixed on the screen.

Tomorrow is the fourth day of your final exam, it’s 11PM, and you’ve been studying until Newt decided to pay you a visit. He was going to tell you about some new beast he discovered but the subject was long abandoned when you accidentally opened a site where it shows live stream of wild animals.

He said he had never seen those “beasts” before and he wanted yo study it. The “beasts” he refers to are actually Australian Golden Kangaroo from Papua. “Why have I not seen them before? They are ordinary animals, are they? But they look so unique! Unlike any other animal back in England!” he exclaimed. 

You chuckle as you see him still examining the creature in awe, his cute features getting ahead of you.

See, you’ve met Newt a year ago, when you stumbled into him in a Sumatran forest, travelling by yourself with the purpose of photographing wild animals.

You were taking a picture of a Sumatran tiger on a tree when he appeared out of nowhere and decided to approach the creature.

You screamed at him to run. He didn’t.

On instinct, you jumped off the tree and ran to him. But to your surprise, the tiger was curled up against him as he scratched its ears.


Anyway. Back to the moment.

“[Name]? Are you alright? You seem to be in a daze there,” he asked.

“I’m fine, I was just remembering something,” you smiled, assuring him you’re okay.

“Humm alright then. By the way, did you say this was important?“ 

“Yup. It’s a part of my final exam,”

“Merlin’s beard! I’m so, so sorry. I got carried away… I’ll leave you to it, [Name], I am terribly sorry,”

His face shifted to guilt and he takes out his wand, ready to teleport out of your room.

“Newt wait! It’s okay!”

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re not bothering me, it’s okay. In fact, perhaps you can help me with some of them?”

“Does the subject you are studying also includes a study on beasts?” he asked, delighted with curiosity.

“Umm.. Yeah! I’ll take out my book. Hold on.”

You lied. The subject you are studying does not include a study on beasts. It’s Geography. A study on earth.

You take out one of those animals encyclopedia you keep for yourself and hand it to him.

“Interesting,” he said.

He opens the book and you can see a smile begin to form on his face.

“[Name]! This is just like my book! They are describing beasts of the muggle world!” “Yup, do you want to borrow it? I still have lots of them,” you replied, holding back an urge to pinch those rosy cheeks. “May I? Oh, yes please! I’d love to study new beasts of the muggle world!”

Without realizing it, you ruffle his fluffy hair, and he looks up at you, surprised. And as soon as those green orbs meet yours, you pull back your hand.

“Oh my God, Newt, I’m so sorry. It was so rude, I didnt kno-”

“[Name],” he cuts you.


He then stands up, towering over you, and takes one step towards you. Your smaller figure backs up and you stumbled and sit on your chair as his eyes never leaves yours.

‘What the fuck is this, Slytherin Newt?!’ you screamed in your mind.

Newt rarely looks at you in the eye unless it’s something important or something he’s passionate about. With blood pumping in your veins, you can feel your face getting redder and redder like a tomato.

He suddenly kneels in front of you and say, 

“If you want to ruffle it, it’s fine! Some beasts consider it very soft, so I understand!”

Aaaand back to Hufflepuff Newt. What did you expect? Him to kiss you?? The last thing he kisses will be Douglas. Not you. You bet on the stars his love for his beasts is bigger than anything else.

“Ah, okay Newt, thanks,” you sighed, a bit disappointed but still take on his offer.

Your hand goes back to his head, ruffling and petting the light brown hair. And man, it is soft. No wonder even those beasts of his are fond on his head. ‘I bet I can do things with it too,’ you said in your mind.

You decided to test the water and tug on his hair a little bit. 

He freezes. But you keep petting, with a little pull and tug in between, not realizing his reaction.

You tangle your fingers between the hair, again, tugging harder. This is like a little game to you, pulling here and there, making sure you don’t leave any hair unpulled/untugged.

Then, you hear it.

“Ah… [Name]…” moaned Newt.

You immediately pull your hand to your chest, not expecting that kind of reaction or that kind of sound from him. 

Newt has never been the typical person that depicts pure, untainted, kindness. And the moan that he just did, was not pure at all.

Well, it is pure…

Purely sexy.

He looks up to you, face flushed pink, with beads of sweat on his forehead. As he covers his face with his hand, he silently asks,

“P-Please don’t do that… I… I am extremely sensitive to hair pulling… Especially when it’s done by an opposite sex…”

He looks so adorable right now that you can just pounce on him like a cat on heat. But you wouldn’t do that.

Or would you?

“Oh, I’m so sorry Newt… I thought it might be nice, you know, like, my mom used to do that to me, gently pulling the roots, as a form of massage…?”

“Ah, yes, I’ve heard of it…”

The atmosphere in the room feels like it’s sucking you in. You can even smell the awkwardness in the room. 
He just stated that hair pulling turns him on, and it’s only you and him in your room. 

Hoo boy.

You decided to ignore the situation you are in, and continue your study. “Newt, um… I’ll continue studying, and… if you’d like, you can read my books there,” you said.

“Oh, alright, thank you [Name].”


You try to focus on your study, trying to get your eyes and mind fixed on the screen and the book in front of you, but all you can think of was the moan he made. It’s like a broken record, playing itself over and over in your head.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can see Newt reading your books, his eyes following every sentence and scanning each animal on the pages. He really is a passionate man about animals and beasts. And that’s what you love about him.

A deafening screeching sound suddenly emanates from your laptop, and you lower the volume. Apparently, the Geographic Information System has caught sightings of a mating dance of a male bowerbird courting the female one. You sigh at the coincidence and lower the laptop screen.

As the screeching continues, Newt recognizes the sound and snaps his head towards the laptop’s screen and then scrambles on his feet towards you. He carefully open the “muggle device” and look at the bird with fascination.

“What sort of bird is this? Those vibrant colors surely are mesmerizing!”

“Um, it’s a bowerbird, a native bird of the Papua New Guinea, considered rare and endangered. Why, do you like it?”

“Yes, yes, very much so! I actually learned how to perform the Erumpent’s mating dance from various beasts, such as this bird! But only little parts of it,” he smiled brightly.

“Oh? How about human mating dance?” you tease him.

He glances at you for a moment before casting his eyes down, then up, and say, “I- I can show you if you want…?”

Your eyes widen and you swallow your spit.

“Entertain me, Mr.Scamander.”


What you have expected as a human mating call was apparently strip dancing. He said that a girl he met couple months ago in some bar in England taught him how to do that. The thought made you boil with jealousy, but it subsides as he adds that the girl slapped him in the face for not being ‘turned on’.

“Perhaps she figured I had a light bulb with me, or something to turn on. Isn’t it [Name]?”

You thank heavens for this man’s innocence.

“Yeah Newt, probably,” you laugh.

Your laughter stops when he takes off his coat, leaving him in his white shirt and brown vest which shapes his body nicely. You drink the sight before you. He then ruffles his hair, making it slightly messy, but not decreasing his appeal.

“Now [Name], before I start… I warn you that this might not be as good as my beasts’ mating dance… Since an opposite sex showed me theirs and I don’t know how to do the male ones, and–“

“Newt,” you cut him.


“You’ll do fine, just start already!”

“Alright, alright.”

He snaps his finger and Earned It by The Weekend starts playing out of nowhere. The lighting in your room is also reduced to a pink, soft glow.

“Didn’t know you like this kind of music, Newt,” you say.

He puts a finger on your lip, which indicates you to be quiet. You lick your lips at his actions. This is not the Newt you know at all.

Newt starts his ‘mating dance’ with unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt, exposing his toned chest. His right hand very slowly travels to his neck, while the other, down to his stomach, then his crotch. He then moves his body, following every beat without missing any of it. Once in a while taking a step, making his way towards you.

You glance at his crotch, face bright red when you see his manhood rising slowly beneath the tight fabric. His hands never stop moving, from the neck, to his hair, then to his face. All he does while his eyes are fixed on you.

You can feel the burn under his gaze, slowly melting away on your wheelie chair. He then turns around, so his back and his ass are facing you. Again, he unbuttons his vest, all the way down, and taking it off. He throws the vest to his right, then with an agonizing pace, he hugs himself and then squat on the floor.

‘Holy fuck, holy fuck,’ you thought, never expecting this to happen. Both of your palms are sweaty, and you can feel sweat trickling down your back.

He then turns towards you, still on the floor, then crawls on all four to you.

Once he reaches you, he touches your knee and you tense up at his touch. His burning touch. He smiles and mouths, ‘Relax.’

You close your eyes, too embarrassed to see him, and imagine something else.

But before you know it, he then sits on your lap with a bounce.

A whimper escapes your mouth at the contact. His eyes show a glint of worry, afraid if he is too heavy for your smaller figure. But you just nod for him to continue.

He takes both of your hand in his, guiding them to his shirt, which clung to his shoulder.

“P-Please undress me,” he says.

The music fades from your ear and is replaced by the hammering drums of your heartbeat. Shakily, your hands slide his shirt off his shoulder, exposing the cool skin to your skin, brushing against them eventually.

You look down your lap – his thighs – in the whole process, unable to face him in your position. He is your best friend, well, crush, and what will happen after this is over? For him, it might be the same, but you. You can never look at him the same way again.

When the shirt reaches his wrists, you help Newt to take it off him. His breath softens as he leans down to your ear. He then whispers, “I-I’m sorry for this [Name],” before kissing you on the lips. He seems hesitant at first, afraid of your response of his actions. But when you kiss him back, he slowly loses control.

Your hand instinctively goes to his face, cupping him, and deepening the kiss. He does the same, still gentle with a little tenseness between the kisses.

Breathless, your right hand goes to his hair while the other one still cupping his cheek. You do what you did before, but with a little more strength. And with that, he cries out your name, and bites your neck, trying to suppress the sounds he is making.

“You like it, don’t you Newt?”


You pull his hair again, this time exposing his neck. Licking your lips, you kiss the skin of his neck, looking for a spot that makes him whimper the most. You can feel the bulge in his pants growing even more.

“Newt…” you moaned.


“Do you really want this…?”

“[Name]… I-I want you…”

“How much do you want me? Do you think you’re enough?”

"I want you so much… I want all of you… But I-I’m so scared I’ll never be enough and I-I’m not good enough, and- and I-“ he can’t seem to be able to finish his sentence before you feel your left hand getting wet, wet from his tears.

“Oh no, Newt, please don’t cry… I’m so sorry I asked that… It was very stupid of me”

Despite your efforts of trying to calm him down, he can’t stop the tears from flowing down. Those emotions he has been hiding pours out of his head when you kiss him. He never thought that someone would like him back. All those years of rejection…

Newt then feels your hands around him, hugging him tightly. His breath hitches on his throat.

“Newt. You are enough. You have always been and you will always be,” you say.

“B-But those people…”

“Who cares what those people say? You are Newt Scamander and you are perfect. I would never think that you are never good enough for me because you. Are. Enough,”


“I’ve never told anyone this before…  Except maybe Queenie who can read my mind, but I love you. I love you so much. And I would trade anything in the world just to be yours, and you to be mine,”

The looks on his face writes dumbfounded, by your confession. Your face is visibly red and warm, even in the pink, soft glow. You decided to kiss his forehead, but before you do, he lifts his face so his lips meet yours again.

“And I, you, my love”

As you kiss him, you can feel his hands going up and down your sides, to your shoulder, then your arm, feeling every inch of you.

“This-This situation reminded me of a beast…” he said.


“Where the female is the dominant one. And the male is the submissive one,”

“Are you saying that we are like those beasts?” you ask.


“Or are you saying that you want me to be dominant?” you add.

“May- No! No, no. I- I want to try to be dominant… For once… Is that okay?”

“Of course Newt. Let’s get up first, my thighs are getting sore,”

“Ah! Right, right! I’m sorry, I’m sorry,”

Newt stands up and your thighs relax. Standing next to him, you stretch your legs then plop down your bed. You pat the spot next to you, inviting him to your personal space.

He obliges and sits next to you, the bed sinking down on his weight. You cup his cheek, wanting another kiss. But he stops you.

You raise your right eyebrow in confusion. “C-Can I dominate you…?”

A smile begins to form on your face as you take off your t-shirt, leaving you in a bra and a pair of shorts.

“Please do, Mr.Scamander.”


He lies on top of you as his hands touch the skin on your body, feeling every part of you. Newt’s expression shows adoration, love, curiosity, and a hint of lust. In return, you also want to feel him. Your hands roam the bare, toned torso of his, feeling the warmth radiating from his skin.


“Yes, Newt?”

“This, this is actually my first time…”

He blushes then looks away, completely ashamed.

“Newt,” you say, tilting his head to face you. “It’s my first time too. And… I trust you.”

“I-I trust you too, [Name]”

He begins by trying to unclasp your bra with both hands, and seem to have a little difficulty. You smile and help him. In one swift motion, the bra is tossed aside, and your nipple hardens as it hits the cold air.

“May I..?”

You nod. His hands gently play with your breasts, occasionally fiddling the nipple. He also gives it an experimental lick and suck between every touch. You moan and sigh at each touch, every one of them leaving you wanting more.

As he plays with your breasts, your hands sneakily go down to his crotch, zipping down the fly and pulling down his boxer, releasing his hard manhood. Your right hand wrap itself around the shaft, while your left go his tip, which is leaking with precum.

Your hand begin to work its magic, the right pumping up and down, and the other rubbing the tip, making a circling motion. He moans onto your breasts, the vibration sending chills down your spine. This goes on for a minute until you decided to pick up the pace.

As you pump his cock faster, he also sucks on your nipples harder, each one of them getting the same attention he’s giving.

Soon enough, he comes onto your hands. You bring your hands to your face, and you lick them clean. Newt blushes at the sight as he rests his head on top of your chest.


“Newt? Is everything okay?”

“I’m so lucky…”

You were about to ask him what he meant until he position himself at your entrance. Before he enters you though, you swiftly reach to your bedside and pull out a condom, unwrapping it and placing it on his cock.

It tenses back when you touch it, and you know he is ready for what’s about to come. No pun intended.

“If this hurts… Tell me to stop, [Name]. I don’t want to hurt you,”

He slowly slides himself inside of you, his cock stretching you slowly, painfully. You cringe and whimper at the burning sensation, and you cling onto his shoulder for your dear life. He stops moving when your nails dig into his skin, worry flashes in his green eyes.

“I’m okay Newt, ah.. Give me some time to adjust..”

You try to move your hip so his cock goes deeper. Newt understands, and he slowly sinks himself fully inside of you.

As the burning sensation subsides, you begin to feel pleasure. The feeling of being full, it makes you go crazy. And you want more of him.

“Newt, you can move now,”

He starts thrusting in an out of you with a slow pace, still testing the waters. He wants to make sure that you are in your most comfortable position. With each thrust, his moan gets louder. And with each thrust, he picks up the pace.

You don’t know what to feel anymore. The sensation in your abdomen or the spinning in your head. Everything happen all at once, and you can’t contain it anymore. You beg for him to go faster, harder, and he does with every thrust.

Symphony of your love making fills the air, both voices complementing each other. Him calling your name, you moaning his name, him grunting and you whimpering at every thrust. You reach your peak when he hits that spot inside of you that builds up your release. You brace yourself on his shoulder, while kissing him before it happens.

“I love you [Name]… Ah… So much…”

“I love you too Newt…”

He comes first into the condom, you second after he finishes. It’s the most amazing thing to ever happen in your life, and even now, you’re still seeing stars. Your body feels like a jelly too. Both of your panting is the only sound you hear for a minute, until he breaks the silence and asks,

“So… How was it?”

“Really Newt?”

“Um… Am I not supposed to ask that…?”

“You did great Newt, I love every second of it,”

“Oh thank heavens, I thought you weren’t enjoying it as much as I did,”

“Trust me, I really did. And now, thanks to you, I don’t think I can concentrate on the test tomorrow”

He gives you a guilty toothy smile, and mutters a series of sorry to you.

“It’s alright baby, I’m sure I’ll nail that nest,”

“Are you really sure?”

“I am,”

“A hundred percent?”

“A hundred percent sure. Now come here and let’s sleep. I feel very tired,”

He scoots down next to you, pulling the cover over your and his naked body. You curl up next to him, and he wraps his arm around you.


“Yes, love?”

“Please don’t leave me,”

“That’s my line, sweetheart. Now, let us sleep,”

“Goodnight Mr.Scamander,” you smile.

“Goodnight too Ms.[Last Name].”

The last thing you feel before falling asleep was his lips on your forehead.

Fluff Week - Bedsheets

DAY 3 - Jaebum

I worked together with @mayjaywrites to create an “First time saying I Love You” series for all members of GOT7 and BTS.

* = drabbles that I’ve writen and will therefore be posted on this blog
(everything else is by
@mayjaywrites )

BTS: Suga * // Jimin // Namjoon * // Jin // Jungkook * // V // J-Hope

GOT7: Jinyoung // Youngjae // Jaebum * // Mark * // Yugyeom * // Jackson * // BamBam

Warning: Teeny tiny bit of smut
Pairing: Reader x Jaebum
Words: 1371

Originally posted by daefsoul

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Please tell me we didn’t have sex last night (1/4)

Summary: Waking up with the worst hangover ever Abby, a second-year medical student, has absolutely no recollection of getting home from last night’s party. So imagine her surprise when she wakes up naked in her bed with nobody other than Marcus, third-year law student and general pain in her ass, Kane. Just what the hell happened last night??!

Inspired by the following prompt: How about Kabby at university and they end up together in bed after a party? Bonus if they aren’t really friends but have a lot of unresolved sexual tension :D

Abby wakes up to a pounding head and her mouth feeling as dry as a desert. Groaning, she tries to open her eyes, but the light that’s pouring into the room quickly makes her clench them shut again.

I’m never drinking again

Not only is she experiencing what has the potential to grow into a massive hangover, her pillow also seems to be breathing? Realising that she’s not alone in her bed and that yes, she is naked and so is the body she’s lying on top of, Abby feels a panic attack coming up. Her body tenses as she tries to wrack her brain on how the hell she not only ended up naked with another person in her bed but most importantly with whom.

The last thing she remembers from last night’s party is playing several games of beer pong with Callie before ending up on a couch drinking, she thinks whisky, with, oh no, Marcus stuck-up Kane. Abby’s almost scared to lift her head, but she rationalises, even in her drunken state she wouldn’t have sunk so low as to sleep with Kane. Right?!

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Road Trip Mishap | Justin Foley x Reader

Ask/Request by anon: Can you write an imagine where you and Justin Foley skip class to take a drive and just talk?

Authors Note: Yes anon, I did it. Though it was shitty and cheesy but I will say that I love it. No matter what. This is dedicated to my best friend who loves Justin much and to you anon. Any form of feedbacks and REQUESTS are much appreciated.

Word Count: 1213

As you walk through the hallways pacing towards the crowd of student as you bumped Tony and Clay, luckily.

“Good morning Y/N!” Tony greeted.

“Good morning Clay, Tony.” You bounced back as you produce the sweetest smile in the word.

“Anyways,” you continued, “I think something is wrong with my car?” you said as if you’re confused. Tony nods and lets you continue, “Something about the tune when you start it up. It’s awful.”

“Hmm .. well if that’s the case you can drop your baby to my house and I’ll check it or dad will, since you know, that is his forte.” He answered.

“Thank you so much!” you hugged him and waved goodbye as you make your way to your locker.

You grabbed your book and notebook for the first period when you gasp as something or someone made a collision with the lockers. “Make it someone,” you murmurs as you tilt your head. Justin Foley.

“Hey, girlfriend.” He utter.

“Hey, boyfriend.” You replied.

“How about we go skip the class and have a road trip? With your 1967 Chevy Impala?” He suggested with a wicked grin on his face.

“As much as I loved to do it, J, I solely refuse that idea of yours, since ..” his hand found your mouth as he blocked the words you want to say and immediately grabbed your wrist and led you out of school. In a matter of minutes, you found yourself in schools’ parking lot you, Justin and your car.

“Where’s the key?” he asked.

“You really want to do it?” you questioned his judgment and sudden decisions.

“Yes,” he admitted, “no one will found out that we skip school, your parents are out of town, let me rephrase that out of the country, my mom doesn’t care about me ..”

“Don’t say that, that your mom doesn’t care about you.” you spill as you stopped his sentiments.

“Okay.” He said as he made himself comfortable at the shotgun.

“Where you want to go?” you want him to choose to where he want to wander, he got issue in his home and you want Justin to breathe for a long time and even if it means to skip school.

“Anywhere,” he said as he face you, “as long as you can drive that road, that you and me can talk for hours and escape this life for a while.” He said as his thought wander as he looked towards the window.

“Hmm .. anywhere huh?” you repeated. “I really hope they can put ‘anywhere’ in maps.” You joked to ease up his mood.
He laughed at your joke and you pulled your car away from the parking lot and started to wander.

You drive for several minutes and the silence is killing you, Justin didn’t even bother to talk a word after you left at the parking lot. He seemed thinking of something, probably about her mom and her boyfriend. Too many arguments arose in your household regarding this matter, about Justin, him as your boyfriend and his situation. Your mom and dad wanted you to break up with him because he didn’t grew up in the same household as yours, your dad loved to refer Justin as “troubled kid”, but you neglected it, you are Justin’s redemption and he was what you are looking for.

You shared several glances and smiles as you travelled the road and he spoke.

“That house looked nice.” He complemented. “Do you want to live there with me?” he asked.

You’re amused with his question, you peeked at the house he was referring to and you smiled at him, “Of course, J, soon”

“Yes, soon.” He repeated locking his gaze in your eyes and smiled. “And we will have a dog,” he added as he broke his gaze. “I want to have a Husky. Would you mind?” he asked you as his eyes meet yours again.

“No, I would love to,” you answered him, “what will be his name?” you inquired as you smile.

“Hmmm .. how about Justin?” he proposed.

“Do you want him to name after you?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“You will be confused if I will call you, both. Either of you, for instance I was referring to you but Justin-dog will approach me and vice versa.” You try to explain as your eyes laid on the road.

“I missed that scenario, anyways, will find a name for him soon.” He assured you as he left out a giggle.

“We can put a mini basketball court too,” you added.

“Yes, we need to because we will be raising basketball superstars.” He added, “Because their dad is a basketball legend.” He bragged.

“You are?” you teased him.

“Yes, I am.” He said as he pinched your right cheek.

A moment of silence broke your fantasy. Your left arm in the steering wheel and the other on your lap. He grabbed it and intertwine his fingers to yours.

“I want to have you Y/N, for my entire life. Be my wife, mother of my kids. Like my constant and forever cheerleader,” he looked at you, “I just want to spend eternity with you, even if could be hard, especially with your parents,” he smirked at his comment, “I will prove to them that I am worth it for you.” As he hold you tighter.

You smiled at his plans, “Are you proposing to me? We’re just 17, J.” you laughed.

“No, I’m not, actually. I’m just sharing my plans for the future with you, babe.” He explained.

“Yeah.” As you joined his laughter
“But I will, propose to you, sooner, later of our lives.” He finished.

“You’re being way too cheesy babe, like it’s not you.” You smacked your fist in his shoulder, as he held your hand and planted a kiss in it, “You made me way too cheesy babe, and you’re the reason why I am like this.” He alleged.

Then his attention finds the cassette tapes, as he searched for music. “Classic rocks, AC/DC, Kansas. Why still in cassettes?”

“You did notice that I drive a classic car, so only classic music can fit here and cassettes.” You blurt out.

“Okay, I will no longer argue about these things with you.” He submitted as he held his hands upward.

“Your funny, J, that’s –“ you didn’t even finished your sentence when the engine turn off all by himself.

“No, baby, you gotta be kidding me.” You spoke to yourself as you try to start your car again.

“What’s the matter?” Justin said as he looked at you.

“This is the reason, why I don’t want to have a road trip and attend the class today, J. Something was wrong with my engine.” You frowned.

“Nah, it’s okay, at least we had a mini road trip, anyways we can go to Monet’s and have a coffee, or several of it. I just want to spend this day with you.”

Then he gripped his bag in his shoulders and yours in his left and his right arm found your shoulders and wrapped to it when you met outside.

“I’ll be back baby. You are safe here and I am not far from here.” You assured to your car while you and Justin walked away to Monet’s.

Yoongi x reader Studio

Summary: Your boyfriend caught you sneaking into his studio.

Genre: Fluff

You were curious of the songs your boyfriend made for the boys coming up album. Although you were with him when he was composing, you never heard the full, complete song. And you decided that sneaking into his studio would be a great idea.

You were familiar with how things worked around his studio so you maneuver to his seat and finally found the song you wanted to listen to.

Yoongi came back to the shared apartment after practice and found his studio door was left ajar. Plus he couldn’t seem to find you anywhere in the apartment but he was sure that you said you had prepared dinner. So he silently went in the studio and saw you immersed in one of his songs that he wrote not too long ago.

You were not even sitting properly on the chair because you were afraid to get caught, so one of your legs was kneeling on the chair and the other is on the ground. Just in case of you need to run. He chuckled at your cute act and let out a loud cough afterwards. He put on a straight face just because he wanted to see your reaction.

You immediately spun around and yanked the earphone out of your head. The spinning motion of the chair nearly sent you flying. Your boyfriend caught your arm and help you gained back your balance.

“What are you doing in here?” Yoongi asked with a straight face.

“I…ugh…it’s not what it seems. I’m cleaning…yea…cleaning. And you…um…no. I didn’t listen to anything and I will not do it again.” You barely stutter out a complete sentence. You were flustered that your boyfriend caught you red-handed and you tend to do a lot of hand gestures when you are stuck in a situation like this.

Young couldn’t hold his straight face any longer and burst into a fit of laughter.

“You know that if you asked me, I would let you listen right? And it’s not even a big deal that you sneaked into my studio, you don’t have to be that nervous.” He said while pinching your cheeks. “You were with me when I wrote those songs, so technically, you listened to them already. And you have my permission to enter my studio. Just don’t be that nervous. But you look really cute when you are flustered.”

You pouted at him and nodded.

“You want to hear my songs?” He looked into your eyes.

You nodded in response.

“Alright. Come here.”

He sat on his chair and pulled you onto his lap. And the two of you spent a long time in the studio listening to his songs.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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The Elf and the Dwarf

Overall Summary: Erebor was reclaimed and the line of Durin had not ended. You were an elf and now that your quest was over, you didn’t know what to do especially since you gained feelings for a certain King Under the Mountain. 

Chapter Summary: You find out information that was supposed to be the highlight of your life, but it turns out to be a dampener on your mood. On the positive side, you finally get to meet Dis. 

Categories: Humor, Romance, Angst

Pairings: Thorin x Fem!Reader

A/N: Finally another update nearly one month later. Lol. I’m starting yet another series and I should probably stop starting series since I already have like four of them that aren’t even close to being done lmfao. Next series is basically the life of being Thorin’s sibling lol. Anyway enjoy. Next update will probably come like next month sorry. I’m trying to finish it I promise but like yea

Strike Through = Current Chapter

Master List

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8

With the party in full blast, you look around, making sure that there are no threats. Dwalin chuckles and pats your thigh. “Lass, relax. You are not the only elf around meaning that they are sharp senses all around. Enjoy the night and mahal take off your weapons,” Dwalin says, making you laugh. 

You do as he asked and look around again. You feel so isolated being up here. Sure, you had the members of the company, but you liked to socialize with other dwarves. Dwarves and men. Those you’ve never met before. You stand and make your way to the guest. First of course, the elvenking and the king of Dale. You stand side by side with Thranduil.

“Y/n,” he says, nodding his head slightly. 

“King Thranduil. I did not expect you to be here,” you reply. “If I were to peacefully live with dwarves, I would have to appear at the coronation of their king,” he replies and you nod, accepting the answer as you look around the crowd. “Bard tells me that you have a particular interest in the dwarven king,” he says and you turn to glare at the man.

His eyes widen a bit and he takes a sip of his drink, walking away. You shake your head at the king. “I have no interest in Thorin” you say, turning your attention back to Thranduil.

“Good,” he says, also taking a sip of his drink and turning to look at the crowd. Your eyes narrow on him. “I don’t see how this is any of your business,” you tell him and he looks at you out of the corner of his eyes. “You will find that everything you do is my business,” he says and you turn to fully look at him.

“Please do tell me how,” you say, annoyed at the fact that he thinks that he has any say in your life. He may be a king but you were not one of his subjects.

“Have you ever wondered who your real parents are?” he asks, not even turning to look at you. That makes you stiffen. You had not told anyone. Your father assured you that not even your siblings knew that you were adopted. So, if you’re siblings didn’t know, surely King Thranduil wouldn’t know.

“How do you know that? My father hasn’t even told my siblings,” you say. “It seems that you are less sharp than I originally thought,” he says, taking a sip of his wine. You look at him carefully and it clicks. Your father would never tell anyone about something that was yours to tell so that means.

“Why did you leave me?” you ask quietly and that catches him off guard. He didn’t expect that question to come out. Well he did, but he wasn’t expecting that to be the first question.

“Surely Elrond has explained it to you,” Thranduil states, not even bothering to look you in the face and that makes you angry. “Look at me when I’m talking to you,” you exclaim gaining attention from the others. He finally looks you in the eyes. “You left me!” you exclaim. “It was not safe-,”

“You left me and kept Legolas! You cannot possibly use the excuse that there was a darkness in the forest and it was not safe. You kept Legolas and gave me to someone else! Why?” you exclaim and he turns away from you and it’s then that you remember what Lord Elrond had said. You were part human.

“That’s it, isn’t it? You hated the fact that I was part human. That I was such a lowly creature. That is why you got rid of me, isn’t it?” you ask him and he doesn’t answer you as tears gather in your eyes.

“I see. Well, I believe this is yours,” you say, removing the chain from your neck. It was given to you by Lord Elrond as a keepsake from your parents. It was the engagement ring give to your mother as a gift from your father. You grab his hand and place it there.

“You know. I thought that if I ever met my actual father than I could possibly forgive him and come to love him, but knowing that it’s you and why you left me in the first place, I don’t think I can. Goodbye, milord,” you say, bowing and leaving the king on his own. His hand closes around the ring. The ring that he made himself for the one he had loved before he met his one. He watches you go back to main table and regret fills his being, but he ignores it, opting to find Bard once again.

Back with you

“Y/n? Is everything alright?”  Bilbo asks as you take your seat between him and Dwalin. You still had the revelation running through your head and it just made you sadder. Your dad did not give you away to keep you safe. He gave you away because he didn’t want you.

“What? Yeah. Of course. Why do you ask?” you ask him, straightening yourself out and trying to push the negative thoughts out of your heard.

“Well the last exchange you had with king elf didn’t look too good,” Dwalin says and you shake your head. “I’m fine,” you say as you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn to find Fili.

“Can I speak to you?” he asks and you nod, removing yourself from the table yet again. You both walk around for a bit before finding a private area. Of course, you’re still within eyesight of everyone, but far enough to where they couldn’t hear you.

After a few moments of awkward silence, he clears his throat.

“I am sorry about what I had said earlier. I meant none of it,” he tells you.

“I know Fili, and you did have a point, but everyone left me. Sure, I chose to leave Erebor, but only to go to Dale and I never once got a visit from anyone. You say that I was a part of the company and that I should be up there celebrating with you and yet it was like I was not wanted. Absolutely no effort from anyone except Bilbo and it hurt so damn much Fili,” you tell him, letting all your feelings out, but still keeping your tears in check, “you had absolutely no right to be mad at me after you all left me.”

“You left us first! Don’t forget that! You left us!” he exclaims, pointing a figure at you accusingly. “Because it was either stay there and be called a traitor by someone I love or leave to a place where I would not die of a heartbreak!” you argue back.

He retracts his hand, immediately moving it to rub his face. He sighs. “I’m sorry. Look at us, we travel together for seven months no argument, but one month a part and we’re getting into arguments one after the other. It’s like we’re an old married couple,” he jokes and you smile a bit. “I guess we are, aren’t we?” you ask him and he also cracks a smile.

“Mahal, I’ve missed you,” he says. “I missed you too, my little lion man,” you tell him.

“And I’ve missed that-” but he doesn’t finish that sentence because he’s tackled into a hug. Of course, his reflexes are still pretty quick which causes him to catch himself and the dwarrowdam that’s attacking his face with kisses.

You giggle a bit as you watch him try to keep a straight face. “Amad!” he whines. The dwarrowdam pulls back and pinches his cheeks. “Why’d you attack me? You’ve been here for the past two weeks and yet it’s like you’ve just seen me all over again,” Fili whines, wiping his face.

“I just like to embarrass you,” she replies, pinching his cheeks before turning to you. You take in her futures quickly.

She looks almost exactly like Thorin but with straighter hair pulled into a beautiful bun. Her beard is longer than Thorin’s and looks way softer and so pretty.

“Your beard is gorgeous,” you blurt out, hand twitching, wanting to feel it. You restrain yourself and she sends you smile. “Thank you. I’ve never been complimented on it before. The other women here elves give me strange looks when I pass them,” she tells you. “Well, I think it’s gorgeous. I’m y/n by the way,” you say, holding out your hand. “Lady Dis, Fili and Kili’s mother,” she says taking it.

You smile at her, your earlier anxiety of meeting her melting away.

“They must get all of their good looks from you,” you tell her and she smiles at you before turning to Fili.

“I like her,” she says and with that, she whisks you away, making Fili go back to the head table.

“It’s seems like amad got a hold of our elf,” Kili says as Fili takes his seat back. “I barely got ten minutes with her. I think it’s because y/n complimented amad on her beard,” Fili huffs and that causes Thorin and Kili to laugh.

“Well your mother has never been complimented on her beard before. Especially by an elf. Let her be,” Thorin says, chucking at his sister. For some reason, he knew they were going to be best friends and that is everything he could ever ask for.

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any and all kingbury headcanons??

I’m going modern AU with this one *cracks knuckles* 

  • Georgie is secretly a really great cook but he doesn’t like to often (because it’s too much work obvs) so when he does cook for Sammy he makes a big deal out of it with candles and wine
  • Sam trying to get his work done, typing away on his laptop and George needs constant attention so he pushes his screen closed multiple times with a pout on his face 
  • poor Sammy getting annoyed because yelling at George just makes him laugh more. like it’s impossible for him to take Sammy seriously he just wants to pinch his cheeks when his face gets red we all do. well at least I do
  • Kingbury going to stay at a hotel and George just HAS to book the honeymoon suite for them like no ifs, ands, or buts. even though they’re not newlyweds it is a must
  • going shopping with George is a nightmare for Sam bc he doesn’t really care but George likes him to look his best so he picks everything out for him and sends him into the dressing room, having him model it all and telling him how beautiful he looks but how he looks even better with nothing on and ofc that gets sammy all flustered 
  • when they decide to move in together they live in Sam’s apartment and George (who has lived in a huge fcking estate his whole life) has to learn the hard way that neighbors can hear  e v e r y t h i n g ;)))
  • george is a total blanket hog. oh and he has a personalized eye mask with his name on it 
  • they argue over things like children ok literally anything, from the remote for the TV to something as stupid as who should get up to turn off the light. 
  • Sammy is ticklish and George uses that against him very often in said arguments bc he likes winning and also seeing sam’s cute little face scrunch up when he tickles him
  • ok but Kingbury at the beach. ohmYGOD OKAY. Sammy going overboard with sunscreen and George making fun of him saying he worries too much. but then George gets a terrible sunburn after and sam’s like “i tried to warn you” and helps cover him with after sun lotion
  • ALSO Sam wears one of those old-fashioned swimsuits that’s striped and has like a shirt and shorts just sayin
#4 you're his celebrity crush

AN: I do have a request waiting but I was finding it quite difficult to write so I have written this one while I wait to get inspiration/ideas for the requested preference. If you have any requests just let me know and I shall work on them!  

Luke: “We are here with 5 seconds of summer! How are you guys? You excited to be at the premiere or Y/N’s new movie?” The interviewer asked,   “We are very excited!” Ashton replied smiling,    “Especially Luke” Michael added in.     “Why is that?” the interviewer asked turning his gaze so he was looking at Luke, there was no reply, just a red glow forming over his cheeks.    “He has a massive crush on Y/N, he hopes he can see her in person.” Calum answered for Luke, “Just see her? Wouldn’t you want to talk to her?” the interviewer asked to Luke again, shaking his head he finally answered “I would like to talk to her but I can’t, it won’t work,”  “Yeah, we are just talking about her and he’s gone red, imagine what he will be like talking to her!” Michael said pinching Luke’s red cheek, swatting Michael’s hand away Luke felt himself go – if possible – even redder. “Well if you want a glimpse of her, look to your left,” the interviewer motioned with his head in the direction you were; you were about 10 foot away. Looking around you saw the 4 boys and the interviewer looking at you, feeling a bit awkward you smiled and waved at them, seeing them all smile back at you made you feel more at ease. A body guard came up to you telling you needed to move on to talk to some more interviewers before the film started. The boys watched you walk away and for the rest of the night their eyes followed you around the red carpet.

Calum: He had a lot of pictures of you on his phone.  Sometimes fans would even send him pictures of you that they would find online as they knew of his huge crush. It was once mentioned in a twitcam how much he liked you. There was a rumour he even had your poster on his bedroom wall back home however that was never confirmed. He has mentioned several times in interviews that one of his goals is to add to his photo collection a photo of himself and you. His luck hit when you were both at an award show and he bumped into you – literally. “I’m so sorry,” he said holding his hand out for you to take, “It’s honestly fine, I should have been looking where I was going” you replied taking his hand and standing up. Once up you tried to take your hand back but you couldn’t, “Erm, Calum” you said looking at your hand, “You know my name?” he asked star struck, chuckling, “Yes I do,”. It was then he noticed he was still holding your hand, “Oh sorry” however he still didn’t let your hand go. “Would you mind if we got a picture together?” he asked, “Sure, of course” you replied quickly making sure all of your hair was in place, posing for the camera he took a picture, just as he was about to bring his phone back down you kissed him in the cheek which of course made him take another snap.

Michael: Twitter was his way of talking to you. Before 5 seconds of summer had as many followers they do now he always knew there would be almost no chance of you seeing him replying to your tweets however now he has his followers and fans to help him get noticed by you. ‘I need a movie buddy for my film night tonight, all of my other friends are boring :(!’ you tweeted, he was quick with his reply. ‘@Y/T/N I’m free tonight if you need me ;)’ he then tweeted afterwards ‘ # Y/N notice Michael’  which then began to trend. Curious of the hashtag you clicked on it and saw that the accounts that came up with the tag was your own and Michael’s, you had heard of 5 seconds of summer but you had never really looked into them much so you decide to scroll through his twitter looking at his selfies and all of those tweets sent to you, smiling to yourself you tweet to him ‘@Michael5SOS I may have to take you up on that offer :P’ you DMed him your address and soon you saw that the new trends were #We did it and #Y/N and Michael

Ashton:  “What was the last film you watched together?” the interviewer asked during an interview. The interview was called ‘the last’ and contained questions such as, ‘who was the last person you texted’ and ‘when was the last time you laughed’ “The last film we watched was that film by Y/N that came out a few weeks ago” Calum answered the interviewer, “Yeah, we actually recently had a Y/N-a-ton” Luke added, “Ashton has a huge crush on her and he wants to see everything that she has been in. “I don’t see the problem with that,” Ashton defended, “She’s a great actor and she is beautiful,” “Yeah however not everything she has been in has been good,” Michael complained. “Well, I’ll have to give you some exciting news Ashton,” the interviewer said which got the attention of the 4 again, “Y/N is set to have an interview here about an hour after you guys, if you stick around you may get to meet her,” Ashton looked at the other 3 and gave them his puppy eyes. “Well, when it comes to Y/N we can’t say no to Ashton, that’s why we have seen so many of her films!” Calum added. They stayed behind and to Ashton’s delight he got to meet you.

AN: So I’m back! I may write this for one direction also. I shall be writing more prferences now as my laptop is no longer broken. If you have any preference you would like to see written just message me and I shall work on it x

Kai Meets Chris

Its pretty obvious what this is about because of the title :) @psychoticbloodsuckerimagines I really just made up names in this too XD and I couldn’t really help my shipping feels either, sorry guys. :( :) Keep in mind this is still an imagine so it isn’t supposed to be accurate :)

Great, a bathroom. Just where Kai wanted to end up after he conquered death. In frustration, he let out a sigh and looked around. It was hot because of the little vent in the floor spitting out hot air under his feet. At least it smelled clean, he just had to look at the bright side of things. The sink and the toilet were spotless so maybe he ended up in a fancy person’s bathroom, hey he couldn’t complain now.

And with the mirror hanging above the sink, it was revealed to him he looked as perfect as he did before he died. Minus the bloody suit and gashes in his neck. He was wearing a tight black shirt with a leather jacket hung over his shoulders and blue skinny jeans with combat boots on his feet. Kai shrugged the sudden wardrobe change off and ran his fingers through his hair and snapped at himself. “Hot as hell.” He grinned to himself and looked down at his fingers.

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A totally unnecessary guide to BTS’s smiles

Originally posted by cake-p0p

Taehyung: Boxy Smile

10/10 absolutely adorable and unique - would not recommend to copy though, it looks creepy on absolutely anyone else

Namjoon: Dimpled Smile

10/10 would let myself drown in his dimples

Seokjin: Handsome Smile

10/10 I swear I don’t even know how he can do that

Jimin: Eye Smile

10/10 will make you melt in a puddle every time

Originally posted by sunshine-hobi

Hoseok: Sunshine Smile

10/10 same feeling as frolicking in a field of flowers with rainbows and unicorns I kid you not

Yoongi: Gummy Smile

10/10 secretly a drug, overwhelmingly adorable, while make you want to pinch his cheeks and never let go

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Jungkook: Bunny Smile

10/10 the cutest, makes him look like the smol bean he truly is

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This story is a collaboration for the first day of 10 Days of LawLu with the talented @upbep who drew this amazing, funny art (I’m seriously dying XD)!

*・ ☆ ・*。☆。* ☆ *。☆。*・ ☆ ・*

Luffy perched on the railing of the upper deck in front of the kitchen, overlooking the lawn below as he waited for his afternoon snack. He savored the warm rays of sunlight that kissed his face through the clouds and the soft, sea-salt scented breeze that fluttered through his hair.

It would have been a perfectly beautiful day if not for Law sitting there below him making him doubt his judgement. Law had just propped himself there, eyes closed, back was to the mast, scowl stretched across his lips. Something about that grumpy look on his face felt terribly out of place. How could anyone look so down on a day was pretty much custom-made to bring happiness?

“Torao never smiles- not big, happy smiles anyway,” Luffy commented agitatedly. “It’s not natural.”

You’re not natural,” Usopp noted from behind him.

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~Bullet Points~

  • Okay so dear dear Hongbin
  • Yet another bias of mine *sigh*
  • With this kid he’ll either be a gentlemen or a straight up kinky lil bitch
  • No inbetween honestly
  • But the kinky side of him only reveals himself to you so no one else could even start to fathom the idea
  • But you know
  • Would definitely call you princess all the time
  • Would always coo at you like ‘Oh my sweet princess’
  • But he uses this in two different ways, for example
  • ‘Princess you look so cute today~’
  • or
  • ‘Hey princess yanno what… I think you’d look better in no clothes at all. *Smirks* come here.’’
  • You see it now
  • However Hongbin can be a shy fluff bean with you when in front of them members 
  • Like no way is he going to get his ass teased or accidentally expose himself
  • He’s not letting them have that dirt on him, he ain’t stupid
  • But you find his cute side so fricking adorable that you just want to pinch his cheeks like on a real
  • But when he’s with you get ready for the kid to get cocky and a hecka a lot more confident
  • Which you also adored so it’s okay
  • He would be a big neck kisser guys like honestly be prepared
  • You guys could simply be hugging and he’d kiss your neck in the process
  • He may even suck if he wanted something…. *I need to stop this*
  • And when you were being cute, which for him was all the damn time, he couldn’t help but smile like a maniac and a blush to form on his cheeks
  • If he was close to you then he’d poke your cheeks and blurt out how cute you are by accident
  • Cue the both of you to get flustered af
  • When going on dates he’d let out his gentleman side
  • He’d turn up at your door with a bouquet of flowers everytime (N probably helped him pick them out ngl)
  • You’d take the flowers and thank him whilst going to place them on the kitchen table
  • If it was a movie date at yours he’d follow you closely behind or would politely wait outside if the date was elsewhere
  • He’d be the type of person to want to travel everywhere in Korea together, so he’s always asking for some free time
  • Whenever he’s having a comeback or is having a really busy schedule you’ll be 25/8 on his mind and he would always spam you with messages at breaks
  • ‘Have you eaten?’
  • ‘You should rest’
  • ‘You better be thinking about me right now.’
  • He’s also the type of person that needs your clarification that you love him and you think he’s good looking or something like the kid needs that kind of attention
  • If you don’t say it all day he’d be thinking you suddenly hate him or some shit and would feel the need to buy you a present to apologise for something he hasn’t even done???
  • Like deadass would turn up at your door to deliver presents and when you ask what for he’s just like ‘I don’t know you didn’t say you loved me today so I thought you were mad?’
  • You burst out laughing because he looks so distraught
  • You would lightly hit his chest then drag him inside, he’s already here so you may as well have a cuddle date right?
  • He feels so stupid that he thought you were mad yet somehow keeps doing this over and over
  • To regain his pride he’d probably start to be cocky af
  • Clingy af as well
  • Like he needs this reassurance still 
  • Plus he’d be feeling lowkey needy af now cuz of course you’re wearing his hoodie
  • So you guys see where this is going…
  • Lil  Hongbin loves you so much and is actually kinda whipped
  • Like he’s so smitten over you and would make it so painfully obvious
  • But it’s cute nonetheless because he has such a diverse personality 
  • Just ugh

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Okay but on a real guys I feel so attacked, PLUS NCT are having a comeback tomorrow PLUS Black Pink has released their comeback date. THIS MONTH HAS BEEN A MAD ONE HONESTLY JFC LET ME L I V E.

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