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“Have you ever seen someone for the very first time and fallen in love?” Smoke billows from his lips and nose as he taps the edge of a blunt against a nearby ashtray. “Because I haven’t but I know someone who does it daily.” The long, rolled paper is rolled between his wooden fingertips as he contemplates the cherry red ember at the tip.

“I don’t know if it’s endless, boundless hope or if it’s a simple desire to know everything there is to know and to experience every experience that the world has to offer, but Lafeyette can fall in love at first sight.”

The left side of his face tugs into a brief contemplative look before the joint reaches his lips against, burning brighter for a moment before smoke coils about his lips.”And I love her for it. Lafeyette makes me better. I’m not sure if she knows it, but she found me at one of the lowest points in my life.” He laughs quietly, wheezing as the smoke leaves him in an acrid cloud.

“I’m sure she’ll say that I found her, but all I did was stumble upon a girl. She’s the one that saw me and decided she wanted to stay near. Perhaps some part of her knew I was lonely and that I needed a companion. After all, she’s the one that ran up to me as I was packing up to leave Sharlayan and asked if she could come along.” He stares off for a good while, taking another pull from his joint.

“This pretty young girl, so full of desire and hope chose me. Who’d say no to that?” Another pause hangs heavy and then another laugh is what breaks it. “A responsible person, I suppose.”

Once more he’s quiet and this time it’s a heavy swallow that cuts through the air, like he’s swallowing a word to shape it and spit it back out. “I liked her but over the course of our travels I fell in love with her. Who wouldn’t fall in love with someone like Lafeyette–especially after five years on the road? You see the worst parts of a person when privacy is a bush or behind a tree and when you’re the only one that can care for them when they’re sick.”

Ashing the join, Arelian leaves it to burn low in the tray. “I’ve seen everything that makes Lafeyette who she is. She’s seen every side of me and what makes me who I am. Yet, she still looks at me like she looked at the man in Sharlayan who was peddling books; Awe and an eagerness to please.” He closes his eyes and leans back against the moss-covered rock he’s taken to sitting near.

“Maybe if things were different we–” Cutting himself off, Arelian smiles a rueful smile. “I love Lafeyette and knowing that she loves me is the sweetest gift I’ve ever been given. I’d do anything if she asked me to. Now leave this old man to nap, he’s tired after smoking enough fogweed to kill a gigas.”

Show Off (m)

“Say, where do you get all your money from?” you inquire.

Hoseok stops himself for a second, reluctant to reply. “I-I have another job…”

“What kind of job?”

“Something interesting—different. Don’t worry about it.”

Synopsis: You always wondered how your roommate made a ton of money out of the blue; you never expected that it was because he’s a prominent camboy.


Pairing: Hoseok x Reader // camboy!hoseok + room mate!au

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7005

Includes: masturbation, dirty talk, orgasm denial, sub hoseok

A/N: julia and i roamed on one of sam’s blogs and ran into a certain vid… then this spiraled out *intense sweating intensifies*

Sub!BTS Collab

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Stay  ~Jeff Atkins x Reader~

There’s something beautiful about the summer- they way it creates a new version of reality where music sounds better and happiness feels sweeter. Parties can give the same kind of feeling where nothing feels real, but all of it feels great. Well, until the next morning.

This makes an end of the summer party the pinnacle of a new reality. Inhibitions run low and everything else is on overdrive. In a week they will all be students again, studying to ensure the best future possible. But for tonight they are 60% alcohol and 40% bad decisions.

“Y/N!” Jess squeals with excitement, running towards the girl who just entered the room. She had been away visiting family abroad for the majority of the summer, and while the beaches had given a whole new meaning to the word ‘paradise’, this was where she was truly happiest.

“Jess!” she returns the enthusiasm, hugging her best friend tightly. The warm breezes that blew in through her window every morning this past summer brought her comfort, but this was home.

“I want in,” Justin grins, approaching the two and enveloping them between his arms.

“God I’ve missed you guys,” she sighs contentedly.

“You have so much third wheeling to catch up on,” Jess teases light heartedly.

Her face twists up unpleasantly at the thought. She loves both Jess and Justin dearly, but she does not love the thought of third wheeling. “With all due respect, I think I’ll pass.”

“Is that Y/N Y/L/N?!” a fourth voice enters the picture, causing the trio to part and turn towards the person walking towards them.

Jeff Atkins. Baseball star and literal ray of sunshine with the face of an angel and the body of a Greek God.

“Hey, Jeff,” she laughs, walking away from Jess and Justin to meet him halfway.

“I haven’t seen you in forever,” Jeff grins warmly, brushing her arm with his hand. It’s a sweet gesture. He’s always been so sweet.

“It’s only been like two months,” she mirrors his grin. It’s impossible not to smile back at someone who radiates warmth the way he does.

“Feels like forever though. Especially since I was used to seeing you everyday at school. You look nice by the way,” he bumps her shoulder.

“I missed you, too,” she chuckles, “I look like I always do.”


She bites her lips together before looking down shyly and letting them fall apart into a smile. Jeff Atkins was so genuinely good in a way that was uniquely him.

“Jeff!” Troy yells from the outside patio, “Beer pong, now, c’mon man!”

“Coming!” Jeff yells back to Troy, but turns back to her before walking away. “Come watch us play? You can practice cheering me on for baseball season,” his mouth twists into a smirk.

“Who says I’m gonna come to your baseball games?” She challenges playfully, using quick wit to redeem herself from the shy smile.

“Don’t break my heart, Y/N,” he pouts childishly, walking backward to join the boys for a game of beer pong but not breaking eye contact with her. He finally turns away from her to exit the house and join those outside, but not before mouthing a “pleaasssseeee” and sticking out his bottom lip.

“I’ll be there in a second!” she yells so he can hear her over the music.

His pout transforms into a grin before he disappears through the threshold, indicating that he heard her.

“So how about a double date instead of third wheeling?” Justin and Jess approach her with Justin wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh shut up,” her face heats up at the thought, “He’s a nice guy. He’s friendly with everyone.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t flirt with everyone,” Jess interjects, crossing her arms over her chest vindictively.

“He didn’t ask me to cheer for him,” Justin fakes offense, “Honestly I’m a little hurt.”

“Fuck off, Justin,” she laughs loudly, putting her hands over her face.

“You better get out there,” Justin presses, gesturing to the sliding door, “After all, it’s mine and Jess’s two month anniversary so an intense make-out session could happen at anytime.”

“Bye!” she turns on her heels quickly, running away from her friends before they could make things awkward, or more awkward.

Five cups of jungle juice and two games of beer pong later she’s sitting on a folding lawn chair watching Jeff singlehandedly win a third game of beer pong since Troy had wandered off and was bothering Hannah and Clay.

After sinking another shot, Jeff notices where Troy had gone. A brief look of panic flashes across his face before he mutters a quick, “be right back!”, making a beeline for Troy. Jeff was just about as invested in Clay and Hannah as Clay was in Hannah. She wondered just how much better off the world would be if everyone had the same heart as Jeff.

“Did you save the day?” she asks upon Jeff’s return. She’s quite drunk and seeing two of everything, including two Jeffs. How wonderful would that be? A world with two Jeff Atkins. Incredible.

“I don’t know about that,” he chuckles modestly, “It’s up to Clay.”

“Meanwhile that beer run is up to you, buddy” Troy points out, his words slurring together.

“Later man,” Jeff replies, picking up a ping pong ball.

“Because you definitely need more alcohol,” she rolls her eyes at Troy, a sick feeling blossoming in her stomach.

“Don’t be a buzzkill, Y/N,” Troy retorts.

“Hey, relax,” Jeff snaps at Troy, “you’ll get your beer.”

The sick feeling in her stomach intensifies tenfold. She doesn’t want him to go, but she can’t beg him to stay. He’s not drunk, he would never jeopardize his life or anyone else’s so recklessly. But something about it still doesn’t feel right. He shouldn’t go.

She stands up, wobbling slightly. She grabs the back of her lawn chair to steady herself before heading back for the house. The twisting in her stomach is ominous in a way that refuses to be ignored.

“Where’re you going?” Jeff asks, his eyebrows knitting together.

“I need another drink,” she mumbles, brushing past him.

Three shots and a game of suck and blow later she’s feeling light and airy. All the anxiety from earlier has been replaced with a tingling feeling that reaches her feet. She’s quite hammered, and all the slip ups in suck and blow have her laughing and her sides aching. She’s starting to get lightheaded.

“I’m gonna go get some air,” she gasps in-between fits of laughter.

“Can you even walk?” Jess giggles.

“I’ll crawl if I have to,” she shrugs, stumbling her way out the door.

There’s nothing like the refreshing sensation of cool air hitting your skin after being cooped up in a house full of drunks, especially when you’re drunk yourself. The feeling of a breeze on her face is intoxicating in its own right, so she continues to walk around the outside of the house until she reaches the front.

There’s someone else at the front of the house, too. She can only see their back as they walk towards the row of cars, but she knows who it is. Suddenly she remembers why she felt the need to down three shots of vodka.

“Atkins,” she calls out, stumbling a bit as she walks forward.

He turns around at the sound of his name, smiling when he sees who it is. “Hey, you. Looks like you got that drink you wanted,” he laughs lightheartedly at her shaky balance.

“You making that beer run?” she asks, wringing her hands together nervously.

“Yeah. I’m not even a little buzzed, don’t worry,” he says soothingly.

“Stay,” she says softly.

“Huh?” he tilts his head to the side.

She continues to walk forward until she’s standing right in front of him, her weight falling to the side enough to make her falter. He reaches out to steady her, keeping a firm grasp on her side. She places her hands on his chest to steady herself before locking her eyes on his.

“Stay,” she repeats.

“Y/N, it’s okay I’m completely fine I promise. I only had two beers like two hours ago,” he assures, his voice gentle.

“I know, but it’s not like anybody needs anymore alcohol. I’m one of the more sober ones right now and that says a lot. Honestly I don’t even know how I made it out here on my own,” she sighs, “Just stay, please. ”

He looks at her softly, his eyes studying the worry etched onto her face. She feels so delicate in his grasp, like a porcelain doll that could shatter with too much pressure. He has always been enamored with her.

“Okay,” he moves his hands to hold her face, “I’ll stay.”

She lets out a heavy breath, letting her forehead rest against his chest and wrapping her arms around him. Maybe she was worrying over nothing, maybe she wasn’t, but she’s unexplainably relieved at those words.

“You gotta promise to watch me play baseball though,” he teases.

“I’ll be there every game with a sign that has your name on it,” she laughs, tilting her chin up to look at him.

“You gotta stop looking at me like that,” he shakes his head,“I might just fall in love with you.”

“Don’t get my hopes up.”

“Don’t leave for two months at a time,” he counters, grinning boyishly.

“I’d stay right here forever if I could,” she tightens her arms around him.

“I’d kiss you if you weren’t like 10 drinks deep right now,” he laughs, rubbing her back gingerly.

“Let’s go inside. I need to get sober. Right now. Immediately,” she pulls away, grabbing his hand to tow him behind her. Their laughter echoes down the empty street as they run around to the back of the house.

There’s something beautiful about the end of summer- the way things begin to feel more permanent. A simple request can change so much. All he had to do was stay. And he did.


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The Tea is Decaf


3.7k words
Dean/Cas, Sam/Eileen
Based on this text post

Castiel just barely slips out the door into the hallway and turns the knob as he closes it so the latch doesn’t make a sound. The light is always on in the hallway, and Dean always wakes up if too much of it pours into his room, so Castiel has mastered the art of slipping through the smallest space possible.

He breathes a sigh of relief once he’s in the hallway.

A small voice to his right lets out an amused laugh. He turns to see a particularly tiny woman wearing a very large plaid shirt and nothing else. Well, he supposes she could be wearing shorts under the shirt. It really is very big on her.

“You must be Castiel,” she says rather loudly, mispronouncing his name just slightly.

He walks over to her with a finger to his lips.

She puts her hand over her mouth in embarrassment before signing, I’m deaf.

Castiel mouths an “oh” before dropping his head and laughing. He then pops his head back up fast and mouths, “Are you Eileen?”

She nods eagerly and signs, You’ve heard about me?

Sam has mentioned you a few times, he signs back. He says you’re a very good hunter.

Her face lights up. You’re damn right I am. Still, that’s very sweet of him.

So, are you two…? Castiel looks back toward Sam’s room and then down at Eileen’s shirt.

Eileen’s eyes widen in embarrassment. He’s asleep. I was just going to the bathroom.

I was heading to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Would you like some?

Is there caffeine in it?

Not at 4 in the morning.

Eileen smiles and gives him a thumbs up before moving past him toward the bathroom. Castiel watches her go for a second before it hits him.

He looks down at his plain black t-shirt and too-small boxer briefs and wonders if Eileen could tell that these clothes aren’t his. And that he came out of Dean’s room instead of one of the countless other extra bedrooms in the bunker.

By the time Eileen pads into the kitchen, Castiel has two mugs ready with decaf teabags in them and he’s standing at the stove staring at the pot so he can pull it off the burner before it whistles.

It’s only a minute longer before Cas pours the water into the mugs and takes a seat across from Eileen at the kitchen table.

You’re an angel, aren’t you? Eileen asks as her tea steeps.

Castiel nods as he takes a drink.

Does that mean you don’t sleep?

Sometimes I do. I didn’t feel like it tonight.

Is Dean good in bed?

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— Yves Navarre, Friends Gone With the Wind

Is This My Shirt?

Peter Parker (Marvel):

Summary: Tony Stark’s daughter Y/N and Peter became good friends after Peter got recruited by Tony and Y/N always clean Peter’s wounds after a rough fight.

A/N: This was neither requested nor planned but I wrote this a few days ago because I just love the combination of Peter Parker and Tony Stark. Maybe I’ll write a second part… so tell me if you like it.

Feel free to send in requests! :)


I woke up to a knock and snuggled my face into the pillow, groaning. I heard the knock again, quicker and louder this time.
I groaned again, stretching my limps before looking to the glass door to the balcony.

I saw Spiderman leaning against it, waving slightly and taking off his mask to reveal his beautiful face. Standing up, I realised that I was only wearing my father’s shirt that covered most of me.

I hesitated but went over to the door, shoving it to the side to open it and Peter fell into my arms, groaning loadly before I could greet him.
“Peter!”, I gasped quietly as I tried to hold his body with my small arms.

“I’m awfully sorry, Y/N. It’s just…”, he began rather loudly, as he pulled himself back, “I, uh, was… there was this guy again…”
“Shhh. My parents are asleep.”, I explained quietly and while he rambled on, my eyes found his black eye and the cuts in his face which I hadn’t noticed before. My hand reached up to his face, my fingertips carefully drawing over the cuts. He shut up the second my fingers touched his skin.

“Oh, God, Peter… are you hurt somewhere else?”, I asked him and he nodded, his hand tracing over his chest down to his stomach.

Without hesitation I pressed the metal spider on his chest making the fabric go loose and sliding down his shoulders. “What the hell? How do you…?”, he exclaimed quietly, grabbing the suit and holding it, not wanting to stand in front of me with only his boxers on. My eyes instantly shot a brief glance on his abs before I looked him in the eyes.

“Come on, Peter, I helped dad while he worked on the suit. I know more about it than you do.”, I laughed softly, but got quiet when I took a closer look to his chest. There was a huge cut over his whole chest and several smaller ones over his stomach.

“Shit.”, I mumbled, pulling him towards my bed and pressing him down, “Let’s take this off and then I’m going to-” “No, wait.”, his hands firmly grabbing mine which were about to take off his suit completely.

“What are doing?”, Peter wanted to know,his voice shaking slightly. “Don’t be so shy, I’ve seen you shirtless before. And honestly, Peter, I’m not wearing a lot more clothes than you.”, I grinned at him but he only looked more shocked.

“That’s not helping…”, he muttered and sighed, “I… I can take it off myself.”

I only nodded, leaving him in my room and quietly wandering through the hallway to get to the bathroom and take a wet cloth.

Getting back to my room, Peter still sitting on my bed, I closed the door. His head turned to look at me, giving me a cute, little smile as I approached him.

Neither of us said a word as I pushed him down on my bed, laying on his back. Neither of us said a word as I cleaned his wounds.
I was hovering above him, being really near his face while I examined his black eye.

He shut his eyes while I traced over the cuts on his face and he flinched everytime, suppressing a groan and probably thinking about how he got all the cuts.

I couldn’t help but let my fingers roam through his brown curls, feeling him tense up. “It’s fine, Peter. You’re safe here.”, I whispered before pressing a long kiss on his cheek. His brown eyes widened instantly, staring into mine but his expression softened as I smiled at him before taking care of the cuts on his chest.

The only sounds that filled my room were his soft groans while I cleaned the huge, deep cut on his chest. It took me a while to finish my work and Peter’s chest had lifted and sank about a thousand times due to his heavy breathing.

But when I finished cleaning his wounds I wasn’t able to look away from his muscular body. I felt the unbearable urge to touch him and my hands reached out before my fingertips danced over his stomach and traced over his abs.

He was so beautiful, I was wondering if this was the body of a god. But one thing I knew for sure: this body took my breath away.

“What are you doing?”, I suddenly heard Peter’s deep voice and I jumped, pulling back my hand. I looked at him, feeling the heat in my face and opened my mouth to say something but no word left my lips.
I just hoped that he wasn’t able to see me blushing due to the dimmed light.

I cleared my throat when he sat up, looking at me with a flirty smile.
“Is there something else I can help with?”, I wanted to know, my voice even higher than usual.

He wanted to shake his head but then stopped, looking into my eyes all the time.
“Actually…”, he began, “I, uh, was- you know, wondering if I could… maybe stay here? I-I need… uh, I need cuddles. No, I’d like to… cuddle with you… if it’s fine.”

“Yeah, it’s fine. But you have to leave in the morning as soon as possible.” , I responded calmy, though I was a excited mess on the inside. I gave him a slight smile before standing up. “You want a shirt?”, I continued, making my way over to the wardrobe and turning on the light.

“Yeah, that would be nice.”, he said and came over to me into the wardrobe, where I had taken off my father’s shirt, not expecting him to follow me and now standing in front of him with only my underwear.

“Jesus Christ! I’m so sorry!”, he exclaimed, stumbling back against the wall. I randomly picked a shirt before pulling it over my head and took a comfy pair of shorts, putting it on as well.

Peter was still shocked but his gaze was glued to the ground, his face as red as his suit. “Here, put this on.”, I mumbled, ignoring the embarrassing scene and pressing my father’s shirt that I had worn before to his chest.

I turned off the light of the wardrobe, laying down in my bed and waiting for Peter to join me. I watched him, putting on the shirt which was a bit too big for him, as well. “This is weird. I’m wearing Mr. Stark’s shirt…”, he mumbled as he laid down next to me, staring at the ceiling. “Would you prefer sleeping naked?”, I chuckled and he smirked. “Maybe.”, he flirted and looked at me briefly but turned to look at the ceiling again.

I watched him from the side, admiring his facial features “What?”, he breathed, noticing my staring. “I thought you needed cuddles.”, I whispered back and a smile formed on his lips.

There wasn’t another word spoken. He just wrapped his arms around me, my head on his shoulder, my forehead against his head and my hand on my father’s shirt that hid his abs.

My heart beat quickly, while his fingertips traced over my upper arm and I tried to stay awake, wanting to live every second of this. But I was surrounded by his intoxicating scent, the warmth coming from him and our comfy position made me fall asleep almost instantly.

I woke up to the light getting turned on and Peter sitting up but I only groaned, not being awake enough to process what was happening. “Uh, Y/N?”, I heard Peter’s rough voice.
“Peter, it’s too cold without your hot body.”, I mumbled, “Why did you turn on the light?”

I felt him shake my arm and I sat up now, as well, my arm brushing his. I wanted to snap at him but then I noticed my father standing in the door frame. My eyes widened and I quickly looked at Peter, his eyes filled with panic.

“I repeat: What the hell is going on?”, he wanted to know, his arms folded in front of his chest, a strict look on his face.
“Mr. Stark, I swear, we didn’t-”, Peter started and my dad scoffed, “Don’t bullshit me. And hands off of my daughter!”

Peter scooted away from me, taking his warmth with him. “Dad, we were only-”, I began but he interrupted me.

“From this moment on, there’s a line.”, he said after a deep sigh, approaching us. “Dad.”, I moaned but he ignored me.
“Talking, hanging out, hugging. All fine with me, but that’s it. Nothing more than hugging. Understood?”

Peter nodded quickly, “Of course, Mister Stark.”
“Now, get out of this bed, kid.”, my dad sighed and Peter did as he was told, picked up his Spiderman suit and stood in front of him, ready to leave.

“Wait, is this my shirt?”, my dad wanted to know and Peter nodded slowly. “Do you want me to give it back?”, Peter’s hands grabbed the hem of the shirt, ready to take it off.

My dad shook his head, “God, no, just keep it.”

Part 2
Why Did  You Fail Me? ~Freaky February~ (D.W)

Prompt: I like reviving my old stories! I have a ton more. Here is the one before.

Pairing: Teach!Dean x Student!Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warning: Age gap

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Ok guys, I think I can finally wrap my brain around this enough to give a coherent recap. I’m a processor, so I had to live it in the moment, and now that I’m on the plane leaving the experience behind, hopefully I can make sense of it. I posted pictures in order of event. Sorry I can’t write in between each pic, but I’m on my iPhone and it won’t let me add pics as I go. Anyway, to get on with it…
I started my epic adventure with a 4 hour layover in San Francisco which isn’t as bad as it might seem, because I’ve been married for 25 years and have 4 kids and rarely get to be alone! Let the adventure begin. I roomed with the amazing @sileas84 who is 100% responsible for me attending this con. She employed shameless peer pressure and I crumpled like a card tower in the hands of a toddler. I have no regrets. We arrived at the con at 6:30 am and immediately met up with a group of awesome women (in picture two - this is @myguiltyolpleasure’s pic btw). We were determined to be up close. FIVE HOURS OF WAITING later, we sat on row 5 center and I was thrilled. I was really hoping for a good view. And boy did I get one! Sam twirled in that kilt and I didn’t even try to look, his knickers presented themselves to me! Simple black boxer-briefs - always a classy choice 😂. For most of the panel I could see right up his thigh just because of the way he was sitting in relation to where I was sitting. It’s not that I looked, it’s just that it was thigh porn and I totally looked. At one point we were directed to take a selfie, so we did. (Pic 3) If there’s one thing I can tell you about this particular con, it’s that it was all about obedience. I have never been yelled at by adult strangers so many times in one day since I was a pre-teen. If you stepped out of line, and I mean that literally and figuratively, you heard about it.
I won’t talk about the panel because all y'all have seen it. It was fun, they were adorable and I love them. The hour flew by and I could have sat there and listened to them for the rest of the day. Sam’s unintentional joke about reading about stuff on Tumblr cracked me up, mostly because he was mortified and blushed.
After the panel the autograph session filled up immediately, so we went to get lunch. Ladies, I got up at 4:30am. It was 12:30. I was starving, parched, desperate to pee - cons are not for the weaklings of the herd. That Diet Coke was on par with meeting Sam. I’m just sayin’. Lunch was a tiny little respite in a sea of hurry up and wait. Following our brief lunch we did our photo ops. You need to understand, those two photos took 4 hours. Compare the photo with only Sam vs the photo with both and look at Sam’s eyes. By the time we got to group photos, he was literally exhausted, yet he treated us exactly the same both times (as did Cait) - warm and welcoming, said hello, eye contact, a little squeeze of the hand on the shoulder (ded. I am ded) They were ultimately respectful of the fans and the time and money we put into this. Said thanks and goodbye as we left. I am so impressed with both their professionalism and their basic humanity. These are quality people. The solo photo op is where I had my hair/armpit incident. We walked up and Sam just throws his arms open to engulf you in his superior humanity. As he was putting his arm around me (did I REALLY just type that!) he caught my very long hair with his arm and I ended up being trapped right up against him with my head sort of forced to lay against his arm. I. Am. Not. Complaining. I’m stunned that I had the presence of mind to smile. All I could think of was that I was pressed up against Sam so tight that I could feel how soft the leather of his jacket was. I didn’t even notice that he had changed from kilt to jeans until later.
My first thought about Caitriona when she entered the panel stage is that no picture or video can ever prepare you for how tall and thin she really is. And how gorgeous and graceful she is. And how charming and funny and silly and well spoken and sincere and kind. Ok, I’ll stop. Just look up all the positive adjectives.
Next we went to the autograph line. I was there when the lights went out and Caitriona joked about that not being the way to get to Sam and also when he was jokey about being bored because he had no one at his station so he teased her about taking too long and went over to harass her at her table. They were funny and relaxed and enjoying themselves and it was great to see the spontaneous interaction. Every event was very rushed, but they again did their best to say hello, make eye contact, say a little something to you, and thank you for coming. I had them sign my original Outlander book that was given to me by a friend about twelve years ago, who said, “You might like this.” Famous last words. As you can see, it’s lived a good life. I’ve lent it out many times. I said at dinner last night that I was too nervous and hadn’t really say anything to Caitriona, until I literally went oh my gosh! I did say something to Cait. I had totally blocked it in my nervous state. She commented on how well loved my book was, and I said ‘yes, it’s been read many times by many people and it opens right to the wedding scene’ and then I proved it, by opening it right to that scene. So, yep. I did that. I blushed so hard my eyeballs turned red when I remembered that. Sam was equally adorable, but I just had 'do not say that to sam’ on repeat so then I didn’t really know what to say to him. He was so sweet. His handler was rushing him a little bit and he sort of looked at him and then apologized to me for being rushed along. He looked me right in the eyes. He winked at me and smiled. Ladies, the smolder is real. I was POSITIVE I was immune to the Sam effect and I am NOT. I literally went weak at the knees. My stomach churned. I started shaking. I giggled. I could not think. Well, I could. But the only thing I could think was 'Sam. Sam winked at me. Sam’s eyes are so blue. Sam is so beautiful. Sam. Sam winked at me.’ My brain sort of jammed.
After dinner a huge group (like 17) of us went to dinner. It was awesome. It was amazing. These ladies are incredible. Our fandom is incredible. Last night we went to a smaller dinner and stayed for hours. I can’t tell you how hard we laughed. It was so much fun. I seriously love this place for so much more than Tumblr. We are such a diverse group. Different cultures, different educational and socio-economic backgrounds, different personal and relationship statuses, and most importantly, different ages. We have so much to teach each other and so much to learn, and as a group, we are so generous with our time, talents, resources, emotional support and wisdom. I treasure this. I am so grateful I went. I loved meeting Sam and Caitriona. It was great fun. Meeting dear friends who will remain forever was life changing. I look forward to doing this again one day and meeting even more of you.
Sorry I bombarded you with a DG length post, but thanks for making it through. All I can finish with is if you didn’t leave with a Totes McGoat tote, then you didn’t con right!!


Summary: To keep the peace, Stiles agrees to be emissary to the Hale pack.

Notes: I saw some posts about emissary bonds, and I just had to write one myself. (On AO3)

Stiles had said, more than once, that it was a bad idea. That they were risking the safety of the pack, taking too much of a chance.

But he’d done it anyway.

He’d gotten himself bonded to Derek of the Hale pack, and it wouldn’t be long before they figured out that he was a fraud. That Stiles had barely had enough magic to complete the mountain ash circle required by the ritual.

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           The first thing Jason realizes once he gets Tim out of his clothes is just how fucking small he is. His hands are on the boy’s hips and he can almost stretch them around his entire waist. And yea, he’s got big hands, but what the fuck? How does Bruce even let Tim out of the house, much less on patrol? Jason suddenly has the strongest urge to keep Tim locked away in his safe house for an immeasurable amount of time like it’s some ivory tower where nothing can ever hurt him and Jason is the big mean dragon hell bent on protecting him.

           It’s a ridiculous thought to have, because if anyone knows first hand just how well Tim can protect himself it’s Jason. Barely a week ago he’d had his head slammed into a wall a bit too hard for even his helmet to take, and he’d been able to do nothing but watch as Tim took down six mobsters twice his size with an empty utility belt and a butt-load of determination. It had been one of the hottest things Jason had ever seen, and if he hadn’t been suffering from a severe concussion at the time he probably would have kissed Tim. (He did get to kiss him later, at least, when Tim was laying with him in his sickbed at the manor after getting Alfred to patch him up. It had even made him a little less salty about Tim having taken him back to the Wayne center of operations).

           But shit, the kid has to only weigh about a hundred pounds. To test the theory Jason picks him up and throws him onto the bed of this month’s safe house. Tim looks taken aback for a very brief moment before his eyes become hooded and focus directly on Jason. He practically purrs, reaching out for the other man, and shit, the nerd liked it. Well, with how easy he is to toss around there’s certainly more where that came from.

           Jason climbs on top of him, pressing Tim’s petit body into the mattress with his weight and keeping him trapped there. He could just keep him like this forever, completely shielded from the world, warm and pliant in his arms. Well, until the next time some little old lady needs help crossing the street and Tim feels obligated to rush out and do the world some good, but hey, a man can dream.

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Ask me out already

Summary: you ask bucky out but he rejects you and Steve makes it his task to get him jealous.
Pairing: Bucky x reader (x Steve)
Request: by anon
A/n: I’m not really sure if this is how you wanted it but I hope you’ll like it anyway
Warning: fluff, a bit angst, jealousy, angry bucky, a bit sad reader, course words,…. That’s it I guess

Steve had this feeling. He knew Bucky loved you and he Also knew you loved bucky. But neither of you made a move on one another so all the hidden feelings stayed untold. But he had this feeling that something would happen.

You told him about your feelings for bucky when you and him were on a mission. It lasted longer than expected and you just felt like you had to tell someone. You couldn’t bottle it up anymore and in the end the anxiety got the best of you, making you walk over to Steve’s room with heavy breathing and telling him everything.
On that night you cried as much as never before. Not because you were sad though.
You were so relieved to be able to share all your feelings with someone and be able to talk about what’s keeping you up at night. And of course Steve would listen and he would understand. Steve always understood and he always helped and reassured. He always would be there no matter what.

Bucky told Steve about his feelings for you when he was drunk. That night was filled with drunk giggles and slurred singing until something seemed to bring bucky off. He became all serious, seeing it as the moment to get something off his chest but still considering it. Even if he was drunk he tried to decide for what would trouble him the less.
Steve knew he never would have told him in his sober state but bucky seemed to be an entirely different person when he was drunk. More open and a little softer. It was as if the alcohol gave him a touch 40s bucky back. It was nice but Steve understood that everything was different now and so, bucky had to be different too.
So when bucky blurted out about his love to you it left Steve speechless and wide eyed, looking at bucky in shock and surprise over his sudden outburst.

So now Steve knew about both of your feelings and it pained him to see you both now that he knew what was happening behind the facade.
Now that he knew, he didn’t miss one single glance anymore. Or a shared smile. Or sadness in (y/n) eyes when Bucky was an asshole and rejected her.
And it pained him even more that he knew he could do nothing to help any of you.

He knew when he saw you walking into the main room, so confident and happy, it took you hours to get to this. To look normal and not like you’d freak out any second. Steve sat on the couch watching your every step as you walked over to bucky who stood behind the kitchen isle, the three of them were the only ones in sight and you were thankful for that.

Your steps were fast yet cautious as you tried to make your way over to bucky in a steady manor, only once glancing over at Steve who was keeping his eyes on you in reassurance, signaling he’d be there if you needed him. You shot him a quick smile before reminding yourself of the fact that you were about to do what frightened you the most.

You stepped up and put your hand onto the counter, leaning over and supporting your weight on your arms as you smiled happily at bucky who stood in front of you with his head hanging low.
He looked up from his food to you for a brief second and broke into a smile before concentrating on his food again.
“Hey (y/n) what’s up?”
He asked you happily and in a joyful tone being really interested in your day which made you smile even wider.

“Ah nothing much I just came here to ask you something.” You beamed at him trying to prevent yourself from freaking out.

He looked up to you from his plate and took a bite from his sandwich, giving you a tight smile signaling you to go on.

“Uhm… so I was wondering if you’d maybe like to go out with me tonight?” You mumbled nervously as you fiddled with the hem of your shirt.
“Like having dinner or so” you continued quietly.

But when his eyes widened a bit and he took a quick glance over to Steve in shock, almost choking on his bite of food, you knew you had done a mistake.

He looked back at you, into your beautiful eyes. And he wished that those were the first thing he’d see when he wakes up and the last when he falls asleep. However ,he knew, he was never going to call those eyes his safe place. He was never going to feel like in heaven just by looking into the light of those shinning stars because he knew it was not fair. And he knew he couldn’t do this to you.

So he did what he had to, to protect your happiness and the joy in your being and he turned you down. Even if this is not what he wanted.
He wanted to kiss you. And hold you. And be there for you when you needed him. He wanted to go on a date with you. And he wanted to be with you but your glow of joy was more important than what he wanted and he did what he thought was right.

“Sorry (y/n), but I … don’t think I’d want to. Sorry”
And it pained him deeply to say those words aloud but his decision was made and he turned around leaving the room, not acknowledging your wide eyes or the sadness that took over your features when you tried to hold back the tears that brimmed in the corner of your eyes.

Steve was quick to surround you in a big hug pulling you close to him as you cried into his shoulder and held onto him tightly.
Steve looks over his shoulder in disappointment, the fiery anger burning in his eyes as he wanted to punch his best friend to make him regret what he had done.
But at the moment you were more important and so he concentrated on rocking you back and forth to calm you down.

After a minute your quiet sobs muted and you pulled away to look at Steve blankly, smiling a sad smile.
“Are you alright?” Steve questioned.
“Yeah” you smiled weakly “maybe some things should stay out of reach”
You wiped your tears away and Steve hugged you tightly one last time until you pulled away with a sad smile and started walking backwards and down the hall to your room.

Your plans for that night stayed simple. You didn’t want to even leave your room anymore as you went for Netflix and ice cream. However the person knocking on your door had different plans.
The sound pulled you out of your comfortable cushions and the mountain of blankets on your bed as you slowly strode over to your entrance.

You opened the door ,revealing your slumped and pale form that had been signed by the sobs and the tears.
You found Steve on the other side who was neatly dressed in a nice tux with his hair all done and he even had a rose bouquet which he handed to you before pulling you in for a hug.

You smiled into it before pulling away and taking in the roses.
“They’re beautiful, thank you Steve” you told him while putting them into a vase and still admiring them.

“I wanted to ask you if you’d like to go out with me tonight” he asked sheepishly before quickly continuing as he saw your wide eyes.
“Not as what you think” he rushed “just to make you happy and feel better, Bucky was an ass and I want you to stop crying over him” he added.

That made you cry, you smiled at him as the tears slipped down your cheeks. You couldn’t believe him. He was so sweet and carrying, such a wonderful person.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t want to make you cry”
He urged desperately, being confused as to why you’d be sad about his offer.

“Shut up and leave” you told him as you walked up to him and pushed him out of the door “I’ll be down in an hour” you smiled, giving him a kiss on his cheek and closing the door.

You went to get ready wearing a beautiful red dress matching your red lipstick. Your hair was in big curls, some of them pinned up and your make up was rather decent except the lipstick of course.
Your high heels were only the final touch up.
You were more than happy with how you looked, and the reflection in the mirror gave you new confidence.

The elevator doors opened and you stepped out and into the common room seeing Steve and tony sitting on the couch together.

You smiled over at Steve who shot up from his seat and walked over to you , a tight smile on his lips.
“You look beautiful” he said.

“Excuse me ?! Beautiful is a slight understatement, don’t you think?!” Tony exaggerated from his seat on the couch “damn (y/n)” he added with a whistle making you laugh with the slightest hint of a blush.

Just in that moment bucky stepped out of the hall seeing the three of you and his gaze immediately fell onto you.
He had to keep himself from staring, yeah he even had to keep his jaw from dropping.
He saw you and you were the most beautiful sight in the world. The most gorgeous thing he had ever seen, yet you were not looking like that for him. And once again he regretted what he had done. All he wanted to do was to shower you with compliments, to turn back the time and say yes to your invitation but he couldn’t and he had to life with it now.

However his eyes fell onto Steve who stood besides you and he had to frown in confusion at that, he walked further down into the room and let himself fall onto the couch next to tony, asking what was going on.

“Cap and Miss hotty here are going out on a date.” Tony said in a singsong voice like a teenager who was fangirling over something.

Bucky rolled his eyes at tonys nickname for you but as soon as the word ‘date’ left his lips, he went to look at Steve with a flame of hate burning in his eyes and a slow yet quiet growl leaving is throat.
However Steve avoided his gaze and so did you.
Both of you said your goodbyes to the men on the couch and stepped into the elevator, having tony shout a quick ‘have fun’ followed by a giggle after you which made Bucky’s stomach turn as he tried to stay calm.

Your night was amazing and you’d lie if you’d say that you wouldn’t do this again. You even almost forgot about bucky today which was pretty good.
It felt good to have something else in mind.

Steve Brought you to your door hugging you tightly and running his hand over your back in a reassuring manner.
“I hope you had a good night?” He asked as he pulled away to look at you.

“Yes ! It was great we definitely gotta do that again!” You squealed making Steve chuckle.
“Yeah but for now you go to sleep”
He insisted.

“Okaaaay” you groaned “thank you Steve , for everything” you said and said your goodbye to him.
He stood there for s second looking at your door with a smile being happy that he could make you happy. He didn’t notice bucky staring at him from across the hall as he stepped away from your door and made his way over to his own, entering his room with a content sigh.
Bucky however wasn’t content at all, he went to go back into his room and paced his living room in anger and disbelief.
Why would Steve do such a thing to him ?
Why would he betray bucky like this ?
It pained bucky deeply, the thought of Steve knowing about his feelings for you but nonetheless disregarding them.

Slowly enough Bucky’s anger faded and the sadness kicked in.
He slid down at his bedroom door with his head in his hands and desperation written all over his face as he tried not to cry.
He loved you, he seriously loved you and only in this moment he realized how much he really did.
It was something he never experienced before.
Something so big and powerful it overwhelmed him as he tried to make out how he could fix this mess in his mind.

The next day was pretty calm to all of you.
No one was really doing anything since it was lazy day and everybody was just excited for movie night, which came faster than expected.
It only felt like three hours until the sun set and took her leave and all the avengers gathered in the movie room.

You sat next to Steve. Bucky sat behind the two of you and everyone else was spread around the room.
The movie started playing and you snuggled into Steve’s side, not hearing the growl that escaped bucky as his eyes bored into Steve’s back.

Of course Steve didn’t notice anything and leaned into you, laying his cheek onto your head and stroking your arm before kissing your scalp.
Because he knew bucky sat behind him.

And as that happened bucky had enough, the anger shot right up and so did he, storming out of the room and slamming the door shut making you jump and turn around in your seat.

You skimmed the room and noticed bucky was missing, you made your way out to find him and see if everything was alright, leaving Steve behind with a happy and content smile.

You rounded the corner and stepped into the hallway of the living quarters, calling out Bucky’s name every now and then.

You knocked onto his door, letting yourself in when no answer came. You stepped into his room cautiously and very tense, not liking this whole situation.

As you rounded a corner your eyes fell almost out from the shock you felt.
There were shattered glass pieces all over the place, pictures laid on the ground and pillows were thrown around.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this was a room in the avengers tower you would’ve thought it was a burglar who made this mess but so, your worries just hit up and a knot formed in your stomach.

Just as you were about to call for someone you heard a loud crash and shattering glass in the bathroom.

You weight up your options but decided to make sure everything was alright anyway.
You stepped up to the door with a sigh , knocking on it and calling out Bucky’s name.

Again, there was no answer and you stepped into that room without a permission.

The room was filled with the heavy sents of different colognes, perfumes and other stuff leaving the air filled in thick and disgustingly heavy smell which made you want to throw up right there and then.

It brought tears to your eyes and made your throat go dry and hurt to which you responded with heavy coughs. You held onto your throat , trying to see something through your heavy tears as you tried not you step onto the glass that was lying around.

Suddenly you felt two strong arms around you, pulling you out of the room. Both of them brought you great comfort, even though one of them was cold and made shivers run down your spine, making you feel better instantly.

You were sat down onto a comfortable cushion seat and the two hands left your coughing form for a moment before returning and giving you s glass of water.
As the coughing stopped you were finally able to wipe away your tears.
And then you could finally see bucky sitting there infront of you, looking at you in worries with a deep frown on his face, his hands on your knees and his eyes staring into yours as he searched for any sign of discomfort or hurt.

You didn’t give him one and just looked back at him.
Your hand still on your chest as you breathed normally again.

“What were you doing” he finally asked in a soft voice, the worries still on his face.

“I could ask you the same thing, look around everything here his smashed and broken.”
You replied while looking around still a bit shocked.

“Yeah I know … but what did you want?”
He asked again.

“I wanted to see if you were okay since you just stormed out of the movie room…. Apparently your not” you said and he looked away from you in shame.
“Why did you do that?” You added.

“I got angry… and upset… An distraught….” He admitted in a low mumble still not looking at you.

Your right hand found its way to his cheek moving it softly so he had to look at you, and you looked at him with an intense glance before asking “why ?”

“Its nothing really” he said as he stood up and made his way over to the other side of the room to pick up some pillows from the floor.
His back facing you.

“Bucky , you smashed your whole room… its not nothing” you insisted, and he stopped his movements, hanging his head in shame again.
A sigh left his lips before he began to speak again.

“Its just… you and Steve… its … I want to have that with you… And I was such a big asshole and now I messed up.” He mumbled lowly with his back still to you, so he didn’t notice your eyes going wide.
“And won’t ever have that with you anymore, just because I fucked up…. And I’m sorry. I really am.”
He added just above a whisper as he fiddled with the pillow.

You didn’t know what to say, it was like a punch in the face and your mind clouded for a moment with your eyes still wide.
“So … ” you started in confusion “why did you say no to going to dinner with me then?” You questioned.

He sighed, blaming himself or everything once again. He made this whole mess.
“I just…” he started not really knowing which words to use, and then he finally turned around to look at you “I didn’t want you to have to put up with this okay ?” He said his voiced rushed and a little louder than before, mostly in blame and shame for himself.
“Because this does not only happen when I’m angry (y/n) this is me! This is exactly how it looks inside my mind…” he paused for a moment before adding in sad whisper “crushed… and fucked up… and messy”.

“ so you thought it would be best to break my heart and just pretend nothing happened? ” you asked sarcastically making him look at you wide eyed.

“God noo !! Its… look I am me, and you are you” he gestured to you and you shrugged “I have such a dark soul … and you shouldn’t let me dim your light with it.” He stated sadly.
“I’m not good for you” he added finally.

“That…. Is not true” you stated making him look at you as you stared back at him in anger.
“I don’t understand why you’d think that… you hurt me more with saying that right now, and with saying no, than you ever could with a gun.”
You told him and he snorted in disbelief.

“I was trying to protect you.” He urged.

With the anger now boiling inside of you, you stared at him fierce fully. “I can get by on my own”

And bucky scoffed a smile at how often he heard this sentence already in his life.

“You were just selfish” you argued in a rather low shout, it was definitely to quiet for the others to hear.
You stomped over to him with the anger still all over you. You punched his right arm pretty hard not caring if it hurt or not ,which it did.

He flinched away from you with a small grunt as his hand flew up to where you punched him as he looked at you wide eyed.
“You better ask me out James Buchanan Barnes”
You ordered while pointing your index finger at his chest and looking up to him angrily.

He flinched at his full name but didn’t say anything as he was shocked by your sudden demeanor.
You took that as your key to leave and so you stomped out of his room leaving him behind in shock.

Three days later he stood infront of your door, he’d been standing there for a couple of minutes now, he was just too afraid even though he didn’t know why.
Steve came by and saw the flowers in Bucky’s hand.

He patted his shoulder as he walked by shooting him a reassuring smile “about damn time pal”
He said and kept walking away.

Somehow this gave bucky comfort and confidence and he finally pulled himself together and knocked on your door.

You opened only a moment later and broke into the biggest smile of happiness bucky has ever seen, making him smile himself.
“About damn time” you said.

Bucky looked st you in disbelief “oh my god” he breathed, not believing what you said.

“What ?” you asked confused.

“Nothing” he said quickly “nothing” and he handed you the flowers asking you out on a date for dinner.

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Just Roommates (Part 2)

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Summary: Dean and reader are at odds with each other as they attempt to rescue Sam…

Part 1

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,000ish

Warnings: lots of language

A/N: Flangst, definite flangst incoming…

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Preference #58: You Catch Him Masturbating

Warning: Contains Some Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

Calum: You weren’t really sure what you were hearing. Calum’s low grunts sounded muffled behind the door. Your hand clamped over your mouth as you tried to hold in your gasp. “Ah fuck,” Calum moaned out, you could hear a high pitched moan echo around the room and your mind raced as the worst came to mind. Calum moaned again and you realized you couldn’t stand there and listen to him cheat on you any longer. You pushed the door open in anger only to find Calum in the room by himself watching porn. Calum jumped in surprise, immediately hiding his hard on. “Oh-my. I’m s-sorry I just thought…” you stuttered out, your hands covering your face in embarrassment. The sounds of porn was still playing and you had to stifle your laughter. “I thought  you weren’t going to be home for another hour?” Calum asked, ignoring what was playing on his laptop and focusing on you. “Can you turn that off?” you questioned, feeling slightly uncomfortable at his choice of porn. He hit the pause button and reached out for his boxers. You leaned against the door frame with crossed arms. “The appointment ended early,” you told him with a sigh. You chewed on your bottom lip then shook your head. “I’m gonna start on dinner…you can continue with that.” Calum gave you a sheepish smile, placing two fingers to his forehead and waving it forward in a goodbye. This wasn’t something he wanted to discuss with you right now, glad that you had adverted the conversation to something else. 

Ashton: It had been so long since Ashton had gotten some release. You had been away on a business trip for about a week now and Ashton was starting to miss you desperately. He was sat on the bed, hand slowly stroking at his length. Ashton was trying to imagine it was you. His eyes closed as he imagined your naked body hovering over him. Ashton’s thumb swirled around the head of his length as if it was your tongue. He was working himself up so much. Chest rising at a steady rhythm as his strokes picked up the pace. “Fuck baby just like that,” Ashton hummed, picturing your lips wrapping around his length. Unbeknownst to Ashton you had arrived home early. In an attempt to surprise him for his birthday. He was too busy caught up in pleasuring himself to hear you come home. Headphones in, eyes closed, and working on reaching his release. “Ashton!’ you exclaimed, skipping into the room only to come to a skidded halt. He had heard your call through the headphones, eyes snapping open in surprise. You bit onto your bottom lip, trying to hide the grin that was spreading out across your face. “You couldn’t wait for me uh?” you questioned, eyes trailing down to his hard length. Ashton pulled at his headphones and smiled up at you. “Well are you going to come help me or what? I miss you baby girl,” Ashton said, beckoning you over. You sauntered over to him, ready to give Ashton the blowjob he had been imaging about. 

Michael: “Holy shit, sorry I didn’t mean to-are you?” your eyes were wide as you tried hard not to look at Michael’s length. You weren’t expecting to walk in on him masturbating. His face scrunched up in pleasure and hand stroking at his length at a rapid pace. You had walked in at the wrong time. Michael’s moans were loud as he came. His load coming out in three hot spurts and landing on his stomach. What made the whole thing awkward was the fact that Michael had held eye contact with you as he came. The lust in his eyes had faded into embarrassment as he realized what had just happened. “Geez, Y/N ever heard of knocking?” Michael huffed, grabbing a pillow from behind him and covering his now flaccid length. Michael reached out for a tissue and tried to clean up his load as discreetly as he could. You were too much in shock to notice, but somehow felt your skin burn when you realized Michael had moaned your name when he came. Of course it was out of shock from you walking in on him, but it sounded so hot to hear him say it. To hear him moan and whine it. “If you wanted a show all you had to do was ask,” Michael joked, tossing the tissue box at you to get your attention. You quickly dodged the box and shot him a glare. “Next time you want to masturbate quiet your moans.  You sound like a dying whale,” you replied in a joking manner. Michael smiled with a roll of his eyes. “Well can you get out so I can ya know?” he said, gesturing down to his naked body. You quickly nodded, head dropping low as you left the room. You couldn’t help but to feel aroused. Sexual feelings for your best friend starting to cloud your mind. 

Luke: He was a fumbling mess. Cheeks red as the heat from his arousal spread throughout his body. Luke couldn’t get his mind to focus on the porn playing in front of him. His mind tracing back to the images of you in the shower. You had been on Luke’s mind for months now. He was craving your body and touch. His desire for you only growing by the second. Luke’s hand was stroking at his length. The hardened mass was covered in lube making each stroke slick as can be. Luke’s mouth parted and small whimpers left his lips as he reached down to play with his balls. He was in the zone, head falling back as the pleasure overtook him and your name left his lips in hushed whispers. “Hey, Luke I was thinking we should check out this new res-” your words trailed off as you came to a stop in front of him. Eyes wide in shock at what you had just walked in on. “Y/N?” Luke questioned in surprise, quickly placing his length back into his boxers. This didn’t help one bit, the tent in his boxer briefs growing even more as he looked at you. “Wow,” you said slowly, trying to wrap your mind around what was occurring. “Didn’t think you still masturbated. That’s like high school ain’t it,” you chuckled, wiggling your eyebrows at him in amusement. “Everyone does it alright,” Luke whined, “A man’s got needs.” You smirked at his words, the tension in the room becoming thick. “You know you could have just asked,” you sang out, walking away from Luke in tease. “Well then can you help me now?” Luke called out after you. “Y/N!” he shouted in a whine. You wanted to make him beg for a bit eventually coming back to fulfill his needs. 

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Number 28 with jungkook, love your writings 💕

Prompt request: “Stop distracting me!”

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Genre: Fluff!!!

Summary: You decide to watch Jungkook’s basketball practice, and the star player seems a little more distracted today than usual.

Word count: 850 words

The wooden bleachers creaked underneath you as you carefully ascended a few levels. You sat down, setting your heavy backpack beside you. Rummaging through the bag, you were able to locate the book you had been reading for English. You flipped open the book and began reading, only looking up when people began to exit the change-rooms.

The sound of running shoes squeaking against the polished, wooden floors of the gymnasium echoed loudly. The varsity boys basketball team burst out of the change-rooms, laughing and yelling as they went.

Peering over the top of your book, you caught sight of Jungkook. He was your high school’s star athlete. Over the court, Jungkook glanced your way and caught you staring. Giggling, you blew him a kiss.

At this, Jungkook blushed. Even though you had been dating for months, Jungkook still got embarrassed over the smallest things. Still, a big grin spread over his face and he made a show of catching your airborne kiss.

Someone called Jungkook’s name, and he reluctantly turned away. His team was getting ready for practice. The captain, Yoongi, tossed Jungkook a ball and shared a few words with him.

With a small smile, you returned to your book and drowned out the noises of the basketball practice going on around you. Soon, you lost track of time, and you weren’t sure if it was seconds or minutes before someone interrupted you.

Psst! Y/N!” Jungkook whisper-yelled at you. Startled, you jumped and dropped your book. At the bottom of the bleachers, Jungkook was looking up at you expectantly. “Watch this!”

Jungkook turned on his heel and lifted his basketball above his head. With an expert flick of his wrist, the ball sailed through the air and landed neatly in the basket. A perfect three-pointer.

“That was for you,” Jungkook announced sweetly, turning back to face you.

“Impressive,” you laughed, leaning down to pick up your book.

Jungkook smiled at you, his cute bunny teeth popping into view. Then, he chased after his basketball, which had bounced to the other side of the court. You couldn’t help but grin at your boyfriend, who seemed far too childish to be the team’s star player.

All movement on the court ceased as the coach blew his whistle. He announced the start of a scrimmage, and divided the boys into two teams. Jungkook and Yoongi were the “captains” of the opposing teams.

Soon enough, the game began. Jungkook had won the tip off against Yoongi (he had an unfair height advantage, so that was to be expected). Jungkook and his teammates retreated to their side of the court, the gym silent except for the sound of Jungkook’s dribbling.

Then he charged forwards, easily sidestepping his opponents. Jungkook neared where you were sitting, a focussed expression morphing his features.

Suddenly, Jungkook’s eyes darted to you. A silly smile lit up Jungkook’s face when he saw you looking at him. His pace slowed, and in that brief second, Yoongi darted forward and stole the ball from Jungkook.

“Hey!” Jungkook yelled indignantly, rooted to the spot as he watched Yoongi speed down the court.

“Amateur!” Yoongi shouted in reply.

Jungkook turned back to you, his eyes narrowed. “Stop distracting me!” he ordered, pointing a finger accusingly at you.

“I wasn’t doing anything,” you replied cheekily, laughing at Jungkook’s flustered expression. “You know, I was sure you were going to win. But now…”

“Of course I’ll win,” Jungkook huffed, jogging back to his side of the court. His annoyed teammates rolled their eyes at him, one of them even smacking the back of Jungkook’s head.

But in the end, Jungkook’s team did end up winning–barely. He had scored a buzzer-beater three-pointer, finally closing the one point difference. With that, practice was over.

Jungkook sauntered up to the bleachers. Sweat was dripping down the side of his face and his neck, and his hair was slick with the moisture. Somehow, he looked even more attractive like this–especially with the cocky smirk that was tugging at his lips.

“I told you I would win,” Jungkook said, climbing up the bleachers to sit with you. He plopped down, the old wood squeaking in protest.

“When do you not?” you laughed. Jungkook wrapped a sweaty arm around your shoulders, pulling you close despite your protests. “Ew, go change first!”

“I will, but I think I deserve a prize first,” Jungkook decided, looking down at your lips with a suggestive eyebrow-raise.

Rolling your eyes, you tilted your head up and pressed a soft kiss against Jungkook’s lips. You could feel him smiling.

“Get a room!” someone hollered, snickering as they retreated.

Jungkook sighed and pulled away from you. He stood up, stretching his tired muscles, which rippled impressively as he did so.

“I’ll only need a few minutes to change,” Jungkook said as he stepped down onto the next level.

“I’ll be waiting,” you replied, picking up your book, which had been placed on your lap, forgotten, since watching Jungkook would always be the most interesting thing in the world.

- Girl in Luv

I photoshopped a basketball court into JK’s selca because I have nothing better to do with my life…I hope you all enjoyed this imagine! Thanks for requesting 💛

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Addicted

Requested by @jazminblake

Song: Crazy in love

Summary: Reader and Bellamy are the leaders of the camp and are really close. One day Bellamy starts avoiding her without any reason. Reader is hurt because she loves him and tries to find out why he ignores her. One day she finally makes him talk to her and he admits that he got scared of being in love with her.

Word Count:  2102

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I had never thought that a person could influence someone else’s life so much just by their presence. But now, after my life had completely turned upside down and I found myself on the Earth with another 100 delinquents, I knew it was possible. Somehow I had earned a leadership position which I shared with Bellamy Blake.

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Dean pushed the motel room door open to find you exactly where he left you. You had refused to participate in the hunt the boys were currently working because it hit too close to home. You also had no fucking desire to talk about it with either of the Winchesters but especially Dean.

“There are locks on motel room doors for a reason, asshats,” you grumbled, turning over in the bed and facing away from the brothers. You caught a glimpse of Sam’s face, and he looked guilty, like he actually felt bad for breaking into your room.

Dean on the other hand just looked angry. You didn’t owe him any kind of an explanation. If you wanted to sit out a hunt, it was your damn prerogative.

“Sammy, I got this,” Dean said through clenched teeth. You could briefly hear Sam protest, but you were sure Dean had given him a look that could kill because you heard the younger Winchester’s response.

“Fine,” he huffed stepping away and heading back to the room the boys were sharing.

Dean closed the door with a thud.

“Y/N,” he began, his voice low and irritated.

“I swear to god, Dean, I don’t want to talk about it. Especially not with you. You push this, and I might literally rip your nut sack off. Right off,” you motioned with your hand without turning to look at him. You felt a tear escape your eye, and you hurried to wipe it away.

“First off all, rude. Second of all, I know you,” he growled low in his throat. “Hunts don’t bother you. Even the awful ones that remind you of how you lost your family. You’re tough as nails. You push everything down and power on. You’re a pro. I’d almost say you’re better at pushing away emotions than I am, and we both know that’s saying something.”

“You got that fucking right,” you huffed as you turned away from him again, tears steadily streaming down your face now. “Did you at least finish off the fucker?” you asked, hoping this hunt was over so that you could move on and get back to yourself without having to talk about it.

He sat down on the bed next to yours and watched you carefully.

“The Djinn is dead,” he stated. “Now are you gonna talk about this or what? You never refuse to go on a hunt. Ever. What the hell is going on?”

You sat up then, throwing your legs over the bed, the tear stains on your face evident. Dean was clearly taken aback. He rubbed his neck and looked away briefly before locking eyes with yours and pushing forward.

“Let’s talk about it. Clearly you need to, sweetheart,” he said, his voice suddenly softer now.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “Don’t placate me Dean. And don’t call me sweetheart,” you growled, finally meeting his eyes.

“What’s going on?” he pleaded, leaning forward, his forearms on his knees. “Is this about when you were captured by a Djinn, and we couldn’t find you for a few days? You never talked about that, but I had never seen you so scared,” Dean commented. “But you never let a monster getting a hold of you phase you. Ever,” Dean said dismissively.

You swallowed thickly and locked eyes with him. “When that monster takes away the person you love over and over again, you aren’t too keen on facing one of its kind again.” The words stumbled out of your mouth.

“Djinn don’t work like that. I remember. You get your wildest dreams,” Dean stated, confused.

“Not the one that had me. Fear. It fed on fear. And apparently my biggest fear is losing you. I watched you die over and over again those few days I was alone, waiting,” tears fell down your cheeks in earnest.

“Wait. What?” Dean asked, confused. “I don’t understand,” he mumbled, fidgeting with his pants because he didn’t know what else to do.

“I fucking love you, Dean, but don’t figure it out from the context clues or anything,” you huffed, pulling your knees up to your chest and sobbing. “I couldn’t risk getting taken again. Fears or the best dream ever, it would have involved you,” you admitted, looking into his eyes. “I couldn’t lose you over and over again,” you powered on. “And I couldn’t have you in the best way possible only to have it ripped away when you came to my rescue,” you sobbed.

Dean’s legs moved quickly, and he sat down beside you. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, and you fell into him. You cried. You cried for what felt like hours while Dean ran his fingers through your hair and rubbed your back soothingly.

“I didn’t know,” he mumbled. It was then that you realized Dean had been crying too. “I had no fucking clue,” he whispered as you pulled away to look into his eyes. Your eyes met for a brief second before his lips crashed to yours. You clung to him, the kiss desperate and deep, your tears mixing with his. He pulled away finally and whispered, “I’m so, so sorry.”

His hand cupped your face and you didn’t jerk away from his touch.

“I’ve always loved you, but you deserve better than me,” he said.

You laughed as you sobbed. “I may ‘deserve’ better, Dean, but you’re what I want. Obviously. Dreams and fears don’t lie,” you whispered as you looked into his eyes.

His eyes darted back and forth as he searched yours. His lips found yours again, this kiss tender and full of promise. “I love you,” he whispered against your lips. “And I’m going to my best to make sure your dreams aren’t torn away from you again and that your fears are never realized,” he promised, his forehead falling against yours.

“Dean, don’t make promises you can’t keep,” you answered, your hand moving to his neck and pulling him into a kiss. You felt him start to protest, but he melted into your touch.

You didn’t doubt he could make your dreams come true, but staying alive wasn’t exactly Dean Winchester’s forte.

And he had the Mark of Cain.

You knew that couldn’t end well for either of you.

Love And Art.

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Pairing: Gaston x reader

Titled: ‘Love and Art’ 

Warnings: light angst, Gaston/Luke Evans feels, FLUFF, etc. 

A/N: This was an idea for a mini series! Which I am really excited for all of you to read!! 

Summary: You have triplet older sisters, or usually known as the Bimbettes, Claudette, Paulette, and Laurette, you have an identical twin sister, Odette. Much to the older girl’s disposition, Gaston loves you. Your sisters will do anything to sabotage your true love by any means necessary. 

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It’s needless to say you never had it easy in life. You were the shadow of your sisters, even your twin sister, who is only older than you by nothing more than a few seconds.  The only person who truly understood you was your father, who tragically passed away a little over a year ago. Unfortunately, your mother was just as bad as your sisters. Which only left you wondering who they could have contracted that from.  

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Working Together

Finn Balor/Reader/Seth Rollins- The boys help reader build a table from IKEA and now she really wants to thank them for their help.
Warnings: a slight daddy kink like always, spanking.

@fioportella @ridingmoxley @alexispoo @alexahood21 @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @ambrosegirlforever @kinkymaminicole @hardcorewwetrash (thought you guys might want to read this maybe?)

I love shopping for furniture but I hate putting it all together. I had gotten a table from IKEA and now its sitting on my dining room floor reminding me of how lazy I really am. I just moved to Orlando to be closer to everyone in the WWE and I really don’t have time to put together a table. I groaned at the thought of me messing the table up but went ahead and started opening the box.

I ran into some problems immediately. First the table part itself is longer than me so I couldn’t even begin to work on that and second who owns a screwdriver anymore. A few minutes I decided I was done and I was now lay on my dining room floor eating ice cream.

A knock on the door startled me, “COME IN ITS UNLOCKED.” I screamed hoping that the person on the other side heard me. I turned my head to see Finn smiling at me, “Hey.” I waved my spoon at him making him chuckle. I tilted my head more to see Seth standing behind him, “Hi sethie poo.” I giggle when I heard Seth mumble something about how stupid that nickname was.

“What are you doing?” Finn asked as he walked towards me. I didn’t bother moving from the floor even as Finn stepped over me to look at the pieces of the table.

I took a bite of ice-cream before I spoke, “I was building a table but I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore because the top is longer than I am.” I huffed into the ice-cream feeling a little bit of defeat.

“Well you could of ask me or him and we could of helped you.” Seth was pointing at Finn who was nodding his head in agreement. I looked up at the two of them and smiled.

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