look at his back muscles!!!

Cassian wearing loose, low-rise grey pants to train in is super important.


• During the warmer months, he trades in his leathers for looser, thinner pants. As well as being completely shirtless. He doesn’t want to get heat stroke, does he?

• The pants are fitted at the top, in the front and back. Which gives anyone Nesta full view of his generous ass and bulge.

• But they’re looser as they go down, so he has full range of motion when he and Az practice kick-boxing.

• The waistline of the pants are so low that you can see his hip bones. The divots on his lower back. His prominent “V” in the front. And occasionally catch a glimpse of dark hair down low.

• Cassian is well-groomed, but he’s got hair. Not that Nesta’s ever been curious to see if it’s as soft as the hair on his face and head.


• The pants are so low, you still cannot see the ending of recently inked tattoos.


One day, Nesta observes, “Those are new. It looks like it must’ve hurt.”

Before she can take back her words, Cassian’s head whips up to reveal the cockiest grin she’s ever seen. “I wasn’t aware you paid such close attention and curiosity about my-” He pauses, twirling the training staff and licking his lips. Waggling his eyebrows he purposefully thumbs his waistband lower. Still no sign of the ending of the tattoo. And further revealing the dark hairs that Nesta never thought about. “Nether-regions.”

Nesta cannot believe the sight before her. The hot sun did her no favors as it had been tanning his already golden body, and made it glisten with sweat from the heat.

“Could’ve used your hand, you know.” He smirks, pointing the staff at her.

She blinks as he walks over to a bucket of water and pours it down his head. Causing anything that might’ve been left to the imagination to become clear as day.

“What?” She finally spits out.

Feigning an innocent tone and thumbing his low waistband once more, he says, “To hold through the pain of course.”

Her train of thought was completely derailed at the sight of him in those pants. Soaking wet. With those tattoos. He grinned like a wolf because he knew, and she tried desperately to avoid those gleaming hazel eyes. “Hold what?”

Cassian chuckled, twirling the staff once more before he walked toward her. His long legs closed the distance between them in three strides.

She could feel him dripping on her before she looked up at his face. But did she want to look up when she saw where the sweat and water dripped toward?

“Your hands, sweetheart. In mine.”

Her body betrayed her when her eyes wandered down, down, down…

“What?” Cassian’s voice was rough. The smile that was still plastered across his face and the boyish dimples did nothing to calm her down. “Do you wish to see it, Nesta?”

The tattoo or something else entirely, Nesta wasn’t sure what he meant. Nor was she sure what she’d-

Cassian took a step back and shook his hair out. “Perhaps some other time. I’m quite busy at the moment.”

Nesta watched as he swaggered back to where he had been exercising. The tattoos that covered his arms, shoulders, and much of his back looked incredible on full display. The perfectly formed ass… His back muscles…

Those pants… Those pants further inspired every fantasy she had. And inspired fantasies she never knew she wanted but wouldn't​ likely forget.

Thicc Kaneki, or damn that boy got big!

In accompaniment to the Touka is thicc meta, we at the blog take our responsibilities of sharing the thickness analysis seriously. This week, it’s Kaneki Ken’s turn.

In light of the HQ scans of the famous chapter 125, we’re going to analyze the hints dropped by Ishida Sui on how stacked Kaneki’s become.

Before we even discuss his dick, as marvelous as it is, we will first begin by discussing his muscles.

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{Special}College!AU x K.A.R.D

no one asked for this,,,,but i love them,,,,support don’t recall + ohnana!!!! 


  • major: poetry 
  • sports: swim team 
  • really wanted to join the poetry club,,,but he got to shy to show up to the first meeting and jiwoo was trying to drag him into the room but he was like noOOOOOooo 
  • for a literal poetry major,,,,,,,,he never has the nerve to share any of his stuff out loud. there was a poetry slam night on campus and everyone was like you should enter!!!!! but he like,,,,,couldn’t and in the end somin went up and read his work and it was BEAUTIFUL and everyone was like “you have such talent!!!” and she was like um,,,,,,,i didn’t write this it was - but when she tried to point him out it turned out he just fled and somin’s like dammit i thought jiwoo and matthew would keep him put
  • as shy as he is,,,,he still has a really nice aesthetic going on. very simple, casual but still fashionable and people always ask to take pictures of his outfit and face and he’s like ,,,,um,,,,,,,why,,,,,,,,,and they’re like “do you have instagram???” and he’s like yes but i don’t really use it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • everyone thinks he’s hot but he’s oblivious to it basically
  • all his poems are about ,,,,, like ,,,,,,,,,, love,,,,,,and nature,,,,,,and like,,,,,,,crying in nature because you’re in love
  • he’s actually super emotional and deep but no one ever gets to know him because he’s really shy and tries not to talk much
  • even the members of his swim team are like “bro, you should tell us like your hobbies or your ideal type” and j.seph is like “,,,,,,,,,breathing is nice,,,,,”
  • and you had one class with j.seph on prose poetry,,,,,and even though he never shared out loud in class you had to do a group critic and ever since you read his poetry,,,,,,you had basically Fallen in Love
  • with his style, his flow, his choice of words,,,his voice in his poems is so strong and beautiful that you felt like you were looking at a painting and not words on a paper
  • and you’d begged him to submit something to the campus art journal but he had declined and it had left you heartbroken
  • but you didn’t give up,,,,even after your classes if you’d see him you’d be like !!!! hi i was wondering if you changed your mind-
  • but he’d just shake his head shyly and tell you that really, he couldn’t publish his work in the journal
  • and for a while you’d try to bug him when you saw him but you didn’t overdo it 
  • and at some point you had to give up because you didn’t want to come off creepy, even though you really at least wanted others to read and feel what you felt with his poems
  • and at some point you end up sharing a study table with somin and you know her as one of j.seph’s only friends and you’re like “hi,,,,this is going to sound weird but is j.seph,,,,,,,,,,not an open person?”
  • and she looks up from drawing and she’s like hmm what do you mean
  • and you tell her about the experience you had with his poetry and suddenly she seems really interested and she sets down her pencil and she’s like wait here!!!!
  • and about twenty minutes later she comes back holding a notebook and she’s like “ive had this for a long time, but it’s a poem i read by j.seph at a poetry slam a while ago. it’s the only poem i have of his but!!!! you could maybe publish it??? i really want him to be recognized by more people as a poet!!”
  • and you thank her and get all excited as you leave the building because omg the editor of the journal is going to LOVE it but then you try to read the poem,,,,,,,,,but you can’t bring yourself to do it,,,,,
  • like the words are right there waiting but you feel horrible because,,,,,you didn’t get j.seph’s consent. and it feels like you’re stealing from him
  • so you decide that you can’t publish it, instead you search the campus for him so you can return it
  • and you find him sitting on the steps outside of lecture hall and he’s writing aimlessly in his notebook and you’re like “um excuse me-”
  • and once he sees you he’s already like ‘im sorry, but i-” and you’re like i don’t want to bother you, but your friend gave me this ,,,,,,it’s yours though so im returning it. i didn’t read it by the way,,,,,
  • and when he takes the paper cautiously, opening it up he’s a bit shocked and he’s like “,,,,,,,it’s my poem” and you’re like yes and he’s like “wouldn’t you want to read this - you’re always asking me to show you my writing” and you shrug and you’re like “im asking you because poets should want to show off their writing. i have no right just looking at without your permission.”
  • and with that you bow your head in a goodbye but as you turn you suddenly feel his hand wrap around your wrist to stop you and you look over your shoulder
  • and j.seph is like “,,,,,,,,,,,,if you want,,,,,ill let you read this one.”
  • and your eyes light up and you take a seat beside him in such a hurry that you don’t notice that your so close your knees are brushing and you begin to read muttering the words to yourself
  • and j.seph is feeling a bit hot under the collar because you’re close and also reading,,,,,his work
  • and it’s a bit much for someone kind of closed off like him but when you look up all you can tell him is that you’re speechless. again. like when you first read his stuff
  • and j.seph’s ears turn red and he’s like AH don’t,,,,say that
  • but you point to a line and you’re like i love this!
  • and that’s how you end up spending like two hours sitting there talking about this one poem and somehow j.seph can feel your sincerity and that’s all it takes for him to open up to you
  • and before either of you knows he’s showing you more of his work
  • and only when you realize it’s getting dark out do you get up
  • and j.seph is like shyly,,,,,,,,like “i don’t know about publishing these in the journal,,,,,,but id love to show you more of my,,,,,,,,poems,,,,,”
  • and you clap your hands and you’re like yes!!! please do!!! and your smile makes j.seph’s heart beat
  • and your first date is basically at a cafe sharing some sweets and you gushing over his work and j.seph getting even more shy 
  • but also loving the feeling of,,,,,,having someone admire his poems
  • dating college!j.seph: staying inside all day at a library or study room and working silently on your separate projects but secretly holding hands under the table, delicate kisses where he holds you like you’re made of glass, book shopping dates, getting teased to death by matthew till both you and j.seph are flushed red, matching couple tees, sharing a drink and j.seph still getting worked up about a public indirect kiss LOL 

BM (Matthew) 

  • major: health law
  • sports: has tried all of them and has gotten bored of all of them so he just knows a bunch of athletes and is friends with them. like him and jackson from the fencing team and amber from the women’s basketball team,,,,,,but also jae from the schools band LOL
  • got into law and it was a shocker for like eVERYone because isn’t he just,,,,,,,the jock stereotype who should major in something like nutrition or physical education 
  • but nOPE matthew is seriously passionate about law, especially health law that has to deal with reproductive rights and drug safety. like he seriously just doesn’t understand why people are so hellbent on having control of other peoples bodies or making a certain medication highly addictive just to freakin suck money out of people LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD
  • and everytime they have to study cases for papers or tests he literally seathes with anger and asks the teacher 30243 questions that usually just come down to “matthew, the law let them.” and matthew is like not to sound like a law-anti but the Law IS Stupid. All Governments are Shit
  • everyone in the class:
  • the teacher:
  • matthew who is now standing on the table with the crumpled case in his hand: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill just sit down now
  • but his passion is a good thing because law can get boring and dense, but he’s so amped up about it because he needs to know what’s the best way to help people not get wrapped up in trouble,,,,and be able to keep their damn human rights
  • he also works nights at a popular bar off-campus and his friends are always there (the boss loves it because the $$$$$ comes piling in. also matthew is,,,,,,,,Hot,,,,,,,,there are many people just there to appreciate his looks so hey even more $$$$$$)
  • but matthew also gives out free drinks like his life depends on it and dabs everytime a customer compliments him like what friendly giant tbh
  • also let’s all take a moment to hold hands and think of matthew in a cute bartender outfit ok moving on
  • when he has time he works out at the campus gym but it’s always at super super late like 3-4 am when he gets off work
  • and you also happen to work out at weird times because thanks college for draining you with studying and the only time you have that’s free is the middle of the night
  • and you notice matthew, it’s hard not to as he’s standing over six feet, and you think “oh someone else is suffering with me”
  • but halfway through your run on the treadmill you make a very big mistake,,,,,,you look over and see matthew doing push-ups with one hand, and then switching without getting up to the other hand,,,,,,and the way he looks
  • cut-off sleeveless tank, loose basketball shorts and sweat running down a chiseled jawline you damn near trip over your own feet
  • because okay,,,,,,,,he’s hot,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like no no focus on the work out but it’s impossible,,,,,,,because when you look back you see him lifting weights, his back big and wide, the muscles strong in his arms and you’re damn near drooling honestly
  • and this goes on for like two weeks because everytime you show up to work out,,,,it’s like 3:19 am and it’s just you two and matthew smiles and greets you and then starts working out and you can’t not watch,,,,,,,,,it’s like addicting 
  • and at one point you’re like whatever and as you see matthew finishing up you drop your jump-rope and you’re like “hey can i ask you something?” and he turns around with his usual smile, wiping the sweat from his neck and he’s like “sure!” and you’re like “let’s make out, if you want, like right now”
  • and matthew’s eyes go wide only for a second because he drops the towel from his neck and smirks and is like “i thought you’d never ask”
  • and that is how you end up making you in the empty campus gym and matthew is as good as a kisser as he looks,,,,,and he’s good at other things Which I Will Leave Up to You to Imagine
  • and as you’re leaving,,,,,,the sun rising slowly on the campus you’re like “um,,,,,,,see you again soon?” and matthew is like “you know it!”
  • and you two make out every time you see each other which is like 3 times a week at the gym and it’s great and it’s fun
  • but also you talk,,,,,,,and matthew is hilarious and not afriad to embarrass himself and oh shit this is going from a hookup to a crush
  • and you’re super scared about telling him,,,,,because he’s so,,,,,popular what if he already has someone else,,,,,someone better in mind
  • and you don’t want to ruin the great thing you have going (great thing being physical only) and you’re like telling yourself to not ruin it
  • until you’re sitting in matthew’s lap and suddenly he pulls back from your kiss, arms slipping from under your shirt and he’s like “listen ive been thinking, we never meet up outside the gym and i wanna introduce you to my friends-”
  • and you’re like wait hold up he’s talking like we’re,,,,,in a relationship
  • and matthew can see the confusion on your face and his smile drops and he’s like “unless,,,,,,,,,being something serious is uncomfortable for you?” but you shake your head so much you’re scared you might crack your neck but you’re like “no!!! i do want to be something serious, i was just surprised i thought you’d ,,,,,,,,only thought of this as something on the side”
  • and matthew grins and he’s like “no way, i don’t make out with just anyone. also you’ve seen my - well,,,,,,,,you’ve seen big matthew and that’s nothing something many people can say”
  • and you’re like oh my god did you just call- whatever, yes id love to ,,,,, meet your friends and do some stuff??? together??? like dates??? and you and him are grinning like idiots in love hehe
  • dating college!matthew: long snapchat stories of you guys being a cute couple and trying out new resturants or going to the amusment park and buying matching headbands, wearing his big clothes, couple work outs, matthew always using your legs as his personal pillow, wild parties where you both get tipsy and spend an hour debating who grinds better and making a very embarrassed j.seph the judge, being silly dorks that are super touchy and pda is at an all time HIGH, couple rings 


  • major: neuroscience/pre-med
  • sports: women’s lacrosse 
  • she is FIERCE and nothing scares her. not the other lacrosse teams she has to face. not the judgmental looks people give her when she says she wants to become a neurosurgeon. not the way people snicker and point out her bold sense of fashion 
  • she’s her own person and she makes it known, because she’s a hardworker and she’s going to get into the top med school in korea just freaking watch her
  • and she’s gonna do it wearing fishnets, a motorcycle jacket, and heavy army boots like who said all girls have to dress a certain way??? and yes that’s a tattoo on her upper-arm like what are you gonna do about it????
  • matthew is always like holding jiwoo back from getting into fights at the bar he works at because if some guy as much as whispers something nasty/disrespectful/just plain gross under his breath about her or any girl in the vicinity she’s up and ready to throw hands
  • and matthew literally just wraps his arm around her torso while she’s kicking and going “let me GO” and he’s like “ow ow ow you’re so strong ow ow but thank god you’re short OW DID YOU JUST BITE MY ARM”
  • but she really studies super hard and she knows her stuff and the teachers love her,,,,,because she’s always the first to be done with her work and she really genuinely wants to be a surgeon to help people
  • ,,,,,,even though some of them are like “why,,,,,do you dress,,,,,,,so,,,,,” and she’s like “because i like it. what does that have to do with cognitive brain disorders? why does my appearance have anything to do with my passion and talent?” and the teachers are like ok ,,,true,,,,,,
  • you really look up to her because she’s so outspoken. also she makes even the scariest older classmates grovel at the knees like for instance pre-med ken made the mistake of cracking a joke about jiwoo’s resting poker face and she was like “coming from you who can’t even keep still in his seat for more than three seconds like some kind of over-energized rabbit, i don’t see whats so funny?” and ken was like i got it i Will Shut Up Now
  • and you see her a lot hanging around the computer lab of the library, probably to work on her labs and stuff and you don’t think she even notices you
  • because she’s always bickering with matthew or laughing with somin but,,,,,,,one day when you peek over you end up making eye contact
  • and you hide right away behind your hair because oh no she saw,,,you
  • but it’s too late and you can hear her boots marching across the floor and you feel the tap on your shoulder
  • and jiwoo literally spins around your computer chair and is like “heY,,,,,do you want to say something to me? you always stare at me funny? is there a problem”
  • and you’re like UH,,,,,,,turning redder by the second and matthew is already sighing across the room and getting up to get jiwoo but you just mumble out that no,,,,,no problem,,,,,,,you just think she’s really pretty
  • and the whole room turns to look at you two because oh god,,,,,,you just called jeon jiwoo pretty??????? no one has ever had the guts to approach her let alone,,,,compliment her
  • and you’re like This is The Day I Die but jiwoo,,,,,just clams up and she opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out and she’s like uh uh uh,,,,,,,,,,wh,,,what did you say?
  • and you’re like “im sorry please don’t be mad i think you’re really pretty and cool so i can’t stop looking at you but it’s nothing mean or hateful please omg,,,,”
  • and jiwoo puts her finger to your lips and you’re like oh no im dead but is?????? is she blushing and she gets up suddenly and she’s like “let’s,,,,step out.”
  • and you follow her out of the computer lab down to a bench outside on campus and you’re shaking with nervousness but jiwoo won’t look at you and she’s just like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “ok,,,,,listen i have never been confessed to so this is weird but,,,,,is it true,,,,,,” and you’re like ??????? what and she’s like tucking her hair behind her ear trying to seem uninterested and she’s like “that you think im pretty?”
  • and you’re like “yes of course, i’ve thought it since i first saw you,,,,i think you were giving an underclassman his lunch back when someone stole it from him??? i thought you were so cool and so cute-”
  • jiwoo: “cute?”
  • you: “y,,yeah cute, pretty, beautiful,,,,,,,you’re all of that to me.” and this time you’re 100% sure she’s blushing
  • and suddenly jiwoo is like “are you free tonight?” and you’re like um yes why and she’s like there’s going to be a party at the bar matthew works out,,,,,,,do you wanna come ,,,,,,,,,,with me?
  • and you’re SPEECHLESS because is this HAPPENING RN and jiwoo is like “give me your phone. im gonna give you my number.”
  • and that night you meet up with jiwoo and the j.sep + somin outside of the bar and jiwoo is like “stay close, ok?” and you’re like holy,,,my heart is beating so fast
  • and you’re kinda shy but jiwoo is like “let loose, c’mon!!” and as you’re dancing together she grabs your shoulders and pulls herself closer to you and you’re like ghldjsfgfdf and she’s like “try to look a little happier - you said im pretty right, and now im dancing with you, isn’t it amazing?”
  • and you’re honestly starstruck you’re like “yes, im so happy. i feel blessed”
  • and jiwoo playfully pushes your arm but she feels this warmth in her chest because,,,,,,being so special to someone feels so nice,,,,,,
  • dating college!jiwoo: quizzing her on hard science terms you can’t pronounce, letting her try out makeup on you, laying upside down off the couch and watching horror movies together, pda making jiwoo shyer than usual, having jiwoo tell matthew that if he even DARES to make a move - she will shave all that hair off his head 


  • major: interior design 
  • sports: no time, she spends all of her free hours at her internship with a famous seoul furniture designer and she comes back to her dorm only to pass out on her bed, jiwoo always finds her without a blanket 
  • originally was interested in fashion design, but people aren’t her strongest suit so she became more interested in making pretty things,,,,,,,,that didn’t have to be modeled on someone but instead,,,,,inside a house
  • finds fabric magazines more thrilling than gossip magazines 
  • gives off a very mannered, but friendly field. she’s called a ‘goddess’ by underclassmen in the major because when she works she looks so pretty and concentrated and the way she handles cloth and drawing ,,,,,, it’s so like gentle 
  • keeps two sketchbooks: one that’s tidy and clean for class and the other that’s a mess for her own ideas
  • likes working in soft pastels,,,,,,,,,,bright patterns annoy her. so when matthew shows up in his hawaiian print button downs she’s literally like Go. Change
  • her internship is really hard because she’s an assistant to this designer who thinks they’re a prodigy or something and is always making somin run around and do needless tasks and jiwoo is always like somin. i want to fight your boss
  • you’re also an intern,,,,but not to the designer but to their marketing team and so you always feel terrible seeing somin being nagged at or asked to go buy coffee for like the tenth time
  • and you think she’s really sweet,,,,and patient to never ever snap or say something mean behind the designers back
  • but you also worry because when finals come around you can see somin is skipping meals as she’s losing weight and keeps coming in with bags under her eyes
  • and you end up seeing her kind of stumble on her way to the kitchen in the designers studio and at first you brush it off that she’s just sleepy but you can’t just leave it at that
  • so you go to the kitchen to see if she’s ok and you see her???? laying on the floor????? passed out
  • and you panic, falling to your knees and getting her head in your lap and you’re like “somin??? somin???”
  • and you pull her up into your arms and stand up and you can hear her kind of coming too and you like get her over to a chair
  • and get a cup of water and some snacks and you’re like “somin, let’s drink this ok?” and very gently you get the cup to her lips 
  • and she’s already like conscious but she looks so so so weak and you unwrap the snack and encourage her to take small bites
  • and when she’s done,,,,with a bit of energy restored she shyly tries to hide and she’s like “im sorry you had to see me like this”
  • and you’re like “somin,,,,,,,,,you should ask for a day off. it’s finals, i know how hard it is but you can’t torture yourself to this point.”
  • and somin nods but you know she’s not going to listen to you 
  • but before you get up to leave, she thanks you and you’re like feeling your heart break because someone who does so much deserves a break,,,,,
  • but since she doesn’t want to take one you start to take it upon yourself to make sure she’s eating at the internship and you always give her fruits or candy and you’re like eat this on your way back to campus!!!!
  • and when finals are over,,,,you’re happy for you but also somin
  • and one day she comes over to hand you lunchbox she’s made herself and she’s like !!!!!! for helping me,,,,,,all this time
  • and you guys eat together for the first time and it’s kinda like an impromptu date and you even get her number
  • and you learn about somin’s passion for designing homes and you think she looks so cute getting excited talking about it
  • and when you walk together to campus one night,,,,,you feel her take her finger and lock it around hers and you both are giggling,,,,but it’s so cute
  • dating college!somin: having to remind her to take her sketchbooks because she always forgets where she puts them if she takes them out of her bag, forehead kisses while she’s working, sitting up until really late with tea and just talking about what makes you happy, bubble baths together on off days, having jiwoo get super protective over you two, somin always plays with your hair, you find out she secretly really likes to dance and you guys have a dance off in her dorm that matthew and j.seph walk in on,,,,,,,,,and then join it becomes a competition, telling her she’s doing her best and you know she is and that’s enough <3

(Request: Can you do a darylxreader where he’s scared to admit he really needs a cuddle and gets annoyed that reader wont pick up the hints that he needs someone but comes to her on the verge of tears because hes desperate to have all her attention, so she slowly takes his clothes off & makes him spend the night with her but he wakes up at crazy early morning like 2am & asks her to lay ontop of him so hes 100% sure shes actually with him maybe a bit of morning smut aswell)

Note: i really enjoyed writing this so i hope you like it!!

warning: mentions of glenns death, mild angst, smut!

Originally posted by thewalkinggifs

You saw Daryl sharpening his arrows on the front porch. You decided to go and see how he was doing, you knew he was feeling guilty about Glenn’s death and everything that went down in the sanctuary. As you walked closer to where he sat he looked up at you but said nothing.

“Hey Daryl, you alright?” you asked, sitting down on the step below him.

He grunted in response and you thought of another way to get him to talk. “You going out on any runs soon?”

“I can’t, gotta stay out of sight from the saviors” he replied, taking his focus away from his arrows and onto you.

“Sorry, I forgot about that” you apologised, feeling silly for bringing it up.

You sat in silence for a moment, staring out at the secure walls protecting you from the outside world. You thought Daryl was doing the same, but he was actually looking at you, admiring how soft your facial features looked. He wished that you knew how he really felt, he wanted you to be there for him, he needed someone to hold and cry to, he was tired of keeping his feelings bottled up inside, he could feel himself ready to explode soon.

“Yeah, whatever” he said almost angrily.

You looked back at him in confusion, why was he being hostile all of a sudden? “I didn’t mean it like that Daryl, there’s just a lot going on right now” You tried to justify your words.

“Everyone has a lot going on right now. Hell, a lot has been going on for years!” he raised his voice.

“Daryl-” You were shocked by his behaviour change but he interrupted you.

“Na forget about it!” He stood up and you did to. He looked down on you and you felt small considering you were a step lower than him. “You don’t care, no one does, so just leave me the hell alone!”

He stormed into his house, slamming the door shut behind him. You stood in shock, surprised by how easily he got mad like that, you didn’t think he’d take it to heart. You wanted to go in there so badly and just hold him. You knew Daryl since the prison and you understood how emotionally unstable he was, he wasn’t in check with his feelings and it had gotten worse. You stepped forward to open the door but you stopped yourself, remembering that he wanted to be left alone.

You were getting ready for bed after a stressful day. After everything that had happened with Daryl you were exhausted, but then Jesus had come down to Alexandria to warn you guys about the saviors coming to look for Daryl. It was a tiring day and all you wanted to do was sleep. You were about to jump into bed when you heard a knock on the door downstairs. You sighed and made your way down in only a baggy top and white panties. When you opened the door, you were surprised to find Daryl standing there, he was drenched in sweat and he looked like he was about to burst out crying.

“Daryl, what’s wrong?” You asked, moving back so he could come into the house. He walked in and stood by your counter, leaning his hands on it.

He shook his head before talking. “I’m sorry” he said, his voice cracking as the first tear fell down his cheek. He turned to look at you and you got worried that something might have happened. You walked towards him and placed your hands on either side of his cheek as he continued to talk.

“I just need someone, I’m tired of everyone dying and I don’t know how to control my anger anymore” His tears were flowing freely now and he made no move to try and wipe them away.

“I lashed out at you this morning for no reason and I’m sorry” he finished.

He lowered his head and you wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling your bodies as close as they could get. He wrapped his muscular arms around your shoulders and he hid his face in the crook of your neck.

“Stay here tonight, you shouldn’t be alone” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you led him upstairs. You turned on the shower for him, making sure that the water was to his liking. You stood in the bathroom with him and watched as he struggled to undo the buttons on his shirt. His hands were shaking and he was getting frustrated. You had never seen Daryl like this, he was the strong one in the group, the one who showed no emotion, and now here he was letting it all out. You walked over to him and moved his hands to his side.

You started to undo his buttons for him, going at a slow pace as to not alarm him. You felt his eyes on you as you removed his shirt and vest. You then moved down to his belt buckle and you took his jeans off in a swift motion, leaving him completely naked. There was no sexual tension between you, just one friend helping out another. When you were done, you roamed your eyes across his toned body before looking into his eyes. He was already staring at you; the tears were gone and replaced with the same emotionless glare he always had.

“Take your time, I’ll get some spare clothes for you” you said softly, planting a kiss on his cheek before leaving to go and find him some clean clothes.

You got back in the house and found Daryl sitting on your bed with a towel wrapped around his waist. You both stayed silent as you walked towards him and handed him the fresh clothes. You turned around as he changed, and you slid under the covers on your bed. Once he had the jogging bottoms on you turned to look at him. His back was facing you and you watched as his muscles prominently moved as he put the black t-shirt on. He turned around and saw you staring at him, he offered you a small smile before sliding in on the other side of the bed. His hair was tangled and still a little damp from the shower, making him look gruff and sexy under the moonlight.

You leaned on your elbow and stared down at him.

“What?” he asked.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“Na” he said, looking back up at the ceiling. You ran your hand across his chest and leaned up to bravely plant a kiss on his lips. He didn’t move at first, but he didn’t pull away either. After a few seconds, he warmed up and kissed you back, both your lips working together in unison. It was slow, and meaningful. You and Daryl weren’t a couple, you weren’t anything but friends and you were willing to do anything to help him forget about the pain, even if it was only temporary. He placed his hand on the back of your head and stroked your hair before you pulled away and placed your head against his shoulder. You moved your arm across his stomach to give him some sort of protection and he placed his hand over yours. You were asleep in the next couple of minutes but Daryl lay awake for a long time after you.

You stirred from your sleep as Daryl lightly shook your shoulders. You immediately jolted up and looked around.

“What is it?” you asked, your heart rate speeding up, was something wrong?

“Calm down (Y/n), you’re safe” he replied, his voice gruff from sleeping.

“Oh” you murmured, your eyes almost closing again. “Are you okay?”

“I just woke up, didn’t really sleep well”

“What time is it?”

Daryl shrugged his shoulders and you looked at your watch. “It’s 2am” you said. He looked at you apologetically and you pushed him back down onto the bed slowly.

“You don’t need to worry anymore Daryl. I’m here, you can talk to me and trust me” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you lay down next to him, you draped your leg across his and moved your arms over his chest. “I’m here” you said one more time before he wrapped his arm around you, and you both fell asleep once again.

The feeling of your neck being nibbled on woke you from your sleep. You had barely opened your eyes when you felt Daryl’s big hands roaming your body.

“Morning” he said into your neck. You quickly intertwined your fingers in his hair as he started to suck at your pulse on your neck, making you feel weak.

“Wait” you said suddenly. You pushed him off of you and moved your leg over his waist to straddle him. You could feel his hard on poking into your panties through his jogging bottoms. You knew what he wanted and you were prepared to give it to him. You started grinding yourself against his member while you kissed his lips, taking control of everything. Your arms traced his muscles along his arms before he involuntarily snapped his hips upward against you. You moaned into the kiss as the connection sent a spark buzzing through you. You didn’t make him wait any longer as you pulled the jogging bottoms and boxers down, revealing his hard cock. He moved your panties to the side with his thumb, making sure to lightly brush it against your clit as he did. You grabbed his now throbbing member and slid it along your slit, making his head wet from your juices. You then slowly lowered yourself onto him, throwing your head back at how he stretched you out. You both stayed still so you could adjust to his size. When you were feeling ready you started to lift yourself up again and then lowered yourself down. Daryl saw you were comfortable and he started to thrust up into you when you lowered yourself down, sending extra pleasure through both of you. You leaned forward and kissed his neck, making him grunt and moan. He continued to thrust up into you, keeping one hand on your ass and the other in your hair. You let your hands roam under his shirt, allowing you access to his toned body. You then brought your hands to his hair and squeezed at it, making him moan into your ear.

“I’m close” He barely whispered as the pleasure was too much for him. You carried on doing all you could to make him go over the edge. He didn’t hold back as he yanked on your hair and squeezed your ass cheek, he pounded into you for the last time before holding himself there. You felt his cock throb inside of you as he let himself go. You panted and laughed as he finally came down from his high and looked at you with dazed eyes.

“I haven’t felt that in years” he said, laughing along with you.

“I’m glad I could help” you giggled as you kissed his lips one more time before rolling next to him and rubbing his chest. He pulled the cover over your naked bodies and he finally opened up about what was troubling him.  He sighed as he got it all out, and it felt like a weight off his shoulders.

Sentiments Mean Nothing

A/N: Welllll, first Harry Styles fic because, honestly, I’ve been a hardcore fan of his and the boys since literally 2011 and his solo career has been hitting me right in the heart, my baby’s doing so well, I’m such a proud mother. So, have this. This is, by far, the longest shot I’ve written on this blog so let’s hope it doesn’t get too boring and you enjoy it as much as I did writing it x.

Warning(s): Swearing, very slight Daddy kink at the end, suggestive sexual nature throughout

Word count: 4,261

Pairing(s): Harry Styles x Reader / Harry Styles x OC (Original Character)

          You know, it wasn’t so much that she and Harry hated each other, per se, rather it was just that they had both developed a sort of, mutual dislike towards one another that, quite frankly, neither of them knew where it stemmed from. The pair had done nothing wrong to each other to deserve the hostility, but it was there and they both never really knew why. It was very much like an ancient feud between them.

Very Montague vs. Capulet-esque.

However, considering that they’d only had the pleasure of knowing of the other’s existence for about 2 years, the use of the word, ‘ancient’, seems invalid. Nevertheless, from the moment they first met, there seemed to have been an already established tension between the two personalities and needless to say, neither of them cared for the personality of the other.

See, he was a private person, an introvert, you could say; despite being a household name around the world, and preferred to keep himself to himself regarding personal matters but being quite the socialite when it came to public appearances.

She, on the other hand, she was… loud, in Harry’s books. An outgoing and excitable character that wore her heart on her sleeve within the comfort of her inner circle in contrast to the shy, non-talkative woman he had met through a mutual friend during a party.

With him being the one to instigate the conversations the whole time with a drink in his hand and a wide, fake-looking smile that looked practiced for situations like these, she found him pretentious and over-bearing. Talking to her as if she was a little girl who was too immature to talk to strangers.

And with her barely opening her mouth to answer his questions, nodding her head up and down or shaking it from side to side instead as an indicator of her feelings to avoid awkward stutters and embarrassing herself, all the while sipping from her glass and avoiding the glint in his eyes as he talked to her, he found her dismissive and arrogant. As if she didn’t have the time to converse with someone like him.

Despite their feelings towards each other, though, they had wound up spending extended amounts of time together over the course of the 2 years seeing as she had managed to pick up the job of his fashion stylist ever since the band went on a hiatus and he launched his solo career.

Although, the former cold-shoulders and silent treatments as they went on with their own tasks for the day started to dissolve. Their prejudices were still upheld, just shown in a slightly different manner as they became more accepting and comfortable towards their mutual distaste for one another.

During the first year, scornful glances and tight smiles were shared as they conversed briefly as to what Harry would be wearing for his next TV appearance. This was to be replaced during the second year with extra touchy-feely advances to tease and sarcastic remarks followed by cheesy pet-names to piss each other off were exchanged as she took Harry’s new measurements.

“You should buy me dinner ‘fore you get on your knees, sweetheart.” A dirty, but snide, comment was normal from Harry and she had honestly been expecting it from the moment she had started to measure his inseam.

“’S a good thing you pay for dinner then, i'n’t it? Tha’ way you can get on your knees for me.” She spoke in rebuttal before leaning back into a squatting position and standing back up. Her heels adding a good three inches to her height but still not nearly as tall as the 5'11" man in front of her.

She pivoted on her heel to place the measuring tape back in its rightful place before recording the numbers into her little journal of everything important she needed to know about Harry in order to fit him perfectly to his tailor-made, brand-name outfits.

She heard him step off the mini platform at the centre of the room and stalk behind her, his warmth radiating from his body to hers.

Why does he always stand so close, for fuck sake, it’s like he has no spacial awareness.” It was times like these where she thought to herself if there would be any chance in the world, where she could find a genuine bubble she could permanently place Harry in to avoid the close contact every minute, she would.

“Tell me again why we need t’ do these fitting things every six months? Seriously, ’m a grown man, my body doesn’t change tha’ much in tha’ time period.” Harry starting to fiddle with her pen she just used to write with as his minty breath fanned over the right side of her face.

“It does with your irregular fucking diet plans, Styles. Would it kill you t’ stick t’ one regime?” She spun around and leant against the grand table with her arms folded, looking up at the, now short-haired, tattooed man as he shifted to put his hands on the edge of the intricate furniture either side of her body.

“Mm, I think ’s jus’ 'cause you wanna try your hand at seducing me during these sessions.” His voice lowered down to a sultry, deep tone in an attempt to fluster his stylist but she, as always, stands her ground.

“If I wanted t’ seduce you, baby, I would’ve done it by now,” She leant up slightly, the endearing term fell from her mouth without hesitance while their breaths mixed between their parted lips as she continued. “And besides, size 10 feet? Not tha’ impressive.” She smirked subtly as she saw his face fall. He knew what she was indirectly referring to and, judging by the way he reacted, she knew she had hit a nerve in which she also gathered he would to try prove her wrong.

But before he could, however, she slipped out from underneath him and started walking towards the entrance to exit the room, her heels clicking against the expensive marble floors, not bothering to close the chrome door and yelling a, “make sure t’ lock the door when you leave!” to a rigid Harry who let out a sigh and rubbed his ring-clad hands over his face to let out some frustration towards the woman who was trapped in between him and the mahogany table not even thirty seconds ago, before slamming his hand on it and purposely leaving the door wide open in spite.


Was the only word from the judgmental, but somehow always right, fashion stylist that Harry heard as he did a twirl in his new suit. Having quite the admiration towards the look, if he does say so himself, after inspecting it in the mirror.

“Whyy?” He drew out the word to emphasise his annoyance with the constant change of outfits. He might as well be a marathon runner, he’s breaking a sweat from changing his bloody clothes.

“Because, honey, the shirt doesn’t match the suit at all. That’s why I told yeh t’ wear black, not white, bu’ look who didn’t listen yet again.” She stood there behind him with her pen held in between her front teeth and one arm around her torso to keep her other elbow resting on top, catching his eye through the mirror.

He scans her choice of clothing today and, as per usual, she’s wearing the most stylish and trendy pieces that she matches so well with her heels. Harry’s never really understood how she so effortlessly throws together a look ready for the runway everyday when she comes into work but still manages to keep it light and casual as if it was the first thing she found in her closet earlier in the morning.

He trailed his eyes up her body, tanned and fit, may he add, to her subtly made up face which was glowing. He assumed it was from the highlighter she applied, because why else would he describe her as 'glowing’? That’s disgusting. He doesn’t like her. Not one bit.

“Have you quite finished staring at me, or do I need t’ get the camera for yeh so it’ll last longer?” She allowed the tease to be projected as she approached him, standing on the tiny platform, meaning their bodies were now pressed against each others’ closely before she shrugged off his suit jacket and started unbuttoning his dress shirt.

“'Ey, 'ey, 'ey. You normally need t’ get me drunk first before we can 'ave some fun, darlin’.” He smirked down at her, watching as she aggressively rolled her sparkling eyes at his comment. She continued to pull the shirt off of him and stepped down to grab the black shirt she had wanted him to wear in the first place.

As she turned around, she couldn’t help but notice a slight change in his physical appearance. His back muscles seemed more prominent. His thighs looked even more full than they already were when she last took a good look at them. His arms were bulkier. His torso now adorned with evident bumps of abdominal muscles. Even his cute, little bum seemed rounder and plumper which made her stifle a giggle.

“Awe, babe, have you been working out?” She had to bite her bottom lip to stop her bursting out into laughter when she caught him standing up a bit straighter, looking proud that his work was noticeable.

“Nice t’ know you were checking me out back there. Like wha’ yeh see, angel?” The pet-names were used as a kind of second nature to the pair of them now, but they were far from endearments. No, on the contrary, they were always laced with slight undertones of incivility and cheek. They were both familiar with them by now.

“Oh, most definitely. You been working out jus’ for me? I know ’m the only one you strip down for lately.” She referenced to the multiple outfit decisions they had to endure with every appearance he made in public, which people would be surprised as to how often that is, and she had to make sure that he was not seen repeating a look. God forbid he wore the same trousers twice.

She slowly made her way towards the, still shirtless, male stood in the middle of the high-ceiling-ed chamber, decorated with mirrors, as she ran her hands up and down his back before rubbing at his shoulders. Harry’s head fell back at the sensation of the soothing motions on his shoulders, he had been meaning to go to a masseuse to get the knots out of his joints for a while now. He closed his eyes and let out a content sigh, completely forgetting that she would be the last person on Earth he would want to touch him like this a few days ago but he allowed the action.

“Yeh know I was filming 'Dunkirk’, sweetie, don’t flatter yourself.” He retorted as he pulled her round to his front by her waist and leant his body against hers, his frame towering over her smaller one.

“’S a shame, really. And here I was, about t’ let you have your way with me only if you had jus’ admitted this is all for me.” She fake-pouted as she taunted him, something she has perfected over the years, with her hands resting against his naked chest. There was something about the way her clothed, soft chest was pressed into his bare, hard one that made the both of them lose control of the situation at hand temporarily as they focused on each other in that moment.

“Don’t tempt me, baby.” His voice switched to a low whisper, a threat almost.

“I don’t have to.” She replied with confidence, her eyes flickering to his raspberry-coloured lips that looked so inviting.

It was strange for the both of them, being in this position they’d never thought they’d see themselves in, but here they are. Through all the slight sexual tension covered up by distasteful remarks about each other over the years, clouded by the decision subconsciously made that they had a repulsion towards one another, they had failed to realise that attraction could’ve easily been confused with said repulsion, convincing themselves that it was a fact neither of them liked the other and that was final. Perhaps too afraid to confess and deal with the consequences of their feelings.

Just as they begun to come to terms with the compromising position they were in, and even more conflicting emotions fluttering around the space, the door was pushed open and two flailing bodies broke apart at lightning speed. Harry quickly finding his black shirt and fumbling with the buttons as the flustered stylist violently grabbed her journal and pretended to write in it whilst holding the pen upside down.

Not another word was spoken between the two of them as they complete the fitting session, everyone coming to a conclusion that the black shirt was indefinitely better than the white, much to Harry’s dismay, and their day was done.

The two parted and went their separate ways, however, the mental image of the other never left their minds for the rest of the week until they had to face the music at the next session.

          Harry was fucked.

Royally fucked.

So fucked, in fact, that he decided to wallow in self-pity at how fucked he was then he went out and fucked a random girl whilst thinking of fucking his attractive stylist he had now realised he had already fucked things over with.

If that doesn’t scream, “fucked”, I don’t know what does.

Though what he didn’t know, was that said stylist was also feeling the same way about him and was completely distraught over the idea that she might like Harry Styles. The same Harry that would make her want to rather die than converse with him for more than ten minutes. The same Harry that would tempt her to spit in his food whenever it got delivered during the fittings. The same Harry that would force her to socialise with large groups of people she didn’t know when he knew it made her uncomfortable.

But it was also the same Harry that, when he held her in his arms that other day, made her feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. And it was the same Harry with pink, soft lips that she wanted to kiss so desperately whilst, at the same time, tugging on his curly locks.

Though, more importantly, he was her Harry. He had always been her Harry to tease, to taunt, to tantalise, and to mess with until he’d get all riled up and sometimes push her against the wall (which she didn’t necessarily mind). But now, she wanted to describe him as being her Harry in a different way, and that scared the shit out of her.

She didn’t know what the fuck to do anymore, it’s like her life lost all purpose if she couldn’t make fun of the Cheshire-raised lad, and now all she wanted to do was tell him about her family and cuddle. She had actually begun to suspect she had developed some sort of illness and hoped it would go away like a common cold.

Although, she figured this was not the case the next time she saw him, in all his 5'11" glory, at a party very much like the one they first met at two years ago. Sipping on her alcoholic beverage, she observed him from far away as he mingled, as he always does so flawlessly, with people she had never seen before in her life. The very mere fact that he was in her presence not even ten feet away made her stomach tighten with new feelings she never thought she would associate with the musician and she hated herself for it.

Turning her body away from him towards the bar, she asked for another drink, slipping the rectangular note of currency towards the bartender as he fixed her up yet another glass. She knew she had most likely needed to have stopped drinking so heavily around the 'two hours ago’ mark, but right now, she really couldn’t care less, she just wanted to forget about Harry and if getting her stomach pumped for the first time means achieving her goal then fuck it.

Her motive was short-lived, however, since the charming man that was swimming her mind plopped himself on the stool next to her and gave her a sly smirk.

“Wha’ do we 'ave here?” He questioned, mainly to himself, as he observed the obviously intoxicated woman in front of him.

She rolled her eyes, hopping off the high stool, only to fall face first into Harry’s crotch which made him jerk back at the impact and let out a slight groan before cupping her cheeks and lifting her head up to inspect how far gone she really is.

“Heloooo, handsummm!” She tried her best to imitate a wolf-whistle seeing as she couldn’t actually whistle so instead made a sort of high-pitched, 'whi-woo’, as she trailed her index finger down the curve of his cheek and smiling drunkenly, “I misst yeww…” The slur in her words concerned him, not knowing how much she’s had to drink and she clearly could not stand up without support.

“’M gonna take yeh home, okay, baby girl? You’re alrigh’.” He scooped her up into his arms without any struggle and started to manoeuvre his way out of the clammy air of the bar to the nippy, fresh air of the London streets. He set her down on her feet for a second, leaning her against him to keep her balance, as he took off his jacket and wrapped it around her, knowing that even though his place was only a rough 20 minute walk from the party location, the chilly air would get to her more easily than it would him, she’d always been sensitive to the cold, and at this time of night, it certainly didn’t make the air more humid.

After a solid few minutes of walking to his abode, they finally reached the welcoming front door of his mansion, him fiddling in his pocket to find the right set of keys before twisting the lock and pushing the door open. A gust of warm, fruit-scented air hit the both of them as he stepped inside, laying her down on his extended white sofa in the living room before closing the door.

“Mmm, are yeh gon’ sex me up noww, Daddy?” Her sudden words making him choke on his own spit, as he cautiously walked towards the tiny figure resting on his comfortable seating area.

“No, no, ’m not, baby, not right now, yeh need t’ rest. I’ll get yeh some water and some Advil t’ take then we can go t’ bed, okay?” He spoke in a soft, calming tone that made her suddenly relaxed, only finding the strength in her to nod before he stroked her hair back from her face and made his way to the well-presented, expensive kitchen with more room than he needed.

As a matter of fact, all the rooms in this place were more than he needed, if he was honest, but he just didn’t know what else to use his money on.

Approaching the worn-out female sprawled across his sofa with a glass of fresh water and two pills in his other hand, he set down the glass on the side table whilst reaching his hand out to tilt her head up slightly and sit her up enough so she could swallow comfortably. He pried open her mouth by holding her jaw and placed the pills on the top of her tongue that had traces of alcohol left on it, bringing the liquid up to her lips and telling her to swallow gently. She obeyed and took the medication before slumping back onto the cushiony surface as he sighed, soaking in her beauty, even in this state of mind.

He watched as she closed her eyes and got comfortable, taking it as his cue to leave her to sleep, so kissed her forehead with care, and started to prepare to deal with whatever shit storm that was bound to happen, in the morning. Well, that was until he heard a small whine coming from her calling out for him.

“Harryy?… Stay wit’ meh? I wan’ cuddles.” She rubbed her eyes with her knuckles and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling gently at the sight. She was just so adorable, how could he say no?

“’M right here, poppet, ’m not going anywhere.” He answered her before carefully laying down beside the inebriated girl he had grown fond of these past couple of weeks and tangled their limbs together, letting her rest her head against his chest and wrap herself around him in an attempt to snuggle and use him as her own personal pillow and blanket.

As he listened to her breathing become regular and so quiet he had to strain to listen to it, he knew she had fallen asleep so pressed another tender kiss to the crown of her head and whispered to her in her unconscious state.

“I’d never leave you.”

And it was in that sweet moment that Harry now realised that she had a hold on him, and he intended on not letting go.

          Harsh rays of bright sunlight beamed through white, sheer curtains and hit her face as she stirred from her slumber. It was a Saturday morning and she was definitely not in the comfort of her own home so thought the worst and groaned inwardly in shame at herself for letting herself get so wasted. The first thing she did was just look down at her, what she expected to be, naked body, but instead found herself and the mystery man fully clothed. Confusion overtook her features and something she noticed right away was that her 'pillow’ was breathing and they’re not supposed to do that, right? Or was she still tripping from the after effects of the amounts of alcohol she consumed last night?

A wave of pain radiated throughout her head as she groaned, bringing a palm to her forehead in an unsuccessful attempt to soothe it slightly. Her movements unnoticeably woke up her 'pillow’ and startled her when the familiar deep, raspy, and, dare she say, sexy morning voice sounded from underneath her.

Oh, fuck me, not Harry. Anyone but Harry.” She thought to herself, although not truly meaning it since she found herself absentmindedly wanting the situation to have been more… wild.

“Well, good mornin’, sunshine.” He chuckled lightly at her facial expression following the pet-name he had chosen.

“Wha’ the fuck happened last night?” She asked half-heartedly.

Part of her didn’t really care what happened whilst the other part dreaded what his answer would be.

“You really don’t remember?” His voice was thick with an emotion she couldn’t quite pin-point but she did know that she felt guilty after hearing it, sensing that he was a little disappointed.

She merely shook her head and bit her lip, titling her head up to read his clouded eyes, they always gave away whatever he was thinking, she detected this within the first few months of knowing him.

“It doesn’t matter, now can you get off of me, you’re starting t’ feel like a deadweight. I honestly can’t feel my legs.” His whole demeanour changed in a split second and she was a little surprised but what did she expect, really? He’s just the same old Harry, though she’d be lying if she said it didn’t hurt a little.

“I’m not getting up 'til you tell me exactly wha’ happened, Harry.” She was adamant. She was always the type of person to get answers out of whoever she wanted, he was starting to wonder why she wasn’t a fucking lawyer or something.

“Listen, nothin’ happe-.” He was cut off by her swollen lips pressed against his.

To say he was shocked would be an understatement, he was bloody flat-lining on the inside but he quickly reciprocated the sudden, but passionate, kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist with her hands coming up to caress his cheeks. Her legs ended up either side of his torso and she pulled away just before he had the chance to poke his tongue in her mouth, just to tease, like normal.

“D'yeh want something t’ happen?…” She questioned him inquisitively, not 100% sure that he shared the same feelings that she had pent up inside of her for, what felt like, decades.

He responded by flipping her so she laid on her back instead and hovered over her, leaning down to peck her lips once more before moving down to her neck and pressing open-mouthed kisses along the skin.

“All ’ve been thinkin’ 'bout for ages, darlin’. Let Daddy make yeh feel good.” He smirked into her skin once he felt her gasp quietly and visibly tense at his words.

“I called you, 'Daddy’, last night, didn’t I?” Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment once she heard him chuckle and answer with a muffled, “you did”.

“And it definitely won’t be the last time.” He commented in a sultry voice before raising his head to make eye contact with her and leaning down to connect his lips with hers another time.

He made a promise, and he was damn hell-bent on making sure he kept it.

everything in between...

After the final battle, Killian and Emma finally find their way home. (I like imagining the conversations we never see, and the sexy times that follow)
rated M, 1200 words

The walk up to their door seems endless, both of them clinging to the last tendrils of adrenaline keeping them upright after a hellishly long day. Killian’s lost track of the hour, but his body feels every minute spent, muscles still burning from his climb and fall from the beanstalk, head aching from clenching his teeth as Emma performed her Savior’s sacrifice before his eyes. Her fingers give his a gentle squeeze causing her wedding ring to press against his and like a rope snapping loose in the wind, he becomes completely untethered. Eyes burning with overflowing emotion, he stops, turns and gathers her close, tucking his face into her hair as hot tears splash down over his cheeks.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

Shaking his head, he just pulls her in tighter, not sure of how to express the weight of everything crashing down over him, just knowing he needs to hold her and allow himself a moment to find his bearings. Her woolen cap is slightly rough against his temple, but it’s so achingly Emma that he finds himself leaning further into it, the threads drying the tracks of his tears. Keeping his hook anchored against her back, he loosens his grip on her jacket so he can cup her cheek with his hand, forcing a shaky smile upon his lips as he finds her worried eyes with his own.

“Sorry, Swan, it’s been an exceedingly trying day.”

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Trapped Inside

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2789

Author’s Note: I saw a gif earlier of Stiles and had to write something on it. It’s crazy how long it can take me to write a semi-long fic and have it actually be good. As always, thanks to the amazing hoe that is @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me. She’s amazing and I love her!!

Originally posted by kwanghale

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Bucky Drabble 8 & 66

Request: 8 & 66 with bucky I think they’ll make a hilarious one

8. “Are you eating again?”

66. “You look good enough to eat.”

“Are you eating again?” Bucky questioned as he walked into the kitchen, seeing you at the table and scarfing down the spaghetti from last night.

You lift your head up at him and nod. “Yep. Got a problem, Barnes?”

Bucky chuckled. “Nope, nope. Just never seen a lady who can eat so much.”

“It’s a gift and a curse.”

The brunette laughed once more before striding over to the fridge and looking inside. You watched his back muscles contort as he bent over, searching the fridge and you lick your lips.

“You look good enough to eat.” you spoke out loud and Bucky chuckled, standing up straight with a water bottle in his hands.

“I just got done training, doll.”

“No wonder.” you say. “You look good.”

Bucky smirked. “You look good too, even when you’re shoving last night’s spaghetti in your mouth.”

You scoff. “Bucky, I know I look good. You don’t have to tell me.”

The ex assassin leans against the counter, eyes on you. “How about us good looking people go and do what good looking people should do?”

You drop your fork and look over at him. “Are you offering me sex, Buchanan?”

“Oh my god, you make it sound like you’re a prostitute.” he groaned and you laugh, taking another bite out of the spaghetti.

“I’ll be your prostitute.” you comment and Bucky’s eyes land on you.

“Well what are we waiting for?” he questioned, rounding the counter to the table.

“For me to finish this spaghetti.” you point to your plate and Bucky lays his head on the table with a pout.

“You sure know how to turn someone off quickly.”

CFWE Entry #1 - Stiles Stilinski [Smut]

Author: @likehellorupabove

Character(s): Stiles Stilinski/Chloe

Word Count: 6650

Notes: Y’all, I freaking loved this. It was amazing, and I highly recommend you go follow her because DAMN SON this was some hot stuff, so gooooood.

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noethepoet2000  asked:

Hey! How are you? I just LOVE your blog! :) Can I maybe ask for a Soldier 76/McCree/Hanzo hearing his s/o singing, please? I leave it to you if s/o is good at it or not :D


A/N: I wrote ficlets(?) cause I got carried away with this oops. Also these might be a tad fluffy.

Soldier 76

(The xx - Angels)

Jack was finally asleep. His arms curled around the bottom of his head while you ran your hands through his hair softly. The softness of you voice drowned the dull silence, a slow and steady hum floating through the air of his room.  

It was a lazy day.

For once, you had gotten the old soldier to sleep in. To take a much-needed break from the world. No missions or training, just the two of you in bed lazing the day away. He looked peaceful, laying on his stomach while the muscles and scars of his back were exposed to you. You stopped petting his hair, focusing on the old scars that decorated his face without his visor to block the handsome view. Carefully, you moved, pushing yourself close against his side while remaining in sitting position. You still when he stirs.

“C’mere you.” He mumbles, shuffling to place his head on your lap as you lean against the wall.

“Go back to sleep.” Your voice is calm and soft, reminding him that he’s safe with you. The soldier sighs comfortable against you, arms against the sides of your thighs while he adjusts himself.  

“I will.” He grumbles, his eyes are still closed but there’s a hardness to his face. You frown knowing it was unlikely. He’s awake now and when he wakes up its harder for him to go back to sleep. He begins to stir more, becoming restless.

The silence hangs dead in the air and you know it’s getting to him.

Gently, you start to pet at his hair once more before dipping it down his neck then his shoulders. He shivers lightly from the sensation. Its pleasant but not enough to ease the stress on his body. You tilt your head, leaning it against the wall to see him better before opening your mouth.

“Light reflects from your shadow. It is more than I thought could exist.” You can see his face begin to ease when you sing, quietly as if it was a secret between the two of you. “You move through the room, like breathing was easy.” His breathing is steading, his face relaxed. You continued your motions bringing your hands back to his hair while the other rested on his shoulder. “If someone believed me, they would be as in love with you as I am. They would be, as in love with you as I am.”

The tension Jack held is melted away against the heat of your body and sound of your voice. You can see where he nods off into bits of well needed sleep, his head dipping further

“They would be as in love with you as I am. They would be in love, love, love…” You trail, noticing how his breathing is at a constant slow but steady pace. His face is relaxed once more as his mouth opens slightly. With a light giggle, you bend over. Placing a small kiss at his temple. “Sweet Dreams, Jack.”

Jesse McCree

(Capital Cities - Safe And Sound)

The mission had gotten destructive.

The omnic attacks revenged citizens and buildings until Overwatch and a few Blackwatch units had arrived. The fight had lasted hours, countless by the end of it all. McCree searched the area as instructed by his Commander. However, the cowboy had yet to see you. He was unnerved, jittery at the thought of losing you in battle.

There’s buzzing coming through his communicator. It’s static and interference before it clears and evens out, a voice following shortly after.  You report your name and title, out of breath and weary. Jesse’s heart drops the moment you report your condition.

“I have a bullet wound on my arm and my leg its trapped under some rubble. The civilians are cleared off this area but I could use some medical help.”

Jesse quickly opens his voice channel, hands shaking as his eyes scan the area. There’s rubble everywhere. You can be anywhere. Fear strikes him at his core. He needs to find you.

“Darlin, do you have a report on your location.” There is static and then a reply.

“God, Jesse.” You sound so relieved. “There’s so much interference, you’re the first one to reply.” He looks around for the others much to no avail.  “No, I don’t. I got caught in a blast and lost consciousness for a while but I’m fine now.”

“I need to com Reyes but I need for you to stay on the line in case it drops again. Can you do that for me?” He asks while pushing past large pieces of destroyed building, turning over every rock for you. Jesse knows he can’t find you alone.

There a whine followed by your cracked voice. “Yeah, I can.” McCree reluctantly switches channels, getting ahold of his commander. He alerts Reyes of the situation, brows knit as he can feel the anxiousness his body exerts. Reyes informs him of your last location, advising McCree that you might still be in that area. The makes quick work of getting there or as close as he can before he quickly switches off and back to your line. Jesse is met with silence as he calls for you to say something, anything. His heart stops when he realizes its gone dead.  

He composes himself the best he can, trying to remain positive as he continues to where you were last seen. He’s met with a small rescue team and directs them in different ways to cover more ground. It’s a little way off before he hears something in the distance.

“You could be my luck. Even in a hurricane of frowns, I know that we’ll be safe and sound”

It’s you. He knows it’s you. It’s broken and off key and in any other situation he would laugh and poke fun at but now it’s a saving grace. He follows the voice, spurs tinging as he runs in the direction of your voice.

“I could show you love. In a tidal wave of mystery, you’ll still be standing next to me.”

Jesse’s running as fast as he can, jumping left, right and over debris that blocks his way. God, you sound so close.

“You could be my luck.” There’s a pause and Jesse stops losing track of where your voice came from. Suddenly, there’s a shuffle of rocks not too far from him followed by a frustrated grunt. “Even if we’re six feet underground I know that we’ll be safe and sound.” The little tune you had left is gone as your voice cracks. McCree recognizes it to be you before bolting in that direction.

He sees you. He finally sees you.

Immediately, he calls for help. Tearing the sleeve off your uniform before tying it over your wound. “You’ll be fine, darlin’. Help is on the way.” He puts a hand on your cheek, his smile is faint as worry is plastered in the way he speaks. “Damn, who would’ve thought singin’ like that would’ve saved you?” He remarks. You stick a tongue out playfully.

“I knew my cow calling would come in handy someday.” You retort, placing your hand on his cheek just the same. “But look it here, wrangled myself a Cowboy instead.”

He laughs, shaking his head. Relief flooding his being as you smile at him.

Hanzo Shimada

( Kaskade, Ilsey - Disarm You (Illenium Remix))

“Let me absolve you, Of the past that controls you.” There’s a pause in his steps at the sound of your voice. The emotion pouring from your words is evident in the way melancholy way you sing. “I just want to know what you look like,” You pause for a sigh, “without a weight on your soul.” He stands still and breathless, focusing with hope to hear more. However, nothing follows. You remain silent, watching the landscape, lyrics lost to the thoughts that plague your mind.

Hanzo knows he is a bit apprehensive with you. With what you think and know of him. The walls he’s built are meant to only show you what he believes you will like. His pain and sorrow, he’s deemed, are only his to deal with. But the song you sing, he knows is meant for him. Since the start to where you two are now, he knows you’ve tried to get him to open up. From sleepless nights to nightmares to the days where his world caves in. You’ve held onto him, assuring him all is right and loving him like no tomorrow.

Hanzo balls his fist. He’s had enough of this.

He continues his steps to the open doorway of the roof. Stopping when he sees you sitting on the ground, staring off to the ocean that surrounds the base.  You don’t notice him until he sits beside you. For a moment, he is still as you are silent. He stares off as you do before his hand goes to hold yours. He weaves your fingers together, bringing his head to lay on your shoulder.

“Will you finish the song for me?” He asks with hesitation. The twitch on his grip of your hand does not go unnoticed. You smile, squeezing his hand affirmingly.

“So, let me disarm you. There’s an army I’m finding around your heart.” You look over to him. His eyes are closed with a smile on his face. You don’t think you’ve ever seen him with an expression that holds such peace.“Let me disarm you. ‘Cause baby I just want to love who you really are.”

Professor Gallagher

A/N: Not my picture!

Phillip “Lip” Gallagher:

You were writing your paper for your quantum physics class late night trying to complete is so you could enjoy your weekend but you still had 2 pages left of the 10 page paper. You sighed in defeat nearly throwing your laptop out the window you decided it was time to talk a break when you heard a knock on the door.

You walked to the door with great confusion and began to have and an even greater sense of confusion when you saw your RA in front of you, you had never spoke to him but Jose told you about him even pointing him out in your class “(Y/N)? Right?” He said licking his lips with his blue colored green tinted eyes “Yeah. That’s me, what’s up?” You said leaning on the doors frame watching the RA “I’m Lip, the floors RA. Can I come in real quick?” He asked in a monotone tone yet you held out your hand gesturing him to come inside and once he was in you’d close the door behind him.

“What can I help you with Phillip?” You said sitting on bean bag chair you had in your room while he sat on your desk chair “I see you’re nearly complete with your paper.” He said looking over at your draft papers “Yeah but I’m not sadly, how about you?” You asked looking at him while his back was turned. You noticed his muscles through his shirt, and his playfully messy shady blonde hair “Nah, not even in the slightest. Jose tells me you’re a TA on campus for what professor?” He asked swirling back to face you and then you realize how long and built he actually was, his legs stretching out while he stretched.

 "Professor Nathan Ryans , I co-teach his first year English class.“ You said at Phillip trying to see exactly what his purpose was for asking you the question "And before you start assuming like everyone else, I’m not fucking Ryans.” You said in a low tone tired of everyone assuming that’s how you got to be the cruel man’s TA. “Hey I’m pretty sure you heard I’m pretty cool with fucking a teacher.” He said shrugging which made you laugh because of how nonchalant he was about the topic.

“Phillip you’re cool with fucking anything with perky tits and a vagina.” You said laughing which caused him to laugh “Damn I see this becoming a good friendship.” He said grabbing one of your papers “Well I know you didn’t come in here till ask me about myself, so what do you need Professor Gallagher?” You said teasing him “I like the sound of that. Hmm well you’re right I wanted your opinion on the cat topic in class.” He said moving the chair closer to you, your mouth began to form an “O” “Sure.” You said before going off into a deep conversation about Quantum Physics with Phillip the conversation had lasted for hours just talking about the CAT theory and then his phone had dinged .

“Gotta go, I have a meeting with my favorite Professor.” Phillip said getting up from your chair and walking towards the door “Have a good evening with Professor Kitty.” You said purring teasing him “No I’m leaving professor Kitty now and onto Professor Cougar.” He said laughing causing you to throw a pen near him “Fuck you” you said laughing as he left and closed your door.

Your talk with Phillip expanded your brain a bit more which enforced you to walk over to your desk and began tapping your fingers away and finally finishing the last two pages required “FinalFuckingly.” You said sighing in pure relief and just as you were about to pack up and fix your desk you found a number you had never seen before with “Professor Gallagher” under it causing you to chuckle a little at Phillips attempts to be funny, rolling your eyes you enter the number into your phone no bother to text him now because he was with Professor Robinson.

You went to bed shortly after but when you woke up there was another body laying in your bed causing you to kick it in fright when the body fell you heard the thud “What the fuck (Y/N)?” You heard Phillips very familiar tone “No no, what the fuck Phillip.” You said walking over to him helping him up “Oh shit wrong room.” He said as he started to look around “No shit dumbass.” You said helping him walk to the door.

“Hey I’m pretty shitfaced you think you can take me back to my room?” He asked looking up at you with those sad puppy eyes, you nodded trying to sturdy him as you walked down the hall to his room. When you finally reached his room he unlocked the door and rushed back to your arm for aid, you dragged him into the room throwing him on the bed.

“Thanks (Y/N).” He said as you smiled and exited the room closing the door behind you. “Great another friend who gets shit faced on the regular.” You muttered to yourself walking back to your room surround by the day time silence. Another day , another dollar.

concept: adam calling ronan pretty a lot??

ok but like hear me out– 

it starts as a teasing thing, maybe, because honestly, ronan is six-foot-and-counting of well-built, well-muscled boy, deadly-looking ink all over his back and shoulders, shaved head and poisonous glares. but at the same time, it’s kind of true, because ronan is also deep-blue eyes and a lovely smile (when he does smile), hands that look graceful when they’re poised over an instrument or holding a pencil and a sketchbook, and honestly, lynch, have you seen your eyelashes lately?

so adam calls him pretty, and he does it in his sweetest, thickest henrietta accent, not even thinking about it because the words roll out so naturally; you sure are pretty, he says, and he says it low and smooth, with a little bit of humour and a whole lot of earnest.

(the fact that ronan tends to get flustered as all-get-out is just a bonus, really, because guess what– the vivid pink blush high on his cheekbones makes him look even prettier)

Feeling stronger

Word count: 3350

Warning: smut

Kai works out and gets extremely ripped

When you and Kai met, he was this lanky guy with a lot of sass and sarcasm, which you obviously liked a lot. He was funny and always knew how to make you laugh and you were probably the only person that lived in Mystic Falls that he didn’t want to kill. He had found something in you that was inviting him in, wanting to learn more about you and most importantly, he wanted to make you his. He had no intentions of letting you go in any way and had always made sure you knew how much he cared about you. You loved him and you have loved his body the way it was, but then one day, he decided it was time for him to start working out and put some muscle on him to make himself stronger, as if that was neccessary. He spent most of his time at the gym, working out and when he came home, his shirt was always sweaty and everytime he pulled you in for a kiss, you felt weak at the knees, his scent of sweat mixed with shower gel intoxicating, filling up your nostrils and making you dizzy. Each time he pulled you in, his body pressed against you, your hands instantly found their way to his arms, feeling how his biceps had gotten bigger and stronger, your hands looking extremely small compared to his big arms. Each time your hand roamed down his torso, you felt his abs, feeling as if you could be able to count every single muscle in his body because of how hard they felt at your touch. Lately, he had spent more time at home, building his own little gym where he could work out and stay at home with you at the same time. You had lost count at how many times you found yourself leaning against the door frame and watched him work out, watching how every muscle in his back moved when he was doing pull ups, or how his torso flexed when he was doing sit ups. Heavy weights that you would never be able to pick up, he picked up with ease, showing how big Kai’s arms had gotten, making your breath hitch. You could spend hours watching him, the way he moved around the room, doing various exercies and not get bored. It was mesmerising and it made you feel some kind of way down there.

You had only Kai’s white shirt and panties on as you walked quietly to his gym and leaned against the door frame, placing your foot on top of your other, your fingers running through your hair. He was doing pull ups, his strong arms having no problems with lifting his entire body all the way up so his head was above the crossbar and then back down. Up. Then back down. You bit your lip at the sight of his back muscles evident, his broad shoulders looking more attractive than ever. A few drops of sweat rolled down his back, you head leaning to one side a little bit as you brough your thumb up to your mouth, biting on it slightly, trying to suppress your moan and calm your breathing, but your hearbeat gave you away.

‘Enjoying the view?’ He spoke up and jumped down, turning around as his eyes met yours for a few seconds before he picked up a towel and wiped his sweaty face, throwing it back on the chair next to him. He smiled at you and you could see that he flexed his muscles for you to see, which made your heart skip a beat, his strong body alluring, as you wanted to trace your fingers over every part of his body. He had his sweatpants on, pushed down a little bit, just enough not to show his boxer briefs, his upper half completely exposed to you, taking steps towards you until he was fully standing in front of you.

‘Always.’ You muttered, watching him smirk at your response, his hands in a second finding their way to the back of your thighs and picking you up, placing you on the medium sized couch that was placed in one corner of the room. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer to you, his lips capturing yours for a few seconds and then pulled away, his strong body hovering over you.

'Do you always do that?’ He asked you and smiled, his hair sticking to his forehead, a drop of sweat sliding down his strong arm. 'Stare at me.’

'I can’t help it.’ You whispered and trailed your fingers down his back, your nails brushing against his skin as he pushed his hips down to meet yours, the feeling of his bulge against your core making you moan out loud.

'I love it when you do that. It just shows how good I can make you feel without even touching you properly.’ He said abruptly, your breath hitching in your throat at his words. He was always good with words and oh how well he knew how to drive you crazy. No touching was needed. His words burned into your skin like fire, making your heart pick up its pace and your core throb from desire and from wanting him badly. You sighed heavily and brough your hand up to his hair, brushing it away from his forehead and then ran your fingers through his hair, placing your hand on the back of his neck, holding him tightly as if you were afraid that he would run away from you.

'Can you feel this?’ You grabbed his hand and brought it down between your bodies, pressing his fingers against your clothed heat, his fingers feeling the wet patch on your panties. 'This is how you make me feel, Kai. It’s all yours.’ You moaned out, your eyes never leaving his blue ones as you felt his fingers slowly brushing around your clit, but never making contact with it. He was driving you insane and your frustration has grown, but he knew exactly what he was doing. He had always been teasing you, his fingers always avoiding the spot where you wanted him the most. You jolted your hips upwards, your crotch meeting Kai’s hand, wanting much more but not even a second after, he pinned your hips back down to the couch, your body unable to move because of his grip on your hips.

'Always so greedy. You know that you’re a very greedy girl, right? Always wanting much more than what I want to offer you. It’s not fun when you get everything all at once.’ He muttered, his finger moving your panties to the side, allowing him to get a clear path to your wet heat. He ran his index and middle finger through your folds, collecting your arousal and then pushed his fingers inside you, curling them around. 'This is much more fun.’ He whispered on your ear and then pulled them out quickly, bringing them up to his lips as he licked them clean. He swiftly grabbed you by your ankles and pulled you down, your back semi laying on the couch, his fingers tugging on yor panties as he pulled down them in one swift motion, your lower half exposed to his completely. Your legs were dangling on the couch, Kai’s hands placing on your knees and spread them as much as he could. He looked down at your heat and smirked, your heartbeat getting faster with each second. He looked so sexy, sweat still evident on his body, glistening under the light and yoou couldn’t help but get more turned on. He ripped your shirt in half and threw it down on the floor before his fingers found their way to your entrance and then pushed them in a fast pace, pumping them in and out of you as fast as he could, his forehead pressed against yours as his eyes never left yours. You tried to spread your legs even more, your hips jolting upwards every few seconds, trying to match Kai’s movements but the way his fingers pumped in and out of you was faster than ever before and it was impossible to match them. You threw your head back in pleasure, feeling your orgasm slowly approaching, faster than you wanted.

'Fuck Kai, just k-keep going.’ You stuttered, barely finding the strenght to mutter out a few words. Kai’s lips parted slightly, his thumb making figure eights on your clit, feeling how your walls clenched around his fingers.

'I’m so close, Kai. Please don’t stop!’ You cried out and kissed him passionately as you felt your orgasm about to tear through your body, but suddenly Kai’s fingers disappeared from inside you, leaving you empty and frustrated because of how he left you unfinished.

'What. The. Hell?’ You stuttered, your brows furrowing at Kai, but the only thing he did was smile and flex his arms at you.

'Told you it’s more fun when I postpone exactly what you want.’ He whispered on your ear and locked his lips with yours for a few seconds before he pulled away, his lips pressed against your ear. 'I have to take a shower.’ He pulled back and walked out of the room, leaving you like that, your breathing slowly coming down, your heart beating at almost normal pace. You ran your fingers through your hair roughly and sighed heavily. You walked naked through the house and into the room you shared with Kai, the sound of water running echoing through the bathroom doors. You bit your lip because you knew exactly how Kai would look right then at that moment if you had opened the doors. Hot water cascading down his toned body, his perfectly shaped butt at full display to your eyes, while his front would be turned away from your gaze. Steam shadowed underneath the batroom doors, disappearing right when it hit the air in the bedroom exactly where you stood. You reached for another set of underwear and sat down on the bed, waiting for Kai to finish, not wanting to give up so easily. After a few moments, the sound of water running stopped, meaning that Kai has finally finished. You swallowed hard and combed your hair with your fingers, desperately trying to make it look decent. He opened the doors and your jaw almost dropped to the floor. He had a white towel wrapped around his waist, so low that you could almost see a part of his manhood, his v – line exposed to your eyes and the first thing that popped into your head was how much you wanted to trail your tongue over it, collecting every drop of water that was placed there.

'You’re here. How are you feeling?’ He asked and smirked because he already knew the answer to that question. You grunted loudly and heard a quiet chuckle from his side, his back facing you. You watched his every movement, how his musles on his right side moved when he reached out his right hand into the drawer to pick his underwear. How his arms moved when he ran his fingers through his wet hair. You accidentally moaned and then quickly covered your mouth with your hand, hoping that Kai hadn’t noticed, but deep down you knew he did. He dropped his towel down on the floor, his perfectly toned body exposed to your eyes only. A lump got stuck in your throat as you felt yourself getting wet again at the sight of Kai. He put on his boxer briefs, wiping his wet hair with a towel and then threw it down on the floor before putting on his white shirt. He groaned loudly and you couldn’t help but notice how tight that shirt was on him. That shirt that used to be almost too big for him was now showing of his every muscle.

'What the f- Great.’ He groaned again and then not even a second later, he grabbed the front of his shirt and tore it into two pieces, watching them fall down on the floor on each side where he stood. Fuck. That was the only thing that had popped into your mind and you couldn’t hold it back anymore. You got up and walked towards him, placing your hands on his back. You trailed your fingers over his bare back and then slid your hands to the side, grabbing onto his biceps and squeezed them lightly. You slowly trailed your hands around his body and slowly found your way to his stomach, feeling how hard his abs were. Kai threw his head back and as much as you thought that he would stop you, he didn’t. A small smile appeared on your face and you couldn’t stop yourself, tracing your hand down his stomach and stopping right on the obvious bulge in his briefs.

'What do you think you’re doing, sweetheart?’ He whispered.

'Just continuing where we left off.’ You trailed off and slipped your hand inside his boxers, your hand slowly stroking his manhood, feeling it getting harder under your touch. You circled around his tip with your thumb, collecting his pre – cum on your thumb. He let out a throathy groan, your hands pushing his boxers down and turning him around so his front was facing you. You knelt down in front of him, your head lined up perfectly with his hard manhood. You couldn’t keep your eyes off him, how obvious the veins on his lenght were, blood coliding through them, making your mouth watery. You pressed a gentle kiss on his tip, his hip instantly jolting forward, his hands intertwining with your hair and pulling on it slightly.

'Fuck.’ He moaned out and closed his eyes, his lips parting even more when you finally took all of him in your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat. You pulled back almost all the way before taking him back in, your lips oh so perfectly wrapped around him as your hands grabbed onto his hips, trying to keep him still. 'Keep going, baby.’ You bobbed your head up and down, his hips finding the perfect rhythm with your actions, meeting your mouth perfectly and hitting the back of your throat each time he pushed his hips forward. You sped up a little bit, your hands massaging his balls, while your tongue worked on his tip, getting him closer to his release with each second that passed.

'If you don’t want me to cum into your mouth, you should stop. Now.’ He moaned out, the grip on your hair still strong. You smirked at his words and kept going until you felt him twitch in your mouth, only a few seconds later, his warm liquid casading down your throat, his name escaping your mouth as you noticed his arms flexing when he reached his orgasm. You got up and Kai’s hands immediately cupping your face and pulling your in for a deep and passionate kiss, your hands grabbing onto his strong shoulders. 'You’re so fucking hot,’ He moaned out and threw you on the bed, a few seconds later, his hands ripping your underwear in a one swift motion, throwing them on the floor. He spread your legs, pinning your hips down on the bed and burried his head between your legs, licking your folds as slow as he could.

'You tasted so amazing!’ he hummed against your heat, the vibrations making you moan out loud. His tongue started massaging your clit as you felt his fingers entering you again, pumping in and out of you, curling inside you in the way that only Kai knew, making you clench your walls around him.

'Fuck, Kai- Shit.’ You cried out, his mouth feeling amazing on you like every time he did it, his fingers working perfectly on your body. You propped yourself on your elbows, watching Kai eating you out, getting your closer to your release with each second that passed. He pulled his fingers out of you and started sucking on your clit vigororusly, his name constantly slipping out of your lips, rolling perfectly of your tongue. He threw your body back on the mattress and started massaging your nipples, squeezing them, feeling them getting harder under your touch. You looked down and caught Kai already staring at you, the familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach becoming more and more evident.

'Kai, I’m so close- please- please-’ you cried out as your orgasm tore through you, your whole body shaking. You grabbed onto Kai’s hair tightly, pushing your hips up to his mouth. He pulled away and looked at you, wiping his mouth with his thumb. You sat up and wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of you, your legs wrapping your his waist.

'Please Kai. Please.’ You cried out, sounding more desperate than ever.

'What do you want, baby? Tell me.’ He whispered, his voice lower and sounding sexier than ever, his eyes a darker shade of blue, filled with lust.

'I want you to fuck me, Malachai.’ His lips parted when he hear you saying his full name, his lenght getting even harder than he already was. He smiled and without any warning he pushed himself into you with one quick move, making you scream out loud and before you knew it, he withdrew himself and then went back in at the same fast pace, knocking the air out of your lungs with each thrust. He found the perfect angle where everytime he went in, he hit your perfect spot, a loud moan escaping your mouth and making you arch your back at the feeling.

'Shit, you’re so tight. Fuck. You feel so good around me.’ His hips were relentlessly pounding into you, your breath hitching at every thrustm your heart feeling as if it would jump out of your body. You grabbed onto his strong biceps and dug your nails in them so hard that he almost started to bleed, but somehow you thought that he didn’t feel a thing because he was only focused on getting you to your third orgasm that night. He pinned your hands over your head, your walls clenching around him again as your high went through your entire body, shaking underneath Kai who hadn’t lost his pace at all and kept thrusting into you. He pulled out of you and turned you to your side, lifting your one leg up a little bit and entered you again, thrusting into you slowly. So slow that you could feel how every inch of him kept sliding inside you, the feeling intensified because of how sensitive you were. You grabbed onto the bed sheets, a single tear falling down on the pillow under you as Kai picked up its pace, going back to pounding into you, hitting you spot perfectly as you felt yourself getting closer to yet another release. You felt Kai twitch inside you, a louder moan escaping his mouth as you knew that he was almost there. You reached between your legs and started massaging your clit, while Kai’s hips met your actions perfectly and not even a few moments after, you and Kai reached your orgasm, Kai riding through both of them until you were finished. He pulled out and collapsed beside you, his breathing just as loud as yours.

'Wow.’ You muttered.

'I know.’ He replied.

'It’s a good thing that you can’t break me.’ You said, making Kai laugh, his hands wrapping around you as he pulled you in and planted a soft kiss on your lips. 'I can’t help it. I can’t get enough of you.’ He trailed off and smirked at you, you eyes falling down to his manhood and then to his lips.

'Likewise.’ He captured your lips in a passionate kiss and pulled you on his lap, his arms wrapping around your waist, both of you knowing that a long night was ahead of you.

Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P. 6

Warning: SMUT (like omg rated R), violence, cursing

Word count: 2399

A/N: IM BACK BITCHES. Thought I’d write a long smutty one to make up for my absence. Just one crappy day of school and I’ll be back to posting frequently. But yeah that’s all I have to say. So with out further ado… Part 6. Enjoy.

Part 5: https://pan-imagines-ig.tumblr.com/post/158385062324/dont-mess-with-pans-lost-girl-p-5


When we get back to the camp everyone is quite and don’t make eye contact with me or Peter. I assume it’s because Felix had warned the rest of the boys that Peter was ready to unleash his wrath on anyone who does as much as glance in my direction. I look around for Felix and find him sitting at one of the tables, alone, he risks a glance my way and I give him a sympathetic look before Peter continues to drag me to his tree house.
We reach the tree that occupies the house and Peter snaps his fingers making us flash to the middle of his room in a heartbeat. He says nothing as he undresses till he’s fully naked. At first I try to keep my eyes off of him, worried he’s trying to get sexual. But I calm down when he walks to the opposite side of the room to a large oak wardrobe, I watch his back muscles as he digs through looking for new clothes, and allow my eyes to glide down his body. I can tell he’s tense and my first instinct is to rub his back to sooth him but I fight the urge. He turns towards me when he’s found bottoms and smirks when he catches my stare. He walks around the bed towards me, stops half way, puts on the pants, and walks towards me again, until we’re mere centimeters apart. If it weren’t for the height difference our lips would be touching, instead my nose hits his lips as I turn to face the floor.
“You know having second in command isn’t nearly as great as having the one in charge” He says, I can hear the smirk in his voice.
I roll my eyes but keep my head facing the floor, “This again, really?” I ask frustrated with his persistent nagging. He puts a finger under my chin and forces me to look him in the eyes, no matter how bad I want to resist the second my eyes find his I’m hypnotized.
“I’m just saying, I could make yo-”
“Feel so much better. Yes I know we’ve been through this already.” I interrupt. He doesn’t say anything, instead he just caresses my cheek as his eyes trail every inch of my face landing on my lips. I try to keep a emotionless expression as he continues to stare, but his hand moves from my cheek down my neck and over my shoulder. His hand continues to move down as he slowly leans in, his hand finally landing on the small of my back I hold my breath until his lips are on mine. Every ounce of my being is telling me not to react, to not fall in his trap, but my lips move in sync with his and his hand is pushing against the small of my back, bringing me as close to him as physically possible. The kiss starts out slow and intimate but soon my fingers tangle themselves into his hair and so it becomes more rushed and heated. It’s as if we both need each other this very moment or we’ll explode of lust.
He backs me up and my heels hit the bed and we’re falling back on his bed, his lips trail from my lips to my neck sucking harshly and his hands move to take off the bottoms he had just put on, and again he’s fully naked while I’m fully clothed. My body wants him but my mind is screaming to stop. I almost do stop everything but then his hand runs under my shirt and it feels so good and warm over my skin, and suddenly I’m one hundred percent okay with whatever is going to happen next.
He continues to kiss my neck as he pulls my shirt over my head and my pants down my legs, along with my underwear. Once the clothes are discarded his lips move from my neck down my chest, stomach, and stop and my hip bone. He kisses slowly and my fingers in his hair tighten as I let out a low moan. He gently removes my hands from his hair and moves lower and I feel his warm breath fan over me making my fingers clench around the bed sheets. He kisses the inside of my thigh and my hips buck upward, my body craving contact. He does nothing but continues to tease kissing all around where I need him most, but avoiding it completely. Then he stops, leaving me frustrated and panting.
“What the hell!” I say panting, and he smirks down at me.
“You gatta beg for it love.” He says crossing his arms over his chest.
“I’m not going to beg” I growl.
“Then. I’m, not going to give you what you’re craving oh so very badly” he says getting off the bed and reaching for his pants once again.
“No!” I yell, panting still. “Peter. Please.” I say with attitude.
“Please what, princess?” He says dropping the pants and crawling back on the bed.
“Please I want you to… please me.” I say with a roll of my eyes.
“Please you how, you have to be more specific, but please keep up the attitude,” he says while crawling over me so his mouth is right by my ear and I feel his dick press against my stomach, “it’s turning me on” he whispers. I moan and, once again, buck my hips up.
“Please.” I whisper back then pull his hair so his eyes meet mine. “Fuck me.” I saw in a low voice.
Immediately his lips crash onto mine and he sticks himself in without warning causing me to let out a wired loud gasp moan noise. With his elbows holding himself up on either side of my head, and his lips leaving sloppy kisses all over my neck, he grinds his hips faster and faster. With every thrust he gets deeper and deeper. All the while my nails are dragging up and down his toned back with my legs hooked tightly around his waist. Moans fill the room and soon he finds the right spot that causes me to scream curses and moan his name. He slurs dirt things in my ear all while we reach our high I let go first, he quickly pulls out and spills warm sticky cum over my stomach. He kisses me down from my high wrapping his arms around my back and flips us so I’m on top of him.
“I’m not done yet.” He say pulling my legs on either side of his head. Again, I’m panting and then I feel his warm tongue lick over me causing me to lurch forward, my hands holding tightly to the head board holding me steady. As he eats me out I moan his name egging him on and making him add a finger, then two. With both his tongue working and his fingers pumping I reach my second high. He grabs hold of my hip pushing me down to lay on top of him as I catch my breath. Weak and tired I don’t move as he kisses my forehead and brushes his fingers through my hair. And right before I fall asleep I hear him say, “I’ll make you feel this good every night, all you have to do is say you’ll be my Lost Girl.”

The next morning I wake in the bed alone but a idiotic grin on my face. Pan walks into the room then with a plate of food, and an apple in his mouth. He sets the plate on the bed side table and sits on the bed next to me, taking a bite of the apple.
“How do you feel?” He says with a small smile.
“Amazing.” I say still smiling, but then I feel my face fall as I begin to feel the guilt.
“What’s wrong?” He asks, his face falling too.
“I’m a horrible person.” I say sitting up and covering my face.
“How?” He asks, genuinely sounding concerned.
“I was with two guys yesterday.” I say disgusted with myself.
“Do you regret last night?” He asks, sad.
“No, no, no. I just… I’m a slut.” I say ashamed.
“You’re not a slut.” He says now mad, this boy is so bipolar. “Get up and dressed.” He says getting up leaving the plate of food. I do as he says and meet him at the bottom of the tree. He takes my hand and we walk to the camp. He sits me down at one of the tables then walks away without saying anything. Confused I stay sat and don’t follow him, worried I upset him. Then I see Felix walking towards me, about a yard away he stops and scans the camp, for Pan, then continues to walk and sits facing me.
“Wanna meet up again today?” He says, he sounds like an exciting little kid.
“Do you have a death wish?” I ask and it comes out a bit more rude than I mean it to, but he doesn’t seem affected by it.
“Come on Pan won’t do anything” he says with a smirk.
“I don’t think we shou-” I begin but suddenly Felix is pulled from his seat and thrown to the floor. In a flash Pan is on top of him beating him.
“Peter! Stop!” I shout as I try to pull him off and a few lost boys help me. When he’s finally off Felix his knuckles are bloody and Felix is groaning on the ground. Pan is panting he roughly grabs me and pulls me in for a rough kiss. When he pulls away he looks down at Felix, and smirks.
“Lets get something straight lost boys” Pan announces, “No one is to touch Mariana without having this,” he says gesturing towards Felix, “as a consequence.” He says then bends over to help Felix up.
“Go clean yourself up.” He orders him and Felix walks away with his head down, and the other boys clear out as well. Then Pan turns to me, “I thought I told you no conversing with the other lost boys?” He say slightly frustrated.
“Pan.” I say and he lets out a low growl so I huff, “Peter. You can’t expect me to live here with you pretending everything is perfectly fine if you’re going to beat up anyone that so much as looks in my direction.” I say annoyed with his behavior.
“Well they have no reason to be looking at you.” He’s acting like a child.
“Peter, you said it yourself you’ve been stuck on this island for an eternity without any girls. It’s not just you it’s all of the boys. You can’t honestly expect them to all to stay away from me. Not to be conceded but boys tend to all be drawn to a girl, and I just so happen to be the only one here.” I say and he’s not even meeting my eyes anymore and he remains quiet for a moment.
“I just don’t want the only good thing to be taken from me.” He says after finally meeting my gaze then walks into the woods. I sit at the table and run the words he just said through my head over and over.
Only good thing, what? No. I can’t possibly be the “only good thing” in Pan’s life he hated me like two days ago. This boy is so confusing and bipolar and, a psychopath really, but I can’t help but feel drawn towards him. He’s broken, I can tell, he tries to hide it behind all the tough leader crap.
With a huff I stand from the table and walk over to where Felix is sitting holding a went cloth to his face.
“I’m sorry Felix, for I don’t know; leading you on, rejecting you, getting you beat up.” I say sympathetically and he sighs.
“It was a bad idea to get between Pan and a girl. Don’t worry about it I’ll be fine. I was last time.”
Last time?
“I’m sorry.” I say one last time and run into the woods to find Pan. I run until I come to the lake that Felix took me to yesterday, and find Peter leaning against a tree.
“Pan?” I ask in a calm voice hoping to keep him level headed.
“What have I told you about that? It’s Peter.” He says as I walk to stand next to him. I look at his face and see it blank and emotionless.
“When was there a girl here before?” I ask.
“Where did you hear that?” He asks irritated.
“Felix said something about you two fitting over a girl before.” I say and he breathes through his nose.
“It was years ago I don’t know how many, time stands still here. And well I brought her here, she and Felix began a thing, I got jealous, she wanted to leave.” He says through clenched teeth, “I don’t want you to leave me.” He says, hurt.
“I’m not going anywhere seeing as I need permission to leave.” I say and he turns towards me and gives me a half smile. “But honestly why are you so attached all of a sudden? We were at each other’s throats only a few days ago.” I say making him bite his bottom lip.
“I guess I just forgot how great it is to have someone sleep with you. Well not like that… that came out wrong, I-I just meant that…” he stutters over his words making me laugh a little. “What I meant was,” he begins again, “sleeping alone in a pitch black room causes bad dreams.” He says, embarrassed.
“Are you scared of the dark?” I mock.
“No it’s not that it’s more, a-a PTSD kind of thing.” He says facing me completely now his back against the tree, “I feel the loneliness from when I was younger every night. But when there’s someone there with me, I’m not alone.” He says with a small smile.
My heart breaks a little for him and I take a step closer to him then, another and another, until my hands are pressed against his chest and my lips softly brush against his. His eyelids flutter closed and soon he’s pressing his lips gently to mine.

Take It Off (Brad Simpson Smut)


I sit on the open chair and watch the boys prepare for a twitcam. Brad sets up his laptop on the end of the bed as James, Tris and Con put on some of the stuff they bought. James has on a dark colored wig with a hat attached ontop and a white beard. Tris has a grey rockstar styled wig on and Con has a bone necklace around his neck. I laugh because of how silly they look.

I smile at Brad, who glanced up as soon as I opened my mouth. He grins at me and I blush. God, I love him so much.

They begin their twitcam and I sit back to enjoy the show from my front row seat. I watch as they read and answer some questions that fans tweeted in. Brad lays down on Tris’ chest and has his legs open. Ooo. Don’t test me boy.

They play a game with masks of celebrity faces. First Tris goes then James, now it’s Brad’s turn.

“The jumper is coming off”, he says as he removes his fave red sweater.

My mouth drops as he reveals a muscle tee underneath. Oh God. This is one of my weaknesses. I love when he wears muscle tees, especially ones that have deep cuts on the side. You can see how big his arms are and have a peak at his chest. Ahh. His body is so beautiful.

A wide smile spreads across my face when Brad and Tris win. They finish the twitcam with a goodbye and a task for the fans.

Brad gets up and walks over to me. “Hey, how’d you enjoy our little livestream?”

“It was really good, but I’m glad it’s over. Let’s go to your room now”, I say impatiently, grabbing his hand.

I laugh as he fumbles with the room key. But as soon as he gets the door open, I pull him in and crash my lips onto his. He kicks the door with his foot, not letting go of me. I bite his lip a bit then break the kiss.

Once he catches his breath I push him up against the wall. I kiss his neck, then work my way up to his jawline. I bite his skin and kiss those parts after.

“Jesus Christ”, Brad mutters under his breath.

I stop and look into his eyes. I grin evilly, grab him then push him onto the bed.
“Take off all your clothes now”, I demand.

He looks at me with wide eyes but does as told. I go down on him slowly, keeping my eyes on him to see his eyes roll back. I suck, lick and pump the fuck out of him.

“Ahh fuck yes!” he moans as he releases into my mouth.

Still making eye contact with him, I lick my lips. “Mmm, the sweetest juice ever.”

He grabs me, holding me tight. “Now it’s your turn.”

I giggle. “Nuh uh uh! You aren’t finished yet.” I kiss him, let go then get off the bed. “Watch and enjoy.” I slowly start taking off my clothes and sway my body all sensually.

“Take it off, baby just take it off!”

“You have to be patient Bradley.” I smirk.

He groans. “I just can’t wait to see it all. I’m so turned on, and it’s all mine.”


I finally slip out of my underwear then hop onto Brad. I throw my head back as I feel him deep inside. He thrusts hard into me and I scream.

“You like it hard like me, it’s what you need”, he says then quickens his pace.

“I love you so fucking much”, I wimper as I bounce up and down. I feel goosebumps raise the minute that Brad’s hand meets my waist.

“I love to fuck the shit out of you. God, what you did. You are amazing baby.”

“I had to. I was gonna jump on you earlier when you spread your legs. It was hard to control myself when you took off your sweater. I needed you.”

“You can have all of me, right now”, he says, exploding in me. “Fuck baby.”

Oh Jesus. I overflow as soon as he said ‘baby’ again. “Bradleyyyy!! Yess.”

My body collapses ontop of his. We just lie there naked, exhausted and very satisfied.

Wild Thoughts

length: 1,279 words

summary: skyping with hoseok; sorry it’s kinda short and sucks, I just wanted to write something for him after seeing him in short shorts on v live HAHA

Walking into your room after brushing your teeth, you practically jumped at the sound of an incoming skype call. Sitting down on your bed, you pulled your laptop into your lap, smiling at your boyfriend’s name flashing up on the screen. Hitting accept, you leaned back, waiting for his face to appear on the screen. And once it did, you couldn’t help but smile.



He smiled wide, running a hand through his hair as he got comfortable in his hotel bed. Hoseok and the boys were only a few stops into their U.S tour, and though you were so proud of them for it. You really missed him.

“You’re not asleep yet? Or did I wake you?”

“No.” You grabbed your phone, plugging it in before turning your attention back to him. “I, couldn’t sleep. The bed is pretty empty without you.”

“Tell me about it. I tried to have Kihyun take your place but, it wasn’t the same.”

You gasped, pretending to be a bit offended. “You’re gone for only a few days and you’re already trying to replace me?” Hoseok just laughed, rubbing his neck but never breaking eye contact with you. “Come on babe, you know I could never. Plus, Kihyun isn’t nearly as cute as you, so he definitely couldn’t take your place.”

The two of you didn’t talk for a moment or two, just being happy to be able to see one another. Sure texting and phone calls were an often occurrence while Hoseok was gone. But nothing compared to skype calls or facetime and being able to see one another.

“Hey, what shirt is that?” Looking down, you pulled at the hem, realizing it was one of Hoseok’s favorite shirts. “Y/n, you know I love that shirt. I thought I lost it because I couldn’t find it when packing.” Slightly blushing, you wrapped your arms around your waist. Giving Hoseok an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry, it’s just really comfy. And, it smells like you. It helps me sleep.”

“It’s okay.” Hoseok just smiled, not able to actually be upset with you over a shirt. “It looks better on you anyways.”

Playfully covering up your face to hide your blush, you whined. “I look horrible, I’m about to go to sleep. Don’t lie and say I look good right now.”

“Oh cut it out, you’re gorgeous. Beautiful. As always, don’t be silly.” Moving your hands, you watched as he stretched, his muscles flexing as he reached above his head. Looking at his arms, Hoseok caught on to what you were looking at. “It’s not nice to stare baby girl.”

Quickly looking at his face on the screen again, you saw him smirking cockily at you while he rested his hands above his head, making sure his muscles were on full display. Doing his best to mess with you, knowing what his muscles did to you.

You loved Hoseok for many reasons. He was so kind, loving, and he adored you. But his body was also a plus. However, he knew how to use it to his advantage and make your thoughts race.

He’d clearly been working out while he was gone. Probably making sure he got to the gym at least once while in each city they stopped in. And it was definitely paying off. Just looking at his arms your thoughts were already working against you. Imaging what it would be like to have him there with you, his arms wrapped you as you to lay together. Making you feel so incredibly safe in his embrace. Like nothing could ever happen to you.


Again snapping from your thoughts, you shyly looked at him. “What are you thinking about?” A slight smirk on his lips as he looked at you. Licking his lips as he awaited a response. “Um, nothing.”

“Tell me~”

Hoseok whined as your cheeks grew redder, debating whether or not you wanted to tell him. Knowing it would only boost his ego and make his head even bigger.

“Your arms, they, look good. I can see you haven’t missed going to the gym while on the road.”

Looking down at his arms, he just smiled. Making sure to flex a bit and make your heart skip a beat. “Yeah, I mean. I gotta make sure I look good for when I come home to you. I’m glad you think I look good. But you know.” Pulling at his shirt, he looked closer at the fabric. Then stood up, setting his laptop to the side. But making sure the camera could still see him as he walked around.

The first thing you noticed was his shorts. He knew what those shorts did to you, and that’s exactly why he had them on. He had clearly planned ahead for this skype call.

There were two things that Hoseok knew would instantly make you feel some type of way. His muscles, more specifically his arms. But also, when he wore shorts. And not like athletic basketball shorts. No, practically booty shorts that showed off his sculpted thighs and legs. You didn’t know what it was, but before dating Hoseok, you’d never actually noticed or appreciated a guy with nice legs. More specifically, thighs.

As he walked over to his suitcase, he pulled off his shirt. Making sure you could clearly see the muscles in his back. Looking over his shoulder just to make sure you were watching him. After searching through his clothes, he ended up walking back to the laptop, leaning on his elbows and doing his best to give you a good view of his chest.

“You okay? You’re looking a little hot.”

As he laughed at you, clearly affected by his actions, he pulled on a new shirt, then sat back down and pulled his computer back into his lap.

“Um, why did you change shirts? That other one was fine.”

“No, it had a stain.”

“Hoseok, it was a white shirt and there was nothing on it. You’re lying.”

Hoseok slightly smirked, noticing your change of tone. He was getting to you, and as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you were enjoying it. “Oh, maybe you’re right. I don’t think there was anything on it now that I think about it.”


You whined, just making him laugh as he rested his head against the headboard. “I just wanted to have a little fun with you. I know you miss me. All of me. And, I just wanted to give you something to look forward to when I come home. Normally I would’ve kept going, but Kihyun should be back any minute. Plus, you were drooling a lot and I was afraid you might break your laptop or something.”

“Babe! That’s not funny!”

As Hoseok laughed, you quickly wiped your chin, just in case he wasn’t lying and you really had been drooling. “It is funny, but it’s also cute babe. I know you miss me, and I really miss you too. A lot. But, I’ll be home soon.”

“I miss you so much. But, I really am proud of you. All of you guys. I just really want you to hurry up and come home. I hate when you’re gone long.”

As you yawned, Hoseok realized it was getting late and he should probably go to bed too. Needing to be up early for sound checks tomorrow.

“Well, I’ll let you get to sleep. I should be going too. Sleep tight, sweet dreams.”

“After the show you put on before there’s not gonna be anything sweet about them.”

Hoseok laughed at your jokingly annoyed tone.

“Fine, then have some sexy dreams. Good night baby girl.”

Came Here to Forget

Jack slammed his hand against the bar on the door. There was music playing loudly, but he could barely hear it over his own racing thoughts. He sat himself on a bar stool and ordered a shot of Fireball.

Tonight, he was here to forget.

Sure, plenty of people came here to forget, but he had had his heart broken for the fourth time this year. By the same guy.

It was the same thing over and over. “I hate you, get out,” then a week later it was, “I messed up, I love you.”

Jack hated that he was head over heels for this guy, yet he was being used like a fucking toy.

He downed the shot with ease, running his fingers through his faded green locks and sighing. His eyes were red and his head ached. Jack twisted around and people watched, seeing nearly everyone being lovey-dovey with their partner.

A couple shared a fruity looking drink, booping each other on the nose and giggling.

“Augh..” he muttered under his breath. He settled on staring out the window by the door.

Suddenly someone pushed open the door with as much, if not more, anger as Jack.

Jack watched as this man shoved his hands in his pockets and made his way across the bar. As he took a seat next to Jack, he slid his hands over his head and groaned.

Jack felt a little self conscious. he knew he was a crying blubbering mess, and it was just his luck the last seat this..fairly handsome man could have taken was next to him.

The Irishman wiped at his cheeks with his already tear stained sleeves, trying to make himself look like less of train wreck. As he did, the man next to him looked up.

He had tired looking grey eyes and hair that had been bleached some time ago. It hung down the slightest bit, framing his face nicely, Jack thought. His hand rubbed over his stubble covered jaw, and Jack bit his lip.

Jack made eye contact and smiled weakly.

“Hello..” he said quietly, “are you feeling alright?” The grey eyes crinkled as he forced a smile.

“I should be asking you..” he cocked his head, and it took Jack a moment to figure out what he wanted.

“Oh, uhm, the name’s Jack.” he held out a sweatshirt sleeve covered hand.

“Felix,” the man said, taking Jack’s small hand in his larger one, “now really, Jack..are you okay?”  

Jack shrugged as the bartender brought him another shot.

“I’ve had my heart broken more times than I’d like to admit..” he murmured, “by the same guy.” he hesitated as he said “guy”, afraid he’d get ridiculed for his sexuality.

“Oh jeez..” Felix muttered as he sipped the vodka soda he’d ordered. Jack nodded sheepishly.

“I just really like him.” Jack said, fidgeting with his sleeves, “and I keep falling for his stupid little acts.” Felix clicked his tongue.

“To hell with him. Or anyone that fucks with someone as adorable as you.” Jack froze a little, chewing on his lip. He looked at Felix, a blush and a smile on his face.

“Oh, I-I didn’t mean that in..in that way, I’m sorry..” Felix muttered curses under his breath, his face turning pink as he sipped his drink. Jack smiled a little more, but said nothing.

“So..why are you here tonight, Felix?” he asked quietly, “I told you why I’m here.” Felix stared at his drink for a second before answering.

“It..it’s complicated..” he muttered, “I was with this guy, and..well I never really loved him that much, and I met this girl at the train station on my way to work. She sat next to me and we got to talking. She was really nice, not to mention gorgeous, and we ended up seeing each other nearly everyday. She had a similar work schedule as me, and we talked about the coolest things and..ah fuck I’m rambling..” he shook his head and sipped his drink. Jack put his hand on Felix’s arm.

“N-no, go on. I’m listening,” he said, giving a lopsided smile. Felix pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth.

“Are you sure you wanna hear me blab on and on?” Of course he did. Jack nodded.

“I-I’m a good listener,” he said, pulling his hand away and fidgeting with his sleeve again, “it might make you feel better if you talk it out.” Felix looked at him for a second, tired grey eyes meeting ones that matched perfectly. Then he continued, swiveling around to meet Jack’s knees with his own.

“I..well, like I said, she had a similar work schedule, and I started to develop a bit of a crush on her, and I thought at the time she liked me too..” he trailed off and sipped his drink again. Jack folded his hands in his lap. “One day on the train we talked about relationships and how we wanted to be sure we found the right person. Then she took a vacation from work and I didn’t see her for a bit. During that time, I decided I was going to break up with my boyfriend.”

Jack nodded, watching Felix politely. He couldn’t help but study his face as he talked. The soft dusting of freckles, how cute his nose was, the way his eyes crinkled when he was thinking. His lips looked soft, Jack noted. The black shirt he had on was tight, and Jack could see his muscles ripple as he moved.

He swallowed, looking back up at Felix’s face.

“I got home after work that week, and sat my boyfriend down, telling him I needed to say something important. He said he had something to tell me as well.” Felix took a deep breath, sipping his drink again. Jack could tell it was hard for him to tell this story.

He smiled reassuringly as Felix turned back to him.

“I told my boyfriend that I had met someone I enjoyed being around, and that I didn’t really feel that strongly about him..I-I expected him to cry or something, but he just laughed it off and..and told me he had been cheating on me a-anyway..”

“That’s fucking cruel.” Jack said, quickly reaching out to wipe tears from Felix’s face. Felix looked at him, and Jack quickly retracted his hand. “S-sorry.”

“No no, it’s fine,” Felix smiled, “thank you..” Jack blushed as Felix continued. “As if it couldn’t get any worse..apparently the person he’d been seeing was..was the same girl I’d met on the train..” Jack’s mouth dropped open, his hand flying up to cover it.

“Fuck..” he muttered.

“It’s a small world, isn’t it?..” Felix murmured. Jack bit his lip as Felix edged forward on his seat, their knees pressing together. “He texted me about an hour ago..a photo of him and the girl kissing. He just wanted to rub it in my face..so I came here.” Felix leaned his head in his hands.

He was so close to Jack, that he could have just kissed the top of his head.

But he refrained from doing so.

They sat there in silence, Jack settling his hand on Felix’s knee and rubbing his thumb across it until Felix lifted his head.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, Jack..” he mumbled, “I’m a mess.” Jack shook his head.

“N-no, it’s absolutely fine. So am I. Don’t you feel a bit better now that you vented?” Felix nodded slowly.

“Yeah, I guess..” he looked at his watch, “oh Jesus it’s late..” Jack pulled out his phone.

It was 1:24 am.

“Fuuckkkk..” Jack dragged out the word, sighing.

Felix insisted on paying for Jack’s drinks, as payment for “making Jack listen to him ramble like a bubble blowing baby”. Jack honestly didn’t mind. He could have listened to Felix ramble for another three hours and then some.

They walked out together, fingers brushing up against each other. Blushes found their ways to both of their faces.

Felix fished his keys out of his pocket and unlocked his car.

“Where’s your car?” he asked Jack. Jack chuckled lightly.

“I ah..don’t have my license actually. I walked here.” Felix looked at him wide eyed.

“No way in hell are you walking home at this time of night..Or day, whatever. Not on my watch. Get in.” He opened the passenger side door. Jack shook his head.

“Isn’t there a rule about not riding with strangers?” Felix rolled his eyes.

“Jack, I know you don’t know me that well, but please, trust me when I say I’m concerned about you.” Jack blushed.

“I-I mean I guess it wouldn’t hurt..” he sat down in the car, Felix shutting the door gently behind him. Jack buckled his seatbelt as he got in the car and started it.

What was the worst that could happen? Murder?

“So, uh, where do you live?” Jack bit his lip, then explained to Felix how to get there as they pulled out onto the street.

“Oh shit, Felix wait a second..” Felix drove back into their parking space, slightly alarmed at how panicked his new friend sounded.

“What is it?”

“My-my boyfriend..well ex boyfriend, is having a party at our..my house. He texted me on my way here..” Felix looked at Jack, complete worry taken over his face.

“Fucking asshole..” he muttered, looking away, “I-do you wanna come to my place then?..” Jack played with his sleeves.

“I-I dunno..I don’t want to be a burden on you, Felix.” he murmured, “You just met me, I’m sure you have stuff to do.” Felix shook his head and grabbed Jack’s hands before either of them knew what was happening.

“Jack, you will not be a burden to me. I want to help you. Please, come to my house, you can stay the night and I’ll drive you home in the morning.” Jack looked at his hands that had been taken into Felix’s, then back up at the man in front of him.

“I-if you’re sure..” Felix smiled, relief showing on his face.

“Thank god.”

They drove in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. They would look at each other now and then, giggles and blushes being shared.

Felix pulled into his driveway and Jack whistled softly.

“Nice place.” he said as he opened the door. Felix pushed a hand through his hair and shrugged.

“Thank you.” he murmured. He unlocked the front door and let Jack in first.

Felix took Jack’s sweatshirt and hung it in the closet next to his coat. Jack kicked off his shoes as a pug came to greet him. He laughed, getting on his knees and talking to the dog as if it was a baby.

Felix chuckled, “that’s Edgar.” he said, “He loves people, but I’m pretty sure he was sent from hell to watch over me or something.”

Jack burst into a fit of giggles as continued to pet the dog before standing up.

He turned to face Felix, not realizing how close he actually was to him. Their faces were just inches apart. Jack blushed, but didn’t back away. Felix’s hand suddenly connected with Jack’s hip, and he pulled him closer. Jack’s eyes fluttered closed and he leaned in, their lips meeting in the middle.

He wrapped his arms around Felix’s neck, pressing their bodies together. Felix smiled into the kiss before disconnecting it to breathe.

Jack’s face was red as all hell, he was sure of it.

“I-wow..” he breathed. Felix bit his lip; he suddenly looked embarrassed.

“I’m-I’m sorry, Jack..that was uncalled for..” he let go of Jack, the Irishman immediately feeling the loss of heat. “I shouldn’t have-”

Jack grabbed Felix’s hand and put it back on his waist, quieting him.

“Don’t stop..” Jack whispered, leaning into his touch and closing his eyes. He felt Felix lean in again, this time kissing him a little harder. He brought his hands to Jack’s butt, squeezing gently as he picked him up with ease. He backed Jack up against the wall. Jack laughed lightly, wrapping his legs around Felix’s hips. He ran his slender hands down Felix’s shoulders and arms, feeling each muscle ripple as he moved.

For some reason, he couldn’t put his finger on it, he felt extremely safe in Felix’s arms. His cares seemed to melt away as he kissed this stranger he met at the bar.

They parted slowly, foreheads still touching. Felix’s smile grew as he stared at Jack with those beautiful blue eyes. He was a little out of breath, but in a good way.

“Are..are you sure you wanna do this?..” he murmured, looking down at Jack’s lips, his eyes not daring to travel any further. Jack squeezed Felix’s sides with his thighs and smiled softly.

“Would I have stayed if I didn’t?”

With that their lips collided again, Felix letting out a soft groan as Jack ran his fingers through his hair.

Suddenly, Felix pulled back from the wall, Jack’s arms wrapping around his neck again. Felix started up the stairs to his bedroom, kissing Jack’s neck as he did. Jack threw his head and giggled, making Felix grin.

Kicking the door open with his foot, Felix placed Jack on the bed, climbing on top of him. He laughed, his deep baritone voice rattling Jack’s chest as he kissed him.

“You’re so cute..” Felix mumbled as he kissed up Jack’s neck. Jack hooked his legs around Felix’s waist.

“Thanks..” he murmured. “You’re not too bad yourself.” Felix continued kissing Jack’s jaw, carding his fingers through Jack’s faded green hair tenderly. The Irishman closed his eyes and smiled softly. He tipped his head back as Felix’s kisses moved his shoulder.

His hands began to slide down Jack’s slender figure, stopping at the hem of his shirt. He pulled away, looking him straight in the eye.

“I-is this okay?” he asked, fingertips lingering on Jack’s hips. Jack nodded and sat up, allowing his t-shirt to be slipped off and tossed to the floor.

Hands touched his shoulders, snaking down his bare torso. Jack shivered, grinning sheepishly as he did. Felix chuckled.

He pulled away, looking Jack up and down, studying every last detail of him as he smiled. Jack covered his face with his hands.

“Stop staring’..” his voice was muffled by his hands. Felix reached over and removed them from his face, kissing each hand as he set them down.

“You’re so gorgeous, Jack..” he said soothingly, adjusting himself so he was sitting in Jack’s lap. Jack looked away, blushing. Felix took his chin in his hand and kissed him, cupping his cheek with the other hand.

“Take this off..” Jack mumbled into the kiss, fumbling with Felix’s shirt. Felix smiled and slipped off his shirt, tossing it to join Jack’s. As he pulled away, Jack let his mouth hang open a little at how well-built Felix was.

“Christ..” he whispered, running his pale hands down Felix’s tanned torso. He bit his lip and closed his eyes as Jack toyed with him. “I got lucky tonight, didn’t I?” he muttered into Felix’s neck, kissing it sweetly. Jack heard him laugh softly as he continued to litter his neck with kisses. As Felix arched his back, Jack felt his erection press against his stomach.

“Fuck, o-oh god,” Felix’s hips came to life, and he rolled them against Jack. The Irishman fell back onto the bed, pulling Felix with him. Sitting himself on Jack’s hips, Felix fumbled impatiently with Jack’s jeans, finally sliding them down his legs and throwing them to join the other clothes on the floor. He then slipped out of his sweatpants and attacked Jack’s neck again, leaving them in their boxers.

“Shit-ah fucking hell..” Jack rutted his hips up into Felix’s, desperate for friction. To his relief, Felix returned the favor, pressing himself against the boy beneath him.

Nails dug into his back, leaving red marks in their place as they dragged down. Felix kissed Jack again, slow and sweet as he rolled his hips at a perfect rhythm. The Irishman moaned into the kiss, a string of curses leaving his lips as he felt himself getting close.

Everything that had happened to these broken-hearted men was gone, replaced by pure pleasure. Jack’s head felt light, and Felix’s lips on his were the only thing he was focused on.

“Fuck, I’m so close,” Felix growled as he hid his face in the crook of Jack’s neck, “fuck, fuck, fuck..”

“Ah god, I’m gonna cum, Felix..” Jack shut his eyes, his hips moving on their own accord now. His cheeks were hot, every fiber of his being on edge as he held onto Felix.

“Do it, cum for me, Jack.” he felt himself tip over the edge, leaning down to kiss Jack hard. As Felix slowed down, the Irishman arched his back, moaning louder than he intended.

“Ah fuck!” his hips jerked up a few more times before they both collapsed, Felix on top of Jack, breathing heavily.

“Mm, Jesus Christ..” Felix murmured as he turned over to look at Jack.

“Yeah..” Jack muttered, smiling at the man lying next to him. There was silence for a minute, both of them staring at each other fondly.

“Hey..” Felix lifted his head and reached out to run his thumb across Jack’s cheek, “thank you.” Jack propped himself up on his elbow, bumping noses with his counterpart.

“Fer what? Invading your house at 2 in the morning and cumming on your bedsheets?” Felix laughed.

“No no, as much as I enjoy the fact that you came on my bedsheets,” Felix pulled Jack’s head towards him, both of them laughing a little as they shared a kiss. “thank you for trusting me. Thank you for helping me forget..” Jack kissed him again.

“I was gonna say the same thing..” he murmured. Felix moved so he was lying on the bed, and he pulled Jack into his chest.

Jack closed his eyes, snuggling himself into Felix’s shoulder and sighing. “Thank you for letting me stay here.” he said quietly. Felix draped an arm over Jack’s waist and pulled the blanket over them.

“Thank you for staying.”

A/N this is a re-write from a since deleted blog of mine, so if you noticed that, please don’t bash me for it. thanks. hope you enjoyed otherwise!