look at his awkward penguin walk

Blushing (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Hi, can I get an imagine where Draco asks me -an awkward and shy   hufflepuff girl- on a date and I start rambling about why my answer   would obviously be yes… Thanks :)- anonymous


The great hall is packed with shivering pupils this afternoon. All with the same red cheeks and windswept hair as the come doddering in like penguins. I can’t help but sink further into my jacket each time another frozen student walks through the door, the look of them alone makes me shiver. That is until the boy with snow white skin and platinum hair walks in, making my cheeks burn and my body heat up when his grey eyes meet mine.

My crush on Draco Malfoy is not new, in fact it’s quite the opposite, I’ve liked him since first year, despite his repulsive impertinence and superior attitude I can tell that underneath the shield of rumors, he’s just a pleasant person.

Draco takes a seat at the slytherin table with his friends, all laughing with childish grins. Clumps of snow clinging to their coats, an obvious snowball fight has taken place. Then without warning, Draco turns his view to me, our eyes meeting again, I feel my cheeks burn again and I can also see a trace of a blush on his pale features.

“I see (Y/N) has once again found the loving gaze of Malfoy,"My friend teases, poking my red cheeks. I push her playfully away at her comment.

This happens quite often at lunch and dinner, Draco and I share a couple of glances and my friends freak out. Making people give us crazy looks. I’m blushing to myself when Draco stands up and walks towards us. I share a confused look with my friends who burst into a fit of giggles.

I try not to watch Draco when he walks towards us because at this point I’m weird enough in his eyes. I let my eyes drop to the table in embarrassment as my friends laugh loudly next to me.

Then they stop laughing suddenly and I turn to see Draco standing behind me.

"Can I talk to you for a second?” He asks, nodding his head towards the door. I nod, standing up and following him till we are outside the great hall.

“Um…"I try to find something to say but my mind has gone blank.

"I was wondering if you would like yo go on a date with me?"He says, his voice clear, no waver in his words.

My mind takes a second to register what he has said, but when it does I feel like I’m melting inside.

"I-I…"I stutter, my mind racing "Y-yes, would I to love ,"The words tumble out in an… interesting… order .

Draco stares at me with confused eyes.

"Yes, I w-would love t-to, "I try again, successfully in the right structure.

"Really? I did not expect that answer,"He laughs nervously.

"I did not expect that question,"I think out loud, making my cheeks burn brighter than they already were.I laugh at my silly mistake.

"What about on Saturday? The trip to Hogsmeade?"He asks

"What about it?"I ask before realising, "Oh sorry, I’m just really nervous right now. Um, I’d like that, a lot. I mean obviously I’d like to go on a date with you because… you are like… I really need to shut up”

Wow, smooth recovery

“Don’t worry, I’m nervous too,"He smiles making me feel a little less awkward.

"That’s a relief,” I smile

“Well, I should get back, I’ll see you Saturday?”

“I’ll see you Saturday."I say, a grin plastered to my face, waving as he walks away.

I am about to go back in when it hits me that I am actually going on a date with Draco Malfoy and then the all too familiar warm sensation returns to my cheeks.

Triptych ; Chapter Twenty Seven

Here we are… twenty seven…. the first kind of diddley one??? Maybe??? Anyways. Let’s get on with it.  The story is based off of THIS POST! The other chapters are listed below!

Warning; there are some hints/mentions of the diddle doop boo bop da damn! If your eyes are still innocent where you see the ten underscores (__________), please scroll until you see another set of ten to maintain eye pruity! I’d also like to thank Lexi and Kaisa for helping me write the winkity parts!



You stared out the window, noticing a familiar building coming into view. You glanced down at Jimin, then to Jungkook. Jungkook had his eyes locked on Jimin, as if looking away would cause some sort of physical pain. You heard Taehyung let out a small sigh, telling the others that they were at the desired destination; Triptych.

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Could you please demonstrate the peguiness of ziam verses the sexiness?

ahahahaaa ok pls take your seats and join me down the rabbit hole of ziam’s mysterious penguin gait connection.

zayn walking: actual sex oozing out of every pore. my body is on fire.

zayn running: what is this human penguin boy doing??? all awkward arms and flailing leg silliness!

liam running: yess daddy throw me down, take me now you sexy beast!

he ran cross country look at that form. why not enough liam running gifs. (on a bike but i imagine his face looks like this when exerting)

liam walking: are those flippers? are you waddling? what is this even??