look at his armss

Youngbin As A Boyfriend

-Very lucky to have him like youngbin is literally a hunk and he knows hes a hunk and will treat you so good, girls are wishing to be in your place.

-Omg touchyyy. A very sweet and lovable boyfriend who will want to give you his attention 24/7. He loves touching you, just because you are his and you are precious. Not afraid to show public affection and Will always want you sitting on his lap rather than a normal chair and will stare at you lovingly regardless of what you were doing, eating/laughing/whatever.

- #1fan/supporter and will be so happy whenever you accomplished something like for example passed your exams/get promoted at your job. Is so proud of everything you do and will brag to his members/manager/friends/family. “DID U KNOW MY GIRLFRIEND GRADUATED FROM UNI??! THAT RIGHT THERE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN IS A SEXY AND SUCCESSFUL WOMAN”

-Worries alot though he can’t help it and is always jealous whenever your around your guy friends or guys are staring at you. Will confront the guys so ull have to stop or drag him away before he gets really riled up. Will not hesitate to kick someone in the face if they try to grab you or touch you out of nowhere. Afterwards he would hold your face while staring at you closely like “Are you ok baby? Did you get scared?”

-Dates are at amusement parks, he probably will have a lot of fun since he is the type who likes rides. Will share icecream and feed you food while wearing cute headbands together and couple coordinated outfits. Goes to cafes and places where couples typically go to and take loads of pictures. Takes candid photos of you to the point where his lockscreen/home screen/ photo gallery only has you???

-Will mostly likely look to date and get married someday. Sex with him would be more of slow but passionate. He wants to please you more than please himself and best know he will get RIPPED for you-even better wow. Just know his stare during love making will leave you breathless.

-Will mostly think of how to propose to you months before he actually does propose. Just know once your relationships gets past a year he will right away want to start a life with you. Idky i chose this gif but look at his armss.

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