look at his adorable sweater!!!

Missing Sweater

Summary: Bucky keeps complaining about how he can’t find a certain navy-blue sweater of his. Until he goes to your room and finds you curled up watching Netflix on your bed, wearing a certain sweater. (idea by the amazing, Kathrynn, @james-bionic-barnes)

Author’s Note: Props to my girl Kath for letting me write out this fic from the lovely idea she had in mind. Hope you enjoy, folks! :)

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Bts reaction to having a smol girlfriend


I am so sorry for you, but you are going to have to suffer thorugh a lot of terrible terrible jokes and puns about your height. The thing is that Seokjin isn’t always the best at finding out that his jokes aren’t really that funny. Your height would never in any way interfere with how much he loved you, but… He would still joke about it , mainly cause you would laugh… even if you were faking it to make him happy.

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“Why should you never hire a short person a chef? The steaks are to high!”


Now lets be honest, he might like to pretend, but Yoongi really isn’t that tall himself. And he would probably appreciate you being shorter than him. He would be giving you tons of back hugs where he could rest his head on your shoulder comfortable, and it would be so much easier for him to be the big spoon when you were a tiny little blob.

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“you are so cute! Come nap with me!”


Hobi would found you so adorable! Small people are adroable! Just look at Jimin it is a fact! He would always be helpful with helping you reach stuff, and make sure to place it on the lowest shelves so you could reach it as well. He would never miss a chance to hug you close and almost hide you in his body. Plus you wearing his hoodies and sweaters would be adorable!

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“look at you! It is like my shirt is trying to eat you! Have you ever seen something this cute!? No calming down is not an option!”


Being the tallest member of BTS he would tease you about how he had to hurt his back and neck to bend down and kiss you, but he would still find it adorable how much shorter than him you were. He would always try not to push the teasing to far. He knew he didn’t specifically like it when people called him a noddle with not control of his limbs, no matter how true it were.
So he would know not to push it to far.

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“This is why you can never leave me, my back is going to be damaged so back that nobody else would want me anymore!”


Now let’s be honest we all know that a smol girlfriend is Jimin’s dream! That means that he wouldn’t look so small himself! There would be a chance that he would do everything in his power to talk you out of wearing heels tho! He prefered when you were smol in flat’s! It made you look so adorable and it fit everything better!

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“Think about all the negative effects heels has on your health! I really just want the best for you! Which let’s be honest would be for you to leave the heels at home, you aren’t going to wear them all evening anyway! “


Tae would found it way to funny to put things where you couldn’t reach it, you better get used to this joke until he finds something better to do. In his defense this is how he shows that he loves you. That an leaning his head above your and resting it on your. Generally yes he would tease you! But he still loves you no matter what height you were!

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“oh I am sorry! I totally didn’t notice I put it up there!” 


Smol girlfriend? Time to show off! Get used to be lifted up to things you can’t reach, or just in general get ready to be picked up. We all know that Jungkook seem to enjoy picking people up, and those people are much bigger than you. Think about how much he would enjoy just in general you being small and easy to pick up! I hope you are not afraid of heights ;)

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“why are you screaming!? I am not going to drop you I promise, I do this to Jimin all the time and you are much smaller! I could throw you up and catch you again! Stop panicking! I am not going to do it, but I could!”

Authors note

I always thought I were short, until apparently I found out that 174 cm is not short in other countries… my entire life is a lie.

Request’s are open! So if you have a something you would like to see you can request it!

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Got7 reaction when their girlfriend wearing their big sweater yelling " kiss me " giggles and runs away.

I changed some of them slightly and I hope that’s okay. If not, please let me know!!


Jaebum: He’d given you his sweater while he was away doing promotions. He didn’t expect you to wear it as much as you did, but in your defense, it was incredibly comfortable. The two of you were having a lazy day watching movies. The movie you were currently watching was less than exciting. Turning to JB, you said, “Watch, I could be in this movie.”

You screamed, “Kiss me!” leaned close to him and then whispered “We just have to make sure my husband doesn’t find out…”

Jaebum immediately began laughing at how well you’d impersonated the main character in the movie the two of you were watching. You couldn’t help but giggle before getting up to get the two of you more popcorn and to choose a more exciting movie. 

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Jackson: Jackson had asked you to wear one of his big sweaters because he thought you looked adorable in them. All day, the two of you had been having a prank war. You were currently losing. 

Jackson had just managed to dump an entire bucket of shaving cream on your head and you were going to use his own trick to get him back. You’d spent the last 10 minutes chasing him around the house before you caught him and hugged him tightly yelling, “Kiss me!” and smearing shaving cream across his entire face. Jackson just stood there stunned as shaving cream dripped off of his face and onto the carpet. 

“I am so going to get you for this,” he said as you ran away, giggling. 

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Junior: You were wearing one of his sweaters to bed and it was huge on you. You were sitting up and trying to find something to watch on t.v. so that the two of you could fall asleep to something when he walked into the room and saw you.

“That is so big on you. Please don’t smother in that…”

You laughed as Junior climbed in bed beside you. 

“It’s not only good for sleeping but it’s also good for this…”

“For wh-” Junior began to ask before he was cut of by you hitting him with the long sleeves of his sweater. He smirked at you before grabbing his pillow and hitting you with it, starting a full on pillow fight. You knew you were going to lose and that was just unacceptable. 

“Wait, before the final round, kiss me,” you said. 

Junior fell for your trick and as he leaned in to give you kiss, you whacked him with your pillow, giggling and jumping out of bed and running as fast as you could with Junior already running after you.

“You’re going to pay for that Y/N!”

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BamBam: He had jokingly told you the day before that you needed to get on his fashion level. You’d rolled your eyes at him but the next day he came home to you slumped on the couch in one of his sweaters. 

“See! You look great. My fashion sense is really amazing!”

“Then you need to take me shopping more often…” you mumbled, standing up to hug him. 

“Why? You look so much better in my clothes…” he trailed off, biting his lip and embracing you. 

You couldn’t help but giggle at how dorky he was even though he was trying to act suave. “Okay BamBam. But just so you know, I have much better taste in shoes than you do,” you said as you wriggled out of his arms and walked away.

“You- what do you mean?? My shoes are designer!” 

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Mark: The two of you were having a lazy day after the two of you had had a busy week filled with nothing but work. You were wearing his sweater after taking it off of him the night before and the two of you were doing nothing but watching bad dramas on the couch. 

“Why don’t any of the girls kiss back? It’s ridiculous” you told Mark. 

He turned to you and kissed you. You hadn’t be expecting that so you didn’t react and he pulled away too soon. 

“You didn’t kiss back,” he pointed out, turning back to the drama. 

“You didn’t warn me!” you screeched. 

Mark laughed. “What should I do next time?”

“Say: Kiss me!” you yelled suddenly which made Mark jump. 

“What the hell? Do you really want me screaming ‘Kiss me!’ in public and giving 90 year old women heart attacks???” Mark asked incredulously. 

“No. But I was salty that you were able to make me act like the girl on the drama we’re watching…”

“I cannot believe you.”

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Youngjae: He’d given you his sweater to wear while he was away doing promotions and he wanted it back… because it wasn’t even his… it was BamBam’s and BamBam had been asking Youngjae for it back. You’d agreed, but only if he beat you at your favorite video game.

Well, he was 1 for 3 and it looked as though he would be winning the second round as well, which would mean you’d have to give the sweater back. You REALLY liked that sweater. Your only hope was to distract Youngjae.

You suddenly pushed his chin towards you and kissed him. Youngjae quickly forgot about the game because it was rare that you initiated the kiss and he grabbed your face to kiss you back. The game over sound played and you both looked at the screen to see that you had won and the score was now 1-1. You had a chance! 

You stood up giggling and cheered. 

“You play dirty…” Youngjae grumbled before quickly pressing start to throw you off your game.

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Yugyeom: He had come home from promotions to find you wearing one of his big sweaters. He began to make fun of you for wearing it because it meant you missed him so much. If you missed him so much you should have face timed him or even gone to the JYP building, he kept telling you. 

You stood up, annoyed by his teasing and wanting to get him back for teasing you. “I’ll show you how much I missed you…” you said and watched as Yugyeom immediately shut up. He leaned forward to kiss your lips but instead you turned your head so he kissed your cheek. 

“What the hell as that for?” he asked, obviously a little put out.

“I mean, I didn’t miss you THAT much,” you said, giggling as you turned to walk away from him. 

You suddenly felt his arms pulling you back towards him. “You’re not getting away that easily…”

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—Boyfriend! Ten au

Request: Hiya!! could you do a boyfriend! au with my man Ten Chittaphon? i lubb him sm

Authors note: Ten is actually one of my biases in nct as well! so you could say i died a little okay a lot while writing this. anyways enjoy!

Boyfriend Ten au

  • Going on adventures together, literally anywhere, anytime
  • Hyping each other up over e v e r y t h i n g
  • Blasting the seventh sense and dancing your hearts out
  • Dancing funny to see you laugh and smile
  • Going to the dance studio and watching him practice for real
  • Him giving you his jacket when you’re cold
  • Him giving you most of his sweaters because you look adorable in them
  • So. Many. Cuddles.
  • Pulling you into his chest when he wants to cuddle or when he just wants to be close to you
  • bAck hugs!!
  • Any hugs really
  • Lots and lots of kisses on the cheek, lips, forehead, nose etc
  • Him being goofy when your upset to try to make you feel better or just being goofy in general to make you happy
  • Loving gazes
  • Curling up on the couch or bed together and watching movies until you fall asleep
  • Calling each other beautiful
  • Going to the arcade and staying there until you have enough tickets to buy something
  • Twirling his fingers through your hair 
  • Walking and running through town hand in hand
  • Buying you cute things for your anniversary, birthday, christmas etc
  • Calling each other those cute cringy nicknames
  • Complementing each other on a daily basis
  • “You look beautiful”
  • “You’re so talented”
  • “You’re so gorgeous”
  • Baking together
  • Going to amusement parks and winning many many stuff animals
  • Him smiling everytime he laid his eyes on you, because you were just so beautiful to him
  • Late night phone calls
  • “I miss you”
  • “Ten, you literally just left my house less then five minutes ago”
  • “Can I come back?”
  • Teaching you Thai
  • Honeslty, there would never be a dull moment dating Ten


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this is one of my favourite gifs of him hes so cute what the hell!! sweater paws!!

JB Imagine - College AU (Part 7)

A/N - Here’s part 7 to JB’s college AU~ I’m not too sure where I want this story to after this so if you’ve got any ideas or requests for what you want to see then let me know! Enjoy~

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 8 | Part 9

Waking up after a night with Jaebum always made you happy. There’d be numerous occasions where he had an early lecture to get to while you had the luxury of staying in bed. Whenever this was the case, he’d leave you a little note beside your pillow for when you woke up. This morning’s was “I love her and that’s the beginning and ending of everything” - F. Scott Fitzgerald - all my love, Jaebum ♡ A quote you had soon learnt was from one of JB’s favourite novels. He had asked you for your opinion on it early into the relationship which led to him gushing about his love for the book, story and the complexity of its characters. The way he would speak so passionately about it was admirable and you could sit there while he talked for hours. Everything about JB interested you and kept you yearning to learn more about him and what he was like beneath the surface. He was the same with you though, constantly asking questions and trying to learn more and more about you; too hungry to be close to you to talk about anything else.

As you got ready to go and surprise JB after his lecture and treat him to lunch, your phone buzzed with a text from Mina. She mentioned going on a double date and bringing Jinyoung and Jaebum with you which made you excited. The four of you were all close anyway but going out for lunch together would be even better. Plus you hadn’t really seen Jinyoung and Mina together as a couple yet apart from the few nights Jinyoung stayed over. You quickly texted back that you and Jaebum would be happy to g for lunch with them and grabbed your handbag before leaving the flat and heading to the lecture theatre JB was in. You arrived just as people started filing out and smiled brightly at JB who looked rather surprised to see you. 
“And what happened to your usual ritual of staying in bed till 11?” He asked, smirking as he leaned in to kiss you sweetly, trying to ignore the chorus of “aw”s from the surrounding audience.
“Well for one, I wanted to see you and second, we may or may not be going on a lunch date later with Jinyoung and Mina.”
“Are they actually together now then?”
“Yeah, I must have forgotten to mention it. They made it official a week or so ago but Jinyoung’s been coming over more often than that.”
“So that’s why you’ve been wanting to come more then, to avoid the happy couple.”
“It’s not that I want to avoid them. More just I’d rather sleep in a quiet apartment that’s not being contaminated with the sound of them going at it.”
“And what about when you contaminate my flat?”
“Shut up. That’s different. Besides, you like it when I do so shush,” you teased, sticking your tongue out at your boyfriend before he locked his fingers in yours and the two of you walked in the direction of the library where you would spend the time before going out for lunch with Jinyoung and Mina.

Soon enough, you and Jaebum were walking to the little restaurant where you had arranged to meet up with Jinyoung and Mina. As you arrived, you saw the two standing there completely lost in each other’s eyes. It was quite clear they’re relationship was new because of the expression they had on their faces; pure admiration for the other. When the two of you reached them, they somehow managed to snap out of their little daydream and greet you before going in and ordering food. Conversation flowed easily between all of you and many laughs were shared as you chatted whilst waiting for food. It was comforting for you to have Mina there with you on the date since you still managed to get nervous around Jaebum when you were alone on a date. He also got your heart beating that little bit faster when he looked at you and smiled as if you were the most beautiful thing on the planet.
“So I heard you two made things official last week?” JB asked the two, giving them a little smirk, succeeding in making the couple blush. 
“Yeah, we thought we might as well since we spent so much time together,” Mina replied, looking at Jinyoung and smiling. 
“You two are just adorable together,” you mused as your hand found its way into JB’s.
“It’s funny you should say that because the reason why we decided to go for it and date each other was you two,” Jinyoung said, confusing both you and JB. 
“What do you mean?” You asked him. 
“Well seeing how cute you two are together made both of us a bit jealous because we wanted something like that. But also just the way how you two so effortlessly started dating after being friends. I don’t know, it just got us thinking we should try things out. And I’m glad we did,” Jinyoung answered, making JB squeeze your hand a little tighter under the table. 
“Now you’ve said that I feel like we’ve got a lot to live up to,” JB laughed, turning to look at you. 
“Yeah, we’ve got a reputation to uphold. Better be on our best behaviour. Speaking of best behaviour,” you said, turning your attention to Jinyoung and Mina. “I’m chill with you two spending the night together at our flat, but me and the other girls need some kind of warning so that we can make plans or just at least be prepared for whatever weird ass noises either of you are going to be making.” Mina’s face blushed a deep red and she looked to Jinyoung awkwardly, embarrassment taking over. 
“Don’t worry, (Y/N). We’ll tell you everything,” Jinyoung said, winking at you and laughing. 
“Please, spare me all the details.”
“Oh no, I can easily tell you everything in detail just so you know what we’ll be getting up to.”
“Jinyoung!” Mina scolded, face still bright red as she feebly hit his chest.
“Well if you’re going to do that, I suppose we’ll just have to do the same then won’t we, (Y/N)?” JB said, looking at you. 
“That makes sense. And we’ve got a lot more to tell than these two, I’m sure.”
“Okay, that’s enough,” Mina said, looking at all three of you. “No one needs to be discussing their sex lives at lunch. Speaking of, are we all done? Because I’ve got some essay prep that needs doing at some point this afternoon.”

The rest of the day went fairly smoothly and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Your one lecture of the day was fairly interesting and you had come out of it feeling satisfied with the topic. JB met you outside of the lecture hall as you had done for him and the other English students who had been there earlier commented on your cuteness. It had almost a ritual to receive compliments on your relationship so now you were almost unaware of it happening. JB walked you to his car and drove off to his flat where you had planned to stay for the night. You rarely bothered taking spare clothes with you since you knew JB would gladly give you something of his. He absolutely loved seeing you in his clothes and couldn’t get enough of it. He thought you looked adorable in his big sweaters that hid your hands from how big they were. But he much preferred to see you in one of his t-shirts that only just covered your hips the morning after a long night together. When you both had walked up to his flat from the car park, you dumped your bag down on the floor and made a beeline for the sofa and flopped down onto the cushions. Even though you’d only had the one lecture, you were exhausted. JB stood there, admiring you before a little slip of paper caught his eye. He bent down and picked it up, realising it was the note he had left you this morning that had just fallen out of one of your notebooks. He smiled to himself at the gesture and slid it back into the notebook before walking over to join you, the one he knew he was unconditionally in love with.

You Made Me Realise - Taehyung

Your heart was racing. Every heart beat, every sound it made, you were anxious and couldn’t help think if he could hear your heart or not. Here you were, on a date with your best friend. Your friends always said that 90% of the time, you fall for your boy best friend. They all predicted that you will like Taehyung, but you didn’t believe them. Boy, were you wrong. Walking down the streets with your hands in your coat pocket, nuzzling your face into the collar, you observed Taehyung. ‘Gosh, he’s beautiful,’ you thought to yourself. He was staring at the decorations of some shop, and he looked so adorable. With his brown locks tucked back by his SnapBack, his sweater matched him perfectly. Taehyung wore a black bomber jacket on top, with black jeans and, of course, Gucci shoes. You didn’t realise that he caught you staring at him. He stared at you from the window’s reflection, and smirked. Heart racing, cheeks reddening, you felt brave. So you playfully hit Taehyung’s arm. “You can try it all you want but you can’t deny that you were staring at me,” the brown-haired boy sang. He gave you a glancing look but that was enough to make your insides shake. ‘Stop Y/N! You can’t let him take control like this, he’s gonna know what’s up if you keep acting like this! Act how you usually do,’ you scolded yourself. Smirking, you replied with a sassy comment. “Yeah I was staring at you,” Taehyung opened his mouth but you spoke before he could. “I was comparing who’s more attractive, you or Jungkook?” You laughed. His cocky face moved to an 'are-you-kidding-me’ face. Taehyung’s pulled his plump lips into a thin line and narrowed his eyes. Obviously, both of them were hella attractive, but you had feelings Taehyung and you thought of him as the 'extra-mile’. “So who did you pick?” Taehyung asked curiously. Laughing, you pointed out an ice-cream van as a distraction and ran to it. Successfully distracted, he came running behind you, wanting ice cream. Ordering both your favourite ice creams, you started walking with them, going towards a park. Both of you sat down on the bench, overlooking the captivating scenery in front of you. Thankfully, Taehyung had forgotten about before… but not for long. As soon as you faced him, he giggled like a little kid trying to keep a secret. Oblivious, you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion and asked him what had happened. “You have ice cream on your nose Y/N” Taehyung tried to stifle his giggles. You furiously rubbed at your nose, that now had turned pink. Taehyung told you that it’s still there. When you lifted your hand, he grabbed your wrist, staring deeply into your eyes. “I’ll do it, don’t worry,” Taehyung said lowly. Still staring at each other, you could feel the tissue rubbing softly at your nose. “Is it gone now?” You asked softly. All the boy did was nod. Both of you were still staring in each other’s eyes, as if you were trying communicating through them. You didn’t realise his hands holding your arms. You didn’t realise your hands gripping his shoulders for dear life. But you did realise that you both were leaning in. Staring at his lips hungrily, you gulped. Taehyung closed his eyes. “Who did you pick?” He whispered. You were tripping over your words because you couldn’t think straight. He was getting closer and closer by the second but oh-so-slowly. “I - uh - he does - but,” you tried to say something. Anything. But no words seem to form. Then you felt it. 'I don’t think I’ve felt anything like this before?’ You thought. His soft lips melting against yours, tasting like Oreos, because of the ice cream. And you savoured it. So you deepened the kiss with an icy passion. After what seemed like hours, both of you gasped for air, leaning your foreheads on one another. “Ipickedyou,” you stumbled. Wearing a shit eating grin, Taehyung asked you again. “Sorry, didn’t quite catch that?” “I picked you, idiot,” you playfully pushed his chest. But he caught you by the wrist, and made you face him. “Why,” he asked. “Tell me why, Y/N,” You held your breath for some moments until you said it. And you couldn’t believe that you actually confessed. “Because you made me realise what love is Tae,” He looked at you. He blinked. He raised his eyebrows. He spoke. “Fuck, you don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to say that,” Taehyung replied, sighing. “Thanks for stealing my spotlight, Y/N!” Laughing, you pushed him, but that ended up with him kissing you. But you didn’t complain one bit. Because Taehyung was the one to make you realise what love really is.
before the time comes

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Title: before the time comes

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Waiting for a flight wasn’t ever as nostalgic, beautiful and fun as it was that day for Taemin.

Six hours. Taemin considered himself a fairly patient person, he could wait a few hours for anything that he really wanted to do, even distracting himself with his own thoughts or simply doing anything as using his phone or writing down on a piece of paper whatever thought came to his head. However, he doesn’t think that the delay of his flight that would last six hours was one of the things he thought he could be patient about. Surely, if it was under another circumstances, if he needed a well deserved break and the mere thought of sitting alone with his manager on said airport was the only way of getting it, but he really needed to leave as soon as possible, his duties filling his mind like a disease, lingering with stress and frustration. Taemin immediately plops down on a seat, his longish legs stretching in front of him as a yawn leaves his plump lips. Six freaking hours.

Immediately, Taemin groans quite loudly, making his manager click his tongue as he looked at the younger male. If anything, Taemin wanted the comfort of a first class flight, with nice seats and even nicer food so he could clean his mind and purify his body –since relaxing in his apartment wasn’t an option at this point-, but he’s helpless as he looks down at his phone, checking the time only to see that five minutes had gone by and it seemed like hours. Taemin fixes the cap over his head, running his hands over his thighs quickly to create some warmth in the cold airport before hearing the voice of his manager ringing through his ears.

“You’re acting like a kid,” The manager starts and Taemin feels out of place. Surely, he was always the youngest of his group, but he was never childish. There was a cute aura to him, that was something everyone knew and accepted, but he wasn’t someone who whined and acted egocentric. Perhaps, it was the amount of things that were on his agenda that made him so stressed out, or the sound of another flight going off that made him feel so stuck. “Do you need coffee, a jacket, anything so you can finally stop whining?” There was some teasing lingering on each word, but Taemin sighs as he stands up, placing his hands inside his pockets before shaking his head.

“I’ll go for a walk around the airport.” Taemin announces and his manager only nods his head, leaning back against the seat as Taemin walks away, his hands instantly reaching for his pockets, peaking out slightly from his sweater paws that made him look effortlessly adorable.

His black hair moves against the wind as he steps inside one of the small shops that were there, something like a convenience store or so. Taemin plays with the necklace around his neck, gold and shining brightly as he remembers the time his mother gave it to him, promising that she was always going to be with him as long as he used it. He starts considering buying something, whether it was a sweet, chocolate bar or energy bar, whatever could please his craving for anything sweet. At that moment, his eyes catch the packaging of his favorite chocolate bar, instantly smiling to himself as he stops playing with his necklace to reach for it, trotting towards the attendant so he could pay with the biggest smile over his features.

When he turns around, chocolate bar on hand –and a few sweets and snacks on a bag on his other hand-, he looks at someone that was checking out a few snacks on the small convenience store. Her hair was messy on the ends, humming a small song to herself as her oversized shirt made her look effortlessly stunning but comfortable at the same time. At that moment, she turns around to look at the small books that were on a shelf near the store, short enough to read on a quick flight if you read fast enough. Her eyes instantly trail over the books, picking up one that Taemin describes as the ‘one with the red cover’ and as he smiles to himself, he walks towards the shelf, taking the last bite from the chocolate bar when he picked up another copy of the book she was looking at, pretending to read through the pages to see if he should buy it, but instead he was stealing a few glares towards her way, amazed by the way the girl he met at the airport could be so –breathtaking, like a pair of eyes in the moonlight with the most beautiful of shining lights that he could compare with the busiest of cities around the world.

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anonymous asked:

disabled jungkook and loving and sweet and caring jimin protecting him? (maybe blind kook, or mute koom, or deaf, or something)

just for the future, i don’t know if i feel comfortable writing about disabilities and other things that disadvantage someone in society if i haven’t experienced it myself. HOWEVER that being said, i was selectively mute for a while (like a year or two) so i will write about selectively mute kookie! thanks for sending it in! also WARNING: there may be hints of abuse in this. nothing major but still. 

+ “if you don’t talk you won’t have any friends.” it was something his father had said to him many times. it had been years since he talked normally. sometimes he wondered if he had forgotten how. and for the most part, his father was right. he didn’t have friends. 

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Late Night Snack

Taeyong X Reader

Summary: Late night snacks and heart-to-hearts

Word Count: 1.3K

Genre: Fluff

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hanamayhem  asked:

the rfa goes grocery shopping with their s/o.

ask me more!

 bless u.  


  • tBH yoosung goes shopping WAY more when mc moves in/when they start dating 
  • he likes to make the impression that he’s NOT a slob and ACTUALLY keeps his fridge stocked appropriately (mc knows the truth tho)
  • and he also wants to make sure mc eats their meals 
  • ofc when LOLOL becomes more of a hobby rather than an addiction he gets better at regularly going out- he actually enjoys browsing the store!
  • ofc sometimes he gets lazy…  but THATS JUST HOW THE COOKIE CRUMBLES ROLF
  • he typically goes once a week with mc- he enjoys their company and wants to know what they’d like to eat for the next week/what they might be interested in cooking with him!!!  (unless they r dangerous in the kitchen which means yoosung casually avoids the topic of co-cooking all together)
  • he also just doesn’t like going alone/doesn’t want mc to go alone (he’s so protective)
  •  he typically gets distracted easily!! at first he starts out pretty strong!  knows exactly what he needs and what not 
  • but then he gets side tracked by other foods that he’s never tried out- he’s a little more adventurous when it comes to cooking so there’ll be times where mc has had to walk away with the list as he stares long and hard at this ONE ingredient wondering if he really really really wants it or if it’s because it just LOOKS like it’s interesting (sometimes he wins the fight, sometimes he loses)
  • mc and yoosung typically try to budget their spending- they do decently when they go together!  sometimes they’ll by snack foods/treats but they pretty much stay on track on what they need.  the most they get is the basics on the list and maybe one or two interesting items that yoosung just simply couldn’t pass up
  • he loVES sales but hates how busy it gets- he’s just not able to ever get exactly what he wants and it makes him so sad T-T
  • all and all the shopping trip is pretty fun!  they enjoy each others company 


  • man even yoosung is way better at going out then zen is
  • it’s not that zen is bad at cooking or anything/hates going grocery shopping- he can make decent things 
  • but he just . .. . doesn’t 
  • he’s always been the type of guy to prioritize work over food- like he tends to focus too hard on something and forget everything else in the process
  • similar to yoosung, he only gets better when he’s dating/living with mc.  he wants to make sure his apartment is always stocked with food for them to eat!!!  he fusses over mc all the time if they admit to skipping meals
  • when mc states that zen is no better than them (if mc is bad at remembering to eat proper meals as well) it definitely motivates him to eat regularly 
  • not to mention meals with The Bae?  how could he pass THAT up?!
  • they go once a week- and although he finds the task kind of.. boring he’s happy to have mc by his side!!! 
  • they don’t really get distracted- they stay pretty close to whats on the list
  • the only time they get sidetracked is when zen is near the cosmetic aisle and finds a new cream to try out
  • all and all a relatively normal trip with zen holding the basket/pushing the cart for mc and chit chatting- typically has them stick by his side so he can watch over them


  • after opening the cafe she definitely tries to find time to cook more- there are days where her and mc will be a little lazy when it comes to cooking and order in, but she does try to be a little more proactive with meals 
  • therefore she spends a little more time shopping
  • when her and mc go shopping they budget VERY well and pretty much stay on task the entire time
  • sure maybe there’s some light flirting here and there but they get the job done relatively quickly.  
  • nothing is ever really forgotten at the store and there are little to no distractions 
  • the only times jaehee gets distracted is when she wants to test out different types of coffee beans 
  • also let me tell you she is the BEST on sales days- she hates the crowds but always finds a way of getting exactly what she needs 
  • i love jaehee


  • mc i can hire someone to do that 
  • we can have our groceries delivered 
  • why do we have to go out 
  • it’s definitely by mc’s request that they and jumin go shopping 
  • usually they just have people restock for them since they have their own chef- but there are some days where mc thinks it would be nice to do it themselves!!  and jumin…  doesn’t really get it but complies nonetheless
  • because of this they don’t really go out to the store regularly 
  • jumin is like a little fucking kid at a store- especially if it isn’t some posh over priced store 
  • ngl this guy immediately wanders off sometimes if mc isn’t paying attention (no shame mc has gone to the front and called for their husband) 
  • and if he isn’t wandering off he’s dragging mc along with him 
  • he just sees all these things he’s never had before!!!  he looks so stoic but theres this child like glimmer in his eye 
  • they never stay on task good lord- jumin keeps adding interesting things into the cart and they end up leaving with a long ass bill and way too much food 
  • i suppose he has a little fun tho- and after the first time he tries to go shopping with mc more often.  he really just wants to spend time with his lover 


  • he’s the biggest fucking kid ever 
  • the WORST at restocking his own fridge with healthy foods 
  • and since mc has only seen 707 eat fucking chips and soda- seeming to have no real preference for anything else (or at least not explicitly saying anything) they have to drag his ass to the store
  • they tend to buy in bulk- save on trips to the store because 707 doesn’t like going at ALL…  he just doesn’t really like being out in public…  makes him a little nervous/he frankly finds the task boring 
  • but ofc goes since mc wants to (mc dragging him out is usually 80% him trying to be a little shit and 20% him not wanting to go)
  • he always loads up the cart with chips, sodas, and candies.  nothing nutritional what so ever and you have not LIVED to see the day to watch two full grown ass adults arguing about the nutritional values in junk food 
  • in the end mc gives in and compromises with 707 on the snacks
  • they never stay true to the list- mc really does try but they always end up with more than they need…  and since they get so distracted something is ALWAYS left forgotten at the store and the struggle is real 
  • 707 has hacked the stores overhead system before and let me tell you they are banned from a few places because of that 
  • (mc found it really funny tho ngl)
  • sometimes 707 pushes mc around in the cart, sometimes it’s the other way around 
  • since money isn’t really an issue for 707, he doesn’t worry about the price- but he always fails to tell mc that because he thinks it’s cute how they try to compare and contrast different brands of the same food that are different prices 
  • even though he puts up the biGGEST fight sometimes- they always end up enjoying themselves 


  • he’s pretty decent at keeping his fridge stocked- the only time it gets low is when he knows he’s going to be traveling and doesn’t want to go out and buy foods that will end up going to waste 
  • tho after mc moves in he makes sure to always keep it full of foods that mc enjoys!!!  and loves going out with mc to shop
  • if they’re not holding hands as he holds the basket for mc with his other open one, he’s pushing the cart for mc (if he only has his left eye he tries his best to not bump into things- and mc gives him credit he does a pretty good job…  but sometimes mc has to take over which makes him feel sO BAD)
  • they stay true to the list and get what they need to get and leave.  it’s a pretty chill trip- neither party straying from the list.
  • tho sometimes their trips are a little longer than necessary because he and mc will end up chatting and walking around rather than actually look for what they need to get!!
  • all and all pretty normal 
  • 10/10 would go shopping with again


  • but then if mc is like “FINE” he immediately changes his mind like no why do u wanna go with him am i not good enough fuck that guy 
  • saeran please mc is already tired and they haven’t left the house 
  • he’s is so damn grumpy/pouty and clearly hates life and everyone around him 
  • like yeah sure he looks so cute with his read hair and adorable sweater but do not be fooled the look on his face screams murder
  • just like 707 stores make him very nervous- especially if they’re really crowded 
  • if it’s a really busy day and he refuses mc’s offer to drive him back home, he tends to get really clingy and won’t let mc get too far away from him
  • if mc does kinda stray he ends up having a panic attack :’’)
  • mc tries to take him at times/day where it’s not going to be too crowded…  they want him to get used to people/small crowds and even if it’s something as simple occasionally getting him out of the house to go to the store then thats good enough
  • over time he does get better though he still fucking hates going because it’s bORING
  • tends to fill the cart up with sweets and ice cream….  mc has to compromise with him because he always wants to buy WAY more than necessary 
  • he still tries to sneak things into the cart 
  • very unhelpful when it comes to shopping- mc is the one who does the majority of the work searching 
  • however he always is the one to push the cart/hold the basket 
  • somehow they don’t forget things on the list, but tend to buy all the little things they didn’t need whatsoever
  • and this happens every time they go shopping 


  • another one who doesn’t like shopping either 
  • mostly because it’s boring and tedious and people annoy them way too easily 
  • mc makes sure they keep the fucking stun gun at home
  • despite disliking the shopping process, they don’t mind going with mc….  they like to watch them fuss over prices and carefully examine the nutritional values..  they lowkey think it’s cute 
  • and if it’s crowded they make sure to guard mc- but in a really lowkey way
  • nothing much to say for them!!  they don’t get distracted and get the job done relatively easily.  since vanderwood doesn’t like shopping they just want to get it done as quickly and as efficiently as possible 
  • sometimes one thing is left behind but vanderwood…  begrudgingly volunteers to go back and grab it 
  • vanderwood also offers to push the cart/carry the basket 
Reasons to Lose Weight
  1. To finally feel pretty- I know I am, but I feel like I can never actually be considered pretty until I’m thin
  2. To get my dimple- when I was 135, I realized I have a dimple on my left cheek. But it only shows up when my face is thinner. Otherwise it looks like fat.
  3. To not hate what I see in the mirror
  4. To go to parties and walk around in the morning in a sports bra and sweatpants or a t shirt and cute underwear
  5. To not worry about my fat jiggling in tight clothes
  6. To not have to suck in constantly
  7. To wear less make up and feel better about myself
  8. To have prominent cheek bones, jaw line, ribs, collar bones, and hip bones
  9. To not have my thighs touch
  10. To finally have a waist that is 10 inches smaller than my hips and bust
  11. So that I can be tiny and fragile looking
  12. To be able to sit on his lap and not squish him
  13. To let guys pick me up and not feel bad
  14. To look good in a bra and panties
  15. To look good in crop tops
  16. No muffin tops in jeans
  17. To finally wear the style I have, not just what I can fit into
  18. To have him see what he’s missing
  19. To make him regret turning me down
  20. To be able to flirt and know that they enjoy it
  21. To feel like I’m finally enough
  22. To walk into a party and know that I have my choice of guys
  23. To get a boyfriend
  24. To not have to worry about being bigger than guys I like
  25. To look adorable in leggings and a big sweater
  26. So that his clothes are too big on me
  27. So that he’ll find me sexy
  28. To look cute in the winter with all the layers on and a little red nose
  29. To make myself feel more feminine and in return make him feel like a man
  30. To make everyone realize I’m a catch- to match my personality
  31. To not be afraid to be myself and worry that people will think I’m fat and weird- now they’ll just say I’m cute and nerdy and quirky
  32. To look good playing sports
  33. For people to be impressed by how outdoorsy and down to earth I am- even though I look really girly
  34. To enjoy being adventurous
  35. To not have “lose weight” on my to-do list anymore
Got7 reaction to you walking around with his shirt on and no pants

You were in the kitchen standing in front of the counter when he walked up behind you pressing himself against you as he ran his hands up your legs and into his sweater “I like you in my clothes jagi”

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You were standing in front of stove cooking something for you and Jackson to eat when you felt him kiss on your neck and his sly hands running up your arms and he would ask you what you were making only to reply “I’d rather eat something else”

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With Mark it could go either way on one hand he’d find it extremely adorable how his huge ass sweater looked on you but he’d also be slightly turned by the fact that you had no pants on and he could see your underwear

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He would just look at you and smile in complete awe of how beautiful you looked in his sweatshirt you and after staring for what seemed like hours he would walk up behind you and backhug and whisper a soft I love you while kissing your head

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As soon as he saw you he’d drop his pants and walk up to you “I guess there’s no pants allowed hehehe” then you hit his arm for bring a lil pervert

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As soon as he saw you he’d yell “oh my God jagi you look so cute” and make the weirdest noises and then he’d take his pants off too and you guys would run around the house both of you pantsless just laughing

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He’d be shocked at first and just break into lil giggle fit “jagi where are your pants” but as soon as he pulled himself together he’d be a perverted lil shit about it “Since your pants are nowhere insight you might as well lose the shirt too”

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A/N this wasn’t even requested I just felt a need to do this I’m very sorry

anonymous asked:

How would the allies plus canada react to their s/o wearing something of theirs?

America: He would feel a sense of pride seeing his s/o wear his bomber jacket. It let people know that you were officially his. A huge cheeky grin never left his face whenever they wore it. There’d also be constant compliments thrown their way stating you were drop dead gorgeous. 

England: Spotting you in his green coat England’s face would flush red. He’d be a stuttering mess adverting his eyes away while you simply laughed. As badly as he wanted to scold you his thoughts of how adorable you were would get in the way. Eventually the Brit would give in to looking at you and surprisingly things would get very heated. 

France: This romantic dork wouldn’t stop fawning over you once he saw you in his blue coat. His compliments would be never ending from how beautiful and sexy you looked to how you should both go out to show the world. France loves when you wear his clothing.

Russia: The over grown teddy bear would be confused at first. Wondering if all your clothes were dirty and that’s why you took to wearing his. But once he found out it was because you just wanted to see what you looked like he’d smile cutely. It would make Russia happy to know that you were so comfortable in his clothing. He’d pick you up and wrap you in his coat to cuddle you on the bed. 

China: He’d scold you for taking his clothes but once he saw your sad look his heart would melt. The Chinese man would take a second look at what you looked like and he’d realized just how good you looked. He’d apologize and pull you into bed for cuddling while telling you how cute and adorable you looked.  

Canada: His sweater with the maple leaf on it had disappeared. He’d be confused and a bit sad but once he found you curled on the couch in his sweater he’d blush. When he asked why you and found that you were just cold he’d spoon you on the couch. He’d call you his cute adorable maple while placing soft kisses on your cheeks. 

{ fluffmas prompts // #28 with john laurens }

28 - blanket fort! 

You and John saved Saturdays as your lazy days. The both of you liked to go out and get wild on Friday nights with friends or sometimes just went out with each other. Saturdays were for doing next to nothing. It was nice to have someone to do it all with.

With the weather being so bad in your area, there had been a lot of problems that you were prepared for, but still hoped they didn’t happen.

One day, you were snowed in. You and John were stuck in the house for a day and a half until the roads were clear. Now, there was a warning about the winds. A possible power outage was expected.

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Gryffindorness (Remus)

Requested- Can you write Remus x reader were the reader is a very brave gryffindor and Sirius told her about Remus’s crush on her so she asks him out and he’s very shy around her and she thinks that he’s cute when they go to honeyducks?? Thank you❤❤💛💛

- - -

“What?” You said for the god-knows-how-many times.

“I said, Remus likes you! Merlin, the both of you are blind.” A very annoyed Sirius replied.

You were currently in Potions, where you were grouped with Sirius for a project. You didn’t believe him at first, but he started to talk about all the proofs that he had got. So at the end of the class, you gathered all your Gryffindorness in you and stopped Remus. 

“Hey, Remus! Do you have a second?” You called. He looked at you with a confused expression but stopped in his tracks for you. In the corner of your eye, you saw Sirius and James shooting a knowing look to Remus, and the stated boy apparently responded with coloured cheeks. 

“Hey,” he scratched his neck, greeting you with a charming smile. His oversized sweater looked adorable on him.

“So I was wondering, um, if you’re free tomorrow for Hogsmeade? We can go out and have fun?” You blurted out.

“Wow,” he expressed. A look of surprise brushed over his face. “I certainly did not expect this, but yes, definitely. So… you’d want it to be as friends, right?”

You swallowed hard, “Well, if that’s what you want- but to be honest, I was thinking about a date?”

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