look at his adorable lil face

ok but since it’s canonically confirmed that Minami is attracted to Yuuri their interactions get even funnier and cuter???


I mean I’m not surprised that Minami might feel something for Yuuri considering that he made this face after seeing Yuuri walk into the rink (but tbh who wouldn’t be flustered at the sight of this perfectly packaged sex demon)


he’s like hang on,,,,,,what’s going on,,,,,,something suspicious is happening over there



MINAMI IS JUST SO CUTE AND MIRRORS THE AFFECTION YUURI HELD FOR VIKTOR ALL THIS TIME SO WELL TOO he’s so precious I wish we had seen more of him he’s pure sunshine

(also shout out to potentially jealous Viktor who wants the katsudon all to himself)

sometimes harry puts his hands on his hips

alternatively titled: The Reason I Don’t Sleep At Night

look at this u can see his nipple how iconic

wow baby! pop ya hip! 

How To Flirt With Older Men: a guide by Harry Styles

his lil face he’s so cute what a little enraged duckling

look at his tummy and nipples fhkjhffncmsne 

s a s s 

remember 1d day lol he was so done 

he rly looks like a frog here but he’s cute (even his hand looks similar to  frogs? bye)

i honestly dont even know what this is but he’s working the duck lips and that stance?? only the Best Models can master

iconic amazing spectacular wonderful beautiful 

this isnt even in HD but you can tell he’s doing his Creepy Frog Stare and it’s so adorable i love him

anyways this post is really short but i hope u enjoyed this bc look at him he knows what he’s doing 

Jungkook’s Perfect Imperfections

So recently my precious baby bun has been getting shit about his skin because he has acne. Which EVERYONE has dealt with at least once in their life, or still is dealing with it. It’s not a big deal, it’s just skin, it doesn’t change what an amazing person Jungkook is. And honestly I love his acne, it just makes him normal and human. Every imperfection he has, in my eyes, just makes him even more perfect so that’s why I’m making this appreciation post about his perfect imperfections which I adore with all my heart 

His facial scar 

i love it so much it just makes him even more handsome asdfghjkl 

look how cute it looks, i just wanna kiss it 

my heart hurts because of how adorable he is


w o w what a beautiful specimen

His acne


bare faced kookie is my favourite kookie 

look at this sleeping beauty 

i wanna kiss all over his face. what a fucking angel 

baby boy is the cutest thing to grace this planet i cant deal

His arm scar 

lemme kiss it pls also sweaty kook will be the death of me



^^literally me cuz i can’t handle looking at his beauty 

His knee scars 



two angels istg

I love Jungkook with every fiber of my being and all I wanna do is protect him. If anyone hates on him I will fite them. He is not disgusting, he is not overrated, he is none of the things I‘ve seen these assholes call him. He is the most sweetest, talented, caring human being alive and I’m just so happy to be around at the same time as him to watch him grow and shine. ❤️

6 Times I Have Been 100% Convinced That Hannibal and Will Were About To Kiss - A List

1. Fromage - Post Tobias fight / death when Hannibal realises that Will didn’t actually die ( and does a lil gasp n swallow oh lordy) and that he has FEELINGS about that and he looks up at Will with tear glistening eyes and absolute adoration ‘I was worried you were dead’ (fyi this is one of my fav scenes ever it’s so angsty and beautiful and uGHHH) 

2. Su-Zakana - post turducken horse birth gross times when Hannibal cha chas in real smooth and takes Will’s gun out of his hand ( no that’s not a euphemism) in the most erotically charged scene i’ve seen on TV in a long time despite the gross ass surrounding setting, and he grabs Will’s FACE in his HAND and they are so close to kissing holy shit I really don’t know how that didn’t happen especially cause Hannibal at the same time is barely containing his boner for Will’s mind 

3. Mizumono - Post horrendously heart wrenching ( or should I say gut wrenching ) betrayal stab goodbye moment when Hannibal is literally crying and stabs Will and embraces him like oh my GOD 

4. Dolce - almost every single moment in the scene in the art gallery but especially possibly the most romantic thing Hannibal has ever said ‘If I saw you everyday forever Will, I would remember this time’ 

5. The Wrath Of The Lamb - When Hannibal and Will are about to enjoy a nice glass of wine together before The Red Dragon shows up and Will says ‘ I don’t know if I can save myself, maybe that’s just fine.’ and Hannibal gives him the most intense smoulder look I have almost ever seen with SUCH a pause that I honestly was like ‘this is it, this is the moment’ 

6. The Wrath Of The Lamb
- The ‘It’s beautiful’ moment just before the cliff hanger 

honourable mention 

(if these are ur gifs let me know and I’ll pop credit in cause I just used google sozzzz ) 

Y'all probably don't care but let me tell you what my favorite Lucifer scene is

Let’s set the stage: 2x12, Love Handles, a legendary deckerstar™ episode.

Lucifer lounges in a circle with some drunk college girls. Chloe bursts in and Lucifer just, being the most adorable Devil, JUST FLIPS TO LOOK AT HER UPSIDE DOWN.


THIS IS A GRADE A+ PUPPY FACE. He is honestly so excited to see her just look at his puppy eyes!!

AND THEN IT GETS BETTER BECAUSE OF THE FACE MAKES WHEN HE SITS UP. His puppy eyes just intensify and his lil’ smile drops off and lil’ worry lines just appear. HE JUST LOOKS SO UTTERLY ADORING.


I love this scene because of Lucifer’s precious silliness. He looks like a tiny five year old that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar! His face is so PURE. HE’S JUST SO HAPPY AND GIDDY THAT HIS PRECIOUS SMOL HUMAN KISSED HIM THE NIGHT BEFORE AND HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS BUT HE WANTS SO BADLY FOR IT TO BE FOR REAL.

VIXX Jung Taekwoon (Leo) Reaction: Kissing their s/o in front of others for the first time

||| Requested by @marrymeleoxxiu |||

You were waiting for him at the dorm and he slumped down next you on the sofa when he came back and gave you a lil smile.

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He looked so adorable, you couldn’t resist hugging him. Caught a little bit off guard by your sudden action, he slowly wrapped his hands around your waist and nuzzled his face in your neck. He began kissing your neck from the collarbone, going up. He put his forehead against yours and looked you in the eyes.

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You felt your cheeks blush from how sweet he was and before long you felt his lips touch yours. They were warm and it made you all giggly. He had no intentions of stopping and in the heat of the moment you two completely forgot that the others should come back soon. 

Originally posted by ottokaji-vixx

Originally posted by ottokaji-vixx

They were all pretty shook because who thought that it’s impossible to stop Taekwoon once he starts something with you. i’m sorry i couldn’t find gifs for the other members

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“We could keep going” he said when he pulled away.

“Please don’t,” Wonsik replied instead. “Or at least go get a room.”

Not phased by this at all but probably too embarrassed to talk or see them all ttomorrow he swept you up in his arms.

“As you wish,” he said going to his room.

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A/N: I changed the request a bit, hope you don’t mind!~

I’d like to thank the makers of sherlock for releasing the pilot so we know what teen sherlock looked like

I mean look at that little bb genius

if you don’t think this is the cutest shit I don’t know what to say to you

look poor teenaged Sherlock’s gone and got a drink in his face at the pub, maybe if he weren’t such a dick

partied a lil too hard there buddy, it’s okay adorable pilot lestrade will help you out

this concludes my thank you

ASTRO's reaction to you falling asleep on them

As requested by @puppycat-eyes ⭐️ 

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That lil’ sunshine would just pull out his phone and start talking dozens of silly selfies with your sleeping figure. Later, you guys would fight over him deleting them. 

 "What do you mean I look ugly?! You’re adorable on those pictures! Ohhh, I know, I’ll make them my lockscreens!“ 


 He’d just go with the flow. He would interlace your fingers with his, a satisfied grin on his face. He’d kiss your forehead, and, placing his head against yours, he’d almost immediately fall into Morpheus’ arms idol life is tiring 

Eun Woo 

 He’d call your name softly, making sure you were asleep. Trying to not move too much, he’d shift his weigh so you would be in a comfortable position. He’d probably just sit there, lost in thoughts, careful to not wake you up. 

Moon Bin 

When he would realize you were alsleep, he’d just stare at your serene face. His mouth would curl up into a warm smile. He wouldn’t notice the minutes flying by as he’d observe the length of you eyelashes, the curve of your nose and the shade of your lips. 


Rocky would start messing with you. He’d watch your reaction as he’d blow hot air on your neck, pull on locks of your hair or kiss your eyelids gently. That kid would be having the time of his life.

 San Ha 

The maknae would be furiously texting his hyungs, using too many emojis. 

 She fell asleep on my shoulder!! 😱 What do I do?? ☹️😨

The members would send him stupid answers, and he’d end up just staying there, not moving. He’d be lowkey panicked, but would somehow appreciate the moment. He’d eventually fall asleep too he’s just an overworked baby

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Tbh I love Bakugou! He looks really cute when he's not scrunching his face

he does!! he’s actually a rather handsome lil’ fella when he’s not being an angry rage machine

tho personally i also find him adorable when he’s angry too, haha

like here, when he’s less “I’M GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU AND DANCE ON YOUR FUCKING GRAVE YOU FUCKMUNCH PIECE OF SHIT” angry, and more of a “stubborn little kid throwing a temper tantrum” angry, haha

it makes me wanna pinch his cheeks and go “awwwww”

(tbh, panels like this are the reasons why i love Bakugou so much, b/c they present him in a less harsh light, haha. he is just a kid, after all. a really angry, stubborn kid, haha)


home ✧ christian yu

753 words, fluffy christian yu drabble, request from @parkjaewbom! it’s a lil short, kind of like a drabble, but i hope you enjoy it nevertheless ♡

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the look on christian’s face the moment you walk through the arrival gate is nothing short of priceless. 

he looks adorable, for one. an enormous, dark hoodie slung over his shoulders and the mop of brown hair that sits messily on top of his head all create the cutest image of your boyfriend. you guess he’s tired, too - you could only assume that he had been waiting for a few hours now, thanks to the texts you two had shared earlier that evening. 

CHRISTIAN: im omw to the airport now 

YOU: babe
YOU: it’s 6pm 

CHRISTIAN: um yeah 

YOU: ……..the plane leaves at 7pm and we land at 1am
YOU: i literally didn’t even leave the airport yet 

CHRISTIAN: babe i dont understand timezones okay

but the way his eyes crinkle and mouth turns upwards when you see him - it’s far from exhausted or grumpy. in fact, he looks like the most thrilled as you arrive amongst your team of flight attendants. 

you wave to him, dragging your suitcase behind you, and enthusiastically he holds up a hand to greet you. you still need to part with your team, so you wait patiently for your manager to dismiss you. bowing respectfully, you quickly bid goodbye to your co-workers, and then…

running in the flight attendant uniform of a pencil skirt, blouse and heels while trying to cart a heavy suitcase along with you was never an easy task (you’d discovered this after a certain long flight where sleep had gotten the best of you and before you knew it you were face down on the cold tiled floor of the airport.) 

thankfully, there was no need to rush this time, when your boyfriend was already speeding towards you and pulling you towards his chest.

“i’ve missed you so much, baby,” are the first words from his mouth, drifting in your ears like a lullaby. he sounds sleepy, but he wraps his arms around your body and he tugs you into his embrace eagerly. 

you smile, telling him “i’ve missed you more” and he mutters something incoherent into your hair. pulling away from you, he studies your face intently. he wants to hold you for longer, so he knows for sure that you won’t leave again. it’s been a long time since he got to do this - late night calls and facetiming were good, they always were with you, but having you here, in front of him, tangible even? it was unbeatable. 

you don’t stop yourself from pulling him gently by the neck towards you for a quick, first-but-not-first kiss. to say he’s missed this would be an understatement - he’s never felt more satisfied than the second your lips reach his own.

he stops to hug you again. he knows it’s better to wait for you to get home so that he can kiss you all he wants, let you know just how much he missed you behind closed doors.

and when you are home, in the privacy of his bedroom dressed in casual sweats, he’s only gentle with his touches, arms looping round your waist, showering you with kisses on your cheeks, forehead, nose.

“you know i missed you so much, baby,” he mumbles, one hand stroking down your sides and thighs while the other rests in yours.

you laugh softly, bringing his hand up to kiss the back of it. “you don’t usually act this way. is tonight different?”

he shakes his head, huffing so that his hair moves out of his sight. “no,” he replies, “but it’s been so long, you know? don’t leave for that long again. i love you too much not to see you for a long time.”

as cheesy as it is, you won’t ever get tired of him telling you that he loves you. and you most certainly won’t get tired of the way his lips work against yours, never roughly, only passionately.

you know that your job makes you fall in love with places all around the world. while they are beautiful, and they never fail to take your breath away, you still have christian, and with him, it’s always home.

morning arrives (read as: 2:45 in the afternoon) and you’re still encased in christian’s arms when he first wakes up.

your breathing is slow, and he’s sure that you must be dreaming of somewhere that you’d visited - somewhere warm, sunny, fresh.

those places sound promising, but christian can’t think of anywhere he’d rather be than with you.

Bf! Chanyeol

  • Chanyeol made your day brighter, he was your sunshine, your everything
  • You had an early shift at the clothes’ shop that day, politely handling customers and going by your life
  • When this giant entered, goofing around with a shorter guy (Baek)
  • You were instantly attracted to his tall frame and goofy laugh and his arresting eyes and decided to avoid him
  • But you still sneaked glances at him as he checked out some hoodies,often breaking into a smile 
  • You thought that the shorter guy was his boyfriend, and felt a nauseous pit in your stomach
  • “Y/N those customers need your help” your co-worker said. You were confused because she worked here too? why did anyone need your help? you hoped to god it wasn’t that tall guy, you weren’t confident enough to talk to him
  • But guess what
  • it was him
  • You stood in front of him, feeling small and vulnerable and wanting to run away. He just looked at you and didn’t speak as if enthralled by your presence
  • “Ya Chan just ask her out already” the shorter boy said, chuckling and walking away
  • Chanyeol gave him a stern glare and then turned to you, smiling shyly
  • “I-uh-I kinda wanted to see you cuz I’ve been walking by and I saw you and um….do you want to go out on a date with me?”
  • You let out a muffled laughter, he was so cute and shy and stuttered so much and you had to say yes
  • You spent the night tossing and turning cuz of nervousness and because you weren’t ready for the date.This guy could be an axe-murderer for all you knew
  • But you still slipped on your best clothes and set out for the date, not knowing what it would bring you
  • Chanyeol was so shy and giggly the whole time. After spending more time with you, he opened up a bit more and you actually got to see what an energetic puppy he is
  • Which is why Chanyeol is always there to cheer you up
  • His hugs are so warm and loving and he smiles so bright as he opens his arms to envelope you. Sometimes he opens his coat too and completely encloses your body with the coat and holds you tightly against his chest. He also places sweet kisses on top of your head and strokes your hair. You can hug him for hours
  • He holds you by the waist because he wants you close. His touches are gentle but strong at the same time
  • He’s a perfect mixture of love, insanity, crazy, beauty
  • When he kisses you, he softly holds the small of your back and pulls you close. His lips are so sweet and soft and you feel like you’re gonna melt there and then. And then he smiles really cutely after and head bumps you gently
  • Playful kisses on cheeks, especially when you’re mad at him
  • Chanyeol is loud at times so he can be annoying and when you get mad at him he just sulks like a puppy and does all sort of things to calm you down. Lots of back hugging and cheeky stares. He just rests his chin on your shoulder and looks at you until you forgive him
  • In a constant need of your attention. As we already know Chanyeol loves attention but when you’re busy with your work he wants it more. He would annoy you a lot and tell you to love him and then he gets quiet when u kiss his cheek but wants your attention again after a few moments
  • Like a little child
  • Wants help with EVERYTHING. Like are you dating a 24 year old tall af boy or a five year old baby 
  • Makes fun of you being small, makes fun of you no matter what
  • And most of his jokes are kinda offensive but you know he doesn’t mean it
  • Playing with his puppy and him taking pictures of you both. His lock screen is you playing with his puppy, totally unaware of him taking your picture
  • And those kind of pictures are his favourite because finds you the most beautiful when you’re the most unaware of it
  • He always texts you in the morning and facetimes you when he’s away. Like he’ll facetime you early in the morning when he’s on tour asking you what he should wear. And then calls u before the concert, especially when he’s nervous, because your voice calms him down
  • Feels guilty that he doesn’t see you a lot and then spoils you when he finally sees you
  • Either with food or with presents, he just loves spoiling you
  • Sometimes you both just stay quiet and work on your own an its so chill
  • Listening to his mixtapes and reading some of his songs, which are mostly about you. He’s always fidgeting when you’re listening to his self composed songs because he wants to impress you
  • Your feedback is everything to him
  • This child wants to impress you so much like he wants you to love him the way he loves you and admire him
  • Whenever you give him a compliment he smiles so big and his ears get all red
  • You make fun of his ears and he gets really offended. Along with Baekhyun you roast Chanyeol and he loses his ability to speak and just stares at you, shook. And then he ignores you and gets really petty
  • “Go share food with Baekhyun, isn’t he your beeest friiiend”
  • He’s always so jealous
  • Like even if a guy gets a lil to close with you, especially when it’s his group members, he gets moody and makes weird faces and lowkey fights with you
  • You hang out a lot with Exo and Chanyeol loves it but also hates it because you pay them more attention
  • Chanyeol loves it when you wear his hoodies, he adores it. He wants you to wear them more because you look so cute in his huge ass clothes
  • Hanging out in his studio and listening to underground R&B music  while just doing your work. He would work on a song, and you’d be reading a book and it’ll be so cool
  • Your dates are mostly at diners and cafes
  • Going shopping together and you losing your energy cuz Chanyeol spent an hour in the snapback section
  • He immediately senses if you’re in a bad mood and if your day didn’t go so well. And he takes you to his favouite ice cream parlour and just talks about nothing and it makes you feel 1000x better
  • Holds your hand without noticing and strokes it with his fingers
  • Movie marathons and warm cuddling sessions
  • Going to the cinema together and him falling asleep on your shoulder
  • When he’s really tired, he prefers sleeping in your lap
  • In bed, Chanyeol doesn’t care who’s the top or bottom, as long as he gets what he wants
  • But he can go daddy on you too
  • Morning sex, sex in the shower, him touching in places he shouldn’t be. He loves being rebellious and touching you when he’s not supposed to
  • So proud of you
  • Constantly reminds you of how beautiful you are
  • “U know my girlfriend y/n….”
  • Loves you endlessly
  • You feel so lucky to have this dork in your life
Monsta X reaction to you kissing their cheek and running away

This was too long to put in the title, but this is specifically for if you, their gf, ran up to them while they were with the boys, kissed them on the cheek, and ran away giggling :3 teehee


Jooheon would go all wide eyed for a split second just from being surprised, and then immediately after, he’d let out a laugh as he looked down at his feet and then smile up at the ceiling because you were adorable, and not only that you were really happy and he liked it when you were happy. If you two make eye contact at any time in the near future, he may or may not shoot you a lil baby heart ❤❤❤
This boy would be shocked and embarrassed like no tomorrow, but he still kinda liked it because its cute and it reminds him that you really do like him, he just has no idea what to do now because that happened and now you’re even cuter than you were before, and he’s just standing there in the aftermath and he needs an ambulance because his hearteu and *sigh… Once he calmed himself down, any time he made eye contact with you after that, he’d smile a little and blush but he’d try his best to hide his embarrassment so the boys wouldn’t tease him (which they would anyway, to no end)
This cheeky little #$&%&#*@@$&# jk, he’s smile really big and giggle like a little girl, but what he does after that would depend on the exact situation. If he was in the middle of a conversation, he’d settle for shooting you hearts and blowing you kisses and embarrassing the crap out of you as much as possible with his dorky over the top fluffiness. If, however, he wasn’t in the middle of a conversation, he’d pull you back in for a little hug and tell you his lips are lonely, they need a kiss too (because he’s SOOO NOT cliché AT ALL wat nooooo) and then after that he’d keep you with him if you didn’t have anywhere to go and just have an arm wrapped tightly around your shoulder and press kisses to your temple every once in a while.
This lil bunny sunshine adorable fluff monster baby angel boy Is gonna giggle and eye smile so hard and cover his mouth and then pull you back in for a really big hug no matter where you are or what he was doing before, everything else is now forgotten, he’s gonna wrap his arms around your whole body, arms included you’re not going anywhere, and sway back and forth from foot to foot really big and slowly (do you guys know what I mean?) He’d smile even more than usual after that and he’d tell you so many times how cute you were.
He depends a lot on whether or not he was in the middle of talking with the boys. If he was, he’d react much like Jooheon and just smile and laugh a whole lot because of how flippin’ adorable you were and how happy you made him. He’d stare after you when you walked away and he’d smile over at you a lot while he continued his conversation. If he wasn’t in the middle of talking, he’d still laugh and smile, but he’d catch you before you could escape and hug you close. Not quite as much of a bear hug as Minhyuk, though. He’d wrap one arm around your upper back just under your arms and one arm around the small of your back and pull you in as close to him as he could while he laughs and asks you what that was for. Next time you two have a moment, he’s gonna pay you back tenfold for that lil kiss.
He’s gonna look between you and the floor giggling and doing his adorable eye smile, his ears turning a little red. He’d love it because you were just too cute to handle and he was glad that you were all his and you weren’t embarrassed about that at all. The next time you guys were together, he’d hug you gently and bury his face in your hair while he blushed and told you how much he loves you, and he’d want to just hold you for a long time.
He would be equally as happy as all of the other boys. Right after you kissed him, he’d smile really widely. When you tried to run away, he’d hug you from behind and and kiss your cheek before letting you go and watching you skip off. Later when you guys had time alone, he wouldn’t say anything, but .he’d kiss both of your cheeks and be a little more cuddly than usual.


This is my first Monsta X reaction, so I hope you guys enjoy it!


What dating Jooheon would be like
  • im so soft for this man i swear
  • like he’s not even my bias but still
  • ok leggo

  • this boy has the biggest noona kink ever to exist in this universe
  • like he would call you noona 24/8  - more often than your name actually (even if you weren’t older than him; it doesn’t matter)

  • also holy fuck he loves cold fingers
  • like not necessarily cold hands?
  • but just the thought of your grazing your cold fingers over his thighs gets him harder than my exams
  • ok do not even get me started on those thighsss (he knows u love ok. das why hes such a fuckin tease about them)
  • and because he knows you probably could get off just by staring at those meaty gifts from heaven, he likes to pretty much base your sex life on them
  • he asks for you to sit on his lap all day every day
  • thigh riding
  • sitting blowjobs (so u can grab on and better see those legs (⌐□_□) )
  • you got it all
  • the cutest thing is that he even likes to include them in aftercare?
  • like he loves to hugs your legs with his own
  • also
  • pet names are 1000% his thang (i know yall thinkin abt daddy and oppa n wtv nasties)
  • but for you, he loves like disgustingly sweet nicknames lol

  • he loves to smile during sex?? 
  • like you just fucking and he just realises “holy shit Y/N is the cutest lil thing i am so lucky wow how tf did this happen did i won the partner lottery or smth”
  • then you can see his gorgeous dimples
  • oh god his dimples are life
  • but believe me
  • his face isn’t the only place where he has dimples
  • jooheon isn’t a fan of his back dimples (but ofc you love them BC THEYRE SO CAYOOT)
  • also
  • imagine him just coming out of the shower with his back still wet
  • and little droplets of water getting stuck on his back dimples ayayaya

  • his favorite part of you is probably your waist or your cheeks
  • he would pinch your cheeks ever so lightly before kissing you omg
  • while walking downtown or something, his fav form of PDA would definetely be more verbal than physical?
  • like he would just adore to whisper something really dirty and watch your face turn bright red just before he looks into your eyes and give you that signature dimpled smile
  • what a lil shit
  • Is Lee Jooheon a sub or dom?”
  • I ask myself that quite a lot - and althought im  a complete softie for sub Joohonie, I really feel like he would like to switch between one and the other
  • like he would have his sub days and dom days, I feel.

Overall, I feel like he would be pretty flirty and playfull on the outside -  he would love to let others know that you’re his, and his only - he would often show it in more intimate moments. But he would also show his more caring and softer side, especially in the aftercare and such.

Boyfriend Hansol/ Vernon

  • Litteral definition of adorable but shy af
  •  Hansol is like that cool dude a lot of girls dream to date Just the typical senpai who walks like a model and flashes small smiles at the girls -then falls flat on his face as soon as they aren’t looking bc clumsy af- 
  • But actually he’s just a lil kiddo who’s got the hugest crush on you 
  • Like you’d be with your friends and he’d ask you to come out of the classroom 
  • You go and he’s there leaning on the wall and saying stuff like “okay Vernon you can do this. Calm down you’re just gonna–"
  • “Uhm- Hansol?”
  •  “wOAH” 
  •  He’d be so flustered and would just blurt whatever is on his mind and ends up awkwardly asking you out 
  •  And you say yes ofc and he becomes a blushing mess and a huge idiotic smile wouldn’t leave his face for the upcoming week.
  •  He’s so cute and hyper 
  •  You’d hang out A LOT 
  •  Like you’d meet regularly on Sundays 
  •  And when he’s leaving the dorm and the hyungs are like where u going and he’s embarrassed to tell them that he’s going to meet you 
  •  So he’s just like “uh, I’m gonna get my Sunday candy” 
  •  And they all burst out laughing as soon as he leaves bc lol they all know where he is going 
  •  Your dates are all chill
  •  Bc you both are too embarrassed to start any skinship or anything
  •  Especially outside 
  •  It’s a best friend kinda relationship 
  •  But well when you’re alone he’s comfortable with touching you 
  •  You probably should just consider his arm as an accessory on your shoulder already
  • Eskimo kisses 
  •  Omg a lot of these 
  •  Just imagine with me I’m crying
  •  Playing with his hair 
  •  Yes hell YES 
  •  And like your lap is his fave pillow and you’d chill outside while watching the sunset or just having some fresh air while you stroke his fluffy pluffy mluffy hair
  •  “Kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege” 
  •  “Y/N please” 
  •  Meeting Sophia 
  •  Is this how it’s written or is it Sofia omg I’m so sorry idk 
  • “Are you oppa’s gf”
  •  Tbh you’re like this whenever someone asks you that bc awkward
  •  Getting along with Sophia so well omgggg
  • Hansol asking gentleman Josh for cute ideas to impress you 
  •  “Girls like it when you show them that you love them” 
  •  “Got it.” 
  • *Meets u*
  •  “jaGIIIIIJEVDKARBWOBRLWBE okay nvm” *blushes xinfinity*
  •  He really sucks at these stuff bear with him lol 
  •  “She said she loves my rap, guys who do music are quite cool”
  •  Yes you said that and he used it as lyrics
  • You inspire him a lot 
  •  You prolly created “pull up on you wacks with a Mac fully loaded-AH” tgt
  •  Sleepy Hansol is the cutest Hansol
  • Remember that predebut video when Seungkwan was trying to film him sleeping and kept taking off his blanket that was pure gold 
  •  But If you’re staying up he’s staying up 
  •  Like if you have work or shit he’d stay with you and encourage you 
  •  Oooorr just lay around and whine about how long it is taking you to finish and how your boss/teacher should get jailed for giving you so much work 
  •  Cuddles cuddles cuddles 
  •  Gracing your with his High notes
  •  ^okay not rlly lmao 
  •  It is both adorable and funny bc his voice is rather deep and it kinda cracks when he tries to sing the gwiyomi song or smg
  •  His pout omfg 
  •  Like you go get that kid ice cream. NOW. 
  • He melts when you tempt to do aegyo 
  •  Like send the fucking ambulance we’re losing Hansol Vernon Chwe 
  •  He become a blushing mess 
  •  Begging him to let you do his makeup 
  •  And he’s so freaking nervous 
  •  “Jagi please don’t go too overboARD WOAH WHAT IS THIS MONSTER GET IT AWAY ” 
  • “Vern that’s a mascara brush” 
  •  Like you’re always whining about how his lashes are prettier than yours
  • But he’d just reassure that he still loves you even with the two or three lashes you have 
  •  Lol jk 
  • Tbh dating Hansol would just be so much fun like you’d spend the whole day listening to music of artists you never heard of and you wouldn’t be bored bc he’s there with you and he makes everything fun