look at him working those abs

Sutures and Stitches [m] (ft. Jeongguk) Part 1

Genre: Angst, action, fluff, mature (mentions of blood, wounds, medical jargon) (smut in future chapters)

→ Jungkook/Reader

→ 1.7k words

Summary: hitman!jeongguk and medstudent!Y/N bestfriends!au; Jeongguk always shows up to your place or hospital whenever he gets hurt because you guys are best friends and you patch him up, but he has no idea that every time you stitch up his wounds, it tears open new wounds in your own heart. 

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

It was your secret that your best friend was a hitman, and his secret that his best friend was a medical resident currently $200k in debt and working 80 hours a week saving people. But it worked out somehow. He kept you safe by walking you home to your dingy and dangerous apartment every night after your rounds ended in the dark hours of the night, and you helped him patch up any wounds and kept it secret from his friends and yours. It was a symbiotic relationship, dangerous anyhow, but it worked.

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this is the reason this blog was made (that and @daddybek and @yuratchka-speaks and @beka-speaks )

-Everyone talks about how amazING skater’s butts are. This is true.
-but have you considered
-their thighs
-SPECIFICALLY YURA’S i mean look ballet already gives you strong ass thighs, adding ice skating in the mix?
-yes that is me screeching in the distance
-Yuri worked so hard to get his “teardrop” (the muscle in your thigh that becomes hella prominent if you constantly work at it) and i bet my entire ass that he wears tight jeans/tights/leggings to show off just how great his thighs are.
-oh, and otabek drools over them.
-he already loves everything about yuri (his hair, his abs, his neck-) but those thighs.
-he has ranted to his friends about how aMAZING THEY ARE and his friends tease him about it constantly
-oh boy oh boy, when yuri wears skirts/dresses? he nearly falls to his knees in defeat. he looks too good.
(small disclaimer^- clothes aren’t gendered and i’m a guy and love wearing dresses and skirts so :))
-yuri’s thighs are great

Older!Yuri Headcanons #3

Seems like this HC got a wee bit away from me… 

Warning for those who don’t read the tags: this is otayuri.

Part 1: Older!Yuri Headcanons #1
Part 2: Older!Yuri Headcanons #2

- Yuri discovers a love for glossy black nail polish when he’s 17 and Mila dares him to paint his nails
- (Lilia nearly has a heart attack when he comes to the studio with black studded nails. It still doesn’t prepare her for the first piercing, though.)
- It’s not something he indulges in regularly (he couldn’t, not with the kind of life he leads, where he doesn’t even have the time or the energy to take proper care of himself most of the times, and chipped nail polish just won’t do) which means that the painted nails mostly are for competitions, galas and exhibitions 
- Yuri is 22 and on top of the world when he gets his first major ad campaign as a model. It’s for a high end fragrance and he loves it (not the scent, for which he couldn’t care less, but the experience)
- They pamper him and the photographer is kind of a genius and gets all of his good sides
- (Aleksei snorts and tells him frankly that he only has *good* sides)
- (Otabek wholly agrees, but his brain is still short circuited after seeing the pictures and he’s not sure he could string two words together to save his life)
- (Looking at Otabek’s expression, Yuri truly feels beautiful for the first time in his life)
- Days later, Yuri blushes to the roots of his hair when he unlocks Beka’s phone and sees what’s on his screen
- (It’s one of the pictures from the photoshoot, one of those in which he’s *mostly* naked)
- (It’s not like he doesn’t have Beka’s ad pictures from three years prior in his phone too though)
- (Although that’s his own damn fault for looking so fucking hot and who even does an underwear ad if they’re gonna get all flustered by it afterwards anyway?)
- (Those photos might also be responsible for Yuri’s obsession with Otabek’s glorious abs)
- The first time Yuri finds an excuse to properly put his hands on the aforementioned glorious abs is one night in St. Petersburg, after Beka first moves in with him. The fact is, Otabek is apparently extremely ticklish - and if it gives Yuri the perfect excuse to put his hands on him, well… 
- (Also Yuri’s not blushing SHUT UP it’s just that pinning down Beka’s a lot of work and fuck fuck fuck why does Beka look so good laughing it’s completely unfair SHUT UP)
- After that fateful night when Beka kisses him for the first time, Yuri realizes that he does not really need an excuse to touch his body anymore. Not restraining himself means that his hands are usually found under Beka’s shirt when they’re alone together.
- (Sometimes, it’s solely for comfort. He finds the heat and softness of Beka’s skin feels like home)
- (Other times, it is decidedly less innocent)

‘The Hating Game’ starter sentences

» Feel free to change pronouns as needed. || Mix of fluffy, angsty, NSFW, etc. «

  • ❝ Now we screech out of here like Thelma and Louise. ❞
  • ❝ It’s a corporate truth universally acknowledged that workers would rather eat rat skeletons than participate in group activities. ❞
  • ❝ Elbows are not erogenous. At least, I didn’t think they were. ❞
  • ❝ I was going to run down the middle of the street like the Terminator. ❞
  • ❝ I’m going out stalking. ❞
  • ❝ I want to juice your head like a lemon. ❞
  • ❝ One of the corporate lawyers told me in the kitchen he was, quote, ‘a fucking hardass’. ❞
  • ❝ I’m an evil mastermind! ❞
  • ❝ I love when a restaurant worker finds a body in a dumpster. ❞
  • ❝ Did you just quote Martin Luther King Jr. in relation to your car? ❞
  • ❝ Screw human civilization and all it entails. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t want anything that means I can’t have you. There’s nothing worth it. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t know whether to laugh or scream. ❞
  • ❝ Take me in there, feed me pastry, and then drive me back to your pretty blue bedroom. ❞
  • ❝ Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. ❞
  • ❝ Let me deal with him. If he turns up dead in the river you’ll know to keep your mouth shut and provide me an alibi. ❞
  • ❝ I think my underwear is curling off me like burning paper. ❞
  • ❝ So, how was work? You clearly missed me. ❞
  • ❝ I tried abusing some of the gentle folk in payroll but they got all teary. ❞
  • ❝ Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. ❞
  • ❝ I always thought you’d live underground somewhere, near the earth’s core. ❞
  • ❝ You can’t completely neglect him, yet trash his choices. ❞
  • ❝ What are you imagining? Your expression is filthy. ❞
  • ❝ I’m like the mayor of a city I’ve never seen. ❞
  • ❝ I can only apologize in advance for the things I’ll do to you. ❞
  • ❝ Maybe you should have hired someone better looking than me. ❞
  • ❝ You seriously got those abs while listening to Poison and Bon Jovi. ❞
  • ❝ I hate being asked about myself. ❞
‘Abs won’t change the fact that he’s ugly’

Just a piece of work that I’ve just made. Seeing a few stupid comments these days about ‘how ugly is Jongdae’ it makes me want to knock those people in their faces. Hell, Jongdae is one of the most beautiful men I know and coming here and saying words like ‘No one will be over Jongdae if he strips because abs won’t change the fact that he is ugly.’ I’m sorry but not really, dear hater, but you must have a problem. You’re blind of something if you call him ‘ugly.’

In your case, ugly means how your heart looks like because calling a fucking beautiful soul ‘ulgy’ it’s more than stupid. He has one of the most magnanimous hearts in this whole world. He even feels bad because a few people leave in bad conditions and he has a good life. Excuse me if he doesn’t fit in your crazy ‘high’ beauty standards but you can just dream about a boy with a jaw like his, cheekbones, kitten lips and those sweet eyes and butt.

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Aren’t I mentioned about his Adam apple yet?

Just saying…

Thighs too…

anonymous asked:

I never understood why people say that Freed looks girly anyway. Is it his long hair? I bet if he had short hair people wouldn't say that he looks more feminine. Only yesterday I saw a post arguing that Freed does but the arguments were kinda weird and invalid b/c it was anime comparions and something about Freed having a rounder face or not-masculine clothes what isn't even a thing so I got kinda confused lol but whatever

Ah I believe I know which post you are referring to but yesterday I didn’t have the energy to comment/join the discussion so I just left it at that.

Anyway, much like you do I think it has to do a lot with his long hair and stereotypes (which is p dumb). I mean, we HAVE seen him with short hair

and um no, i cannot see anything ‘girly’ here either. To me he looks like a serious mafia guy who’s handsome and beautiful all the same. And the change of his hair length does NOT change anything about his facial features, obviously.

So I think many just go ahead and blame the long hair or ‘think’ it because of the long hair. Long hair on men is a discussed topic I think and there’s two opinions; either it looks good or it does not and Freed certainly rocks it. Hell, in some cultures long hair on men is/was considered a sign of strength and manliness. And nowadays is becoming more acceptable again, I think perfect examples are Brock O’Hurn or Gil Ofarim lmao.

About the face shapes, idk man I can’t really say something about this because honestly Mashima himself keeps changing them up in all of charas, it’s never 100% constant.

he has more time/more detailed work when he draws his twitter sketches of one single character because obviously one character is less work/and he’s more time for it than getting 20 pages of a chapter done with many characters. And Mashima gave us this blessing

Holy hot damn So I mean look at him?? Wtf he’s so handsome and he has the more oval/sharper face shape here as well and you get a better idea of his body statue as well (now knowing that this coat hides those nicely tones abs and arm muscles)

About his clothes uh well I don’t see anything feminine about it nor abt any of his behavior he is shown so I kinda do not get that too? No need to say more here I think. xD

The one facial feature that makes him look a bit ‘softer’ (idk what word to use lmao) to some is probably his added lashes but again, that’s not a women-only thing, he’s not an exception. Two examples:

At some point I had thought maybe it could be the eyebrows too but then I noticed lmao no literally 90% of the guys have thin eyebrows except for Laxus (and probably Orga).

So yes, Mashima did great with his design honestly and balancing out his long hair and facial features. I’ve seen guys with long hair that really honestly looked really feminine (which is not bad btw, men can have feminine touches and females can have masculine touches that’s just natural and does not equal x looks like a girl/x looks like a man, just to clarify!!)

Thank you.

Very Special Agent: Papa DiNozzo- Part 1

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*gif is a placeholder for @theenchantedgalleryofstories mood board*

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: None that I could tell. Let me know if I missed something.

Word Count: 2222

A/N: This is the follow up series to “Something Stupid”.  This can be read on it’s own, but some pieces will definitely make more sense if you have read “Something Stupid”. Thank you to @hamartiamacguffin for being an amazing beta!! Clears up why I definitely need to have someone look at my work more often! It was super intense and I think I need a nap haha! As always, feedback is very much appreciated!

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Title: The Locker Room

Group: Ikon
Member: Bobby x you
Type: Smut
Warnings: Blowjob. Unprotected sex. (Don’t do it kids, always use condom / other contraceptive.)
Song recommendations: ‘All I Do’ by Majid Jordan, ‘In My Feelings’ by Skoolie Escobar feat. Doja Cat, ‘Down In Flames’ by Cleopold [spotify link] [youtube link]

- - -

“Let’s do two sets with 10 reps each, ok? That’s also you Jinhwan. Don’t roll your eyes to me. And stop bowing!” I yell at the gym.

“Oh no, trainer-nim is angry!” The group of boys make fun of me while they keep bowing, trying hard not to laugh but at the same time look as humble as possible.

“I’ll show trainer-nim to you! Three sets 10 reps starting now!”

“Aaaagh!” a cry of protest fills the room and I smile pleased.

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It's Called Peacocking and I Will Have None of It

Hernst | 1748 Words | AO3

In which Ernst loves guys with nice abs and loses control of his mouth while trying to prove how not-gay he is.

This started as a joke and kind of? Spiralled a bit? I’m havin fun tho. Shoutout to @melgayiorgabor for beta reading and @alloftheus-es for helping me Keep Things Moving,, I lov u guys. Ab rant taken from here

Ernst loved Instagram. He wasn’t following a lot of people, outside of his friend group he followed 7 or 8 artists and a few photographers. He spent plenty of times in the tags so it didn’t matter, and besides he needed his feed to be as uncluttered as possible for a very important reason.

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Even (Drabble Challenge)

“You’re seriously like a man-child.”+ She’s hiding behind the sofa.” + “I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.” + “I just ironed these pants!” + Sehun (Idk if it’s smut, it’s definitely suggestive)

The recliner by the window almost tipped over as Sehun straddled you, kissing down your neck and eliciting choice moans. You squealed and clung to him before he balanced himself. He sat back on your lap, pulling you forward with him. His lips never left your skin.

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An Unexpected Visit Chapter 1

Hope this is to your liking @whymeth

Chapter 1 //  Chapter 2 //  Chapter 3 //  Chapter 4 //  Chapter 5  // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 Finale

Jungkook x Y/N

Genre: Smut

Word count: 2587

Warnings: None

Notes: Rough and passionate sex with extensive foreplay. I’m serious when I say that there is at least 2000 words of smut in there!

Summary: Jungkook always flirts and teases you, even though you both know that your friend likes him. The problem is, you like him too, he just don’t know it. And one night, you just have to ‘tell’ him, in a certain way.


“Stop it. Right now.” You whispered angrily to the smirking boy standing behind you, who just happened to have his hand on your butt.

“Why?” He whispered back.

You could feel his breath on your ear, and it sent shivers up your spine.

“You know why.” You said, a little calmer, and with a hint of pity in your voice. And he did, he did know why. You both knew how much your friend liked him. Still, he didn’t care. He had said it to you many times, “I only want you Y/N.” And it made you both pissed, and exited. You hated yourself for wanting him. Your friend had told you about it, way before you felt anything for Jungkook. It was his fault. He always flirted with you, making your heart race and your blood pump. The worst thing about it, was that he could have you, as many times as he wanted, if it weren’t for your friend. And he wanted you, so bad. He made it quite obvious too; The way he suddenly grabbed your ass when no one was looking, the way he said your name, the way his eyes lit up every time he saw you, and most obvious of all, the way he had to go to the bathroom to stop his bulge from getting bigger. And oh my god how wanted to help him. You wanted him just as bad as he wanted you. And you felt so guilty about it. Until one day, it was too much to handle, and you broke.

Jungkook would never be with her anyways, you thought as you walked to his house. The normally 10 min walk, took this time 30 min. Mostly because you kept walking back and forth, wondering if you could go through with it or not.

Eventually, you ended up at his place. Two small knocks, and what felt like an eternity later, the door opened.

Jungkook stood there in his grey sweatpants and loose t-shirt, just looking at you. His eyes scanned you from top to bottom, and smiled. Not with that sexy grin he usually show you, but a friendly smile. It hit you like a punch in the stomach, and you stumbled back, going down a step on the stairs, turning your back to him. Don’t speak, don’t speak, don’t speak, you prayed in your head.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He said while stepping out.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I can’t do this! Your thoughts went through all the places in your brain to find an excuse to leave, until he grabbed your shoulder and turned you around.

“Has something happened?” A worried expression grew on his face.

And in that moment, your mind came clear.

“Fuck it.” You said while pulling his head down to your lips in a rough and passionate kiss.

His eyes went wide and his body stiffened. However, he returned your kiss, before pulling back to look at you. No words needed to be spoken as you looked at each other. He took your hand and dragged you inside, almost forgetting to close the door behind him. You threw your shoes off, and before you knew it, you were floating in the air. Jungkook had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder, making you gasp. He smacked your butt and a loud gasp escaped your lips, making him hum in approval.

He threw you on the bed, and stepped back to look at you. He seemed to like what he saw; you finally laying on his bed, hair all over the place and your blouse revealing the skin underneath. You bit your lip and sat on your knees. Itching to touch him, you moved closer and grabbed his t-shirt, pulling him over you. He landed hard, hands on either side of your head, making the mattress bounce underneath you. He shot down and kissed your jaw, roughly going down to your neck, biting on your soft skin along the way. He licked a stripe up to your ear and growled at you. A strangled sound escaped your closed mouth. You breathed heavily though your nose as he entwined your lips with his. Your hand found his back, and you scratched it, urging him to loose the shirt. He took the hint and moved away, pulling it off in a matter of seconds. His hand travelled to your pelvis, stroking your goosebumped skin, making you moan. His eyes were fixed with yours, while his hands travelled to your waist, going around to your back and pulling you up. Your eyes were covered when he pulled the blouse over your head. He was inches from your face when you recovered your sight. You bit your lip once again, and you could see the sparks in his eyes.

All of the pent up frustration of not being able to touch him, went through your mind. And at that moment, a brilliant idea of getting revenge, flooded to the smirk in your lips.

You took a handful of his hair, and pulled him back, while whispering,

“Now, it’s my turn.”

He licked the corner of his mouth, while giving you a stare of pure lust. You tugged on his hair again and he hissed. However, you were suprised when he removed your hand and pushed you back down.

“Not this time. This time, you’re mine.”

You gasped as he put a hand between your legs. Grabbing his arm, you gave him a stern look, which he only grinned back at. He shook his head slowly before he went up and down your body, biting and sucking on every piece of flesh he could find. You wanted to have your revenge for all the times he teased you, but it felt too good to make him stop.

“Take off your bra.” He whispered between his teeth and your skin.

You did as he said, and when you tossed it across the room, his head shot up to your breasts and bit your nipple. Your head flew back as a gasp left your lips. He hummed at your response as his hand massaged one of your boobs, while licking and sucking the other. Your throat made noises you’d never heard before, and it felt amazing.

As his head went down again, he grabbed your jeans and roughly pulled them off, making your body jump down the mattress. His face disappeared between your legs, and you felt a stinging sensation followed by a smooth, wet touch; Jungkook bit down on your inner thigh, hard, before licking and soothing the throbbing bite. He kissed it as he went upwards, making more, until he hit your panties. Continuing past it, he barely grazed your clothed clit with his chin, making you squirm and gasp. His large hands held you in place as he lifted himself up to you. He bit your bottom lip. Not too hard, but hard enough to make you flinch. He held your chin in place, as he licked and kissed your pounding lip. The feeling of pain and pleasure made your legs weak, and you loved it. You had never felt anything like that before. It was new and exiting, yet scary.

You entwined your fingers in his hair, as he pressed his lips to yours in a passionate fight for dominance. Your mouths opened slightly, and both your tongues clashed together. He seemed to be lost in the kiss. You took your chance to push him over. He lifted himself up on his elbows and looked at you. Just looked at you. No smirk, no look of disapproval. Until he laughed.

“You want to dominate me that badly?” His tongue poked out between his lips, before wetting them.

“You’ve teased me for so long Jungkook. I think I’ve deserved it, don’t you?”

He hummed in response. “Do your best.” He challenged you.

Oh, I intend to, you thought while grinning.

Your body hovered over him. Sitting slightly below his waist, you made sure not to touch his throbbing erection. You were going to tease him as much as possible, before you broke. And you knew you were going to, by how wet your panties were.

Your hands went over his toned abs. You knew he had been working out, but damn, those lines were to die for. He looked at you behind hooded eyelids. Still on his elbows, your tongue travelled up his chest, to his neck, then to his jaw. He breathed heavily, trying to remain calm. Your warm breath made him shiver, and you giggled in satisfaction. He groaned at you when you nibbled on his ear. You licked a wet line down his neck, before sucking purple marks on his collarbones. You eyes flicked up to meet his, as your hand went between you to tug on his sweatpants. Going just past the band, you felt only skin, no boxers.

“All bare underneath, huh?” You whispered seductively.

“Well if I knew you were coming, I wouldn’t be wearing anything at all.” He said with a grin that revealed his pearly white teeth.

You slid down his legs, until your head was above his crotch. He watched you with hungry eyes as your fingers slid underneath his waistband, and pulled them down, making his cock slap hard on his pelvis. His body tensed up at the feeling. He licked his lips and swallowed hard, while grabbing the sheets. You could see the beads of precum on his tip as you took him in your hand. You rubbed your thumb up and down his shaft, circling it around his tip, resulting in him throwing his head back. He moaned the most sexy sounds you had ever heard, and it turned you on beyond control. You free hand travelled to your wet, clothed pussy, and began circling your cit. He noticed, but didn’t care. He was giving in to the feelings of your hand rubbing him in every motion possible. Your hand pumped him a few times before your lips closed around his throbbing head. You felt his salty taste, and it made you even wetter. Bobbing your head up and down, you earned moans and growls and occasional whimpers. You experimented with your limits as you deepthroated him a few times. When you suddenly swallowed around his cock, he had to stop you.

“You know, I won’t last long if you keep doing that.” He said between breaths. “Why don’t you let me take care of you now?” He smiled as he pushed you down beneath him.

He pulled your soaked panties down. Taking them off, he tasted them before throwing it across the room. You bit your lip at his dirty action, and wanted him to do more. He grinned as his head dipped between your legs, pulling them over his shoulders, and holding your waist in a tight grip. You felt his hot breath near your soaked pussy, and your body tensed up as his tongue flicked your clit. Going through your folds, he tasted everything, sucked up everything, and licked everything. He explored your entire pussy before sticking his tongue in your entrance, making you arch your back. You grabbed his hair and tugged. He let out a growl, which sent vibrations to your entire body. You were incredibly over sensitive, and you felt everything he was doing to the last detail. How his tongue curled inside you, how the creases in his lips kissed your clit, how your folds fit perfectly in his mouth, and how every breath he took and let out, felt like a thousand lightning bolts, hammering against you.

It wasn’t long until you felt that unmistakable knot, forming in your stomach, and your legs began to shake. His tongue became more violent as he knew you were close. Your hands grabbed his arms and squeezed so hard, you were sure it would leave bruises. As the feeling washed over you, screams of pleasure filled the room, and you felt something you had never felt before. A release like any other. Jungkook stopped immediately, and his head popped up, all wet.

“Y/N! I didn’t know you could squirt!” He almost shouted in amazement.

Head spinning, you had to lay down for a few seconds before finally realizing what had happened.

“Wait.. what? I did what? How?” You said, clearly out of breath.

“How should I know? But damn! That was so fucking hot! Shit Y/N!”

You could only laugh when seeing his overly wet chin.

“But were not done yet.” He said as he pulled your body closer.

Your hands reached around his neck, while you licked all your juices off his chin, before sharing it with him in a rough and passionate kiss.

“God damn, you’re so hot.” He said while lifting your chin up, getting the perfect angle to suck on your neck.

You hummed in response as you felt your core getting hot again. Pushing you back down, he positioned himself between your legs. He pumped his cock a few times before sliding it over your wet folds, circling your clit, making your body jump at the sensitivity.

He pushed his tip in slowly before clashing inside you with a loud sound of skin hitting each other. Your hands grabbed the sheets and twirled them around, trying to get a good grip to hold on. His growls and moans became louder, and you swore the neighbors could hear you, especially by the way you screamed his name, over and over. He pounded into you, while grabbing your thighs. His face was covered in pleasure and concentration. He wanted to last as long as possible, to make you cum again. But with your over sensitivity, that was definitely not a problem.

He suddenly pulled out and flipped you over, positioning you on all four. He immediately pushed back inside, and thrusted deep, hitting all the right spots. His hands grabbed your ass, squeezing it tight before spanking you. Your body flinched, and he held you in place, soothingly stroking the red mark. You felt the stinging go away, as it soon returned by another spank. This time it was all pleasure. It was like when he bit your lip. It hurt at first, but then it felt good.

You felt your legs shake yet again, and you squeezed around his cock, making him spank you harder. Your arms gave in, and your upper body fell to the mattress. The knot was getting bigger and bigger as your second climax approached. At the same time, you could feel Jungkook getting sloppier, thrusting more fiercely, and without rhythm.

As the feeling washed over you, your walls clenched hard around him, making him cum within the last two, hard thrust, followed by some unwillingly aftershocks to ride it out. He collapsed beside you, panting for his hard life, as you lay there, exhausted by the amount of sensitivity in your lower body.

After a few moments, Jungkook came with a towel to clean you up.

“Do you want to take a shower? Or just go to sleep?” He asked with a soothing voice.

“Can we just lay here for a few more moments?”

He slid back into bed, pulling the covers over you. You nuzzled into his neck and appreciated the smell of him.

He stroked your back as he said, “You didn’t squirt the last time. Guess we have to work on that.” A wide grin forming on his face.

“I guess we do.” You giggled.

Cursed (pt 11)

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pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4 | pt 5 | pt 6 | pt 7 | pt 8 | pt 9 | pt 10 | pt 11 | pt 12 | pt 13 | pt 14

Cat!Yoongi x Reader AU

Warning: Rated M… to a certain degree

You’re not sure where your sudden burst of confidence came from, your hips subtly rocking against Yoongi’s with his hands settled on your rear, but you can’t help but thank god that you’re not embarrassing yourself yet. Your hands grip at the backrest of the bed, lips skimming over the porcelain flesh of his neck. His throat vibrates, lips parting to let loose a long groan that further increases your excitement.

His hardness is apparent against your clothed arousal, working yourself harder against him and relishing the grunt of approval that escapes his swollen lips. You taint his pale skin with red and purple galaxies, lapping and gently pecking at your artwork before he pulls you away long enough before crushing his mouth against yours.

There’s not enough time to entwine your tongues together before he tears away from you. He doesn’t say anything, except direct your hands down to the waistband of his sweats. The tent formed is prominent, your cheeks pinking as you reach down to cup him through the fabric of his bottoms. Grunting, he nods at your wide eyes, watching with hooded eyes as you gulp and hesitantly move your hand, palming him.

Looking up, you take this brief moment to examine the work you’ve done. Somewhere along the way in the middle of making out, you managed to pull off his shirt and fling it somewhere across the room, revealing more of his pale skin, upper body not overly muscular but still lean as you run your fingers down his torso. His stomach didn’t have those heavily defined chocolate abs you’d seen idols have, they were subtle and you could still feel the muscles and indentions underneath his skin. Littered along his neck and collarbones in no orderly fashioned were the sizable swells of your lovebites, a certain sense of satisfaction and possessiveness washing over you at the thought and sight of marking Yoongi. His eyes are complete darkness, barely open with his pink lips parted, tempting you for yet another kiss. Gray hair is splayed messily across his forehead, matted and sticking to his skin with sweat.

“Kitten, don’t tease,” he rasps, voice low and dangerously sexy in your ears, “Come on, take it off.”

Gnawing on your lower lip in anticipation, you nod, sliding off his lap and positioning yourself in between his legs before you curl your fingers around the hem of both his sweats and his underwear, feeling your heart pounding in your ears as you slowly pull downwards. All you can hear in this moment is his bated breath, the quiet groan that barely kisses your ears under the friction of the material gliding over his straining erection.

You commit to memory the sight of his exposed hips, anxious to see what he’s hiding underneath these damned clothes. Leaning forward, you find the confidence to leave teasing kisses around his navel, pressing down slightly when he raises his hips impatiently.

Just as the waistband crosses over what should be his hardened member, there’s nothing.

There’s nothing to slide the sweats off of.

In fact, you find your face buried in fur, a frustrated growl vibrating from what you suppose is the stomach of a now cat Yoongi. The bottoms hang limp in between your fingers as you blink in surprise at the sudden appearance of his cat form.

You can’t help but stifle an amused giggle at the inconvenience of his transformation. You’re slightly disappointed, your arousal slowly ebbing away, but you can’t help but laugh at the frustration apparent in Yoongi’s hushed curses and pouting.

“What the fuck!” he roars, tail puffing up menacingly, or at least adorably in your eyes. He snaps his head up to glare at you, hissing at your very horribly stifled laughter, “What the fuck are you laughing at?! Just fucking perfect to interrupt a moment like that!”

Shaking your head, you let go of his clothes in favor of pulling him up and onto your lap despite his flailing limbs and hissing for you to let him go, “Calm down tiger, it’s not the end of the world, maybe next time, yeah?”

He scoffs, but gives in to the comfort of your fingers gently combing through his metallic fur, closing his eyes and purring in delight at the sensation. It wasn’t anything like the pleasure of you palming him through his sweats or sucking bruises into his skin until he was dizzy and trying to keep a tight grasp of reality, but after being a cat for so long, it’s a nice feeling and surely he couldn’t stay mad as you coax him to curl up beside you on the bed.

“Goodnight Yoongi,” you whisper, smiling when he purrs rather loudly, already dozing off.


In the morning, you wake up to darkness, your face warm and your nose inhaling fur. When you finally wake up, you realize it’s Yoongi and you shove him off your face with a frown.

He however doesn’t wake up, more like grunts before nestling closer to your pillow with a soft rumbling purr. Poking him might have been the worst idea when his claws peek out from in between his paws and swipe at your finger. You hiss, pulling your hand away and frowning at the blood dripping from the tiny cuts on the digit.

“What the hell…” you sigh, finally getting up from bed to head towards the bathroom.

As you dress your finger with a few bandaids, you can’t help but wonder if you’d really want Yoongi to be lifted from his curse. Sure your sex lives might get interrupted from time to time if you’re unlucky, but seeing him as a cat was way too adorable. Maybe you’re just scared of the idea that he’ll run away the second those chains around his neck breaks and he’s free and permanently human.

Before you leave for work that day, you plant a kiss on his small head, in between his flattened ears, with a soft smile.

Once the door is closed and locked, Yoongi is woken up by a sudden weight that dips the mattress. He knows you must have left and is confused until he hears the humming of a familiar voice.

“What the fuck do you want now?”

He raises his head, eyes opening to reveal black slits for pupils, narrowing when he sees Jinri lounged on your bed casually.

“You two sure had a fun time together last night,” she smirks, hooking a finger around the chain link on his neck, “Too bad it had to be so rudely interrupted by your transformation.”

“You’re a bitch,” he snarls, baring his teeth at her with a hiss.

“So I’ve heard… but you know Yoongi-ah,” she pauses, caressing his head gently but he snaps and digs his claws into her wrist, “Time is ticking.”

She disappears with the snap of her fingers, absolutely no trace of her visit except the wrinkled sheets underneath the spot she sat on.

Sighing, he rolled over onto his back, releasing the breath he unknowingly held back, “Fuck..”


“So~ Did you do it?”

You blink, tilting your head slightly at your friend, squinting at her lewd smile, “What do you mean?”

She groans, dropping her head and motioning wildly with her hands, “You know what I mean! Returning the favor man!”

“O-oh that…” you frown, cheeks flushing when you think about last night and how you both were interrupted by his abrupt transformation, “We uh… tried…”

“What do you mean tried?” she balks, face contorting in confusion trying to make sense of your words, “Did you ruin it? Were you so inexperienced that he went flaccid?! Oh my god (Y/n), how could you ruin it with a complete God–”

“I-It’s not like that!” you stammer, biting your lip and looking around the break room to see that no one else was paying any attention to your conversation, “We were interrupted… I guess.”

You weren’t really lying. His transformation did interrupt what was about to happen. You’re not sure if you’re more disappointed at not having the chance to try going down on Yoongi or relieved that you don’t have to embarrass yourself in front of him with your inexperience.

“I don’t even want to know,” She sighs, before her expression softens, “Do you trust him?” It’s a complete turn around and a sudden question that takes you by surprise. Why would she suddenly want to know if you trust Yoongi?

“Trust? Of course I trust him,” you say, blinking at her as if it was the most obvious answer.

“So you’d give your virginity to him?”

You sputter, waving your hands all over, “Wh-what? I-I er we… uh well I mean… I guess… yeah…”

“You’re so adorable,” she grins, pinching your cheeks teasingly, “It’s still a wonder how you managed to grab a guy like that.”

“Yeah.. I don’t know… either,” you smile, thinking about Yoongi waiting at home, whether he be in his cat form or human form, “Hey… I think I’m falling for him… and I don’t know what to do…”

Maybe it was fate or pure luck that out of all the pet stores, you went to that pet store, and out of all the cats you saw there, he was the one that caught your eye - even more than the adorable ball of white fluff in the cage beside him.

“Do you… uh… love your boyfriend?” you ask, feeling your face heat up in embarrassment, “S-sorry… that was a stupid question… I err fuck sorry…”

“It’s okay,” she laughs, waving her hand around in dismissal, “But yeah, of course I love him, he’s an idiot but he always makes me fall in love with him over and over again like it’s the first time… I’m happy for you (Y/n)… as long as he makes you happy.”


Later when you head out at the end of the work day, you spot Namjoon as he’s about to exit the building. You smile, ready to call out his name and ask about his day, until you remember yesterday when he told you he was going to keep his distance.

However, as if he could hear your thoughts, he looks over, spotting you in the process. You expect him to ignore you or frown, but he smiles slightly and waves before heading out the glass doors.

Your stomach twists, but you push the feeling aside and head out the door to head back home. As you wait at the bus stop for a ride home, you can’t help the eerie feeling you have, goosebumps skittering across the bare skin on your arms.

When the bus arrives, you immediately get on and take a seat, mid-ride there’s a sudden presence beside you. Turning, you hold back the shriek about ready to leap out of your throat. You’re pretty sure the seat beside you was vacant, but there’s a woman sitting there out of the blue. You figure she must have been tired of standing for so long and needed a seat, but then again she would’ve sat the second she got on the bus instead of going through the trouble of holding onto the rails across the top and stand.

When she turns you feel your soul leave your body when it’s Jinri, smiling rather sweetly, a little too sweetly, at you.

“What a surprise,” she says bluntly, “How are you and Yoongi?”

No beating around the bush, you think bitterly, leaning back a little as she cocks her head to the side, “He hasn’t even fucked you yet huh… To think you were going to be an easy fuck…” She whispers the last part more to herself, but it irks you how loud she says it for you to be able to hear her.

“Excuse me?”

She blinks, smiling innocently, before waving it off, “Ah nothing… but allow me to ask a little question (Y/n).”

For a brief second her eyes meet yours, you shiver, and you could swear that you saw nothing but pitch black, the whites of her eyes gone, but in a blink they’re normal. You must be going crazy or something, everything from Yoongi’s curse and this lady is honestly messing with your head.

“Do you trust him?”

(A/n): Lmao don’t kill me. Also sorry for the short chapter and late update ^^: next update is much longer and a smut so ahah…. please don’t hate me lol

Dear Jiary | 160926

Coffee In Bed | Dear Jiary (Jackson)

Genre: F + M

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Peter Parker being jealous would include...

Originally posted by teamunderoos

Request Are Open!!!!!

  • him not knowing what to do
  • like he doesn’t know if he should just leave it alone or act upon it
  • he would probably try to act menacing in front of the other guy but would fail miserably 
  • he would try and raise his eyebrows or glare at the guy but he would look absolutely mental
  • you rolling your eyes each time he does that face
  • him ALWAYS wrapping his arm around your waist when it happens to be a attractive guy
  • you looking at the guy with an apologetic look
  • him not leaving your side for a couple of hours just to make sure it doesn’t happen again
  • you having to reassure him that you only have eyes for him
  • him knowing but also knowing where guys usually let their eyes wonder and that’s what bothers him
  • him apologizing for acting out but you always telling him that he shouldn’t because it’s normal to feel that way
  • him asking what you mean by that 
  • you having to tell him about how you sometimes get jealous of how girls fangirl over spiderman
  • him smirking for the rest of the year because of that
  • after talking about it you guys would cuddle and just lay there talking about what you love most about the other person and how you couldn’t imagine not having them in their life
  • you looking forward to those talks
  • even after you guys talk about how you would never leave each other for another person he still would get jealous
  • and it wouldn’t be something that he can control because he’s always scared that he’s going to lose you 
  • you telling him that over and over again that it won’t happen 
  • Peter getting abs so that you would be more into him
  • you telling him that you don’t care if he has abs or not but he still works out
  • you loving to watch him in a not creepy way
  • even after that he would still be jealous but by now everyone has heard of the weird face he does so they kinda back off
  • I honestly believe that the unlucky guy who didn’t stop flirting with you even after Peter intervened would probably get a not so pleasant visit from spiderman
  • he would probably web the guy on the wall 
  • you knowing about it and trying to talk him out of it but when he sends pictures you can’t stop but giggle at the weird positions he webs them into
  • Mr Stark finding out and grounding Peter
  • Peter not regretting it one bit
Merry Christmas, @hotaruyuki!

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Chasing After You

All his life, Derek has been trying to catch up with Stiles. Even when they were young and played tag in the forest edging his backyard, Derek was always a step behind. Stiles was fast and clever, and whenever Derek felt he was just about to tag him, Stiles would maneuver just out of his grasp with a laugh and a smile.

They’re older now, and the game is different but the feeling remains: the way Derek’s chest wants to burst with the effects of chasing after him, the way his eyes immediately search the area for any glimpse of Stiles, the echoes of his bright laughter tickling his ears.

Derek thinks about this now as he waits for Stiles to come pick him up. Stiles has been in Italy since January, doing a semester abroad for the second half of his freshman year. Derek has never gone that long without seeing Stiles in person, and even the promised Skype sessions never really happened–there was the time zone differences, the various schedule conflicts, the need for sleep. Derek has been trying not to think about it, about how he hasn’t actually seen Stiles’ face in over five months. He tells himself that Stiles did call him the moment he got back into the States and that they’re going to see each other now, but it’s hard.

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Fashionista AU

1775 words
i am wildcat, vanoss, h2o delirious, cartoonz
otp4 = h2ovancatoonz


The very first time Delirious finds the writing hidden in his clothes he thinks he’s going mad.

It’s after five in the afternoon, and he didn’t sleep at all last night, tossing and turning so much that he had to get up and walk around in the hallway outside their apartment so he wouldn’t wake the others because he just couldn’t sleep. He’s so tired he’s nearly swaying on his feet, what if he falls, what if he trips, what he does something wrong and it messes everything up and Wildcat’s designs are ruined and he’s laughed off the stage, what if?

All around him are tall, beautiful skinny models, he’s the shortest of the bunch and he pokes a soft lump of belly fat miserably, he’ll never be like them.

This day has been going on forever, nothing seems to end his head is pounding pounding a rhythm so hard there must be drums inside him and he steps up behind the curtain, nervous to all hell and tugging at his shirt sleeves when he sees it–

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The One with the Russian Vodka

olicity || ao3 || explicit || smut & angst || 1360 || more fics

summary: late night, russian vodka, and a mistake

a/n: because stephen’s headcanons are always fun to write (: 

Felicity let out a long sigh as she took out her ear piece for the night. Cleaning up Star City had been a lot harder than either of them had anticipated. They were short several team members, leaving the both of them to do most of the work. It had been this way for a little over three months. Vigilantes were cropping up all over the city, but Oliver continued to work on the streets alone. She wished that he wouldn’t, but he was more than a little hardheaded about certain things.

“Another budding gang taken out,” he said as he entered the bunker.

“Yep,” she pushed herself from her desk.

Sometimes it was still difficult to be around him like this. She wanted to be there and wanted to help both him and the city, but constantly being around her ex-fiancé was a different kind of stress.

“You look tired,” he mumbled, unzipping his suit.

She shook her head, “I’m alright,” she said quietly.

Her gaze moved down his chest for a quick moment. Okay, what was wrong with her tonight? She was usually better than this. Clearing her throat, she turned her head away from him and let him change in peace.

Even before they were together she had a bad habit of observing and enjoying his physique, making it a hard habit to break now that they weren’t together. Especially on those days when he trained for hours. Sweat rolling down his chest and abs as he worked with the dummy or clang clang clanged on the salmon ladder. It wasn’t just his body that she missed. She missed him, being with him in both intimate and non-intimate ways. It was complete torture some days.

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Jimin’s Junk

Due to popular request, a study of what’s inside Park Jimin’s pants:

1. Abs + Junk Power Duo

Because who the fuck told him it was okay to flash his abs and thrust his package practically in our faces?

2. Choreography

Because, damn son, those moves are definitely working in your favour…


Like he’s literally grabbing his dick!! I can’t survive!!

3. Just, well, standing.

I mean he’s not even doing anything and he’s still drawing attention to his crotch? Thanks Park Jimin, thanks.

I mean he does stand out…


^rlly study this one, its bigger than you first think….

To conclude, we are blessed to witness such a beautiful crotch and yoongi is a lucky man

I’m gonna break it down and explain why Brownham is such an appealing ship, because I myself have thought, ‘what?Will and that orderly?what’s his name?Matthewww Brownnn?ho w r TheY A thingg?’

  • Matthew is a puppy who is obsessed with Will (we know Will loves puppies)
  • that is his face when he looks at Will. So in awe, look at this cutie
  • He loves him so much he almost kills a dude for him
  • look at those murder abs jesus christ
  • Matthew and Will are both poetic bastards
  • “We are hawks Mr Graham.” “Hawks are solitary” “What if the hawks started working together?”
  • Matthew canonically has control to manipulate the mics and cameras in the hospital
  • Hot prison sex
  • Fanfic has a lot to offer- you can have smut, fluff, hurt/comfort, angst
  • the fluff here is off the wall, I dare Hannigram to hold a candle to Brownham fluff (this is coming from a Hannigram shipper)
  • They are so precious together
  • It’s a completely logical train of thought that while Will is depressed in prison Matthew would comfort him
  • Matthew calling Will baby or Mr Graham is the greatest thing and is just as good as Will calling him Matty
  • I want them to travel around and be vigilante killers in love
  • Matthew just has so MUCH LOVE FOR WILL
  • (i dunno if i can ever go fully back to hannigram i swear on my soul brownham has destroyed me)