look at him working those abs

Sutures and Stitches [m] (ft. Jeongguk) Part 1

Genre: Angst, action, fluff, mature (mentions of blood, wounds, medical jargon) (smut in future chapters)

→ Jungkook/Reader

→ 1.7k words

Summary: hitman!jeongguk and medstudent!Y/N bestfriends!au; Jeongguk always shows up to your place or hospital whenever he gets hurt because you guys are best friends and you patch him up, but he has no idea that every time you stitch up his wounds, it tears open new wounds in your own heart. 

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

It was your secret that your best friend was a hitman, and his secret that his best friend was a medical resident currently $200k in debt and working 80 hours a week saving people. But it worked out somehow. He kept you safe by walking you home to your dingy and dangerous apartment every night after your rounds ended in the dark hours of the night, and you helped him patch up any wounds and kept it secret from his friends and yours. It was a symbiotic relationship, dangerous anyhow, but it worked.

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this is the reason this blog was made (that and @daddybek and @yuratchka-speaks and @beka-speaks )

-Everyone talks about how amazING skater’s butts are. This is true.
-but have you considered
-their thighs
-SPECIFICALLY YURA’S i mean look ballet already gives you strong ass thighs, adding ice skating in the mix?
-yes that is me screeching in the distance
-Yuri worked so hard to get his “teardrop” (the muscle in your thigh that becomes hella prominent if you constantly work at it) and i bet my entire ass that he wears tight jeans/tights/leggings to show off just how great his thighs are.
-oh, and otabek drools over them.
-he already loves everything about yuri (his hair, his abs, his neck-) but those thighs.
-he has ranted to his friends about how aMAZING THEY ARE and his friends tease him about it constantly
-oh boy oh boy, when yuri wears skirts/dresses? he nearly falls to his knees in defeat. he looks too good.
(small disclaimer^- clothes aren’t gendered and i’m a guy and love wearing dresses and skirts so :))
-yuri’s thighs are great


Alright, so, @cinnamon-toast-cronch and I made a few headcanons about Michelle checking Peter out, because we all know she does it. Like who wouldn’t?

  • Alright, so
  • even before the two of them got together, Michelle always appreciated Peter’s physique
  • even before the spider-bite, he wasn’t that bad
  • like sure he was skinny and shit, but he was still pretty attractive
  • anyway
  • after the trip to Oscorp, my boi gained like 40 pounds of muscle in a few days
  • most people didn’t notice because of his sweaters and shit
  • but MJ did
  • because she’s observant definitely not because she’s obsessed with him
  • also she knows that he is Spider-Man, but that’s beside the point
  • anyway
  • she’s in P.E. one day, reading a book
  • or at least, she WAS reading a book, before she noticed Him™
  • doing pull ups
  • like 30 a minute what the shit parker, are u trying to keep ur secret identity or nah?
  • he was all sweaty and stuff bc of some spider-man business before that
  • and boi
  • the shirt is clinging to him, literally clinging
  • she knew he was well defined and stuff, he has to be to be Spider-Man
  • (+ she saw him in his suit)
  • but like
  • she is SHOOK
  • she can literally see the veins on his abs even from that distance
  • like she is pretty sure he can crack a walnut between those abs
  • Captain America Level Abs™
  • he stops mid pull-up and looks at her
  • she quickly averts her gaze
  • when she looks at him two minutes later, he is doing sit-ups with Ned
  • after that day, it becomes a daily occurrence in every P.E. class
  • he works out and she checks him out without shame
  • once they start dating tho
  • she buys him like five t-shirts (with lame puns) for his birthday
  • surprise surprise, all of them are a size too small
  • the shirts are tight on his shoulders and chest
  • and his abs are blatantly visible to everyone
  • and MJ loves it
  • Loves It™
  • except for the part that other girls (and guys [read: Flash]) check him out
  • cue to death glare and a Territorial Michelle™
  • anyway
  • when they cuddle tho shirtless, and she has her head in the crook of his neck
  • she traces his abs with her fingers, gently scratching and caressing them
  • and remember, this kid can lift a goddamn bus with his bare hands
  • but he turns to putty when she does that
  • like his stomach quivers and goosebumps erupt whenever she touches him like that
  • and she loves it, that she has this kind of effect on him
  • because he affects her just the same
  • and what happens afterwards, well, that’s not very PG

Okay, this is a complete mess, and it’s my first time writing headcanons like that, so I apologize. Anyway, I promised to tag @spideychelle-romanogers and @fangirl-and-her-ships

It was weird at first seeing my roommate Andy after holiday. I mean, I don’t expect such a socially awkward and bookworm like Andy want to do some weightlifting, let alone to the gym. But after summer break earlier this year, he came back to the campus looking like one hell of a different person. Somehow, he became jacked as fuck, like really jacked with those bulging biceps and triceps I can’t even build for the whole year. He also got his braces off and somehow tanned, making his popping-out-of-nowhere abs more visible than ever. But he’s still the same nerd I used to know, only this time he scheduled some gym session crammed in his daily schedule. Well, I’m happy for him though and seeing him working out like crazy while maintaining his study, I’m actually quite jealous on how good he is in balancing his life. When my mind dazed thinking about him while listening to some music on my earphone, he tapped me on my shoulder
“Hey, you know, I actually want to go to a party, you know, that one held by the frat,”
“Wow, good for you. Have fun then, I’m not in the mood today,”
“Umh……well, should I? I mean I’m not as confident as you, I don’t know how can I blend in there,”
“Bro, you’re hot, just put on some a little too tight clothes to show off those bis and tris and also pecs you have, put on some short jeans that will showcase that ass of yours and you’re good to go,”
“Yeah…..but, you know what, fuck it……”
All in a sudden, he grabbed my head and then I don’t know…….I just dazed for a while as he put on some sleeveless shirt and shorts as he strutted out from the room like a new man,
“Thanks for sharing man, I’m confident enough now,”
Well, I always questioned why the hell such a loose, fun and confident guy like Andy ever asked me how to blend in to the party. I mean, I’m socially quite awkward, that’s why I don’t go to parties at all.

Flirt - Alfie Solomons

Hello love can I request an Alfie (Peaky Blinders) one where he gets jealous seeing you talk to other men at the bakery? Thanks love your work :)) 

Flirt - Alfie Solomons

“Nah, see the barrel is actually oak wood,” Abe began. He had been working in Alfie’s bakery for the last couple of years and you had known him even longer than that. He was a friendly enough man to know but once you asked him a question he was bound to bullshit a story so intricate it took hours to tell. Which is how you found yourself now. At the mercy of Abe’s story.  

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The Great Outdoors

A/N: My first AU! This was written for @tatortot2701 ‘s AU challenge and it was a lot of fun. It was supposed to be a short little thing, but it turns out I am one wordy son of a gun and it kind of got away from me. Oh, well. I hope you enjoy it! If you notice any errors or have any comments, don’t hesitate to let me know!  

Summary: You and the gang go camping. Could this be the weekend you finally make a move on Steve? Mostly fluff.

 Warnings: Language and drinking

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“Shit shit shit bastard fuck.”

I’d woken early, which wasn’t something my body often allowed me to do, but that day I did it with no qualms at all.
It had taken me around ten minutes of routing through cupboards to find some bandages, quickly wrapping my wrist up. I’d never seen my own skin in such a bad state. The purple was so dark it was almost black, patterned by red droplets of blood that had crept their way to the surface, and yellow bruises that were so bright they were almost luminous. Beneath all of that, was a burnt red colour that almost seemed to highlight the rest of the new colours upon my arm.
So I’d wrapped it up, ignoring the pain and just covering it.

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Mafia Princess (6/?)

Steve x Reader
Summary You’re the well-known daughter of high-profile mob boss, Tony Stark. When Stefano “Steve” Rogers comes to town to conduct business for his father, your father insists that you spend time with him, showing him the town. You know that there’s more to it than just that and you’re determined to find out what’s going on between the families before you get in over your head with Steve but he’s certainly going out of his way to entice you. When you learn what’s in store, will you fight your fate or accept your destiny as Mafia Princess?
Warnings swearing, dry humping, slapping someone, flirting, kissing, sexual tension
AN This was supposed to be a oneshot for @whotheeffisbucky ‘s challenge but it got way out of control…. and there seems to be a slow burn happening… 
There’s Italian throughout the fic because I felt that they would speak that way (I mean, my family does so yeah…) I hope you enjoy it! There’s smut so 18+. Tags are open and feedback is always welcome!

Ciao bella, come stai?: hi sweetie, how are you?
Due arancini e una quattro stagioni, per favore: two rice balls and a quattro stagioni (pizza with artichokes, black olives, mushrooms, and proscuitto/ham)
Tesoro: darling/treasure

You found Steve waiting for you in the library; he was sitting in one of the sofa chairs reading a book. When you approached him, he looked up, his gaze taking you in.

“I’m ready.”

“I can see that.”

“What are you reading?”

He stood up and stretched, his shirt raising slightly and you caught sight of those delicious abs. He caught you staring and smirked at you, “Nothing important.”

You glanced down at the cover and chuckled, “How to Make Friends and Influence People? Really?”

He shrugged and smiled, “It was something to read.”

You took his and pulled him up, “Somehow I think that you don’t really care to make friends.”

Steve grinned at you, “That’s pretty accurate. In this line of work, friends are a liability. You know that.”

You nodded and started walking out of the library, sighing, “Unfortunately, that’s true.”

“Uh huh. Not everyone understands this lifestyle, cara, you know that.”

You sighed, “You’re telling me.” Walking to the front of the house, you turned to Steve and smiled, “Can I drive your car?”

He laughed at you, “Nope. Not today.”


When you arrived at the outdoor supply store, Steve dropped you off out front then went to park the car so you made your way towards the tent section of the store to wait for him. Looking at the different tents, a sales person approached you.

“You’ve got good taste,” he smiled at you.

Without even looking at him, you answered, “I know.”

He laughed, “It’s a great tent. Can fit up to ten people comfortably. How many people will you be going with?”

“Not that many.” You finally looked at him; he was cute but you weren’t sure if he was flirting with you.

“Well, even if you don’t have that many people, you can fit an air mattress and really stretch out.” He opened the door and made he was inside, “Come, I’ll show you.”

Holding the flap open for you, you looked around but still didn’t see Steve so letting out a small sigh, you climbed in.

The associate leaned back, putting his hands behind his head and he stretched his legs out, “See? What’d I tell you, tons of room. Here, lie down.”

You lay down next to him and looked at the ceiling, “Oh yeah, so much room. Very spacious.”

He sat up and looked down at you, “Was I right or what?”

You laughed, “Yes, yes, you were right.”

At that moment, Steve popped his head in the tent and he did not look impressed, “I thought I heard your laugh.” He looked down at the sales associate, “What were you right about, buddy?”

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Lovebirds Grooming (Cody Christian x OFC)

AN: See, what’d I tell you? Give me asks and I give you fics. Haha. Kidding2. Okay, lemme clear up a few things. One, I have NO idea what’s it like on the Teen Wolf set, or any film set for the matter, so I made it as vague as I can and if there is any discrepancies, blame my imagination. Maybe tell me, gently, so I don’t make the same mistakes. Two, this is my first Cody Christian RPF but this is not my first attempt at writing him. He’s a complicated man to write, I’d give him that. He might come of as out of character, he might not, but I’m trying. Three, you might recognize the OC’s name, because I really like that name and all of my OC’s share the same name. If you want, you can picture a different face for the character.

Avery and Cody didn’t exactly get along when they first met. This leads to a little love/hate relationship between the two. Could there be more?

Bad summary, but give it a whirl. Just something I cooked up. And without further ado, I give you, Mr. Cody Christian, everybody.

Originally posted by iamthegirlyouddiefor

Avery came to work with a scowl. It was the day she had been dreading for weeks, the day that they would be filming the infamous torture scene for episode 15 of the last season. It was not that she hated the sequence or anything, it was just that the scene needed the werewolves to be wet and she was dreading how much one particular actor was going to enjoy getting wet.

A scoff passed her lips when she thought of one Cody Allen Christian. Out of all the actors of Teen Wolf, she had trouble dealing with him the most. She thought him vain, attention-hungry. Her first impression of him was that he is one of those gym rats that works out all the time, confident of his body and his looks and unashamed to flaunt it whenever he could.

It’s not that going to the gym are bad or anything. To her, it’s okay to exercise to keep healthy. It’s just that these body builders tend to get arrogant and overboard. And looking at Cody, she could see that he treats his body more like an amusement park than a temple. He had no qualms showing his abs or flexing his arms whenever there are people and cameras around.

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Lifeguard Babes | FF15 Headcanons |

All inspired by Leon Chiro’s Baywatch Gladiolus photos, they are very fantastic indeed. A great way to turn in a cosplay disaster of losing your luggage to a success. @leonchiro <3

So how would our Chocobros be if they were lifeguards? Which one would you like to go save the day if you were swept away at seas or drowning in the pool? (There will be a Gladiolus x Reader fic with this coming out later)

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Noctis: Water-front at a camp ground. His father insisted that he get a summer job, Noctis just wanted to fish. So they compromised and he took up a life guard position at the local camp ground. When the kiddos are at other activities the prince is fishing. Noctis knows the basic first aid stuff, knows the whistle protocol really well teaches it all to the kids so he doesn’t have to repeat himself. The lake is quite stable with aquatic life a lot of ducks, fish, leeches and geese, most of the time Noctis is spent rescuing the animals that the kids find hurt or pulling off leeches. He’s quite alright with it though, he rather do that than worry about some kid drowning. When that does happen Noctis is quick to make his way over to the kid, Warpstriking to them pulling them to safety administering any necessary aid. Noctis isn’t much for chatting with the swimmers as he would rather nap, people wonder how he keeps a vigilant eye on the swimmers while he’s sleeping it’s almost like that strange little fox wandering around is keeping more of a eye out on things than he is. He wears just a pair of black swim shorts and his trusty whistle, Noctis is pale but he tans up quite well with a little bit of tanning oil.

Prompto: Water-park. At the local water park, it’s purely a summer job for Prompto. He’s a pro in the water taking to it like a fish, he’s a bit slack on his training but the park doesn’t require him to be fully-certified in all the training just the basics. It’s not that he isn’t smart it’s the fact that some are really pretty females that he would have to give CPR to and that flusters him a lot. He’s great at reeling in the kids and making sure that no bullying happens. From time to time Prompto feels like he’s a baby sitter but he enjoys the kids being happy. He mans the pool on the weekend and busy weekday periods and on the slow days he’s monitoring the lazy river ride. Prompto likes to flirt with anyone that comes up to him to talk about his job always asking for a snapshot of them. Due to his insecurities about his stretchmarks Prompto opts to wear the company tank top for his uniform along with swim shorts. He is also one to always have sunblock with him just in case somebody forgets, he burns like no tomorrow with that fair skin he is always prepared for that. On his fanny-bag he carries the basic medic needs so he doesn’t always have to run to the Lookout Deck for the kit. Always armed with Chocobo band-aids, random candies, aloe and sunblock.

Ignis: Poolside at a fancy resort. Ignis is master of the 10:20 System taught in England scanning the area every ten seconds and only twenty seconds from his swimmers. The resort did not require him to be fully certified but he views “better safe than sorry” as a rule of thumb. There is no running at his pool, Ignis has zero tolerance for running at the pools edge you will get in a time out. Hell he put a thief in time out for running with a purse, not allowing the cops to take him until he finished serving his time, “rules are rules”. Ignis knows how to spot all the types of swimmers, from passive drowning victims to normal swimmers he knows when someone is faking it and truly needing his skills. Ignis is not too fond of the ones that fake drowning, it is insulting to actual victims of the perilous waters. Ignis wears his uniform to a T daily, crisp tan shorts, white tank top with the resort logo on it. Always has a thermos full of Ebony to keep him alert at all times, puns and stories galore to anyone that will listen. And plenty listen to that gorgeous accent, that never keeps him from his work he’s quite good at multi tasking.

Gladiolus: Beach front. Gladiolus takes his seriously but he also knows how to have fun with it. Everyone enjoys their day at the beach when Gladiolus is on duty. He arrives early each morning to take a nice refreshing swim in water enjoying the sunrise from past the barrier, taking to the water like a fish. He has a lot of endurance to swimming, able to carry (safely) two bodies while fighting against a current to bring them back to shore. Gladiolus is fully certified in all the areas, from first aid, rescue aid, signals, reading water currents and dealing with unruly guests. If a party is getting out of hands he is perfect at containing it and makes sure no under age drinking happens on his watch. Pretty much everyone flocks to Gladiolus to talk to and admire him even some come to watch him work out in the morning just to see those abs glisten in the morning sunlight.  He might seem like a totally party boy but if things are going down and a swimmer is drowning (fake or not) Gladiolus is out there to save the day. If they are faking it he tends to get a bit peeved by it but he will make them run to the local shop to buy him some cup noodles as repayment for that. Gladiolus doesn’t spend much time at the Look Out stand he’s more of a stroller, prowling the beach that way for trouble. When the beach is quiet Gladiolus will go to the Look Out stand and read, it ranges from the latest beach read to a hardcore thriller. His outfit is noticeable, shorts, a jacket emblazoned with Gauldin Quay Beach Lifeguard, whistle and a pack carrying necessary medical needs. On his off days he’s at the beach, swimming and playing volleyball with the rest enjoying his time and will pop in to help out if it’s really crowded.

The Joker x Reader - “Gotham’s Gift to Women”

While coming back from the club, you and The Joker were involved in a car accident and both got some nasty concussions. For same strange reason, you don’t remember each other. Hopefully it won’t last for too long, but in the meantime poor Frost has to deal with two calamities clashing. You can’t stop the damage; one hopes to contain it.

“Are you sure he’s my boyfriend?” you pull on Frost’s jacket, not trusting what he just told you. He is standing to your right after shortly briefing Gotham’s King and Queen about what happened.

“Yes, Y/N, Mister J is your boyfriend,” Jonny confirms, trying to keep things together. Knowing you two, it’s not going to be easy.

“Are you sure? He seems so grouchy,” you pucker your lips, looking at The Joker that sits at the other end of the table, crabby as hell. “But I have a bubbly personality, why would I be with someone cranky like him?” you insist and poor Frost hopes shit won’t go down.

“You realize I can hear you, right?” J snarls, frustrated, tapping his fingers on the grape juice can he keeps on sipping from.

“Do I love him?” and it sounds so painful to get it out of you.

“E-hem, yes, you adore Mister J,” Frost fake coughs, nervous to be the center of attention. Crap, he doesn’t want to answer all these questions but what choice does he have?!

“Are you sure?” you double check again, not pleased with his first answer.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Pfftt,” The Joker huffs, “What’s not there to adore, hm? I mean, I’m close to perfection, woman. Can’t you tell ?!” J glorifies himself right away.

“Ummm…” you hesitate, glaring at the green haired man.

“Frost, why didn’t I kill her yet? She has such a goddamned attitude!” your apparent… “boyfriend” snaps, irritated.

“Because you like her, sir,” Jonny gets startled at the new twist. Jeez, hopefully his boss won’t try anything. If he would remember you, it should be fine, but since you are kind of starting fresh: two calamities clashing; you can’t stop the damage. One hopes to contain it.

Like her?! How?! Was I in my right mind when I agreed to date her?!”

Is this a trick question? Frost thinks, on the brink of sweating from anxiety.

“You were, boss,” and Jonny seems so sincere that J gives you a super–mean glare, appalled.

“Unheard of !” The Joker sniffles, considering getting rid of your body tonight after squeezing the life out of you himself. “What’s your name, woman?”

“Y/N,” you frown, considering dumping his body in the river tonight after stabbing him or something. “What’s your name, dude?”

“Mister J!” he raises his voice, upset you called him “dude”.

“And J comes from what?” you continue. Apparently, you love playing with fire. Ahhh, if you could only remember.

“Joker!!!” he shouts, more and more irritated.

“Why are you yelling?!” you get pissed. “I can hear you, alright ?! Frost,” you address him, “are you 100% this is my boyfriend? Are you certain you’re not fucking with me?!”

“I’m not fucking with you,” Jonny holds his breath, praying in his mind and he never really prays; now seems like a good opportunity to start.

“Shut up, Y/N !!” J slams his fist on the table, kicking the empty chair next to him in the process.

“Oh my God, is that how you talk to ladies?!” you gasp, surprised. “How did you even get a girlfriend with this temper?! Especially a fine one like me!”

“Whaaaa’ ????????” his blue eyes get so big you have to inquire:

“Are you ok? Seems like you’re about to have a stroke.”

“Mister J, Y/N, please calm down,” Frost is working his magic, starting to sweat; he can’t help it, too much tension. “I promise you two like each other, I swear you do!”

You and that dude that calls himself Joker stare at one another, doubtful.

“He’s horrible!”

“She’s dreadful!” you both say it in the same time.

J leans over the table, pointing his finger at you, so furious he wants to shoot you on the spot.

“Listen here…” he begins his speech and the partially unbuttoned purple coat reveals some ink on his pale skin.

“Oh, you have tattoos?” you suddenly become very curious and forget you were just about to shoot him.

“Huh?” The Joker loses train of thought. “Yeah, I do,” he straightens his back, suspicions.

“I love guys with tattoos, can I see?” you get up from your spot and walk towards him.

Frost is about to faint and he is a very strong man: you usually use this strategy when you want to get close to somebody and kill them.

“Y/N, please don’t do…” and his cell alerts him there is an incoming text message. Jonny reads it right away. Emergency, of course, he has to leave. But how can he go when his boss and girl…Never mind. The Joker took off his coat to show you his tattoos and you genuinely look interested. If you wanted to try and murder him, you would have attacked by now.

“I have to go, I’m needed at the hideout; our guns shipment has arrived,” he announces and you both signal him it’s fine. He heads towards the exit, completely worried but wishing nothing bad will happen in his absence.

“These are sooo cool,” you circle around J , admiring the work. You suddenly stop and look down you cleavage. “Oh, I have tattoos also,” and without any warning you take your top off, apparently showing The Joker your lacy bra and your own ink.

He purrs and you pout.

“What are those sounds?!”

“Dunno, just came out,” he mutters, continuing to check you out. (The tattoos, of course, nothing else.)

What a weirdo, you think, but then you notice due to your low–cut jeans:

“Oohhh, is this your name on my pelvis …??”

Yup, there it is: “Property of Joker.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” the crazy laugh makes you squint your eyes; it’s just like listening to chalk scraping on a board. Makes you shiver. “ This is hilarious!” J continues to laugh. “I guess I marked my territory!”

Is he trying to be funny?! Because he’s not. You refuse to believe this is your boyfriend.

Then you see it since his Batsy shorts slid down his waist. You gesture towards the area, triumphant:

“I wouldn’t laugh if I were you,” that wide smirk on your face makes him look down and his snickering comes to an abrupt stop:

“Is that your name on my pelvis …?”

Yup, there it is: “ Only Y/N’s “.

Your turn to laugh:

“This is hysterical ! I guess I marked my territory too!”

The Joker instantaneously hates it.

Are you trying to be funny? Because you’re not. He refuses to believe you’re his girlfriend.

He growls and you bite your cheek.
“What are those sounds?!”

“Dunno, just came out,” he bitterly replies, wanting to get into his purple coat again.

“Do you work out a lot?” you flutter your eyelashes at him, distracted by those perfect abs.
“Yeah, I do,” J cracks his neck. “Do you?” he stares at your body up and down, admitting the view is far from unattractive.

“A-ha, every other day,” you sniffle, putting your shirt back on. “Taking a shower now.”

“Why do I care?” he snarls, scoffing.

“I was just saying; are you getting mad again?! What’s wrong with you?! Can’t you control yourself?!”

The Joker’s left eye is twitching.

“Listen here, woman, I am the King of Gotham; I own this town!! I’m not gonna let…”

“You like being bossy, don’t you?” you fight back because he’s rubbing you the wrong way. “How can you be my man?! You’re so… so…” and you back out since he has this menacing expression on his face while stepping towards you.

He traps you against the wall and punches the panel close to your head so hard you hear the fingers snap. At this point you prepare to gauge his eyes out or kick him in the nuts, whatever works the best.

“Nobody talks to me like that!!! Ever!! I’m going to…”

You have no idea why, but you sniffle his neck and whisper:

“You smell nice, what are you wearing?”

“Huh?” he pushes his body against yours, still aggravated.

“What cologne are you using? I like it,” and you inhaling his scent again makes him purr.

“I don’t know, just grabbed a bottle from the pile,” he tries to concentrate on his anger directed towards you but can’t.

“What are those sounds?!”

“Dunno, just came out,” and he releases you, mustering the strength to not kill you for your repeated offenses.

“I’ll go then…” and you head towards the bathroom, leaving a very confused Joker behind. He’s trying to plot your murder and creativity seems to lack tonight. How boring!


You come out of the shower and there he is, with a narrow towel around his waist, leaning against the sink.
“Ahhh!!!!” you scream, grabbing a fluffy robe really fast to cover your naked body. “You perv !! Get out!” and you toss a box of tissue at him, your lipstick and make-up removing pads.

“What the hell, woman?! I’m just waiting for my turn ! “

“Liar! You just want to see me naked!” you whimper, feeling weird with him gazing at you like that. “There are more bathrooms here, use another one!”

“I like this one, ok ??!! I can do whatever I want, I’m The Joker!!!” and he takes his towel off. It falls at his feet and you can’t help but stare, fascinated.

“Who’s the perv, hm?” he lashes out as he passes by you to get in the shower. “My magnificent eyes are up here !!” he shows you and gets inside the bathtub, pulling the curtain around.

Wow, is that why he’s my boyfriend?! you wonder, intrigued, still not moving. What a nice package, you sigh. Too bad he’s a jerk. And you storm out, wanting to get ready for the night.

The Joker pours some shampoo in his hair, thinking:

Wow, is that why she’s my girlfriend?! Nicely assembled Doll. Too bad she’s a pain in the ass.


He finds you in front of the fireplace in the living room.

“This is my favorite spot, beat it!” he barks, imitating your position on the furry blanket you placed yourself on about 10 minutes ago.

“This is my favorite spot so be considerate and let me have it,” you roll on your tummy, resting your chin on your arm. “Ladies first!”

“No, I don’t think so!!” and he shoves himself into you so he can push you away. You fight back because you don’t want to abandon you position.

“Would you go away!??” and you regret leaving your favorite knife in the bedroom. It would come in handy now.

“No, this is my spot!!” he gets vexed, regretting he left his favorite gun on the hallway. It would come in handy right now.

You land on top of The Joker, struggling to push him off the blanket. You lean over to scratch his arm and…

“You smell nice,” he sniffs you, growling. “What is it?”

“Jasmine body shower” you manage to hold one of his hands in place, panting from the effort. Damn, he’s strong!

“I love jasmine!” he purrs and you halt, puzzled.

“What are these sounds?!”

“Dunno, just came out,” The Joker grumbles.

“It sounds kind of sexy…” you lick your lower lip, letting go of his arm.

“Does it?!” He’s surprised himself.

You nod a yes, inspecting the tattoos and the smooth skin since he’s wearing just a pair of sweatpants.

“So who’s going to use the fireplace?” you have to ask, furrowing your eyebrows.

“Well, I guess you can stay. I’ll allow you this time.”
“Ha, allow me?!” you want to start ranting and he gets ready to strangle you, but then you notice:

“Hmmm, you smell yummy. What is it?”

“I have no clue, Kitten, just grabbed something from the pile again,” J moves his hands down your thighs, captivated with the soft skin he feels from under your shorts.
“Did you just call me Kitten?!”
“Apparently,” his hands move up and down again.


“Dunno, just came out,” he lifts his shoulders up and you are sort of mesmerized by that silver grin.

“It sounds kind of sexy,” you moan in his ear and he pulls down on your shorts, testing the waters. Are you going to reject him or not?

“Does it?”

“For sure,” you kiss his neck, stretching on top of him and it makes him lose concentration.

“I’m only doing you this favor once, ok?” he grunts, getting all excited under your touch.

“What favor?” you mumble, biting his ear.

“Sleeping with you. We obviously hate each other, I don’t care what Frost says.”

“You’re doing me a favor?!” your temper dictates the switch of mood in a matter of a split second.

“Of course, I’m Gotham’s gift to women!”

“You’re what?!”  

“You heard me,” he slaps your butt, enticed. “Less yapping and more accomplishments, Y/N!” J demands, pulling you in a rough kiss.

You so want to give him a piece of your mind, but for some strange reason you melt in his arms and your sassiness disappears in thin air. Momentarily, of course.


“Oh my God, you’re so wild!” you collapse next to him, exhausted, crawling to rest your head on his chest. You feel his heart beating very fast; yours is too.

Is this why he’s your boyfriend?!
“Holy shit you’re naughty! I’m beat!” The Joker exhales, holding you close to him.

Is this why she’s my girlfriend?!  J thinks, staring at the ceiling.

You cuddle to him even more, closing your eyes.

He starts purring, playing with a strand of your hair.

“I like the sounds you make…” you yawn, listening to him.

“Do you?”

“U-hum…” the confession follows while you caress his abs.

“Told you I’m Gotham’s gift to women,” he proudly states, the cockiness taking over.

“Not to women, just my gift,” you outline the “Only Y/N’s ” tattoo on his pelvis and it tickles. “ I guess that’s how I mark my territory,” you giggle and he gropes you.

“I wouldn’t laugh too loud,” his fingers going down to your “Property of Joker” tattoo. “I marked mine too, so we’re even.”

“I’m sure there’s a story behind it,” you smile, wanting to wind down.

 How you love playing with fire! Ahhh, if you could only remember…



‘The Hating Game’ starter sentences

» Feel free to change pronouns as needed. || Mix of fluffy, angsty, NSFW, etc. «

  • ❝ Now we screech out of here like Thelma and Louise. ❞
  • ❝ It’s a corporate truth universally acknowledged that workers would rather eat rat skeletons than participate in group activities. ❞
  • ❝ Elbows are not erogenous. At least, I didn’t think they were. ❞
  • ❝ I was going to run down the middle of the street like the Terminator. ❞
  • ❝ I’m going out stalking. ❞
  • ❝ I want to juice your head like a lemon. ❞
  • ❝ One of the corporate lawyers told me in the kitchen he was, quote, ‘a fucking hardass’. ❞
  • ❝ I’m an evil mastermind! ❞
  • ❝ I love when a restaurant worker finds a body in a dumpster. ❞
  • ❝ Did you just quote Martin Luther King Jr. in relation to your car? ❞
  • ❝ Screw human civilization and all it entails. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t want anything that means I can’t have you. There’s nothing worth it. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t know whether to laugh or scream. ❞
  • ❝ Take me in there, feed me pastry, and then drive me back to your pretty blue bedroom. ❞
  • ❝ Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. ❞
  • ❝ Let me deal with him. If he turns up dead in the river you’ll know to keep your mouth shut and provide me an alibi. ❞
  • ❝ I think my underwear is curling off me like burning paper. ❞
  • ❝ So, how was work? You clearly missed me. ❞
  • ❝ I tried abusing some of the gentle folk in payroll but they got all teary. ❞
  • ❝ Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. ❞
  • ❝ I always thought you’d live underground somewhere, near the earth’s core. ❞
  • ❝ You can’t completely neglect him, yet trash his choices. ❞
  • ❝ What are you imagining? Your expression is filthy. ❞
  • ❝ I’m like the mayor of a city I’ve never seen. ❞
  • ❝ I can only apologize in advance for the things I’ll do to you. ❞
  • ❝ Maybe you should have hired someone better looking than me. ❞
  • ❝ You seriously got those abs while listening to Poison and Bon Jovi. ❞
  • ❝ I hate being asked about myself. ❞
Enticing | a.i

Originally posted by hothothotgg

anonymous asked: Could you please do an Ashton imagine?Any topic just ashton please lol. +

Summary: He captivates you, and he asks you to express it. (combined request (+2))

Word Count: 7.9k+ (the longest ive ever written) 

Authors Note: my mind needs a Swiffer Sweep™ tbfh, hope ya’ll enjoy xx 

Warning: dirty, shameless smut (bdsm up the ass, eating out, profanity, vulgarity, whatever the fuck else i put here) oh and fluff @ the end xx 


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Title: The Locker Room

Group: Ikon
Member: Bobby x you
Type: Smut
Warnings: Blowjob. Unprotected sex. (Don’t do it kids, always use condom / other contraceptive.)
Song recommendations: ‘All I Do’ by Majid Jordan, ‘In My Feelings’ by Skoolie Escobar feat. Doja Cat, ‘Down In Flames’ by Cleopold [spotify link] [youtube link]

- - -

“Let’s do two sets with 10 reps each, ok? That’s also you Jinhwan. Don’t roll your eyes to me. And stop bowing!” I yell at the gym.

“Oh no, trainer-nim is angry!” The group of boys make fun of me while they keep bowing, trying hard not to laugh but at the same time look as humble as possible.

“I’ll show trainer-nim to you! Three sets 10 reps starting now!”

“Aaaagh!” a cry of protest fills the room and I smile pleased.

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Dear journal,

Today I got woken up by our owl scratching his claws on the window. Teddy’s letter was finally here! I got out of bed and left a kiss on Sirius’ forehead. I couldn’t wait to read Teddy’s letter. I gave our owl a treat and caressed its feathers.

“Why so early love?” Sirius mumbled, half asleep.

“Teddy’s letter is here! Wanna read it with me?” I asked him, smiling.

He yawned and sat down in the bed, stretching his muscular arms. I snuggled beside him and we read Teddy’s letter. His coming out went well, thank Merlin. I was so proud of my little boy.

“How about we make ourselves a good breakfast?” Sirius asked.

“Great idea! But I have to work down at the library today, the new shelves are here and I might need your help to fix them on the wall.”

“Okay, I’ll help you. I need to fix the garage door too, it won’t open for some reason..” Sirius said, scratching his head with his fingers.

What a typical day. Sirius fixing things up around the house while I placed books around. I had placed all the shelves where I wanted them to be and waited for Sirius’ help. My library looked very good! I had these old brownish shelves since We bought the house 18 years ago! A little bit if change was nice. I was putting a sticker back on a lost book when Sirius arrived in the door frame. He was wearing his work jeans with a white t-shirt that was dirty and sweaty. As much as it looked disgusting, It was very hot.

“Mr. fix-everything is here!” He said.

“Okay Sirius, let’s start here so-”

“Woh Call me Sir, would you?” He smirked.

“Are you Serious?” I laughed.

“What did I say about you calling me Sirius! It’s Sir too you cutie..” He winked.

I laughed and he started fixing the shelves on the walls. He was pushing himself against me, trying to acheive Merlin knows what!

“What’s wrong with you!” I laughed uncontrolably.

“Babe.. Teddy’s gone back to Hogwarts, we can now have a little fun and be all flirty.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“You’re unbelievable!” I giggled.

“I’m trying to seduce you!” He said.

“Oh yeah?” I smirked.

“Is it working?”

“Maybe.. You’ll find out when you get those shelves in the wall.” I teased him.

He winked and got back to work. Every now and then, he would lift his white t-shirt up to wipe the sweat from his forehead which gave me a good look at his abs. We finished placing everything when the sun was starting to set.

“Okay now, it’s fun time!” Sirius said, excitingly.

I giggled as he layed his hands on my waist and gently pushed me against a full shelf.

“Are we really ‘doing it’ in my library?” I chuckled.

“I thought you liked books?” He asked, laughing slightly.

“Merlin you’re lucky I love you!” I giggled, kissing him.

“And I love you too!” He smiled through the kiss.

Let’s say a few books had fell from their shelves after Sirius had his little “fun”.


An Unexpected Visit Chapter 1

Hope this is to your liking @whymeth

Chapter 1 //  Chapter 2 //  Chapter 3 //  Chapter 4 //  Chapter 5  // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 Finale

Jungkook x Y/N

Genre: Smut

Word count: 2587

Warnings: None

Notes: Rough and passionate sex with extensive foreplay. I’m serious when I say that there is at least 2000 words of smut in there!

Summary: Jungkook always flirts and teases you, even though you both know that your friend likes him. The problem is, you like him too, he just don’t know it. And one night, you just have to ‘tell’ him, in a certain way.


“Stop it. Right now.” You whispered angrily to the smirking boy standing behind you, who just happened to have his hand on your butt.

“Why?” He whispered back.

You could feel his breath on your ear, and it sent shivers up your spine.

“You know why.” You said, a little calmer, and with a hint of pity in your voice. And he did, he did know why. You both knew how much your friend liked him. Still, he didn’t care. He had said it to you many times, “I only want you Y/N.” And it made you both pissed, and exited. You hated yourself for wanting him. Your friend had told you about it, way before you felt anything for Jungkook. It was his fault. He always flirted with you, making your heart race and your blood pump. The worst thing about it, was that he could have you, as many times as he wanted, if it weren’t for your friend. And he wanted you, so bad. He made it quite obvious too; The way he suddenly grabbed your ass when no one was looking, the way he said your name, the way his eyes lit up every time he saw you, and most obvious of all, the way he had to go to the bathroom to stop his bulge from getting bigger. And oh my god how wanted to help him. You wanted him just as bad as he wanted you. And you felt so guilty about it. Until one day, it was too much to handle, and you broke.

Jungkook would never be with her anyways, you thought as you walked to his house. The normally 10 min walk, took this time 30 min. Mostly because you kept walking back and forth, wondering if you could go through with it or not.

Eventually, you ended up at his place. Two small knocks, and what felt like an eternity later, the door opened.

Jungkook stood there in his grey sweatpants and loose t-shirt, just looking at you. His eyes scanned you from top to bottom, and smiled. Not with that sexy grin he usually show you, but a friendly smile. It hit you like a punch in the stomach, and you stumbled back, going down a step on the stairs, turning your back to him. Don’t speak, don’t speak, don’t speak, you prayed in your head.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He said while stepping out.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I can’t do this! Your thoughts went through all the places in your brain to find an excuse to leave, until he grabbed your shoulder and turned you around.

“Has something happened?” A worried expression grew on his face.

And in that moment, your mind came clear.

“Fuck it.” You said while pulling his head down to your lips in a rough and passionate kiss.

His eyes went wide and his body stiffened. However, he returned your kiss, before pulling back to look at you. No words needed to be spoken as you looked at each other. He took your hand and dragged you inside, almost forgetting to close the door behind him. You threw your shoes off, and before you knew it, you were floating in the air. Jungkook had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder, making you gasp. He smacked your butt and a loud gasp escaped your lips, making him hum in approval.

He threw you on the bed, and stepped back to look at you. He seemed to like what he saw; you finally laying on his bed, hair all over the place and your blouse revealing the skin underneath. You bit your lip and sat on your knees. Itching to touch him, you moved closer and grabbed his t-shirt, pulling him over you. He landed hard, hands on either side of your head, making the mattress bounce underneath you. He shot down and kissed your jaw, roughly going down to your neck, biting on your soft skin along the way. He licked a stripe up to your ear and growled at you. A strangled sound escaped your closed mouth. You breathed heavily though your nose as he entwined your lips with his. Your hand found his back, and you scratched it, urging him to loose the shirt. He took the hint and moved away, pulling it off in a matter of seconds. His hand travelled to your pelvis, stroking your goosebumped skin, making you moan. His eyes were fixed with yours, while his hands travelled to your waist, going around to your back and pulling you up. Your eyes were covered when he pulled the blouse over your head. He was inches from your face when you recovered your sight. You bit your lip once again, and you could see the sparks in his eyes.

All of the pent up frustration of not being able to touch him, went through your mind. And at that moment, a brilliant idea of getting revenge, flooded to the smirk in your lips.

You took a handful of his hair, and pulled him back, while whispering,

“Now, it’s my turn.”

He licked the corner of his mouth, while giving you a stare of pure lust. You tugged on his hair again and he hissed. However, you were suprised when he removed your hand and pushed you back down.

“Not this time. This time, you’re mine.”

You gasped as he put a hand between your legs. Grabbing his arm, you gave him a stern look, which he only grinned back at. He shook his head slowly before he went up and down your body, biting and sucking on every piece of flesh he could find. You wanted to have your revenge for all the times he teased you, but it felt too good to make him stop.

“Take off your bra.” He whispered between his teeth and your skin.

You did as he said, and when you tossed it across the room, his head shot up to your breasts and bit your nipple. Your head flew back as a gasp left your lips. He hummed at your response as his hand massaged one of your boobs, while licking and sucking the other. Your throat made noises you’d never heard before, and it felt amazing.

As his head went down again, he grabbed your jeans and roughly pulled them off, making your body jump down the mattress. His face disappeared between your legs, and you felt a stinging sensation followed by a smooth, wet touch; Jungkook bit down on your inner thigh, hard, before licking and soothing the throbbing bite. He kissed it as he went upwards, making more, until he hit your panties. Continuing past it, he barely grazed your clothed clit with his chin, making you squirm and gasp. His large hands held you in place as he lifted himself up to you. He bit your bottom lip. Not too hard, but hard enough to make you flinch. He held your chin in place, as he licked and kissed your pounding lip. The feeling of pain and pleasure made your legs weak, and you loved it. You had never felt anything like that before. It was new and exiting, yet scary.

You entwined your fingers in his hair, as he pressed his lips to yours in a passionate fight for dominance. Your mouths opened slightly, and both your tongues clashed together. He seemed to be lost in the kiss. You took your chance to push him over. He lifted himself up on his elbows and looked at you. Just looked at you. No smirk, no look of disapproval. Until he laughed.

“You want to dominate me that badly?” His tongue poked out between his lips, before wetting them.

“You’ve teased me for so long Jungkook. I think I’ve deserved it, don’t you?”

He hummed in response. “Do your best.” He challenged you.

Oh, I intend to, you thought while grinning.

Your body hovered over him. Sitting slightly below his waist, you made sure not to touch his throbbing erection. You were going to tease him as much as possible, before you broke. And you knew you were going to, by how wet your panties were.

Your hands went over his toned abs. You knew he had been working out, but damn, those lines were to die for. He looked at you behind hooded eyelids. Still on his elbows, your tongue travelled up his chest, to his neck, then to his jaw. He breathed heavily, trying to remain calm. Your warm breath made him shiver, and you giggled in satisfaction. He groaned at you when you nibbled on his ear. You licked a wet line down his neck, before sucking purple marks on his collarbones. You eyes flicked up to meet his, as your hand went between you to tug on his sweatpants. Going just past the band, you felt only skin, no boxers.

“All bare underneath, huh?” You whispered seductively.

“Well if I knew you were coming, I wouldn’t be wearing anything at all.” He said with a grin that revealed his pearly white teeth.

You slid down his legs, until your head was above his crotch. He watched you with hungry eyes as your fingers slid underneath his waistband, and pulled them down, making his cock slap hard on his pelvis. His body tensed up at the feeling. He licked his lips and swallowed hard, while grabbing the sheets. You could see the beads of precum on his tip as you took him in your hand. You rubbed your thumb up and down his shaft, circling it around his tip, resulting in him throwing his head back. He moaned the most sexy sounds you had ever heard, and it turned you on beyond control. You free hand travelled to your wet, clothed pussy, and began circling your cit. He noticed, but didn’t care. He was giving in to the feelings of your hand rubbing him in every motion possible. Your hand pumped him a few times before your lips closed around his throbbing head. You felt his salty taste, and it made you even wetter. Bobbing your head up and down, you earned moans and growls and occasional whimpers. You experimented with your limits as you deepthroated him a few times. When you suddenly swallowed around his cock, he had to stop you.

“You know, I won’t last long if you keep doing that.” He said between breaths. “Why don’t you let me take care of you now?” He smiled as he pushed you down beneath him.

He pulled your soaked panties down. Taking them off, he tasted them before throwing it across the room. You bit your lip at his dirty action, and wanted him to do more. He grinned as his head dipped between your legs, pulling them over his shoulders, and holding your waist in a tight grip. You felt his hot breath near your soaked pussy, and your body tensed up as his tongue flicked your clit. Going through your folds, he tasted everything, sucked up everything, and licked everything. He explored your entire pussy before sticking his tongue in your entrance, making you arch your back. You grabbed his hair and tugged. He let out a growl, which sent vibrations to your entire body. You were incredibly over sensitive, and you felt everything he was doing to the last detail. How his tongue curled inside you, how the creases in his lips kissed your clit, how your folds fit perfectly in his mouth, and how every breath he took and let out, felt like a thousand lightning bolts, hammering against you.

It wasn’t long until you felt that unmistakable knot, forming in your stomach, and your legs began to shake. His tongue became more violent as he knew you were close. Your hands grabbed his arms and squeezed so hard, you were sure it would leave bruises. As the feeling washed over you, screams of pleasure filled the room, and you felt something you had never felt before. A release like any other. Jungkook stopped immediately, and his head popped up, all wet.

“Y/N! I didn’t know you could squirt!” He almost shouted in amazement.

Head spinning, you had to lay down for a few seconds before finally realizing what had happened.

“Wait.. what? I did what? How?” You said, clearly out of breath.

“How should I know? But damn! That was so fucking hot! Shit Y/N!”

You could only laugh when seeing his overly wet chin.

“But were not done yet.” He said as he pulled your body closer.

Your hands reached around his neck, while you licked all your juices off his chin, before sharing it with him in a rough and passionate kiss.

“God damn, you’re so hot.” He said while lifting your chin up, getting the perfect angle to suck on your neck.

You hummed in response as you felt your core getting hot again. Pushing you back down, he positioned himself between your legs. He pumped his cock a few times before sliding it over your wet folds, circling your clit, making your body jump at the sensitivity.

He pushed his tip in slowly before clashing inside you with a loud sound of skin hitting each other. Your hands grabbed the sheets and twirled them around, trying to get a good grip to hold on. His growls and moans became louder, and you swore the neighbors could hear you, especially by the way you screamed his name, over and over. He pounded into you, while grabbing your thighs. His face was covered in pleasure and concentration. He wanted to last as long as possible, to make you cum again. But with your over sensitivity, that was definitely not a problem.

He suddenly pulled out and flipped you over, positioning you on all four. He immediately pushed back inside, and thrusted deep, hitting all the right spots. His hands grabbed your ass, squeezing it tight before spanking you. Your body flinched, and he held you in place, soothingly stroking the red mark. You felt the stinging go away, as it soon returned by another spank. This time it was all pleasure. It was like when he bit your lip. It hurt at first, but then it felt good.

You felt your legs shake yet again, and you squeezed around his cock, making him spank you harder. Your arms gave in, and your upper body fell to the mattress. The knot was getting bigger and bigger as your second climax approached. At the same time, you could feel Jungkook getting sloppier, thrusting more fiercely, and without rhythm.

As the feeling washed over you, your walls clenched hard around him, making him cum within the last two, hard thrust, followed by some unwillingly aftershocks to ride it out. He collapsed beside you, panting for his hard life, as you lay there, exhausted by the amount of sensitivity in your lower body.

After a few moments, Jungkook came with a towel to clean you up.

“Do you want to take a shower? Or just go to sleep?” He asked with a soothing voice.

“Can we just lay here for a few more moments?”

He slid back into bed, pulling the covers over you. You nuzzled into his neck and appreciated the smell of him.

He stroked your back as he said, “You didn’t squirt the last time. Guess we have to work on that.” A wide grin forming on his face.

“I guess we do.” You giggled.

Kaegan knew he was in deep trouble when he woke up dizzy, laying on a rough cotton sheet, arms cuffed up above his head, and unable to move due to the strong stretchy cords holding his body stiffly to the bed. He should have listened to the warnings, “Don’t ever play near the woods after dark!” the whole town knew the woods weren’t safe. Odd things happened there. But Kaegan was too curious for his own good, and now found himself staring up at a single dangling lightbulb above the bed, inside a rundown cabin he’d never seen. Then, a man burst through the door, carrying a small purple and gold satchel. he was being quite careful, grinning from ear to ear while placing it on the bedside table and glaring down at the boy he’d knabbed on the edge of the woods.
“Ah, you’re awake! Took ya long enough! I thought I might’ve used too much'o that tranqulizer on ya!”
The large, beefy man grunted, his voice gravely and deep. He was ginormous! 6'7” 310lbs of solid muscle with a soft layer of fat and a good-sized gut, stuffed into clothing that’d look at home on a lumberjack. Kaegan could smell cheap beer, stake cigars, and a bit of musty BO coming off the giant of a man, and it only made him tremble harder in the slight chill of the room. The man went to the other side of the room after giving Kaegan a pat on the chest, and wheeled over a large mirror. Kaegan could see himself now, nearly nude save for his cartoon boxerbriefs he’d been so fond of, but now felt self-conscious about being exposed like he was.

“Now, I ain’t got no sons ta make me proud like I did for my Pa, so I saved up all I had and got this here stuff from a vender way off in one of them hot countries. Too late for me to HAVE a boy'o my own, but I can damn sure MAKE one!” The man said cheerily, a scary glint in his eyes. With that, the man put on 2 thick gloves from his back pocket, opened the satchel, and took a pinch of some glittery sand colored powder between his fingers. He held it as if he were holding a fragile glass figurine, then, with a curious shrug, he sprinkled it over Kaegan’s exposed throat. As soon as the powder made contact with Kaegan’s skin, it absorbed with a shimmer, and suddenly, Kaegan felt as if he’d been struck with Strep throat. He coughed, gasping as he felt the skin there stretch, then he grunted, and a deep sounding moan escaped him, his Adam’s apple having formed instantly. As soon as the man say this, he whooped loudly, taking handfuls of the powder and sprinkling it all over his captive. making sure to evenly coat the boy in a thorough, deliberate layer of the glittery sand. Kaegan’s body began to squirm and warm up, a sheen of sweat forming as he felt as if he’d been thrust in the desert of, “one of them way off hot countries” as the man had put it. He groaned with his developing, deeper voice as his body cracked and popped, shuddering with the sudden onslaught of years forming almost immediately, the growing pains almost unbearable. He was crying, begging in his now teenage voice to be let go, for it to stop, he even yelped for his mom, but the growth didn’t end.

He grew taller, becoming lanky, his body stretching but without much new mass. His legs were long and thin, his torso just thick enough to have a slight tone to it. wide, sharp shoulders and spindly arms cuffed above his head let the new musty smell of his body radiate from his underarms. his feet were clownish, having reached that awkward growth stage, long toes curling as the pain subsided. He must’ve been about 16 now, 10 years of growth packed into minutes.
“Please… let me go mister… I swear I won’t tell!” he cried, taking in deep lungful’s of the stale air and smelling himself for the first time. “Oh no, you ain’t goin nowhere! You’re gonna be my boy! Gonna make me proud! Maybe another dose’ll put some meat on those bones!” The man said, a little annoyed at having to waste more of his expensive powder. He gave the boy another good covering, watching once again as Kaegan shrieked and writhed on the bed, the springs creaking under his new weight. This time, his height was the slow growth, while his mass gained like a prized bull fed up for a county fair. The bungie cords stretched as he widened, filling in with muscle, lean tone, then bulk packing onto his beanpole body, giving him the look of a well worked athlete.

His chest heaved, bulging out while his abs were hidden under the faintest layer of fat. His legs packed in with strong, thick muscle. Calves like footballs, thighs that could crush a watermelon, while the faint dusting of hair grew in with a powerful, itching sensation. Kaegan groaned and desperately tried to break the cuffs, just to be able to scratch his legs, then his thighs, then his crotch and abs as the faint hairs filled in. Reaching finally to his arms and pits, where his newly developed scent became pungent. He crinkled his nose and shook his head, crying now.
He was now tall, at least 6’, and weighted around 145lbs. His body that of a sweaty, well trained football star. He was panting, trying not to breathe through his nose as his BO was rather strong. The man clapped his hand once, giving the boy a hard thump on the chest.

“Damn my boy grew up like a damn angus beef steer! I’m proud'a ya boy!!” he said with a smile, looking his captive over. Kaegan starting to yell at the top of his now strong, powerful lungs. his deep voice echoing through the window into the woods. The man’s smile faded instantly, and he darted to the drawer, piling a roll of duct tape out and slapping a good piece over the screaming boy’s mouth. “Well shit! Ya gonna cause all that racket and ruin everything boy!” the man yelled, reaching for the powder once more. “If ya gonna misbehave like a kid I’m gonna have ta man ya up some! Consider this discipline ma boy!” With that, he took several pinches of the powder and sprinkled up on Kaegan’s feet, then up his legs, a good smattering over the boy’s now nearly ripping undies, some on the boy’s sweating pits, and finally on the top of his head. The itching and pain started up in those areas instantly, causing Kaegan to yelp muffed by the tape.

His feet nearly exploded out, long and wide, the bones creaking and popping, until they went from a normal size 9 to a hefty wide size 17. the toes long and curling hard with the pain. then the itching, all up his legs and around his crotch, where hair was suddenly thickening. his cock and balls tingled, having filled in during the initial 2 doses, but this time it felt like he’d been kicked. His balls swelled, filling suddenly with testosterone and cum, dropping further, and nearly ripping his underwear. it was his cock that did that, growing out like a tube steak, thick, long and then hardening until his underwear couldn’t take it and shredded, revealing a massive 11” cock, now drooling precum from his overactive balls, with a heavy thick smattering of hair.
The rush of hormones made him dizzy and moan lewdly behind the tape, bucking his hips harshly against the bungie cords. his pits filled in with jungle-like bushes that reeked suddenly, having been kicked off by his newly developed balls.

Finally, his hair thickened, while also shortening into a more sporty, spikey cut, giving him a ruggedly handsome yet still boyish charm. He lay there panting, sweaty and tired, feeling the rushing, confusing need to play with himself as his cock leaked pre all down the shaft, while the man smiled down, cut the bungie cords with his pocket knife, and watched as instead of running, Kaegan immediately grabbed his cock an worked out a spewing jet of cum, moaning and grunting like a bull until he passed out on the damp sheets.
“Thats ma boy!” The man said, leaving the room with a stride in his step, locking the door till his boy wakes up again.

Writer of story: jd07201990.tumblr.com
Older!Yuri Headcanons #3

Seems like this HC got a wee bit away from me… 

Warning for those who don’t read the tags: this is otayuri.

Part 1: Older!Yuri Headcanons #1
Part 2: Older!Yuri Headcanons #2

- Yuri discovers a love for glossy black nail polish when he’s 17 and Mila dares him to paint his nails
- (Lilia nearly has a heart attack when he comes to the studio with black studded nails. It still doesn’t prepare her for the first piercing, though.)
- It’s not something he indulges in regularly (he couldn’t, not with the kind of life he leads, where he doesn’t even have the time or the energy to take proper care of himself most of the times, and chipped nail polish just won’t do) which means that the painted nails mostly are for competitions, galas and exhibitions 
- Yuri is 22 and on top of the world when he gets his first major ad campaign as a model. It’s for a high end fragrance and he loves it (not the scent, for which he couldn’t care less, but the experience)
- They pamper him and the photographer is kind of a genius and gets all of his good sides
- (Aleksei snorts and tells him frankly that he only has *good* sides)
- (Otabek wholly agrees, but his brain is still short circuited after seeing the pictures and he’s not sure he could string two words together to save his life)
- (Looking at Otabek’s expression, Yuri truly feels beautiful for the first time in his life)
- Days later, Yuri blushes to the roots of his hair when he unlocks Beka’s phone and sees what’s on his screen
- (It’s one of the pictures from the photoshoot, one of those in which he’s *mostly* naked)
- (It’s not like he doesn’t have Beka’s ad pictures from three years prior in his phone too though)
- (Although that’s his own damn fault for looking so fucking hot and who even does an underwear ad if they’re gonna get all flustered by it afterwards anyway?)
- (Those photos might also be responsible for Yuri’s obsession with Otabek’s glorious abs)
- The first time Yuri finds an excuse to properly put his hands on the aforementioned glorious abs is one night in St. Petersburg, after Beka first moves in with him. The fact is, Otabek is apparently extremely ticklish - and if it gives Yuri the perfect excuse to put his hands on him, well… 
- (Also Yuri’s not blushing SHUT UP it’s just that pinning down Beka’s a lot of work and fuck fuck fuck why does Beka look so good laughing it’s completely unfair SHUT UP)
- After that fateful night when Beka kisses him for the first time, Yuri realizes that he does not really need an excuse to touch his body anymore. Not restraining himself means that his hands are usually found under Beka’s shirt when they’re alone together.
- (Sometimes, it’s solely for comfort. He finds the heat and softness of Beka’s skin feels like home)
- (Other times, it is decidedly less innocent)

anonymous asked:

I never understood why people say that Freed looks girly anyway. Is it his long hair? I bet if he had short hair people wouldn't say that he looks more feminine. Only yesterday I saw a post arguing that Freed does but the arguments were kinda weird and invalid b/c it was anime comparions and something about Freed having a rounder face or not-masculine clothes what isn't even a thing so I got kinda confused lol but whatever

Ah I believe I know which post you are referring to but yesterday I didn’t have the energy to comment/join the discussion so I just left it at that.

Anyway, much like you do I think it has to do a lot with his long hair and stereotypes (which is p dumb). I mean, we HAVE seen him with short hair

and um no, i cannot see anything ‘girly’ here either. To me he looks like a serious mafia guy who’s handsome and beautiful all the same. And the change of his hair length does NOT change anything about his facial features, obviously.

So I think many just go ahead and blame the long hair or ‘think’ it because of the long hair. Long hair on men is a discussed topic I think and there’s two opinions; either it looks good or it does not and Freed certainly rocks it. Hell, in some cultures long hair on men is/was considered a sign of strength and manliness. And nowadays is becoming more acceptable again, I think perfect examples are Brock O’Hurn or Gil Ofarim lmao.

About the face shapes, idk man I can’t really say something about this because honestly Mashima himself keeps changing them up in all of charas, it’s never 100% constant.

he has more time/more detailed work when he draws his twitter sketches of one single character because obviously one character is less work/and he’s more time for it than getting 20 pages of a chapter done with many characters. And Mashima gave us this blessing

Holy hot damn So I mean look at him?? Wtf he’s so handsome and he has the more oval/sharper face shape here as well and you get a better idea of his body statue as well (now knowing that this coat hides those nicely tones abs and arm muscles)

About his clothes uh well I don’t see anything feminine about it nor abt any of his behavior he is shown so I kinda do not get that too? No need to say more here I think. xD

The one facial feature that makes him look a bit ‘softer’ (idk what word to use lmao) to some is probably his added lashes but again, that’s not a women-only thing, he’s not an exception. Two examples:

At some point I had thought maybe it could be the eyebrows too but then I noticed lmao no literally 90% of the guys have thin eyebrows except for Laxus (and probably Orga).

So yes, Mashima did great with his design honestly and balancing out his long hair and facial features. I’ve seen guys with long hair that really honestly looked really feminine (which is not bad btw, men can have feminine touches and females can have masculine touches that’s just natural and does not equal x looks like a girl/x looks like a man, just to clarify!!)

Thank you.