look at him working those abs

Alert: Park Jimin is perfect the way he is

If you’re one of those people going “I miss his abs” or “i prefer his body during Danger era” fucking stop and take a really good look at yourself in the mirror.

Why? Because he’s hot? He’s Jimin, he’s hot just being him because he’s a gorgeous human being and if the only thing you think of to say when you think of “Jimin” is “abs” just leave. Be gone, because you’re not a fan of Jimin, you’re a fan of his muscles which has absolutely NOTHING to do with him whatsoever.

Sure, you can love his abs, there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t go “i miss his abs” or “i loved the way he looked during Danger era” because, you know what? You’re part of the problem, the reason why Jimin has image/weight issues. As ARMY, as Jimin stans, you have heard about how fucking hard he worked for those abs because he knows the fans like it! And he thinks that’s the only reason he’s liked! It’s not! As fans, we haven’t helped his image issues in the least, and I feel disgusted at that.

And personally, I prefer his “chocolate abs melted” because he looks so HEALTHY and HAPPY right now! He looks like he’s actually starting to like the way he looks and whatever the hell is prompting this change in him, I hope he gets more of it because seeing Jimin happy is what matters to me!

During Danger era he was skinny and underweight. What part of this: 

Looks at all nice and healthy to you? Tell me, I mean seriously, how does he look good, healthy, in those pictures compared to this:

He’s thicker. Sure. His muscles aren’t as defined. Sure. And he looks healthy. He looks amazing. Jimin has always struggled with his weight, or don’t you remember that? Why would you force Jimin onto this pedestal about how he SHOULD look? Sure, his body is great, yeah yeah…but it’s not even on my list of reasons as to why I love him!

His eyes, the way they sparkle when he’s really happy. He can’t hide his emotions, he’s an open book! If anyone thinks differently, go ahead, fight me on it, but he’s an open fucking book, and you can easily find examples of when he’s uncomfortable, legit happy, or hurt. It’s not hard!

His smile, how big it gets and how narrow his eyes go when he’s smiling so hugely. His cute, bright laugh and the way he reacts with his whole body when he finds something funny.

His OBVIOUS passion for dance, the way you can see and FEEL how much he loves it when you watch him–just like you can see and FEEL his love for Bangtan, and for ARMYs.

If you only care about what he looks like… go away, because he doesn’t need those sorts of “ARMYs”, no idol does. Stop focusing so much on the visual. These idols are real people too, you know. And sometimes, I think fans do more harm than good.

Exo reaction when you look at an idol that has abs

Sehun: Your so easy to impress. 

Kai: I have abs also…kind of….a slight suggestion of abs.

Tao: I might not have abs like that but I’m more fab that him.

Kyungsoo:*bitter taste* Life is more than abs……

Chanyeol: I guess my tummy is not that attractive to you anymore.

Chen: You make me regret stop working out, why are you like this now?

Baekhyun: You will be surprise to see how my  nutella abs have evolved

Lay: I thought you said that you don’t like guys with those kind of abs?

Suho: So……. you want me to look just like that?

Kris: You are watching this bad drama just cause this guy has abs and he is shirtless?

Luhan:Who needs those abs when you are this handsome?

Xiumin: I have abs also……..

Jimin’s Junk

Due to popular request, a study of what’s inside Park Jimin’s pants:

1. Abs + Junk Power Duo

Because who the fuck told him it was okay to flash his abs and thrust his package practically in our faces?

2. Choreography

Because, damn son, those moves are definitely working in your favour…


Like he’s literally grabbing his dick!! I can’t survive!!

3. Just, well, standing.

I mean he’s not even doing anything and he’s still drawing attention to his crotch? Thanks Park Jimin, thanks.

I mean he does stand out…


^rlly study this one, its bigger than you first think….

To conclude, we are blessed to witness such a beautiful crotch and yoongi is a lucky man