look at him squinting


I spent more time on his hat than his face tbh and didn’t put a lot of effort in his clothes but here is the thing

I need them to post more selfies so I can draw more 😬😬😬

Dimples (MET with FemReader) fluffy drabble

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(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): lmao I was gunna’ write this and then I remembered this request

Request: Idk if requests are open but i ADORE you’re writing???? And i was wondering if maybe (if you want!) You could make a mark, tyler, and ethan with reader again? Idc what situation, thank you so much!!!

Warnings: Swearing mixed with bullshit and fluff


“No, no see? Ethan doesn’t have any.” you declared.

You lightly poked at the blue boy’s cheeks making him smile even wider.

“What is the percentage of humans that do have dimples?” Mark asked.

The four of you were sat outside under the inkwell sky. Soft yellow light that was produced from the porch lamps and sizzling fire were the only sources of light around. The L.A air was thick with a gentle heat from around the firepit, but had a crisp bite when you were out of range.

“I don’t know, like twenty?” you answered.

“Mark doesn’t have any.” Ethan pointed out.

You shifted your stare to look upon the dark haired man in the lawn chair beside yours. Squinting your eyes, you looked at him intently.

Mark didn’t move.

“Penis.” you demanded bluntly.

Mark couldn’t help but childishly break down laughing, along with Ethan.

You viewed his cheeks briefly before looking at Ethan “You’re right.”

Tyler smiled at you and chuckled a bit. You looked down at your crossed legs.

“None of you have any. Wow.” you commented, peering back up.

“What about you?” Ethan questioned, shifting calmly to look at you. A smile broke his face.

“Nahh.” you replied nonchalantly.

“No, you do. I’ve seen them.” Tyler defended, smiling a bit wider.

“Pfft, no.”

Your eyes caught sight of Mark wiggling and whining like a kid “Whaat? You have dimples and Tyler is the only one that gets to see them?”

“No, because even he hasn’t seen them because they don’t exist.” you challenged.

All Mark did was get up and strut to stand in front of you.

You looked away from him briskly, turning to face Tyler.

The bright night stars reflected off his irises and he beamed at you. To him, you mouthed the word ‘help’.

“(Y/nnnn), can I see your face please? I only want to spit on it.” Mark asked sweetly.

You shook your head wildly and squirmed a bit in you lawn chair “That’s rape.”

“May I please see your face?” The brunette asked with a bit more force.

“The Lord will slaughter your grandchildren for your crimes.”

“Pleeeaseeee??” he whined again, reaching a large hand down to you. Behind him you could hear both Tyler and Ethan already giggling.

“I REQUIRE AN ADULT!” You laughed, still not looking at him. You wiggled a bit more, eyeing behind Mark in caution “Be careful, Mark, there’s a fire there!”

“Shut up and look at me!” Mark laughed on his own.

His hand found your jaw and he pulled it to make you view him directly.

You were laughing profoundly now and so was everyone else.

“You liar, you do have dimples!”


(A/n): Well, if this isn’t cute, then I don’t know what is



Cas reads the label and turns the tape over in his hands. “I don’t have a cassette player,” he concludes as he holds the cassette back out to Dean.

Dean gets up from the kitchen table and pushes it back toward Cas until it’s right up against his chest. “I’ve been in that truck. There’s a cassette player.”

“Well, I don’t know how to–”

“Cas,” Dean says, leveling him with a glare. “Take the damn tape.”

Cas flips it over in his hands once again, looking down at it studiously. When he looks back up to thank Dean, he finds himself alone. He looks around the kitchen, but Dean is gone.

He tucks the cassette into the inner pocket of his coat and pats it once to feel the solid weight against his chest.


“What’s that?” Sam asks jovially as he joins Cas in the library. 

Cas tucks the cassette away quickly and clears his throat. “Dean gave it to me. It’s a cassette.”

Sam looks up quickly from his computer, a shocked and amused expression on his face. “A cassette? He gave you a cassette?” 

Castiel squints at him. “Yes?”

Sam looks down at his keyboard, huffs a short laugh, straightens up a bit in his seat. “What’s on it?”

“It says his top 13 Led Zeppelin traxx, ‘tracks’ with two x’s,” Cas recites from memory.

“You haven’t listened to it yet?”

“I…no, I haven’t.”

Sam nods as he says, “Well, uh, you should. Dean doesn’t just–he doesn’t even let anybody touch his tapes, man. That’s…a really big deal that he gave you one.”

Cas presses his hand to his chest. “I’m not sure he meant for it to be a big deal.”

“Yeah, well.” Sam shrugs. “Listen to it, at least.”


Cas is sitting in his truck, holding the tape in his hand, staring at the radio and wondering where to put the damn thing.

The passenger door creaks open and shuts. Castiel doesn’t look over.

“Oh fuck, I was wrong,” Dean says with a small laugh. “There’s no cassette player in here. C’mon.” He doesn’t wait before getting right back out and heading over to where the Impala is parked on the other end of the garage.

After a moment, Cas follows him. He hesitantly gets in on the passenger side and hands the tape over to Dean.

A couple of seconds of silence pass before the music quietly pours through the Impala’s speakers. Dean leans his head back against the seat and puts his arm up on the backrest of the bench. His fingertips brush lightly against Cas’ shoulder.


Cas can’t quite hear all the lyrics, but he knows it’s something about being lonely and missing someone and he wants to ask Dean when he made this tape, who he had in mind when he made this tape, who this was really meant for, but the words get stuck in his throat.

As the music washes over him, he closes his eyes and leans his head back as well. After a minute, a hand brushes through his hair and Dean begins to hum.

Cas opens his eyes and looks over, and Dean’s head lolls to the side as he gives him a lazy grin. 

“You like it?” Dean asks, his hand still carding through Cas’ hair.

Cas prefers his own music, but maybe he could get used to this as well. “I like it,” he concedes.

“Good,” Dean replies, his head falling back against the seat once more. “I could sit here all day.”

Cas scoots a little bit closer to the driver’s side. “I could, too.”



                                                             H A P P Y M J D A Y

Happy birthday to the brightest and the lightest boy in the planet, Kim Myungjun. Entry number 777, more known as MJ, is the actual sunshine for all Arohas, it’s hard not to squint looking at him. Astro’s happy virus and oldest brother is someone who never fails to make the boys and the fans smile. Voice of an angel, quality high notes, top visuals. He takes care of the boys and us in his own little way. Thank you for being born, Kim Myungjun! 

Did yall know that the Sonic Boom playthough is my honestly my FAVORITE playthough?

Imagine Being The Only One To Make Dark Genuinely Smile.

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  • slight cursing
  • that’s all I believe, enjoy!


Dark sat on the couch, one leg over the other, and a book in both hands. He delicately turned a page, then continued to straighten his tie. Typically aware of everything that went on around him, his focus was in stead deep with in the inked words reflecting from his sharp eyes. So buried in the world of flowing letters and imagination, he didn’t notice a pair of eyes watching him from the kitchen. Wilford Warfstache crinkled his nose, with squinted eyes and huffed.

“Look at him. He’s always so grouchy looking. Even when doing something as simple as reading.”, he criticized the darker ego.

Bing closed the fridge behind him, walking over and opening a can of soda.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile dude. So not cool.”, he took a swing.

“It ain’t good bruh, causes total stress!”, Bing said putting the drink down and pointing at Wilford.

Wilford sat against the island, twisting and twirling the ends of his mustache in thought. He was trying to think of ways to get the dangerous entity to smile. Partially because he had never seen him do so, mostly just smirks or dark grins. Honestly though, Wilford mostly just wanted to mess with him. While it would be interesting to see Dark’s lips turn up in a non menacing way, he also really liked to annoy him. Hmm, but how would he go about this without getting his head severed? A loud belch beside him made him grimace, and Wilford turned to see Bing.

“That was like…a ten bruh.”, Bing smiled, waving a hang lose sign.

Wilford smirked an idea coming to mind.

“Heya Bing~”, Warfstache slurred, turning in his seat.

Bing finished taking another sip of his drink, completely dense of the other ego’s underlining tone. “Suh dude?!”

“You like challenges right?”

“Ah dude! I freakin love challenges! Bottle flip challenge, maniquin challenge, don’t laugh challenge, food challenges-”

“Alright, alright I get it!”, Wilford cut him off, a bit annoyed with Bing. “How about this~”

Bing watched with interest as Wilford stood up, walking over and wiggling his finger before pointing into his chest. “How about a challenge to see who can get darky over there to crack a smile? A genuine one~!”

Bing thought for a second, his brows furrowing,“ Mmmm, I don’t know bout that bruh…”

A lot of things may have gone over the AI’s head, but even he was smart enough to know that Dark was a force to be reckoned with. He had lived with Google for a while before moving in with you, Wilford, and Dark. And even though him and Google may have not gotten along exactly, even his former roommate warned him of the dark entity sitting in the living room.

“Oh what’s the worry~?”, Wilford slurred, turning and wrapping an arm around the others shoulders.

“Too scared to take up a challenge Bing?”, Wilford grinned glancing up from under his lashes.

“What?! No way bruh!! Challenges are like, my thing!!”, Bing snapped stepping away offended.

“Great!”, Wilford clapped,“ Then you’ll have no problem with going first!”

“Wait, what?”

Bing didn’t have a moment to protest as Wilford shoved him forward to the kitchen entrance harshly. He glanced back at Wilford, who smiled and waved. Bing considered backing out, but his boldness stopped him. There was no way he’d back out of a challenge! He was Bing, and he was going to show that suspender wearing ego and every other ego that he was totally cool and could do anything.

Wilford watched with an amused smile as Bing made his way into the leaving room, skateboard by his side and striding up to Dark. Before he could see Bing utter a word to the other, his attention was drawn away when you had come into the house.

“Hey, what’s up?”, you greeted with a soft smile, laying down your bag on the counter.

You knew something was up as soon as you walked in and saw the shit eating grin on Wilford’s face. The two of you along with Dark had been living together for a long while now, and had become quite familiar with each other’s habits. You especially knew when Wilford was up to something, and it didn’t usually end well.

“Trying to get darkness over there to give us a good ol smile~”, he replied scooting next to you.

Looking over into the living room, you saw Bing, your newest roommate, speaking to Dark. You couldn’t hear what he was saying, but what ever it was it had made the dark entity mad. Dark had stood up abruptly and grabbed hold of Bings shirt, catching the other completely off guard. You couldn’t hear what Dark was saying in this moment either, but what ever it was it made Bing look like he was about to piss himself. Letting go of the terrified ego, Dark sat back down and continued to read, as though nothing had happened, and Bing shakily made his way back over to you and Wilford.

“What’d he say to you?”, you asked concerned for your newest roommate.

Bing’s voice slightly trembled as he looked up at you,“I’d rather not r-repeat it.”

You frowned and glanced over at Wilford as he chuckled amused,“And what’d you say to make him want to cut your throat? I’ve never seen him get mad that quickly.”

Bing glanced at you and quickly looked away when you made eye contact,“ I-I’d rather not repeat that either bruh, for like…the safety of my life and stuff ya know?!”

Wilford smirked and brushed his mustache,“ I suppose I win then~!”

“What?! Not uh!!”, Bing snapped back to his usual self.

“What do you mean ‘not uh’? Of course I did! You lost, your disqualified, there for I win!”

“Mmmm actually~”, you cooed beside them.

Both boys turned towards you, seeing the delicate smirk upon your face. “You don’t win Wilford. There’s still one person other then you who hasn’t tried.”

“Oh, and who would that be doll~?”, he slurred with a raised brow, leaning on his elbow close to you.

“Me~”, you winked.

“…you can’t be serious.”, both ego’s said at once.

“Of course I’m serious!”, you grinned.

“Sorry to say it bruh, but Dark is colder then well…uh, cool?”, Bing tried scratching his cheek.

“I hate to agree with the five here, but he’s right (y,n). You’ll only have your feelings crushed by that manipulative ass hat.”, Wilford confirmed, twirling the ends of his stache.

You scoffed,“If I make him smile, you both owe me ice cream.”

“Fine, but it’s your death bed.”, Wilford said raising his hands.

“Good luck, bruh! You’ll need it.”, Bing wished you off as you strode confidentially into the living room.

Dark sighed softly, leaving a bookmark in the second to last chapter of his book before closing it. Cracking his neck, he felt satisfied at the sounds of popping joints.

“Hey Dark~”

Said man looked up, his eyes narrowed expecting to see Wilford, but slightly calmed when he saw it was you.

“Yes? What is it?”, he asked coldly.

You smiled and sat down beside him.

“Oh nothing~”


“What? I can’t just hang out with my roommate?”

Dark narrowed his eyes skeptically,“ I know you (y,n). Now what do you want?”

You sighed, giving up your facade and sprawling down over his lap. You felt him stiffen some, but he didn’t make any notion of pushing you off.

“Okay, so maybe I do want something.”

“And what would that be?”, he asked with his usual, unamused expression.

“Well um…”, your eyes flicked around the ceiling, refusing to look at his face.

Dark watched you with a blank stare, his body relaxing some and becoming used to the warmth that you provided. Biting the bottom of your lip, you finally looked up at him. He raised a brow wondering what was bothering you so much to make you fidgety. Waving your hand down, you motioned for him to come closer. Again he raised his brow, but leaned in none the less. Lifting up a little, you cupped your hands by your mouth and whispered into his ear.

Meanwhile, Wilford and Bing sat on the edge of their seats in the kitchen, trying their hardest to hear what was being said. They were honestly shocked that Dark had even let you lay on him like that. To say the least, both boys were pouting slightly because of it.

Finishing what you had to say, you leaned your head back down in Dark’s lap, looking up at him with a tiny smile. Dark was still leaned forward, processing what you had just told him. Glancing down at you, his dark eyes met your (e,c) ones, and in that moment, he lost it. He threw his head back and a noise strange to the ears of the other two ego’s filled the house.

Dark was…laughing!

Not that sadistic, physcotic cackle that had been deemed his only form of showing any hint of closeness to feeling joy. No, he was laughing purely. It was deep and wholesome, completely foreign to Wilford Warfstache and Bing. Their mouths hung open, eyes wide as Dark’s laugh calmed and he wiped away a stray tear. You smiled below him, teeth showing and eyes crinkled at the edges.

“Well?”, you giggled.

Dark breathed in a soft laugh,“You’re utterly redicioulus, that’s all I have to say.”

“But you laughed~”, you pointed out endearingly.

Dark chuckled shaking his head slightly and…was that…a smile? Indeed it was. A genuine, heart felt smile spread across Darkiplier himself.


(A/N: what is this?! A darkiplier imagine?! Why yes, I do think its is! -3-/ )

The Three Moments You Shared with Steve Harrington (2)

Word Count: 1,091

AN: a lot longer than last part! two more parts i believe. also the glance they shared in pt 1 doesn’t count!! thank you for reading :)) also i love steve’s hair why does no one else talk about it


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You eyed the red soda can sitting in the bag beside you as you nervously tapped your thigh. This is a dumb idea, you thought. Your brain soared a mile a minute as it went through the possible scenarios of what could happen if you stepped out of the car right now. It’s just a friendly gesture. But he also might think you’re some creep.

Fuck it.

Grabbing the soda can, you let your legs do all the guiding while you sat back and began to regret this decision. But it was too late. You were already standing next to the towering ladder with a one Steve Harrington scrubbing away at the marquee.

For a while, you had no idea what to say. You just stood there, watching as he rubbed the red spray paint away, until you realized that soda was probably getting warmer by the minute.

“How’s the weather up there?” You called out, instantly regretting it.

Steve looked down at you with his brow furrowed, “What?”

Shaking your head as you tried to push the memory out of you. “Nothing, nothing. I was just,” you squinted your eyes as you looked up at him, “driving past and thought I’d give you a hand.”

He blinked his eyes a few times, a bit taken aback at the offer. “Oh. Well-”

“I can always just go if you don’t need the help, I mea-”

“No, no, no. It’s nice of you to ask but,” he gestured at the area around him, “I’m not quite sure how you could help out.”

Looking at your surroundings, you notice one of the employees standing across from you, holding the ladder steady with a few rags hanging out of his pocket. “I guess I can throw up some extra towels up if you need any.” You suggested.

“Go nuts, dude.” The employee tossed the towels your way and left the two of you to clean. You quickly shuffled closer to the ladder, making sure to hold it in its place.

Silence filled the air with the exception of a few cars roaming past. You tried thinking of ways to start a conversation but you didn’t want another ‘how’s the weather’ incident to happen so you decided to keep your mouth shut. It’s what you were known for anyway; the quiet one.

Never speaking up in class a whole lot and only really having to speak during presentations. It wasn’t that you were shy or anything, you just didn’t have much to say and people didn’t pay much attention.

“You’re in my English class, right?” Steve piped up, still scrubbing.

At first, you nodded as a response to his question but you realized he wouldn’t have even seen that. “Yeah, I am. I sit like, a desk away from you.”

“Yeah, and you were that girl at the gas station.” Shit, he saw me. Probably some creep to him now.  “Could you pass me another one?” You grudgingly grabbed a towel from one of the steps and tossed it up to him. 

It went silent again.

You kicked at the pebbles beneath your feet to keep you from staring at Steve. As your mind jumped from school, to humming songs, to what to have for dinner, you didn’t notice Steve climb down the ladder.

“Oh, sorry.” You stepped to the side and looked up at the sign. The marquee still had remnants of the paint speller out ‘LER.’ “What did it say?”

Steve shoved the sleeves of his sweater up and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, some idiot did it.” He mumbled. He pointed to the other side of the ladder and asked to help lift it closer to the corner of the sign. 

You lifted the ladder with ease and stopped till you felt your back against the pillar. Your breath hitched itself in your throat as you lock eyes with Steve again. This time, much closer. His eyes scanned over your face, making your heart pound in both ears. The blood was dry and settled into certain areas near his eyes. He looked like shit.

“Thanks.” Steve chuckled, resting his arm atop one of the ladder’s steps. “Good looks like this don’t just happen.” He motioned to the bloody side of his face.

Confusion replaced butterflies as you tried to connect the dots. Then your eyes widening. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean that, it wasn’t even supposed to come out like that I-”

“Relax, (Y/N). I know I look like shit. I deserved it.”

“You know my name?” You asked (because how self-involved are you, really).

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because whenever someone mentions my name they usually ask ‘Who’s that?’” You scoffed, handing him a new towel.

“Nah. (Y/N) the Wise is what makes class not boring.” He went back to climbing the ladder. You shook the excitement you felt away, you knew better than to mess with someone who’s clearly smitten with someone else.

“Is that your nickname for me?” He nodded. “I had no idea. Now I feel like I have to return the favor. Will King Steve suffice?” You joked, smiling to yourself.

Steve groaned, shaking his head, “Anything but that.” He stopped for a moment, “(Y/N) the Wise and Steve the Idiot. Sound good?”

“Sound great!” The two of you grinned at each other with your newfound identities.

You were able to hold a long enough conversation with Steve until he finally finished scrubbing the paint off. He took all the red-stained towels and began tidying up.

Reaching into your pocket, you realize the can has been sitting in there the whole time. Because of your warmth, it wasn’t anywhere near cold. You scrambled, quickly trying to come up with a solution.

“Um,” you mumbled, deciding to just place it on a ladder step. “It’s not even cold anymore but I meant to give it to you earlier.”

Steve turned around and smiled at the kind gesture.

“You don’t have to do anything with it. You can throw it away, warm soda isn’t even good. I mean, it was supposed to be for your face but I don’t know-”

“Thanks, (Y/N).” He interrupted your rambling.

“You’re welcome, Steve. I’ll see you around.” You waved goodbye before turning the corner.

Steve stared at the soda can with an unknown grin on his face for a while until he grabbed it to place on his face, the aluminium relieving the pain slightly. “Still pretty good.”


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Rocket Raccoon x Reader


Author: Morgan

Prompt: Yas!!!! You write for guardians of the Galaxy!!!! I just looove rocket raccoon and I was wondering if you can do a one shot for rocket where he is always upgrading your weapons to get closer to you because he likes you and groot knows this so he secretly breaks your weapons so you can be together with rocket 💖 Thank you so much! 😊💖💞💓💕

Warnings: Language

You weren’t sure how, exactly, but once again, your blaster was jammed. You shook it a few times and then hit the end of it against a railing. But when you pulled the trigger, nothing came out.


“What’s wrong?” Peter asked, looking back at you from the cockpit of the Milano.

“Blaster’s jammed. Again.”

“Might wanna have Rocket take a peek.”

“That’s where I’m going.” You sighed, climbing the ladder up to Rocket and Groot’s shared bedroom/greenhouse. Groot had a habit now to buy little potted plants every time they went to a market on some far off planet. You sometimes came up here to tend to the flowers when the boys forgot. Or at least, when Rocket forgot and Groot pretended to.

The large tree had seen the way his small friend looked at you when you weren’t looking. God, Rocket knew it wasn’t normal. Hell, he was half of your height and on your planet, he was considered a common rodent. But the team had been all over space. They’d seen galaxies full of beauty and wonder, and he still swore he saw more stars in your eyes than he ever had in the universe stretched out around them.

It was also the reason Groot had jammed your blasters four times this week.

“Rockeeettt? Can you do me a favor?”

“What is it this time?” Rocket tried to cover his racing heartrate with a snide comment. It had sort of worked. A genuinely proud grin found Groots mouth as he silently left the room.

“Blaster’s jammed again.”

“What the hell do you do to this thing?!”

“I didn’t touch it! It was working fine yesterday and now it won’t fire!”

“All right, let’s see what we have here…” he held out his paw for your weapon, which you gladly turned over to him. He looked inside the barrel of the gun, squinting one of his eyes. His night vision certainly helped him spot what was very obviously a piece of wood. Groot. Oh, he might have to have a talk with that overgrown shrub.

“What is it?” You brushed a lock of purple hair behind your ear, causing him to lose focus for a second.

“Hand me the tweezers, would ya?” You nodded, plucking them off of the workstation and handing them to him. He very carefully reached inside and pulled out what was no doubt a piece of Groot’s finger. That bastard.

“Well I don’t know how that got in there, but I’ll have to tell Groot not to mess with my guns.” You chuckled. He smirked and nodded.

“Yeah, probably.” He paused. “Do you maybe want to come up here tonight? There are some upgrades to your armor I think could really help your fighting.”

“Sounds great, Rocket.” You smirked, ruffling his fur under your hand. “And you know, if you ever want to hang out, you can just ask instead of having Giving Tree jam my blasters.”

“But I didn’t-”

You were already walking down the ladder when Groot ventured back into the small space.

“I am Groot?”

“I’m gonna kill you.”

anonymous asked:

So, first off, hi there! Second... what kind of things do you think nerd!Derek would do to try and get jock!Stiles' attention? Or, what kind of cutesy things do you think jock!Stiles would attempt to make nerd!Derek notice him and laugh. (Spoiler alert, Derek already does notice him, but shhhh!)

So I combined these two prompts, I hope you guys don’t mind! Have some more nerd!Derek from me ^^

(Also, my eternal thanks to both @pale-silver-comb and @halesheart for telling me my writing isn’t horseshit and I should continue)

Title: You Hold My Attention (Without Even Trying)

“Oh my god, again?”

Scott frowns. “This is seriously getting out of hand.”

“Ugh, I know,” Stiles says as he bends down to pick up the flowers – tulips today – that dropped out of his locker when he opened it. “I mean, it was cute at first, but after the fifth time you get wet flowers smacked into your face, it kind of gets old.”

Speaking of wet flowers, they’re soaking through his shirt where he was cradling them under his arm. He holds them out in front of him, scrunching his face when they drip onto his sneakers. He’s not exaggerating when he says he’s kind of tired of them. Don’t get him wrong, he still appreciates the fact that someone takes the time out of their day to buy him flowers, but it’s just a bit – well – too much.

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Delightfully Determined

Jax x Reader where the reader is Chibs’ niece, and Jax is determined to win her over.

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After going through the self serve checkout, you throw your pile of junk food in your carrier bag, wishing you could teleport home instead of having to drive.

You halt in your tracks as you notice a figure standing against your car, tilting up your head at the sky in annoyance. “Really? You couldn’t give me one day to soak in my own self pity?“

Sighing, you drag yourself to your car unlocking it and moving to the back seat, throwing your things inside, ignoring the grinning biker leaning against your drivers door.

“You know, it really hurts my ego when you ignore me like this.” Jax teases, his hand going to his heart in fake offence. You stare at him expressionless, waiting for him to move out of the way, even though you know he’s not going to.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine, your ego is big enough to take a few hits every now and again.” you sass, crossing your arms across your chest, your words having zero effect on the male in front of you, that same undeniably beautiful smile on his face. “Can you move, please? I’ve got a date with a pint of ice cream and Christian Grey.”

He raises his eyebrow in question, his smile shifting into a smirk as he looks at you, the blinding sunlight making him squint slightly. He pulls open his kutte, his toned physique visible through his shirt. “Babe, why settle for your vibrator when I’m standing right here?”

“You’re a pig.” You feel your glare softening as he beams at you, trying to resist the curl in your lips. “The answers still no, Jackson. Sorry to burst your bubble.”

You yank the handle of your door, the force catching Jax off guard as he gets moved from his post, a smug smile on your face. Instead of getting inside and driving away from the persistent man, you lean against the open door, pulling your sunglasses down from your head and over your eyes.

“Just one date, that’s all I’m asking for.” he asks, you basking in his pleading. You’d only moved to Charming a couple months ago - wanting to be closer to your Uncle Chibs - and lucky for you, you’d caught the eye of the blonde biker. He’d made it his mission to get you to go out with him, him asking the same question everytime he spoke to you.

“There are a thousand and one girls desperate to shag the SAMCRO president,” he shrugs his shoulders as you talk, a self assured expression on his face, knowing your statment rings true. “why are you wasting your time on me?”

“If I wanted meaningless sex, I’d go to Diosa.” You blush as he moves a stray tendril behind your ear, his fingertips grabbing your chin gently as he keeps your gaze on his. “There’s this energy between us. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it too.”

A shaky breath leaves you, your body frozen as he moves his face closer to yours his hand cupping your cheek as his breath tickles your skin. “Go out with me.”

Your eyes close involuntarily as he whispers seductively in your ear, his teeth nibbling flirty on your lobe, a shudder running down your spine. He smirks as he presses his lips against your jaw, your fingers grabbing his collar as your core tingles, a feeling of euphoria slipping over you as his warm, soft lips lay kisses upon your skin.

“Jax…” you whisper, subconsciously tilting your head to the side and allowing him more access, his trail continuing down your neck as you melt in the middle of the parking lot, the thought of people watching not even entering your mind.

A loud honk rips you from your pleasure, you jumping backwards quickly as you shake your head, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment. You point your finger at him warningly, “Don’t pull that shit again.”

He holds his arms up defensively, his tongue running over his lower lip, the gesture so simple yet fuck all you want is feel that pink tongue in places that would make the purest nun’s quiver.

“Not my fault you liked it, darlin’.” he winks, his self assertiveness moving up another level. “So, tomorrow night?”

You smile falsely, pushing up on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “You’re gonna have to try a lot harder to convince me, darlin’.”

You swiftly slip behind the wheel, winking at the determined male before slamming your door shut, speeding away before he can stop you.

Just as you pull off the car park, your phone rings, you pressing the answer button on your hands free and speaking a loud. “Hello?”

“You belong to me, baby. The sooner you realise that, the better.”

A/N- I found this surprisingly easy to write, which is ace! I’ve got a Dean imagine pretty much finished and another Jax one but I’m struggling to finish them. I hope you guys enjoyed this, because I loved writing it :) feel free to request! Thanks for the continued support ❤