look at him smiling at the back

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concept for the host’s (official) introduction video:

him with his white cane in a book store, feeling the spines of the books. and muttering under his breath

cut to someone screaming in pain as they’re beaten by an unseen assailant.

back to the book store, he holds his hand out seconds before another, unseen patron knocks a book off the shelf.

the assailant slams a bat on the person, and they cry out in pain.

the host hands the book to the patron, who smiles gratefully. “thank you…. do you need help finding anything? I don’t work here but you look a bit…. erm…….”

the assailant stabs the person’s eyes.

“the host likes feeling the books. their stories are very interesting.” “do you have someone read them to you, or….?”

the assailant swings the bat again.

“the host can read just fine on his own.”

the person begs for release.

“alright…. have a good day.”

the person is still, lifeless. the camera pans up to the host, who pants heavily as he leans on his bat.

back at the book store, the host watches the person walk away. the camera pans up, it’s the same person he beat to death. “the person feels a sudden urge to go for a walk in the forest, where he will find a lonely cabin….”

((in case you couldn’t tell, the host narrates the person into going to his cabin. the scenes with the attack are in the future))


When Will goes into the cafeteria, a few people from the caravan are sitting around a big Formica table. Payton’s there too, and Ian, who sometimes leaves the compound on scouting missions. Will walks up to them casually, hands in his pockets, trying to act like he belongs.

Payton turns her head and smiles at him, scooting over a little to make room. He takes a seat on the bench, his hip just brushing hers. He tries to focus.

The group continues talking without acknowledging Will at all. “Stay out of Raleigh,” one of the men from the caravan is saying. In his seventies, with military posture and sharp cheekbones, he’s clearly the group’s leader; his companions all look toward him, and Will can sense their deference. “Some crazy jackass set up his own fucking kingdom there, some kind of cult. People don’t come back, and I don’t know if they’re joining up or getting killed, but we don’t want no part in it, either way.”

There are maps of the Eastern Seaboard spread out all over the table, with different handwriting on all of them. One is marked up all the way from Boston to Atlanta, with some complicated symbology and no key. It’s more secure that way, Will supposes, though he finds it frustrating to look at.

On his map, Ian marks a big red X over Raleigh. Payton’s was already marked.

“Where are you headed next?” Ian asks, idly tracing the area around their compound with his finger.

“The mountains,” the man says.

This shuts everyone up. “Come on,” Ian says finally. “You’ve got kids with you.”

He shrugs, running a hand through his cropped gray hair. “It’s an untapped market. It’s just business.”

“They’re killers.”

The man snorts. “You don’t know that. You’ve never been up there. Look, I know about Raleigh because I went to Raleigh. You’re all terrified of the mountains but none of you’ve got any clue what’s really there.”

The whole table gets to arguing, but Will sits in silence. Thinking. When he’s reached out toward the mountains, what has he actually felt? Fear and anger, sure, but that’s what he feels in the compound too, most of the time. Everyone’s afraid. Everyone’s angry. And it’s true that no one comes back, but there are a million possible reasons for that —

“It’s not like we can stop you,” Ian’s saying.

Payton pushes her map toward the center of the table. “This is my supply route,” she says, pointing to a highlighted line that snakes around the area. “Everything Ian’s saying is true.” She looks up at the caravan people, making eye contact with each of them in turn. “I’ve been to every town at the base of those mountains, and they all say the same thing. Nobody goes up there who comes back down.”

The man looks at Payton’s carefully annotated map, eyebrows raised in approval. “You could join us,” he offers. “It’d be safer than working on your own.”

She snorts. “Not if you’re going up there.”

“I’m just saying. We could use someone like you. Someone who knows the lay of the land down here.”

“I work better alone.” Payton smiles, baring her teeth. It could read friendly, if you’d never seen a human being smile before.

The man withdraws. “Suit yourself.”

They get back to comparing notes and maps, and when he doesn’t think anyone’s paying attention, Will runs his hand lightly over the closest map, touching his finger to a town not too far from the compound. He closes his eyes and reaches, keeping the town in his mind.

Sure enough, he starts to see. Low clouds, the threat of rain. Summer heat, sweat, dogs barking. An old Victorian house with a big fence outside and five families inside. A garden, and everything in it is dead, rotted in the ground. People starving. His eyes flicker open again, and the woman across from him looks hazy-eyed, unfocused. These were her memories, then. He’s glad it was her, not Payton. He’s never tried to read her; he never wants to.

Curious, he places his palm over the mountains. He shouldn’t get anything, none of them has ever been there, but —

Brown grass, dead trees. Smoke and something toxic in the air. Nothing living anywhere – not a person or a cat or a cockroach. And a glass tower, rising up from the ground like a scene from some bad sci-fi movie —

Will shakes his head, trying to clear it. When he opens his eyes he can’t tell who the vision came from, but it can’t be real. It’s not possible. Will is suddenly conscious of how little he knows about his own powers.

The woman from the caravan speaks up. Her voice is low and resonant; it makes Will wonder what she was Before. “It’s not just business.”

The old man looks to her and they have a silent conversation that makes Will wonder if he was wrong about who’s in charge here. She continues, “You know about the crop failures.”

For the first time, Ian and Payton both look to Will. Around the other side of the old college there’s a greenhouse, part of some horticulture program. They’ve filled it with fruits and vegetables, using soil Payton collects from abandoned hardware stores. Looters took all the knives and tools and lighter fluid in the first few weeks after, but everyone assumed that you could just get soil anywhere.

And now it’s the second summer after, after the bombs and the plagues, and still everything that comes from the ground is poison. The greenhouse is their secret, the thing that will save them. Or the thing that will get them killed.

“Yeah, we know,” Will said finally.

“The situation is different everywhere. The contamination is worse on the coast and in the valleys, so it stands to reason that it might be less at elevation. And that’s the highest elevation we’ve got access to.”

Payton frowns. “It’s a huge risk.”

Narrowing her eyes, the woman snaps, “We can’t live on canned food forever. I don’t know about you, but every raid we go on, we come back with less. If we can’t find untainted ground somewhere, we’re all dead. Including you.”

Before it gets dark, Will follows Payton out to her truck to help her unload. There’s not much today, but she digs around for a minute in the cab. Usually there’s nothing up there except her gear, so he can’t help feeling curious.

She emerges from the cab with a basketball, and she grins broadly – a real smile, this time – and spins it on her finger for a second. “Look what I found,” she says. “You said you’re good.”

Will gapes at her. Surely this isn’t for his benefit. He’s a weird nerd, and Caroline always calls him kid, but— “Yeah,” he says, “or I was, anyway.”

Payton looks at the horizon like she’s measuring the minutes until the sun sets, then tosses him the ball. He almost doesn’t catch it, he’s so flustered.

“One-on-one,” she says. “Let’s go.”

In the parking lot Will takes aim and shoots, listening to the rusty hoop clang as the ball hits the backboard. Payton’s quick and light on her feet, and he’s so busy concentrating on beating her that just for a minute, he forgets about the waning daylight, the darkness in their future,the fires still burning in the mountains.

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“There! Right there!” Raven hissed, pointing out the window. Everyone followed her finger. Erik and Charles stood by the statue, backs to the window of the room that the younger mutants had claimed as “their” lounge. They were talking with their heads close together, and if you looked hard, you could see the curl of a smile on both their faces (although Erik’s was much smaller).

“Look at him!” Raven continued, “He’s gay, totally gay!”

“Who, your brother?” Sean asked.

“No, he’s bisexual,” Raven answered dismissively. “I mean Erik!” She rolled her eyes as the others stared. “Look at that tan skin and the killer shape he’s in! He’s gay!”

“I don’t know,” Hank muttered, eyeing Erik critically. “I don’t see it.”

“The elephant in the room,” Angel commented, and everyone looked at her. She smiled. “Well, we were all wondering it. Don’t lie. Although, is it relevant to presume?”

“The guy does wears perfume,” Alex drawled.

“It’s cologne,” Raven corrected.

“Look at his coiffed and crispy locks,” Sean said scornfully.

“Look at his silk translucent socks,” Raven added persuasively.

“There’s the eternal paradox,” Hank mused, “Look what we’re seeing.”

“What are we seeing?” Raven asked.

“Is he gay–”

“Of course he’s gay!”

“Or European?”

Everyone went quiet.

“Gay or European?” Darwin finally asked into the silence. “It’s hard to guarantee.”

“Is he gay or European?” Alex repeated, then, when everyone looked at him, he flushed and snapped, “Hey, don’t look at me!”

“Well, they bring their boys up different,” Angel reasoned, shrugging a little. “They play peculiar sports.”

“In shiny shirts and tiny shorts,” Raven agreed.

“Why are we rhyming?” Sean asked, but no one paid any attention.

“Gay or foreign fella? The answer could take weeks.”

“Or not, if we just ask,” Sean said.

“Both say things like “Ciao bella” while they kiss you on both cheeks.”

“Oh please,” Raven snorted.

“Erik would never do that, though,” Sean pointed out.

“Gay or European? So many shades of grey–”

“Depending on the time of day the French go either way,” Alex said slyly. Raven whacked him with a magazine.

They continued their discussion, Sean still asking plaintively why everyone was rhyming. Then, suddenly, as one, they noticed that Erik and Charles had left the statue. And they heard two pairs of footsteps in the hall, along with a laugh that had to be Charles.

Sean leapt to his feet. “I have an idea I’d like to try,” he told the others, eyes glinting as a mischievous smile spread across his face.

“The floor is yours,” Hank said graciously.

The door opened. Erik entered, eyes sweeping over the gathering, and held the door for Charles, who smiled briefly at him before turning a different, more general smile on the younger people. “Hello,” he said, but before he could say anything else, Sean looked straight at Erik and said, “How long have you been having an affair with that guy I saw sneaking out of your room last night?”

Erik’s face turned to stone. “A day,” he answered stiffly.

“What’s your last name?”

Erik frowned a little. “Lehnsherr,” he replied, in that particular way he had when he wasn’t sure if the person he was talking to wasn’t a little slow.

“And what the last name of the guy you were with?”

“Xa–” Erik caught himself, but it was too late, everyone gasped, and he flushed bright red before whirling and exiting the room, slamming the door shut behind him with his powers.

Charles looked at the assembled, triumphant youngsters and gave a shy smile. “To answer your question,” he began, “He’s gay and European.” He turned and opened the door, just in time for Erik to appear again and snarl, his face still quite red, “I’m straight!”

“You weren’t yesterday,” Charles replied.

Erik actually ran away, and Charles shook his head as he exited the lounge and went after him.

“…he was listening!” Sean said with great disgust. “In our heads!”

“Of course he was,” Raven answered. “How else do you think we were able to rhyme like that?”

Morning Time Laughs

(A/N): I needed some Bucky across my feed.

Pairings: BuckyXReader

Summary: Bucky loves to make (Y/N) laugh in the mornings.

Warnings: Pure fluff

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama @kindnesswins

Bucky wakes up to the soft light, peaking through the window, hitting his eyes and he shifts a bit as his body begins to slowly wake up. He feels something move beside him and he looks down to see (Y/N) curled up next to him, fast asleep as they bury themself into his side. A genuine smile grows upon his face as he watches them sleep, soft snores and messy hair making them even more adorable. He begins to gently run his fingers through their hair and they emit a small groan as their body starts to wake up. He chuckles as (Y/N) tries to bury themself more into his side, attempting to fall back asleep but he maneuvers down so their faces are right next to each other. Bucky begins to kiss their face from their lips, cheeks, jaw, forehead to their neck and he watches as a small smile grows on (Y/N)’s lips. They open their eyes slightly as they look at Bucky’s face that seems to glow from the light entering the room. “Morning, Doll.” Bucky chirps as he begins to plant more kisses to (Y/N)’s face which emits a giggle from them.

“Morning.” (Y/N) yawns out as they once again try to bury into Bucky’s chest but he holds them in place with his strong arms and they push against him lightly. “Buckkk, let me go, I just want to sleep.” (Y/N) giggles as they struggle against his hold and a devilish smirk grows on his face.

“You’re not allowed to go to sleep.” Bucky jokes as he buries his head into (Y/N)’s neck, his stubbles from his beard rubbing against them causing them to laugh.

“You dork! Let me go!” They smile out as they push against him but he proceeds to shake his head, tickling their neck with his beard and he squeezes their side emitting a squeal. “Stop! That tickles!” Bucky pulls back, devilish smirk back in place. With quick movements, Bucky manages to be settled on top of (Y/N)’s legs and they pause, looking up at their boyfriend. “Don’t you dare…” Bucky’s smirk turns into a dazzling smile as he begins to tickle their sides.

(Y/N) squeals, their laughter bouncing off the walls as Bucky continues his assault on their sides. They toss and turn in attempt to escape Bucky’s relentless torture but to no avail. “Bucky, stop! I can’t breathe!” (Y/N) chokes out between laughs as tears form in their eyes and with one last squeeze, he stops his attack. Bucky stares as their chest heaves up and down from laughing and can’t help but smile at the light sweat covering their body. He leans down slowly, planting a kiss onto their sweaty forehead while wrapping his arms around them securely.

“Are you up now?” Bucky mumbles into (Y/N)’s hair but they can hear the playfulness in his voice. They roll their eyes but a smile still lives on their face as they wrap their arms around his frame.

“I am now.” (Y/N) chuckles out causing Bucky to laugh and he pulls back, his features relaxed as he stares at them with nothing but love for (Y/N) evident on his face and they blush involuntarily. “How about some breakfast, my love?” They question with a soft smile and Bucky can only smile more.

Bucky sits on one of the bar stools as he watches (Y/N) cook breakfast. He sits in awe as he watches their fluid movements around the kitchen and how their bedhead is still present. He never has met a person as amazing as (Y/N) and he has never been so happy. He never thought a love so deep could come out of his body, who had hated for so many years. He never knew his hands could be so gentle with them, even though his hands were forever stained with blood. He never imagined his life being full of corny jokes or the feeling of home being them. He could not live without (Y/N) and he was okay with that. Without (Y/N) he was nothing more than a broken man, shattered on the floor but they had managed to pick up him up and piece him back together without a second thought. (Y/N) was his savior.

Bucky is pulled out of his thoughts as (Y/N) places the food on a plate and walks around the bar to sit next to him. “Hey, (Y/N)…” They turn to look at him but receive a hit to the face with something soft. (Y/N) stands shocked as a pillow falls to the floor and Bucky burst into laughter. He attempts to throw another pillow but they manage to dodge it with an unbelieving expression which turns into a vague chuckle.

“Oh, you’re on, Soldier.” (Y/N) purrs out with a smirk as they quickly grab the pillow closest to them and throwing it at Bucky. He catches it but before he can do anything, he receives a hard hit to his side. He watches as (Y/N) charges at him, pillow in hand and they both begin to whack each other with the pillows. Laughing echoes off the walls and through the hallways as they chase one another around the kitchen and living room, hitting each other wherever they can.

(Y/N) charges, raising the pillow, ready to strike but before they can, Bucky grabs them by the waist hoisting them over his shoulder. (Y/N) squeals with laughter, tightly holding onto his shirt as he begins to run down the hallways and both laugh uncontrollably as happiness radiates off the both of them. Neither one having a care in the world in the moment except for one another.

BTS react to catching you slow dancing to classical music


You spun around the room in neat little circles whilst the music filled the room, soothing and soft.

Jin peeked his head around the corner, confused to hear the random song you had chosen. As soon as he saw you waltzing alone, your eyes closed and a content smile on your face, he struggled to hold back his laughter.

“Jagi,” he said, biting back a smile. You nearly fell over at the sound of his voice - you could have sworn he said he was leaving the house for a while. There was a mischievous look on his face. “Do you need a dance partner? Or… is there a ghost here trying to take you from me?! Tell him you love me more!”.


At first, you were just tapping your toes to the slow rhythm as you sat down, but now you couldn’t help but stand up and move gracefully around the room, humming the gentle tune as you went.

Yoongi heard the music from upstairs, and he opened the door with confusion, especially when he saw you twirling around.

Tilting his head, he found himself smiling a little as he watched you move. You were so clearly immersed in your dancing and in the music that you didn’t even notice he was there.

“You’re insane,” he whispered because he knew you wouldn’t hear him, closing the door quietly and chuckling fondly on his way back upstairs.


With Hoseok out of the house for now, you thought you might put on some classical music. As always, the music drew you in until you were dancing around the room, imagining that you were some sort of professional dancer.

Hoseok had come back in because he’d forgotten his phone, and when he heard the music, he became curious.

The moment he saw you dancing around alone, he started to grin, his eyes sparkling with wonder.

“Y/N!” he called, causing you to jump in surprise. “Don’t look so embarrassed, okay?”. He kissed you gently, unable to stop smiling about what he’d just been lucky enough to see. “You’re a really great dancer… Why didn’t you tell me? I could be your dance partner, right?”.


When Namjoon heard the music just as he was about to leave to meet the guys, he slowly peeked around the door, and his eyes widened at the sight of you twirling and spinning around the room whilst classical music played. Your hair swung around your shoulders as your body moved, and Namjoon quickly closed the door, not wanting to interrupt you.

Later that night when he got home, the first thing he did was wrap his arms around you from behind, kissing your face with undying love and care.

“What’s with you?” you asked obliviously, happy anyway.

“I just… wanted to give my favourite girl a hug”. He squeezed you to prove it. “You’re so talented, Y/N. You know that, right?”.


You didn’t mean to get so lost in the music, but it couldn’t be helped.

As you danced slowly to the calming music, Taehyung appeared, wanting to ask you what song you were listening to.

When he saw you dancing - alone - he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Is this what you do when you think I’m not here, Y/N?” he teased. You fumbled to press pause on the music, already blushing bright red whilst Tae just laughed happily at you. “Wait - don’t turn it off. I was kidding”. He pulled you in for a hug, kissing your hair and sighing contentedly. “Can you let me watch? I’ll stay quiet and I won’t say anything, I promise! It just… made me really happy to see you like that”.


Jimin was out of the house for a little while, so you took the opportunity to put some classical music on and practice your dancing. this style of music always lifted your spirits and got you in the mood to move, so that’s what you did.

Jimin was in fact not out of the house right now, and as soon as he heard the music, he knew you must have been practicing again.

Usually, he would just leave you to it, but today you looked particularly beautiful as you danced, and he couldn’t help himself as he pushed the door open, sneaking up behind you and taking a hold of your hands.

“… Mind if I have this dance?” he asked, a cute smile lighting up his handsome face.

“O-of course,” you replied, already red in the face. Jimin’s smile grew in brightness as he started to dance you around the room, your steps matching each other perfectly.

“You’re amazing,” he told you, meaning it more than ever.


You only turned the classical musical on and began to dance to it because you knew Jungkook was out right now. As soon as the melodies filled your ears, you were on your feet and moving around the room as gracefully as you could manage, pretending as though you had a partner.

Jungkook saw you when he looked around the door, and he smiled until his bunny teeth showed, feeling joyful at the sight of you so lost in the music.

It was so loud and you were so focused that you didn’t even flinch as he walked in and sat down, watching you intently. In his opinion, you were completely beautiful, and he thought that he might fall in love some more if that were possible.

You started to hum in your average yet somehow enchanting voice, and he thought that this was much more interesting to watch than a videogame.

So, he kept quiet for the rest of the time you danced, wondering when you would notice his presence.

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Your Desk is a Mess Part 7

Summary: In which Y/N gradually (and awkwardly) spends a lot more time with her office mate than she bargained for (Office AU).

Chapter List


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Part Seven

Seven o’clock on the dot, you heard someone knocking on your front door. You went to open it, only to stare at the man in front of you in surprise.

“Hey,” Steve said, smiling. 

He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and you realised you’d never seen him without a suit on. Which meant that you’d also never seen the massive muscles in his arms.

You snapped back into reality.

“Hey,” you said, grinning. 

You opened the door and gestured for him to come in.

He stepped inside and looked around your flat as you closed your door.

“What’s going on here?” he asked, an amused smile on his lips. 

Your flat, cramped enough as it was, was currently filled with cardboard boxes, plastic sheets, and tools.

“Oh, the, uh… the bathroom’s getting redone,” you explained. “Something to do with the plumbing.”

He chuckled.

“You really don’t have the best of luck, do you?”

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Imagine...Lucifer Helping With A Nightmare

Request: Pleasee do a Luci one where you have nightmares about parents troubles and he wakes you up and calms you. Please baby 

Pairing: Lucifer x reader

When you woke up, you already felt the cold chill on your arm, on the top of your head. You panted as you blinked up, blue eyes looking back with a worried smile.

“Nightmare again?” asked Lucifer, your head nodding under his touch, curling into his body. “Monster chasing you?”

“Parents,” you mumbled, Lucifer humming and tucking you up against him. You were glad he always turned the heat up so his body temperature was soothing to you. “You know what that’s like.”

“Yes, yes I do,” said Lucifer, chuckling and rubbing his hand up and down your back. He continued the motion for a while until he felt your heart rate calm back to normal, until you felt sleepy again. “Go ahead, I’ll be here, make sure nothing gets you.”

“Thanks Luci,” you said. You were close to sleep again when you tapped him. “Can you…”

“Want me to pop in that head of yours with you?” he asked. You smiled and he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Go to sleep honey and I’ll be there.”

You relaxed again and true to his word, you saw him pop up a few minutes later in your dream in a park. He didn’t do it often, come inside like this unless he really thought you needed it but those were always some of your best dreams.

“So, what do you have planned for us tonight, Y/N?”

a thing to consider:

talon squad after a mission. they are flying back in an air ship, the three of them alone in the hangar; reaper sits across from widowmaker and sombra, watches them bicker (widowmaker) and tease (sombra). sombra is shorter, has to smile up at widowmaker, her lips curved in a Cheshire grin– widowmaker does not look her in the eye and replies in short, snarky huffs.

reaper tips his head back and closes his eyes. he replaces the banter with deeper voices. the echo in the hangar is the same– it’s not hard at all.

then, it’s genji and jesse across from him. cheshire grin and snark. gang raised brat who never stood a chance and an innocent, twisted into something beyond nightmare. but neither of them know that. he wishes he didn’t know that.

he breathes out, slowly, the rasp of smoke crawling out from the cage of his throat. he can feel himself unwinding, unwinding, always unwinding. he loses a part of himaelf with every breath. thats not new. the two subordinates before him, that’s not new. hot, flashing pain in the seat of his chest– not new. its all achingly familiar.

somethings change, the reaper thinks, but not this.


[x] - requested by anonymous

Steve wasn’t even sure himself about his feelings. He had never felt this way towards a guy before, but he couldn’t deny that he felt something more for you than a friend. As he watched you stroll around the room and mingle with the guests, adjusting your suit, it finally dawned on him that he was in love with you.

You looked up at him and caught his eye, and gave him a small smile. And, despite being in the middle of a conversation with Doctor Maru, he smiled back.


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Rebelcaptain + 14 for the sex tropes please!

@carr-crashh-heartss (and an anon) also requested this one, so I’m posting these here. I’m going to do something different; 1950′s Greaser Cassian AU for-

14. sex with clothes half on/panties still on

Jyn, for some reason, really wanted to run her hands along the sleeve of his leather jacket. It looked so soft. As did his dark, slicked back hair. The night was heavy with this threat of an abyss, she didn’t understand it, but she wanted to jump.

“I had a good time tonight,” she said, adjusting the full skirt of her blue dress that fanned across the bench seat. 

He smiled at her. When the slightly-crooked looking customer at her waitressing job had asked her out, she wasn’t expecting him to be this gentlemanly. She was slightly disappointed. 

“I’m glad,” he said, and he seemed so. They went dancing. He was good at it, and picked someplace with better music than she thought possible. Not one doo-wop. But despite the seizing rock and roll, his hands never strayed off her waist. “I did too. you’re quite a partner.”

“You know, I don’t have to be home until eleven,” she said quietly, staring at her hands in her lap. He glanced at her, surprised. 

“We don’t have to if-”

She bit back a laugh. “Girls don’t go on dates with boys like you if they don’t want to be touched.”

He silently pulled into an empty parking lot. His lips were on hers before the car even went fully silent. 

Neon lights from the diner outside still shone, even though no one was around. It made his skin look demon-red, sinful. His jacket was soft, for the brief time she felt it when it was on. His hair was softer. 

His lips were softest, pressed against her breasts. 

Crinolines in a back seat were a nightmare, but Cassian was wonderfully creative in a pinch. She wondered how many full skirts he’d gotten under before, and that was the last coherent thought she had as he dove under her skirt with his head between her thighs. Her heel dug into the window. This is what girls like her went on dates with boys like him for. 

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Okay, but can we please take a moment out of all the awful drag Peter wore to appreciate his natural good looks beneath it all? He's always been beautiful and very handsome to many of us, and I don't think he gets nearly enough appreciation as he should! I mean yeah, Davy and the others are great looking guys, but Peter has this angelic quality to his smile that I just adore! (I also feel like his looks don't get talked about as much, but maybe that's just me! 😉)

Absolutely! Well, that’s the entire point, really…that Peter wasn’t “pretty” the way Micky was, but he was “man-pretty,” and the costume people clearly didn’t know how to properly dress/accentuate the features of a handsome man such as Peter or turn him into an attractive woman. But yes, Peter was quite attractive back in the ‘60s, no question about it, and definitely had that dimple working overtime for him. Here’s a few favorite Peter pics…

We’re Not Broken, Just Bent

Molly had distanced herself from Sherlock after being together for a couple of months.

Loosely based on Pink’s ‘Just Give Me a Reason’.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Everything had slowly deteriorated. They were so happy in the beginning but after a couple of blissful months, things got difficult. It started with their first squabble, which didn’t worry either of them; it was normal and bound to happen. The arguing happened too often now; about three times a week. Today’s fallout hadn’t been the worst but it wouldn’t leave his thoughts. Sherlock had gone back to Baker Street afterwards. It kept replaying in his mind.

“Molly, I need to take a look at Mr. Simm,” Sherlock said as he strolled into the room.

“Give me a moment to finish this paperwork,” she replied. He kissed her cheek and she gave him a small smile. Once finished, she brought out the body and watched as Sherlock examined it.

“Just as I thought,” he muttered.

“What is it?” Molly asked.

“The rope burns on his wrists suggest he had been held hostage at one point,” Sherlock answered. “They’re very faint now so it could have been easily overlooked by anyone less observant.”

“Are you suggesting I was incompetent?” Molly questioned.

“No, Molly, of course not. You’re brilliant but not everyone can notice these things,” he explained. “I do suggest adding it to the report though.”

“Anything else you need?” she asked in annoyance.

“Yes, I did want to ask you something but now may not be the best time for—"he trailed off and cleared his throat. "Look, you’re clearly put out with me for some reason and I’m sorry if I insulted you. It wasn’t my intention.”

“Just go home, Sherlock,” Molly sighed.

“Will you come by Baker Street after your shift?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she admitted.

“I’ll go home, but it’s not home unless you’re there,” Sherlock said solemnly as he left the room. The usual bounce in his step was gone.

Sherlock’s heart ached as he relived the events. He felt that Molly was distancing herself but he couldn’t even deduce why.

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Imagine being Carisi’s kid who found him after years of being apart after you ran away. 

Requested by Anon~

With people bustling around and shouting, the thought of leaving and coming back some other time crossed your mind. This wasn’t a good time. But a name on someone’s desk caught your eye; Dominick Carisi.

That was his desk. He was here.

You must have been staring at it for a while, because someone eventually walked up. A brunette with a kind smile. “Hi, sweetheart. Can I help you with something?” She asked.

It was now or never, you decided. “I’m looking for Detective Carisi.” You answered. “I’m- I’m his kid. And I’d like to talk to him.”

The woman blinked in surprise, eyebrows shooting up as she put a hand on your shoulder. “Sure. I’ll find him for you.”

Clumsy (Mats Hummels)

“Mats hurry up or we’re gonna be late!” You finished up the final touches of getting ready, fastened the backs onto your earrings.

“I’m putting on my shirt right now babe.” He appeared behind you, fingers working to close the buttons.

Smiling, you looked at him in the mirror. When he decided to clean up, Mats really looked like a vision. His tall frame was clad in a white button down and navy dress pants. His parents were in town, and they had arranged to have dinner with you two before they went back home. You met them last Christmas, and they fell head over heels in love with you. It probably had something to do with your peach cobbler.

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Can I request a lazy sunday afternoon at home with Mirio?

mirio togata

He nuzzled his face into their hair, his hands lazily wrapping around his lover. He had a small smile on his face as he watched his s/o watch a show on their phone, a small gasp leaving their lips when something dramatic happens. His fingers drew small, lazy hearts into their hips as he closed his eyes, revelling in the feeling of having someone he loves so much so close to his body. 

“Babe, did you see that?” They ask, shock in their voice. He hums back a lazy ‘mhm’ before pulling them even closer.

“It’s crazy.” He says, laughing softly when he feels them turn to look at him.

“You didn’t even see it!” He flutters his eyes open and grins down at them.

“Why don’t you show me?” His tone teasing and he wanted to laugh again when they huffed and went back to show him.

Imagine Sebastian helping you train, and him realizing in the course of your training session what a powerful shadowhunter you are...

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Sebastian took a step back as you smirked back at him, your breathing barely changed from normal, while he, who always had the upper hand was struggling, panting hard.

“I must say, it’s thrilling to finally have someone match my skills, even surpassing it.” 

“What?” Your smirk blew away, a puzzled expression taking its place. 

“I’m utterly serious, if you don’t believe me. I might just have to train with you all the time.” He gave you that amused look, yet he looked sincere. 

“Now you’re just being charming.” You shot back, an amused smile on your lips. 

“Charming or not, you’ll be stuck with me from now on.” He smirked, making you bite your lip to hide a smile. 

He was most definitely charming. 

Requested by anonymous:  Yes! That’s amazing 💜 you’re the first person to tell me you write for him! I’d love to read anything you write, if you get free time could you write something (based off the sneak peaks for the 2.14 episode) where the reader is training and sebastian helps/realizes how powerful a shadowhuntwe they are? Thank you!! 😊  (as an answer to another answered ask)

A/N: I hope you don’t mind me writing it in imagine form, figured it would turn out the best like this^^

Yet again for the tmi readers: I know, I know… 

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Summer is sad and Raven kisses her to make her feel better and they're both speechless

Raven: Come on Summer. Cheer up.

Summer: *curled up in a ball holding an empty fish bowel, sniffling with tears in her eyes.* Mr. Bubble was a good fish. Had his whole life ahead of him.

Raven: Siiiiigh, Look Summer. I’m sure your fish-

Summer: Mr. Bubble.

Raven: Right. Mr. Bubble, is in a better place. *raven Says as Summer continued to lay on the floor. * … Alright. Come here. *Raven Sighed as she picked up Summer to hug her and held her for an hour rubbing circles on her back.* Feel better?

Summer: Yeah. Thanks Raven. *Summer smiled as she looked up at the older woman.*

Raven: No problem Rose. *Raven Said as she leaned down and kissed Summer’s for a second only to realize what she had done.* O-O…

Summer: 0-0…

Raven: O///-///O

Summer: @////u////@

Raven: Fuck.

Random Scott Headcanons #7
  • He has big round blue eyes and a boyish smile. It makes him look very young and rather innocent. Sara always jokes that it’s what confuses people enough to believe he’s not a giant dork.
  • He once laughed at the word “duty” and Lexi smacked him on the back of his head.
  • Scott’s hair is very soft and it stands up like that by itself because of his biotics. He does style it, though, to make it look better.  His hair is always absolute mess when he wakes up.
  • Anytime he wears socks on the Tempest, he slides on the glass floor trying to get as far as possible.
  • Drack sat on Scott’s glasses by accident during the first week on the Tempest, and crushed them completely. Luckily, people on the Nexus made Scott a new pair. It’s the one that can be seen in most of my fanart.
  • For someone who moves with such incredible agility during combat, he can be kind of clumsy and tends to drop things a lot. Also, he trips over his own feet sometimes.
  • He’s actually pretty great with kids and likes playing games with them. (Well, he’s just an overgrown kid himself so that may be why.)
  • His D&D character is a half-elf bard named Cedric Silverwind.
  • Gil offered to teach him some basics about starship engineering and Scott was more than happy to accept. They end every lesson with card games.

More Random Scott Headcanons

“Massage.” A Barry Allen smut

Barry Allen was a very stressed man at least eighty five percent of the time. It was understandable after all. He was the Flash.  Barry was sprawled out on your shared bed with his face buried in the sheets as he groaned dramatically while you worked. He looked up at you, seeing you unfazed before groaning louder and more dramatically. You looked at him through the reflection of the computer screen before smiling. Typing once again as he repeated his actions, this time even louder. You got up and plopped next to him. You straddled him and placed your hands on his chest. 

“Yes my dear handsome Bartholomew Henry Allen. What is it?!” 

“Well since you’re not busy….” He grinned cheekily as you rolled your eyes. “Would you give me a massage?” He begged as he gave you his best puppy dog eyes and placing his hands on your thighs. You threw your head back and groaned like he did only minutes ago before. You left the room and got some things before coming back to see your boyfriend in his birthday suit, a towel being the only thing on his body, once again sprawled out on the bed. 

“If that doesn’t turn me on I don’t know what will.” You teased as Barry chuckled before you once again straddled his torso and started to massage his shoulders. He let out a loud moan as he could already feel the stress leaving his body. You immediately started to get wet at his nasty sound. You could feel his cock getting stiff as his eyes were closed. You knew it had been awhile since the two of you had been able to ‘make love’ as he called it. So it didn’t surprise that just you touching him the way you were had him hot and bothered. You slowly took the towel to reveal his cock, which was now almost fully erect. You continued to make your way down his torso and trailed down to his v-line. You ran your finger down his v-line as goose bumps rose onto his skin before he shivered. You then ran your finger tips along his now fully hard cock before he let out a guttural moan. His back arched as he didn’t even bother raising his head. 

“If you’re going to do it then do it (Y/n)…don’t be a tease.” He warned as you giggled. You then licked the underside of his cock before licking around the swollen head as you gingerly took a hold of his cock before taking it fully in your mouth as he reached down and pulled your hair into a makeshift ponytail as you bobbed. You moaned around his cock as you knew it drove him wild. 
“Babeeee.” He whined as you didn’t let up, knowing how close he was and knowing that he was planning on releasing in your thoat. 

You had other plans. 

You released him with a pop as his head shot up. 

“What the hell!” He whined. You giggled before tilting your head and he growled before you stood up and sat on his stomach. He was growing impatient, having been teased for far to long. You took off the shirt you were wearing (which happened to be his) before revealing your lacy dark red bra. His jaw clench as his hands traveled up to the hooks. Instead of struggling with it like he normally does he ripped it off. You gasped as he placed two vibrating hands on each breast. 

You retaliated by grinding on his hard cock as he squirmed impatiently. He leaned up and connected your lips with fervor. His tongue immediately dominating your tongue in seconds. He grabbed your face before he spoke gruffly. 

“You going to ride me or not?” You moaned at his words before you slammed yourself onto his cock causing him to hiss. You immediately bounced harshly, both of you releasing weeks of pent up stress before he placed a vibrating finger on your clit with a smirk, knowing he would have you coming undone in seconds. You grew sloppy as you knew you were seconds from clenching deliciously around him. 

He almost forgot how euphoric the way you felt around him. Till you were clenching around him and yelling his name. He twitched in you before releasing his load inside of you. You almost fell back off the bed as your toes curled. Your vision turning white as Barry quickly held your back. He pulled you on top of his chest before you rolled off him. Getting up to put back on the shirt, but your actions halted when you simply fell onto the ground. Your legs now jelly. Barry let out a laugh as he was still panting. 

“You don’t get to laugh mister!” 
“Well if you think you’re walking tomorrow, after round two, you’re sorely mistaken.” You groaned at his cheesy pun before connecting your lips harshly again.

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Hello, I want to offer a few headcanons! I feel like it's canon that Phichit met chubby Yuuri, and stumbled across Yuuri looking at himself in the mirror with a sad expression. He comes up behind him and lays his head on his shoulder and squeezes his hands, then his tummy. All while telling him how beautiful he is. Yuuri leans back, slight smile on his face, relaxing against his touch and voice.

This ask cured my depression, cleared my skin, fixed my grades, got me a job, and solved world hunger. I wish I could have my dash showered with chubby Yuuri positivity