look at him run and smile in purple

based on that post by @leoxingx bc it broke my heart and i need it

They were arguing, the whole team. Shiro had technically started it, saying he would go. The Galra transmission demanded one of the Paladins, or the whole Castle would be blown to bits, and honestly they were in no condition to fight.

“I’ll go.” Keith said. “I’ll be fine, I can fight and take care of myself-”

“No.” Shiro said, shaking his head. “They want me. Haggar wants me.”

“I’ll go!” Hunk piped up again, but everyone shot him a look and he grumbled under his breath. Lance looked back to Shiro and Keith, who were bickering, Pidge, who was leaning on the console tiredly, watching them, and Allura who was joining in on the bickering.

“I will go.” She proclaimed. In the mess that ensued, no one noticed Lance quietly stepping towards the beam that would transport him to the Galra ship that was looming outside the window like a tyrant. They had gotten into their systems, and this was the only way off the ship as of now.

Lance’s mind raced as he watched the team carefully, now Allura was yelling. Five steps.



“Lance?” Someone asked. The room went deadly silent and Lance darted forward, hitting the button that would shut the beam’s defense and seal it off. It started humming, and everyone was staring at him.

“Shiro’s the leader.” He explained, rushed as the humming got louder and the top of the encasement grew brighter. “Keith is the best pilot, Pidge is a genius and Hunk is a brilliant engineer. Allura, you’re the Princess and Coran you’re the only one who knows the Castle well.” 

“Lance, no!” Hunk shouted, launching forward. Lance laughed a little and pressed his hand to Hunk’s through the material, it felt like plastic. And it was getting warm, he noticed.

“I’m just a boy from Cuba.” He said, the light over his head getting brighter. Hunk burst into tears, and Lance’s bones seared as the beam came down.

Hunk was sobbing, Pidge at his side in an instant and Shiro only a moment later. Keith stood, staring at the place where Lance had stood only moment before with a look of confusion and terror.

“Lance.” Allura mumbled, mouth hidden behind her hand as she stared in shock. 

Coran paced, then went to the console and started typing. His face was the most serious Keith had ever seen. Something filled his chest, watching Hunk and Pidge sob and Shiro hide tears. Guilt. If he had just gone-

Keith turned and left the room, stoic until his head met his pillow and then he cried.

Lance blinked, the sensation of his flesh being burned off disappearing and he winced, blinking in the hard purple light that made a headache start to pound.

“Well.” Someone purred near him, making him jump and lift a hand to shield his face and get a better look. Long white hair, purple skin, twin scars running down under his eyes, a man stared at him. He smiled, too wide in a way that made Lance shiver. 

“We gained a Paladin much quicker than I had hoped.”

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86 and andreil??

86: “Perhaps you’ll take me out one day — or do I have to make an appointment?” (I combined this with a prompt from foxpaws10 from ages ago based on this post, and I kind of warped both of your prompts i hope this is still okaaay basically it’s doctor andrew and that’s all u need to know)

His morning is a string of disasters that begins with covering the ER in the Sunday rush of hypochondriac elderly and fussy children. It’s one long stretch of kicked over paint buckets, a mess you can’t ignore, splattering the walls and getting on his shoes.

Andrew chose surgery almost entirely for the distance of it, the sterility of a room with a slab of meat, a tray of knives, and a sickness he can actually cut out.

He’s a doctor because he can be, and patients sometimes like that he doesn’t speak a word to them, like silence equals genius.

He likes that there are some patients that come into the ER unconscious and leave the OR unconscious, and all he has is a problem and a ticking clock. He always solves the problem. He thinks maybe it’s because he is one.

The sinking ship of his Sunday in the emergency room goes from slippery to debilitating with one patient.

Two showy ER doctors with their lab coats off and their sleeves rolled up go into the private room they’ve cordoned off, and they both come out looking pinched in the face with their stethoscopes clenched in their fists.

“He’s a fucking disaster,” one of them says, leaning up against the information desk with his eyes still pulling back to the closed door of the room.

“I know. I thought, I dunno. That the news was exaggerating.”

Andrew tilts his head and listens without making any move to leave his post, filling out inane charts as illegibly as he can.

One of the residents chances a look at him and Andrew makes a point of catching him. The guy startles, then juts his chin.

“Maybe you’ll get along with him, Minyard. He’s as crazy as you.”

“You’ve mistaken the hospital for a playground,” Andrew says mildly. “Give me his chart.”


“His chart.”

He looks at his friend, mouth slack, and then the one holding the chart holds it out like a dirty rag.

“He’s Boston’s starting striker,” he stage whispers. Andrew takes the clipboard and ignores him, scanning the details. “We’re not supposed to let any patients know.”

“That Neil Josten is causing a scene ten feet away from them?” he says, and the men titter uncomfortably. “Why should he get the luxury of privacy?”

“How did you—“

“The news is available to everyone, Bryant, you fuck.” He rounds the desk and makes for the closed and shuttered room, dropping the chart in the receptacle outside.

“He shouldn’t be allowed to practice,” someone says behind him, and then someone else, softer, scornful: “surgeons”.

Andrew wrings the door knob and finds himself abruptly face to face with the singular most swollen person he’s ever seen. He’s obviously bolting for it, his gown gaping at the neck and someone’s stolen shoes jammed on. Andrew scans the defiant face, the shock of red hair, the near invisible trail of blood from an incorrectly removed IV.

“Sit down.”


Andrew watches Neil Josten— and it is him, one of the handful of strikers on Boston’s team and certainly the most newsworthy — size him up. His eyes run the same circuit Andrew’s would if he were looking to fight his way out: door, threat, surreptitiously behind him for a weapon, back again.

“I’ll drug you,” Andrew says simply. Neil’s good eye, the one that isn’t purpling, goes narrow.

“Are you allowed to say that?”

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Character A is injured. Character B is still listed as their emergency contact.

“So, anyway, I drove about, I don’t know, four hours? Yeah, four I think it was to get the teacup pig- I mean who wouldn’t want a teacup pig, right?”

The girl- Nicole, Lily had said- stared much to excitedly at Sirius from across the restaurant table. Lily must have been joking when she said they would get on. She had to have been joking.

Sirius tried for a smile, “Uh. Yeah, right.”

The girl let out a shriek, “Right! I mean, it was a bit sketchy, honestly. The woman didn’t even ask my name. But I got the pig so, whatever, right?”

Nicole reached for her water, eyes trained expectantly on Sirius.

“I-“ Sirius had nothing, absolutely nothing to say. “Right…”

Nicole offered a slightly less enthusiastic, more uncomfortable smile, “Okay, maybe not everyone wants a teacup pig then… Whatever.”

Sirius had just enough mind to feel slightly guilty for not playing into the story a little more, when his phone rang.

He didn’t even try to feel guilty for the relief that flooded through him at the sound.

That had to be Lily calling him to tell him it was all a joke and that he was the most gullible person on this planet. Please be Lily. He dug into his coat pocket.


Faded sirens filled his ear, then the voice of a woman.

“Hello, is this Mr. Sirius Black?”

Sirius’ brow knit, and he held up a finger to Nicole who seemed to be having trouble getting her pasta noodles to stay on her fork and payed him no mind.

“Yes.” He said as he closed the restaurant door, wrapping an arm around himself and his thin sweater against the cold. He tried to push down the worry in his chest at the formal tones, “Yeah, speaking.”

“Mr. Black, I’m calling from Mercy Hospital on behalf of Remus Lupin. Unfortunately, there has been an accident…”

A ringing made its way up from Sirius’ heart into his ears, chilling him. Accident. It was like he was now listening to the world through cotton.

Remus. In an accident. Sirius’ heart beat against his skull. Remus who he hadn’t stopped thinking about for months. Remus who he hadn’t seen for months.

An accident an accidentanaccident.


An accident


Sirius brought a hand up to his mouth, stomach churning.

“Mr. Black? Mr. Black, are you there-“

“Yes. Yes, I-“ He pressed the hand over his eyes, “What- is he-” His voice sounded much too horse, like he’d been shouting. Please tell me he’s okay.

“I wasn’t on call sir, I’m afraid I don’t know the details. ”

Sirius closed his eyes, hand dropping to the brick wall. He felt like he was holding himself together, “Right. Right.”A thought occurred to him, “Wait.”

“Yes, sir?”

“Why are you- I mean, why did you call me? I don’t..” Why not James? Lily? His parents?

“Well, you’re his emergency contact, so…”

Emergency contact? Sirius’ heart sped up, fear combining with the lingering longing for Remus he’d been trying to suppress to a simmer for what felt like forever. It flared up, burning a hole in his chest through and through. Despite the fact that Remus had probably just forgotten about it, Sirius’ heart warmed.

“Right. Thank you. Thanks, I’ll be- in a bit.” He shook his head, he wasn’t making sense.

He didn’t even think he made eye contact with Nicole when he grabbed his jacket and threw (probably too much) money onto the table.


It was the only thing going through his mind.

The cabbie tried to talk to him on the ride there but he either didn’t hear the words or doesn’t remember what he said. The city lights were streaks of color in his eyes, and they stayed streaks when the cab stopped moving. He tripped on the curve. It was wet, and red and blue ambulance lights reflected in the puddled yellow surface. When had it started to rain? Sirius saw the sirens but heard only his own breath. The doors opened by themselves and he nearly tripped again. Everything was too white now.

“Remus.” He gasped at the woman behind the desk. He wiped wet hair from his forehead, leaning heavily against the counter, “Remus.”

She obviously recognized him from their phone call not moments before. She got up, motioning for him to follow through another set of doors that opened by themselves. His eyes told him she had started talking to, his ears didn’t.

She stopped outside of a room. 221. This door didn’t open by itself and Sirius was left, hands pressed to the hard wood and face alined with the small window. His heart went to his throat, his stomach into knots.

The scene wasn’t chaotic, but it wasn’t peaceful either. Sirius’ breath fogged up the glass and Remus momentarily looked as if he were asleep on a cloud, not a hospital bed. The sight was angelic and disturbing; it looked too far away. Sirius pushed open the door, wiping the glass as he did and Remus was back in the hospital bed and much, much closer. Panic threatened to simmer up again.

Sirius expected to feel out of place. He expected to feel as if someone else should be here. Remus would want someone else here. Right? But he didn’t. He felt just as draw to Remus now as he had any other day, maybe even more so with the whites of the hospital making him look pale and delicate.

“Drunk driver.”

Sirius jumped at the voice from behind him and turned to see the nurse from the phone flipping through Remus’ chart. She glanced up at him, then nodded her head to Remus, “He’s very lucky, you know.”

Sirius looked at her, then back to Remus with his slowly purpling eye, his bloodied lip, the IV and white bandage striped across his shoulder like a seatbelt.

“Lucky..” He breathed.

The nurse closed it with a clatter, hanging it back on the bed end, “Lucky. To be alive. To have someone come running at a moment’s notice. Honestly, what was that, five minutes?”

Sirius blinked at her. He didn’t know how long it had been.

She just smiled sympathetically and placed a hand on his shoulder, “He’s going to be fine. I’d still stay though. It’s good to have a familiar face around when they wake up.”

Even one they probably hate?

Sirius almost voiced this question, when he realized he had been left alone, door swinging shut behind her. Left alone to stare at Remus’ slowly breathing form on the bed.

Guilt washed through him in sudden, powerful waves.

If I hadn’t let you walk out would you still be in here?

Sirius took a breath and it shuttered its way through him. That was stupid. It had been months ago. There’s no way of knowing…

“Fuck.” He breathed, shuffling a little and looking around. He thought about sitting on the bed, but he wasn’t sure what Remus would do- how he would feel- when he woke up, and he didn’t think close proximity was the best way to find out. He pulled at the stool by the wall instead, wincing when it scraped against the tiles much louder than he had anticipated. He picked it up, placing it next to the bed carefully. He sat awkwardly and straight.

He might have sat there for hours, might have been minutes. Time passed sluggishly, then seemed to speed up, then slow again. His eyes slipped closed, he slumped forward onto the bed, just as dawn was filtering through the blinds and casting lines of warm light across Remus’ face.

Be okay. Sirius said it even in his dreams. Please be okay.

He woke up to a light tapping at his shoulder, long fingers shaking gently. It took him seconds to remember where he was and he sat up too fast, straining his neck.

“Fuck- Remus-“ His eyes went right to Remus, eyes roaming his face, searching for any alarming reasons for Remus to be waking him.

Perhaps the most alarming part of that search was that Remus didn’t look alarmed at all. Or that his hand had slid down Sirius’ shoulder and into his palm. Or that his fingers were gripping Sirius’.

Sirius stared at their hands for a moment, before slowly looping his fingers around Remus’ too, “Remus…”

Remus didn’t say anything. He just looked at their hands too. His eye was fully swollen now, cheek pushing it closed a little, but his lip looked slightly better. The bandage on his chest was clean so Sirius guessed that was good. And Remus just sat there, holding his hand. Sirius’ heart beat. He was utterly helpless against the feeling of Remus’ cool fingers, so utterly helpless.

“Before I blacked out,” Remus’ voice was barely there. He coughed weakly, but shook his head when he saw Sirius eye the cup of water on the bedside table.

“Before I blacked out,” he began again, eyes moving back to their hands, “I was thinking about you.”

Sirius was so, so helpless, “Re…”

“I was hoping they’d call you. I couldn’t remember if..” He coughed again, and this time Sirius took matters into his own hands, holding the cup out. When Remus didn’t take it, he raised it to Remus’ lips, but Remus covered the top, shaking his head, “I was coming to you-“ Another coughing fit but Sirius barely heard it this time.

I was coming to you.

Sirius stared at Remus, wide-eyed. He felt his heart frantically trying to keep up with his lungs, “God, Remus. God, if something had really gone wrong, if you-“

“I’m not-“ He cut himself off again and Sirius sighed.

“For fuck sake, drink.” He didn’t let Remus refuse this time.

When Remus had drained half the glass he let his head fall back against his pillows, eyes staying on Sirius, and hand gripping tighter, “I’m not blaming you. I’m not, Sirius, listen to me. Jesus.”

Sirius couldn’t help it. He pressed his lips to Remus’ knuckles, encasing the chilly hand in both of his own. If something had happened if something had happened his mind kept replaying. He would had never known. You would’ve never got the chance to tell him.

Remus’ eyes flutter at the small gesture and he sighs, “I missed you. God, I’ve missed you so much, Pads, and look, look what happened. We can’t-“ Sirius hears the heart monitor pick up and he shifts onto the edge of the bed, hand pushing through Remus’ hair, trying to calm him.

“We can’t waste a day.” Remus’ eyes are pleading and golden in the dawn light. He breathes for a second, turning his face into Sirius’ palm, “I can’t spend another day. Not like this. Not without you. Anything can happen at any time and- and if something happened and I didn’t have you-“ The monitor starts to pick up again and Remus’ chest is heaving against the bandages and Sirius does the only thing he can think of.

He kisses Remus. It’s soft, and more on the corner of his mouth than anything, to avoid his injury, but its like he can breathe again. His thumb runs along his jaw as he pulls away, forehead against forehead,

“Take it easy love, okay? You don’t have to spend-“ He closes his eyes, “Fuck, Re. Fuck, if you’ll have me you never have to spend another fucking second without me. If I had it my way, I wouldn’t leave your side. I’d never…” Sirius just shakes his head, pressing a kiss to Remus’ forehead, “Okay?”

Remus’ eyes are hooded and sleepy when Sirius looks back to him, but he’s smiling. A smile Sirius knows is reserved just for him, and one he hasn’t seen in a lifetime.

Sirius’ thumbs lightly over the swollen part of Remus’ lip, “Don’t you ever do that to me again, okay? I- fucking hell, Re-“ His voice breaks at the end and he can’t continue.

“I know.” Sirius’ can feel the heart monitor on Remus’ finger press into his cheek, “I was scared too.”

In A Moment Ch. 3

An Avengers Series

Character Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 1746

Warnings: NSFW 18+, Smut. Oral (female receiving), M/M kissing, swearing and naughty talk.

A/N: I have come to the realization that I write a lot of smut. What does that say about me as person?

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Leaning in to Bucky’s kiss, you kept telling yourself to control your emotions.

It wasn’t working.

Every sense you had was on alert. Your body was warming due to the mastery of Bucky’s lips. He coaxed a moan from you when he nipped your bottom lip.

You opened your eyes a fraction and froze at what you saw.

Scrambling up from Bucky’s lap, you took two giant steps back and brought your hands up in front of you, cursing the purple energy flowing from your fingers. Breathing heavily, you closed your eyes and tried to calm yourself.

“I can’t do this,” you whispered to the silence.

You heard Steve calling out your name as you turned and ran back through the door and down the stairs.

Slamming the bedroom door behind you, you stopped in the middle of your room and took a deep breath. You had ruined an absolutely perfect moment. Countless times you had fantasized about what Bucky’s lips would feel like against yours. It surpassed every expectation you ever had.

Frustrated, you flopped down on your back in the middle of your bed. Lifting your hands, you created an energy orb and let it float between your fingers.

A knock sounded at your door before you heard Steve’s voice, “Can we come in please?”

With a sigh, you called out, “At your own risk.”

Steve came in first, followed closely by Bucky, shutting the door behind him. They both stopped and stared at the purple orb you were passing back and forth between your hands. You let it fall, disappearing into your body. Bucky moved first. He came over to the side of the bed and sat down. Steve moved to stand at your feet.

“I’m not scared of you,” Bucky said while looking down at you. He turned himself and scooted back until his back was resting against the headboard. He spread his legs around you, “Come here.”

You looked at Steve who nodded his head toward Bucky. Sitting up and turning around, you sat on your knees in front of Bucky.

He reached his hands out to grab yours. You felt Steve climb onto the bed behind you. His chest aligned with your back and his arms came around your body to wrap around your waist. His thighs bracketed yours in-between Bucky’s legs. Bucky linked your fingers with his and brought your hands up.

“Show us.” He leaned forward to kiss your fingers.

You were shaking your head, “No. I’ll hurt you.”

Steve tightened his arms around you, “You won’t hurt either of us,” he said into your ear. “Focus on us, on how we make you feel instead of trying to control it.”

A shiver ran down your spine at his words. You closed your eyes and rested your head back against Steve’s shoulder. You centered your energy on yours and Bucky’s joined hands.

Your eyes snapped open on his quick intake of breath. You tired pulling your hands out of his grasp, but he tightened his hold.  

“Damn,” he was smiling at Steve. His gaze slid to yours, “It feels like electricity.”  

You looked at the dark purple vapor swirling around your hands and felt like panicking. You were so scared of hurting them. You and Wanda had just begun your training on controlling how you use your ability. She hadn’t had the chance to tell you how to deal with human contact yet.

Steve started running his hands up and down along your sides in a soothing manner. You turned your head to look at him. He smiled softly at you, “Your eyes turn the color of lilacs.”

You craned your neck up to crash your lips against his. Steve’s kiss was different from Bucky’s. Slower and softer. He coaxed your mouth open slowly and languidly stroked his tongue over yours.

Bucky let go of your hands to caress your thighs. You placed one of your hands on Steve’s forearm. He pulled back from the kiss when a shock current shot through his arm. “Huh, who woulda thought?”

“I told you,” Bucky said, settling his hands on your hips. Steve ran his hands down your sides until they met Bucky’s. You looked down to see their fingers tangle together. You glanced up at Bucky to see him staring at you, assessing your reaction.

Steve leaned toward your ear again, “All of this is brand new to us too.” He kissed your temple, “So let’s explore this together.”

You shut your eyes for a moment to try and calm your racing emotions. This was crazy. How was this supposed to work?

You felt Steve and Bucky shift. You opened your eyes when they both turned you to recline against Bucky’s chest. His arms came around you as Steve leaned in for another kiss. You felt Bucky’s lips brush the side of your neck. “Hey doll, look.” Bucky grabbed your hand and lifted it, you dragged your mouth from Steve’s and looked at your hand.

The mist was gone.

Steve smiled down at you, “Your eyes are back to normal too.” He looked beyond your shoulder at Bucky, “So, distraction works.” You felt Bucky’s chest rumble with his chuckle.

“Well, then I say we need to continue this little experiment.” You said to both of them.

Bucky’s hands found their way under your shirt while Steve started pulling your pants down your legs. He rid you of your shoes as he flung your pants across the room. Bucky inched your shirt up your stomach and over your breasts before you leaned up and helped him remove it.

You felt yourself flush in embarrassment. Or maybe it was arousal. Steve was looking at you with the same amount of lust.

Bucky settled his lips on your neck again before unclasping your bra. Steve took over, dragging the straps down. His fingers trailed along your arms, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

“Are you still with us doll?” Bucky whispered, kissing your pulse point below your ear. You turned your head toward him, bringing a hand up to his face, you brought him in for a kiss. Bucky’s kiss is more demanding than Steve’s. More in control.

You gasped against his lips when Steve took your nipple into his mouth. The wet heat of his mouth, combined with the softness of his lips were enough to drive you mad. You brought your other hand up to clutch the back of his head. Bucky’s metal hand joined yours, while his flesh hand was running along the inside of your thigh. Steve gave the hardened bud a sharp nip, causing you to jolt. Which in turn caused Bucky to groan when your back rubbed along his erection still confined in his jeans.

Steve chuckled as he moved lower down your body. “That was a fun reaction from the both of you.”

Bucky broke the kiss so you both could watch Steve settle himself between your thighs.

Steve looked into your eyes as he placed a soft kiss against you through the lace of your panties. You gripped Bucky’s thigh as your breathing sped up. You watched as Steve licked a broad stipe up your pussy, dragging the wet material between your folds. Bucky moved his hand that was on your thigh to hook his fingers in your panties and moved them aside. A high-pitched moan escaped your lips when Steve’s tongue licked into your cunt without a barrier.

“Oh my…. hell…,” you moaned. Steve pointed his tongue and flicked your clit. Your back arched against Bucky. He wrapped his metal arm around your waist to steady you.

“Does that feel good doll?” Bucky’s voice was rough as he talked. You shut your eyes tight and bit your lips when Steve sucked your clit between his lips. “You like Steve eating that pretty little pussy, don’t you?”

A harsh moan left your lips when Steve slipped two fingers inside your core. Steve pumped his fingers, curling them up with each push in. Bucky was continuing his naughty talk onslaught in your ear, as you started to lose control. You opened your eyes when your legs started to shake. You looked at your hand on Bucky’s thigh and saw that the purple vapor was back. You were about to put a stop to all of this out of fear of hurting them but Bucky stopped you with a soft, “Shhh,” in your ear. “We’ve got you darlin’.”

“Steve… please…, “ you whimpered while running your fingers through his hair. He flattened his tongue against your clit, rubbing his fingers along your g-spot.

“Tell him what you want,” Bucky said, his teeth sinking into your shoulder.

You shuddered, “I need to cum.” Steve’s eyes locked on yours, “Please god… make me cum.”  

You were so close already, but fear was holding you back. You tensed up, but Bucky soothed you, “Just let go beautiful.”

Steve gave your clit a hard suck. It was just enough to send you screaming over your edge. A purple glow filled the room as your orgasm flowed through you. Bucky tipped your chin toward him and kissed you as Steve finished working you through it.

When your body went limp, completely spent, Steve sat up on his knees and wiped his chin with the back of his hand. You pulled back from kissing Bucky to look up at Steve. He had a small smile on his lips.

“I feel like I just touched a livewire.” He said with a laugh. “We need to put a ‘High Voltage’ sign on you sweetheart.”

You laid back against Bucky with a satisfied smile.  

Bucky reached up and tugged on Steve’s shirt, bringing him down to crash their lips together. They kissed with a passion that can only come from having a strong history together. You watched with rapt attention as their tongues tangled together, lips rubbing against each others. Steve brought a hand up to sift through Bucky’s hair. Heat in your lower belly started to coil again when their mutual groans melded together. You were sandwiched between both of their hard bodies. Bucky’s hard cock against your back while Steve’s clothed erection was grinding against your core.

When they pulled away from each other, you watched soft smiles appear. They both turned to look at you.

“Now I feel like I’m the one who touched a livewire, damn.”

Bucky chuckled, leaning down to give you a gentle kiss, “We’re not done yet doll face.”

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Hey guys! I just wanted to put a disclaimer out here on this story, it is very angsty and deals with mature subject matter, it could possibly be a trigger warning. Thankyou so much!

It all started simple enough, it wasn’t supposed to end up like this. Hanging out with the gang, that was it. But then there was Betty Cooper

Kind, selfless, beautiful Betty Cooper who would rather die than see any living thing being tormented in any way. He should’ve noticed it, seen it in her eyes, the way her shoulders drew up and her breathing quickened. She was ready for a fight. And a fight she was going to get.

They had been eating, that’s all, just minding their own business, going over school work and laughing with their friends when all of a sudden the crash of a plate hitting the ground echoed through the barely full diner. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to Dilton Doiley now sitting on the ground covered in his own food, bleeding from his arm. He wasn’t alone. Surrounding him were the biggest high schoolers Jughead had ever seen, tattooed and muscled their faces so mean and rough, it was scary to even look. And then they kicked the poor boy laying on the ground.

They kicked Dilton so hard, he coughed himself into throwing up. Betty was up in a second flat, he never even had the chance to touch her, grab her arm. Keep her stuck in that seat. He would’ve done anything to keep her there.

“Stop! What’s wrong with you?! What are you doing?!” She shouted hysterically, moving to help Dilton but was quickly stopped by one of the bunch.

“Back off bitch, this isn’t your fight.” It was a group of six all equally staring Betty down with such venom Jughead thought me might throw up alongside Dilton. He saw her hands go up to her ponytail, tightening it.

Oh shit.

“It’s my fight now, this is my town, my diner, my friends.” She stood tall , not a shake to her body. Suddenly without any warning she was slapped across the face, completely knocking her to the ground. “I said mind your own business bitch.” The tallest one spoke spitting on the ground near Betty’s face.

He had hopped over the booth in a second flat, Archie and Kevin following close behind

As soon as he reached for the monster who had slapped Betty he was being pulled down by another two of the gang. Pinning him to the ground and using the heel of his boot, the one to his left kicked him hard in the cheek, splitting his lip. He vaguely heard the screams of Veronica and Cheryl and saw Archie and Kevin being held back.

“This your girlfriend?” The tallest one said shoving Betty’s face into the ground by jugheads head keeping his foot on her head, he couldn’t help but think that this asshole was getting dirt in her hair. He tried to catch her eyes, tried to tell her it was gonna be okay, he was here, they were gonna get out of this but he couldn’t find her eyes, he could only make out the light pink cardigan, they weren’t letting him move, suddenly he heard her yelp and the sound of skin hitting skin caused him to push up in the force holding him back. He caught a glimpse of the scene.

The man had Betty’s shirt almost all the way over her head and had punched her directly in her side. “You’ve gotta learn” he was saying, “you can come with us, pretty young thing like you, we’ve got space in our trailer, we could make good use of you.” The rest of the group laughed and jughead growled

“Oh your boyfriend looks jealous, why don’t we let him see a little more, hell who knows it might be the last time he gets to see this tight little body.” The man was trying to unbutton her jeans but she was wiggling too much. He gripped her face so tight, Jughead was sure he was gonna leave bruises “stop fucking around”

She looked the man dead in the eye and spit right in his face “fuck you.” He couldn’t help the swell of pride in his chest, she wasn’t going down without a fight. The mans face contorted into something Jughead had never seen before, he was so angry he was physically red

“You dumb..” his hands were around her neck squeezing and jughead thrashed, pushing against the men holding, “Betty! Get the hell off of her!” He was crying now he could see her choking.

It was all over before it began, the sound of police cars blared through the windows and he was released, watching Betty slip to the ground he breathed a sigh of relief, the gang tried to run but as soon as they made it to the door, pops was there, rifle in his hands and cellphone held up. The cops rammed through the door taking down each and everyone of the monsters. He looked up to see a flash of black and red fly past him.

“Betty! Somebody help! Please” Veronica was crying, thick streaks of black mascara running down her face and Cheryl was on her cellphone with who he presumed was a lawyer based on her declaration of “you’ll be representing Betty Cooper and I want you hereNOW!”

He looked up and saw Archie, holding his arm and helping a shaking Kevin up.

Suddenly snapping out of his daze he got up running to where Betty was laying. Shoving both Cheryl and Veronica out of the way he dropped to his knees. Betty’s eyes were open, tears streaming out, her eye completely swollen and the harsh red fingerprints sticking out on her smooth skin, she had her fingers on her throat,

“I can’t Breathe” she choked out her voice raspy and weak.

Jughead was crying now, she should never look this, ever. but here she was , broken and hurt. And he couldn’t stop it, he didn’t do anything to help her, he couldn’t.

She was reaching for him

“My side juggie, its…I can’t..” his hands instantly went to the lift her t shirt, her ribs were bruised beyond belief and that brought on a fresh round of tears. Suddenly she was being ushered away by a group of emts a man gently lifting her onto a stretcher. Veronica looked at Jughead, “I’m gonna go to the hospital with her okay, you stay here and answer the questions they have, but if I don’t see you by Betty’s side in an hour, I’ll lose it.”

Archie gripped his shoulder
“This was not your fault man, they were going to kill Dilton, Betty did what she does best, help people. you couldn’t have stopped it. You know that”

Shaking his head he went over to the officer to describe the attack, apparently these men have been on a rampage, they had put six students in critical care, ones still fighting for his life. They were going away for a long time.

And Betty did that.

She stuck up to those monsters and she got them put away. But how could he face her? He looked her in the eyes as they beat her. He couldn’t do anything, just watch. The voice of Kevin Keller broke him out of his thoughts.

“She needs you, I know you’re blaming yourself but Betty would kill you if she knew you were doing that, you jumped in, you put yourself at risk for her, she knows that, she’s probably feeling just as guilty as you are, so go to her. Now. before she overthinks herself into a coma.” Sheriff Keller came and quickly took his son away. He was a good dad.

Shit, Betty’s parents were away on a week long cruise for a journalism retreat. Betty literally was on her own.

Hopping into Archie’s car, he smiled weakly at his best friend, he was waiting for him, he knew he would come to his senses, turning the key Archie turned to Jughead , a huge smile on his face
“Alright jug, lets go get you your girl.”

He rolled his eyes. Alright then, let’s go get the girl.


Pulling into the hospital parking lot, Jughead ran out of the car, sliding into the waiting room, “Betty Cooper” he yelled to the general public
“I need to see Betty cooper.” Suddenly a nurse in light blue scrubs approached him “Betty Cooper is in recovery, from her chart I can see she’s fine , no internal bleeding. Just some fractured ribs and a whole lot of bruising. Unfortunately only family can see her right now, ms.lodge is the exception.”

Jughead shook his head
“No. no I have to see her, her family is all away, I’m what she has right now. I’m … I’m her boyfriend.”

The nurse looked at the panicked boy and felt herself smile, he clearly cared about the beautiful blonde. She could bend the rules just once.
“First door on your right.”

He started to run before turning back quickly “Thankyou, Thankyou so much”

Standing outside the door, he took a deep breathe, okay he was ready. Slamming open the door he felt like all the wind had been knocked out of him.
She looked so small in the huge white hospital bed, tubes sticking out of her arms, the purple Bruises marring her perfect face. He wanted to cry, but he wouldn’t she needed him to be strong.

“Well I’m going to get pudding, vanilla or chocolate b?” Veronica said gathering her wallet.

Betty’s eyes never left jugheads “chocolate” she smiled, she knew that was his favorite.

Eyeing Jughead with cautious eyes, Veronica walked out the door. As soon as the handles clicked shut he was by her side

“I’m sorry” they both said at the same time.

It was almost comical how similar their faces were in that moment.

“For what” they both said again almost synchronized.

Jughead finally took her hand cautious of the tubes “I let them do this to you, I couldn’t get away I tried so hard, I watched everything they did, everything they tried to do. I couldn’t even protect you.” She shook her head quickly,

“This is my fault I should have left it alone, I saw how they were acting, but.. they were gonna kill him. He’s so small, he couldn’t take much more” she choked out through watery eyes “and then you jumped in and they hit you. That’s my fault” her fingers went to touch his bloody lip. But he grabbed her hand pressing it into his chest, right over his heart.
“I would go through this a hundred times over to spare even one of those bruises on your face.”

She sniffled, smiling at him

“Were quite the pair aren’t we?”

He laughed softly, rubbing the soft skin of her cheek, careful of any bruises.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight now, I hope you know that.” Betty nodded
“I don’t wanna be anywhere but with you.” She whispered
“Good, because I’m not going anywhere.” He dropped his forehead to hers and closed his eyes.


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GENRE: Demon!Au

Why do I need to posses her?”

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Chptr 17 - Pathway to Violence - Prom
Sue Klebold
Chptr 17 - Pathway to Violence - Prom

Saturday, April 17, 1999   6:00 pm

We’d spent that year begging Dylan to get a haircut, to no avail, but I convinced him to tie his hair back into a ponytail with one of my own elastics for the prom. He put his prescription glasses in his pocket and donned a pair of small-framed sunglasses. We thought he looked
very handsome.

Alison, our renter, came over and offered to take a picture of the three of us. In the picture, Dylan is clowning around, hamming it up like a professional model, Zoolander-style. The sharp lines of his formal wear stand in stark contrast to the faded flannel shirts and worn blue jeans Tom and I are wearing. He kept his sunglasses on as he posed with us; he wore dark glasses often during the last weeks of his life. I believe now he was hiding behind them.

Tom had remembered to charge the batteries on our video camera, and he filmed Dylan briefly before Robyn arrived. The conversation between them is stilted; clearly, neither of them is comfortable on camera. But we have looked back on this pre-prom video many times, and shown it to others. It is absolutely stunning how normal Dylan seems.

He and Tom talk lazily about baseball; Dylan mimes his hero, Randy Johnson, pitching in an ill-fitting tuxedo. Tom makes some comment about growing up, and Dylan remarks he’ll never have kids. Tom says he may change his mind, and Dylan says, “I know. I know. Someday I’ll look back at this and say, ‘What was I thinking?!!’ ” It is breathtakingly prophetic. When Tom persists in filming over Dylan’s protests, Dylan pinches small handfuls of snow from a nearby bush, lobbing the miniature snowballs playfully at Tom until the camera stops running. The fondness between them is palpable. It breaks my heart.

Robyn arrived in good time, looking lovely in a deep blue-purple dress. Tom taped Dylan presenting her with her corsage, and smiling down at her as she struggled to pin a rose to his lapel. I made paparazzi jokes and asked them to move so I could get a picture without parked cars in the background. Since Dylan had assured us he and Robyn were just friends, I was a little surprised—and frankly tickled—to see him put his arm around her.

In the last few frames on the tape Tom shot, the two of them smile into the camera. Then, self consciously but sweetly, they both begin to laugh.

RFA+V+Saeran Getting Married to MC- Headcanon

This is my first ever headcanon ever so hi.


  • Really nervous. “Jumin are you sure that my tux looks okay?“ 
  • "You look fine.”
  • When he sees MC walking down the aisle he just starts crying.
  • He has never seen a more gorgeous woman in his life.
  • Thankful to have had such a beautiful girl to be his.
  • Reads his vows nervously as if she would just leave then and there.
  • Best Man: Saeyoung
  • Colors: Green & Brown


  • If he’s nervous it doesn’t show
  • When the music starts he looks over to MC and lets out a slightly audible “Wow." 
  • Thinks that MC might have just outshined him in beauty.
  • Loses his shit on the inside
  • Almost cries when he reads his vows and listens to MC's 
  • Best (Wo)Man: Jaehee
  • Colors: Red & Gold


  • Slightly nervous and lets it show at parts.
  • She’s the one wearing the dress after a slight argument with MC.
  • Walks down the aisle with Zen on her wrist.
  • When she sees MC at the altar she begins crying.
  • When they exchange vows there are happy parts and the saddest parts the both of them cry. Hell, everyone in the room cries except for Jumin.
  • Best Man: Zen
  • Colors: Brown & Black

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A Court of Ice and Deceit

This is something I wrote as a congratulations for my lovely friend @ignite-my-love for her first day at her new internship! I know she’ll do amazingly, and to show my support (because I can’t really do anything else) I wrote her this post-acowar fic about some characters we came up with a while ago. Hope you enjoy Nay (and everyone else who takes their time to read this) much love and congrats! 


Zaire watched as the Prince of Velaris waltzed around the ballroom, smiling at people, firmly shaking hands with men, bowing for ladies, kissing the cheeks of babies, glowing like the fucking sun, all that utter crap. He was an arrogant one, this Nikolai of the Night, and oh how he knew it. Zaire could admit that his tan skin and dark blue-purple eyes were really something, and his tousled blonde hair looked like it had just had a set of hands running through it and he was so tall and his shoulders broad and she really needed to stop thinking about him. It was just unfair, the way his dark suit hugged so closely to his body. Males in the Winter Court would never be so scandalous with their attire! He even had his top three buttons undone so the ladies could see the Illyrian tattoos on his chest!

Zaire rolled her eyes as he offered to dance with another lady – her childhood friend. Her friend was blushing like a fool, nearly tripping over her feet in her eagerness to dance with the Prince. Zaire was envious though – envious of the ease her friend could dance with men and let her hair down and wear loose clothes. Zaire had her hair so tight in a bun it made her scalp ache, and her dress was the perfect shade of white to match her skin and hair. She was the perfect image of a future Winter Queen. But image or not, all she wanted to do was flee this dastardly place. She did not care if it was a sacred holiday and that they had esteemed guests, she wanted to escape home and take a bath, and just spend some time with herself. Was that too much to ask? Maybe she would go to her parent’s home instead, pretend that she had been too tired to go to her own palace as to avoid awkward questions.

Zaire was done looking down on the people of her court. She was situated on a balcony that curved around the marble floor, high enough to see everyone but to remain hidden away. She stepped back from the edge, and sat on one of the many plush red chairs that were placed around for people’s convenience. She closed her eyes and listened to the music, letting the notes from the piano and whistles from the flutes carry her away like she was also that fleeting. Her heart was heavy, and her limbs were numb, and she couldn’t face another moment of it. She lied in on herself, resting her head against her folded arms.

“What are you doing up here, Lady Zaire? Last I saw the revelry was beneath us.”

Zaire flinched at the melodic voice from next to her, and peeked a single eye open to see who was bothering her in her private place. To her complete surprise, it was none other than Lord Nikolai.

“Prince Nikolai, welcome to the Winter Court.” The smile she gave him was small and unconvincing, and she didn’t even care at this point. “Last I saw you were having quite the time dancing, why not continue?” The dismissal was subtle, and he missed it.

“So you were watching me then. I had a feeling.” He smirked at her, and she gave him her full attention. “Why would I dance down there when the prettiest woman I’ve seen all night is up here?”

She sat up straight and cross one leg over the other. “You seem to be mistaken, prince, I-”

“Call me Nik, all my friends do.” He interrupted.

“But I am not your friend.”

His eyes twinkled, and he held out a hand. “Not yet.”

She looked at his outstretched hand once, and then turned away. He let his hand fall, but his enthusiasm was still in full throttle.

“I haven’t seen much of the Winter Court before.” He told her.

She hummed.  

“I heard a rumour that you have the second-best ice cream in all Prythian.”

She boggled at him. “Second best? You are wrong, we have the best as far as the wind can take you. Halana’s is unparalleled, especially the lavender and white chocolate the store offers.”

He put a hand on his chin, considering her words. “I don’t believe you.”

“I am daughter of High Lady Viviane and High Lord Kallias, you can trust my judgement.”

“I need proof.” He put simply.

“Then go try it.” She countered.

“If only I had an escort to show me where to go.” He smiled at her again, this time far more tenderly. She could see it in his eyes; he thought her to be skittish. Her persona may be, but in reality she was a force as strong as the tide, as ferocious as the snow, and she would not bend to the will of a male bored with what has already been offered to him.

“If only.” She said monotonously. She got up from her chair, and went to walk away, but he hooked his arms in hers before she could go anywhere.

“Hi.” He said.


“My name is Nik, and my mother made me come to this alone because my twin sister’s cramps are too bad for her to leave the house. I’m two-hundred and five, and my favourite colour is blue. I love to paint, I did it with my grandmother at every opportunity before she passed, and my best friends are my cousin Dimitri and my buddy Isaac. I have an unnatural love for pizza, which I eat after every training session with my grandfather. I’m a veilsinger, and there can never be too many dogs in the world. You?”

She raised an eyebrow at his onslaught of information. His face became gentler at the mention of his family, and his elbow was no longer tight on hers. She kept it linked though, her curiosity for this male overpowering her resolve. “What?”

“I introduced myself, which is what someone should do when they meet a nice Lady for the first time. I misread you, and thought you would enjoy my sarcasm. I was wrong, and I apologize if I made you uncomfortable. If it pleases you, I would love to hear more about you.”

Zaire was unsure if he was being genuine, but decided it would not hurt for her to share a little bit. “My name is Zaire, and I’m three-hundred and forty-two. I have a pet fox named Peter, he was the runt of the litter and I couldn’t bear to see him put down so I stole him and kept him in my room and cared for him until my parents found out. By then, I was too attached and they let me keep him. My favourite colour is pink, and sometimes I sing. My best friends name is Aleanor, but she was courted by a Lord in the Summer Court so I barely see her anymore. I love ice-cream.”

Nik listened with rapt attention to her every word.

“In that case, Lady Zaire, would you like to accompany me away from this hellish ball to get some ice-cream? I have it on good authority that Halana’s is the best in Prythian.”

This male was too charming for his own good, but that didn’t stop Zaire from giving him a shy nod, and leading him away from the ball.


“That can’t possibly be true!” Zaire snorted, her ice-cream sitting melted and forgotten next to her.

“I swear on my soul it is. Dimka had been so busy trying to get the attention of this female that he didn’t notice his arm had been set on fire by his ex-lover. It wasn’t until I doused it that he did! And then he was just like, ‘was that a flame? Oh dear, I really should be more careful where I stick it, shouldn’t I?’”

Zaire roared with laughter, making a few fae around them give her strange looks. Ice-cream (that Nik agreed was the best he’d ever tasted) had turned into a four-hour conversation, that had led to her being wrapped in his jacked and her hair falling loose. He still looked as pristine as before, but now there was a fine blush colouring his cheeks and his sleeves had been rolled up to reveal more tattoos. Zaire covered her mouth to stifle her laughs, but that only led to a few joyful tears falling down her face.

“I wish I could say this was a single occurrence, but that man has a serious problem when it comes to choosing his lovers.” Nik chortled.

“This one time, Aleanor and I decided to skinny dip in the lake west of the palace, and it was a terrible idea. Not only was it freezing, but her brother, who rather fancied me, stole my clothes so I couldn’t leave. He left Al’s, so she had to get dressed and run to get me some more, but she took over an hour. There were people sailing that night and I had no clue beforehand! I had to hide between rocks, cover myself in algae and pretend I was an Ice Wraith so sailors wouldn’t come any closer. I was absolutely mortified.”

“He sounds dreadful.” Nik wrinkled his nose.

“He was young and stupid – as we all are at that age.”

“Not me. I was born fully formed and ready to charm my way around the world. It was rather miraculous.”

“Oh really? I can imagine how lanky you would’ve been coming into your height. Too much limb and not enough muscle.”

Nik placed a hand over his heart and feigned a sigh. “You’ve wounded me, Darlin’. How ever will I recover?”

They were sitting at one of the many quaint tables that lined the rushing river than ran through the capital of her court. They were there for weary people needing a rest, adventurous lovers who wanted to take a pause, and for budding friends who needed a break from pesky balls. It was well into the night, and the moon reflected light right onto the river next to him, lighting up their surroundings with a low, white glow.

“I’m sure you’ll find a way.” Zaire reached forward and dipped her finger in the gooey remnants of his banana and caramel ice-cream, popping her finger in her mouth and moaning at the taste. Stores should just sell melted ice-cream, she decided, in the morning she’ll make it a royal decree.

Nik didn’t reply, just rested his head on his hands and watched her. She winked at him jokingly, but all he did was to continue to gaze at her adoringly. She let him sit in silence, trying to contain a smile from being looked at like that, but she couldn’t.

“Why are you doing that?” She waved in the direction of his face.

“Because I think you’re wonderful.”

She opened her mouth to say something, but couldn’t find the words. Instead she inclined her head away, hoping to hide her spreading blush, and tapped her nails on the table.

“Would you sing for me, Zaire?” he asked earnestly.

Normally, she would say no to such a request. Her voice was one of the few things that belonged solely to her, and she didn’t like to share such an intimate part of herself with people. She would rather strip naked and yell from the top of a mountain than share her voice with a stranger, but Nik was nice, and he made her feel warm in a very cold life. She would only ever see him tonight, so why not live it to its fullest?

She sang for him a silly nursery rhyme meant for children, nothing too revealing, but still a taste of her capabilities. “All things bright and new, saved the day of girl gone blue, Lover gold and lover lest, bring the girl a hidden crest, Times are dark but oh have faith, the girl gone blue without a trace, the golden girl is cauldron blessed, to save the good and smite the rest.”

“I’ve heard that before, my father used to sing it to me before I went to sleep.” Nik said after a pause.

“Mine too.” She looked down, and felt fingers graze her cheek. When she blinked up, Nik had a hand out, his face searching.

“Can I kiss you, Lady Zaire?” He whispered.

She thought about it for a second. It would be a terrible sin to kiss him when she would only see him for the night, but oh she wanted to kiss him terribly. She had from the moment he’d scooped up his ice-cream and announced her a genius, and the thought of the kind male in front of her showing her just a tendril of love…

“You may, Lord Nikolas.”

He got up and came to stand in front of her, kneeling down so their eyes were level. With a shy hesitancy, he brought his lips to hers.

His kiss was as warm as his jokes, as embracing as his laughter, and as tender as his soul. She may only have known him for one night, but that was enough.

Her fingers slid into his wavy hair, and his went to lightly caress her waist.

Zaire had never been kissed like this in all her life, and she couldn’t help but pull him closer so she could deepen it, flicking her tongue against his and pushing her breasts to his chest. He quietly moaned, and the sound made a sensation latch into her lower half and rush to the rest of her body.

They both stood so they could be as close to one another as possible, Nik no longer restricting his kiss to just her mouth, but now lowering his full lips to her jaw and neck. Zaire wanted to enjoy the taste he’d left in her mouth, but she was becoming nervous that someone would see.

“Come home with me?” She blurted, not totally thinking of the consequences.

Nik brought himself back and nodded, pressing one more short kiss to her lips before she winnowed them away.


Her room was as opulent as you’d expect for a lady of her stature. Walls of white marble slashed with gold made her surroundings, although not much was seen due to the heavy pink drapes that lined them. Her bed was large and circular, covered in an array of coloured cushions and a thick duvet. There was also a large fireplace that was constantly lit, magic used to keep it forever in control. To the left was her large ensuite, a bath big enough to fit two people, enchanted to always be at the ready if you needed it.

Nik and Zaire stood in front of the fireplace as he lovingly undressed her. He started with helping take the pins out of her hair, letting the long white waves fall to her waist. He then turned her, and let his deft fingers unbutton her dress, all the while letting his fingers graze over her pale skin. He started at her neck, and worked to where they ended just below the base of her spine. He let the dress fall, and Zaire shivered now that she was completely bare before him. She turned, and not nearly as gentle as he had been, ripped at his shirt until it was on the floor with her dress. He let out a low moan of pleasure at her actions, and undid his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him towards her, jumping slighting to wrap her legs around his waist. He caught her thighs and held her up, kissing her languidly before walking them over to the bed.

As Nik laid her down, all thoughts left Zaire’s mind other than the ones about how much she wanted this male in front of her. How was it possible that in only one night she can feel more desire than she had accumulatively over the last twenty years? It had been decades since her body had soaked like this, since she’d needed to moan just to release some of the tension in her body.

Nik was holding himself up over her, nipping and licking at her neck. Her body jolted as he moved down her, briefly sucking on her nipples before moving to just below her navel. “Is this okay?” It was clear what he wanted to do, and she furiously nodded her approval.

With a cocky smirk on his face, he swiped up her centre with his tongue, moaning when he tasted how wet she was for him. Zaire let out a small gasp at the sensation, and gripped one of the pillows behind her head. He continued to work her with his tongue, focusing on just the right place to make her set on fire. Her legs shook, and her back arched, and she opened her thighs wider so he had all the access he would need. His hands wrapped around her thighs and squeezed, his eyes shut while he dived in and out of her.

Nikolas.” She hissed his name – the single thing she could remember while he was making her feel this way.

Her body convulsed as she neared the edge, and with one last lick, she was screaming his name as she came. Her legs stopped shaking, and her body was like jelly beneath him. It had far too many years since she’d left like that, and she was revelling not only in her orgasm but also because such a fine man gave it to her and how he did.

He kissed up her body, retracing the steps he’d taken to get down, and he put his elbows either side of her face so he could lean over her.

Zaire grazed her fingers over his face: across his brow, his lips, his cheekbones.

“All good, Darlin’?”

“Do that again, what you did to my body. Can you do that again?” She was utterly delirious from pleasure beneath him, and could no longer string together a truly coherent thought or sentence.

She choked on whatever words she would’ve said next as he slowly entered her, his generous length filling her to his base. She out her arms around him, beckoning him closer but also so she could drag her nails down his back. Her legs wrapped around him, just wanting as much of her skin to be pressed against him as possible. He was quietly groaning his name in her ear, and his thrusts became quicker and more passionate with every passing second.

Between her already recent orgasm, it wasn’t long until she was finishing again, this time growling his name as he went over the edge with her, riding her through it. He collapsed to the side after he was done, and once he made sure she was too, his breathing heavy. Zaire curled up next to him and laid her head on his chest and hooked her leg up on his, running a hand up and down his chiselled torso. His hair was dishevelled, at some point she had pulled at it, and his arm came to securely wrap around her.

“I can’t remember the last time a man made me feel like that.” She admitted to him. Maybe she shouldn’t, she acknowledged as an afterthought, it would seem desperate and might drive him away in the last few hours they could have together.

“A lady such as yourself deserves that anytime she wants.” He assured her.

She laughed lightly and pressed her face into him, closing her eyes and letting her body relax. “You going to be here when I wake up then?”

“Most definitely.”

He rolled them both so he was still holding her, but her back was to his chest. He had one arm resting under her head, and the other securely around her waist. It was the most comfortable position Zaire thought she had ever been in, and let her contented fatigue overcome her.  


The sun shone through Zaire’s wide window, and she stifled a groan as she realised she had to get up. She was still cuddled in Nik’s warm embrace, and she didn’t feel inclined to move. She had to though, before a maid came stumbling in wanting to clean the (now incredibly messy) sheets.

“Wake up.” She shook his arms. He made a non-committal hum and just pulled his arm tighter around her. She giggled lightly at his touch and turned her head kissing the underside of his jaw. “I can’t get us breakfast if you don’t let me go.”

“I’m happy just to taste you again, Darlin’.” He purred. His hand around her waist wandered south, and she jolted at his touch.

She smacked his hand away but laughed at his antics. Finally free from his grip, she got up and sauntered over to put her robe on, making sure he got a good look first. “I think that was the best winter solstice I’ve had in a while.”

She turned back to look at him, and her insides melted at the sight. He was propped lazily up on one elbow making his abdominal muscles even more defined. He was still reaching to where her body had just been, and a mischievous smile graced his handsome face.

“I’ll bring you back something to eat.” She left the room before she pounced on him – something that would have been rather unladylike.

She was walking down the spiral steps that went to her kitchen and reflected on the night before. She never could’ve guessed as she watched Nik dance at the ball that he would end up in her bed. Not just that though, he had also listened to her when she spoke, and laughed at her jokes, and made her feel alive again. It may only have been a one night affair, but it was enough to wake up her sleeping soul. She couldn’t contain the smile on her lips.

She sang lightly to herself as she skipped down, but stopped in a deathly instant when she heard people talking in the kitchen, and not just anyone.

She didn’t care about decency as she raced back to her room, running as fast as she could to get away from that voice. She whirled into her bedroom and slammed the door shut behind her, locking it as she did. Nik greeted her hello, but she didn’t respond.

The blonde male was in the process of getting dressed but he had yet to put on his jacket or shirt. She picked them up off the floor and shoved them at him, urging him to go towards the window.

“The royal children of the Night Court can fly, yes? You need to leave, now.”

“But Zaire-”

“I don’t care if this wounds your ego, you need to leave before they get here.”

“Is someone coming?” He smirked. “I can just hide under your bed, or get that bath ready for us.” He winked suggestively.

“Unfortunately, that’s not an option. I don’t care where you go as long as you are far away from this house.” She pushed him back again and he relinquished a step, a confused look on his face. She hated that she made him look like that, but it was for the best. Son of the most powerful High Lady to ever exist or not, the person coming would kill him if she found out what they had done.

She tried to push him again but he caught her wrists and brought them around his neck. He stepped into her, resting his forehead to hers. “If you are afraid of this person, I can help you Zaire. Say the word and it’s done.”

She considered lying to him, trying to salvage this as much as she could, but it would be too unfair to string Nik along like that. She bit her lip, hard enough to hurt, closed her eyes, and told him the truth.

“It’s my husband.”

She went cold as he broke all contact between them. She didn’t dare open her eyes, not wanting to see the look of betrayal on his face that was surely there.

“I wish you were just saying this to drive me away, but I can hear the honesty to your words.” Nik said.

“I’m sorry.” She hushed. “He was meant to be away on a hunting trip for the next four days, I had no idea he was going to come back early.”

Her pathetic excuse for an apology was met with silence, and she opened her eyes assuming he was gone.

He wasn’t, but he was standing in front of her window, one hand raised to the cold glass, lovely wings now extended on his back.

“Whatever has come of this night, at least I made a new friend. Good day to you, Lady Zaire. May I see you again one day.”

He vanished. 

No Regrets - The Dress

Not a request but a few of you ( @remybosslika @percywinchester27  @atc74 ) asked about their wedding so I have decided to make a few planning drabbles before actually writing the wedding drabble.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: nothing but fluff.

Word Count: 774

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fit into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone, but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place a few months after part 9 of Living with Regrets. Jensen has asked Y/N to marry him and she has accepted. Finding out how and where the wedding is gonna be will be the next step.

Still not over my writer’s block but for some reason this universe comes easy to me.



You stared into the mirror looking yourself up and down deciding that you looked like cotton candy, before letting out a deep sigh in annoyance.

“This is useless!” You grumbled making Gen instantly appear behind you, along with Sabrina, the woman who had been kind enough to bring all of these dresses turning yours and Jensen’s apartment into a small bridal shop.

In between filming and other wedding arrangement, you hadn’t had an entire day to set aside to shop for wedding dresses so Sabrina who owned a small store in Austin had offered to come to you. You had paid her handsomely for her efforts of course but you still felt like and ungrateful brat each time you turned one of her suggestions down.

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Butterflies - Fred Weasley

Requested by anonymous. This is one of my first Fred fics in so long!!

Your apartment door swung open with a creak, as you walked into the dimly lit kitchen. You placed your grocery bags down on the counter before sitting down on one of the stools. Fred was most likely still in the shop, considering that you could hear some of the firecrackers going off underneath. 

Fred and you had plans to get dinner after work, so you decided to finish up some of your paperwork before you had to go. Grabbing your briefcase, you opened it up to finish some of your files. Working in the ministry meant that you always had at least something to do, and today it was filling in information about magical creatures that had been recently discovered. 

The door creaked open again and Fred and George both walked in. Fred came over to kiss you, and then George kissed your forehead.

“Hello, darling,” Fred said, sitting next to you, touching your knee softly. You smiled at him and then looked back at George. 

“What’s going on?”

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said, spinning you back to face him. 

“Yeah?” He nodded and looked behind you at George. When you turned around, George was smiling too. “Are you pregnant?” you asked. They both laughed.

“No,” Fred said. “You aren’t either, are you?” 

“No, baby,” you said, shaking your head. Fred let out a sigh, and George walked over so you could face them both.

“Okay, so you know we’ve been working a lot of overtime lately, and that’s because we’ve been working on a new product.”

“Ooh,” you said, scooting a little closer to him. 

“Actually we’ve been working on two,” George said. “But I don’t think you’d be interested in a taffy that makes you talk in a different dialect based on what flavor you choose.”

“You made that?”

“Yes, but we’ll try it later. I don’t want you to be talking to me in a German accent all night.” You laughed and touched his knee. 

“Okay, so what did you make?”

“A product that I based off of you.”

“Of me?” you asked, looking between the two boys to make sure they weren’t joking. Both of their faces remained serious, so you went back to focusing on Fred. 

“Yes, well, you know how I’m crazy about you,” he said, smiling at you widely.

“Yes, the wedding ring on my finger gave some clue to that.” 

“Right,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “Well, I’m crazy about you, and I wanted to create a product that made people feel how I feel when I’m around you.” You smiled and leaned in to kiss him. 

“Hey, I came up with the product, too,” George said. You looked up at him and waved him over, before kissing his cheek. 

“Okay, so show me what it is,” you said. Fred nodded and reached into his pocket, pulling out a little purple vial. He handed it to you, and you read the name on the bottle. 

“Butterfly juice?”

“The name is still in the making,” he said, blushing ever so slightly. You touched his cheek softly, and then look down at the vial again.

“So what does it do?”

“It gives you butterflies in your stomach,” George said. You giggled and looked at Fred.

“You are a nerd,” you said. He laughed and ran his hand through his hair nervously again. “Can I take some?”

“You’re not pregnant right?” George asked. You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

“No, we’ve covered that.”

“Then take it,” Fred said. You nodded and took a drink of the vial. It tickled as it slid down your throat, and you could feel it the second it hit your stomach. When it did, it felt like actual butterflies were flying around. It made you laugh, and you felt a little nervous, but mostly happy. 

“Oh my god,” you said. 

“How does it feel? Like the real thing?”

“Yes,” you said, touching your stomach. “Is this really how I make you feel? Even now?”

“Of course,” he said. You smiled and pulled him in for another kiss. 

“I love you,” you said. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he held onto your waist, pulling you into his lap. “George-”

“I love you, too,” he said, touching your shoulder. 

“Actually,” you said, pulling away from Fred for a minute. “I was gonna ask you to leave so I could make out with your brother.” 

“Yeah, beat it, Georgie,” Fred said, situating you better onto his lap, holding your ass. You winked at George as he walked towards the door, before going back to kiss the more handsome twin. (At least in your opinion.)

“You think we should bring some of this butterfly stuff into our room?” you asked, wagging your eyebrows at him. He smiled and picked you up, grabbing the little vial. 

“Most definitely,” he said, kissing you again.

“We’re not going to dinner, are we?”

“No, not yet.” You beamed and wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him as he carried you back to your bedroom.

“You’re the most amazing husband. Thank you for the butterfly juice, even if it has a terrible name.” He laughed as he laid you down on the bed.

“You’re welcome. Don’t worry we’ll work on the name. Essence of Y/N? ” he asked, kissing you quickly. “Y/N juice?”

“Shut up,” you said, smacking his arm. “Those are all awful.”

“I know, you’re right.”

“Just kiss me.”

“Sounds good,” he said with a smile, bringing his lips back to yours.

Missing Color Soulmate AU

What if when you’re born, you see ⅚ colors on the color wheel (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple). You grow up seeing all the colors besides that one, and it just looked gray and dull to you. Even different hues of the color are the same dull gray.

However, when you see your soulmate, that color just fills in out of nowhere. But this isn’t just some random color, it’s a color that’s permanently with your soulmate (Eye color, tattoo, dyed hair color, etc.) and when you see the color, the color almost glows to get your attention.

And like when your soulmate dies, the color turns back to the same gray.

Imagining never seeing that color because your soulmate died before you could meet them.

Imagine not seeing blue for your whole life when all the sudden the sky turns a beautiful baby blue and when you look around, you run into someone with bright blue eyes, and they only say “Sorry” before realizing they can finally see trees and bushes and flowers and they just turn back and both of you are staring at each other before you realize you’re standing blocking the way.

Imagine not seeing red and all the time you see these flowers that have thorns, but not understand the darkness of the flower until one day the shy guy standing behind the counter of a flower shop ask you if you need anything when you look at him his arms just light up in red: the painted on gray and black flowers now looked beautiful and you understand now why they’re so hard to find, but when you look back at the cashier, he’s just holding onto some Dahlias in amazement when you both start just loosing it.

Imagine never seeing orange when one day you lose your cat. You’ve place pictures everywhere and are slowly losing hope when BAM! All the sudden there he is! But now he’s running. You chase after him into the backyard of a neighbor when you grab him and pull him from the ground. Next thing you know you hear someone clearing their throat for your attention. However, when you look at them, a bowl of cat food in one of their hands, your cat changes from gray to orange, and they’re eyes shoot open. They walk up and grab your purple hair and just start smiling.

From Paris, With Love

Genre: Fluff?? Angst??

Characters: Jung Jaehyun x Reader

Warning/s: Some smut mentioned *blushes* and cursing.

A/N: Okay, I’m not sure what this is? This isn’t a request, but it’s been sitting in my computer for a while. I have a happier version of this, but I liked how the angst turned out to be. Anyways! Enjoy our lovely Jung Jaehyun! ❤︎

Originally posted by neotechs

Y/N has no idea what she’s doing in Paris right now.

Sure, Taeyong invited her as his childhood friend, but he was never aware of her unrequited love for him. He thinks that Y/N sees him as her older brother, but it is far from that.

Paris is the best location for sweet weddings, but it’s not fair for those who have no one to love. It’s called the city of love for a reason. Everywhere she looks, the couples are clinging onto each other like they couldn’t in South Korea.

Last night’s wedding bummed her out big time, and now, she’s in the hotel’s restaurant catching up with her food intake.

She got painfully drunk last night, that she actually ended up in someone else’s room.

And she was bare naked, too.

She groans as she remembers. Who in this beautiful city did I sleep with last night? The guy was actually taking a shower when she had woken up, and she shuffled her way out this morning to escape the embarrassment. She remembers the voice calling for her though, yet she didn’t turn around to take a good look at him.

“Hello,” a tall guy wearing jeans and a plain tee greets her with an adorable smile. “May I sit here?”

She nods, unable to say anything. That voice sounds way too familiar…

She peeks on the guy’s collarbone and finds a purpling mark that he is obviously trying to hide.

“Why did you run away this morning?” The male whispers lowly, sending chills down her spine.

I’m screwed.

“My name’s Jaehyun, by the way, in case you forgot,” he eats some of Y/N’s breakfast that she doesn’t touch anymore. “My real name’s Yoonoh, but whatever floats your boat.”

Y/N cannot believe her eyes. How did we end up having sex last night?

“We were both drunk as fuck,” Jaehyun informs her as she begins to look conflicted.

“You look lonely,” a tipsy Y/N elbowed the drinking Jaehyun beside her.

“My girlfriend just dumped me over the phone, then I heard a guy’s voice,”

“Maybe it’s her dad?”

“Telling her to come back to bed?” Jaehyun chuckled as Y/N frowned after hearing the next line.

“Well, she’s bullshit!” Y/N continued drinking her tequila, and then the loud music jammed throughout the venue.

“Come on, big boy, let’s dance!”

And so she pulled the unwilling Jaehyun on the dance floor. Right after she saw Taeyong and the bride’s sensual dance moves, she stopped moving and slumped despite her bleary eyesight.

Jaehyun noticed and turned to where Y/N was looking at.

“Hey,” Jaehyun tried to get her attention, but she was focused to the newlyweds’ erotic dance. Out of nowhere, he grabbed her face and passionately took the breath out of her.

“Make me forget about it,” Y/N pleaded as she tightly embraced his waist.

They abandoned the rest of the party, giving in to their deepest desires in bliss.

“I’m an embarrassing human being,” Y/N hides her face.

“You’re not,” Jaehyun disagrees. “You’re actually pretty good. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t have this hickey.” Jaehyun lowers his collar a bit.

“How can you remember? I can’t even remember a single thing!” Y/N mutters.

“Do you want me to remind you?” He leans into her ear and whispers.

“Shut up,” she whines as she bangs her head on the table.

“Shut it, sweetheart. Now, finish your food because we’re going to the Eiffel Tower today!” Jaehyun announces ecstatically.

“Said who?”

“I did! And it’s a date.”

Y/N promised to stay in touch with Jaehyun after that wonderful date around Champs-Élysées.  They took pictures, they held hands, they kissed, and they had a repeat performance of the previous night’s rendezvous.

Poor Jaehyun for holding on to her empty promises.

He receives no call from Y/N, even after five days of their return to Seoul. He could ask Taeyong, but it appears so that the female does not want to see him, nor does she want to involve herself with.

Still, it makes Jaehyun incredibly lonesome.

“Cheer up, hyung,” Mark pats his back before he prepares to go to university.

“Maybe I should go out now. I don’t think moping would be of any help.” He’s usually so cheery, but because of one girl who does not want to keep in touch after two amazing nights (at least to Jaehyun, it is), he is in a funk.

“Yeah, just go to Ten hyung’s bash later, hyung. I wish I can go, but I need to worry about my future.” Mark grumbles before tugging on his backpack and leaving their apartment.

So Jaehyun does go to Ten’s party, and it may have only consisted of some friends, which includes Taeyong and his new wife.

“Hey, Ten, I hope you don’t mind but I invited someone,” Taeyong sheepishly informs, his hands on his wife, Yerin.

“No problem, hyung! The more, the merrier! What’s your friend’s name?”

Jaehyun somehow wishes that Y/N’s name will come out of Taeyong’s mouth. He hopes that she will appear in front of Ten’s door, and she will see how miserable she has made Jaehyun by not reaching out to him.

“Her name’s Jennie,” Jaehyun downs his beer to hide his dissatisfaction.

“Sounds like a girl,” Yuta points out as he gets himself some chips.

“Because she is, stupid,” his girlfriend, Sorn, hits his head. Yuta groans in pain and asks for Sorn’s unneeded forgiveness, but she lets him anyway. That’s how nauseating they are.

Or maybe Jaehyun is just bitter.

“Ten, Jen says she’s here. Let me open the door.” Taeyong rushes to the main door of Ten’s house and opens it to reveal a tall brunette female along with a blonde one beside her.

“Hi, oppa,” Jennie greets Taeyong with a hug. “I hope you don’t mind, I brought some friends. This is Lisa, and I thought Ten and Yuta’s girlfriend would like to meet her because she’s Thai as well.”

Lisa and Ten both exchange pleasantries in their own language, and Ten’s smile has been worn since he saw her.

“Oh, and another friend came by. I finally forced her to come with us since she doesn’t want to leave the house since we came back from Paris,” Jennie fills in some information, but Jaehyun decides to drown it out. He does not expect to see Y/N anymore. “She’s just parking across the street.”

Taeyong smiles at the last friend’s appearance.

“Y/N, you finally came out of your hellhole!” Taeyong exclaims as he tackles the female with a hug.

And Jaehyun almost spits out the alcohol. Suddenly, he’s sober and all traces of his tipsiness is gone.

He turns his face away from the said female, hoping that she wouldn’t notice him. He may have expected her to come, but he hasn’t thought of what to say to her. Suddenly, all the questions in his mind are erased from him.

He misses her face, though. He traced her featured during the second night after she fell asleep, hoping that even if she leaves the next morning, he will remember the contours of her face, the high rise of her cheekbones, her dimples, and her wide eyes.

He remembers it surreally, and he so much wants to catch a glimpse of it once again.

Giving in to the temptation, Jaehyun decides to take just a little peek of her, and to his grimace, she is looking right back at her.

She looks utterly surprised, but relief is visible through her features. Jaehyun sees that her fists are balled, knuckles already turning white. Jaehyun looks away, once again feeling bitter after she completely cut him off after promising that she wouldn’t.

Don’t waver, Jung Jaehyun. Don’t.

The night goes on like that, with him stealing glances at Y/N and Y/N doing the same, and whenever their gazes meet, Jaehyun always turns away first.

It’s a cycle so cruel, but Jaehyun wants to make her feel how he did.

Jaehyun escapes the stuffy house. Yuta and Sorn are already drunk, but they’re the same as when they are not. They’re still overly cheesy and unnecessarily touchy. Ten is as well, flirting with the quiet newbie Lisa, who is now sleeping on his shoulder. Jennie is the only one sober, as she is assigned to drive home.

Y/N is nowhere to be found.

Jaehyun later finds her sitting on Ten’s yard, staring up at the night sky. She does not notice the intrusion of another person.

“Ah…” she slurs, pointing to the sky. “I hate myself.”

Jaehyun assumes that she’s intoxicated as well by the way she is speaking to herself.

“Because of your silly fears, you lost the chance with an amazing guy, Y/N,” she giggles to herself and chugs down the contents of her bottle. “He must hate me so much.”

Jaehyun decides not to speak, wanting to hear how she feels.

“I miss Jaehyun,” she suddenly sobs. “Moon, how come he doesn’t want to look at me? I pushed him away, right? Did he hate me because of that? I was afraid that it maybe something he doesn’t want to happen. Maybe it was only the sex that he liked, and I was afraid because I felt something special between us.”

Jaehyun suddenly feels relief wash his senses.

“Stars, can I have one wish, even if I’m selfish?” She does not receive an answer of course. “I wish Jaehyun won’t hate me anymore. I don’t know if I can explain this to him, but I really, really like him. Do you think he feels the same?”

“I don’t think the stars know the answer to that question,” Jaehyun finally makes his presence known, and in a flash, Y/N turns her head to him. “Only I know it.”

“You’re here,” she smiles, staying at where she’s seated in case he doesn’t want her to go to him.

“I was only waiting for you, Y/N,” Jaehyun sits beside her, taking ahold of her beer. “I would’ve understand, and it would’ve saved us a lot of heartbreak if you decided to confirm it with me first.”

Y/N remains silent, knowing that Jaehyun is right.

“I like you too, Y/N,” Jaehyun holds her face between his hands, in joy to finally touch her beauty. “Much more than you think. I can’t forget about you, and I didn’t want to. Those nights weren’t just usual nights for me, but what I felt when we were together was something that I’ve never felt before.”

Y/N smiles, then sobs afterwards and falls to his chest.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jaehyun hushes her and holds her close.

“I’m sorry,” Y/N apologizes.

“It’s okay now, baby,” Jaehyun kisses the hollow of her temple. “I’m here now. We’re okay.”

Teen Wolf Imagine- Stay Single


“I’ve broke up with him, for good” you sighed, flopping onto Scott’s couch. “You said that last time” Lydia shook her head, staring at her manicured nails. “But this time I mean it” you sounded convincing. “Keep it that way, boys are nothing but trouble” Stiles claimed, looking up from one of Scott’s Mom’s magazines. “You’re doing it again” you retort. “How many times do I have to say, I’m not the pack mom” Stiles grumbled. You pulled the magazine from out of his hand and stood up. “I am officially single” you beamed. “Stay single this time” Scott breathed, remembering the countless times this has happened. “I assure you, I will” you told.

“When I said I would join you, I didn’t think you literally meant we were going ‘household’ shopping” you whined, slamming the jeep door shut. “Y/n, the old pillows don’t match Scott’s Mom’s new curtains” Stiles shook his head.  “I’m not even going to say it” you held your hands up and joined to walk beside Malia. After about an hour of searching the furniture shop, and watching Scott and Stiles compare the shades of pillows to an image of the curtains, it was safe to say you had enough. “ Malia don’t drink that” you told, after walking past the isle of her contemplating drinking the water out of a flower vase. You wondered around, running your hands along the contents of the store aimlessly, when you saw the most attractive guy in the world. You came to a halt, fixed your hair and picked up a pile of closest thing near you, before strutting towards him. “Excuse me” you said sweetly. He turned to you and smiled. “Would you be able to help me carry these- rugs. The pile of rugs I am currently holding” you said, realising how weird it would have looked mid sentence. “Sure” he claimed, taking them from you. “No that’s too purple, we’re looking for more of a lilac- for god sake” Scott interrupted himself. “Has Malia put an employee in a plant pot again?” Stiles huffed. “Do you work out or something?“ you asked, ignoring the sheer look of agony on the guys face as he struggled to hold the rugs any longer. "A little- hey can I get your number?” he asked. "Shut him up" Stiles whispered. Before you could respond you were being dragged away by the two. “Sorry” you called over to the guy, standing with four rugs in his hands. “Let’s go” Scott sounded like an exhausted father, as he then also grabbed Malia- who was about to put the annoying employee from last time into another plant pot. “Never again” Scott and Stiles said to one another. “Id rather go grocery shopping with Liam and Lydia anyway” you claimed.

“Thanks for letting me come with you” you beamed again. “Anytime” Liam returned. “We forgot the beans” Lydia sighed, as you arrived at the car, with all of the bags. “I’ll go and get them, I’ll be two seconds” you didn’t sound very convincing. “Go and get her” Lydia said out of routine and being stood waiting for over fifteen minutes. Liam let out a sigh, before entering the store you were in. He looked around a few of the isles, before he saw you. “Thanks again” you smiled at one of the employees. Liam didn’t ask any questions, before throwing you over his shoulder and starting to march you out of there. The poor guy looked confused, you simply rolled your eyes from behind Liam’s back, to show that you weren’t being kidnapped or anything, just greatly annoyed. He put you on the ground outside and you huffed, flattening out your now creased top. “What the hell was that about?” you whined at the pair of them. “Sorry, Scott’s orders” Lydia shrugged. “I asked him to pass me a tin of beans- that I am yet to pay for might I add!” you complained, waving it in their faces. They both looked awkward for a second, after clearly misjudging the situation. The employee and a security guard then walked out and joined you all. “Don’t worry, it’s just my friends being total idiots” you diffused, not turning to look at them. “That’s her, she hasn’t paid for it” the employee told. “Miss, you’re going to have to come with me” the security guard spoke, gently grabbing your arm. “No, it’s a total misunderstanding, I’ll pay for the beans” you shook your head at the stupid situation. “Miss, I’ll ask you again nicely” he said, opening the store door. You looked at Lydia and Liam and saw them trying to hide their amusement. You flipped them off from behind your shoulder, as you and your beans were escorted back inside the store.

“Banned for life” you simply announced, walking into Scott’s house with Liam and Lydia trailing behind, rather pleased with themselves. All of your fellow pack members sat and stared at you. “For stealing a tin of beans?” Stiles asked in amusement, clearly they had already been informed. “I didn’t steal the fucking beans!” you retort, after spending the best part of your day arguing with security. All of your friends then proceeded to crack up laughing, while you stood there like a complete idiot. You had stop yourself from laughing along with them, your pride would not allow it. “Look I’m sorry Y/n” Liam apologised, half sincere. You stared at him blankly for a second, before smiling and pulling him into a hug. “I hate all of you guys, you know that right?” you let out a small laugh. “We love you too” Stiles spoke with a false sweet smile. “Thanks mom” you mumbled quiet enough, so only the werewolves heard- causing them to snigger. “She’s doing it again Scott, she’s talking about me in wolf” Stiles sounded like a child. You rolled your eyes as you phone buzzed. “It’s my ‘ex’ boyfriend, he wants to make up” you read. “NO!” Shouted everyone at once. Words couldn’t describe how much you loved their overprotective, annoying selves. You wouldn’t change them for the world.

Sorry I’ve been so inactive, but in 26 days my exams are over and I will be all yours, thank you for being so patient. Requests are closed x

anonymous asked:

The main three get roses from their s/o?

This is such a good troupe, honestly. So pure. This was a little vague, so I hope this is what you were looking for ;-; I did a little research on the meaning of different rose colors, and I think I picked some fitting colors for each of our ice boys.Thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Viktor is always going out of his way to surprise you, so you think it’s time to turn the tables and return the favor
  • After a night out with friends, you stop at a 24-hour drugstore and pick out a bouquet of red roses to give to your boyfriend
  • When you arrive home, Viktor’s sitting on the couch with Makkachin curled at his side, the television illuminating them in the dark apartment
  • but tbh for real i totally headcanon as someone stay up until his lover is home and safe ((or at least he’ll attempt to stay up and fall asleep somewhere other than the bedroom lmao))
  • Viktor is dozing off a bit, but the sound of you opening the door and Makkachin jumping up to greet you making him jerk awake
  • “(Y/N), you’re home. How was your evening? Did you—?”
  • He stops himself when he sees the bouquet of roses in your hand, and he rises from the couch to greet you; you tell him you love them and he takes them from you
  • A wide smile graces his face, and he pulls you into a tight hug and gives you a deep, passionate kiss before thanking you and taking your hand, leading you to the bedroom

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • You’ve noticed Yuri has been down in the dumps a bit lately with his anxiety and such, so you decide to take matters into your own hands in order to cheer him up
  • i mean it’s the last you can do ???? he’s always so sweet and supportive so its nbd honestly he’s earned this
  • Yuri is spending the day in his room and refusing to even show is face, and you decide to put your plan into action
  • You make a quick trip down to the store and decide on a pink bouquet of roses, since they seem to catch your eye more than any of the others
  • You rush home and go straight to Yuri’s door, knocking twice before opening the door to reveal Yuri sitting at the window with a dull expression
  • “(Y/N), I told you before, I just need some time. I just need to—hey, are those roses?”
  • The dull expression on Yuri’s face fades into a softer, more surprised one as he stands and meets you halfway inside of his bedroom
  • You keep a smile on your face as he takes them, and a sympathetic look adorns his features before he pulls you into a hug, kissing your cheek and thanking you for being so supportive

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • You have been experimenting ways to get your boyfriend to smile a bit more often, and you’ve come up with a new tactic that you’re positive will get him to crack a smile
  • You run to the store while Yuri is holed up in his room, and you pick out a bouquet of purple roses before running home eagerly
  • okay but for this part imagine Yuri blasting his emo-ass music and you have to yell over it lmao it’s fun to think about
  • “Yuri! I have a preset for you! Come out and get it!”
  • “Dammit, (Y/N). I swear to King JJ God, if this is another one of your stunts to get me to smile, you best forget it before I—“
  • He stops when he sees you with a smile and a bouquet of purple roses; he drops his scowl and hesitantly takes the flowers from your hands
  • A smile tugs at the corner of his lips and you laugh, but his smile disappears when he puckers up his lips and leans in, planting a soft, sweet kiss on your cheek
Private Show - A Harry Styles Imagine

*Based on Private Show by Little Mix! 

It was the night of the Brit’s, you and your bandmates had a huge performance opening the show. There’s was always pressure to do a great performance any time you performed, but opening an award show with millions of people and other amazing, talented artists watching in the audience added to it.

 If the opening number wasn’t great, everyone would definitely be talking about it. You were in the car on the way to venue and to walk the red carpet. When the car arrives, one of the security guards helps you out of the car. As soon as you’re out of the car, you hear the fans waiting nearby screaming and chanting for you and your band. 

You look over at them and wave to them before walking over to them. You smile and sign some things for them and take one group picture with everyone. 


Harry had to admit that he was nervous going to the Brit’s that night. One Direction had been on their hiatus for over a year now and this would be his first appearance with the boys like this again and they all were focusing on their solo projects. He just hoped that the interviewers didn’t make it awkward by asking them if that meant they weren’t a band anymore or that they would no longer be coming back. 

But he did have to admit that it was nice being back with the lads again. Even though they all kept in touch with texting and phone calls here and there, he missed actually being around them. 

When the car arrived at the venue, Harry and the boys got out of the car and that instantly caused a massive chaos of screaming. It was official, they were back and Harry couldn’t remove the smile from his face even if he wanted too. 

As he was walking along the red carpet, he noticed there was someone in a purple dress practically running behind them. He realized that it was you and that you were trying to catch up with your group. 

“Sorry! Sorry!” You laughed as you were holding your dress. 

“You going to a fire, there Y/N?” Niall jokes. 

“Fuck off Niall!” You laugh looking back at him. When you turned your gaze back to look forward, you couldn’t help but catch eyes with Harry. 

He gave you smile and you kept running before finally getting with your group to take pictures and do interviews. 


This was it. The beginning of the show. You all were dressed in your outfit for the performance and you were warmed up. You were all set in place on the stage, you just had to wait for the curtain to come up and cameras to record. 

“They’ve sold millions of albums. They have produced hit after hit. They’re also nominated for British Video, British Group, British Single, and British Album of the year. Everyone give it up for your first performance of the night Y/Band/Name!” They announce over. 

The music starts, the curtain is pulled up, and you all hit your opening dance moves to the beat. 

“We’re touchin’, we’re teasin, we don’t need a reason, I got a feeling that soon we’ll be leaving. Right from the get go, you had me at hello…can’t wait so let’s go.. cause you’re the only one who’s taking me home!” You sing out before belting out in the chorus. 

One Direction was at the table near the stage and they were able to see the entire performance clearly. Even though there were four other girls on stage, plus all the back up dancers and lights etc in the background, Harry was only watching you. 

You were very attractive and you were really talented. You two had met at other occasions before and had mutual friends, so he knew that you were really nice and funny. You were close friends with Niall, growing up near each other, so he knew a lot about you. 

He had to admit that you would be his celebrity crush, if he were you know to have one. He always wanted to reach out and talk to you, but it never seemed like the right time, so maybe tonight would be the night. 


You all had done it! You smashed the performance and won every category you were nominated for, except for the video one, which went to One Direction. You were already pretty tipsy when you all headed to the after party, but you didn’t care. Tonight had been a great night and you weren’t ready for it to end. 

When you got to the party, you saw plenty of familiar faces. They all came up to you to congratulate you all and you would just smile. After about an hour of being there, you had to step out of the crowd for a bit and get a drink. While you were there, you noticed Harry standing near the bar talking with Ed and Bruno Mars. 

He looked over and noticed you. He gave you a smirk and a nod, which caused you to blush. You had met Harry before and knew him though mutual friends, plus Niall talked about him all the time, so you felt like you knew him. You sort of maybe, had a crush on him.. or more than a crush… really. 

When Harry had been talking to Ed and Bruno, he noticed you over at the bar. This was it, this was his time to make a move. It was now or never. So, he excused himself and went over to you. 

“Hey, Y/N.” He smiled at you. 

“Hey.” You smile. “How you been?” 

“Good. You?” He asked. 

“Great.” You smile. 

“Speaking of great, you were amazing tonight and congrats on the wins.” He smiles. 

“Thanks although, I’m a little bitter that you snagged our sweep of Brits.” you joke. 

“Oh, well, what can I say?” he jokes. “But are you too bitter to dance with me?” 

“Hm. I think I could put that aside for a bit.” You smile. 

“Good.” He says taking your hand and pulling you out on the dance floor. 

At first, it was just a bit of small talk and dancing, but as more and more songs started playing, the closer and more touchy feely you two got. At some point, your arms had made it around his neck and his around your waist. His face was inches from yours, you could feel his breath against yours. 

You didn’t know if it was the drinks you had consumed that night, the high that you had been feeling that entire night, or if it was just because you had been waiting for this moment for a while now that made you so bold in what would happen next. 

“Do you wanna get out of here?” You whispered. 

“More than anything.” He mumbled before releasing your hips from his grip and taking your hand and pulling you through the crowd. 

Harry didn’t even care about the paps that were outside snapping away that the two of you leaving together. All he could think about was getting out of there. 

When his car pulled up, he helped you inside and shut the door. He waited until they were far from the paps before he leaned over to kiss you. You immediately responded to the kiss by putting your hands in his hair. He smirked a bit and pulled you close him, keeping his hands on your back. 

Your leg was laying a bit awkwardly, so you kicked it over his leg to make yourself more comfortable, which got his attention. As he deepened the kiss, he ran his hands over your legs and up to the hem of your dress. 

Once the car got to his house, you two pulled away from each other just long enough to get out of the car, into his house and shut the front door before you two were on each other again. 

At this point, you went ahead and finished un buttoning the rest of his shirt and pushing both the shirt and the blazer he was wearing down his shoulders. He moaned against your lips when he felt you touching his chest and shoulders. He then removed his lips from yours and started kissing down your neck and pushing the straps of your dress down your shoulders. 

“As much as I like where you’re going with this…” you breath out. “Maybe we should move this to the bedroom?” 

He doesn’t say anything, he just kneels down, picking you up with your legs around his waist and carries you to his bedroom. By the time, you both made it there, your dressed had already been half unzipped and he finished the job once as soon as your feet touched the soft rug on the ground. You didn’t exactly care that your cute expensive dress was getting wrinkled by laying on the floor at that moment because all you could think about was how he was looking you up and down. 

You took his distraction as an opportunity to push him down onto the bed, so that you could straddle him. 

“Just so you know, we don’t have to go slow tonight… we can save that for a later time.” You smirk. 

“Perfect…” He mumbles pulling in for a kiss. 

Within seconds it seemed, the two of you were completely undressed and under the sheets. Even though, you told him not to go slow, he sure was taking his time with teasing you. You could feel the smirk on his lips on your thighs and you knew that he knew what he was doing. 

A few minutes later, he finally reached in the drawer of the table near his bed to grab a foil wrapper. He quickly, but careful put the condom on and he looked down at you. You smirked up at him and flipped him over onto his back, before straddling him again that night. 


What seemed like hours later, the two of you were entangled together as you were trying to slow your breathing. You both were covered in sweat and you were pretty sure there love bites all over each of your bodies. Harry’s hands were caressing your back and you were laying on his chest. 

“Well, that was fun.” you giggle. 

He laughed. “That was fucking amazing.” 

“I try…” You joke flipping your hair to the side. 

He laughed again kissing your head. “I want to cook you breakfast in the morning.” He whispered. 

“Is that your way of asking me to stay, Harold?” You giggle. 

“And if it was?” He asked. 

“Then I would say yes.” You smile. 

“And what about if I wanted to take you out for dinner?” He asked. 

“Are you asking me out for a date?” You say sitting up. 

He blushes a bit and nods. “Yeah…I mean if you want too. Or if you just want this thing between us to be a one time thing… I’d uh understand…” 

“Actually, I’d love to go to dinner with you and I don’t want this to be a one time thing… “ You whisper. 

“Good, because neither to do I.” He smiles leaning up to kiss you. 

You smile into the kiss before pulling away and laying your head back down on his chest. He kisses your head and cuddles closer to you before the two of you close your eyes and fall asleep. 

Happy New Year, Fafnir! (He Doesn’t Really Understand It)

Whoo more ask prompts! This time we have 1. I thought you knew, but for Fafiya this time!!  In which Fafnir is completely unreadable and Takiya is just trying his best.

Other fics including other Dragon Maid ask prompts are over here.

“Fafnir, the New Year is coming up you know.”


“Do you celebrate the New Year where you’re from?”

“The passage of time is such for us that years don’t matter.  We don’t pay attention to human markers of time.”

“O-oh, sorry. It’s a big deal to us, so I wondered. Do you…I usually go out to celebrate. You could come along if you wanted.”

“Human celebrations vex me.”

“Ah.  It does get very crowded, sometimes it’s a lot for me to handle too.”


Takiya lets it fade, the faint clicking of the keyboard filling the room again.

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I had a dream

Request: beebo insecure about being broadway?????? u calm him down and everything

Warnings: Fluffy, sad Brendon

REQUESTS HERE!! / Masterlist

The water was running down all your body. You rubbed your neck with the palm of your hand, Brendon gave you a beautiful and enormous hickey the night before. He came back after a long day in the studio and the only thing that he wanted to do was have sex with you. Obviously it didn’t mattered but he seemed to be stressed.

You were alone at the house that you shared with him. When you got outta the shower you looked at you in the mirror. Make-up couldn’t cover that blue and purple mark. “Stupid Brendon.” you thought and then smiled.

You were putting some clothes on when the noise of the principal door made you jump. Someone slammed the door. And that someone was, with any doubt, Brendon.

“Babe?” you asked gently while going downstairs.

But he didn’t answer. Your boyfriend went through the living room without even looking at you and he dissapeared from your sight. The best thing that you could do was leaving him alone for a while, maybe it’s what he wanted.

You tried to think in everything except in Brendon’s attitude. A small part of you wanted to go to his studio and talk to him, but you knew that it wouldn’t be a great idea. So you sat in the couch and started to check your social media. A lot of people in Twitter were talking about Brendon being on Broadway, you couldn’t resist and started to read people’s opinions about it. Most of the people were in love with the idea of your boyfriend being in a musical but some others thought that he didn’t deserve being there. Then a idea came to your mind.

You got up and runned into Brendon’s studio. He was sitting in front of the computer with both of his hands supported on the forehead.

“Brendon? Are you okay?“ you asked sweetly while you kneed next to him. “Bren, are you crying?”

He shook his head and rubbed some tears with the palm of the hand. That confirmed he was crying. And the worst part was that you didn’t know what to do in that moment. It was the first time after 7 years that you saw Brendon crying in that way. When he started sobbing, you felt how your heart beat strongly. “I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me, baby. Please tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t want to talk now.” he said between sobs.

“But I do want. I’m not gonna leave until you tell me why are you crying.”

Brendon pulled his head up and looked at you. His eyes were red and his cheeks completely wet. "I’ve seen Twitter. Is because of that, isn’t it? All that stuff about Broadway.”

“I can’t do it, (Y/N). I feel like I can’t do anything.”

“Don’t be stupid. You can do whatever you want, Brendon. We all know it. But you just can’t read some teenage girl’s tweet and feel bad for it.”

“It’s not about that. I – I’m feeling useless, (Y/N).”

“Oh, God. Come here.” you grabbed his hand and make him got up. Brendon put his arms around you and held you as tight as he could. You felt something wet on your neck and suddendly looked at his eyes. “Honey, please. If you cry, I’ll cry too.”

A smile appeared on his lips but unfortunately it disappeared as soon as it arrived. You hated seeing him like that but you felt like you couldn’t do anything to help.

“You know what?” you put your hands over his cheeks. “We’ll go inside the house. You’ll lay your head on my lap and then we’ll watch Supernatural together.”

“(Y/N), I don’t feel up to it.”

“Beebo we’re talking about the Winchesters! I’m trying to cheer you up. Since you won’t talk about anything, it’s the only thing that I can do.” 

His eyes were still red but at least he wasn’t crying anymore. You kissed his knuckles and then realised about something that made you wide open your eyes. "Did I tell you about what happened last night to me?”

As a responde he shook his head.

“Well. When you fell asleep I stared at your face for a moment. You looked so handsome and in I fell asleep thinking about you.“ he smiled. “I had a dream. A beautiful one about you in Broadway. The only thing that I can remember clearly is that you did it amazing and I felt really proud of being your girlfriend. I mean, more proud than I am now. I want to think that it was a signal.”


“Believe me or not. You’re going to do it great, Brendon. And I’ll be there to remind you that you worth too much.”

“(Y/N) stop talking or I’ll start crying again.” he warned you while sniffling. “Why are you that good? I don’t deserve you.”

“You deserve the whole world, Brendon Urie.”

“I love you so fucking much.”

Audition (Evan H. X Reader)

A/N; I have another draft saved for Thomas J. X James M. but I’m worried that it isn’t good or that people will be upset it’s not DEH, so I uploaded this instead! This is kinda all over the place though, my dudes. Enjoy.

W/C: 1,260

T/W: swearing, protective Connor, a lot of ankle pain geez

You paced back and forth behind the stage with a smile, occasionally peeking behind the curtain to see Evan waiting. You had convinced your crush and best friend to come watch you audition for the school musical.

“It’s just an audition!” You said to yourself, smiling and putting your hands on your hips. You took deep breaths and continued pacing.

“(Y/n) Murphy!” A voice shouted, calling you onto the stage. You squeaked and ran onto the stage, waving at the judges on your way. You looked up and saw Evan in the small crowd, smiling and giving you a thumbs up.

“(Y/N) Murphy, you are auditioning for the role of Christine Canigula.” One of three judges affirmed, earning an excited nod from you. You waited for the music to start patiently, then started to sing along.

“Say there’s this person you pass in the hall everyday. You’ve known him since seventh grade.” You blushed and glanced at Evan, noticing how the lyrics applied to him.

“You’re used to thinking about him in a certain way, from the persona that he display.” You poured your heart out into the lyrics.

“And then something changes.. And he changes. From a guy that you’d never be into- into! A guy that you’d kinda be into- into!”

When you finished your chest felt heavy, but immediately lightened up when the small crowd and judges clapped loudly. You turned red and bowed comically. You flounced off the stage, your eyes still focused on Evan. When you had reached the stairs you didn’t notice.

“(Y/N)!!” A voice cried.

You fell. It was a flight of stairs with eight stairs total, considering the stage was pretty tall. You twisted your ankle in a way that would make anyone cringe horrifically.

“Oh geez, oh geez, are you okay?” Evan blurted, dropping down to your side. Tears were in your eyes as the judges ran over and some of the audience stood and watched.

“Yeah.” You grunted through your teeth, looking up to keep tears from falling. Your ankle felt like it was on fire. It was a horrible pain that was making your leg feel numb.

“Her ankle is purple, I’ll call the nurse!” A judge volunteered, running off. Evan pushed the hair out of your face and smiled nervously.

“If-if it helps, you did wonderful up there.” You nodded and smiled, letting a tear fall. Evan was taking deep breaths and trying to help you as best as he could.

“Here, um, squeeze my hand to distract yourself?” Evan put his hand in yours, not expecting you to give him an intense death grip.

“Ow.” Evan mumbled, hearing his fingers crack. The nurse ran into the auditorium and practically pushed Evan away from you. She put some weird cream on your ankle and wrapped it in gauze. She then handed you a single crutch a pulled you onto your feet. You winced and put the crutch under your arm. The bell rang, which meant it was now ninth period. The nurse told you to go to your next class like normal, and that she would need the crutch back by the end of the week. Thank god your next class was with Evan and your friends. Evan grabbed your things and walked to your next class with you. You walked, well, crutched by Evan’s side, trying to keep up.

“You’re um, a really good actress.”

“I wasn’t really acting for that song.” You replied, sighing quietly.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Evan mumbled, glancing at you. God, he thought you were gorgeous.

“I’ve had a crush on this one boy since seventh grade. He’s right in front of me but it’s hard to tell him.” You would’ve been fidgeting with your hands if you didn’t have to use a crutch.

“Oh.” Evan’s face fell and he looked at the ground as he walked.

“Jesus, Evan, how oblivious are you? I’m crushing on you.” You sighed, unable to look at him. Evan almost dropped his books as well as yours.

“Me-me? Oh god, me?” Evan stuttered, his face turning red and his voice getting higher. You smiled and rolled your eyes, pretending you weren’t about to cry.

“It’s fine if you don’t like me back.” You blurted, getting a few paces ahead of him. You let the tears gather in your eyes.

“No! No, my gosh, no, no! I love you! You’re just so nice and perfect- and you were the first person to notice me! You made me feel wanted! And I love you for that!” Evan cried, doing the rambling thing he does when he gets anxious. You stopped at the classroom doorway and waited for Evan to get close.

“I love you too, Evan.” You kissed him on the cheek quickly, heading into the classroom.

“(Y/n)! How did- WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!?” Connor yelled, standing up from his seat and alerting the whole class. He pointed at your ankle and checked your face, being the most overprotective brother ever.

“Who do I have to beat the SHIT out of? Is it Evan?!” Connor growled as he watched Evan walk into the room behind you.

“No, Connor, I fell down the stairs in the auditorium.” You mumbled, turning red as everyone was looking at you three. Evan stood anxiously behind you, and Connor practically ignored what you said.

“Why does Evan have lipstick on his face?” Jared snorted from his seat, crossing his arms.

“Oh my god- I am going to kill him!” Connor growled, reaching for Evan.

“Connor stop, I told him, he likes me back, we’re all good.” You groaned, grabbing his face with your free hand and making him look at you.

“Now go sit back down, weedwhacker.“ Connor grumbled and practically threw himself into his seat, mumbling to himself. You and Evan sat down slowly as the teacher coughed and started the lesson back up again.

"Great, our favorite one, now two, cripples were making out in the hallways?” Jared snorted, turning around to tease you and Evan.

“Shut up, Kleinmeme.” You giggled, turning red and taking Evan’s hand in yours. Evan smiled at you and turned red, trying not to think about how sweaty his hands probably were.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything? Water, snacks, hugs, a movie?” Evan asked again, smiling nervously. You were staying over at his house and he was treating you like a princess. He had even propped your foot up on a tall pile of pillows. You had been dating for a week, and your ankle was still bad, but getting better.

“Yes, hun’, just cuddle me.” You gave Evan puppy dog eyes and reached your arms out.

“Okay, just, let me change?” Evan mumbled and turned around. He slipped his shirt off and quickly yanked his jeans off, pulling on plaid pajama pants. He hesitantly turned around and fidgeted with his pajama pant string while walking over to you slowly. You tilted your head and looked at him with so much love it made him blush. Your eyes scanned his torso, noticing the few freckles and older stretch marks.

“Is-is it okay? If I’m, hnng, shirtless?” Evan made a weird noise as he laid down next to you.

“Yes, and you’re gorgeous.” You kissed his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest.

“I love you so, so much.” Evan mumbled into your hair, nuzzling you. You laughed and smiled, leaning into him even more. “I love you too, Evan.”