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Why Jongdae is my Ultimate Bias

I hope other Jongdae stans will agree with me lol- kpopwallapaper

I have a giant poster of him from my kokobop album on my wall and its 36 ½ x 24 inches

  • His Voice is Heavenly… I first found exo by their English cover of ‘open arms’ and I instantly fell for the guy in the red cap from his beautiful voice and the rest of them and their amazing voices too. But Chen’s voice was so distinct and unique to me don't get me wrong i love the other members too when he first sang i knew there was no way out and I instantly searched him up and the rest of exo. i love his voice so fucking much

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  • He is so pretty… When I first saw him while googling him up after watching ‘open arms,’ he reminded me of a camel lol and the shape of his lips made me gush and coo at how cute he looked his lips literally looks like this {

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Jyn couldn’t take another second inside the ship. Everything was far too loud and if she heard one more word she feared she might explode. She doesn’t do well cooped up.

Without saying anything , she swiftly exited into the cold night air where she could catch her breath and clear her head.

Very cold night air, she noticed as a shiver went down her spine. She could go back inside to fetch a coat, but the thought of conversation kept her away. Jyn tried to ignore her own chattering and find something else to focus on.

“The stars”, she thought, “I’ll focus on the stars.

And she did. They were beautiful and bright, with golden swirls mixing up stars. It captured her until suddenly a warmth surrounded and startled her. It actually lifted her off her feet, a little.

Cassian stood above her, looking out into the sky as she was before . The captain must’ve realized she left without a coat because He had zipped Jyn up into his parka. Jyn opened her mouth to ask what he was doing, but he shushed her.

"It’s a nice night.” He said, the stars reflecting in his dark eyes.

Jyn studied them. He needed this as much as she did. She snuggled up closer to him.

“Yeah, it really is.”

For the rest of the night, Jyn hung in his jacket like a baby kangaroo. But she was warm, and she was safe.

LOOK AT THAT LITTLE POOPY DOODLE I DID I DID LOL but this was a really cute request!!! Pls send me more!! PS I’m no artist but hey it was fun so I decided to share

A Few Short Minutes (Hansol)

type: fluff lots and lots of fluff =w=
pairing: hansol/vernon x reader
synopsis: hansol being our little flustered boy when he gets feeling for u the second he lays on u aw
words: 1457
a/n: idk how I feel about this, but I hope you like it :)) x


He didn’t know what it was about you. Maybe it was the way you held yourself with pride and confidence everywhere you went, or maybe it was the way you were so nice and kind to everyone you spoke to, or MAYBE it was the fact that you looked absolutely breathtaking. Whatever the reason was, Hansol’s eyes were fixated on you from the second he saw you enter the practice room.

This feeling he had in his heart, this weird, strange feeling, was nothing. Well, that’s what he thinks anyway. He’s nothing but caught in a funny trance that he’ll eventually snap out of in the next few hours.

He had heard of you before, the famous idol that was visiting them for the day. But at the time the members were told about it, he didn’t really care, now he wished he had listened and dressed up a little better instead of wearing just sweatpants and a shirt.
You were currently greeting the members one by one, saying hi and introducing yourself to them. Hansol was near the end, getting more and more nervous and flustered the closer you got to speaking to him.

What was he supposed to say?
“Wassup, the names Hansol, but you can call me later.” No, that’ll just scare you away.
“Hey, my name’s Hansol, I think you’re really pretty lol.” What? That wasn’t gonna work either.
Well, what about-

“Hello?” Came your sweet, soothing voice, cutting through his thoughts like a sharp blade. Hansol blinked rapidly, his eyes focusing on the figure in front of him… It was you. Suddenly, all the carefully planned out sentences he had formed in his brain completely evaporated and just left him there speechless, his mouth gaping open. You gave him a questioning look, finding his reaction quite strange… But quite cute?
“U-um, hi.. I’m Hansol,” The boy said, finally choking out a sentence. God, you looked even better up close. And not to mention the perfume you had on…
Hansol Vernon Chwe, stop thinking like this right now.

He nearly died when a dazzling smile made its way on your mouth,“It’s lovely to meet you Hansol! I’m Y/N!” You grinned, sticking your hand out and waiting for him to shake it. He stared at your outstretched hand, keeping his own by his side, his heart was in a frenzy, what was he to do in situations like this? His senses eventually kicked in as nervously shook your hand, very quickly dropping it back to his side. The two of you awkwardly stood there opposite to each other, you studying him closely and wondering what he was thinking, and him, trying to play it cool, although inside he was a mess.

It was you who decided to break the barrier of silence,“So… I was wondering if you could show me around the building and show me what you guys do in here? Don’t get me wrong, all the other guys are great, but I’d really like to get to know you a bit more?” A small, shy smile made its way to Hansol’s lips as he managed to nod, beckoning you over to one of the many rooms in the building.

‘They chose /me/,’ He thought happily, ‘Out of the 13 members, they chose, /me/.’


You and Hansol had been walking around the whole building, and this, was your last stop. In the time the two of you had spent together, you really got Hansol to open up a bit more. You got to know more about him and he got to know more about you. “This is Jihoon hyung’s studio, he’s the producer of most of our songs!” He explained, rather proud of his hyung’s amazing talent. Hansol had spent his fair amount of time in there and was recently recording his part in the song 'Fronting’. Your sharp eyes spotted the computer the audio was on and pointed at it excitedly,“You’re a rapper, do you have any samples in there that you can show me?”

He wasn’t sure if he was even allowed to touch Jihoon hyung’s computer, but God, how could he say no to those big adorable eyes of yours? Sighing a little, he nodded smiling softly and shaking his head, wondering how he got so wrapped around your finger in only a few short minutes.

You eagerly squealed, pulling a seat up, putting both earphone buds in your ears and hitting play on the screen. Little did you know Hansol was watching you get fully engrossed in the music and all he could think about was how could a single person make him feel this weirdly? Sure, he’s liked people in the past, but never to a certain extent that his heart was constantly beating 1000 miles a second. Could it be possible that it was more than a silly old crush?

No, it can’t be. He only just met you for gods sake!

But still, no matter how many times he told himself that exact same thing, it never slowed down the rate of his heart, it never lessened the swarm of butterflies in his stomach. “This is really good Hansol!” You yelled, unaware of how loud you were being due to the high volume of the music. He laughed softly, tugging the earphones out of your ears and looking at you deep in the eyes. His palms were getting sweaty again, despite the few hours you had spent together, he still got nervous whenever he had to talk to you. “Y/N, before this day ends, I was meaning to tell you…” Here we go, there was no backing out now. Whether you reject him or not, he was gonna tell you. “I’ve been meaning to tell you… That I wanted your phone number, you know, just in case I need help with, my, uh, rap?” He rambled, mentally cursing at himself for backing out at the last minute.

You blinked, staring at him in silence for a while before quickly grabbing your phone and exchanging numbers with him. You were beginning to get a sneaking suspicion that getting your number wasn’t what he had wanted to say, but let it slide when your manager called you, saying it was time to go. “Well, it was really great meeting and hanging out with you, Hansol, maybe we can catch up again sometime!” You smiled, reaching over and giving him a quick hug before quickly running off to say goodbye to everyone else.

He just stood there, utterly mesmerised by what just happened. You just hugged him and you wanted to hang out again some time! But realisation quickly dawned on him that he didn’t mention any of his bottled up feelings to you. Oh well, they’ll go away soon enough.


How long has it been? A month? Maybe two? Hansol had lost count. He had tried to do everything he could possibly do to get you out of his mind. But nothing. Was. Working. He had tried immersing himself in piles of work, writing new lyrics, practicing his rap, but whatever he wrote down was somehow linked back to you. He had tried almost everything, he had gotten desperate, doing things like ignoring your texts and calls, but still, those butterflies stayed there.

One night, he’d had enough, he had to confess sooner or later otherwise this whole 'trying to forget you’ thing was gonna kill him! Quickly, he typed in your phone number, holding the phone tightly against his ear. This time, he couldn’t back out, he just couldn’t.

“H-Hello?” Came your groggy voice on the other line. The boy’s heart leaped at the sound of your voice once more, “Y/N, I need to tell you something that I’ve been putting off for as long as I can remember,”

Recognising Hansol’s voice, you sat up from your bed,“Hansol? What could you possibly want to tell me at 2 in the morning? If your calling me to ask about a rap line your unsure about I’m gonna-”

“I like you. A lot.”
“Wait, what?”
“I know this may sound sudden, considering the fact that we haven’t talked in ages. But, through all this time, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I tried everything, trust me and just… nothing. You caught my attention the second you walked through the doors of our practice room and in only a few short minutes, I started to fall for you. I’m so, so, sorry that it took me this long to tell you this. There’s a huge chance you’ll reject me, but I completely understand I-”
“Yeah?” He had begun to ramble again. Seriously, what is his weird voodoo you do to him?
“I like you too.”

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OKAY BUT mixed raced rose and hugo weasley, half black but with ginger hair?????

*smirk emoji* You mean like….??????

(Hugo kind of reminds me of Harry a little (the way I draw him), so I gotta work on that. LOL or maybe that’s okay. Ron says his kids are cute and smart, so he’s happy either way.)

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BTS walking in on you (their gf) dancing to hormone war (esp the line describing "your front is the best" and "your back is the best") individual reactions plz

Omg this is too funny.

As we all know Bangtan has absolutely no chill at all so this should be interesting. 

Jin would not be able to contain himself in the slightest. The poor guy would double over laughing and dying from second hand embarrassment. Of course you only wearing shorts and his teeshirt certainly wouldn’t help. In the end he would just accept it as one of you quirks, and if his laughter hadn’t startled you he would quietly seek away and let you continue you dance.

Suga wouldn’t know what to do with himself. He’d stand and watch for a moment before approaching you from behind and snatching you up in his arms. As he held you tightly and you cheeks heat up from being caught, he wouldn’t say anything. He would just fall on the bed pulling you with him and clinging to you as he made himself comfortable. He came in here for a nap dammit, ridiculously cute girlfriend or not he was going to get it.

Hoseok would Just be too exited. J-Hope loves being silly with you and he would see this as an opportunity to have some fun. I mean have you seen this guy? In order to be dating him this kind of stuff must actually be a pretty normal kind of situation. He’d jump in and start playfully dancing with you, in the end both of you collapsing into a fit of giggles. 

Namjoon would stand outside the door for a moment just staring with his mouth open not knowing what to do. Instead of seeing you as cute or playful, he’d be looking at you body: the way it’s moving, how good your legs look (this is assuming you were actually a decent dancer lol). RapMon is  pretty sexual after all, I mean have you seen his comments lately or read any of his lyrics from his pre debut songs? Hot damn. Like Yoongi, he sneak up on you and grab you behind, his hand tightly gripping you waist. He’d lean in and whisper in you ear sexily, “It’s like you’re trying to get me to pay attention to you body, Jagi.” Oh my god.

Jimin would be a lot like Hoseok. He would take a moment to admire your body, but in the end precious ChimChim would just want to play with you too. After you’re both out of breath and giggling he’ll give you a greasy smirk and offer to properly teach you sometime, preferably in a little less clothing.

V would never, ever, ever let you forget this. The alien would be so excited that you’re a fan of their songs he’d burst into the room jumping around the room yelling the lyrics as loud as he can. He would scare you to say the leas,t and you would pause to stare at your cutie boyfriend jumping around the room. Tae would only stop for a moment to ask why you had stopped dancing, and then encourage you to play with him.

Kookie would be a lot like Jin. Jungkook is finally starting to open up to his fans more and we’re seeing his playful side, but Kookie would just giggle at you and think about how cute you are feeling genuinely proud of himself for having a girlfriend that’s their fan. He’s just shake his head and coo at you for a minute before leaving you to your moment.

Thanks for the request! 

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Last night I saw Ginger running to the media room with the mouse in his mouth,  I ran after him, grabbed quickly the camera, I had the feeling he may wants to go in his big box, lol, but Cleo likes it too, so he lied down next to her, it was so cute to look at. She grumbled, lol, she wants peace, then he played with the mouse, she stood up and left, lol. 

@marauderfan , lol, the window was opened, he was smelling the fresh air. 

When I opened the window in the tilt position, I always have to check that he doesn’t jump but now he is too big to go through. Cleopatra did jump when she was 6 months old  but she was very thin, I found her trembling in the garden and waiting, But Ginger is a rascal, lol, I always have to look what he does, he makes us laugh. :-)) ?