look at him hes so cute i wanna cry

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little pidge, you are so cute!!!!!!!, what is your favorite little critter to find and play with?

Pidge: Thank you! I have a favorite! Sometimes I find them in the back yard. But sometimes I bring my own pet over. Shiro doesn’t like him very much though.

Pidge: Wanna see?

Pidge: Shiro, look! This is Rover!

Shiro: ALLURA-
Allura: What? Shiro, what is it? What’s wrong? Did something happen to Lance?
Shiro: No, no, listen, Lance is fine. He’s fine for now-
Allura: Then what?
Shiro: ….. Spider.

Allura: Spider?
Shiro: Pidge brought… She brought a spider. And it’s huge. And Hunk’s crying and I’m freaking out I hate them I hate spiders Allur- STOP LAUGHING THIS IS SERIOUS.
Allura: *laughing* Shiro, what do you want me to do? It’s her pet. Just… tell her to put it back in its carrier or something.
Shiro: Can you- I don’t want to touch it or anything. What if it-

Shiro: *muffled yelling* PIDGE! PIDGE NO! HEY!

Allura: What happened? Did Lance take the spider?
Shiro: … He put it on Keith’s head. Allura, please come help.


Amnesia anime, otome game

Ukyo is so darn cute in chibi form. Aww !!!! simply adorable.  He is a very beautiful, handsome, dashing young man. He is so  nice. He is  also very stylish. I love him. He is wonderful. One of my favourite characters. I don’t like seeing him sad and droopy face. I absolutely hate it when he cries, dammit he should never cry. He looks so clueless sometimes ( but even then he is adorable), I just wanna hug him whenever it happens.

the last picture is ukyo’s fanart, i think. it is beautiful. simply fabulous.

I mean it’s been a freakishly long time since chapter one so maybe the author changed her mind by now but do you think Jeje’s face still looks like this

under the paper bags because if it does I’m not sure why Mikuni went to such lenghts not to let it show that time against Tetsu and also I kinda wanna draw him look at him his hair makes a snake’s tongue I’m crying he’s so cute


Idk if y’all noticed this but look at how he’s pointing at the small Roots varsity jacket on the racks. I can only assume it’s for Jeremiah or Jermaine (im not sure which??) , his nephew. He’s like: “do you think he’ll like it?” And I can imagine someone from the crew saying “awwh you wanna match with him” or something of the sort and he’s like “I’m gonna take it, we’ll be slaying these hoes together” in the second picture. Idk and idc it’s soo freaking sweet and unless abel has a baby we didn’t know about then it’s for his nephew 😭

A Cute, Emotional Stingue Moment

Remember this scene during the GMG? Well I just wanted to mention this (since I haven’t seen anyone talk about it yet)

I really, really, really, love how Rogue is smiling at Sting after he finally gets Lector back. Like just look at his expression; it’s so soft, fond, and genuine and it makes me wanna cry tears of joy. He’s happy to see Sting happy, happy to see that he can go back to joyful self. Seeing Sting all depressed didn’t sit right with him, and I bet he was really glad to see him smile again. It was the first time Rogue smiled like that during the event. (you know besides the whole shadow taking over fiasco) 

Isn’t it so adorable? He’s just gazing at Sting through lacrima vision, unable to look away, and smiling instead of doing anything else and agh it’s just so cute these two will be the end of me I swear. Watching each other be happy is just so damn cute. 

i’m just gonna say it, the Library Kiss between R&R is the most underrated kiss ever. Like it’s just so cute i wanna cry.

He just looks at her like “omg my girlfriend//lover//soulmate is so cute, but i legit have no idea what a quarter is because i use pine cones for money.”

She just looks at him like “he stole the book, my heart, and my virginity because it’s been that long. Maybe i can be happy. Should i just let myself indulge in this. I think i will.”

and then they look at each other with heart eyes and kiss. 

i don’t even have a gif of this which makes me sad

Guys Kris looks like a little kid in this pic, well more like a 18 maybe 19 year version if himself. Seriously this hair makes him look young as hell.

He just looks so fragile here, so fucking cute.

Ugh Kai would ruin him. Oh my god the things he’d do to him. Jesus fucking Christ I can see it now.

I can see Kaiko slamming him up against the wall, ravishing his collarbones, fisting his hand into his hair as he jerks his head back, biting at his Adam apple. Licking up and down the length of his neck just…..


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I saw your liam in glasses masterpost and i was wondering if you could make a post of your favorite pics of liam with fans? ((:

I am so sorry this took me so long! I looked FOREVER for all of the pictures and went through my Liam tag, so there were bunches to choose from. This is going to be super long. Here we go!

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My lovely Leon-kunnnnn ///^q^///
When I look at him at first sigh. I REALLY FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM.
I like him so much! XD Because of I like a man with beard before
like Kotetsu from TIGER&BUNNY, Mephisto Pheles from Ao no Exorcist (I called him Pheles-Channn LOL), Sanji from One Piece and Wan Thanakrit (Thai singer)
I watched Dangan Ronpa just only 1 episode and read manga of this game about side story another characters’ viewpoint.
Although Leon-kun’s look is punk rock, he is REALLY TOO CUTE AND TOO KIND more than I thought before I watch Dangan Ronpa ;;;m;;;
But…… he is too young to die… ah… I wanna cry now. *sneeze*

And sorry if my English is too poor. ;;;;v;;;

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Hi! I filled in an application for the MAS <3 honestly lbr he's such a dream like one second I'll be smiling at his cute lil tum and next I'll be screaming bc with one look that boy turns my ovaries to jelly <3 like @ michael clifford fuck me tf up

Hi there!! Yay, thank you lovely!!! 

Omg don’t I know it. Michael Clifford is the Best Thing Ever and I cry about him all the freaking time D: His tum is my favorite thing ever it’s so cute and squishy and I just wanna kiss it :(