look at him hes so cute i wanna cry

Anon requested:

Could you do an imagine with Carl where the reader gets hurt really badly an Carl thinks she is dead, so he tells her everything he couldn’t say before and she wakes up to see him crying and it’s super fluffy and sad, maybe even a kiss. Thank you! Love you writing!! And you blog!<3

First of all, thank you so much! This is such a cute idea! I’m getting excited thinking about it :D haha


“Y/n, I’m really bored. Wanna come on a walk with me?” Carl whines, leaning against the door frame. Carl and yourself are best friends, going through the apocalypse together. You slowly place down your comic, giving him the look of ‘do I have to?’, but he insists. 

“Where are you two going?” Rick stops the two of you in your tracks, placing a firm hand on both shoulders. 

“On a walk, it’s so boring in there! Don’t worry Dad, we’ll be safe.” Carl says, fiddling with his gun. Once given the all clear from Rick, you and your best friend set off, exploring this new world. 

“So, anything new happening in your life?” Carl asks, that signature cheeky smirk growing on his lips. He casually drags his feet along the dusty path, hands resting in his pockets. You laugh and shake your head,

“What do you think, Grimes?” He shrugs. 

A few seconds of comfortable silence washes over you both, listening to the birds and your shoes scraping against the gravel. You enter a small village, crashed cars and smashed windows everywhere.

“Wait-” He puts out a hand, stopping you, “I think I can hear walkers”

“What?” You ask, even though you heard him right. As if on cue, a small herd, about six, revolting walkers emerge from around the corner shop, groaning and gnashing their rotting jaws. 

“Carl!” You squeal, attaching yourself on to his plaid shirt. He takes out his gun, not saying a word. Without hesitation, he pulls the trigger. 

Come on, you think, you’ve prepared yourself for this. You quickly grab your pistol from your leather belt, taking a few steps back as they approach you. You shoot, killing about two whilst Carl gets three. The remaining walker continues to hurl itself towards you, attempting to grasp your shirt. Unable to walk any further, you bash your head against a metal lamppost, falling unconscious.

“Y/n!” You vaguely hear, after a gunshot. Everything is black, tuning in and out of Carl’s words. 

“Come on, y/n! Wake up, please!” Carl cries, shaking your hot shoulders. His big hands trace your cheek, as he mops the blood from your head.

“Please, you have to wake up. Don’t you dare die on me! I love you, okay? You are my everything, just please don’t leave me now…” The blood continues to gush out of your wound, the life draining out of you. 

Carl clutches on to you tightly, sobbing, “Okay, I know you can’t hear me but I think you’re beautiful. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and if you leave now I don’t know what I’ll do. Everyday, you improve my life just a little bit, and I love you for that. I love the way you act around Judith, the way that you lighten every soul whenever you enter a room, the way that you never fail to make me laugh. I love you, y/n, and if you die, I die too…" 

"I love you too, Grimes…” You whisper, gently opening your eyes to his beautiful face. 

“Y/n!” He shouts relieved, suffocating you in a hug. You wince, beginning to cry with the shooting pain throughout your head. 

“Come on, lets get you back” Carl says, lifting you up.

“Carl.. was all of that true?” You shyly ask, trucking your hair behind your ear. 

He blushes, “Yeah, very true…” The very first awkward moment between the two of you occurs as he takes a step closer. He gently places a hand on your back, pulling you into him. You hesitate before lightly attaching your lips his, butterflies dancing in your stomach at this new feeling. 

“I love you, y/n” He whispers, holding you tightly.

As always, I don’t know how to end it haha. I’ll just leave it there, super cheesy :P Hope it was okay! 

-Becky x


It’s not funny!


Amnesia anime, otome game

Ukyo is so darn cute in chibi form. Aww !!!! simply adorable.  He is a very beautiful, handsome, dashing young man. He is so  nice. He is  also very stylish. I love him. He is wonderful. One of my favourite characters. I don’t like seeing him sad and droopy face. I absolutely hate it when he cries, dammit he should never cry. He looks so clueless sometimes ( but even then he is adorable), I just wanna hug him whenever it happens.

the last picture is ukyo’s fanart, i think. it is beautiful. simply fabulous.

I mean it’s been a freakishly long time since chapter one so maybe the author changed her mind by now but do you think Jeje’s face still looks like this

under the paper bags because if it does I’m not sure why Mikuni went to such lenghts not to let it show that time against Tetsu and also I kinda wanna draw him look at him his hair makes a snake’s tongue I’m crying he’s so cute


Idk if y’all noticed this but look at how he’s pointing at the small Roots varsity jacket on the racks. I can only assume it’s for Jeremiah or Jermaine (im not sure which??) , his nephew. He’s like: “do you think he’ll like it?” And I can imagine someone from the crew saying “awwh you wanna match with him” or something of the sort and he’s like “I’m gonna take it, we’ll be slaying these hoes together” in the second picture. Idk and idc it’s soo freaking sweet and unless abel has a baby we didn’t know about then it’s for his nephew 😭

A Cute, Emotional Stingue Moment

Remember this scene during the GMG? Well I just wanted to mention this (since I haven’t seen anyone talk about it yet)

I really, really, really, love how Rogue is smiling at Sting after he finally gets Lector back. Like just look at his expression; it’s so soft, fond, and genuine and it makes me wanna cry tears of joy. He’s happy to see Sting happy, happy to see that he can go back to joyful self. Seeing Sting all depressed didn’t sit right with him, and I bet he was really glad to see him smile again. It was the first time Rogue smiled like that during the event. (you know besides the whole shadow taking over fiasco) 

Isn’t it so adorable? He’s just gazing at Sting through lacrima vision, unable to look away, and smiling instead of doing anything else and agh it’s just so cute these two will be the end of me I swear. Watching each other be happy is just so damn cute. 

Imagine seeing your ex at Lydias party and Isaac being your rescue <3

“No Lydia I don’t wanna come,” I groan throwing myself on my bed. “What if he’s there?” I close my eyes. He’s not gonna get to me. Don’t cry infront of her. Don’t cry. “Y/N you’re coming even if I have to drag your ass over there. You don’t wanna miss your best friends party do you?” she teases. Of course I don’t wanna miss her party. “Seriously what am i gonna do if he shows up?” I throw my hands in the air. “I’m probably gonna cry the second I see him.” She looks at me. “I seriously thought you were stronger than this. SO WHAT he cheated on you. Now you get to be single and mingle with a lot of cute boys. I can’t see one bad thing about this. He treated you like shit!” She looks disappointed at me. I am stronger than this. What the hell I’m going! I give her a sly smirk. “I’ll come. Bring out the dress.” 

A half an hour later we’re both dancing in Lydia’s living room with two boys I don’t even know the names of. I walk into the kitchen to get some more to drink when I see him. Luke. The guy I’ve been hopelessly in love with for three years. My boyfriend of one year. And two weeks ago I caught him making out with some other girl in the boys locker room. After that I obviously broke up with him. And now he’s grinning widely at me. Knowing he broke my heart he walks towards me. I panic and say to the boy closest to me: “See that guy over there?” He looks behind me nodding. “That’s my ex and we broke up two weeks ago because he was cheating on me. Will you please make out with me?” He smiles and nods again. Then he leans in and I do the same. Our lips move in sync and after a little while we break apart. I look directly at Luke and smile my best fake smile. I turn my head back to the boy. “I’m Isaac” he says holding his hand out. I take it. “Y/N” We shake and hold it a little longer than necessary. “Wanna dance?” he asks with a big smile. “I’d love to.” I say and lead him to the dance floor.

i’m just gonna say it, the Library Kiss between R&R is the most underrated kiss ever. Like it’s just so cute i wanna cry.

He just looks at her like “omg my girlfriend//lover//soulmate is so cute, but i legit have no idea what a quarter is because i use pine cones for money.”

She just looks at him like “he stole the book, my heart, and my virginity because it’s been that long. Maybe i can be happy. Should i just let myself indulge in this. I think i will.”

and then they look at each other with heart eyes and kiss. 

i don’t even have a gif of this which makes me sad

anonymous asked:

I saw your liam in glasses masterpost and i was wondering if you could make a post of your favorite pics of liam with fans? ((:

I am so sorry this took me so long! I looked FOREVER for all of the pictures and went through my Liam tag, so there were bunches to choose from. This is going to be super long. Here we go!

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Chanyeol in sweaters appreciation post

Because the fact that pcy looks extremely freakin cute in sweaters needs to be recognized.

i guess we could start with his adorable sweater instagram selfies (ΘεΘ;)

ohmygo d (personal fav)

щ(ಥДಥщ) ft sehun

someone pls take his instagram away i can’t do this TT_TT

we’ll be getting more sweater selfies in the future just wait

ok he looks so hot here are you kidding me

this turtleneck…omg he’s like one of the only people who can rock a turtleneck tbh


that one red sweater he wore for that K.will thing  ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

look at his hat tho omg :’)


i just wanna cuddle him ohmygod…(  ゚,_ゝ゚)

i hope u enjoyed that I’m honestly gonna go cry somewhere now lol (´ヘ`;)


My lovely Leon-kunnnnn ///^q^///
When I look at him at first sigh. I REALLY FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM.
I like him so much! XD Because of I like a man with beard before
like Kotetsu from TIGER&BUNNY, Mephisto Pheles from Ao no Exorcist (I called him Pheles-Channn LOL), Sanji from One Piece and Wan Thanakrit (Thai singer)
I watched Dangan Ronpa just only 1 episode and read manga of this game about side story another characters’ viewpoint.
Although Leon-kun’s look is punk rock, he is REALLY TOO CUTE AND TOO KIND more than I thought before I watch Dangan Ronpa ;;;m;;;
But…… he is too young to die… ah… I wanna cry now. *sneeze*

And sorry if my English is too poor. ;;;;v;;;