look at him he's so irrational because he almost lost her and he loves her so much


Sirius Black had always traveled to King’s Cross with incredible joy in his heart knowing that he wouldn’t have to return to Grimmauld Place, 12 for several months and that he wouldn’t see his family for a very long time. This was the first time Sirius had trouble getting out of his bed on 1st of September. He didn’t know how to explain it but it felt like a hippogriff was sitting on his chest making it hard to breathe.

“Padfoot,” sighed James. “If you make me miss the train, I will steal all of Remus’ chocolate and blame it on you and he will believe me.”

“Idunwanowunintmmawf,” said Sirius into his pillow. 

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I don’t want to run into my mother,” he replied sitting up realising he didn’t have the strength to deal with James Potter at the moment. 

“We will move quickly and we won’t see even a string of her hair,” smiled James. “That’s a promise, Pads.”

“But she will see us Prongs,” mumbled Sirius looking like a lost puppy. “That bitch has her ways, she always finds me and Regulus in the crowd.”

“Don’t be fucking ridiculous and get out of the bed” ordered James in return as he attempted carrying his trunk down the stairs for a second. “MUUUUUM can I locomotor my trunk dooooownn?”

“NO,” said Euphemia sternly from downstairs. “You’ll carry it down James and so will Sirius.”

“But muuuum-”

“James, dear, you are sixteen years old,” explained his mum like she was talking to a small child to make sure he doesn’t set the house on fire. “Stop acting like you are four or that girl you like so much won’t even look your way let alone like you. Independent women like grown men, not needy children.”

Euphemia Potter had a way with her son, she knew where all of his buttons were and how to push them just right because James Potter and his trunk were downstairs the Muggle way in a minute after the pep talk she had given. 

The breakfast was calmer than usual with Fleamont being at work and Sirius acting like he is half dead. When they were completely ready to floo themselves to the train station, Euphemia put her hand softly on Sirius’ shoulder, a kind of touch he wasn’t still used to after almost two months.

“Sirius,” began Euphemia. “What’s wrong? You know you can talk to me.”

“I just really don’t want to run into my mother,” confessed Sirius. “I’m scared of what she might do to you.”

James shook his head in disbelief, he found it hard to understand the irrational fear Sirius had. He knew Walburga was one disturbed woman but he also knew his mother shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Walburga should be scared of running into me,” said Euphemia half jokingly but James knew what would happen if they were to run into that woman. “I can handle him dear.”

Sirius nodded as convincingly as he could before he grabbed floo powder from the porcelain bowl standing next to the marble fireplace.

“King’s Cross,” he said clearly and he was gone with the green flames in seconds.

It didn’t take long for James and his mum to come with the flames. They hurried towards the Platform 9 ¾ with their trolleys and James ran face first into the wall just to disappear into thin air and then Euphemia and Sirius ran to the other side of the wall as well. 

Hogwarts Express was standing with all it’s crimson glory waiting for the students to get in to take them to Hogwarts. The three of them walked hastily to where the Marauders’ compartment was. They stood in front of the door to say their goodbyes.

“Be good,” said Euphemia. “I don’t want any letters from Minerva this year James.”

“Mum, you know I can’t promise anything.”

“Where did I go wrong while raising you?” she asked curiously. “Don’t answer that.”

“Sirius, write to me whenever you feel like it,” she reminded. “I’ll be expecting you home for Christmas, alright?”

“Yes, mum,” said Sirius and choked on his words almost instantly as a warm smile formed on Euphemia’s lips and James’ eyes lit up like they were fairy lights.

“Tsk tsk, Sirius,” came Walburga’s cold voice behind them. “We shouldn’t call blood traitors who didn’t give birth to us ‘mum’.”

It seemed like Sirius had shrunk in size as Euphemia stepped in front of him protectively.

“Tsk tsk Walburga,” she repeated. “We shouldn’t eavesdrop on conversations that aren’t ours and give opinions that no one asked for. He can call me ‘mum’ whenever he wants to, seeing that his actual mother is not available at the moment.”

Walburga made an attempt to grab Sirius by the wrist but Euphemia was agile for her age and she was holding onto Sirius’ wrist like he would die if she let go.

“You won’t touch my son and I’m not talking about James.”

“I suggest you stay out of this Euphemia, this is none of your business.”

“Oh, you made it my business when this boy showed up in my living room, barely breathing,” shot back Euphemia with all the rage that had been building up in her. Sirius was hiding behind her, careful not to catch Walburga’s piercing eyes.

“You are exaggerating,” she replied. “Nothing wrong with a little tough love.”

“I know an Unforgivable Curse when I see one Walburga,” she hissed just loud enough for people around them to hear, Walburga was turning purple with anger. “If I could, I would take Regulus from you, too, before he ends up dead from your tough love.”

“How dare you speak to me like that?”

“The same way you dare torture your children Walburga,” she said without blinking. “Now let go of my wrist and stay away from my sons.”

Sirius was trembling behind Euphemia who was standing like she was the queen of the universe, she didn’t move until Walburga Black turned around and left. 

“I told you I could handle her,” she said with a reassuring smile and caressed Sirius’ cheek softly. Sirius noticed the marks on Euphemia’s wrist then, burn marks like the long boney fingers of his mother. “As long as you got me, she can never come close to you and know that there’s nothing wrong with you calling me mum. Anyone would be proud to have you as a son and I am, too.”

“I- I can heal that if y-you want m-mum,” said Sirius, his voice shaking with the weight he was feeling on his shoulders. “I’ve- I’ve gotten pretty g-good with h-healing charms.”

“No Sirius, I can fix it. You forget you are not allowed to practice magic outside of Hogwarts,” she reminded and laughed a little. “It’s funny that a woman of her age is unable to control her magic like a toddler.”

Sirius’ eyes were still fixed on Euphemia’s thin wrist, his eyes filling up with the anger and sadness he was feeling. He lifted his eyes just a little to give a guilty look to James and saw his best friend smiling warmly down at him, he didn’t hide his pity but he didn’t have to. James always found it rather unlucky that Sirius ended up in such a messy family and never lied about how he felt about that situation, his pity was because he cared.

“Mum’s a big girl mate,” he said like he knew Sirius was about to spiral down and he needed someone to say something, anything. “She can take care of herself.”

“He is right, love,” nodded Euphemia. “Now, off you go, we don’t want you to miss the train because of something as unimportant and miserable as Walburga.”

“Just call her a bitch, mum.”

“James Fleamont Potter,” began Euphemia as she jokingly flicked her son’s arm. “You kiss me with that mouth and you will stop saying that word, even though some people deserve it, or so help me Merlin I’ll ground you until the end of time.”

“Okay, okay,” surrendered James. “I’ll just call her a goblin.”

“That’s my boy,” she replied and the spark came back to Sirius’ grey eyes. Euphemia hugged both of them and gave them loud kisses before she pushed them towards the train. “Don’t forget to write to me when you get there.”

“Sure, mum,” said Sirius with a grin before he was dragged away by an over eager James.

Netflix Death Note: My Thoughts

So the long awaited American adaptation of Death Note arrived on Netflix on Friday the 25th of August, and it’s clear to see that the reviews are certainly mixed.

Let’s just jump right in and get down to the many faults with this adaptation.

Note* This isn’t all doom and gloom, as I think there is definitely some room for appraisal. There will be many spoilers ahead but who cares, right?

Light Turner (Light Yagami):

Light is essentially a bit of a loser, taking crap from bullies and even from L. As we know from the anime, Light isn’t hesitant on throwing in a good ol’ punch to the face. Yet in this adaptation, Light seems to just accept any grief that he is presented with. In addition to this, Light appears to be a bit of a loner, as we never see him socialising with any friends. Now in the anime, whilst it wasn’t common for Light to have the boys around for a few games of Mario Kart, he was still acknowledged around school to “hang out” with other students, but he of course declined because he’s a busy bee with a rotten world to cleanse

Another point to mention regarding Netflix Light is how careless he is. At many moments throughout the movie, Light can be seen shouting about the Death Note whilst in loud conversation with Mia (Misa Amane) and he even has his Death Note out on his lap during gym class. Whereas we all know that anime Light would never do something like that. He understood the importance of keeping the Death Note hidden from absolutely everyone, and wouldn’t dare openly talk about it in public. Because why would he be so careless? He wouldn’t. This links in to Lights intelligence, or so to say, craftiness.

Netflix Light doesn’t appear to be the brains of the operation, except at a few key points towards the end of the movie. throughout the anime, Light had his head screwed on from the start, and he allowed absolutely nothing to get in his way. He also wouldn’t sacrifice the Death Note for anyone or anything (except when Sayu, but of course he had a plan to wind up getting the Death Note back) In the Netflix adaptation, it is more Mia who has true intentions for the Death Note, and it appears that Light doesn’t really have everything set in stone, as he did in the anime. I’ll elaborate more on that when I discuss Mia’s character.

A crucial key aspect to mention is that at no point did Light proclaim “I am the God of the new world”, which is severely disappointing,as anime Light genuinely believed that he was Justice, but Netflix Light just wants to be a do-gooder and be rid of the bad guys. Netflix Light also never has a psychotic moment of ranting to Ryuk, himself, or anyone for that matter. Anime Light is iconic for having random outbursts of craziness, as all great characters do, but Netflix Light is pretty chill throughout the movie, with the exception of the moments in which he thought he was about to get caught out. I just believe that it would’ve been more enjoyable for Netflix Light to have been portrayed as the Evil Genius that we know him as.

Now onto Mia Sutton (Misa Amane):

In complete contrast to Anime Misa, a cute blonde model with a slight sinister streak, Mia Sutton is a dark haired edgy cheerleader who smokes (see? bad habits = bad movie) In a weird way, from watching Mia, I got the feeling that she was more suited to be Light Yagami than what Netflix Light was. Let me explain: At the beginning of the movie, Mia is the typical semi-popular good looking cheerleader. However, the look on her face is like a constant expression of boredom, similar to anime Light at the beginning. When Mia discovers the power of Lights Death Note, she is the one who is more keen on changing the world, as though it was her all along who has been “bored” of how things have been working out in the legal system, and as though she is the one with the real desire to be rid of all criminals in the world. This includes the lives of innocents who stand in her way.

The key difference between Mia and Misa is that Mia’s drive to use the Death Note is for her own personal desire, and she is very willing to throw Light under the bus, as revealed when she wrote his name in the notebook and promised to burn it so long as he gave her ownership of it. Whereas Misa on the other hand done everything under Lights instruction, and wouldn’t dare step out of line. This can be said to be because Misa was infatuated with Light, therefore her use of the Death Note was to assist him. If anything, Mia is more problematic to Light, despite being clever, that what Misa was.

This adaptation really spun things around for Misa’s character, as it conveyed Mia as intelligent, and only looking out for herself. I suppose this is only considered a fault if you prefer the original Misa.

Furthermore, the relationship between Light and Mia is also in stark contrast to Light and Misa. Netflix Light appears to be genuinely in love with Mia, and it actually seems that he is more interested in her than what she is with him, as we can assume she is only in it for the Death Note. Anime Light has zero romantic attraction to Misa, and only kept her safe as he was under threat from Rem. If it wasn’t for that, Light would’ve disposed of Misa in a heartbeat in order to make matters less problematic for himself. And yes, whilst we can say “but Netflix Light wrote Mia’s name in the Death Note” I don’t believe that was his intention from the start. I think he genuinely loved Mia, but upon realising that she was going behind his back and eventually holding his life against him, he had to fight back.

Another cringe detail on Mia and Lights relationship is how edgy and quirky they are. Their relationship is portrayed as slightly darker than anime Light and Misa. For example, they “make out” whilst writing names in the notebook. Honestly, how twisted does one have to be to get in the mood whilst killing people? In addition to their edge & quirk, Netflix Light has a “normal people scare me” picture in his locker, next to a picture of the two of them, Light and Mia. C'mon guys, only the edgiest of teens own American Horror Story merchandise. Having said that, I do see a slight resemblance between Netflix Light and Mia to Evan Peters and Emma Roberts… Oh, not to mention their edgy homecoming pictures. Choking? Very edgy indeed.

Now onto L:

Whilst my thoughts on L may be bias, as he is my favourite character in the anime and the movie, I am able to acknowledge his faults. Let’s start with his irrationality. For the beginning of the movie, Netflix L appeared to walk in similar footsteps to that of anime L, with some minor changes such as the way in which he addressed Kira during a press release, and confronted Light in a cafe of sorts. However, the calm and collected demeanour suddenly shifts after Watari’s disappearance, when L begins to panic. Instead of taking a rational approach, as anime L would, Netflix L decides to let his emotions get the better of him, and carries out a series of irrational behaviours: starting with almost assaulting Light at his house, before being stopped by a poorly portrayed Soichiro Yagami (but more on that later), then onto stealing a police car and, whilst being armed with a gun, recklessly chases after Light, and then attempts to shoot him. As we have witnessed in the anime, L isn’t keen on moving around much, so this adaptation was probably a bit too quick and fast to suit anime L. Another mistake Netflix L makes is announcing to a bystander that he is a detective and Light is Kira, and that’s why he’s pointing a gun at him. Of course, L is ultimately struck down by this bystander, allowing Light to escape. What was disappointing about this was that anime L would’ve known that virtually anyone could be a Kira supporter, and would’ve done anything to protect who they thought was Kira, so the real rational minded L wouldn’t have made that announcement. To be fair, the real rational minded L wouldn’t have been having a physical showdown with Kira in the back alley of a restaurant in the first place.

My final kick at Netflix L is that he’s a bit of a crybaby, very much unlike anime L. Throughout the movie, Netflix L is shown to be very passionate about justice and all that business, but he seems a little /too/ passionate. He is even seen to be crying at the end of the movie, which we know is very uncommon for the original L. This can be perceived to make L look weak, and sort of as though he’s lost the “war”.

In conclusion to Netflix L, this adaptation managed to maintain his quirks and mannerisms, however I do believe that he was made to be more emotional, which I guess is a good thing as we get to see that he is a real human.

Ok so here’s a lil list of various other flaws that aren’t necessarily worth making a big rant about:

.Watari’s name is Watari, and not an alias. This made it easy for Light (well technically Mia) to kill him.

.Wammy’s house has a different name, and it’s also dead. The orphanage has been abandoned and it just looks sad.

.The guy who played the guy who’s supposed to be Soichiro Yagami (cba learning the names) was not the best at all. His performance was so dry and pretty much annoying. The real daddy yagami wouldn’t stand for this.

.There is no Mello, Near, Matt, or any of the task force.

.Lights mum is dead and there isn’t a little sister who can’t do quadratic equations.

.Everything seems to move a bit too fast in the film, so I think that if you weren’t familiar with Death Note, then you’d probably be confused as to what’s happening.

.Ryuk isn’t that thing in the corner that laughs maniacally and makes the odd quip. Instead, he’s quite keen on making Light give up the Death Note, as he can see the trouble it’s causing. Anime Ryuk is preferable as he thrived off the chaos, which made his character more appealing.

There are most likely many more but I feel like I’ve dug deep enough.

I have to admit, the soundtrack for the Netflix adaptation was actually really good

Langst Mini Fic #12: Death Touch (Prompt E / Part 1)

A/N: I got writer’s block so sorry for the shortness of this one. This is like…a prologue for this prompt so there will be more.

b-chan said: So i have this idea where lance has this god like ability that kills any living thing by touching with his bare hands. He didn’t know that he could do this and always thought it was just bad luck (the deeper he loved the faster the death was) until he touched his first love. After that whenever someone says jokingly ‘die’ he gets really pissed and angry. Because of this he tries to stay happy all the time and cherishes all lives. And when one of the paladins almost touched his bare hand he cried

When Lance was just a kid he thought that everything was just a coincidence. Of course he would just think that everything was just a coincidence caused he was just a kid and didn’t think too much about the things going around him.

It started when he was playing in the garden of his Abuela. He liked touching the flowers around it and sometimes he picked some he found really pretty. A month later, the whole garden was full of wilting plants. His Abuela told him that it was fine. The soil might be lacking some nutrients that was why the flowers died, that was the reason given to little Lance. When he was ten years old their family got a puppy. It was a gift from the oldest brother of Lance to him and the pup was immediately engulfed with joy, care and love by the youngest member of the family. But… three weeks later, the puppy died due to sickness that the veterinaries could not figure out how to heal.

When he was 13, Lance’s first friend from their local school died due to an accident, falling down the stairs. It was two weeks after he made a pinky promise with that kid.

Things turned to light (or dark) when Lance reached the age of 16. He finally confessed to his first love and they agreed to go on a date with him. He was so happy to hear this and it seemed his date was happy too after they hanged out for the rest of the day. A week later though…he attended the funeral of his first love. It was a hit and run.

That day, Lance was left alone staring at the grave under the pouring rain. There was no way that this was just a coincidence anymore, he thought. The rational part of him was telling him that it was whoever was driving the car that hit them was at fault in this whole scenario but the other irrational part of him was telling him that these things kept happening to him ever since he was a kid. That everything he touched died after some time passed. It was too much for a coincidence.

“Oooohhh…you finally made your first human kill~”

Lance was startled hearing a voice in a cemetery where he was the only person standing at the moment in the middle of the rain. Turning around as fast as he could he saw a hooded figure sitting on top of one of the gravestones directly behind him. The hood was creating a shadow making Lance to only see the menacing grin given to him by the present company.


“Who am I?” if possible, the grin only became wider. Lance never thought pearly white teeth could be scary.

“Let’s just say…I am a debt collector right now.”


“Ask your Mom~ Ask your Mom~” and just like in the movies, a strong wind made Lance to cover his face only to find himself alone again after the weird conversation.


His Mom explained it to him, while crying her heart out that moment, when he told her that he had met a creepy hooded person while he was in the cemetery. The story was, there was a time when his Dad got so sick and it so happened they did not have the money for the needed treatment. She was on the deep end and she could not live alone in misery, she could not live alone without her husband. In that moment of weakness…a dark entity appeared before her and offered their help, a business contract as what the being told her that time. They told her that the payment would be collected in the distance future. Then she had children and she thought the supposed business contract was just all a dream. A hallucination her despaired mind created that time. But hearing her youngest now…she realized…it was not a dream at all.


“So~ how did it go?” Lance was staring at the unwanted figure dangling upside down in the middle of his room. If they were imitating spiderman right now then Lance was not amused at all.

“Ooooohhh…look at your eyes~ are you dead inside? Or are you dying inside?” the figure had a delighted grin again that Lance was tempted to wipe off their face.

“Don’t worry, I will not let your life be that miserable. Where the fun will be in that?”

“What do you want from me? You said you are a debt collector. Are you after my life?”

“Your life? No, no, no, no~ This is a game~”

And Lance unwillingly joined the said game. A year later, he would find its usefulness during the war against the Galra empire.


Rule 1: No one would believe Lance that brings death just by his touch. It would be no used warning someone.

Rule 2: Anyone related to Lance flesh and blood would be immune to his ability.

Rule 3: His touch will get stronger as he grow older.

Rule 4: The gloves given to him by the debt collector would prevent him from killing someone accidentally but also it was one of a kind so Lance better not lost it.

(End of Part 1)

Langst Mini Fics:


Someday Your Child May Cry

Previous: Question | Preparations | Irrational | Confession | Collateral | Thoughtless | Interrupted | Recovering | Irresponsible | Possibility | Devastation | Confrontation | Generous | Confirmation | Understanding | Sight | Insatiable | Agreement | Family | Threatened | Terrified

22. Helpless

Mulder cannot turn his head to watch Scully approach his bed, but he can sense her drawing nearer to him. For the first time since Diana had spoken to him, making her confessions of her love for him and of her loyalty to his greatest enemy, the hot sickness that grips his belly begins to subside. He cannot so much as turn his eyes up to meet hers, no matter how badly he wants to, but he can allow the tumult of his mind to relax into the warmth of her love for him, and he does so eagerly.

As she tells him what she’s found in Africa, he can see the alien craft in her mind as clearly as though he were standing on the beach next to her. He can feel her fervent wish that he had been there beside her to share in the discovery, her anxious worry that the craft will be gone before she has the chance to take him to it, that the greatest and most indisputable piece of evidence they’ll ever have the opportunity to study will be lost… possibly before she can use it figure out how to cure him. Her fear tinges the edges of her love for him, making it into something desperate, not as soothing as before.

But underneath….

That all-encompassing feeling of peace and security, that feeling of being protected, is still there, even stronger than it had been before Scully had gone to Africa. And now, more than ever, Mulder is certain: he is sensing the developing mind of their unborn child.

This must, he supposes, be how all children feel when they are very young, before the world does its best to show them just how much danger is out there, and how little power their parents truly have to shield them from it. He thinks that maybe even he must have felt this way, once, in spite of how inept his parents had turned out to be at protecting him from the evils of the world.

In that respect, Mulder knows, this child will be luckier than most. This child will continue to enjoy this feeling of total safety far longer than most, because he knows that even if this is it for him, even if he dies in this hospital, Scully will be so fiercely protective of their child that even Spender might think twice about messing with the kid.

“Mulder… please. Hold on,” Scully begs him, squeezing his hand. “You’ve got to hold on. For us.” And she pulls his slack arm towards herself, placing his palm on her belly and holding it there. Though he can’t move his fingers, he can feel the firmness of her stomach underneath her clothing, the slight, gentle roundness that has only just begun to make itself known. It doesn’t show, not to anyone who’s not looking for it, but Mulder has spent hours running amazed hands over it as they’ve lain naked in her bed together, and he knows it’s there.

With his hand this close, he can sense his child even more strongly now. He allows the feeling of tranquility, mingled with Scully’s complete adoration of both of them, to fill him up.

I’m here, Scully, he thinks. I’ll hold on as long as it takes. If you can’t figure out how to help me, no one can.


Once, when their marriage had been less than two years old, Diana had taken Fox to a family reunion at her grandfather’s home outside of Boston. Their courthouse wedding had been almost spur-of-the-moment, with only the judge and his secretary as witnesses, so the reunion had been the first time that most of Diana’s family had met Fox. She had been excited to show him off, her handsome, brilliant, Oxford-educated husband, the FBI’s golden boy profiler, a well-bred gentleman from a wealthy New England family. She had imagined her older sisters and her cousins practically salivating with envy over the match she had made for herself.

But something had happened that day that she had not expected.

It had started when Preston, Diana’s three-year-old nephew, had thrown himself at Fox’s legs, causing him to stumble. Her sister Daphne had come running after her son, mortified, but before her apology had been half-formed, Fox had collapsed dramatically to the lawn, clutching his legs in mock pain as Preston had giggled. Fox had tickled him, transforming his giggles into peals of laughter, and Daphne had been positively charmed.

All day long, Diana’s various nieces, nephews, and littlest cousins had followed Fox around, engaging him in wrestling matches, chatting with him about their schools and their friends and their dance lessons and baseball practices, conning him into sharing his dessert with them, and generally helping him to win the favor of every parent present at the reunion.

“He’s going to make a wonderful father one day soon, Diana,” her mother had said approvingly, a warm hand on her daughter’s shoulder, and Diana had flushed with happiness at the thought. And she had known, with absolute certainty, that her mother had been right. Fox had always been wonderful with the children they had encountered in the field, putting young witnesses and victims at ease with his gentle and sympathetic manner. And now, seeing him in a more lighthearted environment, she finds she’s even more anxious to start a family with him than she had been before.

“Fox, let’s have a baby,” she had whispered to him in bed, several nights later. She had always assumed, somehow, that he had been ready for it, that he had been deferring to her judgement, as the person whose career would be most affected by the change, to decide when it would happen. She had expected that Fox would smile broadly at her suggestion, that he would ask excitedly whether she were certain… and maybe, they could begin that very night.

Instead, Fox’s entire body had gone suddenly stiff.

“I don’t want children, Diana,” he’d said shortly, and her happiness had been doused with the efficiency of a bucket of cold water thrown on a blazing fire. She’d pushed against his chest, withdrawing from his arms and retreating to the opposite side of their bed.

“Why not?” she had demanded. He had looked at her incredulously.

‘With what I see every day at the bureau, what would make you think I’d have any interest in bringing a child into this world, Diana?” he’d said.

That night had been the beginning of the end for them. 

At the time, Diana had told herself that it had been her own fault. How stupid had she been, to rush into a marriage without even discussing something as important as having children beforehand? In the years after the divorce had been finalized, she had let much of her bitterness fade away, especially after she had learned about the impending colonization. Fox had been right, though not for the reasons he’d thought: bringing a child into a world that’s soon to end would be pure madness.

All of that anger, all of that hurt and bitterness she had thought she’d let go of, all of it had come rushing back the moment she’d found out that Fox was trying to have a child with Agent Scully.

They’ve succeeded; Diana’s eyes had caught on the barely-there swell of Scully’s stomach during their confrontation in the hallway of the Hoover building. She doubts anyone else is aware of it- she had only noticed it herself because she’d known what to look for.

Agent Scully is wrong: Fox would not, as the woman had put it, “bust his ass” trying to save her. Not the way that he would for Scully. Diana knows all about it, his rush to Antarctica to pull his partner from the ice, and she can say with some certainty that he would not have gone to such lengths for her… or, at least, she doesn’t think he would. She doesn’t really want to find out.

Diana is, however, completely certain of one thing, something she’s known ever since that long-ago family reunion: Fox is meant to be a father. And it’s this knowledge, not Scully’s mistaken notion of Fox’s devotion to his ex-wife, that finally tips the scales of her conscience and spurs her to action and motivates her to slide her keycard under Agent Scully’s door.

Fox is meant to be a father. This is what she clings to, what she reminds herself of, over and over, as she sits alone in her apartment.


favorite record - peter parker x reader

w/c: ~1k

warnings: fluff, corniness

a lil fluffy story based on the song “favorite record” by fall out boy. enjoy!

Originally posted by maybelline

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that you and Peter Parker were best friends. You did everything together. Walking to school, walking home, doing homework, watching movies, you did it all together. And you knew everything about each other: favorite songs, favorite foods, and childhood traumas alike. You knew exactly how to cheer each other up and how to hit a nerve in an argument. So it shouldn’t have been such a shock when your aunt asked the question that everyone was thinking.

“When are you two gonna start dating already?”

You’d never been more thrown off-guard.

“That’s ridiculous! I don’t see Peter that way,” you’d argued.

She only gave you a knowing smile and said, “Sure.”

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Circumstance (Part 15)

The last chapter of Circumstance is now finished and posted. There will be an epilogue sometime soon! Thank you to everyone who has read this and stuck with it and loved it just as much as I did, I made me so happy. I hope you enjoy this last part just as much.

Warning: There is slight ToD spoilers in this chapter, sorry

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Five Months Later

Cadewyn wakes wrapped in his mate’s scent. It is the same aroma he’d been enveloped in for the past five months, and the same one he’d fallen into a utterly peaceful sleep to last night, but now, with the scent clouding his mind and making a unsolicited smile brighten his sleepy face, Cade thinks the same thought he has every morning since he met her: that there is never a time in his life that he doesn’t want to wake up similarly cocooned. The sun filters in through the canvas walls of the tent and warms his face, awakening each of his limbs slowly. Delicate strands of golden hair tickle his nose, belonging to the female curled in his arms. Sounds of the camp awakening around them drift through the thin fabric of their structure, but Cade shuts it out for a few minutes more, enjoying the feeling of peace, even though he know it won’t last.

There is a battle today. They are scheduled to attack the enemy forces at high noon, when Aelin and Ember’s power will be the strongest. Cade’s arms tighten instinctively around his mate, nuzzling his nose further in her mess of hair, and thinking about what led them to this.

He hadn’t made it back to Velaris in time to follow his aunt’s silent instruction. His room had been found empty and cold, and it hadn’t taken long for Azriel’s shadows to track him to Terrasen. Ember had found his parents and their Inner Circle in the dining room waiting for them, but it wasn’t the ambush she was expecting.

Instead, the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court and the King and Queen of Terrasen had decided that they were going to war one last time. They were going to help their children secure happiness together, just as they fought for the same thing a quarter century ago. Brexton and Gusty, it turned out, had been the ones to step forward and convince their elders. Cade will forever be grateful to them.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that some part of the reason Catelyn took Tyrion prisoner was because he was a dwarf and an “ugly broken and all dwarves are viewed as bastards by their fathers” viewed person? I like Catelyn, but she has her flaws just like anyone else.

… no? Frankly, that viewpoint completely misunderstands and ignores the thought process which led Catelyn to arrest Tyrion.

What motivates Catelyn to go to King’s Landing is a belief that the Lannisters are in a conspiracy against both Jon Arryn and the Starks:

“Why would anyone want to kill Bran?” Robb said. “Gods, he’s only a little boy, helpless, sleeping …”

Catelyn gave her firstborn a challenging look. “If you are to rule in the north, you must think these things through, Robb. Answer your own question. Why would anyone want to kill a sleeping child?”

… She sent the servants away and looked back to Robb. “Do you have the answer yet?”

“Someone is afraid Bran might wake up,” Robb said, “afraid of what he might say or do, afraid of something he knows.”

Catelyn was proud of him. “Very good.”

“My sister Lysa believes the Lannisters murdered her husband, Lord Arryn, the Hand of the King,” Catelyn told them. “It comes to me that Jaime Lannister did not join the hunt the day Bran fell. He remained here in the castle.” The room was deathly quiet. “I do not think Bran fell from that tower,” she said into the stillness. “I think he was thrown.”

There are flaws in Catelyn’s thinking here: Lysa was lying about Jon Arryn’s murder, and the attempted murder of the comatose Bran had nothing to do, politically speaking, with his fall from the tower (it was almost certainly Joffrey, trying to impress the absentee father who had already opined that someone should mercy-kill Bran). But Catelyn has hit on a very correct point: Jaime did intentionally throw Bran from the tower, and it was because “someone [was] … afraid of what he might say or do, afraid of something he knows”. Catelyn is not irrational in her conclusion here: she has no reason to distrust Lysa’s word at this point (the private language the accusation-letter was written in likely only further underlined its message’s authenticity to her, while we readers would not learn the actual truth of Jon Arryn’s murder until the end of ASOS, even if there were some clues before that), and she’s right to distrust the Lannisters’ motivations. She wants to warn Ned about her thoughts and present her findings (specifically the dagger) to the court, and to do that she has to go to the capital.

So Catelyn then travels to King’s Landing, where she meets her old foster brother and fervent admirer Petyr Baelish. And what does Baelish tell her about the catspaws’s dagger?

“Nothing holds an edge like Valyrian steel,” Littlefinger said as Varys sucked at his bleeding thumb and looked at Catelyn with sullen admonition. Littlefinger hefted the knife lightly in his hand, testing the grip. He flipped it in the air, caught it again with his other hand. “Such sweet balance. You want to find the owner, is that the reason for this visit? You have no need of Ser Aron for that, my lady. You should have come to me.”

“And if I had,” she said, “what would you have told me?”

“I would have told you that there was only one knife like this at King’s Landing.” He grasped the blade between thumb and forefinger, drew it back over his shoulder, and threw it across the room with a practiced flick of his wrist. It struck the door and buried itself deep in the oak, quivering. “It’s mine.”

“Yours?” It made no sense. Petyr had not been at Winterfell.

“Until the tourney on Prince Joffrey’s name day,” he said, crossing the room to wrench the dagger from the wood. “I backed Ser Jaime in the jousting, along with half the court.” Petyr’s sheepish grin made him look half a boy again. “When Loras Tyrell unhorsed him, many of us became a trifle poorer. Ser Jaime lost a hundred golden dragons, the queen lost an emerald pendant, and I lost my knife. Her Grace got the emerald back, but the winner kept the rest.”

“Who?” Catelyn demanded, her mouth dry with fear. Her fingers ached with remembered pain.

“The Imp,” said Littlefinger as Lord Varys watched her face. “Tyrion Lannister.”

Littlefinger is taking an enormous gamble here, because his lie is incredibly thin. Catelyn could easily go to the king, or indeed literally any courtier who was present for the tourney (which is to say, pretty much any courtier), and she would find out that Tyrion “I never bet against my family” Lannister didn’t gain the dagger from Littlefinger. More to the immediate point, Varys knows that what Littlefinger is saying is a lie and could very easily out him. But Varys holds his tongue, and so Catelyn is led to believe that it was Tyrion who had the Valyrian steel dagger - and had just happened to visit Winterfell with the royal party. And when he has husband and wife together, Littlefinger elaborates on the story:

Painfully, Ned forced his thoughts back to the dagger and what it meant. “The Imp’s dagger,” he repeated. It made no sense. His hand curled around the smooth dragonbone hilt, and he slammed the blade into the table, felt it bite into the wood. It stood mocking him. “Why should Tyrion Lannister want Bran dead? The boy has never done him harm.”

“Do you Starks have nought but snow between your ears?” Littlefinger asked. “The Imp would never have acted alone.”

Ned rose and paced the length of the room. “If the queen had a role in this or, gods forbid, the king himself … no, I will not believe that.” Yet even as he said the words, he remembered that chill morning on the barrowlands, and Robert’s talk of sending hired knives after the Targaryen princess. He remembered Rhaegar’s infant son, the red ruin of his skull, and the way the king had turned away, as he had turned away in Darry’s audience hall not so long ago. He could still hear Sansa pleading, as Lyanna had pleaded once.

“Most likely the king did not know,” Littlefinger said. “It would not be the first time. Our good Robert is practiced at closing his eyes to things he would rather not see.”

Ned had no reply for that. The face of the butcher’s boy swam up before his eyes, cloven almost in two, and afterward the king had said not a word. His head was pounding.

Here, Littlefinger is mixing the truth - Robert has allowed the Lannisters overweening power and liberties during his reign - and falsehood - that the Lannisters are in a murder-conspiracy against the Starks. He can’t known what Ned is thinking, but luckily for his lie, Ned’s thoughts turn to Robert’s conduct at Darry - the way Robert allowed the execution of Lady and had said nothing about the death of Mycah - and lead him to conclude that, yes, the king would ignore even this terrible conspiracy to fester under his rule, and ignore it. It fits with the actions Ned has already seen out of his old friend, and makes the lie seem that much more palpable.

But back to Catelyn. Is it a mistake to trust Littlefinger about this? Yes, because Littlefinger is lying to her in the hopes of fomenting Stark-Lannister conflict. Is Catelyn irrational for trusting Littlefinger about this information? No, because she is piecing together the limited information she has with her own, albeit no longer accurate, impressions of her sources. Her own sister Lysa has told her that the Lannisters murdered Jon Arryn, Catelyn has correctly deduced that Jaime threw Bran from the tower window, and now Littlefinger - her own foster brother, a man she would later passionately defend to Tyrion, a man she knows loved her once and whom she could never believe would lie to her - has explicitly told her and her husband that Tyrion, acting in concert with his Lannister siblings, used the dagger he had won from Baelish himself to attempt to murder little Bran. All of the pieces fit in Catelyn’s mind: the ambitious Lannisters murdered Jon Arryn, Jaime said something in Bran’s hearing presumably about the murder, the Kingslayer threw Bran from the tower to let the secret die with the boy, and when that failed Tyrion sent a catspaw with a deadly sharp Valyrian steel dagger to finish the job.

Now, Catelyn was not planning at that moment to arrest Tyrion. Her plan after leaving King’s Landing was to return to Winterfell and her children:

No, she thought, Riverrun and the Eyrie would have to wait. Her path ran north to Winterfell, where her sons and her duty were waiting for her. As soon as they were safely past the Neck, she could declare herself to one of Ned’s bannermen, and send riders racing ahead with orders to mount a watch on the kingsroad.

And she’s obviously taken by surprise to meet Tyrion in the same inn at the same time:

“Innkeep,” a servant’s voice called out behind her, “we have horses that want stabling, and my lord of Lannister requires a room and a hot bath.”

“Oh, gods,” Ser Rodrik said before Catelyn reached out to silence him, her fingers tightening hard around his forearm.

Masha Heddle was bowing and smiling her hideous red smile. “I’m sorry, m'lord, truly, we’re full up, every room.”

There were four of them, Catelyn saw. An old man in the black of the Night’s Watch, two servants … and him, standing there small and bold as life.

But still, her plan was not to reveal herself … until Marillion outs her presence:

The dwarf had not so much as glanced toward the far end of the room, and Catelyn was thinking how grateful she was for the crowded benches between them when suddenly Marillion bounded to his feet. “My lord of Lannister!” he called out. “I would be pleased to entertain you while you eat. Let me sing you the lay of your father’s great victory at King’s Landing!”

“Nothing would be more likely to ruin my supper,” the dwarf said dryly. His mismatched eyes considered the singer briefly, started to move away … and found Catelyn. He looked at her for a moment, puzzled. She turned her face away, but too late. The dwarf was smiling. “Lady Stark, what an unexpected pleasure,” he said. “I was sorry to miss you at Winterfell.”

Catelyn is forced to make a decision: 

“I was still Catelyn Tully the last time I bedded here,” she told the innkeep. She could hear the muttering, feel the eyes upon her. Catelyn glanced around the room, at the faces of the knights and sworn swords, and took a deep breath to slow the frantic beating of her heart. Did she dare take the risk? There was no time to think it through, only the moment and the sound of her own voice ringing in her ears.

It’s a calculated gamble on Catelyn’s part, but ultimately the only choice she thinks she could make at that moment. All of the evidence she’s had so far points to Tyrion as an integral part of this anti-Stark Lannister conspiracy - and, more importantly, the prime mover behind the attempted murder of her son. She doesn’t arrest Tyrion because of some abstract prejudice against him as a dwarf, she genuinely believes that he and his fellow Lannisters murdered Jon Arryn, tried to do the same to Bran, and pose a fatal threat to the lives of the Starks.  

hiraeth pt.2

Warning: Spoilers, language. 

Genre: angst + other stuff

pt.1 | pt. 3

A/N: This work is set in a world in which everything at Mint Eye actually happened (V’s dead, Saeran’s back, Saeyoung quit the agency, Rika’s in Alaska). But Seven and MC (reader insert) stayed best friends, they were always friends. This happens a year and a half after the main story.

Jumin’s POV

The following days had been extremely dull. Three days to be precise. This man loved your smile more than anything. It made him feel warm; it gave him a sense of calmness that he couldn’t find elsewhere. And now all he saw was that expressionless face that conveyed not even the slightest tinge of emotion, at least not towards him. The roles had been reversed.

This man’s routine ever since your argument had been waking up and reaching out to the right side of the bed only to find it empty, which instantly filled his entire being with a sense of utter panic until he remembered that you’d made the guest room your temporary quarters. At least that’s what he hoped.

He also noticed that you started waking up before him because by the time he was ready to leave you were no longer in the penthouse. You’d been leaving simple “be back later” sticky notes on the door. Of course, he would’ve been significantly more worried hadn’t Seven called him to tell him that you were staying at his place. He was deeply grateful towards his, he would dare admit, friend for keeping an eye on the person he loved the most in this world. 

And when he finally came home from work you were already locked in your room only coming out to occasionally to grab some snacks before walking back to where you came from. You would be extremely silent, the sound of shuffling things coming from the kitchen being the only indicator that you were out of that cursed room.

In the chat, you would respond to everyone else but him. No one knew about your fight except Seven, who he’d hear you talk to whenever he walked past your room. All the emotion that he couldn’t see (or hear) when he was around would suddenly reappear. This was all thanks to him. He had been quite harsh that night, he had been extremely irrational and he knew it.

Jumin really tried to find a way to apologize with each passing day, but having you stay in the same room as him for more than 10 seconds was proving impossible and that scared him more than anything in the world. What if you couldn’t deal with the pain he’d caused? What if you decided to leave? What if you had enough? The only thought made his chest physically hurt.

He’d tried everything. From bringing you breakfast to bed to buying you ridiculously expensive gifts, the latter being a move of pure desperation. He was aware that buying you costly things would amount to nothing, at least when it came to situation such as this. You’d been kind enough to let him know that things as subjective and sensitive as forgiveness, love, and happiness could never be bought or mended by something as trivial as money.

He missed your touch like crazy; he missed your smile, your bright eyes, and your laughter. He missed you so much it was almost killing him. He could barely concentrate at work, often finding himself looking for the words to fully express his regret.

He’d been horrible to you; he’d seen the hurt in your eyes. For God’s sake, he even made you cry. He couldn’t forgive himself so how could he even expect you to forgive him.

The man felt extremely selfish for wanting your forgiveness, for even daring to feel hurt when you were so cold to him. Maybe it was because you were always nothing but kind and loving towards him.

That night he’d come home relatively early and wasn’t surprised when you weren’t there. He expected as much.

He loosened his tie before carelessly throwing his coat on the couch and making his way into his room. Once he shut the door he let out a loud groan of frustration. Work had been hectic ever since the other company dropped their deal and to top everything, he’d been smart enough to successfully push away his number one source of happiness.

He was currently going over your fight for what seemed the thousandth time that day and it wasn’t until his eyes landed on a certain book that his mind stopped looking for answers.

Oh,’ was the only thing he thought before walking towards his bookshelf and grabbing the book his best friend’s lover, Rika, had given him a long time ago.

It took him a while to process what he’d just discovered in such a sudden way. Jumin Han was good at many things, but expressing and processing his feelings was something he was vastly lacking in.

Your POV

You were finally home from Seven’s place. The both of you had been going over things for the oncoming RFA party. Well, at least you tried. You found yourself being lost in thought more than you cared to admit.

Being so cold towards your fiancé was proving extremely hard for you, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to smile at him. It physically pained you to even look him in the eye. His words had been like poison to you and you just needed as much space as you could get. He’d openly accused you of cheating, he compared you to an animal and the more you thought about it the less you believed he referred to Elizabeth herself.

Indeed, Seven’s words had been bugging you ever since the fight. Of course they had. How could they not?

  “Well, I wasn’t there there but they sent this photo to the messenger. But I know what happened. It was Rika who gave her to him. They were at V’s apartment and he was really happy, even though he kept saying it wasn’t a big deal…”

You closed your eyes as you shut the penthouse door. Walking towards the living room you were surprised to see his expensive coat lying on the couch. He was home early. Letting out a shaky breath you rubbed your now aching temples with your fingertips. You weren’t ready to face Jumin just yet. Thinking of him still made your heart ache.

Still, eventually you would need to face him and neither of you had had a real talk. To be fair, you hadn’t even given him the chance to do so. It was just really hard for you to hear whatever he had to say.

There were only a couple of times that you two “exchanged words”, the first one being when you dropped your fork, startling him. He asked you if you were okay soon afterwards to which you gave him a short hum of affirmation.

You were about to make your way to your room when you remembered that Seven had asked you if he could borrow one of your shirts to which you promptly agreed. So, after three days of refusing to go into your shared bedroom, you quietly turned the knob. To be honest, you assumed he would be in his study working, since that’s what he tended to do for an hour or so whenever he left work early.

So hard working’, you thought, a smile threating to appear on your face, as you stepped into the enormous room.

It was then when you saw him, Jumin Han, sitting on the edge of your bed with a book in his hands.

Your heart stopped. That book.

Of course he’d told you about it when you were moving your belongings into his apartment. You were going through his bookshelf and fate had you choose that book. His reaction was immediate. He was quick to be by your side and carefully take the book from your hands. Jumin then proceeded to explain its meaning, which you decided to respect. Maybe it had the last essence of the old Rika, his, you thought, dear friend.

But now… now you weren’t so sure you could look at it that way anymore.

“I don’t want to finish since it’s the last gift I received from her.”

“Stop trying to act like you know me. You’ve only been here for a year and a half. Elizabeth has been here longer. (…) While you were out and about messing around with Zen I was trying hard to provide for you. And guess who was here for me? Elizabeth the 3rd. (…)”

 “It was Rika who gave her to him!”

It wasn’t that hard to put the pieces together. You felt your body grow numb as you, little by little, started stepping closer to him.  He was so intently focused on his book that he hadn’t even noticed your presence. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, you were right behind him. That’s when you saw something that made whatever air was left in your lungs, disappear.  

Tears were slowly running down his beautiful face as the tips of his fingers hovered over the tear stained pages of the old book.

You’d never seen him cry before. Not when he discovered there was a bomb in her apartment, not when poor Saeran was forced to kidnap you, not even before or after V’s funeral. He hadn’t let you see him. You respected his privacy, but this… crying over someone like her. You couldn’t help but feel angry.

It was hard for you to be confrontational, especially towards him. He was so innocent in so many ways and kind and you loved him with everything you had. You tried to keep your emotions in check, trying hard to think of something civilized to say, that is, until he opened his mouth.

Rika…” he whispered, in a voice that conveyed nothing but longing, hurt, and betrayal.

A knot suddenly appeared in your throat, tears quickly accumulating in your eyes, ready to spill and run down your color-drained cheeks.

I see now,” your voice came out as a mere whisper, afraid that if you spoke any louder it would break and reveal just how deeply you’d been hurt.

His back straightened promptly after he heard your voice, book snapping shut. Even the way he wiped his tears was elegant, which made you let out a grim but soft chuckle. Slowly, he stood from his place and turned to face you. He wore the same expressionless mask he used to wear when you two first met, successfully making your chest ache.

(y/n), when did you get here?” he even sounded cool and calm.

Silence followed as the light in your eyes slowly started fading, leaving behind only raw pain. It was as if he hadn’t just said that crazy woman’s name in a way that conveyed more than just friendly feelings.

Give me that book,” you said quietly. You wanted to see if he would be willing to give it to you.

(y/n)…  What you just saw… How much did you―, “ he said, his fingers pressing harder against the book’s cover.

I see,” you repeated yourself, “Mr. Han, I think… I won’t be staying here anymore seeing as you clearly have someone else in your heart. Someone who understands you, who you miss.”

His eyes widened and his face paled in dread the moment your words left your quivering lips.

Before he could speak again, you continued, “It’s okay. If you feel that way towards the woman who killed your best friend, who kidnapped Saeran, drugged him, abused him, separated him from his twin, and committed countless of other sins… Then I won’t get in your way.” 

A quiet and strained sob managed to escape your lips, your hand immediately covering your mouth. You started backing away towards the door slowly, already feeling both dizziness and numbness take over your body.

But… if it’s not too much to ask,” you took a deep breath, trying your best to steady your now nasal voice, “I’m not ready just yet to give you this ring back. Please give me time to―, “ this time it was him who interrupted you by letting the book fall on the floor and in five long strides he was before you, his hands on your shoulders, pressing you flush against his chest.

The first thing you noticed was that he was trembling, the second thing was that, in your efforts to push him away, something wet managed to fall on your cheeks. You looked up only to find fresh tears streaming down his face, accentuating his metallic-looking eyes. His grip on you became stronger, but you didn’t feel threatened. You were reminded of a desperate child clinging to their mother. Someone clinging onto dear life for someone they couldn’t live without. It tugged at your heart and made you feel guilty. Still, you couldn’t… you just couldn’t. You made yet another mediocre attempt to push him away to which he said in a broken voice, “Don’t leave.

It was a plea. Little by little you stopped attempting to break free. You hadn’t given him the chance to explain himself. You hadn’t been fair back then at giving him a chance to talk. This wasn’t you. You weren’t petty like this. No matter how hurt you were. You just couldn’t bear to see someone you hold so dear to you in such state.

Then what, Jumin? What else do you want me to say? I know who gave you that book. I know who gave you Elizabeth, I know now one of the main reasons why you held that cat so close to your heart. Why you didn’t even let me look through that book. The way you said her name for fucks sake! That psychopathic bitch doesn’t deserve any of the sympathy you or Saeyoung are giving her by not telling the others what she did! She’s the one who deserved to die, not V! And yet here you are, crying over someone who took everything from two precious persons,” you took a deep breath before continuing, “I’m not telling you not to feel. I’m not telling you that crying over someone or something’s wrong. Just… why her? Why say her name in such a longing way!? How could you ever feel sympathy and longing towards someone as awful as her? H-How c-could you…” you trailed off, trying your best not to break into a mess.

H-How c-could you… t-tell me th-that someone like her w-was capable of u-understanding you better than I-I e-ever could…? your now wide eyes stared intensely into his own, desperate for an answer.

Answer me this, Han Jumin,” you paused briefly, “did you ever have feelings for Rika?”

Okay, so I’m leaving it here. I’m not sure how many chapters this one will have. I have vague ideas of things I want to do but like… idk. Let’s see how everything turns out. Btw, if this has any mistakes then sorry. I’m very very tired.

I’m sure this was complete shit. I’m sorry T^T

Dangerous Love || Kai Parker Imagine

Originally posted by drunkonkai

Pairing: Kai Parker x Fem!Reader

Plot: Y/N and Kai Parker were doomed from the start. But can love reign over darkness, or will Kai slip further away from her forever?

Word Count: 1856

Warnings: Swearing

Request: No

{2 Years Ago}

Everything in your life had been turned upside down, back-to-front and inside out. You were losing sanity. Damon and Bonnie were trapped in some world, Elena had erased all her happiness and nobody dared to speak their minds.

Nothing was happy. Nothing was safe. And all you wanted was your best friends back for good.

The amount of times you had cried and screamed at the thought of losing everyone to their own minds drove you insane, and it was all getting too much.

You just wanted to smile again.

“Y/N,” Caroline’s voice interrupted your thoughts, “can you set the table please?”

You envied Caroline. She had so much grief, so much hatred, so much anger all trapped inside her fragile body, but she kept it all at bay. She was under control.

“There’s no point Care,” you replied, remaining sat on the Salvatore’s sofa with a glass of Bourbon in your hand, “it’s just us as usual. And nobody cares if we have the good cutlery or not, it all looks the same!”

You heard a scoff.

"Well Bonbon, I’m feeling quite offended at Y/N’s attempts to make us feel welcome in my own home, what about you?”

“I totally agree.”

Whipping your head around with inhumane like speed, you saw your two best friends stood idly by the open front door.

“Oh my god,” you muttered, not believing your eyes. Dumping the abandoned glass of whiskey, you started to run towards the smiling pair and practically jumped into their arms.

“Damon, Bonnie, you’re alive!” You exclaimed, unsure of how you should react and if you were being too OTT. But nonetheless, you felt your own eyes glass over as you embraced the friends you had missed so much.

“I’ve missed you too Y/N,” Bonnie muffled in response, as she was getting crushed by your arms.

“Ok Y/N, if you would please be a dear and remove your arms, I have a beautiful girlfriend to go and surprise,” Damon justified.

You suddenly felt a pang of pain in your chest as you realised that Elena wouldn’t be happy to see him. She in fact would hate him.

“Damon, there’s something- “

“LALALA not listening, off to see Elena!” His voice rang out in a very off-key tune as he scampered through the door and disappeared from view.

Bonnie turned and gave you a puzzled look.

“What was that about?”

You sighed, “Not the time Bon.”

“OH MY GOD! BONNIE!” You heard Caroline yell and within a split second she crashed into the two of you, pulling you both into her arms and jumping in glee.

“I can’t believe your back!” she exclaimed.

You pulled away and look at Bonnie, “how did you manage to get out of there?”

“I think that’s where I come in,” a voice piped up from the corner of the doorway.

Stood with his hands in his pockets, wearing very fashionable attire of black jeans, white top and a black leather jacket, was a drop-dead gorgeous guy.

“And who may you be?” Caroline interrogated immediately.

“Care, Y/N/N, this is Kai Parker. Quick heads up, he is a family-murdering psychopath,” Bonnie introduced.

Kai gave a very childish smile, “Hi! Oh, and Bonbon? I prefer the term sociopath, it gives me a bit more edge, if you know what I mean.” Kai started to stroll towards Caroline, taking in her appearance and let out a stifled giggle.

Oh god, he is the definition of a 3-year-old’ you though to yourself.

As if your thoughts rang out loud, Kais attention was suddenly turned on you.

Trying to be subtle, you took in his appearance. He looked very early twenties, perhaps 22, had perfectly styled brown hair with striking blue eyes…that were looking directly into your own.

Suddenly, you felt a wave of vulnerability take control of your body as Kai took in your own look. Everything you were once proud to look like, suddenly became an imperfection, as if you wanted to look your best just to make him happy.

“Well Y/N, it’s nice to meet you,” Kai smirked, taking your hand in his won and lifting it up to kiss it. But before he could, you snatched it away.

“Can’t say I feel the same Parker,” you dismissed, giving a very sarcastic grin to the charming boy in front of you.

“Excuse me but there are other people in this building, so if you could please stop making googly eyes at one another, it would be much appreciated,” Caroline piped up, breaking the high-tension bond that Kai and yourself were sharing.

Kai gave you a quick smirk before he turned away and started to make conversation with the two girls who were shooting daggers at him with their judging eyes.

But you were too hung up on the encounter on which you had just been part of to notice an of your surroundings.

Because that was the first time you met Kai Parker.

And it was the start of something beautiful yet completely terrifying.


As much as you hated to admit it and lie to yourself, your boyfriend was dangerous.

Inevitably, Kai and you had started to date after prolonged begging from him and much resistance from you. But you couldn’t deny the feeling that was deep inside you, and you knew your heart was telling you that Kai was the once – no matter how crazy he was.

But with each day passing, you could see the boy you loved slip further away into a dark abyss. A place so empty, that you knew if you lost him, you would never get him back again. His anger was too much, he had irrational ideas that would put you and your friends in danger, and sometimes, he would kill for the fun of it.

But Kai Parker would never hurt you. He loved you with every part of his mind, body and spirit. He worshipped you, he would never put you in harm’s way intentionally. It was his goal to keep you safe at all costs.

And you loved him back. You loved him more and more with each passing second. You wanted to believe in him, you wanted to only see the good in him, and trust him whole heartedly, but you couldn’t.  Not when he had just put Stefan in danger yet another time.

Slamming the door to your college apartment, you let out a scream of frustration.

“Umm babe?” You heard an all-too-familiar voice emerge from your bed. Kai. You forgot he was coming over.

Glaring at him with no words, you ignored his presence entirely. After the amount of danger Stefan just went through for Kai’s sake, you weren’t in the mood to talk to him this evening.

But he started to walk over to you, and you suddenly felt his arms wrap around your torso.

“Baaabbbeeee,” he whined like a toddler.

Pushing away out of his grip, you finally exploded.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT MALACHAI?” You screamed, not caring if you were waking the rest of the students in the hall.

Kais face contorted into shock as he witnessed your unexpected outburst,

“Whoa ok, what’s up with you?”

You scoffed.

“Me? ME? I’m just so fucking sick of watching my friends get hurt and put in danger because your too selfish and need to get your own way Kai Parker! Stefan almost died today! And what’s worse, you don’t EVEN CARE!” You yelled at him, aware that tears were threatening to spill.

Kai didn’t say a word. He didn’t move a muscle. He was just letting it all sink in.

But of course, you took this as an opportunity to carry on channelling your anger.

“This is so hard Kai. I can’t keep watching my friend get hurt and watch their lives be out at stake by the one person I love most in the world.”

Kais head snapped up, as took in each and every syllable.

“Because its fucking true. I fucking love you and all you do is hurt people. I can’t be with someone who is willing to sacrifice my friends to get his own way. I’m not even sure I’m safe here with you-“

Kai rushed up to you and took your shoulder in his hands. He had the kindest smile on his face, but his eyes were swimming with pools of tears.

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are beyond safe with me, I promise.”

“How do I know?”

“Because I fucking love you too. I can’t help myself Y/N, it’s like I want to do the right thing. I want to be a good person and perfect for you, but there’s a voice in my head that tells me to something bad. And it’s so loud, that even when I try and block it out, it consumes me.”

You were speechless.


“No, just let me finish please, and then I’ll leave,” Kai brushed a stray tear from his cheek as he leaned down and kissed you on the forehead.

“I didn’t mean for Stefan to get hurt. In fact, he’s the Salvatore brother that I like. But the thing is, I am so in love with you Y/N. You deserve someone so much better than me, someone who does the right thing and doesn’t hurt other people. And that’s why, I will willingly leave your life if you want me to. I won’t be able to hurt you.”

Kais eyes searched yours for an answer, but you didn’t even know it yourself. He had a hopeful smile plastered on his face, and full hope in you that you would allow him to stay. He loved you way too much to say goodbye.

“Malachai Parker,” you began quietly, “It would be best if you leave my life.”

Kais face dropped. He was stunned at your response, and inside he could feel his heart shatter into tiny little pieces, as if it were made from glass. But respecting your wishes, he headed for the door.

“I said it would be best,” you piped up from behind him. “I never said it’s what I wanted.”

Snapping his head around, Kai walked straight back into your arms, and you gladly accepted him more than anything. He was yours, and nothing was going to change that.

“I promise, we’ll get through this together,” You whispered in his ear and you stayed perfectly still, both of you clutching on to one another.

Because as dangerous as he may be, Kai Parker was the love of your life.

And little did you know, he felt exactly the same about you.


Re-watching Petyr die hurts. The more I watch the scene the more I’m shocked that this was the way he was dispatched. The following things continue to bother me…

  1. Accusing Petyr of murder. Petyr already stood trial for the murder of Lysa Arryn and was acquitted. And it was Sansa’s testimony that secured his acquittal. Lord Royce, a judge at Petyr’s trial in the Vale, was present for his execution at Winterfell. How could he stand by and allow Sansa to claim Petyr did something she swore under oath didn’t happen? Sansa may feel untouchable but she shouldn’t be. If Petyr had to pay for his crime, she should have to pay for hers. And did Petyr really conspire with Lysa to kill Jon Arryn? Just because Lysa implicated Petyr in a moment of emotional hysteria doesn’t mean her words were true. As Sansa said herself, Lysa was a troubled woman who loved Petyr to an irrational extent. Her words to Petyr in front of Sansa were “I killed for you,” not “You killed for me.” But say, for argument’s sake, that Petyr did conspire to have Lysa kill Jon Arryn. Could it not be argued that Petyr was simply acting as a friend to Lysa, helping her with her own nefarious goals? He and Lysa had been life-long friends and if she begged him to get her poison then he probably would have. I’m just saying that there’s a ton of defensible behavior that Petyr never got a chance to explain.
  2. Accusing Petyr of treason. Did Bran’s vision of Petyr holding a knife to Ned’s neck and saying “I warned you not to trust me,” really qualify as proof he was the one who caused Ned to be executed? And if the King kills his own hand, how can treason be committed by another? Didn’t Bran see Ned throttling Petyr as well? Taken out of context, both interactions between Ned and Petyr were suggestively aggressive. Couldn’t Petyr’s action be considered self-defense? And was it really treason to help her father find the information he was looking for? Was it really treason to try and ensure Robert’s true heir received the crown, not the evil and unworthy Joffrey? How was that fair and reasonable defense of the Realm treasonous? And regarding the Cat’s Paw dagger, no lie was told regarding its origins. Petyr told the truth that he lost the knife to Tyrion in a bet. It seems that if Bran wanted justice for his assassination attempt, he should be executing Jamie and Cersei without a trial, not Petyr. Cersei sent the assassin after Jamie disabled Bran. And honestly, why are Bran’s visions accepted as reasonable proof for a decision as important as an execution? He’s not been vetted out yet. Sure, he can say creepy things like “you looked beautiful that night” regarding Sansa’s wedding to Ramsay, but if his visions were really about bringing justice to the Starks, why didn’t he tell Sansa “I’m so sorry for what happened to you with Ramsay, but I’m glad you accepted Littlefinger’s apology considering the crucial role the Knights of the Vale played in reclaiming Winterfell and exacting justice upon the entire Bolton house”? Bran is shady and even though he is Sansa’s brother, the information he chooses to share with her hasn’t been stellar.
  3. Accusing Petyr of betraying her. Really Sansa? If you felt he’d betrayed you that badly with the Boltons and you weren’t accepting his apologies, why not kill him at Mole’s Town? Who’s really the snake in the grass here? She begged for his help at the Battle of the Bastards and then kept him as a close advisor at Winterfell afterwards. Petyr did nothing but stick by her side and have her back at every turn. He didn’t pit sister against sister – he gave exceptionally neutral advice to Sansa regarding the potential threat of Arya. And Arya presented herself as a threat without any coaching from Petyr. Petyr played on Arya’s already shady and threatening attitude towards him and Sansa by setting her up to find information that was readily available already. He didn’t force Sansa to defend herself weakly to Arya’s accusations. Arya chose to disbelieve her sister because Sansa had an ineffective argument in her defense and that’s not Petyr’s fault. Sansa chose to alienate Arya and that’s not Petyr’s fault. He also had no involvement in her distrust of Jon upon being reunited. Sansa refused to trust either sibling and that’s on her. Petyr simply warned her to stay vigilant at all times to ANY enemy that could be undermining her. If anything, Petyr demonstrated more loyalty to her than she demonstrated to either of her siblings.
  4. Do the accused in Westeros have a right to a defense? What about trial by combat? How incredibly unfair was it to consider that farce of a scene a trial? He had no chance because Sansa had already made her mind up. It seems that had she been fair about it and allowed him a defense, she would have been put to task herself for her own culpability in the crimes she accused Petyr of committing. It seems to me that she used Petyr and then bullied him with the help of her not-so-stable siblings. In fact, it seems that killing Petyr did nothing but remove the only witness to her own potentially treasonous actions. Not telling Jon about the Knights of the Vale could be considered as treasonous as anything because Jon almost died. If he had died, would Bran and Arya have made her stand trial for treason? Just because he didn’t die, does that make her refusal to assist him when he needed help the most righteous?
  5. Was Petyr her ally or enemy? It seems to me like Petyr getting the letter Sansa sent from King’s Landing was more a demonstration of loyalty to Sansa than proof he was trying to pit sister against sister. He was trying to remove anything that would’ve casted doubt on her. Knowing it existed and making sure it was removed so no one could find it helped Sansa. The fact that Arya broke into his room and found the hidden scroll could be argued wasn’t part of any plan and was Arya’s manipulative act alone. Petyr did nothing but give solid advice to Sansa the entire time he knew her (excepting the Bolton advice). Sansa had her opportunity to kill him at Mole’s Town and didn’t. That suggested she truly accepted his apology, believing that he didn’t try to set her up for the abuse she endured. He was willing to die for her then because he felt such deep remorse for his mistake, but not at the time of his execution because he’d already been atoning for his sins.

Petyr deserved so much more from Sansa before he died. He saved her from Cersei and Lysa and he saved her siblings, Arya from Tywin Lannister and Jon at the Battle of the Bastards, and even saved Winterfell. He didn’t pit sister against sister with her mother and aunt, or with herself and Arya. He may have initiated chaos in the realm that brought about the War of the Five Kings, but since that inception he’d fallen in love with Sansa and redirected his focus onto her. If nothing else, his S7E3 admission to her that he wanted to see her safe and happy was the purest truth of his character. How could she hear him say that and dismiss him as such? All he wanted to know is what it is that she wanted that she did not have. He gave her neutral advice right up to the advice about Brienne (who I think she sent away because Brienne would not have stood by and allowed the murder of Petyr, even though she distrusted and disliked him). Sansa was a bitch for allowing the paranoid and unvetted gossip of her siblings to sway her conscience and convince her that killing Petyr was her wisest recourse. Honor did not demand his death. I hope guilt and remorse haunt her always. 

Name: My true disaster

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: Percival Graves gets jealous. SMUT.

Tagging: @seninjakitey@umbrellas-and-tallymarks@oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction@elvirateaqueen13@queencobblefreezestuff@myregardstothereader​  @rawrcoptergaming​  @seaweedredandbrown@fantasticbeastsimagines@ohlookfanfiction@hirainhisrain@waywardtimemachinejellyfish@this-is-a-unique-username@socktrollqueen@eli-cya@n-octicolor@fairylightsandfandoms@kazezakura@animeo2l

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title: french toast

rating: g

pairing: klance

tags: more post-canon dads au yeahh, aged up, establish relationship (married), birthday fic!, lots of fluff. i lov them


“It’s your birthday.”

“Well—I mean, yeah, but that doesn’t mean you had to do all this…”

“Of course it does. I’m your husband. And besides, even if I wasn’t, I care about you. You only turn twenty-eight once.”

lance has his first bday back on earth. keith is a good husband.

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anonymous asked:

62 (the bed to share) WITH BELLARKE OMFG PLZ PLZ PLZ (tysm)

I had so much trouble with this one, anon!! Like way more trouble than you’d think a cute little trope-y ficlet could possible cause. That’s most of why it took so long to answer this, I’m sorry. But here it is at last!


Bellarke, Modern AU, ~2,700 words

For the prompt “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed” from this list.

Read on AO3.


Clarke’s hair smells like oranges.

Bellamy already knew this, though. He knows because they’ve hugged before: once after graduation, and once after he helped her move into her new apartment, and once after she got back from a month abroad and he picked her up from the airport and she rushed into his arms and almost knocked him off his feet, which he hadn’t been expecting, at all. And he knows because a few weeks ago, they went out to dinner with some friends, and he walked her home and she invited him in, and he ended up kissing her against the wall outside her bedroom, in the dim light with her hands grabbing on to the front of his shirt and the sound of intermittent evening traffic coming in through the window. Afterward, after they’d pulled apart and before she let go of his shirt and before either of them managed to look the other in the eye, he buried his nose in her hair and breathed in its light citrus scent. A few strands tickled under his nose. He remembers that moment now better than the kiss itself: how he delayed stepping back for as long as he could, how he knew even then that each extra second of hesitation would burn into his memory.

That was three weeks ago, and they still haven’t talked about it.

It’s dark now and Clarke’s hair is fanned out behind her and around her on the pillow, like fairy tale princess hair—if princesses slept in old worn out NASA shirts that they obviously stole from their roommate and green plaid pants the pattern of Christmas wrapping paper. Still, Bellamy’s surprised to see just how picture-perfect Clarke looks in sleep. It’s like someone carefully arranged her into the most precise pose, cute and half-curled up and utterly serene. Sleeping next to someone is supposed to break your illusions about them. Seeing their silly pajamas and hearing them brush their teeth, waking up the next day to their morning breath and mussed up hair: the whole routine is designed to burn up old fantasies, to bring soaring, irrational daydreams back to Earth. So far sleeping next to Clarke is doing the opposite. Her hair shines even in the darkness, fluffy and golden with the gentlest of waves.

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You Don’t Have to be Alone Anymore- Derek Hale

Request// Hey i was wondering if you can make one. With the reader and Derek hale are in love. They get in the biggest fight. The reader runs away from Derek. And Derek can’t live without her. So he goes and finds her. Thanks love you:) - @jasminlois

*Oh my gawd! I love you too, beautiful. Love this request and hope you enjoy! xoxox*


You had been born and raised a hunter on both your mother and father’s side. You had been taught that a wild animal cannot be completely tamed no matter how hard you try. A wild dog may appear to be domesticated until it bites your hand. This was the same with werewolves. They could seem human, but they could never rid themselves of their wild nature. You thought you proved them wrong when you fell in love with Derek Hale. You thought.

“I don’t get what the big deal is, Derek,” you said with clenched teeth. Your body remained rigid as Derek stitched up your leg. “I’m trained to hunt werewolves. Why the hell would I sit out now?”

“Maybe because you almost lost an arm and leg to a pack of alphas tonight.” You could hear the frustration in his voice, and you were happy once he had finished with the stitches, as he seemed to become more agitated. “If I couldn’t take them on, what make you think you could trap them, Y/N?”

“Are you kidding me?” You always hated when Derek said things like this. It was almost like he was undermining your abilities. “While you were being a hormonal teenage werewolf, I was out there being tested at every turn by my parents to keep me from making the biggest mistake of my life.”

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Collateral Damage

Chapters: 1/1
Wordcount: 15,217
Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Temporary Character Death, Mild Violence
Relationships: Xanlow (Xander/Laslow), various background relationships
Characters: Xander, Laslow, Odin, various other members of the Nohrian royalty with cameos by Ryoma and Saizo
Additional Tags: Mild Canon Divergence, Grief, Revelations Route, Near Future, Post-Canon, Character Study

Summary: Xander does not realize the depths of his feelings for Laslow until it is too late.

Fill for @dorkpatroller​ for the @xanlow-exchange​ for the prompt “I thought you were dead”

Also read on AO3!

“If, after the war, I were to go somewhere. Somewhere far away… If you never saw me again… Would you be angry? Would you be able to forgive me for abandoning you?”

“…Yes. I would.”

Xander had never expected Laslow to stay with him forever, had been prepared to lose him someday.

“Oh? Truly?”

“It is not your company I require. Only that you continue to draw breath. I just want you to ensure you live. Whatever your true name or appearance.”

What he had not prepared for was losing Laslow, not to a happy life in another world, but to a lonely death of the fields of battle.

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if dreams were thunder

Fluff Friday: April 28 — Sleep

A/N: It’s that time of month again!! The latest instalment of smol!kakashi and his continuing adventures with his ninja pals.

Title is from Bonnie Raitt’s “Angel from Montgomery”. The song has nothing to do with this, I just felt the line was apropos.


“Sakura-chan!” Naruto greets her.

“Shh,” she admonishes, gesturing at the boy asleep with his head on her thigh.

“Sakura-chan!” Naruto whispers, his smile cracking his face even wider.

Sakura glares. She’s going to be hearing about this for weeks.

And she’s going to have to deal with Kakashi’s furious embarrassment for weeks.

She needs better friends.

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From Eden: Ch. VI

Hi! will there be more From Eden? It’s my fix-me-up fic and I really love the amount of angst and fluff in it. please. please tell me there’ll be more. (please don’t do too long of a time jump in between chapter V and VI. we really need to know what happen on the morning after) :(

Previously on From Eden or Part 1

Damn came slowly, disinterested and unfeeling, but still, it came right on schedule, though not soon enough. Even with the remnants of alcohol in her system, even with the way her bed felt, Lexa couldn’t find a restful bit of sleep to save her life. Instead, she watched the sunrise against her wall as she laid in her bed, still in her clothes and replayed the night in vivid details behind her eyelids. 

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Amor Vincit omnia ( Snippets)

 Just some snippets from Yoongi and Ji soo’s life .

( warning : PWP. Literally filthy sex. I don’t even know how to tag this except that it’s definitely 19+ so if you’re too young don’t read this, don’t . It’s lowkey filthy , forgive my pervy self. 

Rough sex? A little? I don’t know. Dirty talk. Like a lot of it. Masturbation. It’s all consensual because they’re married and in love so don’t worry about that. ) 

“HE’s so hot.” Kim Sowon , daughter of one of the investors in Bangtan Inc., whispered secretively, leaning over to lightly touch my arm. I smiled glancing at the dance floor where all of Bangtan was rocking out in suits. They looked very beautiful, all seven of them, dressed in for fitting jackets and well tailored pants, shirts unbuttoned teasingly and their movements precise and sharp as they laughed attractively.

“Which one?” I smiled cheerfully. I had spoken to the girl just a few hours earlier and she was rather too outspoken for my liking. But I didn’t mind. I admired girls who were that uninhibited . I was definitely not meant to be in this generation. I belonged with the older generation of women with restraint and that was okay, really. Girls like Sowon were the norm now.

But her next words made my stomach take a dive .

“Who else? Min Yoongi of course. God, i could just ride him all night….” She let out a little groan .

I tried to control myself but my eyes went way too round and my hand began trembling and i squeaked, very loud.

“I..You..what?” I spluttered. The girl was nineteen or twenty at the most. Almost a decade younger than Yoongi. What on earth ??!!!

“Oh, please tell me you aren’t a prude. Every girl in the club is ogling his ass. Not that i blame them. That is one spectacular ass right there.” She leered and I bit my lips in disbelief.

“He’s married..” I choked out. Sowon grinned.

“That’s what makes it perfect. i bet his wife is one of those, not too loud, not too crazy society wife. You know, with perfect face and perfect diction and a perfectly firm stick up her perfect ass.” Sowon rolled her eyes and i knew it was irrational to keep doing this. I should tell her the truth and admit that I was  the wife. But I didn’t.

“You mean, he would cheat on her?” I said nervously.

“Not intentionally. But with a little bit of persuasion, all of them do.” Sowon shrugged.“ Even the ones who are madly in love with their wives. ”

“Persuasion?” I said , feeling the blood begin to leave my face . Sowon gave me a pitying smile and shook her head.

“Look just because a man loves his wife, doesn’t mean he isn’t bored with her. Especially the ones that have kids. You know? I mean there’s not much romance when there’s a crying kid five feet away, all the time. He’s going to want some alone time. Some time to appreciate the female body, hold it , see it and make love to it leisurely. And if he can do that with a body that isn’t his wife’s , he isn’t exactly going to say no, is he?” Sowon smiled.

My mind began to do cartwheels. She had literally just described my life with Yoongi.

“Are you going to hit on him?” I blurted out finally. She shrugged.

“Why not? I’ll ask him to dance… Suggest we take it elsewhere and he’ll probably agree at once. Watch and learn…” She winked and tossed back her drink before pushing away into the crowd. I stared in disbelief as she stalked right up to Yoongi and began grinding up on him. Yoongi looked surprised for a second but didn’t really push her away. I gripped my drink harder and felt tears threaten. if he actually left with her, I would start bawling right then and there. Sowon raised her hands and draped them around Yoongi’s shoulders and slowly whispered something into his ear.

Yoongi stopped dancing abruptly, unhooked her arms from around him and said something else into her ear and the girl blushed visibly. I felt my breath catch in curiosity. And then he looked straight up at me and waved. Sowon followed his line of sight and all the blood drained out of her face. Throwing me a vicious glare, she turned around and stalked off, while my husband made his way over to me through the crowd.

“Why do you look like you’re holding a snake and not a drink…” He teased, kissing me lightly. I stared up at him and swallowed.

“Are you going to cheat on me?”

The words were out before i could stop myself. Yoongi’s jaw opened and he blinked rapidly.

“What the fuck?” He rasped out.

“We aren’t romantic anymore… we… Yoonjin cries all the time and you don’t have time to leisurely make love to the female body and…”

Yoongi grabbed my glass and peered into it suspiciously.

“What the hell have you been drinking?” He said curiously and i punched him in the arm.

“Don’t lie to me. You want to cheat on me, don’t you?” I said , my heart breaking. Yoongi stared at me for a few seconds and then his eyes turned tender, visibly.

“Sweetheart , did someone say anything… What’s wrong ?” He whispered. Finally i blurted out the entire conversation I had just had. Yoongi’s smile grew bigger with each word and when i finally finished he was grinning.

“Oh, God. Thank you. ” Yoongi said laughing, gummy smile stealing my heart as always.

“What for?” I muttered.

“For reminding me exactly why i love you so much. You’re so delightfully naive and innocent, I adore corrupting you.” He winked and gave me a quick bruising kiss that made me unstable on my legs. Then he plucked the drink out of my hand and placed it back on the counter.

“Put that on my tab…” He told the bartender, before wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me close. “ Come on, let’s get out of here.”

I stared in shock.

“Now?!! Yoongi you have a speech in fifteen minutes…It’s your party….” I said but he kissed me again, cutting me off.

“The guys will handle all that crap. I heard there’s a  honeymoon suite on the Eightieth floor . Let’s go have a party of our own…” He winked.

“You’re insane… I…”

“We have the babysitter till two in the morning anyway. That gives me a solid, ” He glanced at his watch. “ Three and half hours, to appreciate , look at and make love to the female body. As you so eloquently said.” He said and I couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled up, combined with the arousal, happiness and desire that immediately chased away any insecurities that had crept in.

“I love you.” I said as he dragged me away. He turned around and lightly kissed my nose.

“And I love you. Only you.” He winked.

~~~~~~~~~`Warning - SExual Content ~~ 19+ ~~ 

I woke up feeling sweaty and tired, my body aching a bit too much than usual my hair sticking to the sides of my head and my breath a little raspy. I flinched when I realized I’d somehow forgotten to take off my sweater while getting into bed , the way I usually did. We kept the temperature a little high these days because our son Yoonjin tended to get cold very easily. The baby was clearly asleep now and i sighed in relief, shifting around nervously. My husband was turned over , sound asleep, his breathing slightly loud but oddly soothing in the otherwise silent apartment. For a few seconds i tried to close my eyes and go back to sleep. But it was impossible. i was wide awake now, with nothing to do.

I hesitated a bit, my mind automatically going to the man next to me. We hadn’t had proper, romantic sex after the baby was born. Yoonjin was almost ten months old now and most of our sex was done with zero noise, careful , under the sheets , weary of waking up the baby. I’[d also lost count of how many times we’d been interrupted. It was easier for me, to switch from being aroused to motherly but Yoongi spent a lot of time swearing colorfully everytime I left him with a raging erection with no relief but his own fingers.

I wasn’t doing any better. These days, i was so terrified of waking the baby, I’d started faking orgasms, just to make Yoongi hurry up. The man would never let me leave the bed without having at least three or four orgasms at a time and let’s face it, the female body cannot have that many, everytime. It just won’t happen. but everytime I begged him to hurry up he would kiss me deeper, “ Once more, jagiya…” He would whisper. “ Come for me just one more time…”

And i’d end up just faking it, to get him to stop. Not because I didn’t enjoy it or anything. It was just that , the more time he spent trying to get me off, the more likely he was to lose out on his own orgasm, because our son would wake up by then.

So it had definitely been a while for both of us. Well, i was awake now. I could … help myself.

I shrugged the sweater off and slipped my panties off quickly, fingers easily moving between my legs to find my clit, forefinger and middle finger pressing down in soft little circles before moving down to my entrance. I was wet already , a little and I gathered some of the moisture on to my fingers, before returning to rub my clit. I shut my eyes and tried to remember how Yoongi looked with his clothes off. My mouth watered because he was gorgeous. God, he was so gorgeous, I imagined licking the curve of his neck, kissing my way down his neck to the little cleft of his collarbones. He was always so sensitive there. I could bite him lightly and the lick him with my tongue, taste the skin there and make him grunt . I loved the little sounds he usually made when I kissed him. He was especially sensitive just below his belly button and over his hip bones. I’d tried to kiss him there and been shoved away too often.

I could feel myself get wetter as I thought about his strong hips, the way his bones jutted out, how pale and smooth his skin looked. I could trace the bones of his waist and his pelvis with ease, kiss and lick my way down before finally , finally  kissing his cock. My mouth genuinely watered because he tasted so amazing down there. It was hard to explain the musky, clean taste of male skin, but what I loved the most was the heavy weight of his cock on my tongue, enough to make me choke, just the first few inches. I would lick the tip, use the tip of my tongue to trace slow circles on the head of his cock, lightly press my tongue against the underside before dipping the tip into his slit. He was always leaking  by the time I took him into my mouth, the salty sweet pre-cum delicious on my taste buds. I imagined his hand in my hair, gripping it tight guiding me the way he wanted to go while he fucked into my mouth. The thought of it made my walls clench harder, slick wetness leaking out.

I groaned softly, wary of waking Yoongi up. If he woke up now and found me with my fingers between my legs, i could never live it down. But i couldn’t help it. My slit was swollen and so wet that I was sure the sheets were beginning to get wet. I tried to maneuver myself carefully, till I spread my legs and knees, enough to push two fingers inside my dripping entrance. God, how i wished it was his fingers inside me, those slender pale fingers, perfectly long and thick and just perfect.

I imagined licking a long stripe up the length of his cock, from the base to the tip, over and over again till his cock was sopping wet in my hand. I usually used my right hand to grip the base of his cock, while my left slipped down to gently fondle his balls, forefinger tracing the shape of them before slipping down to press at the sensitive skin just below his balls. It would always make him groan , long and loud. I would grip his base tighter before sinking my mouth down on his cock, almost fully, till his cock hit the back of my throat and for each stroke, I would use my tongue to massage the underside of his tongue, licking and lightly tracing circles as well. Yoongi loved it when i let him fuck my mouth shallowly as well, till the blunt tip of his cock hit the walls of my cheek. Sometimes i would graze my teeth, very very softly across the skin making him shudder uncontrollably. I would lick him, over and over again, getting him nice and wet for my pussy. Yoongi was big and long and it always felt better when he was well lubricated, both with my spit and his precum.

Once his cock was nice and wet, dripping with spit and precum , I would climb on top of him, position myself over his cock and slowly sink down on it, taking the entire length of his huge, hard cock inside me, feeling him stretch my walls as my tiny body tried to accommodate the huge width and girth of his member.

I groaned at the mental picture and stuck my fingers inside my drenched pussy, biting down to muffle my own scream as I came shuddering around my fingers, the walls of my pussy convulsing around my fingers as i tried to catch my breath. It was mind blowing, the pleasure radiating from my wet center all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes.

it took me approximately sixty seconds to come down from the mind blowing pleasure to acute embarrassment.

Had i just fully fantasized about sucking my husband off and riding him??

“Are you done?”

I jumped about a foot into the air when Yoongi sleep weary voice whispered into my ear.

Embarrassment turned to mortification and an urge to sink into the floor when I realized that my husband had been awake and watching.

“Oh my God…” I scrambled up, ready to bolt but Yoongi sat up quickly, grabbed my wrists and yanked me hard, making me laugh as I fell into the bed.


“Such a naughty, naughty girl….” Yoongi drawled. “ Is this what you do when I’m not around, spread your legs like a slut and stick your fingers inside ?? Hmm?? Tell me baby, who were you thinking about when you were finger fucking yourself so well??” He bit my earlobe and i mewled in pleasure.

“You…” I stuttered out when he yanked me closer palms now shaping my breasts forcefully.

“What about me? My face?” He teased , thumb and forefinger gripping my nipples and tugging till I started sobbing a little from the pain-pleasure.

“No.. I.. Yoongi please…” I didn’t know if i was begging him to stop or continue.

“Tell me babe… Tell me what you were imagining…”

“Kissing you…” i said , mortified.“ Down there…”

“Down there?? Where? My feet?”


“Say it babe…”

“your..” i really couldn’t say it out loud. i was red a tomato by now.

“Say it , or I’ll spank it out of you…” He lightly slapped my bottom and i yelped.

“Your cock…” I whispered , mortified. Yoongi hummed in pleasure.

“I thought so. Bet you imagined your pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock, sucking it nice and deep, huh baby??” His fingers slipped down and found my clit, pressing down a couple of times before slipping into my pussy, all three of them. I choked out in surprise at being filled so well so suddenly.

“Yoongi…"I started to move my hips, seeking more of that delicious friction against my walls but his fingers stilled and he pulled out quickly.

"Not so fast. Why don’t you show me what you were imagining sweetheart? Kiss my cock and show me what you were imagining to get you so wet for me?”

I scrambled to grab the waistband of his boxers easily taking it off him. He was already hard and obviously throbbing, his breath leaving him in a hiss when I grabbed his cock, thumb lightly rubbing the slit to gather some of the precum before giving him a few small strokes. I quickly, crawled down and licked the base, all the way to the blunt tip, making sure to get his cock wet before taking the length inside my mouth. The heavy feeling of his cock as it stretched my mouth, and lips was heaven. It was the oddest thing, how much it aroused me just to give him head. I loved every bit of it, maybe because it was me on my knees but it was Yoongi who was trembling with need and helpless with desire.

He gripped my hair at once, lightly with not too much pressure but enough to let me know that he’d be calling the shots. He pulled me forward shortly, thrusting his hips softly to fuck into my mouth gently and i could feel his gaze hot and heavy on my mouth as his cock slid in and out of my wet lips.

“You look so pretty like this. You take my cock so well, babe. I’m almost willing to forgive you for touching yourself when I was right there next to you…” He hummed and I groaned around his cock making him jump and swear when the vibrations from my throat transferred to his aching member. I use my tongue to trace the sensitive underside of his cock, trace the vein underneath and it’s positively throbbing. A few minutes later, Yoongi’s fingers slip down and he gently grips my jaw, just holding me in place while he fucked my mouth. one thrust made him go a little too deep and i almost gagged.

“Tsk…Tsk… You used to take me all the way in, before. You’ve lost practice haven’t you sweetheart..Maybe i should let you suck my cock more often. ” He gently gripped my jaw and thrust carelessly, a couple more times before pulling away with a pop.

“On your hands and knees.” He said swiftly and I quickly turned over, panting. He gripped my hair lightly before pushing up against my back, lightly parting my legs and slipping into my heat without any warning. I keened at the stretch, the way his cock felt inside me, pushing against my walls and reaching every sensitive inch till my head dropped forward in complete defeat. Yoongi snapped his hips forward at a brutal pace, fucking into me swiftly and with practiced ease. I stopped trying to make any movements, just let him have his way with me, trying to concentrate only on the feel of his throbbing cock inside my body, too big and too long and just a bit too much.

Yoongi grabbed my hips and pulled me up till I was kneeling on knees and elbows, his fingers slipping into the ga between my body and the bed, to find my clit. He rubbed insistently against the bundle of nerves till my body exploded against his, the walls of my pussy contracting around his cock and making me groan. I collapsed fully at that and his cock popped out of me with an obscene squelching sound. I’d never been so wet my entire life.

“Turn around babe…” Yoongi said impatiently and i rolled over lethargically. Yoongi quickly grabbed my breasts and pushed then together till there was a nice tight little gap .“ Hold these for me, sweetheart.”

“Yoongi..” i said mortified.

“What? I want to fuck those perky breasts of yours. There was a time when I used to have exclusive access to them. It’s changed now..” He said sulkily, straddling my chest with his knees on either side of my body before stroking his cock a couple of times and pushing his cock into the space between my breasts. He was big enough for the blunt end of his cock to his my lips each time he pushed in and I stuck my tongue out, licking the tip everytime he came close enough to my tongue. After a few more solid thrusts, he grunted.

“Can I cum all over your pretty face, jagiya?” He rasped and my thighs clenched at the filthy words.


I shut my eyes and quickly tongue my out. A second later I felt his cum hit my tongue , throat, the underside of my chin and parts of my cheek as well.

“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck..” Yoongi gasped, milking himself through his orgasm. When he was done, he slowly climbed off me and shook his head before reaching out and gently massaging his cum into my skin.

I wrinkled my nose.

“That’s gross…Stop..” I protested and he scoffed.

“Says the girl who just masturbated to me while i was right next to her. You little pervert. ” Yoongi teased, reaching over to kiss me lightly on the lips .

“Like you’ve never masturbated to me..” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“Why should I? When I have you at my beck and call… "He teased.

"You’re unbelievable.”

“Anyways, the next time you’re horny wake me up. I’ll be the one taking care of it…not you…” He said sternly and I laughed.

It wasn’t a bad idea really


“What?” Yoongi snapped, when he found me staring at him for a little while. Even though he sounded annoyed , I told myself it was probably because of all the work stress. It was a little past twelve and he had come home just a half hour ago. And he was flying down to Japan in about seven hours for a conference. The entire table was scattered with files and notes and markers. My husband looked like death, his skin paler than usual and shadows lining his eyes. But what really hurt was the gaze in his eye whenever he was talking to me or listening to me and or just in the same room with me.

Like he couldn’t wait to get back to his work. Like he couldn’t wait for me to just finish whatever I was saying and leave him alone. It was easy to spot because it was so different  from how he usually looked at me.

I bit my lips, wondering what I was doing wrong.

“Nothing.” I said casually, moving to pick up the used plates from the table. I’d made his favorite meal. Seven different meat dishes and it had taken me three hours to get it all done. He hadn’t even noticed. Hadn’t even touched some of them. But it was okay, really. I knew that if it weren’t for how stressed he was, he would definitely have complimented me.

“Is Yoonjin eating well?” He said casually and I nodded.

“Now that he can eat by himself, he’s enjoying it. ” I said with a smile. I opened my mouth to tell him about the first failed attempt but Yoongi was already picking up his phone and calling someone.He stood up, kicked the table away and walked out into the balcony and I stared after him, feeling very lonely.

This had gone on for four months now. At first I didn’t mind. I had my own work to do. The pottery school and taking care of Yoonjin pretty much kept me busy all day. But now, Yoonjin had started Play School. I didn’t want a lot. just a couple hours of his time, once a week when we could just relax and look at each other and talk. I rolled my shoulders a bit, wincing when it cracked ominously. I caught a glimpse of myself in one of the pristinely clean glass cabinets and flinched. My hair was a bird’s nest and the teal grey t-shirt had a few stained spots from when I’d tried to give Yoonjin his pre-bed bath. I looked miserably tired. No wonder Yoongi was turned off really.

I dropped the dishes in the sink and fruitlessly rubbed my hands against my thighs, before reaching out and untying my hair, ruffling it a bit. I couldn’t remember the last time i’d brushed it. Today morning? Yesterday night? Feeling a little guilty for neglecting myself, i picked my way to the bedroom. Yoonjin lay sleeping evenly on the bed. Now that he was almost four, he preferred sleeping with me when his father was out of town. I smiled down at how much he looked like Yoongi , right from the breathtakingly pale skin to the sooty eyes. Lightly kissing his cheek, i moved to the vanity table and quickly brushed my hair.

I’d drawn in a nice warm bath with his favorite scents and had even bought his favorite wine. We could relax for a couple of hours at least and it was okay even if he didn’t want to talk to me. i just wanted him to get rid of some of the tension in his shoulders and look like the handsome man I had fallen in love with . I felt my entire body thrum in anticipation of sinking into the warm, scented waters with him. i missed his hands on my bare skin. We hadn’t even had sex in two weeks.

I was just done when Yoongi came in , looking apologetic.

“I need to head to the office again.” He said bluntly. I stared in disbelief.

“You just got here after five days…I haven’t seen you in over a week… I…”

“Ji Soo, let’s not do this right now…I’m tired..I was hoping you’d be a bit more understanding ..” He said with a shake of his head and i felt resentment bubble inside me.

“And I’m not?” I said in disbelief.“ I spend the whole day taking care of Yoonjin and you know how naughty he is. I’m tired too … It’s not like you understand…  ” I said impatiently.

“It’s not even remotely the same thing….” He snapped back.“ You have servants, my friends at your beck and call and a credit card with no limit…. What the hell more could you possibly want?”

I stared at him in disbelief. He made it sound like the only thing i wanted from him was his money.

“What more?? more?? Yoongi we haven’t even shared a proper meal in over two months …”

“I’m busy with this merger, you know that…I’m stressed out with work as it is, could you at least not piss me off when I come home??” He said, sounfing angry.

I felt my breath catch.

“Pissing you off? I’m pissing you off by asking you to spend a few minutes with me?” I whispered in hurt. He looked a little guilty for a second but then his gaze hardened again.

“Ji Soo, i meet thirty people a day and when I’m not in meetings, I’m preparing for them. It will all be over in a few weeks anyway, could you please just keep it in for the duration? ”

“I’m not asking you to take a day off or something!! Would a few minutes a day, make such a big difference??. We haven’t even had sex in two weeks. And you’re leaving again in a few hours and now you want to go back to your office!! I was hoping we could at least spend the night together…” I said, fighting tears.

He stood still staring at me evenly.

“Do you want me to apologize? This is my life, Ji Soo. My company. I’m the fucking CEO, i can’t neglect my responsibilities.” He said testily.

I wanted to yell at him some more. Tell him he was turning into a stranger and that I didn’t like being treated like  a disturbance. i wanted to tell him that i spent the whole day thinking of him and looking forward to the smallest touch or word from him and I felt like an idiot, everytime he snapped at me over the silliest things. i wanted to tell him that I had burnt my fingers twice while cooking his meal and it wouldn’t kill him to take a few seconds and say he liked it. i wanted to tell him that I was tired, not just because of all the work I did but also of the way he had been treating me. I wanted to tell him that yes, he was a CEO but he was also a husband and a father.

I stared at him and then finally gave up.

“Okay…just… fine. It’s fine, you’re right. I was overreacting. You should go, if you have to.” I said, defeated.

He hesitated.

“I’m not happy about this either but … I have my responsibilities.” He said agian and I nodded.

“I know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…I’m sorry. Go ahead. Have a safe flight. Call me when you land there.” I said, willing myself not to bawl. He hesitated a little before stepping closer and lightly reaching out to kiss me. For some reason my entire body lurched in protest and I stepped back and away before his lips could touch mine.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth…or showered…” I lied  wildly, holding my hands up, “ it’s alright…just go.”

He looked like he wanted to argue but his phone rang again and he swore.

“I’ll call you.” He said awkwardly, before moving to kiss our son

I nodded quietly, swallowing the hurt. i’m hurting. Don’t just leave like this.

And then he turned around and left.

“Are you alright?” the woman next to me grabbed my forearm and it took me exactly a few seconds to realize that I’d swayed dangerously. Fumbling with the shopping cart , I managed a weak smile and nodded. i gripped it harder and tried to clear the sudden rush of blood to my head, while my vision momentarily blurred. Five minutes later, i found myself sitting in a plastic chair behind the counter, mouth dry as I dialled Namjoon.

“Ji Soo? What’s wrong? Where are you?” He sounded as concerned as always and i quickly told him, I’d had a little fainting spell . He promised to come pick me up and I hung up, mind racing.

I’d never had fainting spells in my entire life except on one occasion.

Swallowing , I pulled out the calendar in my phone and stared at the small ‘x’ now overdue by three weeks. I hadn’t even noticed that I was late. I’d been so completely and utterly drowning in my own misery I hadn’t even realized that I’d missed my period.

For a few seconds, I just sat there, trying to dredge up something other than sadness but i couldn’t. I didn’t think we were ready for another baby. I didn’t think, I  was ready for a pregnancy . I recalled the miserable few months, Yoongi’s aloofness and the way he had stormed out the last time I’d seen him. I didn’t want to have a baby now, not when there were a billion things wrong in my life as it was.

I was so lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice Namjoon till he lightly tapped my shoulders.

“Are you okay?” He said nervously. I nodded.

“I must’ve skipped breakfast. got a little lightheaded. Nothing to worry about. Did Yoongi call?” I said casually and Namjoon looked a little guilty.

“Yeah, he’s fine. He’ll be home next sunday.” He said nervously. I struggled to keep my face neutral. He was supposed to be there the day after. Sunday was a whole week away.

“Well, that’s fine. ” i said cheerfully. “ I hope he’s eating well.” I said with a bright smile and Namjoon nodded.

“He must be missing your cooking.” He said politely. I laughed but the words cut in like a knife. Yes, he may have missed my cooking but he didn’t miss me. Not enough to pick up his phone and actually call. Sighing, I followed Namjoon to the car and let him drive me to the hospital.

“Well, you’re definitely pregnant. ” The doctor frowned. “ But your bloodwork and BP is a mess.Low Sugar, High blood Pressure. What have you been doing to yourself, Ji Soo?”

I flushed.

“I’m sorry, I…”

“You need to take good care of yourself. Where’s yoongi? Out of the country?” He scoffed. I smiled abashedly. Dr. Lee was Yoongi’s uncle. “ I’m having a word with him. If he isn’t taking care of his wife, he needs to get whacked.”

I found the idea of anyone whacking Min Yoongi both amusing as well as suicidal.

“Please don’t Dr. Lee. it’s only temporary. He’ll be back soon.”

“He better. You need rest, vitamins and supplements. I’m prescribing it all and my assistant will fill those in for you.” He smiled as he stood up and held the door open for me.

“Thank you , Dr. Lee.”

“You’re welcome. I’d like a granddaughter this time.” He winked before chuckling.

I sat outside the office building, on one of the bus stops, staring at the traffic for a really long time. I was supposed to call Namjoon again and ask him to pick me up.

A baby.

Another baby. Yoonjin would be five by the time his sibling arrived and maybe would understand. But what about Yoongi? Did he even want a baby? His business was getting bigger and he would be away more often? I couldn’t really handle two kids all by myself could I? Or maybe i could if my husband could give me a little bit of attention and a little bit of his time. But so far , he had a poor track record. If the choice was between his work and me, it would be his job that took precedence.

I didn’t even realize that i was crying till a white kerchief got thrust into my face.

“Need help?”

The familiar, Daegu satoori went through my eyes making my stomach lurch in surprise. I blinked up, shocked to see my husband standing right next to me, holding his palms up to keep the sun off my face as I stared at him .

“Yoongi …what… how?” i spluttered.

“Namjoon called… he told me you almost fainted in the Supermarket. So I took the first flight out …” He said softly , before sitting down next to me. I just stared while he casually picked up my hand and pressed a kiss to my palm.

“I’m sorry for being a bastard.” He said gruffly and I wilted.

“It’s okay…I…”

“It’s not okay, Ji Soo. What i did was unforgivable . I just… I felt like crap after leaving. Couldn’t even concentrate on anything. Ended up asking Hoseok and Taehyung to sit through almost all the meetings there. All I could think about was how hurt you’d looked when I hurt. I’d been so inattentive these few months and God, you’d made all those delicious dishes and I hadn’t even thanked you for it and -”

I cut him off with a kiss. He looked surprised, and didn’t even react till I pulled back.

“I’m pregnant. ” I said, simply because I couldn’t stop the myself.

Yoongi just stared at me before slowly starting to smile, wider and wider till his face looked like it would crack, gummy grin lighting his face up and eyes crinkling. And then to my utter surprise he bent down and wrapped both arms around my knees lifting me up , while i screamed in shock.

“EVERYONE, MY WIFE AND I ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS !!” He shouted and I could feel my entire face going beetroot red as the scant few people around began chuckling and few of them applauded.

“Min  Yoongi what on earth are you doing…?” I hissed in mortification as he slowly lowered me to the ground and pulled me close.

“Making up for being an asshole of a husband. Do you feel loved now?” he winked.

“What?” I said confused and then he turned around to the crowd again.


I screamed again and clamped my hand down on his mouth, laughter bubbling out of me , leaving me breathless.

“You’re unbelievable. I know you love me, I never doubted it… ” I laughed.

“Good…” He kissed my forehead before hugging me again. “ Now let’s go home so we can celebrate properly.” His voice dropped low and I grinned.

“I missed you…” I said softly and his gaze softened before he leaned down and gently whispered,



“Another week?” Yoongi growled. “ You have got to be shitting me! i’m not staying in this goddamn place for another minute! I have a pregnant wife waiting for me at home and I’ll be damned if I let you incompetent morons keep me away from her. Tell your goddamned boss that he has exactly 48 hours to give me the proposal  in  person.  if not , I’m taking myself and my billion won investment out of this building before he can say 'Min fucking Yoongi.”

Namjoon grimaced but tried to smile encouragingly at the secretary, a docile young man of around twenty who looked nothing less than petrified.

“Yoongi operates on a tight schedule. You should definitely ask your boss to hurry up.” He said apologetically and the secretary scampered off at the speed of light. Namjoon glared at Yoongi and moved to pour him a glass of wine.

“Could you perhaps stop terrorizing young kids?” He commented mildly and Yoongi’s scowl only deepened.

“It’s not my fault they hire toddlers who’re still shitting in their diapers to work on the biggest fucking deal of the decade. I swear to god, I’m going to put a fucking bullet in the guy’s brains if he tries to screw me over with the contract.” Yoongi hissed.

Namjoon gave him a knowing smile before handing over the drink.

“Is this about Ji Soo? Jimin’s staying with her, hyung. She’ll be fine.” He said softly.

Yoongi opened his mouth to argue but then sighed in defeat. No point hiding it. Namjoon could read him like an open book.

“I just… she’s close to having the baby , Joonie. I should be there with her. I really don’t want her to think that my work is more important than her. Given a choice , i would quit my job in a heartbeat but i can’t even imagine hurting her because of my work.” Yoongi said, uncharacteristically vocal about his feelings and Namjoon stifled a smile. It felt good to see his hyung talk about his feelings for a change , instead of bottling them up the way he usually did. Ji Soo was very good for him.

“Hyung, why don’t you take the rest of the evening off? I’ll handle all the appointments and stuff. You can go video call her and she’ll probably feel better and it will help you too.” Namjoon said casually, already moving to pick up the files and Yoongi gave him a hesitant look.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure hyung. Go have fun with your wife and son.” He laughed.


“Is this supposed to be grey?” i said wrinkling my nose as i stared at the small gown that Jimin had just taken out of the box. Jimin groaned next to me.

“It’s called Gainsboro and it’s the most expensive one of the lot. Pure silk underskirt and lace lining , so stop looking like that. ” He scolded, carefully taking the gown from me and replacing it in the box.

I pouted.

“I’m not sure I want my baby’s first gown to be grey. I want it to be nice and bright. No pastels like her mother. She’ll wear bright and pretty colors.” I said firmly. Jimin laughed and shook his head before pulling the next gown, this time revealing a bright red gown with a nice back bow.

“Hand sewn pearls and satin underskirt. ” Jimin said casually, holding it up. It looked very nice and if only our daughter had her father’s pretty pale complexion , she would look absolutely gorgeous in it.

As if on cue , the phone rang and i glanced at the screen. My heart swelled a bit as i saw that it was Yoongi. Using one hand to support my belly , I slowly lowered myself to the settee and picked the call, my nerves thrumming with pleasure when his beloved face came into view.

“Hi, sweetheart.” I said , grinning and Jimin groaned and left the room, muttering something about ’ pervert Yoongi ’ and probably wants ’ phone sex’.

Yoongi looked absolutely breathtaking , like a sip of cold water and I smiled in genuine pleasure.

“How’s my number one girl?” He said with a deep , gummy smile and I melted.

“Lonely.” I said softly, “ When are you coming back?”

His smile faded a little.

“I’m so sorry jagiya. I swear, just one more day. if it doesn’t get done tomorrow, I’ll pull the plug on this whole thing and get the first flight home.” He said seriously and i laughed.

“You don’t have to do that Yoongi, I’m fine.” I said but he shook his head.

“Maybe you are, but I’m not. I want to hold you so badly. ” He whispered, voice dropping a few tones and I flushed.

“I miss you too. Yoonjin misses you too. He’s staying with your parents for a few days.”

Yoongi nodded.

“Mother told me. She thinks he should stay there till the baby is born. Just in case. We don’t want him to accidentally hit your tummy.” He said softly and I smiled a little.

“I’m more jealous of him than anything else. Mrs. Min spoils him rotten and he doesn’t even want to come home.” i shook my head and Yoongi laughed.

“ARe you alright, by the way?” He said, suddenly serious.

“I’m fine.”

“Can you feel her?” He said wistfully and I felt it like a physical ache.

“YEs. She’s very active. Not like you.” I teased.

“Show me…” He said softly and I tilted the phone to show my swollen belly, lightly lifting my white blouse and pressing my palm to the curve where I could feel a steady thumping.

“She’s happy. She can probably hear you. ”

“Can I talk to her?” He said softly and I increased the volume on the speaker of my phone.

“Go ahead, baby.” i whispered.

“Hey, sweetheart. Are you comfortable inside your mommy? Is she eating nice and delicious foods? Appa should be there right now but i promise to buy you the best toys when i get back.” He said and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You shouldn’t be this sweet Suga ssi.. You’re giving me cavities.” I teased.

Yoongi laughed.

“Take good care of yourself babe. I’ll see you in two days, okay?” He said gently and I nodded. I missed him so much.

Three day later, I found myself staring at a tired looking Min Yoongi , standing in the doorway while his chauffeur struggled under  what looked like a few trucks worth of toys and dresses.

“Oh, My God… Yoongi… ” I gasped, as his chauffeur dragged bag after bag of stuff into the apartment. After the man left and after locking the door, he turned to me looking downright hungry.

“Hey, babe. ” He pulled me into his arms, lips closing over mine like a man dying of thrist. i melted against his body, as he slotted our lips together, tongue pushing into my mouth and tasting every inch . He all but growled, making sure not to squeeze the belly trapped between us as he slowly maneuvered both of us to the bedroom. I felt warmth flood my body in a great big rush, my bones melting with pleasure as he gently helped me lay on my side. before crawling into the bed behind me. I couldn’t lie down on my back now and he gently nudged my thighs open, slipping his leg between mine before starting to unbutton my gown.

i sighed when his fingers slipped in around my body, gently reaching for my breasts , taking care not to put a lot of pressure on the skin. He used his fingertips to lightly trace circles on my skin, before kissing the back of my neck.

“Youre so soft these days. Your skin feels like velvet. ” He whispered, kissing my shoulders before gently easing the gown off. I let him slide it off my body, past my legs, before taking off his shirt as well. His chest, warm and solid pressed against my bare back and his hands traced the curve of my waist fingers gently pressing against my stomach, as he sighed into my hair. And then he was standing up, moving to take off his pants. I watched him, love blooming inside me and then something absolutely unexpected happened.

I took a deep breath.

“Babe… ”

Yoongi grinned already moving to pull me into his arms.

“Tell me sweetheart. ”

“Don’t panic, but I think my water just broke.”

Yoongi froze for a second, just staring at me.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

THE End ( Or is it? ;)) 

Author’s note : Tell me what you thought of this… :D Also, I hope you guys have started falling for min yoongi because of this fic… kekeke….