look at him he's so happy otp

Favorite Kaisoo moments : (Personal choice )

@stvnylnt  Here is the post I promised you :) The moments are a personal choice so some other shippes might not see them as important or evident but I consider ‘top’ moments. 

10) Just looking at you makes me happy 

The genuine instant happiness that spreads across Kyungsoo’s face from just looking at Jongin is so beautiful and so precious.  Jongin wasn’t doing anything to make him laugh, no funny face and as you can see, he wasn’t talking ( telling a joke or smthg) YET Kyungsoo smiles so widely when their eyes meet.  Just look at how happy he becomes when Jongin turns to him. Would you smile like that at someone you don’t genuinely like ? Also if you’ve noticed, Kyungsoo was intensely staring at Jongin even before he turned towards him. This moment is so precious.

9) I can’t keep my hands off of you 

This moment is just legendary. Look at how naturally Jongin holds Kyungsoo’s hand into his, caressed it and keep their hands intertwined for while, all while casually talking to the person next to him.  This moment is among the most suspicious Kaisoo moments I have ever seen. Friends just don’t do this. This such a couple thing, touching you for no reason just to feel you and be close to you. Look at how Kyungsoo instantly glances up straight to the camera, he looks a bit nervous to me, like he was worried or something which makes what’s going on even more credible. 

8) You are all I see

Similar moment 

The two moments are gold. Jongin seems to be always unable to keep his eyes of Kyungsoo, even when there is no reason for him to stare. I noticed how sometimes in group interviews, Jongin will often be looking in Kyungsoo’s general direction, he would glance at whosoever talking and then back to Ks ( mostly unconsciously) and  so on. In the second picture, it looks like suddenly during a live performance, Jongin decided to glance back ( which is something he rarely does, we all know how serious he is about delivering a perfect dance) and caught Kyungsoo’s eyes and the two remained looking at each other for few more seconds.  It feels to me like looking at each other, in some, reassure/calms Kaisoo, specially during performances. This is not the only time they’ve done it.

7)  You got me under your spell 

This moment is one of the most iconic and telling moments of all the KD history. Jongin just looks plain mesmerised by Kyungsoo. Let’s be honest here, if you caught your straight male friend gazing at a girl this same exact way , would you even doubt for a second that he has some sort of crush on her ? I think that answers why this is on the list. 

6) Suddenly shy 

This moment is one that I add to my list of the most suspicious and credible Kaisoo moments. Just look at how timid and shy Jongin is suddenly behaving once he realizes Kyungsoo is behind him. His whole demeanor is off  (nervous, stiff and curling towards himself). In the second gif, he subtly throws a quick glance at Kyungsoo and once he find the other already looking at him, he instantly looks away, like he didn’t want to get caught looking but couldn’t help himself. What you conclude from this is up to you but I say, someone has a crush. 

5) I am here for you

Such beautiful caring moments. Kyungsoo never hesitates to step in and help. He is there whenever Jongin needs him. I love how giving and attentive he is to Jongin’s needs/health. He truly cares for him and that shows. and it goes both ways : 

(Jongin stops to bring the chair closer for Kyungsoo)

4) Goofing around

I truly love this small moment. It’s not often that we get to see Kyungsoo all playful and goofy but look at how at ease he is biting into Jongin’s hat and teasing him. A great indication of a intimate healthy bond is the ability to let go, loosen up around each other and goof around. Just look at how happy they look. 

3)  The infamous Eskimo kiss

This moment is beyond beautiful. It’s the most heartwarming display of affection that Kaisoo has ever expressed towards one another. It speaks of a great level of intimacy and trust. I love how they naturally turn towards each other and rub noses. So adorable <3

2) The golden moment : ‘My Jagi’

It would be a crime not to include this moment in the list. I don’t think I need to explain myself.  It can’t get any clearer than this.

1)  I need you closer  ( my personal favorite)

And here it is, my personal favorite. I know there are better and more intimate moments than this one but I just love it. It sums up their entire relationship. Look at how Jongin’s hands casually encircled Kyungsoo’s waist in front of the whole world and somehow kyungsoo doesn’t show a single sight of protest or discomfort. They look so natural together, so right. The chemistry between them is just pouring off the picture. I showed this picture to a non-kpop fan friend and she told me :” I never knew there was a famous gay couple in Korea. What’s their names ?”.  Kaisoo can’t get more couple-y than this. 

That’s about it :) choosing was so hard because every Kaisoo moment is a precious moment but I had to settle on certain ones so I hope I answered your ask. 

Credits : all the gifs and pics used belong to their respective owners. Thank you. 

Can we just talk about this face???  BC this is a face that Natsu had when looking at Lucy- when he thought she wasn’t going to go on a mission with him and Happy and go on a date instead.


I honestly don’t care what people say, this boy is in  L O V E

Jaylos Imagine

Prompt: Person A is too short to reach the railings on the subway/bus, and all of the other poles are taken so they have to hold onto Person B instead.

Carlos is normally a very happy person, he didn’t have the best childhood growing up but he always tried to look past that and stay positive. There really wasn’t much he hated at all.

Besides the thick smell of cigarette smoke that reminded him too much of his mother, or when people wore real animal fur, there wasn’t much that bothered him.

But Carlos loathed the subway.

He hated the way it smelled like old socks and sweat, he hated how crowded it got, but most of all he hated how all the seats were taken and there was no more space on the poles to hold on to.

Annoyed, he started making his way to the throughout the car hoping to find an empty spot to stand in when, without warning the subway started moving and he was flung to the side, ramming into something solid.

Or rather someone solid, someone who very, very solid.

Utterly embarrassed he tries to pull away from the man he basically launched himself at, only to realize the other guy had wrapped his arm around his waist keeping him upright.   

The other guy grinned at Carlos.

“I’m Jay.” He said, still grinning like a fool.

Carlos felt his face flush, “Carlos,” he mumbled. “Thanks for, uh, catching me”

A sudden turn has Carlos falling into Jay again, he grips at Jay’s jacket and mumbles out another apology.

Jay just laughed and held him tighter, “No problem, doesn’t look like there is any more room so you can just hold onto me until your stop.” Carlos watched as a smirk took over Jays face and his eyes started to twinkle.

“And I guess I’ll have to get your number before you leave,  I mean since you already fell for me and all.” He winked

Carlos wasn’t aware a person’s face could reach the shade of red his did.  


Aaron reacting to being told that “no one else comes close” to him

#look at this precious little baby who can’t believe he ever would be that important to someone yet someone would put him first.

The way Robin looks at Barney!

I find it incredibly insane that some people think that Robin wasn’t or could never be happy with Barney when there is proof that she was and would be happiest with him. The way she looks at him is something so real and special, like she doesn’t look at any other guy like she does Barney. She looks at him in this special/sweet way, he definitely has her heart and that can’t be broken.

I mean, don’t get me wrong I love how Barney looks at Robin we all know he loves her but when someone says that she never loved him like he loved her I consider what they were watching or if they were ever really involved in this show or liked it. Barney, always looked at Robin in the same way throughout the show but there is proof in earlier seasons that she loved hanging out with him and was always happy around him. It’s an important fact that Barney and Robin are soulmates but the way they both look at each other is something completely different from a soulmate connection or their chemistry. This, is real very real the way they look at only each other in this very real and sweet way, it’s almost more romantic than any kind of other romantic thing you see on this show or any show for that matter. The chemistry was always there, but so was these beaming smiles of happiness that are only shown when they are around each other or hanging out. It’s super sweet to see that they really did love each other and it wasn’t one sided.

Happy Lowman - Good Job

Imagine your OTP giving each other a thumbs up in various situations.

It didn’t matter what it was if it was good the both of you would do it.

Happy got laid: Thumbs up

Happy killed someone: Thumbs up

Happy finished a good run: Thumbs up

It didn’t matter what it was and the guys were quickly catching on. So the next time Happy had caught you looking at him and he at you, you raised your thumb up and he smirked and returned the gesture, Tig and Chibs both looked at you confused.

“What he do this time?”

Tig asked curiously watching the man walking away. You could only smirk as you turned to look at your long time friend.

“He gave me killer sex last night.”

You said with the biggest shit eating grin you could muster.

John x Madi

So this is my new OTP. I stumbled on to it because it was a “Top 5” OTP for someone else’s list; however, I’m so happy I made it! 

I think John and Madi had a connection from the onset. I think TPTB established early on that there was some kind of connection between the two of them. Considering the initial glance (always has to be some intense glance - I’m tal'bout Richonne), him being fixated on her while they were imprisoned, to letting his guard down in front of her. These seem to be the wonderful beginnings of a fantastic OTP. 

Some may dispute that he was fixated on her while imprisoned because he was looking for a “third option” as he put it, While I definitely think its true that doesn’t negate the fact that he could also be attracted to her.

While there interactions have been minimal, they are poignant when they do happen. This last one being no different. I think it’s easy to forget that John is probably not as confidant in himself as he once was. This is hard to believe because he’s handsome, has the curls of God, muscular build; shall I continue….Without being able to accurately quote what he’s said I think he’s used words/phrases like “one-legged creature” “invalid” etc. So the idea of being a “Pirate King” probably seems like a stretch.

In comes Madi. She’s regal, unapologetic, thoughtful, progressive, a little rebellious and this woman sees in him what he can not see in himself. She’s has concern for him with no ulterior motive. He can be honest, and more importantly he can be week in front of her. When they’re talking in bed, and she proclaims “if I were a no-good pirate, I would follow you where ever you led” I think he’s surprised. I think he’s overwhelmed, and I think she's  able to help him reclaim some confidence he may have lost..and then I’m sure he blew that back out….I mean my God he told her where they buried the treasure!! Come on now!!!

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When Jimin wants Jk attention 🤔😅

So the entire time Jimin was dancing with Hobi he keep looking to the side and then i notice that Kookie was sitting in that direction since the beginning *had to put the screenshot at the end*😅
He was sooo dancing for Jk to see, he even moved in front of him 👏 *but when Jk still doesn’t look at him, he just push hobi* (we know Jimin temper 🙁) (still cute tho) 😍😙
But at the end Jk did dance with him, and he looks so happy 🤗☺

C-IM Big Bang: Downwards, Ever Faster

28k of Steve/Tony CACW angst


“I love you, Tony,” Steve says, and Tony believes him.

Tony never thought he could be so happy. Maybe after New York and Sokovia his luck has finally turned. He looks forward to the future–with Steve at his side. It’s perfect.

That is, until Lagos happens, and the Sokovian Accords are thrown between Steve and Tony. Good thing Tony knows that they can get through anything together. Can’t they?

There’s absolutely beautiful art by @sleepyoceanprince here: LINK. Thank you so much!

Thanks for beta to @trickyarchangel and @comicsohwhyohwhy!

Link to fic on AO3

Like no joke. I shipped literati so hard until this revival. They were my first otp and I have loved them forever. But then the revival happened.

And I don’t give a fuck. Now all I want is Jess Mariano to be happy and successful and over Rory Gilmore.

Jess deserves more than to spend his entire life chasing after a woman who will never look at him the way he looks at her. Even if she does somehow fall back in love with him… she’ll never understand just how much he cares about her.

Jess shouldn’t have been left pining.

I’m just so angry at ASP for doing this. I am actually devastated we have to watch him hurt because he grew up in pain and doesn’t deserve this.

We all know that it’s canon that Ronan can sing and probably has a great singing voice (since they’re all willing to listen to him for hours on cave missions) so please consider the following;

  • Ronan humming as he does work at The Barns and Opal picking up the tune and starting to sing along. No, it’s not the Murder Squash song but he does teach her that later and Adam mock glares at him every time Opal starts belting it out
  • Ronan sitting with Adam through one of his study sessions and noticing that Adam is tired, so he starts drumming his fingers and singing quietly to help Adam stay awake
  • Alternatively, Ronan softly murmuring lyrics to calm Adam down after a nightmare, running his fingers through Adam’s hair and occasionally kissing his forehead until he falls back asleep
  • Ronan jokingly -not so jokingly, actually- serenading Adam in the kitchen while they’re cooking something together and Opal twirling and dancing to the song, while Adam grins and tries to look exasperated with the both of them
  • Ronan singing along to Disney songs while they’re watching Disney movies with Opal, and Adam falling even more in love and marvelling at the beauty that is Ronan Lynch
  • Adam and Ronan cuddling on the couch and Ronan starts singing in another language, and he refuses to tell Adam what any of it means but it’s obviously a love song. Adam just hides a smile in Ronan’s neck and continues to listen with his good ear angled towards Ronan’s voice, and his fingers clutching at Ronan’s shirt
  • Ronan belting lyrics out while they’re driving somewhere and Adam laughing at how juvenile his boyfriend sounds atm
  • Just Ronan sometimes singing when he’s happy and Adam loving his voice and Opal picking up the habit from her dad. What a beautiful nerd family.
  • Bonus; One time, Adam finds some old records late at night and he puts them in the record player in the living room, and when Ronan comes back from checking on Opal, he smiles and starts singing along. Then Adam is tugging at his hand and they’re playfully dancing together and twirling around the living room with grins on both their faces
JiKook Backhugs

“Jikook is one-sided” my ass

Excuse me, but did Jungkook have to go and hug Jimin? No. He did it himself. And look at Hobi squishing and trapping him.

Jimin looks sly af like “Yeah biotch he’s hugging me on camera”

They’re so adorable together. I love Jikook

JinHope are like “Guys you can’t do that right now!” but JiKook are like lmao try to stop us

I just love this moment

Jungkook just casually slips his arms around Jimin and slowdances with him and Jimin just acts like it’s a natural thing to do

Excuse me Jungkook but did you really need to go on his back to put the headband on him?

Ew why is it so small?
“What scene are we?”
“Back hug scene”

Ok we get it Jungkook, he’s yours

They’re just talking and Jungkook slings his arm over Jimin

And of course Jimin backhugging Jungkook <3


Casually hugging during a broadcast with Seventeen I think???!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks @doodlemin)