look at him he's so angry

After throwing that pokeball at JK, Jimin’s gut reaction - his way of apologizing - was to try to kiss(?) Jungkook on the cheek. And the fact that they both practically ran away from the scene right afterwards made this 100 percent funnier (Jungkook was desperate for a drink of water and Jimin just kind of.. awkwardly floated somewhere to the side).

And god, look at Jin’s reaction:

^ Source: Same, Jin. Same. He totally knows something,,

But like, imagine this.. Jungkook rarely gets angry, right? Well, in comparison to Jimin, let’s say. So what if Jimin’s way of dealing with a sulking/angry Jungkook is to go full on aegyo mode? To cling to him and kiss him and do all the things that Jimin wouldn’t normally like to do… but would do anyway because Jungkook’s really into it? And Mr. Tsundere would, of course, try to resist and deny that it’s working..

…But it’ll totally work. Every single time.

I’m imagining a first meeting with oneshot!Kaneki and Hide. Kaneki had a bad day so he’s just glaring at everything, but not really looking at anything. Suddenly this angry looking blond guy comes up and lectures him for looking the wrong way at his puppy and demands he apologizes for for hurting Mr. Wrinkles’ feelings.

The whole time the puppy is just jumping at Kaneki’s shins and trying to play, but Hide is very adamant and makes Kaneki apologize and pet the puppy. Strangely, Kaneki feels a bit better afterwards.

Steve’s reaction to Danny’s potential retirement and not talking to him about it is still rocking me to my core. like when he’s confronting him and he makes the parallel to himself being as upset about it as a spouse would be, he’s exerting himself by pulling up the boards to put together the makeshift bridge. that makes it seem like his intense looks at Danny, the force he’s using to pull up the boards, and the way his voice raises is just because of that exertion, but it’s not

he wasn’t just upset with Danny, he was angry

Steve is normally so good at bottling up his emotions that the fact that he confronted Danny in such an emotional way is telling in and of itself. he was being absolutely genuine in his disbelief that Danny was contemplating such a huge life change without discussing it with him. we know he has abandonment issues and even though Danny is only on the island for his kids and could easily be snatched away if Rachel decided to move and the courts sided with her, he has come to see Danny as a constant. he sees himself growing old with him. for Danny to contemplate retirement without including him in the discussion probably hurt him on a deep level, which is most likely why Danny apologized

while I’m sad we haven’t been seeing their recent therapy sessions, it’s remarkable that they’ve made enough progress for Steve to express himself emotionally and for Danny to apologize when he sees where he’s coming from. it took a few years, but therapy finally seems to be working for them

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Can you do a short prompt where Jungkook flirts with Jimin and Yoongi isn't bothered because he doesn't see Jungkook as competition. But Jimin gets angry because Yoongi isn't jealous! <3

Yoongi is the laid back type of boyfriend, and Park Jimin loves it. Except sometimes, it irks him how nonchalant his ‘laid back boyfriend’ could be when someone is openly flirting with him.

“Hyung! Minnie Hyung! Your cheeks look cute like that, why are they so puffy?” Jungkook cooed, sinking his index finger into Jimin’s rosy cheeks.

Jimin grinds his teeth and stared at his boyfriend who is currently sitting on the opposite side of the coffee table, calmly sipping his coffee. Yoongi’s feet were cocked up on the edge of the table, with the daily newspapers loosely held in his hand.

He was perfect, Jimin thought.

But he was a goddamn idiot for ignoring him like that!

“Hyung, do you want to get lunch together after class?” Jungkook piped, finger still pressed against Jimin’s cheek.

A light bulb went off in Jimin’s head. Maybe Yoongi couldn’t hear them? Maybe Yoongi couldn’t hear the way Jungkook spoke to him- because he’s so into his article. So, Jimin decided to give him another chance.

“Oh, I don’t know Kookie. I was thinking that Yoongi Hyung and I would go out together…..right Hyung!” Jimin said, raising his voice a little.

Jungkook stared between his two Hyungs with the blankest expression. His little eyes appeared puffy as he squinted, deep in thought.

Yoongi didn’t even bat an eyelash at Jimin.

“…Well, Yoongi Hyung seems indifferent. Jimin Hyung, maybe we can go together, huh? And eat meat, the tasty kind!” Jungkook beamed.

Purely by accident, in Jungkook’s excitement about thinking of meat, his hand slipped and landed on Jimin’s thigh. Dangerously close to his ‘out of bounds’ area. 

Jimin felt scandalized. And being the Drama Prince that Jimin was, he let out a loud gasp- 

More like a cry for help, Jungkook thought.

This, however, peaked Yoongi interest. Yoongi looked up from his papers with his glasses dipping low on his nose. Jimin once again felt scandalized, except this time, it was Yoongi’s raised eyebrows and piercing gaze that triggered the Drama Prince deep inside Jimin.

“Yah! What are you doing right now?” Yoongi grumbled, resting his cup of coffee on the table.

Jungkook  scooted away from Jimin. Because Jungkook knows what’s about to go down when Yoongi puts down his coffee without finishing it, and it’s never good.

“Hyung, he was poking me and calling me cute and his h-hand…h-he touched my-”

“Hyung! I was just asking him if we could go out for lunch after class! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Jimin wore the most offended expression.

But Jungkook knows Jimin too well. He’s a tattletale, especially when it came to Yoongi Hyung. Jimin just goes on and on and on…and by the end of the day Yoongi compiles a hit list for all the people who bothered his Jimin. And Jungkook doesn’t want to be on that list, he likes his Hyung way too much.

“Yah, how old are you two?” Yoongi scoffed, scooting closer to Jimin.

“Hyung! You’re supposed to be on my side and not make useless comments like that.”

Jungkook gulped, and scoot even further away from the two. -How dare that small human talk like that to Yoongi Hyung? -Jungkook thought.

“Jungkookie is right you know.” Yoongi said, wrapping his arm around Jimin’s waist and staring deeply into the cute red cheeked boy’s eyes.

“I am?”

“He is?”

“Yeah. You’re absolutely the cutest!”

Jimin pouted and his lips resembled that of a duck’s beak. Yoongi melted inside.

Jungkook sighed in relief. He thought he was dead meat and he really doesn’t want to stay here with those lovebirds any longer.

“Hyung I’m leaving, class starts in ten minutes.” Jungkook mumbles, scampering out of his seat.

“I can’t believe you ignored me Hyung! Kookie was flirting and all you did was read that stupid thing!” Jimin grumbled, pushing the newspaper with his hand.

“As if that kid could flirt. He’s 15 Jimin, and you’re mine. End of story.” Yoongi cooed, pecking Jimin’s pouted beak.

“I’m 19 Hyung!” Jungkook yelled from the distance.

“It doesn’t change the fact that you’re mine Jimin.”

Jimin heart swelled with joy.

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Of baby teeth and puppy love

Drabble by typical-marvel-trash (at your service ;))

Bucky x Female Reader
Warnings: None

Summary: Bucky first developed feelings for you when you were kids, because you stuck your neck out for him, and got a school bully Bucky was fighting with expelled.

“I-I swear, I did not hit her that hard!”, the nasty looking boy stammered, while an angry teacher dragged him to the headmaster. Bucky kneeled down next to the girl’s sobbing form, and stared at the tooth that was lying on her palm with wide eyes.

“(Y/n), I am so sorry. I am thankful that you stuck your neck out for me to help me protect Steve, but this-”, he stopped talking, looking at her dumbfounded as her sobbing turned into giggles. What could possibly be funny about getting a tooth knocked out by the biggest kid in school?

She looked at him with a cheeky smile. “He really did not hit me that hard. This tooth right here has been lose for weeks. It would have fallen out any day. Actually, I am almost glad he knocked it out. It’s my last baby tooth, finally. It was getting late.”, she giggled again, and stuffed the tooth into the pocket of her jacket.

Bucky did not know what to say. She was a cunning little master mind! Provoking that jerk into hitting her, and making the adults believe that he had hit her hard enough to knock a tooth out. Something hot started to swell in his chest. Deep admiration and … something else. Something that made his insides twist, and turn, and flutter. But it did not feel bad. In fact, it felt so good that he did not want it to stop. And it did not stop the entire afternoon, not even when (Y/n)’s furious father arrived at school to take her home.

The headmaster was talking to Bucky and the jerk, as Mr (L/n) carried (Y/n) past the little group. Over her father’s shoulder she flashed Bucky and the jerk a bashful, toothy grin, revealing the impressive gap in the front row of her teeth.

It was in that very moment that Bucky knew that this girl was the one for him. The only one.

God I can’t stop thinking about that clone thing in gta. If you bumped into one of them, they would get so angry at you and be like stuck in a permanent pissed off state and try to kill you anytime you entered their pen. So Cronan was looking into ways to pacify them, and I’ll never fucking ever forget, loading out to place a new clone down, then loading in. And as I’m loading in, Cronan says he found a way to subdue the clones. And when I run back to the car wash, it’s just him and Tom standing at opposite ends of the car wash-turned-prison cell, with assault rifles trained on the clones, and all the clones cowering in a corner screaming and crying

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Why do you tease poor Saihara so much?

Isn’t it obvious anon-chan

it’s because it’s fun~ Nishishi~

Okay listen up~ Everyone has a reaction to lies and pranks, some people get angry and some get upset, those are the standard two, most people fall under these categories and I find those people absolutely boring~ Nishishi

You see, Saihara-chan reacts a little differently, sometimes he’s shocked or surprised even though I did tell him that ‘I am a liar’ and other times….he looks a bit curious, being a detective make him naturally seek out the truth from my lies however since he lacks confidence it’s a bit harder for him, don’t get me wrong, most of his deductions are right, I just tell him he’s wrong and tell more lies just to watch him get flustered over nothing~ Nishishi

Saihara-chan isn’t boring at all~

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jeremichael king au "strength"?

tfw this is techincally the first time uve openly written someone other than gavin and ryan and ur like ??? whats a characterisation who even KNOWS


“You never cease to amaze me,” he says to you, his voice soft as he rests his hand on your shoulder. You know if you turn to look at him, you’ll see his adoration and infatuation clear as day on his face. You know he’ll see it mirrored on your own.

“I’ve done nothing but swing a sword and be angry about missing,” you respond with a sigh. You are feel that you’re always angry, always yelling. But oddly, never around him.

“Yet you continued,” Jeremy is always so gentle with you, always treats you as an equal and not as the king you’ve been treated as for so long. “You’ve been so strong throughout all these negotiations, Michael. It’s your strength that amazes me, always.”

You look at him now, the magi knight with the hair that shifts with his emotions. You love him. “Your strength is why I keep goin’, Lil’J.”

10 sentence prompts?

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*tugs him close, whispering to his ear* Look, I don't hate you, so help me out. If you can stall him more, the fusion might stay a fusion. *pulls away* Buuuuut, who's to say he can't force out the truth? He isn't alone, and Kate ain't here. It'd be nice for me to film a fight.

Tord is looking more impatient, and of course angry. Ben glances from him to Kaine, then grins. “Oh of course, the client! Sorry, I was a little confused there. Yes, perhaps she followed the client!”


I can’t believe I’m saying this but this will be my final analysis before the finale so I hope this is good.

Let’s start from the beginning! Yuuri after he touched down during his quad flip.

Heartbroken is the only word for this. Before this he was looking over his routine of what he did wrong. He thinks that he just lost his way to get gold. His self esteem has plummeted.

Next is this:

Victor was watching Yurio’s Agape. Many people did not know why he was so serious, but I believe that he seemed this way because a 15 year old just defeated his world record in his senior debut. That’s something I’d be angry about as well, especially after he mocked him in episode 10.

Yurio has now beaten Victor’s record so how could he lose? Well I’ll tell you. Yurio as we know has a really bad attitude thinking that he is better then everyone else and no one can defeat him. I love Yurio to death but I can admit that he sometimes acts a bit like JJ. He has a ton of confidence that he will win, and that will be his worst enemy. His confidence will tell him, “Yurio, you’ve already beaten Victor’s record so nothing can stop you! You will win!” The issue is overconfidence tends to have you mess up. You think too highly and the next thing you know you’ve failed.


Yuuri in this scene doesn’t look very convinced. He seems to be saying it for the cameras, but on the inside he’s worried. Worried that he’ll let everyone down. 

Next is everyone’s least favorite scene:

This is the scene I really need to talk about. “let’s end this,” now I am only saying this but don’t worry I’ll get happier but, Yuuri has convinced himself that after this season he will have Victor leave. I have actually spoken on this previously, but Yuuri never talked it out with Victor. Now he’s bringing is plan to light.

Yuuri has convinced himself that Victor will leave him after this season when he retires. He will leave him in the dust and never see him again.


Victor is shown to be extremely shocked. “What do you mean ‘let’s end this’ when I’ve already told you I’m not leaving?” Victor is not going to let him get away with this but Yuuri has already told himself it will.

These last two scenes are EXTREMELY important! He looks pissed. Yuuri has just told him let’s end all of what we have so you can go back to skating while I retire. There will DEFINITELY be an argument. And like I always say arguments are keys to healthy relationships. Victor will most like take him to a secluded place to fight this out.

Tears will be said and so will words. These two need to be on the same page. Victor is ahead of him saying that they’ll get married and be together while Yuuri is still behind thinking that Victor wants to leave. Victor will finally put some common sense into Yuuri once and for all. 

Maybe go along the lines of “I have been with you for this long, I will not let you go! You are my life! My love! I can’t lose you because then I’d be losing my entire life! I’ll lose myself so please, believe me when I say I want to marry you and be with you for the rest of my life!”

We will hear more about Victor, how much Yuuri means to him. We will see tears being shed. The two pictures will be before the fight. These two will FINALLY be on the same page.

I’m nervous and scared just like the rest of you but I believe wholeheartedly that Victor and Yuuri will come together and not break up. These two love one another way too much to just give that up. They love each other.

Next Wednesday will be the day that we finally get a happy conclusion. Kubo does not intend to let us down. She said herself that the episode will be chaotic and the next one will help clear everything else. The info she was speaking about was the thing that Yuuri was hiding.

Another thing is that Yurio did perfectly on his Agape performance. Which in YOI talk means that something won’t go right for his free skate. Yuuri has never messed up his Eros routine until now. Foreshadowing is key in this series. Kubo is foreshadowing a great routine for Yuuri. I feel it.

This was way longer than expected and I have full faith that these two cuties will be together and get married. Yuuri will DEFINETELY succeed his quad flip and win gold.

Until episode 12 my dudes :)

So I never thought I’d make a post about Yakov Feltsman, but here we are XD

Yakov has made it very apparent throughout the season that he thinks Victor’s just messing around for fun, “playing coach” like it’s a game. Until now, I’ve just thought that the writers made Yakov so angry about Victor dropping everything to go be Yuuri’s coach because Victor is literally the most talented ice skater he’s ever coached.

Of course, Yuri Plisetsky is up-and-coming crazy talented, but Yakov has history with Victor; he’s possibly even known him since before Victor’s Junior debut. This is Victor’s career, and Yakov is upset because from where he’s standing, it looks like Victor is throwing everything away on some selfish hunch. Watching Yakov’s attitude slowly warm to Yuuri over the course of episode 9 was really interesting.

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top 16 ‘daddy characters’ of 2016

so @novocaine-sea and I are thirsty and wanted to compile a list of our favorite animated ‘daddy’ boys.  (this is definitely a joke.  please understand that).

16. Takajou Joujirou

He is a dweeb 90% of the time, but the other 10%… damn.

15. Katsuki Yuuri

Once he finds his eros, 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

14. Genos

I never knew robots could be hot.  Or have ear piercings.

13. Kunikida Doppo

Why he so angry?  I have a thing for glasses and I know you do too, Aja.

12. Ushijima Wakatoshi

Honestly with him, he’s either ‘I-must-protect-he-is-too-pure’ or ‘please-rip-me-to-shreds’ and there is no in between.

11. Dazai Osamu

Attractive goofball that is emo af.

10. Viktor Nikiforov

Who wouldn’t called an ass-naked man winking at you daddy?  I’m looking at you, Yuuri.

9. Miyuki Kazuya

Honestly, if he weren’t the same age as me, I would rank him like number 1.

8. Nanashima Nazomu

His “I’m gonna kill you” did, in fact, kill me.

7. Oikawa Tooru

He’s honestly a complete package.  Looks, smarts, shitty personality… I kid.

6. Kuroo Tetsurou

He looks pissy in this picture and I love it.  He can go from nerd to daddy real quick.

5. Shirogane “Shiro” Takashi

He is so amazing and I LOVE HIM.

4. Mitsuboshi Takeru

L I T E R A L L Y.

3. Sawamura Daichi

Who do you think I am?  Of course Daichi is in my top 3.  I would honestly give him everything in the world, he is the reason I live.

2. Sangwoo

If he weren’t a FUCKING PSYCHOPATH he would be number one.  Holy.  FUCK.

1. Musumi Kazuma

I first laid eyes on him and was like “he is the one.”  He is SO PERFECT AND AMAZING AND I FUCKING LOVE HIM OKAY.  He is the ultimate.  daddy.

thank you for sticking with me through my thirst, and you too Aja since i literally scream with you whenever we find new daddies.

JJ's performance in episode 11 is so crucial in helping Yuuri move forward.

So I was really surprised when JJ choked in ep 11. If there was one person who I never thought would crack, it was JJ. I expected consistency from him, so when he messed up I was SUPER shocked.

And that’s the point.

Remember this scene from the same episode where Yuuri reacts to failing his jump? After executing a near perfect performance?

This is the look of someone who’s just… so angry at himself for failing. Someone who’s thinking “wow you’ve fucked up the year before and this year you have Viktor by your side and YOU STILL FUCK UP.”

Yet in episode 12 that’s no longer a prominent issue. You no longer see him terrified of failure, and you can tell that watching JJ gave him the insight that he needed.

This is him realising that even the most seemingly infallible are fallible. That they can and will cave in to the pressure from time to time, and that it’s okay.

And this is him realising that he’s NOT a failure. That he’s not some pathetic loser to everyone for messing up that jump.

And finally here’s where he finds a bit more confidence in himself and self-worth. Here’s where Yuuri realises that messing up does not undermine every other success he’s had, that it does not define him. That he failed at one jump, but he also succeeded at every other, and was brilliant enough to be one of the final six.

Here’s where he realises that he failed, and that he can forgive himself for that.

Can we talk about how healthy it is that victor and yuuri were shown to get testy with each other in this episode? Like victor was disappointed in yuuri for being standoffish to minami and called him out on it. I’ll say it again. Victor, whose heart belongs to yuuri, still calls yuuri out on his behavior. And yuuri, instead of lashing out at Victor or defending himself irrationally, thinks about Victor’s words and then corrects his behavior. (“GOOD LUCK!”).

Likewise yuuri defies victor and doesn’t perform the modified program, (supposedly because he is stubborn and it’s probably but of a pride thing too) and instead of being angry, victor considers yuuri’s feelings, relates to him (“oh it’s me!”), and offers yuuri his support all the same.

This is so important because this is part of a healthy relationship (and I’m talking romantic and non-romantic). Here, neither of them is looking through love-goggles. One does not find the other “perfect.” One does not coddle the other. One is not dominant and controlling the other. Even yuuri, who idolizes (or at least used to idolize) victor, doesn’t put him on a pedestal. No, instead they call each other out. One doesn’t always follow the other’s wishes. And, even better, they listen to each other and try to understand each other. They respect each other. And that’s so healthy. Omg. I’m so glad this show portrays these little relationship-y things. There are cuddles and hugs and chapped lips. But there are also disagreements and disappointments and bickering. And that’s so important–especially when it comes to love.

Okay so I know that episode 9 is right around the corner but I just want to talk about one more thing from episode 8. Specifically, this line:

I feel like it rubbed many people the wrong way and gave many of us the wrong impression. I think that a lot of people might have interpreted it as Yuuri basically saying that the tie-pull and everything that he does/thinks while skating Eros is just a performance, that it’s just acting, that it’s not real, and I would understand why it would make people angry.

But thanks to @juicy-shuu I noticed a new side to this line. Because let’s look at the context of this scene here: a moment earlier Victor is showing off to his fans and waving to the crowd – he’s not even looking at Yuuri, much less focusing on him. I think a much more plausible interpretation of the line is “The performance has begun, so from now on, you only get to keep your eyes on me.” (Think of it as an extension of ‘Don’t ever take your eyes off me’ from episode 6.)

And honestly? This makes way more sense than the idea that Yuuri is just pretending to be seducing Victor in his Eros program, because believe it or not, you don’t get extra points in figure skating for being gay. There is absolutely nothing he could gain from just acting all the things he says and does, including the kiss he blows at Victor.

The line doesn’t dismiss their relationship and what Yuuri does during his programs, in fact, it reinforces it. Add to it the line “I’ll show my love to the whole of Russia” and it’s hard to argue that what Yuuri says here is anything but romantic/sexual love. Also, notice how it’s no longer about ‘seducing’ anymore, and now it’s about ‘love’? In essence, all of this is a way of showing the viewer how far these two have come.

Not to mention that Victor was always an essential part of the Eros performance – he’s the person that Yuuri dedicates the program to, the one that helps him focus and draw his sexuality out onto the ice. It’s Victor’s attention, the fact that he’s watching, that’s spurring Yuuri on here. And he wants Victor to see as he flaunts his love in front of all of Russia. All this does is reaffirm their romantic/sexual relationship, albeit in a subtler way than just saying “I love you” or something similar.

So yes. That line (and the tie pulling) isn’t just teasing and is in fact a rather explicit way of showing the current status of their relationship. Anyone feel the same?


october 25th, 2016.

I see a lot of people reacting to this picture by saying that Yuri is sad because he expected to win gold and instead got silver.

And while I agree, I can see a deeper reason in his sadness.

We all know Yuri by now. We know that his first reaction is to be angry, and indeed in the first picture we see from Skate Canada, he looks angry. 

If he were simply upset about his silver he would look annoyed in the second picture as well, as he does in the first.

So why is he genuinely sad here, to the point that he can’t hold back his emotions? It’s not like him to actually show sadness in front of people.

We already know that he is the main provider in his family, so he might be sad about the loss because he has economic problems and really needed the money from the gold medal.

Or maybe he had some sort of problem with Yakov or a fight with his family or with someone important to him, and he is sad about it. Whatever it is, I think there is a big reason for his sadness here. We have barely seen Yuri in the last two episodes and we don’t really know what’s going on in his life right now. We still know nothing about his family and the problems he might have in his house.

He feels guilt and sadness in that picture. It might be nothing, but I don’t think the anime would focus on his face and show his sadness if there wasn’t a good reason behind, and we might find out more about it once he competes in the Rostelecom Cup.

The return of Performing Dean

So, the family is out having breakfast. Remind me again, how long has it been since we’ve seen Dean flirt with a waitress? Yes I know, 12x11, but @mittensmorgul has written a fantastic meta HERE addressing that. 

What’s different this time? 


Wally - Red blooded American hunter. Wally, who sneers at namby pamby nancy boys with soft white hands. Wally, with his beard and his jacket who reminds me a lot of John. And Dean’s performing for him, being daddy’s little hunter boy. 

So Dean tries to flirt with Mandy, using the hammiest possible approach and it fails. And he’s okay with it. Until she shows interest in Cas. Look at the reactions, Sam immediately look at Cas with an uh-oh face. And Dean is just pissed, complete with eye rolling and lips pursing.

Dean’s jealous, and Sam knows it. I say this because some people are already trying to paint Dean getting pissed as him being angry about getting rejected. That is highly OOC for Dean (Jo shot him down and he simply breezed past it) He’s gotten rejected plenty of times with no issue. Dean’s also got rejected by girls who then hit on Sam. He’s always been okay with that. 

But Cas, Cas is different, isn’t he?

Wally is still there though. So Dean can’t pull the possessive jealous husband routine he pulled in 12x10. So what does Dean do? What every insecure person does. 

Lalala I don’t care at all that someone’s flirting with you. I’m going to be magnanimous about it and show how much I don’t care at all hahaha because I don’t care. Not at all. 

Wally nods in approval when Dean mentions Mandy is ‘into’ Cas. Mary shoots the topic down, and Dean tries to play both sides - the macho posturing side that Wally approves of, but Mary clearly doesn’t like it. So he backtracks there (”I’m not objectifying her Mom, this is a teachable moment)

And he’s trying to wink and act like everything’s cool… But it’s not. Dean doesn’t look happy, he looks positively pained. Contrast this to when he took Cas to the brothel. Another teachable moment. Look at how different he looked. 

Sam distracts, and Dean has the perfect chance to forget about it. But he doesn’t. Because even though Cas has been clueless to everything till now, Dean’s still not feeling secure enough to let it go. He can’t act too irritated in front of Wally, so he takes it out on Sam a little, then immediately goes back to bro-bro manly back slapping. And Wally is watching on, nodding and approving everything Dean’s saying - she’ll smell like food. Really, Dean? Are you talking about a girl who’ll appeal to Cas, or you? Why are you fishing so much?

Cas still doesn’t respond. Mary shuts it down again. And that’s the end of that.   

You know, it is surprising that 12x10 and 12x12 both had promos with Jealous!Insecure husband!Dean. It’s alost like their trying to point to something…  

(gif credits to @timetraveldean, @godshipsit, @storywingstiel)