look at him he's flawless

*sees a skinny Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS  H Im ThERe.

*sees a chubby Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe.

*sees a green/white/brown/gray/purple Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe.

*fashionable Taako/fashion disaster Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe. 

Just T A A K O.


How many times has it been, that I’ve watched the cherry blossoms in here. Everything changes with time. World affairs, ideologies, and even… the Shinsengumi. I precisely believe in those things that do not change.

BTS: Seeing You Cleaning In Heels (M/F)

(Some of these weren’t completely specific to what you wanted, but I tried. I hope you like <3 Also a couple turned out to be a little mature, so beware..)


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When he walked into the house and saw you in those lovely black heels he was confused. For one, you were just vacuuming and had these killer heels on that he’s never seen before. For two, who wears heels in the house? He set down his bag carefully and walked towards you as you sang while moving the vacuum around the living room. He went up behind you and hugged you tightly.

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Dio and Giorno do each other’s make up and clothes.

Dio: looks so vogue he walked out of a magazine. His lemon lime outfit replaced with a black undershirt and rose jacket and he gets all the turned heads. People think he’s Giorno’s older brother instead of his father. Giorno gestures a little bit to him to relax his face and he looks even better. Flawless 10/10, Giorno slipped in some ladybugs in there.

Giorno: All that glitters is Giorno. His shoes are bedazzled, his outfit is now oversaturated, his makeup is intense. But the thing is, he looks good like this– it’s hard to put Giorno in anything and make him not look good, but from the jutting-out shoulderpads of his blue jacket to the point of his shoes, he looks like a good 80′s throwback. His hair is more rock band now. He wouldn’t look out of place with a patch ironed onto his coat, either.

Dio does iron one on– “DIO”, from the actual band. Giorno turns it into a bunch of small flowers.

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I hope you don't mind a request! How would the TFP Decepticons react the teen reader that theh had kidnapped being polite,kind and repectable to them? Sure she has a few of her snarky and sarcastic moments but other than that she'll be willing to help them with their problems or if they need a willing listening ear or helping tiny hands. And who would still like to keep in contact even after the autobots managed to save them?

Awe, sweet little s/o just wants to help :3

-He hates you at first, you are a human and humans are useless
-He does however welcome you to help him, he finds it amusing that something so tiny can care so much
-He sees why the bots like having you around, you’re so nice and he barely sees genuine kindness anymore

-He is disgusted by you and claims he doesn’t need your help
-You said something that hit him and he decides he should give you a chance
-He’s kind of sad to see you go and hopes that the number you gave him to contact is actually yours because he might actually contact you

-He doesn’t say anything for most of the time, then you kind of start to get him to think
-He wants you to stop, he doesn’t want to think about any of it, he suddenly speaks cutting you off “stop!”
-The rest of your time together is silent, and when you give him your number he throws it out, but he actually took a photo and added it to his database

Knock Out:
-He is convinced he has no problems, look at him and his finish! He’s flawless!
-You keep talking and it all eventually just comes out of him, all the darkness he’s been hiding, the trauma, the abuse…
-He takes your number and promises to use it, he hasn’t had a real friend since Breakdown…

-He acts all tough and brute but looking at him you can tell he’s not just muscles
-You strike up a conversation and at first he resists, but then he is laughing, and then he’s telling you about everything… his rivalry with Bulkhead, how he loss his eye, the poor vehicons, how he doesn’t trust Airachnid, etc
-He apologizes for telling you his problems and thankful you listened, he is super happy when you offer to give him you number and even checks to make sure it works

-She doesn’t like you at all, the more you talk the more she hates you
-When you start trying to help her, she really wants to get rid of you or kill you, whichever she can get away with
-She’s glad you’re gone, good riddance… but although you may be right about what you said about her

-He’s just following his orders which is make sure you stay locked up, he doesn’t know how he feels about humans since he’s barely ever seen them
-He decides to engage in conversation after you keep trying thinking what harm it could bring, but then he starts talking and soon he’s talking about everything that upsets him
-He’s glad he got to talk to you, but he’d rather not talk about his feels again. It’s easier that way…

-He doesn’t answer you at all, unless you plan on volunteering to be his test subject
-You trying to help him work though his problems is illogical
-Don’t even bother giving him your number, it would be illogical

-He is threatening towards you, showing power and dominance even though you aren’t really that scared of him, he’s like a giant cat
-He likes that you’re willing to listen to him, he tells you about Cybertron and his species
-He liked talking to you and telling you his history, but he doubts it will ever happen again

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What is your favorite of Louis' hairstyles???

oh boy, long haired louis was such a blessing, let me tell you.

I mean, look at him, long fringe and all

look at how flawless he looks just rocking it on stage

he just makes it look so effortless :’)

I mean, doesn’t get better than this…

and don’t even get me started on head band louis!!

how could anyone resist???

and the iconic outfit he wore in this interview:

the way he walks in pap photos like it’s nothing…

let’s just say, long haired louis was a gift.

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Date Night Proposal - Simon D

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 Word count: 1,5k

 What was the thing you liked most about your relationship with Simon? He wasn’t necessarily clingy, just clingy enough for you to feel loved and to feel he cared for you and your relationship. He wasn’t the jealous type. He knew he had no right to be since he was surrounded by women all the time due to his career, and your connection was too strong to be broken by such a selfish feeling. On the other hand, you were sure he would never again put another relationship on the stake of break up after his break-up with Lady Jane. You knew he loved you, his actions always proved so, and for you, actions spoke louder than words.

 On nights when he didn’t have recordings, performances or events for him to appear at the two of you would just get lazy on the sofa while watching your favorite dramas. Kiseok would always lay his head in your lap while you mindlessly played with his hair. He assumed you never realized this habit of yours since you didn’t play with his hair on other occasions. He, however, had never brought this up because he enjoyed it too much, it reminded him of his childhood, of the times he had been sick and his mother caressed his hair to help him fall asleep, hence, he had always fallen asleep in your lap before the drama ended.

 Your recent favorite drama was Goblin, however, Kiseok would never admit this. Every time someone mentioned the drama he said he only watched it because Hyoseob sang one of the OSTs. You knew him better, though. The love stories depicted in the drama made him think about your relationship a lot more, he’s been thinking of proposing to you he just couldn’t find the right ring nor the right words. 

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Actual conversation I had Christmas morning
  • Brother: *something about I Prevail*
  • Me: Okay but I don't listen to them
  • Brother: WHAT HOW?!?!
  • Me: You don't even listen to Neck Deep. OR KNUCKLE PUCK
  • Brother: Who's that?
  • Me: Dude. We are in a Chicago suburb. Get on your Chicago pop punk.
  • Brother: Dude I listen to like 15 bands. I don't have time for anymore.
  • Me: .......
On Vacation with Ethan | part 2

Made | September 2, 2015

Word count: 817
Part 2 of Ethan on Vacation


“Where are we going?” You asked Ethan once you finished changing. He was sprawled down on your bed using his phone. He puts his phone down and sits up.

“It’s a surprise.” He pulls you into a hug and kisses your forehead. “Let’s go.”

You had no clue where he was bringing you since you have never been to Florida but you were excited.

The ride was quiet, slow, and relaxing. The wind was blowing through your hair and your hand was in Ethan’s. You looked over to your left to him siting in the drivers seat. He was flawless and he always took your breath away.

“Like what you see?” He glanced at you, and smiled.

“Yeah I do.” You squeezed his hand and relaxed for the rest of the ride.


“Okay we’re here.” You look around and saw you were at the beach.

“Ethan I didn’t come in my bathing suit.” You told him while getting out of the car.

“I know. We aren’t here to swim though.” He takes your hand and starts to guide you. “I just wanted to chill here.”

He sits down by the lifeguard shack, brings his knees closer to his chest, and rests he arms on his knees. You sat down next to him and rested your head on his shoulder.

“Can I tell you something?” He asked, moving over for you to look at him.

“Anything.” You could tell he was nervous about telling you this but you were patient and let him take his time.

“I’m still a virgin,” He mumbled. You rose an eyebrow, wondering why he would be nervous about telling you he was a virgin. “I know it’s probably a weird thing to say-”

“I was just thinking, Why did you seem so nervous about telling me that?” You asked.

He scratch his head. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. He sighed.

“We’ve been dating for a long time. I thought maybe we could.” You nodded, understanding what he was trying to say.

“If you want to.” You told him. He nodded and smiled.

He leaned in. Closing the space between you two slowly. You looked up into eyes and down to his faded pink lips. Finally he closed the space between you, and slowly kisses you.

He reached down and takes a hold of thighs and picks you up off the ground. He breaks the kiss to place you on the ramp of the lifeguard shack. He leans down to kiss you again. This time not as slow and sweet. He gave you open mouthed kisses on your jaw and neck. He pushes your legs to the side and lays between them. You lift you hips to grind against them.

“Can I top?” You breathed, he nodded and pushed his hair back. He does as you say and flips you both over for you to straddle him. You grind you hips down on him. Ethan lets out a groan and grips your thighs.

“Baby, please.” He begs.

“What do you want me to do, Ethan?” You asked, while grinding your hips faster.

“Fuck me.” His brows furrowed and he held your hips tightly. You pulled off your tank and revealed you bare chest. Ethan breathed out and reached out to grab one of your boobs but you slapped his hand away. He groaned and pushed his hair back again. You rubbed your hands over his chest and trailed them down to the waist band of his calvin’s. You took the waist band and snapped it against his hips.

Ethan started to get impatient and pulled his shirt off himself. You got off of him and pulled your shorts off. Ethan pulled of his own and held his erection. You pulled down his boxer briefs. You pumped his erection with slow strokes, teasing him.

“Babygirl, faster. Please.” He begged, but you stopped completely. You didn’t want him to come until you were riding him.

You slip off your panties and lowered yourself on him. You let out a low moan feeling his erection filling you up. You rode him slowly. You knew Ethan wanted it fast, but you wanted to tease him and make it last long since it was his first time.

“Y/N, go fucking faster. ” He urged, smacking your ass.

“No, Baby.”

You pulled him up so your chests were touching. You pulled him to a kiss and continued to grind on him. You decided to surprise him and start riding him faster.

“Oh my god!” Ethan groaned, throwing his head back. He had his brows furrowed and his mouth open slightly, enjoying the new pleasure. He gives a smack to your ass and squeezed it. He holds both cheeks and helped you bounce faster.You could tell by his moaning he was close and so were you.

“Baby girl…” He breathed, touching your sweaty foreheads together.

“Yeah I know.”

He let out a throaty groan and threw his head back again. You could feel the hot spurts coming from Ethan and filing you up. You continued to grind on him a little to help him ride out his high. He leaned back against the ramp and smiled.

“That was really … Uh.” Ethan started, still trying to catch his breath.

“Amazing?” You finished.

“Yeah.” He smiled and moved the hair that was sticking to his forehead.

“Thank you, Baby.”