look at him he is such a cute little baby


When the baby that LOOKS like it’s gonna be the biggest troublemaker actually grows up into the biggest troublemaker…


jungkook acne appreciation

so anti’s are acting like jungkook’s acne is a issue! actually i love it. jungkook is so handsome and talented and he is such a genuinely good person and the fact that he has acne just makes him more human. for fans who feel ugly for having acne – for just being human – it’s so nice to see an idol who is so beautiful and loved struggle with something as mundane as acne <3 so i actually love it. i love him and i think its nice that we get to see him as a human instead of an unattainable idol.

and take a look – he isn’t any less handsome 

his cute little bunny smile!!!

slay me kookie i love him so much

lashes ~~~ why is our kookie so handsome

HIS EYES ARE JUST! so beautiful


MELANIN COME THRU!!!!! so damn handsome

as you can see everyone is dumb and kookie with acne is super handsome and loveable and if you have a problem with it then u can suck my fat dick <3 


So…. today back in 1995 a baby was born. 

A little wittle baby that would soon turn into the one and only Joshua.

Who is Joshua?

Joshua, born Hong Jisoo, is one of the vocalists of 17.

But what makes Hong Jisoo, Hong Jisoo.

Well, firstly, Joshua is extremely cute.


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I mean look at him! He is so precious! His face is small, his smile is sweet he has got a cute button nose and his eye smile makes all boys and girls all over the world melt.

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Secondly, Joshua speaks to sweetly and kindly.

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His voice is smooth and caring. His manner of speech is kind yet passionate yet also calm.

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Thirdly, he is so talented! I mean he can sing, play the guitar, dance and do so much more. Honestly, the boy should stop hogging the talent and leave some for the rest of us!

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Joshua is a rather interesting persona? 

Why you may ask…

Well, lets just say

This is Joshua: (He makes my ovaries exp-

Insert Joshua: nooooooooooooo)

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And this is also Joshua

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You see my problem?

This isn’t a human being. This is an angel(sorry Jeonghan!)

So lets appreciate him shall we?

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Look at how attractive he is!

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Look at how much he loves his fans

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Appreciates his members

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Gets thirsty

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Bang all Carats hearts go AJU NICE!

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And just look at his relationship with some of his members!

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The closeness!

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The love between them

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The ‘95 bromance!

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The hugs!

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Joshua was just a shy American boy who went to Korea  to become a singer and look at him now!

He is part of a 13 member group that has so much talent that they are out of this world! This boy went from a shy, quiet child

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To an outspoken, hilarious young man who seems to be trying to get the meme lord title away from Vernon.

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So our beloved boy is fantastic. He bring a smile to min  and all carats faces al the time, everyday, every minute, every video!

Every time he appears on screen I die over nd over again because every time i am taken aback by him.

He is a beloved sunshine, so  positive, so happy, so adorable, so loving!

So i really hope that that Joshua stays the amazing person he is!

I really hope he keeps opening up to everyone and has people he can share his stories and feelings with.

I hope the members listen to him and i hope they start forgetting him less.)

I hope he stays happy and stays healthy!

After all, nothing and I mean nothing is more important than our beloved boys being healthy.

Joshua you never need to change because you are amazing just the way  you are!

I hope you get more and more recognition and lines because you sure deserve them! I hope you have many, many more chances o shine because you are a star!

I hope you don’t let the hate get to you, because those people are just jealous. I mean, who wouldn’t be look at Joshua!

So happy Birthday to this precious young man!

We Love you!

I love you! Really, really love you!

`Thank you for reading!

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I had to post this cause……. omg thats so cute! Whoever did that… THANK YOU)

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Eddie Redmayne/Newt Scamander

…..I lost to my feelings for him



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Goals, thats all I have to say about this one


And the people that draw good I just want to say thank you

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saves  innoccent creatures, loved by none innocent ones

You save lifes, and kill 

God his a sweetheart

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I just couldn’t keep a hold of myself eheheheheh

Just look at his sweet smile

And then we have this, true perfection. He looks like the cutes frog

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I want him 


And just being overall hot af 

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His face is priceless, just fild with *cant describe it so yea think*

Oh look here we have Eddies wonderful smile AGAIN 

I just absulotly love this picture 

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Dear god help me

Oh look another one thats drawn, WITH A NIFFLER.ON.HIS.HEAD

hush little baby dont say a word, im just gonna stare at your perfection

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I can’t agree with this gif more 

he litterly just looks like the sweetest person

Seriously Eddie, you kill me

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He’s just adorable

I just had to have his cutre little awkward stand, such a cute little huffle he is

Damian shoots up several inches and Bruce has a crisis. Damian is the baby of the family, the youngest child, and he’s getting to be tall. What happened to him being little? What happened to being able to hold him in one arm? What happened to those ridiculous small feet and childlike snarl that looked cute despite Damian’s best efforts? What happened?
Bruce is getting…old?
Of course it all boils down to denial and Bruce just bodily hauls Damian around while he can. Damian definitely sulks, Selina laughs, Tim teases (until he’s hauled around as well and that makes Damian feel much better. Vindictive little snot).


sufjan: Greetings Every One And Welcome To The Inaugural Sufganiyot Stevens-Graham Chrismukkah Sing-A-Long Seasonal Affective Disorder Gluten Free Sweet Potato Latke Disaster Pageant On Ice

OB: (drake… dude… don’t you think this is a little… over the top?)

drake: (not another word OB)

OB: (but i…)

drake: (i am so serious OB do not fuck this up for him he worked so hard)

sufjan: We Are Gathered Here Today Friends And Family And Loved Ones In This Bleak Year Of Unremitting Sorrow To Remember Our Love For One Another And To Spread Some Much Needed Chrismukkah Cheer And To Dress Our Infant Daughter Up In A Dreidel Costume She Looks So Cute But My Google Image Search For “Baby Dreidel Costume” Unfortunately Yielded No Results So You Are Just Going To Have To Trust Me On This One


sufjan: I Hope You Have All Enjoyed Your Lavish Inter Faith Holiday Dinners But Now It Is Time To Partake In That Most Joyous Tradition Of All, The Singing Of Chrismukkah Carols Traditional And Old, Sunny And Stoic, Sacred And Snowy


sufjan: To That End Aubrey And I Have Collaborated On Five New Extended Plays Of Music For Hanukkah And Christmas Totalling Fifty Songs All Of Which We Will Now Sing In Perfect Unison If You Will Please Refer To The Laminated Song Books I Have Stashed Under Your Chairs

OB: (okay drake i don’t wanna like… stay for fifty songs)

drake: (you’ll stay and you’ll like it)

OB: (but i…)

drake: (pipe down we’re starting the first song)

sufjan: All Right The Name Of This Song Is “Christmas And Hanukkah” It Is In C Major With The Chord Progression G E Minor C D And I Must Inform You That I Actually Sat Down With My Guitar And Composed This Song For Real In Real Life While Writing This Post Like An Absolute Mad Man 

drake: YEAH!

sufjan: My Dear Aubrey Will Now Kick Us Off And Here Are The Tabs If You Would Like To Follow Along At Home

drake: ahem… the lights are glowing and outside it’s snowing but i feel so warm in here

sufjan: Don’t Want To Go Out ‘Cause There’s So Much Snow Out And It’s Been A Long Hard Year

drake: so darling let’s stay at home for a while, i can spin the dreidel, i can make you smile

sufjan: I Can Knit Some Mittens In Your Favorite Style And Put ‘Em Under The Tree In That Great Big Pile

drake: most of the time i spend my days alo-o-one

sufjan: But This Time Of Year I Get To Bring You Ho-o-ome

drake & sufjan: ‘Cause Darling We Know, Things Are Better In Twos! I Wanna Celebrate Hanukkah And Christmas With You!

sufjan: La La La, La La La!

drake: celebrate christmas and hanukkah-ah-ah!

sufjan: La La La, La La La!

drake: light up the tree and the menorah-ah-ah!

sufjan: That Is Our Show Ladies And Gentle Men Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah And Happy Holidays To All Of You May You Have A Joyous Season Of Warmth And Light Surrounded By People You Love And May Your Uncle Come Through With That New X Box Or What Ever It Is Your Little Heart Desires

drake: take care! stay safe! and we’ll see you in the new year!

sufjan: La La La!

drake: la la la!

“I was a drab little crab once”

AH! I just love Tamatoa so much and I think he would’ve been pretty cute when he was little so I just had do a  sketch of what I think he would’ve looked like!

“I gotta give you credit for my start”

I like to imagine that Maui was the one who gave him his first shiny thing (the coin) :3

His song will forever be stuck in my headddddddddddd

okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man

Here’s how I interpret differently the tie grab scene  (and what comes after)

This is the crowd reaction as the commentator presents Yuuri to skate:

They’re all cheering for Viktor. Let that sink in, imagining you’re Yuuri. 

Look at his face. He’s still not that confident in himself for such a thing not to affect him.

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But now at least he’s confident about Viktor and his love for him so -

Originally posted by fyeahyurionice

‘Why don’t you take a step back here, baby, and let me have the spotlight?’

Tbf I think it’s extra cute. 

Everyone interprets it as Yuuri being possessive of Viktor and I think that’s partly right - but it’s also Yuuri being a little irked at Viktor stealing the spotlight from him. This is something that Viktor does unconsciously, because it’s what he does, he lives for the attention and applause, and Yuuri knows that and he definitely doesn’t blame him - but this is Yuuri’s moment so he’s like ‘my turn to show off, your turn to watch’.  But also notice how for once he doesn’t tell Viktor the usual ‘keep your eyes only on me’ line because he knows by now that Viktor will do just that. Instead Yuuri is being all snarky, like:

As in - don’t worry your pretty head that the audience will feel empty without you smiling and waving at them, because I’m gonna be showing them my love, like in spades.

But the crowd isn’t gonna make it easy for him. Yuuri skates onto the ice with a glowing (if slightly forced) smile, but the crowd has a very mellow reaction, and it sounds more like jeering than cheering. This is probably the most lukewarm if not downright hostile reaction he’s ever received.

In reaction to this, his face falls, as he thinks, quite correctly, that this is embarrassing, but more for them than for you, sugar. 

Imo he is not referring here to his previous scene with Viktor, as people seem to assume. It doesn’t make sense that he’d initiate the embarrassing scene and then complain about it. Nah, he’s totally cool with grabbing Viktor’s tie to make a point by now, this lil’ katsudon has come such a long way. Getting a lukewarm/hostile crowd on his side though….and ‘on enemy territory, no less, … that’s something he’s gonna have to deal with, by himself. And he’s totally gonna, because by the end he’s gonna have the crowd at his feet which is almost as satisfying as having Viktor at his feet tying the laces for him.

He has a real Yurio moment here, as he thinks:

And then he proceeds to do just that immediately by blowing the judges a kiss, which has them like: 

So when he finishes a spectacular SP and the crowd goes wild, it is all the more satisfying. 

He’s done it. He’s shown Russia his love.

The crowd now be like:

It sure did, pumpkin.

I think that this moment is crucial for Yuuri’s confidence, and possibly one of the main reasons why he had the strength to do what he did at the end of the episode, telling Viktor it was ok for him to go to Japan and that he’ll be fine skating the FS without him. 

As they sit in the kiss and cry afterwards, Viktor is all about showing Yuuri off, instead of himself.

It’s frankly a bit over the top, but it sends the message across.

Viktor’s basically saying ‘If you love me, you’ll have to adore Yuuri’

Okay, end of huge-ass post, thank you for reading lol!

I’m curious to how the crowd will welcome Yuuri in Viktor’s absence and how Yuuri will skate without Viktor.

dating bucky would include...
  • ·      having to reassure him about his metal arm.
  • ·         watching musicals
  • ·         looking at old pictures of Steve and buck
  • ·         “look at how small Steve is!”
  • ·         “you look pretty today, doll.”
  • ·         the nickname doll being used all the time
  • ·         calling him “babe,” “sweetheart,” or “king.” All the time.
  • ·         dancing to forties music
  • ·         going to small diners
  • ·         “im going to hurt you.”
  • ·         “you can never hurt me.”
  • ·         Cooking
  • ·         Cute little lunch dates
  • ·         Training together
  • ·         Tag teaming when you fight
  • ·         Cuddling all the time
  • ·         Holding his hand all the time
  • ·         “baby, baby, baby. Babe! Babe! Babe!
  • ·         “what?”
  • ·         “I love you.”
  • ·         Driving really late at night when you both have nightmares
  • ·         Holding him when he cries
  • ·         Him holding you when you cry
  • ·         Painting his back and metal arm
  • ·         “how much do you want to have sex?”
  • ·         “bucky sh,”
  • ·         “but I want to fuck you.”
  • ·         Him being a kinky little fucker.
  • ·         Kinky sex
  • ·         Sweet sex
  • ·         Passionate sex
  • ·         Rough sex
  • ·         “do you want me?”
  • ·         “yes.”
  • ·         “yes, what?”
  • ·         “yes daddy.”
  • ·         After care
  • ·         “I love you, you know that. Right?”
  • ·         “I love you too, babe.”
  • ·         Him holding you throughout the night.

The hardest thing about being a Baby is that we still think of Zelo as that cute little bean with the ramen hair, who refers to himself as a kitten, with that cute high voice, who blinks and laughs in the cutest way known to humanity. And now he’s out humping the floor, going shirtless, rapping about “whipping it out”, going to clubs at 2 in the morning and posting it one his insta and it’s like, child why must you do this? And now it’s a mix between; “Wow, look at him being all grown up and finding himself! I’m so proud of him!” and “WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO THIS? IT IS PAST YOUR BEDTIME, AND THE ONLY THING YOU’RE WHIPPING OUT IS A FORK TO EAT YOUR VEGETABLES BECAUSE YOU’RE NOW GROUNDED MISTER!!”

Shtpost #1

[some content pasted from a hangouts message] 

You know what my aesthetic is? Chanyeol laughing so hard his right eye twitches and squints a little bit and he does that seal clap and his teeth just look like they’re about to fly off his face and he kinda sounds like a dying goose and then when he can’t control himself anymore he hits the person beside him like really hard and I literally won’t be surprised if he pulls a Dan one day and falls off his chair-

And also, do you know that feeling when you’re hanging out with someone you usually are pretty comfortable around but then on that specific day you just get really awkward and can’t make eye contact? Well, this:

I’m digging up all this treasure of CB in the past please just UNDERSTAND. Tomorrow I’m going snow tubing with my family and I was watching a video of EXO’rDIUM where Baekhyun and Chanyeol were derping off to Run with e/o and I just thought of how lucky they both are to have each other and be able to know each other because THEY’RE WILDTING SOULMATES DON’T ARGUE WITH ME.

UGH and the friendly thigh support there? Absolutely. Friendly. mhm yes some BEST FRIEND crap right there my bois being supportive of each other and each other’s wild ambitions yes yes. 

AND Another thing is how… aeSThetic they both are??? I just can’t believe I’m in the same era as them because I’m blessed. None of these gifs really have any other connection besides the fact that their appreciation and unconditional love (and unspoken respect) for each other is so beautiful and I love them so much I’m so glad I ranted I feel like a deflated balloon but like a really happy deflated balloon ya know what I mean? They’re real people. They’re physically there. I can see them and I can see their emotions and their actions and they definitely have thoughts that we might not see and that’s what’s so nice about stanning EXO in general UGH I’m going on forever about them because they’re just so precious and I love all of them so much it hurts me

Anyways, if you’re having a bad day and want to destress:








Have a great day, everyone! 🔥💛

He’s my sunshine♡ _(┐「ε:)_

Their kid wears their matoki as a onesie (B.A.P)

Yongguk: -he would instantly run to his daughter and cuddle her close thinking she’s the cutest thing ever- “you’re daddy’s #1 fan right?”

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Himchan: -he felt proud that you went through all the work to get one for your infant son- “that’ s my little man”

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Daehyun: -instantly touched by the fact your son was wearing it even if it was though it didn’t fit him well- “looks like my boy will grow into his onesie”

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Youngjae: -he was so shocked that you had bought your daughter something so cute- “jagi, pass her over she looks perfect”

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Jongup: -he wouldn’t show it right away but he was so happy that you one made for your young son- “he looks perfect baby”

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Zelo: -he found it so cute that you got it and put it on your new born son- “where did you get that? It’s perfect!”

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Shark Emoji Review

Look at this little ladies smile! A trustworthy fishy friend! 5/5

Angry and determined. He goes fast but his tail looks too short? Where are his back dorsal fins and other fins? His colour is magnificent though and makes him seem like the prince of the deep! A fiery little man. 4/5

A cute fellow with a lovely face but why is he so small? Why does his tail come off at an awkward angle? Why does he look like a baby fish? Too angular. 2/5

Although nice in colour I feel as though I’m looking at the offspring of some dolphin/shark hybrid. The nose and fins are not right (like most of them) and his tail fin looks bent? 2/5

Now this is what I’m talking about! A strong lady with anatomically correct fins and a wonderful colour. I feel like I’m staring up at an angel. 5/5

What an overbite! This poor fellow just needs a hug. He’s sick of being chased by fishermen and needs a break the poor thing. The simplicity of his design is nice however I can’t seem to locate his other fins. (I’m sorry but this is important to me.) Overall a nice young man who just wants some tender loving care. 4/5

Oh my! A really realistic looking shark! I love them! But I can’t see any of their features :( Turn the flash on next time Emojipedia. A good looking pal. 3/5

AH! Why is she so angry? And evil looking?! It is characters like these that give sharks a bad name. Why does she have eyebrows as well? And her gills are horizontal? And again without the right fin. Not a good fellow :( 0/5

What a friendly man! He has a great smile and beautiful eyes. I feel like we’re friends already. His head is a bit too oval shaped though and the water looks like some kind of weird scarf? Other than that I love him! Everyone’s best friend. 4/5 

Got7 reaction to you doing aegyo

JB: I think he wouldn’t try to play the cool, chic guy he always does. Your aegyo would defo affect him, but he’d be playful about it.

“Jagi~ stop it! You’re making me shy” 

Originally posted by defsouljb

Mark: “Ah you’re so cute babe but we both know that i’m in charge of aegyo! Just look at me!! Am i cute? am I? hm? HM?”  omg look at him being cute and adorable and asdfghj i’m done bye

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Jackson: “Wooo go little cutie! That’s my girl! You are so cute! OMG!” just loud screaming and  squealing tbh

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Jinyoung: He wouldn’t show a big reaction but would defenitely love it 

You’re so cute jagiyah~~

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Youngjae: He’d reply with aegyo

 “Jaagiyaah~ hihi…. bbuing bbuing”

BamBam: “Ehh what are you doing… just kidding you SO cute baby!!”

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Yugyeom: He’d just love you even more. 

“Gosh jagi i love you”

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gifs are not mine

why is no one talking about Soma’s cute little smile like

look at him, he’s so small, and it gets better

I mean how can you look at this small baby and not smile yourself? and he’s so affectionate

and even when he’s tired


and literally one step away from bursting in tears

even in these situations he manages to look like a small pretty baby who just needs to be hugged all day. Soma is so precious, please protect this boy