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Amy ponders this. “Okay. So how do we ‘chill’ when it comes to grocery shopping?”

He’s excited about this. “For starters, you could get in this cart so I can push you down this cereal aisle really fast.”

“WHAT? Jake, that’s so dangerous!”

“It’s super fun, I’ve done it a million times!” She still looks uncertain. “Look, no one’s here, we’re not going to get into trouble, okay?”



At that, he proceeds to lift her up and places her in the shopping cart, which shocks her because she assumed she’d be climbing in on her own.

“Just trust me!” He whispers, before he starts charging down the aisle at full speed. Amy barely has time to hang on for dear life, and nearly screams but—

It ends up being really, really fun.

She nearly whoops when they reach the end of the aisle, and Jake is chuckling because she looks so unbelievably happy.

“That was so fun!” She gushes, holding onto Jake’s arm, and he places his hand over hers, fingers warm and solid. It feels nice but neither of them bring attention to it.

“Wanna do it again?” He offers, and it’s like her happiness alone is making this all worth it for him.

Protecter (Audrey/Reader)

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“you’re hiding something from me”, “i just want to be alone”, “who gave you that black eye”, “if he’s gonna treat you like shit i’m gonna kick his ass” and “when’s the last time i said i love you”


Audrey looked around the park, hoping to find her estranged best friend.

“Y/N!” Audrey shouted at the girl who sat against the tree, hands covering her bruised up face.

“Hey, your mom- who gave you that black eye?” Audrey asked as she sunk down next to you.

You shook her head, “It’s nothing, what are you doing here anyways? I just want to be alone right now.”

Audrey was full of rage, she knew right away who gave Y/N that black eye, her no good ex boyfriend.

He’d been trying to get back with you for months and you turned him down because you was in love with someone else, with Audrey.

“If he’s gonna treat you like shit, i’m gonna kick his ass.” Audrey threatened as she turned to see you wiping tears from your swollen eye.

You flinched as you touched your eye which made Audrey sigh, “I’ll see you later, alright? Go home please.”

Audrey gave you a kiss before getting up and heading to the gym where she knew Josh would be.


“Hey, Josh!” Audrey shouted as she walked into the gym where the boys were playing basketball.

Josh smirked as he walked towards Audrey, “Jensen, to what do i owe the pleasure?”

Audrey clenched her teeth before taking a swing at him and hitting him right in the nose which caused him to stumble back.

“Bitch!” Josh gritted as he held his nose that gushed blood.

Jake ran over to the two before Josh could do anything to Audrey and pulled him back, “Alright, I think that’s enough..”

“If you touch Y/N again, I swear you’ll get more than a bloody nose.” Audrey growled at him before walking away, clutching her aching hand.


You held an ice pack to your face when Audrey walked into your room with her hand wrapped.

“What happened?” You asked as she laid down next to you.

She shook her head, “Nothing, it- I just sprained it.”

You gave her an unimpressed look, “C’mon babe, you’re hiding something from me.”

Audrey sighed before speaking, “So I kinda sorta broke Josh’s nose and Jake had to pull us apart before it got out of hand..” She muttered, avoiding eye contact with you.

“When’s the last time I said I love you?” You asked.

Audrey turned to face you, “What? I uh this morning?”

You grinned, “I love you, Audrey Jensen.”

“That was not the reaction I was expecting, but I love you too” She chuckled as she turned her body to face you, her arm going around your waist and pulling you closer.

“You just punched a guy who’s like twice your size for me, you deserve way more than an I love you.” You explained before quickly pressing your lips to hers.

You broke apart and rested your head on her chest before speaking, “I feel safe with you.”

“I’m glad I can make you feel that way.” Audrey mumbled as she pressed a kiss to your head.

You were really lucky to have her.

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arts school au where one day drama student jake english is asked to model for the art majors and dirk ends up drawing the most detailed, life like drawings of jake possible because woW HE'S HOT

The papers are crinkled.

Torn, scrunched, smudged in charcoal and shaky fingers. Dozens of scratched figures crafted over the course of his life drawing class.

Some of Jake’s face. Detailed heavily on top of a rushed torso. Some of Jake’s body, with more time spent on shading chest muscles than should considered be socially acceptable. Some of Jake that Jake didn’t even model for. Poses with faces drawn from memory. Practice forms that look far too familiar to Dirk’s class model.

There’s never enough time to draw him, Dirk concludes. Classes never last long enough with Jake.

There’s a hesitance in the air when Dirk hands the ruffled clump of papers over. With all the grace that someone would propose a folder full of naked sketches to their subject and crush. Jake gushes, however. Calls them flawless. Confesses his embarrassment as a model. Thanks Dirk for his reassurance. Asks if he can keep a few.

Dirk asks if he’ll sit for a portrait.


Dinner included.

Jake would be flattered.