look at him go he's like a housecat

anonymous asked:

what would happen if keith met an earth housecat?

When Keith first sees the cat, he’s confused because? It’s so small?? You don’t understand, Lance, Galra just build whatever they need. If it’s organic, it has to be pretty damn strong to be worth the trouble of feeding.“He’s a pet,” says Lance. “You know. You pet him, you feed him, he makes you happy?”

Keith stares at him like the universal translator just stopped working, and Lance sighs.

“Go sit on the couch.”

Keith does so, and Lance picks up the little black shorthair. (Okay, maybe not so little, he looks pretty long once he rolls over in Lance’s arms and stretches his paws out in both directions.)

“Keith, this is Mick. Mick, Keith.” Lance settles Mick on Keith’s lap. There’s a moment of mutual confusion before the cat settles in.

Keith looks up at Lance. “Mick?”

Lance’s grin is pure trouble. “Mick Jaguar.”

(Keith doesn’t get the pun. Lance can’t help being a little disappointed, though he should have expected it, but he explains it anyway.)

Then Lance settles in beside Keith, his back against Keith’s shoulders, his feet up on the arm of the couch. He reaches across Keith to scratch behind Mick’s ears, and Mick starts purring. Keith’s eyes go wide.

“It means he’s happy,” Lance explains.

Keith hums, looking at Lance, and there’s a little bit of a purr there, too. “I know.”