look at him book it out of the box!

This is what I gave to Ed the last time I saw him: it’s his own one-of-a-kind custom version of Monopoly! It took many months to design and create from scratch, but it was a fun project to work on, and he really liked it. :D

I did all the art and design work myself, and my sister who is a professional book artist built the box and gameboard using my designs. I’m so lucky she agreed to help me! We were both so pleased with how it turned out.

Ed literally said, “I’m so excited!” when I gave it to him, and then we sat down on the floor and looked at all the pieces together. (That middle photo is him telling me I should be designing things for a living, which is just so flattering considering I didn’t even know I could do this stuff until I started doing it for him.) 

He went around the board and read all the names of the properties out loud, haha. It was so cute! He was particularly amused by the “Stuart’s Couch” space and called Stuart over to see it. The whole time, he kept going, “This is sick! This is so amazing!” <3

The little backpacks and sofas take the place of houses and hotels in the game. (So, technically you could build a sofa on Stuart’s sofa, which I think is funny.) The backpacks are jewelry charms I ordered from China and painted green with nail polish. And I sculpted each of the sofas from polymer clay and baked them in my oven, which made my house smell funny. The orange and green dice came from a specialty gaming vendor at Dragon*Con this year, and the Simpsons, Hobbit, Shrek, and Pokemon player tokens were all eBay purchases. At first Ed said he would always choose to be Blinky, the three-eyed fish from the Simpsons, but then he discovered the Pikachu token and, like, simultaneously burst into tears and orgasmed, so I figure his face was worth the stress of that eBay bidding war. Fact: A well-placed Pikachu will always make Ed Sheeran cry. ;)

If I could change anything about the game now, it would be to redo the money. When I first designed it, Murray was still part of the tour, Graham and the Sing puppet seemed more relevant, and Kevin hadn’t been hired yet. But Ed was still amused by it, I think. He even called Mark over to show him that he was on the 50. Mark laughed, but then he was like, “Only 50?” Each person has a quote on their bill, and Ed read those out loud too, but he stopped and just sort of giggled when he got to his own and didn’t read that one out loud. I’d probably change it to something about being pregnant with steak. Right now it says, “You don’t even look at me when we make love anymore,” which made me laugh at the time that I put it on there, but now I sort of wonder if he even remembers saying it. He might just think I’m weird.

Ed thought the radio stations instead of train stations was a clever idea, yay. And I was so glad to see that he seemed really entertained by the Chance and Community Chest cards! (In his game, they’re called Plus and Multiply cards. For reasons.) They’re all things that have really happened to him, like doing that icecream eating contest or being one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. When he read the one about a bottle of Nandos peri-peri sauce shattering in his backpack, he was like, “Do you know that story?!” which I thought was funny because… it would sure be a hell of a coincidence if I put it on one of the cards and didn’t know it… but it was so cute that he asked and then shook his head mournfully like he still has regrets about it to this very day. Oh, Ed. You’re my favorite. :) 

Giving this gift to Ed was one of my favorite things I have ever done in my life. He was so happy! I’ve always said my ideal job would be Santa Claus because I love giving people presents, but honestly I don’t think I have ever enjoyed it more than that night. Look at his face! That smile! It makes my heart grow three sizes! It’s probably a good thing I don’t see him more often because I’m sure I’d spoil the boy absolutely rotten if given the opportunity. 

Sorry for such a long post. I’ll stop with the pictures now… after this one. 


(You can see where Jamie Lawson mentioned the game at the BBC in [this video] and Ed talked about it with Buzzfeed [here].)

There’s a package waiting for him on his apartment step when he gets home, two-day shipping from New York. He rips it open as soon as he gets into his apartment because his master cylinder was supposed to come in a week ago and he wants to make sure it’s in as good condition as the seller said it was before he takes it over to his dads. He slides the bubble wrapped package out of the box and stares in confusion at Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel.

He drops the book on his counter and looks into the box like maybe his master cylinder is hiding in there somewhere. Instead, he finds a small card that just says The dog on page 86 looks exactly like Ace! and when he looks at the front of the box he sees that the package is addressed to Danny Williams. It doesn’t take much to figure out Williams must be the previous tenant and that Matthew Williams didn’t get the memo he moved.

He gets Williams’ forwarding address from the super and decides that, since it’s on the way to his dad’s anyway, he’ll save the eight dollars on mailing it and drop it off in person.

The address leads him to a nice single story house with a big tree out front and a Camaro parked in the driveway and when he knocks on the door he can hear movement on the other side. The sound of running is his only warning before the door flies open and a little girl is yelling that she want’s to spend the night. The girl snaps her mouth shut as soon as she realizes that he’s not whoever she was expecting and they stare at each other in shock until a man walks up and pushes the girl away from the door.

“Monkey, go pack up your stuff,” the guy says before turning his attention to him, “Can I help you?”

“Are you Danny Williams?” The guy’s posture stiffens so he takes that as a yes, “You used to live in my apartment, I got your address from the super. You got a package.” He holds out the box and Williams takes it gingerly, still looking suspicious of him.

“And what? You just figured you hand deliver it for me?” He’s got an accent that Steve can’t quite place but the look in hs eyes in familiar, he’s seen it in his dad’s eyes for the past thirty years when he’s trying to puzzle out a case.

“I was headed to my dad’s and your house is on the way,” he explains and Williams’ does seem to relax a little.

“Well, thanks,” he waves the package and starts to close the door before stopping, “What was your name?”

“Steve. McGarrett.”

“Thanks for dropping this off, Steve, ”Williams nods thanks again and this time he does close the door.

It’s a week before another package arrives on his steps. He opens it again without looking only instead of a replacement blinker, a bag of Death Wish Coffee slides into his hand followed by a card. Ma’s mad you missed your Skype call with them. Maybe this will keep you awake long enough to talk to your parents. P.S. she says you’re her least favorite son now is written on it and a quick check of the address reveals that once again he’s received a package for Danny Williams.

He decides to drop the package off again since he doesn’t have anything else to do. This time when he knocks, it’s Danny who opens the door. He looks surprised before he looks down and notices the UPS box in his hand.

“What did he send now?” he mutters to himself and Steve hands the box over. “Thanks. Again,” Danny says, then after a pause, “Hey, can I ask a favor?”

“Depends on what it is I guess.”

“I need a taste tester,” Danny says like that means something, “My daughter’s school is doing a bake sale and all the parents are making things. Her mother can’t cook a desert to save her life so now it’s my job to make a hundred cookies of a recipe I’ve never done before- and what school assigns families which cookies to make for a bake sale- and I have no idea if the things are good or not. It’ll take two seconds, I promise.”

Danny talks a mile a minute, his hands saying just as much as his mouth, and he finds himself agreeing before he realizes it. Danny gives him a brilliant smile and leads him into the kitchen where there are piles and piles of cookies on the counter.

Somehow, ‘It’ll take two seconds’ turns into two hours of talking and eating the cookies that aren’t deemed worthy of a fourth-grade bake sale.

Two weeks later he gets a package of shark socks and when he drops them off he ends up talking for an hour before Danny says he has to go into work.

Three more days pass when a box with a light up tie is delivered to him. He ends up having leftovers with Danny and watching on Die Hard.

Three days after he sees Danny, another box addressed to him shows up on Steve’s doorstep. He knows that he shouldn’t open it but curiosity gets the better of him, he doesn’t think Danny will mind too much. This time Matt has sent a bottle of Sex Panther cologne with a note that says Heard you were interested in someone.

He wishes he hadn’t opened the box.

The entire drive to Danny’s he tells himself not to be jealous, that Danny can like whoever he wants and that he doesn’t even know if Danny would be interested in him like that. It doesn’t make him feel any better. For the first time, it feels awkward when he goes to drop off one of the packages at Danny’s. If Danny can tell he doesn’t comment on it, just invites him in like normal and asks if he wants a beer.

Several beers later, when it’s dark and they’re talking about something that Steve can’t remember because all he can think about it that stupid package, he decides to do something about the nagging feeling in his stomach. He sets his beer down next to Danny’s on the coffee table and leans in close and Danny stops talking immediately. They’re close enough that he can smell the last remnants of Danny’s cologne, his normal woodsy one not Sex Panther, and can see flecks of gold in Danny’s eyes. He’s never noticed that before.

“Steve?” Danny asks and he realizes that he’s just been staring at Danny, taking in all the fine details of his face that he never noticed before.

“Go out with me.” It comes out low, almost a whisper, and then he leans closer to finally kiss Danny. When Danny doesn’t respond, he pulls away ready to apologize but Danny cuts him off.

“It’s about time you caught on, I’ve been asking Matt to send packages to your place for weeks now,” then Danny kisses him and he doesn’t have time to think about Danny having his brother ‘accidentally’ sending packages to his address because Danny’s pushing him down onto the couch and deepening the kiss.

The day after his and Danny’s first date a box shows up on his doorstep, priority mail from New York. It’s sent from Matt but addressed to him so he tears into it, reading a card that says It’s about time, I’m going broke paying for shipping before turning the present over to see the title The Gay Kama Sutra staring at him in bright red print.

Headcanons about ya boy Ravus bc my ask box is empty!:

- Laughs at his own jokes

- Buys a lot of books but forgets to read them

- Genuinely doesn’t realize that he’s very intimidating

- Also doesn’t realize that most of his problems could be solved if he was better at communicating

- Gives the best gifts

- Doesn’t know how to use his cell phone

- Somewhat spacey, like Luna, but much better at jumping back into conversations

- Lobsters freak him out. He thinks they’re the cockroaches of the sea

- Hasn’t slept in 12 years

- Bad at looking after himself

- Fueled by rage and his love for his baby sister


I’ve always believed in stupid things. Well these things will never be stupid to me, but for people who don’t like to see the world through fantasy glasses, they come off as a little stupid.

I never intended to let it slip out but looking at the stars that night, I couldn’t stop myself. My voice whispered a soft, “I believe.”

Now here’s the big moment. The build up, the part where my whole life changes.

Well, when I looked up that night into the sky, I saw nothing.

No black shadow took me away and no boy in green visited me. My fantasy glasses shattered. I believed in him, I always have and he couldn’t even show up.

That night I took all my fairy tail books, stuffed them in a box and put them away. All the paintings and posters that surrounded this boy in green were ripped from my walls and also stored away.

I don’t think my room had ever looked that bare. It was haunting. Finally I decided to go to sleep, knowing that dreams would be the only way to my beautiful Neverland.

Waking up I noticed nothing new. Everything was the same as it was the night before. Any hopes that I would wake up in my dream land shattered. I got ready for the day, feeling awfully glum.

Nothing special happened. I went to school, than to work, made some dinner and studied until I fell asleep. My life moved on, no special people, no Neverland and defiantly no Peter Pan.

I felt myself being shook by someone. I opened my eyes and looked around.
I was in Peter’s treehouse. “Shhh, it was just a nightmare it’s okay. Nightmares can’t hurt you, I won’t let them.”

His words, as sweet as they were didn’t stop my sobs. I wasn’t sad because I had the dream, I was sad because I knew in my heart, that dream was someone’s reality. That they wanted to come here so badly but they just wouldn’t.

I felt sad because I know the person reading this, is living that nightmare.

Condom Talk

“Jagi?!” Woozi’s voice startled you for a second.

“Yup! What do you need?!” You looked away from your book and directed your attention to no where in particular.

“Can you come'er for a second?!”


“It’s important!” You sighed before setting down your book, carefully bookmarking the page before pulling off your comfortable blanket and walking towards the voice.

After looking through the apartment, you found him in your shared Bedroom, leaning against the doorway holding up some sort of box.

As you got closer, you saw that it was an empty Condom box.

Your face blushed a light red before leaning on the bathroom doorway across from it.

“What do you need?” You asked him, stuffing your pockets with your hands.

“You love me right?”
You nod, “So you’d do anything for me right?”
“Depends. Woozi, what do you need?”

“Condoms. We ran out. Again.” He smirked. You tried your best not to look down to hide your blushing face. It was embarassing on how quickly you two needed to buy condoms.

“Impossible. I bought that five days ago.”

Woozi shook his head, “The word has ‘I’m Possible’ in it. We need condoms. Now.”

Before you asked why you needed some now, you mentally noted the bulge in his pants.

“Fine. But you’re coming to the store with me. I’ll be too embarrassed.”

Woozi smiles and hooks his arm over your shoulders, “Who wouldn’t be? The box had 30 of them inside.”

Which was exactly why you had bought them in the first place, so then you wouldn’t have to go back to the store.

“We have sex too much.”

“It means we’re a healthy couple.”

“More like a horny couple. Maybe we’re basing this relationship purely on sex.” You chuckled.

“And love.”

“Which is exactly why we do it so much. Because we love each other so much.”

“Truth is unmasked by those who believe it” Woozi quoted.

“I’m so surprised I haven’t mixed you up with Yoongi.”

“Why does everyone say that?!” He asked, dramatically clenching his jaw to show his epiphany.

“Because you both are young yet quote people who’ve died a LONG time ago.” You smiled and pecked his cheek.

You really did love him, and he did you. (In more ways than one)

Woozi!!! You will remain as my top bias alongside Minghao!! And also, I wrote this because I was watching a Japanese Drama about a Couple who really does model love perfectly. Also I was re-reading ’Qouting Shakespeare’ which is an old Yoongi fanfic I made. It’s not the best of my abilities, just to say. Please request and send in advice on I could improve my writing. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!- Toodles, and remember, keep listening to Kpop~ Jackie

A conversation between a Gryffindor girl, a Slytherin girl, and a Slytherin boy (Standing up for Ravenclaw friend)
  • Gryffindor girl: *Yells to Slytherin boy* Hey, douche! Why'd you ditch our friend?
  • Slytherin boy: I know it looks bad, but-
  • Slytherin girl: Damn right, it looks bad! You'd better explain yourself, and it had better be worth it.
  • Gryffindor girl: There are very few things that would be worth it.
  • Slytherin boy: It's just-Look, *Picks up a box next to him* My family's cat was pregnant, and I knew she wanted a kitten, so I...*Holds out the box to the girls*
  • Gryffindor girl: *Gasps* Oh...it's precious. I'm going to die from cuteness.
  • Kitten: *sneezes softly*
  • Slytherin girl: ...Okay. You're back in our good books.
  • Gryffindor girl: For now.
  • Slytherin girl: Yes, for now.
  • Slytherin boy: I'll keep that in mind.
The Maze Runner: Newt - Switched.

Request: hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Newt and the reader switch places so he’s the new greenie and is wicked scared until he meets you and you can take it from there
[can you do it when it a maze full of girls but they all try to hit on him or something funny whatever you think is good. thanks so much]

The siren blares throughout the Glade, rumbling the Homestead windows. You look briefly outside your bedroom window, being Second in Command of this chaotic place has its perks. You throw the only book in this damn place onto your bed –you’ve read it a million times already– and then you proceed down the Homestead stairs and out towards the middle of the Glade where the Box is situated. A lot of the girls have bombarded it already, but since you’re the “official opener”, they have to wait for you to peek inside.

You push through the crowd and then with the help of a few of the Builders, you manage to open the doors. You look inside immediately, a blond-headed boy, with gorgeous brown coloured eyes stares back up at you. Confused. Fear. Worry. It’s all the same, with every single Greenie. You try to ignore the hushed whispers and excited voices from above. But him being a boy? You thought it were impossible. It’s always been girls, so why now?

You jump down into the Box, an echo resounding upwards. His eyes scan yours, his chest seeming to move up and down at a calm pace; but you see the fear in his eyes. He slowly stands up onto his feet, hesitation clear in the way he moves.

You stick your hand out to him, “The name’s Y/N, I know you’re confused, but it will all be clear… soon. Okay, not really, but you will remember your name. If you-

“It’s Newt. I think.” He takes in a slow breath as he tries to keep steady, “But it feels foreign to me, like it’s not really mine.” He let’s go of your hand, his arm limp by his side.

“That’s… probably just the confusion your feeling?” You wanted to sound confident and reassuring but apparently you’re not good at that, so when he notices you saying it as a question he only looks even more worried.

“Yeah… maybe.” He turns away shyly, hugging his body.

You suddenly feel a sense of protection, not from him but for him. He’s so gentle, so kind-spirited. You wouldn’t want anyone to hurt him. “You want to come meet the other girls?”

“Only… only girls?”

You nod solemnly, “Yeah, sorry bud, I was expecting to be looking down into the eyes of another girl when I opened the Box. But hey, don’t blame me. The Creators put you in here for some reason, hopefully. Or maybe they just want you to suffer, they’re well known for that.”

“The Creators…?”

“Sorry,” You laugh, helping him out of the Box, “I forget you Greenie’s don’t know a thing.” You introduce him to the Leader of this shuck place, Abbey, and then you take him onto a walk of the Glade. “I hope you’re not too… overwhelmed. I know I was when I first came here.”

“You were like me?”

“Of course! All of us were. Memory’s stolen, shoved into a box, waking up to this lot of shanks. We’ve all been through it.”

Newt only stares off into the distance.

You calmly wait his next question though, even though it angers you to the core because you can’t answer it. You’ll never be able to answer it. They always ask though and you can’t blame them, but you loathe being the barer of bad news.

“But why?”

You shake your head, repeating the same old speech you recite month after month. “No one knows why, but we sure as hell question it every day. The evil bastards, sorry, the Creators aren’t going to tell us anything. Otherwise they would have already.”

Rosa, a brunette with beautiful blue eyes, walks up to you both, but she doesn’t say a word. She winks, a little bite of her bottom lip, and then she’s off. Wiggling her butt as she walks. Newt’s eyes follow her. “I think I could get used to this.”

“Oh, you do, do you?” You laugh and so does he.

A few minutes pass by in silence as you lead him over to a few other places, introducing him to the buildings around the place and a few of the jobs that people are assigned to. Your eyes scan over the maze walls for a second, but you lead him away, you hate explaining that part of the Glade.

“You seem very organised… how many months have you been here?” He looks around in awe of our fields and gardens and water systems.

“We’ve been here two years, actually. I wasn’t the first one here though but I was one of the few that arrived a couple of months later. Abbey was the first.”  

He frowns, “Two whole years? Wow.” He stares out into the distance for a moment, pondering what you’ve said over the last hour or so. ‘So… what happens now?”

You try to smile, “We put you to work.”

He frowns, “I still don’t get it though. When do I get to see my family?”

You try to swallow the sorrow you feel for Newt, this poor boy who can’t seem to grasp that none of you are ever getting out of here. Well, at least not anytime soon. “You… We’re…” You struggle to find the right way to tell him so he won’t be too upset and so you won’t go curl up and cry about it afterwards. “You and I, and everyone else, we’re all… stuck here. Against our own will, we think. At least we hope. I don’t think I would ever give my permission for something like this.” You sigh as you realise he’s not following. “The Creators, whoever they may be, put all of us in here for some stupid reason we’ll never understand. Maybe we’ve been bad. Maybe we’re all a bunch of murderers and thieves who are working to pay off our debt. Maybe this is all an experiment. Maybe this is heaven. Who knows.” When you look back up at his face after ranting on, you feel a sort of guilt creep over your heart. You went too far. You got too emotional and carried away; again. Why do they still let you talk to the Greenies anyway?

“I… I need…” He doesn’t know what to say. Who would? Waking up to a bunch of girls telling you you’re practically stuck here forever is not exactly ideal. He turns away from you and buries his face into his hands. You see his shoulders shake and hear each of his sobs. And it’s your fault.

“I’m sorry.”

“I –I, I don’t

You walk closer to him, facing the red, wet hands that cover the shame and embarrassment, the sadness and shock on his face. You reach up your hands to his and slowly take his hands away from his distressed face, holding them gingerly in your own. “I’m so sorry.”

He nods his head and tries to say something but the sobs drown out his words, and then he suddenly wraps his arms around you, sobbing onto your shoulder. You hug him tightly and stroke the hair on the back of his head.

“It’s okay, I promise everything will be alright.”

His shaking chest slows, his grip around you loosens but his arms don’t unravel. You hear his breathing calm down to a steady, non-panicked pace. But Newt’s face is still wet and his heart still cries. “Who…” His voice comes out croaky and strained, “Whoever did this; I am going to ruin their lives.”

And for once, as you try to empathise with yet another distressed Greenie, you truly can.

In the next few days, Newt seems distant. Off. Which is expected, but you want to be able to keep him close to you so you can talk to him and ask him if he is okay. So you can help him get through this ultimate, life changing shock. So he can get used to the Maze and everything around it. But how can you do that when he won’t say a word?

“Right,” You call out, looking over the faces of the all-day working, tired girls. “I would like to propose an idea.” You glance back at Abbey who then nods at you to continue, you feel a bit out of place so you take note to apologise to Abbey later for taking over her Gathering. “I feel like… we’ve all been working a lot. Which, don’t get me wrong, is good. There is a lot of things to be done around here each day. But I think we need a break, and I vote today is that day. Instead of tending to the Gardens or cleaning up the toilets, we should do… something… It’s been quite hot over –well– the whole time we’ve been in this damn place. So I say we should have a…”

“Water-fight!” A chorus of girls who you spoke to earlier rise from their seat and shout the exact words you told them to and the exact time it needed to be said, and then they twist open the hoses and ditch a bucket full of water balloons onto the un-expecting crowd while everyone stares back at them; bewildered.

Even Abbey gets soaked with a hose.

Which, of course, turns everyone’s heads. She looks as though she could kill a person with a look, but out of nowhere, she rises from her seat and ditches back an unpopped waterballoon –at you of course. The cold water breaks out of the water balloon and splashes all over your face, hair and clothes. You smile.

And then hell breaks loose. You all run outside towards the set up weapons for a perfect water fight; you remember that Newt is still in the toilet as he had been rostered to clean up this morning. So instead of joining in with the mass of wild, chaotic girls you sneak around the toilets and stop before the doorway.

Newt must have heard the whole screaming ruckus outside so he slowly pops his head through the entryway and in the next millisecond his face is dripping wet; his hair soaked. He glares down at you and your water gun and you almost think he might smack you square in the face but instead he slowly and surely walks closer to you. You’re in such a fright that as his hands wrap over yours you stand completely still, your heart beating in your throat. He takes the gun away from your terrified hands and points it right into your face.

“Prepare to die.”

You scream louder than any other girl and run the other way, feeling the line of water soak the back of your shirt. You turn a sharp corner but slip over the wet grass, falling onto your butt. Newt takes this opportunity to practically drown you with water. But then his gun, formerly yours, runs dry and the both of you stare at each other in anticipation. Who will make the first move?

It looks like you do. You jump up from the slippery ground and run towards the buckets of water balloons while dodging the ones flying through the air at the same time. You hastily grab a few and turn to the direction you last saw Newt but you don’t spot his blond head anywhere. Is he hiding?

Apparently not.

You squeal as you are drowned yet again in water that chills you to the bone. You turn around, the water spraying over your face and chest. Newt has somehow gotten himself a hose. He grins evilly, a delighted light in his eyes. But you can’t just let him trample all over you like that, can you?

Of course not. Instead of cowering behind a crowd of people or curling up into a wet, soaking ball of human, you somersault underneath the stream of water and as you stand back up onto your feet you whack the hose out of his hands. But your momentum carries you further still, and since the grass is very, very wet and slippery, that doesn’t help in stopping you from falling directly on top of Newt.

You expect him to be somewhat embarrassed or awkward about it but instead he laughs. You feel his chest rise up and down with each of his light-hearted laughs that it makes you smile and giggle a bit yourself. Both of you drenched to the bone, lying on the soaked grass, laughing about being wet. It’s amazing how the simple things in life can be so amusing.

Both you and Newt lay next to each other, watching the girls run passed with evil smirks or terrified, big eyes. You also get the occasional water balloon smacking into your own gut, and into Newt’s, but it only makes you both laugh again. And you’re happy. And so is Newt.


You smile softly, “For what?”

“For this.”

You go a bit red, “Uh, well, I just didn’t want to… well you know, you were upset and it was because of me and-

“It’s okay.” He smiles widely, and then stares up at the sky with a softer expression, “I just suppose it’s not where you go, but who you are with.” He turns back to you again, “It could have been any group of people in here, so I’m glad it’s you lot.”

“You’re a top shank, you know that?” Forgetting he probably doesn’t understand your Glade language yet.

He laughs and shakes his head, “I hope that is a good thing?”

With a wink and a charming smile you say, “The best of the best.”

Sugar Rush

Author: zepppie

Prompt: sick from eating too much candy

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, fluff, crack-ish?

Halloween Drabbles Masterlist

Originally posted by my-lovely-moose

Footsteps skitter across the kitchen floor, back and forth, back and forth. It’s easy to ignore at first, until you find yourself still stuck on the same page of your book and not comprehending anything you’re reading.

After marking your page, you glance over the couch, all smiles at the sight of Crowley coming in and out of view.

“What in the world are you doing?” you ask him, trying to sound stern.

He pauses midway, a large box of chocolate bars in his arms. Red plastic horns are sticking out of his head. A handsome devil if you say so yourself. “Trick-or-treaters will be here in a few hours,” he tells you. “I’m trying to make this barn you call a home look presentable for the holidays.”

It’s no surprise that Crowley loves Halloween. The scares, the tricks, the general malevolence in the air–it’s his kind of party.

“I am going to pretend you did not just call my place a barn, mainly because you have got a lot of treats there. We don’t have that many kids in my neighborhood.”

“Oh, darling, not all of these are for the kids.” He winks at you and continues into the bedroom with the chocolates. Intrigued, you drop your book on the couch and follow him.

For the next couple of hours, all that could be heard are your giggles,  his deliciously raspy and accented voice saying dirty things, and your moans interlacing together.

“My sheets are a mess,” you pout afterwards, muscles aching with pleasure but your body completely languid.

“Missed a spot.” Crowley swipes a smudge of chocolate from your hips and licks it clean off his finger. He smirks, “Don’t you taste sweet.”

As you roll out of bed to hop in the shower, you tell him to drink water. He’d eaten so much sweets throughout the day, including all the chocolate he ate off your body. 

“I’m Crowley. I don’t get sick.”

After another quick romp in the shower, the two of you are finally dressed and ready to greet the neighborhood kids. You have on a Catwoman costume. He has on a new suit, the horns and a matching tail (you had to sweet-talk him into that one).

The first batch of kids shows up right when it gets dark. A small group of three kids–a cowboy, a witch, and a ghost–stand at your door with their pumpkin baskets outstretched.

“How much effort did you even put into that?” Crowley gestures at the white sheet casually thrown over the small kid. “You look like a cartoon villain. You’d fit right in with Shaggy and Scooby Doo.”

“Stop it,” you scold him, lightly slapping his arm.

“I just think that… that…” He holds up a finger, his face slowly transforming into a grimace. He’s starting to look a little green. “Bloody hell,” he mumbles before scampering to the bathroom.

“King of Hell doesn’t get sick, huh?” you shout after him.

The words he shouts back are unclear, but there’s no mistaking the annoyed tone in his voice.

“Is the mean devil man going to be okay?” the ghost kid asks.

“He’ll be fine,” you assure him, dropping two extra candy bars into his basket. “I think your costume just scared the chocolate out of him.”

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i love this prompt, anon. i really, really do.


It’ll come as no surprise to anybody who’s ever met him that Dorian likes gifts, likes to be pampered, likes to be shown he’s special. A cream puff from Agnes in the kitchen puts a small smile on his face that lasts far after he’s wiped the filling from his lips. Josephine finds him a book he didn’t request specifically but hinted around and even that makes him pleased as fucking punch. It’s adorable, really – and it’s even better right now, Bull’s having a hard time keeping his amusement to himself –  because Dorian’s opened up a nondescript box delivered to him via messenger to uncover three delicate-looking chocolates, of all things, and he’s fishmouthing down at them.

“You don’t suppose they’re poisoned,” he says after a while, and Bull swallows a snort of laughter.

“Want me to try one for you? Find out?”

“/No/,” Dorian snaps, and pulls the box closer to his chest as though Bull could grab them from him from where he’s sitting, on the bed across the room.

“Then guess you’ll just have to hope,” Bull says.

Dorian glares half-heartedly at him, his attention clearly wrapped up in the present, and when he deigns to lift one to his mouth and take a dainty little taste, he bites his bottom lip and closes his eyes. “Sweet Maker.”

For half a second Bull thinks he might be jealous of the chocolate, fuck.

The presents pick up after that.

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  • *Chuck and Thomas see Newt looking distraught*
  • Chuck: What's wrong with him? Looks like you did when you popped out of the box.
  • Thomas: I don't know, why don't you go ask him?
  • Newt: I can hear every bloody word you guys are saying. No wonder people hate sleepin' next to you shanks.
  • Thomas: I bet
  • you wouldn't hate sleepin' next to me *wink wink*
  • Newt: ...
  • Chuck: wat
  • Minho: wat
  • Alby: wat
  • Entire Glade: wat
  • Newt: *winks back*
  • Thomas: that's what I thought

Sam had the flu and was bed ridden so she couldn’t go out and play with Tim. Tim wanted to see her even if she was sick. Jack hesitates to let him but eventually Jack accepts. Tim comes in to the room and sees that she was crying from the pain in her headache and soar throat. He looks through some of Sams belongings and finds the book, “The Tale of the Septic Eye”, one of Sam’s favorite stories. This gave Tim the idea to actually make a Septic Eye just for Sam to cheer her up. Scene plays through and Jack realizes that there is something that Tim and himself both have in common: They both want Sam to be happy. Quick sketch for the day for I have work tomorrow morning!

Shu Headcanon (Secret Toy Edition)

You had gone to the bathroom to freshen up and Shu lay bored on the bed waiting. He sighed and sat up looking at the pile of books you had knocked over earlier by the side of your bed. He started to pile them back up again and noticed one had escaped under the bed. Shu found a box…
He smirked when he opened that box…
You finally came out wearing your best lace underwear.
‘Ready!’ You grin and notice the evil smirk on his face. 'What?’
'Lewed woman, come here to me.’ He patted the bed and you crawled beside him.
'You like to play by yourself?’ He asked. You were confused, you haven’t had to play by yourself since he was always here. Why was he asking this?
Shu pushed you backwards and continued his worship of your body that you stopped earlier. His wet hit tongue running down you neck, breasts and finally stomach. You sighed as he pulled off your panties. You spent so long choosing those.
He kissed your thighs and rolled his tongue over your clit.
'Lewed woman’ he groaned. You had your eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of his skilled tongue.
Until you felt something cold, something big…
'Huh?’ Your eyes opened and Shu pinned you down.
You heard the buzzing before you felt it.
'Ahhh! Shu!’ You gasped loudly as the vibrating ran over your clit and down to your soaked entrance.
Damn! Where did he find that?!
Shu was pleased with that reaction and continued to repeat the pattern.
'Dirty girl..’ He groaned, 'you replace me with this?’
You shook your head, 'I-I used to only use it before.. Before you!’
Shu kissed the inside of your thigh as a loving reward for saying that.
'Good girl. We should only use this together ok?’
You nod. Shu handling the vibrator was a lot more fun that doing it alone. He seemed to hit the right spots too.
'Shu…’ You groan as you shudder through the first wave of pleasure.
He now slowly slipped it inside you.
'How does it feel?’ He asks, even through your dazed mind you realise it’s a trick question.
'Cold… Not as good as my-my Shu!’ You manage to gasp out.
He smirked, 'Clever girl.’
It moved faster inside you and your hands clenched onto the sheets beside you. Shu watched as he fucked you with the vibrator, loving every sound that escaped your mouth.
'Shu! Shu..I-I..’ You clench as you feel the hot wave that racks through your body bringing you to your heaven.
'Now let me have my fun.’ He climbs above you.

Alright but if they are married someone had to propose, right?

About a month and a half after the fall, one night while they were having dinner, Will suddenly said “We should get married”. Hannibal choked on his food and Will said nothing further. A week after this incident while Will was sitting near their fireplace reading a book, Hannibal came out of the bedroom, dressed in a suit and holding a small black box. Will looked up at him, confused as Hannibal kneeled, handing him the open box which had a simple gold ring inside it.


So I just started reading your smuts and I love them ❤️❤️ can you do a very detailed smut of Taehyung and another one of Jungkook? thank you ily

~I hope you like it sweetie~

“Wanna play a game Jagi?” Taehyung said with his innocent box smile that hid any form of lust. 

You looked up from your book “What game?”

His smile got even bigger “Go fish.”  He said pulling a pack of playing cards out of his pocket.


He let out a giggle of excitement as he sat down on the floor in front of the couch. He stretched far enough to pat on the carpeted floor in front of him signaling you to to sit there. You sat down across from him as he shuffled the cards. He counted seven cards then gave them to you doing the same for himself. 

“Okay you can go first.” He said smiling 

You looked over your seven cards “Do you have king of hearts?” 

“Go fish,” 

You reached in the middle to grab a card. You looked at it the added the card to your hand. Taehyung kept staring at you “Tae it’s your turn.” You reminded him. 

“You haven’t taken off your shirt yet.”


A smirk appeared on his face “I guess I forgot to tell you.”.  You started taking off your shirt when he stopped you “Slower.” you started taking off your shirt slower as he watched you with hungry eyes. Your black lacy bra was exposed making him bite his lip. He quickly got back to the game wanting your next turn to come “Do you have three hearts?” You sighed as you handed him the card he asked for.

“Do you have five spades?”

“Go fish.”

You started to take off your bra “Come closer baby.” You did as you where told. He ran fingers down you waist as you started taking off your bra. He placed soft kisses on your stomach as he felt himself get harder. Your boobs hanged freely he took a moment to admire them before picking up his cards again. You took the cards out of his hands “How are just going to get me excited?” you said putting the cards face up on the floor, you clearly saw that he did have 5 spades. He sat on his lap meeting his lust filled glaze with yours. 

He bite his bottom lip before pulling you into a heated kiss. He quickly broke the kiss “Take the rest of.” you smirk at his demand. You stood up and pulled down you pants, kicking them away. You played with the lining of your lacy black underwear. “Faster.” He said growing annoyed. 

“But didn’t you want it like this?” You smirked 

“That was before.” He whined 

You smiled at his whiny behavior as you tested how far you can take this. You slowly slid your underwear down and kicked it away just like you did your pants. He stared in awe at your naked form as he went to pull you back down on him. You smacked his hand away and shook your head. You could tell he was getting impatient waiting for the up coming euphoria.

You stood over him feeling your own body. You groped your own breasts on your way down. You reached down to your slit, teasing yourself. You let a moan escape from your mouth

He suddenly stood up pushing you on the couch. He straddled you, attacking your neck with kisses and small bites. He moved up to your jaw line and finally to lips. He attacked you lips with heated kisses that stole your breath. He broke the kiss to quickly take off his clothes but immediately went back to the kiss. You reached down and started jerking him off causing him to let out a growl into a kiss.  He broke the kiss tugging on your bottom lip. 

He kissed down your neck down to your breasts. He sucked on the skin next to your harden bud leaving marks. He did the same to the other one but this time he gave it a quick lick before taking it in between his teeth, swirling his tongue around it as he bite softly down on it. His tongue worked wonders as you entangled you free hand into his hair. He moved to the other breast doing the same.

You started jerking him off faster. A deep moan erupted from his mouth. The feeling becoming to much he stopped sucking. His eyebrow scrunched together, his eyes closed, and his mouth parted into an O. He let out low deep grunts. The sight made you even wetter.

“Jagi.” He panted “if you don’t stop i’m going to cum.”

You stopped not wanting him to cum to soon.  He sat up and pulled you on top of him. He held you up by your waist as you lined you his hard member with your entrance. You slid down on it making him throw his head back “Fuck.” He moaned. He took in the feeling of your tightness around him. You started to ride him in a slow rhythm. The feeling of him inside of you took control as you let out a loud moan. 

He bite his bottom lips as he tried to keep his eyes open so he could watch bounce up and down. Little beads of sweat sat on your forehead, you bit your lip as you got lost the euphoria of him inside of you. The sight almost made him cum. 

You started gaining speed. You started to kiss up and down his neck as his moans got louder. You licked over his adams apple making him flip you over gaining control.

He didn’t waste anytime as he started to pound into your g-spot making you scream his name.Each thrust felt like heaven. You saw stars as your orgasm sneaked up on you, without any warning you came around him. You shivered as you came back down from you high.

The feeling of your warmth pulsing around him, pulling him deeper made him cum in you. He lied on you breathing heavily as he came down from his own high. He looked at you and flashed you his box smile.