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Some people on here don’t find this latest different than other S&MM sightings. But he was attending her family wedding, which to me is personal. How does this not look like a different level of relationship?

I only find it different in that them being in the same place may not have been contrived but I think the circumstances to let us know they were together in the same place were. Does that make sense? I never said I thought anyone MADE him go to the wedding. I think it is possible that through this whole thing he got invited to the wedding (I mean, they do know each other and if my sister was cool with a celeb, I would invite them to my wedding too) and decided to go. Now for whatever reason, this farce may still be going on (or not; we don’t know the entire purpose for him being there) so by posting his location and leaking his whereabouts, it plays into the narrative. All possible. We just don’t know. I have yet to see any signs of romantic interest coming from either of them so I just don’t see a romantic relationship there. 

rewatching the episodes knowing Even was crushing on Isak from the get go and geeeez you can SEE all the hints!

ep 1:

• Following Isak to the meeting and then to the bathroom
• Paper towel thing
• dick jokes to see if Isak is creeped out or if he looks interest

• Him being annoyed with Emma
• The constant glancing at Isak

ep 2:

• Glancing at Isak while walking all cool and casual
• Putting on his sunglasses so ISAK WOULDN’T KNOW THAT HE WAS LOOKING AT HIM
• him being all shy and cute in the tramway
• the “forgot my ID so I have to go home, come with me”
• Not really looking much for his ID
• Getting all flustered and proud when Isak compliments his drawing
• Ask Isak what he likes to listen to and get insistent that they’ll listen to it later (wants Isak to listen to Nas and think of him)
• Make him food and offer him a beer so he won’t leave
• Ask him how he likes his cheese toast bc he wants to please his boy and know his taste
• Play along with Isak awful rapping
• Kiss Sonja to make Isak jealous

ep 3:

• looking intensely at Isak while Vilde was talking to him and Sonja
• looking annoyed that Emma was sitting with Isak
• got jealous and interrupted their kiss
• touching Isak’s shoulder to get his attention
• getting more annoyed at Emma’s bullshit generalisation
• Even is dancing where Isak could see him
• kissing Sonja while intensely looking at Isak, knowing exactly where to look to find Isak
• “I have a bike” staying at the apartment allne with Isak
• Glancing with heart eyes at Isak
• Asking him if he had fun “with hum….Emma?”
• invented a metal leg story to get Isak’s attention
• Slide his hand on the counter to get it close to Isak’s
• took advantage of Isak laughing to get physically closer to him
• like to make Isak get all flustered
• Jokes AGAIN about dicks
• canMt keep his eyes off Isak
• get even closer and slowly try to kiss him
• Seems a bit confused when Noora interrupted them like: who’s the girl? why are you in my babe’s appartment????

ep 4:

• Asking if Isak is going to the party and when he thinks Isak won’t go he asks him to go with him
• Try to impress him by unlocking his locker/closet
• looking miserable because two lousy girls are around and Isak is not paying attention to him
• getting angry when Sonja is being a bit controlling in front of Isak
• ditched the girls to be alone with Isak
• break into someone’s pool house to get Isak all wet
• tease him about his hair because secretly he likes it
• tease him about being able to hold his breath just so he could kiss him all movie-like under water
• getting all happy and excited that he’s FINALLY kissing his crush

ep 5:

• Lying on the bed kissing, suggling, adoring him while holding Isak in hus arm
• going along with Isak’s paralell universe theory just to please him
• holding him a little more tightly when Eskild interrupted
• make his popping jaw thing when he asks Isak if Eskild seduce him/ pick him up at the bar
• keep looking at Isak with adoration
• gets irritated when Sonja called
• Ask Isak if they can stay together forever in his bed
• makes Isak a drawing where he wrote “Duer Digg ❤” and mentions parallel universe even tho the concept scares him
• Broke things off with Sonja and asks Isak what he thinks about it
• get all puppy excited when Isak says he’s glad that he broke it off
• Eskimos kisses
• Ask what Isak’s parents would think if they became boyfriends
• get anxious when Isak mentioned that his mother might not accept it
• You can see all his hopes and dreams get crushed when Isak say rude things about mentally ill people
• Ask Isak for some time because he’s heartbroken that the guy he likes would run away if he knew about his mental illness

ep 6:

• Even looked terrified when he saw Isak in the cafeteria
• tried to talk a little by mentioning kardemomme
• smile and then get anxious when Isak isn’t smiling back

ep 7:

• gave Isak a drawing where he wrote that he misses him
• answer literally 10seconds after Isak gave him an ultimatum via text
• instead of calling he takes less than 2 minutes to get to Isak’s place
• looks super nervous when Isak didn’t say anything after their mutual ‘halla’
• get super passionate while kissing
• gave Isak a blowjob

ep 8:

• kissing Isak in front of Eskild and Noora
• glancing at Isak while cooking the breakfast like a smitten boy in love
• gets all touchy when Isak showed some anxiety about Even leaving
• admit his feelings
• getting super flustered and giddy when Isak called him the man of his dreams and refuse Isak’s explanation that its a hashtag
• Ask him to say it again
• be all dorky while dancing and serenading to Isak
• introduce himself to Isak’s friends
• flirt with Isak in front of them and then get all smug about Isak throwing out his friends to be alone with him
• implies that they went all hot and bothered that night
• hung up on Sonja so she wouldn’t talk to him and mention his bipolar
• kiss Isak AT SCHOOL in the hallway and call him “so fucking hot”

and the rest is, as they say, history.

EDIT: ep 9: • Even sent a text message about how he’s a romantic and that he’s sitting where they first met and that he’s thinking of him
• He’s afraid to lose the guy he loves
-he loves Isak so much that he now believe in parallel universe 
• Believe they’re together for all eternity in those parallel universe
•looks completely broken coming out
• looks terrified and somehow hopeful to see Isak standing in front of their bench
• looks like he’s been craving Isak every minute of everyday
• cheeks rubbing and nose nudging
• a huge weight lift off his shoulder
• closing his eyes and thanking everything and everyone that he’s found that boy and he can keep him
• soft sweet gentle kisses
• intense eye staring
• tight almost suffocating-and-yet-giving-him-back-life hug
• his hands are holding Isak like he’s completely terrified that if he doesn’t hold him tight enough, he’ll disappear

some thoughts I have about Sing(no spoilers)

  • I love how the Pig characters are not depicted as slobs/messy/gluttonous 
  • The characters that are big and/or fat don’t have their bodies used as a joke and any time that Mike made negative comments related to Meena’s or Rosita and Gunter’s sizes it wasn’t seen as a good thing and was meant to be seen as mean and not cool to do. (and they were minimal as well, so there wasn’t this whole running thing of him being gross about that)
  • I gotta say something about Gunter here, I love him. I thought he was going to be depicted as someone the audience was supposed to dislike. The trailer somewhat made him look ignorant/selfish but it was the total opposite?? He was a genuinely nice guy who was energetic and confident and all around really great
  • on the subject of nice characters; SO MANY OF THE CHARACTERS WERE GOOD PEOPLE, they were supportive to eachother and considerate and cheered eachother on! This is all while they’re in a competition. With the exception of Mike, they never made the other contestants feel bad or put them down about themselves and I think that’s one of the movie’s biggest strengths. Had they made everyone super competitive it would have taken away from the film in a big way
  • idk I love how positive and uplifting these characters are, I love seeing nice characters written in a way that feels natural and genuine

I’m gushing here, sorry, I just have a lot of feelings about this movie

I keep thinking how knowing Even had a crush on Isak the first day he saw him changes the whole dynamic of the story, or at least it does to me.

The first times we see Isak and Even sharing glances (first in the cafeteria, then outside, then at the kosegruppa meeting) I thought Even was this type of guy who looks at you in the coolest way ever just because he feels he is able to get your attention.

When they met in the bathroom and Even did the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen anyone do when they are flirting with someone, I thought he was just being a pain in the ass since he noticed Isak always looking at him and he wanted the attention I guessed he thought he deserved.

And then in the bench… Well, that scene kind of threw my theory out of the window, because Even totally lost his coolness: he was almost shy and nervous. But I guess I was too caught up by his looks and appearance I didn’t really pay attention.

But Even confessing Isak he saw him the very first day at school and that he went to the kosegruppa meeting just to meet Isak made me realize all those times weren’t about Even being cool, they were about Even trying to look cool. It was always about a boy doing embarrassing and not-so-slick things to get the other boy’s attention. When I thought Isak was getting caught by Even staring at him, it was actually Even trying to act laid back when he realized his crush was looking at him. When Even approached Isak on the hallway to ask him if he was going to the Halloween party, it wasn’t him being casual, it was him being hopeful. When Even suggested Isak going to the pool, it wasn’t him recreating his favorite movie scene just to be the coolest guy, it was him planning the whole thing to finally act on his feelings for his crush.

And you know why just a simple scene was able to threw away what I thought was real? Because Skam just doesn’t make seasons from one character’s perspective in order for us to get to really know them, Skam does it to show that not everything is what we think it is: we don’t see life at it is, we see it in our own way. And that’s as beautiful as it is scary, isn’t it?

Drawing Compilation

Meanwhile in mostly my idea notebook…

1) crightmossssss

2) The other half of that page, with my first attempts at designing Dreamswap Bex and Palette (both of which ended up altered slightly), as well as Nightmare judging you.

3) Alix with some items.

4) Sam being cool or something.

5) Who cares about the other drawings on this page SAM IS LITERALLY PUNCHING SOME RANDOM PERSON IN THE FACE

6) December and Xahji aaaand… Feral and Abyss or something LET’S MOVE ON

7) DS!Blueberry. (The notes might look familiar, I pretty much wrote the same thing when I introduced him)

8) DS!Error doodle.

9) What really happened when Blueberry and Error met in Dreamswap

10) More Dreamswap.

11) Page of doodles.

12) … Swap Greyscale? … Naaahhhh…

13/14/15) Placebo doodles. (These are older, I got some design aspects wrong)

16) I noticed that Feral and CJ have a lot in common. Then this happened.

17) December thinks they’re weird.

18) okay I know CJ is supposed to be kinda scary but I couldn’t help myself

19) even the drawings say he’s done

20) CJ and Orchid doodles.

21) Feral is having a hard time making sense of this.

(( Features characters created by @jakei95, @jokublog, @inashibe, @fullmetaldreamer, @demi-gray, @azzyloraaandkanto, @loverofpiggies, @popcornpr1nce, myself and kind of @angexci, @nateev, and @6agentgg9 ))

cool dude for @rachlette !!!

I have many requests, but I couldn’t contain myself from jumping straight into this one - you need it right now. I’m really sorry for this happening to you, especially because I’m Portuguese (aka your Iberic Peninsula buddy). Here it is, sorry for being short. Btw, I’m sure you look stunning nonetheless, rock that hairstyle like Jaehee! :)

- JUMIN HAN would straight up cause a revolution. He loved you more than anything and seeing you have to change a part of you because of some dumbass made him snap. He usually kept his cool, even when things got complicated in the company or press. When it came to you, he didn’t care if he had to move a mountain - he’d get revenge or at least console you. Jumin would sit down with you, telling you first and foremost that you looked absolutely gorgeous with that haircut. He’d bring you to confess the look of the guy and if it had been a joke or a racist act, and when you finally explained, he’d do everything in his power to find the guy and at least make him apologize. Preferably on his knees. Next day you wake up with a box next to your bed, stunning diamond earrings lying on velvet stuffing. A little not was attached, ‘you usually don’t wear long earrings because it gets stuck in your hair, I think these would fit you now’ scribbled on his cursive handwriting.

- YOOSUNG was, at first, very convinced that you got that haircut willingly. He thought you were joking when you told him the gum incident, laughing it off as if it were a great mock excuse. When he saw a little tear in the corner of your eye, his face froze and he muttered a rushed ‘shit, you’re serious’. He’d propose kicking the guy’s ass, but when you quickly refused, he’d suggest ordering your favorite junk food instead. You’d cuddle up watching a movie, and even though you asked for no more pity, he’d embrace you further and kiss you quiet. He’d caress your hair and whisper how good you looked, and that he might just have to thank the guy instead of hitting him because damn you look stunning .

- Our girl, JAEHEE, was the only one to be with you when it happened. She didn’t have the time to stop him from placing the gum, but she didn’t hesitate stepping painfully on his foot with her high heels. When the man raised his fist, she held up her business card and dug her heel deeper, saying 'if you know how to read, you’ll know who I work for, I’m sure that if you contact him with your troubles regarding y/n, Mr. Han will gladly deport you back to the animal shelter’ in such a threatening tone it would be enough to make any grown man cower. When the man went away, she rushed to your side and examined your hair, warning you that you would probably have to cut. You two went to the hair salon together and ended up getting a matching style, just so you wouldn’t feel alone. When you went back home she’d reassure you that you looked fabulous and probably better than before.

- ZEN has always worshipped your hair. He used to ran his hands through it until he lulled himself to sleep. Because of this, he’d be the most shocked when you arrived at his apartment. Instead of waiting for you to speak like the other ones did, he instantly ran up to you and hugged you, loudly saying 'oh my god y/n what happened it wasn’t willingly was it where are the-’ , he’d shut up because you held unto him tighter and his eyes would widen. He look you in the eye and he’d sigh - his fear had came true. He spent the whole day worrying that something would happen to you after the Trump election, but he wouldn’t except it to ACTUALLY happen. He’d bring you inside and bring some chocolate he always kept for when you needed, and he’d hold your hand as you quickly explained your encounter. He’d gaze at you lovingly and he’d reassure you that he was completely entranced by you whatever your haircut was, and he’d show it in any way possible.

- If you think 707 didn’t know what happened wayyyy before you got home, you’re wrong. He knew. Oh, he definitely knew. He took some action about it, too. When you’d come in looking exhausted, he’d be waiting by the door with his lips puckered hilariously. You’d kiss him anyways, even if you found it odd. 'I am the best boyfriend EVER’ he’d claim, leading you to the sofa. You were confused by why he didn’t question your hair, but followed him. Luciel kissed your cheek and disappeared inside his 'cave’, almost immediately coming back with a laptop in hand. 'First, you look beautiful. Secondly, I think you’d like yo see this’ he’d show you a security recording of your workplace (which you deduced that he hacked into the CCTV to spy on your safety) and you’d see the familiar event unfold. Something you didn’t see before was the man clutching his cellphone and throwing it against the wall, running in the complete opposite direction as if he were mad. Luciel would explain that he had seen everything and hacked into the man’s phone, accessing every single social media and changing every post for “I’m racist”. He messaged all his contacts saying exactly the same thing, and lastly, hacked the screen and made a bomb countdown appear.

Now Damen felt the bright, heady set of new desires that had had him breaking from his royal entourage in the last miles, spurring his horse to gallop ahead alone as he wished—as he so giddily wished.
         He tossed his reins to a servant, was told, “By the east fountain,” and pushed his way past the branches of myrtle hanging low over the paths to the marble flags, to a balconied garden where a figure stood, looking out. On the horizon, the sea was a sudden open view, huge and blue.
         Damen looked too—at one thing only: the breeze playing with a strand of blond hair, at the cool, pale limbs in white cotton. He felt his own rising happiness, the speeding of his pulse. Some part of him, absurdly, wondered how he would be received: the fluttering, enjoyable anxiety of a new lover. It was nice also to just look, to see him when he thought he wasn’t being observed, even as the familiar voice spoke in a precise, assured fashion.
         "Tell me as soon as the King approaches, I want to be informed right away.“
         Damen felt a burgeoning delight. "It’s not a servant.”
         Laurent turned.
         He was standing before the view. The breeze that was playing with his hair was also playing with the hem of his chiton. Laurent wore it at mid-thigh, which was the fashion for young men. In Ios, he had worn only Veretian clothing, perhaps a testament to his fussy skin that would not darken, only pink, then burn. This blowy version of him was new, and wonderful. He hadn’t worn Akielon clothing since—
         —the Kingsmeet, and the trial that followed, two days and two nights in the same tattered garment, sleeping in it, even after kneeling in it at Damen’s side, until it was wet with Damen’s blood.
         "I was watching the road.“
         "Hello,” said Damen.
—  Exclusive excerpt from the upcoming short story The Summer Palace

When they think you’re rejecting them but you’re actually just a terrified asexual child™

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Hey, I find all of your scenarios super cute, could you make one of these list thingy for Jackson having a crush on you? (the barely-know-each-others kind of crush, not the bestfriends-for-years one haha) Thank you and don't melt too much while writing hehe ♡

all I could think about while writing this would be how dorky he would act and I did melt a little ngl

  • the first time he saw you working at the convenience store by the dorms he’d immediately wanted to get to know you
  • you looked so cute stocking the shelves
  • you were so focused and aaahhh he thought that was the cutest thing ever
  • so he started going there after practice to flirt with you
  • Jackson would think he was being all cool and suave
  • ha jokes on him he’s not
  • “fancy seeing you here”
  • and you’re like “oh uh I guess I mean I work here so…”
  • dragging the other members to the store so that it doesn’t look like he’s just there to check you out
  • which he totally is
  • he’s gotten like three things from the store ever he just comes in to flirt with you
  • sometimes he helps you stock the shelf just so he can talk to you
  • he asks you a lot of questions about yourself and then remembers everything you tell him
  • he’s like “so how did that roommate situation go down?” and it’s like how did he remember that you mentioned that weeks ago
  • you think he’s funny but you’re not going to tell him that
  • though… you do like to tease him
  • like you told him what your favorite color was one day and he remembered and bought a shirt that color and when you called him out on it he totally denied it
  • “this is my favorite color too Y/N! we just have so much in common it’s crazy… it’s like… a sign or something”
  • the store manager offered him a job once
  • when Jackson does finally ask you on a date you’re not at all surprised and he’s so happy when you say yes that he knocks over an entire display

dating yoongi:

  •  a lot of staring into each other’s eyes
  • if you’re not into that he’ll just always stare at you but you know, look away when you notice
  • he would always try ways to hold your hand but act cool about it or its no big deal
  • in the middle of the night he would talk about something annoying or weird that happened during his day, but you wouldn’t be listening because you are half asleep
  • getting him up from bed would be literally be the worst thing or the best thing in the world
  • yoongi being the pisces he is, he wouldn’t show that much affection and it would hurt you a bit, but you later learn it’s because he doesn’t want to be too clingy and push you away
  • there will be rare days where you guys would go out on an adventure
  • he doesn’t seem the type that likes pda, so i think the most you guys would do in public is hold hands and you giving him small pecks on his cheek
  • he would low-key really love hugs from you
  • he would adore every single thing you do
  • he would write about you on the low
  • i have a feeling that he gets jealous quickly, it’s a pisces thing i swear, and give you the cold shoulder a bit but it later goes away when he’s being all pouty and whiny to you
  • late night phone calls or face time and would stay on the line until you fall asleep or it can be vice versa
  • really passionate sex
  • he doesn’t seem to have sex right away either, if you’re special he would give it some time
  • he doesn’t seem to type to eat you out but he would definitely finger the fuck out of you
  • he would lay on your lap constantly 
  • also did i forget to mention that he would take lots of pics of you as a memory
  • lastly when it’s time to say the three words, he would be so fucking nervous and probably blurt it out, or say it without even noticing

sorry if this really sucked lol :( this is the first i ever do shit like this but hmu if you want something done!

So Eliza beat boxing for Phillip is just the best thing ever.
It is the ONLY TIME she does any rap type thing. It is so out of character for Eliza that is soooo not her thing. But she does it for Philip because it makes him feel special and cool and gives him the parent/child connection with her.
Hamilton has a whole song saying he will never let him down, that he will be around, that he wants him to be safe and loved and he promises that he will make sure he is…but his promises are kind of really empty a lot of times. It’s a nice sentiment but it’s hamilton being Hamilton. And umm well look what happened.
Eliza has less than a minute of blowing weird mouth sounds but it is something so opposite of her. She is being someone else completely for him for a little while. She will do anything for him.

He knew. He sent Phillip to the duel. He gave him bad advice. Phillip only wanted his father to be proud that he did what he considered to be the right thing.

Eliza starts singing with him. She doesn’t focus on what is happening NOW she reminds him about good times. He wants to make her smile and be happy.

I need wingman Winn in my life. I want him trying to set up Alex on dates and going with her to gay bars but instead of helping he just scares women away with his eagerness when he approaches them.

I want men at the bar to hit on him and him being super cool about it. Maybe even suspiciously OK with. He is so cool about it that at one point he gets distracted talking to a hot guy that looks a lot like Superman and that keeps complimenting him.

That’s for the better though cause with him distracted the girl who had been looking at Alex from afar finally gets to make a move and buy her a drink. Alex is all shy with her, and she doesn’t really feel the same things she feels about Maggie but it’s still exciting and she has a good time talking to the girl. Even gives the girl her phone number.

When Winn and Alex talk the next day at the DEO about how much fun they had Kara joins in and say she wants to go with them next time, to support Alex. They do and now it’s Kara who keeps getting hit on and the only thing she does is laugh nervously but doesn’t reject anyone.

When two girls look about ready to punch each other fighting for Kara’s attention, Alex resorts to putting her hand around Kara’s shoulders and kissing her check, along with a pointed look to scare the women away. That means she doesn’t get to meet anyone new that night but she doesn’t mind, she has a lot of fun just drinking and dancing with Kara. Winn also gets to see his Superman look-alike friend again.

jimin // library

- him browsing around in his favorite aisle that no one usually goes through but he finds u sitting on the floor with a pile of books nxt to u

- casually but not so casually looking at u while looking for books

- not being able to find his book and accidentally stumbling and falling to the ground next to u

- realizing you had the book and trying to pick himself up and look cool “s-sorry, oh h-hey do you like that book?”

- u smiling at him and holding it up “its one of my favorites” then explaining the plot and pointing at other books you liked too

- jimin quietly watching u in awe;; silently falling in love with the ways your eyes lit up when talking about books “yeah, so, which ones are your favorites?” then him blushing cus he couldnt hear u 

- sitting down after a while and spending the rest of the afternoon listening to u talk about all the books u like (most of which he already read but he likes listening to u talk) 

My favorite thing about Sebastian Stan is that he /knows/ he looks terrible with this moustache and instead of like trying to hide it or shy away he’s like out there making fun of himself and being really funny and cool about all the people who are like :/ . And honestly that’s so important bc if you can’t laugh and make fun of yourself from time to time then what’s the point?

Teddy Ghost/Swagger Bishie ideas/story kinda

Dash starts crushing on his favorite punching bag because despite being weird and a dork Fenturd is kinda nice and cute and if he weren’t so antisocial and puny he’d have girls hanging off him constantly.

Dash getting jealous when other people bully Fentonio and starts defending him in a kind of ‘this is /my/ punching bag, get it?!’ way.

But then he sort of cools down on the actual punching because Fenton looks so tired and he’s barely making C’s he must have some sort of learning problem and is up studying all night poor thing.

(Side note, I have a headcanon that Dash won’t bully people with disorders. You never see Dash bully special needs kids, and yeah I get it’s a cartoon but at my school if you bully the specials you’re some kind of monster and everyone will hate you. But seriously Dash never really comments on kids’ glasses or braces. It’s usually their social status, interests, and size difference that he makes fun of. No one really gets bullied for things like blindness. I guess it’s one of those unwritten rules to not pick on the problems that nobody can help having.)

Dash starts noticing small things about Fenton. How he’s constantly dropping things and it freaks him out occasionally. How he has to wear a belt now to keep his pants up because he has lost a lot of weight now that Dash thinks about it. How when, on the odd occasion, he grins so big his eyes close after he gets a good grade. And god, those eyes, if the damn things were any bluer Dash thinks they would be glowing, and they kinda do sometimes when he’s angry or during the ghost attacks, just for a moment, if only Dash could get closer in those moments because sometimes he swears they look green from a distance.

When he picks Fenton up to threaten him or to stuff him in a locker Dash notices how cold Danny’s hands are, and for some reason that worries him a little. It worries him more when he gets in the boy’s face and can feel his cool breath even though it’s a good eighty degrees outside.

Dash wonders why Fenton avoids the locker room until the bell has rung and everyone else has left. His friends don’t seem worried, though. Dash has even heard them talk about how he doesn’t get the time to shower properly at home because he’s always so busy with ghosts, so he assumes that Fenton helps his parents with their dumb gadgets as well as doing homework all night of course why else would he be so exhausted all the time?

One time Dash accidentally leaves his phone in the locker room and returns to look for it. Instead he finds Fenton, dripping wet with a towel around his waist digging through his locker for something. What shocks Dash is all the scars and bruises on the boy. There’s a bad one in particular that streaks across his back like a jagged lightning bolt from his left arm to the right side of his waist. It looks deep and painful and Dash knew that wasn’t there in the beginning of the year. He grabs his phone and runs out of the locker room before Fenton has a chance to realize he’s not alone.

Dash begins treating Danny differently altogether. He wonders where in the fresh hell the kid got those scars. He knows he’s freaking Danny out by staring at him but never approaching him, never even saying a bad word to him about his family or his friends or anything. He can’t help it. Danny Fenton is less of a punching bag and more of an enigma to Dash now.

There’s a burn scar on Danny’s left hand Dash notices. It’s on his palm, and Dash only catches a couple glimpses of it as he and Danny are assigned as lab partners for this week. He wonders if he got that from goofing around in his parents’ lab. But then, Danny doesn’t seem the type to play around with dangerous things. With a sinking feeling Dash wonders if he got that from some kind of experiment, and this leads to a thought that his parents were using Danny as a lab rat. Dash dismisses it, because seriously they make enough money to buy real lab rats and Jazz doesn’t have any kind of marks like that on her hands.

Dash wonders where Danny always goes when Danny Phantom shows up.

He swears he sees Danny helping Phantom out at the amusement park when Phantom takes down the giant RV ghost. It makes him wonder if he got those scars from helping Phantom.

Dash thinks about throwing a Christmas party and inviting Danny and his friends with the excuse that Paulina put him up to it to lure Phantom again. When really, he wants to make Danny smile at least once at Christmas, because Danny is always in a bad mood when the holidays come around. It makes Dash wonder what could make Danny, who was so eager about Halloween and Thanksgiving and any holiday really, hate the mother of all holidays.

Dash sees Danny’s relationships and feels that little green goblin of envy growling in his chest. It’s everything he can do not to punch Danny for dating Paulina, and Valerie, and even his goth friend. Instead he takes it out on Mikey and the chess club and band and everyone who isn’t Danny or his football friends.

Dash confessing to Kwan about his crush on Danny, nothing else, and Kwan laughs and says “I always kinda knew. I mean, you do listen to boy bands and sleep with a stuffed bear named Fenton.”

Dash accidentally sneaks up on Danny and startles him. Danny responds with an automatic left hook, catching Dash’s cheek and knocking him over with more force than Dash thought was possible for someone so thin. He apologizes reluctantly and helps Dash to his feet and walks away, leaving the jock to wonder where the hell Danny learned to punch like that and where that strength came from.

Dash taking advantage of his tutoring sessions with Jazz to find out things about Danny, like that he likes to mow the lawn because he likes the smell of cut grass, or that he likes sea salt and vinegar flavored chips, and that he doesn’t like drinking bottled spring water because fish live in springs and fish pee. Dash’s favorite is that Danny likes old rock bands like Bon Jovi and Queen and the Eagles as well as Dumpty Humpty.

Dash always thought that Danny was a little of a pig when he ate. But now that he watches him the jock realizes the boy eats as if he’ll never see food again sometimes. As opposed to Foley who just eats like his mother never taught him what a fork was. For some reason it worries Dash.

Dash never knew that Danny drew. He never draws in class or at lunch. And it’s no wonder. For an assignment they have to include an illustration and Danny did that part. It stuns Dash at how quick and good he is. But suddenly Danny is surrounded by kids admiring his drawing and wanting him to draw them too. Dash shoos them away because honestly Danny is stressed out enough he doesn’t need these losers ordering him around. Danny just looks at Dash in shock.

Ok so this is my venting post, I hope it doesn’t ends up being too long!

So… today was awful. I barely had any sleep last night, i was doing a hw that I didn’t even finished, the teacher didn’t even checked it herself, that was strike two.

I think the thing that really did this day so awful was my Physics class, you see… we have this teacher that, even tho he’ pretty cool and an amazing teacher, he can be… cluelessly cruel.

For example, he always tells me to look at him in the eyes while talking, and not to force them while doing so, for me,
is impossible, i feel eye contact pretty scary unless its someone like my best friend.

Today he got the great idea to make me go to the board in front of everyone and solve an excersice, an exercise about a topic i don’t know, with no notebook… My classmates started laughing at me, and they mocked me between their breath, never taking their eyes of me….

I got terrified, I had to scratch my arm to calm myself a little and avoid crying and getting an anxiety attack in front of everyone, of course they noticed, I scratched so hard my arm was red and I actually bleed a little….

After like 15 minutes of torture the teacher finally let me sit down, and I was trying so hard to not freak out and cry..

If i cried in front of them they would mock at me more…

I couldn’t explain my friends what was going on, they wouldn’t get it at best and they whole mock at me at worst…

My arm still hurts…

  • psychic: let me read your mind
  • me inside: a month without uploading he comes back with a tag (whoo)
  • that no one even tagged him he’s not a challenge to drag (ouch)
  • so prepare for an attack and by that i mean cringe - cringe
  • cause this motherfuckers bout to be dragged by his fringe
  • first things you’re freakishly tall it’s weird you look like a noodle (tru)
  • you’ve got hair that was cool in 2007 and wet you just took like a poodle (hobbit)
  • throw in a really annoying posh voice and yep that’s dan (posh)
  • you’re what would happen if winnie the pooh fucked slender man
  • you procrastinate making videos, cause being judged is scary? (ooh)
  • you’re so close to being forgotten, the hate’s imaginary (woah)
  • the only reason you get views is you’re another white guy
  • that people ship with his friend cause they think it’s kawaii
  • oh
  • reasons why dan’s a fail
  • i’ll give you some
  • you never tweet you overeat all you do is cry and sleep
  • you’re jokes are shitposts and memes with no originality (uh huh)
  • your family’s sad your flopped your law degree at university
  • and anything embarrassing that’s from your past you just delete
  • you were vegan for like three weeks then what you missed the meat? (milk)
  • wow i’m so impressed by your clear moral integrity
  • you try so hard to be peaceful and diplomatic
  • but can’t make toast without tumblr saying you’re problematic (boo)
  • i could go on there’s more if i check
  • there’s more things on this list than chins on your neck
  • on your birthday you joked you were a quarter way to death
  • 100? yeah when getting out of bed makes you out of breath (real)
  • so your celebrity crush was j-law but now it’s evan p (mhmm)
  • wtf even is your sexuality
  • it’s hard to put you in a box when you keep it so blurry (what is it)
  • i think it’s just to hide that you’re secretly a furry
  • *cough*
  • i’m joking
  • obviously
  • ..
  • okay that went deep
  • repress it? yup
  • before i start crying let’s wrap this shit up
  • i’m gonna go and masturbate, then cry into a slice of pizza (feelings)
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Tyler Seguin - What about hockey players?

Can you please do one with Tyler Seguin!! That him meets the reader( who is an actress) in a red carpet?

Red Carpets were something you dreaded. Of course being a well known actress came with things you didn’t like to do. You had to admit that you always met some cool new people at the red carpet. Looking out the window you saw that your limo had made it to the front of the carpet.

“Go time” You said. You took a deep breath and said thank you to your driver before the limo door opened.

You were blinded by all the lights. That was something you would never get use to. The person who opened your door, held out his hand for you to take.

“Thank you.” You said taking his hand.

“You’re welcome Miss.” He said leading you up to the front of the red carpet. Now for the part you hated the most. The questions and photo’s.

You made your way to the middle of the carpet and posed for all the cameras. Light here light there, after photos were taken you were sure you would never be able to see again. Now for the questions. You made your way to the press area and heard your name.

“What are you where tonight?” The guy working for People magazine asked.

“You know I have no clue. It looked pretty so I bought it. I’m not sure if it made by a fancy person but I do know it’s very comfy.” You said smiling.

After a handful more of questions you finally made it in the building. You found your seat and looked around to see who was around you.  

“Hi there!” Said a dark haired boy sitting next to you.

“Hi.” You said back. “I hate to asks but do I know you?” You asked the guy.

“Maybe but not in the acting word, I’m Tyler Seguin.” Tyler said holding his hand out.

“Oh! You play for the Dallas Stars! My brother loves the Stars.” You said shaking his hand. “I’m Y/N.”

“I know my sister’s are big fans of yours.” He said smiling. “Are you a Stars fan too?”

You smiled and said “I’m a die hard Habs fan, sorry.” You laughed.

“Oh man, really. Such a beautiful girl like you and you like the Habs.” He said joking.

“What can I say I love my Price.” You said laughing back.

“So how is it a as beautiful and Hockey loving you are that you’re here alone?” He said.

“I’m not a fan of dating actors.” You said.

“Are you a fan of dating Hockey players?” He said winking.

“Not sure, I’ve never dated a hockey player” You said smiling.

“What are you doing after this?” Tyler said.

“Nothing, most likely going home.” You said.

“Do you want to grab some dinner after this…with me?”

“Okay, but I don’t kiss on the first date.” You said smiling.

“Well than I guess we’ll just have to have a second date than.” Tyler said smiling.


Just a little bit of your heart - Stiles Imagine

A/N: part two of Just a shadow enjoy x

Warnings: swearing

Characters: the whole pack

Part 1:

Part 3:

Part 4:

My phone vibrated to itself, unwanting to pick up the phone I just left it there . Making my way to the balcony I sat on the cool metal chair out looking my neighbourhood,today was spring formal and I was just sitting here like some broken hearted Nilly. Fuck I muttered to myself why do I always screw things up? I heard some branches being broken and huffs of breathing “who’s there?!” I call “I know Kung fu” I say making a dramatic pose “no you don’t y/n” Stiles’ head perks up with a smug smile “help me over” he calls I grab him and haul him over the balcony ledge.

I take note his attire,he’s wearing a black tuxedo with blue flowers sticking out his pocket “you look all fancy” I giggle “yeah yeah I know Ly- I mean” my smile became a frown he was going to say Lydia probably cause his date is Lydia I cross my arms in order to get warmth since it was getting chilly out “y/n are you cold?” Stiles asks removing his jacket and placing it against me I give him a small nod and sit back down in the chair “listen y/n I know we didn’t have time to speak but if you’d like to we could now?” He smiled “I’d like that” I responded in a soft tone

“How’d this come about? The whole liking me ?” Stiles questioned pulling out the other chair next to me “grade school” I tried not to get into too much detail “and why didn’t you tell me?” He glanced at me with sorrowful eyes “well that’s obvious I didn’t want to ruin anything which is too late cause I have and I don’t know why I do these types of-” Stiles cut me off placing his hands to my face and his lips to mine. The kiss was passionate and sweet I almost fainted it was too much to bare he pulled away a while after “there” he smiled “what’d you do that for?” I quirked a eyebrow “I don’t know” his smile disappeared as the sound of a car honking went off. “Oh shit I gotta go I’m so sorry y/n” Stiles began climbing down the balcony faintly in the darkness you can hear Lydia call for him there goes my shot.

<<<<< Three weeks later >>>>

I haven’t been hanging out with the pack since the kiss with Stiles damn what a joke. Malia’s been trying to get me to open up during Math but with Lydia up front I can’t get a word out. The day had ended fairly quick so I made my way to the lacrosse field where I go to catch up on homework or to hang with Stiles but since we aren’t speaking again I make sure he doesn’t have practice when I come here.

I was listening to secret love song by little mix when someone caught me off guard I looked up and who else but Stiles was in front of me “what do you want.” I grumbled rudely “I know you’re kinda mad at-” I cut him off “kind of?! Hell Stiles I’m fucking pissed off at you ! How-how dare you come to my house kiss me just for me to find out your fucking dating Lydia and might I add have been for a while!” I was fuming with rage the tears began falling down my face “Y/n I’m-” I cut him off again “you’re what? You’re sorry huh? You’re fucking sorry ?! Well too late fuck you and fuck me too for being so naive so stupid all I wanted was just a little bit of your heart to love me too.” I got my bag and left him open mouth and torn as I kept walking and sniffing the way home.

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