look at him being happy for a whole two seconds


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member; the lovely joshua
genre; fluff
summary; jisoo has a really understanding significant other. 
a/n; so many idol relationships that always seem hard. just wanted something different. 

“It’s okay, love. Another time.”

When Jisoo hung up, the boys crowded around him. There were many things that they never understood. There were still things he couldn’t fully comprehend.

“How is it that your significant other is so understanding?” Jeonghan asked in surprise. The others nodded in agreement. To be honest, he wasn’t sure how lucky he was. He heard from other colleagues that dating a non-celebrity was tough. They got insecure. They needed attention. They wanted to know all the time that their idol was theirs and not anyone else’s. But with you? Jisoo could only absentmindedly smile and shake his head a little. 

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my favorite thing about those stills is the fact that they put their glasses away so they can keep making out like i still can't believe this i keep seeing those images and i can't believe it

Same, Anon. When you look back where they started off after they first met and Magnus told Alec “There is nothing to be ashamed of.” and now look where they are now. “Relationships, they, um, take effort.” - “I am all effort.” Like… can you believe? I mean when you look back at it, it makes it look like it was all Alec who changed so much, who opened up after repressing his feelings his whole life. But Magnus, too. Remember him saying “You’ve unlocked something in me”? And his face when he was ready for his heart getting broken once again when Alec told him that they are “maybe too different”?

And now they are boyfriends, sitting casually on that balcony, being content and relaxed and so happy while drinking wine and kissing. And starting to make out?? Let the war outside wait for a second because the only thing that matters right now is the two of us.

Like….can I start sobbing again? Gawd, I am so emotional.

Let Me Still Be What You Want

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Summary: Magnus knows they need to talk. The question is how to begin?

Courage. Courage is not the thing that he is feeling, yet he is skilled in hiding behind a mask of bravado, slinging back his drink as though it’s not the thing steadying him, and pretending everything is fine.

Except with him.

Magnus feels Alec approach without having to even look for him, sure the air shifted and parted just for Alec to come stand by his side. And now that he’s stood there, it’s so very hard to listen to what he’s telling him. The small talk they’re making sounds easy to outside ears yet to Magnus is brittle, fracturing in chunks, and the words are hard to make out when it feels like he’s dying inside.

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Still in your mind - Chapter 4

Authors note: We’re back in the present time now. I’m so happy about the nice comments on the last chapter and the many likes <3

PS: let me know if you want to be tagged :)

Present day

Marcus kept talking about the movie but I didn’t hear him anymore. It was as if a train rolled right through my brain. I thought I would never see him again, never look into those eyes again. Memories fell on me like a waterfall and I felt a familiar arch in my heart. It’s funny how three years without someone could feel like nothing compared to one day you had with him as soon as you see him. I never forgot him, never forgot this day. Every single word he said was still in my mind like it was yesterday. Every move he made, every smile he gave me, every kiss. It was the best day I had in my whole life - just before the saddest one.

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