look at him being all happy with himself afterwards

A Concept: Moving In Together

It would be the last viewing that you two would have, and you would be on the verge of giving up. You had seen several houses but none of them felt right. You both didn’t want to move until you had found the house. All of the ones you had previously seen just didn’t make you feel at home. You wanted somewhere where you could raise children and be happy, not feel uncomfortable.

Shawn would hold your hand as you both enter the house, giving you a warm smile. You’d smile back, hoping that this could be the home you too were looking for.

When you would enter, immediately your heart would flutter. This beautiful high ceilings and large stairs greet you, making you smile instantly. Shawn would be eyeing your face for any sign of emotion, hoping that you felt the same way as he did. When your eyes would connect, both of you would know that this was the house. After being shown around each room, you wouldn’t need anymore convincing. You’d sign the papers and decide on a move in date.

The day would come and you two would be absolutely shattered from moving boxes all day. You would ache and feel drowsy, but you’d be over the moon with your new home. Shawn would plonk himself next to you on the sofa, wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m so happy baby” He would whisper into your hair, kissing it gently afterwards.
“So am I” you’d smile, looking up at him. He’d kiss your nose and smile back.
“I love you”
“I love you too.”

seokjin first date
  • him coming to pick you up right on time
  • he looks so shaRP IT HURTS
  • u trying not to scream as he drives you there because he’s looking so fresh and you just want to stare at him for hours
  • during the musical you lowkey trying to steal glances at him
  • at the end of the musical both of you go walk the streets at night looking at the lights
  • holding a bag of popcorn to share
  • u reaching up and holding his arm with your hand
  • him shocked up extremely happy and being all cheerful afterwards
  • “let’s go to get some spicy rice cakes”
  • eating at one of the booths together while laughing
  • u finishing up the rice cakes and him whispering “i could stare at you for hours; you’re so beautiful”
  • u looking down and trying not to blush
  • him taking you home and walking you up to the door
  • “Goodnight” “goodnight”
  • Awkward standing there and he finally says bye again and leaves
  • u standing at the door and listening to him curse at himself for not kissing u
  • u smiling a little to yourself before going back inside super happy
confused o1 [jungkook&you]

Summary: You’ve long crushed on Jungkook, however he was into your band mate instead, causing you to hold back your confession. Upon doing so, you receive comfort from Yoongi when he finds out, to which Jungkook knew nothing of and feels all sorts of confused emotions when he sees you both together.

a/n: to the anon who requested this roller coaster one, i HOPE this is similar to what you want!!! enjoyyyyy~

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You’ve been practicing with your group mates and back dancers for the last six hours now, and you lay on the wooden floor trying to catch your breath. Covered in sweat with a stench of it, you quickly sit up and was about to request for the shower first, until the dance room doors open.

In walks your sunbaes; Bangtan Boys.

Your breath gets caught at your throat the minute you saw your favorite sunbae, Jeon Jungkook. Averting your gaze down to your feet as you sit frozen on the wooden floor, you feel someone tap at your knee. Staring up, it was Jungkook himself with a beaming smile as well.

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Axis, Nordics + Prussia, Spain and Romano's reaction to finding out their partners cheating on them~?

(Oh noooo upsetting this is gonna be s o upsetting)


The Axis

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Ludwig would be in a state of denial, refusing to think about the subject or scene he saw and continues on with his work day. He’d become increasingly stiff and out of it during the day, though, which would cause someone that’s close to him to worriedly ask him if he was feeling well. At that point his emotions would burst forward, causing him to either punch a wall, or his desk, in rage as he thinks about what he had done to deserve this breach of loyalty.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: (Would tear up immediately and would cover his mouth to stop himself from crying out in unhappiness, would dash off and want to be left alone, locking his door and curling up in a ball, wondering if it was just a bad dream and that he’d wake up and still have his lovely girlfriend being faithful to him)

Japan/Kiku Honda: Kiku’s eyes would widen in chock, as he stepped back and tried to think about if there were any hints or possible tells that would show that you were cheating on him, and why. He wouldn’t talk to you for a few days, thinking to himself, but not wanting to confront you on the issue until he had sorted out his own feelings. He would avoid interaction with you, too, in fear of letting it slip out he knew you were seeing another before he knew what to do.


Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Gilbert would feel his heart be completely crushed, acting as though it didn’t bother him, but in his life he’d been used to disappointment, and tries to rationalize that it would’ve happened to him sooner or later. Anything that reminded him of you would cause his heart to ache, and he’d become more withdrawn, not wanting to bother flirting or drinking much until he found a way to get his energy back.

South Italy/Lovino Vargas: Lovino would be enraged to find you with another person, yelling at the both of you and berating you for cheating. He would disappear soon after, refusing to talk to you or even bother with your excuses after that. He had enough issues concerning his brother and not feeling good enough that seeing the one person he trusted to always choose him choose another was enough to make him feel as though he shouldn’t even bother existing anymore.

Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo: Antonio, after finding out, would look glum for weeks afterward, his heart being shattered and he would see nothing but clouds in his normally sunny skies. He’d feel as though all the happiness had been drained from his life, and though he knows that it’ll pass and he’ll move on, he wonders what it would be like if he could’ve kept you happy to the point you hadn’t gone to another person to find love.

The Nordics

Denmark/ Mathias Køhler: Mathias would want to bury himself in booze, but would feel repulsed at the idea, telling all others who question his lack of habit that he just wasn’t in the mood. He would become much quieter, and would only be able to project fake enthusiasm, which people who had known him for a long time could tell was just an act.

Norway/Lukas: Lukas, feeling betrayed, would begin to scorn you, never wanting to hear from you again. He would move on but would always be left with a bad taste in his mouth when he thought of you, wondering why he couldn’t just be happy and move on. He would have to talk it out with you, even if it consisted of only shouting, so that he could get out how he feels, and know why you did what you did, so that he could properly move on.

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: Emil would scoff, saying that he had always thought he was better off alone anyway. He would feel even more alone than normal afterwards, though, as he thinks about how happy it made him to have a special someone to invade his personal space and shower him with love. He would wish that he hadn’t known what it was like to have a significant other to begin with, wishing he could purge the memories from his mind and continue on.

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: Tino would approach you immediately if he caught you in the moment, and would try to hold back his tears, but his void would be shaking and he could barely get out a sentence. He’d say something along the lines of “At least we had fun” before letting some tears escape and dashing away, not turning around even if you called out his name.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Berwald is much more emotional about the event than he’d let out, but he’d keep his face straight as he directly confronts you. Later, in the middle of a conversation with another person, tears would randomly begin to pout out, and he would look much more distressed when you weren’t around. It would be the first time any one of his friends had ever seen him cry.