look at him all bathed in pink light like some sort of angel

My Guardian (Part 3)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1300+

Warnings: fluff, kissing, mention of blood.

My Guardian Master List

The soft fabric of the couch was a nice change from your hard mattress. The smell of baking soda and carpet cleaner stung the inside of your nose, making your face scrunch. Why had the angel cleaned the couch by hand? He could have just snapped his fingers and rid the thing of your blood in no time. Silly angel.

You took in a deep breath as Castiel lifted his hand over your stomach. It had been a day since your last healing and Cas had built up enough juice for another. You could feel his grace hum as he knelt beside you, focusing on your wound. A light blue light radiated from his palm and a familiar warmth filled you. When he was done, he sat on his heels and smiled down at you.

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Requested By: eramidsummer

Based OnI looove your fanfiction, imagines and… and… well, it’s amazing. My favourite is one about Thorin helping with hair… ♡ But “your” Thranduil is very realistic too. I won’t mind reading about close withLegolas and walking under the moon… xo♡

(I’m the one requesting for Legolas fic :P)Thanks soo much. Well, writing “close I meaned understending the deepest fears, sharing secrects ect. It can be sth like he say that now he is certain about his feelings and he loves me but we have time

A/N: Thank you for requesting this, lovely: And sorry for getting confused! /-\ I’m glad that you enjoy my fanfiction pieces! I hope that you enjoy what I have come up with. - Kat

Imagine: Going on a walk with Legolas and being bathed in the gorgeous light of the moon, where you converse of each others secrets, fears, desires, ect.

This is where Legolas realizes his deep feelings for yo, tells you of them, but makes it evident that the two of you have time to blossom your relationship together, and there is no need to rush anything.

Under the Moon and the Stars, I Drink In the Love That I Have For You. [Legolas x Reader]

Word count: 1,318

Warning’s: Mentions of the reader’s parents death and fear of abandonment. Very fluffy, romantic, adorable, playful and flirty Legolas. (Let me know if I have forgotten anything)

Disclaimer: I do not own Legolas or anything from lotr or the hobbit, Tolkien does!

The blossoming brilliance of the roundness of the moon, illuminated your pathway, leaving a magical atmosphere between yourself and the great Elven Prince of Mirkwood. Legolas was as placid as an undisturbed lake on a hot summers night: Whilst you were staring up at him lost in his Elven perfection. Legolas, composed and entirely content, turned to look at you. A smile stretched upon his face as a hue of pink shimmered across your cheeks, as you dropped your gaze hurriedly. "Are you getting lost, marveling in my beauty?” he took his chance at teasing, a merry laugh escaping his lips.

“Oh- uh-” you looked to your left, a nervous laugh prying from your lips. 

“Possibly, as long as you do not find such a thing intrusive.” you breathed another laugh, turning to look at him, the beam upon your complexion stuck.

“Of course not.” Legolas breathed.

Exquisite beauty bloomed within the night as Legolas halted, turning to take in your complexion, his brow furrowed; he seemed deep in concentration. “I was wondering something, forgive me if it is intrusive, but I am intrigued.” he began stating, blue eyes firmly resting upon your complexion, taking every expression that dawned themselves upon your face.

“Certainly.” you nodded firmly. “Ask away!” you smiled, urging him to continue your walk.

Pursuing you, Legolas’s eyes searched for some inspiration in the dark shadows beyond the trees. “Perhaps this is something I have been intrigued to ask, because I have been pondering of such things myself,” his voice informative as he pulled his hands behind his back. He was an angel amongst the gorgeous naturalness of nature, all wildness and primitive tendencies erased. You grew hopelessly lost within him once more. “I was wondering what sort of fears you may have, what secrets that you are inclined to share with I, and your desires within your lifetime is.” he declared his words maturely, so proper and safely.

A bell-like laugh jingled from your patulous lips, the sound startling him, catching him entirely off guard. “I beg your pardon, but have I said something humorous?” he was perplexed; such an expression was truly adorable.

“No, no you have not. I laugh at your conservative-ness towards I. You act as though your father is watching or eavesdropping, it’s child-like and sweet.” you add, smiling brightly, brighter than the eerily beautiful glow of the moon.

“Child-like and sweet…” he trailed off before his eyes sparked blue. “So are you saying you wish for more than innocent glances and touches?” he mused and the pink tint in your cheeks deepened to a bright red.

“What? Oh!” astonishment hit you hard.

Legolas’s chuckle projected from his lips, his orbs upon his feet. “Not at all to worry, it’s our secret.” he promised.

“Though, continuing as to where we…” he trailed from his sentence.

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college jin

i started this a while ago and wrote a lot in school but someone got distracted by sicheng x renjun interactions and also having her own sing along

Originally posted by jjks

  • okay y’all im in math class rn and im not doing anything right now cause when we finished our project
  • jin was the next one suggested for the college series and i was like oh hell yah let’s go (bias wrecker material)
  • okay so jin
  • majors i dont wanna be basic and do cooking because culinary school is hella expensive and people can’t afford that, and while his parents wanted him to come over to america, they were like hey kiddo,,, we don’t have that kind of money,,,
  • and he thinks that culinary school isn’t all that promising, because running a restaurant and being a chef doesn’t always pay the best and so he’s like better try something else
  • he definitely minors in acting though, like that’s always been a passion of his and his parents are so supportive of that dream so he decides to go for that as his minor
  • he’s still thinking of a major when it kinda hits him one
  • “i like to help people,,, and i like kids,,, and im basically the mom friend™,,,”
  • and he’s like “mom, dad, i wanna be a nurse” and he’s smiling so proudly and he looks so cute and his parents just beam because their son is so talented and selfless
  • he wants to get into nursing that involves helping the older folks because in lots of asian cultures your family is the most important thing, and grandparents are around always, and they’re really important to everyone
  • and jin has been to america a few times as a foreign exchange student in high school and he saw so many nursing homes, and how the old people were basically neglected and he was like “i wanna make sure they’re happy and don’t feel alone!!”
  • before he leaves for america, like actually leaves for four years of college, his parents set this package on his bed
  • it’s these pink scrubs right, with the little mario characters on them like luigi and yoshi and mario and bowser
  • he keeps them right under his pillow every night at his dorm so he can feel close to his parents
  • btw jin starts college a little later than most kids in america do because in this au his parents didn’t have the money to send him over right away
  • which explains why his dorm-mate is a little younger than him
  • his dorm mate is cutie pie jung hoseok, a lil baby dance major
  • okay so the first meeting is kinda !!!
  • cause jin comes in, with all his luggage and he’s frazzled because he’s never been to america extensively and he misses his parents and he wants to be home, snuggled up in his mario room
  • speaking of which he’s holding a mario plushie to his chest and like some rude boys starting snickering at him as he walked through the dorm, absolutely horribly confused to where he’s supposed to be going,,,
  • he just turns around and the boys are literally blown away because he’s stunning and he looks so vulnerable and soft and an angelic that immediately they’re all running to help him find his dorm
  • he finally finds it and he slips in, thinking his roommate must also be running late or is lost or something cause the lights are all off and the room is so neat and tidy and clean
  • but then comes jung freaking hoseok, waltzing out into the main room from the bathroom, soaking wet, with only a towel wrapped around his hips
  • “wow you must be seokjin, you’re so pretty, we almost have the same name, see cause hoseok, and seokjin, we’re like double the seok”
  • jin likes him right off the bat even though hoseok is a lil intimidating cause he’s so open,,,
  • anyway
  • jin really wants to get involved with the school!
  • he thinks since he’s paying so much for this education, and it’s a once and a lifetime experience, he should seriously try and do as much as he can while he can…
  • hoseok tries to get him to join the dance team but he refuses
  • hoseok tries to get him to get and join the cheerleading team
  • seokjin refuses that one too
  • but he does find the drama department pretty easily, seeing as how his major revolves around that
  • at first he’s scared to join because of his accent and because he doesn’t know many people but everyone is pretty welcoming and they all dote on jin from day one because he’s a star actor
  • jin makes lots of friends here,,, like taehyung,,,
  • the school does a lot of little things throughout the year, and jin usually gets the lead,,,
  • people line up to wait for him off stage because he’s so damn handsome and he delivers his lines so flawlessly,,,
  • he also does some stuff with the baking club and he has this cute pink “kiss the cook” apron that he always wears around school
  • he often comes to class smelling like chocolate and has flour in his hair like 25/8
  • comes into class with chocolate on his nose and everyone volunteers to wipe it off for him,,, I wonder why,,,
  • okay so winter ish hoseok has crazy dance team stuff to get down and dirty with and jin gets upset because he wants to be on a team too and have something to do that’s active
  • boy goes out for the swimming team but why wouldn’t he like have you seen his shoulders have you seen them boy is like a god or something
  • he likes doing the butterfly the best and he’s actually pretty competitive and he legit has the biggest fan base in the world he has millions and trillions of students holding banners for him (and trying to catch a glance of him in the bathing suit,,,)
  • but a certain fan catches his eye,,,
  • okay so you’re not actually a fan, your best friend is like super madly in love with seokjin and they drag you along to every single one of his meets and they make you help hold the poster
  • but you’re kinda like “hey maybe we should respect him as a person!! and not just some fantasy that you wanna bang or something!!!”
  • and you’re really against everyone who suffocates jin because of his looks cause it must suck to have everyone appreciate you for your face value and nothing more and you don’t wanna be that person, you wanna get to know someone before you decide to be infatuated
  • but here you are, at every game, and you can’t deny that seokjin is handsome as hell
  • you don’t wanna be someone who just shows up for the speedo though, and you low key get on people that gawk and act like morons
  • hoseok happens to sit in on seokjin’s meets and he sits close to you a few times and he hears how you rant and rave about how jin is more than a pretty face and how he deserves to be liked for his personality and not just his body
  • hoseok goes back and tells jin all of this and jin is really taken aback???
  • like he loves being complimented and fawned over but sometimes it really hurts when people don’t look past the surface level and sometimes he’ll ask hoseok if he’s boring or too simple and hoseok has to play Mario with him until he stops sniffling
  • so the fact that someone cares about him more than his looks well that’s!!
  • and so every meet from then on he looks out for you before he actually swims and he sees you and his heart flutters a little you’re like his angel, always defending him
  • he doesn’t actually approach you though because he’s too shy and maybe you’re not really different than anyone else
  • but then it happens
  • the campus is hosting a lil game night and hoseok is so ready to go because jeongguk is going, and the two of them plan to challenge anyone and everyone to defend their just dance crowns and seokjin is like have fun but then hoseok says Mario party will be an option
  • and jin is up off the bed and he’s ready to go in like twenty minutes!!
  • guess who else is there!!
  • oh wait you are!!
  • and you’re already sitting down at the wii with the Mario party already set up and you’re waiting for someone else to come cause everyone wants to play COD and overwatch and destiny
  • and it’s kinda dark and jin doesn’t look before taking the seat beside you and you both reach for a controller at the same time and your hands brush like some sort of cheesy romance movie
  • he looks up at you and he almost screams because wait a second this is my hero this is the person who always defends me!!
  • “you’re super cute up close”
  • and you kinda choke because “what”
  • and jin gets all red and flustered and he starts to stammer because he’s literally being the douche now or at least he thinks he is
  • “you’re really cute too!” and you smile all bright “I think I wanna get to know you better, you seem nice. I always see you at the meets, you always congratulate everyone and you always cheer the younger kids on and you always bring snacks… you seem really sweet”
  • and he gets even more red and he buries his face behind his hands and he stays like that for maybe I don’t know five minutes and you have to tug his hands away and he’s so cute and flustered and he looks so scared but so excited at the same time and it’s so precious
  • because how many people know that about him? how many people take the time to look past his outward appearance?
  • and you two exchange names obv cause you need to know the name of your future boyfriend wink wink
  • okay and then you start the mario party game and he’s getting so into it like he throws himself around while playing the mini games and he almost takes you out in the process like he’s wild and he always apologizes and grabs your shoulders in an attempt to stabilize you and you realize just how big his hands are,,,
  • and you two obviously talk about yourselves and get to know each other and he tells you how he’s from korea and how he’s a nursing major and his favorite thing to do, even more than all his clubs, is go and volunteer at the retirement home down the street whenever he can
  • and your heart melts because he talks about how he’ll tell them stories from his childhood and he’ll ask about their grandkids and he’ll sing for them sometimes,,, it’s really super cute
  • okay but he has volunteering the next day and he tells all the cute elderly folks about you like he describes you for five hours and they all tease him cause he gets all red and chattery and he starts speaking really fast and everything,,,
  • okay but back to this
  • you two are playing and it’s a friday night and nobody else comes to play mario (thanks to hoseok who threatened anyone with silly string or something if they ruined the moment)
  • and you kinda accidentally sort of fall asleep
  • on jin
  • like right on his shoulder
  • and you’re snoring softly and he’s petrified as a statue because he doesn’t wanna move and wake you up, it’s also really cute and he wants to take in how peaceful you look, like that’s a really good look for you
  • at first he’s like well maybe i should move them but then he’s like better not wake them up,,, and so he decides he’ll chill and play some mario by himself and wait for you to wake up
  • execot you don’t
  • and it’s midnight and hoseok is like texting him “wtf dude you’re still,,, still there wow im glad youre having fun!!!”
  • and jin is like “it’S NOT LIKE THAT HOSEOK”
  • and hoseok just kinda “like what”
  • “nvm pal”
  • okay but you wake up cause he’s squirming and you’re kinda like where am i who is this stunning dream man
  • oh wait
  • and you bolt up and you apologize over and over again and you try to hide behind your hands and jin stats apologizing too and you’re kinda like wait what why are you apologizing??
  • “im sorry i didnt wake you up you probably wanna be in bed, and not with me, ill take you out to coffee to make up for it!!”
  • you and jin start out liking each other right off the bat
  • it’s not like oh friends who slowly realize that they like each other no, it’s obvious you and jin have the hots for each other from day one
  • like you guys get coffee and he’s wearing a button down and you kinda !! and he says it’s because he had to wear it from rehearsals but he’s a really bad liar in all honesty
  • and he ends up taste testing yours and you know you’re smitten because it doesn’t even bother you that an almost stranger stole half your drink like he’s too cute with a whipped cream mustache
  • and he’s really gentlemanly like he always offers to pay and holds the door and lends you his giant swim jacket whenever you get cold like he’s super cute
  • he always has you over his dorm for study dates that are “totally platonic” and every single time he gets distracted because he’s watching your lips and not trying to do the calculus problem on his paper
  • everytime you come over hoseok is really super un-subtle like he’ll look at you and then give you this really big wink and then smile all wide and you kinda ??? and he like coughs “jingetsomebuddy” and then he’s like “i said nothing” and jin is chasing him around the tiny room with a pillow and you’re laughing hysterically because what have you get involved in
  • but you do get kinda annoyed sometimes
  • as long as you’ve known jin, you’ve had feelings for him
  • and at this point you think that maybe he’s into you as well
  • like he’s always staring over at you, and your hands “accidentally” brush every five seconds now, and he gets really moody whenever you talk about hanging out with someone one on one that doesn’t seem to be platonic with you
  • but there he goes on, not confessing
  • and that would upset anyone obviously
  • like you’re being led on and being made to believe that he actually likes you, and it sucks that he won’t just ask you out on an actual date right now
  • like things are pretty serious
  • but you’re not dating?
  • like dude has brought you over to his dorm and he made you a freaking spaghetti dinner and it was just the two of you, and he fell asleep in your lap after a long strenuous dance battle, and dude still insists that you two are only friends
  • like boy texts you every morning with some bed head selfies and still has the audacity to be just a friend
  • like heck, you have twenty million of his sweaters hoarded in you closet
  • and you sleep with that bowser plushie he low key gave you one night when you were a lil bit scared of the thunderstorm “to hold when im not there to protect you from the lightning and thunder”
  • of course you do what any normal person would do in this situation and you tell hoseok all about your major huge crush on jin
  • hoseok tells jin in less than an hour and he also is like “bro wtf you can’t leave them habing please confess or i will confess on your behalf”
  • jin laughs this off but hoseok is making a card already and it has stick figures holding hands and hearts and jin nearly has a heart attack
  • so jin plans this out he’ll take you somewhere cute, like an actual date and then he’ll confess to you and it will be perfect
  • but then he chickens out and he’s like “hey me and hoseok are going bowling you wanna come”
  • and you groan as you read this text message because, while you love hoseok (who doesn’t) you don’t want to go with him, you want it to be you and jin, because honestly, if he’s not gonna confess well you are, because you know there are millions of other kids on campus who are trying to win his affections and you want him to know the truth
  • but nooooooooooooooooooooooo, hoseok is gonna come and it’s gonna be awkward if you confess so you decide well maybe it’ll have to wait for some other time
  • but see you don’t have the most time at the moment, because seokjin qualified for states, which means your boy is gonna be working and training extra hard for this competition
  • the bowling gets called off actually because his coach is like oh hey btw practice tonight
  • as the time gets closer and closer to states, jin gets more and more invisible
  • like you two would always hang out after classes every day and go get some coffee and complain about your econ class or go on walks in the park or head down to the library
  • but because of states he’s always in the pool, and when he’s not, he’s studying for something
  • he doesn’t even reply to texts
  • you hate to be sappy and you hate to sound weak but not getting any sort of acknowledgment from him all of the sudden hurts and you kinda fall into a state of despair because, even though in the back of your head he doesn’t mean to ignore you, maybe he found someone else, maybe you were too late and maybe he’s dating someone
  • hoseok realizes you two are struggling a bit he always asks if you can bring jin some sort of dinner because he’s hanging out with jeongguk or something (he’s really lying on his bed, playing harvest moon, but he’s matchmaking)
  • so slowly but surely you get to see jin and more often because you’re bringing him dinner instead of hoseok
  • your heart doesn’t hurt so much anymore but your wallet definitely does like how much can this boy actually eat
  • but then you’re like oh wait swimmer
  • but it’s not the same either, because he’s tired and you two hardly have time to talk, but you can’t deny the way your heart sinks in your chest whenever you have to hurry off, and how you want to kiss his lips and run your hand through his hair and all that other cheesy stuff
  • besides, getting up close and personal with shirtless jin, who’s hair is hanging low in his eyes, and has beads of water dripping off his flawless skin,,, well that’s a lot to handle
  • okay anyway it’s the day of states, and you and hoseok made jin this kick ass poster in pink with his name on it with some sparkles (thx hoseok) and before jin gets in the pool and everything, you two sneak into the locker rooms to wish him good luck
  • he’s a nervous mess
  • he’s like about to cry and you and hoseok are trying to calm him and remind him that no matter what happens, all that matters is that he tried his best
  • you especially are really calming and he almost blurts out “i love you” but then he panics and hides behind his hands (you wonder why,,,)
  • okay anyway im rambling
  • you two head back to your bleachers and the entire area is in an uproar because this is states, this is the real deal right here, and you hope you’re screaming loud for him to hear, you know hoseok definitely is
  • your heart is in your throat and your stomach is twisting in knots and everything is a blur as he situates himself at the edge of the pool
  • and everything becomes blurrier when the siren sounds and he dives into the pool
  • you’re screaming and you’re probably crying a bit, and you’re throwing yourself onto hoseok, and you’re covering your eyes, but peeking through your fingers
  • he’s losing, he’s falling behind, he’s not gonna make it-
  • but of course, this is a happy story, and he pulls ahead, and you’re shrieking now and hoseok is about to fall off the bleachers and it’s only a few more feet to go-
  • he touches the wall, but so did the guy next to him
  • the entire arena is deadly silent as they wait for the consensus
  • the referee coughs and then proceeds to scream “KIM SEOKJIN” and then his team
  • and now you’re really crying and you and hoseok are pushing past people to run and congratulate him
  • he looks so confused he’s smiling so widely and he’s shaking his head in disbelief and he looks like maybe he might pass out too and he’s beaming, like you have never seen him so happy
  • he’s swarmed by reporters and officials and a bunch of irrelevant people, and hoseok pushes you through the crowd
  • jin sees you and his eyes light up and you run over to him and even though he’s soaking wet you throw yourself into his arms and he’s laughing because you’re crying and hoseok is cheering “otp” from the back somewhere
  • and you barely hear it above the roar but jin says something, something that takes you a moment to process, something you think maybe you heard wrong, but now he’s staring down at you expectantly and you kinda !
  • “i asked if i can kiss you”
  • and you stand up on tiptoe and press your lips against his and you tangle your fingers in his hair and he pulls you close and it’s sappy and slow but passionate and everyone cheers even louder now like it’s deafening but that doesn’t matter
  • the only important thing is jin
  • after that you two are immortalized in school history
  • and you two obviously become official
  • and whenever you two are being mushy at practice, hoseok pushes you into the pull so jin has to come save you or something wink wink
  • he makes you audition for the plays so he can kiss you on stage and so he doesn’t have to kiss anyone else
  • and he makes you dinner so you don’t eat nasty campus food
  • always goes into nurse mode whenever you are faintly ill like with the scrubs and stethoscope and hat and heating pad and everything
  • and it’s perfect and wonderful the end

rafaellaalien  asked:

Hi, I read that you may write some hcs and if you have time maybe you could write about d&p, just lazy morning sex add any sort of kink you like I'm cool with it. Thank you and stay safe.

Here ya go fren I hope this is okay ily thank you please stay safe as well <3

Genre: Fluffy smut

Word Count: 579

It was a lazy morning to say the least. Dan and Phil both needed some extra sleep, they had been so busy editing and going to the BONCAS, especially since Dan had been so sick on the day of the BONCAS. They both just wanted to have a lazy couple of days to relax and get better.

Dan had woken up before Phil at around 9 in the morning. He woke up but still snuggled down into Phil’s chest, he didn’t want to get up. The sun light was flowing through the windows and it made everything look angelic. His thoughts soon started drifting further from cuddling, and he was getting harder and harder the more he thought. Soon he felt Phil starting to stir from his sleep, and he started grinding onto Phil’s thigh.

“Good mor- Dan? Are you awake?” At first Phil thought Dan was having a wet dream, which would explain his messy, sleepy grinding. “Hmm, ‘m horny, daddy.” Dan let out a soft moan and continued to grind on Phil. “G’ mornin’ daddy.” Dan leaned up and kissed Phil, but when Phil pressed his thigh harder onto Dan’s cock he gasped into his mouth.

“’M still sleepy baby, think you can cum just from this?” Phil ran his hand through Dan’s hair, playing with the knots in it from his sleep. “Mmmm, fuck, yeah oh- oh fuck Phil.” Dan was grinding harder and he started feeling Phil’s hard member making a tent in his pajama pants. He grabbed Phil’s hip and pushed harder on his thigh, and he stiffened as he came. He cried out Phil’s name and buried his head onto Phil’s chest and let out little choked sobs.

“You okay baby?” Phil moved his hand down and was rubbing Dan’s back now, he moved his head down and kissed the back of Dan’s head. “I wanna suck you off, please daddy?” Dan started to move down to mouth over Phil’s dick through his pants, looking up at him with innocent eyes. “Go ahead princess, fuck, so good for me babe.” Phil praised Dan as he tugged on his hair.

Dan pulled down Phil’s pajama pants and was pleasantly greeted with Phil’s hard cock. He put the dusty pink head into his mouth and lightly sucked, relishing in the soft hiss Phil let out and how he tugged on his hair harder. He lapped over the slit to gather the precum on his tongue and took all of Phil in one go. “Oh, fuck, so good princess, you make daddy feel so fucking good.” Phil was groaning and had his eyes squeezed shut. Dan let his jaw go slack and relaxed his throat, and he son felt Phil fucking up into his mouth. He was humming over Phil’s cock and he felt Phil’s cock stiffen. “Fuck Dan, such a good boy.” Phil moaned as he came down Dan’s throat and felt him swallow.

Dan came up and kissed Phil’s nose. “Love you daddy,” Dan said as he snuggled back down into Phil’s chest. “I love you too sweetheart.” Phil kissed Dan’s head and held the boy close. They both feel back asleep, and woke up later to Dan whining about being sticky and demanding that they had a bath together with a pretty bath bomb.

Hi I hope that was remotely okay it’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m kinda loopy on cold meds and my throat hurts here ya go

Jongin; Marked

❝ I’m so happy to show you Jongin’s story! I wanted to start his first but I thought you would need Yifan and Junmyeon’s first but oh well he his here now!! So yeah please enjoy gangster Jongin!

▷ WARNING: This series may contain drugs, sex and violence ◁

The Underworld Masterlist | Jongin’s Story

1315 words // scenario;  fic; gangster au!

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Daddy's Little Girl

Harry: He can’t sleep because she can’t sleep. He can hear her through the monitor, her little baby sighs and gargles coming through. You were awake too, just listening to her talk to herself and move. “She’s a night owl,” Harry rasped out, his voice heavy laden with sleep-which he had not been getting because of his new born baby girl. “You’re the only one to get her to sleep, go on,” you gave him a nudge and he smiled, loving that your baby girl was already turning into a daddy’s girl. “Alright,” he rolled over and pressed a quick kiss to your lips and he walked out and down the hall to her room. You watched him on the monitor step in and smile, his eyes lighting up in a way you had never seen before. “Hello my little love,” be crooned, scooping your daughter out of her crib. Her cries died down to little whimpers and her cheek immediately went to his shoulder. “Can’t sleep, huh?” You watched as he rocked her, his steps slow and unhurried as he moved around the room. “Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful,” he began to sing, his voice low and husky and you shivered, loving the amount that he loved your daughter.

Niall: “She’s not dating until she’s thirty,” he said after dinner one night as he dried a plate. You smirked, washing the final pot and glancing over at him. “Is that right?” Your baby girl was in her highchair, hands slamming into some uneaten spaghetti and covering her adorable, rosy cheeks. “Hell yes, that’s right. I don’t need some boy breaking her heart,” he looked at her now, eyes on her father’s face and a toothless grin winking out at him. If Niall had a weakness, it was her. His whole world changed since she came and he didn’t even know how he excited without her before. “That’s a bit much, Ni,” you flicked water at him and he laughed, snatching you up in his arms. “I don’t want anyone to break her heart.” His eyes clouded and you smoothed the frown line between his eyes. “It’s inevitable,” you told him, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. “But she’s a princess like her mom,” he tweaked your cheek and picked up the love of his life. “But princess needs a bath first.” she giggled and placed her pudgy hands on his cheek and her lips to his chin. “I love you too, baby girl,” he whispered as he walked out of the kitchen, “I love you too.”

Zayn: “Daddy, princess castle,” your daughter pleaded for the eighth time. Princess castles weren’t exactly in Zayn’s painting repertoire, but how could he refuse his little munchkin anything? “Okay, okay. What do you want it to look like?” You watched from the door as your daughter stood from her folded spot on the floor and marched over to her father, her dark eyes, much like her daddy’s, trained to the wall. “Like Punzel does,” she finally says, hands on her hips. You knew that look. She wouldn’t walk away without Rapunzel’s castle on Zayn’s painting wall. His eyes flicked to you and he shook his head, a small smile on his lips. “Does that look familiar?” He nodded his head towards the little peanut who was the center of his universe. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you said coyly, watching your daughter take the same stance you always did. “Uh huh, sure. Okay, peanut, let’s paint okay?” Zayn never let anyone touch his wall. Ever. But now the paint room was full of drawings of her, her hand prints and foot prints splattered everywhere. This room was Zayn’s heart on a canvas and it was filled with her. She was daddy’s little girl and god, was he in adoration of her.

Liam: “Daddy, today at school Tommy asked me if I was ever gunna get married,” she scrunched up her nose as she looked at her father, her brown eyes on his. Her chicken was all over the plate, a sign that she wasn’t competent just yet when it came to cutlery. You looked to Liam who was growing paler by the moment and he let out a strangled laugh. “Well, in many years you will,” he choked out, the thought of his little girl getting married absolutely paralyzing him. “Yeah, but daddy you’ll be old then. How can I marry you?” Liam dropped his fork and knife to his plate and his eyes slid closed. She loved him so much it nearly broke him. You took his hand under the table and gave it a squeeze. “Well, darling,” he cleared his throat, eyes glassier than he would have liked, “you can’t marry me cause I’m married to mommy.” Your daughter looked to you, a frown on her little lips. “But…” Immediately the tears came and Liam was at her side in an instant. “You’re gunna find a man who loved you just as much,” he said thickly, loathe to think of the day his little girl would be dressed in white. “But daddy he won’t be as good as you or make Mac and cheese like you do,” he cuddled her into his chest, lips on her brow. The spot he would have in her heart could never be replaced, there was no love likes daughter had for her father.

Louis: Louis had three favorite times of the day. The first was waking up with you and getting to kiss your nose, cheeks, eyelids and lips. His second favorite time of the day was watching you crawl into bed in one of his shirts that fell almost to your knees. But the third, most favorite moment of the day was when he read his little girl a story before her baby head hit the pillow. “What sort of story do you want tonight?” He asked, looking at the bookshelf against the far wall. “Sleepin’ Beauty,” she said, her little pink blanket clutched to her chest. She was the splitting image of Louis with his chocolate hair and sea eyes, he called her his mini-me. “Again? Didn’t we just read that one?” She giggled and slid over, letting him sprawl out into her tiny twin bed. Immediately she snuggled into his side, head on his chest and blanket up over her. “Please daddy.” Louis couldn’t resist that little voice even if he tried. “Sure thing, right here first,” he tapped his cheek and she pressed her angel soft lips to his scruff. “And you have to answer the magic question,” his fingers tickled her sides and she squealed with laughter. “Daddy! No!” She begged between laughs. Louis would remember this forever, her sweet breath and angel soft hair. “Whose my best girl?” He asked, eye alight with humor. “I am,” she giggled, hugging him hard around the neck.