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You would think they'd be opposite when it comes to style but really they're the same just in different ways, I'm sure blue takes just as long as Gansey maybe even longer to pick out an outfit the only difference between them is blue looks like she doesn't care as much but in reality she cares so much listen no one that didn't care about their appearance would spend that much putting multi colored hair clips all over their head

Oh totally! Blue takes twice as long as everyone else because she has to perfect her look that shows she doesn’t care whereas Gansey mostly has his wardrobe down to a simple and quick formula of polo + shorts + boat shoes. He spends his time getting his hair right but with Blue’s clips and spikes?? She takes just as long

Hey! You know which Crystal Gem can tell Steven direct answers for all of this questions about Rose and The Diamonds, especially Pink Diamond?



favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

  • Keith: Lance
  • Lance: Go to sleep Keith
  • Keith: This is important Lance
  • Lance: What is it
  • Keith: in Shrek 2 the potion changes Fiona because Shrek drinks it and they both become beautiful because she's his true love. So did dragon change when donkey drank it or did she stay the same?? Like she's pregnant with the DonkeyDragons at the time/just gave birth since they're able to fly so?? Did the babies have to deal with Dragon just changing suddenly?? Did she not change because she's not his true love???
  • Lance: ohmygod Keith she just didn't change she's already perfect as it is, look at her
  • Keith: You're right. I love you.
  • Lance: I'm going back to sleep
  • Keith: Night babe
  • Lance: Night

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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything


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