look at her smile in the last one

ok but ??? women are the best thing on earth. i saw a girl today and i loved her hair colour sm that i asked her how she got it and she showed me all of the products she used but one was on sale and she had the last two ones and smiled at me and said “here, so u can have one and me too so we can both look pretty” and i just.. want to thank every woman for being so kind and not seeing other girls as rivals u all are the real mvps out and deserve so much more attention

About Sangwoo’s motive for murder

So I just had a conversation with @mutual-curiosity about what happened the night Sangwoo ‘killed’ his parents, and his current motive for murder. Oh boy brace yourselves because this is gonna be long.

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Not a cheater, but a liar: a meta

As some people have already pointed out, the cheating scene was reshoot:

Why? Because they want to give us a clue.  Because the second version is a lie. John isn’t actually cheating.

If you rewatch the second scene, the one John refers to as “so many lies”,  you see a flirty John Watson giving some random woman on the bus the eye. When he gets off he looks through the window smiling, hoping to get a last glimpse of her when he notices the daisy.

Then the woman shows up next to him, comments on the flower, they have some cliche  flirtatious exchange and she gives him her number.

Nope. Here’s how it really went down:

In the first version of the scene, the real one, the woman already has the paper ready on the bus.

This is important because immediately after getting off, John doesn’t turn to look for her. Instead, John reaches into his pocket for something.

He has already gotten the paper and he wants to read it.  But then he gets distracted by the stupid daisy and we don’t get to see what was actually written.

John was indeed lying, the lie being the fact that he was cheating on Mary. My guess is that he’s working undercover with somebody *cough* Sherlock *cough* and he’s disguising his actions as infidelity.

Why? Maybe they wanted Mary to think that she was losing John without revealing the fact that they know she’s working with Moriarty in order to force her hand somehow.  Maybe it’s something else… Mycroft? Finding out will be the fun part.


I literally just cant. Sometimes are you guys hit by the fact, that Lexa the stoic Commander, with the wisdom of generations, fell in love with a smol girl who fell from the sky? She bared her soul to her, and she protected her, and improved and changed her entire life and the ways of her people for that small bi bean?

She was so beautiful. And strong. And just…. Powerful. She moved us all. She inspired so many of us. She inspired hundreds of thousands of us to revolt against the media and their view of the lgbtq youth. She changed the lives of so many

For me, the most powerful yet heartbreaking scene was one of her very last happy moments. That smile, that smile she gave Clarke as she leaned down to kiss her on the bed. Do you guys remember? That smile. It was like… Seeing her for the first time. Happy. Relieved. Satisfied. She looked so beautiful. And raw. And fucking amazing.

I miss her so much

Imagine Castiel outing your secret relationship with him

Gif submitted by the beautiful @sortaathief

“So I had her legs wrapped around my head,” Dean’s eyes widen in delight as he recounted last night’s venture. You half listened, eyes glanced over at Castiel; who was standing over Sam as he researched on his laptop. The angel looked at you and smiled softly; you looked down to your lap, trying to hide a smirk.

“And then she did this one thing with her tongue,” Dean groaned in remembrance. You laughed and playfully shoved the hunter.

“Yeah, I heard you,” you smirked.

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We didn’t kiss. Maybe it would all have been different if we had; if she’d planted her feet straight through the ground and stayed there long enough for me to taste the bubblegum on her mouth one last time. Maybe she would have remembered something important and stayed. Instead, she just smiled, her golden hair dry and shining while water soaked through my clothes and clung to my eyelashes. Her dress was clinging to her thighs, and I watched the yellow sunflowers mold themselves onto her legs.

“See you soon,” she said, looking at me one last time before turning on her heels. It was more of a goodbye than I’d ever gotten before, and I was struck still with it. I knew that, beyond anything, I would never see her again, that she had packed up the last of us in her boxes and moved on, but I wanted to believe that she meant it.

She slammed the van door shut behind her and they pulled away, the U-Haul rumbling behind them—a faithful dog full of memories. She didn’t look back until they got to the end of the street, where her entire body turned to look at me through the rain-streaked window of the trunk. She puffed out a breath, fogging up a small circle of the window, and pressed her mouth to it, then she was gone. A cloud of smoke trailed after her the way most things did, and then nothing but the wet sound of tires on the soaked street.

I wondered if she ever wished the rain could touch her. If the rain was ever sad that it couldn’t.

—  excerpt from “Halo”, a short story by Caitlyn Siehl


My Fake Boyfriend Part 3

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1664

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.


credits to the gif owner

When you knock on the door all your family, literally all your family is there waiting for you. The first person you see is your oldest brother, he looks older since the last time you saw him and tired as well. 

Then you saw your parents, your father pulls you to a quick hug while your mother keeps you in her arms until she is sure that you are eating enough, drinking enough water and definitely okay in your city.

Your grandmother is the last one, she smiles bright at you and you swear that she doesn’t age. She is wearing a bright red dress and hands you a glass of wine “He is a much better choice than the last one, you did good, honey.” She raises her glass in a sign of approval, you hug her, you missed your family like crazy, but your grandmother was always the one that made that house feels like home, she was always the one who stayed by your side in fights.

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[STARCAST] The all-around MAMAMOO transforms into ‘goddesses of pastel look’! Exclusively revealing close ups at their waiting room.

Ah~ Say~ Mama Mama Moo~!!
Hi there!! It’s MAMAMOO who has comeback with their powerful and sexy ‘Décalcomanie’!! What could be the reason of MAMAMOO appearing on STARCAST??

It’s because MAMAMOO made a successful comeback as they hid their ‘playfulness’ and showed seductive and dark charms and transformed once again this time with feminine looks.
STARCAST is exclusively revealing the most loved looks among the fans, the ‘goddesses of pastel look’ during their performance at one music show.

Shall we meet MAMAMOO who has transformed into gorgeous goddesses?? (Be aware)

This is the waiting room of one broadcast station on last Sunday. Preparing for the live show might somehow be nervous, but our MAMAMOO is definitely looking energetic!!

Solar is welcoming us with her bright smile!! (Welcome to the ‘Playful Kingdom’!!)

The hearts are bonus!!
If you’re a big fan of MAMAMOO, you’d know how playful they are at the waiting room. They’re making the fans to enjoy every performance as they give small events. And there was a mission again for their Décalcomanie performance.

The ‘Yong Kong Byul Kong’ couple still looking lovely at the waiting room. What could they be looking at the phone??

Oh, they were practicing Chinese pronunciations for numbers, as it is part of their mission. (Moon Byul is starting to make jokes on Solar)

While the others are practicing for their mission, MAMAMOO’s youngest member, Hwa Sa is doing make ups and becoming beautiful.
As they’re all ready, shall we go for the camera rehearsal??

Ok, miss Moon is coming-

Monitoring her perfectly-!!

MAMAMOO has once again ended the camera rehearsal for their performance to be perfect. Now, let’s enjoy the remaining time before the live performance starts

Photo time, start!!

Whee In is greeting the fans over the window. It’s just like what we’ve heard about MAMAMOO, isn’t it? They’re good at fan service.

Next is the fatally gorgeous lady, Hwa Sa.

How many more charms will this girl appeal?? (MOOMOO’s crying…)

Her fatally gorgeous looks are making us forget that this place is just a broadcasting station! 

Moon Byul in suit, which is the fans’ most loved look. She is absolutely appealing the girl-crush charm!! 

Solar is appealing the goddess force with the light behind!!!

Question!! Who could be the mysterious guy(?) at the back?? Solar who doesn’t know about this is just looking pretty..

It’s few minutes now before the start of the show, and what could they be doing at the waiting room??

Moon Byul keeps on practicing hand signs for the mission.

Oh, who’s this…? Hwa Sa transformed into a Tibetan lady(?) using the blanket (Makes fun of herself)

It’s a must to rest well and manage your health conditions before the start of live shows!! (feat. Mother of Komo (her cat))

Leader Yong is powerfully brushing her teeth!! (Brush, brush-)

Whee In who ended up thirsty went to the vending machine. After worrying on what to drink she said, “Sports drink!! I’ll choose you!!”

The live show has finally started!! Solar is going down the stairs with the escort of ‘Byul Kong’!! (Yong Kong Byul Kong, Moon & Sunrise forever!!)

MAMAMOO has dominated the stage with their perfect performance together with their mission!! I’m revealing this group shot as a gift for the fans.

Please watch out for MAMAMOO who’ll show you their various looks and charms, and also support their new track, ‘Décalcomanie’!!

Article/Picture = RBW
※ All rights reserved by RBW.


“Self Portrait” & “Red Head” by Deepti Naval

I think I’m best at self portraits and I paint the faces hard, lonely and morbid. They are hard because they reflect what goes on in my head. It’s difficult to pin-point what inspires these – one day, I was clearing my shelves and came across a beautiful, smiling picture from an old film. I looked at the mirror and said, “I don’t smile like that any more.” That’s when a visual flashed in my mind and I began painting the woman in ‘Main Zinda Hoon’, the scene where she is in the mental asylum in the last scene, sitting in a daze, on the swing, in her imagination, talking to her dead father. I put a placard in her hand that read, Lapatta, on which was stuck this beautiful sparking sepia picture.


Unstressed puppy. Look at her, who makes her smile pratically ALL THE TIME? The last one supposed to be funny, but the thing is that Alex knows her better than anyone and wants to see her happy, with no wrinkles.

[.gif by @hilariesjeffrey]

This beautiful, sincere, real smile here is so important.

Carol was in tears over her family, over the fact that the Saviors came. She was kicking herself and blaming herself that she wasn’t there to protect them…

She starts hating herself in that moment and Daryl’s not having any of that. So not only does he lie and protect her from that grief and guilt - but he can’t bear seeing her in pain so much, that he tries to “lighten the mood” on top of that. Desperately, he tells a lame joke, teases her, and Carol just bursts into this full, genuine smile. And she giggles.

Her face hasn’t looked like this in ages. In fact, the last time her expression was one of this much real joy was:

[.gif by @benkylorensolo]

And yet again, that was all because of Daryl. Because he was showing her affection and love and she thought it was adorable. It warms her heart when Daryl expresses that he cares about her - in any way - and that is still true to this day.

Even with the bleak place she’s in now, even with everything she’s been through, even though she was trying to run from the very love he was showing her - Daryl can still make Carol smile and laugh.

Even when she’s sobbing and in pain, Daryl is capable of bringing out that smiling, giggling schoolgirl in her.

you and i, we are like the ending of a fairytale:
hopeful and too beautiful to be true.
i’m not blind, i know this won’t last,
because red riding hood didn’t get her grandmother back,
and cinderella’s life at the castle was anything but magical.
belle didn’t see the prince’s monstrous heart,
and ariel’s longing for the sea drove her into madness.

so, no, i won’t be fooled by sweet words and youthful moments.
i know this won’t last, because this is real life and no storybook,
because when you asked me who my favourite princess is my answer was the wicked queen.

like red riding hood you won’t get your loved one back by being with me, she’s gone and while i may look like her i won’t ever be her.
like prince charming i’m not the person i seem to be, i just fight for what i want.
like belle you don’t see behind my smiles and laughter, i’ve become good at hiding my true nature.
and it seems like ariel my longing for love will drive me into my downfall.

—  once upon a time there was a girl who would do anything to be loved // m.p.

A Surprise Getaway

‘Well I assume we’re going away for a month with the amount of luggage you’re taking,’ Bernie said with a wry smile, heaving her own backpack over her shoulder. ‘Will you really not give me a clue where we’re going?’

Unloading the last of her bags from the back of the taxi, Serena fixed her with a stern look though her eyes shone with humour.

'It wouldn’t be a very good surprise if I told you, would it?’

Bernie twigged where they were going when they passed through Newcastle station, turning to Serena with an ecstatic grin, one which was matched with just as much exuberance by her partner.

'Edinburgh?’ Bernie exclaimed, reaching out excitedly to twine their fingers together. 'We’re going to Edinburgh?’

'Well you said that you’ve always wanted to go and -’

Unable to contain herself, Bernie leant forwards, kissing Serena softly - hoping that her touch portrayed the overwhelming adoration she felt for this woman, sure that she would explode from the intensity of her emotions.

'I - adore you,’ Bernie murmured softly as she pulled away, stroking her fingers along Serena’s jaw. 'I don’t deserve you’.

'Who does?’ Serena teased, covering Bernie’s hand that cupped her cheek with her own, 'but you come damn close’.

Clasping hold of Serena’s hand, she guided them further up the path, weaving around the bulbous tree roots that erupted through the dirt.

'Are we nearly there yet?’ Serena puffed out, feeling the sweat bead at the back of her neck as they climbed higher.

'I think so - should be just behind these trees and,’ Bernie’s voice petered out, and at the sudden lack of sound, Serena looked up.

'Wow,’ she muttered breathlessly, looking out across the lake that seemed impossibly still, impossibly perfect.

'Indeed,’ Bernie murmured, pulling Serena forward until she was stood in front of her. Wrapping her arms around Serena’s waist, Bernie hooked her chin over Serena’s shoulder and looked out over the picturesque scene.

'Perfect,’ Serena whispered, squeezing Bernie’s hands that were laced over her stomach.

Turning to press a kiss to Serena’s temple, Bernie grinned.

'Yes you are’.


Not Like Them - Spencer Reid Imagine

Spencer x Reader

Summary: Reid is a little insecure about his lack of experience which leads to his team making sure he know just how valued he is, as he is. Which gives him the courage to act on his feelings.

You planted yourself on the edge of Morgan’s desk right next to his head. He turned his head looking up at you reaching out he swatted at your jean covered leg. You didn’t move only glanced over your shoulder at the young genius who sat at his desk and then back at Derek.

He realised you weren’t moving so he sighed and sat back in his chair. ‘Alright what can I do for you sweetheart?’ You smiled slightly at your nickname. Derek had always been one to give people nicknames, but mostly Garcia. He had lots of pet names for her, he stuck with sweetheart for you. ‘Spencer, does he seem a little off to you, these last few days?’ You muttered keeping your voice down.

Derek glanced around you looking at Reid, you were both lucky that he was preoccupied with whatever preoccupied that amazing brain of his to notice. ‘Subtle big guy, subtle’ You groaned and Derek looked back up at you with a smile. ‘Maybe he’s just thinking over some crazy complicated theory? How are we supposed to know?’ He sat forwards.

You rolled your eyes. ‘Derek, no, it’s something different this time. I know it’ Derek sighed and nodded. ‘I picked up on it too, since a few of the new interns started he’s been, not distracted but-’ You nodded pointing at him. ‘That’s it, see you got it too’ Derek smirked. ‘And you’ve noticed it’s since the interns got here’ Again you rolled your eyes.

You swore that one day you were going to roll your eyes so hard at him they were going to go straight back into your skull. You had told Reid this and he had started rambling about how he didn’t think it was possible. ‘Keep on topic’ You groaned.

You let out a small gasp as Derek reached out and grabbed your thighs. He spun you slightly on the desk and shifted his chair so that he was sitting between your legs. ‘I am on topic, maybe he has a crush on an intern, maybe he is trying to figure out how to ask one out, you a little jealous sweetheart?’ He chuckled a little giving your leg a squeeze. You gave him a slight glare. Derek was a good friend of yours, he knew everything about you, right down to the oft spot you had for Dr Reid.

Someone cleared their throat behind you. You looked over your shoulder to see JJ standing by Reid’s desk. Derek looked around you and smiled at JJ. ‘New Case?’ He asked. She shook her head. ‘Not yet? You two okay?’ She glanced between the two of you. Derek nodded. ‘Just having a discussion’ Derek smirked and glanced up at you. You narrowed your eyes at him.

Morgan stands and walks around you going to lean on your desk. ‘I was thinking of asking out one of the interns’ You turned on the desk both of your eyes registering Spencer’s reaction to Morgan’s new piece of information. Spencer furrowed his brows a little. ‘There’s a pretty blonde one, Laura? She seems nice? Dont ye think Reid?’ JJ shook her head turning to leave but her eyes caught how focused you two were on Reid reaction and decided to stay.

If the two of you were up to something, especially with how distracted Spencer had been the last few days, maybe she should stick around. You two together were not known for being subtle about things. Separately you were okay, together, not so much, you fueled each other. It was why Hotch always seemed to put the two of you in interrogations together, you were the best team they had.

You were a good team on the field, when it came to things like this, she knew by the look in both your eyes this wasn’t one of those, let’s take it easy on the boy genius times. you were worried and Derek had started off a chain reaction that meant you were both going to get whatever you wanted out of him.

JJ laid her hand on Reid’s shoulder. ‘I have not talked to her, but she was flirting with another agent in the break room this morning’ Reid nodded. You smiled leaning your elbow on your knee and your chin on your fisted hand. ‘You wouldn’t mind that would you? Or maybe blondes aren’t your thing? Jessie, she’s got pretty brown hair and Nice eyes. Maybe you two should have a double date?’ JJ closed her eyes letting out a long quiet sigh.

Reid’s eyes widened a little. Suddenly he was on his feet shaking his head. ‘I don’t think a double date would be a good idea.’ He began gathering up some files almost dropping them. ‘I don’t think me going on a date would be a good idea, with anyone’ With that he turned and strode off.

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Joker x deaf!Reader Part 6

J chuckled in his cell. He had gotten under her skin so easily, it made him want to laugh. He denied that the giddiness he felt when he was about to go to her sessions was him actually feeling something towards her. A guard opened his door and went to cuff him. J heard another patient screaming in one of his neighboring cells.

“I’ll have what she’s having.” J giggled as the guard told him to shut up. He continued to sing all the way to Y/N’s office, where they were having their meeting today, and he smirks as he notices how nervous she looks. She smiles at him and gives him a confused glance.

“You know that song, doc? Oh wait.” He giggles. She narrows her eyes and looks away. He often jokes about her condition, and it’s mildly annoying. When the guard left she sends one last nervous glance at the door before looking at J.

“So, it’s tonight? Can you tell me what I need to do again?” J rolls his eyes before answering.

“Relax. All you have to do is leave the door open. Then wait in your office, I’ll come get you.

“No one will get hurt, right?” J chuckled, causing her to scowl at him.

“I’m not letting you go just so you can hurt people.”

“Just leave the door open, doc and you’ll be fine.” Y/N pressed the button to alert the guards, causing J to bare his teeth.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Doc.” J said with a warning tone. She was already out the door.


Y/N decided changing her mind at the last minute was a stupid thing to do. She knew she couldn’t let J out without making sure he wouldn’t hurt people. It’s not like she was close with the other doctors, she just knew most of them had families. Maybe during a session they’ll discuss how to get them out first. Y/N assured herself she could talk J out of this. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes when she felt a slight tremble in the floor. She furrowed her brows and peeked through the window of her office. When she saw the flashing of gunshots, her breath caught in her throat. They got him out. He would be pissed at her for not leaving the door open.

When a large figure approached her door, she shrunk in on herself.  The man entered, wearing a suit and tie and she took note on how much larger he was than her.

“Miss L/N?” She gave a shaky nod, and he nodded to himself while turning around. She was left, confused. He came around the corner again, looking a bit irritated. Rolling his eyes, he motioned with his finger for her to follow. Every bone in her body told her not to. When he turned to find her not moving, he pointed a gun at her and grabbed her bicep. He forced her to walk in front of him. She could feel the barrel of the gun pressed against her head, and tears rolled down her cheeks when she saw that Arkham security was losing the fight.

The man led her to the shock therapy room, and before she could run his large hands wrapped around her waist. He lifted her up and slammed her back on the table, ignoring her kicking and screaming. When he got her strapped in he left, and she tried to look around to see if anyone could help her. Her heart stopped when J popped up right beside her, laughing as she screamed.

“Boo! Got you that time, didn’t I?”

She looked at him as he shook his head in a disapproving manner.

“Really, doc? Did it seem like a smart idea to disobey me?” She could barely make out what he was saying from this angle.

“W-what? I-I didn’t want anyone to get hurt-I just-” Her breath hitched when he suddenly cupped her head.

“So you’d let them hurt me? After everything I told you? After all of our moments together? I’m hurt, doc.” And he was, just a little bit. Enough to make him want to hurt her back.

“So what are you going to do, then?”

“Aw, honey. Now, I’m gonna hurt ya. I’m gonna hurt you really, really, bad.” The smile on his face grows with every word. Tears start streaming down her cheeks and she closes her eyes. She doesn’t want to know what he has to say. J slams his hands down beside her head, making her flinch.

“Look at me.” He grits out. Her vision is blurry with tears and she hates not knowing what’s happening around her.

“Please.” She sobs. “Please, I’m sorry. Please, I just wanted to help you.”

“Shh” He caresses the side of her head as she continues to cry.

“Please, please, I’m sorry.” Her blubbering was starting to annoy him. Taking off his belt, ignoring Y/N who started to cry harder, he folded it in half but she kept her mouth shut.

“Please, don’t.” He rolled his eyes. What did she take him for?

“Open. You’ll thank me later.” Her eyes widened, knowing exactly what he planned to do now. She obediently opened her mouth, tears still streaming down her cheeks. He admired her accepting her fate.

“Gah, you’re so… good.” For some reason his heart kickstarted at her obedience and he felt the need cup her face. She flinched and shut her eyes as he wiped the tears from her cheeks and gently ran his finger over her eyelids. He tapped her forehead, signaling for her to look at him.

“No more tears.” She nodded even though more escaped. He had the sudden urge to start squealing and  jumping up and down. She was being so good! And he was feeling playful tonight.

“Good girl. My good girl.” She didn’t take her eyes off of him as he started preparing the equipment.

“You realize I’m doing this for your own good, right? I mean, you’re too good. Look how easy it was for me to seduce you. Wouldn’t want anyone else doing that.” Y/N only caught some pieces of what he was saying, but it was enough for her to understand. She started mumbling around the gag, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to understand her without it either, she was crying too much. His heart swelled when it sounded like she was saying “I’m loyal to you” or “only you”. Something along those lines. He made sure to speak fast to confuse her, he loved seeing her fearful expression of not knowing what’s happening. She looked so beautiful when she was afraid.

“That’s sweet, doll. But hopefully this will make you learn your lesson. You can’t help everyone. So. Stop. Trying .” He held her head in his hands. Y/N felt like her heart was breaking. Some part of her really thought she would help him. Maybe he would even be released, they would get married, have kids. She knew he wouldn’t get better around the abuse at Arkham, she was only now figuring out he didn’t want help.

J wanted to watch the light fall out of her eyes during her epiphany. Instead, she still had that stubborn look in her eye. Huh. He thought for sure her moment of realization would cause her to learn. It’s in her nature. Just like it’s in my nature to hurt her. He realized she was staring at him with those stupid, innocent, doe eyes. I get you. They seemed to be saying. But I’m not gonna change. No matter what you do to me. He found himself intrigued by her innocence. It was what had drawn him to her in the first place. Those eyes seemed to have him stuck in place, so in a moment of annoyance he pulled the light down above her head. She screwed her eyes shut, the only thing that calmed her was J petting her hair. He was collecting his thoughts, running over the reason why he was going to do this, and pushing back the question of, I thought you liked her innocence?  If those innocent eyes could cause him to hesitate, he needed to get rid of them. Get rid of her. A weakness. Let’s see how nice she is after getting her brain fried.

Y/N freaked out when his hands suddenly left her. She hated not being aware of her surroundings, and now she was blind. Her breath started coming out in pants, the belt not exactly helping her breathe. She started gasping, air not getting to her lungs and sweat rolling down her forehead. J watched in wonder. He saw her face turn red, and wondered why she didn’t push the belt out. Moment of panic, he figured.

He cupped the side of her head again, stilling her flinch. She was calming down, and he put his mouth next to her ear.

“You had this coming. Maybe after this, we can rob a store so you can pay me back for the money I gave you. Or maybe I could fix your hearing myself. I always wanted to do my own surgery. No refunds, by the way.” He giggled as she calmed, having no clue to what he was saying.

“Oh, doll. I’m going to have so much fun with you.” He removed the light and tapped her forehead again. When she opened her eyes, he chuckled.

“Already so well trained.” She blinked, tears overflowing when she saw what he had in his hands.

“I can’t wait to meet the new you.” She sobbed, but stared him down. Her body tensed as he brought the electrodes close to her head, so close she could feel the electricity. She still never removed her eyes from his. His arms pulled back slightly, his eyebrows furrowing. She tensed once more as he brought them back close, only for him to retreat again. Was this one of his mind games? He looked confused as well.

“Close your eyes.” He snapped. She gave him a confused glance, not really focusing on his lips, only those blue eyes that were so close.

“Wha?” She garbled around the belt.

“Eyes. Closed. Now.” She didn’t see why she had to listen since he was only going to torture her anyway, but being the nice, compassionate person she was, she obeyed.

J clenched his jaw and then unclenched. Anger rushed through him until he finally slammed the electrodes against her head. She screamed, and he pulled away not a second later. It angered him that he couldn’t do it, and her sobs were all he could hear. Turning back to her, he slammed his hands beside her head again, breathing heavily. She tried to muffle her crying.

“Boss?” J pointed a gun over in Frost’s direction.

“Shut up, Frost!”

“We need to go-” J was already on his way out.

“Are we taking her?”

“No.” J snapped.

They left Y/N on the table crying, her eyes still squeezed shut.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how Cat called the new assistant by her last name (i.e. ‘Miss Teschmacher’), even though she addressed both of her previous assistants by their first names. I know logistically that this was just to make sure that people got the comic book reference, but I want to think that when Kara originally started working for her, Cat called her ‘Miss Danvers’ for the first few months. 

Then one day Cat looked up and saw Kara smiling at her and it just hit her- that this girl had withstood everything she’d thrown at her, that she was still looking at Cat like she was a person, someone worthy of warmth and admiration. That she was still smiling, and that she was not afraid. That is when Cat also realized that Kara had been around longer than any of her other assistants, and during that time the whiskey in one of her decanters had been replaced with M&Ms, the number of weekly firings had gone down, and she had never once had to miss any of Carter’s events for work. 

I want to think that the next time Cat called for Kara, she opened her mouth to say ‘Miss Danvers,’ but the words caught in her throat and a ‘K’ sound came out instead. I want Cat to have stumbled over the name after hearing herself form that ‘K,’ and in an effort to protect herself, finish it out with ‘Kiera’ rather than ‘Kara.’ I want to think that the first time Kara heard that name, she gave Cat such a bright, happy smile that Cat found herself wishing that she hadn’t chickened out and that she had used Kara’s real name. And I want the realization of that to have scared Cat just as much as it made her crave something more. 

Later, with Siobhan, Cat only called her by her first name from the beginning as a way to get to Kara, but Kara was still the only one who meant enough to Cat for her to make the switch specifically for her.

Day 17-Christmas Movie Night-Brett Talbot

Teen Wolf Imagine:#79 Prompt:#…none

Word Count: 609

Warnings: Aggressive Brett? (Not toward reader)

A/n: This is the last one written by @joeynihil I hope you enjoyed her work I am so glad she was so willing to help me out and I really appreciate her.

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