look at her skin i made her look more like a mermaid

what's a fire and how does it - what's the word? - burn

so i have this disney playlist i listen to usually when i’m driving and i was blasting poor unfortunate souls this morning and i was thinking

what if ariel didn’t sign the scroll?

because she’s about to, okay, and she looks at the paper. the parchment made of seaweed, the ones that’s specially treated to survive underwater. and she thinks of her cave of treasures, her books that remain perfectly preserved underwater. “no thank you,” she says slowly, becoming keenly aware of air of this place, of the not-people she’d seen who hadn’t been able to pay the price for sea witch’s bargain. “i – no. thank you. but no.”

ursula tries to convince her otherwise, but ariel runs. she goes back to her cave, destroyed as it was by her father’s anger, and thinks.

she’s the daughter of triton. her books never got wet, though she lives in the ocean. she feels a pull inside her, to the land, to somewhere else, but what if – what if –

what if she doesn’t need the sea witch or her father to perform magic for her? what if she has her own?

ursula had wanted her voice because that’s how she performed her magic. singing in this cave had given it powers and protection, and when she saved her prince from the sea – she sang then too, to keep him safe, to guide him back to life and away from death.

so she has magic. she only needs to figure out how to use it.

so that’s what ariel does now. she’s quiet and keeps to herself, and her father and sisters think that it’s because she’s upset with her father, that she’s busy licking her wounds. she’s moved on from that. she has no trident, and is uninterested with fueling her magic with the souls of the damned like ursula has. so she needs to figure something else out.

she does what she’s not supposed to do, and goes where she’s not supposed to go, slipping past the guards and patrols to the one place in the sea that is forbidden to all of them.

the crevice in the earth where what remains of her grandmother lives.

ariel goes to amphitrite, and the sea goddess is so much bigger than ariel, the size of great whale as she curls at the bottom of the sea floor, too old and too tired to do anything more than sleep. “granddaughter,” the great being croaks, opening an eye as blue and as unfathomable as the sea, “you look like me.”

“they say i look like my mother,” she says, and to herself adds: that’s why father can barely stand to look at me.

“you have more of me in you than your mother,” she says, and she shifts and pulls her mass of red hair over her shoulder. “more of me in you than your father does, even.”

“i have magic,” she says, pulling her bravery to the fore as she swims closer to her grandmother, “i want you to teach me how to use it.” amphitrite pushes herself up, and it’s the first time she’s moved in a millennia, and ariel notices for the first time that her grandmother isn’t a mermaid – she has legs.

she has legs.

“you have power,” amphitrite corrects fiercely, “and i will teach you to wield it.”

and so she does. ariel spends her nights by her grandmother, learning to harness the power of the sea that runs in her veins, and sleeps her days away while her sisters and flounder and sebastian grow more and more concerned, but she refuses to tell them why. she refuses to be stopped.

but her heart still aches. she fell in love with her prince, and she wants him still. so she swims to the edge, goes to the beach where his castle resides in the dead of night when her lessons with her grandmother are complete, and sings

. she’s careful not to let any magic leak through, only her voice. she does not want to enchant him. she wants him to love her as she is. so she sings, her voice clear and powerful and cutting through the air. she hopes he can hear it.

then one day a figure walks to the beach, and it’s him, her prince. “hello?” he calls out, “are you out there? are you – please, it was you that saved me, wasn’t it? won’t you come out and let me see you?”

so she does, waves her tail at him until he catches sight of her and takes hesitant, disbelieving steps closer.

“you’re a mermaid,” he says, eyes wide, “i thought i saw – but it couldn’t be.”

“i am, and it can,” she says, heart beating wildly in her chest. he’s just as handsome as she remembered, and she wants him just as much. “my name is ariel.”

“ariel,” he repeats, and pulls off his boots and goes wading into the water, watching her to see if she flinches away from him. she doesn’t, and his strides grow bolder. “my name is eric.”

“eric,” she whispers, and when he’s close enough he touches her, trailing fingers across the bare skin of her shoulder and tangling them in her hair.

when he kisses her, she feels powerful enough to undo the world.

so there’s that now, spending her nights with her grandmother and her prince, and she knows how to make her own legs now, could walk onto land and be made a queen among the two legged men.

but she’s a princess here first, and before she can do that she needs to take care of something.


the rotten sea witch with her rotten sea magic won’t be allowed to torment her people any longer.

she tells her grandmother, and amphitrite smiles and says, “an excellent decision, child. i’ve enjoyed our time together, but i think it’s time for me to sleep once more. i’ve taught you everything i can.”

and tears prick ariel’s eyes, but she holds them back. she knew that it couldn’t be forever, that her grandmother can’t die but no longer desires to live and this is the in-between.

“you’ll be an amazing queen,” amphitrite murmurs, and closes her eyes for a millennia more.

this isn’t something to be done in the dead of night, although it would be easier to do it then.

she will make a spectacle of it, she will remind the sea that her people are not to be trifled with.

once upon a time they feared a blue eyed, red haired sea queen with the power to destroy them all. it’s time for them to do so again.

so she drives ursula to the center of the city. her sisters cower and people hide, and her father comes rushing forward to save her.

“you’ve committed great crimes against my people,” she says, not flinching as lightning gathers in the sea witch’s hands, “so now shall a great crime be committed against you.”

“foolish girl,” the sea witch snarls.

triton is yelling. he won’t get there in time.

he doesn’t have to.

she doesn’t need to sing anymore. instead she lifts her hands and pulls ursula apart without ever touching her, not only renders flesh from bone but also sets free the souls she’s been hoarding, reverses the magic done to those who’d fallen into the sea witch’s trap.

they all stare at her, her people, her father, and her sisters. she looks to triton and says, “i’m not a little girl anymore.”

he opens his mouth, closes it again, then says, “i can see that.”

all at once everyone’s perceptions are turned sideways about their youngest princess. she commands a power that even her father doesn’t have access to, she’s not depressed and dreamy – she’s powerful young woman who knows exactly what she’s doing.

so she does what she wanted to do, she gives herself legs and steps onto the sand and launches herself into eric’s arms. she becomes his bride, and the rumors run rampant of what she is, of where she came from, but they can’t prove anything and so they rule.

they live long, happy lives. ariel is his consort, his advisor, his wife, his tactician, and his best friend. all those years reading drowned books have certainly paid off. she ages herself along with her husband, bears his children and then teaches them they ways of her – their – people.

her husband dies, and she disappears, like the stories of selkie women that everyone whispers around her. their children give their father a sea burial, and vow to see him again one day. what they know and none of their subjects do is this – their father’s body isn’t in that casket.

she returns to her ocean, her legs form into her glittering green tail, and she goes home. she uses her terribly powerful magic, and brings her husband with her. she went from princess ariel of the sea to queen ariel of the land, and now she’s back again.

she’s not quite a teenager, but neither is she the old woman she pretended to be on land. she’s returned her and her husband to the prime of their life, and as she gained legs to be with him, he now gives his up to be with her.

eric becomes a merman, and a prince by virtue of being ariel’s husband.

she returns to her family and her world without missing a beat, and they all welcome her as if she never left, treat her husband with kindness and respect.

because they all know.

it doesn’t matter that she’s the youngest. when, far in the future, triton’s reign ends –

ariel’s reign will begin.


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Request:  Hii can i have a drabble thingy game with jimin?TY😙😉 12,23 by  rebelliousjvmin

Word Count: 8.6k

Originally posted by bwipsul

He’s a literal angel

You were immersed in a deep sleep, tired from working on a large project that was worth half your grade. In you attempt to disconnect from the world around and sleep peacefully, you blocked out the sounds and all touch with reality. The sudden dip in your bed didn’t bother you, the presence of another body and an arm haphazardly wrapping around you, these were things you were blocking out. Until you felt a finger on your cheek.

“Hey, roomie.”

“I hate you.”

“You know you love me.”

“Kiss my ass, Jimin.” You used to think you were lucky to be paired up with your best friend in the dorms of your university. Until you realized he was a clingy, sassy and messy guy that never failed to annoy you. His leisure attitude towards school was opposite to your dedication to reading every word of your textbook. He was a jock, baseball being the reason he was here in your room and cheekily smiling at you.  

“I wouldn’t mind doing that.” You whacked him in the face with your pillow, wanting him to leave your room but he instead pulled you closer against his chest.

“Let go of me, you pervert.”

“You told me to kiss your ass, now…”

“I swear to god, Jimin, I’ll suffocate you in your sleep.”

“Kinky. I always wanted to test out breath play.”

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March to the Sea.

Prompt by: @langsty-mc-langstface

Lance groaned, adjusting his armor with more than just a few complaints.

“Of all planets, it had to be a desert one? I can’t take MY hotness and the planet’s heat. I’m going to melt.” He huffed, looking at the others.

Allura sighed, “We needed a place to land. When Haggar hit Voltron with her spell, we didn’t know what the potential effects would be. Coran is running tests now.”

The team sighed in unison, but decided doing a little scouting wouldnt hurt anybody.

Just get a look around.

As time wore on, and small talk was made here and there, Lance began to notice Hunk looking uncomfortable.

The yellow paladin was limping, and rubbing random parts of his armor.

“Hunk, buddy, are you alright?” Lance asked, make the five of them stopped and attention to go to the man.

“Uh, yeah? Or, actually, I don’t really think so but it could be nothing. It’s like, I’m not sure.” Hunk sighed, and reached to take off his helmet.

“I think it’s just too hot—”

A round of gasps and a shout from Pidge startled the large, anxious boy. He looked around quickly, “What? Is there something on my face?”

A large hand rest on his cheek, but didn’t move further. “Please tell me this is just try skin?”

Shiro had his eyes wide, “Hunk, you look like a Balmeran. Did yo— Pidge!”

The green paladin was sprouting antennae like things on her forehead, like the Olkari.

“What’s going on? Paladins?” Allura said over com, only hearing grunts and shouts.

The entire team was doubled over, their limbs contortion into species that only a few they recognized.

It wasn’t painful, in a sense.
But it also wasn’t pleasant either.

“Princess, look!” Coran could be heard, “Don’t you see?! Haggar’s Magic is turnin into the original makers of the lions!”

The mustachioed man almost seemed excited, despite the circumstances.

Allura was not as excited, looking a little less than horrified. “Paladins! Did you hear that?” She noticed her uncle paying more attention to the screen to watch the team.

“Coran, please try and fix up the damage the castle took during battle. We need to leave as soon as possible so we can get this reversed.” The Princess demanded.

Outside, most lay on their sides and panted. It was quite a stampede of multiple alien species.

Keith sat up first, shaky. But in all honesty he didn’t FEEL much different, in fact, the only thing he noticed was that the heat didn’t bother him.

It felt refreshing, actually.
A species that lived within volcanoes.

“Is everyone…okay?” It was a sort of dumb question. Everyone certainly wasn’t okay, their bodies just drastically different.

“I’m okay.” Pidge answered, sounding a little bit sick. She was impressed by the Olkari, but only for their skill. Not their look.

Hunk nodded, “I’m alright too. Boy, what do you think Shay would think of this?”

Shiro was already standing, now helping Keith. “Are you okay?” The black paladin had concern and also confusion in his voice.

So this is what Haggar had done to them? What was her point? It didn’t largely affect the group much so far.

There had to be something they weren’t seeing. Would the lions not accept them?

No, precious Paladins hadn’t all been human so surely other species were allowed inside.

They were still the same people as well.

“Come on everybody, we need to get back to the castle to see if there’s a way to reverse this.” Shiro let go of Keith, turning.

One, Two, Three, himself was Four…
Wait, where was Lance?

“Oh my god! Lance?!” Hunk shoved past Shiro all of a sudden and everyone turned to see their blue paladin.

It was an unanimous hold of breath.

The bottom of his armor was completely gone, discarded a few feet away, and any cloth that remained was torn at.

His legs gone.

Now, not completely detached of course, but replaced. With what?

A several foot long mermaid tail, bright blue and shimmering in the desert sun.

“Holy sh…” Keith trailed off and they all quickly followed Hunks footsteps.

The yellow paladin, looking Balmeran, rolled Lance over with a grunt. That tail was massive and weighed more than Lance himself normally.

“Lance? Hey, Lance, I know I look funny but it’s Hunk. Are you okay?” Worry  etched into his voice.

The mermaid boy’s eyes were wide, and a solid blue color. Lighter blue pupils danced in the middle. Scales ran around his cheeks, all the way down his neck and arms and back in light patches.

He had thick gills flaring on the sides of his neck, and Lances mouth wide open as he was seemingly gasping for air.

The blue paladin already was red in the face, and it became quite obvious that he was in a “fish out of water” state.

Oh shit.

“Oh god, Shiro, guys— L-Lance can’t breathe!” Hunk feel his own breath pick up, and he grabbed one of Lance’s webbed hands.

“What do we do?!” Pidge asked, all eyes going to their leader.

Way to be put on the spot.

Shiro turned, seeing the castle as a faint speck across the hot desert plains. There would be no way to get Lance back in time.

Especially in this state, and how hard he would be to carry with the massive mermaid tail.

Shiro cursed in his head, “Uh, I— Princess Allura, we have an emergency. Lance was turned to some, uh, merperson? We need to get him back and into water, he can’t breathe.”

Even the black paladin was a little flustered, because this was one of his teammates lives on the line.

He managed to keep a strong demeanor.

Static answered them, before Allura finally responded back. “Can you carry him? Coran just shut down the castle for repairs, we can’t get to the pods for at least another five minutes if we were to power on again.”

Keith was next to Lance now, wearing the same worried expression he did when Lance was in the healing pod.

“He doesn’t HAVE five minutes!” Keith felt anger boil within, and the ground at his knees sizzled and smoked.

“You have to carry him! Try!” Allura said, “We are powering on the castle. We will get there as soon as possible!”

It hit the team hard how grave of a situation they were in now. Lance was dying, turned into a water creature in the middle of a hot desert.

It was impossible.

Hunk spoke fast. “I’m Balmeran right? Could I heal him or something?”

Keith looked up, “Do you know how to do that? Don’t you need the Balmera planet’s life force?”

Everyone deflated when Hunk shook his head slowly, scared. All heads slowly bowed to look at Lance.

He had passed out, but his gills still desperately fought for a source of air that they could breathe.

They were slowing.
Lance looked so dry.

“We…have to try carrying him. Come on.”

The team silently surrounded Lance, picking him up from different angles and hoisting him off of the dirt.

Hunk and Shiro at the tail, Pidge and Keith near his upper human half.

They walked and walked, despite physical exhaustion and the heat they all had to keep going.

Save your friend.
Keep going, keep going.

Team Voltron knew it wasn’t going to work out. They listened to Allura and Coran in their headsets, bickering about how quickly things needed done and what needed done.

This wasn’t a walk to save their friend.
Even if they had tried harder, Lances survival probability wouldn’t have been much better.

They were too far away from the ship, and Lance was heavy in this condition.

With sullen faces and sweaty palms, gnawed lips and teary eyes, they walked on.

This was no longer a walk to save their friend. Not anymore.

It was a funeral march.


Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: You are Rebekah Mikaelson’s best friend and, ah, a mermaid. She brough you home in a gesture act. What she did not expect was that her brother, Klaus, would fall for you and, whilst doing so, he win your heart over.

Warnings: swearing, kissing, some violent descriptions (not that big of a deal), mentions of sex, fluff

Word Count: 4250 (i think i broke my record with this one)

Patiently waiting for Rebekah Mikaelson, who happened to be your best friend for quite some time now, at a bar, you thought of how much your life had changed in the past year. All because you were forced to abandon your mermaid nature after one reckless night you spend at a forbidden cave; sure, your mother had warned you what would happen if you went there during a full moon, but you always thought she was just being an overprotective mum. Ultimately, she was not, for the next morning you woke up entirely naked. Oh, and with freaking legs instead of your blueish tail as well.

A gentle chuckle left your lips when you remembered the stunned looks the humans gave you once you managed to get out of the cave. Nudity can get them incredibly nervous.

“I presume you’re waiting for my sister, love.” A masculine voice, soaked in a marvellous British accent, said. “May I keep you company?”

“Suit yourself, Niklaus.” Your reply was short, straight to the point. “But I warn you she’ll be mad if she finds you here.”

“I know how to deal with Rebekah.” He smirked, sitting on one of the chairs and facing you with those deep blue eyes. “You know that.”

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I Don’t Want to be a Mermaid Anymore

I mean, every kid went through that phase, right? When you’d go to the pool you’d dive in and imagine your legs fusing into one and growing scales of your favorite color. I wanted blue scales. More than once I’d surface hacking and coughing because I’d try to hold my breath for a second too long. Not pleasant. But by the time I was ten I could do it for quite an impressive amount of time.

My dad thought it was hilarious. Mom treated it as just one of those childish things I’d grow out of. But my Uncle Craig actually encouraged it.

Uncle Craig was my mom’s oldest brother, a big man with a thick stomach and a roaring laugh. Despite having four kids of his own, he loved coming to see me. He’d bring me seashells and tell me stories about his latest catch. And he always listened to me tell my mermaid stories.

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Kiss the Girl || j.h

Parts: one | two | three | four | end

Group: BTS


Excerpt: ‘he dived under water, you still in his arms as you continued to writhe around all the air escaping your mouth in bubbles. Then your lungs filled with water.’

Genre: fluff, mermaid au

Length: 1.5k

A/N: I’ve always believed in mermaids

Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl


“What’s the difference between a siren and a mermaid, mummy?” Your mother had glowered at you; in all honesty, she just wanted you to drop your obsession that she knew would most likely lead to you going too close to the water’s edge. But still, she pulled you onto her lap, brushing off the damp sand on your knees as she pulled you to her chest,

“Originally mermaids and sirens were two different beings, mermaids known for physical beauty, and sirens had heavenly voices,” you smiled looking up at her, as she continued her story, “but somewhere along the way the lines blurred, sirens became as beautiful as mermaids. That’s why you have to be careful,” she tapped your nose lightly, “These days the only way to tell them apart is you listen. A mermaid may have a beautiful voice but a sirens' melody will pull you to the water against your will.”

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bts fic rec! (just 24 fics)

Hi. I’m alive, apparently.

Gay* fic rec.

I’ve been having these marathons every week where I just collect as much fanfics as I can. The result? Folders full of bookmarks. Like, not the AO3 bookmarks, but I made actual Chrome folders with bookmarks and… you get the point.

This is unnecessary, but if you’re a beginner in the bts-fanfic-world, I think this list might help you?

These are strongly recommended fics from me. Various ships. All gay, obviously… all on AO3. Most of these, you probably know.

I don’t own any of them! I just think they’re wonderful…

If any of you need more fic recs (I take any ship, I haven’t done all ships but I have some for underrated ships, so), just go on and send me an ask, I guess. And if you’ve read all of these, go send me an ask if you’d like. (I got tons of Namjin) 

I also rec sin, though my folder for sin isn’t very organized so it’ll take a while.

If you want a small (very small) list of sad fics, just ask.

Okay, here it is!

[M] Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka
pairing: namjin (college/university au, frat au)
summary: A collection of events occurring within (and without) the walls of the Beta Tau Sigma fraternity house. At Beta Tau Sigma, there are only a few rules:
1) have a declared major in the College of Music;
2) keep your GPA above a 3.4;
3) don’t let Taehyung into the liquor cabinet;
4) don’t fuck up with Kim Seokjin.
The rest is all fine print.
me: i cried when it finished. need i say more? fucking amazing. love it. cry with me.

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Fish out of Water pt1

Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Fluff, humor

Warnings: Mild violence implied, minor injury, near drowning

Words: 2k

Anonymous said: “Hi Um I was wonder if you could maybe write a short or something for Yoongi with a MermaidAu theme???”

Thank you for the request! I have no idea if this is what you wanted, but I had a lot of fun writing it, and I think I’m going to continue it! <3    

Humans were so strange.

It wasn’t new-news to you, it was just something you would never quite get used to. They were fascinating to watch—they didn’t have fins, couldn’t breathe under water, and yet they liked to just… Splash around.

Small humans ran up and down the beach during the day, with tired-looking older ones chasing after them. Some laid in the sand until they were sunburned, swearing and waddling away only to return a week later. Others attempted to ride the waves, slipping and falling off of their boards more often than not.

They were not sea creatures nor dwellers, yet they had such a fascination with it.

You liked to watch them from under the pier—from this distance, no one could tell if you had a tail or not—okay, maybe if they really looked they could, but you knew enough about humans to know that they didn’t believe you existed, so you were fairly sure you were safe. At night, the restaurant that was above you would light up, and even the blasting music couldn’t drown out the yelling from within. You loved listening to them—only last week you heard someone propose, and the delighted response when she said yes.

They sounded happy, and oh how you wanted to find out what it was like up there with them. You had been warned about humans—they were cruel, heartless, and would dissect you if they ever found you, according to your father. But what did he know? He had never met one.

Something was different about tonight on the pier. The lights were off, there was no music, and for quite some time, you didn’t hear any voices. You still had some hope of hearing some human interaction, anything would be nice. A storm was approaching fast, and the waves had gotten stronger than usual—not that it was an issue for you.

After quite some time, when you were about to give up and swim home, you heard footsteps near the end of the pier.

“Look, I told you, I don’t have your money.” You heard one voice say. “You should go ask the person who borrowed it, not me.”

“Yeah, well he said to talk to you. So pay up.” This voice sounded much angrier, and you listened as the voices got closer and closer to the railing. There were at least four sets of feet, and you bit your lip. You didn’t know what the human did to have three other people mad at him, but it didn’t sound good.

“Go to hell.” The first man growled.

There was a scuffle, then a yell, then “Toss him over the edge. He’s not going to do us any good anyway. Just as well that he doesn’t go to the police.” A moment later, there was a splash, and you stared at where the man had disappeared into the water. You waited for him to reemerge, but when he did no such thing after a few seconds, you dove after him.

You knew you shouldn’t mess with human affairs—it was dangerous. But you couldn’t very well let him drown.

You found him easily—your eyes worked quite well in the dark, unlike human eyes—and you were about to pull him safety when you really looked at him. He looked like he was sleeping, his eyes closed and a trickle of air leaving his lips. He had a gash on his forehead, and you guessed he must have been hit before being thrown into the water. You had never been this close to a human, and you reached out and brushed the side of his face—you had just touched a human! Just wait until everyone back at home heard about this. He had a name tag on his shirt that said “Min Yoongi: Manager.”

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Back to the Fire

Cinders was a transfer to Elsewhere University, a young upstart from somewhere he refused to disclose. He practically lived in the Engineering Hall, English Hall, and Campus Café, but it was easy enough to lure him outside for a talk with the promise of pastries. With a smile like the Cheshire Cat and a sense of humor straight from the gallows, he coyly danced around prying questions, turning them back at the asker in as little as a single sentence.

He clamored on about the stories he wrote, about his characters who all seemed to have a more vivid existence than his own. He knew them inside and out, could recite their family histories and backstories without a moment to look through the notebooks he carried around. He could name hundreds of landmarks in his fantasy world and explain their historical significance.

But he wouldn’t–couldn’t, it seemed at times–name his hometown.

He smirked at the questions, tapping his fingers on the table as if considering how to respond. His eight rings, all some combination of iron and silver, clicked on the wood in an awkward, stuttering rhythm.

“I remember salt. And storms. And an ocean past the breakwater, full of excitement and danger and the unknown. I remember the mermaid statues, decorating the street corners like peace offerings. But the name? My hometown is just as central to my identity as my first name. You’ll need more than a couple kolache to coax that out of me.”

Dime put her chin on her hands. She had heard from Cinders’ roommate that kolache was his favorite. If anything would get him to talk about his hometown, Hearth had insisted, that would be it.

There was a half-joking bet among the writing students Cinders told his stories to that he might be one of the Fair Folk. Dime knew better. They only knew the Cinders who wandered from the Campus Café to the English Hall, dazed and rambling about some aspect of his stories he’d been stalled on for weeks prior. She knew the Cinders who obsessively put his rings back on immediately after completing a mag particle test because he didn’t feel safe walking around, even in the Engineering Hall.

They didn’t know Cinders’ rings were silver and iron. They didn’t know that he wore jackets still coated in iron dust from his first mag class. They didn’t know he sewed a ring of iron jewelry chain into the lining of each of his hats.

Of course, that was because they never saw Cinders with his rings, jackets, or hats. Neither Dime nor Hearth knew why, but whenever Cinders went to the Café or to visit the writing students, he didn’t wear his protection.

“Cinders,” she started.

He cut her off with that Cheshire Cat smile and a flippant, “Did you make the kolache? Not bad, but I could give you my recipe.”

He was avoiding the question he knew was coming. Dime lifted her chin off her hands and tilted her head at him. The engineering and writing students both had questions about Cinders–questions they’d tried asking him before, only to have him talk in circles and turn it back on them. “You know what I’m going to ask. Just do us all a favor and answer this time, please.”

He sighed. He put his hands in his lap and shook his head slowly. “Do you know why I chose Cinders as my name for the University?” He waited for her to shake her head. A quiet, bitter laugh shook his frame. “Because I just can’t stop playing with fire, even after I get burned.”

Dime thought she understood what he was getting at. “You made a deal with Them, didn’t you?” Her voice was hushed, barely above a whisper. The Gentry heard everything; They would know if she addressed them improperly.

Cinders took off one of his rings, holding up at just the right angle for him to look through it. “Not so much a deal,” he sighed, “but a trade. A few, actually.” He put his hat on the table. The dull thunk from the sewn-in chain was a stark reminder of his paranoia. Even after all the precautions he took, he still prattled on about feeling unsafe walking from his dorm to the Engineering Hall.

“What did you trade?”

He put the ring back on, returning to the awkward, stuttering tapping.

“Cinders, what did you- Oh my god.”

“I needed inspiration, Dime. I couldn’t stand to have all these unconnected ideas in my head, all these stories that just wouldn’t go on paper no matter how hard I tried. It was torture. I couldn’t write stories, but I could tell them. I would sit around the English Hall after class, telling stories from my childhood to anyone who would listen, and I would notice some of the Fair Folk listening from the edge of the courtyard.”

Dime stared at him, understanding and horror dawning on her as he told the story of his first trade.

How he took his rings, jacket, and hat off and approached the Gentry at the Café with an offering of–what else–kolache. How he offered them a story just to listen to his request, and how when they accepted, he told them about the Woman of the Storm, a story he grew up with. How he bartered for inspiration and drive afterward, offering up the first few years of his childhood memories in exchange. How he ran back to his dorm in a haze, waking up the next morning with stories that finally made sense but a loss of interest in his oldest friends.

“They loved my stories.”

“Gamble nothing you cannot lose. You know this. Hearth told you; I told you! Why would you barter memories?” Her hands shook, curled into fists on the table, and she gritted her teeth. It made perfect sense now. Why he never went home for the holidays and breaks. Why he insisted on keeping so much secret. Why his stories and characters had more life than he did. Why he never wore iron around the English Hall anymore.

As an engineering major whose primary focus fell on metals like iron and low-carbon steel, he should have been safe from the Gentry. It hung in the air around him, dust from grinding and liquid from mag particle on his skin and clothes. As far as Dime knew, They would never take him, despite his stories.

But like a fool, he sought Them out. An offering and a story for an audience, memories for inspiration.

“The payoff seemed worth the price until I went home to family I no longer knew, a city whose name never stays with me, and friends I had to befriend again. All I had were my stories.” Cinders wasn’t looking at her anymore. He wrung his hands, eyes focused on the trees behind Dime. “I had played with fire, and I was burned. I came back here before break was over so I could have something familiar, but the inspiration went away again, so I made another trade.”

Dime got up. She couldn’t listen to him explain any more. “I’m sorry,” she said, wiping at the tears welling in her eyes. “I shouldn’t have asked.”

He let her go without a word.

It was weeks before she saw Cinders again in more than passing. He’d been seen telling stories to the writing students after classes, lurking around the Café during his lunch, and wandering the Engineering Hall, but even Hearth wasn’t sure what he’d been up to.

His eight rings were down to six, his jackets finally washed, and his hats nowhere to be seen.

She heard from a few of the writing students that his stories were more vibrant than ever, more detailed and full of life than he seemed to realize. She wondered if they understood the cost of Cinders’ creativity.

She saw Them, too. Listening to Cinders as he wove his tales, venturing closer and closer with each time she saw him. She feared for him. Music students came back most often, followed by the writing students, but Cinders was a wild card, an engineering student who just happened to be a storyteller.

Once, she ran up to him when she saw him stumbling away from the trees near the English Hall. She called his name four times before he heard, yet he didn’t seem to really see her.

“Cinders, it’s been a while, what have you been getting up to? Hearth and I-”

He cut her off with the same Cheshire Cat smile and flippant tone as he had all those weeks ago.

“I knew you once, didn’t I?”


Siren’s Song (Little Mermaid AU) (One)

So I should be working on Broken, but I wrote this instead. Let me know what you guys think, maybe Ill keep writing if there’s enough interest?

Also, I feel like this story could have some amazing art, so if it becomes a real thing– any of my artist friends want to team up and do the art and ill do the writing and maybe we can make this something really beautiful!


Fury ruled the seas.

Or at least the inhabitants of the seas and that was enough for him. There wasn’t many that dared cross him, and those who did were struck down in a terrible fit of rage, their blood tainting the pure water and drawing the sharks.


Fury loathed them, dirty filthy scavengers, all teeth and dead eyes, mindless really. But they were necessary in his world. A kingdom ruled by blood needed someone to clean up after, didn’t it?

Sharks did the job.

And Fury ruled the seas.

That wasn’t even his real name- Fury- but it had been given to him during that first awful war, when so many died, and it had seemed appropriate. Fury for a merman that was more of a monster, a king who was more of a butcher, a creature who’s black scales were like looking at the night, and whose one eye glowed like fire.


He let his subjects roam with the waters, killing as they would, feeding when they wanted, leaving carcasses to rot on the ocean floor. As long as the sharks followed the carnage, there was never anything left to see. Mermaids with their beauty, Sirens with their songs, the Cecaelia with their eight appendages, the horrifying snake like Zhuyin, and all the other creatures– the crustaceans with their hard skin and many legs– Fury let them loose to do what they wanted, content to sit on his throne and hear of the mayhem.

He had one soft spot, perhaps– his seven darling daughters, though darling might be an exaggeration.

Six of the girls were mermaids, pure blooded, their scales and hair all brilliant hues of blues and purples, both blending in with the sea and standing out all together. They were more beautiful than could be imagined, luring sailors over the sides of their ships and into the depths with only a look, with a toss of their hair and a beckon of their fingers. The mermen who fell for them, the Cecaelia who sought their company were granted a night in their arms, and then were lucky to escape with their lives.

Fury laughed to himself every day, wondering why the humans had decided that mermaids were innocent women, sunning themselves on rocks, when his daughters had been killers from the moment they were born.

The six mermaids, his lovely daughters, were his pride and joy, and Fury knew when he passed, when he could no longer control the oceans, his daughters would rule even better than he.

All of them, except his seventh and youngest daughter.

Natasha wasn’t a mermaid, she was a Siren.

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At First Sight

Characters: Y/N Collins, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Briana Buckmaster, Jeffrey Dean Morgan       

Pairing: AU Jensen x Reader (sorta), Misha x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Innocent(ish) state of undressed, flustered baby Jensen - yes that’s a warning!  

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: This can 100 % be read as a one shot but it is thought off as part of my College!Jensen AU.

It is also written for for @deansleather 31 Days of Halloween SPN Writing Challenge and my prompt was moonlight.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Jensen smiled as he felt the cool autumn air on his skin. It wasn’t cold by any means, but summer was ending. The leaves were changing color, and the heat was no longer unbearable. Jensen had always loved this time of year. There was something magical about the many colors and the way the setting sun made everything seem almost as if it was covered in gold. The world was full of promise and changes, especially this year. It was Jensen’s first year of college, and he was already loving every moment of it already.

He had gotten a full ride as a pitcher at Texas Tech. He loved that he didn’t have to ask his parents for much. Not that they would mind. He liked feeling independent and not having to lean on them too much. That was the same reason he had gotten himself a job, so he could pay for his on campus apartment. Between baseball, school, homework, and work Jensen found himself pretty busy most of the time, but he loved any minute of it.

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Mermay Prompt.

Thanks @chrissihr. So here’s the start of something that I will probably never finish but whatever! I give my gifts of half-completed fic to the universe in hopes something good comes out of it.

Darcy is secretly a mermaid and Steve finds out when he heads down to the pool (saltwater, oc) early and catches Darcy stretching her fins when she thinks she’s alone 😉And Steve, the artist, is so enchanted with his pretty crush’s scales, he’s not sure whether he wants to draw her or touch her

Everything hurt. Right down to the web of skin between his toes. He ached, and about thirty minutes prior he’d been covered in the slimy-remains of decomposing exoskeleton… that had belonged to a guy named Everest Hampdon.

Mr. Hampdon was no more, along with his mutated exoskeleton that he’d used to rip through half of Harlem. Steve Rogers wasn’t ashamed to admit that the thrill of battle certainly got his blood going from time to time, and this was one time that he was more than happy to put the bad guy six feet under.

If only the fight hadn’t lasted a good three four hours, and hadn’t made his whole body feel like absolute, aching shit.

The only thing keeping him upright after his scrub down in the showers, was the promise of Tony’s newly installed, heated, salt-water pool on the fiftieth floor. With a view of the city that inspired the artist in him, and enough warmed water to soak himself up to his eyeballs in.

With his sketchpad tucked under his arm, and one of the extra-large bath-sheets slung over his shoulder, he padded through the darkened halls of Stark Tower, delighting in the feel of carpet under his bare feet.

The tower was a monument of luxury, and while he rarely felt like he deserved to even set foot in it, he knew he’d done a damn fine job that day and saved more than a few thousand lives. For once, Steve felt like he belonged among such finery that he’d never have been able to dream of back in the 40′s.

Almost in the mood to whistle, he leaned against the side of the elevator, the piped in classical music squashing his urge to make a noise.

The doors opened with a soft chime, and he heard FRIDAY’s muted farewell, wishing him a good evening.

Evening, he thought with a snort. It was half past two in the morning. Still, he raised a hand in a casual wave, knowing that FRIDAY would see it, no matter which direction he flapped his fingers.

He picked up his pace as the hot scent of salt water hit his nose, tingling in the back of his throat, and the pure need to be alone washed over him.

Steve nearly groaned as he wasn’t half-way down the hall and his hearing picked up the sound of someone splashing in the pool. Instantly his good mood evaporated, and he had half a mind to head back down to his apartment and just drown himself in his bath-tub instead.

An enormous splash made him pause in his almost-retreat, however, and he frowned. There was a sound like flailing… and a gasp of air. His pulse thudded in his ears as he raced down the hall, convinced that whomever was swimming had actually gotten themselves into trouble.

What he saw as he entered onto the sweltering pool deck had his feet skidding over the slick tile.

Ohfuck,” Darcy said, lifting a hand to her mouth, staring at him just like he was staring at her.

Staring at her not because he’d been clinging to a torch over her for the past, say, twelve months hahaniceonerogerstrythreeyears, no… no he was staring at her not because her top half was barely covered in a white crop top that melted over her skin… no.

No he was staring at her because her bottom half flitted in the warm, salt-water, the colours of her fins glittering just under the surface. Purples. Purples, and hints of red, and even a dash of black-green when she rolled over and sank down, up to her nose. Her hair floated along the water, dark tendrils, and her blue eyes narrowed balefully at him.

Oh fuck, indeed.

“What…?” he asked/stated, and gulped in a lungful of the sweet, salt-air around them. His brain pinwheeled for a moment and then he blurted out- “Issthatacosplay?” without a pause between words.

Cosplay. It had to be a costume. She and Jane were always getting all glittered up and heading out to comic cons or whatever the kids these days were doing that wasn’t Stark science fairs.

He knew the word cosplay. He didn’t think it was, because he could swear that the mermaid half of her (it… it was a mermaid, right? He was allowed to call her that. Right? He wasn’t… accidentally oppressing her with that terminology? He was still struggling to catch up on third wave feminism.) was firmly attached to the human top of half of her.

Darcy’s eyebrows rose up in surprise and she let out a snort of laughter as she rose up out of the water. Her arms crossed over her breasts self-consciously, although he wanted to assure her that his eyes were firmly stuck on the fact she had fish parts and not so much on the rosy-soft pink of her nipples showing through the transparent fabric.

Although… he’d noticed the fabric. And the nipples.

Fuck. What was even…

“Alright, you caught me, I’m a monster, just like… can you give me a twenty-four hour head start before you come after me with the rest of your band of merry mermaid-murdering super friends?” Darcy’s words may have been sharp, but there was a hint of very real, very misplaced fear in her voice. That’s when he noticed her fingers trembling as they gripped her upper arms, and her eyes were wet… not from the water.

“Head-start?” he asked, dumbfounded. “Darcy…”

She tossed her head, some of her hair following the movement, the rest sticking to her shoulders.

“I’m a siren, we’re not the greatest fish in the sea. We lure people out to their deaths and-”

“Hold up,” he said, lifting his hand to stall the flow of information. “Too much… back up for a moment. Can we just.. take a breath?”

She stared at him in disbelief, the delicate, translucent tips of her fins shivering just under the water and making it ripple.

“I’m going to change back,” she said cautiously, looking as if she might bolt, but there was no way she’d out-run him on land if she tried and as powerful as her tail looked, there wasn’t any way for her to swim out of her current predicament. “Could you… look away?” Her face tilted down and to the side, her arms hugging herself even tighter.

“No, I don’t think so,” he answered her. He didn’t trust her to bolt if he did look away, or… or do something stupid. She was looking at the tall, glass windows that walled the pool in with something that was too close to longing for his comfort. “Hey…” he took a step towards the edge of the pool, and when she didn’t move, he took another. “I’m just gonna…”

He slipped down, kneeling at the edge of the water, and then slid his feet into it, sitting on the side.

She sank down low, down to her chin, her tail curling under her, and behind, like she was trying to hide from him.

“Darcy, it’s okay,” he said gently, “whatever’s got you scared, whatever you’re thinking? I can guarantee it’s not gonna happen.”

“But we kill people, Steve,” she said, her voice rough, and now the wet of her eyes was slipping down over her cheeks. Christ, this was a mess.

“When was the last time you killed anyone,?” he asked, more boldly than he felt, because he wasn’t sure he wanted to hear the answer. Her lips parted, then pressed tight together. She lifted her eyes properly to meet his.

“Never,” she answered.

“Then what’s this we you keep talking about. Seems more like a them from where I’m sitting,” he murmured softly. She glanced away and then straigthened her shoulders with a huff.

“You’re not freaked out?” she asked. He let out an amused noise and then quelled it when she glared at him.

“I might owe Fury another ten bucks…” he said with a shrug, and then glanced down at where her tail flashed and glittered under the water. His fingers itched to draw it, and he was reminded he’d dropped his sketchpad and towel back in the hallway.

“So, uh…” he gestured at her tail as he fumbled for the right words for it.

“You seen the Little Mermaid?” she asked. He felt his cheeks go pink. She smirked. “Okay you have. Well it’s nothing like that. Okay? I’m not a princess, and my daddy isn’t a king with a big gold pitchfork. I’m just… yeah… my people, my family, aren’t the greatest, so I thought I’d take my chances with the land-walkers for a bit.”

“How’s that working out for you?” he asked, a million other questions crowding his mind. She sighed, looking away for a moment, then back at him.

“Well… I guess that kinda depends on you now, doesn’t it Rogers?”

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Professor Scamander and the Slytherin Prefect



Tags: @notgreengrass @just-another-teen01 @apareciumimagines @rebeccamaximoff @deaths-maiden @percivalcraves @whatisthisthingcalledlife @samantha24015 @pharaohkiller @bananananananananapeel @jackdawsonsgrl

A/n: This chapter is a little angsty, but the next one will be super light-hearted and a little smutty ;)

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Out On The Edge

*Pops head* So

Continuation of Ghost!Lance pormpt I got on my main blog. Uh, nothing much to say except 

I did not planned this and you can al blame the Anon who left me the prompt and @l-x-ie 

Ps. Uh…over 1k but less than 2k so like, under the cut to read more. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

He presses his hand over the cold dusty metal wall and suddenly the entire room comes to life.

There is a few faint blue glowing lights on the walls, but it’s not the kind he’s looking for.

He tugs his red jacket and pulls it tighter around him when he feels it slip off his right shoulder. He grumbles in annoyance before he takes another step forward, eyes roaming every single corner of the castle.

A castle.

The blue-eyed teen allows himself to smile giddily at the thought. It felt like he was living in another life time, like a dream or someone else’s memories.

With every step forward, more blue orbs light up around him but none of them are just right.

He keeps walking.

He can hear his steps echoing down the hall, and, feeling a little playful, he lets out a big ‘Hello’, cupping his hands over his mouth to make it louder and he laughs when his own voice greets him back at the end of the dark hallway.

The dark has always been something he avoided; you never knew what could be there, waiting for the right time to grab you and do whatever it wanted with you.

And yet, he walks towards it with ease, footsteps firm and confident.

He feels safe, protected, and he takes a moment to relish the feeling he feels familiar with before he continues walking.

The teen ends up in a somewhat living room. His soft humming echoes around, an old song that his dad taught him when he was a younger. He’s actually surprised he still remembers it.

His dad said that the song had been in the family since his grandpa introduced it to him when he was just a baby. A simple melody, usually shared with a guitar and a voice.

More glowing lights appear, some brighter than others, and his blue eyes scan the room until they fall on the big window on the right corner.

A midnight and gold glow, that’s what his grandpa had said to him a few weeks ago in the hospital bed.

‘Look for the sharp glowing of a dark blue color mixed with gold and you will know it’s him.’ He had said, eyes blurry and old but the love in them as fresh as it was in his youth.

The teen freezes when he catches it. The grip on his jacket gets tighter and then there are a pair of blue eyes, resembling his own so much, staring right back at him.


The thirteen-year-old bites his lower lip guiltily before he shakes his head.

It’s not the first time someone confused him with his grandpa: the long black hair, the jaw, some even said the nose, if that even made sense. His dad told him a few days back, that he had his grandpa’s scowl, and when he laughed, he had the same dimples his grandpa used to get whenever he found something ridiculous.

The teen is not surprised. Sad? Maybe, but not surprised.

“Then who are -”

“My Grandpa told me I could find you here,” the teen blurts out, fingers playing with the end of his jacket as Glow takes a sharper form and suddenly there’s only a young man standing a few feet in front of him.

He knows who he is, he has seen the pictures in his Grandpa’s treasure box.

“Lance McClain?” he asks quietly, almost shyly but at Glow’s smile, his shoulders relax and his mouth twitches upwards when Glow - Lance nods, “My Grandpa told me a lot about you.”

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Blue Skies

A/N: Happy Birth @snogfairy! I know I missed it last year but look!! I made something! Fantasy and everything <3


Pairing: Nalu, Fairy tail

Words: 4506

Rating: T

Part: Oneshot (Angst) (Fluff)

Lucy loved flying.

She loved the feel of air whipping through her hair, of the strain on her back muscles as she rose herself high enough to find a current she could rest on, the crisp scent of pure oxygen that swirled above the clouds.

He favourite part of flying, however, had less to do with the act itself and more with the company.

“Bet I could reach that cloud that looks like an upside down cat first!” Natsu called, wings beating steady and strong as he held his position beside her. His wings were coloured like flames, yellows and oranges shimmering in the down of his feathers and close to the arch of bone that structured them, reds a rich jewel tone at the tips of his feathers with blacks and greys scattered along the outer layers like hidden shadows in the forest they played in.

“And what do I get if I win?” Lucy asked, grinning at her best friend’s challenge. While Natsu may be fast, Lucy was faster, not weighed down by a seven-foot wingspan and coiled muscles. Lucy’s wings were much more modest in length, only six feet across, but she knew they were beautiful in a way that was unmatched in her hometown. They were pure white with a soft golden undertone from the down feathers, silver tips of her outer feathers reflecting light and creating a glow that surrounded her like a halo in the moonlight.

Or at least that’s what Natsu had told her that one night they had stolen a bottle of strawberry mead from the guild kitchen and had picnicked along the edge of the lake under the light of the stars.

“I’ll fix all damaged boards and doors in your roost, but when I win you hafta cook for me for a week!” Natsu crowed, circling Lucy in an effort to expel his growing restless energy.

“My roost is damaged because you keep crash landing in it,” Lucy pointed out sourly, following Natsu’s movements as she kept her face towards him as she talked. “I mean I leave the window open every night, how you keep overestimating your landing is beyond me.”

“So you do leave it open for me,” Natsu leered, rising slightly so he could look down at Lucy. She felt heat crawl along her neck and she pouted at being caught. Stupid boy.

“Go!” Lucy shouted instead, allowing herself to drop slightly into the current below them and get a quick boost as she shot towards the cloud Natsu had pointed at.

“Cheater!” Natsu howled, following quickly on her heels. Lucy kept her arms close to her sides, laughing as Natsu cursed her loudly, voice barely carrying through the air rushing past them, words lost to the wind. Time blurred as they raced, Lucy’s heart pounding and sweat starting to bead on her temples and hairline, whipped away before she could fully register their creation. Lucy saw Natsu start to crawl into her peripheral, his eyes glinting with competitive joy and challenge. She swore under her breath, pushing herself to beat harder and cut through the air before her, weaving through different air currents and timing her beats of her wings for the most energy gained, every decision made in a millisecond through reflex alone.

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Special Instructions (5/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: E
Word Count: ~3200
Chapters: One Two Three Four

I love y’all and hope this little tidbit of humor and sexual tension cheers you up if you’re feeling down ~ ❤️🍕 

reader requested tags: @ilovemesomekillianjones @lenfaz @like-waves-on-the-beach @emmaswanchoosesyou @blessed-but-distressed @tiganasummertree


Special instructions: tell me jokes, joke man

Things were going great with Killian despite the fact that they communicated almost solely through text message. She’d spent nearly the entire first week of November out of state chasing a particularly sneaky skip and she was pretty sure the number of texts between them had fallen into the thousands by now.

They talked a little about their lives, just little tidbits about their likes and dislikes and the gossip from their respective friend groups. Emma liked crime shows; the less scientifically accurate, the better. Killian was into sitcoms. They both enjoyed reading but where Emma loved horror and suspense, mainly every book Stephen King had ever written, Killian was actually into sensual romance novels. (He’d only been slightly embarrassed to admit it.)

David and Mary Margaret were trying to get pregnant, and Belle and Killian’s older brother Liam were pregnant; they’d practically just found out that she was 10 weeks along and Killian was psyched at the prospect of becoming an uncle. Ruby was getting over her recent heartbreak by beginning an interesting three-way relationship with a martial artist and a dog groomer, both women, both ridiculously head over heels for her. Killian’s buddy Will was inheriting a bar from his recently deceased boss. Regina and Robin were planning the most extravagant wedding ever, and by that she meant that Regina was planning the most extravagant wedding ever and Robin was passively agreeing with all her decisions. And Killian’s best friend Ariel’s Etsy shop was booming; apparently handmade mermaid tails and shell bras were in surprisingly high demand.

They learned quite a bit about each other. Their friendship was blooming…

But mostly they flirted.

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Domestic Bughead: Come To My Window

Title:  Come To My Window

Prompt:  Domestic Bughead (written for a lovely anon - hope you enjoy!)

Betty stood in front of her bathroom mirror, methodically scrubbing her makeup off her face with a cleansing wipe.  She worked at a smudge of pesky mascara at the edge of her eye and then tossed the wipe into the waste basket.  Her skin bare, she thought to herself that she looked tired.  The wake of Jason Blossom’s murder hadn’t exactly been easy for anyone, and she found herself particularly exhausted from her mounting insecurities with Jughead.  He joined the Serpents, against her wishes, and she felt like every day took him farther from her.  As selfish as it likely was, Betty became used to being his family.  She liked being the person that he leaned on.  Being needed.  He found a new family now, and she was afraid that one day he wouldn’t need her anymore, and they’d be done.  

Betty shook her head, trying to clear her mind like an Etch-a-Sketch, and grabbed her toothbrush.  After a quick brushing, the toothpaste making her mouth burn, Betty switched off the bathroom light and walked back into her bedroom.  She nearly yelped when she found Jughead in her bed.  His tall frame was much too small for the single bed, and she stifled laughter at the juxtaposition of his leather jacket and her bright pink sheets.  Betty’s eyes lingered on a bit of her pillowcase poking out beneath him, and she inhaled sharply when she remembered exactly what sheets were currently on her bed.

“Um, Jug-”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but are these Little Mermaid sheets?”

Betty swallowed hard.  “How did you even get in here?”

“I came in through the window, Juliet,”  he returned easily.  “You should really lock that, by the way.  I don’t want someone stealing you.”

Betty shut her bedroom door behind her and clicked the lock shut.  Her parents were long asleep, but she didn’t want any more unexpected guests.  

“So, about these sheets again,”  Jughead said.  “Do you have others?  I’m imaging a full Disney collection now.”

“I used to have Pocahontas sheets,” Betty said, sitting next to him.  “But Polly got into the laundry one day when we were little and poured a bunch of bleach in the load.  My Pocahontas sheets were an unfortunate casualty.”

“That is a devastating story.  I’m glad these survived, though.”

Betty smiled a bit and said, “You’re never going to let me live this down, are you?”

“Oh, no way.”

Things were still easy between them, and Betty thought to herself that maybe that didn’t need to change.  She was still his family.  She always had been.

“Scoot over,” she said, climbing into the bed next to him.  There wasn’t much room for him to scoot but he made due, using her waist as an anchor to keep him from tumbling off the bed.  She held his arm against her belly, fingertips brushing the soft leather of his jacket.  

“Are you staying the whole night?” she asked him.

“I can.”

“You don’t have to,” she said immediately.  She knew that he had a life back on the South Side, and she didn’t want to keep him from it.

“Do you want me to?” he asked softly, breath warm on her neck.

She looked back at him with a slight smile and said, “Yeah, I do.”

“Then I’ll stay.”

She burrowed herself deeper into his embrace, wishing they could stay like this forever, the world safely outside of her locked door.  

“I love you, Jug,” she murmured, voice thicker than she intended.  She was getting stupidly emotional, and she could tell that he noticed by the way he shifted behind her.

“Betty, what’s going on?”

“Nothing,” she said, squeezing her eyes shut to will away the tears that sprung there.  “There’s nothing wrong.”

 Jughead sat up, tugging her up along with him.  He forced her to turn toward him and framed her face with his hands.  

“You’re crying,” he said, catching a tear drop with the edge of his thumb.  “Why are you crying, Betty?”

“I just don’t want this to change. I  don’t want us to change.”

“We’re not going to,” he said.

“But we could,” she said stubbornly.  “You have this whole new life that you’re building, and what if I don’t fit anymore?  I don’t want to lose you.”

Jughead pressed his forehead against hers and murmured, “You will not lose me, Betty.  That will never happen.”  He pulled away so that he could see her and said, “That will never happen, Betty.  Don’t you see?  You are my world.  Not the Serpents. You.”

Betty wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly, face buried into his neck.  He kissed the side of her head and murmured, “And just think, I said all of that after seeing the Little Mermaid sheets.”

She laughed and hit his side.  “Hey, be nice.”

“I happen to love the sheets,” he told her placatingly.  “And I love you, Betty Cooper.  More than you even know.”

Betty kissed him softly.  “I love you, too.”

Liberty Pt.3

Originally posted by ageofdestruction

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo (mentiones briefly)

Warnings for this fic: Angst, eventual smut in future chapters (slow burn), running away, profanity, violence (future chapters).

Word count for this chapter: (2590)

A/N: So here’s chapter 3, it’s a little longer than the rest. I hope everyone enjoys it, I’m trying to make it as interesting as possible without droaning on. Any feedback is appreaciated!

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Part 1 / Part 2

Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.


He could feel the blush spread from your bust to the tips of your ears, he could feel your heart fluttering behind your ribs as he neared you. As he spoke his breath gently whisped across your forehead.

“Yet.. an innocent soul like you has never traveled the seas? Oh, darling, you will be of great use to me, I will show you the world beyond this one, just you wait.”


The boat that rocked…

That’s what you were going to call it, not the St. Brooklyn.

Of course, you wouldn’t speak a word of your nickname for the beautiful boat. As you both left the captain’s cabin, the rough water made the ship almost capsize, sending you tumbling everywhere. You wondered why the currents were so strong; for only the gods of the sea knew what creatures lay beneath the salty water of the Caribbean sea.

Bucky led you to the main deck, having you tailing behind him, watching as the crew eyes you suspiciously.

Stop the gawking and get back to your stations, we’re in rough waters, not a blasted paddling pool.” Bucky quipped. Everyone’s gaze shifted towards the ocean surrounding them and scurried back to their stations.

You didn’t look where you were going and bumped into the tall, bulky frame of a man. “See what I told you, Pierce? Bad luck having another woman on board, let alone one, get out of the way you feculent bitch-

Before you realised, he had raised a hand to swipe, you squeaked and waited for the impact, though it never came. You peaked your eyes open to see the Captain himself holding the wrist of the burly man.

The moment you raise your hand to a woman is the moment you seize to be a man. If I see or hear you speak ill of the two lovely women aboard my ship once more, I will personally throw you overboard, savvy?” The intimidation in Bucky’s voice left you weak at the knees. The man mumbled an ‘aye, captain’ as Bucky released his arm. “Don’t let the salt of the sea get to your head just because you haven’t gotten laid in 2 years, Brock, get back to your station.

You saw your captain smirk at you before gesturing for you to follow him to a lone crate. He rolled out the large map on the flat surface and pointed to 'España’.

This is where we are heading first, now the water is deceiving, it’s giving off the illusion that there is plenty of wind, but there is not. We aren’t gaining speed at all and the way the water is stalling movement, but I believe as soon as we leave the Caribbean the wind will pull us through to the Atlantic fast, probably about 35 to 40 knots every passing hour. What do you think, Y/N?

You watched as his lips moved with every word, curling over the syllables of your name.

Your fingers traced the lines and inking on the map.

Aye, judging by the contrast between these waters and the Atlantic, with the speed of 20 knots, I say we could arrive within… ten days- at least, if the wind pushes against us.” You smile up at the captain to find him already staring down at you, he seemed to be studying you and biting his lip.

Suddenly the ship hit a large wave and violently lurched up, sending you crashing into the man in front of you, he caught you with the ease.

S-sorry Sir! I uh-” You gasped, he rolled his eyes in a slightly playful manner as he whipped around.

Wanda! A little help with the waves would be nice, please!” Bucky bellowed, suddenly you saw a flash of red light and a woman appeared in front of both of you, you couldn’t believe.

Crow’s nest?” She questioned, there was a slight twinge to her accent that you had never heard before. She wasn’t from Britain, and she wasn’t from Port Royal, her skin was pale and her hair long, falling in brown waves along her slender shoulders and back. She was the replica of a mermaid, such beauty in her features you could barely believe she was human- you couldn’t fathom as you saw her levitate upwards towards the top of the main mast.

Needless to say, you were shaken, for the rumours and stories had been true all this time; there was another world just waiting to be discovered by man, you just hoped they wouldn’t destroy it.

You watched in awe as the witch’s hands were surrounded by red magic, and the sea had become less daunting and calmer. You had to admit- you felt slightly sick due to the constant bobbing and the shock.

You admired the woman as she floated gracefully down. You kept your distance, not because you were shy, because you didn’t want to say anything ridiculous that could probably tempt the witch to hex you.

Miss Y/L/N would you be so kind to follow me once more to the quarterdeck?” His voice snapped you out of your daze,  "Aye, sir-

You know darlin’, as much as I adore you calling me 'sir’, I wouldn’t mind if you were to call me Bucky.“ He cooed, the way he looked at you made you shiver, you shook your head and followed him up the steps to your destination, there stood Sam and another man you didn’t know the name of.

I’m astonished, sir- I mean, Bucky, at the power of such a woman, if she wanted, she could rule the seas and alter the tides for all eternity, it’s brilliant, yet terrifying.“ You made light conversation and heard Sam chuckle at your words.

Indeed Ma'am, though as wonderful as that sounds, Wanda isn’t as strong as she used to be, you see without her heart, her powers are fragile and can only be used to a certain extent, for she gave it to someone else, sacrificed maybe, I don’t know, but that person or being probably meant a hell of a lot.

You were deep in thought as his words processed through your brain, why didn’t she have a heart? Was she cursed? It explained why her skin was alabaster. ”It’s not my place to say, I’d rather you hear it from someone who deserves to tell you,“ Bucky whispered. You nodded in agreement and started looking at the charts again. ”hard to starboard, Sam.

Aye aye Captain!


As night fell and the waters were calm, you took a moment to observe the beauty of the open seas, the sky was black and speckled with the constellations. You wondered how many were out there, thousands? Millions?

I’d like to believe there are are at least 700 billion.“ You jumped at the voice behind you. It was Wanda. ”Hello, I’m Wanda, of course, you already know that. You are Y/N, correct?“ You nodded in response, offering a timid smile.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Wanda.“ You held out your hand for her to shake and she took it with a smile. You found out she was 23, from a place called ’Sokovia’ a place on the map you had never heard of before, it was located somewhere in eastern Europe.

So, why did you run away- oh, lord forgive me I apologise for being so bold, I er, have abilities more than in my hands and my mouth seems to wag without my consent.. nevermind“. Wanda grumbled and you could tell she was embarrassed due to the red tinge in her cheeks.

"It’s okay, we all have things we can’t control.” You reassured her, she returned to smile and mumbled a ’yes, that much is very true’, you explained briefly why you boarded the ship in a few short bullet points.

Hey, Wanda!” You heard Sam shout from the forecastle. He was grinning and beckoning her to come over to him. “Excuse me, have a pleasant night, Y/N!” You could tell her mood was brightened instantly, you could tell there was something…

Goodnight, Wanda.” You peered around the main deck, there wasn’t a soul in sight, apart from a crew member everyone must be below decks having supper, you thought, and maybe Bucky was in his cabin, probably reading over some charts and preparing to show you the ropes for the morning.

You walked along the deck, fingers ghosting over everything you passed, you inhaled the gentle ocean breeze and breathed a sigh of relief.

You didn’t think liberty would be so tranquil.

You closed your eyes for a minute and let your other senses take over, the whisper of the wind dancing around your locks, the smell of the salt and gunpowder, hearing the water lap at the sides of the ship.

It was magical.

Captain Barnes was a well-mannered, intelligent man. His intimidating exterior disguised his emotions, you had an inkling that on the inside he was pure cotton, judging by how he had defended you against Brock. You wouldn’t mind sailing with him to the end of your days, the idea made the corners of your mouth curl upwards, only slightly, and you let out a light giggle.

And what are you giggling about, sweetheart?” You yelped in surprise at the voice.

Good evening, B-Bucky. I would have assumed you were eating supper in your cabin!

I haven’t eaten yet, I was going to ask if you would join me and then discuss the journey afterwards.” He regarded with a sweet smile.

O-oh! I wouldn’t pass up that offer, sir, I’d love to, may I wander the ship a bit longer until you beckon me?

Only if you allow me to lend you a coat, the wind is picking up and the only warm thing you’re wearing is that beautiful smile.

Flirting, was this it? He draped a heavy coat over your shoulders, his hands lingering just a few seconds longer than they should have.

Thank you, Captain, you can accompany on my little stroll if you would like.” It was more of a request than an offer, he nodded and walked along with you.

He pointed out many of the stars and told you what their names were, occasionally coming behind you and gently craning your neck so you could see what he was seeing. The gentle touch of his fingers sent a pleasant jolt through your body.

What is this feeling?


Crickey O'Riley, look at the time, shall we head back? I would assume supper is freshly cooked and ready to be eaten, and you could do with some food and drink?” Bucky suggested, he was right, now that he reminded you, your stomach made it clear that you needed some food, and your lips and mouth did feel a little dry, but that wasn’t just because you were dehydrated.

As Bucky lead you to the Captain’s cabin again, he held the door for you, you thanked him and then stood awkwardly as you waited to be told where you were to be seated.

Allow me,” Bucky beckoned you to sit in a chair, he tucked you in under the table and made his way to his own seat.

Rum, or water?

I’d much prefer water, thank you, I’ve never tried rum before and all I need right now is to be hydrated instead of intoxicated.” You sassed, you could feel his gaze on you as you ate what was on your plate.

So tell me, Y/N,” you watched as his lips wrapped around the fork he was eating from, “what do you think about the journey plans?

They’re reasonable, judging by the distance of the journey and speed of the wind, currently, we’ll probably arrive at Singapore in about 39 days… At the most.” You smiled, taking a swig of some water.

Bucky watched you as he ate his food, though you were deemed harmless, he was still weary; you didn’t know what the 'new feeling’ was, in your stomach. He could feel your emotions, all of them. He took a liking to you.

Oh shoot, er, Bucky, where am I to sleep? It has completely missed my mind until now-

Shit… you may I sleep in my quarters if you’d like until I can ask Wanda to conjure a cot for you at dawn tomorrow, would that be too bold?” Your skin flushed pink at his cursing and his suggestion, share a bed? With a man whom you had just met? It seemed absolutely ludicrous.

It’s a queen size, I will keep to my side if you keep to yours.” He was serious.

Thank you, is there a particular side that you would like to claim, Captain?”

Yes, the right side is mine, I hope you don’t mind.” You laughed lightly at his comment, even the most famous of pirates have their tiny needs.


You awoke to the sound of grunting and moaning. You slowly flipped to your opposite side to see Bucky writhing and covered in sweat. You were asleep by the time he had come to his chamber, so you didn’t know what he would be wearing.

The covers of the bed had slipped down to his ankles, you assumed this as because of the thrashing. You watched in awe as one of the mightiest Pirates was in a vulnerable state. His head kept twitching from side to side.

You leaned up and gently brushed a piece of hair from his forehead. “James, er, Bucky? Wake up, it’s okay, it’s just a nightmare.” You placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and slightly shook him, attempting to shake him from his slumbering state.

His eyes snapped open at the contact and he automatically grabbed your wrist, he rolled over and trapped your soft body between the mattress and his weight. His right hand had cuffed both your slender wrists as his left came to wrap around your throat. “Who are you?” He ground out, he was still in a state.

Why do you like to choke me so much? Bloody hell- Captain James- Bucky, wake up! It’s me, Y/N!” You pleaded, “it’s-It’s okay, you needn’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.


Bucky snapped out of it and came back to reality, loosening his grip on your wrists, your hands instantly came to rest upon his face to stroke away the liquid trauma leaking from his eyes.

I, fuck, I’m sorry, Y/N…” He didn’t realise how the proximity between both your faces had slimmed. He licked his lips, and he felt your soft, sweet exhale fan on his lips and he leaned down, slowly, as if not to startle you.


You felt the slightest graze of his lips upon yours, and your eyes fluttered close, the feeling that burned in your chest could compare to a cannon fire and it felt so good. You pulled him a little closer and your lips pushed a little bit harder onto his, reveling in the softness. You felt his tongue swipe across your bottom lip and gasped, you had never been kissed like this before, and the burning sensation in your lower tummy grew larger and more intense.

You slowly broke apart, his hands leaving your body.

I’m sorry miss, I-

Go back to sleep, Captain. You’re delusional.


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Fave AU: Where Dani is four

this au by nova-dragon… I think I made Vlad a bit more evil than he is in the show but…

Danny felt like someone had turned their hands intangible and were pulling his insides apart, ripping into his core and stretching to the point of tearing, trying to force him to transform. Pain, worse than anything he’d felt since the accident, scraped its way through him, clawing through his insides and out his throat. It hurt, hurt to fight it, hurt to give in, but he refused to let Vlad have what he wanted, to let him use him–

“Dad!?” The pain stopped as abruptly as if someone had flipped a switch, and, as Danny opened his eyes, blinking away the water that had accumulated around his eyes, Danny realized that, in fact, Plasmius had flipped a switch, and was no longer smirking down at Danny, trapped in the pod, but instead turned around looking at…

A girl. 

She was tiny, small, couldn’t be any older than five, probably much closer to four, although Danny had never been very good at ages. She was clearly terrified, her eyes flitting back and forth between Danny and Vlad, head scrunched between her slightly cowering shoulders, and bright blue eyes wet with tears that looked oddly familiar… But Danny couldn’t place where he’d seen her before. He racked his brain, trying to place the dark black bangs, hint of freckles, chubby cheeks, and pointy nose, not even trying to figure out what she was doing there so much as remember where he knew her from…

And then, with a sudden clarity, he realized exactly where he knew that face. He’d seen it in old photographs, family picture albums… And those eyes he saw every day when he looked in the mirror…

What the hell?

“Danielle, I–” Vlad was stammering, clearly caught off guard, and Danny could tell by the set of his shoulders he was trying to think of a lie.

“Who is that?” The girl asked quietly.

“It’s no one, Danielle, I told you not to come into my lab.”

“I… I fell through the floor…” She sounded like a crying kid who was being yelled at for skinning her knee.

“Then go back up through the floor.” There was no kindness in his tone, just annoyance.

“Hey, leave her–” The second Danny opened his mouth Vlad’s hand pressed down on a button, sending a shock of electricity through him and turning his words into a shout.

“You’re hurting him!" 

"Go. To. Your. Room!” Vlad’s voice brooked no argument and she turned and fled, leaving Plasmius to turn back to face Danny. “Now, where were we?”

“What the hell is going on here, Vlad?” The girl, the strange ghosts, the bubbling experiments resting in pods all over Vlad’s lab… And Vlad’s claim to need mid-morph DNA… It all pointed to a conclusion but it was impossible, the stuff of science fiction… And yet he couldn’t get the image of the young girl out of his head.

“I thought that would be obvious by now, Daniel. If you won’t become my son, I decided I would have to make one.”

The information still refused to fully process. “You… cloned me?”

“I am attempting to, yes. But the clones I created were unstable, or… flawed… mindless. And I still need from you the final piece.”

“But… you succeeded… that girl–”

“You call that a success?” Vlad laughed, horribly, and the way she had called Vlad ‘father’ threw Danny’s stomach into knots. “She’s weak, unstable, can barely control her powers or follow orders–”

“She’s what, five?" 

"Developmentally, she’s four.”

“And you’re holding that against her?” Danny couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He knew Vlad was messed up but this? This was just… wrong.

“She’s useless–”

Useless!? You don’t want a kid, you want a slave– aaahh!” Vlad had pressed the button again and the horrible tearing sensation was back. But he wasn’t going to let Vlad win, wasn’t going to let him just create life and then throw it away. If he could just concentrate, summon enough energy to–

The wall exploded behind him, breaking the back of the pod and cutting off the flow of electricity, freeing him from the pain… and his cuffs. Vlad didn’t know what hit him…


“You ready to go, Danny?” Sam asked, as soon as he’d taken out Vlad and pulled the plug on as many experiments as he could find. 

“Yeah, just… One more thing. Wait here.” He didn’t wait for a response, just flew up into the rest of the house. 

It was really a miracle that he found her, in a mansion that large, but he did, simply by following his instincts and heading towards that. He found her in what looked like a guest bedroom, much smaller than the one he’d stayed in when he first visited, though, and completely bereft of anything that might be of interest to a four-year old. She hid behind the bed when he entered.

“Hey…” He didn’t really know what to say to her, didn’t have much experience with kids, but tried to be as calm and soothing as possible. She poked her head out over the top of the bed and he crouched down, not trying to get any closer. “You’re Danielle, right?”

She nodded, her eyes just barely visible, watching warily and he sent her a smile that wasn’t returned. 

“I’m Danny.” He tried. 

“Where’s dad?” she whispered. 

“He’s… fine. He’s downstairs.” Tied up, but he wasn’t sure how she’d react to that information. She nodded again and made no move to further the conversation.

“Look, Danielle, I’m here to help–”

“Why did Dad have you in the basement?” Geeze, starting right off with the hard questions. He didn’t know what to tell her… so he decided on the truth… Or as close to it as she could understand.

“Look… that man… isn’t your dad. He’s been lying to you–”

You're lying!” She backed away from the edge of the bed, suddenly angry. Green ectoblasts formed in her hands as she spoke “I can do this because he–”

She broke off as identical green ectoplasm formed in Danny’s hands in front of her. It was remarkable how similar they were, practically resonating and growing stronger as her hand came out to compare them. Even the way the energy moved inside of them was the same, ebbing and flowing in unison. She stared at it, transfixed and Danny got an idea. 

He molded the ectoplasm, letting it solidify, slightly, in his palm, rising up and forming a shape. The faint image of a ghost, human torso, spectral tail, came into view and he let it fly around, watching as the young girl’s face lit up excitement. It was a trick he’d been practicing with Pandora, who claimed forming something small but complex would help him gain more control. He let the spectral tail thicken, the ends splay out until a mermaid came into being, swimming in the air above his fingers. He let the human half become a fish, let it fly up a back down in a flip and smiled as Danielle’s eyes followed it, mouth hanging open. He made it swim around her head and she reached out to grab it– and Danny’s concentration broke, the ectoplasm dissipating as the girl’s face fell.

“I’m sorry!” She was suddenly terrified, cowering, as if she expected him to start yelling at her… and Vlad probably would have.

“It’s okay! Here, look!” He held out his hand again, letting the ectoplasm form, but this time covering it in a thin layer of ice. “It’s okay, you can touch it. Come on.” He coaxed her hand closer, letting it fully solidify as soon as she laid her fingers on it, falling into her hand. Her gaze jumped back up to his.

“Souvenir.” He told her, but immediately corrected when he realized she probably didn’t know that word “A gift.”

She beamed “Can I do that!”

He laughed. “Probably. I can teach you. But not now, some other time.”

“Okay!” She was ecstatic, all fear and anger completely erased as she gazed at the fish in her hand, running her fingers over the scales. He wondered if Vlad had ever given her enough time to even play with her…

“Look, Danielle, do you like it here?” She looked at him, confused. “Because… You could come live with me, if you want. I’ll teach you how to do that, how to control all your powers.”

“Dad’ll be mad at me…” She looked down, curling into herself.

“I won’t let him be. I will never let him hurt you. I won’t let him anywhere near you if that’s what you want.”

He could see her thinking, worried, confused, and he wished he had some way to explain this better, to get her to understand that she really needed to come with him… But he wasn’t going to force her, not the way Vlad would…

“And… you’ll teach me things like this?” She was turning the fish over in her hands, feeling the weight of it.

“Yep. And you can meet my mom and dad, my sister Jazz. I know they’d love you. We’d take care of you, a lot better than Vlad would. I can take you flying; I know the constellations, I could teach you the stars–”

“You’ll let me go outside!?" Danny was going to kill Vlad. He knew the man wouldn’t exactly let her out on her own, or risk being seen with a girl who coulnd’t control her powers, but to keep her locked up…

"Of course! We’ll take you to the park, let you play in the grass. We’ve got a back yard. It’s not that big but–”

“Okay!” And she was hugging him, wrapping short little arms around his waist. And then she froze, as if she’d realized what she was doing and expected to be punished for it. But Danny didn’t let her pull away; he wrapped his arms around her just as fast, picking her up as he stood. Judging by the way she jumped and clung to him for dear life, Vlad didn’t pick her up very often, either…

“Come on, Dani; let’s go home.”