look at her she loves it though

ranking of every vaporeon sprite on bulbapedia

not too shabby, for a gen 1 sprite. she looks sassy. like she’s on the catwalk. u go girl. 7/10

he’s so chubby and adorable. hello chubby friend!! how are you doing today?? 10/10

absolutely disgusting/10

i love her pounce! look at her go!! she’s Ready For Action. her front legs look a little short though. nonetheless, a good friend. 9/10

he’s crouching. ready to pounce on his opponent. so mysterious and elusive. i love it. 8/10

the same/10

she’s goin’ on a sunday stroll!! look at her go. she might even stop at the park on the way. my only problem here is that all these sprites are the same throughout each gba game. gba sprites is the same. still good friends though. 9/10

now this boy has some personality!! look at him do a lil air kick! truly a lovely happy pokemon. hes just radiating w positive energy and i love it sm. blessed/10

this is… eh. a little bit of a downgrade from the d/p sprite but a good friend nonetheless. where’s his mouth/10

the return of Sassy Catwalk Vaporeon. or eeveewalk, if you will. she’s still as sassy as ever and im glad to see she’s gone further in her modelling career. her mouth is still missing though. give vaporeon their mouth back/10

HER MOUTH IS BACK!!! and she’s using it to show off a lovely big grin. thank you vaporeon for radiating this positive energy into our lives. 10/10

a very good battle stance. he may look like he’s chillin but deep down he’s ready to pounce on you! watch out for this bad boy. 9/10

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 7

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 1.9k


Part 6 <<<

The honeymoon phase. That’s what they called it. Mara agreed on the choice of words.

Mara sighed against her bedsheets, loving the contact of the material against her skin and thriving in the peace of mind that brought a Saturday morning, when she didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to go to class. She rolled around to change position, but her arm didn’t hit the mattress. The usually empty spot next to her was not, in fact, empty. Somewhere in the back of her mind, still deliciously numb from sleepiness, the thought that this was the best wake up she ever had appeared. She didn’t say it out loud, but she knew she could get used to this.

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Married Life: Seulgi

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Prompt: Did i do this right? Love the one with Joohyun! Can I request How Married Life with Seulgi Would Be Like?

This is my favourite gif of her. Look at her, she’s so sweet and (*-*) cute

  • This sweet little bear is so caring.
  • She’s never afraid to buy you flowers or chocolates just to surprise you
  • Seulgi loves it when you call her pet names like “Jagi”
  • Loves cuddles. Like she absolutely LOVES cuddling but sometimes is afraid to ask you even though you’re married
  • Just make sure to initiate it, because she loves it when you lift her up and bring her to the bed.
  • She hates it when you buy her Pringles, because when you do, you buy her like 4 tubes and she wants to keep in shape.
  • “Stop tempting me with pringles!”
  • Makes you go to the gym with her
  • She hates it too but she says that you’re her number 1 motivator
  • Owning tons of gym gear and having a cross trainer in your household.
  • She likes eating healthily but doesn’t make you adopt her eating style if you don’t want to.
  • Setting aside an area in your house for her to have dance practices. Complete with a large mirror and a camera set up so she can monitor herself.

Originally posted by dumblets

  • Is generally an unorganized person so you might clean up after her, especially with sketches sprawled everywhere on desks and practically on any surface.
  • Buying her various art items for her, like watercolours and pencils with cute bear designs on them
  • On your first anniversary, you bought her a wooden case art set with her name engraved in it.
  • She cried for like 2 days straight
  • Loves doing aegyo to make you cringe, but you end up melting because she’s so adorable when she does it
  • Sometimes she practices way too much, and you’d need to drag her all the way to bed because she fell asleep in her ‘practice room’
  • Loves eskimo kisses
  • Makes you learn like every Beyoncé song ever
  • Loves drawing you, especially when you’re with her fellow members
  • Wendy teaches you everything you need to know about baking and cooking, and Irene teaches you how to do house chores properly because she knows the Bear will mess it up and you’ll have to clean up the mess
  • Having to ban her from the kitchen because she likes to start food fights, like smearing flour all over your nose, or putting whipped cream on your lips so she can kiss it off.
Dragon emoji rates

good surprised girl! 10/10

spikey?? Weird pose. I still love her!!! 8/10

she’s yelling? but her arms are so.. weird. 8/10

what the fuck is wrong with her,  why is her head so big??? 2/10

shes just sitting! slouchy! big tum! 7/10 (would have been 8 but bad posture!)

no legs, big jaw, i love her, but why are her arms.. like that. 6/10

Big snoot! little arms,her  legs are a little screwy but she’s kind 6/10

tiny baby. interesting color scheme though! different shades show she’s twisty. a solid 8/10

she looks like she’s going to vaporize me and send my soul directly into the shadow realm! excellent! 8/10

she’s making the :y face. I love her 9/10


she SCREAMS, the squiggle tongue is an excellent touch! 9/10

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headcanon meme: bellarke + cops in the same department aka b99 style

1) Everyone seems to know before Bellamy does that he has a crush on Clarke.  When he tells Miller one night, quietly and a little stunned at his own realization, he snorts into his beer and says of course you do, you have for months.

2)  Clarke spends an entire day with Sergeant Kane, explaining to him different types of binder tabs.  It’s simultaneously the best and worst thing in the world to witness.

3)  Even still, Bellamy can’t help but challenge her to competition after competition.  He loves the look on her face when she wins.

4) (He doesn’t let her win, though.  He respects her too much for that).

5) Murphy wins $500 the day they walk into work together.

Send me a fandom/pairing and an AU and I’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it!

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Daaang Mani!!! I am pretty much in love with L but today my eyes went straight to N. She is looking absolutely amazing. Did Lauren start freaking out about her hair again though on the second post on N's IG story?


about the elephant emojis

taken from emojipedia


a sweet baby, wants to be friends. trying their best.


a blue boi !!!! hes really friendly but knocks things over a lot. i love him.


wow there he is !!!!! he sure walks!!! o boy hes doin fine !!!!!!


very loving and gentle, just a baby. needs to escape where she lives.


his name is bob and he’s a father of three. i love him and support him.


oh man!!!!! shes a little on the wild side, even though she looks a lil plain. she might steal ur water with her beautiful trunk!!!!


a noble elephant!!! they protect their family and yours. likes to pose.


awwww. she;s a little shy and doesnt think shes all that much but!!! shes so good!! she loves her friends! :’)))


a small boy, still a baby! really wants to be a firefighter and has to be told not to spray things with water sometimes. he likes to help ppl!


this guy may look pure, but theyre a little mischievous! they like apples. 


another blue !!! this guys on the older side, but he still tries to take care of his friends and family. loves babies. i trust him 100%.

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


get you a man who looks at you the way Shin looks at EunTak when she isn’t looking..

The most fascinating part of rebelcaptain for me is that it’s an uncompleted story. It’s a story of what could’ve been. The reason we didn’t see a kiss between the two, in my opinion, is because they weren’t allowed to get to that point in their relationship with one another. The hug solidifies that there were true feelings between them. The way Jyn smiles, the way Cassian brings his face in closer to her shoulder. They loved each other, but their story was ended before it could begin.

I think the elevator was where they realized how real their feelings were. Those looks, that closeness. That’s more than just friendship. Jyn wasn’t going to let Cassian die alone and Cassian, though wounded, found his way back to Jyn because he was serious when he told her welcome home. He would be the home she never had. The person who’d stick by her through it all, even until death.

Even when Jyn is unnecessary to the mission, Cassian always goes back for her. He always tries to take care of her. Jyn has been without a true purpose for so long and Cassian’s had a set purpose since he’s been six years old. Both see something in the other that they long for and through their mission they find each other in a way they, at least I think, don’t necessarily expect to. Their love is subtle and slow and it builds up.

The reason I love rebelcaptain is because it’s a not quite and that’s how life is a lot of the time. They had a beginning, but because of their circumstances they received no ending and in a way that almost immortalizes their bond. The way we saw things falter for Han and Leia we never have to see for Jyn and Cassian. It’s bittersweet. They get this image of each other as their last moment, their success in reaching their goal, but their love never got to be complete. They never got to kiss because the story wasn’t over yet. It got cut short because that’s what sacrifice is. Sometimes you have to let go of what you love most for the best of all.

when I was 17 the first girl I’d ever loved told me if her parents found out about how I looked at her she’d be homeless. 
we cried for 2 days straight, 
and I told about concrete counter tops.
I told her about dark hardwood floors
with at least three knit blankets on every couch.
Our bedroom facing west 
because even though I love the sunrise, 
you look the best in our bed 
covered in nothing 
but the deep purple of sunset.
The library that would smell like our books 
had been there longer than our home had been standing on solid foundation, stone, reliable.
Sweet girl, I know they say not to make homes out of people 
but I don’t want anyone else’s dirty dishes on my counter.
I don’t want to take the trash out for anyone else at 11pm.
You’re the only person I’d race to kill a spider for in the shower.
How could you ever be without a home 
when every time I look at you I’m building ours.
—  anonymous

Cassian: *doesn’t want to trust Jyn but allows her to keep the gun anyway*

Cassian: *shouts Jyn’s name whenever she puts herself in danger’s way*

Cassian: *looks impressed when Jyn takes down the stormtroopers by herself*

Cassian: *tries to convince himself that Jyn is now expendable so he can now leave her*

Cassian: *goes to find Jyn first before leaving when Jedha’s bombed even though he already told himself she was expendable*

Cassian: *tells Jyn she can’t go with him and Bodhi because she’s the messenger and she shouldn’t be harmed (sure, Cassian, whatever you say)*

Cassian: *plans to shoot Galen Erso but hesitates*

Cassian: *sees Jyn through his telescope* *panics*

Cassian: *tells the Rebel Alliance not to bomb the base*

Cassian: *when the base is bombed, only one word escapes his lips: Jyn*

Cassian: *goes to save Jyn even though it’s highly dangerous and he might be killed*

Cassian: *tries to tell himself that the reason he’s attached to Jyn is based on logic and pragmatism (sure)*

Cassian: *can’t stop thinking about Jyn though*


Me: *sips drink, eats fries* Oh Cassian dear…

she got that ancient, timeless kind of silhouette

“You never loved me anyways.” She whispered. I looked at the woman in front of me. Her long dark hair, she cut it all off. She looked more mature, confident, but yet so fragile when she saw me. I wanted to protect her from all the harm, danger and pain. I wanted to wipe away the tears she wasted on me.

“Don’t look for me anymore.” Lie. When she noticed me, I felt my world stopped spinning. The way her brown eyes always sparkled. I remembered how she hated them because she was jealous of mine. Though she will never see it the way I do. Her eyes hid a story, the only story I want to read for the rest of my life. Only one look at her and all my pain vanished away.

“You need to find someone else.” Lie. I want you to fight for me, fight for my demons, to get me out of here. Fight for me like you always used to do. I want you to win me. I know loving me was the hardest yet easiest thing she has ever done. She looked at me, she was trying to read my eyes. That was her magic, she never believed my words and looked for the truth in my eyes. Her eyes brought such warmth with her, every time I looked at her, I knew I was home.

“There is no hope left for us.“

“Lie.” She whispered.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1193 // @writtenbyjana on Instagram
In honour of Minnie’s birthday
  • She taught 3 generations of Potters as far as we know, that alone requires some kind of strength
  • She’s one of the most badass women I know
  • She loved Marauders to bits, tough love included
  • She felt closest to Sirius. She never had children, Sirius never had a family until he was 16 years old, they kind of completed each other.
  • Sirius never forgot how she looked out for him, even though he acted all cool, Minnie please, he appreciated her. He never got the chance to tell her that.
  • She knew Remus’ condition, never changed how she looked at the brilliantly genius but damaged boy. It wasn’t his fault.
  • She saw the wit Peter had when no one else did, she felt protective of the little boy.
  • She may or may not have helped the boys become animagi. She’ll deny that to anyone who asks.
  • Minerva never forgot when she heard the news. She didn’t believe Sirius would sell James and Lily. I know Black, he’d never– Dumbledore however was convinced, she never stopped doubting.
  • She wanted to see Sirius before he was put in Azkaban, request denied.
  • She helped Remus with the funeral, she was his anchor.
  • She tried to keep an eye on Remus as much as she could on full moons.
  • She lost a part of her soul during the First Wizarding War, never recovered from that.
  • She was one of the few people that could say no to Dumbledore
  • She tried to stop him from giving Harry to Dursleys, I’m prepared to bet my life that she would have raised him as her own
  • She almost fainted when she saw Harry for the first time in Hogwarts. He was an exact copy of James Potter, well except for the eyes, he had Lily’s eyes.
  • Her eyes welled up when Harry was put in Gryffindor, James would have been proud
  • Don’t get me wrong Minerva didn’t cry too often, she just drifted away when it came to her Marauders
  • When Fred Weasley was killed, she felt like there was nothing left inside of her. No one touched her students, but yet again they did.
  • When she saw Remus lying on the floor right next to Tonks, she fell on her knees and whispered “Tell them I miss them Mr. Lupin, give them a hug for me” No one heard.
  • She was the first to scream when Hagrid came back with Harry’s body. No, no, not again, please no.
  • She was the first to reach to her wand to fight, when there was nothing left to do.
  • Because she was a fighter, that was what she did best.
  • Funeral after funeral, each one was harder than the other and she never stopped loving and fighting.
  • She loved and she fought. Hard.
  • Happy birthday Minerva, you brave and beautiful woman.

“But did he love you?” He asked in a venomous tone

She began staring at the floor and shook her head- an obvious ‘No’. He was charming, yes, and handsome, so very handsome; but she was certain that what he felt for her was not love.

After a few minutes she lifted up her face to look into His eyes, as if demanding an answer to her nod, and even though her gesture did not warrant an answer, he obliged. And so, with his eyes glistening with a hint of tears, and looking red as the fire that once burned through him with feelings for her, He finally spoke

“I loved you.”

And with these words a knot formed in her heart that would not unravel for a very long time, and she realised that she had chosen the wrong boy.

—  First love

Some of my VLD (sports) doodles. They all are actually pretty random. Please don’t question me. Σ(´д ` メ)
It’s mainly Allura (because I love her). Also I’m not sure how muscular I should draw her though…I know she is rather slim in the Series but I imagine her to be very strong. 

I really feel the need to catch up with the style of the series (b/c I’d like to make a small animation). I tried really hard on the last three ones but they look rather arkward.. also I apologize for any inaccuracies in advance. (,,꒪꒫꒪,,)