look at her she looks like a doll

“I have an adopted daughter and she’s Polynesian. We were walking by a Disney store and she stopped when she saw Moana. Her eyes grew wide and she looked at me, pointing to the picture. “She looks like me Daddy.” Is what she said. And while it wasn’t her birthday, I went inside and bought her two Moana dolls just for her. She deserves a princess.”

My interpretation of a mermaid glass fish, for the art trade I did with @anonbea, they did an Angler Fish and oh my fucking god is she scary looking! Here!

So the images I was looking at for reference were pretty creepy looking, fish with clear or translucent skin, able to see their organs through and everything. i mean, way cool, but trying to translate that into a human-fish hybrid, not so cool, especially for one with lazy drawing skills. So I half-arsed her translucent skin, giving her some clothing/costume wear.

She wears a mask and a bodice, mimicking the human female.The ribbon and veil tie it all together, making her look doll-like and somewhat theatrical. Her interest in human women stems from her need to copy them, to duplicate their actions and behaviours. She takes pride in her appearance, appreciates being beautiful and maintaining that standard of what she thinks is beauty. When she kills, it’s mainly for fun, or in anger for those who mock her appearance.

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A twist to the teen Inquisitor! What if they were a mid-twenties/early thirties Inquisitor that either just had a baby face or looked like a doll and was really short (for their race), and the companions thought they were younger, but they found out that it wasn't the case.

Cassandra: When she finds out how old they actually are, she stares at them, hard, for several moments in disbelief. Finally, she shakes her head and scoffs. “Maker’s breath, you look no older than an adolescent! Are you certain you’re in your twenties?”

Blackwall: He gawks at them for a minute in shock. “Maker’s tits!” he finally exclaims. “I could have sworn you were no older than sixteen– fourteen, even!”

Iron Bull: He did some digging and found out their age, but when he actually sees them, he does a double-take. Then he looks at the mark and realizes they have a baby-face, and he laughs. “Gotta say, you look young for your age.”

Sera: “What? You’re twenty-something? No, you’re lying to me.” she blurts, squinting at them. “You look like you’re barely past puberty! Shite, are you serious?” Finally, she laughs, once she believes them.

Varric: Their nickname becomes “Babyface” when he finds out how old they are. They try to shake it off to no avail. Sometimes he teases them when they get alcohol or do something that’s generally limited to adults. “Careful, there, Babyface, don’t let the Seeker catch you doing that.”

Cole: He didn’t understand that there was any sort of confusion until he hears the others. The Herald feels the same to him as anyone else their age.

Dorian: He’s honestly shocked, and he blinks at them in surprise. They seem embarrassed, so he’s quick to reassure them. “There’s nothing wrong with your face! You just look… very young.” He shrugs. “You should have seen me without my mustache. I look younger than I am, too. It’s a gift, really. Few are as fortunate as us.”

Vivienne: She’s a bit surprised, but she never mentions a thing unless the Herald does or seems disparaged by people constantly thinking they’re much younger. “Don’t let it trouble you,” she said calmly, “you’ll age very well, and you’ll be grateful for your appearance, in time.”

Solas: He sometimes forgets about appearance and age, and he thinks little of it until he hears the others talking about how young the Herald looks. He shrugs and decides it’s still not very worthy of concern.

Cullen: He mistakenly refers to them as a child and is corrected promptly. He’s mortified and tries not to gawk.

Josephine: She often has to clarify in letters that the Herald is not a child, and they are, in fact, old enough to be the Inquisitor. Like Vivienne, she reassures them that they will be grateful for their looks when they’re older.

Leliana: She sort of wishes they didn’t have the mark, because they would be an EXCELLENT spy– no one would suspect someone so young-looking. “A pity.” she remarks.


so what we know about isabella:

1. she shows up at a very tense time for the story, obviously she’ll be some part of the larger plot

2. she is EXACTLY the kind of person ed wants to date. everything about her is perfect - suspiciously so. (the riddles, the random trivia facts, the whole looking exactly like the love of his life that he just so happened to murder thing)

3. she is very much not normal. she has some sort of obsession with ed: she made paper dolls of them 1 day after meeting him, she doesnt care that hes a murderer, apparently next episode she dresses herself up to look more like ms. kringle. not exactly “average woman you happen to run into and fall in love with after 5 seconds and start dating” behavior

4. she doesnt care that ed is a notorious murder.

5. she showed up just in time to push ed and oswald apart, just when everything was starting to work in their favor

6. seems kind of in the dark about a lot of important things, like how ed was in arkham. she also said she “feels like shes known him her whole life”

other stuff we know:

1. identical clones of characters are feasible. the mysterious bruce clone (who knows nothing about his past), the jim gordon impersonator (obviously not an actual clone but still an imitation)

2. kathryn is looking to keep an eye on oswald. and who just so happens to show up and seduce his closest… friend. this would probably be the easiest chance someone would have to spy on him. 

3. ed starts becoming unstable (seen in the promo) because of isabella and her similarity to ms. kringle

4. gotham does not have a good track record of random people turning up out of the blue and actually being normal people. 

some theories:

1. isabella is a clone from the same vein as the bruce clone, and also has no idea what her background is. 

2. isabella was sent by the court of owls to get close to ed and spy on oswald

3. isabella is part of a plan to destabilize ed - who sent her? (butch?)

4. isabella is evil, operating on her own, and i have no idea what her motives might possibly be

In conclusion:

i dont know exactly WHAT we should expect, but isabella is definitely not who she says she is and should definitely not be trusted.


queen of hearts?? red queen? the suspicion grows

Christmas Moments [ Bucky x Reader, Steve x reader, Newt x Reader ]


Prompt : Three drabbles for Christmas because why not

Pairing : Bucky x Reader, Steve x reader, Newt x Reader 

Genre : Fluff |   Warning : none

Author’s Note : MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy! Let me know what you think :)

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1. “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Steve’s eyes snapped open, groaning when [Y/N] threw herself on the bed, clearly unbothered by Steve who was asleep seconds ago. She lay on his stomach, draping her body like their cat, Cinammon, her face bright as she looked into his eyes.

“Merry Christmas, doll. Why are you awake this early, [Y/N]? It’s –” he looked at the clock on his phone by the bed, “3 in the morning.” he finished, voice hoarse.

“I can’t sleep. I’m too excited.” She beamed and Steve couldn’t help but smile, albeit sleepily. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a kiss, ignoring her protest when he didn’t let go.

“Steve.” She let out a resigned sigh, her muscle relaxing, letting him cuddle her like a teddy bear. She could feel him smiling as he buried his face in the crook of her neck, planting light kisses on her jaw. “You’re not going to let me go, aren’t you?” she mumbled against his bare chest.

“Nope.” he grinned, popping the ‘p’.

‘What kind of child is this,’ she rolled her eyes, slowly wrapping her arms around his torso, snuggling closer for warmth. Steve let out a content sigh and fell back asleep not long after.


She must have fallen asleep, because the next time she opened her eyes, the sun has risen and Steve was sprawled across the bed with one arm draped on her stomach. She was lying on her side, facing Steve’s peaceful sleeping face and she gently reached out her fingers to trace the outline of his face, smiling to herself at the way he scrunch his nose when her cold fingers came in contact with his skin.

“Why are your fingers so cold?” he sleepily mumbled, covering her hand with his.

“Not everyone is a walking radiator, dear.”

“You’re a walking refrigerator.” Steve childishly retorted.

She bit her lips to stop herself from laughing while Steve continued to complain about her cold fingers, muttering incoherent words as he dozed back to sleep.

“Merry Christmas, Steve.” She whispered, leaning closer to kiss him softly before she closed her eyes again.

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2. “I’ll be home soon, [Y/N].” Bucky said to his phone, muttering more I love you-s before he ended the call. Steve, Sam, Nat, and Clint were giving him funny looks once he walked back to the jet. “What?” he frowned in confusion.

“How romantic.” Sam was the first to grin. He nudged Bucky’s left arm and proceed to tease him incessantly, stopping only when Steve put on his trademark disappointed parent look.

“We’ll be home soon, Barnes. Stop sulking.” Natasha chided, turning on the engine. Bucky’s frown deepened, causing her to roll her eyes in exasperation. “Sometimes I prefer your grumpy attitude.”

Bucky flipped her off and ran away before Natasha could tackle him down.

(He wasn’t fast enough.)


Plums. There were plums everywhere. He didn’t even know how she could get a plum decorations. The Christmas tree was decorated with plastic plums. There was a bowl of plums on their dining table. She didn’t even forget to hang tiny plastic plums on the Christmas garland.

It was the most ridiculous sight he has ever seen in his 90-something years of living.

“What the hell is this?” he narrowed his eyes at her, who looked too happy for her own good.

“You like plums!” was her only explanation (or the only thing he heard before he chased her around the room)


“I can’t believe you decorate our house with plums.” Bucky lay on the carpeted floor next to her, eyes fixed on the ugly purple Christmas tree. She giggled and rest her head on his chest, wrapping her hand around his metal hand.

“You said you like plums.”

“Yeah. I like them, not obsessed with them.” he rolled his eyes. “How did you even get plum tinsels?” he looked down at her, his right thumb making random patterns on her waist.

“I have my ways.” she shrugged, squealing in laughter when Bucky started to tickle her again.

“It’s so…” he pressed his lips together. “ugly.” he finished, laughing heartily when she playfully smack his chest.

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3. “[Y/N]? Have you seen the niffler?” [Y/N] looked up from her book at the sound of his distressed voice. She shook his head before she remembered he couldn’t see her and rose from her seat, quickly making her way out of the case. She found Newt pacing around the room, opening every drawer and bags trying to find the niffler.

“He was in his nest the last time I saw him.” She offered as she sat down on their bed. She patted the empty space next to her, patiently waiting for him to come to her. Newt plopped into the bed with a tired sigh a moment later, eyes closing when she brushed loose strands of hair away from his face. “What has gotten you so worked up? You weren’t usually this worried when niffler escaped.”

“He stole something very important to me.” Newt quietly mumbled.

“I’ll help you look for him, alright?” She smiled at him, kissing him quickly before she got up from the bed. “Come on, then. We have a niffler to find.”


She found the niffler in Frank’s enclosure. He was happily patting his round stomach while the thunderbird stared down at him in slight irritation.

“Niffler, come back here, please?” She called out. “Your mummy is worried about you.”

Frank let out a little huff, gently grabbing the plump creature with its claw and flew down to [Y/N], dropping him on her arms.

“Thank you, Frank.” She smiled and went on her tiptoes to give the thunderbird a kiss on its head before she walked to the Niffler’s nest.

“You are such a troublemaker.” she shook her head as she started to tickle him, causing jewelries to came out of his pouch. Her hand stopped when she noticed the familiar gold band. She bent down, letting the niffler back to his nest, and picked up the ring, lips curling into a small smile as she recalled what he said earlier.

“What a sap.” she fondly whispered.


“Did you find him?” Newt frantically asked her the moment he saw her head peeking out of his case. He quickly went to her to help her out of the case, eyes still filled with panic and worry.

“I did. He’s sleeping in his nest.” She nodded with a smile.

“Did… did you–” he trailed off with pinked cheeks. She didn’t say anything, reaching into her pocket to take out the gold band, putting it around his finger.

“Thank you.” he whispered, lips tilted into a shy smile.

“My pleasure. Come on, it’s time for you to help me wrap these Christmas presents for our neighbors.”

“We have magic for that, you know.” he smiled as he trailed behind her, eyes locked on their intertwined hands.

“Where’s the fun in that?” she grinned.



Love my girl! She poses so good! Must admit the shoes make it a bit harder because they’re not completely flat on the bottom, so I had to hold her hand in the last picture. But without the shoes she can stand like that on her own (see my previous post).
In my opinion, the Minifee Siean head fits better on the @dollits D.K.D body rather than on a Fairyland body. Siean is a more mature looking head, so I think she fits better on a more mature looking body. Gorgeous faceup by @studiodarjeeling ♥️ Wig by @frappzilla! 😍


*** I don’t necessarily see Tig wanting to share his girl but at the same time I don’t think there’s anything he wouldn’t try and I think having the chance to watch her from the sidelines would definitely be something he might be into, especially if she wanted it and he knew it would get her off 💋 I also used vocab in here that I don’t usually use but Tiggy most definitely does and I figured what the fuck😉 Y'all know I don’t know how this whole smut thing works irl so Let me know how it was/if you liked it and if you want me to maybe continue it? *** 

“Doll, come here.”

You looked at Tig through the mirror, your hand coming to a stop as you brushed your hair for bed. He looked at you with a glint in his eye and patted his knee.

“Come sit.”

With a soft blush rising on your cheeks, you nodded and put down the brush on the dresser before slowly striding over to him. Anytime he had you come sit on his lap, it was always something mischievous he wanted to discuss and usually ended with the two of you having a long and eventful night. You sat yourself down in his lap, straddling his thighs.

“What’s up Tiggy?”

He gently reached up and ran his fingers through your hair.

“Remember what we were talking about the other day? About Juice?”

You bit your lip as you nodded, running your fingers over the salt and pepper hairs on his chest poking out of his blue button down. You’d both gotten absolutely plastered and like usual, your conversation had taken a turn towards sex, except this time you were telling each other various fantasies that you had. At some point, you’d told him all your fantasies and only had one left, but you weren’t sure if you should reveal it to him. The alcohol in your system made the decision for you though and you’d simply come out with it.

You sometimes fantasized about having sex with Juice.

Whether it was a threesome or not, you didn’t care. You hadn’t exactly thought the whole thing out. You just had a craving for him. A craving to have his hands on you. Tig had caught you off guard when he had asked if you wanted him to talk to Juice.

You hadn’t ever actually thought that you would have the opportunity to be with him. Your fanatasy was just that, a fantasy. You didn’t think that Tig would ever allow it. However, Tig was a man of many surprises.

“I remember.”

“Well I spoke to him, and he’s game. Said he’d love to be with you, as long as I was ok with it.”

You tried not to let your excitement show although your heart was speeding up.

“And are you?”

“Under one condition.”

You looked up from Tig’s chest with wide eyes, giving a gentle nod and smoothed your hands down his chest, wiggling in his lap at the thought.

A sinister smirk spread across his face and he looked up at you, both hands sliding from your hips down to your ass to give it a firm squeeze.

“I’m in charge. Of both of you.”

It was a minor condition, one you were more than happy to oblige to if it meant you would finally know what it would be like to get Juice into bed with you. You had one condition of your own though and with a smirk, you leaned forward and captured Tig’s lips in a kiss.

“Only if I can have both of you.”

Tig’s grip on your ass tightened at your words and he nodded, his eyes going glassy.

“Anything you want babygirl.”


You anxiously smoothed your hand over the front of your nightie as you heard the thuds of the boy’s boots coming up the stairs. It was a Friday night and Tig had made plans with Juice for him to go home with him after work.

Tonight was the night.

You’d gotten yourself all dolled up in some new lingerie that you’d bought for the both of them and the time had finally come.

There was a soft knock on the door before it slowly swung open, Tig’s head poking in.

“You ready for us baby?”

You nodded with a smile, doing a little twirl for him. He pushed the door the rest of the way open and stepped in, Juice coming in behind him and looking you over. They both stared at you with lust in their eyes, admiring your figure. Tig stepped out of the way and motioned for Juice to go to you first. And he did.

He walked over to you with a smile but kept his hands to himself. Tig wasn’t allowing that.

“Kiss her.” He gave Juice the order while he slowly started to remove his own clothes.

Juice looked into your eyes first, making sure you were ok with it before he pressed his mouth to yours. He kissed you slowly but it was passionate. His hands made their way to your hips, gripping them and softly pushing you backwards towards the bed. When the back of your knees hit the mattress, Juice gently pushed you down. Tig in the meantime was already nearly naked and staying off to the side, watching. You were unable tell who had more hunger in their eyes as they watched you. You locked eyes with Tig and smiled as Juice’s lips attached themselves to your neck. You weren’t sure how Tig would feel seeing Juice all over you, having you to himself, but the tent in his boxers gave you an idea that he didn’t hate it.

He strutted over to the two of you and stood at the edge of the side of the bed, snapping his fingers sharply and pointing at you.

“Hands and knees. Crawl to me.”

You nodded obediently and sensually rolled over onto your stomach, lifting your body up and slowly crawling over to your Old Man. Your ass swayed as you crawled and as you came to a stop in front of Tig, you wiggled it drawing Juice’s attention. As if it wasn’t already on you. Tig was one step ahead of you. He looked over at Juice whose eyes were still trained on you.

“Lick her pussy.”

Juice’s eyes snapped up to meet Tig’s, searching for any sign that it was a test. He was finding it hard to believe that his brother would let him do this. Not seeing any malice, Juice happily dropped to his knees behind you. He placed his hands on the outsides of your thighs and tucked his fingers in the band of your black lace panties, pulling them down agonizingly slow, torturing himself. Soon enough, they slipped down over the swell do your ass as your most private and intimate parts were exposed to him. He couldn’t help but blow out a shaking breath at the sight of you before him. He gently slid the panties down your legs and helped you lift your knees to get out of them. Holding them in his hand, he brought them up to his face and took a deep breath, letting out a content sigh as your scent filled his lungs.

He’d always thought you were gorgeous, a work of art, but you were his brothers and that was a line he would never, ever cross. That didn’t mean he couldn’t think about you late at night though. And think about you he did as he laid in bed so consumed by thoughts of you, stroking himself to the fantasy of being able to do what he was doing now. It was like a dream come true and he wasn’t about to waste a single second.

Putting your panties to the side, he brought his face forward, flattening his tongue and licking a long stripe up your slit, eliciting a low moan from you. He could taste you already, your arousal having been building all day. You pulled Tig’s length out from his boxers and began to stroke him, pressing gentle kisses along the head just the way you knew he loved. You found yourself wondering now Juice liked it. Did he like it sloppy and sped up the way Tig did, or did he like it slow and diligent. Did he like to take control or would he rather leave you to your own devices? Your thoughts were cut short as you felt his tongue snake out against you, this time sharpened to a point and flicking against you much more firmly, right against your clit.

The sudden tightening of your fist around Tig’s cock had his eyes opening back up and looking behind you to see just what it was that Juice was doing. His smirk was wide as he looked at the expressions on the both of your faces, filled with nothing but pleasure. You weren’t even touching Juice and yet he seemed to be just fine with that, seemingly deriving his pleasure just from being able to pleasure you. That was something Tig would be sure to play on.

“I don’t know who’s enjoying it more, you or her.”

Neither of you answered, your moans answering for you. Juice on the other hand was too busy burying his face into you. The vibrations from his laugh however had your knees going weak. His hands came up to grasp at your ass, kneading the flesh and holding you up as his mouth worked on you. You tried your best to pay attention to Tig, to pleasure him as well but Juice’s mouth was just too distracting and when you felt his finger teasing at your entrance before sliding in, your dropped your head down to the mattress.

Tig chuckled to himself and gripped himself in his own hand, stroking himself as he watched your body writhe. Suddenly he had an idea and grabbed you by the arm, pulling your chest up from the bed and keeping you on your knees. He went and climbed into the bed himself, sitting at the top with his back resting flat against the headboard. He motioned for you to come to him and you did, sitting yourself with your back to his chest. Tig gripped your knees and brought them up, holding them open and spreading your legs wide for Juice who was still kneeling and looking at Tig, waiting for further instruction.

“Fuck her, nice and hard. Then it’s my turn.”

Juice nodded and nearly tripped with how quickly he got off the bed, fumbling with his kutte to pull a condom out the inner pocket. While you waited, Tig’s hand slipped down between your spread legs and gently ran over your lips, stroking against your clit every now and then before slipping into you. Juice’s hands sped up and finally yanked the foiled square out of the pocket before turning back to the bed and climbing on. He kneeled in front of you, staring hungrily at your center as Tig rubbed you and felt a sudden need to assert dominance. He swatted Tig’s hand away and gripped his length in his hand, rubbing himself against you instead. Tig eyed him but Juice didn’t notice. He was too busy listening to your desperate whimpers and watching how your hips gently bucked forward.

“Please Juice.”

Your head fell back against Tig’s shoulder and a gasp left your lips as Juice entered you. He wasn’t as long as Tig, but he was thicker, and the new stretch took your breath away. Your browns knitted together as Juice set a slow gentle pace, no doubt giving you time to adjust. Tig’s hand slipped down again and he used his thumb to give you added pleasure. After a few seconds, he was back to barking orders.

“Harder. Give it to her harder.”

Tig slipped out from behind you and let you lay flat on your back, Juice leaning down and hovering over you, his hips snapping at a much rougher pace than before.  Your hands gripped at his shoulders as your legs came up to settle around his waist. He stared down at you with a light, somewhat goofy smile.


“Nothing. You’re just beautiful like this.”

You blushed at his words, which was ironic given the situation, and looked over to see Tig watching the both of you, his fist stroking himself hurriedly. He looked a little more impatient than the last time you’d locked eyes with him and you grinned. He was clearly enjoying it as well and you were going to play on that for as long as you could.

“Kiss me.”

He didn’t hesitate, dipping his head down to press his lips against yours as he thrusted into you. His tongue snaked out against your bottom lip and just as his enthusiasm peaked, Tig intercepted.

“Okay move.”

You laughed at both his jealously and Juice’s pout. He made his way back over to you and gently pushed you to lay on your side, shoving Juice not so gently over to the other side of the bed.

“Lay next to her.”

Your eyebrows knitted together in a bit of a worried manner.

When you had said you wanted them both, this wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. You had a feeling though that this was exactly what Tig had in mind when he brought the whole thing up, and as unsure as you felt, you still were looking forward to it. Juice took his place on your side and pulled you a little closer to him, your breasts pressing against his chest as you faced each other. Tig turned to the nightstand to find the bottle of lube and Juice took advantage of the moment to kiss you once more. He reached up and brushed a stray piece of hair out of your eyes, taking in the small flecks of nervousness in your gaze.

“Are you ok? We can stop if you want. This is all about you.”

You nodded and smiled lightly, his concern for you and your feelings soothing your nerves.

“No, no. I’m good.”

He nodded and looked over at Tig who was already climbing onto the bed behind you, bottle of lube already popped open. He leaned down and pressed kisses along your side, trailing down your hip to the outside of your hip before grasping your leg by the calve and lifting it over Juice’s hip.

“Hold her open.”

Juice grinned and gripped your thigh, pulling you closer to him before placing his hand on the cheek of your ass and gently spreading you open. He slipped his other arm underneath your neck and held you to him, moaning as you reached down to place him at your entrance and slide him inside. You heard Tig groan and curse under his breath, the sight making him throb. You felt the cool touch of his fingers pressing against your other hole, slowly sliding one of his fingers inside of you. You shivered at the sensation and now Juice was slowly and lazily rocking into you. Both men let out a groan at the sound of your whimpers and Tig fingers began to prepare you faster and faster before you finally had enough and whined.

“Tiggy, baby, come on. Please.”

Your begging was enough to break whatever little bit of self-control he had left and he tossed the bottle off who knows where, laying behind you and placing a hand on your hips to keep you steady as he slowly started to slide into you as well. Your mouth fell open at the intrusion, never having felt so full before and while it was a little uncomfortable, just the idea of the three of you together was enough to look past it. The boys both attached their mouths to you at once, their hips coming to a complete stop to let you adjust. While Tig pressed kisses to your shoulder and the back of your neck, Juice trailed his lips along your chest, his lips closing around your nipple before his teeth grazed it ever so gently. You didn’t know where to focus more, the pleasure from both of them too much. Listening to your moans, they both slowly began to pick up the pace, their hips catching a rhythm. When Tig pulled put, Juice pushed in. They both hand their hands on your side and hip pulling and pushing you to each other between them in a tangle of lust.

The thought of getting to sleep with Juice had once just been a fantasy, a dirty little thought. You’d never thought that you would see the day where it would actually happen and now that it had, it wouldn’t be the last time. You would make sure of that.

Shelter (elliot x reader(

{A/N: so i was listening to shelter by porter robinson and had feels of a happy(ish) elliot, cause elliot deserves to be happy sometimes, tagging my favs cause fuck you thats why. @daddymenrah @mr-musings }

He doesn’t remember how she came into his life, he doesn’t remember when she wasn’t around.
‘Elliot….’ her voice was a whisper as she laid next to him, her head turned to look at him, his eyes stayed on the ceiling
'Do you ever wonder if we are like a doll house for some other being? Like when the clouds make like a ring around the sky? What if that’s the think opening the roof of the doll house?’ he looked at her eyebrows furrowed
'I don’t….’ her smile stopped him, it always did, made him want to never stop looking at her.
'Like its impossible but what if?’ he shrugged his head turning to look back at the ceiling his eyes closing, snapping open as a weight fell on his lower stomach, looking up she was on top of him, straddling him, his hands found her thighs, holding them as she stared down at him, she was the only one he let do this, get this close, at least with out the help of morphine or weed. She placed her hands on his bare chest leaning down, smiling
'Ellie….’ his nickname, the corner of his mouth went up slightly his memories of her sparking off in his mind. Her dancing down the street hands out, the light of the street lamps lighting her, music coming from her phone, eyes bright.

He liked times like those, she felt like the one good thing that came without conditions, he had hacked her, finding nothing he would classify as means for anything really.

'Ellie…’ her voice snapped him back to reality, eyes finding hers
'Hey there space cadet,’ he looked at her, hand coming up to caress her cheek, she smiled leaning down, he leaned up, lips meeting in the middle, he didn’t kow how long she would last, how long this would last, all good things left him, shayla….angela…his dad….how long could he keep her, how long before she disappeared, found dead, showed herself as just another delusion, she felt real, felt safe and warm.
'Trust in me…i’ll give you shelter like you’ve done for me’ her forehead stayed against his as she spoke. He believed her. He had to hope, she was real.

-{ow my heart}-



In 1922 Grace Storey Putnam, it is said, searched in the baby wards of the great hospitals of California for a new born baby she liked the looks of. It wasn’t easy but her moment of discovery came in a small hospital in San Francisco where she found a beautiful three day old baby. She sculpted the baby and hurried back to lay it down beside the real live one for comparison. She was pleased. That is when the Bye-Lo baby was born. Today, ladies who were children then, look longingly at this baby doll and think back to when they either had or wanted a Bye-Lo to call their very own. Original dolls are usually expensive and there are not enough to go around. And that is why we have replicas which will be sought after collectors items of tomorrow.

This Sorrowful Life Pt. 1

Pairing: NeganXReader
Word Count: 1,069
Warnings: Time doesn’t really match up with the show, um Daddy!Negan (like he has a child, angst, cursing. I mean it’s Negan.

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“Daddy daddy!” Ava yelled as she ran to Negan where he was conducting a meet in about where they were going to start scavenging next and the types of things they would need to take from the other camps that week.

He grinned and turned towards his little girl, his miracle. Ava was a rambunctious three-year-old, she loved running around and dancing. Every time Negan went out on a run he always looked for dress up clothes, barbies, baby dolls, you name it. Ava was a princess and everyone treated her like one. He picked her up and grinned brushing back her (Y/C/H) and looked into her hazel eyes. “Hi baby girl where’s mommy at?” He chuckled bouncing her on his knee a bit.

“The tickle monster was gunna get me so I ran! Just like you say to do when monsters try and get me, daddy!” She grinned proudly at him. Ever since Ava had been old enough to walk Negan had taught her to run. If she could run she would survive if God forbid he or (Y/N) couldn’t be there to protect her.

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My goals


My transformation is going very well, I think. I would have to ask Mommy to be sure, she doesn’t want to tell me all the changes she sees in my.

My overall goal is getting clear in my head, I know what I want to achieve and become. I know the word bimbo has a different meaning for each person. I like the classic hyper sexy bimbo, but it’s not what I’m looking for. I want to be Mommy doll, I want to be perfect for her every minute of my life and to do it I have to know what she likes and be what she likes and desire.

I know Mommy likes feminine women with class and very fit woman too. So I have to keep going to the gym and keep training like I do and make sure I don’t dress like a slut. I need to look like a classy sexy woman all the time. On the inside I want to be her every dreams, make her happy, always be ready for her to please her any way she wants me to. I need to be classy on the outside and slutty on the inside.

This is what I think a classy sexy woman should be when going outside facing the world and thats what I am aiming for to be. I think I am there already, but it had to be perfect for Mommy and there is always room for improvement.

But at home I want to be something different, I want to be appealing all the time to Mommy.

These are looks I want to have all the time for different situations. I think I am already there, but as I said there is always place to improve.

I need to work on my mind too, to make it more focused on Mommy, looking good, making sure to please her and be happy.

Someone suggested me to put a tag on some of my post, it is #target look , If you see this it means I really like the look and I am aiming for that.

Time to prepare myself to go out.

Have a great evening

Hey, i absolutely love your Disney limited edition dolls blog that’s why i really wanted to share my newly finished Alice through the looking glass LE OOAK doll repaint based of Mia Wasikowska!

I took of her original paint and repainted her using using high quality artist acrylic paints and soft pastels for shading.Everything is sealed.
I rooted Alices Hairline a bit lower since her forehead was quite big and restyled her hair.
With an electric file i filed a dimple in her chin that she has.

I removed her old lashes and gave her new ones, which i trimmed short.

I hope you like her :)

Hey, thank you! I love your repaint! Your doll looks amazing and the changes you made to Alice look fantastic! I love her :)


 Info: Song imagine based off of the song Gorilla by Bruno Mars

Warnings: swearing, smut

Note: skipped the first verse on purpose

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Ooh I got a body full of liquor
With a cocaine kicker
And I’m feeling like I’m thirty feet tall
So lay it down, lay it down

You got your legs up in the sky
With the devil in your eyes
Let me hear you say you want it all
Say it now, say it now

He looked at her, legs up and ready for him. He hovered over her naked body and looked her in her eyes. They were dark with lust, almost black.

“You got the devil in your eyes, doll” He spoke in a husky voice.

She just gave a short chuckle and smirked back at him. They had never fucked before and she filled with excitement. The bigger part of the excitement was that she was an Alexandrian. This man murdered four of her people but she still laid beneath him waiting for his cock. 

“Let me hear you say you want it all. Say it, now” He growled into her neck, leaving hickeys and kisses all over.

“I want it all” She moaned as he found her sweet spot.

“On all fours for me, baby” He said as he lifted his head from her neck.

She got up and switched positions. Her ass facing him, they both wanted each other equally. He rammed himself inside of her slick walls, no need for extra lubrication. He groaned out feeling himself inside a new foreign and forbidden pussy.

Yeah, I got a fistful of your hair
But you don’t look like you’re scared
You just smile and tell me, “Daddy, it’s yours.”
‘Cause you know how I like it,
You’s a dirty little lover

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her to look at him. He neck strained but no fear was in her eyes. He thrusted more, watching her moan.

“Daddy, it’s yours” She moaned as he kept going.

He knew that she was into it because he was. She wasn’t usually very adventurous in the bed but Negan was a dirty guy, just hearing the things he says. She prepared herself for some rough sex if they ever got to it, which they did. She cried out as he kept going in and out of her, making her bounce every time his hips hit her ass. He could only think about what a dirty lover she was for him and maybe others.

If the neighbors call the cops,
Call the sheriff, call the SWAT ‒ we don’t stop,
We keep rocking while they’re knocking on our door
And you’re screaming, “Give it to me baby, 
Give it to me motherfucker!”

She cried out for him with every thrust but knew she shouldn’t. There was no stopping her with the way Negan was fucking her. Negan could only think about the complaints if this weren’t in the apocalypse but wouldn’t care about any of it. He’d keep going and she’d let him.

The sheriff here, Rick, did stand at the door to her bedroom with concern. He knocked on the door knowing she was alone with Negan and feared her safety.

“Y/n, it’s Rick ar-”

“Give it to me baby, give it to me motherfucker” She moaned out, cutting off Rick and causing Negan to go harder.

He gripped up her hips, using that as leverage to slam her onto his cock harder. Outside, Rick just left and dismissed anyone who was concerned. She knew how she had betrayed all of them but didn’t care and couldn’t care either. She felt bruises forming on her hips, leaving marks of his large fingers on her hips.

Oh, look what you’re doing, look what you’ve done
But in this jungle you can’t run
'Cause what I got for you
I promise it’s a killer,
You’ll be banging on my chest
Bang bang, gorilla

He pulled out and she whimpered at the loss of contact. It only lasted a quick second until her flipped her on her back and rammed into her once again. A whole new position giving him new angles to reach that he hadn’t before.

She knew how far gone she went with him but she couldn’t run from it now. There was no coming back from this but it was okay. He’s got something great coming for her, something that’ll be so good it’ll kill her. 

As he thrusted harder, her hands started banging his chest, like a gorilla. She was releasing some pleasure she couldn’t express any other way.

I bet you never ever felt so good, so good
I got your body trembling like it should, it should
You’ll never be the same baby once I’m done with you

“I bet no one ever fucked you this good, huh baby?” He spoke into her ear but never once stopped the movement of his hips “Not Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Spencer, none of these pussies”

“No, o-only you Negan” She choked out.

“I got you tremblin the way it should when you get a good fuck, you’ll never be the same when I’m done”

He sped up and brought his hand to her clit to help her reach her orgasm first. He felt when she did, she way she banged his chest, her walls closing around him and lastly her face scrunching up, it all brought him to his climax. He finished onto her lower stomach and rolled over next to her. They both struggled to catch their breath to say anything.

You and me baby we’ll be fuckin’ like gorillas
Ooh, yeah (Yeah, yeah, baby, baby, oh yeah, yeah)
You and me baby making love like gorillas 

“We were fuckin like god damn gorillas” Negan spoke.

He stood up and threw her a towel to clean up. He dressed as she did so.

“I’ll be back next week hun, and don’t worry, Rick will understand” He grabbed Lucille and placed her on his shoulder before leaving.

She already didn’t feel the same after that.

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BTS Reaction To Thinking That You Don’t Speak Korean So They Compliment You Between Themselves And You Reply in Korean

[EXO Version]


*Nudges Jimin*
“Woah, look how pretty she is! Her smile is really cute!”
*You turn their way*
Y/N: “Thank you, I don’t usually get random compliments”
*J-Hope in disbelief and Jimin walks away*


“Hey Jungkook! Look at her! She looks like a doll, that’s so cute!”
Y/N: “I do? This is a little surprising”
*Jimin gets startled and begins stuttering*
“Oh w… Well that was embarrassing”


*Talks about your body quite boldly to Rap Monster*
*You stare at them with a bit of disgust and walk away giving them a startled look*
“You think she understood?”
Rapmon: “Yup.”


*Giggles like a little girl*
“She’s so cute!”
Y/N: “That’s so sweet, you’re cute too”
*Looks at You, then at Hobi with confusion*

Rap Monster

*Rap Mon’s Pretty Girl-radar went off so he started talking about you to the first member he saw*
Y/N: “I’m really not that pretty, but thank you for exaggerating”
*Flirt Monster*
Rap Mon: “I’m not, I mean it”


*Suga isn’t the type to openly do that in front of the girl, but thinking she won’t understand he took the chance to talk about you with V as he was passing by*
“She’s kind of my type, what do you say?”
*You turned to look at them and smiled awkwardly*
Y/N: “That’s nice to hear.”
Suga: “Goddamnit, I’m never safe to say anything”


“She looks so adorable, I bet she likes bubbles!”
*You laughed*
Y/N: “That’s a funny statement”
“You speak Korean…?”

I hope you liked it!
Feel free to request more!

When I was kid, this scene is when I realised that those sons of bitches Huns had murdered that little girl, her family, and her entire village, as well as the soldiers. I suddenly realised that her body was lying out there in the snow, probably burned like the village.

I legit realised that they seriously killed innocent people and little kids in wars. And I got chills.

If you didn’t think this scene was the saddest and most real sh*t as a kid, then you’re a fucking liar

Let’s talk Wonder Woman for a second

Earlier this year WB made it clear that Wonder Woman will not be left out of the marketing.  So far we have:

Her front and center in two magazine covers

She’s getting her own statue, just like Batman and Superman

As well as her own Barbie Doll next year

And oh look, we’re also getting

A wonder woman shirt

Her own hat

Hot wheel toys

Another doll

And more

And in the last two trailers we have these gems

And oh look, she’s right in the middle of a Trinity shot again

And after many years and many delays there’s finally gonna be a Wonder Woman movie

So how about giving a lovely round of applause to Warner Bros. and DC for actually keeping their word and making sure their top iconic female superhero get the first class treatment she deserves?

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Keep it up WB/DC!

She’s Not A Doll (Young K)

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Type: Fluff

Request:  I’m the Day6 anon. I was wondering if you could do a Young K/Brian scenario with his wife and kid? I’ve been having major Young K feels.

Brian smiled happily at his daughter, Harlyn as she stood there showing her father the look you picked for her today. He quickly began messing up her dark locks as he rubbed her head. “Will you stop it I had her hair perfect” you whined “she looks too fake” he spoke taking the bow out of her hair as well. “Why?” you spoke “you make her look like a little doll. I want her to look like my daughter” he told you not to offend.  “She looks cute like that though” you pouted “are you saying Harlyn isn’t cute when she’s not dressed up?” he teased.

“You know that isn’t what I meant” you told him as he put his hands up. He wrapped his arms around you “she’s a natural cutie which means as her dad I don’t want her ever being fake. People are so fake these days and our baby doesn’t deserve to be in the lame trend right?” he spoke kissing the side of your head. “Starting young with the you being you thing aren’t you?” you asked him “never too early to tell your baby to be herself” he told you as he let go swooping in and grabbing his daughter.

“She’s gonna keep the dress on though. Daddy does like the dress” he cooed as he began kissing all over her face. She giggled at her father’s affection “daddy loves you just the way you are” he tells her as he looks her in the eyes. She did the same before she reached up and touched his face, he leaned against her tiny hand. “You two are so cute” you cooed leaning towards them and placing a kiss on his cheek making him gasp in a joking manner to get a laugh from his girls. Harlyn smiled at her dad’s face before she leaned in and kissed his lips lightly. “I’m being spoiled here” he spoke as you rolled your eyes at his goofy action.