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I wasn’t going to bother uploading this since it’s in the zine, but then I remembered I wrote a crack fic to go with it. It’s under the cut.

Warning: I know nothing about soccer. I know nothing about writing.

Rated T for minor cussing lol

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{ red velvet }

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader (ft. sugar daddy thomas)

t/w: none!

tags: @toonerzchatz @promisesandmore @itsallexmallory @impala-moose @jaydiggs1218 @fierydaemon @slightlysouless @jzzyjones @wiindmill @whitestorm547 @hamilturnt @fearless-butter @littleblue5mcdork @arostrolgy @mcgrammer15 @fanagelbagel @mehrmonga @luna-lightwood-potter @strawbirby @21donutlover

a/n: the long awaited sugar daddy fic. i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it! i’ll release a part every other day. 

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part one // part two


You had finished yet another grueling shift at a cafe nearby. You said goodbye to your coworkers, clocked out, and headed home. You were exhausted beyond belief, but you had to keep going. You had classes tomorrow that you needed to get ready for.

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Hundred Percent - Steve X Reader

I really want to do a Q&A so send in as many questions as you want both about me and about my writing!


Summary: You have inhuman strength and haven’t really gotten around to show the team the limits of your power. That is until you meet Steve in an arm wrestle challenge.

Warnings: None.

Words: 1 042

A/N: This is just a stupid drabble in lack of other things to post tbh. There are also a bunch of typos in this I’m sure cause it’s 1 AM and I didn’t read through this :)

Originally posted by iluvaqt

She watched Steve heave his entire body up and raise his chin over the bar. Natasha rolled her eyes, muttering “show off” quietly before continuing to punch the padded shields covering Y/N’s both hands before her.

“You know, you should train with someone, not with yourself. That’s the whole point of these little sessions of ours.” Tony called out from across the training room where the entire team was, apart from Thor, who conveniently had needed to return to Asgard two weeks prior when Tony first introduced his new idea.

It was all Tony’s happening that twice a week the team trained at he same time to try and do some exercises with one another. Y/N approved. It was more fun than being alone and allowed for more and new ways to train. Steve did not approve however. He felt like he couldn’t use his full capacity and then he didn’t see much use in training. Thor was one of the few that could take Cap’s punches along with Bucky, but as Thor was gone and Bucky couldn’t always train with Steve, the super soldier turned to his own corner of the gym.

Y/N kept saying she could take his punches and kicks, but Steve wasn’t so sure. He had seen her toss a car but still wouldn’t believe she was durable enough to merely train with him.

“You copy?” Tony called out again as Steve didn’t answer, taking a break from teaching Peter close combat as far as his personal skills would allow.

Steve abruptly let go of the iron bar and landed on his feet with a thud, turning his head towards Tony and approaching with a few steps, clearly annoyed. “Why don’t you stick to your training and I’ll stick to mine, okay?”

“Take it easy, Steve.” Natasha laughed slightly. “You were all onboard with this until Thor ditched us and Bucky grew tired of your same old, close-up, combat.”

“I’ve volunteered a dozen times.” Y/N spoke up and watched Steve groan hopelessly. She was tired of it. If he didn’t want to train with her because personal reasons, that would be one thing, but he didn’t want to do it because he thought she wasn’t strong enough, and that she would not accept. “You know I can take you, right?”

Steve raised a brow. “What?”

“All of you have barely seen half my strength, and I don’t complain about not being able to let loose during these training sessions.” She removed the padded gloves and threw them on the floor, crossing her arms.

“Wait, we haven’t seen your best?” Peter questioned, intimidated. “When you’ve gone at a hundred percent? Full strength?”

She hadn’t thought much about it. She had shown that she was strong enough for the Avengers on more than one occasion. If that meant she had only shown a fraction of her capability or if she had shown it all didn’t matter to her.

“No.” She smirked at Steve who had always looked down on her abilities compared to his own. “And I know for a fact that I would easily win over Mr. Patriot here.”

“In what? A test of pure strength?” Bucky questioned, walking away from Clint that he had been training with and approaching the center of the room where everyone were gathered.

“That too, but I had something more like arm wrestling in mind.” She looked straight into Steve’s eyes and could see the hint of a smile on his face. He loved a challenge and he couldn’t deny it even if he tried. “You up for it?”

He tilted his head, considering the offer. “What the hell… I’ll never pass on the chance to put you in your place.” He turned around and hauled the chest high plinth to the middle of the gym, placing himself on one side.

“Okay, who’s betting?” Tony exclaimed as Y/N got into position. “A hundred grand and a Ferrari on Y/N.”

“I- I have three bucks and a van, but I really need the van… And the three bucks…” Scott stuttered nervously as he would never be able to match Tony’s bet.

“Ignore him.” Clint sighed to Scott before looking back at Y/N and Steve who placed their elbows on the padded surface at the top and grabbed hold of each other’s hands.

She never broke eye contact with Steve and neither did he with her. They both smirked like they both knew they were going to win, but only one of them were right.

“You ready?” Natasha prepared to count down. As the both participants nodded, she began. “3… 2… 1…. Go!”

A loud thud echoed in the hall and an equally loud crack came from the plinth which had splintered by the wheels as it had been pressed down to the floor. Y/N removed her hand from Steve’s and Steve had to wriggle his loose from the padded material at the top which his hand had sunken through and then dented the wood underneath it.

“Holy crap.” Tony admitted, his face blank and lips parted. “Cap, you didn’t even try.”

“I did.” Steve defended, a puzzled look on his face as he had barely realized what had happened himself. His hand hurt a bit however, which was clear proof that he had lost.

“I told you.” Y/N kept her smile up as she backed away from the ruined plinth that was no longer able to roll on its wheels.

“You’ve just casually kept your strength a secret to us?” Tony questioned, crossing his arms dramatically. “That’s against our rules, you know?”

She pulled her head back. “What rules?”

“The rule about… Keeping secrets…” Tony made up on the spot and she rolled her eyes, turning back to Steve who was clutching his aching hand.

“Are you okay?” She asked, suddenly feeling bad as she realized she might have actually hurt Steve.

He huffed, smiling wide enough to show some teeth. “I’m good. Honestly, I’m just surprised… Sometimes you need someone to remind you of your limits.”

“So I qualify as your training buddy now?” She wondered, looking at Steve from the side with a hopeful look on her face.

He pouted but nodded. “That you do, my friend… That you do.”

The Party wasn’t so boring after all

Prompt: B)

(Another AU, the Archeron mom is a mortal queen)

Mom Archeron wasn’t able to find a babysitter for her three daughters before the peace party. So she takes them with her. When there, the three girls runs off without a second thought. Nesta (10) hangs on Elain (9) as she walks around making friends with the fae. Then there’s Feyre (8) who seems mostly bored throughout the party, these old adults that doesn’t do anything else than talking.

Feyre then takes to eat the food displayed, that was until she accidentally tipped over a punch bowl. Now soaking wet and crying, she runs away after seeing her mother’s disapproving look. Then she runs into someone, she looks up and see purple eyes looking down at her. When she tells him what happened, he stays with her for the rest of the night, making sure nobody makes fun of her accident.


- Elain makes friend with one special red haired fae with a robotic eye. Though the fae seem very distracted by the other red haired fae that looks like him and the high lord of spring. But Elain doesn’t mind and keep telling stories to the fae.

- Nesta makes friend/enemy with a certain Illyrian general. He kept on irritating her and she wanted payback for it.

- Based on my own prompt -

Word count: 2139

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Imagine Sam being called Daddy by your daughter....

Originally posted by spnsamwinchester

“Sam where are you?” You called as you wandered through the bunker, your daughter, Carlee, following behind you as you called throughout the bunker looking for your moose of a boyfriend. 

“Mommy let’s face it, Daddy isn’t coming out.” She pouted as you quickly looked at her little face, her brown waves hung down around her face, her cheek was slightly pink and her eyes were hazel, but even though she looked like Sam, she wasn’t his. 

For you met Sam after the birth of your daughter, he was working a case with Dean when you met him, at the time Carlee was two. She knew that Sam wasn’t her father, for her father checked out before Carlee was even born, but Sam had been there for three years. She however had never called him daddy before, and he wasn’t even there to hear it.

“Well Carlee maybe he is with Dean.” You said, trying to hold back the tears as she looked at you.

“DEAN!” She said running down the hall towards the kitchen, where she knew he would be drinking a beer and making her favorite for dinner, The famous Winchester Burgers. At the sound of the little girl calling for him, he exited the kitchen, wiping his hands on a towel, and looked for the little girl.

“Carlee, I promise the burgers will be done soon honey, I just have to finish…”

“Do you know where my Daddy is?” She asked as his face went white, he looked to you for help, which you worded to him, “Sammy”

“Well honey, I haven’t seen Sammy, last I knew he was in the library hiding from you.” Dean smiled as she went running down the hall, leaving you to look at Dean.

“So that’s new.” Dean said as he leaned against the door.

“Yea, she just started doing it.” You said as you looked at him, “I mean though, it makes sense. You and Sam, are the only father figures she has ever had. I am just shocked she….”

You were cut off by the voice of Sam, “HONEY!” 

“Better go make sure Carlee hasn’t tickled him to death.” You smiled as you started walking away.

“Wonder when I will be called uncle Dean?” He asked you as you started walking away, laughing as you replied, “One day, probably not today though.” 

You jogged to the library to see Sam had Carlee seated on the long chestnut table. His back turned to you, however Carlee saw you, “Mommy!”

“Yes Sam?” You asked as you looked up at him, a small smile on his face.

“She just called me Daddy, she has never…”

“Actually she has called you Daddy twice today already, once to me, and again to Dean, but looks like you are now Daddy Sam.”

“So does that mean..”

“Yes Sam, you are a better father then John ever was.” You whispered as you kissed his check.

“Now can we go eat some of Uncle Dean’s burgers?” Carlee asked as she swung her legs of the side of the table, your mouth hung open as you thought of the words you said less then five minutes ago.

“Yes you may honey, if you ask him exactly what you just asked me.” You answered as she ran towards the kitchen, your hand reaching out to stop him, “Wait for it.”

Several Seconds later you heard Dean run into the entryway, “She called me Uncle! I am Uncle Dean now.” and then he ran off, leaving you laughing at the little family you had made.

BTS Reactions

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He laid on his bed with his feet dangling off, whining about his boredom. The boys had all left the dorm to run their personal errands and none of them had bothered to ask if he could tag along. Jungkook grumbled to himself as he threw his phone to the side. Then, like a sign from God, the sunlight shone through a gap from his curtain and fell on his camera that he had hurriedly chuck away in a corner.

Jungkook shot right up, remembering the untouched photos he had taken during their date. They had hiked up a trail to a magnificent hidden waterfall that was as high as a 7-story building. Jungkook eagerly inserted the camera’s memory card into his laptop, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. He knew the photos he took was going to come out amazing. But nothing prepared him for her beauty.

He felt like the wind was knocked out of his lungs as his gaze fell on the first picture of her. She was beautiful, gorgeous and a piece of work. Every picture he took of her showed different features of her that he came to love. Her slim nose, her almond eyes, her full cheeks.

“Shit,” he gasps as he realised, he might have just fallen in love with her.

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Sasusaku Month ‘17: Day 2

Prompt: Something more.

Title: Going Through Changes.

Rating: K

Summary: A trip to sunagakure planned by Sasuke, and what do you call it? oh, honeymoon! /Sasusaku travels. /Newly weds.

A/N: So I wanted to write a little more for this one, may be one scene more but I ran out of time. Well, here it is, I hope you guys enjoy this one.

‘Going Through Changes’

Hot breezes of wind were hitting her face, her hair blowing with the moving air. Tiny particles of sand could also be felt by her skin as another blow of wind hit her messy locks, spreading them all over her face. She stopped in her tracks, sighing for the hundredth time that day, She made yet another attempt to move the strands of her hair away from her line of sight, successfully unblocking her vision.

“When in the World will we reach sunagakure?” The pink-haired medic of Konohagakure asked in frustration.

“Are you tired already?” questioned the raven haired man who the only one to keep her company in the burning desert.

“I didn’t know the journey will be this long!” She exclaimed, a frown decorating her face.

“We’re almost there.” Smirked the dark-haired man.

Tying her hair into a bun, as tightly as she could, she continued to walk along side her companion. The sand was flying everywhere in the air, only to make it even more difficult for her to be able to see the silhouette of her destination.

The large eagles could be seen high above them, spreading their wings across the sky, like stars floating in the galaxy, they felt so brave, brave because they didn’t fear a fall. Even though everything was barely visible because of the dust particles blurring the scenery, this scene was still quite apparent to his eyes for he was the only rinnegan-user alive.

It wasn’t long until his eyes caught sight of the tomb-like structure of the kazekage-building of sunagakure. He looked over his shoulder to find his pink-haired companion sulking, a look of vexation decorating her features.

A smirk crossed his lips.

“Aren’t you the one who suggested we walk?” his question seemed more like a comment. A comment to tease the already annoyed pinkette.

She didn’t say a word, just looked at him with a pouting face, her cheeks appearing chubby, lipspursing like a bud of rose, eyes narrowed, eyebrows frowned, and she had no idea just how cute she looked to him like that.

So he looked away, because he couldn’t let her see the blush on his cheeks.

“Look Sasuke-kun!” she exclaimed, joy evident in her voice as she continued “I can see it, the dome of the building. We’re almost there!”, her finger pointing towards their destination. And it took his aback when she suddenly grabbed him by his arm, pulling forward. “Hurry up!” she insisted, forcing him forward.

He mumbled a quiet ‘hum’ at her action and followed her lead.

Two ninjas clad in the chunin uniform of suna could be seen, waiting for them at the check-post.

“Good evening.” one of them greeted.

“Good evening!” The rosette replied as cheery as ever. “We’re here to meet the kazekage concerning an important issue.” She explained.

“Sure.” the young chunin smiled as he bent down and took out what seemed like a filed paper. “Um, your name?” he questioned.


Uchiha.” She was cut off by the hoarse, sonorous voice of Sasuke. “Uchiha Sakura.” he exaggerated, emphasizing Uchiha.

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“No way! CranOrange pancakes with chocolate chips?! Ren! We haaaaaave to make those! Now!”

She was always like this. Nora could never stay focused unless she was fighting. They had been waiting to meet up with Jaune and Ruby for a little over an hour. They had planned a meeting after everyone else in the Inn was fast asleep and no prying ears or eyes could sneak away with information. To pass the time, Nora wanted to look up new types of pancakes to eat. With him.

“No, Nora. We have to wait for Ruby and Jaune and there is no access to a kitchen.”

“But where are we going to get all the ingredients and a mixer at 1:00 am?”

Her recklessness and chaotic nature, albeit trying at times, was a constant in his life, and soothed Ren. She was his rock.

“Are you even listening?”

“They’re taking forever, Ren! And pancakes take, what…10 minutes tops?!!?”

She smiled ear to ear, tugging harder on his neck. Ren sighed, feeling like he was going to lose this argument. Again.

“Ren, the cooks won’t even know we’re there!”

“Nora, no.”

Nora pouted, looking at Ren with disappointment written all over her face. Ren brought his scroll towards them.

“How about we just bookmark this, instead? When we get to Haven, we’ll make them. We’ll be safer there and have plenty of time to eat them.”

Nora’s eyes lit up, turning her face back to the scroll. “YES!”

Ren felt Nora tug on him once more, and with it came a smile.

‘If it makes you smile; truly smile, then I’m happy. I’ll stand between anything that tries to give you one more painful memory. I won’t let you suffer anymore…Nora.’

You cannot tell me that after Pyrrha’s death, Ren and Nora aren’t going to be grieving for a while and also start moving toward being “together-together”. 

Ren and Nora have already suffered early in life, but now someone who was their age, and a superior fighter, was killed so easily. Not only will they grow as characters because of this tragedy, but they will be more protective of one another than ever before.

Not that Nora needs “protecting”. Lets be honest, they’re both the knights in shining armor, if anything. Who is the princess in that scenario, then? Jaune. It’s always Jaune.


Based off the absolute adorableness that was Dickkory in the recent The Judas Contract.

Purely shipper trash wishful thinking, this story because that’s what I am. Shipper traaash.

Kory hummed a tune in her throat whilst chewing the food before her. Flavours mingled in her mouth and lit up her taste buds like wildfire. She looked up at her chef as he leaned against he opposite counter with his mug of coffee brushing his lips.

He was watching her with the softest expression etched upon his features. He was calm, simply awaiting her verdict.

“It’s decided, Dick. You can cook us something every time considering my own lack of skills. This was amazing!” Kory gushed, finishing the last bite of her dinner.

She heard the faint sound of the TV; keeping it on for background noise and not actually paying much attention to it. Kory released a content sigh and pushed her now empty plate forward, allowing her lover to pick it up and place it in the dishwasher.

He had truly done a wondrous job of cooking them a meal tonight. It was tender teriyaki chicken strips atop of soy sauce mixed rice and a side helping of freshly steamed vegetables. Simple but oh so tasty!

Dick grinned and placed his mug down on the counter, “Glad to be of service, babe.”

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Hey there, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your hcs😍 (I especially liked the bikini one with Ninja-Sabo lol😂) Could Iaybe have a scenario of Mihawk, Marco and Ace taking care of their child(ren)? Maybe a son for Ace, twins (boy+girl) for Mihawk and daughter for Marco? (if it’s not too much trouble😅)

A/N: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my HC’s! This request was absolutely adorable, so pure…. so innocent… thank you for requesting, I hope you like this. :))) 


“Let me look now! You’re taking away all the space!”

Mihawk shook his head slowly as he heard his daughter’s voice echo through the hall. He had tried to read the newspaper for over ten minutes now, but he couldn’t go further than the first sentence. The swordsman puts the paper down defeated and looks at the two identical looking children a few meters away from him. He sighs.

Both were standing in front of the window, trying to get the best view for the sunset. The boy on the right took almost the whole space, while his sister stood next to him, barely able to see the sky from the way her brother stood - arms stretched out and halfway climbing up the window. Another sigh leaves Mihawk’s lips.

“It’s because I’m stronger! I am your older brother, so I have the right to see more than you!” The boy with brown hair said. Mihawk musters him for a few seconds, waiting for the scene to play out further.

“You’re only 2 minutes older than me! Papa said that we’re both equally strong, so you’re wrong.” The girl said and crossed her arms. Just like her brother, she had brown hair and Mihawk proudly noticed yet again- they both looked like him.

“What does ‘equally’ mean?” The little boy whispered confused and took a little glance at his sister.

She shook her head, her ponytail swaying from side to side. “It means we’re both the same. You’re as strong as me and I’m as strong as you, no one is stronger or weaker.” She explained and smiled proudly. She tried to take another glance out of the window, but her brother was, yet again, in the way. Her eyes started to water as she sniffed. “You’re so mean!”

“You shouldn’t fight with each other.” Mihawk says, now standing behind the both children. “Your sister has the right to look out too.” He says sternly and puts the little boy back down on the ground.

“Sorry, Papa.” The boy mumbles, ashamed that his father is scolding him.

“Don’t apologize to me, I’m not the one who is hurt. ” Mihawk says calmly and nods at his daughter. His son nods too and hugs his sister, who hugs him back instantly.

“I’m sorry. You can climb up the window now.” The little boy says and plants a kiss on his sisters cheek. “I will wait here and catch you, if you fall. ”

“Neither of you should climb up the window.” Mihawk says and grabs his daughter with his right arm, his son with his left one.

He stands up with both of them in his arms and walks closer to the window, so that both of them have the best view of the sky. “Woah, look!” The little girl says and squeezes her face against the window. Her brother giggles and mimics her actions.

“Papa?” The girl asks after a few minutes. “Why is the sun going away?”

“I know!” Her brother suddenly says and looks at his father in excitement. “Can I tell her?” Mihawk nods, curious about the answer.

“Papa said, it’s because the sun and the moon are in love, but the moon will die if the sun comes out, so the sun hides every night for the moon to come out. ” The boy says confidently and squeezes his face against his fathers. “Right? Did I explain it right?”

Mihawk can’t help but laugh as he musters his children looking at him with big eyes, so innocently waiting for him to agree.

“You’re right.” He says and takes a few steps back. “You both should eat something now.”

The twins spend the whole evening talking about the sun and the moon, how nice the sun is and how beautiful the moon must be. Mihawk can’t help but feel bittersweet as he watches their little legs run around the hall later on, playing sun and moon.

That night, after Mihawk makes sure they are fully asleep, he tries to read the newspaper again, but this time too- he can’t go further than the first sentence, his mind too full with his children and their future. He thinks back to the sun and the moon and for some reason he thinks; his children are like the sun and the moon for him. A thought, that embarrasses, but also comforts him.


Marco leaned against a wall, watched the night sky for a few minutes and calmed his thoughts and feelings. The Moby Dick was quiet, almost everyone was asleep and only a few people were still awake. It seemed like the ship was also asleep, swaying from side to side evenly. The first division commander takes a few steps to the ocean and stares at the numerous stars above him, how they glimmer and glow so beautifully at him.

For some reason, the blonde man couldn’t fall asleep, no matter how hard he tried. Thus, he decided to take a walk on deck, get some fresh air and sort out the thoughts in his head.

He took a deep breath and was about to turn around, when he heard little feet irregularly walking into his direction. He frowned and turned around, catching his little daughter walking up to him barefoot, blonde hair a mess and sleepwear hanging from her body. He could see the imprint of her blanket still on her face- she must have woken up not too long ago.

Her big eyes found her fathers figure standing a few meters away from her, making a big toothless grin appear on her face. Her little feet sprinted towards him, Marco smiled, crouched down and opened his arms for her.

Before she reached him though, his daughter tripped and fell. Big tears fell out of her eyes as she started to cry.

“Oi, did you fall?” Marco mumbles and takes her little figure into his arms. He jumps her up a few times and comforts her until her crying stops. “Next time you fall, don’t cry.” He says and dries the tears on her chubby cheeks.

The little girl looks at him, a pout still on her face. “If the floor sees you crying, it will make you fall again, so don’t show him you’re hurt, yoi.” He stares at the little girl for a few seconds, then he sighs. “Why are you even awake?”

“Papa.” She mumbles and hugs herself close to him.

“I see.” The blonde man says and smiles. “So you missed me, yoi.”

He walks with her on his arm for a few more minutes, trying his best to make her fall asleep again, but after he checks on her, he notices: she is fully awake and stares at the sky with excitement. Her tiny fingers start to point to the stars.

“Do you like them?” He asks her, his smile matching hers perfectly. “Do you want me to show you the stars when you’re older? I can fly with you on my back.” He explains, but notices that his daughter only looks at him in confusion. He raises her up and puts her on his shoulder, a rosy color now on his cheeks. “Sometimes I forgot you’re still a baby, yoi.” He mumbles, a bit embarrassed.

Marco walks with his daughter on his shoulder for a few more minutes, talks with her some more and smiles at the bright laugh she lets out whenever the first division commander turns his head, making his blonde hair tickle her legs. After some time, he walks back inside though.

“Let’s go to sleep now. Y/N will kill me if they know you’re still awake at this hour, yoi.” He says and walks quietly into her room, putting her down into her bed. The little girl smiles brightly at him. “Of course you’re smiling.” Marco mumbles. “You’re not the one in danger, yoi.”

He stays awake with her until she falls asleep and only then he lays down as well, letting the comfortable feeling of sleep consume his body. Marco falls asleep to the thought of him showing his daughter the stars, flying with her on his back and showing her everything the world has to offer- even though his world was trapped inside his daughters eyes.


If someone walked into the room, they would probably think time was frozen. Nothing moved, it seemed like everything was stuck in the room of the little baby.

Ace sat in the middle of the room, eyebrows furrowed and gaze fixed on his little son laying in front of him. The little baby was sleeping peacefully, black hair a cute mess on his head and tiny freckles covering his face. Ace furrowed his eyebrows even more.

“Is that everything you do?” He mumbles after some time, gaze not leaving his sons face. “All you do is sleep, eat and poop into your diapers, little man.”

He moves his finger in front of his sons face and softly touches his cheek, amazed by the soft skin.

“Listen, little man, you might be cute now,” He says and smiles. “But if you behave badly, I will send you to Dadan for a few weeks, don’t try me.” Ace softly touches his son’s cheek again, smiling from ear to ear.

As if the baby understood what his father said, he opened his brown eyes and started wailing loudly. His tiny fists were pressed against his chest as big tears rolled down his face.

“Oh no, I’m sorry!” The second division commander panics, hugging the baby close to him and tries to comfort him, but fails. “I’m sorry, I won’t send you to Dadan!”

Suddenly, the baby stops crying, making Ace frown. He looks down to the boy in his arms, staring up to Ace with big, wet eyes and snorts. “Are you being serious, little one?”

As if on cue, he starts to cry again. “Oh my god.” Ace says through gritted teeth and hugs him close, softly bouncing him up and down. A thought comes to the dark haired man in a moment of pure desperation, the reason he starts to warm his right hand carefully- trying his best to make it warm enough, but not too warm.

The little boy in Ace’s arms is still crying loudly when his father puts a warm hand on him and slowly rubs his back. Seconds pass, where the crying grows quieter and after exactly ten seconds, he is completely silent again. Ace takes a glance at the baby in his arms.

“I don’t know why you’re so sensitive.” Ace mumbles. “Stop acting like a baby.” He jokes and starts to snicker. His son looks up to him, big brown eyes full of innocence. “C'mon, that was a funny one.”

The boy starts to smile and throws his hands around in excitement, making Ace smile as well. He softly kisses his son’s cheek, then his forehead and when he notices the smile growing, he starts to kiss the neck of the baby, making him laugh loudly.

If someone walked into the room now, they would be amazed by the sight of a proud father and a happy baby, looking so beautiful sitting in the room - as if the rest of the world didn’t matter anymore. And Ace had to agree. As long as he had his son with him, smiling and looking up to his father in everything that wasn’t hatred, he felt like the rest didn’t matter.

Sweets for the Seoul || One

|| Mingyu Au

|| Genre: Fluff, Baker! Mingyu, Growing up with! Mingyu

|| Word Count: 1500+

|| Summary: Six-year-old cake picking my man! 

Originally posted by 7teans

|| Admin Angel

“Mom,” your six-year-old self called out, tugging on the ends of her shirt as she eyed the taller display beside you. “What about this cake?” You asked, pointing to the red velvet cake before you. “Grandpa likes sweet things,” you reminded with a cheeky smile.

“(Y/n) sweetheart, that might be too sweet for grandpa to eat. Red velvet cakes are really really sweet!” Your mother explained with a smile. “How about we get a regular vanilla cake for him?”

“But mom,” you quietly whined, giving a disappointed pout as she shook her head ‘no’ once again.  "Okay then,“ you concluded sadly, waddling off to find a vanilla cake just as your mother did. You listened from afar as your mother spoke with one of the bakers, asking to see other samples of cakes they had done in the past.

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I did no research to how this process goes, so I apologize for anything wrong. Anyway, here’s a random, late night one shot:) 

Sofia took her mother’s hand when the doors to Grey Sloan Memorial hospital slid open. 

 “I don’t want to go to daycare.” she whined. 

 Arizona was already running late to her appointment. She swore she could hear each tick and toc from the watch on her wrist, the tiny hand held in hers tightening. “Sweetie, I don’t have time to argue with you-”

 She looked down and saw the pout on her daughter’s face; it resembled Callie’s so much, it caused her heart to tug and twist and give. “Okay. But you have to promise me one thing.” 

 Sofia beamed and nodded. 

 “You have to be on your best behavior and not touch anything. You’re only gonna be with me until mama’s shift is over.” 

 “Okay, mommy.” 

 The two made their way to the higher floor and Sofia couldn’t help but wiggle in place. She was so excited that she got to explore the hospital with her mom. She remembered doing it all the time when she was younger, but as her mom’s got more busy with work, especially Arizona going back and forth between peds and fetal surgery, Sofia found herself in daycare more often than not.

 “Is mama gonna help fix your leg?” Sofia asked when they stepped off of the elevator. 

 The blonde dug into her purse and pulled out her cell phone to check a few things and send a text before answering her daughter’s question. “Mama fixes bones. This doctor is going to help me get a new prosthetic.” 

 “Like when you had to get one when I was little because of Miss Stephanie.” Sofia deadpanned. 

 Arizona mentally cringed at the memory, highly aware that the only reason Sofia remembered was because Callie brought up the accident on more than one occasion. So with lightly clenched teeth, Arizona muttered, “Yep. Just like that.” 

 The two entered the room; pieces of metal, silicone and other material limbs spread about the large area. Arizona was a little more hesitant this time around. Her old prosthetist had moved to a different location, so she had to let someone new examine her, learn what she liked and didn’t like. 

  Taking off her shoes and her slacks, Arizona composed herself, already knowing how this ordeal was going to go. “Stay by me and remember-” 

 “Don’t touch anything, I know, mommy.” Sofia hopped up on the stool next to her mother and the two awaited for the doctor to come into the room. 

 It was barely a minute later when a woman came into the room, a stack of folders in her hand and frazzled look on her face. “Good morning, Miss-” the woman used one hand to adjust her glasses and the other to fumble for the file she needed most. “I-I mean Dr. Robbins.” she looked up, green eyes under thick glasses glimmering with a smile. 

 The woman dropped the pile of files to the side, straightened her pencil skirt and quickly read of Arizona’s file. “Well, Dr. Robbins, it seems you’re in here for a routine fitting for a new prosthetic.” 


 “Dr. Vitti.” The woman took a step forward and shook Arizona’s hand, just then noticing the tiny human sitting next to her. “And who is this?” 

 Sofia held out her hand with a dimpled smile. “I’m Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres.” 

 “Oh, well it’s nice to meet you Sofia. Is this your mommy?” 


 “Okay, well, I’ll try to make this as short as possible!” 

 The new prosthetist asked her a few questions, but one of them caught Sofia’s attention. 


 Arizona narrowed her eyes. “Sofia…” she chastised. 

 “Can it be blue? Or some of it? Can my mommy’s new leg be blue? Please!” 

 Dr. Vitti grinned. “Arizona?” 

 The blonde chewed the inside of her cheek. “Okay. Just a little bit, though.” she looked at her daughter and, seeing the beaming smile on her face, knew it was the right choice. 

 “Blue is the best color. It’s my favorite color. And I love unicorns. And mermaids. Oh! Mommy, can you get a unicorn on your leg, too?” 

 “Well if your mom really wants-” 

 Arizona held up her hands. “Blue is fine.”

 “Hey,” Callie smiled when her wife finally came home. She placed her medical journal down, eyes never leaving her wife as she got ready for bed. “Sofia told me all about your new leg. I didn’t know unicorns were in season.” she laughed. 

 With a roll of her eyes, Arizona scoffed. “Ha ha, Calliope.” 

 When they were both under the covers and the lights were off, Callie took Arizona into her arms and kissed her forehead gently. “How are you doing?” 

 She knew appointments like this sometimes put Arizona into a bad funk, but each year it got better and better. “It was okay. It helped that Sofia was there. She made it,” Arizona smiled. “She made it fun. Unicorns and all. She really wanted it it to be blue.” she turned in Callie’s arms and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. “I love you.”  

 “I love you, too.” Another kiss. 

 “Did she ever tell you why her favorite color was blue?” Callie asked. 

 Arizona shook her head.

 “She came up to me one day and said, ‘Mommy has the prettiest eyes. I think it’s my favorite color. Yeah, blue. I love blue.’ It was so cute.” she chuckled. 

 Arizona was speechless, never hearing such a simple yet heart warming explanation. 

 “She is right. You have the most beautiful eyes, Arizona.” Callie said seriously. 

 It was dark, so Callie couldn’t see the blush that now spread across Arizona’s cheeks and neck. “You want to know what my favorite color is?” Arizona asked now looking deep into Callie’s eyes. 


 “Green. Like the girl at the coffee cart’s eyes. Wow-”

 Callie swatted Arizona away and laughed. “Shut up.” 

 Their bodies entangled together within seconds, smiles placed on both of their faces. 

Try Again | A Gochi One Shot

Written for Anon! oooOOOooo

Try Again?

“You wanna do what!?” Goku stares at Chi Chi incredulously, folding his arms across his lap as his weight sinks one half of the bed.

“You know,” Chi Chi crosses her arms and raises and eyebrow, “Kiss.”

“Huh,” Goku scratches his head and stares to the ceiling, trying to wrap his head around her request. Kiss. He’s heard this word before, tossed around by those closest to him like it was a regular, mundane thing to do. Yamcha told him the first time he got Bulma to give him one, and Goku had begged the man to give him one too, his mouth salivating over how delicious something like a ‘kiss’ could be. He never understood why Yamcha’s face had turned the color of tomatoes, or why he told Goku to never ask him for such a thing again. It was only years later when Krillin pulled him to the side at the tournament, right after his fight with Chi Chi, that he learned what a kiss was. And Goku decided he didn’t really like that idea too much, nor did he understand it fully. And now sitting here across from Chi Chi, her face flushed as she waits his reply, he’s wondering if Krillin was telling the truth about this whole marriage stuff. “Do we gotta do that? I don’t see the point of pressin’ my lips to yours like that.”

“Goku!” Chi Chi balls her fists and extends her lean body in towards his, almost as if she’s about to start this 'kiss’ business right now. “It’s what a man and wife are supposed'ta do! We can’t be a real married couple until we at least kiss!”

Goku rubs his finger under his nose, getting a good look at her face as he considers her request. She’s pouting now, the tips of her cheeks turning red and making him feel bad. The old Gyumao had told him to make his daughter happy, and Goku had promised it with a cheeky smile and determination in his pocket. Grandpa Gohan had wished them a happy marriage, and offered him some stern words of wisdom: A happy wife is a happy life, Goku! Goku thought that meant making sure Chi Chi had a lot of fun, like going on adventures, or sparring, or seeing the wildlife of the forest around them, or eating really good meals every night for dinner. Is there more than that, though? Does his bride require more lovey dovey stuff, like the television shows Roshi watches or what Krillin and Oolong spy on Yamcha and Bulma for? Goku had always waved that off as weird adult stuff, but then again, he is a man of twenty. Maybe it’s time he starts participating in weird adult stuff too.

He takes a deep breath and steadies himself, propping up on his knees. “Well,” he says finally, “I guess we can try it.”

Chi Chi’s face breaks out into a nervous grin, and she places a hand at the top of her chest. She nods, joining Goku on her knees as well. I can’t believe it’s happening! she thinks, images of their wedding only hours ago flashing in her mind. She’s always wondered what kissing Goku would be like from the day he agreed to marry her. She would dream about it while staring out of her bedroom window, or taking sewing lessons with her handmaiden, or even when she’d taken late night baths. When Chi Chi started to develop, many boys begged her father for a walk in the gardens, or a chance to sit and talk with her over a meal. Her handmaiden warned her that they had other intentions, but Chi Chi wasn’t concerned with that. As far as she’s concerned, there’s only one guy for her to kiss, and if the tornado in her gut is any indication, she’s about to make good on her vow.

Goku doesn’t know where to start. He’s never really seen this before, and all that he knows from Krillin is that he’s supposed to put his lips on Chi Chi’s. But does he wait for her to come to him? Or does he come to her? From the look on Chi Chi’s face, she doesn’t know either. The seconds stretch between them, sleeping like a restless infant ready to wake, and finally Chi Chi takes a deep breath. “I’m ready, Goku-sa. You can kiss me now!”

Oh, so he is supposed to initiate it. Such a funny role he’s supposed to play, being the first to do something like this. But if Goku is given a task, he tries his best to complete it. And besides, he doesn’t want to make Chi Chi disappointed on their first night living together, not if Grandpa Gohan has anything to say about it. He leans his head in closer, the air between them dissipating. He can feel the soft breaths coming from Chi Chi’s slightly parted lips, and he tries to swallow the laugh that accompanies the tickle on his mouth. He watches her close her eyes before wondering if he’s required to do that too, and he decides it will be best. He watches the colors of the room dissolve behind the darkness of his eyes and gets closer…and closer…and closer…

Until he feels the sting against his forehead and a yelp from Chi Chi rattles his ears. He massages the tender skin and opens his eyes, only to find Chi Chi scooted against the edge of the bed, tears forming in the middle of her eyes. “Ouch!” She cradles her head and Goku can see an angry red blemish forming beneath her fingers, “That’s not how a kiss goes, Goku!”

“Sorry! Sorry!” Goku’s head stings, but he knows Chi Chi is the one really feeling the pain. Afterall, he wouldn’t want to take a headbutt from himself either. He reaches out to her and removes her hands gently, inspecting her bruise. It isn’t too bad, but he smooths his thumb over the area anyways. She’s watching him with widened eyes and pinkish cheeks, her mouth slightly agape. Goku looks down at her and smiles a boyish grin, flashing his teeth. “I didn’t mean to get ya like that, Chi Chi. I gotta work on preservin’ my strength around you.” He moves his hands to her shoulders and Chi Chi lets out a gasp, Goku’s face merely inches from hers. “You wanna try again?”

Chi Chi smile carries like the wind and she nods, cupping her hands together at her breasts. Goku decides to keep his eyes open this time but she closes hers again, and he moves in slower until all he can feel is the warmth of her lips.

I guess this aint too bad, he thinks as his lips lock on to hers. They’re soft, delicate, like a baby bird that Goku must protect in the palm of his hands. It’s only then that he realizes Chi Chi is delicate, and he worries for a moment if he has the power to break her. He doesn’t want that, and he loosens his grip on her shoulders some. She rises a little more on her knees and unhooks her fingers, choosing instead to let them find home on the back of his neck. Goku is uncomfortable at how close they are, but he’s lying if he says he isn’t enjoying it. Chi Chi tastes like a sweet pastry, and he removes his lips and places them back on hers so he can taste it again.

Chi Chi pulls apart after some time, using one hand to cover her mouth bashfully. Her long lashes kiss her cheeks as she bats her eyes at Goku, giggling under her fingers. “Wow, Goku-sa, that was really nice!”

“Mmm,” he nods, “It wasn’t that bad at all! I guess we’re married for real now!”

“Well…” Chi Chi removes her arms from him and sits back, looking shyly at the sheets, her face turning an even deeper shade of red, “Not quite.”

“What do ya mean?” Goku raises an eyebrow, suddenly suspicious, “What else do we have'ta do?”

Chi Chi slowly rolls her eyes up to him, looking as innocent as she did when she was a little girl, and scoots off of the bed completely, walking over to their night stand. She opens a drawer and retrieves a book, opening it to about halfway. She sits back down on the bed, her back to Goku, and points to a specific page littered with texts and pictures.

Goku pokes his chin over her shoulder, looking at the page with interest. “WOW!” He exclaims, studying the pictures, “Why are they movin’ their bodies like that? !”

“Goku!” Chi Chi bites her lip and looks away, trying to find the nice descriptive words her handmaiden told her when she gave her the book, “This is what married folks do!”

“They do that!?” The multicolored drawings are showing people in strange positions that Goku compares to fighting stances, except they’re a lot closer. “But…but his wiener is out and inside of that girl!”

“I know!” Chi Chi feels like she’s about to die having to explain this to Goku. She was pretty mortified the first time she had this conversation with her handmaiden, back when Chi Chi’s chest grew outwards and her hips curved. When she was little, she was only told that if someone touches you there, they have to marry you. She didn’t know that it required having your clothes off. “It’s how you have children, Goku. And it’s how you show someone you love them!”

THAT’S HOW!?” Goku’s head is spinning with this new information. Chi Chi looks at him over her shoulder and he’s surprised that her reaction is much more neutral than his. “But I’ve never done that before! And I like lots of things!”

“But you never married before!” Chi Chi closes the book and tosses it to the floor, turning back to Goku on the bed. “But you’re married to me now, so it’s okay to do it! I even heard you’ll enjoy it!”

“You think so?” Goku scratches his head and looks at her quizzically. “Like…more than that dinner at the ceremony?!”

Chi Chi nods, a smile cutting across her face. “More than that, I think! At least, that’s what this book says. It says it’s called an 'oar—gas—im.’ You get one and so do I.”

“Is it a reward? This orgasm? Who gives it to us?”

Chi Chi shrugs, not really having an answer for this question. “I think we give it to ourselves.”

This peaks Goku’s interest, and his mouth hangs open in glee. “Well if you’re giving me one, I want it baked! And made with sugar!”

Chi Chi frowns, her eyebrows melting into a straight line. “It’s not a food, Goku-sa! It’s a feeling! When you get it, you’ll feel it!”

“Oh,” Goku’s mouth drips in disappointment, “Well that doesn’t sound very fun.”

“Why don’t you try it first then?” Chi Chi gets down to her feet and points to the headboard, a nervous expression stealing her face, “Sit over there, Goku.”

He raises his eyebrow in question but obliges anyways, resting his back against the small square of oak wood. Chi Chi can’t meet his eyes as she says in a soft voice, “Now you have to take off your clothes.”

“All of them? Are you sure?” Goku doesn’t care; in fact being naked is one of the best feelings he’s had in his life, but people around him don’t like it as much. He’s been whacked over the head too many times by Bulma to take off everything so freely.

Chi Chi nods and tells him it’s necessary. Goku’s clothes are gone quickly, and he’s almost waiting for her to scream at him to put his underwear back on and put away his balls and wiener, but she doesn’t. Instead, Chi Chi’s begun to remove her clothes. She still won’t look at him though, and when she gets down to her undergarments, she stops and covers her body with her arms. “What are ya doin’ that for?” Goku asks.

Chi Chi squirms and finally meets his stare with a shaky smile. “I’ve never got naked for someone like this, Goku. I’m nervous.”

“Why? It’s just your body! You got a lot of cuts or somethin’? Or an extra part you don’t want me to see?”

“NO!” Chi Chi’s cheeks are turning redder, if that were possible, and she’s staring at Goku with a hint of anger. “My body is the same as every woman’s! It’s got the parts you don’t and then some!”

“Oh,” It’s not like Goku hasn’t seen a woman’s body before, after all, he did hang around Bulma, but she wasn’t very shy about those things. Except around Master Roshi, but Goku could understand that. He smiles at Chi Chi and folds his arms behind his head. “It’s okay Chi Chi! Being naked is fun!”

“You promise you won’t laugh, Goku-sa?”

“I promise!”

This seems to stifle her worries, and Chi Chi slowly releases her arms and puts them around her back, unhooking her bra. Goku watches as her breasts spill out, and he notices that they’re a lot smaller than Bulma’s, but they still look the same in a lot of ways. Her hands fiddle with her underwear and soon they drop too, and Chi Chi is standing before him in all of her naked glory. “Now what?” Goku asks, feeling the cold draft of the room tickle his body.

Chi Chi doesn’t answer; instead moving slowly towards the bed, cradling one of her arms hanging at her side with the other. She crawls up the bed until she’s hovering over Goku, her face full of worry. “Are ya ready, Goku-sa?”

“I guess,” although he doesn’t really know what he’s agreeing to. Chi Chi hasn’t really explained much outside of the images in the book, and he’s not sure how he’s supposed to recreate what he’s seen. But then Chi Chi is sitting in his lap and holding his privates, making Goku freeze up. Whenever someone’s gotten close to him like this, it usually ended up in him on the ground and holding his balls, rolling around the floor in pain. But Chi Chi is holding it a different way, and Goku’s breath finds itself stuck in the back of his throat. And before he can release it again, Chi Chi is standing over it, before slowly sitting down, drinking it inside of her.

“Chi Chi!” Goku’s hands fall from the back of his head and fly to her hips, holding her steady. The second he watches himself disappear between her legs, Goku is met with the most pleasurable feeling he’d ever encountered. It is like a tiny electric shock that grows into something warm, until his body feels fully alert. “Wha- what are ya doin’?”

Chi Chi’s face twists into a tight ball and she rests her palms against the back of the headboard. A small sigh escapes her lips as she says, “Thi-this is how ya have sex, Goku-sa!”

“Sex?” Goku repeats in a small voice, but his fingers dig into the side of her hips as any other question flies out the window. Chi Chi’s hips slowly move back and forth, and an anxious bolt of ’do that faster!’ shoots through him, but it seems like she’s having a tough time moving at the pace she is. “That feels nice, Chi Chi,” he admits as his breath quickens.

Chi Chi is barely holding her body weight up as a fire burns in her private parts. She read that it would hurt, but this seems almost unbearable. She wants to get off of Goku all together and run to the bath to rinse herself, but she’s devoted to being a good wife. And a good wife is supposed to make sure her husband is happy, isn’t she? “Not to me,” she admits though, resting her forehead against his shoulders.

“Are ya feelin’ sick, Chi Chi?” Goku says softly in her ear, holding her body still to stop her movements. “Do ya need to lay down?”

Chi Chi doesn’t want to, but her body is screaming to get out of this position, so she nods against his skin. Instantly, Goku has them flipped over, his body hovering over hers, his penis still inside of her. Her face is smoothed out to a shocked expression and Goku smiles. “Better?”

Chi Chi nods, feeling the pressure in between her thighs decrease by the ten folds. “Ya want me to take it out, Chi Chi?” Chi Chi considers it but shakes her head, feeling like they’ve come this far already.

“No, Goku-sa, but maybe you could take over?”

“What do I gotta do?” Goku is surprised by how his voice has gotten deeper, huskier. More breathy.

“Just do what feels good to ya, Goku. What makes ya feel nice down there.” Chi Chi wraps her arms around his thick neck and shows him where to put his hands. Goku nods and tries to mimic what she was doing earlier, twisting around her. It feels good, he decides, but it isn’t enough. There’s a strong need that’s brewing in his belly, and he knows that he has to do more to satisfy it.

He moves out of her slowly on experimentation, and a wave of pleasure ransacks through him, and he discovers that’s the best way. Chi Chi seems to like it too, because a soft moan escapes her lips as he pushes slowly back in, his fingers itching to touch her soft curves again. It’s a primal instinct, the way Goku is gliding in and out of Chi Chi, like something more animalistic sleeps under the red of his blood, and he feels it pull at him with greedy intentions. His fingers have found her sides and knead into her. “Is this okay, Chi Chi?”

“Y-yeah,” she squeaks, shutting her eyes tightly. “It’s finally feelin’ nice, Goku-sa.”

Goku chuckles and notices his body has quickened its pace before he allows it, and Chi Chi is breathing faster because of it. He’s gliding in and out of her with ease, and he smiles down at her. “Hey, what did ya do? It feels like water came out of ya or somethin’ and it’s easier to move!”

“I don’t know what I did, Goku,” she opens her eyes and looks at him, “But it hurts way less now!”

Goku grunts his reply as the pleasure keeps growing, circulating through his body like molten lava. He never imagines that he can feel this good, better than any meal or any fight he’s ever been in (the last part is kind of true, because nothing ever beats a good fight!), and he’s learning that he’s enjoying every second of it. He’s even seeing Chi Chi in a different way now, like he can understand what Yamcha and Krillin meant when they said she was pretty. Her cheeks are replaced with cotton candy, the same color as her lips, and she’s looking at him in a way that- while before made him extremely uncomfortable-he actually finds kind of nice. She looks so delicate; so soft. Her hair sprays around her head like feathers. His fingers reach out to touch it, and finds their way to her cheek as he feels something wash over him like a wave.

“Whoa! Chi Chi!” he says, dropping his head as his body heats up, feeling the pressure fold over him like a lightning bolt. “Now it feels really good!”

Chi Chi can’t lie, this feels just as good to her. She thought that she would be in pain the entire time, especially since it only recently stopped hurting, but now her body is moving along with Goku, which has only made her feel even better. She watches as Goku clenches his jaw and breathes faster than she’s ever seen him, his fingers pressing against her cheek firmly. She reaches up to grab his hand as Goku lets out a stretched out groan before stopping, his body appearing to relax entirely.

Goku topples back onto the bed, his legs sprawled out around him. A lazy grin is plastered on his face, his eyes blinking slowly. Chi Chi smiles, enjoying seeing him like that, hoping that the next time she can feel like that too. But for now she’s content, and she leans down and rests her cheek on his chest, her finger drawing imaginary hearts on his skin.

“Wow, Chi Chi,” Goku says sluggishly, “That was really somethin’. You were right; it is better than food!”

“I’m glad, Goku-sa! You got your reward!”

She’s surprised when Goku’s arms stretches around her shoulders, holding her close to them. He hasn’t done that yet, and she’s more than glad that he is. She feels warm like this, like he’s cradling her away from the world and into a space just for them. Goku lets out a yawn and a violent rumble races through his stomach, vibrating against her hand. Goku laughs deeply, as if he’s just been caffeinated awake. “Man, I sure am starvin’! It feels like I just got a good trainin’ session in! Make us some dinner, Chi Chi!”

This makes a growl form in Chi Chi’s chest and slither past her lips, a bitter reply staining on her tongue. Surely there’s a better way that a husband can ask such a thing from his wife, right?

“And then when we’re done, do ya wanna try again? You’ve gotta get your reward too, afterall!”

Chi Chi stops the remark and hides it under the fold of her tongue, smiling instead. She props her head up to look at Goku’s child like face, staring at her with innocence and amusement. She shakes her head but gets up anyways, folding the sheets around her naked body. “How’s about some of my curry, Goku-sa? My Pa says it’s the best he’s ever had!”

“Sounds good to me!”

Chi Chi smiles and heads to the bathroom to clean herself up, feeling excited about the future of her new marriage. After all, she’s married to the strongest man on the planet, and if everyday is a day like this one, she’s sure that she’s in for the biggest adventure of her life.


Hope you enjoy, anon and friends!


May 2015

Harry didn’t go to many weddings; he’d been to three in his life. The last had been his mother’s two years ago, Louis’ mum last year and before that the last wedding he’d been to have been his Auntie Doreen’s when he was eight and had to be a page boy. He didn’t really know what to do at weddings or what to wear so when Ben and Meredith had invited him, he immediately asked his mum what to do. She’d washed her hands of him though when she reminded him of the outfit he wore to last years’ wedding. She didn’t agree with his half buttoned silk shirt and scarf combo, and she’d despised his hat.

Having been left to his own devices, Harry decided to replicate last years’ assemble, only he didn’t add the black hat this time and he buttoned his shirt a little higher. He was glad of his higher shirt when he kept seeing all the old ladies Ben inexplicably knew staring at him, most of them winked and he was happy to be more clothed.

The wedding ceremony and reception, like Harry assumed most were, had been full of sweet messages and crying. He didn’t cry but he did have a watery eye when Ben took Meredith for their first dance. Now it was the after party and Harry had undone another button and discarded his jacket somewhere and was making his way to the bar. He’d come alone, meeting up with Niall and Louis in the church both of them were already hammered and he needed a few more drinks before he could reach their level.

He spotted her for the first time all day, leaning against the bar with her trademark scowl as she surveyed the room. She had a bottle of Corona hanging from her fingers, which Harry had come to learn was her favoured beer, though she was partial to red wine and a brandy. He couldn’t help but smile when he looked at her, he loved the way her lips naturally pouted and how her face was always so blank yet her eyes were so expressive. She didn’t give a shit about anything and he loved it. She was like an egg he wanted to crack, a book he wanted to read every word of and a puzzle he knew he’d never finish.

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I Always Will (Zoe Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2489

Warnings: SMUT, language, gay fluff

Summary: Zoe and Y/N go to Pride together. Smut ensues

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton

A/N: I’m posting ahead of schedule! Yes!! Hope y'all enjoy.

“Good evening, my love. The absolute light of me life.” I said, slinging my arm around Zoe’s shoulder pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“What do you want, babe?” Zoe said, looking at me quizzically.

“Well, since you asked so kindly.” Zoe chuckled at my comment, rolling her eyes slightly.

“There’s a pride parade this weekend, and I know you’re not a big fan of parades because they’re loud and kinda gross, but I really wanna go with you.” I said, and Zoe sighed slightly.

“Y/N, you know how much I hate parades. Ever since I saw the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, I’ve been scarred for all future parades.” Zoe said and I pouted at her, a sad look on my face.

“Just because that homeless guy tried to rob you once, doesn’t mean it’ll happen again.” I said and Zoe chuckled slightly, letting out a sigh.

“You do raise a fair point, but still.” Zoe said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“But we can be gay together and get cute outfits and it’ll be beautiful.” I pleaded, situating myself on Zoe’s lap, wrapping my arms around her neck.

“Ok, but only because I love you so much.” Zoe said, pressing her lips against mine.

I kissed her back softly, the taste of her raspberry lip balm filling my mouth. She bit down on my lower lip gently, pulling me closer to her chest as she did.

“Do you two have to be gay in the living room? At least make out somewhere with a door.” We split apart to see Connor standing there, a disgusted look on his face.

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She’s a rose with thorns (Thor x Reader) Request

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

Note: Fluff, Reader is a bomb ready to blow!

Words: 1030

There was a loud explosion that shook the walls of the palace as the servants and maids cried out in alarm. A smirk danced across the lips of the Prince of Asgard as he walked down the hallways towards said noise. People looked to the Asgardian soldier in slight fear as she teleported before flashing her magic sword down onto another stone statue. Debris flew everywhere as the other soldiers looked to the women in shock that she could move so quickly. “Are you having fun while showing off to the others?” Thor asked walking towards her.

“No one desires to spar with me. They are afraid of what I am capable off.” She huffed looking up to Thor who had to suppress a grin at her pouting face. He thought she looked like an Angel with though perfect lips when he looks to her. “I shall spar with you.” He said hitting his fist to his chest with a grin of delight. “But I wanted to take on another.” She said before glaring around to everyone else seeing their eyes widened when they looked anywhere but at her. Thor looked to her before chuckling softly. “What?” She demanded crossing her arms over her chest.

“It would seem I am the only one willing to take on your storm.” He said as she quirked an eyebrow. “Are you sure you want that?” She asked smirking darkly. He found her determination endearing as he nods looking at her when she steps closer to him. “Are you sure you can handle the likes of me?” She asked before teleporting behind him when he caught her sword before she could strike down as he looks to her. “I think I am more than capable enough to ‘handle’ the likes of you.” He gives a wink that makes her face burn up.

Everyone watched in shock as Thor and her began to train together and they both held their own on equal sides. Though Thor hadn’t summoned his hammer to even the plane field when she teleports every now and then to keep Thor on his toes. He always was able to find her movement and stop her from making contact with his skin. He found life within this soldier and she was someone he could rely on whenever they were to face some foe on the battlefield. She was very passionate in her pursuit of things like enemies.

Thor would never tell her that she was ‘adorable’ or anything like that, because that would probably earn him a good slap across the face. As much as he enjoyed her feisty nature he did not desire to be on the receiving end of things. He did have a bond for her that far surpassed a friendship based feelings, but he would never submit to these fantasies. He cared too much for her to even think of speaking about his love for her, but still he acted different when she was around. Honestly he didn’t understand his reasonings for this desires, and wants for her.

(Y/N) panted softly looking to Thor as he grins excitedly while a few scrapes and bruises litter both of their bodies. “You are indeed a worthy adversary.” He said looking at her as she chuckles softly. “Thank you my Lord.” She said when she winces softly. “Come, let us travel to the healing chambers.” He said wrapping her arm around his shoulders when he placed a hand around her waist. He held her up as they walked into the palace as people wearily looked to the childhood friends when she bit her lip softly.

“Thor.” She said gently as he helps her onto the bed when he looks to her. “Yes?” He asked taking a seat on the edge of the bed. “Why aren’t you afraid of me like the others?” She asked looking at him as his eyes widened. “I could ask you the same question.” He chuckles. “Thor, I am very serious about this.” She said looking hurt as he frowns softly. “I do not know, I mean you are very noble when sent into battle. You can always take charge whenever things are rough. You are one of the greatest soldiers I’ve had on my side.” Thor said smiling softly.

(Y/N) was silent for a moment watching his face for any signs that he could be lying when suddenly she smiles back. “Thank you my Lord,” She says gently. “But why are others afraid?” She asked frowning again. “You have a bold personality, much like my own. You always have the powers of teleportation my dear and that in itself is terrifying.” He chuckles making her chuckle with him. “Are you saying that you and I are the same?” She asked looking at him when his face brightens slightly when he rubs the back of his neck.

“Well, I mean.. I could see how similar we are. Always fighting for the rights of others. Very bold not matter how gruesome the end result may be.” He said as she sat up watching him. He looked towards the door clearing his throat gently. “I desire to know what the healers are doing that it takes so much time to travel here.” He said changing the subject when she placed her hand onto his cheek watching him in silence when he looked into her eyes. “Thor, talk to me. Something is wrong. What is it?” She asked as he swallowed looking down to the ground.

Thor stood up as she looked up to him when he took her hand gently into his own. “The actual reasonings behind why I’m not afraid is I find your tantrums and outbursts that make your eyes crinkle at the sides the most adorable thing to ever greet my presence.” He grins down before he places a passionate kiss onto her lips gently when her eyes widened as she looked up to him as he pulled away. “I guess I am in love with you.” He said before her entire face flustered in a dark red hue before she started beating on Thor’s chest as he laughed. “THOR!!” She exclaims blushing harder.

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A Stone Wall (Business AU Minho) Pt.4

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Type: Fluff Slight Angst

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Minho looked up from his book at the now 6 month old girl who was smacking her hand onto the walker’s toys. She smiled at him as she caught him looking at her. Her feet bounced off the ground making her bounce up and down. “Minho” you call out as he looked over the couch at you “can you get her dressed. My parents are coming over for lunch” you tell him as you rub your hand on your apron. He shot up right away at the news and picked the small girl out of her seat and rushed towards her nursery. 


Minho came out of the bedroom.carrying the little girl who simply laid against him in a cute little dress. She looked at you as she was placed into her high chair. A pacifier passed her lips as she happily sucked on it before a group of small toys sat calmly on the tray attached to her chair as she began entertaining herself. “Do you need help?” Minho asked coming into the kitchen “let me do this alright. I don’t need my parents assuming I’m lazy in the relationship” you tell him as you stroked his hair lightly. “Play with your daughter” you tell him. “She does not need me to play with her” he says as your daughter screaming came to your ears as she was very happy sitting at the table.

Minho made his way over to her and took his seat beside her as she gave him a look as she handed over the ball she was playing with. The moment she gave it to him she wanted it back and he quickly passed it back to her as she smiled. He smiled touching her cheek lightly, he stroked her smooth cheek before she shooed his hand away. She let out a light noise before she started crying, confusion came over Minho’s face as you turned towards him and her. He carefully picked her up as she spat her pacifier out and cried more. He was extremely confused before he felt her shiver. 

“Did you just pee?” he asked as he lifted her dress and puller her diaper out “she’s peed” he told you “just change her then” you say as he nods. “Did you get scared about going to the bathroom?” he asked her as he carried her back towards the nursery. 

He laid her down on the changing table as he pulled her diaper off and cleaned her up before he rubbed ointment on her and fanning her dry. “See nothing bad” he tells her as he does up her new diaper. “Now you should be ladylike for your grandpa-” he was cut off by her tugging on his hair. “No” he says calmly as he pulled her hand away as she smiled “you’re being bad and I don’t appreciate it” he told her as she looked at his face. Her lip pouted and she started whining “no you do not get to cry” he says to her. He bounced her lightly as he stroked her back. She laid on him as he pressed a light kiss onto her head and carried her out. 

As soon as he stepped out he caught sight of your parents “I think this is the first time in a long time that I have seen you without a suit” your father joked as Minho straightened out more. “Relax Minho” your father told him as he walked over taking Yijae from him. “Is she doing well?” he asked Minho who nodded “she’s growing properly” he told as your daughter looked at Minho and stuck her arms out. “Ah I see she’s very attached to you” Minho was told as he smiled. 

“He lectures her like she’s an adult” you say as you bring out drinks “really?” your mother comments as you saw Minho blush “she doesn’t understand it but Minho normally is the one who caves” you tell them. “It’s good to be a softy at home” your father says as Minho cleared his throat. Yijae made a sound drawing Minho’s attention towards her as she touched his face “she’s rather demanding now” he told them. “She has you wrapped around her finger” your mother coos as you draw everyone’s attention “come on lets eat” you say as they nod.


Yijae watched every move her fathers hand made as she sat in his lap. Her mouth opening when he brought food to his own. She let out a whine as her hunger grew. “Yijae you called as you slid a jar down the table and Minho grabbed it before opening it up for her. Soon a little spoon glided down the table and he picked it up. He stopped eat as she smiled. Apples and pears filled her nose as Minho began feeding his daughter. She was a happy baby once more “she’s just so cute. Oh remember when Y/N was that little she couldn’t stay away from those cake snacks” your mother spoke.

“She had the chubbiest cheeks Minho. It always looked like she had food packed away” you mother sighed at the memories as you sighed of embarrassment. Minho smiled softly, Minho didn’t remember much about his childhood. “I bet you were handsome boy Minho” your mother continued. “You were always a cute teen” she complimented as his cheeks warmed. You made a face as you remember a teenage Minho. “I met you when you were what 17?” you ask Minho who nodded. “You were still impossible to read then” you tease as he looked down at Yijae wiping her mouth.

“Minho has always been a fine young man. He had a strong mindset since he was a teen” your father complimented your blushing husband. Who was attempting to keep his composure. You leaned your head on your hand as you watched him a smile gracing your lips as you really had a man who had a solid mind and knowing of the world. Someone who had hardships and had let them seep out every now and again. Though he wasn’t an open book he was perfect to you and you were lucky to have him.