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ML Fluff Month Day 17: I’m looking fur a pet (and fur you)


lol I said I wasn’t gonna do it but I did it

Animal Shelter AU

Marinette piled in the fifth load of laundry she had started that day and checked the time. She sighed. People seriously underestimated the amount of laundry that needed to be done at an animal shelter. 

She re-did her pigtails as she made her way to the front of the shelter. Normally she wasn’t a greeter, but Lila had called in sick last minute, and she had time in between laundry cycles any way. 

She smiled at Rose, who was currently manning the front desk, and grabbed a clipboard. 

“Oh Mari, thank god you’re here,” Rose nodded towards the full waiting room, “The only other greeters today are Alya and Eleanor, but we’ve got a busy day today apparently.” 

“Don’t worry Rose, I’ve got it.” She winked at her friend and checked the list. “Okay…Adrien, Adrien Agreste? You’re up next.” 

A young man stood up, and Marinette had to stop her jaw from dropping. Jesus Christ he was gorgeous. She blinked, noticing that he was much closer to her now. 

“Oh, um, could I see those?” She held her hand out for the paperwork. 

He smiled, and gave them to her without a word. 

She took a deep breath. She could do this. She had been volunteering at this shelter since she was freaking sixteen years old. Gorgeous clients were Easy-peasy. “I’m Marinette, so if you could follow me,” she started making her way towards the rest of the shelter as she checked his questionnaire. “I see that you’re looking for a cat today to adopt, but you’ve left many of the other fields blank. Do you have any preferences?”

Adrien shrugged, “I’ve never really had a pet before but I’ve always wanted a cat. Other than that, I don’t really know. Maybe not too high maintenance?” 

He smiled shyly. Oh no, he’s cute.

Marinette grinned. “I’ve got just the cats in mind.”

She led him to the largest of the free roaming cat rooms, where three towers scattered across the open floor. “Wait here,” she instructed as she pushed open the door, “I’ll bring them out to you.”

Adrien watched the volunteer kneel down by a black cat, hand extended in a placating gesture. Her mouth formed words, though he couldn’t here behind the glass, and she scratched behind the cat’s ears. 

Damn, she was cute. 

He watched her face intently as more cats crowded around her, obviously used to her presence in the room. The black cat let Marinette pick it up, and she gently nudged a pale ginger one to follow her. 

In a second, she was out of the room with the two cats. 

“This one’s named Plagg,” she said, gesturing to the the black one, “Don’t ask me why, his previous owner named him. He’s such a sweetie, though he does have a sassy streak and an odd diet. But as a new pet owner he shouldn’t give you too much trouble, seeing that he’s the laziest of the bunch.” 

Plagg meowed. 

Giggling, she pointed the the ginger one. “This mush is Tikki. She gives the best cuddles.” Marinette lowered her voice, “I swear she can read minds. Whenever I’m feeling down, she just knows.” She winked.

He gulped. Damn, she was cute.

Adrien knelt down by the two cats, and extended a hand out. Plagg completely ignored him, but Tikki softly butted her head against his palm. 

Marinette smiled. “She likes you.”

“I like you.” 


“Crap, I mean, um, you know what, we’ll just forget I said that.” He chuckled nervously and stopped petting Tikki. 

“Um…okie dokie.” Crap she was cute. “Well, uh, you can play with them more, that way you can figure out which one you like better.”

He felt more heat rise to his cheeks. “You know what, I’ll take both.”

Marinette blinked. “Both?”


“Oh. Well, are you sure? Not that I’m questioning you or anything, but you said you’ve never had a pet and I don’t want you to be unprepared.”

“Maybe you could help me be prepared.” Why was he continuing to make an ass out of himself? 

She blinked again. Then a smirk made its way onto her face. “Why Adrien, are you trying to hit on me?” 


From the floor, Plagg meowed again.

“Unfurtunately, I have to finish my shift, but maybe by the time you’ve finished the paperwork, I might be able to swing by and help set you up with these cuties. Help them get comfurtable with your house.”

Oh, she punned too. Oh lord she’s cute

“Come on, let’s go do the paperwork.”

Nathaniel groaned as he checked the table posted to the door. Marinette, superhuman she was, had already finished all the laundry and washing tasks for the day, which meant he had no other excuse for avoiding the waiting room. 

Ugh, he hated interacting with people. 

He smiled tightly at Rose, who was tapping away at the computer. The earlier rush had died down, so only a handful of people remained in the waiting room. 

He glanced at the list. “Chloe Bourgeois? I can help you now.” 

A blonde stood up, not looking up from her phone. “Jeez, I’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Sorry miss, we’ve had a rather busy day.”

She looked up, and Nathaniel was suddenly assaulted by blue eyes that sparkled like diamonds. She blinked when she saw him. “Oh, that’s okay I suppose.”

He swallowed. “I’m Nathaniel. How can we help you today?”

She smiled at him.

—more touken headcanons 💍

here’s some touken headcanons to help you quench the otp thirst, inspired by ch130 (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚


it’s still hard for Touka&Kaneki to find moments to spend together, alone, without goat members disrupting them, Tsukiyama dragging Kaneki to discuss mission strategies or Nishiki giving Touka a weird&suspicious glance (—the “i know your secret” type of glances—) from the distance that drives her insane. Sometimes they just have to briefly hold hands under a wooden table in the middle of a meeting, or sweetly brush each other’s bangs with their fingertips—instead of a goodbye kiss—before taking different paths, both ready to keep working, Touka catching Kaneki’s last stare to her as he disappears through the door, a “i wish i could stay with you longer” type of stare. But Touka is quite an optimist, and she doesn’t give up so easily. Whenever she sees Kaneki brewing coffee by himself, she silently walks towards him to wrap her arms around his waist from behind, resting her chin against his shoulder. It’s something her mother&father used to do, she recalls; the memory of her mother sweetly wrapping her arms around her father while making coffee in the kitchen was something she always looked at in wonder. They wouldn’t say anything, a silence louder than words, and holding each other was more than enough for the both of them.

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request: 91x78 pls!

hello loves! this might actually be my favorite thing i’ve written, simply because i live for this shit. anyways, keep sending in requests from this writing list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Harry Styles. Even the name made you want to throw up. Anytime you were in a room with him, he treated you like shit. He would interrupt you, tell you to shut up, he even one time left the room as soon as you walked in. You both had the same friends, so were constantly around one another. He was the sweetest person ever, to other people. It really broke your heart, considering you had the biggest crush on him. 

When you both first met through his percussionist, Clare, he was polite. You didn’t have that much conversation with him that night, but you liked everything about him. His laughter was infectious, he was a careful listener, and was probably the most handsome man you had ever seen. When you hung out again with Alex and Clare, he became snippy.

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Harry hated being woken up. He felt like there was no need to wake him up unless it was on his terms, which was rare. Says that he’ll decide on his own when he’ll wake up, and if he never does than that’ll be the end of it. That’s just how he felt.

So, when the pounding at the door woke him from his constant turning and grunting from his bed (since he couldn’t get a proper sleep from the thunder booming through the city) he wasn’t very happy.

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Glossy | M

Originally posted by dumblets

Summary: “Just sit on my face, and let me take care of the rest.“

Word Count: 2,143

“Do you want to try it now?” 

Seulgi takes a deep breath. She looks down at you, lying beneath her, hipbones poking into her thighs. “Yeah, but it’s fine if we don’t. I don’t want to hurt you.”

You roll your eyes. “You won’t. I wouldn’t have agreed if I didn’t think it’d be fun.”

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Always Loved You: One Shot

Why hello there! It me! I have come to give you a teacher/single mother au! Have fun kiddos!

She sat at a table, a glass of red wine in front of her. Her hair was pinned into a bun, her bangs straightened perfectly and her blue eyes staring into nothingness. She wore a black dress, the end resting against her knees. She was beautiful, even in mourning she was beautiful. Even in the grey lighting from the rain outside, Marinette was still beautiful.

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"Grab my hand!" P.s. Nice writing. Wade and Peter are so much in character!

“Quick! Grab my hand!” 

“What? No, I’m not holding your hand.” 

Please, Pete”, Wade turned to Peter, a desperate frown at his lips. His eyes gestured to a woman amongst the crowd, walking in their direction. She looked perfectly ordinary, but still beautiful. Peter wrinkled his nose. “She’s my ex.” 

“You’re kidding me right now.” Peter said, deadpan. 

Wade moved to stand in front of Peter, obscuring his view. Peter took a step backwards, mainly taken aback by just how large Wade’s body is – an aspect of Wade that Peter often forgets. 

“Don’t stare at her, just – grab my hand.” Wade pled. 

“This isn’t happening.” Peter said, despite allowing Wade to entwine their fingers. The woman grew closer, and Wade’s panic had spread to Peter. 

“Kiss me.”

The kiss was brief, so brief Peter hardly took record of it until three seconds after it happened. After a moment’s eye-contact that felt more uncomfortably intimate than the kiss had been, Peter turned to catch a glimpse of hair flutter past. She hadn’t even stopped walking. 

“She wasn’t even your ex, was she”, Peter said flatly. 

“You couldn’t tell by looking at her?” Wade scoffed, like Peter were the one being absurd. “Jeez, Pete. She didn’t even have horns. It’s like you don’t know me at all.” 


Elisabeth: “Ok honey we have to leave now. Please be careful tonight and don’t trash the house”

Awa: “You guys don’t get home before sunday so I will have plenty of time to clean up the house before then” 

Elisabeth: “Awa .. I mean it” 

Awa: “Alright alright .. I was just joking.. jeez!” 

George: “So Oliver, I’m trusting you look after her tonight?”

Oliver: *smiles* “Of course, I always do”

Awa: “Do either one of you trust me at all??” 

George: “Honey we trust you ..we just don’t trust other teenage boys .. ”

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The Ride Home

“I admit. I am a bloody idiot.” 

John Watson finally breaks the silence with a non-sequitur and a suppressed laugh. Despite being tired to the bone, both men found themselves awake and lost in thought for most of the ride.

“I see but do not observe.” He finds his voice again and wraps the shock blanket tightly around him. 

Sherlock must be too tired to not take the bait. He looks back out into the bleakness of the country road.

“All these years, Sherlock. How could I have not known this? The signs were there.” John lets out a huff and shakes his head, as if finally coming to terms with how dense he’d been. “Irene Adler must have been a welcome distraction, the perfect foil to what you’ve been hiding, even to yourself.” A pause. He looks straight at his friend. “But maybe you did know?”

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Oh! please do a thing with Lucy's super cold and Natsu "warms her up"!

I hope you don’t mind that I took it in my own direction! Please enjoy!

Lucy’s teeth chattered as the rough morning air hit her face. Her blonde hair was swept messily around her chin to further prevent the wintry frost from reaching her neck. Her lips held a crusted layer of chapped nothingness and her eyes were coated with a thin layer of tears. She opened her mouth, huffing out and watching the cold air particles bundle together around her before puffing out into the cold, drenched atmosphere.

Her hands shook violently underneath the wool sweater she was currently dressed in. Her heart raced and her eyes darted involuntarily to her phone’s screen for the third time in the last minute. A lone text message lay forgotten. It was sent two hours ago, and read almost instantly after being discharged. There hadn’t been a reply, though. There were never replies.

Her boyfriend of almost a year now never bothered to show her much attention, but Lucy didn’t mind until much recently. She was idly making a birthday cake for him, and sent him a little teaser of the frosting. He replied with a simple ‘Whatever’, and that was that. In a normal situation, Lucy would have just brushed it off as him being busy, but it had already happened one too many times before. Her heart ached every time she was left alone or forgotten, and it just didn’t sit well with her.

So today she had asked to meet him at the coffee shop near her apartment at promptly five o’clock. She only had one goal in mind: to finally break things off with him. After months of suffering the way she did, she decided enough was enough and was ready to untie the knot. Her fingers trembled with anticipation, glancing at the time on her phone. It read four-fifty, so there was still a good ten-to-twenty minutes before she even expected him to leave wherever he was.

“Luce? What’re ya’ doing here?”

She whipped her head around to see her best friend since childhood, Natsu Dragneel, enter the coffee shop. He was bundled in a thick red coat and his signature white, scaly scarf was tied around his neck. His pink hair was just as spiky and loose like it always had been, and his eyebrows were raised, directed at her.

“Natsu?” Lucy asked, her head cocking to the side in confusion. It was rare the pink-haired guy ever stepped foot into cafés and hangouts like this, so to see him standing so casually in the entrance was a surprise to her. “What happened to you? I’ve never seen you in this kind of place before.”

“Gray asked me to run an errand for him,” Natsu explained hastily, making his way to the counter and promptly saying, “One steaming hazelnut coffee please with five creams and twenty sugars. Yes, I said twenty sugars. Oh, and can ya’ make it look like it doesn’t have anything in it? Yeah, it’s a prank, how’d you know? It was obvious? Suit yourself, bro.”

Lucy watched in mild amusement as Natsu walked over to her table with the weird order in his right hand while a plain spicy peppermint coffee rested in his left. She raised an eyebrow when he began to slurp it down.

“Doesn’t Gray like regular iced black coffee?” she asked, absentmindedly sipping at her own drink. She had gone for a simple hot chocolate as she really wasn’t in the mood to drink anything that had too much caffeine in it. She didn’t want to sound too hyper when she broke the news to her boyfriend about them breaking up.

“Yeah, but he should’a known better than to trust me with his coffee,” Natsu shrugged. He set his- empty- mug down and flashed the blonde an ear-splitting grin. “Anyway, what’s up with you? You looked a bit sad when I walked in.”

Lucy sighed. Natsu was bound to find out soon enough anyway, and she’d rather have him hear it from herself. “Called the boyfriend up to meet me here at five.”

Natsu cocked an eyebrow. “Well, it’s…” He glanced at the clock, “five-oh-five right now, sooo…”

Lucy shrugged. “He probably hasn’t even left his house yet. Or wherever he is.”

“I don’t get it,” Natsu started. “I know you don’t like him much anymore, and everyone knows he doesn’t like you anymore. Why’re ya’ still hanging on?”

“I’m not,” Lucy admitted. “I texted him to meet me today because I want to break up with him. He never replied to my text, but thank Mavis he doesn’t know I sneaked onto his phone and turned his ‘read messages’ signal on.”

Natsu snorted at that. “That’s funny,” he said, smirking. “And good for you, Luce. I’m… happy you’re finally moving on from that jerk.”

Lucy hummed and nodded. “I am too,” she said softly. Her mind raced as she recalled the past year with her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. “Dammit…” she whispered, throwing her head back and running her fingers through her hair. “Dammit dammit dammit.”

“What? What is it, Luce?” Natsu asked, instinctively reaching his hand out and placing it on her free one which was still resting on the table. “Are… are you okay?”

“Dammit,” was Lucy’s only reply. “Dammit, Natsu, I… I can’t believe I wasted so much time on that guy.”

To her surprise, Natsu flinched. “I can’t either,” she faintly heard him whisper. In a louder, clearer voice, he then said, “I’m sorry, Lucy.”

“He ignored every single one of my texts, cancelled on all of our dates, probably cheated on me a few times, and now he won’t even show up to our break-up,” Lucy said, her voice getting quieter and quieter with each passing word. “I’m such an idiot, Natsu. I can’t… he made a fool out of me, and now I don’t know what to do with myself.”

Her head was hurting and spinning around in circles over and over again. Her lips parted slightly and her vision hazed. She could shakily make out Natsu’s figure still in front of her, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes filled with an emotion she couldn’t quite place.

Unlike her lame excuse of a boyfriend, Natsu was always there for her. Whenever she cried, he always stayed with her. Whenever she wanted to rant to him about what happened in her favorite manga, he would quietly sit by and listen to her. Whenever she was happy, he laughed and joked along with her. It was a wonder why he hadn’t already gotten himself a girlfriend, but Lucy knew that was something only he could decide upon. Sure, he’d been asked out a few times, and many times it occurred in front of Lucy, and she would be lying if she said something weird clenched in her chest whenever it happened, but the feeling quickly subsided when he shot every single one of those girls down.

When she’d ask, he’d always reply with a simple “They aren’t you.” Lucy didn’t know exactly how to take that.

“Natsu, I… am I really that much of an idiot? Can you believe how much time I’ve wasted on that guy, because I sure can’t.”

Then, Natsu was speaking, and she was listening. “Lucy, stop berating yourself. You’re an amazing girl and you’re my best friend. I don’t choose random people to be my best friend, Luce, but you’re really special. You’re kind, awesome, and a little bit weird-”


“The point is, you’re not the one that’s the idiot, he is. He doesn’t know what kind of an amazing person you are, and that’s his loss,” Natsu continued. In a lower voice, he added, “I’m just glad I know what kind of person you are.”

“What?” Lucy asked, leaning closer to hear him better. “What do you mean by that?”

“Shit! You weren’t supposed to hear that!” Natsu quickly said, shaking his hands back and forth. “Gahhh whatever.”

“Funny,” Lucy said, a sad smile creeping onto her lips, “that’s exactly what he said.”

Natsu stayed silent after that.

“Gosh, Natsu, I’m such a mess,” Lucy whispered, wrapping her arms around herself and snuggling into the sweet warmth of her abundant layers of cloth. She glanced up, but when she saw his stricken expression, her eyes gained a glossy overcoat of tears. Her bottom lip trembled and she was just about ready to burst out crying. Natsu noticed this, and quickly leapt up out of his seat, walking up behind her, bending down, and wrapping himself around her. His arms laid just above her chest and he nuzzled into her neck, causing her to lean back into his touch. “D-do you think I d-deserved this? Was I meant to be insulted like this?”

“No,” Natsu immediately replied. “No of course you weren’t. You’re just a girl. A sensitive, playful girl who I’ve grown to care for a lot.”

Lucy, finally, cracked a small, pitiful smile at his words. She reached up, holding his elbows with her dainty fingers and sighing deeply. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you, Natsu… for everything you’ve ever done for me.”

“Yeah,” Natsu said, before finally letting go of her and reaching out on the table to take her phone into his hands. He cradled it in his grasp, ignoring the look of confusion that now painted Lucy’s delicate face-features. “Just gimme a sec,” he said, and Lucy watched him as he appeared to be typing something.

She gasped in awe when he finally gave her the cell phone back. Lucy stared directly at the screen, where she saw a brand new text message that was just sent to her boyfriend.

‘Don’t want to meet me? Fine. I’m breaking up with you. Enjoy your life sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Lucy looked blankly up at Natsu, who was currently wearing a huge grin, and then back at the screen.

“Don’t you think the exclamation points were a bit much?” was the only thing she said.

“Hey! Exclamation points help you get your point across!” Natsu said pointedly, to which Lucy finally let out a low, melodious laugh.

“Well, thank you,” Lucy said, “although your text break-ups are pretty intense. Let’s hope I never have to go through anything like that. Especially those exclamation points, jeez.”

Natsu looked at her. “You won’t have to.”

Lucy blinked, and a pang of something she didn’t recognize coursed through her entire body. What did he mean by that? By saying she never had to go through a text break-up with him, did that mean that her chances with Natsu were completely eliminated?

There was no point in denying it anymore, in Lucy’s opinion. Over the course of her last unhealthy relationship with her now-ex-boyfriend, and going through everything with Natsu at her side, she had definitely come to terms with her growing feelings for him. She had to face it. She was madly in love with him, and she knew it. After knowing him for practically her entire life, she couldn’t withhold her feelings for the pink-head any longer.

But now, she was second-guessing herself.

“What?” she asked, her hopeful thoughts shattering with every passing moment. Natsu’s eyes quickly widened.

“Wait! That came out wrong! I meant that you don’t have to worry about going through a break-up with me because I’ll never break up with you! Gaahh that was too straightforward. Okay you know what, just pretend I never said anything in the first place and I-”

“Are you asking me out?” Lucy asked, incredulous. Natsu stopped, his facial expression changing a few times before settling into one Lucy recognized as relief. A broad grin made its way onto Natsu’s face and he was unable to hold back a low, breathtaking laugh.

“Uh… kinda?” he said, his statement coming out more as a question.

Lucy’s lips twisted upwards and her eyes lit up with excitement and happiness. Her emotions were overflowing and she knew she was about to burst any minute out of sheer delight.

“Yes! I say yes!” she quickly said, jumping up out of her seat to leap into his arms, hugging him tightly. “Just make sure you don’t ignore my texts and don’t make up excuses and don’t do anything bad like he did and just don’t-”

“Luce. Luce,” Natsu said, lifting a finger and placing it on her lips. She giggled at his touch, leaning into it and not being able to wipe the giddy look off of her face.

But then, just as their moment was about to be further advanced, a short ping interrupted them. Lucy glanced down in the direction of her phone, watching as a text flood into her messaging platform. Unable to keep her curiosity at bay, she picked up her device and scanned the text, not minding Natsu peeping over her shoulder.

‘Good luck getting a new boyfriend as great as me.’

Lucy, smirking, didn’t hesitate to respond.

‘I already got a new boyfriend, but he’s nothing like you. He actually makes me happy.’

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Clark and Lois asking Alfred advice on raising multiple children, now that Chris and Billy moved in

Lois gave a tight smile as Alfred finished serving the tea and sat across from her. She noted that they were drinking out of the Manor’s second best tea set, a good sign she thought. “Thanks Alfred for sitting down with me, with the boys all away at camp I can finally hear myself think” Lois stopped and smiled to herself. Alfred raised a single eyebrow in question and Lois waved her hand. “Sorry it just sounds like the start to joke doesn’t it ‘three tween superheroes go to a summer camp’” she laughed softly. 

Then she looked at Alfred now and took a sip of the strong dark tea he’d made. “Okay how the hell did you do it Alfred?” 

“I’m afraid I don’t quite follow Mrs. Lane” Alfred said coolly sipping at his own tea. She sighed, “how.. how did you manage with more than one. I mean for 10 years I’ve been a mom to one kid, and hey I think I was pretty good at that. Then in less than a year I have three boys in my house. Don’t get me wrong I love them, but” she laughed again “They’re loud, they think fart jokes are funny, never walk anywhere, it’s crazy Alfred, I’m kinda relieved they’re gone for the summer.” She looked embarrassed. 

“ah I see” Alfred took another sip. “I’m not sure how I’ll do as a parenting guide Mrs. Lane.” Alfred said after a moment. “I’m sure it helps that we live in a very large home, I can avoid the teenagers when I need to” Lois thought she saw a slight twitch of a smile on Alfred’s face. “I believe many parents find engaging their children with activities that match their interests is an effective way to keep them out from underfoot. Master Timothy is part of his school’s robotics club for example, Master Duke makes films with a group of young people, and well Master Damian’s interests run to the less conventional as you know.” Lois laughed again

She sat quietly for a long moment looking into her tea and Alfred waited. “Alfred how do you do it? When it was just Jon he went out with Clark or some times with Damian and… I don’t know I worried sure but not ask much I knew Clark would keep him safe and Damian might hurt his feelings” Alfred looked to the side a twitch of a smile crossing his lips. “But I figured he’d be okay. Three of them though? I mean Billy’s on the Justice League, Chris just goes off some times” Lois wiped at her eyes. “Jeez look at me, going to bits” Alfred handed over a white handkerchief and she dabbed at her eyes.

“I guess what I’m asking is how don’t you lose your mind?” She finally asked

Alfred looked away off into space for a long moment. “Mrs. Lane, my…. Master Bruce is the Batman, the most dangerous job imaginable. There are not too many people who do this kind of job who have no super powers. Few of those end up on the Justice League defending earth from the most dangerous threats. Master Bruce, Master Richard, Master Jason, Master Timothy, Master Duke, Master Damian, Miss Cain, Miss Brown, Miss Gordon” He stoped and looked at his hands for a long moment before going on. “They risk their lives, but I believe in the cause in which they all serve, and I have faith in them, in the end that has to be enough. You have to believe that they’ll pull through beat the odds because that’s what they do, and I think they need us to believe they can as much as we feel to believe they can” 

Lois reached out and patted his hand. “Thanks Alfie you always make me feel better” 

“It’s just the tea ma'am” Alfred said dryly. 

Dally's Little Sister Pt. 4
If you’d like to see the first three parts search or click the tag listed below ‘thingsaretuffalloverdallyslittlesister’. I have about five or six more parts planned for this so far. I may come up with more but there’s definitely five more as of right now. I hope you all enjoy and please let me know if you’re enjoying this so far 💛

Beatrice quickly realized that Dally was a lot faster than she was and by the time she made it to the street she couldn’t see which way he had turned. She rushed back to the backyard where the guys were all sitting around dumbfounded and a bit confused.

“You’ve gotta take me to wherever he is.” She said, panting slightly from running. They all stared up at her and Two-Bit shook his head.

“Shoot, kid, with Dally it’s a mystery. None of us know where he could be.”

Beatrice’s heart sunk in her chest. “You mean you have no idea? Not one idea to where he could be going?”

They all looked at each other awkwardly and they all seemed as if they wanted to say something and finally Darry spoke up. “Look.. Wherever he’s going for the night is no place for a nice girl like you. We’ll help you clean up and if you want we’ll go out looking for him and send him on over but you shouldn’t be wherever he is right now.”

Beatrice felt like she wanted to cry but she also knew that she wouldn’t get a better offer than that so she just nodded. They all did stay and help her clean up before going off. Steve was the last one to go and on his way out the door she stopped him.

“I know you know where he is.” She told him stubbornly. Steve just sighed and looked down.

“Yea.. Yea I do. But Darry was right, Bea, it’s no place for a nice girl like you.”

“Steve..” Beatrice whispered with tears in her eyes. Steve glanced up at her and immediately felt guilty. “Look I know he’s my brother.. You’ve gotta help me please.”

“Dally.. he’s really complicated. I don’t know if he’s the kind of brother you’re looking for. You know.. maybe if it’s better if you just-”

“Just stay away?” Bea snapped. “Well that’s not going to happen, okay? I know what kind of guy he is. But I also know that I’ve spent my whole life looking for him. I can’t back down now and I won’t. So take me to see him, Steve, or I swear I will walk these streets until I find him myself.”

Steve shook his head as he watched you closely. “You really sounded just like Dally there.. You’re both stubborn.” he said and then sighed. “I’ll take you there in the morning. That’s my final offer.”

“Fine.” she muttered. “I’ll see you at nine?”

“Try eleven.” he laughed.

“Ten-thirty.” she replied firmly.

“Fine. But he probably won’t even be up.” Steve said as he moved to the door.

“Hey, Steve..” Beatrice murmured and Steve turned to look at her. “Thank you..”

He just nodded and went out the door.

Bea could barely fall asleep that night she was so excited and nervous. The next morning Steve showed up at 10:30 and Beatrice was already dressed and sitting outside waiting for him. They drove around silently until finally Steve pulled out front of Buck’s and Beatrice’s heart sank.

“What is this place?”

“This is where Dally usually stays.” Steve told her as he shut his truck off so he could turn to face her.


“Well yea.. he doesn’t have his own place so he just stays around wherever he can find a place.”

Beatrice was starring at the building sadly but when Steve started to get out of the car she did too. As they walked inside Beatrice felt even more upset at seeing the dirty mess of a bar. There were a couple of people passed out all over the place, empty cups and bottles all over, and a haze of smoke hung around the room and made it stink.

Steve knew right where to go and he lead Beatrice upstairs to Dally’s room. He knocked on the door for her and after some shuffling from inside the room Dally yanked the door open looking half asleep and pissed that he was just pulled out of bed. He looked at Beatrice- with her arms crossed over her chest trying to look tough- and he sighed.

“Jeez you brought the kid here?”

“I’m not a kid.” she snapped. He just shook his head and stepped aside so they could come in.

Steve shook his head a bit as Beatrice waited for him. “You go. I’ll wait in the car for you. Take your time.”

As he went off she stepped in and looked around the room sadly. It took everything in her not to start picking up the room. She couldn’t believe how cold it was in there. She figured Dally must freeze at night, especially since he opened the door shirtless. She saw that the bed only had sheets and a thin blanket.

“You can sit..” Dally muttered and she hesitantly sat on the edge of his bed while he flopped down beside her. They were both silent and she watched him as he lit a cigarette and laid back against the wall as he smoked it with his eyes closed.

“Are you just gonna sit there silently..” Dally said after a while. “Or did you have something you needed to say to me?”

“I’m sorry I woke you up..” Bea started at first and he laughed so she turned around to glare at him a bit. She sat back a bit further on the bed so she could face him properly. “So you’re my brother.” she finally said. She couldn’t keep the slight waiver of excitement out of her voice.

“Look, princess, don’t expect me to start hugging you and acting all brotherly to you okay. I don’t do that kind of stuff.”

“No I just.. I have so many questions. I-”

“No!” Dally snapped. “No questions. I don’t do questions either. Look I don’t talk about New York okay? So don’t even bother. I don’t talk about me either so don’t even try. If you were looking for some sort of family reunion or some shit than you were truly mistaken because I’m not gonna give that to you. Why don’t you just go back you your happy little life with your perfect family and we’ll both be better off, princess.”

Bea immediately got a rush of anger and she stood up quickly. Dally was lighting up another cigarette so she reached over and snatched it from him, tossing it in a cup of water on his bedside table to put it out. Dally looked up in annoyance and surprise and now that she finally had his attention she spoke.

“You seem to have a lot of rules so let me lay some out for you. Don’t you ever dare assume anything about my life again, got it? And if I were you I wouldn’t ever dare call me ‘princess’ again unless you have a serious death wish.” Bea spoke so harshly that Dally definitely saw a bit of himself in her.

“Are you done?” he asked, surprisingly feeling calm.

“I’m not looking for a family reunion. But I didn’t come all the way here for you to be a complete asshole so.. just..” Bea closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm down. When she opened her eyes again she stared at him for a long moment before speaking in a calmer tone. “Can I.. can I come back and see you again?”

“You’re serious?” Dally laughed a bit and she just nodded and gave him the most hopeful look she could so he sighed deeply. “Fine. But come back here during the day all right? You don’t need to be here when there’s drunk people and parties.”

Beatrice grinned at finally getting her way and she nodded a bit. She went to turn to leave but not before grabbing his pack of cigarettes. “You should really quit smoking.” she told him again firmly. On the way out the front door of Buck’s she tossed them in a trash barrel with a small smirk as she already began to get excited for the next day when she’d see him again.

White Stitches

also available on ffnet | AO3

Fandom: Detective Conan / Case Closed

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot

Summary: Her brows arch in disbelief, a meaningful look thrown his way. “Jeez, Kudo. You don’t have to put yourself between a bullet and me to prove that chivalry isn’t dead yet.” [Shinichi / Shiho] [ConAi]

Pairing: Shinichi Kudo / Shiho Miyano ; Conan Edogawa / Ai Haibara

Genre and Rating: Humor / Romance ; K+

Word Count: 1371

A/N: Coai romcoms are impossibly OOC so forgive me

 @jackel-gull  @hcibara  @chanting-to-u

He wakes up to the faint smell of anesthetics in a room of blinding white: The walls, the bed sheets, the light on a bedside table and the shuffling curtains of creamy tulle. White upon white overlap before his eyes, disrupted only by the blurry shade of strawberry blonde standing over an open window.

Shinichi blinks at the dazzling light as a guttural sound manages to make it past his throat, dry as sandpaper. It burns with so much thirst that he’s barely able to breathe, and the struggling makes a spot over his left chest numb with indescribable pain. He finds himself bedridden, limbs unresponsive of the simplest command.

The floor echoes footsteps that feel like a thousand miles away.


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