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Idea for dadrunkwriting: prompt 8, solas and a lavellan, enemies. Enjoy!

I have been working on this one for three weeks! Finally it is done!!!

Title: You Can’t Undo What is Done

for @dadrunkwriting

Pairing: Solavellan

Rating: T for swearing

Totally random idea for a Modern AU where The Inquisition is a Silicon Valley start up with Lavellan as the brains. Post-Solas betrayal.

Ellana Lavellan sat at the small table in the back of the wine bar, her laptop in front of her and a glass of red wine in her hand. She looked out of place in her faded tee-shirt and torn jeans, flip flops hanging loosely from one foot as it bounced in the air to the beat of the music. Everyone else was dressed up, couples and friends out for a friday night of wine tasting and wandering the trendy neighbourhood. Most of them subtly flaunting expensive brand name clothing, sunglasses, bags and trying to sound like they knew anything about wine.

But she wasn’t paying attention to any of them, her eyes were focused on her computer screen as her finger tapped out line after line of code. It was a peculiarity that none of her friends and co-workers at her small tech start up could understand, but Ellana worked best in loud places with a heavy scent of booze. She’d tried bars, but too often it ended with someone spilling beer on her computer.

Then she found this place, Nightingale’s. The proprietor was a well educated Orlesian woman who could tell you things from a sip of wine that someone shouldn’t be able to know. It was rumoured that she once broke up a vineyard owner’s marriage when she took a sip of a new vintage and compliment him on getting his sex drive back, apparently it made him care more about the grapes. His wife was quite surprised to hear this as SHE certainly wasn’t getting any sex from him. It was apparently quite scandalous… for people who live and breath wine. That the vineyard was soon up for sale and a good friend of Leliana’s happened to buy it up and now Nightingales was getting exclusive wine from them… probably didn’t hurt.

So every Friday night Ellana had this table reserved for her to work at. Leliana would already have a few wines selected for her and would serve them to her at respectable intervals in between tapas. It was a nice routine.

Apparently too much of a routine.

A tall figure slid into the chair across from Ellana. She didn’t even have to look up from her clicking to know who it was. Her shoulders tensed and she frowned as she finished the line she was working on before glaring over her laptop at the bald elven man across from her. 

“Solas.” She said, anger and hurt dripping from the name.

“Ellana, it’s been a while.” Solas replied. His voice was cool and collected, but Ellana watched as his adam’s apple bobbed nervously.

Ellana didn’t say anything back, just glared at him and reached for her glass of wine only to find that it was empty. She sighed and saw that Leliana was much busier tonight than usual. She turned back to look at the man across from her. The man she once thought she loved.

“Why are you here?” She asked, closing her laptop and leaning back in her chair.

“I, wanted to see how you were. How thing are..after…” Solas began, uncharastically lost for words.

“After all the shit you pulled?” Ellana asked with glare, “Why do you care?”

“Ellana…” Solas said with a sigh, running his hand over his head.

“No, you don’t get to ‘Ellana’ me after all that!” Ellana said, leaning forward to poke him aggressively in the chest. “Not after you disappeared, not after you planted software in our system that would report our progress to you, not after you ‘conveniently’ helped us stop those hackers from Par Vollen from bankrupting the entire company. You don’t get to treat me like a child after that.”

Solas didn’t reply as Ellana threw her hands up and leaned back with them crossed across her chest. She should have known he wouldn’t. It’s not like he would apologize or anything. She could see it in his expression. He still thought he was right.

“Some more wine for you, Ellana,” an Orlesian accented voice said at Ellana’s elbow. She looked up to see Leliana standing there, seeming to have appeared out of nowhere. “Perhaps might I suggest the Val Merde? It’s 9:11 Dragon vintage was quite exceptional.”

Ellana couldn’t help but smirk at the confused look on Solas’ face. The Val Merde, 9:91 Dragon was a code that Leliana and her staff had. When someone ordered that it meant they needed help, usually that another patron was getting too handsy or too forward. That Leliana offered it to Ellana meant she was giving her an out. If Ellana took it, Leliana would call the cops and have her staff escort Solas outside.

As satisfying as that thought might be, it wasn’t really needed.

“No thank Leliana,” Ellana smiled. “Though I might try that one later.”

Leliana eyed Solas and nodded. “As you wish, I will bring the next wine you requested then. Would you like anything sir?” Her voice was syrupy sweet as she took Ellana’s empty glass. Too sweet. Ellana chuckled again as Solas frowned, looking between the two. Perhaps he sensed the danger.

“I will have what she is having.” Solas said with a smile, “I have always known her to have good taste.”

Ellana glares at him as Leliana nods and walks away.

“Fuck you.” Ellana said when they were again more or less alone.

“It’s nice to see your language repertoire hasn’t changed.” Solas replied.

“Seriously, Solas, why are you here? You disappeared for 2 years! For all I knew, you could have been dead.” The quiver in her voice must have betrayed more emotion than she had wanted, because Ellana watched as Solas’ face softened.

“I am so sorry, if I caused you anguish over my whereabouts.” Solas replied, gently taking her hand in his.

Just like he always used to… Just like he did before he broke her heart. “Don’t touch me.” Ellana snapped her hand back like he had burned it.

She tried not to see the hurt expression on his face, the remorse that welled in his eyes. It was a bit late for that now.

“Vhenan… Ellana…” Solas fumbled, his cool and collected exterior starting to crumble. “I just wanted to apologize.”

“So apologize and then go.” Ellana said, turning away from him.

Solas looked at her, then down at his hands. “I’m sorry. For lying, for hurtin you, for …. For everything.” He almost whispered it. If Ellana didn’t know him so well she wouldn’t have heard the waver of emotion in his voice.

Ellana didn’t look at him. She couldn’t. If she looked at him she would feel sorry for him and she would start to care again. She couldn’t do that.

It wasn’t until she heard the scrape of a chair on the floor and heavy footsteps that she realized how long she had been silent. When Ellana finally looked back up all she saw was his back walking away, shoulders sagging under an invisible weight. He disappeared into the crowd before she could do anything.

It was probably for the best. But the thought of him leaving like that twisted her insides.

“So you’re companion has gone?” Leliana said. Ellana looked up and saw her carrying two glasses of red wine. “Do you want both of these glasses?”

“Creators, yes.” Ellana said taking one of the glasses from Leliana. She threw her head back and drank half of it in one go. Even the taste of the decadent red wine couldn’t erase the ash in her mouth.

We Got Married (M)

Originally posted by kthmyg

8.8k words. Arranged Marriage AU. Min Yoongi.

Warning: Fingering. Phone sex. ft Kim Namjoon.

It’s hilarious, laughable, pathetic even, how love could either build you or ruin you and yet knowing this, people still chase after it like the rise of golden light beyond the horizon, or the last drop of dew in twilight, or the flutter of that one coral blue butterflies in buttercup paved meadow.

It’s frightening, daunting, startling even, how love makes your hands clammy like you’re being interviewed by the very man who founded the big shot company you’ve applied to.

And it’s utterly, impossibly, unbelievable how love comes in many ways like a bump and a spill of coffee on crisp white shirt, or a brush of hands upon a dusty leather brown book spine or an envelope obtained from a mailbox on one’s way back from grocery shopping.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening to Min Yoongi, second son to one of the well-known elite families in Seoul. Most of the time, he couldn’t care less about family matters; business deals, dinner with alien faces and empty conversations─ those things he’s entitled to attend with mildly bored eyes and champagne he’ll never finish in one hand. But this particular matter, he can’t just not care. One, because it directly concerns him (as if the cursive letter of his name engraved in bold black against crisp white isn’t enough indication). Two, because it’s from a certain someone in his family who he’s fond of.

Dear Yoongi,

Is written on the top of the not so neat written paper.


I know you might hate me for this.

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Could you write like the smuttiest thing you’ve ever written please!!

I kinda want to blame this request for this sin but oh well… This is pure filth so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with smut. This has not been proofread so I’m sorry for any mistakes.xxx

Y/N couldn’t believe how stupid she was when she agreed to this. She regretted it the moment she said yes. Now it’s been almost two weeks. Twelve days. 288 hours. Not that she was counting.
It happened during a night in with Harry. They both had a bit too much of red wine, their lips stained and their words getting slurred and silly.

“I bet you couldn’t go a week without sex.”
She looked at him with wide eyes for a moment, her deep red lips parted.
“What? I can totally go without sex. Unlike you, you’re a horny mess after an hour without sex.” she smirked at him.
“S'not true! I bet I can go longer without sex than you.” he stated proudly.
“A bet? You wanna bet, Styles?”
“Yes. We’ll see who can go longer without sex.”
“And what does the winner get?”
“Mind blowing sex.”

Exactly that was what she was craving for right now, mind blowing sex. It wasn’t that she was addicted to sex or needed it to function but when your boyfriend is Harry Styles and looks like a goddamn adonis and you know exactly what he’s able to do with his perfect body it’s hard not to get horny.
He was teasing her as well, every morning his hand would wander a bit too low when they were cuddling and every time he came out of the shower his towel was almost falling off and sometimes it really did fall off, accidentally of course.
She was teasing him as well though, only sleeping in one of his shirts and a pair of lace panties or wearing her favorite pair of jeans which she knew made her ass look extremely good.
It didn’t help her though, he noticed all her teasing and sexy looks but he never made a move on her. He wanted to win this bet.
She wanted to as well but if she was quite honest she didn’t think she was able to go another hour without his naked body pressed to hers.
She knew he was upstairs right now, in their ensuite bathroom, taking a shower. And she knew he would come down in a few minutes, showing off his irresistible body.
She couldn’t take it anymore, her body was going crazy. The constant ache between her legs made her feel dizzy and the fact that she just needed him made her go upstairs.
She entered their bedroom, smelling his shower gel. She wanted him. She needed him. She didn’t care about the bet anymore, it’s been too long.
He came out of the door a minute later, surprised to see her standing in the middle of their bedroom, looking all nervous and messy.
“You okay, love? You look a bit flustered.”
She shook her head, she was almost near tears now. The desperation and frustration grew inside of her, making her body move over to his and pressing her lips to his in a hard kiss.
She felt his shock, before he finally began to kiss her back and wrap his arms around her.
“What’s going on, hm?”
He knew exactly what was going on, she was needy. But he wanted to hear her say it.
“Want you. I-I need you. Harry, please, I can’t-”
“Shh, baby.” he shushed her rambling gently.
“What so you need, hm?”
“You, please.”
“What do you need from me?”
“Harry!” she exclaimed frustrated.
“I need to hear you say it, baby. C'mon tell me.”
“I want you to fuck me.” she whimpered.
He smirked at her, satisfied with her answer.
“But then you’ll loose the bet, darling.”
“I don’t care about this fucking bet, Harry! This was such as stupid idea. I just want you to fuck me, take me in every way you like.”
“So desperate? S'not even been two weeks, my love.”
“But it’s been too long.”
“Alright, s'true. Get out of these clothes, baby.”
She did as he said, immediately throwing her shirt to the floor and stepping out of her jeans and panties.
“Good girl. Now lie down on the bed for me.”
She lied down on her back, waiting for him to come to her. She heard his towel hitting the floor, falling beside her clothes. She looked up at him as he started to crawl onto the bed until he was hovering over her naked form but not touching her yet.
“Didn’t think you could go this long without having me fuck you, baby.” he whispered against her neck, his lips brushing over her skin and making goosebumps arise on her whole body.
“Didn’t think I could go so long without fucking you.”
He pressed the first kiss against her sweet spot, right under her ear and her bach arched off the back, pressing her chest against his. She heard him groan quietly when her naked tits touched his chest.
“I missed this so fucking much, baby. Never again, yeah?”
“Never.” she agreed.
His kisses wandered lower, over her collarbones down to her boobs. He nibbled on the skin there, using his tongue to lick over it. When he reached her nipples he sucked on each of them, licking over the pink flesh before he released it and wandered lower.
He took his time with kissing ever inch of her but this wasn’t what she wanted. She didn’t want him to be gentle and loving. She wanted him to be rough. Really rough.
“Harry, please.”
He knew that tone, the desperation and need in it. He knew he was torturing her right now but he won’t keep going like this. He’s going to give her what she wants.
He came up from where he was kissing around her hips, looking her in the eyes. He leaned down to press a kiss against her lips, covering her mouth in a sweet and passionate way.
“You went twelve days without this, right? Twelve is a nice number.”
His face moved to the side, his nose nuzzling into her hair and his mouth right over her ear.
“How about I make you come twelve times? A orgasm for every single day you didn’t have me.”
She whimpered at his words, wanting that. Wanting him to make her come undone as many times as possible.
“How’s that sound?”
“Please, Harry.”
“Yes? You want that?”
“Gonna count them, okay? Gonna count every time you come for me, yeah?”
“Yes, Harry.” she nodded frankly.
He moved down her body again, until he was right between her legs. He grabbed her knees, making them bend and her feet plant on the mattress. He started to kiss down her left thigh, moving closer to where she was pink and aching for him.
She spread her lips apart when he decided it was enough of the teasing, groaning when he saw how wet she was. He glided his middle finger between her lips, gathering some of her juices and rubbing over her clit with them. A breathy moan left her lips at the contact, missing his touch too much.
He finally leaned down then, licking a broad stripe between her pussy lips and humming at the taste of her. He loved this when she filled all his senses, he was only able to see her, smell her, taste her and feel her.
He licked over her clit, lapping at it with the tip of his tongue. He circled the nub before he licked over it from side to side and then moved down to her entrance where he pushed his tongue inside and moved it up and down against her walls. She was moaning and groaning, her hands in Harry’s hair, pulling it and messing it up.
He hooked her thighs over his shoulders so he had better access to her and could bury his face deeper into her. His hands were sprawled out on her hips, holding them down so she couldn’t squirm away.
He licked her deeper now, right between her lips and massaging all the right places. He could feel her getting close already, her thighs beginning to shake, her pussy beginning to clench and the juices kept pouring out of her.
“Harry, I-I’m gonna-” a loud moan interrupted her words when he licked over just the perfect spot.
He sucked on her clit then, trapping it between his lips and massaging it with his tongue at the same time. She came within seconds, screaming out into the bedroom and pulling Harry closer by his hair. He groaned against her when he felt her come, loving the way she moved her pussy against his face and her cum dripped out of her. He knew she came hard, her voice breaking with every moan and her body shaking and trembling with the waves of pleasure that cursed through her whole body and made everything clench.
When her thighs finally fell open and Harry was sure he got every drop of her he sat up, breathing harshly. His lips were swollen and wet with her and his eyes dark and wild.
“You forgot something, my love.” he reminded her.
She wasn’t able to think properly, her brain probably jelly just like her bones. She remembered what he requested of her earlier though.
“Good girl.” he praised her.
He moved up again, kissing her briefly.
“Sit up.”
She did as he said, sitting up and watching how he lay down on the bed.
“Over my face, darling.”
“What? Harry, no.”
He knew she didn’t like this too much. It felt amazing and she knew that but she hated the thought of sitting on his face. She was always scared of hurting him.
“Baby, c'mon. You know how good it’s gonna feel.”
She looked at him skeptical for a second before she sighed and gave in. She moved so she was straddling his face. He pulled her down immediately, making her sit right on his mouth. She moaned immediately when she felt his tongue on her again, dragging up the full crease of her.
“Yes! Oh fuck.” she moaned out and she knew Harry was smirking against her.
He moved one hand from where he was holding onto her thigh to her mouth, silently telling her to suck his fingers and get them wet. She wrapped her lips around them, getting them dripping wet. When he was happy with her sucking he moved them down to her entrance, immediately pushing two fingers inside of her, causing her to moan at the delicious stretch.
Harry started pumping his fingers inside of her, stroking that one spot she could never reach herself.
Y/N’s hands reached up to hold onto the headboard, moving her hips against Harry’s mouth. He moaned against her when he felt her starting to ride his mouth, letting her move just how she pleased.
He resettles her above him after a moment and then she feels the firm press of his hot tongue against her clit, licking it with just the perfect pressure.
Harry fucks into her with his fingers, twisting and curling them. His lips sucked her clit into his mouth, flicking over it and making sharp pleasure run up her spine.
“Y-Yes, oh shit.”
She was already so close again, almost overwhelmed with all the pleasure he made her feel.
Harry curled his fingers inside of her, pressing hard against her g-spot. She’s clenching down around his fingers, so close to coming. He hummed against her, the vibrations hitting her clit immediately and that was all it took for her to explode again.
“Harry, yes!”
Harry’s fingers fucked her through it, prolonging her orgasm and keeping her right there. His lips kept on sucking on her clit, making her come so hard she fell forward against the headboard. Harry held onto her ass cheeks then, moving her against his mouth in the same way he would do it if she was sitting on his cock.
“Harry, oh fuck!”
He kept on moving her against him with his hands on her ass cheeks, licking her so deep she came for the third time with a shaky cry and clenching thighs.
She whines when it gets too much and Harry lets go of her, helping her off him.
“What was that, my love?”
Y/N was shaking, a whimpering mess but Harry knew she wanted to keep going. Needed to keep going.
Harry needed this himself, he missed this over the last two weeks. His dick was standing to his full potential already, his tip a angry shade of red and leaking precum that made it look slick.
“Can you sit on my cock, baby?” he asked her sweetly, innocence lacing his words.
She nodded the tiniest bit, moving so she was straddling his hips. She eyed his dick hungrily, missing that body part the most. She took hold of his shaft, enjoying the fact that Harry groaned out at the feel of her hand around him.
She lined herself up with his tip, sinking down immediately. Loud groans left both of their mouths, their eyes falling shut with the pleasure that came with having each other like this again.
Y/N took him as deep as possible, sitting properly on his dick with her ass hitting his thighs. She began to rock her hips, making him rub against her favorite spot. Harry was looking up at her, not quite sure if he should look at her blissed out face or the place where his dick was sliding into her pussy.
Her hands were on his butterfly tattoo, bracing herself. She bounced on him then, making his dick fill her up with every movement of her hips.
“Yes, fuck yourself on my cock.” Harry groaned out, moving his hands to her thighs.
Y/N was moaning and whimpering above him, slamming down so hard on his cock that her ass created a filthy sound against his thighs.
One of her hands wandered to in between her legs, rubbing at her clit to get herself there faster. Harry felt his eyes rolling back in his head when he saw her touching herself right on his dick, the sight so overwhelmingly sexy that he was sure he could come right then and there.
He felt it when she was close, her walls squeezing his dick and her hips moving even faster. She kept on rubbing herself until she finally came with a hoarse shout, her whole body shaking with the pure pleasure her own fingers and his cock made her experience. She came hard, Harry could feel her slick coating his cock and dripping onto his thighs. Her pussy was squeezing Harry’s dick so hard he saw stars but he wouldn’t come, not until he got everything from her.
“Four.” she moaned out when she finally stopped the movements of her hips, her fingers still stroking over her clit to ride out her orgasm properly.
Harry sat up when she wanted to let him slid out of her, pulling her by her thighs tightly to him so she was still sitting on his cock. A surprised shriek left her at his movements, her eyes wide and her mouth parted.
He slapped her fingers away from her pussy, replacing them with his own and rubbing her bundle of nerves in hard circles. A high pitched moan left her, trying to squirm away from his fingers.
“Harry, fuck I-”
“I want you to come, right on my cock from only my fingers.”
She groaned disbelievingly, she felt his cock so deep inside of her, she just wanted to move and make him fuck up inside of her but he held her down on his dick, not letting her move the slightest bit.
His fingers were rubbing her clit so roughly but just the way she liked it and she came within seconds, still worked up from her last orgasms.
Her pussy clenched down on Harry’s cock, making him groan out but he kept still, only feeling her orgasm on him. He rubbed her through it, the way her pussy squeezed his cock making him moan right with her.
He removed his fingers from her, wrapping his arms around her waist and lying down with her on top of him, his dick still inside of her. He knew she would be sore the next day but it didn’t matter.
He bent his knees, planting his feet on the mattress. Her thighs were spread, her knees on either side of his hips. He gave her one experimental thrust, loving the way she moaned out loud at the pleasure.
He unwrapped his arms from around her, his hands grabbing onto her ass, spreading her cheeks apart before he fucked up into her. He held her down on his cock so she couldn’t move, his dick slamming into her hard and fast. She was screaming against his shoulder, his dick feeling so fucking good inside of her. Harry was moaning into her neck, this position absolutely wrecking him as well.
Y/N came so fast it was incredible, screaming and sobbing loudly against Harry, her nails leaving scratches on his arm. He slowed down a bit when she kept on crying out against his shoulder, now rolling his hips into her rather than thrusting with full force.
“S-Six.” she stammered out when she was able to think again.
“Such a good girl, baby. You still good?”
He pounded her pussy again, his thighs slapping against her ass hard. He slapped down on her ass with both hands at that was all she needed before she came again. She wasn’t able to count her seventh orgasm because it became her eighth right afterwards, growing into one mind blowing orgasm that made her shout out.
“Yes, baby.” Harry breathed out when her pussy got incredibly tight again.
He made her sit up then, letting him slip out of her.
“Hands and knees, love.”
It took her a bit longer than usual to position herself due to the shaking of her limbs but she managed to within a few moments.
He lined himself up behind her, sliding into her immediately. He wrapped his arms around her, pressing her back to his chest. He spread her thighs a bit wider so he had more access before he began to fuck her again, her ass hitting his thighs loudly with every move.
She came again within seconds, her pussy now so sensitive that it only needed a few thrusts to explode. Harry moved one hand to her clit before she could finish completely, intensifying her orgasm with his hard circles against her nerves and making her groan out.
He fucked her right through it, not letting up on his pace and his rubbing.
“Harry! Oh!”
Another orgasm rocked through her body, making her fall forwards. Harry let her, leaning over her and still rubbing her clit with his fingers.
He removed his hand from her, pressing her down on the bed completely and slamming into her so hard the whole bed moved and the headboard kept on hitting the wall with loud thuds.
He didn’t even feel her next orgasm, her pussy grew so tight around him that he wasn’t able to feel her clenching anymore. But she did come, he could hear it, her loud moans and shouts.
“Eleven.” she whimpered out.
She was completely fucked out, he knew she was but she had one more inside of her. Only one more.
Harry was right there, at the edge of his orgasm and he knew he only needed a few more seconds before he would come inside of her. Y/N was still lying on her stomach, her hands gripping onto the sheets.
“You gonna come with me, baby?”
She only moaned at that was all he needed before he began to pound away, paying attention to that one spot inside of her that would make her explode within seconds.
And she did come within a few short moments, coming harder than ever around him. Her juices came pouring out of her, drenching the sheets underneath them. Her scream was so loud it teared right through Harry, making him come deep inside of her and coating her walls with his hot release. He stilled inside of her, pushing as deep as he could go, his cock still releasing rope after rope of sticky white cum.
He was scared that she passed out for a moment but her moans and whimpers reassured him that she was still conscious. He pulled out of her finally, hearing her whimper at the loss. He looked down and saw her release mixed with his cum pouring out of her, onto the sheets.
He lied down beside her, his breathing harsh and ragged.
“You okay, my love?” he asked her softly, his hand stroking over her back.
She looked at him with half lidded eyes, her lips parted.
“How the fuck did you make me come twelve times?”
Her voice was wrecked, raspy from all the shouting she’d done.
Harry laughed out at her words, his shoulders shrugging.
“I’ve got no idea. But it was hot as fuck.”
She turned around finally, laying her head on his chest with a sigh.
“We are never ever going without sex again. Never.” she stated.
“Never.” he agreed.
“We need to change the sheets.” she whispered after a few moments, a bit of embarrassment audible in her voice.
“That we have to do, love. Never thought you could come like this. My dick really has to be amazing.”
She hit his chest playfully, scolding him with her eyes.
“Shut up, you wanker.”
“Oi! I’m very glad that I don’t have to wank anymore, thank you very much.”
“Oh god, Harry.”

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately
Drive Safely (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Originally posted by wkom

A/N. JEFF DESERVES BETTER! And because of this, and because I am trash, I rewrote the ending of episode 9 - Clay doesn’t leave, Hannah and Sheri don’t knock over the stop sign, and everyone is safe. I hope you guys like it, and I am more than willing to take requests. Feel free to message me guys. Let’s cry together.


Alright, enjoy!

The music was blasting, the beer was flowing, and Jessica and Justin were on the verge of procreating on the couch. (Y/n) rolled her eyes at the two sophomores and squeezed through the crowd, balancing the two drinks in her hands as she weaved around the drunk teenagers. She finally made it outside, sucking in a breath of the cooling autumn air and sighing. She was pretty sure Monty had brushed up against her ass. Horny asshole.

She looked around the far less populated, but still crowded, front yard, picking out her boyfriend from the way his poofy hair stood out above everyone else. He was talking to Clay, and as she approached she saw him roll his eyes violently, his whole body swaying with the force of it.

Damn Jensen, she thought with a laugh, you’re gonna break my boyfriend of you and Hannah don’t bang soon.

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dabard95  asked:

Imagine Percy has gone off to help some hapless campers once again, and Annabeth isn't too worried because come on, it's PERCY. Then she reaches into her pocket for something, some change or her keys maybe, and instead she pulls out Riptide in its pen form.

Her fingers close around something narrow and smooth, and Annabeth’s heart stutters to a stop in her chest. 

The kids are dancing around her knees, squealing and hitting out at each other, each calling for her attention, and the baby’s balanced on her hip and crying because her favourite pacifier has gone missing and the gods know she won’t accept any replacements. They’re running horrendously late for lunch with Frederick, and it’s pure chaos, but everything slows down as Annabeth pulls her hand out of her pocket and looks down to see the pen. The magical pen that is always meant to find its way back to Percy’s pocket.

But it’s not in Percy’s pocket, it’s in hers, and that means that he’s gone out to help rescue some campers stranded by the Hudson without any weapon.

Oh, shit.

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Let Me Show You Why

Thank you @joeynihil for letting me use the Cody gif :D

Summery: Brett goes out of his way to make you blush or shy but he goes too far.

“Brett’s coming?” You asked when your friend finished listing off the people she’d invited.

“It’s a party to celebrate the team winning all their games so far… why wouldn’t I invite Brett?” She asked, glancing at you in the mirror as she put her makeup on, frowning when she looked over the jeans and t-shirt you were wearing.

“Well… because he’s kind of a jerk.” You mumbled, playing with your fingers as you scuffed your feet on the foot of her bed.

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anonymous asked:

Heya could you do an AU where Jughead is a serpent that transferred from southside high to riverdale high and Betty, the golden student shows him around but they end up arguing because he's really blunt and tough and while they're arguing a lot of sexual tension and maybe even a major sesh? ;) thankss

Jughead kicked at the old locker, his combat boot nudging the metal as it produced a satisfying clang. A smaller boy in glasses walked past him, staring openly at the Southside Serpent logo proudly displayed on his leather jacket. Jughead smirked at him, rolling the toothpick around his mouth, apparently Riverdale didn’t allow smoking on its grounds, so the tooth pick would have to do.

He leaned casually against the wall as he waited for his “tour guide” someone was supposed to be showing him this hick highschool, the pristine walls and perfectly dressed students made his neck itch.

“Jughead Jones?”

He turned around and quickly came face to face with the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen in his life. The girl before him had long blonde hair tucked into a tight ponytail, accentuating her high cheek bones and bright green eyes, her long eyelashes fluttered softly as she smiled with her heart shaped lips. She wore a light pink sweater that Jughead suddenly had the urge to touch and see if it was as soft as it looked. Her jeans fit her in all the right places and her tiny ballet flats had little bows on the front.

“I’m Betty Cooper, I’m going to be showing you around. Welcome to Riverdale.” She smiled warmly placing a hand to his arm and turning him towards the hallway.

“The town with pep” he mumbled sarcastically

Betty turned to look at him with a confused smile before shaking her head and continuing with her speech, after about ten minutes of Riverdale History, Jughead dropped dead and slurped at the water fountain

“No offense princess, but I’m really not interested in how long the building has been around for. Nice try though” he smirked cockily as she turned towards him

“Princess…I.. never mind, okay so you’re not interested in facts, or speaking. That’s fine, I’ll show you to your classes.” She plastered a fake smile on

“Don’t bother, I won’t be going to half of them, we can’t all be straight A students .” He said nonchalantly, stuffing his hands into his pockets and grinning as he saw her neck heat up.

“Okay.. that’s okay. What about the cafeteria? You have to eat at some point.” She said throwing her hands up and huffing

“Sit in a confined area with all of your upperclass friends? Sounds like a great idea, do I get to sit with the perfect girl next door?” He joked, catching up to her quick steps.

Betty whipped around, her hair smacking him in the face as she hissed in his face

“Don’t call me that!”

His eyes widened and he was left speechless at the intensity and anger in her eyes.

She took a step back before narrowing her eyes

“You think because you wear some stupid jacket and have dirt beneath your fingernails you’re any different than me? You think I’m perfect, I don’t struggle? I’d much rather be the girl next door than some judgmental, moody tough times bad boy.” She straightened the collar of her top and moved to walk away but he gripped her wrist pulling her back. His eyes burning into hers, his hands coming in contact with the scars on her palms, he glanced down before pulling her back into his chest

“I didn’t mean anything by it.. I…” he stuttered, her eyes held something he had never seen before and before he knew it her lips were on his and he was shoving her roughly against the nearest locker, the thud echoed in the empty hallway. Her lips moved to his neck as he hiked her leg on to him moaning at the feel of her soft skin under his hands.

She whimpered as he sucked on the warm skin of her neck unbuttoning the first few buttons.

They were both interrupted by the clearing of a throat from their right, pulling her hands from his hair, Betty gasped slightly whenJughead dropped his hands to her waist, As the principal looked shocked at the pair, shaking his head before walking away.

Betty was bright scarlet as she fixed her buttons and adjusted her ponytail, avoiding his eyes. She was surprised when she felt his long fingers cup her chin, bringing her gaze to his.

“I’m not like what you hear, I’m not some asshole who just kisses random girls like that. It’s.. uhh.. you’re..”

Betty nodded, her eyes twinkling before she dropped a slow kiss to his lips

“Okay.” She whispered.

The dark haired, mysterious boy breathed a sigh of relief before draping an arm over her shoulder marking her as his, something incredibly popular on the Southside as he stared proudly at the beautiful blonde

“Come on then green eyes, show me this cafeteria.”

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Can you possibly write about what would have happened if Snow hadn't come in when she did? I'd die happy!!

omfg anon I WASN’T PLANNING ON WRITING THIS because flkjhlkj i have so many things i should be writing (and also i have work today that i’ve been putting off) but like… i get it cause that scene fucking ruined me too, so here you go, have some porn with feelings. aslkjhs.

the scene (kitchen table sex with no interruptions) – AO3
~1800, explicit, obvs

“To hell with the pancakes,” is a sentiment that Killian wholeheartedly agrees with. He much prefers the taste of her tongue and the smell of dried sweat and lingering morning sex on her skin to anything else right now. And, it seems, she has nothing on her mind now either, aside from consuming his groans of pleasure and sliding her deft, teasing fingers across the back of his neck, down his shoulders, his chest, his tense abdomen, all the way there, where he is alive and awake and quite ready for another go at it.

He loves kissing her, always has; she’s a hell of a kisser and she knows it. Though he may have a few more centuries of experience, she’s managed to master the art in her short decades on this earth. Push, pull. Tongue, teeth. Wet lips, plush and pliant, with a gentle ease even when forceful and wild. He could drown in her kisses, although he has, in fact, been resuscitated by them once before. (Whatever excuse she’d had about that “CPR” nonsense had been just that: nonsense. It was definitely the press of her lips that saved him, of that he is entirely certain.)

It’s the combination that does him in – her mouth on his and her hands massaging him through the jeans that he wished he hadn’t even bothered putting on this morning. He can’t stand it, is too revved up and desperate for her that he couldn’t care less about anything else.

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one of the lines in ring of keys (in all of fun home, really) that makes me the most emotional is “it’s prob'ly conceited to say, but i think we’re alike in a certain way.”

like, you have this butch lesbian, with her crew cut and work boots and jeans, looking like the antithesis of what femininity was (and overwhelmingly still is) expected to be. most straight people likely would have been absolutely disgusted by it. and alison just thinks…that’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. she’s so absolutely stunned by this delivery woman that she thinks that feeling a similarity to her is vanity. straight people probably found her practically horrifying, but small alison just feels this wonderful, incredible, amazing connection to her that’s so strong she doesn’t care about what other people might think. she just feels so overjoyed to see herself in someone else that it’s like seeing an angel.

anyway, i love to cry.