look at her hair in this it looks incredible

20 Rihanna Covers That Slayed Your Entire Existence

1. All of her GQ covers — starting with this one in 2010:

2. This Rolling Stone cover where her curves and curls were absolutely flourishing.

3. Or that time when she graced the cover of Vogue for the first time in 2011, wearing this amazing Chanel gown.

4. Then when she casually broke the internet with this one in 2012.

5. When she posed for Vogue AGAIN and her eyes basically pierced through our souls as she rocked this gorgeous red strapless dress.

6. This cover story for British GQ in 2012 where she continued to give us all life with her red hair.

7. And when she doubled as Medusa in 2013.

8. Or that cover she did for Elle UK where she looked absolutely timeless.

9. This sultry Rolling Stone cover, also shot in 2013.

10. Or when she served several incredible looks for a series of covers for Complex Magazine, representing each album that she had given us so far.

11. And we cannot forget one of her most notorious covers that she did for LUI, giving all of us heart palpitations in 2014.

12. Then her Vogue Brazil cover from the same year that left us all speechless.

13. And that time she did that steamy shoot for Esquire that made us all want to get to our nearest gym in December 2014.

14. Then when she came swinging into 2015 with this insanely beautiful cover for i-D Magazine.

15. And as we stepped into summer 2015 — this iconic cover for V Magazine came out, where she rocked this platinum blonde wig, serving us all ’70s styles and grace.

16. Then when she did this cover for T magazine’s 25 Greats issue in 2015, and even with this simple, clean look, she was still absolutely stunning.

17. Or this cover she did for The FADER’s special 100th issue that year, when she added photographer to her résumé.

18. Her Vogue cover last year, which was also pretty damn jaw-dropping.

19. And that time when she posed as “The Last Woman On Earth” for W Magazine in their September 2016 issue.

20. Then finally her most recent: when she did an amazing photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar.

Breaking the internet every month. 


I’m just here thinking… like, I had to read that B3thyl is romantic because they looked at each other in a kitchen. That D@rsita is romantic because his hair was in a certain direction and it looked like he was looking at her. That D@rsus is romantic because… they were both in the same shot I guess. That C@rzekiel is the next OTP because he has a crush and “oh comics” even though it “will be completely different from comics”. Like, I really had to sit my ass in my bed and read this sort of thing. Many times.

And now, we have:
Emotional reunions and goodbyes
Carol opening up to Daryl
Daryl being incredibly protective and sweet with Carol
Carol trusting him
Daryl trusting her
Carol willing to leave with him
Daryl wanting to stay with her
Daryl being his reason for her to leave ASZ because she couldn’t lose him
Carol being Daryl’s reason in existing because he can’t lose her
Daryl being sense8 and feeling Carol’s presence in the most cliche way ever courtesy of @gimple
Carol hearing a knock on the door and ready to yell at anyone on the other side only to open and see Daryl’s there, and HUG HIM when she sent literally every other person away.
Daryl walking away and TURNING AROUND to hug her like those romantic movies from 1950.

Like, listen
I don’t care anymore
Y'all listen to me

Deal with it

Stuff I experienced coming out of the theater from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

- Three little girls having their hair done in the bathroom by their mothers because “they wanted to look like Rey.”

- Several children dressed as ewoks (yes they looked incredibly out of place)

- “Wait, what’s Finn’s last name then?” “Dameron.”

- Two Jedis dueling in the cinema’s snack section.

- A few young boys questioning an older woman on Star Wars Trivia and her nailing every question, leaving the boys incredibly impressed (and humbled).

- “Okay but what about Poe?” “Honey his signal was so strong he broke my gaydar.”

- Group of seven or eight people patting, hugging and kissing a BB-8 promo model.

- Teenage girl weeping.

- Same teenage girl patting a Poe Dameron poster and whispering “My smol, gay, space son.”

- Someone screaming “VIVA LA RESISTANCE” at the top of their lungs.

- “Kylo Ren was literally just a scene kid though.”

- A man and a woman seriously discussing the genetic difference and discrepancies between Leia/Han and Kylo.

- “That was a very ill designed light saber. What if he stabbed himself in the chest with the little side bits?”

And my personal favourite:

- “I swear, Kylo Ren was like, three years old.” “So,what, your age?” 

um noah fence but how has cynthia erivo’s name never come up as a holly faceclaim? Dark skin/short hair/hooked nose/full lips/jacked as fuck?? Like??

like I’ve seen a bunch of good names for holly but this woman is PERFECT. like she looks the part but also she’s such an incredible performer. do yourself a favor and look up her 2016 tony award performance oh my god she’s amazing

Baby There’re Cookies Inside

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 16

Character A bakes too many Christmas cookies so they share it with Character B.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

Baby There’re Cookies Inside; ~ 3, 400 words; FF.NET || AO3

He doesn’t know her name but he knows other things.

She has exactly one grey beanie, that makes her hair look even more like spun gold in contrast, and exactly one pair of black cut-off gloves, that make her fingers look even more slender and pale than they are.

She can’t be more than 23, 2 years his junior, but there’s something in the set of her features that he associates with a person who has seen many sides of the world, many of them not too pretty.

For the last two weeks she has been coming in every day, a bare half an hour after he opens. He always stops himself seconds from asking Ruby, if she’s here during the weekend as well. Somehow he knows she is.

She always orders a cup of tea, sits in the furthest corner of the diner and leaves when there’s barely an hour left till closing time.

She never orders any food and, while she does dash out for a couple of hours around lunchtime sometimes, it’s by no means a rule.

A couple of times he catches sight of a ruffled paperback in her hands. Oliver Twist one time, Peter Pan the next.

He doesn’t think much about it at first but then, towards the end of that second week, December really makes itself known and her departure starts sliding nearer and nearer to closing time. There’s this apprehension in her eyes he notices and it’s not the regular annoyance or reluctance to brave the cold outside the cozy diner that he sees on the faces of most patrons during the winter months. Her worry seems almost a physical thing to him, digging its feet into the floor, while she tries to lead it towards the door.

Granny has been gradually expanding his duties and the first time he’s tasked with baking her famous sugar cookies, he makes almost twice as much as he should. And Killian has a pretty sizable sweet tooth but he doubts his ability to eat the dozens of extras.  So when she starts zipping up her jacket, which looks like it offers little to no protection from the wind outside, and it’s been one of those days when she didn’t dash outside around lunchtime, he calls out without thinking much about it.

“Hey, wait!”

He sees her back go ramrod straight and she seems to brace herself before she turns around with a painfully fake smile.

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Two more Disney Q Poskets have been released since my last review! There we are the three of them (for now) together.

Quality has improved since the disastrous Alice - poor thing, I have yet to cover the stains on her hair, fix the deepest seams of her hair, retouch her shoe/sock and give her hair a layer of shiny varnish. I will never understand why she was given green eyes, though.

Arielle came out of the box looking better, even if she has obvious seams on the side and front of her tail. Also, the plastic of her hair is weird, it looks like… cheap candy-like plastic. Or something like that. I mean, the mould is just incredible, so dynamic and detailed, but the seams, white spots (?!) and materials make it less awesome than it should be. It looks a tiny bit too orange in person as well…

I plan to give her hair a layer of red ‘ink’ (I already have it laying around for a damaged figure) and then maybe a layer of the same shiny varnish as Alice.

I already said in the announcement post that I was worried about Arielle’s neck in the long term, but we have nothing to worry about: her massive mane was given its own stand:

It is difficult to fit right, but it does have a place to fit in, I swear.

Also, I keep repeating myself, but Q Poskets just have no bad angles at all.

I bought Snow White i order to have a full set of characters (assuming we’ll get more, that is) and because she looked kinda cute, but wow, she’s gorgeous!

(the fact that she is the only one so far who won’t need fixing might have had some influence on my opinion)

At first I thought that her head was smaller than the others’, but I guess it’s because of her hairstyle. As you already saw, she fits perfectly in the group. Also, her colours are not cartoonishly bright like the others’ but more subdued and ‘serious’. She looks like an elegant doll, in my opinion.

Alice and Arielle seem to have their eyes focused on something, even as you try to make them look at the camera and they still seem to look at something further behind you. Not so Snow White - she doesn’t have a complete ‘dead stare’, but she does feel spaced out or something. After deep study, i found out that one of her eyes is slightly different from the other (is ‘looking further to her left’), unlike Alice and Arielle’s identical eyes:

But since my last Sailor Moon came with one eye looking up and the other looking down, I won’t complain about Snow’s daydreaming:


Snow is also full of the details I would expect from a Q Posket, from the non-matte, extremely detailed hair:

(I can’t wait for a Leia >w<)

There’s metallic paint on her puffy sleeves (mine has one damaged, but right on the back, so it is not very obvious), and I was so surprised to find out that she has an underskirt and bloomers!:

So my faith on Disney Q Poskets is restored (for now).

Birthday Sex

Jimin x reader smut (his POV)

A/N: Since it’s my birthday today I thought I’d treat myself (and all of you) to a Jimin smut, I hope you like it! Don’t be afraid to tell me your opinion, it means a lot to me and always makes me happy!


Today was my girlfriends birthday. First, I had taken her out for fancy dinner, I had skipped practice for her. She looked incredible. Her hair looked incredibly soft, her eyes were sparkling the whole time and the way she looked at me as we spoke had me falling for her all over again. I had told her she would get another secret present once we’d get home. During the car ride there she had been begging me to tell her what the surprise I had planned for her was. Of course I had refused to tell her, I wanted this to be perfect after all. Right now, we were sitting on our king sized bed as I felt her curious look on me.

“Anything?” she asked curiously, an innocent smile plastered on her face.

“Anything you want, baby girl. Just tell me what you want me to do to you, I’m all yours.” I leaned over to her, whispering the last part in her ear.

I could see her shiver slightly, smiling at the ground. After some seconds her previously shy smile turned into a cheeky one before she turned her head to look at me. She shifted around, resting her hands on my thighs, staring deeply into my eyes.

“Then… I wanna taste you…” she answered, her gentle hands stroking over my thighs, wandering dangerously close towards my crotch.

“Wait-“, I stopped her, “it’s your birthday. And you wanna suck me off? I mean, it’s not that I don’t like that pretty little mouth of yours on me…, but this was supposed to be all about yo- ”, I was cut off by her finger lingering on my lips.

“I wasn’t finished, Jimin. First, I wanna taste your cock”, her hands went over my chest, down to reach the hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head swiftly, “and then, I wanna sit on your face. And lastly, I want you to fuck me. And don’t hold back.”

By the time she had finished talking, her lips were about an inch away from mine and her hands were grabbing my dick, palming me slowly through my pants. My breath hitched in my throat just from the intensity of her look and the simple touch she gave me. She slowly started working on my belt, fumbling around a little.

“You think you can do that for me, baby?” she breathed against my skin before she pulled away, helping me out of my pants, along with my briefs.

I had goose bumps all over my body when the cold air hit my skin and my semi-hard erection sprung against my stomach. After that, she took off her dress, her eyes eyeing me hungrily. I practically felt the blood flowing into my cock when I discovered the black lacy lingerie Y/N wore.

“Baby girl, please hurry”, I groaned.

Her mouth shut me up a second later and when she ran he tongue over my lips, I instantly parted my lips, letting it explore my mouth. I kissed back passionately, biting her lower lip softly, causing her to moan softly. I felt her hands running over my abs as she moved her hasty lips downwards, leaving bites and kisses all over my neck, making sure to suck for a couple seconds. I knew the hyungs were gonna tease me the next day, but I could never stop her in such a situation.

She licked a stripe down my abs, making me shift my upper body weight up on my arms so I could look at her as she worked her magic on me. My heart was racing by the time she had reached my hips and my throat left a low groan.

Carefully, at first, her tongue slid from my shaft up to the head of my cock, where she sucked softly. All of a sudden she bobbed her head down, taking in more of me, only to move her head upwards then. With time her movement sped up, her hands came to help her, pumping the part of my member that wouldn’t fit in her mouth. I was a mess by then, breathing heavily, moaning here and then.

My reaction must have contented her, because she hummed against my cock, sending vibrations through my whole body. It was hard controlling my body with her heavenly mouth wrapped around my cock as my hips jerked up, shoving myself deeper into her. She didn’t seem to care, because she just sped up her movements even more, guiding me closer and closer to the edge.

“Baby girl, I’m gonna come”, I managed to choke out before another deep groan left my mouth.

Her eyes locked with mine for a second, her innocent look in combination with her mouth sucking me off driving me completely into bliss and I came, desperately moaning out her name. My head fell back into the pillows, my hands gripping the bedsheets tightly. She swallowed my cum, licking off every last drop as I came down from my high.

She sat up straight then, reaching back to take her bra off, her panties following shortly after. I looked at her body in admiration, wondering how in the world I deserved someone this breathtakingly gorgeous.

“Come here, princess”, I demanded, my voice still husky.

I grabbed her hand, pulling her up to straddle my face with her thighs. She looked like an angel above me, her messy hair surrounding her beautiful face as she looked down at me in anticipation.

“Happy birthday, baby girl”, I breathed against her center, making her whimper a little.

My tongue ran over her slit, tasting her already soaking folds. Adding some pressure, I pressed my tongue flat against her clit. She squealed, pressing her thighs together involuntarily, but I held them apart using my arms.

Since it was her special day, I decided not to tease her as much as usually, quickening my moves, flicking her clit over and over, knowing it would drive her insane. I sucked and bit her soft spot roughly, earning a weak whimper from her.

“Hmm… you taste good, baby”, I spoke, my mouth not leaving her swollen clit, knowing she loved the effect my voice had on her, especially when it vibrated against her, speeding up the approach of her orgasm.

I never dared to slow down, her moans only encouraging me to suck her clit even more merciless. Her hands gripped my hair, something she always did when she got close to her much wanted release. I had to remind myself what she had asked me for earlier, so I slowed down before pulling away completely. Her needy sigh signalled me how much she wanted me that moment.

“I want us to come together”, I explained, signalling her to move over, sitting next to me on the bed. My heart fluttered at the sight of her, rosy cheeks, messily sexy hair, her chest rising and falling heavily. She lay down flat on her stomach, sticking her ass up in the air, looking at me pleadingly.

All I wanted to do was squeeze her little face between my hands, but at the same time I wanted nothing more than to fuck her, leaving her whole body trembling underneath mine. Deciding on the last option, I positioned myself behind her, pumping my cock a couple last times before running it over her sensitive, delicious looking clit, earning a whimper from her. “Someone’s eager, huh? What do you want me to do now, baby girl?” I teased. “I- Please just fuck me Jimin, please!”, she begged, her voice weakening towards the end.

As her hips moved back, trying to create more friction, I slid into her, pushing in completely. Knowing I had let her wait long enough for this, I didn’t wait before I pulled out slightly, shoving my cock into her roughly and rapidly. My hips smashed against her pretty ass, making her body rock into the soft mattress. She screamed out, gripping the sheets in desperation for something to hold onto.

“You like it when I fuck you like this, don’t you, princess?” I half-groaned, earning nothing but a quick nod and another whimper from her as she bit one of her fists, trying to control her feelings somehow, but there was no chance.

My hands held her hips, fingers digging into her flesh, guiding my hard thrusts. As my second high came nearer I let my mind get completely lost in my lust, my movements gaining speed and getting less controlled. I could tell Y/N was close, because she kept moaning my name, her breath becoming even more unsteady than before.

“You gonna come for me now, huh baby?” I leaned down, caressing her back, moving one hand to her boobs, massaging them roughly.

Instead of answering she just moaned loudly, her legs shaking against my thrusts as she came undone, her body collapsing underneath mine. I held her up as I managed to fuck her for another couple seconds. My movements became sloppier and the sound of her angelic moans made me cum inside of her, groaning at how good she had made me feel. Riding out both hers and my orgasm, I slowed down before pulling out completely.

Seeing as Y/N was still catching her breath, unable to move a muscle yet, I leaned down and moved her hair out of the way so I could kiss the soft skin on her neck.

“Thank you Jiminah”, she smiled weakly at me, rubbing her head against mine lovingly.

“Anything for you, princess”, I replied before locking our lips in a long kiss.

Jeonghan: Would You Be So Kind?

@monghao asked: Hi could I request a Soulmates AU with Jeonghan please? Thank you!

Summary: love jeonghan…. love dodie and her songs…. jeonghan soulmate au based off of dodie’s song would you be so kind

-Admin Princess

I have a question, it might seem strange. How are your lungs? Are they in pain?

“Are you coming with me or not?”

Your cheeks are still wet and your hair is a mess. You let out a shaky breath, watching the red in your face worsen as you choke back tears.

“Yeah, of course.” You let out, your mouth working completely out of sync with your brain.

“Are you sure? You look a little rough.”

You scowl, a watery-eyed scowl that probably looks incredibly ridiculous on your face. “You’re one to talk.” You say.

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Apparently actor!AU’s have become super popular so, I give you, the TLC actor! AU in some overblown sci-fi epic with an American and Chinese studio combining some of their best talent
Cinder: Mechanical engineer specialized in robotics who lost a good chunk of her arm and leg in a car accident when she was six. Former foster kid with an incredible knack for designing and building robots and mechanical prosthetics. She uses her personal experience with designing her own functional prosthetic limbs on-set to create some of the best and most realistic practical effects in the industry. 
Iko: Hair and makeup artist who absolutely loves figuring out industrial/futuristic looks. She’s also a close lifelong friend of Cinder’s and actually got her her first job as a mechanical engineer. Constantly changes her look and wears a lot of wigs and bright make up to work because if she can’t use her skills in real life then what’s the point? Has a massive crush on the star, and the other star, and maybe the cute blond caterer. 
Kai: A movie darling in China who started out acting in small indie movies but only recently started doing big budget films. Plays a character who halfway through the movie is badly injured and becomes a cyborg, so he interacts a lot with the cute mechanical engineer even if she gets annoyed when he tries to talk while she and the makeup artist try to work out his costume. 
Thorne: Popular American actor, best known for playing the lovable rogue. Literally just wants to be Harrison Ford. Has a huge social media following and acts like kind of an idiot, but actually pretty intelligent and trying to escape a bad contract so he finally start his own production company. A massive flirt and is only kind of kidding when he says women are his weakness. Really likes Cress and does his best to make sure she’s comfortable in all their scenes together. His favorite past time is pissing off the mechanical engineer, the weapons expert and the medic in new and creative ways. 
Cress: Relative newcomer to the international stage with severe social anxiety and an incredible singing voice. Plays the damsel in distress character in the movie and is really good at looking happy when Thorne’s character saves her. Literally the cutest person who has ever existed ever. Also smarter than anyone else on set and has an advanced degree in computer engineering no one knows about.
Winter: Indian-American actress who is really into method acting and has bipolar disorder. Has a therapy animal (Ryu) on set at all times and the director even agreed to have him written into the script so she’d be more comfortable. Is really into volunteer work and has three different charities to empower women in third world countries, protect shelter animals and support ecological protection. Actually a disney princess even though her character is a bad ass soldier. Works with Scarlet the most because she literally has no idea what she’s doing in fight scenes. 
Jacin: On-set medic who is usually patching up Cinder because she always manages to cut herself on something or Wolf because he’s accident prone (even for a stunt man). Old friends with Winter and is genuinely in love with her, will only smile if she’s in his near vicinity. They’ve actually been dating for like 2 years but no one knows. 
Scarlet: Combat and weapons expert hired to help plan out fight scenes. Wears jeans and a hoodie everywhere and looks way too soft to be a combat expert. Will literally wrestle you to the ground if you try to tell her that. Argues with the stars (especially Thorne) a lot, and basically takes it upon herself to protect Cress and Winter because they need her and have no idea how to do fight scenes. Or life in general. Likes one stunt man in particular because when they first met he was telling off another stuntman for making some sexist comment. Also he’s shirtless in half his scenes and she’s only human. Best friends with the caterer and always has the best snacks.
Wolf: Stunt man (not for Thorne or Kai, for another actor playing a villain) who is very soft-spoken with experience in krav maga. Somehow always injures himself (he managed to wander into a weapons demonstration and got shot) has somehow never missed a day of work despite having broken three bones in the course of filming the movie. Once carried Cress back to her dressing room because she was having an anxiety attack. Completely smitten with Scarlet after she offered him a granola bar and has purposely messed up a stunt so she’d have to help out on several occasions. Usually the shirtless ones because he’s not an idiot and has definitely noticed her staring (mostly because he’s trying to stare at her). 
Émilie: Caterer with a heart of gold and a serious flirty streak. Has flirted with every person on set (but mostly the technicolor makeup artist) and is intent on getting her best friend and the cute stuntman locked in a room together at least once before the end of the shoot. An awesome cook who manages to look good despite being covered in food 90% of the time. 

FAMILY || Mafia!Soonyoung [Chp 2]

BLURB: Family is more than just the people you’re born to; family is love, acceptance, and laughter, and the boy with the bright smile who vows never to leave your side.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, romance, family, friendships

WORDS: 2044

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

A/N: Re-written as of 8th Sept ‘16.

“Y/N, come here,” your dad beckoned with his hand.

You scampered over to him timidly. You had never seen your father up close before. You didn’t know where to stand or how to act. You were eight years old and wearing a pretty yellow dress. Mum had dressed you up in it and tied matching yellow ribbons in your hair. She even curled it at the ends. She said, smiling, “You look like the biggest, brightest, most beautiful sunflower I have ever seen.”

You thought you looked like a lemon.

“Lemons came from flowers, so yeah, you’re a lemon too.”

Mum was sometimes quirky but incredibly positive. You loved her.

Your father laughed, watching you fumble towards him.

“Come here child!” he ordered. “You look like a bumblebee!”

“A big bumbling bumblebee,” one of your half-siblings snickered meanly. You had never really mixed with your siblings; most of them were much older than you were, and not very nice. Afraid, you scurried over to your father’s side. Little did you know then that your siblings were the lesser evil.

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She’s the kind of girl, you don’t recognize in the crowd, but if you get to know her, she’s like all the beautiful things in life combined. Like freshly brewed coffee on a sunday morning. Even though you never liked blond hair, because of her it’s the most beautiful thing. You even look at her while she’s driving, you can’t get enough of her incredibly beautiful smile. The way she looks at you makes your heart race faster. Her kisses taste like home, her smell is your favourite perfume. When she’s beside you, you feel so safe. You didn’t search for her, but you found her. And even though you might see her every day, you can’t get enough of her. In her eyes, you can see her future, in her arms, you can find peace. Take care of her, treat her like she deserves it. Send her cute texts, tell her how much you appreciate her. Don’t let her go. She’s the one.
—  night thoughts

anonymous asked:

I don't think 24 but Lena naturally looks a lot younger. Like in those scenes after prison with little makeup and her hair down. I think the way she dresses and her makeup make her look older in the other scenes. And maybe she inherited the position after lex went to jail? Or she graduated early? They kind of showed us with baby lena that she's actually incredible smart so maybe she skiped some grades. They did fuck the timeline but now we have to play with that lol

i always thought she was like 27 or something but w/e tbh it’s not that important i just find it weird that she could be younger than kara bc i always headcanoned her as older bc they said she would be


Cole was well and truly in over his head.

He invited Bella out to dinner at their favourite restaurant in town; he arrived first and spent a good ten minutes wiping his palms and smoothing down his hair often enough to get strange looks from the waiters. He tried to ignore them.

When Bella arrived, she looked… incredible. She always did - at least to Cole - so it didn’t really come as any surprise. They were seated quickly and given their menus.

Cole loved Bella because she was kind; she spoke kindly to the waiter and her patience was endless when they mixed up her order, and she tipped them extra for the trouble. He loved her because she’d shoot him cheeky smiles when nobody was looking and nudge his toe under the table. He loved her because she didn’t mind that the colour of his sweater matched the tablecloth perfectly, or that he’d decided to wear yellow socks. He loved her because she loved him, wholly, entirely.

After their dinner they took a stroll along the quay, hand in hand, Bella humming some old tune under her breath as they let the cool evening air whisper around their ankles. She was surprised when Cole stopped her beneath a streetlight.

She turned to see him flushed brightly, fists clenching and unclenching as though his fingers hurt. “Cole? What’s wrong?”

Cole took a deep, nervous (hell, he was on the verge of completely panicking at this point) breath, and lifted his chin.

It’s now or never.


Ok I am not having this. It doesn’t matter what you look like someone will always say you’re ugly if you’re famous. So even though you won’t see this Soyeon you better look in the mirror and see nothing but the face you are blessed with. (Beautiful spam under the cut)

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His hair looked like he had just rolled out of bed.

His skin was pale as the moon.

His eyes made him think of the nightsky.

And when he cried, stars seemed to fall from his eyes.

That’s why when Dream wasn’t with him he liked to spend all night long looking up to the sky.

For navydream, because I just discovered her incredible comic Endless Dream. It made me cry and it’s so beautiful. You are so talented girl!

she wasn’t the type of beautiful you expected. sure, she had incredible eyes that made you force a conversation so you could look into them. sure, she had this hair that framed her face perfectly, that she never liked but i always thought looked perfect. sure, the way she laughed made you want to fall asleep listening, but that wasn’t it. she was beautiful in the way she cried, she was beautiful in the way she was broken, and she was beautiful in the way that made you want to do anything possible to make her smile. and i did. but she was also beautiful in the way that was indescribable, because even the best author couldn’t capture just how beautiful she was.