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Sleeping Beauty (Pt 1)

Lance walked the halls of the castle ship. He was alone— he hated to be alone but the others were asleep and he was deep into the castle. He thought about talking to Blue but that would only make him more tired. Lance had gone many sleepless nights after a recent mission. It was no different from any other mission but for some reason this one kept him away.

Rows of gallra surrounded Lance as he bled from his s ears and the corners of his mouth. His suit cracked and ripped countless times over and no matter how great a shot he was he could never kill these monsters. His hands shook under his bayard and then all he saw was red as purple claws scratched his eyes.

And then he would wake up.

Lance stopped eating, he was too busy in the training room trying to step up his game, become braver and stronger.

Keith thought Lance was trying to copy him. He ignored Lance and sometimes locked him out of the training deck.

This night… this dead of night, Lance began to slow his stride against his will. His head began to spin, the feeling of helium filling from his ears lifting his head almost off his shoulders.

Everything above his chest grew cold— freezing almost and then came the sweat. The rest down weighed him as if gravity increased. He had just passed a pillar letting him put his weight on the wall to hold him up. ‘Just for a second.’ He thought to himself. He noticed his threat was dry, his breathing was loud and far away, his eyes begging themselves to close but the more Lance fought it, the more black spots climbed their way into his vision making everything around them green or orange. “Help…” Lance croaked but he couple barely hear himself. He felt the vibrations in his chest and throat but it seemed like he was under water and far away. “Help…” he called again and not even a second later he dropped to the floor.

At breakfast Lance’s chair was empty which wasn’t a surprise now because he stopped coming to breakfast. “Good morning paladins~” Allura waltzed into the room with Coran not far behind. “Are you excited for today’s activities?” She clasped her hands together with a gigantic smile painted across her face.

“What activities princess?” Shiro looked up from his morning goo.

“I’m glad you asked Shiro!” Allura’s eyes sparkled. “You will be in partners chosen by Coran,” she turned and smiled at the other Altean. “And you will both be trying to get a special item and then come back to the bridge.”

“On earth we call that Capture the Flag.” Pidge chimed with a smirk crawling over her face.

“Oh really?” Allura became intrigued. “Well, I’m not sure if this is in your Earth version too, but at some point in the game, your partner will turn on you and do everything they can to try to stop you.”

“No we don’t play that way.” Keith crossed his arms and leaned back in the chair. At first he wanted to be paired with Shiro when it seemed like a normal game of CtF but now… he didn’t want to fight Shiro— didn’t want to be enemies. Then again, it could boost his moral and help him be a better fighter.

Coran began to pick partners. “Pidge and Shiro. Hunk and Keith. Lance and–” he stopped. “Princess, Lance isn’t here nor does he have a partner.” Coran frowned.

“Oh.” Allura rolled her eyes. “He’s probably somewhere in the castle I’ll go find him. He’ll be a third party and play by himself I guess.” She waved her hand and walked off to the bridge. Coran stood in the same spot still frowning at the teams. He liked Lance, they bonded a little and it was odd to see him not here for a team exercise. Nevertheless he began to explain he rules to the paladins, then proceed to show them their starting point and what their object is.

Lance was still out cold. He was lying in a pool of his own sweat. In his head he saw nothing but blackness. His body was trying to sleep but he knew there was no way his friends would find him if he was this deep into the castle. He screamed but nobody would hear him even if it did come from his mouth.


1200 words, gen centric with a side of klance, basically just crack

It starts with green goo flying from one end of the table to the other and splattering across Lance’s face. Or rather, it starts with Lance feeding the mice from his spoon, Keith knocking his elbow and subsequently soaking the tiny Altean animal in goo, Lance retaliating by dumping his entire bowl onto Keith’s head – a more notable overreaction, he’ll admit later – and then a spoonful of goo soaring through the air as Lance tries to escape. He fails, his face is covered in goo, Pidge is snorting into her bowl and Hunk is coughing into his – and Allura is rising to her feet with an air of authority.

Or perhaps, the entire thing truly starts when she says, “Sit down and eat your dick properly!”

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So the ever fabulous @nippaaah finished up a commission for me featuring Modern AU Teth and Cullen. I’m so in love with how it turned out <3

Look at those two nerds.

Sassy- D.O. EXO

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D.O. (Kyungsoo) x You (HANA) and Baby Areum

Words: 2475

Full of baby fluffs/sassy child

“Where’s daddy?” 

[Hi! SOOOO~~ AAHHH, here is the first official  part to MY DESIRES. I was thinking about changing it to something else than MY DESIRES but.. i don’t know yet. I might (MIGHT.. not official) Enjoy~~ Let me know so I can improve~~Dee]

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Smelling the air of Korea again, it brings a lot of memories. Summer is officially here and that means travel. Areum and Jenny are both sitting with me, side by side. We are waiting for our luggages. They told us to leave first because.. Some celebrity? But yeah, I didn’t even see any.


What the– Gaww.. Why are girls so noisy and pitchy when they scream? Stop screaming. Jenny is chasing Areum.. Play? While I– Oo~ Our luggage! “JEN!” I hollered to her. She scoops up Areum and brought her over.

“What’s up with girls and screams?”

I just shrugged. Who cares. Our luggage are here. I grabbed the two luggage and we headed towards the noisy exit. Areum was saying something and with these noise, I can’t understand a thing she is saying. Areum is three now.. And wow.. She’s three now.


I looked up in the direction that Jen pointed and saw I black car, “IDOLS!” she said. I scrunched up my brows and watched it drive past. Some girls were running in our direction. I waved my hand for a cab and finally.. Finally out of this noisy airport.


Jen sat in the front with the driver. He’s a middle aged man. He’s conversing with her about America because she told him that we’re from America and that we’re here to visit. Areum is sitting next to me in her booster seat that we brought along, but she knocked out already. OH! I had a weird dream… Well, it wasn’t weird… It was like.. Unexpected, SURPRISE! In your face Kind-of-dream. I dreamt of Kyungsoo.. I dreamt that he met his baby girl and I panicked. I tried to run but he kept stopping us asking for answers and who she was. I-


I looked up at her and hummed to her.

“You okay?” I nodded and she turned back continuing her conversation with the driver. I looked to my baby girl and she is so sweaty.. I wiped her sweat from her fringe that are glued to her forehead and she moved a bit, sorry honey buns.. Her pouty lips. Too adorable. And her cheeks, ugk, to die for.


Areum woke up halfway to Auntie Annie’s new condo. It’s in the city now, nice. But it’s a more quieter side of the city… so the same kind of area when we last visited. Areum was talking so much with the uncle and laughing. He said that it was a good thing that I taught her Korean because Korean Americans now and other Asians are starting to lose their native tongue.. Like me. BUT HEY! I. Got. This.

We got off and he gave Areum some of the candy he had near his front seat and we thanked him before he left. It was early morning around 7AM. She’s probab–


We held onto our luggages and Annie– “You’re here!! She’s–” she stops and covers her lips. Jen and I both giggled at her. Annie’s reaction was priceless. She chose not to believe me when I told her I have a child now. Areum held my hand and tugged on my pant.

“She’s so cute.” coming closer towards her, “Hi.. I’m- What am I? Grandma?” I laughed and nodded, “Yes.”

“Come to grandma.”

She shook her head. I pat her back, “It’s okay. It’s only grandma. We’re going to stay with her for the summer. Introduce yourself.” She walked up a bit with her large sad eyes and bowed a bit, “Hello.. I’m Areum.” Her voice-super shaky.

“Awh, don’t cry.”

And she did. She turned around to me and she pouted tears on the verge of spilling. I hugged her and wiped away her fallen tears, “Don’t cry. Grandma just wants to know your name.” She nods and I stroke her short hair, “Shall we go in?”


Annie gave us our individual rooms. Her apartment.. condo .. what ever it is, is HUGE. It’s like a whole– I can’t even explain. Where did she get the money? She has 3 bedrooms and two baths, so, Jen had one. Baby and I shared one.

We set all of our things in the room and unpacked. Areum was looking around the room with a lollipop in her hand and wiping it, “Mommy,” I looked up at her and she wiped the extra goo off her lips, “Come here baby.” I motioned for her to come. She smiled and ran over, “It’s stuck to my hair.” she brushed her hair out of her face. I grabbed some napkins and wiped her lips.



“When..” she brushed her hair behind her ears, what in– “When. when is daddy coming?”

Daddy? I – dad?? Like her dad? My dad? Who told her anything about dad being here? I just gave her a dumbfounded look.

“Grandma said daddy is here.” she whispers. Damn it.. Mooooom~ I just smiled, “Dad’s still very busy okay?”

“I want to see daddy.”

Why is my child so emotional today? I.. Why all of a sudden? I kissed her cheeks, “Oh sweetie.” she’s going to cry and it’s just not going to end well today. Don’t do this.. Not today. I hugged her and sat her in my lap, “Daddy is still very busy. Daddy.. Dad will come when he isn’t busy, ok?” she nods and plants her face in my chest. I brushed my fingers through her short locks, “Want to go out today? With mommy?” Her large eyes looked up and met mine. It’s kind of red and nodded, “Yes.” I smiled and kissed her head, “Let’s go then.” pulling her up with me.


Jenny was tired so she slept and Annie.. Lady went out. Areum and I are going to the cafe to grab some drinks. She’s wearing her cute sundress. It’s a sky blue but a little bit lighter with white rimming the bottom of her dress. AND it has a bow on her stomach. It’s not too short or too long. I’m wearing a white tee and blue denim jeans with a jean jacket and a cap. She’s wearing a hat too since the sun is really.. It’s just hot.

I bought her some orange juice and a caramel iced coffee and headed for a nearby park for her to play at. She swung my hand back and forth, back and forth.. Like her dad. The resemblance is no joke. I think I’ve said it before right? That they are the same?… I believe so, “How is it so far?”

She nods, “It’s good.”

“Aren’t you tired?”

“No. Mommy is here so I’m not tired.”

You sweet talker. I smiled and nodded along. Nice. We walked about two blocks… with her in my arms as I carried her. She got tired.. I’m Super tired. And my drink that will fall and spill, “Mommy is so pretty.” she pats my face. I smiled, “Is that why you’re so pretty?” I asked her. She nods and thumbs up, “Yes.” I planted a soft kiss against her cheek, “You’re so sweet.”.. I think we.. where are we? There’s some girls here, but they look like tourists with their cameras hanging around their necks. Yea, Tourists. They were taking photos of this building and some guys coming out and entering a van in front of it. Now, that area is empty but that car. SHADE! I quickly walked towards the shade, thank goodness. I was going to pass out.

I placed her down and she drank her juice then pointed at the building in front of us, “What is that?”

“A building..” I chuckled a bit.

“I know.” she brushed her fringe and twirled. SUUURE You do little girl. I just chuckled and shook my head. She sung and sung her little butt off to some nursery rhymes and korean songs then idol songs. It was so cute. I shouldn’t have showed her any korean songs. It’s so funny. Her little butt was wiggling cutely. I laughed then checked my phone. Some updates on instagram. I recorded her on snapchat and posted it. She’s so silly. She wanted me to take photos of her, so I did. I showed her too because she wanted to look at them. So photogenic. She went back and did some peace signs and kisses. She twirled and twirled then stopped and suddenly bowed in the direction of the building– OH.. they’re looking, “Areum, let’s go honey.” she nods at me then bowed again at the men in caps. They waved at her.

She skipped over and grabbed my hand, “Let’s go mommy. I’m.. tired.” I pulled her up and carried her again since I was done with my drink and she laid her head against my shoulder, “Mommy.”

I hummed a yes, “Is daddy here yet?” I continued walked back the direction that we came from and the car early past us, “Hm.. no. He said not now.” I feel so guilty lying to her. He doesn’t even know about her existence. The car suddenly stops and the door opened. Hm? They probably forgot something or the—


Baekhyun… I looked at him then her. She looked up and pointed at him, “He was the one waving.” I looked at her him and he came closer, “is that you?”

“Baekhyun oppa..” I said and bowed. Great not what I planned at all. He came running as I placed her on the floor. His arms engulfed me and he told me how much he misses me and I smiled, “Thanks.”

“Who’s this?” he squatted. She walks up towards him and looked at me. I stared at her too, “Hello, I’m Kang Areum..” she bowed. He had a large.. HUGE smile and patted the top of her head, “You’re so cute. How old are you?”

She held up two fingers, “Three.” We both chuckled at her clumsy mistake. He took her hand and helped her, “Three. That’s two earlier” He looked up at me then stood up, “Where’s her mommy?” I scrunched my brows, what is he talking about? I’m right here– Oh.. I looked around us–

“Mommy,” she held onto my jacket.

“MOMMY?” out of surprise. His face says it all for Byun Baekhyun. I nodded, “Surprise?”

“Since when?” crossing his arms.

“It’s a long story?” shrugged a bit with a chuckle.

“Baekhyun, we have to go!” his manager shouted. He said ok and patted her head, “Give me your number so I can contact you.” I stood shocked, “My N-number?”

He hummed a yea and I nodded, “Okay..”

We exchanged numbers and he was saying how the boys are going to flip. I held onto his arm, “Don’t tell them about her… just yet.” He scrunched his brows, “Why not?”

“Just.. I’m not really ready…– just say it’s a surprise but just don’t mention my child.. Just yet?” He nods, “I’ll contact you.” he said before he walked back towards the car. What a meeting. I looked back at the building with Areum being fussy now, I didn’t know they got a different building.. Hmm.. interesting.

“Let’s go honey.” carrying her again.


I hollered a taxi and got us to the nearest food.. Restaurants because my child is hungry and ooh… AHH! It was a really quiet place with not much people. We both hopped off the taxi and went in. The auntie who works there took us to a table and handed us the menus before leaving. I don’t really care if it is extravagant or whatnot at least.. You know.. It’s food. Areum can do a lot of greasy food.. Her poo will.. You know, diarrhea.

I sat her down across from me and ordered her some kimbap with some of the glass noodle dish. I’m a bad mother I know.. First time mother. But don’t worry, I ordered her soup that isn’t spicy. And for me, I ordered kimchi jjigae with rice for both of us.

“She’s so pretty.” the auntie complimented her. We both thanked her. Areum did her little bow and threw in her honorifics and it continued from there, saying that she is well mannered and super pretty. I couldn’t thank her enough for the compliments before she left to tend some other people who sat two tables away.

“Mommy,” she began again with her hair. What is up with her and her hair? “Hm?” I answered, she batted her eyes and I gave her a crooked smile, “Do I look pretty like how the grandma said?” Where did she learn to bat her eyeballs at me? And why is she leaning across the table like that with her eyes all big? I chuckled and nodded, “Mhm, Areum is the prettiest in the world.” I pinched her cheeks. She smiled a warm smile with her heart shaped lips… the same smile as her daddy’s. Hmph.. guilty. I feel guilty. Her dad is somewhere here but I’m.. I’m keeping her from knowing it. She’s going to hate me so much.

 “Thank you” As the auntie placed our food on the table. I grabbed some food for Areum and she began to munch on them and saying how it was delicious as I began to dig into mine. She loved the glass noodles the most. She hardly touch the kimbap. I made her eat some because.. There is NO WAY I can finish it by myself after this meal, “I want ice cream.” as she ate her food. She just stared at her plate. I nodded, “After you eat.” She smiles and nods. The people who came in after.. I swear, they keep staring at us. I can see it from the corner of my eye.

We were stuffed.. Like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. I asked for a box so I can take it with us because her kimbap.. And her noodles. I wiped her lips with a napkin and turned towards the other table who is basically watching us. Who– Chan–


“Chanyeol?” I whispered. Baby girl looked over too.

“Hana?” I laughed hearing his voice. That super deep voice, “Chanyeol?” He smiled and walked over with a hug. I hugged him too and–

“Mommy,” I looked at her– oh yeah, “That’s my daughter.” I told him. He looked at us and –

“Since when?  Why didn’t you tell me?” he chuckles.

“Yeeeaa.. Long story.”

“How old are you?” he squatted down to her eye level. She smiled, “Three,” with her two fingers again. We laughed and he helped her with her fingers. “Where’s her dad?” they both looked at me. I forgot how my face suddenly hardened– “Mommy says daddy is still singing.”

Seeing someone else pop in from the door– was my dream.. Some sort of foreshadowing th– “KYUNGSOO!” the other guy from the table screamed. He bowed to them and— OH NO. My heart just dropped. Kyungsoo..

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i hope you don't mind me asking but do you have any recs for like genuinely good vampire series? or anything vampire related

uhhh this is a difficult question to answer because I don’t know your vampire #biases like vampire stories go from horror n gore to like soapy ya and I, being a connoisseur and a scholar, will consume pretty much the entire spectrum of vampire related media lmao. But I will do my best.

(oh, and also - i’ve taken under assumption when you say vampires you mean series where they’re like actual characters and not just zombie fill in villains ie. the 30 days of night series and i am legend. but you should watch both of those things anyway cause they’re pretty good.)


  • let the right one in - the original, not the remake though the remake is passable in a david fincher’s girl with the dragon tattoo kind of way. The original is weird and spine chilling and atmospheric and haunting and you should absolutely check it out.
  • a girl walks home alone at night - The summary for this movie is: ‘ Residents of a worn-down Iranian city encounter a skateboarding vampire who preys on men who disrespect women.’. WATCH IT
  • from dusk to dawn - the series, the movie is alright (just youtube selma hayek’s dance scene honestly) but the series is sooooo good, it’s actually one of my favourite currently airing series in general. 
  • being human - the uk series, though the american one is also very watchable. really really good and explores a lot of the morality and consequences of being a supernatural creature/vampire especially. also aidan turner is so much hotter when he’s playing quasi evil dudes


  • look everyone hates this movie but i loved byzantium. gemma arterton as a misandrist vicious vampire mother furiously trying to protect herself and her fragile waif daughter saoirse ronan and garotting people in the process? Blood fountains? that dude who’s playing darcy in pride and prejudice and zombies as an enforcer of the vampire dude mafia come to kill gemma arterton but is actually totally in love with her and can’t look at her without melting into a puddle of goo? SIGN ME UP! THAT’S SOME GOOD SHIT
  • look you’re probably not going to believe me but the originals is actually REALLY, REALLY GOOD. like, if you absolutely hate soapy/cw esque shows it’s clearly not going to be for you, but i live for the trash and this is my favourite trash. you don’t have to watch the vampire diaries to understand it (though watching a few eps with the originals probs wouldn’t hurt) and like, it is such a bounty of the creme de la creme of vampire fiction tropes. weird victorian esque no touchey sexual tension, sophisticated lookin suit wearin definitely sociopathic tribal minded loyal to the end murderers, it’s set in new orleans, everyone’s good looking, honestly give it a go you will not be disappointed 
  • hellsing. hellsing is this anime/manga series i used to LIVE FOR when i was like, 13 lmao. it’s pretty bloody/lots of gore and there’s like undead nazis? and stuff but the core story is about alucard (it’s dracula……….. BACKWARDS) this super powerful vampire who is enslaved to the hellsing (as in abraham van) corporation which is led by this super cold super efficent lady called integra and alucard is absolutely batshit crazy in love with her and she basically treats him like this savage animal that’s under her control lmao it’s so great also there’s warrior catholic priests
  • true blood, the first two seasons of this show were LEGIT. this was my shit in high school. don’t even say ‘godric/eric roof scene’ to me unless you want me to start crying blood and pleading in swedish. however, it goes to complete shit after season two and you’re going to be invested and feel like you have to keep watching for your faves. don’t do it. don’t doooo itttt
  • buffy and angel, though i was always more of a buffy girl. honestly on rewatch i don’t love this series as much, but it was absolutely formative for me as a yung supernatural lovin’ kid. THE SEASON TWO ENDING REMAINS THE MOST FUCKED UP GREAT SHIT
  • vampire academy. lmao i read this series when i was in high school in the midst of the post twilight vampire boom phase and that probably definitely influenced my opinion here, but it’s probably my favourite ya vampire series.
  • underworld. i’m pretty sure this is where the fucking werewolves vs vampires thing came about? which like, thanks for NOTHING kate beckinsale, but other than that these movies are good trashy 00′s goth n leather suits fun. 
  • the vampire chronicles series by anne rice, it’s actually this whole book saga that incorporates like three different series and witches and there’s like 25 books or whatever but i used to love them a lot as teen. the movies are good too - interview with the vampire obviously a classic, and queen of the damned is a 00′s hot mess but worth it for AALIYAH AS AKASHA AFOREMENTIONED QUEEN OF THE DAMNED
  • hotel transylvania? HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA
  • moonlight. this was a funny little show that only lasted a season (rip) with the dude from hawaii 5-0 as a moody vampire and sophia myles as the object of his maudlin affections with bonus logan from veronica mars as an i don’t give a fuck rich dick vampire and shannon sossaman as the protagonist’s evil femme fatale ex/vampire sire. it was legit. 
  • the carmilla youtube series
  • when i was reallly young i watched this anime called karin? and it was about this girl born into a vampire family but she was like, the world’s shittiest vampire and instead of craving blood she like produced too much blood and would get these massive nosebleeds and she was in love with this completely normal useless dude and kept on trying to hide the fact her family were these creepy ass vampires from him lmao. it was dope 
  • the blade series


  • vampire diaries. don’t do it. also they only wrote in diaries for like half a season #falseadvertising
  • anita blake vampire hunter. nooooooooooooo
  • this fucking weird ya series called like evernight? the only good thing about it was that the vampire reveal was a fakeout and you thought the dude was the vampire but it was actually the girl. more flipped trope vampire girl/human love interest stories @ world
  • house of night. house of nooooooo
  • honestly like 80% of the entire post twilight vampire boom. it takes some serious diggin to find gold in that hot mess


  • the 1992 dracula movie, solid aesthetics but like is it brilliant? not very. 6/10
  • the dracula tv series with jonathan rhys meyers, it only lasted a season and he was creepy weird but the reincarnated lovers trope is always great and lucy was absolutely butt crazy in love with mina, and it ruled. 6/10
  • the dracula untold movie. charles dance was a vampire living in a cave and apparently he was also meant to be caligula???????? ??????????? 5/10 for luke evans and his cute wife and also again, reincarnated lovers trope
  • van helsing, i love this stupid movie but it is a stuuuupid movie. 5/10 for the ball scene and kate beckinsale’s dope 00′s corset/curls combo
  • the league of extraordinary gentleman - HAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH. SOOOOOO MUCH PLEASE WATCH IT, IT’S SO BADGOOD. 8/10 BECAUSE MY BAROMETER IS TOTALLY SKEWED also the graphic novels it’s based on are actually brilliant and deserving of a true 8/10
  • the outkast song ‘dracula’s wedding’, 9/10
  • the count from sesame st, 10/10 please watch this
  • aforementioned hellsing, 7/10
  • dracula 2000, this movie sucked and it was PERSONALLY offensive to me because dracula was JUDAS ISCARIOT. 3/10
  • all the b movie old school draculas, collective 7/10
  • bram stoker’s actual book dracula, the reason this entire post exists, 7/10 i took off three points for bram playing like he didn’t totally rip the shit out of like fifteen different vampire myths from eastern europe
Baby Boy

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Genre: FLUFF

Main Character: Goo Junhoe

Summary: Junhoe shows a different side of himself to his girlfriend.

A/N: It’s short and stupid honestly? But I had to write it anyway?

Junhoe cuddles into his girlfriend’s lap. He wanted something. What would it be this time? She waited for him to ask for something, but he stayed silent. His chest rose up and down slowly. Was he asleep? She stretched her neck to see if his eyes were closed. Junhoe’s eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly parted. Lifting her hand, she plays with his soft black hair.

Junhoe slowly opens his eyes as his hair tickles his forehead. After processing what was happening, he smiles to himself. He wanted to stay in her lap forever. However, his arm was falling asleep under him. Junhoe slowly shifts himself on his back, looking up at his girlfriend. “Nice nap?” He nods. Although Junhoe was awake, she continues playing with his hair.

Junhoe smiles brightly up at her. “This is nice.” She leans down to kiss the tip of his nose. Junhoe giggles and runs away. “Where are you going?” she whines. No answer. “Junhoe?” Still no answer. She gets up and walks in the direction he went in. As she enters the room, Junhoe wraps his arms around her. “What’s going on today?” “Nothing.” “You’re acting different.” Junhoe kisses her cheek gently. “I am not.”

“Since when are you so cute?” He rolls his eyes, “I am not cute.” She turns to face him. Looking up at him, she blushes and pinches his cheeks. “You are.” He lets his arms drop back down to his side. Walking away, he lays on the couch. “Junhoe.” He gives her a quick glance. “What?” She pouts. He gives in. “Come here.” She joins him on the couch. He leans against her shoulder.

Junhoe kisses her shoulder. His lips move up her neck, barely tracing along her skin. His lips hover over hers, slowly placing a kiss against her lips. “I really love you.” he whispers as her pulls away. Too entranced to say anything, she looks down and grins. His hand lifts her chin up, making her look him in the eyes. “I love you too Junhoe.”

He smiles like a child at her words. “You are the cutest boy I’ve ever seen.” “I know.” She laughs, he was back to normal. This side of him was adorable, but she still liked him just as much either way. He kisses her lips once more. She squished his cheeks again and runs away after Junhoe gives her a look.

levi and the vagina

I started a series of drabbles a while ago, a reincarnation/soulmate au designed to let me switch up sex/gender identities/worlds/universes etc as and when I wanted. This particular ‘chapter’ was super challenging for me so I decided to post this one first.

ereri, explicit, approx 1300 words, ao3

“Fuck, no wait! Stop!” Levi shoves against Eren’s chest forcefully.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Do you have cramp again?” Levi scowls up at him. “You’re just freaking out again, huh?”

“I’m not freaking out, you shithead.”

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title: Ghost
summary: In which Sakura sees things that she doesn’t want to see.
pairing: itasaku

Tell me the things you know to be true.
I’ll tell the things I know about you.

A vein began to throb slowly in her temple as the high-pitched voice keened into her ear. 

Tell me the things you know to be true.
I’ll tell the things I know about you.

She slurped her coffee down in slow, jerking movements. Because if she didn’t-

Tell me the things you know to-

“SHUT UP SHUT UP!” Sakura finally snapped, flinging her coffee cup. It didn’t hit the greyish wisp leaning over her. Rather, the white cup pierced right through it, not even leaving a mark. Coffee splattered across the floor as Sakura jerked her chair forward. And the stupid thing let out a reedy giggle as it dissolved into smoke.

“Goddamn ghosts,” she growled under her breath.

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i know i always say i’m totally gay for sakura (which i am bc she’s sakura and she’s amazing and cute and adorable and ugh *deep breath*) but i’m also very very gay for Yui, bc she’s also very amazing and cute and adorable and….*deep breath* just look at her

*melts into a puddle of goo* beautiful…

Hot For Teacher - Ian Thomas/Alison Crush (Master Theory)

Some of you were unsure of our Hot For Teacher being about Ian Thomas so here’s what we’ve gathered that indicates he is the one she wrote about in her diary entry and that he could be the starting point of the whole ordeal/master plan of A.

Ali wrote ‘Hot for Teacher’ when she spotted Ian interviewing for a teaching position at Rosewood High. In the 4.24 'A is for Answers’ we spotted his resume in the top right hand corner of Ian’s laptop.

This also goes with another clue that we mentioned in our 4.15 recap post:

Alison wanted to learn to use the field hockey stick to preferably get Ian’s attention. The one thing we aren’t sure about is if the flashback was before or after the Ian and Spencer kiss. We are thinking that since she saw him interviewing then she possibly had some idea of what position he was applying for. Which could have sparked her sudden interest in field hockey, meaning the above scene could have taken place before the Ian and Spencer kiss.

If that is the case, then this would explain why Ali was a bit pissed when she spotted her crush kissing her BFF. Also, it clears up what Ian meant when he told Spencer 'see you on the field.’ He could’ve received the coach position during this time since Spencer mentioned that she and Ian “had a moment, early in the summer before Ali went missing” (1.10). Meaning, if Ali hadn’t disappeared he would have started his new job at Rosewood High the beginning of their Sophmore year.

After spotting the kiss, Ali would by any means taunt Spencer until she tell Melissa about the kiss. But sadly it didn’t go down that way. Spencer threatened Ali that she would 'tell everyone the truth about the Jenna Thing’ which is what pissed Ali off even more. Not only did her BFF steal her crush, but she also heard her crush say “she doesn’t mean anything to me” when she and Ian were at Hilton head.

I don’t know if you guys have ever seen the Alicia Silverstone movie The Crush (1993), I think the Ali, Ian, Spencer, and Melissa thing is pretty similar to that movie.

External image

A journalist becomes the unwanted center of attention for a 14-year-old girl whom proceeds to sabotage his life after he refuses her sexual advances. Read More about the movie HERE. I also posted the video link for you guys to view the trailer.

I believe that Ian’s remark pushed her over the deep end and she basically snapped in the worst way, seeking revenge in the cruelest way possible. Ali was in love with an older guy and apparently she wanted to be loved back. If you guys remember in (1.18), Ian told Spencer that “Ali was a psycho stalker, who wouldn’t take no for an answer.” Meaning he was telling the truth. Also, this lead to the newspaper the girls found in 2.23, Labor Day Events for Philadelphia, Brookhaven, and Rosewood…a trail of Ali’s events after she left Ian in Hilton Head.

  1. Her first stop was to make sure Spencer’s threat never surface (the truth about the Jenna Thing), and that was to keep Jenna Marshall quiet with the blackmail. (Philadelphia - Jenna)

  2. Meeting with -A (Mona) her tormentor and possibly settling on a deal that will make both girls happy. I want to point out one more thing with this flashback, a lot of you claim that Mona was lying, I don’t think she was, Mona even told Spencer in 2.25 that Ali was “spying on a guy she had a crush on.” Spencer confirmed she was seeing Ian that summer. If so, when Mona saw Ali in Brookhaven Ali was indeed spying on someone, my guess is it was Ian and Spencer.  (Brookhaven - Mona

  3. Hiding the videos in a storage unit in Rosewood as a way to make sure her two new BFF's  (Jenna and Mona) stay on her team. (More on this towards the end) Ali also wanted to give Spencer one last chance to tell Melissa about her and Ian but Spencer wasn’t backing down which meant Ali had reason to give up on her friends because evidently the girls were on Spencer’s side as stated by Spence during the argument. (Rosewood - Spencer, Ian, & Melissa)

AlI was calling Beach Hottie or Board Shorts obsessively all summer, I seriously think the guy she was calling was Beach Hottie, who I believe was Ian Thomas.

I recall episode 4.02, Spencer told Hanna and Aria that “I’m guessing Ali called Beach Hottie-” Hanna quickly corrected her saying “Board Shorts” Review the trailer I posted above and you will see how Alicia Silverstone, who played Dorian, called Nick obsessively. We believe this is exactly how Ali was calling Ian from Georgia that summer.

The summer in Cape May, also unlocks even more secrets from that summer.

Alison’s obsession with Ian possibly traveled to the shores of Cape May where Melissa (who CeCe claimed to have took the picture) and possibly Ian spent their last moments before she finally broke it off . The Cape May visit took place before Ian and Ali were in Hilton Head, as it was earlier in the summer. Therefore, when Ali told CeCe that she was pregnant (3.17) she could have been lying all along to get some sort of sympathy from CeCe and make it seem as though the guy would kill her. Melissa broke up with Ian after finding out he could have gotten some other girl pregnant.

There’s a strong possibility that Ali has had a trail of crushes with older guys and the mysterious deaths of Ian, Garret, and Wilden were all crushes ending in a gruesome way.

Ever notice how all of the liars boyfriend’s were involved with Ali first.

Notice the tweet from Bryan Holdman. Now with Paige, we aren’t sure of a crush with her but if Ali did have one she was possibly unsure of her sexuality and therefore hated Paige because she was into Emily. We all know how Emily is Ali’s favorite. She could have plotted to expose Paige as a way for her to stop looking at Emily with “goo goo eyes”. W e posted the blog entry here.

Therefore, we are not backing off our Ali killed Ian theory, because we seriously believe she killed him. Our original theories below :

Retracing the Events at the Bell Tower - Did Ali Kill Ian?

We’ve been trying to figure out what exactly happened to Ian Thomas as well as, why Noel Kahn was in the finale.

The Bell Tower:

1. She hit her head and never woke up …

During the struggle between Spencer and Ian at the Bell Tower, Ian recites a possible suicide note for Spencer as he proceeds to unsuccessfully push her from the tower. He also mention this:

And the letter, the one I wrote on your computer won’t answer all of the questions but, it’ll answer enough.

At this moment we learn that Ian had Spencer’s suicide planned out.

2. What are you doing here …

As Spencer was dangling from the tower, a black hoodie walks up and Ian instantly recognizes this person. His shocking response was none other than “What are you doing here?” The widening of his eyes showed that he was shocked/surprised to see this person. In the 4B finale this hooded person was revealed as being Alison DiLaurentis.

The girl thought to be dead during this particular scene but, Ian’s reaction wasn’t that of a person seeing a ghost but more of a person he hadn’t seen in a while (if that makes sense). His reaction wasn’t shocking enough for a person who was seeing someone who was presumed dead, which made us wonder if he knew Ali wasn’t dead.

As hooded Ali knocked Ian off the tower, she quickly walks away to get out of sight.

3. You did what you had to do …

As the liars try to comfort Spencer, Ian is left dangling in the ropes; a rope around his neck and one underneath his arm. You have to wonder how he managed to untangle himself when he could have easily been hung to death from the ropes. This is impossible to do for a person hanging at the feet he was, also we reviewed the screen cap of his body hanging and noticed that the ropes were carefully knotted in certain spots and there was a main rope leading out and away from where he was hanging. We believe this is how he was pulled down and we question Ali’s story.

Ali said that she was waiting in the back and that she saw him, “he was still alive.” If Ian wasn’t dead and was just unconscious, then who pulled him down? Besides the Liars, Ali confirmed she was there at the scene, Mona claimed in 4.01 that “I didn’t push Ian from the Bell Tower. I wish I knew who did,” and Noel Kahn was in the crowd. Therefore, we figured that Ali and Noel Kahn could have worked together during this time to pull Ian down from the ropes and put him in a car out back.

We’re suspecting Ali and Noel because he had to have served some sort of purpose to what happened at the Bell Tower especially since he was seen standing in the crowd that night. In the finale he was the one who was helping her so it’s possible he knew about her being alive for some time. Also, Ali had a few reasons to kill Ian; a broken heart from Hilton Head, the risk of him telling others that she’s alive.

4. He’s been dead over a week …

Ian was dead longer than a week, this was mentioned by Melissa. If Ian was dead longer than a week than we assume that after his body was taken from the Bell Tower Ali and Noel decided to make it look like a suicide. We also suspect Ali because she wore the black hoodie that night at the Bell Tower and Ian could have very well been dead after falling into the ropes, but he was shot in the head to make it seem like a suicide.

The person who murdered him was seen in 2.04 putting Ian’s phone into Spencer’s bag. Remember this is the same person who was texting Melissa and asking for drugs. We still believe this to be Ali because who would want to see Melissa hurt more than Ali.

  1. Melissa was threatening Ali during the summer of her disappearance and she followed Ali and Ian to Hilton Head.
  2. Melissa told Ian that “if he saw Ali again someone would get hurt.” That sounded like fighting words to me, so “game on b-tch!”
  3. Ian said he was just “killing time until something better came along” - she was young and this was probably her first crush so to hear those words was very upsetting.

5. I killed Alison …

The suicide note. We decided to review Ian’s suicide note:

I killed Alison. I lost my temper because she knew too much. But there’s only so much you can bury. It won’t be that easy, but I know how to get rid of the pain. I can’t run from the law. Com and find me.

After reading this letter we matched it up with some things from what we saw in the season finale and this is what helped us with this theory that Ali could have possibly killed Ian (please click the link above for the photos). Because she didn’t deny or say if she did or didn’t, no one bothered to ask.

A list of things to think about as to why Ali is the number one suspect:

  • Ali wore the black hoodie
  • Ali’s stories doesn’t match up with Mona’s, they share some of the same events but are slightly different. Who do you believe?
  • Ali told Hanna “the four of them combined remember more about that night than they think they do.” Meaning the girls memory from that night is still gone and have yet to surface. Therefore, could Ali’s story be the truth are a lie?

Ali is Black Veil

Did Ali kill Ian - Part 2 (Better Explanation)

To break down our Bell Tower theory so that it is not confusing for you guys because I know a lot of you said you were confused :)

The story Ali told the liars in the finale could have been half truth and half lies. Remember Ali told Hanna that they “remember more about that night than they think they do.”

What we were implying with the Bell Tower theory was that Ali was setting up Spencer and the other liars because they can’t seem to remember what exactly happened the night of her disappearance. The four liars can’t remember that they were the ones who tried to kill Ali and buried her alive. They only have bits and pieces from what actually happened that night.

Ali only told the liars in the 4B finale ‘A is for Answers’ that her own mother did it because she realize that the girls still don’t remember. 

Noel have been helping Ali this whole time and the night of the Bell Tower incident the ropes were set up for Spencer (probably) but Ali realizes she does not want Spencer dead but perhaps to continue torturing her that’s when she emerges to knock Ian from the Bell Tower.

She and Noel pulled Ian’s body down from the ropes and placed his body in the trunk of a car out back. That is why we see Noel appear out of the blue in the crowd the night of the incident.

After Spencer pawned Melissa’s wedding ring, Ali/A paid to get it back out and gave the guy a horse shoe which was missing from the barn that Ian’s body was found in. The horse shoe was a symbolization of Spencer and all of her races won from horseback riding.

Ali shot Ian in the head in that barn to make it look like it was a suicide but she composed the letter out of the texts and messages that she’d sent the liars. The messages were clues relating to the night that she disappeared.

Also, Ian’s suicide note were all texts from - -A, meaning that - -A was Ali and the other -A was Mona.

Ali was setting the girls up and torturing them because they tried to kill her. We broke down Ian’s suicide note here but we will explain what it means:

I killed Alison - meant that the four liars attempted to kill Alison that night, either by shovel, or rock, or field hockey stick.

I lost  my temper because she knew too much - This meant that Ali knew too many secrets about the liars and were using these secrets against them. The liars were fed up with her bullying them so they decided to take action the night of the slumber party.

But there’s only so much you can bury - Meant that although the liars thought that by killing Ali (who isn’t dead) would free them of her and exposing their secrets they were wrong because although you buried the secrets, they will eventually emerge.

It won’t be that easy, - This meant that although Ali was young and manipulative she wasn’t dumb, she knew that one day the girls would turn on her, so she planned for Grunwald to show up that night and rescue her.

But I know how to get rid of the pain. - Meant that Ali had a plan of revenge and although and she would use an unexpected person (Mona) to help plan out her revenge against the girls.

I can’t run from the law - This meant that Ali knew that one day she will be discovered as not dead, and she will face the consequences.

Come and find me - This meant that Ali was still in charge of the liars and although their secrets were thought to be buried with the she-devil, she was more alive than ever. Therefore, seek me out.


Back to the theory:

Ali was texting Melissa from Ian’s phone because she was the one with his body, and this was a way for her to get back at Melissa for what she said at Hilton Head.

She decided that after they discovered Ian’s body that she would frame Spencer by placing the phone into Spencer’s bag and call when she and Melissa were together.

This goes into play with Ali telling Spencer to tell Melissa about her and Ian but Spencer couldn’t/wouldn’t do it.

We don’t know if this is the route the writers are taking but we love making theories and we really enjoy piecing together plot holes, so this theory was really fun to work on :)

Ali wAs sleeping at the KAhn’s!!!!!

Ali was sleeping at the Kahn’s during the same time that Maya was. Also, this would explain the whole “Maya Knew” thing. Maya knew about Ali being alive, not that Nate was in town like we were told.

Therefore, if Maya knew Ali was alive Maya perhaps, knew that Ali was the one who was torturing the girls.

Another thing to justify that Ali was involved is that we believe she was the one who was looking through Maya’s bag and took the pills from Maya’s bag. We believe she has been drugging the liars which explains their prolonged memory  loss. This is why the girls can’t seem to remember what exactly happened the night of Ali’s disappearance.

This also explains why A was seen looking at Emily’s picture as she was.

I have so much more to add to this, . . but first I need sleep, I’ve been working on this since yesterday.