look at her goo

I completely forgot to talk about this but we had school gala last night and it was A M A Z I N G!!!!

So the ever fabulous @nippaaah finished up a commission for me featuring Modern AU Teth and Cullen. I’m so in love with how it turned out <3

Look at those two nerds.

i know i always say i’m totally gay for sakura (which i am bc she’s sakura and she’s amazing and cute and adorable and ugh *deep breath*) but i’m also very very gay for Yui, bc she’s also very amazing and cute and adorable and….*deep breath* just look at her

*melts into a puddle of goo* beautiful…

ok you know what i noticed?? bisky doesn’t get all goo goo over hisoka until she notices him looking at her. usually the trope is all heart eyes and then when the cute boy looks at you you look away embarrassed. part of me thinks she’s lying and putting up s front to get hisoka to join them.

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Something I’ve been working WAY too hard on and I’m WAY too proud of it.

After My Fair Hatey, I got the urge to draw Dominator looking like a total badass (more so than she is in the show!) I wanted to make her more menacing looking, so I gave her an animalistic snarl with some cool goo running out of her mouth. And even though I’m incredibly proud of how she came out I AM SO PSYCHED I DREW HATER WELL! He’s my fave and it’s really hard to draw him (for me at least), so I am super excited with how he came out. He’s just how I pictured him in my noodle :3

I may go back and refine things if I see that it needs it, but for now I am pleased!