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Sleeping Beauty (Pt 1)

Lance walked the halls of the castle ship. He was alone— he hated to be alone but the others were asleep and he was deep into the castle. He thought about talking to Blue but that would only make him more tired. Lance had gone many sleepless nights after a recent mission. It was no different from any other mission but for some reason this one kept him away.

Rows of gallra surrounded Lance as he bled from his s ears and the corners of his mouth. His suit cracked and ripped countless times over and no matter how great a shot he was he could never kill these monsters. His hands shook under his bayard and then all he saw was red as purple claws scratched his eyes.

And then he would wake up.

Lance stopped eating, he was too busy in the training room trying to step up his game, become braver and stronger.

Keith thought Lance was trying to copy him. He ignored Lance and sometimes locked him out of the training deck.

This night… this dead of night, Lance began to slow his stride against his will. His head began to spin, the feeling of helium filling from his ears lifting his head almost off his shoulders.

Everything above his chest grew cold— freezing almost and then came the sweat. The rest down weighed him as if gravity increased. He had just passed a pillar letting him put his weight on the wall to hold him up. ‘Just for a second.’ He thought to himself. He noticed his threat was dry, his breathing was loud and far away, his eyes begging themselves to close but the more Lance fought it, the more black spots climbed their way into his vision making everything around them green or orange. “Help…” Lance croaked but he couple barely hear himself. He felt the vibrations in his chest and throat but it seemed like he was under water and far away. “Help…” he called again and not even a second later he dropped to the floor.

At breakfast Lance’s chair was empty which wasn’t a surprise now because he stopped coming to breakfast. “Good morning paladins~” Allura waltzed into the room with Coran not far behind. “Are you excited for today’s activities?” She clasped her hands together with a gigantic smile painted across her face.

“What activities princess?” Shiro looked up from his morning goo.

“I’m glad you asked Shiro!” Allura’s eyes sparkled. “You will be in partners chosen by Coran,” she turned and smiled at the other Altean. “And you will both be trying to get a special item and then come back to the bridge.”

“On earth we call that Capture the Flag.” Pidge chimed with a smirk crawling over her face.

“Oh really?” Allura became intrigued. “Well, I’m not sure if this is in your Earth version too, but at some point in the game, your partner will turn on you and do everything they can to try to stop you.”

“No we don’t play that way.” Keith crossed his arms and leaned back in the chair. At first he wanted to be paired with Shiro when it seemed like a normal game of CtF but now… he didn’t want to fight Shiro— didn’t want to be enemies. Then again, it could boost his moral and help him be a better fighter.

Coran began to pick partners. “Pidge and Shiro. Hunk and Keith. Lance and–” he stopped. “Princess, Lance isn’t here nor does he have a partner.” Coran frowned.

“Oh.” Allura rolled her eyes. “He’s probably somewhere in the castle I’ll go find him. He’ll be a third party and play by himself I guess.” She waved her hand and walked off to the bridge. Coran stood in the same spot still frowning at the teams. He liked Lance, they bonded a little and it was odd to see him not here for a team exercise. Nevertheless he began to explain he rules to the paladins, then proceed to show them their starting point and what their object is.

Lance was still out cold. He was lying in a pool of his own sweat. In his head he saw nothing but blackness. His body was trying to sleep but he knew there was no way his friends would find him if he was this deep into the castle. He screamed but nobody would hear him even if it did come from his mouth.



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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 419
summary:  Reader and Kai both live in at the Salvatore Boarding House and he keeps playing pranks on her, specially when her friends are around, and one night after a get-together they play ‘Truth or Dare’ until somehow every turn starts involving the two of them.
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Y/N rolled on the bed and snuggled closer to her comfy pillow or at least what she thought was her pillow when suddenly the sounds of someone’s heart even heartbeat broke through her dream haze. It was a nice calming and beautiful sound she couldn’t get enough of. For a second her eyes fluttered open and closed and her lips curled into a faint smile when she felt someone’s breath on her face –

   “You know, you are so adorable when you sleep. Except you drooled all over my shirt.” he chuckled. “Can’t be mad, though. How can I when we both know you were dreaming about me.”

Instantly her eyes opened and widened so much it almost felt as if they were going to fall off. Her ‘pillow’ was actually Kai and the smug smirk on his face told her he had been in her bed again for more than a couple minutes. “What are you doing in my bed?!” she raised her voice, “Get out!” she added, pulling away from him so suddenly she fell on the floor. “Ouch –” 

   “Careful, sweetheart. We don’t want you getting bruised.” Kai laughed under his breath and crawled on the bed towards her, resting his elbows on the edge of the mattress while holding his head in his hands. “I’ll never hear the end of it from your friends.”

Y/N blew a strand of hair off her face and clenched her jaw. Ever since Kai had moved in the Salvatore house a few weeks ago this kept happening. Only it wasn’t just him not respecting her personal space boundaries. Finding him sleeping in her bed was the least worrisome thing he had done. All the weird un-explainable things that kept happening around her and more specifically to her, well that was a different story. No one could convince her that the pack with chips two days ago which expanded and expanded until it had literally blown up in her face in the middle of the living room had been an accident. Or that her wet towel catching fire had been one too.  Or that the already read pages of her book flying out into the shapes of paper planes and landing in her friends’ laps or drinks had been a trick her mind was playing on her. Or how the chair in the kitchen seemed to break just when she decided to sit on it, right after Damon had been sitting on it for hours.

   “I’m fine. THANKS FOR ASKING.” she glared at him, trying to push the blanket off her. “Stop doing that!” she tried again, somehow ending up more tangled in it until on the outside she appeared as if she was in a cocoon. “Kai!”

   “What? I am not doing anything. You should stop rolling in the covers so much.” he said innocently, watching her push the blanket off her and get up at the same time he sat on the bed. “Cute PJs. Hey, have you picked out your outfit for the party tonight? You can wear that short red skirt. You look so goo—"

Y/N tossed her blanket over his head, wound her arms around him and started pushing him towards the door when in a flash he pushed off the blanket and pinned her to the wall near by the door. His hands braced on either side of her head caging her in and he hummed for a second, listening to her heart trying to leap out of her chest.

   “Why are you always so hostile towards me?” he asked.

   “Seriously?! Ever since you’ve moved in you’ve been doing your best to ruin my life and am hostile?!!” she snapped. “What? Do you like me or something cuz you know what they say – when a boy is mean to a girl, it really means he likes her. And if you do just s—”

Kai took a step back, nervously laughing under his breath.  “Me? Like you? You are hilarious.” he said, rubbing his nose. “You um you should get ready for the party. I know girls take forever –”

Y/N took a step towards him, trying to reach him when he whooshed himself out of the room. Her lips curled into a small smile. Kai running away from a conversation? That never happened which made her wonder if she had guessed correct She glanced out the hallway in both directions and closed the door, heading towards her closet. A smile spread across her face seeing the same skirt Kai had mentioned right on top. Quickly she pulled it out along with her black tights, a black tight tee with kitten features on the front, grabbed her black sweater and got dressed, did her hair (pushing it back with bobby pins) before heading downstairs for breakfast where Kai was already waiting for her along with her friends. Something about his eyes changed when he saw her outfit but he didn’t say a word. Instead he pulled out his phone. Kai and social media. she smiled to herself. Ever since he had discovered the internet his phone had become an extension of his hand and there was barely any site he didn’t have a profile in. Though she had no idea what he was doing online all the time.

   “So, how’s the party planning going.” she wondered, turning towards Caroline who got up with a notepad in her hands. Y/N lifted herself on her toes reaching for a bowl at the top shelf and almost slipped up on the floor before her friend caught her. “Thanks.”

   “Yeah.” smiled Caroline. “Well, I made a list. Chips, alcohol… your favorite gummy eyeballs with the liquor filling –”

Kai snorted and everyone glanced at him for a second. Everyone but Y/N who was busy getting out every flavor of ice cream there was in the freezer to make herself an ice cream sundae for breakfast while Caroline explained to her how it was her responsibility to get the bourbon crates from the storage room at the Grill. Weirdly no one had entrusted Kai anything, though he didn’t seem to complain much. His attention was focused on something on his phone screen which was good because whenever he was busy, ‘accidents’ didn’t seem to happen to her.

   “Got it, Care.” smiled Y/N, scooping out a ball from all five ice cream boxes on the counter in front of her – vanilla, chocolate, mint-chocolate chip, rocky road and cookie dough, creating not food but art in her bowl. “Anything else?”

   “Nope.” said her friend, adding a scribble on the notepad before grabbing a spoon and taking a spoonful from one of the ice creams. “God, I love this stuff. Okay, Damon –” she took a step towards the rest of their friends continuing with the chores list for the party.

Kai smiled at something on his screen and put his phone back in his pocket, keeping out of Caroline’s way without taking his eyes off Y/N for a second. She hadn’t even realized he had been taking pictures of her this entire time. That’s how focused she had been on making her perfect sundae and it was perfect – the colors and everything.

   Don’t you think that’s a bit too much ice cream?” asked Kai, bracing his hands on the kitchen counter while she sprinkled nuts on top of her creation before returning all the ice cream back in the freezer. Y/N glared at him for a second. “I am just saying – you are human and that much sugar is not good for you. Should you even be eating this? I thought you were a vegan.”

   “I’m fine. Thanks.” she grabbed the whipped cream, “And if you must know – I am vegetarian three days of the week the other four I am a vegan.” she opened the lid moving her wrist in circles while the whipped cream started to pile up on top of the ice cream when all of the sudden the container popped up and splashed her and partially some of the friends sitting on the table. Everyone but Kai who had miraculously skipped the blast.

   “You think you are funny. Don’t you?” she turned towards him, wiping away the whipped cream from her face.

   “I have no idea what you are talking about.” he grabbed a cherry from the counter.


   “Yeah. It’s not my fault you are such an accident magnet.” he pointed out, passing her a towel to clean up. “Would it hurt you to be a little more careful? I mean, what if you slip up on the wet floor and none of us is there to heal you?”

   “Weird how none of those things had ever happened to me in my entire life until you showed up.” she grabbed the towel from his hands, glancing at him. There it was again. That smug smirk which never seemed to leave his face. For a moment she reconsidered wiping her face with the towel he had given her. What if the towel caught on fire and she burned her face or something? No. He wouldn’t go that far, would he?

   “Lighten up.” said Kai, ruffling her hair. “Miss grumpy pants won’t be any fun at the party.”

   “S-sorry what?” she asked. “Grumpy pants? That’s the best you can come up with??”

   “Well, you’ve been a total buzz kill since I moved in here. Always with that frown not turned upside down. It’s annoying really.” he grabbed another cherry. “Just ask your friends.”

   “Oh no, no.” muttered Damon. “We are not getting stuck in the middle of whatever this is–”

   “Jeez Damon. Thanks.” said Y/N pouring every last drop of sarcasm she could into her words. “My hero.”

   “Any time.” smirked the vampire and Y/N threw the towel at him. A towel which mid-air somehow caught fire. “Hey !!”

Y/N stared at him and then glanced at Kai, only this time trying to suppress a smile before she grabbed two spoons from the counter and passed one to her heretic friend. “Here. See? I’m nice… not hostile. Unlike you.”

   “You are going to share your masterpiece of a sundae with me? But you never share…” he asked a little surprised, passing her a box with wipes. “Why? What’s the catch?”

   “Just dig in before I change my mind.” she rolled her eyes, watching him take a large spoonful from the chocolate side. Y/N laughed under her breath for a second and took a scooped up some of the minty-chocolate chip ball. For a while they just sat there, elbows on the counter eating ice cream while watching Caroline continue to assign chores to everyone. A small get together always got turned into a large party with her, but no one dared arguing. Kai kept ‘accidentally’ poking Y/N with his elbow every once in a while, until most of the ice cream was gone. “I should get going and go get the bourbon. I got dibs on a crate, by the way.”

   “I’m coming with you.” said Kai, taking a step after her as she headed towards the door.

   “No.” she stopped abruptly, turning towards him. “I don’t want –”

   “—the car to crash?” he finished. “Yeah, that’s why I am coming with you. To keep you safe from yourself.”

   “Hilarious.” muttered Y/N. “You are not coming.”

   “Yes, I am.”

   “No. You are not.”

   “Yes, I am –”

   “Malachai fucking Parker!”

Y/N took a few steps towards him until their bodies almost pressed together. She could feel everyone’s eyes on them but all she could see were Kai’s who was starring so intensely into her eyes it was driving her insane. How was this possible?! And the way he pursued his lips in that moment, how his hands were hovering around her body – No. She was starting to lose her mind because of him. Why was her heart doing all those weird flips and why did she found herself wanting to kiss him… just like every time they found themselves in that position.

   “Wow the tension between those two.” muttered Damon to Stefan. “Who’s gonna tell them?”

   “Uuurgghh !!” she groaned in frustration. “Fine. But I am driving –”

   “I am a much better driver –”

   “—or you are walking. Your choice.”

   “Fine.” caved in the heretic. “You are driving. But if you crash the car and you die, it’s not my fault.”

Most of the night Y/N sat in one of the corners holding a box with her favourite liquor filled gummy eyeballs keeping an eye on Kai who was sitting not too far away from her not taking his eyes off her for a second while all her friends had fun – dancing and drinking ‘the good’ stuff. Despite spending most of the evening with a drink in her hand, she was not as half-drunk as she should’ve been… but around her third glass with bourbon things started to get a little fuzzy and she decided to lay down on the sofa at which point Kai somehow decided to sit on the opposite end.

   “You’ve been starring at me all night. Its creepy.” pointed out Y/N, finishing her glass.

Kai lightly tilted his head to the side and rolled his eyes. “No, I haven’t. Can you not be so full of yourself?!”

   “Full of myself?!” she leaned towards him. “Ever since you sat there like 15 minutes ago, you haven’t even blinked. And before that – it was the exact same thing.”

   “I have no clue what you are talking about.“ he finished his forth or fifth glass with bourbon. “I was looking at that um … that painting over there.”

Y/N turned around knowing fully well there was no painting behind her. “Liar. You know I bet you can’t tell the truth if your life depended on it.”

   “Are you challenging me?” he leaned in towards her. “Because if so –”

   “Hey what are you two doing?” asked Caroline.

 Y/N’s lips curled into a smile. There were more than a few questions she wanted to ask him and this time he wouldn’t be able to walk away from the conversation.  “We were just about to play truth or dare.” she said without taking her eyes off Kai. “Wanna join us?”

   “Oh yeah.“ grinned Damon, gulping the rest of the amber colored liquid in the bottle in his hands at once. “There. Hey, Stef. Elena. Come join us for a game. And where are Enzo and Bonnie?” he turned towards Matt who shrugged his shoulders. “Ahh there you are. Come on, we are playing truth or dare.”

Enzo and Bonnie glanced at each other then stared suspiciously at their friends gathering on the floor around the bottle. Bonnie sat as far away from Kai as possible while Y/N snuggled closer to Stefan, at the opposite end of where Kai was sitting. Matt sat between Kai and Damon while Elena took the spot on the other side of her boyfriend right next to Y/N.

   “Who goes first?” asked Enzo.

   “Well, since it was Y/N’s idea –” started Damon. “I think it should be her.”

Y/N spun the bottle ending up asking Stefan ‘truth or dare’ and they all went around asking each other questions and playing dares, most of which were pretty silly and then it came Kai’s turn. He spun the bottle which ended up pointing at Y/N.

   “Y/N –” smirked Kai, “Truth or dare?”


   “Oh-kay. Let’s see—” he thought for a moment. “What is your biggest dream for your future?”

   “To leave this town and go to see the world. Try the food in every country, absorb some of the culture… and maybe, I don’t know… Have someone to go with me. Cuz experiencing it alone won’t be any fun.” she reached for the bottle while Kai’s lips curled into a small smile. A split second later the bottle pointed towards him. “That seems fair… Truth or dare?”


Kai watched her make that ‘thinking’ face he loved so much – when she lightly squeezed shut her eyes, her lips curled from side to side for a couple moments. It was almost as if he could see the wheels in her brain turning while she tried to come up with something. He was pretty sure he’d do anything she asks him to – jump off a cliff, snap someone’s neck, get along with her friends (he was sure he’d at least try). All those thoughts, the way being around her made him feel was driving him insane. Yet he couldn’t get enough. Y/N had pulled him into her gravity and there was no way for him to break free now. Or ever, not that he wanted to.

  “I dare you… to punch Damon.”

   “My pleasure.” grinned Kai.

Damon glared at Y/N. “This is because of what happened this morning, isn’t it? Because I decided not to take a side –” he said and a moment later Kai’s fist connected with his face breaking his jaw. “Ouchh…”

Kai laughed under his breath watching Y/N trying hard not to do the same and spun the bottle, pointing at Bonnie, who moved her finger slightly until the bottle pointed at Caroline instead. No one seemed to notice and if they did, they didn’t seem to care about it. “Truth or dare?”


  “What would you do if Klaus comes back for you?”

Caroline glanced at Stefan, taking his hand in hers. “Nothing.” she replied, spinning the bottle. “I still hate his guts.” Everyone either laughed or chuckled, and then the bottle stopped pointing at Y/N. “Truth or dare?”


  “What do you see in him?” asked Caroline, not saying specifically who though by the looks of it Y/N knew exactly who her friend was talking about.

  “Who?” wondered Kai, but no one answered him.

  “There is a lot more than meets the eye, Care. Though I can’t stand being around him sometimes. He is just so… annoyingly perfect it hurts.”

Kai glanced between Y/N and her friends and asked again ‘Who?’ though no one seemed to pay him any attention. Y/N reached for the bottle and spun it, ending up pointing at him. Damon reached for a bottle with bourbon in a crate nearby and opened it, taking a sip directly from it. “Truth or dare?” she asked.

  “Um… truth?”

Y/N smiled at him mischievously. “Why do you keep playing pranks on me all the time?”

Kai laughed under his breath. “Who says I am?”

  “Don’t answer a question with a question.” said Y/N, leaning in towards him. “Why?”

  “Cuz –” he sighed. “It’s fun and unlike your friends, you won’t punch me. Plus, it gives me an excuse to get your attention.” he spun the bottle, ending up pointing at her. He looked up at her and smirked. “Who did Candice just asked you about?”

  “None of your fucking business.” snapped Y/N, reaching for the bottle when Kai grabbed her hand stopping her. “You.” she said so quietly if he wasn’t a vampire he would’ve missed it. His lips curled into a small smile and he watched her spin the bottle. “Again?! Okay… Did you purposefully move in into the bedroom right next to mine?”

  “No. Damon put me there so I am as far away from him and Bonnie as possible.” said Kai, spinning the bottle. “Though I like being that close to you…” he muttered and the bottle pointed at Y/N again. He glanced at her friends looked more amused than ever – Damon looked the most amused of all, and asked the question. “Truth or dare, Y/N?”


   “How many boyfriends have you had?”

  “Um … serious ones?” she asked, refusing to meet his eyes when she reached to spin the bottle again. “The answer would be zero, other ways there were two but I am not sure what they were really.”

   “Jerks.” said Elena, putting her arm around Y/N while the bottle miraculously ended up pointing towards Kai again and his lips curled into a smile. “They were jerks… who will get whats coming for them.”

Y/N turned towards her friend and laughed for a second, glancing at Kai. “Truth or dare?”

   “Dare.” he rubbed his palms together. “Make it a good one, Y/N. Who do I get to punch? Steven? Can I punch Damon again?”

   “No.” she laughed. “No more punching. Stay here. I’ll be back in a minute.” she got up, turning towards her friends. “Don’t hurt or torture him, okay… that’s my job.”

Kai watched her tiptoe her way out, her short skirt dancing around her hips and couldn’t help but wonder what her words meant in that moment. That’s her job? What could she have in store for him? It wouldn’t be a payback for all the things he had done to her. No, that wasn’t her. He closed his eyes, listening in to what she was doing but as much as he tried to figure it out there just wasn’t a way for him to figure it out. Then suddenly he felt someone blindfold him. A part of him started to panic but he recognized her touch instantly, even though her fingers so slightly touched his face and his heart rate jumped up instantly.

   “Oh-kay.” she sat on the ground next to him, glancing at her friends. “I dare you to try whatever it is that I’ve mixed in that bowl I am holding which you cannot see. Now, open those lips – and don’t scream.”

Kai did as she said, listening to her heartbeat and all her friends trying not to laugh. Then something sweet with a very familiar chocolatey taste hit his taste buds. A few seconds passed and as he swallowed it hit him what she had given him. Almost instantly he jumped back but she grabbed his wrist stopping him. He pushed off the blindfold and glanced at what was in the bowl or more like the mug – Y/N scooped some of the mixture getting a taste herself. Her lips curled into a smile at his shocked expression and he tried to pull away from her again.

   “Was that –”

   “A vegan mug brownie?” she said a little amused. “Yeah, see… it’s not that bad.”

   “Are you kidding?!” he raised his voice a little. “That was … give me that mug. Why didn’t you tell me it tastes that good?!”

   “I did tell you, but you wouldn’t listen to me.” she pulled away, gathering the last that was left inside the mug before he had the chance to take it away from her. “What are you waiting for? Spin the bottle… it’s like 3AM. I need my beauty sleep.”

Kai laughed under his breath and spun the bottle. A few seconds later, much to Y/N’s shock and to her friends’ amusement the bottle pointed at her again. “Truth or dare?”

  “Truth.” she licked some chocolate off her fingers.

  “What did you mean just now by ‘that’s my job’?” he leaned a little towards her.

Y/N ran her fingers through her hair. “Why does that have to mean something? Sometimes I just say stuff… to throw you off.” she winked at him and spun the bottle which somehow ended up pointing at Kai again. Something told her that was no coincidence. “Truth or dare?”

Kai moved a little closer to her. “Truth.”

  “When was the last time you used magic?” she asked, studying his face as he took the bottle and spun it while answering her question.

  “Not long ago at all.” he winked at her, watching her gaze drift from his eyes to the bottle… pointing at her again. “Truth or dare.”

  “T-truth…” she reached for Damon’s bourbon bottle. Her friends groaned and Kai rolled his eyes at her answer. Truth to be told she kept saying truth because a part of her was scared what he’d dare her to do.

  “Have you ever been in love?” he questioned.

Y/N shifted on her spot and took two large sips from the bottle, almost finishing it before Damon snatched the bottle from her. “Once.” she spun the bottle which ended up pointed at Kai again. Bonnie got up, heading over to Damon’s fancy alcohol table while Matt looked like he was semi-asleep. Caroline and Stefan payed no attention whatsoever to anyone else but each other, same as Damon and Elena. Enzo got up after Bonnie and both of them slipped away somewhere. “Truth or dare?”


  “I dare you to… take out your phone, take a selfie and send it to your crush.” she studied his face.

Kai smiled at her and took a selfie then quickly typed something and hit sent. Her phone lit up on the sofa a few steps away and she glanced at him and then at her phone feeling her cheeks starting to get rosy. He spun the bottle without taking his eyes off her the entire time while she tried hard not to jump up towards the couch and grab her phone. Then, no surprise at all, the bottle pointed at her again.

  “Truth or dare?“ he smirked at her, hoping she’d stick to her pattern of saying ‘truth’ because he needed to know who owned her heart.


  “Who?“ he asked, listening to her heartbeat. “W-with who were you or are you in love with?”

Y/N glanced at Caroline for a split second then around the room feeling the walls start to close in a little on her. It had always been this way whenever someone asked her that question or a similar question to it. And now that he had asked her… Her eyes closed for a second and she took a shallow breath. “I c-can’t tell you h-his name but –“ she looked into his eyes. ”– he has the most beautiful ocean blue eyes. So blue I just want to dive into them, drown and die.“ she reached for the bottle and spun it again. No surprise when it pointed at Kai but before she had asked he already told her ‘Truth.’ to which she was more than glad. “Have you ever been in love?”

Kai spun the bottle. “M-maybe.“ he looked into her eyes. “I don’t really know what love feels like… but I want to find out.” he added when the bottle ended up pointing at her again.

  “Are you kidding me?” she muttered, glancing at her friends who seemed more amused than ever. “Damon, we need another bottle. That one is defective. Gimme that –” she reached for the bottle in his hands but he pulled it away from her.

  “Awwh is someone afraid to answer my questions or do my dares.” teased Kai. “Hey so, how many times can a player say ‘truth’ before there is a ‘dare’ penalty?”

Y/N rolled her eyes. “Dare. But I swear if you –”

  “I dare you to kiss me until it’s your tu–”

  “—truth!” she almost shouted, covering Kai’s mouth with her hand. “Truth! Truth!”

Kai pushed her wrist off his mouth, a devilish spark flashing in his eyes. “What’s wrong sweetheart? Are you afraid you might not be able to control yourself once your lips pucker towards mine and –”

  “And I am the one who’s full of myself.” she retorted. “I am not kissing you.” she turned towards her friends. “I’m not. No. No way.”

  “You don’t have a choice. You chose ‘dare’.” he pulled her onto his lap, and reached for the bottle to spin it. “Just one second until I rock your world.”

‘Help me.’ she mouthed turning towards Damon who raised his eyebrows suggestively and took a large sip from his bottle.

A second later the bottle stopped pointing at Elena. Though Kai didn’t seem to notice at all, his gaze was fixed on Y/N’s and as much as she tried to deny it every single person in the room with supernatural hearing could hear her heart racing in her chest. There was something that felt too right… being in Kai’s arms and the entire feeling was starting to consume her. It wasn’t helping much how his fingertips were touching her bare skin at the moment quite literally sending waves of electricity through her body. There was no doubt in her mind her cheeks were getting redder by the second.

  “Dare.” said Elena.

  “Right…” muttered Kai. “Um, I dare you to um pretend to be Katherine for 5 minutes.”

As soon as Kai spoke his dare, he pulled Y/N towards him and their lips collided for the first time. At first it was a slow kiss, her hands still placed on his chest but the second their lips touched it was as if a switch went off in her brain. His hands moved up her spine to the back of her bead pulling her lips towards his. As if from a distance she could hear her friends talking and continuing to play the game but the longer she kissed Kai the more their voices dissolved and it seemed the world was falling away. Maybe it was because of how long they kissed, how their lips moved hungrily against each other craving more still. Or because of how good having him this close to her actually felt.

   “Boo!” called out Damon after who knows how long. Five or maybe ten minutes? Y/N wasn’t sure… only thing she knew was she couldn’t breath and she demanded mouth to mouth which Kai seemed more than happy to give her. “Get a room you two.”

Y/N pulled away from Kai, both of them gazing into each other’s eyes for a moment and then she slapped him. Almost instantly she got up, turning towards her friends who looked more amused than ever. “Well, I’m going to bed. Night everyone.” she said, then grabbed her phone and spun on her heels as if nothing had happened.

   “Ouchh –” muttered Kai, rubbing his cheek and called out after her. “What was that for?!” he glanced between all her friends and ran after her.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been slapped before but it had never happened after what had happened between them a few short moments ago. Her heart had beaten so fast while they were kissing he was almost 100% sure she was enjoying what they were doing as much as him. He took the stairs two at a time and no matter how many times he called out her name she kept walking until he whooshed himself to her and quickly he pinned her against the wall, braced his hand next to her head and titled her chin up forcing her to look at him. He tried to figure out what she was thinking but her expression was unreadable, though her cheeks were redder than he had ever seen them and her eyes sparkled like never before.

   “Y/N, I … I’m sorry if I overstepped downstairs. I just… I don’t know what happened. Just having you in my arms, feeling your lips on mine… Something inside me just snapped. I just… I couldn’t get enough or control myself. Not when you were finally in my arms the way I w-wanted.” He gazed into her eyes, waiting for her to say something. Anything, but all she did was gaze back into his eyes. Every second she didn’t say anything felt more painful than dying and coming back to life in the Prison World has ever had. “Say something. Please.”

Y/N bit the inside of her cheek trying hard not to smile.Every time her eyes her eyes closed she could see her phone screen and what Kai had written to her. It hadn’t been anything that much… just a few heart/heart eyes emojis but it had been enough for her heart to do a flip like never before.   “Are you going to stand there, talking and looking all sexy as hell or are you going to kiss me again?” she asked. In the span of a second, Kai grinned scooped her up making her legs hitch around his waist and her lips curled into a smile. “I knew it –”

   “Knew what?”

   “You do like me!”

   “Shut up.”

   “Make me.” she said.

   “Don’t test me.“

Y/N giggled for a second, stumbling a little. “Bite me.”

Kai smirked at her listening on their roomies make their way upstairs. A split second later he whooshed them into his bedroom and tossed her onto his bed, locking the door with magic.

   “Now–” he crawled over her.“ –where were we?”

Nino Appreciation Week - Day 1: Music/Film - “Let It Go”

@wearemiraculous Let the week begin!

(Also on AO3 / fanfiction.net )

Day 2 >>   Day 3 - Part 2 of this story >>    Day 4 >>  Day 5 >>

‘Hey, babe! Whassup?!’

Alya froze on the doorstep eyeing Nino up and down.

‘What are you doing here?’ she asked suspiciously.

‘Um, visiting my friends?’ he ventured. ‘It’s nice to see you too?’ he suggested after lack of response on her end of the conversation.

The redhead took a sweeping glance at the corridor behind his back. ‘Adrien’s not with you?’

‘Nope. He’s getting ready,’ Nino replied with a surprising amount of sarcasm.

‘Then it’s good you’re here,’ Alya dragged him inside and closed the door in one swift motion. ‘I need a babysitter.’

‘What now?’

‘A babysitter. Maman had an emergency at the restaurant so she dropped Etta and Ella at my place. They are already crazy bored.’


‘So I need you to keep them busy somehow.’

‘Why don’t you do it yourself? You’re an expert at babysitting or so I’ve heard,’ Nino grinned at her. Babysitting two little girls? Nah, he’ll pass.

‘Please Nino,’ Alya pursed her lips and fluttered her lashes. ‘I know you’re actually quite good with kids and we have a crisis.’ She nodded in the direction of the bathroom.

‘A crisis.’ Nino repeated flatly.

Marinette’s head emerged from behind the bathroom door. At least he thought it was Marinette. Bluebell eyes, freckles and her timid smile were all there, but her hair…

‘Oh…’ he whispered not sure what one is supposed to say when some alien creature attacks your friend’s head. Alya followed his gaze and chuckled.

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anonymous asked:

is waverly half angel or half revenant?

I honestly have no idea. I mean if she’s half revenant, she can still be on the Homestead? And hold peacemaker? But then again, we’ve never seen her leave the Ghost River Triangle and as far as we know she’s been in Purgatory her whole life. The scene with her and Doc looking for any remaining tentacle goo always bothered me because they’re walking side by side, but Doc is outside the triangle and Waverly is inside. I don’t know the stipulations on being ‘half’ revenant.

And I can also see why people would think she’s half angel, like almost everyone in the show calls her angel and it might be building up to something. I really don’t know what she is, but she’s definitely special.

Crushing Waters [Part 3]

Ayyyy, hope everyone’s ready for some more of this mess of a fic! I’m hoping to make it into more of a thing than just leaving it here, but it’s likely that it’ll turn into random drabbles after the ‘Crushing Waters’ timeline/plot has run its course

You can find all about this au here

Part 1 & Part 2


“So, what are we gunna do with big, scary and scaly?”

Hunk looked up from the food-goo he was morosely poking at, turning his brown eyes to Pidge. The younger paladin was slumped on the table, their own spoon twirling listlessly through the green goop, red rimmed eyes focused on the way it joggled. They sniffled lightly and rubbed their nose before looking back up to the others. Hunk swallowed roughly and pushed his plate of food-goo away, “What d’you mean?”

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Sounds of Silence.

*Warning: Implied death, harsh language, many swear words.*

They were all sitting on the dining hall, swallowing forkfuls of slime goo just to please Coran. Hunk was in the kitchen, though, making something a little more appetizing.

“Don’t you guys have a space Taco Bell or something? I could really go for a crispito…” Lance sighed, setting down his utensil.

Shiro looked up, and Keith glanced at him and then to Lance. “Lance! That is rude. We love Coran’s space goo.”

Wow, a leader that lies. Typical.

Coran smiled, “I’m glad to hear it! Now excuse me, I’m going to see how Hunk is doing in the kitchen. And to wake Allura…” The mustachioed man walked off, eagerly, boots tapping on tile.

Lance had shrunken back into his seat upon Shiro’s scolding words. He hadn’t meant to be rude. It was supposed to be funny.

It had been like that all day, if Lance thought about it. Sure, everyday he got his dosage of hate and snappy comments. But today, it’s like a switch had been flipped and now it was time for their nastiest comments.

Pidge looked gloomily at her goo, casting the blue paladin an annoyed expression. “I’ve been researching possible viruses in the Galra system all day for a hack. Lance, if you could keep your unneeded comments to a minimum that’d be fantastic.”

She wasn’t one to make such snide comments at her friend. Lance decided it was sleep deprivation that had Pidge acting in such a way.

“Oh, yeah… Sorry.”

He wasn’t truly. In fact, if Lance was honest with himself, it was getting a bit too much for him. Lance hadn’t been able​to do anything today without a comment.

Or being told to shut up.

The man’s face reddened, jaw clenching. Did he really have to put up with that? It couldn’t ALL be true could it?

Unless Lance really was just an annoying extra that everyone would be a lot happier without. A stressor that no one needed.

Angry tears built up at the corners of his eyes, knuckles white as they dug into his fork and gripped it. Maybe he’d just—

Shiro and Keith fell into light conversation, and neither the two of them or Pidge seemed to be bothered by it.

Hadn’t he been chewed out for that merely 2 minutes ago? What the hell!

“—…around the North end…”

“Yes but—”

“—…. and when…”

Lance blinked, sitting up slightly and focused attention in his teammates. “Are you guys making plans for tomorrows assault? Coolz what’s the plan? What do we nee–”

Keith gave Lance the most confused expression, which had malice behind it just to get at Lance’s nervous. “Excuse me, were you apart of this conversation?”

Shiro only frowned, eyes looking over at the blue paladin. “It’s just something Keith and I are discussing.”

He couldn’t breathe, his throat had closed.

Maybe that was good, because then he wouldn’t be able to speak. Wouldn’t that just please everyone?

“Please just… try and stay quiet? This is important.” Shiro advised. The scarred adult started to address Keith, but never got to.

Lance was fed up.

He slammed his fork into the table so hard that the utensil itself bent at it’s end, and his plate clattered. Bits of space goo made a mess of the table.

“Stay quiet? Stay QUIET?! I’ll make you stay quiet. Why can’t I speak huh?!” Lance said loudly.

“Back with dinn—”

“Shut up or I’ll see your mouth shut for you! I’m sick and gog damn tired of being the silenced one around here! I deserve a say!”

Hunk started, glancing at Coran and the Princess who stood next to him. What had they just walked into?

“Sit. Down.” Lance ordered.

They were quickly in their seats, everyone unsure​of what was about to happen. One thing was for sure though. None of them liked the look in Lance’s eyes.

Or the way he was panting.

“I’ve had ENOUGH! I’m so f*cking SICK of this bull sh*t you all give me every single gog damn day of my life!!“

Deep angry eyes set on the group. “I’m so done with being the pushover you all think I am! ‘Oh he’s so happy oh he wouldn’t care if I tell him every time he opens his annoy mouth to shut the fuck up!’”

Everyone’s eyes were huge.

“I can speak with the right you all have as well!! I don’t tell Allura to shut up every time she complains or says she can’t do something! I don’t completely ignore Keith when they go through they pathetic ‘Blah I’m Galra, stay away’ phase! I don’t tell Pidge to fuck off when they are bragging about their intelligence. But when I try? No shut up Lance, you’re an idiot. I don’t disrespect, I don’t do anything to hurt you, I go with what you do!! What you say! What you think because ‘you know best.’ And you FUCKING know why?! Because I’m an actual decent person who has their own problems but deal with your problems because I care!!! And what the hell do I get….”

Tears were falling now, he could barely keep  a his words together. He was speaking so quickly.

“…I get shut up, no one cares, you don’t make sense, you don’t understand, you’re stupid. Shut up shut up shut UP!” Lance made wild movements with his arms and hands.

Electric blue eyes scanned each and every one of the members of the room. “And you know what else? I regret every moment I ever put up with any of you. Because none of you bothered to put up with me like I did you.”

With that, he shoved back his chair and marched from the dining area. Most likely off to his room. Lance frantically scrubbed at his eyes.

It was then that the other Paladins, Coran, and Allura were able to completely​see what they had done to Lance.

How could they have done that to him?

The next thing they heard was the sound of Lance’s bayard gun going off.

School 2017 Episode 14

Sometimes dramas based on the genre “slice of life” hit all the right notes, and today that’s kind of what happened with me. Every interaction between Sarang and Eun-ho felt so familiar, because I have been in both places, and it always sucks to fight with your best friend, whatever the reason. It was more clear today than yesterday that the girls are in different places and rhythms in life. I understand why Eun-ho can’t share everything about Tae-woon, some things are between couples, and I also understand where Sarang is coming from. In Eun-ho’s defense, tho, she had been dating Tae-woon for like a minute so she still doesn’t know how to properly balance the quality time between friends and boyfriend. It’s a science with emotional repercussions.

But Sarang’s pain felt real and went right though my heart. I have to give credit to Park Sewan for her performance, she might be a newbie but she’s doing a really good job with her character. Of all the kids we have got to know, Sarang’s relationship with her mother has been the best explored, so it was easy to understand that she felt like she had to make a choice between her family and friends. Sort of like a black and white vision, it goes with her kind of character if we take into a account until recently she had given up on dreaming at all in order to find a more pragmatic solution to her problems. Sarang never once considered coming clean to Mom or Eun-ho, one because she was feeling hurt with the latter, and second because I honestly don’t think it occurred to her as a option. Which is sad, it seems like she’s always listening and never relying on others. Again, I must comment how happy I’m she has Kyung-woo. When he approached her, he didn’t speak because she knew that was the last thing she needed. Can these two make it official already? Their low-key, slow burn romance is killing me.

I’m glad the sisterhood not only survived, it grew stronger and larger with Bo-ra in the mix too. Shows, in general, that portray healthy relationships with real life rooted problems between women are rare gems to find. I think School 2017 actually achieved it in some levels. That awkward moment in life when you and your friends’s lives are expanding quickly, without warning holds a special moment and meaning for the kind of adults we might become in the future.

Of course, and as it should be, Sarang’s problem was solved as a group. This is why I’m happy that in the latest episodes Suspect X is no longer something that belongs to Tae-woon only but to all the kids, as portrayed yesterday when the Squad didn’t even blink at the opportunity to help him discover the truth behind the school lunch.

Too bad the secret it’s out and with complicated consequences.

Tae-woon comes across as such a normal, healthy and easy-going young adult, is easy to forget -as we were reminded today- that he actually is a chaebol. His father is expecting for him to inherit the business one day and I sincerely doesn’t see it happening at all. Tae-woon’s mind and heart are clearly elsewhere and with very different points of views on how a business should be run. Period.

This is what it bothers me: I understand Tae-woon had to go through a journey to get to the place where he can make a real and lasting stand against his father  in order to prevent another Joon-ki’s debacle. But why the show never bothered to dwell more into such a key relationship? We have seen Dad shut down any opinions or concerns Tae-woon might have, but we have also seen him buy chicken for him in a attempt to get closer to his son. Why did they wait to the eleventh hour? They could have solved the bromance earlier and give Dad more screen time for their own character development.

And what about Nam-joo? (That’s right, girl. I got your back.) Why are we only learning about her cello dreams now? Why does her father keep on apologizing like he is the bad guy? What are her reasons to be mad at her father? It seems to go deeper than just because they are poor. I need answers! And show, let’s be honest, you could have had Dae-hwi pursue his relationship with her and get to the bottom of things for two weeks now. What the hell?!

These are the moments I thank the Dramaland Gods we have scenes like Tae-woon pretending to had sprained his ankle, or Dae-hwi and Bo-ra speechless shared look over lunch when Byung-goo asked Eun-ho who was her boyfriend. And how about the last scene between Eun-ho and Tae-woon? Swoon meet floor. I can’t believe next week will the last time we will get to see new moments between these two and their awesome group of friends, but I don’t worry. I know they will get through anything and everything together.

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So the ever fabulous @nippaaah finished up a commission for me featuring Modern AU Teth and Cullen. I’m so in love with how it turned out <3

Look at those two nerds.


1200 words, gen centric with a side of klance, basically just crack

It starts with green goo flying from one end of the table to the other and splattering across Lance’s face. Or rather, it starts with Lance feeding the mice from his spoon, Keith knocking his elbow and subsequently soaking the tiny Altean animal in goo, Lance retaliating by dumping his entire bowl onto Keith’s head – a more notable overreaction, he’ll admit later – and then a spoonful of goo soaring through the air as Lance tries to escape. He fails, his face is covered in goo, Pidge is snorting into her bowl and Hunk is coughing into his – and Allura is rising to her feet with an air of authority.

Or perhaps, the entire thing truly starts when she says, “Sit down and eat your dick properly!”

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Why would David spend all that time attempting to gain Elizabeth’s trust if he was only going to kill her? This doesn’t make sense to me. If he wanted to experiment on her, he literally could have cornered her and forced her into cryo or whatever so that he could start doing nefarious things to her.

No… I think one of two things happened. Either she got sick from the alien crap falling into her surgical wound during Prometheus and the effects took a really long time to manifest in a dangerous way


David and Elizabeth began to carry on some form of relationship. She had always wanted a child. He wanted to make her happy, and began to look into ways to use the black goo to get her pregnant with something that wouldn’t kill her. The ‘experiments’ went wrong, and she had to be put into stasis. When she died, David went crazy and punished the Engineers for their black goo because it killed the woman he loved.

In his crazyness, he wanted to still make something with her, something that had Elizabeth’s DNA. So he harvested all that he could from her, and made the xenomorphs with her genetic material. Every single one of them he loves like he loved her.