look at her face when he pop out the mic

Stay With Me

Word Count: 3042

Genre: Roaring20s!Yoongi (Womanizer!Yoongi? Playboy!Yoongi? idk) It does have suggestive smut

|| In the time of the Roaring 20s, Min Yoongi is a world-famous jazz singer. Known for being an alluring womanizer, he’s quite confident he’ll have any girl under his spell. But when he sees Y/N in the bar during his show, all of a sudden he’s breaking his own rules. He’s no good for her, but he just can’t seem to let her go.

A/N: Inspired by this post so creds to OP

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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The year was 1924; the Roaring 20s. Economic prosperity was at its highest, and everyone was happy. Everyone, except Min Yoongi. Sly and suave on the outside, broken and empty on the inside. But no one ever knew that, not even the countless women that slept next to him. There laid Yoongi, slumped in another hotel bed, exhausted from last night’s set and after party. A glass of ice cold whiskey loosely held in his hands, the condensation piling up where his fingers meet the glass. His eyes empty and cold as he stared at the women next to him underneath the white sheets. She didn’t stir in her sleep, and her hair was splayed out on the pillow.

Yoongi set his cup on the nightstand, picking up an unfinished cigarette from the ash tray to take a drag. He threw off the blanket, not caring if he woke up the girl. Slipping on his suit and white dress shirt, he took out his cigarette box, pulling one out and placing it behind his ear. Yoongi’s platinum blond hair was messy, but he knew only a comb and some hairspray would put it in its place. At this point in the early morning, he couldn’t care less if he looked presentable. It’s not like he ever had any morning shows aside from Monday morning radio shows, and his next set wasn’t until eight at night. Grabbing his bottle of whiskey and fixing his tie in the mirror, he leaves the sleeping woman whose name he didn’t even know.

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