look at her face she's so happy

“you’re a dork” she smiled “and you are also my lobster”  she started to giggle as a silly thought entered her head 

“what?” he looked at her 

“If we serve lobster at the wedding not only will we have a nice little joke, it will be obnoxiously expensive and my mother will approve” she stopped wondering if that was to far.

“well if it will make you mom happy and you happy at the same time, sounds like a win to me” he had a huge smile on his face “but seriously why to my eyes hurt?”

“prolonged heavy crying will do that” she kissed his head “I’m glad you trusted me.” 

He blushed “so, we need to find a place together” he clearly was done with the topic for now so she grabbed her lap top

“do we want to rent or buy?” she looked down at him “and what are your must haves”

“you wouldn’t want to buy?” he asked 

“well, yeah.  I hate moving so we may as well pick a place now that we think will be our long term home” she blushed again.  The more time she spent with him the more she knew he was it “I mean we did just say we were each others lobsters”  

“no, I’m just happy.  You want to move in with me, you casually mentioned our wedding, and you want to buy.” he sat up pulling her into his arms “why don’t you show me what you were thinking”

“well my aunt is selling her vacation home.  It has a great kitchen, on the water, only 4 bedrooms but..”  she pulled up the listing “what do you think?”


does anyone remember when fairy tail was like,,, for kids


when it was about natsu’s motion sickness and not the fact that he is actually the most powerful of zeref’s demons

when it was about gray’s stripping habit and not the fact that he swore he’d destroy E.N.D. and the fact that he probably still thinks juvia’s dead

when it was about erza’s eccentricities and not the fact that she’s faced horrors from her past who have fought and tortured her

when it was about happy being an obnoxious, sassy cat and not the fact that he’s struggling to keep his best friend alive despite the fact that he’s the most powerful demon in creation and lots of people indirectly want him dead

when it was about lucy being a whiny girl and not the fact that she’s willing to fight and die for her guild, her family, after losing so much, willing to fight people much stronger than herself and look danger and pain directly in the eye for the sake of her friends

when it was about wendy being clumsy and not the fact that she has become so strong, and is able to fight and fight well and defend those she loves

just,,,, idk man i’m so proud of them they’ve come so far and developed so much


“The heavens that housed the gods are a husky of their former selves. There are a few goods that still live around here, but not like before. This place was home to all the gods, we where a family. Everyone did there part to keep the world running… Giratina was here, so was Dialga and father… Even mother…” Palkia  trailed off a look of sorrow crossing her face. “We where a happy family, sure Giratina and Dialga acted childish and annoying, but… That’s better than what they are now.” she scowled. “Dialga’s a useless jerk now..

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Lexa only breaks out of her wondered daze when she hears Clarke giggling beside her. Her blue eyes are glassy when Lexa looks at her. She frowns in confusion until Clarke grabs her cheeks and kisses her messily. “Your face,” she whispers in explanation. 

“Just, your face. You look so happy.”

Yet another piece inspired by the amazing She


“scott, it’s me.”


static quake being too pure for this world [23/?]: unf x1000000 pt. II in 3.12 the inside man.

What’s your thing?
Don’t know. Maybe it’s you.


MCU MEME — [2/10] ten scenes » Natasha vs. Hammer Industries security

“You want to help? Keep the car running.”